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Schwaab, M. Co Author Listing * Intuitive Mobility Aid for Visually Impaired People Based on Stereo Vision, An

Schwab, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Design of Platooning Controllers That Achieve Collision Avoidance by External Positivity
* framework for automated cell tracking in phase contrast microscopic videos based on normal velocities, A
Includes: Schwab, A.[Alexander] Schwab, A.[Albrecht]

Schwab, B.C. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Tissue Including Fibroblasts Using Three-Dimensional Confocal Microscopy and Image Reconstruction: Towards a Basis for Electrophysiological Modeling

Schwab, E.[Evan] Co Author Listing * Global Optimality in Separable Dictionary Learning with Applications to the Analysis of Diffusion MRI

Schwab, E.D.[Emil Daniel] Co Author Listing * Multichannel Image Decomposition by using Pseudo-Linear Haar Wavelets

Schwab, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Error concealment algorithms for compressed video

Schwab, H.M. Co Author Listing * Multiperspective Ultrasound Strain Imaging of the Abdominal Aorta

Schwab, I. Co Author Listing * Influences of Different Materials on the Measurements of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)

Schwab, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Big in Japan: Regularizing Networks for Solving Inverse Problems

Schwab, K. Co Author Listing * Improvement of Existing and Development of Future Copernicus Land Monitoring Products - The Ecolass Project

Schwab, M.E.[Martin E.] Co Author Listing * LSTM Self-Supervision for Detailed Behavior Analysis

Schwab, S.[Simeon] Co Author Listing * multi-cue spatio-temporal framework for automatic frontal face clustering in video sequences., A
* Near-Real-Time Satellite Image-Processing: Metacomputing in C++
* Robust, Marker-Based Head Tracking for Testing Cognitive Vehicles in the Loop
* Toward Holistic Energy Management Strategies for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Heavy-Duty Applications
Includes: Schwab, S.[Simeon] Schwab, S.[Siméon] Schwab, S. Schwab, S.[Sebastian] Schwab, S.[Stefan]

Schwabach, H. Co Author Listing * Integrating multi-camera tracking into a dynamic task allocation system for smart cameras

Schwabisch, M. Co Author Listing * Generation of High Precision DEMs of the Wadden Sea with Airborne Interferometric SAR
Includes: Schwabisch, M. Schwäbisch, M. (Maybe also Schwaebisch, M.)

Schwaebisch, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * Estimation of forest biomass from an airborne single-pass L-band POL-InSAR system

Schwaerz, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Profiles from GNSS Radio Occultation Data in Moist Air and Comparison to 1DVar Retrievals, A
* New Higher-Order Correction of GNSS RO Bending Angles Accounting for Ionospheric Asymmetry: Evaluation of Performance and Added Value

Schwager, M. Co Author Listing * Eyes in the Sky: Decentralized Control for the Deployment of Robotic Camera Networks

Schwaiger, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Anatomical triangulation: from sparse landmarks to dense annotation of the skeleton in CT images
* Segmentation of Skeleton and Organs in Whole-Body CT Images via Iterative Trilateration
Includes: Schwaiger, M.[Markus] Schwaiger, M.

Schwaighofer, A.[Anton] Co Author Listing * Making the Most of Text Semantics to Improve Biomedical Vision-Language Processing

Schwaizer, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Glacier Remote Sensing Using Sentinel-2. Part II: Mapping Glacier Extents and Surface Facies, and Comparison to Landsat 8
* On the Automated Mapping of Snow Cover on Glaciers and Calculation of Snow Line Altitudes from Multi-Temporal Landsat Data

Schwalb, J.M.[Jason M.] Co Author Listing * Roles of Various Brain Structures on Non-Invasive Lateralization of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Schwalb, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of arbitrary camera motion in MPEG videos
* Fast Motion Estimation on Graphics Hardware for H.264 Video Encoding
* Segmenting Moving Objects in MPEG Videos in the Presence of Camera Motion
* Using depth features to retrieve monocular video shots
Includes: Schwalb, M. Schwalb, M.[Martin]

Schwalbe, E. Co Author Listing * 3D building model generation from airborne laserscanner data using 2D GIS data and orthogonal point cloud projections
* Analysis of the motion behaviour of Jacobshaven isbræ glacier in Greenland by monocular image sequence analysis
* autonomous image based approach for detecting glacial lake outburst floods, An
* Development of a Low-cost, Hand-held Multi-sensor System for The Monitoring of Small Water Bodies
* Geometric Modelling and Calibration of Fisheye Lens Camera Systems
* Glacier Velocity Determination from Multi-Temporal Long Range Laser Scanner Point Clouds
* Integrated Processing of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data and Fisheye-Camera Image Data
* Motion Analysis of Fast Flowing Glaciers from Multi-temporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Photogrammetric Techniques For The Determination Of Spatio-temporal Velocity Fields At Glaciar San Rafael
* Recognition Of Drainage Tunnels During Glacier Lake Outburst Events From Terrestrial Image Sequences
* Validation of geometric models for fisheye lenses
Includes: Schwalbe, E. Schwalbe, E.[Ellen]
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Schwalbert, R.A.[Rai Augusto] Co Author Listing * Satellite-based data fusion crop type classification and mapping in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Includes: Schwalbert, R.A.[Rai Augusto] Schwalbert, R.A.[Raí Augusto]

Schwaller, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Forest Health Monitoring: A Systematic Review

Schwaller, M. Co Author Listing * On the Blending of the Landsat and MODIS Surface Reflectance: Predicting Daily Landsat Surface Reflectance

Schwaller, M.R. Co Author Listing * CoSMIR Performance During the GPM OLYMPEX Campaign
* Observations of Storm Signatures by the Recently Modified Conical Scanning Millimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer

Schwalm, M. Co Author Listing * Methods of evaluating electric vehicles from a user's perspective: The MINI E field trial in Berlin

Schwambach, V. Co Author Listing * Image tiling for embedded applications with non-linear constraints

Schwan, J. Co Author Listing * I-MOVE: Independent Moving Objects for Velocity Estimation

Schwander, F. Co Author Listing * Interactive Videos As Geospatial Interfaces: A Case Study for Regional Promotion

Schwander, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Bhattacharyya Clustering with Applications to Mixture Simplifications
* k-MLE for mixtures of generalized Gaussians

Schwandner, F.M.[Florian M.] Co Author Listing * Bi-Directional Reflectance Factor Determination of the Railroad Valley Playa
* Cross-Calibration of Spectral Radiances and Cross-Validation of CO2 Estimates from GOSAT and OCO-2, The
* Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors
* Vicarious Calibration of Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2
Includes: Schwandner, F.M.[Florian M.] Schwandner, F.M.

Schwandt, H.[Hartmut] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Extraction of Dynamic Pedestrian Density Fields
* Trajectory Extraction and Density Analysis of Intersecting Pedestrian Flows from Video Recordings

Schwandtner, J. Co Author Listing * Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators

Schwanecke, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * AMIGO - automatic indexing of lecture footage
* ANTSAC: A Generic RANSAC Variant Using Principles of Ant Colony Algorithms
* Detecting interaction above digital tabletops using a single depth camera
* Real-Time Monocular Pose Estimation of 3D Objects Using Temporally Consistent Local Color Histograms
* Real-Time Monocular Segmentation and Pose Tracking of Multiple Objects
* Real-Time Volumetric Reconstruction and Tracking of Hands in a Desktop Environment
* Region-Based Gauss-Newton Approach to Real-Time Monocular Multiple Object Tracking, A
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Schwanghart, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Detection and Delineation of Localized Flooding from WorldView-2 Multispectral Data
* Local-scale flood mapping on vegetated floodplains from radiometrically calibrated airborne LiDAR data

Schwaninger, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Role of Featural and Configural Information in Familiar and Unfamiliar Face Recognition
* View-Based Recognition of Faces in Man and Machine: Re-visiting Inter-extra-Ortho

Schwank, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Soil Emission Model and Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithms for a Tibetan Desert Ecosystem
* Comparison of Two Bare-Soil Reflectivity Models and Validation With L-Band Radiometer Measurements
* Davos-Laret Remote Sensing Field Laboratory: 2016/2017 Winter Season L-Band Measurements Data-Processing and Analysis
* Estimation of Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Soil Using Ground-Based Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
* Impact of Soil Permittivity and Temperature Profile on L-Band Microwave Emission of Frozen Soil
* L-Band Microwave Emission of Soil Freeze-Thaw Process in the Third Pole Environment
* Mapping Field-Scale Soil Moisture With L-Band Radiometer and Ground-Penetrating Radar Over Bare Soil
* Modelling the L-Band Snow-Covered Surface Emission in a Winter Canadian Prairie Environment
* Portable L-Band Radiometer (PoLRa): Design and Characterization
* Relief Effects on the L-Band Emission of a Bare Soil
* Snow Density and Ground Permittivity Retrieved from L-Band Radiometry: Melting Effects
* Snow Wetness Retrieved from L-Band Radiometry
* Tau-Omega- and Two-Stream Emission Models Used for Passive L-Band Retrievals: Application to Close-Range Measurements over a Forest
Includes: Schwank, M. Schwank, M.[Mike]
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Schwantes, A.M.[Amanda M.] Co Author Listing * Integrating Drone Imagery into High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Assessments of Estuarine Environments

Schwarcz, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation from Deep Multi-View 2D Pose
* Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos Using Chunk-based Classifiers
* Adapting Style and Content for Attended Text Sequence Recognition
* Finding Facial Forgery Artifacts with Parts-Based Detectors
* Proposal-Based Solution to Spatio-Temporal Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos, A
Includes: Schwarcz, S. Schwarcz, S.[Steven]

Schwardt, M.[Michaela] Co Author Listing * Attenuation of Seismic Multiples in Very Shallow Water: An Application in Archaeological Prospection Using Data Driven Approaches

Schwarting, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * JPSS-1 VIIRS Radiometric Characterization and Calibration Based on Pre-Launch Testing
* JPSS-1/NOAA-20 VIIRS Day-Night Band Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration and Performance
* New Method for Suomi-NPP VIIRS Day-Night Band On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration, A
* Overall Assessment of JPSS-2 VIIRS Radiometric Performance Based on Pre-Launch Testing, An
* Overall Assessment of JPSS-3 VIIRS Radiometric Performance Based on Pre-Launch Testing, An
* Prelaunch Radiometric Characterization and Calibration of the S-NPP VIIRS Sensor
Includes: Schwarting, T.[Thomas] Schwarting, T.

Schwarting, W. Co Author Listing * Safe Nonlinear Trajectory Generation for Parallel Autonomy With a Dynamic Vehicle Model

Schwartz Arad, D. Co Author Listing * Measuring hepatocytes reaction to dimethylnitrosamine using computerized microscope
Includes: Schwartz Arad, D. Schwartz-Arad, D.

Schwartz Mette, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * InfAnFace: Bridging the Infant-Adult Domain Gap in Facial Landmark Estimation in the Wild
Includes: Schwartz Mette, R.[Rebecca] Schwartz-Mette, R.[Rebecca]

Schwartz, A.[Arik] Co Author Listing * Image quality assessment based on DCT subband similarity
* Intrinsic Isometric Manifold Learning with Application to Localization
Includes: Schwartz, A.[Arik] Schwartz, A.[Ariel]

Schwartz, B. Co Author Listing * Efficient Block Motion Estimation Using Integral Projections

Schwartz, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Are reflectance field renderings appropriate for optical flow evaluation?
* Change Detection in UWB SAR Images Based on Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Development and validation of a 3D kinematic-based method for determining gait events during overground walking
* Fusing Structured Light Consistency and Helmholtz Normals for 3D Reconstruction
* Multi-camera, Multi-projector Super-Resolution Framework for Structured Light, A
* Segmentation of gait cycles using foot-mounted 3D accelerometers
* Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings
* Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Method Based on Image Stack through Robust Principal Component Analysis, A
Includes: Schwartz, C.[Christopher] Schwartz, C.[Christofer] Schwartz, C.[Cedric] Schwartz, C.
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Schwartz, C.S.[Craig S.] Co Author Listing * NWP-Based Adjustment of IMERG Precipitation for Flood-Inducing Complex Terrain Storms: Evaluation over CONUS

Schwartz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * HyNet: 3D Segmentation Using Hybrid Graph Networks
* Multi-user VR Experience for Creating and Trading Non-fungible Tokens
* Regularization and Sparsity for Adversarial Robustness and Stable Attribution
* Supporting Disaster Resilience Spatial Thinking with Serious GeoGames: Project Lily Pad
Includes: Schwartz, D.[Daniel] Schwartz, D.[David]

Schwartz, E.[Eli] Co Author Listing * Baby steps towards few-shot learning with multiple semantics
* Beholder-Gan: Generation and Beautification of Facial Images with Conditioning on Their Beauty Level
* DeepISP: Toward Learning an End-to-End Image Processing Pipeline
* Detector-Free Weakly Supervised Grounding by Separation
* Fine-grained Angular Contrastive Learning with Coarse Labels
* MetAdapt: Meta-learned task-adaptive architecture for few-shot classification
* New Wavelet-based Approach to Sharpening and Smoothing of Images in Besov Spaces with Applications to Deblurring, A
* RepMet: Representative-Based Metric Learning for Classification and Few-Shot Object Detection
* Subset Warping: Rubber Sheeting with Cuts
* Unsupervised Domain Generalization by Learning a Bridge Across Domains
Includes: Schwartz, E.[Eli] Schwartz, E.
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Schwartz, E.L.[Eric L.] Co Author Listing * email: Schwartz, E.L.[Eric L.]: eric AT cns bu edu
* Adaptive Nonlocal Filtering: A Fast Alternative to Anisotropic Diffusion for Image Enhancement
* Applications of Computer Graphics and Image Processing to 2-D and 3-D Modeling of the Functional Architecture of Visual Cortex
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998 PI)
* Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University (1998)
* Cepstral Filtering on a Columnar Image Architecture: A Fast Algorithm for Binocular Stereo Segmentation
* Columnar Architecture and Computational Anatomy in Primate Visual Cortex: Segmentation and Feature Extraction via Spatial Frequence Coded Difference Mapping
* Computational Anatomy and Functional Architecture of Striate Cortex: A Spatial Mapping Approach to Perceptual Coding
* Computing Minimal Distance on Polyhedral Surfaces
* Connectivity graphs for space-variant active vision
* Connectivity Graphs in Space-Variant Active Vision
* Cortical Anatomy, Size Invariance, and Spatial Frequency Analysis
* Cortical hypercolumns and the topology of random orientation maps
* Cortical Mapping and Perceptional Invariance: A Reply to Cavanagh
* Design considerations for a space-variant visual sensor with complex-logarithmic geometry
* Exact Geodesics and Shortest Paths on Polyhedral Surfaces
* Fast Adaptive Alternatives to Nonlinear Diffusion in Image Enhancement: Greens Function Approximators and Nonlocal Filters
* Faster graph-theoretic image processing via small-world and quadtree topologies
* Fourier-Analysis and Cortical Architectures: The Exponential Chirp Transform
* Geometric invariance in space-variant vision systems: The exponential chirp transform
* Improved Cross Correlation for Template Matching on the Laplacian Pyramid
* Isoperimetric Graph Partitioning for Image Segmentation
* Learned Adaptive Nonlinear Filtering for Anisotropic Diffusion Approximation in Image Processing
* Learning an Integral-Equation Approximation to Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion in Image-Processing
* Lie Group Theory, Space Variant Fourier Analysis and the Exponential Chirp Transform
* Local-Structure of Space-Variant Images, The
* Miniature Pan-Tilt Actuator: The Spherical Pointing Motor, A
* miniaturized active vision system, A
* Miniaturized Space-Variant Active Vision System: Cortex-I, A
* Next Generation Image Compression and Manipulation Using CREW
* Numerical Solution to the Generalized Mapmaker's Problem: Flattening Nonconvex Polyhedral Surfaces, A
* Principal Investigator Report: Automated Vision and Sensing Systems at Boston University
* Quanmtitative Model of the Functional Architecture of Human Striate Cortex with Application to Vision Illusion and Cortical Texture Analysis, A
* Rapid Anisotropic Diffusion Using Space-Variant Vision
* Real-Time Restoration of Images Degraded by Uniform Motion Blur in Foveal Active Vision Systems
* Removal of tile artifacts using projection onto scaling functions for JPEG 2000
* Reversible DCT for lossless
* Shape Description with a Space-Variant Sensor: Algorithms for Scan-Path, Fusion, and Convergence over Multiple Scans
* Space-Variant Active Vision and Visually Guided Robotics: Design and Construction of a High-Performance Miniature Vehicle
* Space-Variant Active Vision: Definition, Overview and Examples
* Space-Variant Fourier-Analysis: The Exponential Chirp Transform
* Space-Variant Image-Processing
* Space-variant optical character recognition
* Spatial Mapping in the Primate Sensory Projection: Analytic Structure and Relevance to Perception
* Very high speed entropy coding
* Voice-Bandwidth Visual Communication Through Logmaps: The Telecortex
Includes: Schwartz, E.L.[Eric L.] Schwartz, E.L. Schwartz, E.L.[Edward L.]
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Schwartz, F.W. Co Author Listing * Verification of the Vertical Error in C-Band SRTM DEM Using ICESat and Landsat-7, Otter Tail County, MN

Schwartz, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * 3D Geometric Scale Variability in Range Images: Features and Descriptors
* Automatically discovering local visual material attributes
* Estimating the Dimension of a Model
* Mineral Classification of Land Surface Using Multispectral LWIR and Hyperspectral SWIR Remote-Sensing Data. A Case Study over the Sokolov Lignite Open-Pit Mines, the Czech Republic
* Recognizing Material Properties from Images
* Visual Material Traits: Recognizing Per-Pixel Material Context
Includes: Schwartz, G.[Gabriel] Schwartz, G. Schwartz, G.[Guy]

Schwartz, G.W.[Gregory W.] Co Author Listing * Using a novel clumpiness measure to unite data with metadata: Finding common sequence patterns in immune receptor germline V genes

Schwartz, H.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Rotational Representations in Structure and Motion Estimation for Maneuvering Objects, A

Schwartz, I.[Idan] Co Author Listing * Factor Graph Attention
* Simple Baseline for Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog, A
* Video and Text Matching with Conditioned Embeddings
* ZeroCap: Zero-Shot Image-to-Text Generation for Visual-Semantic Arithmetic

Schwartz, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Finding Fallen Objects Via Asynchronous Audio-Visual Integration
* Predicting Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the Greater London Area: An Ensemble Approach using Machine Learning Methods
Includes: Schwartz, J.[Jeremy] Schwartz, J.[Joel]

Schwartz, J.D.[Joshua D.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Matching of Deformable Shapes

Schwartz, J.L. Co Author Listing * Operationalizing Engagement with Multimedia as User Coherence with Context
* Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli
Includes: Schwartz, J.L. Schwartz, J.L.[Jean-Luc]

Schwartz, J.T. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Model-Based Object Recognition
* Experimental Implementation of a Ratio Image Depth Sensor
* Identification of Partially Obscured Objects in Two and Three Dimensions by Matching Noisy Characteristic Curves
* Object Recognition by Affine Invariant Matching
* Object Recognition by Three-Dimensional Curve Matching
* On Recognition of 3-D Objects from 2-D Images
* Two-Dimensional Model-Based, Boundary Matching Using Footprints
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Schwartz, J.W. Co Author Listing * Bit-Plane Encoding: A Technique for Source Encoding

Schwartz, L. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Schwartz, M.D. Co Author Listing * Cross Comparison of Spatiotemporally Enhanced Springtime Phenological Measurements From Satellites and Ground in a Northern U.S. Mixed Forest, A

Schwartz, M.P.[Matthijs P.] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Target Tracking Algorithm for a Robotic Flexible Endoscopy Platform, A

Schwartz, M.W.[Mark W.] Co Author Listing * Changes in Global Grassland Productivity during 1982 to 2011 Attributable to Climatic Factors

Schwartz, O. Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Texture Based Image Segmentation
* Image Statistics and Cortical Normalization Models

Schwartz, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Adaptive User Experience in the Car: Levels of Adaptivity and Adaptive HMI Design
* Finding structure in noisy text: Topic classification and unsupervised clustering
* Language-Independent OCR Using a Continuous Speech Recognition System
* Multi-Font Off-Line Arabic Character Recognition Using the BBN Byblos Speech Recognition System
* Omnifont and Unlimited-Vocabulary OCR for English and Arabic
* Omnifont Open-Vocabulary OCR System for English and Arabic, An
* Script Independent Methodology for Optical Character Recognition, A
* Script-independent, HMM-based Text Line Finding for OCR
* Videotext OCR using hidden Markov models
* What Size Test Set Gives Good Error Rate Estimates?
Includes: Schwartz, R.[Robert] Schwartz, R.[Rich] Schwartz, R. Schwartz, R.[Richard]
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Schwartz, S. Co Author Listing * Discriminant analysis and adaptive wavelet feature selection for statistical object detection
* Interactions Between Large-Scale Functional Brain Networks are Captured by Sparse Coupled HMMs
* Multi-Scale Saliency-Guided Compressive Sensing Approach to Efficient Robotic Laser Range Measurements
* Multimodal Data Representations with Parameterized Local Structures
* Optimized sampling distribution based on nonparametric learning for improved compressive sensing performance
* Parametric Representations for Nonlinear Modeling of Visual Data
* Saliency-guided compressive sensing approach to efficient laser range measurement
* Wavelet Domain Image Interpolation Via Statistical Estimation
Includes: Schwartz, S. Schwartz, S.[Shimon] Schwartz, S.[Stuart]
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Schwartz, S.B.[Sharon B.] Co Author Listing * Reduced-illuminance autofluorescence imaging in ABCA4-associated retinal degenerations

Schwartz, S.C.[Stuart C.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for detecting a face in a video image
* Efficient face detection with multiscale sequential classification
* Fast Face Detection using Subspace Discriminant Wavelet Features
* Object tracking: feature selection and confidence propagation
* Perceptive Animated Interfaces: First steps toward a new paradigm for human-computer interaction
Includes: Schwartz, S.C.[Stuart C.] Schwartz, S.C.

Schwartz, S.R. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning of Computer Vision Algorithms

Schwartz, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Person-Specific Subspace Analysis for Unconstrained Familiar Face Identification

Schwartz, W.R.[William Robson] Co Author Listing * 3D Searchless Fractal Video Encoding at Low Bit Rates
* Adaptive Vehicle License Plate Detection at Higher Matching Degree, An
* Automatic Extraction of Topographic Features Using Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Boosted Projection: An Ensemble of Transformation Models
* Bubblenet: A Disperse Recurrent Structure To Recognize Activities
* CBRA: Color-based ranking aggregation for person re-identification
* Classification schemes based on Partial Least Squares for face identification
* Coffee Crop Recognition Using Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks
* complementary local feature descriptor for face identification, A
* content-based late fusion approach applied to pedestrian detection, A
* Covariance-free Partial Least Squares: An Incremental Dimensionality Reduction Method
* Cycleptz: The Learning-Based Control Method For Master-Slave Camera Systems
* DASP: Dual-autoencoder Architecture for Skin Prediction
* Detection of Groups of People in Surveillance Videos Based on Spatio-Temporal Clues
* Distance matrices as invariant features for classifying MoCap data
* Dynamic Multicontext Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional Networks
* EDVD: Enhanced descriptor for visual and depth data
* efficient and layout-independent automatic license plate recognition system based on the YOLO detector, An
* Face Attributes as Cues for Deep Face Recognition Understanding
* Face Identification Using Large Feature Sets
* Face Verification: Strategies for Employing Deep Models
* Fast and Scalable Enrollment for Face Identification Based on Partial Least Squares
* Fast pedestrian detection based on a partial least squares cascade
* Fitting smooth surfaces to scattered 3D data using piecewise quadratic approximation
* Histograms of Optical Flow Orientation and Magnitude and Entropy to Detect Anomalous Events in Videos
* Human Detection Using Partial Least Squares Analysis
* Hyperspectral image interpretation based on partial least squares
* Improved Fractal Image Compression Based On Robust Feature Descriptors
* Improved View Frustum Culling Method Using Octrees for 3D Real-Time Rendering, An
* Kernel cross-view collaborative representation based classification for person re-identification
* Kernel Hierarchical PCA for person re-identification
* Kernel Partial Least Squares for person re-identification
* late fusion approach to combine multiple pedestrian detectors, A
* Learning to Semantically Segment High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Local Response Context Applied to Pedestrian Detection
* Magnitude-Orientation Stream network and depth information applied to activity recognition
* MoRe: A Large-Scale Motorcycle Re-Identification Dataset
* Noisy Character Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Non-parametric Approach to Detect Changes in Aerial Images, A
* Novel approaches to human activity recognition based on accelerometer data
* novel feature descriptor based on the shearlet transform, A
* Oblique random forest based on partial least squares applied to pedestrian detection
* Optical Flow Co-occurrence Matrices: A novel spatiotemporal feature descriptor
* Optimized Sliding Window Approach to Pedestrian Detection, An
* Person Re-Identification Based on Weighted Indexing Structures
* Person Re-identification Using Partial Least Squares Appearance Modeling
* Predominant color name indexing structure for person re-identification
* Preface of Special Issue on Data Representation and Representation Learning for Video Analysis
* Pyramidal Zernike Over Time: A Spatiotemporal Feature Descriptor Based on Zernike Moments
* Resource Allocation for Tracking Multiple Targets Using Particle Filters
* Robust and Scalable Approach to Face Identification, A
* Robust Human Detection under Occlusion by Integrating Face and Person Detectors
* Satellite Image Segmentation Using Wavelet Transforms Based on Color and Texture Features
* scalable and flexible framework for smart video surveillance, A
* Scalable Feature Extraction for Visual Surveillance
* Scalable people re-identification based on a one-against-some classification scheme
* Scalar image interest point detection and description based on discrete Morse theory and geometric descriptors
* Smart surveillance framework: A versatile tool for video analysis
* Spatial Pyramid Matching for Finger Spelling Recognition in Intensity Images
* Stage-Wise Neural Architecture Search
* Study on Low-Cost Representations for Image Feature Extraction on Mobile Devices, A
* Texture classification based on spatial dependence features using co-occurrence matrices and markov random fields
* Textured Image Segmentation Based on Spatial Dependence using a Markov Random Field Model
* Thermal-to-visible face recognition using partial least squares
* Topographic Feature Identification Based on Triangular Meshes
* topology-based approach to computing neighborhood-of-interest points using the Morse complex, A
* Very Low Bit-Rate Minimalist Video Encoder Based on Matching Pursuits, A
* Video Compression and Retrieval of Moving Object Location Applied to Surveillance
Includes: Schwartz, W.R.[William Robson] Schwartz, W.R. Schwartz, W.R.[William R.]
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Schwartzbard, Y.[Yael] Co Author Listing * Pulmonary-nodule Detection Using an Ensemble of 3d Se-resnet18 and Dpn68 Models

Schwartzkopf, W.[Wade] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification of Multisensor Remotely Sensed Images Using a Deep Learning Framework

Schwartzkopf, W.C. Co Author Listing * Entropy estimation for segmentation of multi-spectral chromosome images
* Low-Complexity Velocity Estimation in High-Speed Optical Doppler Tomography Systems
* Maximum-likelihood techniques for joint segmentation-classification of multispectral chromosome images
* Minimum Entropy Segmentation Applied to Multi-spectral Chromosome Images
Includes: Schwartzkopf, W.C. Schwartzkopf, W.C.[Wade C.]

Schwartzman, A.[Armin] Co Author Listing * Estimating Mountain Glacier Flowlines by Local Linear Regression Gradient Descent
* Localization of mountain glacier termini in Landsat multi-spectral images
* Nonparametric Regression for Estimation of Spatiotemporal Mountain Glacier Retreat From Satellite Images
Includes: Schwartzman, A.[Armin] Schwartzman, A.

Schwartzmann, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Co Author Listing * Study on Color Spaces for Single Image Enrolment Face Authentication
Includes: Schwartzmann, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Schwartzmann, J.J.[Jean-Jacques]

Schwartzwald, D.[Duane] Co Author Listing * Image Magnification Using Level-Set Reconstruction
* Isophote-based interpolation

Schwarz, 1.[1Heiko] Co Author Listing * Improved Prediction Via Thresholding Transform Coefficients

Schwarz, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * 3D Facial Landmark Detection: How to Deal with Head Rotations?
* Computational expansion of imaging from visible to IR and gamma imaging systems
* DriveAHead: A Large-Scale Driver Head Pose Dataset
* HeHOP: Highly efficient head orientation and position estimation
Includes: Schwarz, A.[Anke] Schwarz, A.[Ariel] Schwarz, A.

Schwarz, A.J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Framework for Optimal Design Matrix Generation With Application to fMRI, A

Schwarz, B.[Beate] Co Author Listing * Boosting LiDAR-Based Semantic Labeling by Cross-modal Training Data Generation
* Stixmentation: Probabilistic Stixel based Traffic Scene Labeling

Schwarz, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Camera-Driven Interactive Table, The
* NADS-Net: A Nimble Architecture for Driver and Seat Belt Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks
* Segment-Based Hand Pose Estimation
Includes: Schwarz, C.[Christopher] Schwarz, C.

Schwarz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Brain Tissue Classification with Automated Generation of Training Data Improved by Deformable Registration
* Deformable Registration Method for Automated Morphometry of MRI Brain Images in Neuropsychiatric Research, A

Schwarz, E.[Egbert] Co Author Listing * Landsat-8 Sea Ice Classification Using Deep Neural Networks
* On the Pathway to Success: Becoming a Leading Earth Observation Centre Through the EXCELSIOR Project
* Ten Years of TerraSAR-X Operations
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning Combined with Photogrammetry for Digital Outcrop Modeling
Includes: Schwarz, E.[Egbert] Schwarz, E.[Ernesto]

Schwarz, G.[Gottfried] Co Author Listing * Dialectical GAN for SAR Image Translation: From Sentinel-1 to TerraSAR-X
* Image classification: No features, no clustering
* Image representation alternatives for the analysis of satellite image time series
* Improved image classification by proper patch size selection: TerraSAR-X vs. Sentinel-1A
* Machine Learning for Sea Ice Monitoring From Satellites
* Machine Learning Techniques for Knowledge Extraction From Satellite Images: Application to Specific Area Types
Includes: Schwarz, G.[Gottfried] Schwarz, G.

Schwarz, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * 3D High-Efficiency Video Coding for Multi-View Video and Depth Data
* Adaptive Differential Filters for Fast and Communication-Efficient Federated Learning
* Adaptive Loop Filter with a CNN-Based Classification
* Adaptive motion model selection using a cubic spline based estimation framework
* Affine-Linear Intra Prediction With Complexity Constraints, An
* Bit-Depth Scalable Video Coding
* CNN-based parameter selection for fast VVC intra-picture encoding
* Comparison of the Coding Efficiency of Video Coding Standards: Including High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
* Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding in JVT/H.26L
* Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding in the H.264/AVC video compression standard
* Context-Based Fractional Sample Refinement for HEVC Compliant Encoding
* Deepcabac: Plug Play Compression of Neural Network Weights and Weight Updates
* Dependent Scalar Quantization For Neural Network Compression
* Efficient Coding of Segmentation Maps for Layered Object Representations
* Efficient Fixed-Point Implementation Of Matrix-Based Intra Prediction
* Encoder Optimizations for the NNR Standard on Neural Network Compression
* Extension of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for Multiview Video and Depth Data
* Fast Lossless Implementation Of The Intra Subpartition Mode For VVC, A
* Fast Partitioning Decision Strategies for The Upcoming Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard
* Generalized interpolation for motion compensated prediction
* Generalized Interpolation-Based Fractional Sample Motion Compensation
* History Dependent Significance Coding for Incremental Neural Network Compression
* Image interpolation using shearlet based iterative refinement
* Image interpolation using shearlet based sparsity priors
* Improved H.264/AVC coding using texture analysis and synthesis
* Improved Quantization and Transform Coefficient Coding for the Emerging Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard
* Intra Subpartition Coding Mode for VVC, An
* Intra-Inter Prediction for Versatile Video Coding Using a Residual Convolutional Neural Network
* Joint Optimization of Transform Coefficients for Hierarchical B Picture Coding in H.264/AVC
* Joint rate-distortion optimization of transform coefficients for spatial Scalable Video Coding using SVC
* Line-Based Intra Prediction for Next-Generation Video Coding
* Multiview extension of HEVC using reduced resolution disparity information for inter-view prediction tools
* Neural Network Guided Perceptually Optimized Bit-Allocation for Block-Based Image and Video Compression
* Object-based 3-d Wavelet Coding Using Layered Object Representation
* Overview of the Scalable H.264/MPEG4-AVC Extension
* Overview of the Scalable Video Coding Extension of the H.264/AVC Standard
* Partial Depth Image Based Re-Rendering for Synthesized View Distortion Computation
* Performance Analysis of SVC
* Performance Comparison of Video Coding Standards Using Lagrangian Coder Control
* Probability interval partitioning entropy coding using systematic variable-to-variable length codes
* Quantization and Entropy Coding in the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard
* R-D Optimized Multi-Layer Encoder Control for SVC
* Rate-Constrained Coder Control and Comparison of Video Coding Standards
* Rate-Distortion-Optimization for Deep Image Compression
* Reduced-complexity entropy coding of transform coefficient levels using truncated golomb-rice codes in video compression
* Region-Based Predictors For Intra Block Copy
* Region-Based Template Matching Prediction for Intra Coding
* Reinforcement learning for video encoder control in HEVC
* Shearlet-based intensity classification loop filter for video coding
* Signal Adaptive Diffusion Filter for Video Coding Using Directional Total Variation, A
* signal adaptive diffusion filter for video coding: Mathematical framework and complexity reductions, A
* Signal Adaptive Prediction Filter for Video Coding Using Directional Total Variation: Mathematical Framework and Parameter Selection, A
* SNR-scalable extension of H.264/AVC
* Study of the Perceptually Weighted Peak Signal-To-Noise Ratio (WPSNR) for Image Compression, A
* Subjective performance evaluation of the SVC extension of H.264/AVC
* Transform coding in the HEVC Test Model
* Trellis-Coded Quantization for End-to-End Learned Image Compression
* Video Compression Using Generalized Binary Partitioning, Trellis Coded Quantization, Perceptually Optimized Encoding, and Advanced Prediction and Transform Coding
* Video Compression Using Nested Quadtree Structures, Leaf Merging, and Improved Techniques for Motion Representation and Entropy Coding
Includes: Schwarz, H.[Heiko] Schwarz, H.
59 for Schwarz, H.

Schwarz, I.[Imogen] Co Author Listing * Flood Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping: A Case Study for Australia's Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment

Schwarz, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Role of a Single Coupling Layer in Affine Normalizing Flows
* Modeling Large-scale Joint Distributions and Inference by Randomized Assignment
* On the Correspondence Between Replicator Dynamics and Assignment Flows
* Quantum State Assignment Flows
* Riemannian SOS-Polynomial Normalizing Flows

Schwarz, K.[Katja] Co Author Listing * ARAH: Animatable Volume Rendering of Articulated Human SDFs
* Auto-Illustrating Poems and Songs with Style
* Efficient Parallel Strategy for Matching Visual Self-similarities in Large Image Databases, An
* Mapping the Twilight Zone: What We Are Missing between Clouds and Aerosols
* Quantifying Spatial Heterogeneity in Urban Landscapes: Integrating Visual Interpretation and Object-Based Classification
* Towards Unsupervised Learning of Generative Models for 3D Controllable Image Synthesis
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Dense Semantic Correspondences and Segmentation
* Will People Like Your Image? Learning the Aesthetic Space
Includes: Schwarz, K.[Katja] Schwarz, K.[Katharina] Schwarz, K.[Kirsten] Schwarz, K.
8 for Schwarz, K.

Schwarz, K.P.[Klaus Peter] Co Author Listing * Digital image georeferencing from a multiple camera system by GPS/ISS
* Multi-Sensor System for Airborne Image Capture and Georeferencing
Includes: Schwarz, K.P.[Klaus Peter] Schwarz, K.P.[Klaus-Peter]

Schwarz, K.Q.[Karl Q.] Co Author Listing * Automatic LV Feature Detection and Blood-Pool Tracking from Multi-plane TEE Time Series

Schwarz, L. Co Author Listing * Multi-task Forest for Human Pose Estimation in Depth Images
* Recurrent Models for Lane Change Prediction and Situation Assessment
* Simultaneous categorical and spatio-temporal 3D gestures using Kinect
Includes: Schwarz, L. Schwarz, L.[Loren]

Schwarz, L.A.[Loren Arthur] Co Author Listing * Estimating human 3D pose from Time-of-Flight images based on geodesic distances and optical flow
* Human skeleton tracking from depth data using geodesic distances and optical flow
* Manifold Learning for Tof-based Human Body Tracking and Activity Recognition
* Multiple-Activity Human Body Tracking in Unconstrained Environments
* Recognizing multiple human activities and tracking full-body pose in unconstrained environments
* Tracking planes with Time of Flight cameras and J-linkage
* Unified and Efficient Approach for Free-form Deformable Registration, A
Includes: Schwarz, L.A.[Loren Arthur] Schwarz, L.A.[Loren A.]
7 for Schwarz, L.A.

Schwarz, M. Co Author Listing * 24-MHz Scanner for Optoacoustic Imaging of Skin and Burn
* Aggregated mapping of driver attention from matched optical flow
* Algorithm, Implementation and Application of the SIM-DL Similarity Server
* Assessing the Environmental Suitability for Transhumance in Support of Conflict Prevention in the Sahel
* Implications of Ultrasound Frequency in Optoacoustic Mesoscopy of the Skin
* MANGO: Mobile Augmented Reality with Functional Eating Guidance and Food Awareness
* Motion Quantification and Automated Correction in Clinical RSOM
* Optoacoustic Dermoscopy of the Human Skin: Tuning Excitation Energy for Optimal Detection Bandwidth With Fast and Deep Imaging in vivo
* Precise Orbit Determination for Climate Applications of GNSS Radio Occultation including Uncertainty Estimation
* Spatially Transferable Drought Hazard and Drought Risk Modeling Approach Based on Remote Sensing Data, A
* Surface Water Dynamics from Space: A Round Robin Intercomparison of Using Optical and SAR High-Resolution Satellite Observations for Regional Surface Water Detection
Includes: Schwarz, M. Schwarz, M.[Michael] Schwarz, M.[Mirco] Schwarz, M.[Maximilian] Schwärz, M.[Marc] (Maybe also Schwaerz, M.)
11 for Schwarz, M.

Schwarz, M.T. Co Author Listing * Analysis, Comparison, and Assessment of Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing

Schwarz, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Observations of Wintertime Low-Level Jets in the Coastal Region of the Laptev Sea in the Siberian Arctic Using SODAR/RASS

Schwarz, R. Co Author Listing * Automated 3D Segmentation of Vertebral Bodies and Intervertebral Discs from MRI
* Automated MR Hip Bone Segmentation
* Concept and Performance Evaluation of a Novel UAV-Borne Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Sensor
* Design and evaluation of a full-wave surface and bottom-detection algorithm for LiDAR bathymetry of very shallow waters
* Morphology-Based Interslice Interpolation on Manual Segmentations of Joint Bones and Muscles in MRI
Includes: Schwarz, R. Schwarz, R.[Roland]

Schwarz, S. Co Author Listing * Constructing Grassmannian Frames by an Iterative Collision-Based Packing
* Depth Sensing for 3DTV: A Survey
* Detecting Landscape Changes in High Latitude Environments Using Landsat Trend Analysis: 1. Visualization
* Improved reference picture list sorting in video coding
* Incremental depth upscaling using an edge weighted optimization concept
* Interactive free viewpoint video from multiple stereo
* Outage Investigation of Beamforming Over Random-Phase Finite-Scatterer MISO Channels
* Perceptual quality assessment of HEVC main profile depth map compression for six degrees of freedom virtual reality video
* Predictive Quantization on the Stiefel Manifold
* Probabilistic Analysis of Semidefinite Relaxation for Leakage-Based Multicasting
* Recursive CSI Quantization of Time-Correlated MIMO Channels by Deep Learning Classification
* Reduced Complexity Recursive Grassmannian Quantization
* Refining the Bounding Volumes for Lossless Compression of Voxelized Point Clouds Geometry
* Signal Processing Challenges in Cellular-Assisted Vehicular Communications: Efforts and developments within 3GPP LTE and beyond
* System level simulation of LTE MBSFN networks with high mobility users
* Time-of-flight sensor fusion with depth measurement reliability weighting
* Weighted Optimization Approach to Time-of-Flight Sensor Fusion, A
Includes: Schwarz, S. Schwarz, S.[Steve] Schwarz, S.[Sebastian]
17 for Schwarz, S.

Schwarz, T. Co Author Listing * T3wT: Tracking Turning Trucks with Trailers
* Towards Automatic Parsing of Structured Visual Content through the Use of Synthetic Data
* Track level fusion algorithms for automotive safety applications
Includes: Schwarz, T. Schwarz, T.[Thorsten] Schwarz, T.[Tilo]

Schwarz, U.T.[Ulrich T.] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Model-Based Pedestrian Tracking Using Automotive Radar, A

Schwarzbach, F. Co Author Listing * Concepts and Technologies for a Comprehensive Information System for Historical Research and Heritage Documentation
* Suitability of Different LIDAR Data Sets for 3D Mapping of the Road Environment
Includes: Schwarzbach, F. Schwarzbach, F.[Friederike]

Schwarzbauer, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Automated Quality Inspection of Microfluidic Chips Using Morphologic Techniques
* Fast and Robust linear motion deblurring

Schwarze, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * Modelling driving behaviour using hybrid automata

Schwarze, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Multi-Objective Optimisation Based Planning of Power-Line Grid Expansions
Includes: Schwarze, B.[Bjorn] Schwarze, B.[Björn]

Schwarze, T. Co Author Listing * Intuitive Mobility Aid for Visually Impaired People Based on Stereo Vision, An
* Stair detection and tracking from egocentric stereo vision
Includes: Schwarze, T. Schwarze, T.[Tobias]

Schwarzer, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Detecting geometric infeasibility

Schwarzer, H.[Horst] Co Author Listing * Calibration facility for airborne imaging spectrometers
* In-flight calibration of the Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (MOS)
* Verification of a Spectrometer Breadboard for Characterization of a Future Spaceborne Sensor
Includes: Schwarzer, H.[Horst] Schwarzer, H.

Schwarzer, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Spectral calibration of CBERS 2B multispectral satellite images to assess suspended sediment concentration

Schwarzer, R.A.[Robert A.] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Kikuchi patterns by intensity-enhanced Radon transformation

Schwarzinger, M. Co Author Listing * Contextual feature similarities for model-based object recognition

Schwarzkopf, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Volumetric Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion on GPUs

Schwarzkopf, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * Multiple-Instance Multiple-Label Learning for the Classification of Frog Calls with Acoustic Event Detection

Schwarzkopf, O. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications

Schwarzler, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Lens flare prediction based on measurements with real-time visualization
* Real-time rendering of glossy materials with regular sampling
* Real-Time Soft Shadows Using Temporal Coherence
* VR-based user study on the effects of vision impairments on recognition distances of escape-route signs in buildings, A
Includes: Schwarzler, M.[Michael] Schwärzler, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Schwaerzler, M.)

Schwarzler, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Natural Language Understanding by Combining Statistical Methods and Extended Context-Free Grammars
* Novel VQ Designs for Discrete HMM On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition
Includes: Schwarzler, S.[Stefan] Schwärzler, S.[Stefan] (Maybe also Schwaerzler, S.)

Schwarzlmuller, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Real-time raindrop detection based on cellular neural networks for ADAS
Includes: Schwarzlmuller, C.[Christopher] Schwarzlmüller, C.[Christopher] (Maybe also Schwarzlmueller, C.)

Schwarzmaier, T. Co Author Listing * Independent Laboratory Characterization of NEO HySpex Imaging Spectrometers VNIR-1600 and SWIR-320m-e
* Results from Verification of Reference Irradiance and Radiance Sources Laboratory Calibration Experiment Campaign
Includes: Schwarzmaier, T. Schwarzmaier, T.[Thomas]

Schwarzmann, P. Co Author Listing * Image Processing to Overcome Channel Capacity Limitations in Telemicroscopy

Schwarzschild, A.[Avi] Co Author Listing * Dataset Security for Machine Learning: Data Poisoning, Backdoor Attacks, and Defenses

Schwatke, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Arctic Ocean Sea Level Record from the Complete Radar Altimetry Era: 1991-2018
* Automated Extraction of Consistent Time-Variable Water Surfaces of Lakes and Reservoirs Based on Landsat and Sentinel-2
* Coastal Improvements for Tide Models: The Impact of ALES Retracker
* Lake Level Estimation Based on CryoSat-2 SAR Altimetry and Multi-Looked Waveform Classification
* Long-Term Discharge Estimation for the Lower Mississippi River Using Satellite Altimetry and Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-Mission Cross-Calibration of Satellite Altimeters: Constructing a Long-Term Data Record for Global and Regional Sea Level Change Studies
* Potential and Limitations of Satellite Altimetry Constellations for Monitoring Surface Water Storage Changes: A Case Study in the Mississippi Basin
* Potential of ENVISAT Radar Altimetry for Water Level Monitoring in the Pantanal Wetland
* Regional Evaluation of Minor Tidal Constituents for Improved Estimation of Ocean Tides
* Round Robin Assessment of Radar Altimeter Low Resolution Mode and Delay-Doppler Retracking Algorithms for Significant Wave Height
* Treating the Hooking Effect in Satellite Altimetry Data: A Case Study along the Mekong River and Its Tributaries
* Using a Tandem Flight Configuration between Sentinel-6 and Jason-3 to Compare SAR and Conventional Altimeters in Sea Surface Signatures of Internal Solitary Waves
* Validation of an Empirical Subwaveform Retracking Strategy for SAR Altimetry
* Volume Variations of Small Inland Water Bodies from a Combination of Satellite Altimetry and Optical Imagery
14 for Schwatke, C.

Schwede, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Parcel Tracking by Detection in Large Camera Networks

Schween, J.H.[Jan H.] Co Author Listing * Combining Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photochemical Reflectance Index Improves Diurnal Modeling of Gross Primary Productivity
* Diurnal Dynamics of Wheat Evapotranspiration Derived from Ground-Based Thermal Imagery

Schweer, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * Automatic Databases for Unsupervised Face Recognition

Schwefel, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Underwater Use of a Hyperspectral Camera to Estimate Optically Active Substances in the Water Column of Freshwater Lakes

Schwegler, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Urban Fabric Properties and Their Thermal Effect Using QuickBird Image and Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared (TIR) Data: The Case of Downtown Shanghai, China

Schweid, S.[Stuart] Co Author Listing * Model-less and model-based computationally efficient motion estimation for video compression in transportation applications

Schweidler, S.[Siegfried] Co Author Listing * Patch-based spatio-temporal super-resolution for video with non-rigid motion

Schweier, K.[Knuth] Co Author Listing * Estimating regional noise on neural network predictions

Schweiger, A.K.[Anna K.] Co Author Listing * Foliar Spectra and Traits of Bog Plants across Nitrogen Deposition Gradients

Schweiger, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Location Uncertainty for Scale Invariant Features Points
* Fully Automatic and Frame-Accurate Video Synchronization Using Bitrate Sequences
* Speeded-up SURF: Design of an efficient multiscale feature detector
* TUMindoor: An extensive image and point cloud dataset for visual indoor localization and mapping
* Video synchronization using bit rate profiles
Includes: Schweiger, F.[Florian] Schweiger, F.

Schweiger, M. Co Author Listing * Application of the finite-element method for the forward and inverse models in optical tomography
* Approximation errors and model reduction in three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography
* Information content of data types in time-domain optical tomography
* Information theoretic regularization in diffuse optical tomography
* method for three-dimensional time-resolved optical tomography, A
* Optical tomography in the presence of void regions
* Phenomenological Model of Diffuse Global and Regional Atrophy Using Finite-Element Methods
Includes: Schweiger, M. Schweiger, M.[Martin]
7 for Schweiger, M.

Schweiger, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Training of Sparsely Connected MLPs

Schweighofer, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * AR Human Computer Interface for Object Localization in a Cognitive Vision Framework, An
* Fast and accurate environment modeling using three-dimensional occupancy grids
* Fast and globally convergent Structure and Motion estimation for General Camera Models
* Globally Optimal O(n) Solution to the PnP Problem for General Camera Models
* GPSlam: Marrying Sparse Geometric and Dense Probabilistic Visual Mapping
* Influence of numerical conditioning on the accuracy of relative orientation
* omnidirectional Time-of-Flight camera and its application to indoor SLAM, An
* Online/Realtime Structure and Motion for General Camera Models
* Representations for Cognitive Vision: A Review of Appearance-Based, Spatio-Temporal, and Graph-Based Approaches
* Robust Pose Estimation from a Planar Target
Includes: Schweighofer, G.[Gerald] Schweighofer, G.
10 for Schweighofer, G.

Schweikard, A.[Achim] Co Author Listing * Combining Deformation Modeling and Machine Learning for Personalized Prosthesis Size Prediction in Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Reconstruction
* Detecting geometric infeasibility
* Efficient Registration of High-Resolution Feature Enhanced Point Clouds
* Human forehead recognition: a novel biometric modality based on near-infrared laser backscattering feature image using deep transfer learning
* Robotic Radiosurgery with Beams of Adaptable Shapes
* Treatment Planning for Image-Guided Robotic Radiosurgery
Includes: Schweikard, A.[Achim] Schweikard, A.

Schweimler, B. Co Author Listing * Development of an Open-Source Automatic Deformation Monitoring System for Geodetical and Geotechnical Measurements

Schweinzer, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Self-Contained and Self-Checking LPS with High Accuracy, A

Schweiss, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Omnichannel Retail Customer Experience with Mixed-Reality Shopping Assistant Systems

Schweitzer, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * In Situ/Remote Sensing Integration to Assess Forest Health: A Review
* Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
* Understanding Forest Health with Remote Sensing, Part III: Requirements for a Scalable Multi-Source Forest Health Monitoring Network Based on Data Science Approaches

Schweitzer, H.[Haim] Co Author Listing * email: Schweitzer, H.[Haim]: haim AT utdallas edu
* email: Schweitzer, H.[Haim]: see also H Shvaytser
* Computing Content-Plots for Video
* Computing Ritz Approximations of Primary Images
* Dual-Bound Algorithm for Very Fast and Exact Template Matching, A
* Fast Selection of Linear Features in Image Data
* Indexing Images by Trees of Visual Content
* near optimal acceptance-rejection algorithm for exact cross-correlation search, A
* Optimal Eigenfeature Selection by Optimal Image Registration
* Organizing image databases as visual-content search trees
* Structure from Multiple 2D Affine Correspondences without Camera Calibration
* Template Matching Approach to Content Based Image Indexing by Low Dimensional Euclidean Embedding
* Utilizing Moment Invariants and Grobner Bases to Reason About Shapes
* Utilizing Scatter for Pixel Subspace Selection
* Very Fast Template Matching
Includes: Schweitzer, H.[Haim] Schweitzer, H.
15 for Schweitzer, H.

Schweitzer, K. Co Author Listing * Improvement of Existing and Development of Future Copernicus Land Monitoring Products - The Ecolass Project

Schweitzer, L. Co Author Listing * Improving Image Resolution Using Subpixel Motion

Schweitzer, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Efficient keypoint matching for robot vision using GPUs
* Parallelized 45 degrees rotated image integration
Includes: Schweitzer, M.[Michael] Schweitzer, M.

Schweitzer, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Graph Isomorphism Problem, The

Schweizer, B. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Reconstruction of Activity and Attenuation for PET/MR

Schweizer, J.[Joerg] Co Author Listing * Building a Large-Scale Micro-Simulation Transport Scenario Using Big Data
* Data-driven Bicycle Network Analysis Based on Traditional Counting Methods and GPS Traces from Smartphone
* Estimation of link-cost function for cyclists based on stochastic optimisation and GPS traces
* Evaluating cyclist patterns using GPS data from smartphones
* Map-matching algorithm applied to bicycle global positioning system traces in Bologna
* Micro Transit Simulation of On-Demand Shuttles Based on Transit Data for First- and Last-Mile Connection
* Nonparametric Regression Analysis of Cyclist Waiting Times across Three Behavioral Typologies
* Snow Water Equivalent of Dry Snow Derived From GNSS Carrier Phases
* Towards Robust and Adaptive Motion Forecasting: A Causal Representation Perspective
Includes: Schweizer, J.[Joerg] Schweizer, J. Schweizer, J.[Jonas]
9 for Schweizer, J.

Schweizer, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * Supporting Operators in Process Control Tasks: Benefits of Interactive 3-D Visualization

Schweizer, S.M. Co Author Listing * Efficient detection in hyperspectral imagery
* Nonlinear Filtering Structure for Image Smoothing in Mixed-Noise Environments

Schwemmer, C. Co Author Listing * Towards Clinical Application of a Laplace Operator-Based Region of Interest Reconstruction Algorithm in C-Arm CT

Schwendowius, J. Co Author Listing * Data-Adaptive Digital Video Format Conversion Algorithms

Schwenk, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Visual Perception and Analysis as First Steps Toward Human-Robot Chess Playing

Schwenk, D.[Dustin] Co Author Listing * A-OKVQA: A Benchmark for Visual Question Answering Using World Knowledge
* Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader? Textbook Question Answering for Multimodal Machine Comprehension
* Imagine This! Scripts to Compositions to Videos
* RoboTHOR: An Open Simulation-to-Real Embodied AI Platform
Includes: Schwenk, D.[Dustin] Schwenk, D.

Schwenk, H. Co Author Listing * Constraint Tangent Distance for On-Line Character Recognition
* Embedding Arithmetic of Multimodal Queries for Image Retrieval
* FlexIT: Towards Flexible Semantic Image Translation
Includes: Schwenk, H. Schwenk, H.[Holger]

Schwenk, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * Extending a distributed virtual reality system with exchangeable rendering back-ends
* Filtering noise in progressive stochastic ray tracing

Schwenker, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Two-Stage Framework for Compound Figure Separation, A

Schwenker, F.[Friedhelm] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Fusion of Dynamic, Spatial, and Textural Feature Sets for Person-Independent Facial Emotion Recognition
* Classification of bioacoustic time series based on the combination of global and local decisions
* Classification of Graph Sequences Utilizing the Eigenvalues of the Distance Matrices and Hidden Markov Models
* Clustering large datasets with kernel methods
* Comparison of Multiclass SVM Decomposition Schemes for Visual Object Recognition
* Dropout Induced Noise for Co-Creative GAN Systems
* Emotion recognition from speech signals via a probabilistic echo-state network
* Fuzzy-based Pseudo Segmentation Approach for Handwritten Word Recognition Using a Sequence to Sequence Model with Attention
* Handwritten Digit String Recognition using Deep Autoencoder based Segmentation and ResNet based Recognition Approach
* Introducing Bidirectional Ordinal Classifier Cascades Based on a Pain Intensity Recognition Scenario
* Learning a Strategy with Neural Approximated Temporal-Difference Methods in English Draughts
* Multi-modal data fusion for pain intensity assessment and classification
* Multi-modal Fusion based on classifiers using reject options and Markov Fusion Networks
* Multi-Modal Pain Intensity Recognition Based on the SenseEmotion Database
* Multiple Classifier System Approach for Facial Expressions in Image Sequences Utilizing GMM Supervectors, A
* Multiple Classifier Systems for the Recognition of Orthoptera Songs
* novel segmentation technique for online handwritten Bangla words, A
* Pain recognition with camera photoplethysmography
* Partially supervised learning for pattern recognition
* Pattern classification and clustering: A review of partially supervised learning approaches
* Personalized k-fold Cross-validation Analysis with Transfer from Phasic to Tonic Pain Recognition on X-ITE Pain Database
* Preface of pattern recognition in human computer interaction
* Prosodic, Spectral and Voice Quality Feature Selection Using a Long-Term Stopping Criterion for Audio-Based Emotion Recognition
* Semi-supervised clustering of large data sets with kernel methods
* Support Vector Regression of Sparse Dictionary-Based Features for View-Independent Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Using Meta Labels for the Training of Weighting Models in a Sample-Specific Late Fusion Classification Architecture
Includes: Schwenker, F.[Friedhelm] Schwenker, F.
26 for Schwenker, F.

Schwenzer Zimmerer, K. Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of the Three-Dimensional Assessment of the Facial Surface Using a 3-D Laser Scanner
Includes: Schwenzer Zimmerer, K. Schwenzer-Zimmerer, K.

Schwenzer, N. Co Author Listing * MR Image Reconstruction Using a Combination of Compressed Sensing and Partial Fourier Acquisition: ESPReSSo

Schweppe, M.[Marla] Co Author Listing * Motion capture for realtime control of virtual actors in live, distributed, theatrical performances

Schwerdt, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Face-Tracking and Coding for Video Compression
* Robust Face Tracking using Color
* Robust Tracking and Compression for Video Communication
* Target segmentation and event detection at video-rate: The EAGLE project
Includes: Schwerdt, K.[Karl] Schwerdt, K.

Schwerdt, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Bistatic system and baseline calibration in TanDEM-X to ensure the global digital elevation model quality
* Final TerraSAR-X Calibration Results Based on Novel Efficient Methods
* Geometric Accuracy of Sentinel-1A and 1B Derived from SAR Raw Data with GPS Surveyed Corner Reflector Positions
* Hierarchical Bayesian Data Analysis in Radiometric SAR System Calibration: A Case Study on Transponder Calibration with RADARSAT-2 Data
* Highly Accurate Radar Cross-Section and Transfer Function Measurement of a Digital Calibration Transponder without Known Reference: Part I: Measurement and Results
* Highly Accurate Radar Cross-Section and Transfer Function Measurement of a Digital Calibration Transponder without Known Reference: Part II: Uncertainty Estimation and Validation
* Independent System Calibration of Sentinel-1B
* Mitigation of Mutual Antenna Coupling Effects for Active Radar Targets in L-Band
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data
* Precise Antenna Pointing Determination in Elevation for Spaceborne SAR Systems Using Coherent Pattern Differences
* Radiometric Comparison within the Sentinel-1 SAR Constellation over a Wide Backscatter Range
* Radiometric Measurement Quantity for SAR Images, The
* Radiometric Performance of the TerraSAR-X Mission over More Than Ten Years of Operation
* Reference Target Correction Based on Point-Target SAR Simulation
* SAR Passband Problem: Analytical Model and Possible Practical Solutions, The
* Technique for Concurrent Internal Calibration during Data Acquisition for SAR Systems
* TerraSAR-X Antenna Calibration and Monitoring Based on a Precise Antenna Model
* TerraSAR-X Instrument Calibration Results and Extension for TanDEM-X
Includes: Schwerdt, M.[Marco] Schwerdt, M.
18 for Schwerdt, M.

Schwerdtfeger, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Coupled Ground- and Space-Based Assessment of Regional Inundation Dynamics to Assess Impact of Local and Upstream Changes on Evaporation in Tropical Wetlands

Schwerdtner, P. Co Author Listing * Current Surveying Methods for the Integration of Additive Manufacturing In the Construction Process

Schwering, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Automatic Street Graph Construction in Sketch Maps
* Spatial Learning with Orientation Maps: The Influence of Different Environmental Features on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition

Schwering, P.[Piet] Co Author Listing * Turbulence compensation enhances long-range imagery
* Vehicle Recognition in Infrared Images Using Shared Weight Neural Networks
Includes: Schwering, P.[Piet] Schwering, P.

Schwering, P.B.W. Co Author Listing * EO system concepts in the littoral

Schwertfeger, S. Co Author Listing * Improved Fourier Mellin Invariant for Robust Rotation Estimation with Omni-Cameras
* Rethinking the Fourier-Mellin Transform: Multiple Depths in the Camera's View
* Video Contrastive Learning with Global Context
Includes: Schwertfeger, S. Schwertfeger, S.[Sören]

Schwerz, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Random Forest in the Evaluation of the Spatial Variability of Foliar Nitrogen in Coffee Crop

Schwesig, A.[Annedore] Co Author Listing * Inter-Comparison Study of Multi- and DBS Lidar Measurements in Complex Terrain, An

Schwettmann, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Toward a Visual Concept Vocabulary for GAN Latent Space

Schweyer, A.V.[Anne Valerie] Co Author Listing * effective method for text line segmentation in historical document images, An
* Improving Ancient Cham Glyph Recognition from Cham Inscription Images Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning
Includes: Schweyer, A.V.[Anne Valerie] Schweyer, A.V.[Anne-Valérie]

Schwichtenberg, A.J. Co Author Listing * Sleep Analysis Using Motion and Head Detection

Schwickerath, A.N.A. Co Author Listing * Coregistering 3D Models, Range, and Optical Imagery Using Least-Median Squares Fitting
* Coregistration of Range and Optical Images Using Coplanarity and Orientation Constraints
* Object to Multisensor Coregistration with Eight Degrees of Freedom
Includes: Schwickerath, A.N.A. Schwickerath, A.N.A.[Anthony N.A.]

Schwieder, M. Co Author Listing * Combining Environmental and Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Vegetation Mapping: A Case Study In the Brazilian Savanna Biome
* EnMAP-Box: A Toolbox and Application Programming Interface for EnMAP Data Processing, The
* Estimating Fractional Shrub Cover Using Simulated EnMAP Data: A Comparison of Three Machine Learning Regression Techniques
* Ground-Based Hyperspectral Characterization of Alaska Tundra Vegetation along Environmental Gradients
* Monitoring Natural Ecosystem and Ecological Gradients: Perspectives with EnMAP
* sgdm: An R Package for Performing Sparse Generalized Dissimilarity Modelling with Tools for gdm
* Using Class Probabilities to Map Gradual Transitions in Shrub Vegetation from Simulated EnMAP Data
Includes: Schwieder, M. Schwieder, M.[Marcel]
7 for Schwieder, M.

Schwieger, V.[Volker] Co Author Listing * Application of Copernicus Data for Climate-Relevant Urban Planning Using the Example of Water, Heat, and Vegetation
* Estimating Control Points for B-Spline Surfaces Using Fully Populated Synthetic Variance-Covariance Matrices for TLS Point Clouds
* Method of Development of a New Regional Ionosphere Model (RIM) to Improve Static Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning (SF-PPP) for Egypt Using Bernese GNSS Software
* Monitoring of the Production Process of Graded Concrete Component Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Schwiegerling, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Aberration analysis of light fields in plenoptic cameras
* Relating wavefront error, apodization, and the optical transfer function: on-axis case

Schwier, J.M. Co Author Listing * Zero knowledge hidden Markov model inference

Schwind, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Analysis-Ready Data from Hyperspectral Sensors: The Design of the EnMAP CARD4L-SR Data Product
* Automated DSM based Georeferencing of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Scenes
* geometric simulator for the hyperspectral mission ENMAP, A
* Georeferencing Urban Nighttime Lights Imagery Using Street Network Maps
* Improving HySpex Sensor Co-registration Accuracy using BRISK and Sensor-model based RANSAC
* in-depth simulation of EnMAP acquisition geometry, An
* Orthorectification of VHR optical satellite data exploiting the geometric accuracy of TerraSAR-X data
* Processors for ALOS Optical Data: Deconvolution, DEM Generation, Orthorectification, and Atmospheric Correction
* Soil Reflectance Composites: Improved Thresholding and Performance Evaluation
* Terrasar-X data for improving geometric accuracy of optical high and very high resolution satellite data
Includes: Schwind, P.[Peter] Schwind, P.
10 for Schwind, P.

Schwindl, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Climate Effects on Vertical Forest Phenology of Fagus sylvatica L., Sensed by Sentinel-2, Time Lapse Camera, and Visual Ground Observations

Schwing, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* Cordial Sync: Going Beyond Marginal Policies for Multi-Agent Embodied Tasks, A
* Creativity: Generating Diverse Questions Using Variational Autoencoders
* Distributed message passing for large scale graphical models
* Dynamic Neural Relational Inference for Forecasting Trajectories
* Generative Modeling Using the Sliced Wasserstein Distance
* GridToPix: Training Embodied Agents with Minimal Supervision
* Interpretation of Emergent Communication in Heterogeneous Collaborative Embodied Agents
* Joint Forecasting of Panoptic Segmentations with Difference Attention
* No-Frills Human-Object Interaction Detection: Factorization, Layout Encodings, and Training Techniques
* Panoptic Segmentation Forecasting
* Panoptic Segmentation Forecasting
* Preface to the Special Issue on Pattern Recognition (DAGM GCPR 2021)
* Spatially Aware Multimodal Transformers for TextVQA
* Surprising Effectiveness of Visual Odometry Techniques for Embodied PointGoal Navigation, The
* Two Can Play This Game: Visual Dialog with Discriminative Question Generation and Answering
Includes: Schwing, A.[Alexander] Schwing, A.
16 for Schwing, A.

Schwing, A.G.[Alexander G.] Co Author Listing * 3D Spatial Recognition without Spatially Labeled 3D
* Adaptive random forest: How many experts to ask before making a decision?
* Agriculture-Vision: A Large Aerial Image Database for Agricultural Pattern Analysis
* Assignment-Space-based Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation
* Box in the Box: Joint 3D Layout and Object Reasoning from Single Images
* Can We Learn Heuristics for Graphical Model Inference Using Reinforcement Learning?
* Convolutional Image Captioning
* Diverse and Coherent Paragraph Generation from Images
* Diverse Generation for Multi-Agent Sports Games
* Dynamic Neural Relational Inference
* Efficient Deep Learning for Stereo Matching
* Efficient Exact Inference for 3D Indoor Scene Understanding
* Efficient Structured Parsing of Facades Using Dynamic Programming
* Efficient structured prediction for 3D indoor scene understanding
* Estimating the 3D Layout of Indoor Scenes and Its Clutter from Depth Sensors
* Factor Graph Attention
* Fast, Diverse and Accurate Image Captioning Guided by Part-Of-Speech
* Generative Multiplane Images: Making a 2D GAN 3D-Aware
* Initialization and Alignment for Adversarial Texture Optimization
* Instance-Aware, Context-Focused, and Memory-Efficient Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Learning to segment under various forms of weak supervision
* Masked-attention Mask Transformer for Universal Image Segmentation
* Match Box: Indoor Image Matching via Box-Like Scene Estimation
* Max-Sliced Wasserstein Distance and Its Use for GANs
* Monocular Object Instance Segmentation and Depth Ordering with CNNs
* Neural Volumetric Object Selection
* Proposal-based Video Completion
* Rent3D: Floor-plan priors for monocular layout estimation
* SAIL-VOS 3D: A Synthetic Dataset and Baselines for Object Detection and 3D Mesh Reconstruction from Video Data
* SAIL-VOS: Semantic Amodal Instance Level Video Object Segmentation: A Synthetic Dataset and Baselines
* Semantic Image Inpainting with Deep Generative Models
* Sequential Latent Spaces for Modeling the Intention During Diverse Image Captioning
* Simple Baseline for Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog, A
* Straight to the Facts: Learning Knowledge Base Retrieval for Factual Visual Question Answering
* Structural Consistency and Controllability for Diverse Colorization
* Tell Me What You See and I Will Show You Where It Is
* Total Variation Optimization Layers for Computer Vision
* Two Body Problem: Collaborative Visual Task Completion
* Ufo2: A Unified Framework Towards Omni-supervised Object Detection
* Unsupervised Textual Grounding: Linking Words to Image Concepts
* Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation Using Motion Saliency-Guided Spatio-Temporal Propagation
* ViCo: Word Embeddings From Visual Co-Occurrences
* VideoMatch: Matching Based Video Object Segmentation
* XMem: Long-Term Video Object Segmentation with an Atkinson-Shiffrin Memory Model
Includes: Schwing, A.G.[Alexander G.] Schwing, A.G. Schwing, A.G.[Alexander Gerhard]
44 for Schwing, A.G.

Schwing, J.L.[James L.] Co Author Listing * Computing the Hough Transform on Reconfigurable Meshes
* Fast Component Labelling and Convex Hull Computation on Reconfigurable Meshes
* Fast Computer Vision Algorithms for Reconfigurable Meshes
* Time-Optimal Digital Geometry Algorithms on Meshes with Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Solution to a Classification Problem in Ordered Functional Domains, with Applications, A
Includes: Schwing, J.L.[James L.] Schwing, J.L.

Schwing, M. Co Author Listing * New Broadband Dielectric Model for Simultaneous Determination of Water Saturation and Porosity, A
* Numerical 3-D FEM and Experimental Analysis of the Open-Ended Coaxial Line Technique for Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy on Soil

Schwingenschuh, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Satellite Measured Ionospheric Magnetic Field Variations over Natural Hazards Sites

Schwinger, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Optimised Near-Real Time Data Acquisition and Preprocessing of Satellite Data for Disaster Related Rapid Mapping

Schwingshakl, G. Co Author Listing * Flexible real-time programming of a distributed transputer-based vision system

Schwinn, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Clip: Cheap Lipschitz Training of Neural Networks

Schwoerer, M. Co Author Listing * Capturing facial videos with Kinect 2.0: A multithreaded open source tool and database

Schwonke, F.[Friedhelm] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Data Identifies Groundwater Discharge at the North-Western Coast of the Dead Sea

Schworer, M. Co Author Listing * Stereo DSO: Large-Scale Direct Sparse Visual Odometry with Stereo Cameras
Includes: Schworer, M. Schwörer, M. (Maybe also Schwoerer, M.)

Schwortz, B.[Barrie] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition after image processing of low-contrast images, the case of the Shroud of Turin

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