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Ahmad Fadzil, M.H. Co Author Listing * Video subband VQ coding at 64 kbit/s using short-kernel filter banks with an improved motion estimation technique

Ahmad Fauzi, M.F.[Mohammad Faizal] Co Author Listing * Classification of Infection and Fluid Regions in Chest X-Ray Images

Ahmad Fuad, N. Co Author Listing * Comparing the Performance of Point Cloud Registration Methods For Landslide Monitoring Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Development of Geodatabase for Archaeological Site in Bujang Valley Kedah
* Evaluating Mobile Laser Scanning For Landslide Monitoring
* Evaluating the Performance of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Landslide Monitoring
* Exploratory Study of 3d Point Cloud Triangulation for Smart City Modelling and Visualization

Ahmad Khan, Z.[Zulfiqar] Co Author Listing * Effective Attention-based CNN Model for Fire Detection in Adverse Weather Conditions, An
Includes: Ahmad Khan, Z.[Zulfiqar] Ahmad-Khan, Z.[Zulfiqar]

Ahmad, A.[Aamir] Co Author Listing * 3D to 2D bijection for spherical objects under equidistant fisheye projection
* Assessment of Different Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for Production Of Photogrammerty Products
* Assistive Malaysian Sign Language Application for D/HH Learning Using Visual Phonics
* Batch regularization to converge the deep neural network for indoor RGBD scene understanding
* Chainlets: A New Descriptor for Detection and Recognition
* Cluster center initialization algorithm for K-means clustering
* Convergence comparison of least squares based bearing-only SLAM algorithms using different landmark parametrizations
* Deep Learning-Based Object Detection System for Identifying Weeds Using UAS Imagery
* Deep OC-Sort: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking by Adaptive Re-Identification
* Determination of Critical Edges in Air Route Network Using Modified Weighted Sum Method and Grey Relational Analysis
* efficient FPGA-based dynamic partial reconfiguration design flow and environment for image and signal processing IP cores, An
* Efficient implementation of a 3-D medical imaging compression system using CAVLC
* Evaluation of Wearable Device for the Elderly (W-Emas)
* Example-Based Simulation of Time-Gated Laser Sequences from a Single Video Image
* feature selection technique for classificatory analysis, A
* Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* FPGA-based IP cores implementation for face recognition using dynamic partial reconfiguration
* Fusion of multi-focus images with registration inaccuracies
* GeoDLS: A Deep Learning-Based Corn Disease Tracking and Location System Using RTK Geolocated UAS Imagery
* Hand pose estimation and tracking in real and virtual interaction: A review
* Impact of UAV Surveying Parameters on Mixed Urban Landuse Surface Modelling
* k-means type clustering algorithm for subspace clustering of mixed numeric and categorical datasets, A
* Learning Science Using AR Book: A Preliminary Study on Visual Needs of Deaf Learners
* Mapping Potential Habitats for Arthropod Vectors of Trypanosomiasis Infection In Northern Nigeria: An Introductory Synthesis
* Markerless Outdoor Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles
* method to compute distance between two categorical values of same attribute in unsupervised learning for categorical data set, A
* new FPGA-based dynamic partial reconfiguration design flow and environment for image processing applications, A
* new state vector and a map joining algorithm for range-only SLAM, A
* novel video coding scheme for lossy networks with scalable bit-stream, A
* On Clock Offset Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks with Weibull Distributed Network Delays
* Performance Evaluation of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 OLI Data for Land Cover/Use Classification Using a Comparison between Machine Learning Algorithms
* Predicting Traffic Flow Based on Average Speed of Neighbouring Road Using Multiple Regression
* Relationship between the source size at the diffuser plane and the longitudinal spatial coherence function of the optical coherence microscopy system
* Review of Spatial and Non-spatial Data Transformation to 3D Geovisualization for Natural Disaster
* Robust federated learning under statistical heterogeneity via Hessian spectral decomposition
* Shortest Processing Time Scheduling to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Dense Urban Areas
* SimBIL: appearance-based simulation of burst-illumination laser sequences
* Sorting cells from fluorescent markers organization in confocal microscopy: 3D versus 2D images
* Spatial Database Development for Oil Spills Pollution Affecting Water Quality System in Niger Delta
* Special issue on real-time image and video processing in mobile embedded systems
* Spectral mixture analysis of intimate mixtures for lithological mapping
* Supervised Image Classification by Scattering Transform with Application to Weed Detection in Culture Crops of High Density
* Surface Elevation Changes Estimation Underneath Mangrove Canopy Using SNERL Filtering Algorithm and DoD Technique on UAV-Derived DSM Data
* Towards Big Data Quality Framework for Malaysia's Public Sector Open Data Initiative
* variable block size motion estimation algorithm for real-time H.264 video encoding, A
* vessel segmentation technique for retinal images, A
* Virtual Visualisation Laboratory for Science and Mathematics Content (Vlab-SMC) with Special Reference to Teaching and Learning of Chemistry
* Water Feature Extraction and Change Detection Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery
Includes: Ahmad, A.[Aamir] Ahmad, A. Ahmad, A.[Azlina] Ahmad, A.[Amir] Ahmad, A.[Adizul] Ahmad, A.[Aanis] Ahmad, A.[Adnan] Ahmad, A.[Amreen] Ahmad, A.[Anuar] Ahmad, A.[Afandi] Ahmad, A.[Attiq] Ahmad, A.[Ammar] Ahmad, A.[Aitzaz] Ahmad, A.[Azeem] Ahmad, A.[Asif] Ahmad, A.[Ali] Ahmad, A.[Awais]
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Ahmad, A.M. Co Author Listing * Effects of Augmented Reality Display Settings on Human Wayfinding Performance

Ahmad, A.M.A.[Ashraf M.A.] Co Author Listing * Robust Compressed Domain Object Extraction in MPEG Videos

Ahmad, A.R.[Abdul Rahim] Co Author Listing * Lexicon-Based Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine and Hidden Markov Model
* Metaheuristic Bat-Inspired Algorithm for Full Body Human Pose Estimation, A
* MS-TDNN with global discriminant trainings
* New Fitness Based Adaptive Parameter Particle Swarm Optimizer, A
* PSO Accelerated Immune Particle Filter for Dynamic State Estimation, A
Includes: Ahmad, A.R.[Abdul Rahim] Ahmad, A.R. Ahmad, A.R.[Abdul-Rahim]

Ahmad, A.Z.[Abdullateef Ziad] Co Author Listing * Dubai 3d Textuerd Mesh Using High Quality Resolution Vertical/Oblique Aerial Imagery

Ahmad, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Regularization Methods for Near-Light-Source Perspective Shape-from-Shading, A
* ensemble model of convolution and recurrent neural network for skin disease classification, An
* Optimisation-based training of evolutionary convolution neural network for visual classification applications
* Potential of texture measurements of two-date dual polarization PALSAR data for the improvement of forest biomass estimation
Includes: Ahmad, B.[Bilal] Ahmad, B.[Belal] Ahmad, B.[Basharat] Ahmad, B.[Baharin]

Ahmad, B.B.[Baharin Bin] Co Author Listing * Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Forest Biomass Estimation Using Texture Measurements of High-Resolution Dual-Polarization C-Band SAR Data
* Landslide Detection and Susceptibility Mapping by AIRSAR Data Using Support Vector Machine and Index of Entropy Models in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
* Shallow Landslide Prediction Using a Novel Hybrid Functional Machine Learning Algorithm
Includes: Ahmad, B.B.[Baharin Bin] Ahmad, B.B.

Ahmad, B.I. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Intent Prediction in Object Tracking Using Bridging Distributions
* Driver and Passenger Identification From Smartphone Data
* Intelligent Interactive Displays in Vehicles with Intent Prediction: A Bayesian framework
* Intent Inference for Hand Pointing Gesture-Based Interactions in Vehicles
* On Destination Prediction Based on Markov Bridging Distributions

Ahmad, D.[Dua'a] Co Author Listing * Cnn Depression Severity Level Estimation from Upper Body vs. Face-only Images

Ahmad, F.[Feroz] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Optimization of Indoor Positioning System Using Differential Evolution
* Autofocusing of Through-the-Wall Radar Imagery Under Unknown Wall Characteristics
* Classification of Alzheimer disease among susceptible brain regions
* Coherence-Factor-Based Rough Surface Clutter Suppression for Forward-Looking GPR Imaging
* Construction of Computational Lexicon for Malay Language
* CRT-BIoV: A Cognitive Radio Technique for Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* EGO-SLAM: A Robust Monocular SLAM for Egocentric Videos
* Exploration of connectivity with SEM: An fMRI study of resting state
* Fingerprint Classification Based on Analysis of Singularities and Image Quality
* Image enhancement through complex conduction coefficient modifications
* Joint Wall Mitigation and Compressive Sensing for Indoor Image Reconstruction
* Micro Genetic and Evolutionary Feature Extraction: An Exploratory Data Analysis Approach for Multispectral Iris Recognition
* Minimax Robust Landmine Detection Using Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Multibiometric System Using Distance Regularized Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set, Modified LBP and Random Forest
* Multipath Exploitation and Suppression for SAR Imaging of Building Interiors: An overview of recent advances
* Multipath Model and Exploitation in Through-the-Wall and Urban Radar Sensing
* Multispectral Iris Recognition Using Patch Based Game Theory
* Multiview Imaging for Low-Signature Target Detection in Rough-Surface Clutter Environment
* Mutibiometric System Based on Game Theory
* new approach to aperture synthesis using frequency diversity imaging, A
* novel method for detection of voxels for decision making: An fMRI study, A
* Radar Signal Processing for Elderly Fall Detection: The future for in-home monitoring
* shrinkage method for causal network detection of brain regions, A
* Signal Processing for Assisted Living: Developments and Open Problems
* Sparse Arrays and Sampling for Interference Mitigation and DOA Estimation in GNSS
* Sparsity-Based Direction Finding of Coherent and Uncorrelated Targets Using Active Nonuniform Arrays
* Switching-based clustering algorithms for segmentation of low-level salt-and-pepper noise-corrupted images
* Through-the-Wall Human Motion Indication Using Sparsity-Driven Change Detection
* Unsupervised Feature Descriptors Based Facial Tracking over Distributed Geospatial Subspaces
* Wall Clutter Mitigation Using Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences for Sparse Reconstruction of Indoor Stationary Scenes
Includes: Ahmad, F.[Feroz] Ahmad, F. Ahmad, F.[Fayyaz] Ahmad, F.[Fauzia] Ahmad, F.[Fatimah] Ahmad, F.[Farhan] Ahmad, F.[Fadzilah] Ahmad, F.[Foysal] Ahmad, F.[Fadzil]
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Ahmad, G.M.K.[Gul Muhammad KhanFawad] Co Author Listing * Shortest Processing Time Scheduling to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Dense Urban Areas

Ahmad, H.[Hilal] Co Author Listing * Geohazards Susceptibility Assessment along the Upper Indus Basin Using Four Machine Learning and Statistical Models
* Vehicular Communication Network Enabled CAV Data Offloading: A Review
Includes: Ahmad, H.[Hilal] Ahmad, H.[Haseeb]

Ahmad, H.A.[Hussain Al] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction Techniques with Hydranet Framework for HSI Classification

Ahmad, H.M.[Hafiz Mughees] Co Author Listing * Glacial Lakes Mapping Using Multi Satellite PlanetScope Imagery and Deep Learning

Ahmad, H.S.[Halilu Shaba] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Settlement Expansion and Urban Growth Modelling Using Geoinformation for Assessing Potential Impacts of Urbanization on Climate in Abuja City, Nigeria

Ahmad, I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Search with Elastic Diamond for MPEG-4 Video Coding
* Adaptive Techniques for Simultaneous Optimization of Visual Quality and Battery Power in Video Encoding Sensors
* Analysis of Landslide Movements Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Case Study in Hunza-Nagar Valley, Pakistan
* Arabic Bank Check Analysis and Zone Extraction
* Arabic handwriting synthesis system, An
* Arabic ligatures: Analysis and application in text recognition
* Assessment of IMERG-V06 Precipitation Product over Different Hydro-Climatic Regimes in the Tianshan Mountains, North-Western China
* Asynchronous Rate Control for Multi-Object Videos
* Automatic dottization of Arabic text (Rasms) using deep recurrent neural networks
* Balance learning for ship detection from synthetic aperture radar remote sensing imagery
* Benchmark database for fine-grained image classification of benthic macroinvertebrates
* Better Inversion of Wheat Canopy SPAD Values before Heading Stage Using Spectral and Texture Indices Based on UAV Multispectral Imagery
* Blind beamforming using fractional Fourier transform domain cyclostationarity
* Building a Data Set over 12 Globally Distributed Sites to Support the Development of Agriculture Monitoring Applications with Sentinel-2
* Controlling the Bit Rate of Multi-Object Videos With Noncooperative Game Theory
* Data Enrichment in Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
* Database for Offline Arabic Handwritten Text Recognition, A
* DHCAE: Deep Hybrid Convolutional Autoencoder Approach for Robust Supervised Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Effective intra-only rate control for H.264/AVC
* Estimation of Winter Wheat SPAD Values Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Exploration of connectivity with SEM: An fMRI study of resting state
* Face segmentation in thumbnail images by data-adaptive convolutional segmentation networks
* fast adaptive motion estimation algorithm, A
* Flood Management, Characterization and Vulnerability Analysis Using an Integrated RS-GIS and 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling Approach: The Case of Deg Nullah, Pakistan
* Game Interface Design: Measuring the Player's Gameplay Experience
* Handwriting synthesis: classifications and techniques
* Handwritten Arabic text recognition using multi-stage sub-core-shape HMMs
* Image Classification and Retrieval using Correlation
* Indexing and retrieval of images by spatial constraints
* Joint Rate-Distortion model for H.264/AVC rate control
* KHATT: An open Arabic offline handwritten text database
* KHATT: Arabic Offline Handwritten Text Database
* Learned vs. engineered features for fine-grained classification of aquatic macroinvertebrates
* Lowering the Complexity of Multi-view Encoding through Dynamic Segmentation and Registration of Video Object
* Meter classification of Arabic poems using deep bidirectional recurrent neural networks
* Motion Estimation for Content Adaptive Video Compression
* Multi-stage HMM based Arabic text recognition with rescoring
* multistage fast motion estimation scheme for video compression, A
* novel hybrid image encryption-compression scheme by combining chaos theory and number theory, A
* novel method for detection of voxels for decision making: An fMRI study, A
* Novel Sub-character HMM Models for Arabic Text Recognition
* Old fashion text-based image retrieval using FCA
* On using game theory to optimize the rate control in video coding
* On using hierarchical motion history for motion estimation in H.264/AVC
* On-Line Signature Verification by Exploiting Inter-Feature Dependencies
* Open-vocabulary recognition of machine-printed Arabic text using hidden Markov models
* Optical-SAR Data Fusion Based on Simple Layer Stacking and the XGBoost Algorithm to Extract Urban Impervious Surfaces in Global Alpha Cities
* Optimization of H.263 video encoding using a single processor computer: performance tradeoffs and benchmarking
* Performance of Software-Based MPEG-2 Video Encoder on Parallel and Distributed Systems
* Power and Distortion Optimization for Pervasive Video Coding
* Power-Rate-Distortion Analysis for Wireless Video Communication Under Energy Constraints
* PS-InSAR Based Monitoring of Land Subsidence by Groundwater Extraction for Lahore Metropolitan City, Pakistan
* Robust and Adaptive Rate Control Algorithm for Object-Based Video Coding, A
* SAR Ship Detection Dataset (SSDD): Official Release and Comprehensive Data Analysis
* Software-Based MPEG-4 Video Encoder Using Parallel Processing, A
* Special Issue on Video Surveillance
* SRL-SOA: Self-Representation Learning with Sparse 1D-Operational Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Image Band Selection
* Superpixel-Enhanced Pairwise Conditional Random Field for Semantic Segmentation
* Synchronous and asynchronous multiple object rate control for MPEG-4 video coding
* three in one bottom-up framework for simultaneous semantic segmentation, instance segmentation and classification of multi-organ nuclei in digital cancer histology, A
* Training an Arabic handwriting recognizer without a handwritten training data set
Includes: Ahmad, I. Ahmad, I.[Ishfaq] Ahmad, I.[Ijaz] Ahmad, I.[Irfan] Ahmad, I.[Israr] Ahmad, I.[Iftikhar] Ahmad, I.[Irshad] Ahmad, I.[Ibrahim] Ahmad, I.[Imran] Ahmad, I.[Ibtihaj]
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Ahmad, I.S.[Imran Shafiq] Co Author Listing * Bag of Micro-Movements for Human Activity Recognition, The
* Better Trajectory Shape Descriptor for Human Activity Recognition, A
* Covariance-guided One-Class Support Vector Machine
* efficient signature representation for retrieval of spatially similar images, An
* New SVM + NDA Model for Improved Classification and Recognition, A
* novel SVM+NDA model for classification with an application to face recognition, A
* Quantitative analysis of transfer and incremental learning for image classification
* Shape-Based Image Retrieval Using k-Means Clustering and Neural Networks
Includes: Ahmad, I.S.[Imran Shafiq] Ahmad, I.S.
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Ahmad, J.[Junaid] Co Author Listing * Capturing Small-Scale Surface Temperature Variation across Diverse Urban Land Uses with a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Efficient Approach Based on Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning for Satellite Image Classification, An
* Efficient object-based surveillance image search using spatial pooling of convolutional features
* Efficient Optimization of Battery-Drone-Based Transportation Systems for Monitoring Solar Power Plant, An
* improved photometric stereo through distance estimation and light vector optimization from diffused maxima region, An
* Multi-view 3D Objects Localization from Street-Level Scenes
* Novel Privacy Approach of Digital Aerial Images Based on Mersenne Twister Method with DNA Genetic Encoding and Chaos, A
* Partially shaded sketch-based image search in real mobile device environments via sketch-oriented compact neural codes
* Saliency-weighted graphs for efficient visual content description and their applications in real-time image retrieval systems
* Semantic Segmentation and Edge Detection: Approach to Road Detection in Very High Resolution Satellite Images
* Synchronization of Monostatic Radar Using a Time-Delayed Chaos-Based FM Waveform
Includes: Ahmad, J.[Junaid] Ahmad, J.[Jawad] Ahmad, J.[Jamil] Ahmad, J.[Jahanzeb] Ahmad, J.[Javed]
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Ahmad, J.A.[Jawairia A.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Utility of Machine Learning-Based Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature Data Assimilation over Terrestrial Snow in High Mountain Asia

Ahmad, J.E.[Jawad Elsayed] Co Author Listing * Improving Segmentation Maps using Polarization Imaging

Ahmad, J.J.[Junaid Jameel] Co Author Listing * improved DC recovery method from AC coefficients of DCT-transformed images, An
* Performance benchmarking of RVC based multimedia specifications
* Secure computing with the MPEG RVC framework

Ahmad, K.[Kashif] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of passable roads after floods in remote sensed and social media data
* Automatic food recognition system for middle-eastern cuisines
* Calibration and Validation of Antenna and Brightness Temperatures from Metop-C Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A (AMSU-A)
* Comparative Study of Global and Deep Features for the Analysis of User-Generated Natural Disaster Related Images, A
* Derivation and Validation of Sensor Brightness Temperatures for Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A Instruments
* Estimation of Water Balance for Anticipated Land Use in the Potohar Plateau of the Indus Basin Using SWAT
* pool of deep models for event recognition, A
* saliency-based approach to event recognition, A
* Sentiment Analysis from Images of Natural Disasters
Includes: Ahmad, K.[Kashif] Ahmad, K.[Khalil] Ahmad, K.
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Ahmad, K.S. Co Author Listing * unique approach in text independent speaker recognition using MFCC feature sets and probabilistic neural network, A

Ahmad, M.[Munir] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Factors Affecting Adoption of Volunteered Geographic Information in the Context of National Spatial Data Infrastructure
* dacl-challenge: Semantic Segmentation during Visual Bridge Inspections
* Detecting distraction of drivers using Convolutional Neural Network
* Determination of Critical Edges in Air Route Network Using Modified Weighted Sum Method and Grey Relational Analysis
* Estimation of Sperm Concentration and Total Motility from Microscopic Videos of Human Semen Samples
* Graph-based spatial-spectral feature learning for hyperspectral image classification
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing of the Gradient Richardson Number in a Megacity Boundary Layer
* HMM-based Human Action Recognition Using Multiview Image Sequences
* Human Action Recognition Using Multi-View Image Sequences Features
* Human action recognition using shape and CLG-motion flow from multi-view image sequences
* Intelligent Driver Drowsiness Detection for Traffic Safety Based on Multi CNN Deep Model and Facial Subsampling
* IoT Enabled Deep Learning Based Framework for Multiple Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* MMTF: Multi-Modal Temporal Fusion for Commonsense Video Question Answering
* Mobility Aware Blockchain Enabled Offloading and Scheduling in Vehicular Fog Cloud Computing
* Motion Vector Estimation Using Edge Oriented Block Matching Algorithm for Video Sequences
* Non-uniform Resolution Recovery Using Median Priors in Tomographic Image Reconstruction Methods
* Optimized Detector Angular Configuration Increases the Sensitivity of X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT)
* Order of Magnitude Sensitivity Increase in X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) Imaging With an Optimized Spectro-Spatial Detector Configuration: Theory and Simulation
* Recognizing human actions based on silhouette energy image and global motion description
* Regularized CNN Feature Hierarchy for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Spatial Prior Fuzziness Pool-Based Interactive Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Using deep features for video scene detection and annotation
* Validation of ERA5 Boundary Layer Meteorological Variables by Remote-Sensing Measurements in the Southeast China Mountains
* Variable silhouette energy image representations for recognizing human actions
Includes: Ahmad, M.[Munir] Ahmad, M.[Muneer] Ahmad, M.[Musheer] Ahmad, M. Ahmad, M.[Muhammad] Ahmad, M.[Masroor] Ahmad, M.[Mohiuddin] Ahmad, M.[Misbah] Ahmad, M.[Mobeen]
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Ahmad, M.A.[Malik Anas] Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Analysis System of Electroencephalogram for Diagnosing Epilepsy
* Fast 3D Structure From Motion with Missing Points from Registration of Partial Reconstructions
Includes: Ahmad, M.A.[Malik Anas] Ahmad, M.A.[Mostafa A.]

Ahmad, M.B.[Muhammad Bilal] Co Author Listing * Focus measure operator using 3D gradient
* Heuristic Approach for Finding Best Focused Shape, A
* Real-time 3-D face tracking and modeling from a webcam

Ahmad, M.I.[Muhammad Ishtiaq] Co Author Listing * Blind beamforming using fractional Fourier transform domain cyclostationarity
* Optimum FrFT domain cyclostationarity based adaptive beamforming
* Palmprint recognition using local and global features
Includes: Ahmad, M.I.[Muhammad Ishtiaq] Ahmad, M.I.[Muhammad Imran]

Ahmad, M.J.[Muhammad Junaid] Co Author Listing * GC-VTON: Predicting Globally Consistent and Occlusion Aware Local Flows with Neighborhood Integrity Preservation for Virtual Try-on

Ahmad, M.N.[Muhammad Nasar] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Random Forest and XGBoost Classifiers Using Integrated Optical and SAR Features for Mapping Urban Impervious Surface
* Optical-SAR Data Fusion Based on Simple Layer Stacking and the XGBoost Algorithm to Extract Urban Impervious Surfaces in Global Alpha Cities

Ahmad, M.O. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Projection Selection for Computed Tomography
* Bayesian Wavelet-Based Image Denoising Using the Gauss-Hermite Expansion
* Channel-Dependent Statistical Watermark Detector for Color Images, A
* Comparison of wavelets for multiresolution motion estimation
* Competitive Splitting for Codebook Initialization
* Computationally fast techniques to reduce AWGN and speckle in videos
* Concealment of interpolation errors for low bit-rate motion compensated interpolation
* Contrast-based fusion of noisy images using discrete wavelet transform
* Curvelet-Based Bayesian Estimator for Speckle Suppression in Ultrasound Imaging
* Curvelet-Based Classification of Brain MRI Images
* Deep Jpeg Image Deblocking Using Residual Maxout Units
* Development of an Active Shape Model Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
* Development Of New Fractal And Non-Fractal Deep Residual Networks For Deblocking Of JPEG Decompressed Images
* Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on Arnold and Anti-Arnold Transforms
* Discriminant analysis based on modified generalised singular value decomposition and its numerical error analysis
* DPAN: A Deep Light-Weight Attention-Based Image Super Resolution Network Using Multi-Dimensional Filter Design Technique
* Edge-Adapting Laplacian Kernel For Nonlinear Diffusion Filters, An
* efficient method of cast shadow removal using multiple features, An
* Efficient Techniques for Reducing the Blocking Artifacts in Motion Compensated Frame
* Error concealment for motion-compensated interpolation
* Estimation of Strain Elastography from Ultrasound Radio-Frequency Data by Utilizing Analytic Gradient of the Similarity Metric
* Fast Algorithm for Motion Estimation Under the Varying Inter-Frame Brightness Characteristics, A
* Fast Block Motion Estimation With 8-Bit Partial Sums Using SIMD Architectures
* Fast Computation of the Discrete Walsh and Hadamard Transforms
* Image Denoising Based on Fractional Gradient Vector Flow and Overlapping Group Sparsity as Priors
* Improved Fast Iterative Shrinkage Thresholding Algorithm for Image Deblurring, An
* Joint DOD and DOA Estimation for MIMO Array With Velocity Receive Sensors
* Learning with the Optimized Data-Dependent Kernel
* Locally Adaptive Wavelet-Based Image Denoising using the Gram-Charlier Prior Function
* Low-Complexity Modified ThiNet Algorithm for Pruning Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* LP Norm Design of Stack Filters
* method for determining the number of features in the kernel space required for preserving classifiability, A
* method for preserving the classifiability of digital images after performing a wavelet-based compression, A
* Mixed Gaussian-impulse noise reduction from images using convolutional neural network
* Multi-Site Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2019 Challenge
* Multiplicationless Burt and Adelson's Pyramids for Motion Estimation
* Multiplicative Watermark Decoder in Contourlet Domain Using the Normal Inverse Gaussian Distribution
* multiresolution motion estimation technique with indexing, A
* MuRNet: A deep recursive network for super resolution of bicubically interpolated images
* Neighbourhood-blocks motion vector estimation technique using pyramidal data structure
* New Statistical Detector for DWT-Based Additive Image Watermarking Using the Gauss-Hermite Expansion, A
* New techniques for multi-resolution motion estimation
* Online Multi-Object Tracking via Robust Collaborative Model and Sample Selection
* Online multi-person tracking via robust collaborative model
* Perceptual-Shaping Comparison of DWT-Based Pixel-Wise Masking Model with DCT-Based Watson Model
* Quadtree Structured Region-Wise Motion Compensation for Video Compression
* Recognizing Distractions for Assistive Driving by Tracking Body Parts
* Robust Multibit Multiplicative Watermark Decoder Using a Vector-Based Hidden Markov Model in Wavelet Domain, A
* Salient region detection using feature extraction in the non-subsampled contourlet domain
* Score reliability based weighting technique for score-level fusion in multi-biometric systems
* Spatially adaptive thresholding in wavelet domain for despeckling of ultrasound images
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet-Based Method Using the Cauchy Prior for Denoising the SAR Images
* SRNHARB: A deep light-weight image super resolution network using hybrid activation residual blocks
* Study of Multiplicative Watermark Detection in the Contourlet Domain Using Alpha-Stable Distributions, A
* Tchebichef and Adaptive Steerable-Based Total Variation Model for Image Denoising
* Two-dimensional FLD for face recognition
* Unbiased homomorphic system and its application in reducing multiplicative noise
* UPDCNN: A New Scheme for Image Upsampling and Deblurring Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Use of Gaussian Codebooks for Residual Vector Quantizers
* Vehicle Detection Using Approximation of Feature Pyramids in the DFT Domain
* Video Denoising Based on Inter-frame Statistical Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients
* Video Denoising Using Motion Compensated 3-D Wavelet Transform With Integrated Recursive Temporal Filtering
* Wavelet-based image denoising with the normal inverse Gaussian prior and linear MMSE estimator
Includes: Ahmad, M.O. Ahmad, M.O.[M. Omair]
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Ahmad, M.R.[Mohd Ridzuan] Co Author Listing * Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork

Ahmad, M.S.[Mohammad Shukri] Co Author Listing * 2-D recursive inverse adaptive algorithm, A
* Optimal Allocation of EV Charging Stations in a Radial Distribution Network Using Probabilistic Load Modeling
Includes: Ahmad, M.S.[Mohammad Shukri] Ahmad, M.S.[Md Samar]

Ahmad, N.[Naveed] Co Author Listing * Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Comparative Analysis of Various Camera Input for Videogrammetry
* Derivation for the Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* Energy-Efficient SRAM FPGA-Based Wireless Vision Sensor Node: SENTIOF-CAM
* EV Charging Management System Concerning Drivers' Trip Duration and Mobility Uncertainty, An
* framework for head pose estimation and face segmentation through conditional random fields, A
* Implementation of Wireless Vision Sensor Node for Characterization of Particles in Fluids
* improved multiple manoeuver management protocol for platoon mobility in vehicular ad hoc networks, An
* MultiPoseSeg: Feedback Knowledge Transfer for Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Instance Segmentation
* Simultaneous Encryption and Compression of Digital Images Based on Secure-JPEG Encoding
* StrongPose: Bottom-up and Strong Keypoint Heat Map Based Pose Estimation
Includes: Ahmad, N.[Naveed] Ahmad, N. Ahmad, N.[Nasir] Ahmad, N.[Niaz] Ahmad, N.[Nisar]
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Ahmad, N.M.[Norul Maslissa] Co Author Listing * MyRedList: Virtual Application for Threatened Plant Species

Ahmad, O.[Ola] Co Author Listing * Causal Analysis for Robust Interpretability of Neural Networks
* DarSwin: Distortion Aware Radial Swin Transformer
* Longitudinal Scoliotic Trunk Analysis via Spectral Representation and Statistical Analysis
* MoP-CLIP: A Mixture of Prompt-Tuned CLIP Models for Domain Incremental Learning
* Novel Automatic Method to Evaluate Scoliotic Trunk Shape Changes in Different Postures, A
* Scale-space spatio-temporal random fields: Application to the detection of growing microbial patterns from surface roughness
* Spatio-spectral Gaussian random field modeling approach for target detection on hyperspectral data obtained in very low SNR
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Ahmad, O.R.[Omer Rashid] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Hand Augmentation Based on Patch Modelling, A

Ahmad, O.S.[Ola Suleiman] Co Author Listing * geometric-based method for recognizing overlapping polygonal-shaped and semi-transparent particles in gray tone images, A

Ahmad, R.[Rehan] Co Author Listing * email: Ahmad, R.[Rehan]: ahmadr AT eee bham ac uk
* Alias-Free Arrays
* Efficient skew detection and correction in scanned document images through clustering of probabilistic hough transforms
* Evaluating Damage Assessment of Breaches Along the Embankments of Indus River During Flood 2010 Using Remote Sensing Techniques
* Factor graphs for inverse problems: Accelerated phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging
* Machine learning-based offline signature verification systems: A systematic review
* Plug-and-Play Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Using Denoisers for Image Recovery
* Recognizable units in Pashto language for OCR
* Scale and rotation invariant OCR for Pashto cursive script using MDLSTM network
* Venc Design and Velocity Estimation for Phase Contrast MRI
Includes: Ahmad, R.[Rehan] Ahmad, R.[Rizwan] Ahmad, R.[Riaz] Ahmad, R. Ahmad, R.[Rodina]
10 for Ahmad, R.

Ahmad, R.W.[Raja Wasim] Co Author Listing * Vehicular traffic optimisation and even distribution using ant colony in smart city environment

Ahmad, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * 3D non-rigid image registration with inverse consistency constraint on elastodynamics wave equation
* Adaptive Unicast Video Streaming With Rateless Codes and Feedback
* Analysis of Landslide Movements Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Case Study in Hunza-Nagar Valley, Pakistan
* Analysis-by-synthesis dissolve detection
* Automatic video system using multiple cameras
* Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Bayesian Early Mode Decision Technique for View Synthesis Prediction-Enhanced Multiview Video Coding
* Calibration of Wrist-Mounted Robotic Sensors by Solving Homogeneous Transform Equations of the Form Ax = Xb
* Carbon Emissions Estimation and Spatiotemporal Analysis of China at City Level Based on Multi-Dimensional Data and Machine Learning
* Changes in Snow Phenology from 1979 to 2016 over the Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia
* Computer vision system for subject characterization
* Computer-implemented digital video object compositing
* Constructing a New Inter-Calibration Method for DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light
* Deep learning-driven diagnosis: A multi-task approach for segmenting stroke and Bell's palsy
* Deformable image registration based on elastodynamics
* Error-resilient packet-switched mobile video telephony with channel-adaptive rateless coding and early reference picture selection
* Estimation of Water Balance for Anticipated Land Use in the Potohar Plateau of the Indus Basin Using SWAT
* Event-driven Re-Id: A New Benchmark and Method Towards Privacy-Preserving Person Re-Identification
* Facilitating and Exploring Planar Homogeneous Texture for Indoor Scene Understanding
* Fast encoding techniques for Multiview Video Coding
* Fusion of multi-focus images with registration inaccuracies
* Identification of Potential Natural Aquifer Recharge Sites in Islamabad, Pakistan, by Integrating GIS and RS Techniques
* Impervious Surfaces Mapping at City Scale by Fusion of Radar and Optical Data through a Random Forest Classifier
* Land Surface Brightness Temperature Modeling Using Solar Insolation
* Localization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Corridor Environments using Deep Learning
* Longitudinal prediction of postnatal brain magnetic resonance images via a metamorphic generative adversarial network
* Measurement of Total Dissolved Solids and Total Suspended Solids in Water Systems: A Review of the Issues, Conventional, and Remote Sensing Techniques
* Method and apparatus for model-based compositing
* Multi-Atlas Segmentation of MR Tumor Brain Images Using Low-Rank Based Image Recovery
* Multimodal non-rigid image registration based on elastodynamics
* Non rigid image registration by modeling deformations as elastic waves
* On the improvement of foreground-background model-based object tracker
* Optimal Packet Loss Protection of Progressively Compressed 3-D Meshes
* Overview of the Application of Remote Sensing in Effective Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters
* Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics
* Person Re-Identification without Identification via Event Anonymization
* Recurrent Tissue-Aware Network for Deformable Registration of Infant Brain MR Images
* Robust Detection and Affine Rectification of Planar Homogeneous Texture for Scene Understanding
* SLP: A Zero-contact Non-invasive Method for Pulmonary Function Testing
* SVC-onGoing: Signature verification competition
* Task Decomposition and Synchronization for Semantic Biomedical Image Segmentation
* Temporal and Inter-View Consistent Error Concealment Technique for Multiview Plus Depth Video
* Three-Dimensional Cloud Structure Reconstruction from the Directional Polarimetric Camera
* Towards multi-views cloud retrieval accounting for the 3-D structure collected by directional polarization camera
* Unequal Error Protection Using Fountain Codes With Applications to Video Communication
* Video processing system including advanced scene break detection methods for fades, dissolves and flashes
* VISIT: An Efficient Computational Model of Human Visual Attention
Includes: Ahmad, S.[Sahar] Ahmad, S. Ahmad, S.[Sajjad] Ahmad, S.[Subutai] Ahmad, S.[Safura] Ahmad, S.[Shabir] Ahmad, S.[Shakeel] Ahmad, S.[Shakil] Ahmad, S.[Shafiq] Ahmad, S.[Shahzor] Ahmad, S.[Shahzad] Ahmad, S.[Shandar] Ahmad, S.[Shiraz] Ahmad, S.[Sumaiya]
47 for Ahmad, S.

Ahmad, S.K.[Shahryar Khalique] Co Author Listing * Exploring Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 diversity for flood inundation mapping using deep learning
* Fusion Approach for Water Area Classification Using Visible, Near Infrared and Synthetic Aperture Radar for South Asian Conditions, A
Includes: Ahmad, S.K.[Shahryar Khalique] Ahmad, S.K.

Ahmad, S.M.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Effect of Different Features' Performance on Hidden Markov Modeling Based Online and Offline Signature Verification Systems
* Integration of multiple soft biometrics for human identification
* Recent advances in facial soft biometrics
Includes: Ahmad, S.M.S. Ahmad, S.M.S.[Sharifah Mumtazah Syed]

Ahmad, S.R.[Sajid Rashid] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Crop Water Deficit in Lower Bari Doab, Pakistan Using Reflection-Based Crop Coefficient
* Integrated Hazard Modeling for Simulating Torrential Stream Response to Flash Flood Events
* Torrential Flood Water Management: Rainwater Harvesting through Relation Based Dam Suitability Analysis and Quantification of Erosion Potential

Ahmad, S.T.[Syed Towseef] Co Author Listing * Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment of Gangabal Lake in the Upper Jhelum Basin of Kashmir Himalaya Using Geospatial Technology and Hydrodynamic Modeling

Ahmad, S.Z.[Siti Zulaiha] Co Author Listing * Integrating Learning Techniques into iCAL4LA-Bijak Matematik Courseware to Motivate Low Achieving Children in Learning

Ahmad, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Crater Detection Using Convex Grouping and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic Open-World Reliability Assessment
* Combining Probabilistic Shape-from-Shading and Statistical Facial Shape Models
* Crater Detection Using Unsupervised Algorithms and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Determination of Critical Edges in Air Route Network Using Modified Weighted Sum Method and Grey Relational Analysis
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021
* ensemble model of convolution and recurrent neural network for skin disease classification, An
* Evaluation of Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection for Drone Detection
* Experimental Evaluation of Different Features and Nodal Costs for Horizon Line Detection, An
* Feature and Opinion Mining for Customer Review Summarization
* Few-Shot Class Incremental Learning Leveraging Self-Supervised Features
* Generating cancelable biometric templates using a projection line
* Horizon line detection using supervised learning and edge cues
* Machine Learning Approach to Horizon Line Detection Using Local Features, A
* Mining Local Association Rules from Temporal Data Set
* Multiple feature subspaces analysis for single sample per person face recognition
* New CNN-Based Method for Multi-Directional Car License Plate Detection, A
* On Crater Verification Using Mislocalized Crater Regions
* Pair-polar coordinate-based cancelable fingerprint templates
* Secure and Intelligent Framework for Vehicle Health Monitoring Exploiting Big-Data Analytics, A
* Sky Segmentation by Fusing Clustering with Neural Networks
* Toward cross-domain object detection in artwork images using improved YoloV5 and XGBoosting
* Tracking and Recognizing Hand Gestures, Using Statistical Shape Models
* Transforming spatio-temporal self-attention using action embedding for skeleton-based action recognition
* Variable Few Shot Class Incremental and Open World Learning
Includes: Ahmad, T. Ahmad, T.[Touqeer] Ahmad, T.[Tanvir] Ahmad, T.[Tasweer] Ahmad, T.[Tohari]
25 for Ahmad, T.

Ahmad, U.[Uzair] Co Author Listing * Review of Crop Water Stress Assessment Using Remote Sensing, A
* Victim Localization in USAR Scenario Exploiting Multi-Layer Mapping Structure
Includes: Ahmad, U.[Uzair] Ahmad, U.[Ubaid]

Ahmad, U.A.[Umar Ali] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Lightning Whistlers Observed by the Plasma Wave Experiment Onboard the Arase Satellite Using the OpenCV Library
* Modeling Post-Sunset Equatorial Spread-F Occurrence as a Function of Evening Upward Plasma Drift Using Logistic Regression, Deduced from Ionosondes in Southeast Asia

Ahmad, W. Co Author Listing * Complexity and implementation analysis of synthesized view distortion estimation architecture in 3D High Efficiency Video Coding
* Efficient 2-fold contextual filtering approach for fingerprint enhancement
* Interpreting plenoptic images as multi-view sequences for improved compression
* Matching Light Field Datasets from Plenoptic Cameras 1.0 and 2.0
* Procedure for the Correction of the Effect of Variation in Incidence Angle on AirSAR Data, A
* Shearlet Transform-Based Light Field Compression Under Low Bitrates
* Towards a Generic Compression Solution for Densely and Sparsely Sampled Light Field Data
* Use of airborne video data for the characterization of tropical savannas in northern Australia: the optimal spatial resolution for remote sensing applications
8 for Ahmad, W.

Ahmad, W.F.B.W.[Wan Fatimah Bt Wan] Co Author Listing * Design Architecture for IMPlayer as a Tool for Supporting Visual Education Presentation
* Designing 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Using Panoramic Image
* Effect of Visual of a Courseware towards Pre-University Students' Learning in Literature, The
* Visual Learning in Application of Integration

Ahmad, W.F.W.[Wan Fatimah Wan] Co Author Listing * Guideline for Designing an Effective Serious Game by Using Cultural-Based Game Design Model
* Preliminary Study on Social Learning Using Mobile Technology Among Children with Autism
* Study on Usability of MobileSchool System for Secondary School: Role-Based Questionnaire Method, A
* User Experience of Autism Social-Aid Among Autistic Children: AUTISM Social Aid Application

Ahmad, W.M.Z.W.[Wan Muhammad Zulhafizsyam Wan] Co Author Listing * VisEL: Visualisation of Expertise Level in a Special Interest Group Knowledge Portal

Ahmad, W.S.H.M.W.[Wan Siti Halimatul Munirah Wan] Co Author Listing * HER2-Sish Histopathology Image Classification Using Deep Neural Networks

Ahmad, Z.[Zahoor] Co Author Listing * GMM-Aided DNN Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Sparse Autoencoder Feature Extraction

Ahmadabadi, J.Z.[J. Zarepour] Co Author Listing * Secret image sharing based on cellular automata and steganography

Ahmadabadi, M.N.[Majid Nili] Co Author Listing * Attention control with reinforcement learning for face recognition under partial occlusion
* Cost-sensitive learning of top-down modulation for attentional control
* Directed Random Subspace Method for Face Recognition
* Face recognition using reinforcement learning
* Learning top-down feature based attention control
* Online learning of task-driven object-based visual attention control
* Optimal Local Basis: A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Face Recognition
Includes: Ahmadabadi, M.N.[Majid Nili] Ahmadabadi, M.N.[Majid N.]
7 for Ahmadabadi, M.N.

Ahmadabadian, A.H.[Ali Hosseininaveh] Co Author Listing * ARM-VO: an efficient monocular visual odometry for ground vehicles on ARM CPUs
* comparison of dense matching algorithms for scaled surface reconstruction using stereo camera rigs, A
* Photogrammetric Analysis of a Heritage Ceiling
* Practice-Based Comparison of Imaging Methods for Visualization of Toolmarks on an Egyptian Scarab
Includes: Ahmadabadian, A.H.[Ali Hosseininaveh] Ahmadabadian, A.H.[A. Hosseininaveh]

Ahmadalipour, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Water Use Efficiency and Terrestrial Drought Recovery across the Contiguous United States

Ahmadi Kandjani, S.[Sohrab] Co Author Listing * High quality computational ghost imaging using multi-fluorescent screen
Includes: Ahmadi Kandjani, S.[Sohrab] Ahmadi-Kandjani, S.[Sohrab]

Ahmadi, A.[Arman] Co Author Listing * Actual Evapotranspiration from UAV Images: A Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Approach
* Ensemble SW image steganalysis: A low dimension method for LSBR detection
* Kinect vs. Low-cost Inertial Sensing for Gesture Recognition
* novel approach for deep pedestrian detection based on changes in camera viewing angle, A
* parallel hardware design for parametric active contour models, A
* Quantization-Unaware Double JPEG Compression Detection
* Unsupervised convolutional neural networks for motion estimation
* Urban Vision Development in Order to Monitor Wheelchair Users Based On The Yolo Algorithm
* Urban's River Flood Analysing Using Sentinel-1 Data Case Study: (gorganrood, Aq'qala)
Includes: Ahmadi, A.[Arman] Ahmadi, A.[Ali] Ahmadi, A.[Amin] Ahmadi, A.
9 for Ahmadi, A.

Ahmadi, B.[Behzad] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Water Use Efficiency and Terrestrial Drought Recovery across the Contiguous United States
* Scalable Detection of Offensive and Non-compliant Content / Logo in Product Images
* Spatio-Temporal Variability in Bio-Optical Properties of the Southern Caspian Sea: A Historic Analysis of Ocean Color Data
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Wind Energy in the Caspian Sea: An Ecosystem Service Modeling Approach
Includes: Ahmadi, B.[Behzad] Ahmadi, B. Ahmadi, B.[Bonyad]

Ahmadi, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Document image binarization using a discriminative structural classifier
* Image synthesis using Conditional Random Fields
* Margin Losses for Training Conditional Random Fields

Ahmadi, F.F.[F. Farnood] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks, Image Processing and CAD-Based Environments Facilities in Automatic Road Extraction and Vectorization from High Resolution Satellite Images
* Development of an Object-Based Interpretive System Based on Weighted Scoring Method in a Multi-Scale Manner
Includes: Ahmadi, F.F.[F. Farnood] Ahmadi, F.F.[Farshid Farnood]

Ahmadi, G.R. Co Author Listing * Application of radar polarimetry techniques for retrieval snow and rain characteristics in remote sensing

Ahmadi, H. Co Author Listing * Efficient Iris Coding Based on Gauss-Laguerre Wavelets, An
* Gauss-Laguerre wavelet textural feature fusion with geometrical information for facial expression identification
Includes: Ahmadi, H. Ahmadi, H.[Hossein]

Ahmadi, H.R. Co Author Listing * Optimal Training and Data Power Allocation in Distributed Detection With Inhomogeneous Sensors

Ahmadi, K.[Kourosh] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Mapping the Stand Characteristics of Temperate Forests Using Multi-Spectral Sentinel-2 Data
* Deep Neural Network Utilizing Remote Sensing Datasets for Flood Hazard Susceptibility Mapping in Brisbane, Australia
* efficient compression scheme based on adaptive thresholding in wavelet domain using particle swarm optimization, An
* Forest Fire Susceptibility Prediction Based on Machine Learning Models with Resampling Algorithms on Remote Sensing Data
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Machine and Ensemble Learning Based on Remote Sensing Big Data
* Single-image super resolution using evolutionary sparse coding technique
* Small dim object tracking using a multi objective particle swarm optimisation technique
* Small dim object tracking using frequency and spatial domain information
* Social-spider optimised particle filtering for tracking of targets with discontinuous measurement data
Includes: Ahmadi, K.[Kourosh] Ahmadi, K.[Kaveh]
9 for Ahmadi, K.

Ahmadi, M. Co Author Listing * Application of Fuzzy Integrals in Fusion of Classifiers for Low Error Rate Handwritten Numerals Recognition
* Automatic localization of craniofacial landmarks for assisted cephalometry
* Automatic localization of craniofacial landmarks using multi-layer perceptron as a function approximator
* Blur invariants: A novel representation in the wavelet domain
* Contrast enhancement of radiograph images based on local heterogeneity measures
* Document Registration Using Projective Geometry
* effective feature extraction method for face recognition, An
* efficient illumination invariant face recognition framework via illumination enhancement and DD-DTWT filtering, An
* efficient method for recognition of human faces using higher orders pseudo Zernike moment invariant, An
* efficient selected feature set for the middle age Persian character recognition, An
* Efficient Space Time Block Code for LTE-A System, An
* Extraction of Handwritten Information in Geometrically Distorted Documents
* Fast and efficient minutia-based palmprint matching
* Fixed Pixel Threshold PDC Algorithm and Its Implementation for Full Search Block Matching Motion Estimation
* Form Registration: A Computer Vision Approach
* fuzzy hybrid learning algorithm for radial basis function neural network with application in human face recognition, A
* Generalized ordinary moment based blur invariant descriptors for face recognition with degraded images
* Handwritten Farsi (Arabic) Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach Using Discrete HMM
* hidden Markov model-based character extraction method, A
* Hierarchical Neural-Network Architecture for Handwritten Numeral Recognition, A
* Human face recognition under occlusion using LBP and entropy weighted voting
* Illumination invariant feature extraction and mutual-information-based local matching for face recognition under illumination variation and occlusion
* Image processing techniques for quality inspection of gelatin capsules in pharmaceutical applications
* Local gradient-based illumination invariant face recognition using local phase quantisation and multi-resolution local binary pattern fusion
* modified technique for face recognition under degraded conditions, A
* Morphological Approach to Text String Extraction from Regular Periodic Overlapping Text-Background Images, A
* motion adaptive deinterlacing method with hierarchical motion detection algorithm, A
* N-Feature Neural Network Human Face Recognition
* New Methods for Contour-Detection and Automatic Thresholding
* Off-line Unconstrained Farsi Handwritten Word Recognition Using Fuzzy Vector Quantization and Hidden Markov Word Models
* Pattern classification using an efficient KNNR
* Pattern Recognition With Moment Invariants: A Comparative Study and New Results
* Recognition of Handwritten Numerals with Multiple Feature and Multistage Classifier
* Recognition of middle age Persian characters using a set of invariant moments
* Risk-averse receding horizon motion planning for obstacle avoidance using coherent risk measures
* Segmentation of Handwritten Interference Marks Using Multiple Directional Stroke Planes and Reformalized Morphological Approach
* Segmentation Of Touching Characters In Printed Document Recognition
* Shape contour recognition using moment invariants
* Shape Determination from Intensity Images: A New Algorithm
* Statistical and neural classification of handwritten numerals: a comparative study
* Tunable halfband-pair wavelet filter banks and application to multifocus image fusion
* Unconstrained Farsi handwritten word recognition using fuzzy vector quantization and hidden Markov models
* Wavelet Domain Blur Invariants for 1D Discrete Signals
* Wavelet-Domain Blur Invariants for Image Analysis
* weighted voting scheme for recognition of faces with illumination variation, A
Includes: Ahmadi, M. Ahmadi, M.[Majid] Ahmadi, M.[Mohsen] Ahmadi, M.[Mohamadreza]
45 for Ahmadi, M.

Ahmadi, N.[Neda] Co Author Listing * Hybrid robust iris recognition approach using iris image pre-processing, two-dimensional gabor features and multi-layer perceptron neural network/PSO
* Transformer-Based Spatio-Temporal Analysis for Classification of Aortic Stenosis Severity From Echocardiography Cine Series
Includes: Ahmadi, N.[Neda] Ahmadi, N.

Ahmadi, P. Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection and localisation in traffic videos based on group sparse topical coding
* Employing Topical Relations in Semantic Analysis of Traffic Videos
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Based Remote Sensing for Early-Stage Detection of Ganoderma
Includes: Ahmadi, P. Ahmadi, P.[Parisa]

Ahmadi, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in a Mountainous Area Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Ahmadi, S.[Sahar] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning for 3D Point Cloud Objects
* Generalized low-rank approximation of matrices based on multiple transformation pairs
* Improved Snake Model for Automatic Extraction of Buildings from Urban Aerial Images and LiDAR Data Using Genetic Algorithm, An
* Improving energy-efficient train operation in urban railways: employing the variation of regenerative energy recovery rate
* Novel Active Contours Model for Environmental Change Detection from Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, A
Includes: Ahmadi, S.[Sahar] Ahmadi, S.[Soheil] Ahmadi, S.[Salman] Ahmadi, S.[Saeed]

Ahmadi, S.A.[Seyed Ali] Co Author Listing * BD-SKUNet: Selective-Kernel UNets for Building Damage Assessment in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Coupling Convolutional Neural Networks and Hough Voting for Robust Segmentation of Ultrasound Volumes
* Diabetes60: Inferring Bread Units From Food Images Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
* Differentiable Graph Module (DGM) for Graph Convolutional Networks
* Hough-CNN: Deep learning for segmentation of deep brain regions in MRI and ultrasound
* Multi-Scale Tubular Structure Detection in Ultrasound Imaging
* Standardized Evaluation System for Left Ventricular Segmentation Algorithms in 3D Echocardiography
* Status and Trends of Wetland Studies in Canada Using Remote Sensing Technology with a Focus on Wetland Classification: A Bibliographic Analysis
* Supervised feature extraction method based on low-rank representation with preserving local pairwise constraints for hyperspectral images
* Transformers Pay Attention to Convolutions Leveraging Emerging Properties of ViTs by Dual Attention-Image Network
* Universal Hough dictionaries for object tracking
* V-Net: Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Ahmadi, S.A.[Seyed Ali] Ahmadi, S.A.[Seyed-Ahmad] Ahmadi, S.A. Ahmadi, S.A.[Seyyed Ali]
12 for Ahmadi, S.A.

Ahmadi, S.S. Co Author Listing * Enhance support relation extraction accuracy using improvement of segmentation in RGB-D images

Ahmadi, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * label compression method for online multi-label classification, A
* MTS2Graph: Interpretable multivariate time series classification with temporal evolving graphs

Ahmadian Attari, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * new detector for contourlet domain multiplicative image watermarking using Bessel K form distribution, A
Includes: Ahmadian Attari, M.[Mahmoud] Ahmadian-Attari, M.[Mahmoud]

Ahmadian, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * efficient method for estimating soft tissue deformation based on intraoperative stereo image features and point-based registration, An
* Fractional anisotropy-weighted front evolution algorithm for white matter tractography based on diffusion tensor imaging data
* Leakage suppression in human airway tree segmentation using shape optimization based on fuzzy connectivity method
* Model-based Persian calligraphy synthesis via learning to transfer templates to personal styles
* robust keypoint extraction and matching algorithm based on wavelet transform and information theory for point-based registration in endoscopic sinus cavity data, A
Includes: Ahmadian, A.[Alireza] Ahmadian, A.[Amirhossein]

Ahmadian, A.M.[Amir M.] Co Author Listing * novel secret image sharing with steganography scheme utilizing Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding and Information Dispersal Algorithms, A

Ahmadian, K.[Khodabakhsh] Co Author Listing * X-Ray medical image super-resolution via self-organization neural networks and geometric directional gradient

Ahmadian, M. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of High-Contrast Proppant in Hydraulic Fractures With Galvanic Measurements
* Surface Accelerations Reference: A Large-Scale, Interactive Catalog of Passenger Vehicle Accelerations, The
Includes: Ahmadian, M. Ahmadian, M.[Mehdi]

Ahmadian, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Water Cloud Model for Estimating Crop Leaf Area Index, A
* Estimating the Leaf Area Index of Agricultural Crops using multi-temporal dual-polarimetric TerraSAR-X Data: A case study in North-Eastern Germany
* New Concept of Soil Line Retrieval from Landsat 8 Images for Estimating Plant Biophysical Parameters, A

Ahmadian, S.[Sajad] Co Author Listing * Automated Deep CNN-LSTM Architecture Design for Solar Irradiance Forecasting
* Exploring Tradeoffs in Accuracy, Energy and Latency of Scale Invariant Feature Transform in Wireless Camera Networks
* Ontological Assessment and Significance of Semantic Levels of Tags In OpenStreetMap
Includes: Ahmadian, S.[Sajad] Ahmadian, S.

Ahmadianpour, F.[Farzin] Co Author Listing * Efficient Techniques for Reducing the Blocking Artifacts in Motion Compensated Frame
* Fast Algorithm for Motion Estimation Under the Varying Inter-Frame Brightness Characteristics, A

Ahmadizadeh, C.[Chakaveh] Co Author Listing * Human Machine Interfaces in Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control: A Survey of Techniques for Preprocessing and Processing of Biosignals

Ahmadizadeh, P.[Pouyan] Co Author Listing * Energy Management of a Dual-Mode Power-Split Powertrain Based on the Pontryagin's Minimum Principle

Ahmadkhan, Z.[Zaki] Co Author Listing * Reward shaping with hierarchical graph topology

Ahmadkhani, M. Co Author Listing * Spatio-statistical Modeling of Human Brucellosis Using Environmental Parameters: a Case Study of Northern Iran

Ahmadkhani, S. Co Author Listing * Face recognition using supervised probabilistic principal component analysis mixture model in dimensionality reduction without loss framework

Ahmadlou, M. Co Author Listing * Modeling Urban Dynamics Using Random Forest: Implementing Roc And Toc For Model Evaluation
* Wildland Fire Susceptibility Mapping Using Support Vector Regression and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System-Based Whale Optimization Algorithm and Simulated Annealing
Includes: Ahmadlou, M. Ahmadlou, M.[Mohammad]

Ahmadmonfared, P.[Pouya] Co Author Listing * Automatic Sleep System Recommendation by Multi-modal RBG-Depth-Pressure Anthropometric Analysis

Ahmadnia, A. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Data Generation Pipeline for Geometric Deep Learning In Architecture

Ahmadov, F.[Farid] Co Author Listing * Real Time Hand Based Robot Control Using 2D/3D Images

Ahmadvand, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Invariant texture classification using a spatial filter bank in multi-resolution analysis
* Multispectral MRI image segmentation using Markov random field model
* novel Markov random field model based on region adjacency graph for T1 magnetic resonance imaging brain segmentation, A

Ahmadvand, P.[Payam] Co Author Listing * Tumor Lesion Segmentation from 3D PET Using a Machine Learning Driven Active Surface

Ahmady, H. Co Author Listing * Factors Affecting Citizens' Intention to Continue Using the Rewarding Solid-waste Collection Mobile Apps In Tehran, Iran

Ahmady, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Recognition of facial expressions using locally weighted and adjusted order Pseudo Zernike Moments

Ahmady, S.[Salman] Co Author Listing * Automatic Building Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Active Contour Mode

Ahmadyan, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Objectron: A Large Scale Dataset of Object-Centric Videos in the Wild with Pose Annotations

Ahmadyfard, A. Co Author Listing * Colour-based model pruning for efficient ARG object recognition
* edge-based color-aided method for license plate detection, An
* Fast Algorithm for License Plate Detection, A
* Fast single image SR via dictionary learning
* fast video super resolution for facial image, A
* Single image super-resolution based on sparse representation using dictionaries trained with input image patches
Includes: Ahmadyfard, A. Ahmadyfard, A.[Alireza]

Ahmadyfard, A.R. Co Author Listing * comparative study of two object recognition methods, A
* Multiple Classifier System Approach to Affine Invariant Object Recognition, A
* Multiple Classifier System Approach to Model Pruning in Object Recognition
* On Matching Algorithms for the Recognition of Objects in Cluttered Background
* Region-Based Object Recognition: Pruning Multiple Representations and Hypotheses
* Using relaxation technique for region-based object recognition
Includes: Ahmadyfard, A.R. Ahmadyfard, A.R.[Ali R.] Ahmadyfard, A.R.[Ali-Reza]

Ahmadzade, A.M.[Ali Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Video Summarization by an Innovative Method in Shot Detection

Ahmadzadeh, A.[Azim] Co Author Listing * Contingency Space: A Semimetric Space for Classification Evaluation
* Measuring Class-Imbalance Sensitivity of Deterministic Performance Evaluation Metrics
* Multiscale IOU: A Metric for Evaluation of Salient Object Detection with Fine Structures

Ahmadzadeh, M.R. Co Author Listing * Error statistics for slope and aspect when derived from interpolated data
* level-set method for inhomogeneous image segmentation with application to breast thermography images, A
* New content-based image retrieval system based on optimised integration of DCD, wavelet and curvelet features
* new efficient method to characterize dynamic textures based on a two-phase texture and dynamism analysis, A
Includes: Ahmadzadeh, M.R. Ahmadzadeh, M.R.[Mohammad Reza]

Ahman, W.[Waqar] Co Author Listing * Incidence Angle Correction of AirSAR Data to Facilitate Land-Cover Classification

Ahmane, M. Co Author Listing * Deadlock Prevention of Self-Driving Vehicles in a Network of Intersections

Ahmar, W.A.E.[Wassim A. El] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Detection and Tracking in the Thermal Spectrum

Ahmari, H.[Habib] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Suspended Sediment Concentration along the Lower Brazos River Using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

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