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Kong, A. .W.K.[A. Wai Kin] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Personal Identification in Large Databases by Hierarchical Palmprint Coding with Multi-features, A
* On Hierarchical Palmprint Coding With Multiple Features for Personal Identification in Large Databases
* Online palmprint identification
Includes: Kong, A. .W.K.[A. Wai Kin] Kong, A. .W.K.[A. Wai-Kin]

Kong, A.[Adams] Co Author Listing * analysis of BioHashing and its variants, An
* evaluation of Gabor orientation as a feature for face recognition, An
* Graphical Templates For Model Registration
* Gridless Underdetermined DOA Estimation for Mobile Agents with Limited Snapshots Based on Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network
* Hardware-Aware Softmax Approximation for Deep Neural Networks
* Improved Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Multi-Scale Feature Fusion
* Revealing the Secret of FaceHashing
Includes: Kong, A.[Adams] Kong, A. Kong, A.[Aokun] Kong, A.[Anmin] Kong, A.[Ailing]
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Kong, A.W.K.[Adams Wai Kin] Co Author Listing * alternative Gabor filtering scheme, An
* Analysis of Brute-Force Break-Ins of a Palmprint Authentication System
* Analysis of Gabor Detection, An
* Analysis of IrisCode, An
* Anatomy of IrisCode for Precise Phase Representation, An
* Audio-Visual Deception Detection: DOLOS Dataset and Parameter-Efficient Crossmodal Learning
* Competitive coding scheme for palmprint verification
* Constrained Deep Neural Network for Ordinal Regression, A
* Does EigenPalm work? A System and Evaluation Perspective
* Feature-Level Fusion for Effective Palmprint Authentication
* further study of low resolution androgenic hair patterns as a soft biometric trait, A
* geometric-based tattoo retrieval system, A
* Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Dataset
* IrisCode Decompression Based on the Dependence between Its Bit Pairs
* Modeling IrisCode and Its Variants as Convex Polyhedral Cones and Its Security Implications
* multi-model restoration algorithm for recovering blood vessels in skin images, A
* New Threats Against Object Detector with Non-local Block
* Palmprint Authentication System for Civil Applications
* Palmprint feature extraction using 2-D Gabor filters
* Palmprint identification using feature-level fusion
* Palmprint texture analysis based on low-resolution images for personal authentication
* Pixel-wise ordinal classification for salient object grading
* Portmanteauing Features for Scene Text Recognition
* Practical Upper Bound for the Worst-Case Attribution Deviations, A
* Preliminary Study of Lower Leg Geometry as a Soft Biometric Trait for Forensic Investigation, A
* Pure Transformer with Integrated Experts for Scene Text Recognition
* Real-time palmprint acquisition system design
* Statistical Analysis of IrisCode and Its Security Implications, A
* Study of Brute-Force Break-ins of a Palmprint Verification System, A
* Study of Identical Twins' Palmprints for Personal Authentication, A
* study on wrist identification for forensic investigation, A
* survey of palmprint recognition, A
* survey on image and video cosegmentation: Methods, challenges and analyses, A
* TF-ICON: Diffusion-Based Training-Free Cross-Domain Image Composition
* Three measures for secure palmprint identification
* Uncovering vein patterns from color skin images for forensic analysis
* Using double attention for text tattoo localisation
* Using Leg Geometry to Align Androgenic Hair Patterns in Low Resolution Images for Criminal and Victim Identification
* Using Object Information for Spotting Text
* Vein Pattern Visualization through Multiple Mapping Models and Local Parameter Estimation for Forensic Investigation
* Visualizing vein patterns from color skin images based on image mapping for forensics analysis
Includes: Kong, A.W.K.[Adams Wai Kin] Kong, A.W.K.[Adams Wai-Kin] Kong, A.W.K.[Adams W.K.] Kong, A.W.K.
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Kong, B. Co Author Listing * Benchmark: Performance Evaluation of Dashed Line Detection Algorithms, A
* Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (cGANs) for Near Real-Time Precipitation Estimation from Multispectral GOES-16 Satellite Imageries: PERSIANN-cGAN
* Creating a Forensic Database of Shoeprints from Online Shoe-Tread Photos
* Cross-Domain Image Matching with Deep Feature Maps
* DE-GAN: Domain Embedded GAN for High Quality Face Image Inpainting
* Design of Wetland-Ecological Corridor Using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Method
* Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Fake Image Detection
* New Lane Detection Method Based on Feature Pattern, A
* Robust Traffic Sign Recognition System for Intelligent Vehicles, A
Includes: Kong, B. Kong, B.[Bailey] Kong, B.[Bin] Kong, B.[Bo]
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Kong, B.S.[Bai Sun] Co Author Listing * Adding Distance Information to Self-Supervised Learning for rich Representations
Includes: Kong, B.S.[Bai Sun] Kong, B.S.[Bai-Sun]

Kong, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Aria Digital Twin: A New Benchmark Dataset for Egocentric 3D Machine Perception
* Deep Non-Rigid Structure From Motion
* Deep Non-Rigid Structure From Motion With Missing Data
* Distill Knowledge From NRSfM for Weakly Supervised 3D Pose Learning
* Distill Knowledge From NRSfM for Weakly Supervised 3D Pose Learning
* Few-Shot Image Generation with Mixup-Based Distance Learning
* FroDO: From Detections to 3D Objects
* Generating Multi-sentence Natural Language Descriptions of Indoor Scenes
* Image2Mesh: A Learning Framework for Single Image 3D Reconstruction
* Leveraging Off-the-shelf Diffusion Model for Multi-attribute Fashion Image Manipulation
* Nonlinear Precoding for Multipair Relay Networks With One-Bit ADCs and DACs
* Recognizing Animals Using Motion Parts
* RSFAD: A Large-Scale Real Scenario Face Age Dataset in the wild
* Self-Distilled Self-supervised Representation Learning
* Structure from Category: A Generic and Prior-Less Approach
* TARDet: Two-stage Anchor-free Rotating Object Detector in Aerial Images
* Unpaired Deep Image Dehazing Using Contrastive Disentanglement Learning
* Unpaired Deep Image Deraining Using Dual Contrastive Learning
* Using Locally Corresponding CAD Models for Dense 3D Reconstructions from a Single Image
* Visual Semantic Search: Retrieving Videos via Complex Textual Queries
* What Are You Talking About? Text-to-Image Coreference
Includes: Kong, C.[Chen] Kong, C. Kong, C.[Chaerin] Kong, C.[Chang] Kong, C.[Caihua]
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Kong, C.F.[Chun Fang] Co Author Listing * Identification of Hydrothermal Alteration Minerals for Exploring Gold Deposits Based on SVM and PCA Using ASTER Data: A Case Study of Gulong
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Based on Different Machine Learning Methods in Zhaoping County of Eastern Guangxi
Includes: Kong, C.F.[Chun Fang] Kong, C.F.[Chun-Fang]

Kong, C.H.[Cai Hua] Co Author Listing * Unpaired Image Dehazing With Physical-Guided Restoration and Depth-Guided Refinement
Includes: Kong, C.H.[Cai Hua] Kong, C.H.[Cai-Hua]

Kong, C.Q.[Chen Qi] Co Author Listing * Appearance Matters, So Does Audio: Revealing the Hidden Face via Cross-Modality Transfer
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment by Hallucinating Pristine Features
Includes: Kong, C.Q.[Chen Qi] Kong, C.Q.[Chen-Qi]

Kong, C.W.[Chun Wai] Co Author Listing * Turbo-slice-and-patch: An Algorithm for Metropolitan Scale VBR Video Streaming
Includes: Kong, C.W.[Chun Wai] Kong, C.W.[Chun-Wai]

Kong, D.[Dehui] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation from range images with depth difference and geodesic distance
* Conditional Random Field Model for Video Super-resolution, A
* Correlation Analysis of CO2 Concentration Based on DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Integrated Data
* Counting Pedestrians in Crowds Using Viewpoint Invariant Training
* Diffusion-refinement Model for Sketch-to-point Modeling, A
* DLGAN: Depth-Preserving Latent Generative Adversarial Network for 3D Reconstruction
* Ecological Security Patterns at Different Spatial Scales on the Loess Plateau
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Elastic nonnegative matrix factorization
* Fast mode dependent directional transform via butterfly-style transform and integer lifting steps
* GAN for vision, KG for relation: A two-stage network for zero-shot action recognition
* Generalizing Spacecraft Recognition via Diversifying Few-Shot Datasets in a Joint Trained Likelihood
* Handformer2T: A Lightweight Regression-based Model for Interacting Hands Pose Estimation from A Single RGB Image
* Hardness-Aware Dictionary Learning: Boosting Dictionary for Recognition
* Hierarchical Coupled Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Zero-Shot Learning
* High-Resolution Light Field Capture With Coded Aperture
* Image-Adaptive Hint Generation via Vision Transformer for Outpainting
* Improving the Estimation of Gross Primary Productivity across Global Biomes by Modeling Light Use Efficiency through Machine Learning
* Infrared Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Stable Multisubspace Learning in Heterogeneous Scene
* Infrared dim target detection based on total variation regularization and principal component pursuit
* L0-regularization-based skeleton optimization from consecutive point sets of kinetic human body
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile GPUS with Deep Learning, Mobile Ai & AIM 2022 Challenge: Report
* Liver Venous Tree Separation via Twin-Line RANSAC and Murray's Law
* Matrix-variate variational auto-encoder with applications to image process
* method for learning matching errors for stereo computation, A
* MTANet: Multi-Task Attention Network for Automatic Medical Image Segmentation and Classification
* Multi-Scenario Prediction and Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Land Use and Carbon Storage Response in Shaanxi, A
* Nonparametric Structure Regularization Machine for 2D Hand Pose Estimation
* Novel Real-Time Edge-Guided LiDAR Semantic Segmentation Network for Unstructured Environments, A
* OASNet: Object Affordance State Recognition Network With Joint Visual Features and Relational Semantic Embeddings
* Pavement Temperature Forecasts Based on Model Output Statistics: Experiments for Highways in Jiangsu, China
* Pixel-RRT*: A Novel Skeleton Trajectory Search Algorithm for Hepatic Vessels
* Real-Time Human Action Recognition Using Locally Aggregated Kinematic-Guided Skeletonlet and Supervised Hashing-by-Analysis Model
* Rotation-invariant Mixed Graphical Model Network for 2D Hand Pose Estimation
* SC_LPR: Semantically Consistent LiDAR Place Recognition Based on Chained Cascade Network in Long-Term Dynamic Environments
* Sparse IBR Using Range Space Rendering
* Stereo Matching via Learning Multiple Experts Behaviors
* SYENet: A Simple Yet Effective Network for Multiple Low-Level Vision Tasks with Real-time Performance on Mobile Device
* To See in the Dark: N2DGAN for Background Modeling in Nighttime Scene
* Trend analysis of traffic management based on literature data mining and graph analysis tools
* Unleash the Black Magic in Age: A Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Approach for Cross-Age Face Verification
* Unsupervised Learning of Human Pose Distance Metric via Sparsity Locality Preserving Projections
* Unsupervised Real-Time Framework of Human Pose Tracking From Range Image Sequences, An
* Video Super-resolution with Scene-specific Priors
* Viewpoint Invariant Approach for Crowd Counting, A
* Visual Compass Based on Point and Line Features for UAV High-Altitude Orientation Estimation, A
Includes: Kong, D.[Dehui] Kong, D.[Dan] Kong, D.[Deyi] Kong, D.[Di] Kong, D.[Dehao] Kong, D.[Deguang] Kong, D.[Dechen] Kong, D.[Deying] Kong, D. Kong, D.[Daehyeon] Kong, D.[Daqian] Kong, D.[Dexing] Kong, D.[Dong] Kong, D.[Dexuan] Kong, D.[Delan] Kong, D.[Da]
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Kong, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Global Runoff Signatures Changes and Their Response to Atmospheric Environment, GRACE Water Storage, and Dams
* Inter-Comparison of Diverse Heatwave Definitions in the Analysis of Spatiotemporally Contiguous Heatwave Events over China
* robust method for reconstructing global MODIS EVI time series on the Google Earth Engine, A
Includes: Kong, D.D.[Dong Dong] Kong, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Kong, D.G.[Dong Geon] Co Author Listing * Learning a decision boundary for face detection
* Multi-label ReliefF and F-statistic feature selections for image annotation
Includes: Kong, D.G.[Dong Geon] Kong, D.G.[Dong-Geon] Kong, D.G.[De-Guang]

Kong, D.H.[De Hui] Co Author Listing * Connectivity-preserving geometry images
* DASI: Learning Domain Adaptive Shape Impression for 3D Object Reconstruction
* In-Situ Block Characterization of Jointed Rock Exposures Based on a 3D Point Cloud Model
* Similarity Assessment Model for Chinese Sign Language Videos
* Sparse Pose Regression via Componentwise Clustering Feature Point Representation
Includes: Kong, D.H.[De Hui] Kong, D.H.[De-Hui] Kong, D.H.[De-Heng]

Kong, D.K.[Deng Kui] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of Geospatial Information Verification Middle Platform for Natural Resources Government Affairs, The
Includes: Kong, D.K.[Deng Kui] Kong, D.K.[Deng-Kui]

Kong, D.Q.[De Qian] Co Author Listing * YouRefIt: Embodied Reference Understanding with Language and Gesture
Includes: Kong, D.Q.[De Qian] Kong, D.Q.[De-Qian]

Kong, D.X.[De Xing] Co Author Listing * effect of short cardio on inhibitory control ability of obese people, The
* fractional differential fidelity-based PDE model for image denoising, A
* Improved LOT Model for Image Restoration, An
* Iterative Reweighted Local Cross Correlation Method for Nonlinear Registration of Multiphase Liver CT Images
* Liver segmentation with constrained convex variational model
* new convex variational model for liver segmentation, A
* New Variational Formulations for Level Set Evolution Without Reinitialization with Applications to Image Segmentation
* new variational model for joint restoration and segmentation based on the Mumford-Shah model, A
* nonlocal energy minimization approach to brain image segmentation with simultaneous bias field estimation and denoising, A
* structural low rank regularization method for single image super-resolution, A
* Variational Model for Image Segmentation
Includes: Kong, D.X.[De Xing] Kong, D.X.[De-Xing]
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Kong, D.Y.[De Ying] Co Author Listing * AFTer-UNet: Axial Fusion Transformer UNet for Medical Image Segmentation
* Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Neural Velocity Field
* Identity-Aware Hand Mesh Estimation and Personalization from RGB Images
* PPT: Token-Pruned Pose Transformer for Monocular and Multi-view Human Pose Estimation
* Representation Recovering for Self-Supervised Pre-training on Medical Images
* Robust deep alignment network with remote sensing knowledge graph for zero-shot and generalized zero-shot remote sensing image scene classification
* Topology-Preserving Shape Reconstruction and Registration via Neural Diffeomorphic Flow
Includes: Kong, D.Y.[De Ying] Kong, D.Y.[De-Ying] Kong, D.Y.[De-Yu]
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Kong, F.[Fanchao] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Intelligent Prediction for Displacement of Stratum and Tunnel Lining by Shield Tunnel Excavation in Complex Geological Conditions: A Case Study
* Efficient Classification of Very Large Images with Tiny Objects
* Learning Whole Heart Mesh Generation From Patient Images for Computational Simulations
* Moment invariants under similarity transformation
* Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Disease Cardiac Segmentation: The M &Ms Challenge
* New Analytical Method for Estimating Antarctic Ice Flow in the 1960s From Historical Optical Satellite Imagery, A
* Novel Method For Estimation Of Glacier Surface Motion In 1960s From Argon Kh-5 Optical Imagery, A
* Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing via Stochastic-Resonance-Based Adaptive Filter in an Embedded System
* Physics-Enhanced Machine Learning for Virtual Fluorescence Microscopy
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and its Associated Climate Factors Based on Remote Sensing
* Synthinel-1 dataset: a collection of high resolution synthetic overhead imagery for building segmentation, The
* Trajectory Optimization for Drone Logistics Delivery via Attention-Based Pointer Network
Includes: Kong, F.[Fanchao] Kong, F.[Fanjie] Kong, F.[Fanwei] Kong, F.[Fanyu] Kong, F. Kong, F.[Fanping] Kong, F.[Fanhui]
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Kong, F.C.[Fan Chang] Co Author Listing * Innovative Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models for Cultivated Land, An
* Inter-Projection Interpolation (IPI) Approach with Geometric Model Restriction to Reduce Image Dose in Cone Beam CT (CBCT), An
Includes: Kong, F.C.[Fan Chang] Kong, F.C.[Fan-Chang] Kong, F.C.[Feng-Chong]

Kong, F.J.[Fan Jie] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification Based on Fused Data from GF-1 and MODIS NDVI Time Series
* Restoration algorithm for noisy complex illumination
Includes: Kong, F.J.[Fan Jie] Kong, F.J.[Fan-Jie]

Kong, F.L.[Fan Long] Co Author Listing * Hybrid particle-grid fluid animation with enhanced details
Includes: Kong, F.L.[Fan Long] Kong, F.L.[Fan-Long]

Kong, F.P.[Fan Ping] Co Author Listing * Objective Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity from Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Observations in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Remote Sensing Ocean Net Primary Production and Major Forcing Factors in the Tropical Eastern Indian and Western Pacific Ocean
Includes: Kong, F.P.[Fan Ping] Kong, F.P.[Fan-Ping]

Kong, F.Q.[Fan Qiang] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Two-Branch Spectral-Spatial-Feature Attention Network
* Regularized MSBL algorithm with spatial correlation for sparse hyperspectral unmixing
* Spectral-Spatial Feature Partitioned Extraction Based on CNN for Multispectral Image Compression
* Superpixel-Based Multiple Statistical Feature Extraction Method for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Kong, F.Q.[Fan Qiang] Kong, F.Q.[Fan-Qiang] Kong, F.Q.[Fang-Qiang]

Kong, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Residual Local Feature Network for Efficient Super-Resolution
Includes: Kong, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Kong, F.Y.[Fang-Yuan]

Kong, G. Co Author Listing * 3d City Models for Supporting Simulations In City Densifications
* CUNet: A Compact Unsupervised Network For Image Classification
* Enhanced Facade Parsing for Street-Level Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Future Swedish 3D City Models: Specifications, Test Data, and Evaluation
* Holons Visual Representation for Image Retrieval
Includes: Kong, G. Kong, G.[Gefei]

Kong, G.G.[Gang Gang] Co Author Listing * Beyond accuracy: Learning selective Bayesian classifiers with minimal test cost
Includes: Kong, G.G.[Gang Gang] Kong, G.G.[Gang-Gang]

Kong, G.J.[Guo Jie] Co Author Listing * Label Propagation from camera image to point cloud BEV
Includes: Kong, G.J.[Guo Jie] Kong, G.J.[Guo-Jie]

Kong, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Two Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis for Stereo Face Recognition
* Binocular Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo
* Capitalizing on RGB-FIR Hybrid Imaging for Road Detection
* Content-Noise Complementary Learning for Medical Image Denoising
* Coplanar light sweep-surface supported uncalibrated photometric stereo
* Coupling Adaboost and Random Subspace for Diversified Fisher Linear Discriminant
* CrackFormer Network for Pavement Crack Segmentation
* CrackFormer: Transformer Network for Fine-Grained Crack Detection
* Cylindrical Convolution Network for Dense Top-view Semantic Segmentation with Lidar Point Clouds, A
* Detecting Abandoned Objects With a Moving Camera
* Discriminant Low-dimensional Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples
* Disparity Based Image Segmentation for Occupant Classification
* Efficient Road Detection and Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Efficient Solution to the Homography-Based Relative Pose Problem With a Common Reference Direction, An
* Ensemble LDA for Face Recognition
* Flexible model weighting for one-dependence estimators based on point-wise independence analysis
* Framework of 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis: Application to Face Recognition with Small Number of Training Samples, A
* Fusion of Appearance Image and Passive Stereo Depth Map for Face Recognition Based on the Bilateral 2DLDA
* General Road Detection From a Single Image
* Generalized 2D Fisher Discriminant Analysis
* Generalizing Laplacian of Gaussian Filters for Vanishing-Point Detection
* Geometry-Aware Network for Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Camera's Ego-Motion
* Globally Optimal Relative Pose Estimation with Gravity Prior
* Histograms of the Normalized Inverse Depth and Line Scanning for Urban Road Detection
* Homography-Based Minimal-Case Relative Pose Estimation With Known Gravity Direction
* Jointly sparse fast hashing with orthogonal learning for large-scale image retrieval
* Large-Scale Urban Multiple-Modal Transport Evacuation Model for Mass Gathering Events Considering Pedestrian and Public Transit System
* Locality Preserving Robust Regression for Jointly Sparse Subspace Learning
* Margin Maximizing Discriminant Analysis for Multi-shot Based Object Recognition
* Maximum clique based RGB-D visual odometry
* Minimal Solutions to Relative Pose Estimation From Two Views Sharing a Common Direction With Unknown Focal Length
* Multiview Jointly Sparse Discriminant Common Subspace Learning
* Neural Network Adaptive Filter for the Removal of Impulse Noise in Digital Images, A
* On Detecting Road Regions in a Single UAV Image
* Partitioning Histopathological Images: An Integrated Framework for Supervised Color-Texture Segmentation and Cell Splitting
* PosterLayout: A New Benchmark and Approach for Content-Aware Visual-Textual Presentation Layout
* Pruning-Guided Curriculum Learning for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Rain Radar and Meteorological Parameters Fusion for Precipitation Nowcasting: Effect Exploration and Lightweight Model
* Real-time vanishing point detection using the Local Dominant Orientation Signature
* Safety-Assured Model-Driven Design of the Multifunction Vehicle Bus Controller
* SEE-LPR: A Semantic Segmentation Based End-to-end System for Unconstrained License Plate Detection and Recognition
* Two-dimensional jointly sparse robust discriminant regression
* two-step approach to Lidar-Camera calibration, A
* Unsupervised Cross-Spectrum Depth Estimation by Visible-Light and Thermal Cameras
* Vanishing Point Constrained Lane Detection With a Stereo Camera
* Vanishing point detection for road detection
* Visual Odometry for Indoor Mobile Robot by Recognizing Local Manhattan Structures
* When Dijkstra Meets Vanishing Point: A Stereo Vision Approach for Road Detection
Includes: Kong, H.[Hui] Kong, H.[Hanjing] Kong, H.[Henry] Kong, H. Kong, H.[He] Kong, H.[Heng] Kong, H.[Hao] Kong, H.[Heejo] Kong, H.[Hoiio] Kong, H.[Haejung]
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Kong, H.F.[Hui Fang] Co Author Listing * Enhancing feature fusion with spatial aggregation and channel fusion for semantic segmentation
Includes: Kong, H.F.[Hui Fang] Kong, H.F.[Hui-Fang]

Kong, H.H.[Hui Hua] Co Author Listing * Improved Ordered-Subset Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, An
Includes: Kong, H.H.[Hui Hua] Kong, H.H.[Hui-Hua]

Kong, H.J.[Hyoun Joong] Co Author Listing * finger-vein verification system using mean curvature, A
* Semantic Image Analysis Based on the Representation of the Spatial Relations Between Objects in Images
* Surface Solar Radiation Resource Evaluation of Xizang Region Based on Station Observation and High-Resolution Satellite Dataset
Includes: Kong, H.J.[Hyoun Joong] Kong, H.J.[Hyoun-Joong] Kong, H.J.[Hyun-Jang] Kong, H.J.[Huang-Jie]

Kong, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Networks Based on Dynamic Word-Level Update for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Geospatial Least Squares Support Vector Regression Fused with Spatial Weight Matrix
Includes: Kong, H.R.[Hao Ran] Kong, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Kong, H.S.[Hao Song] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy post-filtering for highly compressed video
* Adaptive Impulsive Noise Removal in TV Picture Transmission
* Combined rate control and mode decision optimization for MPEG-2 transcoding with spatial resolution reduction
* Self-Organizing Tree Map for Eliminating Impulse Noise with Random Intensity Distributions
Includes: Kong, H.S.[Hao Song] Kong, H.S.[Hao-Song] Kong, H.S.

Kong, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Co Author Listing * Improved detection method for traffic signs in real scenes applied in intelligent and connected vehicles
* Priority-Centric Human Motion Generation in Discrete Latent Space
Includes: Kong, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Kong, H.Y.[Hai-Yang] Kong, H.Y.[Han-Yang]

Kong, I.[Insung] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Adversarial Robustness in Low-Label Regime via Adaptively Weighted Regularization and Knowledge Distillation

Kong, I.K. Co Author Listing * Digital image watermarking by adaptive quantization of wavelet packet coefficients

Kong, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dual Selective Transformer for Temporal Action Localization, An
* Analysis and Semantic Querying in Large Biomedical Image Datasets
* Analysis of Ionospheric Disturbance Response to the Heavy Rain Event
* AOH: Online Multiple Object Tracking With Adaptive Occlusion Handling
* Automatic Object Cosegmentation in Sparse Multiview Images
* BGTracker: Cross-Task Bidirectional Guidance Strategy for Multiple Object Tracking
* CALTracker: Cross-Task Association Learning for Multiple Object Tracking
* Camera Calibration Using Vertical Lines
* Camera Resectioning from Image Edges with the L_inf-Norm Using Linear Programming
* Canonicalized central absolute moment for edge-based color constancy
* Collaborative model tracking with robust occlusion handling
* Collaborative multimodal feature learning for RGB-D action recognition
* Computer-aided evaluation of neuroblastoma on whole-slide histology images: Classifying grade of neuroblastic differentiation
* Computer-Aided Grading of Neuroblastic Differentiation: Multi-Resolution and Multi-Classifier Approach
* Computer-aided prognosis of neuroblastoma on whole-slide images: Classification of stromal development
* Coupling Model for Soil Moisture Retrieval in Sparse Vegetation Covered Areas Based on Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing Data, A
* Cross-level reinforced attention network for person re-identification
* Digital Pathology: Data-Intensive Frontier in Medical Imaging
* Direct least square fitting of ellipsoids
* Diverse Features Fusion Network for video-based action recognition
* Dynamic Center Aggregation Loss With Mixed Modality for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Enhanced Attention Tracking With Multi-Branch Network for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Evidence of Mid- and Low-Latitude Nighttime Ionospheric E-F Coupling: Coordinated Observations of Sporadic E Layers, F-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities, and Medium-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances
* Gaze Estimation via the Joint Modeling of Multiple Cues
* GNSS-Based Statistical Analysis of Ionospheric Anomalies During Typhoon Landings in Taiwan/Japan
* Hierarchical Camera-Aware Contrast Extension for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Image Deblurring based on Lightweight Multi-Information Fusion Network
* Improved Computerized Ionospheric Tomography Model Fusing 3-D Multisource Ionospheric Data Enabled Quantifying the Evolution of Magnetic Storm, An
* Informative joints based human action recognition using skeleton contexts
* Integrated Algorithm for MRI Brain Images Segmentation, An
* Interactive information module for person re-identification
* Introducing the Edges Paradigm: A P300 Brain-Computer Interface for Spelling Written Words
* Joint graph optimization and projection learning for dimensionality reduction
* Linear discriminant projection embedding based on patches alignment
* Localization of the Chang'e-5 Lander Using Radio-Tracking and Image-Based Methods
* Low-Rank Hypergraph Hashing for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Maximum weight and minimum redundancy: A novel framework for feature subset selection
* MOTFR: Multiple Object Tracking Based on Feature Recoding
* MTT: Multi-Scale Temporal Transformer for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Multi-Scale Frequency Separation Network for Image Deblurring
* Multidimensional Prototype Refactor Enhanced Network for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Multiple depth-levels features fusion enhanced network for action recognition
* Mutual Learning and Feature Fusion Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking
* New Ionosphere Tomography Algorithm With Two-Grid Virtual Observations Constraints and Three-Dimensional Velocity Profile, A
* Non-Negative Matrix Factorization With Locality Constrained Adaptive Graph
* Novel Automated Hand-Based Personal Identification, A
* novel image retrieval method based on hybrid information descriptors, A
* novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
* Paralleled attention modules and adaptive focal loss for Siamese visual tracking
* Participants-based Synchronous Optimization Network for skeleton-based action recognition
* PhoneLens: A Low-Cost, Spatially Aware, Mobile-Interaction Device
* Plasmaspheric Electron Content Inferred from Residuals between GNSS-Derived and TOPEX/JASON Vertical TEC Data
* Preliminary Estimations of Mars Atmospheric and Ionospheric Profiles from Tianwen-1 Radio Occultation One-Way, Two-Way, and Three-Way Observations
* Region contrast and supervised locality-preserving projection-based saliency detection
* Regularisation learning of correlation filters for robust visual tracking
* Research and Analyze about Signal Enhancement Algorithm in Image Recognition System
* Robust part-based visual tracking via adaptive collaborative modelling
* Self-Calibration of Catadioptric Camera with Two Planar Mirrors from Silhouettes
* Spatial Temporal Attentional Glimpse for Human Activity Classification in Video
* Spatial-temporal saliency action mask attention network for action recognition
* structure-preserved local matching approach for face recognition, A
* Super resolution of historic Landsat imagery using a dual generative adversarial network (GAN) model with CubeSat constellation imagery for spatially enhanced long-term vegetation monitoring
* Symmetrical Enhanced Fusion Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Multi-Loss Gap Minimization Learning for Person Re-Identification
* Updated Experimental Model of IG12 Indices Over the Antarctic Region via the Assimilation of IRI2016 With GNSS TEC, An
* Viticultural Suitability Analysis Based on Multi-Source Data Highlights Climate-Change-Induced Decrease in Potential Suitable Areas: A Case Analysis in Ningxia, China
* Weakly Supervised Distribution Discrepancy Minimization Learning With State Information for Person Re-Identification
Includes: Kong, J.[Jun] Kong, J.[Jian] Kong, J.[Jing] Kong, J. Kong, J.[Jie] Kong, J.[Jianlei] Kong, J.[Juan] Kong, J.[Juwon] Kong, J.[Junhua]
67 for Kong, J.

Kong, J.A.[Jin Au] Co Author Listing * Finite-difference time-domain simulation of scattering from objects in continuous random media
* Hybrid Time-Domain Model of Electromagnetic Induction From Conducting, Permeable Targets, A
* Spheroidal Mode Approach for the Characterization of Metallic Objects Using Electromagnetic Induction
* Support Vector Machine and Neural Network Classification of Metallic Objects Using Coefficients of the Spheroidal MQS Response Modes
Includes: Kong, J.A.[Jin Au] Kong, J.A.

Kong, J.H.[Jia Hui] Co Author Listing * DualPathGAN: Facial reenacted emotion synthesis
Includes: Kong, J.H.[Jia Hui] Kong, J.H.[Jia-Hui]

Kong, J.L.[Jin Ling] Co Author Listing * Complementarity Characteristics of Actual and Potential Evapotranspiration and Spatiotemporal Changes in Evapotranspiration Drought Index over Ningxia in the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River in China
* Monitoring Soil Moisture In A Coal Mining Area With Multi-phase Landsat Images
* Pedestrian motion recognition via Conv-VLAD integrated spatial-temporal-relational network
* Review of Remote Sensing for Water Quality Retrieval: Progress and Challenges, A
* Semi-Analytical Model for Remote Sensing Retrieval of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Gulf of Bohai, China, A
* Variational Bayesian Inference-Based En-Decoder Framework for Traffic Flow Prediction, A
Includes: Kong, J.L.[Jin Ling] Kong, J.L.[Jin-Ling] Kong, J.L. Kong, J.L.[Jian-Lei] Kong, J.L.[Jia-Lin]

Kong, J.M.[Ji Ming] Co Author Listing * Assessing Land Degradation Dynamics and Distinguishing Human-Induced Changes from Climate Factors in the Three-North Shelter Forest Region of China
Includes: Kong, J.M.[Ji Ming] Kong, J.M.[Ji-Ming]

Kong, J.P.[Jeong Pyo] Co Author Listing * Pixel-Weighting Method for Discriminating Objects of Different Sizes in an Image Captured from a Single Camera, A
Includes: Kong, J.P.[Jeong Pyo] Kong, J.P.[Jeong-Pyo]

Kong, J.R.[Jia Rui] Co Author Listing * Uncorrelated feature selection via sparse latent representation and extended OLSDA
Includes: Kong, J.R.[Jia Rui] Kong, J.R.[Jia-Rui]

Kong, K.[Kyeongbo] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Improved Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network
* How to Estimate Global Motion Non-Iteratively From a Coarsely Sampled Motion Vector Field
* Human Body-Aware Feature Extractor Using Attachable Feature Corrector for Human Pose Estimation
* Human Motion Aware Text-to-Video Generation with Explicit Camera Control
* Image-Adaptive Hint Generation via Vision Transformer for Outpainting
* Out-of-Focus Image Deblurring for Mobile Display Vision Inspection
* Painting Outside as Inside: Edge Guided Image Outpainting via Bidirectional Rearrangement with Progressive Step Learning
* SEFD: Learning to Distill Complex Pose and Occlusion
* Selective TransHDR: Transformer-Based Selective HDR Imaging Using Ghost Region Mask
* Unified Framework for Language Guided Image Completion, An
Includes: Kong, K.[Kyeongbo] Kong, K.
10 for Kong, K.

Kong, K.K.[Kang Kook] Co Author Listing * Design of coupled strong classifiers in AdaBoost framework and its application to pedestrian detection
* Effective Comparison Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Laplacian based structure-aware error diffusion
Includes: Kong, K.K.[Kang Kook] Kong, K.K.[Kang-Kook]

Kong, K.Y.[Koon Yin] Co Author Listing * Ceulular Imaging Data Analysis: Mircotubule Dynamics in Living Cell
* Using Particle Filter to Track and Model Microtubule Dynamics

Kong, K.Z.[Ke Zhi] Co Author Listing * Robust Optimization as Data Augmentation for Large-scale Graphs
Includes: Kong, K.Z.[Ke Zhi] Kong, K.Z.[Ke-Zhi]

Kong, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Variance Reduction Stochastic ADMM for Large-Scale Machine Learning
* AISChain: Blockchain-Based AIS Data Platform With Dynamic Bloom Filter Tree
* Assessing Regional Development Balance Based on Zipf's Law: The Case of Chinese Urban Agglomerations
* Benefits of Short-Distance Walking and Fast-Route Scheduling in Public Vehicle Service
* Coherent Integration for Maneuvering Target Detection Based on Radon-Lv's Distribution
* Contextualized Relation Predictive Model for Self-Supervised Group Activity Representation Learning
* Contour enhanced image super-resolution
* Data Augmentation via Latent Space Interpolation for Image Classification
* DeFLoc: Deep Learning Assisted Indoor Vehicle Localization Atop FM Fingerprint Map
* Dual Aggregation Transformer for Image Super-Resolution
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* End-To-End Trainable Video Super-Resolution Based on a New Mechanism for Implicit Motion Estimation and Compensation
* Energy-constrained Self-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Exact Distribution for the Product of Two Correlated Gaussian Random Variables
* Fast Maneuvering Target Motion Parameters Estimation Algorithm Based on ACCF, A
* Fdflownet: Fast Optical Flow Estimation Using A Deep Lightweight Network
* Generalized Class Incremental Learning
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing of the Gradient Richardson Number in a Megacity Boundary Layer
* hybrid framework for automatic joint detection of human poses in depth frames, A
* Joint Framework for Athlete Tracking and Action Recognition in Sports Videos, A
* Long-Term Action Dependence-Based Hierarchical Deep Association for Multi-Athlete Tracking in Sports Videos
* model-based reinforcement learning method based on conditional generative adversarial networks, A
* Multi-scale vehicle logo recognition by directional dense SIFT flow parsing
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object-Detection-Based Video Compression for Wireless Surveillance Systems
* Permutation-Invariant Feature Restructuring for Correlation-Aware Image Set-Based Recognition
* progressive CNN in-loop filtering approach for inter frame coding, A
* PV-TSC: Learning to Control Traffic Signals for Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic in 6G Era
* Research on Human Body Features Extraction based on Attention Mechanism
* Research on Product Style Design Based on Genetic Algorithm
* Rethinking Range View Representation for LiDAR Segmentation
* SAH-NET: Structure-Aware Hierarchical Network for Clustered Microcalcification Classification in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
* Shearlet Enhanced Snapshot Compressive Imaging
* Significant Anatomy Detection Through Sparse Classification: A Comparative Study
* Spatial Distribution and Morphological Identification of Regional Urban Settlements Based on Road Intersections
* Stratospheric Temperature Observations by Narrow Bands Ultra-High Spectral Resolution Sounder from Nadir-Viewing Satellites
* UniSeg: A Unified Multi-Modal LiDAR Segmentation Network and the OpenPCSeg Codebase
* Validation of Nadir SWH and Its Variance Characteristics from CFOSAT in China's Offshore Waters
Includes: Kong, L.[Lin] Kong, L.[Linghe] Kong, L.[Liang] Kong, L. Kong, L.[Longteng] Kong, L.[Linhua] Kong, L.[Lingshun] Kong, L.[Lingsheng] Kong, L.[Lingbin] Kong, L.[Longbo] Kong, L.[Le] Kong, L.[Lingyi] Kong, L.[Lei] Kong, L.[Lingdong] Kong, L.[Lingji] Kong, L.[Lisha]
38 for Kong, L.

Kong, L.C.[Ling Chen] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Regularized Clustering Method With Adaptive Spurious Connection Detection, An
* Image segmentation using a hierarchical student's-t mixture model
* L_1-Norm Quantile Regression Screening Rule via the Dual Circumscribed Sphere
* new quality model for object detection using compressed videos, A
* Nonconvex clustering via L0 fusion penalized regression
* Safe Feature Screening Rule for Rank Lasso, A
Includes: Kong, L.C.[Ling Chen] Kong, L.C.[Ling-Chen] Kong, L.C.[Ling-Cheng] Kong, L.C.[Ling-Chao]

Kong, L.D.[Ling Dong] Co Author Listing * CLIP2Scene: Towards Label-efficient 3D Scene Understanding by CLIP
* LaserMix for Semi-Supervised LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* LiDAR-based Panoptic Segmentation via Dynamic Shifting Network
* Robo3D: Towards Robust and Reliable 3D Perception against Corruptions
* Unified 3D and 4D Panoptic Segmentation via Dynamic Shifting Networks
Includes: Kong, L.D.[Ling Dong] Kong, L.D.[Ling-Dong]

Kong, L.F.[Ling Feng] Co Author Listing * antagonistic training algorithm for TFT-LCD module mura defect detection, An
* Salient region detection: An integration approach based on image pyramid and region property
* Vehicle trajectory extraction by simple two-dimensional model matching at low camera angles in intersection
Includes: Kong, L.F.[Ling Feng] Kong, L.F.[Ling-Feng] Kong, L.F.[Ling-Fu] Kong, L.F.[Long-Fei]

Kong, L.G.[Ling Gao] Co Author Listing * Inversion of Upstream Solar Wind Parameters from ENA Observations at Mars
Includes: Kong, L.G.[Ling Gao] Kong, L.G.[Ling-Gao]

Kong, L.H.[Ling Hui] Co Author Listing * Simplification and Regularization Algorithm for Right-Angled Polygon Building Outlines with Jagged Edges
Includes: Kong, L.H.[Ling Hui] Kong, L.H.[Ling-Hui]

Kong, L.J.[Ling Jiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Bayesian Detection Using MIMO Radar in Spatially Heterogeneous Clutter
* Causally-Aware Intraoperative Imputation for Overall Survival Time Prediction
* Fast Optimal Antenna Placement for Distributed MIMO Radar with Surveillance Performance
* GDOP-Based Performance Description of TOA Localization with Uncertain Measurements, A
* Modified Dynamic Programming Approach for Dim Target Detection and Tracking, A
* Non-Cooperative Passive Direct Localization Based on Waveform Estimation
* Performance Analysis of Non Coherent CFAR Detection Based on Goodness-of-Fit Tests in Different Clutter Environments
* Understanding Masked Autoencoders via Hierarchical Latent Variable Models
Includes: Kong, L.J.[Ling Jiang] Kong, L.J.[Ling-Jiang] Kong, L.J.[Ling-Jie] Kong, L.J.[Ling-Jing]
8 for Kong, L.J.

Kong, L.K.[Ling Ke] Co Author Listing * Indescribable Multi-Modal Spatial Evaluator
Includes: Kong, L.K.[Ling Ke] Kong, L.K.[Ling-Ke]

Kong, L.M.[Ling Mei] Co Author Listing * Oceanic Eddy Identification Using an AI Scheme
Includes: Kong, L.M.[Ling Mei] Kong, L.M.[Ling-Mei]

Kong, L.P.[Ling Peng] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Segmentation
* Fine-grained Audible Video Description
* Vicinity Vision Transformer
Includes: Kong, L.P.[Ling Peng] Kong, L.P.[Ling-Peng]

Kong, L.Q.[Ling Qiao] Co Author Listing * Carbon Sink under Different Carbon Density Levels of Forest and Shrub, a Case in Dongting Lake Basin, China
* Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Regional Ecosystem Assets Change in the Process of Rapid Urbanization: A Case Study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration
* Extended-depth-of-field object detection with wavefront coding imaging system
Includes: Kong, L.Q.[Ling Qiao] Kong, L.Q.[Ling-Qiao] Kong, L.Q.[Ling-Qin]

Kong, L.S. Co Author Listing * Codewords Distribution-Based Optimal Combination of Equal-Average Equal-Variance Equal-Norm Nearest Neighbor Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization Encoding
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Efficient Frequency Domain-based Transformers for High-Quality Image Deblurring
* Feature-Level Frankenstein: Eliminating Variations for Discriminative Recognition
* Identity-Aware Facial Expression Recognition in Compressed Video
* joint optimization framework of low-dimensional projection and collaborative representation for discriminative classification, A
Includes: Kong, L.S. Kong, L.S.[Ling-Shun] Kong, L.S.[Ling-Sheng]

Kong, L.T.[Ling Tong] Co Author Listing * ATCA: An ARC Trajectory Based Model with Curvature Attention for Video Frame Interpolation
* Dynamic Frame Interpolation in Wavelet Domain
* Group Activity Representation Learning With Long-Short States Predictive Transformer
* IFRNet: Intermediate Feature Refine Network for Efficient Frame Interpolation
* Key Role Guided Transformer for Group Activity Recognition
* MDFlow: Unsupervised Optical Flow Learning by Reliable Mutual Knowledge Distillation
* Progressive Motion Context Refine Network for Efficient Video Frame Interpolation
* Robust Multi-Athlete Tracking Algorithm by Exploiting Discriminant Features and Long-Term Dependencies, A
* Spatio-Temporal Player Relation Modeling for Tactic Recognition in Sports Videos
* Towards Practical Compressed Video Action Recognition: A Temporal Enhanced Multi-Stream Network
Includes: Kong, L.T.[Ling Tong] Kong, L.T.[Ling-Tong] Kong, L.T.[Long-Teng]
10 for Kong, L.T.

Kong, L.W.[Ling Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D U-Net Brain Tumor Segmentation Using VAE Skip Connection
* Dead Birds Detection in Modern Chicken Farm Based on SVM
* Multi-modal Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Cascaded 3D U-Net
Includes: Kong, L.W.[Ling Wei] Kong, L.W.[Ling-Wei] Kong, L.W.[Ling-Wu]

Kong, L.X. Co Author Listing * Improved 3D Thinning Algorithms for Skeleton Extraction
* Novel Adaptive Parameter Search Elastic Net Method for Fluorescent Molecular Tomography, A
* review on 2D instance segmentation based on deep neural networks, A
* Sparse representation with multi-manifold analysis for texture classification from few training images
Includes: Kong, L.X. Kong, L.X.[Ling-Xin] Kong, L.X.[Ling-Xing] Kong, L.X.[Ling-Xue]

Kong, L.Y.[Ling Yu] Co Author Listing * First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* Guided CNN Restoration with Explicitly Signaled Linear Combination
* Improved-StoryGAN for sequential images visualization
* Switchable Deep Learning Approach for In-Loop Filtering in Video Coding, A
Includes: Kong, L.Y.[Ling Yu] Kong, L.Y.[Ling-Yu] Kong, L.Y.[Ling-Yi] Kong, L.Y.[Li-Ya]

Kong, L.Z.[Ling Zhen] Co Author Listing * accuracy-enhanced group recommendation approach based on DEMATEL, An
* Efficient Energy and Delay Tradeoff for Vessel Communications in SDN Based Maritime Wireless Networks
Includes: Kong, L.Z.[Ling Zhen] Kong, L.Z.[Ling-Zhen] Kong, L.Z.[Ling-Zheng]

Kong, M. Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Point Cloud Classification Fusion with Dim Point Cloud
* Communication Security Analysis of Intelligent Transportation System Using 5G Internet of Things From the Perspective of Big Data
* High-Resolution Face Recognition Via Deep Pore-Feature Matching
* Impact Mechanism of Climate and Vegetation Changes on the Blue and Green Water Flow in the Main Ecosystems of the Hanjiang River Basin, China, The
* Semi-supervised manifold learning based on 2-fold weights
* Towards efficient image and video style transfer via distillation and learnable feature transformation
Includes: Kong, M. Kong, M.[Menglei] Kong, M.[Ming] Kong, M.[Meihao]

Kong, M.M.[Ming Ming] Co Author Listing * Fast Superpixel Segmentation via Boundary Sampling and Interpolation
Includes: Kong, M.M.[Ming Ming] Kong, M.M.[Ming-Ming]

Kong, M.Q.[Ming Qi] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal continuous wavelet transforms for motion-based segmentation in real image sequences
Includes: Kong, M.Q.[Ming Qi] Kong, M.Q.[Ming-Qi]

Kong, M.S. Co Author Listing * Mission Parameters Derived from Optical Flow

Kong, M.Y.[Mai Ying] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI-Based Early Detection of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection
Includes: Kong, M.Y.[Mai Ying] Kong, M.Y.[Mai-Ying]

Kong, N.[Naejin] Co Author Listing * Coded exposure imaging for projective motion deblurring
* High-Quality Reflection Separation Using Polarized Images
* Hole-robust Wireframe Detection
* Intrinsic Depth: Improving Depth Transfer with Intrinsic Images
* Intrinsic Video
* physically-based approach to reflection separation, A
* Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions
Includes: Kong, N.[Naejin] Kong, N.
7 for Kong, N.

Kong, N.J.[Nae Jin] Co Author Listing * Physically-Based Approach to Reflection Separation: From Physical Modeling to Constrained Optimization, A
Includes: Kong, N.J.[Nae Jin] Kong, N.J.[Nae-Jin]

Kong, P.[Phutphalla] Co Author Listing * Do Deep-Learning Saliency Models Really Model Saliency?
* Estimation of PM2.5 Concentration Using Deep Bayesian Model Considering Spatial Multiscale
* Real-time reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on hybrid embedding mechanism
Includes: Kong, P.[Phutphalla] Kong, P.[Peng] Kong, P.[Ping]

Kong, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Automatic measurement on CT images for patella dislocation diagnosis
* Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery Vehicles in Complex Traffic Environments
* CDText: Scene text detector based on context-aware deformable transformer
* Constrained Policy Optimization Algorithm for Autonomous Driving via Reinforcement Learning
* DeCo: Decomposition and Reconstruction for Compositional Temporal Grounding via Coarse-to-Fine Contrastive Ranking
* Do We Need Binary Features for 3D Reconstruction?
* Efficient and Accurate Skeleton-Based Two-Person Interaction Recognition Using Inter-and Intra-Body Graphs
* Efficient Staged Evacuation Planning Algorithm Applied to Multi-Exit Buildings, An
* Essential secret image sharing scheme with different importance of shadows
* Human-Scene Network: A novel baseline with self-rectifying loss for weakly supervised video anomaly detection
* LAC: Latent Action Composition for Skeleton-based Action Segmentation
* MITNet: Multi-intention Trajectory Network for Motion Prediction
* MMAct: A Large-Scale Dataset for Cross Modal Human Action Understanding
* Novel Two-in-One Image Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Perfect Black Visual Cryptography, A
* OE-CTST: Outlier-Embedded Cross Temporal Scale Transformer for Weakly-supervised Video Anomaly Detection
* Optimization-Based Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Parking With Irregularly Placed Obstacles: A Lightweight Iterative Framework
* Receptive Fields Selection for Binary Feature Description
* Relative Kinematic Orbit Determination for GRACE-FO Satellite by Jointing GPS and LRI
* Robust Unsupervised Multi-Object Tracking In Noisy Environments
* Sharing more information in gray visual cryptography scheme
* Towards Efficient Instance Segmentation with Hierarchical Distillation
* Traffic Sign Image Synthesis with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Two-in-One Image Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Boolean Operations
* VPNet: Vision and Planning Network for Robotic Navigation
Includes: Kong, Q.[Qi] Kong, Q. Kong, Q.[Qiran] Kong, Q.[Quan] Kong, Q.[Qiaoli] Kong, Q.[Qian]
24 for Kong, Q.

Kong, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Interpretable Bayesian MARS for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Approach to Urban Traffic State Estimation by Fusing Multisource Information, An
* Developing Parallel Control and Management for Urban Traffic Systems
* Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks
* Method for Detection and Classification of Glass Defects in Low Resolution Images, A
* Rectangle Detection Method for Real-Time Extraction of Large Panel Edge, A
* Robust segmentation of freight containers in train monitoring videos
* Simulation Analysis on the Existence of Network Traffic Flow Equilibria, A
* UTN-Model-Based Traffic Flow Prediction for Parallel-Transportation Management Systems
Includes: Kong, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Kong, Q.J.[Qing-Jie] Kong, Q.J.
9 for Kong, Q.J.

Kong, Q.L.[Qing Lei] Co Author Listing * Achieving Privacy-Preserving and Verifiable Data Sharing in Vehicular Fog With Blockchain
* Analysis of Precise Orbit Predictions for a HY-2A Satellite with Three Atmospheric Density Models Based on Dynamic Method
* Analysis of Space-Borne GPS Data Quality and Evaluation of Precise Orbit Determination for COSMIC-2 Mission Based on Reduced Dynamic Method
* Calculation Model of Radar Terrain Masking Based on Tensor Grid Dilation Operator
* Multi-Dimension and Multi-Channel Seismic-Ionospheric Coupling: Case Study of Mw 8.8 Concepcion Quake on 27 February 2010
* Privacy-Preserving Continuous Data Collection for Predictive Maintenance in Vehicular Fog-Cloud
Includes: Kong, Q.L.[Qing Lei] Kong, Q.L.[Qing-Lei] Kong, Q.L.[Qiao-Li]

Kong, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Co Author Listing * DBN wavelet transform denoising method in soybean straw composition based on near-infrared rapid detection
Includes: Kong, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Kong, Q.M.[Qing-Ming]

Kong, Q.Q.[Qing Qun] Co Author Listing * Biologically inspired deep stereo model
* CAA-Net: Conditional Atrous CNNs With Attention for Explainable Device-Robust Acoustic Scene Classification
* Efficient nearest neighbor search in high dimensional hamming space
* Feature Alignment for Robust Acoustic Scene Classification Across Devices
* Learning Semantic-Aware Local Features for Long Term Visual Localization
* Performance Evaluation of Local Features for Image-Based 3D Reconstruction, A
Includes: Kong, Q.Q.[Qing Qun] Kong, Q.Q.[Qing-Qun] Kong, Q.Q.[Qiu-Qiang]

Kong, Q.Y.[Qing Yang] Co Author Listing * Clutter Removal Method Based on the F-K Domain for Ground-Penetrating Radar in Complex Scenarios, A
* Enhancement of Vital Signals for UWB Through-Wall Radar Using Low-Rank and Block-Sparse Matrix Decomposition
* GDiPAYOLO: A Fault Detection Algorithm for UAV Power Inspection Scenarios
* Real-Time Permittivity Estimation Method for Stepped-Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar by Full-Waveform Inversion, A
Includes: Kong, Q.Y.[Qing Yang] Kong, Q.Y.[Qing-Yang] Kong, Q.Y.[Qing-Yu]

Kong, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Changes in Forest Net Primary Productivity in the Yangtze River Basin and Its Relationship with Climate Change and Human Activities
* Detection and Attribution of Changes in Terrestrial Water Storage across China: Climate Change versus Vegetation Greening
* Increasing Negative Impacts of Climatic Change and Anthropogenic Activities on Vegetation Variation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during 1982-2019

Kong, S.[Shu] Co Author Listing * Camera Pose Matters: Improving Depth Prediction by Mitigating Pose Distribution Bias
* Celeganser: Automated Analysis of Nematode Morphology and Age
* classification-oriented dictionary learning model: Explicitly learning the particularity and commonality across categories, A
* Classifying and tracking multiple persons for proactive surveillance of mass transport systems
* Creating a Forensic Database of Shoeprints from Online Shoe-Tread Photos
* Dictionary Learning Approach for Classification: Separating the Particularity and the Commonality, A
* Domain Decluttering: Simplifying Images to Mitigate Synthetic-Real Domain Shift and Improve Depth Estimation
* Far3Det: Towards Far-Field 3D Detection
* Feature selection from high-order tensorial data via sparse decomposition
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent Transportation Systems Empowered by AI Technologies
* Integrated Tracking Control of an Underwater Bionic Robot Based on Multimodal Motions
* Integration of multi-feature fusion and dictionary learning for face recognition
* Joint Anchor-Feature Refinement for Real-Time Accurate Object Detection in Images and Videos
* Learning class-specific dictionaries for digit recognition from spherical surface of a 3D ball
* Learning individual-specific dictionaries with fused multiple features for face recognition
* Long-Tailed Recognition via Weight Balancing
* Low-Rank Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Classification
* Modeling Neuron Selectivity Over Simple Midlevel Features for Image Classification
* Modularized Textual Grounding for Counterfactual Resilience
* multi-task learning strategy for unsupervised clustering via explicitly separating the commonality, A
* Multimodal Object Detection via Probabilistic Ensembling
* Multiple feature fusion for face recognition
* OpenGAN: Open-Set Recognition via Open Data Generation
* Photo Aesthetics Ranking Network with Attributes and Content Adaptation
* Pixel-Wise Attentional Gating for Scene Parsing
* Radar Measurements of Morphological Parameters and Species Identification Analysis of Migratory Insects
* Recurrent Pixel Embedding for Instance Grouping
* Recurrent Scene Parsing with Perspective Understanding in the Loop
* Slip and Slide Detection and Adaptive Information Sharing Algorithms for High-Speed Train Navigation Systems
* Spatially Aware Dictionary Learning and Coding for Fossil Pollen Identification
* SSH: A Self-Supervised Framework for Image Harmonization
* Tracking of persons for video surveillance of unattended environments
* Transfer heterogeneous unlabeled data for unsupervised clustering
Includes: Kong, S.[Shu] Kong, S. Kong, S.[Suyu] Kong, S.[Shihan] Kong, S.[Shaoyang] Kong, S.[Sarah]
33 for Kong, S.

Kong, S.C.[Shu Chen] Co Author Listing * Feature channel enhancement for crowd counting
Includes: Kong, S.C.[Shu Chen] Kong, S.C.[Shu-Chen]

Kong, S.F.[Shao Fei] Co Author Listing * Changes in the Distribution Pattern of PM2.5 Pollution over Central China
Includes: Kong, S.F.[Shao Fei] Kong, S.F.[Shao-Fei]

Kong, S.G. Co Author Listing * Band-Subset-Based Clustering and Fusion for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Coupled Sparse Denoising and Unmixing With Low-Rank Constraint for Hyperspectral Image
* Deformable Dictionary Learning for SAR Image Change Detection
* Enhancement of feature extraction for low-quality fingerprint images using stochastic resonance
* Focusing in thermal imagery using morphological gradient operator
* Frame-Based Recovery of Corrupted Video Files Using Video Codec Specifications
* Full-time Monocular Road Detection Using Zero-distribution Prior of Angle of Polarization
* Fusion of Visual and Thermal Signatures with Eyeglass Removal for Robust Face Recognition
* Global and Local Tensor Sparse Approximation Models for Hyperspectral Image Destriping
* Head Pose Estimation From a 2D Face Image Using 3D Face Morphing With Depth Parameters
* Histograms of oriented mosaic gradients for snapshot spectral image description
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Graph Laplacian-Guided Coupled Tensor Decomposition
* Illumination-invariant road detection and tracking using LWIR polarization characteristics
* Iterative Image Dehazing Method With Polarization, An
* Joint Hyperspectral Superresolution and Unmixing With Interactive Feedback
* Joint Spatial and Spectral Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Joint Spatial-spectral Resolution Enhancement of Multispectral Images with Spectral Matrix Factorization and Spatial Sparsity Constraints
* Laplacian Pyramid Fusion Network With Hierarchical Guidance for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
* Mosaic gradient histogram for object tracking in DoFP infrared polarization imaging
* Multiscale Fusion of Visible and Thermal IR Images for Illumination-Invariant Face Recognition
* Multispectral visible and infrared imaging for face recognition
* Navigating Uncertainty: Semantic-Powered Image Enhancement and Fusion
* Object Tracking in Hyperspectral-Oriented Video with Fast Spatial-Spectral Features
* Recent advances in visual and infrared face recognition: A review
* SFA-guided mosaic transformer for tracking small objects in snapshot spectral imaging
* Specular reflection removal using local structural similarity and chromaticity consistency
* Unsupervised Spectral Demosaicing With Lightweight Spectral Attention Networks
* Visual Analysis of Eye State and Head Pose for Driver Alertness Monitoring
Includes: Kong, S.G. Kong, S.G.[Seong G.]
28 for Kong, S.G.

Kong, S.H. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Positioning Technique With Decentralized Malicious Vehicle Detection
* Driver Status Monitoring Systems for Smart Vehicles Using Physiological Sensors: A safety enhancement system from automobile manufacturers
* Feature Tracking from an Image Sequence Using Geometric Invariants
* FM*-Based Comprehensive Path Planning System for Robotic Floating Garbage Cleaning, An
* High Sensitivity and Fast Acquisition Signal Processing Techniques for GNSS Receivers: From fundamentals to state-of-the-art GNSS acquisition technologies
* IWSCR: An Intelligent Water Surface Cleaner Robot for Collecting Floating Garbage
* K-Lane: Lidar Lane Dataset and Benchmark for Urban Roads and Highways
* Orientation Estimation of 3D Surface Patches
* trace kernel bandwidth criterion for support vector data description, The
Includes: Kong, S.H. Kong, S.H.[Shi-Han] Kong, S.H.[Seung-Hyung] Kong, S.H.[Shao-Hua] Kong, S.H.[Seung-Hyun]
9 for Kong, S.H.

Kong, S.J. Co Author Listing * Affine Projection Algorithm With Dynamic Selection of Input Vectors, An
* Deep RED Unfolding Network for Image Restoration
Includes: Kong, S.J. Kong, S.J.[Sheng-Jiang]

Kong, S.Y.[Shao Yang] Co Author Listing * Insect Mass Estimation Based on Radar Cross Section Parameters and Support Vector Regression Algorithm
* Insect Multifrequency Polarimetric Radar Cross Section: Experimental Results and Analysis
* Migratory Insect Multifrequency Radar Cross Sections for Morphological Parameter Estimation
* PAF-Net: A Progressive and Adaptive Fusion Network for Pavement Crack Segmentation
Includes: Kong, S.Y.[Shao Yang] Kong, S.Y.[Shao-Yang] Kong, S.Y.[Shu-Yi]

Kong, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Deep Feature Pyramid Reconfiguration for Object Detection
* Dense Contrastive Learning for Self-Supervised Visual Pre-Training
* Feature Pyramid Reconfiguration With Consistent Loss for Object Detection
* FoveaBox: Beyound Anchor-Based Object Detection
* HyperNet: Towards Accurate Region Proposal Generation and Joint Object Detection
* Locate then Segment: A Strong Pipeline for Referring Image Segmentation
* Mask encoding: A general instance mask representation for object segmentation
* RON: Reverse Connection with Objectness Prior Networks for Object Detection
* Scale-aware Automatic Augmentation for Object Detection
* Scale-Aware Automatic Augmentations for Object Detection With Dynamic Training
* Self-Supervised Learning by Estimating Twin Class Distribution
* SOLO: A Simple Framework for Instance Segmentation
* SOLO: Segmenting Objects by Locations
* Sparse R-CNN: An End-to-End Framework for Object Detection
* Sparse R-CNN: End-to-End Object Detection with Learnable Proposals
* Zoom-In-To-Check: Boosting Video Interpolation via Instance-Level Discrimination
Includes: Kong, T.[Tao] Kong, T.
16 for Kong, T.

Kong, T.H.[Tae Hyun] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of TiO2 Concentration in Cementitious Material Based on Machine Learning Approaches
Includes: Kong, T.H.[Tae Hyun] Kong, T.H.[Tae-Hyun]

Kong, T.Y.[T. Yung] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Fuzzy Segmentation
* Bipartite Graph Matching for Points on a Line or a Circle
* Continuous Analogs of Axiomatized Digital Surfaces
* Digital Topology
* Digital Topology: Introduction and Survey
* Fuzzy Connectedness Segmentation: A Brief Presentation of the Literature
* General Theory of Fuzzy Connectedness Segmentations
* History Trees as Descriptors of Macromolecular Structures
* If We Use 4- or 8-Connectedness for Both the Objects and the Background, the Euler Characteristic Is Not Locally Computable
* Justification of a Fast Surface Tracking Algorithm, A
* Minimal Non-simple Sets in 4-Dimensional Binary Images with (8,80)-Adjacency
* Minimal non-simple sets in 4D binary images
* Minimal Nonsimple Sets of Voxels in Binary Images on a Face-Centered Cubic Grid
* On Boundaries and Boundary Crack-Codes of Multidimensional Digital Images
* On Topology Preservation in 2-D and 3-D Thinning
* On Which Grids Can Tomographic Equivalence of Binary Pictures Be Characterized in Terms of Elementary Switching Operations
* Special Issue on Topology and Geometry in Computer Vision
* Strongly normal sets of contractible tiles in N dimensions
* Strongly Normal Sets of Tiles in N Dimensions
* Theory of Binary Digital Pictures, A
* Topological Algorithms for Digital Image Processing
* Topology-Preserving Deformations of Two-Valued Digital Pictures
* Tree representation of digital picture embeddings
* Using a Topological Descriptor to Investigate Structures of Virus Particles
Includes: Kong, T.Y.[T. Yung] Kong, T.Y. Kong, T.Y.[Tat Yung]
24 for Kong, T.Y.

Kong, W. Co Author Listing * Air Combat Strategies Generation of CGF Based on MADDPG and Reward Shaping
* Automatic Detection and Assessment of Pavement Marking Defects with Street View Imagery at the City Scale
* Design and Demonstration of a Novel Long-Range Photon-Counting 3D Imaging LiDAR with 32X32 Transceivers
* Efficient Deep Learning Inference Based on Model Compression
* Eye-Safe Aerosol and Cloud Lidar Based on Free-Space Intracavity Upconversion Detection
* GSTA: Pedestrian trajectory prediction based on global spatio-temporal association of graph attention network
* hybrid method for optimization of the adaptive Goldstein filter, A
* Improved Altimeter in-Orbit Range Noise-Level Estimation Approach Based on Along-Track Differential Method, An
* Joint Feature Adaptation and Graph Adaptive Label Propagation for Cross-Subject Emotion Recognition From EEG Signals
* KNN Based Denoising Algorithm for Photon-Counting LiDAR: Numerical Simulation and Parameter Optimization Design
* Partial Reconstruction Method for SAR Altimeter Coastal Waveforms Based on Adaptive Threshold Judgment, A
* Performance Analysis of Ku/Ka Dual-Band SAR Altimeter from an Airborne Experiment over South China Sea
* Performance Analysis of Ocean Surface Topography Altimetry by Ku-Band Near-Nadir Interferometric SAR
* Real Time Object Oriented 6-Point Skeleton Extraction Component from Human Silhouette for Video Surveillance and Analysis Application
* Sea Surface Height Wavenumber Spectrum from Airborne Interferometric Radar Altimeter
* Shipborne Photon-Counting Lidar for Depth-Resolved Ocean Observation, A
* Spectral Swin Transformer Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Video Question Answering Using Clip-Guided Visual-Text Attention
Includes: Kong, W. Kong, W.[Wanyue] Kong, W.[Wei] Kong, W.[Weixue] Kong, W.[Weiya] Kong, W.[Wanzeng] Kong, W.[Win] Kong, W.[Weili] Kong, W.[Weikai]
18 for Kong, W.

Kong, W.A. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Deep Ordinal Regression Based on Gaussian Processes

Kong, W.C.[Wei Chao] Co Author Listing * Low-Tubal-Rank tensor recovery with multilayer subspace prior learning
Includes: Kong, W.C.[Wei Chao] Kong, W.C.[Wei-Chao]

Kong, W.D.[Wei Di] Co Author Listing * SLAM Loop Closure Algorithm of BoW Incorporating the Gray Level of Pixel, A
Includes: Kong, W.D.[Wei Di] Kong, W.D.[Wei-Di]

Kong, W.F.[Wei Feng] Co Author Listing * Distortion-Aware Self-Supervised Indoor 360 Depth Estimation via Hybrid Projection Fusion and Structural Regularities
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising via Framelet Transformation Based Three-Modal Tensor Nuclear Norm
Includes: Kong, W.F.[Wei Feng] Kong, W.F.[Wei-Feng] Kong, W.F.[Wen-Feng]

Kong, W.H.[Wei Hang] Co Author Listing * Bilateral counting network for single-image object counting
* Crowd counting using a self-attention multi-scale cascaded network
* Effective crowd counting using multi-resolution context and image quality assessment-guided training
* Multi-Scale Geometric Consistency Guided and Planar Prior Assisted Multi-View Stereo
* Multi-Scale Geometric Consistency Guided Multi-View Stereo
* Object counting method based on dual attention network
* object counting network based on hierarchical context and feature fusion, An
Includes: Kong, W.H.[Wei Hang] Kong, W.H.[Wei-Hang]
7 for Kong, W.H.

Kong, W.J.[Wei Jie] Co Author Listing * Automated Test Approach Based on All Paths Covered Optimal Algorithm and Sequence Priority Selected Algorithm
* Deep Pedestrian Detection Using Contextual Information and Multi-level Features
* Graph Convolutional Label Noise Cleaner: Train a Plug-And-Play Action Classifier for Anomaly Detection
* Seeing What You Miss: Vision-Language Pre-training with Semantic Completion Learning
Includes: Kong, W.J.[Wei Jie] Kong, W.J.[Wei-Jie]

Kong, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Ship Detection Algorithm Based on a Lightweight Neural Network for Spaceborne SAR Images
Includes: Kong, W.M.[Wei Min] Kong, W.M.[Wei-Min]

Kong, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Leaf Chlorophyll Content Models for Winter Wheat Using Landsat-8 Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
* Comparison of Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms for the Retrieval of Wheat Biophysical Variables from Sentinel-2, A
* Estimating Vertical Distribution of Leaf Water Content within Wheat Canopies after Head Emergence
* Monitoring the Vertical Distribution of Maize Canopy Chlorophyll Content Based on Multi-Angular Spectral Data
* Novel Vegetation Indices for Cotton Boll Opening Status Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Data
* Using Multi-Angular Hyperspectral Data to Estimate the Vertical Distribution of Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Wheat
Includes: Kong, W.P.[Wei Ping] Kong, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Kong, W.Q.[Wan Qiu] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Estimating Auroral Electron Energy from Ground-Based Hyperspectral Imagery and DMSP-SSJ5 Particle Data, A
* generic, cluster-centred lossless compression framework for joint auroral data, A
* Lossless compression codec of aurora spectral data using hybrid spatial-spectral decorrelation with outlier recognition
* Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery via Clustered Differential Pulse Code Modulation with Removal of Local Spectral Outliers
* verification framework for behavioral safety of self-driving cars, A
Includes: Kong, W.Q.[Wan Qiu] Kong, W.Q.[Wan-Qiu] Kong, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang]

Kong, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * Deep Semi-Supervised Ultrasound Image Segmentation by Using a Shadow Aware Network With Boundary Refinement
* Hierarchical Temporal Attention Network for Thyroid Nodule Recognition Using Dynamic CEUS Imaging
Includes: Kong, W.T.[Wen Tao] Kong, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Kong, W.W. Co Author Listing * 3-D hand trajectory recognition for Signing Exact English
* Automatic hand trajectory segmentation and phoneme transcription for sign language
* Autonomous control of running takeoff and landing for a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle
* Cooperative Merging Strategy in Mixed Traffic Based on Optimal Final-State Phase Diagram With Flexible Highway Merging Points
* distributed model predictive control method combined with delay compensator for multiple vehicle platoons, A
* extendable maneuver management framework with fault-tolerant mechanism for vehicle platoon control system in highway scenario, An
* Image fusion technique based on non-subsampled contourlet transform and adaptive unit-fast-linking pulse-coupled neural network
* Improved model-free adaptive predictive control-based cooperative driving control for connected and automated vehicles subject to time-varying communication delays and packet losses at signal-free intersections
* Iterative registration for multi-modality retinal fundus photographs using directional vessel skeleton
* Networked predictive control method of multi-vehicle cooperative control at communication-constrained unsignalized multi-intersection
* Partial Splitting Augmented Lagrangian Method for Low Patch-Rank Image Decomposition, A
* Rapid Target Detection of Fruit Trees Using UAV Imaging and Improved Light YOLOv4 Algorithm
* Recognition Model of Sideslip of Surrounding Vehicles Based on Perception Information of Driverless Vehicle
* Signing Exact English (SEE): Modeling and recognition
* Towards subject independent continuous sign language recognition: A segment and merge approach
Includes: Kong, W.W. Kong, W.W.[Wei-Wei] Kong, W.W.[Wen-Wen]
15 for Kong, W.W.

Kong, W.X.[Wei Xin] Co Author Listing * Bayesian pot-assembly from fragments as problems in perceptual-grouping and geometric-learning
* Learning-Based Intent-Aware Task Offloading for Air-Ground Integrated Vehicular Edge Computing
* On Solving 2D and 3D Puzzles Using Curve Matching
Includes: Kong, W.X.[Wei Xin] Kong, W.X.[Wei-Xin] Kong, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]

Kong, W.Y.[Wei Ya] Co Author Listing * Doppler Spectrum-Based NRCS Estimation Method for Low-Scattering Areas in Ocean SAR Images
* Ocean Surface Topography Altimetry by Large Baseline Cross-Interferometry from Satellite Formation
Includes: Kong, W.Y.[Wei Ya] Kong, W.Y.[Wei-Ya]

Kong, W.Z.[Wan Zeng] Co Author Listing * BAFN: Bi-Direction Attention Based Fusion Network for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Brain-Machine Coupled Learning Method for Facial Emotion Recognition
* DMF-GAN: Deep Multimodal Fusion Generative Adversarial Networks for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* MSV-Based Face Detection in Color Images
Includes: Kong, W.Z.[Wan Zeng] Kong, W.Z.[Wan-Zeng] Kong, W.Z.[Wang-Zeng]

Kong, X.[Xianghao] Co Author Listing * 3D-SPS: Single-Stage 3D Visual Grounding via Referred Point Progressive Selection
* Axle Configuration and Weight Sensing for Moving Vehicles on Bridges Based on the Clustering and Gradient Method
* BLT: Bidirectional Layout Transformer for Controllable Layout Generation
* Class-Aware Analysis Dictionary Learning for Pattern Classification
* Contribution-based feature transfer for JPEG mismatched steganalysis
* Dual Attention Matching Network for Context-Aware Feature Sequence Based Person Re-identification
* En-Compactness: Self-Distillation Embedding & Contrastive Generation for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Infrared dim target detection via mode-k1k2 extension tensor tubal rank under complex ocean environment
* Joint CRF and Locality-Consistent Dictionary Learning for Semantic Segmentation
* Nonlinear Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing for Visual-Textual Data
* Novel Sparsity Measure for Tensor Recovery, A
* Object Context Integrated Network for Joint Learning of Depth and Optical Flow, An
* Ranking Station Importance With Human Mobility Patterns Using Subway Network Datasets
* Saliency detection via local single Gaussian model
* Stochastic Downsampling for Cost-Adjustable Inference and Improved Regularization in Convolutional Networks
* Triple Attention For Robust Video Crowd Counting
* Unsupervised Change Detection for VHR Remote Sensing Images Based on Temporal-Spatial-Structural Graphs
* vMAP: Vectorised Object Mapping for Neural Field SLAM
Includes: Kong, X.[Xianghao] Kong, X.[Xuan] Kong, X.[Xiang] Kong, X. Kong, X.[Xia] Kong, X.[Xue] Kong, X.[Xin]
18 for Kong, X.

Kong, X.B.[Xiang Bin] Co Author Listing * Advanced Soil Organic Matter Prediction with a Regional Soil NIR Spectral Library Using Long Short-Term Memory-Convolutional Neural Networks: A Case Study
* Continuous Change Detection of Forest/Grassland and Cropland in the Loess Plateau of China Using All Available Landsat Data
Includes: Kong, X.B.[Xiang Bin] Kong, X.B.[Xiang-Bin] Kong, X.B.[Xiang-Bing]

Kong, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Suitability of Urban Expansion Based on the Logic Minimum Cumulative Resistance Model: A Case Study from Leshan, China
* Human action detection via boosted local motion histograms
* Novel SVM-Based Method for Moving Video Objects Recognition, A
* Optical flow and scene flow estimation: A survey
Includes: Kong, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Kong, X.D.[Xiang-Dong] Kong, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Kong, X.F.[Xiang Fei] Co Author Listing * Cross-Image Region Mining With Region Prototypical Network for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* DelugeNets: Deep Networks with Efficient and Flexible Cross-Layer Information Inflows
* HEp-2 cell pattern classification with discriminative dictionary learning
* Motion-Guided Cascaded Refinement Network for Video Object Segmentation
* Multiclass boosting SVM using different texture features in HEp-2 cell staining pattern classification
* New Image Quality Metric for Image Auto-denoising, A
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment for Image Auto-Denoising
* Particle filter-based vehicle tracking via HOG features after image stabilisation in intelligent drive system
Includes: Kong, X.F.[Xiang Fei] Kong, X.F.[Xiang-Fei] Kong, X.F.[Xiao-Fang]
8 for Kong, X.F.

Kong, X.H.[Xiang Hui] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Aerial Images with Parallel RPN and Density-Assigner
Includes: Kong, X.H.[Xiang Hui] Kong, X.H.[Xiang-Hui]

Kong, X.J.[Xiang Jie] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Digraph Convolution Network Enabled Framework for Congestion Recognition in Three-Dimensional Road Networks, An
* Exploring Human Mobility for Multi-Pattern Passenger Prediction: A Graph Learning Framework
* FISS: function identification of subway stations based on semantics mining and functional clustering
* Multi-View Maximum Margin Clustering With Privileged Information Learning
* Study on the Quality of Experience Evaluation Metrics for Astronaut Virtual Training System
* Underwater Attentional Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Enhancement
* Vehicle Trajectory Clustering Based on Dynamic Representation Learning of Internet of Vehicles
Includes: Kong, X.J.[Xiang Jie] Kong, X.J.[Xiang-Jie] Kong, X.J.[Xiang-Jun]
7 for Kong, X.J.

Kong, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Progressive dilation dense residual fusion network for single-image deraining
Includes: Kong, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Kong, X.L.[Xiao-Lin]

Kong, X.N.[Xiang Nan] Co Author Listing * Visual Recognition by Exploiting Latent Social Links in Image Collections
Includes: Kong, X.N.[Xiang Nan] Kong, X.N.[Xiang-Nan]

Kong, X.Q.[Xiao Qiang] Co Author Listing * Efficient Missing Counts Imputation of a Bike-Sharing System by Generative Adversarial Network
* Investigating Public Facility Characteristics from a Spatial Interaction Perspective: A Case Study of Beijing Hospitals Using Taxi Data
* Using an Interpretable Machine Learning Framework to Understand the Relationship of Mobility and Reliability Indices on Truck Drivers' Route Choices
Includes: Kong, X.Q.[Xiao Qiang] Kong, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang] Kong, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing]

Kong, X.S.[Xiang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Land Surface Temperature Retrieval Using Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Daytime Mid-Infrared Data
* method for extracting interference striations in lofargram based on decomposition and clustering, A
Includes: Kong, X.S.[Xiang Sheng] Kong, X.S.[Xiang-Sheng] Kong, X.S.[Xiang-Shun]

Kong, X.T.[Xiang Tao] Co Author Listing * ClassSR: A General Framework to Accelerate Super-Resolution Networks by Data Characteristic
* DegAE: A New Pretraining Paradigm for Low-Level Vision
* Reflash Dropout in Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Kong, X.T.[Xiang Tao] Kong, X.T.[Xiang-Tao]

Kong, X.W.[Xiang Wei] Co Author Listing * Amplitude-adaptive spread-spectrum data embedding
* balanced semi-supervised hashing method for CBIR, A
* Binary Code Reranking Method Based on Bit Importance
* Cover-source Mismatch in Deep Spatial Steganalysis
* Discrete Semantic Alignment Hashing for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Double Compression Detection Based on Markov Model of the First Digits of DCT Coefficients
* Feature Extraction via Multi-View Non-Negative Matrix Factorization with Local Graph Regularization
* Fine-grained visual categorization with fine-tuned segmentation
* Fuzzy clustering algorithms based on resolution and their application in image compression
* Generalized transfer component analysis for mismatched JPEG steganalysis
* Model Semantic Relations with Extended Attributes
* Node-Sensitive Graph Fusion via Topo-Correlation for Image Retrieval
* Nonnegative sparse coding for discriminative semi-supervised learning
* Object watermarks for digital images and video
* Online latent semantic hashing for cross-media retrieval
* Part-Based Deep Hashing for Large-Scale Person Re-Identification
* Printer forensics based on page document's geometric distortion
* Reflective Field for Pixel-Level Tasks
* Revisiting the Critical Factors of Augmentation-Invariant Representation Learning
* Robust Principal Component Analysis Based on Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* RST-invariant sketch retrieval based on circular description
* Secure spread-spectrum data embedding with PN-sequence masking
* semi-automatic deshredding method based on curve matching, A
* Semi-supervised learning based on group sparse for relative attributes
* Understanding Masked Image Modeling via Learning Occlusion Invariant Feature
* X-GACMN: An X-Shaped Generative Adversarial Cross-Modal Network with Hypersphere Embedding
Includes: Kong, X.W.[Xiang Wei] Kong, X.W.[Xiang-Wei] Kong, X.W.[Xiang-Wen] Kong, X.W.
26 for Kong, X.W.

Kong, X.X.[Xiang Xiong] Co Author Listing * Identifying Geomorphological Changes of Coastal Cliffs through Point Cloud Registration from UAV Images
* Inversion and Validation of Improved Marine Gravity Field Recovery in South China Sea by Incorporating HY-2A Altimeter Waveform Data
* Mapping Ratoon Rice Planting Area in Central China Using Sentinel-2 Time Stacks and the Phenology-Based Algorithm
* Performance of HaiYang-2 Altimetric Data in Marine Gravity Research and a New Global Marine Gravity Model NSOAS22
Includes: Kong, X.X.[Xiang Xiong] Kong, X.X.[Xiang-Xiong] Kong, X.X.[Xiang-Xue] Kong, X.X.[Xiao-Xuan]

Kong, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Validation of the Aerosol Optical Depth of MODIS Products in Gansu Province, Northwest China
* Collaborative Deep Reinforcement Learning for Joint Object Search
* Conflict-Based Cross-View Consistency for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Deep and Low-Rank Quaternion Priors for Color Image Processing
* Dynamic 3D Simulation of Flood Risk Based on the Integration of Spatio-Temporal GIS and Hydrodynamic Models
* Estimating the Carbon Emissions of Remotely Sensed Energy-Intensive Industries Using VIIRS Thermal Anomaly-Derived Industrial Heat Sources and Auxiliary Data
* FC-RCCN: Fully convolutional residual continuous CRF network for semantic segmentation
* FF-Former: Swin Fourier Transformer for Nighttime Flare Removal
* FGBC: Flexible graph-based balanced classifier for class-imbalanced semi-supervised learning
* Geodesic Video Stabilization in Transformation Space
* Global and Local Tensor Sparse Approximation Models for Hyperspectral Image Destriping
* high-dynamic range CMOS camera based on dual-gain channels, A
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Nonlocal Low-Rank and TV Regularization
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using Global Weighted Tensor Norm Minimum and Nonlocal Low-Rank Approximation
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Spatial-Spectral Residual Total Variation Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
* Layer-based image completion by poisson surface reconstruction
* Lens-to-Lens Bokeh Effect Transformation. NTIRE 2023 Challenge Report
* Low-Light Image Enhancement via Poisson Noise Aware Retinex Model
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* NAFBET: Bokeh Effect Transformation with Parameter Analysis Block based on NAFNet
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Demosaicing Challenge and Data Set
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Denoising: Methods and Results
* Performance Analysis of the Self-Stabilizing Douglas's MCA Algorithm, The
* Semantic-Context Graph Network for Point-Based 3D Object Detection
* Universal domain adaptation from multiple black-box sources
* When Channel Correlation Meets Sparse Prior: Keeping Interpretability in Image Compressive Sensing
Includes: Kong, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Kong, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi] Kong, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Kong, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Kong, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Kong, X.Y.[Xiang-Yong] Kong, X.Y.[Xiang-Yuan] Kong, X.Y. Kong, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Kong, X.Y.[Xin-Yang]
26 for Kong, X.Y.

Kong, X.Z.[Xiang Zhen] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Constrained Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Bio-Inspired MEMS Wake Detector for AUV Tracking and Coordinated Formation, A
* GSTA: Pedestrian trajectory prediction based on global spatio-temporal association of graph attention network
* High-Sensitivity MEMS Shear Probe for Autonomous Profiling Observation of Marine Turbulence
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Perceived speed of changing color in chroma and hue directions in CIELAB
Includes: Kong, X.Z.[Xiang Zhen] Kong, X.Z.[Xiang-Zhen] Kong, X.Z.[Xiang-Zheng]
7 for Kong, X.Z.

Kong, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Fast Image Denoising via Attention Guided Scaling
* Action recognition with discriminative mid-level features
* Activity recognition by learning structural and pairwise mid-level features using random forest
* Adaptive learning codebook for action recognition
* Adversarial Action Prediction Networks
* Aligned Dynamic-Preserving Embedding for Zero-Shot Action Recognition
* Ancestor Search: Generalized Open Set Recognition via Hyperbolic Side Information Learning
* Bilinear heterogeneous information machine for RGB-D action recognition
* Catch Missing Details: Image Reconstruction with Frequency Augmented Variational Autoencoder
* Category co-occurrence modeling for large scale scene recognition
* Close Human Interaction Recognition Using Patch-Aware Models
* Compact visual codebook for action recognition
* Containerized Service-Based Integration Framework for Heterogeneous-Geospatial-Analysis Models, A
* Contour-HOG: A Stub Feature based Level Set Method for Learning Object Contour
* DDoS Mitigation Based on Space-Time Flow Regularities in IoV: A Feature Adaption Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Decomposed contour prior for shape recognition
* Deep Sequential Context Networks for Action Prediction
* Deeply Learned View-Invariant Features for Cross-View Action Recognition
* Discriminative Clustering and Feature Selection for Brain MRI Segmentation
* Discriminative Model with Multiple Temporal Scales for Action Prediction, A
* Discriminative Relational Representation Learning for RGB-D Action Recognition
* Discriminator-Quality Evaluation GAN
* DRIVE: Deep Reinforced Accident Anticipation with Visual Explanation
* Efficient Hardware Implementation For Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Anisotropic Gaussian Filter
* Evidential Deep Learning for Open Set Action Recognition
* Feature-aware natural texture synthesis
* GateHUB: Gated History Unit with Background Suppression for Online Action Detection
* Group action recognition in soccer videos
* Group Action Recognition Using Space-Time Interest Points
* Group Activity Prediction with Sequential Relational Anticipation Model
* Hierarchical 3D kernel descriptors for action recognition using depth sequences
* Hierarchical and Spatio-Temporal Sparse Representation for Human Action Recognition
* Human Action Recognition and Prediction: A Survey
* Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Based on Semi-Supervised Broad Learning System
* Interactive Phrases: Semantic Descriptionsfor Human Interaction Recognition
* KeystoneDepth: History in 3D
* Learning Fast Low-Rank Projection for Image Classification
* Learning Group Activity in Soccer Videos from Local Motion
* Learning hierarchical 3D kernel descriptors for RGB-D action recognition
* Learning Human Interaction by Interactive Phrases
* Learning of Global Objective for Network Flow in Multi-Object Tracking
* Learning to Film From Professional Human Motion Videos
* Local and Global Feature Utilization for Breast Image Classification by Convolutional Neural Network
* Max-Margin Action Prediction Machine
* Max-Margin Heterogeneous Information Machine for RGB-D Action Recognition
* Modeling Supporting Regions for Close Human Interaction Recognition
* MomentsNet: A simple learning-free method for binary image recognition
* Multi-Stage Convolutional Broad Learning with Block Diagonal Constraint for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Renal Tumor Segmentation and Classification Using Multi-Phasic CT Images, A
* novel angle-restricted test zone search algorithm for performance improvement of HEVC, A
* OpenTAL: Towards Open Set Temporal Action Localization
* Optimal storage and loading zones within surface parking facilities for privately owned automated vehicles
* Orthogonality Deficiency of Massive MIMO Channels: Distribution and Relationship With Performance
* Prediction of Changeable Eddy Structures around Luzon Strait Using an Artificial Neural Network Model
* Privacy Attributes-aware Message Passing Neural Network for Visual Privacy Attributes Classification
* Recognising human interaction from videos by a discriminative model
* Residual Dense Network for Image Restoration
* Residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Residue Number System Hardware Design of Fast-Search Variable-Motion-Estimation Accelerator for HEVC/H.265, A
* RIT-18: A Novel Dataset for Compositional Group Activity Understanding
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Modality Action Recognition by Latent Tensor Transfer Learning
* SimLocator: robust locator of similar objects in images
* spatial domain scar removal strategy for fingerprint image enhancement, A
* Spectral-Spatial Joint Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Broad Learning System
* swarm intelligence based searching strategy for articulated 3D human body tracking, A
* Uncertainty-aware State Space Transformer for Egocentric 3D Hand Trajectory Forecasting
* Unsupervised Three-Dimensional Image Registration Using a Cycle Convolutional Neural Network
* Visual Object Tracking Via Multi-Stream Deep Similarity Learning Networks
* Vital Sign Extraction in the Presence of Radar Mutual Interference
Includes: Kong, Y.[Yu] Kong, Y.[Yan] Kong, Y.[Yunbo] Kong, Y.[Yubo] Kong, Y. Kong, Y.[Yi] Kong, Y.[You] Kong, Y.[Yuan] Kong, Y.[Yinan]
69 for Kong, Y.

Kong, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Co Author Listing * Improving the Spatial Accessibility of Community-Level Healthcare Service toward the 15-Minute City Goal in China
* Spatial and Temporal Variations in Spring Dust Concentrations from 2000 to 2020 in China: Simulations with WRF-Chem
Includes: Kong, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Kong, Y.F.[Yun-Feng]

Kong, Y.G.[Ya Guang] Co Author Listing * improved Hough transform voting scheme utilizing surround suppression, An
* Multi-Objective Emergency Rescue Facilities Location Model for Catastrophic Interlocking Chemical Accidents in Chemical Parks, A
* Robust multi-objective vehicle routing problem with time windows for hazardous materials transportation
Includes: Kong, Y.G.[Ya Guang] Kong, Y.G.[Ya-Guang]

Kong, Y.H.[Ya Hui] Co Author Listing * Daily Flood Monitoring Based on Spaceborne GNSS-R Data: A Case Study on Henan, China
* Real-time facial expression recognition based on iterative transfer learning and efficient attention network
Includes: Kong, Y.H.[Ya Hui] Kong, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Kong, Y.H.[Ying-Hui]

Kong, Y.J.[Ya Jing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Curriculum Learning
* Balancing Stability and Plasticity Through Advanced Null Space in Continual Learning
* Continual Learning with Lifelong Vision Transformer
* Online Continual Learning with Contrastive Vision Transformer
* Trust-Region Adaptive Frequency for Online Continual Learning
Includes: Kong, Y.J.[Ya Jing] Kong, Y.J.[Ya-Jing]

Kong, Y.K. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity-Free Doppler Centroid Estimation Technique for Airborne SAR Using the Radon Transform

Kong, Y.L.[Yun Long] Co Author Listing * Continuous Change Detection and Classification Using Hidden Markov Model: A Case Study for Monitoring Urban Encroachment onto Farmland in Beijing
* Crustal Electrical Structure of the Ganzi Fault on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for the Role of Fluids in Earthquakes
* Learning to Adapt Adversarial Perturbation Consistency for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Online Disturbance Detection in Satellite Image Time Series
* Satellite Image Time Series Decomposition Based on EEMD
Includes: Kong, Y.L.[Yun Long] Kong, Y.L.[Yun-Long] Kong, Y.L.[Yan-Long]

Kong, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Co Author Listing * Efficient hardware implementation strategy for local normalization of fingerprint images
Includes: Kong, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Kong, Y.N.[Yi-Nan]

Kong, Y.O.[Yuk On] Co Author Listing * Learning from Real Images to Model Lighting Variations for Face Images

Kong, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Co Author Listing * Research on Intelligent Transportation Vehicle Detection and Tracking Algorithms Based on Video
Includes: Kong, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Kong, Y.P.[Yong-Ping]

Kong, Y.Q.[Yu Qiu] Co Author Listing * Class correlation correction for unbiased scene graph generation
* Double cross-modality progressively guided network for RGB-D salient object detection
* Exemplar-Aided Salient Object Detection via Joint Latent Space Embedding
* Fast Adversarial Training with Smooth Convergence
* Full-reference IPTV image quality assessment by deeply learning structural cues
* Learning spatiotemporal representations for human fall detection in surveillance video
* Pattern Mining Saliency
* Referring Image Segmentation Using Text Supervision
* Scale Adaptive Fusion Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Self-Sufficient Feature Enhancing Networks for Video Salient Object Detection
* Spatial context-aware network for salient object detection
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Representation Learning for Video Action Recognition
* TCGM: An Information-theoretic Framework for Semi-supervised Multi-modality Learning
Includes: Kong, Y.Q.[Yu Qiu] Kong, Y.Q.[Yu-Qiu] Kong, Y.Q.[Yan-Qiang] Kong, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang] Kong, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]
13 for Kong, Y.Q.

Kong, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Co Author Listing * Effective Local-Global Transformer for Natural Image Matting
Includes: Kong, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Kong, Y.T.[Ya-Ting]

Kong, Y.W.[Ya Wen] Co Author Listing * Effects of the Temporal Aggregation and Meteorological Conditions on the Parameter Robustness of OCO-2 SIF-Based and LUE-Based GPP Models for Croplands
Includes: Kong, Y.W.[Ya Wen] Kong, Y.W.[Ya-Wen]

Kong, Y.X.[Ying Xiao] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Deep Learning for Aircraft Hard Landing Safety Assessment
* Exploiting multigranular salient features with hierarchical multi-mode attention network for pedestrian re-IDentification
* Look Closer to Supervise Better: One-Shot Font Generation via Component-Based Discriminator
Includes: Kong, Y.X.[Ying Xiao] Kong, Y.X.[Ying-Xiao] Kong, Y.X.[Yi-Xue] Kong, Y.X.[Yu-Xin]

Kong, Y.Y.[You Yong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Kidney and Renal Tumor in CT Images Based on 3D Fully Convolutional Neural Network with Pyramid Pooling Module
* Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing with Enhanced 2DTV Regularization Term
* Brain Tissue Segmentation based on Graph Convolutional Networks
* Deep and Structured Robust Information Theoretic Learning for Image Analysis
* Deep Complementary Joint Model for Complex Scene Registration and Few-shot Segmentation on Medical Images
* Discriminant Kernel Assignment for Image Coding
* DMSC-GAN: A c-GAN-Based Framework for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of SAR Images
* Examinee-Examiner Network: Weakly Supervised Accurate Coronary Lumen Segmentation Using Centerline Constraint
* Extraction of Peak Feature Based on Synthetic Sinc Model in SAR images
* Feature-Level Fusion of Polarized SAR and Optical Images Based on Random Forest and Conditional Random Fields
* Few-Shot High-Resolution Range Profile Ship Target Recognition Based on Task-Specific Meta-Learning with Mixed Training and Meta Embedding
* Fusion Method of Optical Image and SAR Image Based on Dense-UGAN and Gram-Schmidt Transformation, A
* GCN2CAPS: Graph Convolutional Network to Capsule Network For Wide-Field Robust Graph Learning
* Improved SAR Image Semantic Segmentation Deeplabv3+ Network Based on the Feature Post-Processing Module, An
* Iterative Seeded Region Growing for Brain Tissue Segmentation
* Multi-Connectivity Representation Learning Network for Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis
* Multi-scale self-attention mixup for graph classification
* Multi-Stage Graph Fusion Networks for Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis
* Novel Deeplabv3+ Network for SAR Imagery Semantic Segmentation Based on the Potential Energy Loss Function of Gibbs Distribution, A
* Semantic Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Image Based on Dual-Channel Multi-Size Fully Connected Convolutional Conditional Random Field
* Semi-Supervised Medical Image Semantic Segmentation with Multi-scale Graph Cut Loss
Includes: Kong, Y.Y.[You Yong] Kong, Y.Y.[You-Yong] Kong, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Kong, Y.Y.
21 for Kong, Y.Y.

Kong, Y.Z.[Yan Zi] Co Author Listing * RSSGG_CS: Remote Sensing Image Scene Graph Generation by Fusing Contextual Information and Statistical Knowledge
Includes: Kong, Y.Z.[Yan Zi] Kong, Y.Z.[Yan-Zi]

Kong, Z. Co Author Listing * Color Image and Multispectral Image Denoising Using Block Diagonal Representation
* Disguised Heterogeneous Face Generation With Iterative-Adversarial Style Unification
* Landslide Dynamic Susceptibility Mapping Base on Machine Learning and the PS-InSAR Coupling Model
* Modeling and Evaluation of the Systematic Errors for the Polarization-Sensitive Imaging LIDAR Technique
* Multi-Object Tracking Using Online Metric Learning with Long Short-Term Memory
* New 4-D Nonlocal Transform-Domain Filter for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images Denoising, A
* PhysGAN: Generating Physical-World-Resilient Adversarial Examples for Autonomous Driving
* Ship Target Recognition Based on Context-Enhanced Trajectory
* You Already Have It: A Generator-Free Low-Precision DNN Training Framework Using Stochastic Rounding
Includes: Kong, Z. Kong, Z.[Zimo] Kong, Z.[Zheng] Kong, Z.[Zhan] Kong, Z.[Zhenglun]
9 for Kong, Z.

Kong, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Fidelity Mask Face Presentation Attack Detection Challenge
Includes: Kong, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Kong, Z.J.[Zi-Jian]

Kong, Z.L.[Zheng Lun] Co Author Listing * NPAS: A Compiler-aware Framework of Unified Network Pruning and Architecture Search for Beyond Real-Time Mobile Acceleration
* SPViT: Enabling Faster Vision Transformers via Latency-Aware Soft Token Pruning
* You Need Multiple Exiting: Dynamic Early Exiting for Accelerating Unified Vision Language Model
Includes: Kong, Z.L.[Zheng Lun] Kong, Z.L.[Zheng-Lun]

Kong, Z.M.[Zhao Ming] Co Author Listing * Robust unsupervised feature selection via data relationship learning
Includes: Kong, Z.M.[Zhao Ming] Kong, Z.M.[Zhao-Ming]

Kong, Z.S.[Zi Shang] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Kong, Z.S.[Zi Shang] Kong, Z.S.[Zi-Shang]

Kong, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * Self-Scalable Tanh (Stan): Multi-Scale Solutions for Physics-Informed Neural Networks
* WOOD: Wasserstein-Based Out-of-Distribution Detection
Includes: Kong, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Kong, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu]

Kongar, E.[Elif] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised face recognition in the wild using high-dimensional features under super-resolution and 3D alignment effect

Kongmebhol, P.[Pailin] Co Author Listing * adaptive feature extraction model for classification of thyroid lesions in ultrasound images, An

Kongoli, C.[Cezar] Co Author Listing * Ground-based Assessment of Snowfall Detection over Land Using Polarimetric High Frequency Microwave Measurements
* Mapping of Snow Depth by Blending Satellite and In-Situ Data Using Two-Dimensional Optimal Interpolation: Application to AMSR2

Kongphunphin, C.[Chompoonut] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Association of Spatial Capital and Economic Diversity in the Tourist City of Surat Thani, Thailand

Kongprawechnon, W.[Waree] Co Author Listing * Block Matching Technique Using Unit Gradient Vectors, A

Kongprawechon, W. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Algorithms for an Auto Focus System for Slit Lamp Microscopy

Kongskov, R.D.[Rasmus Dalgas] Co Author Listing * Directional Total Generalized Variation Regularization for Impulse Noise Removal
* Noise robustness of a combined phase retrieval and reconstruction method for phase-contrast tomography

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