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Zhua, X.X.[Xiao Xiang] Co Author Listing * Nonlocal Graph Convolutional Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Zhuan, X. Co Author Listing * Braking-Penalized Receding Horizon Control of Heavy-Haul Trains
* Development of an Optimal Operation Approach in the MPC Framework for Heavy-Haul Trains

Zhuang, B. Co Author Listing * 5D Video Stabilization through Sensor Vision Fusion
* AQD: Towards Accurate Quantized Object Detection
* Attend in Groups: A Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning Framework for Learning from Web Data
* Automated Progressive Learning for Efficient Training of Vision Transformers
* Baseline Desensitizing in Translation Averaging
* BiViT: Extremely Compressed Binary Vision Transformers
* Discrimination-Aware Network Pruning for Deep Model Compression
* Dynamic Focus-aware Positional Queries for Semantic Segmentation
* Effective Training of Convolutional Neural Networks With Low-Bitwidth Weights and Activations
* Efficient Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Transformer for Action Detection, An
* End-to-End One-Shot Human Parsing
* Fast Training of Triplet-Based Deep Binary Embedding Networks
* FATNN: Fast and Accurate Ternary Neural Networks*
* Generative Data Free Model Quantization With Knowledge Matching for Classification
* Generative Low-Bitwidth Data Free Quantization
* Learning-Based Joint Super-Resolution and Deblocking for a Highly Compressed Image
* Multi-Object Tracking Hierarchically in Visual Data Taken From Drones
* novel distributed compressive video sensing based on hybrid sparse basis, A
* Parallel Attention: A Unified Framework for Visual Object Discovery Through Dialogs and Queries
* Pedestrian Attribute Recognition Based on Mtcnn with Online Batch Weighted Loss
* Pruning Self-Attentions Into Convolutional Layers in Single Path
* Radar Camera Fusion via Representation Learning in Autonomous Driving
* RB-Net: Training Highly Accurate and Efficient Binary Neural Networks With Reshaped Point-Wise Convolution and Balanced Activation
* Rolling-Shutter-Aware Differential SfM and Image Rectification
* Scalable Vision Transformers with Hierarchical Pooling
* Sequential Person Recognition in Photo Albums with a Recurrent Network
* Single-Path Bit Sharing for Automatic Loss-Aware Model Compression
* Stitchable Neural Networks
* Structured Binary Neural Networks for Accurate Image Classification and Semantic Segmentation
* Structured Binary Neural Networks for Image Recognition
* Towards Context-Aware Interaction Recognition for Visual Relationship Detection
* Towards Effective Low-Bitwidth Convolutional Neural Networks
* Training Quantized Neural Networks With a Full-Precision Auxiliary Module
* Understanding Road Layout From Videos as a Whole
* Visual Tracking via Discriminative Sparse Similarity Map
Includes: Zhuang, B. Zhuang, B.[Bohan] Zhuang, B.[Bojin] Zhuang, B.[Binnan]
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Zhuang, B.B.[Bing Bing] Co Author Listing * Fusing the Old with the New: Learning Relative Camera Pose with Geometry-Guided Uncertainty
* Image Stitching and Rectification for Hand-held Cameras
* LDP-Feat: Image Features with Local Differential Privacy
* Learning Cross-Modal Contrastive Features for Video Domain Adaptation
* Learning Structure-And-Motion-Aware Rolling Shutter Correction
* MM-TTA: Multi-Modal Test-Time Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* NeurOCS: Neural NOCS Supervision for Monocular 3D Object Localization
* Pseudo RGB-D for Self-improving Monocular SLAM and Depth Prediction
* Weakly But Deeply Supervised Occlusion-Reasoned Parametric Road Layouts
Includes: Zhuang, B.B.[Bing Bing] Zhuang, B.B.[Bing-Bing]
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Zhuang, B.J.[Bo Jin] Co Author Listing * Depth extraction from a single image by sampling based on distance metric learning
* Depth inference with convolutional neural network
* Discriminative multi-modality non-negative sparse graph model for action recognition
* Recovering depth of background and foreground from a monocular video with camera motion
Includes: Zhuang, B.J.[Bo Jin] Zhuang, B.J.[Bo-Jin]

Zhuang, B.L.[Bing Liang] Co Author Listing * Absorbing Aerosol Optical Properties and Radiative Effects on Near-Surface Photochemistry in East Asia
* Climatic-Environmental Effects of Aerosols and Their Sensitivity to Aerosol Mixing States in East Asia in Winter
* Lidar- and UAV-Based Vertical Observation of Spring Ozone and Particulate Matter in Nanjing, China
Includes: Zhuang, B.L.[Bing Liang] Zhuang, B.L.[Bing-Liang]

Zhuang, B.Y.[Bo Yu] Co Author Listing * Seq-SG2SL: Inferring Semantic Layout From Scene Graph Through Sequence to Sequence Learning
Includes: Zhuang, B.Y.[Bo Yu] Zhuang, B.Y.[Bo-Yu]

Zhuang, C. Co Author Listing * Amplitude Varying Rate Statistical Approach for Texture Classification, The
* automatic measurement method for ankle key angles based on point cloud segmentation network, An
* Multi-Correlation Peak Phase Deblurring Algorithm for BeiDou B1C Signals in Urban Environments, A
* Multi-criteria Selection of Rehearsal Samples for Continual Learning
* Scale-Based Hierarchical Description and Matching of Waveforms
* Sequential data feature selection for human motion recognition via Markov blanket
* Task-Oriented Knowledge Base for Geospatial Problem-Solving, A
* TPH-YOLOv5-Air: Airport Confusing Object Detection via Adaptively Spatial Feature Fusion
* Unsupervised Learning From Video With Deep Neural Embeddings
Includes: Zhuang, C. Zhuang, C.[Chao] Zhuang, C.[Chen] Zhuang, C.[Can]
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Zhuang, C.B.[Chu Bing] Co Author Listing * Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
Includes: Zhuang, C.B.[Chu Bing] Zhuang, C.B.[Chu-Bing]

Zhuang, C.F.[Chen Fan] Co Author Listing * CurriculumNet: Weakly Supervised Learning from Large-Scale Web Images
Includes: Zhuang, C.F.[Chen Fan] Zhuang, C.F.[Chen-Fan]

Zhuang, C.Q.[Chuan Qing] Co Author Listing * Single-Image Specular Highlight Removal via Real-World Dataset Construction
* SPDET: Edge-Aware Self-Supervised Panoramic Depth Estimation Transformer With Spherical Geometry
Includes: Zhuang, C.Q.[Chuan Qing] Zhuang, C.Q.[Chuan-Qing]

Zhuang, C.X.[Cheng Xu] Co Author Listing * Local Aggregation for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Embeddings
Includes: Zhuang, C.X.[Cheng Xu] Zhuang, C.X.[Cheng-Xu]

Zhuang, C.Y.[Cheng Yuan] Co Author Listing * Attention Pyramid Module for Scene Recognition
* BMFNet: Bifurcated Multi-Modal Fusion Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Precise Measurement of Stem Diameter by Simulating the Path of Diameter Tape from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* User Transition Pattern Analysis for Travel Route Recommendation
Includes: Zhuang, C.Y.[Cheng Yuan] Zhuang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yuan] Zhuang, C.Y.[Chen-Yu] Zhuang, C.Y.[Chong-Yang] Zhuang, C.Y.[Chen-Yi]

Zhuang, D.[Di] Co Author Listing * Interferogram Re-Flattening Method for InSAR Based on Local Residual Fringe Removal and Adaptively Adjusted Windows, An
* Targeting Mineral Resources with Remote Sensing and Field Data in the Xiemisitai Area, West Junggar, Xinjiang, China
Includes: Zhuang, D.[Di] Zhuang, D.[Dafang]

Zhuang, D.F.[Da Fang] Co Author Listing * B-FGC-Net: A Building Extraction Network from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Cross-level reinforced attention network for person re-identification
* Participants-based Synchronous Optimization Network for skeleton-based action recognition
* Response of Vegetation Phenology to the Interaction of Temperature and Precipitation Changes in Qilian Mountains
Includes: Zhuang, D.F.[Da Fang] Zhuang, D.F.[Da-Fang] Zhuang, D.F.[Dan-Feng]

Zhuang, D.Y.[Dong Ye] Co Author Listing * Hamming embedding with fragile bits for image search
* Low-Rank Hankel Tensor Completion for Traffic Speed Estimation
* Real-time tracking algorithm based on improved Mean Shift and Kalman filter
* Universal Framework of Spatiotemporal Bias Block for Long-Term Traffic Forecasting, A
Includes: Zhuang, D.Y.[Dong Ye] Zhuang, D.Y.[Dong-Ye] Zhuang, D.Y.[Ding-Yi] Zhuang, D.Y.[Da-Yuan]

Zhuang, F.[Furen] Co Author Listing * Deep Semi-Supervised Metric Learning with Mixed Label Propagation
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
Includes: Zhuang, F.[Furen] Zhuang, F.[Feng]

Zhuang, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning, A
* Grid-based DBSCAN: Indexing and inference
* Multi-scale conditional reconstruction generative adversarial network
* Online Knowledge Distillation via Mutual Contrastive Learning for Visual Recognition
* Taking a Closer Look at Factor Disentanglement: Dual-Path Variational Autoencoder Learning for Domain Generalization
Includes: Zhuang, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Zhuang, F.Z.[Fu-Zhen]

Zhuang, G.H.[Geng Hang] Co Author Listing * Toward Intelligent Sensing: Optimizing Lidar Beam Distribution for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Zhuang, G.H.[Geng Hang] Zhuang, G.H.[Geng-Hang]

Zhuang, H. Co Author Listing * 64X64 CMOS Image Sensor With On-Chip Moving Object Detection and Localization, A
* Camera Calibration with a Near-Parallel (Ill-Conditioned) Calibration Board Configuration
* Corner Detection by a Cost Minimization Approach
* Cross-Complementary Local Binary Pattern for Robust Texture Classification
* Motion Estimation From A Sequence Of Stereo Images: A Direct Method
* Multi-scale single image dehazing based on the fusion of global and local features
* New Identification Jacobian for Robotic Hand-Eye Calibration, A
* Noise-Tolerant Algorithm for Robotic Hand-Eye Calibration with or without Sensor Orientation Measurement, A
* On Improving Eye Feature Extraction Using Deformable Templates
* Spatial-Temporal Adaptive Neighborhood-Based Ratio Approach for Change Detection in SAR Images, A
Includes: Zhuang, H. Zhuang, H.[Huaiyu] Zhuang, H.[Huifu]
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Zhuang, H.B.[Hong Bo] Co Author Listing * Instrumentation for Sub-Ampere Lightning Current Measurement on a Tall Meteorological Tower in Complex Electromagnetic Environment
Includes: Zhuang, H.B.[Hong Bo] Zhuang, H.B.[Hong-Bo]

Zhuang, H.F.[Hui Fu] Co Author Listing * Combining Spectral and Texture Features of UAS-Based Multispectral Images for Maize Leaf Area Index Estimation
* Investigation of a Multidimensional CNN Combined with an Attention Mechanism Model to Resolve Small-Sample Problems in Hyperspectral Image Classification, An
* Prediction of Field-Scale Wheat Yield Using Machine Learning Method and Multi-Spectral UAV Data
Includes: Zhuang, H.F.[Hui Fu] Zhuang, H.F.[Hui-Fu]

Zhuang, H.L.[Hao Lin] Co Author Listing * QPGesture: Quantization-Based and Phase-Guided Motion Matching for Natural Speech-Driven Gesture Generation
Includes: Zhuang, H.L.[Hao Lin] Zhuang, H.L.[Hao-Lin]

Zhuang, H.M.[Hao Ming] Co Author Listing * Mapping Multi-Temporal Population Distribution in China from 1985 to 2010 Using Landsat Images via Deep Learning
* Pilot Study of Query-Free Adversarial Attack against Stable Diffusion, A
* Reconstruction of Vegetation Index Time Series Based on Self-Weighting Function Fitting from Curve Features
Includes: Zhuang, H.M.[Hao Ming] Zhuang, H.M.[Hao-Ming] Zhuang, H.M.[Hao-Min] Zhuang, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Zhuang, H.P.[Hui Ping] Co Author Listing * Acceptance of Online Mapping Technology among Older Adults: Technology Acceptance Model with Facilitating Condition, Compatibility, and Self-Satisfaction
* Few-Shot Contrastive Transfer Learning With Pretrained Model for Masked Face Verification
* GKEAL: Gaussian Kernel Embedded Analytic Learning for Few-Shot Class Incremental Task
* Online Multi-Face Tracking With Multi-Modality Cascaded Matching
* three-stream fusion and self-differential attention network for multi-modal crowd counting, A
Includes: Zhuang, H.P.[Hui Ping] Zhuang, H.P.[Hui-Ping]

Zhuang, H.Q. Co Author Listing * Calibration of a Hand/Eye Matrix and a Connection Matrix Using Relative Pose Measurements
* Hand/Eye Calibration for Electronic Assembly Robots
* Note on Hand Eye Calibration, A
* Note on Using Only Position Equations for Robotic Hand/Eye Calibration, A
* Real-Time Eye Feature Tracking from a Video Image Sequence Using Kalman Filter
* Simultaneous Calibration of a Robot and a Hand-Mounted Camera
* Simultaneous Rotation and Translation Fitting of 2 3-D Point Sets
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Zhuang, H.Y.[Han Yang] Co Author Listing * AGBM: An Adaptive Gradient Balanced Mechanism for the End-to-End Steering Estimation
* Global Pose Initialization Based on Gridded Gaussian Distribution With Wasserstein Distance
* Interaction of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activity on the Spatiotemporal Changes of Surface Water Area in Horqin Sandy Land, China
* Pseudo-Anchors: Robust Semantic Features for Lidar Mapping in Highly Dynamic Scenarios
Includes: Zhuang, H.Y.[Han Yang] Zhuang, H.Y.[Han-Yang] Zhuang, H.Y.[Hai-Yan]

Zhuang, J. Co Author Listing * Correlation Filters with Weighted Convolution Responses
* Decision explanation and feature importance for invertible networks
* Domain-Agnostic Learning With Anatomy-Consistent Embedding for Cross-Modality Liver Segmentation
* Frequency and content dual stream network for image dehazing
* Image Object Recognition by SVMs and Evidence Theory
* Less Is More: Surgical Phase Recognition From Timestamp Supervision
* Machine Vision Guided 3D Medical Image Compression for Efficient Transmission and Accurate Segmentation in the Clouds
* Matrix permutation meets block compressed sensing
* novel block compressed sensing based on matrix permutation, A
* Novel soft subspace clustering with multi-objective evolutionary approach for high-dimensional data
* Robust Adaptive Array Beamforming With Subspace Steering Vector Uncertainties
* Semi-Supervised Video Semantic Segmentation with Inter-Frame Feature Reconstruction
* ShelfNet for Fast Semantic Segmentation
* Towards Fast and Accurate Image-Text Retrieval With Self-Supervised Fine-Grained Alignment
* Transform coding using adaptive bases and quantization
* Transformer-Based Feature Segmentation and Region Alignment Method for UAV-View Geo-Localization, A
* Validating and Developing Hyperspectral Indices for Tracing Leaf Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters under Varying Light Conditions
Includes: Zhuang, J. Zhuang, J.[Jiafan] Zhuang, J.[Jun] Zhuang, J.[Jian] Zhuang, J.[Jie] Zhuang, J.[Jiamin] Zhuang, J.[Jiedong]
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Zhuang, J.B.[Jun Bin] Co Author Listing * HIFI-Net: A Novel Network for Enhancement to Underwater Optical Images
Includes: Zhuang, J.B.[Jun Bin] Zhuang, J.B.[Jun-Bin]

Zhuang, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Three Long-Term Remotely Sensed Precipitation Estimates for Meteorological Drought Monitoring over China
Includes: Zhuang, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Zhuang, J.C.[Jia-Cheng]

Zhuang, J.D.[Jie Dong] Co Author Listing * Faster and More Effective Cross-View Matching Method of UAV and Satellite Images for UAV Geolocalization, A
* Vision-Based UAV Self-Positioning in Low-Altitude Urban Environments
Includes: Zhuang, J.D.[Jie Dong] Zhuang, J.D.[Jie-Dong]

Zhuang, J.F.[Jin Feng] Co Author Listing * Non-parametric kernel ranking approach for social image retrieval
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Effective Instance Discrimination Contrastive Loss for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Towards Human-Level License Plate Recognition
* Video Semantic Segmentation With Distortion-Aware Feature Correction
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Zhuang, J.F.[Jin Feng] Zhuang, J.F.[Jin-Feng] Zhuang, J.F.[Jun-Fei] Zhuang, J.F.[Jia-Fan]
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Zhuang, J.H.[Jun Hao] Co Author Listing * Reconciling Hand-Crafted and Self-Supervised Deep Priors for Video Directional Rain Streaks Removal
Includes: Zhuang, J.H.[Jun Hao] Zhuang, J.H.[Jun-Hao]

Zhuang, J.K.[Jian Kai] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Network Model For Video Frame Interpolation Using Spatial Pyramids, A
* Multi-Level Network for High-Speed Multi-Person Pose Estimation
Includes: Zhuang, J.K.[Jian Kai] Zhuang, J.K.[Jian-Kai]

Zhuang, J.P.[Jia Ping] Co Author Listing * Underwater Acoustic Channel Blind Identification Based on Matrix Outer-Product Decomposition Algorithm
Includes: Zhuang, J.P.[Jia Ping] Zhuang, J.P.[Jia-Ping]

Zhuang, J.Q.[Jian Qi] Co Author Listing * Efficient User-Friendly Integration Tool for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Support Vector Machines: SVM-LSM Toolbox, An
* Scenario-Based Risk Assessment of Earthquake Disaster Using Slope Displacement, PGA, and Population Density in the Guyuan Region, China
Includes: Zhuang, J.Q.[Jian Qi] Zhuang, J.Q.[Jian-Qi]

Zhuang, J.X.[Jia Xin] Co Author Listing * DisCo: Remedying Self-supervised Learning on Lightweight Models with Distilled Contrastive Learning
Includes: Zhuang, J.X.[Jia Xin] Zhuang, J.X.[Jia-Xin]

Zhuang, J.Y.[Jia Yue] Co Author Listing * 3-D Gaussian-Gabor Feature Extraction and Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Blending-Target Domain Adaptation by Adversarial Meta-Adaptation Networks
* Deep CockTail Networks
* Ensemble Learning Based Brain-Computer Interface System for Ground Vehicle Control
* Flexible Gabor-Based Superpixel-Level Unsupervised LDA for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Superpixel-Based Feature Extraction and Fusion Method for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Classification
Includes: Zhuang, J.Y.[Jia Yue] Zhuang, J.Y.[Jia-Yue] Zhuang, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Zhuang, J.Y.[Jia-Yu]

Zhuang, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * DTransGAN: Deblurring Transformer Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Multi-Domain Adaptation for Motion Deblurring

Zhuang, K.X.[Kai Xiang] Co Author Listing * Neural Predictive Model of Negative Emotions for COVID-19, A
Includes: Zhuang, K.X.[Kai Xiang] Zhuang, K.X.[Kai-Xiang]

Zhuang, L.[Lina] Co Author Listing * AFRE-Net: Adaptive Feature Representation Enhancement for Arbitrary Oriented Object Detection
* Automatic Rail Surface Multi-Flaw Identification Based on a Deep Learning Powered Framework, The
* Flexible Network Binarization with Layer-Wise Priority
* Global Spatial and Local Spectral Similarity-Based Manifold Learning Group Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Deep Plug-and-Play Denoising CNN Regularization
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising and Anomaly Detection Based on Low-Rank and Sparse Representations
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Global and Non-Local Low-Rank Factorizations
* Hyperspectral Image Mixed Noise Removal Using Subspace Representation and Deep CNN Image Prior
* Hyperspectral Nonlinear Unmixing by Using Plug-and-Play Prior for Abundance Maps
* MAM: Transfer Learning for Fully Automatic Video Annotation and Specialized Detector Creation
* New Low-Rank Representation Based Hyperspectral Image Denoising Method for Mineral Mapping, A
* New Strategy for Forest Height Estimation Using Airborne X-Band PolInSAR Data, A
* Novel Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Wide-Swath Space-Borne SAR Based on a Spatial-Variant Equivalent Squint Range Model, A
* Novel Ultra-High Resolution Imaging Algorithm Based on the Accurate High-Order 2-D Spectrum for Space-Borne SAR, A
* Part-based multi-graph ranking for visual tracking
* Plug-and-Play Priors for Multi-Shot Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Primary Study on the Recording Method of Interior Decoration in Qing Dynasty: A Case Study of Interior Decoration of Jingfu Palace, A
* PSO-EM: A Hyperspectral Unmixing Algorithm Based On Normal Compositional Model
* Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation in Data and Image Bi-Domains for an Aperture Synthesis Radiometer
* Region-Based Feature Fusion Network for VHR Image Change Detection, A
* Regularization Parameter Selection in Minimum Volume Hyperspectral Unmixing
* RUIESR: Realistic Underwater Image Enhancement and Super Resolution
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Motion Recovery in 3D Cardiac Image Analysis
* Smooth Incremental Learning of Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
* Spatial Sampling and Grouping Information Entropy Strategy Based on Kernel Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Method for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Spatial-spectral-temporal connective tensor network decomposition for thick cloud removal
* Tensor Subspace Representation-Based Method for Hyperspectral Image Denoising, A
* UCSNet: Priors Guided Adaptive Compressive Sensing Framework for Underwater Images
* Unsupervised Infrared Small-Object-Detection Approach of Spatial-Temporal Patch Tensor and Object Selection
Includes: Zhuang, L.[Lina] Zhuang, L.[Li] Zhuang, L. Zhuang, L.[Lin] Zhuang, L.[Long] Zhuang, L.[Lei] Zhuang, L.[Lehui] Zhuang, L.[Lihao] Zhuang, L.[Ling]
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Zhuang, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of safety helmet wearing based on head region location
Includes: Zhuang, L.H.[Li Hua] Zhuang, L.H.[Li-Hua]

Zhuang, L.J. Co Author Listing * On-line map-matching framework for floating car data with low sampling rate in urban road networks

Zhuang, L.S.[Lian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Constructing a Nonnegative Low-Rank and Sparse Graph With Data-Adaptive Features
* Continuous Sign Language Recognition via Reinforcement Learning
* Dual Structural Knowledge Interaction for Domain Adaptation
* Dynamic Background Subtraction Using Spatial-Color Binary Patterns
* Havit: Hybrid-attention Based Vision Transformer for Video Classification
* Label Information Guided Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised Learning
* LayoutDM: Transformer-based Diffusion Model for Layout Generation
* Learning Common and Specific Visual Prompts for Domain Generalization
* Margin-Based Adversarial Joint Alignment Domain Adaptation
* MEViT: Motion Enhanced Video Transformer for Video Classification
* Neither Global Nor Local: Regularized Patch-Based Representation for Single Sample Per Person Face Recognition
* New Graph Constructor for Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis via Group Sparsity, A
* Non-Negative Low Rank and Sparse Graph for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Robust Framework for One-Shot Key Information Extraction via Deep Partial Graph Matching, A
* Seek Common Ground While Reserving Differences: A Model-Agnostic Module for Noisy Domain Adaptation
* Semi-supervised Classification via Low Rank Graph
* Single-Sample Face Recognition with Image Corruption and Misalignment via Sparse Illumination Transfer
* Sparse Illumination Learning and Transfer for Single-Sample Face Recognition with Image Corruption and Misalignment
* SVD based linear filtering in DCT domain
* Unsupervised Feature Learning for RGB-D Image Classification
* Video Demo: An Egocentric Vision Based Assistive Co-robot
Includes: Zhuang, L.S.[Lian Sheng] Zhuang, L.S.[Lian-Sheng] Zhuang, L.S.[Li-Shuo]
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Zhuang, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * Assessment of China's Offshore Wind Resources Based on the Integration of Multiple Satellite Data and Meteorological Data
Includes: Zhuang, L.W.[Li Wei] Zhuang, L.W.[Li-Wei]

Zhuang, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Modeling of Intrinsic Attenuation Anisotropy for Fluid-Saturated Porous Media
* Complete-Q Model for Poro-Viscoelastic Media in Subsurface Sensing: Large-Scale Simulation With an Adaptive DG Algorithm
* Efficient Ordinary Differential Equation-Based Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Viscoelastic Wave Modeling
* emotion index estimation based on facial action unit prediction, An
* Hybrid 3-D Electromagnetic Method for Induction Detection of Hydraulic Fractures Through a Tilted Cased Borehole in Planar Stratified Media, A
* Incorporating Full Attenuation Mechanisms of Poroelastic Media for Realistic Subsurface Sensing
Includes: Zhuang, M. Zhuang, M.[Meiqi]

Zhuang, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Evolution of Urban Agglomeration and Its Impact on Landscape Patterns in the Pearl River Delta, China
* Urban Treetop Detection and Tree-Height Estimation from Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicle Images
Includes: Zhuang, M.H.[Ming Hao] Zhuang, M.H.[Ming-Hao]

Zhuang, M.W.[Ming Wei] Co Author Listing * Compact Upwind Flux With More Physical Insight for Wave Propagation in 3-D Poroelastic Media, A
Includes: Zhuang, M.W.[Ming Wei] Zhuang, M.W.[Ming-Wei]

Zhuang, N. Co Author Listing * DLSTM approach to video modeling with hashing for large-scale video retrieval
* Egocentric Activity Prediction via Event Modulated Attention
* Fine-Grained Video Captioning via Graph-based Multi-Granularity Interaction Learning
* Hierarchical 2-D Mesh Representation, Tracking, and Compression for Object-Based Video
* MUGGLE: MUlti-Stream Group Gaze Learning and Estimation
* Multi-label learning based deep transfer neural network for facial attribute classification
* Multi-task Learning of Cascaded CNN for Facial Attribute Classification
* Optimal hierarchical design of 2D dynamic meshes for videos
Includes: Zhuang, N. Zhuang, N.[Ning] Zhuang, N.[Ni]
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Zhuang, N.F.[Nai Fan] Co Author Listing * Differential Recurrent Neural Networks for Action Recognition
* Group Activity Recognition with Differential Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning Compact Features for Human Activity Recognition Via Probabilistic First-Take-All
Includes: Zhuang, N.F.[Nai Fan] Zhuang, N.F.[Nai-Fan]

Zhuang, P. Co Author Listing * Blind Image Deblurring With Joint Extreme Channels And L0-Regularized Intensity And Gradient Priors
* Compressed Sensing MRI with Joint Image-Level and Patch-Level Priors
* Efficient Underwater Image Enhancement Model With Extensive Beer-Lambert Law, An

Zhuang, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Learning an Optimisable Semantic Segmentation Map with Image Conditioned Variational Autoencoder
Includes: Zhuang, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Zhuang, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Zhuang, P.Q.[Pei Qin] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition With Motion Diversification and Dynamic Selection
* Wildfish++: A Comprehensive Fish Benchmark for Multimedia Research
Includes: Zhuang, P.Q.[Pei Qin] Zhuang, P.Q.[Pei-Qin]

Zhuang, P.X.[Pei Xian] Co Author Listing * DewaterNet: A fusion adversarial real underwater image enhancement network
* Embedding Global Contrastive and Local Location in Self-Supervised Learning
* Image enhancement using divide-and-conquer strategy
* Non-Uniform Illumination Underwater Image Restoration via Illumination Channel Sparsity Prior
* novel framework method for non-blind deconvolution using subspace images priors, A
* Pan-sharpening via a gradient-based deep network prior
* Reinforcing Neuron Extraction from Calcium Imaging Data via Depth-Estimation Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Retinex Underwater Image Enhancement With Multiorder Gradient Priors
* retinex-based enhancing approach for single underwater image, A
* Underwater Image Enhancement via Minimal Color Loss and Locally Adaptive Contrast Enhancement
* Underwater Image Enhancement via Piecewise Color Correction and Dual Prior Optimized Contrast Enhancement
* Underwater Image Enhancement via Weighted Wavelet Visual Perception Fusion
* Underwater Image Enhancement With Hyper-Laplacian Reflectance Priors
* Underwater Image Quality Improvement via Color, Detail, and Contrast Restoration
Includes: Zhuang, P.X.[Pei Xian] Zhuang, P.X.[Pei-Xian]
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Zhuang, P.Y.[Po Yu] Co Author Listing * Interpretable Foreground Object Search as Knowledge Distillation
Includes: Zhuang, P.Y.[Po Yu] Zhuang, P.Y.[Po-Yu]

Zhuang, Q.[Qiaodi] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction of dynamic MRI based on adaptive motion estimation
* Joint Online Transcoding and Delivery Approach for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming, A
* Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Are Effective and Robust in Mapping Regional Forest Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in a Northeast Forest Region in China
* Predicting Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Nitrogen Stocks in Topsoil of Forest Ecosystems in Northeastern China Using Remote Sensing Data
* Prediction Potential of Remote Sensing-Related Variables in the Topsoil Organic Carbon Density of Liaohekou Coastal Wetlands, Northeast China
* Technical Framework for Shallow-Water Bathymetry With High Reliability and No Missing Data Based on Time-Series Sentinel-2 Images
Includes: Zhuang, Q.[Qiaodi] Zhuang, Q. Zhuang, Q.[Qianlai]

Zhuang, Q.J.[Qian Jin] Co Author Listing * Negative Air Ion (NAI) Dynamics over Zhejiang Province, China, Based on Multivariate Remote Sensing Products
* RETRACTED: Robot Path Planning Method Based on Indoor Spacetime Grid Model
Includes: Zhuang, Q.J.[Qian Jin] Zhuang, Q.J.[Qian-Jin] Zhuang, Q.J.[Qing-Jun]

Zhuang, Q.L.[Qian Lai] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method of Estimating Downward Solar Radiation Based on the MODIS Observations for the Use of Land Surface Modeling, An
Includes: Zhuang, Q.L.[Qian Lai] Zhuang, Q.L.[Qian-Lai]

Zhuang, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Co Author Listing * Where Anthropogenic Activity Occurs, Anthropogenic Activity Dominates Vegetation Net Primary Productivity Change
Includes: Zhuang, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Zhuang, Q.W.[Qing-Wei]

Zhuang, R.[Ruodan] Co Author Listing * Current Practices in UAS-based Environmental Monitoring
* Geostatistical Approach to Map Near-Surface Soil Moisture Through Hyperspatial Resolution Thermal Inertia, A
* In Situ Observation-Constrained Global Surface Soil Moisture Using Random Forest Model
* Mapping Water Infiltration Rate Using Ground and UAV Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study of Alento, Italy
* Multi-Operator Minimum Variance Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms Accelerated With GPU
* Quantifying Long-Term Land Surface and Root Zone Soil Moisture over Tibetan Plateau
Includes: Zhuang, R.[Ruodan] Zhuang, R.

Zhuang, R.D.[Ruo Dan] Co Author Listing * Prior Estimation of the Spatial Distribution Parameter of Soil Moisture Storage Capacity Using Satellite-Based Root-Zone Soil Moisture Data, A
Includes: Zhuang, R.D.[Ruo Dan] Zhuang, R.D.[Ruo-Dan]

Zhuang, S.[Shuo] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Spatial-Temporal Identification of Urban Vacant Land and Informal Green Spaces Using Semantic Segmentation
* Scalable, error-resilient, and high-performance video communications in mobile wireless environments
* Sequential Texts Driven Cohesive Motions Synthesis with Natural Transitions
* Single Shot Framework with Multi-Scale Feature Fusion for Geospatial Object Detection, A
Includes: Zhuang, S.[Shuo] Zhuang, S.[Shelley] Zhuang, S.[Sisi]

Zhuang, S.B.[Sheng Bin] Co Author Listing * Global Structure and Adaptive Weight Aware ICP Algorithm for Image Registration, A
Includes: Zhuang, S.B.[Sheng Bin] Zhuang, S.B.[Sheng-Bin]

Zhuang, S.L.[Song Lin] Co Author Listing * Concentric Two-Portion Radial Polarized Beam with Phase Shift
* Resolution Enhancement in High Numerical Aperture Optical System
Includes: Zhuang, S.L.[Song Lin] Zhuang, S.L.[Song-Lin]

Zhuang, S.S.[Shin Shan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Intra Mode Selection using Image Structure Tensor for H.264/AVC
* Face detection directly from h.264 compressed video with convolutional neural network
* Fast H.264 Encoding Based on Statistical Learning
Includes: Zhuang, S.S.[Shin Shan] Zhuang, S.S.[Shin-Shan] Zhuang, S.S.

Zhuang, T. Co Author Listing * Realizations of fast 2-D/3-D image filtering and enhancement

Zhuang, T.G.[Tian Ge] Co Author Listing * Applying improved fast marching method to endocardial boundary detection in echocardiographic images
* hybrid boundary detection algorithm based on watershed and snake, A
* Localization of acupoints on a head based on a 3D virtual body
Includes: Zhuang, T.G.[Tian Ge] Zhuang, T.G.[Tian-Ge]

Zhuang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * YOLO-UOD: An underwater small object detector via improved efficient layer aggregation network
Includes: Zhuang, T.T.[Ting Ting] Zhuang, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Zhuang, T.X.[Ting Xuan] Co Author Listing * UAV- and Machine Learning-Based Retrieval of Wheat SPAD Values at the Overwintering Stage for Variety Screening
Includes: Zhuang, T.X.[Ting Xuan] Zhuang, T.X.[Ting-Xuan]

Zhuang, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * accurate and computationally efficient algorithm for ground peak identification in large footprint waveform LiDAR data, An
* Cloud-Assisted Collaborative Road Information Discovery With Gaussian Process: Application to Road Profile Estimation
* Compensating Delays and Noises in Motion Control of Autonomous Electric Vehicles by Using Deep Learning and Unscented Kalman Predictor
* LAFED: Towards robust ensemble models via Latent Feature Diversification
* Layer-Wise Invertibility for Extreme Memory Cost Reduction of CNN Training
* Mapping Irrigated and Rainfed Wheat Areas Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Data
* Qualitative Action Recognition by Wireless Radio Signals in Human-Machine Systems
* SDN/NFV-Empowered Future IoV With Enhanced Communication, Computing, and Caching
* Subsurface Temperature Reconstruction for the Global Ocean from 1993 to 2020 Using Satellite Observations and Deep Learning
* UIA-ViT: Unsupervised Inconsistency-Aware Method Based on Vision Transformer for Face Forgery Detection
Includes: Zhuang, W.[Wei] Zhuang, W.[Weichao] Zhuang, W. Zhuang, W.[Wenzi] Zhuang, W.[Wanyi]
10 for Zhuang, W.

Zhuang, W.C.[Wei Chao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Leading Cruise Control in Mixed Traffic Considering Human Behavioral Diversity
* CT2-MDS: Cooperative trust-aware tolerant misbehaviour detection system for connected and automated vehicles
* Overtaking-Enabled Eco-Approach Control at Signalized Intersections for Connected and Automated Vehicles
* Safety-Critical and Flexible Cooperative On-Ramp Merging Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic
Includes: Zhuang, W.C.[Wei Chao] Zhuang, W.C.[Wei-Chao]

Zhuang, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Design and Analysis of MEC- and Proactive Caching-Based 360 Mobile VR Video Streaming
* Dynamic Pricing for Differentiated PEV Charging Services Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Split-domain video transmission protocol for video streaming over hybrid wired-wireless connections
* Stochastic Analysis of a Single-Hop Communication Link in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Includes: Zhuang, W.H.[Wei Hua] Zhuang, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Zhuang, W.J.[Wei Jun] Co Author Listing * Multi-Label Action Anticipation for Real-World Videos With Scene Understanding
Includes: Zhuang, W.J.[Wei Jun] Zhuang, W.J.[Wei-Jun]

Zhuang, W.L.[Wen Lin] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Adaptive Structure Network for Human Pose Estimation from Color Images
* X-Mesh: Towards Fast and Accurate Text-driven 3D Stylization via Dynamic Textual Guidance
Includes: Zhuang, W.L.[Wen Lin] Zhuang, W.L.[Wen-Lin] Zhuang, W.L.[Wei-Lin]

Zhuang, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning from Decentralized Data
* MAS: Towards Resource-Efficient Federated Multiple-Task Learning
* TARGET: Federated Class-Continual Learning via Exemplar-Free Distillation
Includes: Zhuang, W.M.[Wei Ming] Zhuang, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Zhuang, X.[Xiahai] Co Author Listing * Aligning Multi-Sequence CMR Towards Fully Automated Myocardial Pathology Segmentation
* Application of Uni-Directional Microphone Array for Identifying English Pronunciation Errors
* Binary Morphology: Working in the Sampled Domain
* Causality-Driven Graph Convolutional Network for Postural Abnormality Diagnosis in Parkinsonians, A
* CF Distance: A New Domain Discrepancy Metric and Application to Explicit Domain Adaptation for Cross-Modality Cardiac Image Segmentation
* CycleMix: A Holistic Strategy for Medical Image Segmentation from Scribble Supervision
* Decomposition of Morphological Structuring Elements
* Differential Equation Approach to Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction, A
* Digital Affine Shear Filter Banks With 2-Layer Structure and Their Applications in Image Processing
* Evidential Multi-Source-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Feature attention fusion network for occluded person re-identification
* H.264/AVC rate control with enhanced ratequantisation model and bit allocation
* Highly Robust Estimator for Computer Vision, A
* Highly Robust Estimator through Partially Likelihood Function Modeling and Its Application in Computer Vision, A
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Promotion Using Clustering Inspired Active Learning
* Image Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology
* Interpretation of Optical Flow by Rotational Decoupling
* Maximum Entropy Image Reconstruction
* Modeling Pedestrian Crossing Paths at Unmarked Roadways
* Morphological structuring function decomposition
* Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor and Multi-Disease Cardiac Segmentation: The M &Ms Challenge
* Multi-Resolution Morphology
* Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
* neural net algorithm for maximum entropy image reconstruction, A
* New Framework of Swarm Learning Consolidating Knowledge From Multi-Center Non-IID Data for Medical Image Segmentation, A
* Nonrigid Registration Framework Using Spatially Encoded Mutual Information and Free-Form Deformations, A
* Optimal learning for Hopfield associative memory
* Pipeline Architectures for Morphologic Image Analysis
* Pose Estimation from Corresponding Point Data
* Real-time vehicle detection with foreground-based cascade classifier
* Recovering 3-D Motion Parameters from Image Sequences with Gross Errors
* Registration-Based Propagation Framework for Automatic Whole Heart Segmentation of Cardiac MRI, A
* Robust Stereo Analysis
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Very Low Bit-Rate Wavelet Video Coding
* Simple Procedure to Solve Motion and Structure from Three Orthographic Views, A
* Simplex-Like Algorithm for the Relaxation Labeling Process, A
* Spatial Information Encoded Mutual Information for Nonrigid Registration
* X-Metric: An N-Dimensional Information-Theoretic Framework for Groupwise Registration and Deep Combined Computing
Includes: Zhuang, X.[Xiahai] Zhuang, X.[Xin] Zhuang, X. Zhuang, X.[Xuyao] Zhuang, X.[Xusi]
38 for Zhuang, X.

Zhuang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * design and analysis of adjustment factor in Gerschgorin Criterion for Source Number Estimation, The
* Face age estimation using patch-based hidden Markov model supervectors
* HMM-Based Acoustic Event Detection with AdaBoost Feature Selection
* Multi-channel Shape-Flow Kernel Descriptors for Robust Video Event Detection and Retrieval
* Multichannel and Multimodality Person Identification
* Multimodal feature fusion for robust event detection in web videos
* Novel Gaussianized vector representation for improved natural scene categorization
* novel Gaussianized vector representation for natural scene categorization, A
* Scene image categorization and video event detection using Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
* Zero-Shot Event Detection Using Multi-modal Fusion of Weakly Supervised Concepts
Includes: Zhuang, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Zhuang, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Zhuang, X.D.[Xiao-Dan]
10 for Zhuang, X.D.

Zhuang, X.H.[Xin Hua] Co Author Listing * email: Zhuang, X.H.[Xin Hua]: zhuang AT ece missouri edu
* Adaptively Refined Block Matching Algorithm for Motion Compensated Video Coding, An
* Automatic Segmentation of Different Pathologies from Cardiac Cine MRI Using Registration and Multiple Component EM Estimation
* Automatic spatio-temporal video sequence segmentation
* Bayesian Image Super-Resolution With Deep Modeling of Image Statistics
* Binary Linear Decision Tree with Genetic Algorithm
* Comprehensive Cardiac Motion Estimation Framework Using Both Untagged and 3-D Tagged MR Images Based on Nonrigid Registration, A
* Developing Robust Techniques for Computer Vision
* Efficient Three-Dimensional Wavelet Codecs for Networked Video Communications
* Enhanced Significance-linked Connected Component Analysis for High Performance Error Resilient Wavelet Image Coding
* Finite random sets and morphology
* Framework Combining Multi-sequence MRI for Fully Automated Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Global And Regional Functions, A
* From Depth and Optical Flow to Rigid Body Motion
* Gaussian Mixture Density Modeling, Decomposition, and Applications
* Minimizing Estimated Risks on Unlabeled Data: A New Formulation for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
* Morphological Structuring Element Decomposition
* Motion-partitioned adaptive block matching for video compression
* Multivariate Mixture Model for Myocardial Segmentation Combining Multi-Source Images
* Network friendly media security: rationales, solutions, and open issues
* Note on Rigid Body Motion from Depth and Optical Flow,, A
* NTIRE 2021 Learning the Super-Resolution Space Challenge
* Operational distortion-quantization curve-based bit allocation for smooth video quality
* Optic Flow Field Segmentation and Motion Estimation Using a Robust Genetic Partitioning Algorithm
* Parameter Estimation and Restoration of Noisy Images Using Gibbs Distributions in Hidden Markov Models
* Piecewise-Linear Classifiers Using Binary-Tree Structure and Genetic Algorithm
* Rank-One Network: An Effective Framework for Image Restoration
* Rate-distortion model based rate control for real-time VBR video coding and low-delay communications
* Rigid Body Motion and the Optic Flow Image
* Robust 3-D 3-D Pose Estimation
* Robust and Adaptive Segmentation of Noisy Images Using Gibbs Random Field Models
* Robust Segmentation of Noisy Images Using a Neural Network Model
* Robust Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Low Complexity Progressive Image Transmission over Noisy Channels
* Scalable, error-resilient, and high-performance video communications in mobile wireless environments
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Low Bit Rate Image Coding
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Wavelet Image Coding
* Simplification to Linear Two-View Motion Algorithms, A
* Simplified Linear Optical Flow-Motion Algorithm, A
* Two Block-Based Motion Compensation Methods for Video Coding
* Two View Motion Analysis
* Two-View Motion Analysis: A Unified Algorithm
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation With Variational Approximation for Cardiac Segmentation
* use of Gibbs random fields for image segmentation, The
* VSpSR: Explorable Super-Resolution via Variational Sparse Representation
Includes: Zhuang, X.H.[Xin Hua] Zhuang, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Zhuang, X.H.[Xia-Hai] Zhuang, X.H.
43 for Zhuang, X.H.

Zhuang, X.L.[Xiang Ling] Co Author Listing * Pedestrian reported activity and information preference while waiting at a red light
Includes: Zhuang, X.L.[Xiang Ling] Zhuang, X.L.[Xiang-Ling]

Zhuang, X.R.[Xiao Ran] Co Author Listing * AF-SRNet: Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting Model Based on Attention Fusion Mechanism and Residual Spatiotemporal Feature Extraction
* Evaluation of the Simulation of Typhoon Lekima (2019) Based on Different Physical Parameterization Schemes and FY-3D Satellite's MWHS-2 Data Assimilation
* MS-RadarFormer: A Transformer-Based Multi-Scale Deep Learning Model for Radar Echo Extrapolation, The
Includes: Zhuang, X.R.[Xiao Ran] Zhuang, X.R.[Xiao-Ran]

Zhuang, X.S.[Xiao Sheng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Inpainting via Clustered Sparsity and Microlocal Analysis
* Digital Affine Shear Transforms: Fast Realization and Applications in Image/Video Processing
* Directional Compactly Supported Tensor Product Complex Tight Framelets with Applications to Image Denoising and Inpainting
* Dynamic spectral residual superpixels
* Exploring Structural Sparsity of Coil Images from 3-Dimensional Directional Tight Framelets for SENSE Reconstruction
* Face Recognition by Inverse Fisher Discriminant Features
* Improved discriminate analysis for high-dimensional data and its application to face recognition
* Inverse Fisher discriminate criteria for small sample size problem and its application to face recognition
* ShearLab: A Rational Design of a Digital Parabolic Scaling Algorithm
* Spherical Framelets from Spherical Designs
Includes: Zhuang, X.S.[Xiao Sheng] Zhuang, X.S.[Xiao-Sheng]
10 for Zhuang, X.S.

Zhuang, X.W.[Xin Wei] Co Author Listing * MARL: Multi-scale Archetype Representation Learning for Urban Building Energy Modeling
* Residual Swin Transformer Unet with Consistency Regularization for Automatic Breast Ultrasound Tumor Segmentation
Includes: Zhuang, X.W.[Xin Wei] Zhuang, X.W.[Xin-Wei] Zhuang, X.W.[Xian-Wei]

Zhuang, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * experimental study about laser-induced dizziness effect of medium-wave infrared seeker which based on image processing, The
Includes: Zhuang, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Zhuang, X.Y.[Xin-Yu]

Zhuang, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * AeroNet: An efficient relative localization and object detection network for cooperative aerial-ground unmanned vehicles
* Aspect Learning for Multimedia Summarization via Nonparametric Bayesian
* Carrier Phase Ranging with DTMB Signals for Urban Pedestrian Localization and GNSS Aiding
* Consecutive Pre-Training: A Knowledge Transfer Learning Strategy with Relevant Unlabeled Data for Remote Sensing Domain
* Counterfactual Samples Synthesizing for Robust Visual Question Answering
* Deeply-Learned Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-identification
* DeepSaliency: Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Model for Salient Object Detection
* Dense Relation Network: Learning Consistent and Context-Aware Representation for Semantic Image Segmentation
* Detecting Generated Image Based on a Coupled Network with Two-Step Pairwise Learning
* efficient point cloud place recognition approach based on transformer in dynamic environment, An
* Examining the Influence of Crop Residue Burning on Local PM2.5 Concentrations in Heilongjiang Province Using Ground Observation and Remote Sensing Data
* Fault-Tolerant Cooperative Positioning Based on Hybrid Robust Gaussian Belief Propagation
* Frame Augmented Alternating Attention Network for Video Question Answering
* FSoD-Net: Full-Scale Object Detection From Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Fusion Feature Multi-Scale Pooling for Water Body Extraction from Optical Panchromatic Images
* G-GCSN: Global Graph Convolution Shrinkage Network for Emotion Perception from Gait
* Hierarchical Disentangling Network for Building Extraction from Very High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Hierarchical Model Based Human Motion Tracking
* High-fidelity 3D Face Generation from Natural Language Descriptions
* Human-Centric Clothing Segmentation via Deformable Semantic Locality-Preserving Network
* Image Clustering Using Local Discriminant Models and Global Integration
* Improving lung region segmentation accuracy in chest X-ray images using a two-model deep learning ensemble approach
* IMU/Magnetometer/Barometer/Mass-Flow Sensor Integrated Indoor Quadrotor UAV Localization with Robust Velocity Updates
* Indoor Environment Reconstruction for Unmanned System Using Multiple Low-Cost Sensors
* Inertial Sensing Meets Machine Learning: Opportunity or Challenge?
* Integration of Photodiode and Camera for Visible Light Positioning by Using Fixed-Lag Ensemble Kalman Smoother, The
* Invariance encoding in sliced-Wasserstein space for image classification with limited training data
* Joint Multilabel Classification With Community-Aware Label Graph Learning
* Learning of Multimodal Representations With Random Walks on the Click Graph
* Masked Image Modeling Auxiliary Pseudo-Label Propagation with a Clustering Central Rectification Strategy for Cross-Scene Classification
* Message Passing Enhanced Distributed Kalman Filter for Cooperative Localization
* Mining Spatial-Temporal Patterns and Structural Sparsity for Human Motion Data Denoising
* MoFaNeRF: Morphable Facial Neural Radiance Field
* MRFN: Multi-Receptive-Field Network for Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-Temporal SamplePair Generation for Building Change Detection Promotion in Optical Remote Sensing Domain Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* P2FEViT: Plug-and-Play CNN Feature Embedded Hybrid Vision Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Real-Time 3-D Semantic Scene Parsing With LiDAR Sensors
* Recognizing Cartoon Image Gestures for Retrieval and Interactive Cartoon Clip Synthesis
* RelationNet: Learning Deep-Aligned Representation for Semantic Image Segmentation
* robust data-model dual-driven fusion with uncertainty estimation for LiDAR-IMU localization system, A
* Semantics-enhanced discriminative descriptor learning for LiDAR-based place recognition
* Social-Aware Movie Recommendation via Multimodal Network Learning
* Structured Visual Feature Learning for Classification via Supervised Probabilistic Tensor Factorization
* TF-Tree: an interactive and efficient retrieval of Chinese calligraphic manuscript images based on triple features
* Tracking Objects as Pixel-Wise Distributions
* Understanding Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Crop Residue Burning in China from 2003 to 2017 Using MODIS Data
* Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning of Transferable Meta-Skills for Embodied Navigation
* Using Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoder and Superpixel CRF for Long-Term Visual Scene Understanding of UGVs
* Zero-Shot Recognition Using Dual Visual-Semantic Mapping Paths
Includes: Zhuang, Y.[Yu] Zhuang, Y. Zhuang, Y.[Yuan] Zhuang, Y.[Yin] Zhuang, Y.[Yan] Zhuang, Y.[Yiyu] Zhuang, Y.[Yi] Zhuang, Y.[Yueqing]
49 for Zhuang, Y.

Zhuang, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Co Author Listing * Innovative method for traffic data imputation based on convolutional neural network
* Segmentation assisted Prostate Cancer Grading with Multitask Collaborative Learning
* Smart, Efficient, and Reliable Parking Surveillance System With Edge Artificial Intelligence on IoT Devices, A
* Truck Parking Pattern Aggregation and Availability Prediction by Deep Learning
Includes: Zhuang, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Zhuang, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Zhuang, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Zhuang, Y.G.[Yin Guo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Seven Inversion Models for Estimating Plant and Woody Area Indices of Leaf-on and Leaf-off Forest Canopy Using Explicit 3D Forest Scenes
Includes: Zhuang, Y.G.[Yin Guo] Zhuang, Y.G.[Yin-Guo]

Zhuang, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * Dual Domain Multi-Task Model for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Harmonizing Pathological and Normal Pixels for Pseudo-Healthy Synthesis
* Knowledge Condensation Distillation
* Simple Siamese Framework for Vibration Signal Representations, A
* Unsupervised Video-Based Action Recognition With Imagining Motion and Perceiving Appearance
Includes: Zhuang, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Zhuang, Y.H.[Yi-Hong]

Zhuang, Y.J.[Yu Jian] Co Author Listing * General Pairwise Modification Framework for Reversible Data Hiding in JPEG Images
* self-embedding secure fragile watermarking scheme with high quality recovery, A
Includes: Zhuang, Y.J.[Yu Jian] Zhuang, Y.J.[Yu-Jian]

Zhuang, Y.L.[Yan Li] Co Author Listing * Freeze/Thaw-Induced Deformation Monitoring and Assessment of the Slope in Permafrost Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner and GNSS
* Mapping and Evaluating Human Pressure Changes in the Qilian Mountains
Includes: Zhuang, Y.L.[Yan Li] Zhuang, Y.L.[Yan-Li]

Zhuang, Y.M.[Yong Ming] Co Author Listing * Optimal Fisher discriminant analysis using the rank decomposition
Includes: Zhuang, Y.M.[Yong Ming] Zhuang, Y.M.[Yong-Ming]

Zhuang, Y.Q.[Yi Qi] Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation of Non-Cooperative Space Targets Based on Cross-Source Point Cloud Fusion
Includes: Zhuang, Y.Q.[Yi Qi] Zhuang, Y.Q.[Yi-Qi]

Zhuang, Y.S.[Yi Shan] Co Author Listing * Multiple attentional pyramid networks for Chinese herbal recognition
Includes: Zhuang, Y.S.[Yi Shan] Zhuang, Y.S.[Yi-Shan]

Zhuang, Y.T.[Yue Ting] Co Author Listing * 3D motion retrieval with motion index tree
* Adaptive and compact shape descriptor by progressive feature combination and selection with boosting
* Adaptive Hierarchical Graph Reasoning with Semantic Coherence for Video-and-Language Inference
* Adaptive key frame extraction using unsupervised clustering
* Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Enhanced Vision-Language Representation for Video QA
* Adaptive Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection for Visual Concept Recognition
* Attribute prediction with long-range interactions via path coding
* Automatic annotation of geo-information in panoramic street view by image retrieval
* Boosting RGB-D Saliency Detection by Leveraging Unlabeled RGB Images
* classification of multi-modal data with hidden conditional random field, The
* Clustering by evidence accumulation on affinity propagation
* Compositional Temporal Grounding with Structured Variational Cross-Graph Correspondence Learning
* Context-Aware Graph Label Propagation Network for Saliency Detection
* Cross-media retrieval using query dependent search methods
* Cross-Modal Data Augmentation for Tasks of Different Modalities
* Cross-Modal Learning to Rank via Latent Joint Representation
* Data-Dependent Label Distribution Learning for Age Estimation
* Deep Group-Wise Fully Convolutional Network for Co-Saliency Detection With Graph Propagation
* Deep Learning Driven Visual Path Prediction From a Single Image
* Deep Residual Weight-Sharing Attention Network With Low-Rank Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Dynamic Time Warping for Chinese calligraphic character matching and recognizing
* Editorial of the special issue on cross-media analysis
* Efficient Silhouette Extraction with Dynamic Viewpoint
* Error-Bounded Solid Voxelization for Polygonal Model Based on Heuristic Seed Filling
* Explore Video Clip Order With Self-Supervised and Curriculum Learning for Video Applications
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Fusing Geometric Features for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Multilayer LSTM Networks
* Gradient-Regulated Meta-Prompt Learning for Generalizable Vision-Language Models
* Graph-guided sparse reconstruction for region tagging
* graphic-theoretic model for incremental relevance feedback in image retrieval, A
* Hallucinating faces: LPH super-resolution and neighbor reconstruction for residue compensation
* Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Encoder for Video Representation with Application to Captioning
* Image Annotation by Input-Output Structural Grouping Sparsity
* Image annotation by semi-supervised cross-domain learning with group sparsity
* Improving recovered image quality in secret image sharing by simple modular arithmetic
* Incomplete motion feature tracking algorithm in video sequences
* Inverse-degree Sampling for Spectral Clustering
* Label Matching Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* Latent Style Model: Discovering writing styles for calligraphy works
* Learning in Imperfect Environment: Multi-Label Classification with Long-Tailed Distribution and Partial Labels
* Learning Semantic Correlations for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Learning to Learn by Jointly Optimizing Neural Architecture and Weights
* Multi-Label Transfer Learning With Sparse Representation
* Multimedia Retrieval Framework Based on Semi-Supervised Ranking and Relevance Feedback, A
* Multimodal Deep Embedding via Hierarchical Grounded Compositional Semantics
* Multiple kernel learning with NOn-conVex group spArsity
* On Geometric Features for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Multilayer LSTM Networks
* Online Metric-Weighted Linear Representations for Robust Visual Tracking
* Open-Ended Video Question Answering via Multi-Modal Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Prediction Error Compression Method with Tensor-PCA in Video Coding, A
* Recognizing an Action Using Its Name: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Regularized Deep Belief Network for Image Attribute Detection
* Research of 3D Chinese Calligraphic Handwriting Recur System and Its Key Algorithm
* Retrieval-based cartoon gesture recognition and applications via semi-supervised heterogeneous classifiers learning
* Self-Supervised Spatiotemporal Learning via Video Clip Order Prediction
* Semi-supervised Active Learning for Semi-supervised Models: Exploit Adversarial Examples with Graph-based Virtual Labels
* Silhouette representation and matching for 3D pose discrimination: A comparative study
* Single image super-resolution based on progressive fusion of orientation-aware features
* Slimmable Domain Adaptation
* Sparse Multi-Modal Hashing
* Sparse representation using nonnegative curds and whey
* Sparse Unsupervised Dimensionality Reduction for Multiple View Data
* Special section on learning from multiple evidences for large scale multimedia analysis
* Spline Regression Hashing for Fast Image Search
* Steerable pyramid-based face hallucination
* Tensor-Based Transductive Learning for Multimodality Video Semantic Concept Detection
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Data-Adaptive and User-Adaptive Image Retrieval by Peer Indexing
* Two-Step Approach to Multiple Facial Feature Tracking: Temporal Particle Filter and Spatial Belief Propagation, A
* unified framework for web video topic discovery and visualization, A
* Unsupervised Prompt Tuning for Text-Driven Object Detection
* Variational Cross-Graph Reasoning and Adaptive Structured Semantics Learning for Compositional Temporal Grounding
* Video Motion Capture Using Feature Tracking and Skeleton Reconstruction
* Video-Based Facial Expression Hallucination: A Two- Level Hierarchical Fusion Approach
* Visually-Prompted Language Model for Fine-Grained Scene Graph Generation in an Open World
* Web and Personal Image Annotation by Mining Label Correlation With Relaxed Visual Graph Embedding
Includes: Zhuang, Y.T.[Yue Ting] Zhuang, Y.T.[Yue-Ting] Zhuang, Y.T. Zhuang, Y.T.[Yi Ting]
76 for Zhuang, Y.T.

Zhuang, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Shape Completion via Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* PQ-NET: A Generative Part Seq2Seq Network for 3D Shapes
Includes: Zhuang, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Zhuang, Y.X.[Yi-Xin]

Zhuang, Y.Y.[Yun Yun] Co Author Listing * Improvement and Assessment of Ocean Color Algorithms in the Northwest Pacific Fishing Ground Using Himawari-8, MODIS-Aqua, and VIIRS-SNPP
Includes: Zhuang, Y.Y.[Yun Yun] Zhuang, Y.Y.[Yun-Yun]

Zhuang, Z. Co Author Listing * Agent-based approach for crowded pedestrian evacuation simulation
* Aggregate Tracklet Appearance Features for Multi-Object Tracking
* Blind Image Deblurring with Unknown Kernel Size and Substantial Noise
* Deep Random Projector: Accelerated Deep Image Prior
* Gram Matrix Completion for Cooperative Localization in Partially Connected Wireless Sensor Network
* Learning Lightweight Pedestrian Detector with Hierarchical Knowledge Distillation
* Magnetic Anomaly Detection and Localization Using Orthogonal Basis of Magnetic Tensor Contraction
* Micromotion Characteristic Acquisition Based on Wideband Radar Phase
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Spatial Frequency in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain
* Online multi-object tracking with convolutional neural networks
* real-time head tracker for autostereoscopic display, A
* Signal-Processing Framework for Occlusion of 3D Scene to Improve the Rendering Quality of Views, A
* Toward Compact and Robust Model Learning Under Dynamically Perturbed Environments
* Two-layer optimized light field display using depth initialization
* Viewable floating displays using simple secondary optical elements
Includes: Zhuang, Z. Zhuang, Z.[Zhong] Zhuang, Z.[Zehong] Zhuang, Z.[Zhuang] Zhuang, Z.[Zhuangwei]
15 for Zhuang, Z.

Zhuang, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Co Author Listing * Doppler and Pair-Wise Optical Flow Constrained 3D Motion Compensation for 3D Ultrasound Imaging
Includes: Zhuang, Z.C.[Zi Chen] Zhuang, Z.C.[Zi-Chen]

Zhuang, Z.D.[Zhen Dong] Co Author Listing * TS-ICNN: Time Sequence-Based Interval Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Detection and Recognition
Includes: Zhuang, Z.D.[Zhen Dong] Zhuang, Z.D.[Zhen-Dong]

Zhuang, Z.H.[Zhi Han] Co Author Listing * Intra-frame Skeleton Constraints Modeling and Grouping Strategy Based Multi-Scale Graph Convolution Network for 3D Human Motion Prediction
* Vertical Differences in the Long-Term Trends and Breakpoints of NDVI and Climate Factors in Taiwan
Includes: Zhuang, Z.H.[Zhi Han] Zhuang, Z.H.[Zhi-Han] Zhuang, Z.H.[Zhong-Han]

Zhuang, Z.J.[Zi Jie] Co Author Listing * 3D-GAT: 3D-Guided adversarial transform network for person re-identification in unseen domains
* Camera-Based Batch Normalization: An Effective Distribution Alignment Method for Person Re-Identification
* Cross-Resolution Person Re-identification with Deep Antithetical Learning
* Cross-View Tracking for Multi-Human 3D Pose Estimation at Over 100 FPS
* Person re-identification with coarse-to-fine visual attention
* Rethinking the Distribution Gap of Person Re-identification with Camera-Based Batch Normalization
* UnrealPerson: An Adaptive Pipeline towards Costless Person Re-identification
Includes: Zhuang, Z.J.[Zi Jie] Zhuang, Z.J.[Zi-Jie]
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Zhuang, Z.K.[Zhi Kun] Co Author Listing * 3-D Coronary Vessel Extraction Using a Novel Minimum Path Based Region Growing
Includes: Zhuang, Z.K.[Zhi Kun] Zhuang, Z.K.[Zhi-Kun]

Zhuang, Z.L.[Zi Long] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Scheduling of Drones for Emission Control Areas: An Ant Colony-Based Approach
Includes: Zhuang, Z.L.[Zi Long] Zhuang, Z.L.[Zi-Long]

Zhuang, Z.M.[Zhe Min] Co Author Listing * Digital hair removal by deep learning for skin lesion segmentation
Includes: Zhuang, Z.M.[Zhe Min] Zhuang, Z.M.[Zhe-Min]

Zhuang, Z.P.[Zhan Peng] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Assimilation of SWOT Simulated Observations Using a Multi-Scale 4DVAR Method in Regional Ocean Modeling System
* Variability of Kuroshio Surface Axis Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Satellite Altimeter Data
Includes: Zhuang, Z.P.[Zhan Peng] Zhuang, Z.P.[Zhan-Peng]

Zhuang, Z.Q.[Zhen Quan] Co Author Listing * Advanced motion threading for 3D wavelet video coding
* Analysis and Improvement of An Iris Identification Algorithm
* Continuous Optimization based-on Boosting Gaussian Mixture Model
* Feature tracking using epipolar geometry for ego-motion estimation
* Iris Image Real-Time Pre-estimation Using Compound BP Neural Network
* Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Modified Log-Gabor Filters
* Layer-correlated motion estimation and motion vector coding for the 3d-wavelet video coding
* Palmprint Identification using Boosting Local Binary Pattern
Includes: Zhuang, Z.Q.[Zhen Quan] Zhuang, Z.Q.[Zhen-Quan] Zhuang, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qi]
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Zhuang, Z.S.[Zi Song] Co Author Listing * PGTNet: Prototype Guided Transfer Network for Few-Shot Anomaly Localization
Includes: Zhuang, Z.S.[Zi Song] Zhuang, Z.S.[Zi-Song]

Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhuang Wei] Co Author Listing * CPCM: Contextual Point Cloud Modeling for Weakly-supervised Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* DAS: Densely-Anchored Sampling for Deep Metric Learning
* Discrimination-Aware Network Pruning for Deep Model Compression
* Generating Anchor Boxes Based on Attention Mechanism for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Improved Backward Smoothing Method Based on Label Iterative Processing, An
* Lossless Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Compatible With Homomorphic Processing
* Perception-Aware Multi-Sensor Fusion for 3D LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* Sequential Joint State Estimation and Track Extraction Algorithm Based on Improved Backward Smoothing
* Vascular tree reconstruction by minimizing a physiological functional cost
Includes: Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhuang Wei] Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhuang-Wei] Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhao-Wen] Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhen-Wei] Zhuang, Z.W.[Zhen-Wu]
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Zhuang, Z.X.[Zi Xu] Co Author Listing * Knee Cartilage Defect Assessment by Graph Representation and Surface Convolution
* Randomizing Human Brain Function Representation for Brain Disease Diagnosis
Includes: Zhuang, Z.X.[Zi Xu] Zhuang, Z.X.[Zi-Xu]

Zhuang, Z.Y.[Zong Yi] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Handcrafted Features into Deep Learning for Point Cloud Classification
Includes: Zhuang, Z.Y.[Zong Yi] Zhuang, Z.Y.[Zong-Yi]

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