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de S Ferreira, A.C.[Ana Carolina] Co Author Listing * Use of Airborne Radar Images and Machine Learning Algorithms to Map Soil Clay, Silt, and Sand Contents in Remote Areas under the Amazon Rainforest

de S. Britto, A.[Alceu] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval and Pattern Spotting on Historical Documents with Binary Descriptors
Includes: de S. Britto, A.[Alceu] de S.-Britto, A.[Alceu]

de S. Pereira, V.M.[Victor Matheus] Co Author Listing * Using Readers' Highlighting on Monochromatic Documents for Automatic Text Transcription and Summarization

de S. Soares, E.F.[Elton F.] Co Author Listing * Combined Solution for Real-Time Travel Mode Detection and Trip Purpose Prediction, A

de Sa Otero, P. Co Author Listing * Classification of honeybee pollen using a multiscale texture filtering scheme
* Pollen classification using brightness-based and shape-based descriptors
Includes: de Sa Otero, P. de Sá-Otero, P. de Sa-Otero, P.

de Sa Ribeiro, M.G.[Mauricio Gomes] Co Author Listing * Explorations in AR: Finding Its Value
Includes: de Sa Ribeiro, M.G.[Mauricio Gomes] de Sá Ribeiro, M.G.[Mauricio Gomes]

de Sa, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Building Efficient Deep Neural Networks With Unitary Group Convolutions

de Sa, J.M.[Joaquim Marques] Co Author Listing * LEGClust: A Clustering Algorithm Based on Layered Entropic Subgraphs
* Transfer Learning Using Rotated Image Data to Improve Deep Neural Network Performance
Includes: de Sa, J.M.[Joaquim Marques] de Sá, J.M.[Joaquim Marques]

de Sa, J.M.C.[Jader M. C.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm Recommendation for Data Streams
Includes: de Sa, J.M.C.[Jader M. C.] de Sá, J.M.C.[Jáder M. C.]

de Sa, J.P.M.[J. P. Marques] Co Author Listing * Decision Trees Using the Minimum Entropy-of-Error Principle
* New Results on Minimum Error Entropy Decision Trees
Includes: de Sa, J.P.M.[J. P. Marques] de Sá, J.P.M.[J. P. Marques]

de Sa, N.C.[Nuno Cesar] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Impact of Noise on Hybrid Inversion of PROSAIL RTM on Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: de Sa, N.C.[Nuno Cesar] de Sá, N.C.[Nuno César]

de Sa, N.G.[Nikolas Gomes] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Learning through Rank-based Contextual Measures
Includes: de Sa, N.G.[Nikolas Gomes] de Sá, N.G.[Nikolas Gomes]

de Saint Germain, H.J.[H. James] Co Author Listing * Calibrated Imagery for Quantitative Evaluation of IU Classification, Pose-Estimation, and Stereo Algorithms
* Constraint Optimization and Feature-Based Model Construction for Reverse Engineering
* Constructing High-Precision Geometric Models from Sensed Position Data

de Saint Germain, L.[Luc] Co Author Listing * Smart Depth of Field Optimization Applied to a Robotised View Camera

de Saint Jorre, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Exploring MPEG HEVC decoder parallelism for the efficient porting onto many-core platforms

de Saint Martin, F.M.[F. Moreau] Co Author Listing * Biorthogonal Filterbanks and Energy Preservation Property in Image Compression
* Design Of Regular Nonseparable Bidimensional Wavelets Using Grobner Basis Techniques
Includes: de Saint Martin, F.M.[F. Moreau] de Saint-Martin, F.M.[F. Moreau] de Saint-Martin, F.M.

de Saint Pern, Y. Co Author Listing * Detection and Tracking of Multiple Metallic Objects in Millimetre-Wave Images
Includes: de Saint Pern, Y. de Saint-Pern, Y.

de Saint Pierre, T. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection and Skeletonization with a Massively Parallel Architecture
* New and Efficient Cellular Algorithms for Image Processing

de Salabert, A. Co Author Listing * Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System

de Sales Carvalho, N.R.[Nonato Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * COVID-index: A texture-based approach to classifying lung lesions based on CT images

de Sales Guerra Tsuzuki, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Propagation-based marching cubes algorithm using open boundary loop

de Salvo, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Fully-Binarized Distance Computation based On-device Few-Shot Learning for XR applications
* SplitNets: Designing Neural Architectures for Efficient Distributed Computing on Head-Mounted Systems

de Samber, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * CAD-Based Scatter Compensation for Polychromatic Reconstruction of Additive Manufactured Parts
Includes: de Samber, B.[Bjorn] de Samber, B.[Björn]

de San Bernabe, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Combining Unmanned Aerial Systems and Sensor Networks for Earth Observation
Includes: de San Bernabe, A.[Alberto] de San Bernabé, A.[Alberto]

de San Roman, P.P.[Philippe Perez] Co Author Listing * Saliency Driven Object recognition in egocentric videos with deep CNN: Toward application in assistance to Neuroprostheses
Includes: de San Roman, P.P.[Philippe Perez] de San Roman, P.P.[Philippe Pérez]

de Sanctis, M.[Martina] Co Author Listing * Agent-Based Framework for Self-Organization of Collective and Autonomous Shuttle Fleets

de Sanctis, M.C. Co Author Listing * VIS-NIR Imaging Spectroscopy of Mercury's Surface: SIMBIO-SYS/VIHI Experiment Onboard the BepiColombo Mission

de Sanjose Blasco, J.J.[Jose Juan] Co Author Listing * Application of Geomatic Techniques for the Assessment of Anthropogenic Changes in the Urban Beaches of La Magdalena (Santander, Spain)
* Applied 3d Photogrammetric Studies For The Historical Heritage Of Extremadura (Spain)
* Assessment of the Structural Integrity of the Roman Bridge of Alcántara (Spain) Using TLS and GPR
* Comparing Two Photo-Reconstruction Methods to Produce High Density Point Clouds and DEMs in the Corral del Veleta Rock Glacier (Sierra Nevada, Spain)
* Does HDR Pre-Processing Improve the Accuracy of 3D Models Obtained by Means of two Conventional SfM-MVS Software Packages? The Case of the Corral del Veleta Rock Glacier
* Modelling and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Methodology (2009-2018) on Debris Cones in Temperate High Mountains
* Monitoring Retreat of Coastal Sandy Systems Using Geomatics Techniques: Somo Beach (Cantabrian Coast, Spain, 1875-2017)
* Multiple Close-Range Geomatic Techniques for the Kinematic Study of the La Pael Rock Glacier, Southern Pyrenees
Includes: de Sanjose Blasco, J.J.[Jose Juan] de Sanjosé-Blasco, J.J.[José Juan] de Sanjosé Blasco, J.J. de Sanjosé Blasco, J.J.[José Juan]
8 for de Sanjose Blasco, J.J.

de Sanjose, J.J. Co Author Listing * Image Measurement Techniques In Rock Glacier Modelling
* Influence of Image Properties on High-Detail SfM Photogrammetric Surveys of Complex Geometric Landforms: The Application of a Consumer-Grade UAV Camera in a Rock Glacier Survey, The
* Laser Scanning for the Geometric Study of the Alcántara Bridge and Coria Cathedral
Includes: de Sanjose, J.J. de Sanjosé, J.J. de Sanjosé, J.J.[José Juan]

de Santana Pereira, C.[Cristiano] Co Author Listing * Handwritten connected digits detection: An approach using instance selection
* Prototype Selection for Handwritten Connected Digits Classification

de Santi, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Lakes Surface Water Velocity with SAR: A Feasibility Study on Lake Garda, Italy
* SAR Based Sea Surface Complex Wind Fields Estimation: An Analysis over the Northern Adriatic Sea

de Santis, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Co-Seismic Magnetic Field Perturbations Detected by Swarm Three-Satellite Constellation
* Design of a Classification Strategy for Light Microscopy Images of the Human Liver
* Developing a Deep Learning-Based Detector of Magnetic, Ne, Te and TEC Anomalies from Swarm Satellites: The Case of Mw 7.1 2021 Japan Earthquake
* Discrete image modelling for piecewise constant segmentation by artificial neural networks
* discrete level set approach to image segmentation, A
* First Pi2 Pulsation Observed by China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* High-Resolution SAR images for fire susceptibility estimation in urban forestry
* Investigating a Possible Correlation between NOAA-Satellite-Detected Electron Precipitations and South Pacific Tectonic Events
* Modeling for edge detection problems in blurred noisy images
* Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A
* Multi-Parametric Climatological Analysis Reveals the Involvement of Fluids in the Preparation Phase of the 2008 Ms 8.0 Wenchuan and 2013 Ms 7.0 Lushan Earthquakes
* Observing Volcanoes from the Seafloor in the Central Mediterranean Area
* Performance Evaluation of Vibrational Measurements through mmWave Automotive Radars
* SafeNet: SwArm for Earthquake Perturbations Identification Using Deep Learning Networks
* Worldwide Statistical Correlation of Eight Years of Swarm Satellite Data with M5.5+ Earthquakes: New Hints about the Preseismic Phenomena from Space
Includes: de Santis, A.[Angelo] de Santis, A.[Alberto] de Santis, A. de Santis, A.[Adelmo]
15 for de Santis, A.

de Santis, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Climate Change Effects on Surface Temperature in Central-Italy Lakes Using Satellite Data Time-Series

de Santis, E. Co Author Listing * Communication Control and Driving Assistance to a Platoon of Vehicles in Heavy Traffic and Scarce Visibility
* Mesoscopic Human-Inspired Adaptive Cruise Control for Eco-Driving, A
* Multifractal Characterization of Texts for Pattern Recognition: On the Complexity of Morphological Structures in Modern and Ancient Languages
* String Stability of a Vehicular Platoon With the Use of Macroscopic Information
Includes: de Santis, E. de Santis, E.[Elena] de Santis, E.[Enrico]

de Santis, F.[Fortunato] Co Author Listing * Integrated Satellite System for Fire Detection and Prioritization

de Santis, G. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Carotid Strain Estimates From Ultrasonic Wall Tracking: A Study Based on Multiphysics Simulations and In Vivo Data
* Multifractal Characterization of Texts for Pattern Recognition: On the Complexity of Morphological Structures in Modern and Ancient Languages
Includes: de Santis, G. de Santis, G.[Giovanni]

de Santis, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Desk, The

de Santis, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Impact of Future Sea-Level Rise on Low-Lying Subsiding Coasts: A Case Study of Tavoliere Delle Puglie (Southern Italy), The
* Relative Sea-Level Rise Scenario for 2100 along the Coast of South Eastern Sicily (Italy) by InSAR Data, Satellite Images and High-Resolution Topography

de Santo, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of clustered microcalcifications by a multiple expert system
* CHAT-Bot: A cultural heritage aware teller-bot for supporting touristic experiences
* Classifying audio of movies by a multi-expert system
* Classifying Character Shapes
* Contextual Approach for Coastal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Enhancing, A
* Improved Algorithm for Anchor Shot Detection, An
* Improving the use of contours and skeletons for off-line cursive script segmentation
* Improving the use of contours for off-line Cursive Script Segmentation
* large database of graphs and its use for benchmarking graph isomorphism algorithms, A
* Multi-expert Approach for Shot Classification in News Videos, A
* preliminary approach to the design and evaluation of a reconfigurable architecture for computer vision, A
* software architecture for medical image processing stations, A
* Unsupervised Algorithm for Anchor Shot Detection, An
Includes: de Santo, M.[Massimo] de Santo, M.
13 for de Santo, M.

de Santos Berbel, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in 3D Modeling of Highways with Tree-Covered Roadsides to Estimate Sight Distance
Includes: de Santos Berbel, C.[Cesar] de Santos-Berbel, C.[César]

de Santos Sierra, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Analysis of pattern recognition techniques for in-air signature biometrics
* approach to hand biometrics in mobile devices, An
* Mobile-Oriented Hand Segmentation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Multiscale Aggregation, A

de Saussure, G. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and Learning

de Schepper, N.[Nele] Co Author Listing * Convolution Products for Hypercomplex Fourier Transforms
* Fractional Fourier transforms of hypercomplex signals
* Two-Dimensional Clifford-Fourier Transform, The

de Schipper, M. Co Author Listing * Eolian Sand Transport Monitored By Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Semi-Automated Monitoring of a Mega-Scale Beach Nourishment Using High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Satellite Data
Includes: de Schipper, M. de Schipper, M.[Matthieu]

de Schrijver, D.[Davy] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Prediction Mode Decision in Spatial Enhancement Layers in H.264/AVC SVC
* Automatic generation of generic Bitstream Syntax Descriptions applied to H.264/AVC SVC encoded video streams
* BFlavor: A harmonized approach to media resource adaptation, inspired by MPEG-21 BSDL and XFlavor
* Exploitation of Combined Scalability in Scalable H.264/AVC Bitstreams by Using an MPEG-21 XML-Driven Framework
* optimized MPEG-21 BSDL framework for the adaptation of scalable bitstreams, An
* Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Residual Interpolation, a Tool for Inter-layer Prediction in H.264/AVC Scalable Video Coding
* Real-Time Content Adaptation Framework for Exploiting ROI Scalability in H.264/AVC, A
* Requantization Transcoding in Pixel and Frequency Domain for Intra 16x16 in H.264/AVC
* Scalable, Wavelet-Based Video: From Server to Hardware-Accelerated Client
Includes: de Schrijver, D.[Davy] de Schrijver, D.
9 for de Schrijver, D.

de Schryver, M.[Maarten] Co Author Listing * Rex Leopold II Model: Application of the Reduced Set Density Estimator to Human Categorization., The

de Schryver, T. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Affine Deformation Estimation and Correction in Cone Beam Computed Tomography

de Schutter, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Distributed Event-Triggered Model Predictive Control for Urban Traffic Lights
* Distributed MPC for Large Freeway Networks Using Alternating Optimization
* Efficient Bilevel Approach for Urban Rail Transit Operation With Stop-Skipping
* Efficient Freeway MPC by Parameterization of ALINEA and a Speed-Limited Area
* Efficient Real-Time Train Scheduling for Urban Rail Transit Systems Using Iterative Convex Programming
* Fast Model Predictive Control for Urban Road Networks via MILP
* Feed-Forward ALINEA: A Ramp Metering Control Algorithm for Nearby and Distant Bottlenecks
* Integrated Model Predictive Traffic and Emission Control Using a Piecewise-Affine Approach
* Integrated Predictive Control of Freeway Networks Using the Extended Link Transmission Model
* Integrated Urban Traffic Control for the Reduction of Travel Delays and Emissions
* Introduction to the Special Section on IV'08
* Logic-Based Traffic Flow Control for Ramp Metering and Variable Speed Limits: Part 1: Controller
* Model Predictive Control for Freeway Networks Based on Multi-Class Traffic Flow and Emission Models
* Modeling and Efficient Passenger-Oriented Control for Urban Rail Transit Networks
* Multi-Agent Dynamic Routing of a Fleet of Cybercars
* On a spatiotemporally discrete urban traffic model
* Optimal Coordination of Variable Speed Limits to Suppress Shock Waves
* Predictive Traffic Controller for Sustainable Mobility Using Parameterized Control Policies, A
* Robustness Analysis of Platoon Control for Mixed Types of Vehicles
* Scenario Parameter Generation Method and Scenario Representativeness Metric for Scenario-Based Assessment of Automated Vehicles
* Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on the Efficient Hinging Hyperplanes Neural Network
* SPERT: A Speed Limit Strategy for Recurrent Traffic Jams
* Toward System-Optimal Routing in Traffic Networks: A Reverse Stackelberg Game Approach
* Traffic control and intelligent vehicle highway systems: a survey
* Traffic Management for Automated Highway Systems Using Model-Based Predictive Control
Includes: de Schutter, B.[Bart] de Schutter, B.
25 for de Schutter, B.

de Schutter, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * adaptable system for RGB-D based human body detection and pose estimation, An
* Model-Based Planar Contour Following in the Presence of Pose and Model Errors
* Online statistical model recognition and State estimation for autonomous compliant motion
* Shape-Based Online Multitarget Tracking and Detection for Targets Causing Multiple Measurements: Variational Bayesian Clustering and Lossless Data Association
* Smoothly Constrained Kalman Filter, A
Includes: de Schutter, J.[Joris] de Schutter, J.

de Seixas, J.M.[Jose Manoel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Models for Passive Sonar Signal Classification of Military Data
Includes: de Seixas, J.M.[Jose Manoel] de Seixas, J.M.[José Manoel]

de Senneville, B.D.[B. Denis] Co Author Listing * 3D Motion Estimation for On-Line MR Temperature Mapping
* Adaptive Non-Local-Means Filter for Real-Time MR-Thermometry, An
* Atlas-based motion correction for on-line MR temperature mapping
* Automatic Nonrigid Calibration of Image Registration for Real Time MR-Guided HIFU Ablations of Mobile Organs
* Automatic Region Tracking for MR Glomerular Filtration Rate Analysis
* Direct PCA-Based Approach for Real-Time Description of Physiological Organ Deformations, A
* Edge-Based Multi-modal Registration and Application for Night Vision Devices
* Extended Kalman Filtering for Continuous Volumetric MR-Temperature Imaging
* Extended Kalman filtering for MR-thermometry guided high intensity focused ultrasound using the bio heat transfer equation
* Method for Large Vessels/Brain Activity Colocalization, A
* MR-Guided Thermotherapy of Abdominal Organs Using a Robust PCA-Based Motion Descriptor
* On-Line Mobile Organ Tracking for Non-Invasive Local Hyperthermia
* PCA-Based Image Registration: Application to On-Line MR Temperature Monitoring of Moving Tissues
* Real time constrained motion estimation for ECG-gated cardiac MRI
* Robust Adaptive Extended Kalman Filtering for Real Time MR-Thermometry Guided HIFU Interventions
* Robust Spatial Phase Unwrapping for On-Line MR-Temperature Monitoring
Includes: de Senneville, B.D.[B. Denis] de Senneville, B.D. de Senneville, B.D.[Baudouin Denis]
16 for de Senneville, B.D.

de Sequeira, M.M.[Manuel Menezes] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation towards new image representation methods
* Partitions: A taxonomy of types and representations and an overview of coding techniques

de Seve, D.[Danielle] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Volumetric Surface Soil Moisture Content at the La Grande Basin Boreal Wetland by Radar Multi Polarization Data
Includes: de Seve, D.[Danielle] de Sève, D.[Danielle]

de Sevin, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Building Autonomous Sensitive Artificial Listeners
* Come and have an emotional workout with sensitive artificial listeners!
* Evaluation of Four Designed Virtual Agent Personalities

de Sherbinin, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Data Integration for Climate Vulnerability Mapping in West Africa
* Development of a Flash Flood Confidence Index from Disaster Reports and Geophysical Susceptibility
* Mapping Urban Extent at Large Spatial Scales Using Machine Learning Methods with VIIRS Nighttime Light and MODIS Daytime NDVI Data
* Suitability of NASA's Black Marble Daily Nighttime Lights for Population Studies at Varying Spatial and Temporal Scales

de Siena, M.C.[Michael C.] Co Author Listing * Perovskite CsPbBr3 Single Crystal Detector for High Flux X-Ray Photon Counting

de Silva Edirimuni, D.[Dasith] Co Author Listing * IterativePFN: True Iterative Point Cloud Filtering
Includes: de Silva Edirimuni, D.[Dasith] de Silva-Edirimuni, D.[Dasith]

de Silva, A.[Akila] Co Author Listing * Face Models: How Good Does My Data Need To Be?
* How much does input data type impact final face model accuracy?
* Sequential Image Synthesis for Human Activity Video Generation

de Silva, A.C.[Ana Costa] Co Author Listing * Design of an end-to-end method to extract information from tables

de Silva, C.J.S.[Christopher J.S.] Co Author Listing * improvement to the DR clustering algorithm, An
* Inference of Structure: Hands
Includes: de Silva, C.J.S.[Christopher J.S.] de Silva, C.J.S.

de Silva, C.R.[Chathura R.] Co Author Listing * Cloud basis function neural network: A modified RBF network architecture for holistic facial expression recognition

de Silva, C.W.[Clarence W.] Co Author Listing * Discriminative feature alignment: Improving transferability of unsupervised domain adaptation by Gaussian-guided latent alignment
* Extraction of Rules from Natural Objects for Automated Mechanical Processing
* Gaussian-guided feature alignment for unsupervised cross-subject adaptation
* Machine vision system for curved surface inspection
Includes: de Silva, C.W.[Clarence W.] de Silva, C.W.

de Silva, D.[Dilshan] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Backpack-Mounted Mobile Laser Scanning Systems for Tree Phenotyping
* Online Incremental Machine Learning Platform for Big Data-Driven Smart Traffic Management
* Review on sign language recognition methods for supporting communication between deaf and non-deaf persons
Includes: de Silva, D.[Dilshan] de Silva, D. de Silva, D.[Dilushinie]

de Silva, D.V.S.X. Co Author Listing * 3D video assessment with Just Noticeable Difference in Depth evaluation
* 3D Video communication scheme for error prone environments based on motion vector sharing
* Layered Depth Image Based HEVC Multi-view Codec
* novel depth map quality metric and its usage in depth map coding, A

de Silva, G.C.[Gamhewage C.] Co Author Listing * Interacting with location-based multimedia using sketches
* Interactive Multimedia Diary for the Home, An
* Person Tracking and Multicamera Video Retrieval Using Floor Sensors in a Ubiquitous Environment
* Sketch-Based Spatial Queries for Retrieving Human Locomotion Patterns From Continuously Archived GPS Data
* Ubiquitous Home: Retrieval of Experiences in a Home Environment

de Silva, G.L. Co Author Listing * Proper Noun Detection in Document Images

de Silva, K. Co Author Listing * 4K Real-Time HEVC Decoder on an FPGA

de Silva, L.C.[Liyanage C.] Co Author Listing * Bimodal Emotion Recognition
* Cloud basis function neural network: A modified RBF network architecture for holistic facial expression recognition
* Combined Face Detection/Recognition System for Smart Rooms
* Computational linguistics processing in indigenous language
* Depth estimation for underwater images from single view image
* Detection and Tracking of Facial Features by Using a Facial Feature Model and Deformable Circular Template
* Head Gestures Recognition
* hybrid approach of NN and HMM for facial emotion classification, A
* multiple person eye contact (MPEC) teleconferencing system, A
* Review of underwater image restoration algorithms
* teleconferencing system capable of multiple person eye contact (MPEC) using half mirrors and cameras placed at common points of extended lines of gaze, A
* Using moment invariants and HMM in facial expression recognition
Includes: de Silva, L.C.[Liyanage C.] de Silva, L.C.[Liyanage Chandratilak] de Silva, L.C.
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de Silva, L.W.A.[Liyanarachchi Waruna Arampath] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network for the Short-Term Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice Concentration

de Silva, O. Co Author Listing * Automated tuning of the nonlinear complementary filter for an Attitude Heading Reference observer

de Silva, P.R.S.[P. Ravindra S.] Co Author Listing * Computational Model for Recognizing Emotion with Intensity for Machine Vision Applications, A
* Monitoring of Emotion to Create Adaptive Game for Children with Mild Autistic
* Multi-agent Based Interactive System Towards Child's Emotion Performances Quantified Through Affective Body Gestures, A
* Towards Recognizing Emotion with Affective Dimensions Through Body Gestures
Includes: de Silva, P.R.S.[P. Ravindra S.] de Silva, P.R.S.

de Silva, T. Co Author Listing * Effects of Image Quality on the Fundamental Limits of Image Registration Accuracy
* MIND Demons: Symmetric Diffeomorphic Deformable Registration of MR and CT for Image-Guided Spine Surgery
* Robust 2-D-3-D Registration Optimization for Motion Compensation During 3-D TRUS-Guided Biopsy Using Learned Prostate Motion Data
* Statistical Model for Rigid Image Registration Performance: The Influence of Soft-Tissue Deformation as a Confounding Noise Source, A

de Silva, V. Co Author Listing * disocclusion replacement approach to subjective assessment for depth map quality evaluation, A
* Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Learning Control Policies of Driverless Vehicles from UAV Video Streams in Complex Urban Environments
* Multimodal Data Processing System for LiDAR-Based Human Activity Recognition, A
* Multimodal Perception-Driven Self Evolving Autonomous Ground Vehicle, A
* On the Local Behavior of Spaces of Natural Images
* Robust video communication using Random Linear Network Coding with Pre-Coding and Interleaving
* Selective motion vector redundancies for improved error resilience in HEVC
* Sensitivity Analysis of the Human Visual System for Depth Cues in Stereoscopic 3-D Displays
* Toward an Impairment Metric for Stereoscopic Video: A Full-Reference Video Quality Metric to Assess Compressed Stereoscopic Video
Includes: de Silva, V. de Silva, V.[Varuna] De-Silva, V.[Varuna] de Silva, V.[Vin]
10 for de Silva, V.

de Silver, C. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Map Estimation of Inhomogeneity and Segmentation of Brain Tissues from MR Images

de Silvey, C. Co Author Listing * Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Lidar Data for Photo-Realistic Visualisation of Climate Impacts at Heritage Sites

de Simone Borma, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Assessing Drought Response in the Southwestern Amazon Forest by Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements
* Environmental Drivers of Water Use for Caatinga Woody Plant Species: Combining Remote Sensing Phenology and Sap Flow Measurements

de Simone, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Efficient video coding based on audio-visual focus of attention
* Graph-Based Detection of Seams In 360-Degree Images
* Objective quality metrics for video scalability
* Subjective Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Video Streaming with Packet Losses
* Subjective Quality Evaluation via Paired Comparison: Application to Scalable Video Coding
* Towards high efficiency video coding: Subjective evaluation of potential coding technologies
* Visual Distortions in 360° Videos
Includes: de Simone, F.[Francesca] de Simone, F.
7 for de Simone, F.

de Simone, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Autonomous mobile robot for automatic out of stock detection in a supermarket

de Simone, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Integration of Machine Learning and Open Access Geospatial Data for Land Cover Mapping
* Operational Use of EO Data for National Land Cover Official Statistics in Lesotho
* Using Standardized Time Series Land Cover Maps to Monitor the SDG Indicator Mountain Green Cover Index and Assess Its Sensitivity to Vegetation Dynamics

de Simone, M. Co Author Listing * 3D digitization of a large model of imperial Rome
* Detecting siblings in image pairs
Includes: de Simone, M. de Simone, M.[Matteo]

de Simone, R. Co Author Listing * ROPES: a semiautomated segmentation method for accelerated analysis of three-dimensional echocardiographic data
* Towards Automatic Assessment of the Mitral Valve Coaptation Zone from 4D Ultrasound
Includes: de Simone, R. de Simone, R.[Raffaele]

de Simone, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * On the Application of the Spectral Projected Gradient Method in Image Segmentation
* Segmenting MR Images Through Texture Extraction and Multiplicative Components Optimization
* Well-posed anisotropic diffusion for image denoising
* Wiener filter and regularization methods for image restoration problems, The
Includes: de Simone, V.[Valentina] de Simone, V.

de Simone, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Coastal Dune Invaders: Integrative Mapping of Carpobrotus sp. pl. (Aizoaceae) Using UAVs
* From Remote Sensing to Species Distribution Modelling: An Integrated Workflow to Monitor Spreading Species in Key Grassland Habitats
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-Based Mapping of Acacia saligna Invasion in the Mediterranean Coast

de Siqueira Pinto, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Wall-to-Wall Spatial and Qualitative Dynamics of the Brazilian Pasturelands 2010-2018, Based on the Analysis of the Landsat Data Archive

de Siqueira, F.[Fanny] Co Author Listing * QDA-System: A Cloud-Based System for Monitoring Water Quality in Brazilian Hydroelectric Reservoirs from Space

de Siqueira, M.F.[Marinez Ferreira] Co Author Listing * openModeller: A Generic Approach to Species' Potential Distribution modelling

de Siqueira, M.L. Co Author Listing * Localization of cardiac cavities using hierarchically search in 2D grayscale ultrasound images

de Siqueira, R.A.[Ricardo Almeida] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Extreme Precipitation by Satellite Estimates over South America
* Performance of the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation from Blended Satellite Techniques over Brazil, The

de Siqueira, V.S.[Vilson Soares] Co Author Listing * Geotechnologies in Biophysical Analysis through the Applicability of the UAV and Sentinel-2A/MSI in Irrigated Area of Common Beans: Accuracy and Spatial Dynamics

de Sisternes, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Robust noise region-based active contour model via local similarity factor for image segmentation
* Ultra-Widefield OCT Angiography
Includes: de Sisternes, L.[Luis] de Sisternes, L.

de Sloover, L. Co Author Listing * Extracting Dimensions and Locations of Doors, Windows, and Door Thresholds Out of Mobile Lidar Data Using Object Detection to Estimate The Impact of Floods
* Measuring Surface Moisture on a Sandy Beach based on Corrected Intensity Data of a Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR
* Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner
Includes: de Sloover, L. de Sloover, L.[Lars]

de Smedt, F.[Floris] Co Author Listing * Combinator: Optimal Combination of Multiple Pedestrian Detectors, The
* How to reach top accuracy for a visual pedestrian warning system from a car?
* On-board real-time tracking of pedestrians on a UAV
* Pedestrian Detection at Warp Speed: Exceeding 500 Detections per Second

de Smedt, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * Ambient Formaldehyde over the United States from Ground-Based (AQS) and Satellite (OMI) Observations
* Impact of Drought on Isoprene Fluxes Assessed Using Field Data, Satellite-Based GLEAM Soil Moisture and HCHO Observations from OMI
* Quality Assurance Framework Development Based on Six New ECV Data Products to Enhance User Confidence for Climate Applications

de Smedt, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Three Different Portable XRF Scanners to Assess the Soil Geochemistry of An Extensive Sample Dataset, A
* Probabilistic 1-D Inversion of Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Data Using a Kalman Ensemble Generator
Includes: de Smedt, P.[Philippe] de Smedt, P.

de Smedt, Q.[Quentin] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Gesture Recognition by Analysing Set-of-Joints Trajectories
* Heterogeneous hand gesture recognition using 3D dynamic skeletal data
* Skeleton-Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition

de Smet, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Efficient disparity vector prediction schemes with modified P frame for 2D camera arrays
* Reduced complexity multi-view video coding scheme for 2D camera arrays

de Smet, J.[Jelle] Co Author Listing * Efficient disparity vector prediction schemes with modified P frame for 2D camera arrays
* Reduced complexity multi-view video coding scheme for 2D camera arrays

de Smet, K. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Assessment of Tree Attributes of Acacia Tortilis in Bou-Hedma, Tunisia

de Smet, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Generalized EM Approach for 3D Model Based Face Recognition under Occlusions, A
* Optimal Regions for Linear Model-Based 3D Face Reconstruction
Includes: de Smet, M.[Michael] de Smet, M.[Michaël]

de Smet, M.D.[Marc D.] Co Author Listing * Robotic Assistance for Intraocular Microsurgery: Challenges and Perspectives

de Smet, P. Co Author Listing * Constructing the topological solution of jigsaw puzzles
* Fast Dynamic Border Linking Algorithm for Region Merging, A
* Image Interpolation Using Constrained Adaptive Contrast Enhancement Techniques
* Line Extraction with the Use of an Automatic Gradient Threshold Technique and the Hough Transform
* Motion-Based Segmentation Using a Thresholded Merging Strategy on Watershed Segments
* Optimized high speed pixel sorting and its application in watershed based image segmentation
* Optimized recursive subband synthesis windowing for implementing efficient MPEG audio decoders
* Semi-automatic Forensic Reconstruction of Ripped-up Documents
Includes: de Smet, P. de Smet, P.[Patrick]
8 for de Smet, P.

de Smet, S. Co Author Listing * Coding of Dynamic Texture for Mapping on 3-D Scenes
* Coding of Dynamic Texture on 3D Scenes
Includes: de Smet, S. de Smet, S.[Stef]

de Smet, T. Co Author Listing * Recording and Analysis of the Rec Yard at Alcatraz Island

de Smet, T.S.[Timothy S.] Co Author Listing * Applying Deep Learning to Automate UAV-Based Detection of Scatterable Landmines
* Detection and Identification of Remnant PFM-1 'Butterfly Mines' with a UAV-Based Thermal-Imaging Protocol
* Successful Integration of UAV Aeromagnetic Mapping with Terrestrial Methane Emissions Surveys in Orphaned Well Remediation
* Thermal Imaging Shows Submarine Groundwater Discharge Plumes Associated with Ancient Settlements on Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile)

de Smet, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * A+: Adjusted Anchored Neighborhood Regression for Fast Super-Resolution
* Anchored Neighborhood Regression for Fast Example-Based Super-Resolution
* Nonuniform image patch exemplars for low level vision
* Semantic super-resolution: When and where is it useful?
* Systematic evaluation of super-resolution using classification
Includes: de Smet, V.[Vincent] de Smet, V.

de Smet, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Assessing partially ordered clustering in a multicriteria comparative context

de Smeth, B.[Boudewijn] Co Author Listing * Alternative Quality Control Technique for Mineral Chemistry Analysis of Portland Cement-Grade Limestone Using Shortwave Infrared Spectroscopy, An

de Solar, J.R. Co Author Listing * Semantic Mapping of Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes for Autonomous Off-Road Driving

de Sorbier, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Pose Estimation Using Viewpoint Generative Learning
* Arbitrarily Shaped Objects Relighting Using an RGB-D Camera
* Calibration-free projector-camera system for spatial augmented reality on planar surfaces
* Camera pose estimation for mixed and diminished reality in FTV
* Colour Descriptors for Tracking in Spatial Augmented Reality
* Visualization of Temperature Change Using RGB-D Camera and Thermal Camera
Includes: de Sorbier, F.[Francois] de Sorbier, F.[François] de Sorbier, F.

de Sousa Afonso, J.M.[Joao Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Extreme Precipitation by Satellite Estimates over South America
* New Functionalities and Regional/National Use Cases of the Anomaly Hotspots of Agricultural Production (ASAP) Platform
* Performance of the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation from Blended Satellite Techniques over Brazil, The
* Precipitation Diurnal Cycle Assessment of Satellite-Based Estimates over Brazil
Includes: de Sousa Afonso, J.M.[Joao Maria] de Sousa Afonso, J.M.[João Maria] de Sousa-Afonso, J.M.[João Maria]

de Sousa da Silva, W.[Wesley] Co Author Listing * Similarity Analysis between Contour Lines by Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Topography Using Hausdorff Distance: Application on Contour Planting

de Sousa Hacon, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Toward an Early Warning System for Health Issues Related to Particulate Matter Exposure in Brazil: The Feasibility of Using Global PM2.5 Concentration Forecast Products

de Sousa Junior, M.F.[Marionei Fomaca] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Use in Center Pivot Irrigation Using Evapotranspiration Time Series Derived by Landsat: A Study Case in a Southeastern Region of the Brazilian Savanna

de Sousa Lima, J.R.[Jose Romualdo] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Model of Soil Heat Flux over Multiple Land Covers in South America
Includes: de Sousa Lima, J.R.[Jose Romualdo] de Sousa Lima, J.R.[José Romualdo]

de Sousa Mendes, W.[Wanderson] Co Author Listing * Drivers of Organic Carbon Stocks in Different LULC History and along Soil Depth for a 30 Years Image Time Series
* Improvement of Clay and Sand Quantification Based on a Novel Approach with a Focus on Multispectral Satellite Images
* Multi-Temporal Satellite Images on Topsoil Attribute Quantification and the Relationship with Soil Classes and Geology

de Sousa Neto, A.F.[Arthur Flor] Co Author Listing * robust handwritten recognition system for learning on different data restriction scenarios, A

de Sousa Pereira Amorim, B.[Brunna] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Road Accident Hotspots, A
Includes: de Sousa Pereira Amorim, B.[Brunna] de Sousa-Pereira-Amorim, B.[Brunna]

de Sousa Ribeiro, F. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Deep Neural Architecture for Optical Character Verification and Recognition in Retail Food Packaging, An

de Sousa Santos, J.C.[Jean Carlo] Co Author Listing * Granular Computing and Rough Sets to Generate Fuzzy Rules

de Sousa, A.L. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Based on Receptive Field

de Sousa, A.M.[Amanda Mendes] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Geological Risk Areas in the City of Sao Paulo Based on Multi-Temporal High-Resolution 3D Models

de Sousa, A.M.R.[Ana Maria Ribeiro] Co Author Listing * Europe's Green Arteries: A Continental Dataset of Riparian Zones

de Sousa, C.A.R.[Celso A.R.] Co Author Listing * Time Series Transductive Classification on Imbalanced Data Sets: An Experimental Study

de Sousa, C.H.R.[Celio Helder Resende] Co Author Listing * Progress in Remote Sensing of Photosynthetic Activity over the Amazon Basin

de Sousa, D.J.[Daniela Justiniano] Co Author Listing * Automated standardization of images of Drosophila embryos

de Sousa, E.P.M.[Elaine Parros Machado] Co Author Listing * SIRA: An efficient method for retrieving stereo images from anaglyphs

de Sousa, J.F. Co Author Listing * Improving Mass Transit Operations by Using AVL-Based Systems: A Survey

de Sousa, J.J.M. Co Author Listing * Potential Of Sentinel-1a For Nation-wide Routine Updates Of Active Landslide Maps

de Sousa, L.M.[Luis Moreira] Co Author Listing * Comparison of FOSS4G Supported Equal-Area Projections Using Discrete Distortion Indicatrices
* domain specific language for spatial simulation scenarios, A
* New implementation of Ogc Web Processing Service in Python programming language. Pywps-4 and issues we are facing with processing of large raster data using Ogc Wps
Includes: de Sousa, L.M.[Luis Moreira] de Sousa, L.M.[Luís Moreira]

de Sousa, N.M.[Naiane Maria] Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision Methods: From Development to the Evaluation of Disparity Maps

de Sousa, P.H.F.[Pedro Henrique Feijo] Co Author Listing * Intelligent 3D Objects Classification for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Based on Lidar and Deep Learning Approaches
Includes: de Sousa, P.H.F.[Pedro Henrique Feijo] de Sousa, P.H.F.[Pedro Henrique Feijó]

de Sousa, R. Co Author Listing * Designing Translation Invariant Operations Via Neural Network Training
* New Morphological Method for Cursive Word Segmentation, A

de Sousa, R.J.R. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Facial Expressions by Cortical Multi-scale Line and Edge Coding

de Sousa, R.P. Co Author Listing * Improved Evolutionary Hybrid Method for Designing Morphological Operators

de Sousa, R.S.[Roniel S.] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Trajectory Similarity: Models, Methods, and Applications

de Sousa, R.T.[Rafael T.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Electronic Anklet Wearers' Groupings throughout Telematics Monitoring

de Sousa, R.V.[Raquel Valerio] Co Author Listing * Benefits of Combining ALOS/PALSAR-2 and Sentinel-2A Data in the Classification of Land Cover Classes in the Santa Catarina Southern Plateau
Includes: de Sousa, R.V.[Raquel Valerio] de Sousa, R.V.[Raquel Valério]

de Sousa, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Data Graph Formulation as the Minimum-Weight Maximum-Entropy Problem
* Graph-based point drift: Graph centrality on the registration of point-sets

de Sousa, S.F.[Samuel F.] Co Author Listing * overview of automatic event detection in soccer matches, An

de Sousa, V.F. Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of facial fiducial point detection approaches

de Souto, M.C.P.[Marcilio C. P.] Co Author Listing * Classifier Recommendation Using Data Complexity Measures

de Souza Alencar, W.[Wanderley] Co Author Listing * Empirical Methodological Study of Evaluation Methods Applied to Educational Timetabling Visualizations, An
* Where's Wally: A Gigapixel Image Study for Face Recognition in Crowds

de Souza Almeida, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * AR-based social presence enhancement in video-chat communication

de Souza Baptista, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Improving geographic information retrieval in spatial data infrastructures
* Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Road Accident Hotspots, A
* Similarity Search on Semantic Trajectories Using Text Processing
* Survey on Big Data for Trajectory Analytics, A
Includes: de Souza Baptista, C.[Claudio] de Souza Baptista, C.[Cláudio] de Souza-Baptista, C.[Cláudio]

de Souza Barros, H.D.A.[Hebert D. A.] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric aerosol measurements in São Paulo, Brazil

de Souza Brito, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Weighted voting of multi-stream convolutional neural networks for video-based action recognition using optical flow rhythms
Includes: de Souza Brito, A.[Andre] de Souza Brito, A.[André]

de Souza Britto Junior, A.[Alceu] Co Author Listing * Deep representations for cross-spectral ocular biometrics
* flexible hierarchical approach for facial age estimation based on multiple features, A
* Large-margin representation learning for texture classification
Includes: de Souza Britto Junior, A.[Alceu] de Souza-Britto-Junior, A.[Alceu]

de Souza Britto, A. Co Author Listing * benchmark of classifiers on feature drifting data streams, A
* Complementary features combined in an HMM-based system to recognize handwritten digits
* Dynamic Zoning Selection for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Evaluation of Different Strategies to Optimize an HMM-Based Character Recognition System
* Evaluation of incremental learning algorithms for HMM in the recognition of alphanumeric characters
* Filtering segmentation cuts for digit string recognition
* Forest Species Recognition Using Color-Based Features
* Forest species recognition using macroscopic images
* From dynamic classifier selection to dynamic ensemble selection
* Handwritten digit segmentation: a comparative study
* Handwritten digit segmentation: Is it still necessary?
* implication of data diversity for a classifier-free ensemble selection in random subspaces, The
* Improving cascading classifiers with particle swarm optimization
* K-Nearest Oracle for Dynamic Ensemble Selection
* Leave-One-Out-Training and Leave-One-Out-Testing Hidden Markov Models for a Handwritten Numeral Recognizer: The Implications of a Single Classifier and Multiple Classifications
* low-cost parallel K-means VQ algorithm using cluster computing, A
* new HMM training and testing scheme, A
* New Objective Function for Ensemble Selection in Random Subspaces, A
* Overcoming feature drifts via dynamic feature weighted k-nearest neighbor learning
* Pairwise fusion matrix for combining classifiers
* recognition of handwritten numeral strings using a two-stage HMM-based method, The
* Segmentation of postal envelopes for address block location: an approach based on feature selection in wavelet space
* Soccer video segmentation: Referee and player detection
* string length predictor to control the level building of HMMs for handwritten numeral recognition, A
* synthetic database to assess segmentation algorithms, A
* Time Distributed Multiview Representation for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Two-Stage HMM-Based System for Recognizing Handwritten Numeral Strings, A
* Verification of Unconstrained Handwritten Words at Character Level
Includes: de Souza Britto, A. de Souza Britto, Jr., A.[Alceu] de Souza Britto Jr., A.[Alceu] de Souza Britto, A.[Alceu]
28 for de Souza Britto, A.

de Souza da Silva, R.L.[Rodrigo Luis] Co Author Listing * New Technique for Binary Morphological Shape-Based Interpolation
* Video Descriptor Using Orientation Tensors and Shape-Based Trajectory Clustering, A

de Souza Ferreira, F.[Fernanda] Co Author Listing * Multitaper-Mel Spectrograms for Keyword Spotting

de Souza Filho, C.R.[Carlos Roberto] Co Author Listing * Advances in multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing of mangrove species: A synthesis and study case on airborne and multisource spaceborne imagery
* Assessing the impact of hydrocarbon leakages on vegetation using reflectance spectroscopy
* Change Analysis of the Spectral Characteristics of Rubber Trees at Canopy and Leaf Scales During The Brazilian Autumn
* Deep learning-based individual tree crown delineation in mangrove forests using very-high-resolution satellite imagery
* Detection of Methane Plumes Using Airborne Midwave Infrared (3-5 µm) Hyperspectral Data
* Hyperspectral remote sensing detection of petroleum hydrocarbons in mixtures with mineral substrates: Implications for onshore exploration and monitoring
* Individual tree crown delineation in a highly diverse tropical forest using very high resolution satellite images
* Iterative Curve Fitting: A Robust Technique to Estimate the Wavelength Position and Depth of Absorption Features From Spectral Data
* Mapping invasive species and spectral mixture relationships with neotropical woody formations in southeastern Brazil
* On the Use of Shortwave Infrared for Tree Species Discrimination in Tropical Semideciduous Forest
* Spectroscopic remote sensing of plant stress at leaf and canopy levels using the chlorophyll 680nm absorption feature with continuum removal
* Tree species classification in tropical forests using visible to shortwave infrared WorldView-3 images and texture analysis
Includes: de Souza Filho, C.R.[Carlos Roberto] de Souza-Filho, C.R.[Carlos Roberto]
12 for de Souza Filho, C.R.

de Souza Filho, J.R. Co Author Listing * Automated Feature Extraction from Breast Masses Using Multiscale Fractal Dimension

de Souza Gazolli, K.A.[Kelly Assis] Co Author Listing * Exploring neighborhood and spatial information for improving scene classification

de Souza Jacomini, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Pairwise registration in indoor environments using adaptive combination of 2D and 3D cues

de Souza Junior, N.F.[Nelson Forte] Co Author Listing * Product Recommendation Through Real-Time Object Recognition on Image Classifiers

de Souza Kazmierczak, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Critical Analysis of Red Ceramic Blocks Roughness Estimation by 2D and 3D Methods, A

de Souza Loureiro, E.[Elisangela] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in the Hyperspectral Classification of Glycaspis brimblecombei (Hemiptera Psyllidae) Attack Severity in Eucalyptus
Includes: de Souza Loureiro, E.[Elisangela] de Souza-Loureiro, E.[Elisângela]

de Souza Machado, S. Co Author Listing * overview of the AIRS radiative transfer model, An
Includes: de Souza Machado, S. de Souza-Machado, S.

de Souza Martins, E.[Eder] Co Author Listing * Karst Depression Detection Using ASTER, ALOS/PRISM and SRTM-Derived Digital Elevation Models in the Bambuí Group, Brazil
Includes: de Souza Martins, E.[Eder] de Souza Martins, É.[Éder]

de Souza Mendes, F.[Flavia] Co Author Listing * Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Synergism for Mapping Vegetation Types in the Endangered Cerrado/Amazon Ecotone of Nova Mutum: Mato Grosso
Includes: de Souza Mendes, F.[Flavia] de Souza Mendes, F.[Flávia]

de Souza Munoz, M.E.[Mauro Enrique] Co Author Listing * openModeller: A Generic Approach to Species' Potential Distribution modelling
Includes: de Souza Munoz, M.E.[Mauro Enrique] de Souza Muñoz, M.E.[Mauro Enrique]

de Souza Oliveira, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition Based on Deep Learning: A Survey

de Souza Penna, N.[Nathilia] Co Author Listing * Near-Surface Geophysical Characterization of a Marble Deposit to Promote a Sustainable Small-Scale Mining
Includes: de Souza Penna, N.[Nathilia] de Souza-Penna, N.[Nath¡lia]

de Souza Pereira, F.R.[Francisca Rocha] Co Author Listing * Reducing Uncertainty in Mapping of Mangrove Aboveground Biomass Using Airborne Discrete Return Lidar Data

de Souza Reboucas, E.[Elizangela] Co Author Listing * Analysis of human tissue densities: A new approach to extract features from medical images
Includes: de Souza Reboucas, E.[Elizangela] de Souza Rebouças, E.[Elizângela]

de Souza Rolim, G.[Glauco] Co Author Listing * Training Machine Learning Algorithms Using Remote Sensing and Topographic Indices for Corn Yield Prediction
Includes: de Souza Rolim, G.[Glauco] de Souza-Rolim, G.[Glauco]

de Souza Rosa, L.[Leandro] Co Author Listing * luvHarris: A Practical Corner Detector for Event-Cameras

de Souza Soler, L.[Luciana] Co Author Listing * Enhancing deforestation monitoring in the Brazilian Amazon: A semi-automatic approach leveraging uncertainty estimation
Includes: de Souza Soler, L.[Luciana] de Souza-Soler, L.[Luciana]

de Souza Vicente, C.M.[Claudio Marcio] Co Author Listing * High performance moves recognition and sequence segmentation based on key poses filtering

de Souza, A.A.[Alana Almeida] Co Author Listing * On a Data-Driven Approach for Detecting Disturbance in the Brazilian Savannas Using Time Series of Vegetation Indices

de Souza, A.F.[Alberto F.] Co Author Listing * Copycat CNN: Are random non-Labeled data enough to steal knowledge from black-box models?
* Deep Learning-based Type Identification of Volumetric MRI Sequences
* Evaluating the Limits of a LiDAR for an Autonomous Driving Localization
* Facial expression recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks: Coping with few data and the training sample order
* Fast(er) Reconstruction of Shredded Text Documents via Self-Supervised Deep Asymmetric Metric Learning
* human-in-the-loop recommendation-based framework for reconstruction of mechanically shredded documents, A
* Keep your Eyes on the Lane: Real-time Attention-guided Lane Detection
* PolyLaneNet: Lane Estimation via Deep Polynomial Regression
* Self-supervised deep reconstruction of mixed strip-shredded text documents
Includes: de Souza, A.F.[Alberto F.] de Souza, A.F.
9 for de Souza, A.F.

de Souza, A.M.[Allan M.] Co Author Listing * Mobility and Deadline-Aware Task Scheduling Mechanism for Vehicular Edge Computing
* Safe and Sound: Driver Safety-Aware Vehicle Re-Routing Based on Spatiotemporal Information
Includes: de Souza, A.M.[Allan M.] de Souza, A.M.

de Souza, A.N. Co Author Listing * Improving Optimum-Path Forest Classification Using Unsupervised Manifold Learning

de Souza, A.S.[Albert Schiaveto] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Models Applied to Snakes Behavior Identification

de Souza, A.V.[Adriana Vivan] Co Author Listing * Effects of Beach Nourishment Project on Coastal Geomorphology and Mangrove Dynamics in Southern Louisiana, USA
* Nature versus Humans in Coastal Environmental Change: Assessing the Impacts of Hurricanes Zeta and Ida in the Context of Beach Nourishment Projects in the Mississippi River Delta

de Souza, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Learning With Average Precision: Training Image Retrieval With a Listwise Loss

de Souza, C.C.[Cid C.] Co Author Listing * Generating optimal drawings of physically realizable symbol maps with integer programming

de Souza, C.R.[Cesar Roberto] Co Author Listing * Generating Human Action Videos by Coupling 3D Game Engines and Probabilistic Graphical Models
* Procedural Generation of Videos to Train Deep Action Recognition Networks
* Sympathy for the Details: Dense Trajectories and Hybrid Classification Architectures for Action Recognition
Includes: de Souza, C.R.[Cesar Roberto] de Souza, C.R.[César Roberto]

de Souza, D.B.[Douglas Baptista] Co Author Listing * Multitaper-Mel Spectrograms for Keyword Spotting
* Time-Varying Autoregressive Model for Characterizing Nonstationary Processes, A
Includes: de Souza, D.B.[Douglas Baptista] de Souza, D.B.[D. Baptista]

de Souza, D.F. Co Author Listing * GHEVC: An Efficient HEVC Decoder for Graphics Processing Units
* GPU-assisted HEVC intra decoder
* Highly parallel HEVC decoding for heterogeneous systems with CPU and GPU
Includes: de Souza, D.F. de Souza, D.F.[Diego F.] de Souza, D.F.[Diego Felix]

de Souza, E.M.F.R. Co Author Listing * Spectral Analysis Of Different Vegetation Cover Using The Hyperion Sensor: A Case Study In The State Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

de Souza, E.S.[Eduardo Soares] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Model of Soil Heat Flux over Multiple Land Covers in South America

de Souza, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Multi-Commodity Traffic Signal Control and Routing With Connected Vehicles

de Souza, F.D.M.[Fillipe D. M.] Co Author Listing * Building semantic understanding beyond deep learning from sound and vision
* Going Deeper With Semantics: Video Activity Interpretation Using Semantic Contextualization
* Pattern theory for representation and inference of semantic structures in videos
* Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities
* Rate-Invariant Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds with Application in Visual Speech Recognition
* Rate-invariant comparisons of covariance paths for visual speech recognition
* Spatially Coherent Interpretations of Videos Using Pattern Theory
* Temporally coherent interpretations for long videos using pattern theory
* Towards a Knowledge-Based Approach for Generating Video Descriptions
Includes: de Souza, F.D.M.[Fillipe D. M.] de Souza, F.D.M.[Fillipe D.M.]
9 for de Souza, F.D.M.

de Souza, G.B.[Gustavo Botelho] Co Author Listing * Deep Boltzmann Machine-Based Approach for Robust Image Denoising, A
* HTS and HTSn: New shape descriptors based on Hough transform statistics
* Restricted Boltzmann Machine-Based Approach for Robust Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Shape Analysis Using Multiscale Hough Transform Statistics

de Souza, G.N.[Guilherme N.] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Tracking of Rigid Objects with Occlusion Using Active Appearance Models
* Adaptive learning of multi-subspace for foreground detection under illumination changes
* Distortion Correction in 3D-Modeling of Root Systems for Plant Phenotyping
* Dual-beam structured-light scanning for 3-D object modeling
* Local-to-Global Signature Descriptor for 3D Object Recognition
* Robotic vision: what happened to the visions of yesterday?
* subsumptive, hierarchical, and distributed vision-based architecture for smart robotics, A
* Vision for Mobile Robot Navigation: A Survey
Includes: de Souza, G.N.[Guilherme N.] de Souza, G.N.
8 for de Souza, G.N.

de Souza, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * QDA-System: A Cloud-Based System for Monitoring Water Quality in Brazilian Hydroelectric Reservoirs from Space
Includes: de Souza, J.[Joao] de Souza, J.[João]

de Souza, J.C. Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional stereo vision with a hyperbolic double lobed mirror

de Souza, J.J. Co Author Listing * Promising Advances of Amazonian Monitoring Systems Throughout Vanguard Technology and Scientific Knowledge

de Souza, J.M.O. Co Author Listing * Mobile Photo Recommendation and Logbook Generation Using Context-Tagged Images

de Souza, J.N.[Jose N.] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review of Shared Sensor Networks, A
Includes: de Souza, J.N.[Jose N.] de Souza, J.N.[José N.]

de Souza, J.S. Co Author Listing * late fusion approach to combine multiple pedestrian detectors, A

de Souza, J.W.M.[J. Wellington M.] Co Author Listing * novel feature extractor for human action recognition in visual question answering, A

de Souza, K.M.A. Co Author Listing * Deformable Template Recognition of Multiple Occluded Objects
* Estimation of Objects in Highly Variable Images Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo

de Souza, L.A.[Luis A.] Co Author Listing * Barrett's esophagus analysis using infinity Restricted Boltzmann Machines
* Scale-Space Approach for Multiscale Shape Analysis, A
* Semi-supervised Segmentation Based on Error-correcting Supervision
Includes: de Souza, L.A.[Luis A.] de Souza, Jr., L.A.[Luis A.] de Souza, Jr., L.A.[Luis Antônio] de Souza, Jr., L.A.[Luis Antonio]

de Souza, L.S.[Lincon Sales] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition with Enhanced Grassmann Discriminant Analysis
* deep network model based on subspaces: A novel approach for image classification, A
* Enhanced Grassmann discriminant analysis with randomized time warping for motion recognition
* Enhancing discriminability of randomized time warping for motion recognition
Includes: de Souza, L.S.[Lincon Sales] de Souza, L.S.

de Souza, L.S.B.[Luciana Sandra Bastos] Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing to Quantify the Joint Effects of Climate and Land Use/Land Cover Changes on the Caatinga Biome of Northeast Brazilian

de Souza, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * CNN approach to simultaneously count plants and detect plantation-rows from UAV imagery, A
* Predicting Canopy Nitrogen Content in Citrus-Trees Using Random Forest Algorithm Associated to Spectral Vegetation Indices from UAV-Imagery
Includes: de Souza, M.[Mauricio] de Souza, M.[Maurício]

de Souza, M.A. Co Author Listing * photogrammetric determination of head surface shape and alignment for the optical tomography of newborn infants, The
* Subband decomposition strategies for object-based image coding
Includes: de Souza, M.A. de Souza, M.A.[Marcio Albuquerque]

de Souza, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Rib Detection in Chest Radiographs
* Edge Detection Using Sliding Statistical Tests
* Note on a Random-Walk Model for Texture Analysis, A
* Some decision network designs for pattern classification
* Texture Recognition via Autoregression
Includes: de Souza, P. de Souza, P.[Peter]

de Souza, P.A. Co Author Listing * Identification of Patterns over Regional Scales Using Self-Organising Maps on Images from Marine Modelling Outputs

de Souza, P.S.L. Co Author Listing * low-cost parallel K-means VQ algorithm using cluster computing, A

de Souza, R.[Romina] Co Author Listing * Assessing Performance of Vegetation Indices to Estimate Nitrogen Nutrition Index in Pepper
* Effect of Time of Day and Sky Conditions on Different Vegetation Indices Calculated from Active and Passive Sensors and Images Taken from UAV

de Souza, R.D.A.[Ranieli Dos Anjos] Co Author Listing * Assessing Drought Response in the Southwestern Amazon Forest by Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements

de Souza, R.E.[Ricardo E.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease by Analysis of MR Images Using Multilayer Perceptrons, Polynomial Nets and Kohonen LVQ Classifiers

de Souza, R.H.C.[Rafael H.C.] Co Author Listing * Fast global non-rigid registration for mosaic creation
* Non-rigid registration between color channels based on joint-histogram entropy in subspace

de Souza, R.M.C.[R.M. Campello] Co Author Listing * Fragile watermarking using finite field trigonometrical transforms

de Souza, R.M.C.R.[Renata M.C.R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hausdorff distances and dynamic clustering of symbolic interval data
* Clustering of interval data based on city-block distances
* Quantile regression of interval-valued data
* robust method for linear regression of symbolic interval data, A
* Unsupervised pattern recognition models for mixed feature-type symbolic data
Includes: de Souza, R.M.C.R.[Renata M.C.R.] de Souza, R.M.C.R.[Renata M. C. R.]

de Souza, S.R.S. Co Author Listing * low-cost parallel K-means VQ algorithm using cluster computing, A

de Souza, T.M.[Thais Machado] Co Author Listing * Similarity Analysis between Contour Lines by Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Topography Using Hausdorff Distance: Application on Contour Planting
Includes: de Souza, T.M.[Thais Machado] de Souza, T.M.[Thaís Machado]

de Souza, W.D.[Wagner Dias] Co Author Listing * Similarity Analysis between Contour Lines by Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Topography Using Hausdorff Distance: Application on Contour Planting

de Stefano, A. Co Author Listing * Film grain reduction on colour images using undecimated wavelet transform
* Innovative Approach for Spatial Video Noise Reduction Using a Wavelet Based Frequency Decomposition, An
* Selection of Thresholding Scheme for Image Noise Reduction on Wavelet Components Using Bayesian Estimation
* Synthesising and reducing film grain
Includes: de Stefano, A. de Stefano, A.[Antonio]

de Stefano, C. Co Author Listing * adaptive reject option for LVQ classifiers, An
* adaptive weighted majority vote rule for combining multiple classifiers, An
* Can a Sequential Thinning Algorithm Be Parallelized?
* Character preclassification based on genetic programming
* Combining Single Class Features for Improving Performance of a Two Stage Classifier
* Comparing filter and wrapper approaches for feature selection in handwritten character recognition
* Deep Transfer Learning for Alzheimer's disease detection
* Distance Measure for Structural Descriptions Using Circular Arcs as Primitives, A
* dynamic approach to learning vector quantization, A
* end-to-end deep learning system for medieval writer identification, An
* Entropy-Based Method for Extracting Robust Binary Templates, An
* Exploiting reliability for dynamic selection of classifiers by means of genetic algorithms
* feature selection algorithm for handwritten character recognition, A
* From ligatures to characters: a shape-based algorithm for handwriting segmentation
* GA-Based Feature Selection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Images, A
* GA-based feature selection approach with an application to handwritten character recognition, A
* Graphonomics for the e-citizens: e-health, e-society and e-education
* Grouping Character Shapes by Means of Genetic Programming
* Handwriting Analysis to Support Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis: A Preliminary Study
* Handwriting analysis to support neurodegenerative diseases diagnosis: A review
* Handwriting-based Classifier Combination for Cognitive Impairment Prediction
* Improving character recognition rate by a multi-net neural classifier
* Improving Dynamic Learning Vector Quantization
* Indexing and retrieving cursive documents without recognition
* investigation on MPEG audio segmentation by evolutionary algorithms, An
* Learning Bayesian Networks by Evolution for Classifier Combination
* Learning handwriting by evolution: a conceptual framework for performance evaluation and tuning
* Looking for Prototypes by Genetic Programming
* Machine Learning to Predict Cognitive Decline of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease Using EEG Markers: A Preliminary Study
* Method for Scribe Distinction in Medieval Manuscripts Using Page Layout Features, A
* Method For The Recognition of Symbols on Geographic Maps, A
* Minimizing Training Data for Reliable Writer Identification in Medieval Manuscripts
* multiresolution approach to on-line handwriting segmentation and feature extraction, A
* Neural-Network Classifier for OCR Using Structural Descriptions, A
* new evolutionary learning model for handwritten character prototyping, A
* Novel Genetic Programming Based Approach for Classification Problems, A
* Novel Naive Bayes Voting Strategy for Combining Classifiers, A
* novel PCA-based approach for building on-board sensor classifiers for water contaminant detection, A
* Offline handwriting image analysis to predict Alzheimer's disease via deep learning
* Page-Based Reject Option for Writer Identification in Medieval Books, A
* Papyrow: A Dataset of Row Images from Ancient Greek Papyri for Writers Identification
* Quantitative evaluation of features for Forensic Handwriting Examination
* Random Forest for Reliable Pre-classification of Handwritten Characters
* ranking-based feature selection approach for handwritten character recognition, A
* Reading Cursive Handwriting
* Spatial Relations among Pattern Subsets as a Guide for Skeleton Pruning
* Two-Step System Based on Deep Transfer Learning for Writer Identification in Medieval Books, A
* Using Bayesian Network for combining classifiers
* Using Handwriting Features to Characterize Cognitive Impairment
* Using Strings for On-Line Handwriting Shape Matching: A New Weighted Edit Distance
* Weighted Majority Vote Strategy Using Bayesian Networks, A
* What is the minimum training data size to reliably identify writers in medieval manuscripts?
* Writing Order Recovery from Off-Line Handwriting by Graph Traversal
Includes: de Stefano, C. de Stefano, C.[Claudio]
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de Stefano, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Adversarial mimicry attacks against image splicing forensics: An approach for jointly hiding manipulations and creating false detections

de Stoutz, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Fast Perceptual Image Enhancement
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report

de Strycker, L. Co Author Listing * How to Achieve Robustness Against Scaling in a Real-time Digital Watermarking System for Broadcast Monitoring
* Implementation of a real-time digital watermarking process for broadcast monitoring on a TriMedia VLIW processor
* New Low-Cost HF RFID Loop Antenna Concept for Metallic Environments, A
* VIVA Project: Digital Watermarking for Broadcast Monitoring, The
Includes: de Strycker, L. de Strycker, L.[Lieven]

de Sutter, R.[Robbie] Co Author Listing * optimized MPEG-21 BSDL framework for the adaptation of scalable bitstreams, An

de Swaef, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Applying RGB- and Thermal-Based Vegetation Indices from UAVs for High-Throughput Field Phenotyping of Drought Tolerance in Forage Grasses
* Closing the Phenotyping Gap: High Resolution UAV Time Series for Soybean Growth Analysis Provides Objective Data from Field Trials
* Improving Accuracy of Herbage Yield Predictions in Perennial Ryegrass with UAV-Based Structural and Spectral Data Fusion and Machine Learning

de Sy, V.[Veronique] Co Author Listing * Alert-Driven Community-Based Forest Monitoring: A Case of the Peruvian Amazon

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