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Ben Abbes, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Fused 3-D spectral-spatial deep neural networks and spectral clustering for hyperspectral image classification
* Optimal selection of wavelet transform parameters for spatio-temporal analysis based on non-stationary NDVI MODIS time series in Mediterranean region

Ben Abbes, S.[Sirine] Co Author Listing * Route planning for electric vehicles

Ben Abbou, R. Co Author Listing * Geographic and topology based routing protocols in vehicular ad-hoc networks: Performance evaluation and QoS analysis

Ben Abdallah, A.[Asma] Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Image Segmentation Based on Grammar Parsing and Hilbert Transform
* Spectral density variation mapping of cerebral waves by three-dimensional interpolation techniques
* Three-dimensional interpolation methods to spatiotemporal EEG mapping during various behavioral states
* U-Shaped Densely Connected Convolutions for Left Ventricle Segmentation from CMR Images
* Ultra wide band audio visual PHY IEEE 802.15.3c for SPIHT-compressed image transmission
Includes: Ben Abdallah, A.[Asma] Ben Abdallah, A.

Ben Abdallah, A.C.[Ahmed Chamseddine] Co Author Listing * modular system for global and local abnormal event detection and categorization in videos, A

Ben Abdallah, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning for Improving Lifelog Image Retrieval
* UDCT complex coefficient statistics based rotation invariant texture characterization
Includes: Ben Abdallah, F.[Fatma] Ben Abdallah, F.

Ben Abdallah, H.[Hanene] Co Author Listing * Accurate Background Modeling for Moving Object Detection in a Dynamic Scene
* Cast Shadow Detection Based on Semi-supervised Learning
* Combined MPEG7 Color Descriptors for Image Classification: Bypassing the Training Phase
* Comparative Study of Vision-Based Lane Detection Methods, A
* Comprehensive evaluation of skeleton features-based fall detection from Microsoft Kinect v2
* Data-mining process: Application for hand detection in contact free settings
* Sfax-Miracl Hand Database for Contactless Hand Biometrics Applications
* Tracking Moving Objects in Road Traffic Sequences
* Unsupervised varied density based clustering algorithm using spline
* Video Grammar-Based Approach for TV News Localization and Intra-structure Identification in TV Streams, A
Includes: Ben Abdallah, H.[Hanene] Ben-Abdallah, H.[Hanene] Ben-Abdallah, H.[Hanêne] Ben-Abdallah, H. Ben-Abdallah, H.[Hanène]
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Ben Abdallah, J.[Jaafar] Co Author Listing * NMF-based multimodal image indexing for querying by visual example
Includes: Ben Abdallah, J.[Jaafar] Ben-Abdallah, J.[Jaafar]

Ben Abdallah, T.[Taoufik] Co Author Listing * Facial micro-expression recognition based on accordion spatio-temporal representation and random forests
* Using Normal/abnormal Video Sequence Categorization to Efficient Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild

Ben Abdallah, W. Co Author Listing * Comparitive Study on the Perfermance of the InSAR Phase Filtering Approches in the Spatial and the Wavelet Domains, A
* generalized form of the InSAR phase unwrapping problem based on a compressed sensing technique, A
* New SAR Interferogram denoising method via sparse recovery based on L0 norm
Includes: Ben Abdallah, W. Ben Abdallah, W.[Wajih]

Ben Abdelali, A.[Abdessalem] Co Author Listing * Adequation and hardware implementation of the color structure descriptor for real-time temporal video segmentation
* Hardware implementation and validation of a traffic road sign detection and identification system

Ben Abdelghani, I.A.[Imen Abroug] Co Author Listing * SID Signature Database: A Tunisian Off-line Handwritten Signature Database

Ben Abdelkader, C.[Chiraz] Co Author Listing * Comparing and combining depth and texture cues for face recognition
* Detection of people carrying objects: A Motion-Based Recognition Approach
* EigenGait: Motion-Based Recognition of People Using Image Self-Similarity
* Estimation of Anthropomeasures from a Single Calibrated Camera
* Local Region-based Approach to Gender Classification From Face Images, A
* Motion-based recognition of people in eigengait space
* Person identification using automatic height and stride estimation
* Robust Head Pose Estimation Using Supervised Manifold Learning
* Single camera multiplexing for multi-target tracking
* Statistical body height estimation from a single image
* Stride and cadence as a biometric in automatic person identification and verification
Includes: Ben Abdelkader, C.[Chiraz] Ben-Abdelkader, C. Ben-Abdelkader, C.[Chiraz]
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Ben Abdellafou, K.[Khaoula] Co Author Listing * improved machine learning technique based on downsized KPCA for Alzheimer's disease classification, An

Ben Abdesslam, H.[Hamza] Co Author Listing * Space-time Triplet Loss Network for Dynamic 3d Face Verification

Ben Ahmed, K. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Smartphone Sensors to Detect Distracted Driving Activities

Ben Ahmed, M. Co Author Listing * AI_COVID: Automatic Diagnosis of Covid-19 Using Frontal Chest X-ray Image
* Automatic extraction of printed mathematical formulas using fuzzy logic and propagation of context
* Embedded Formulas Extraction
* Fifth International Conference on Smart City Applications: Preface, The
* New Clustering Approach for Face Identification, A
* Pruning Approach Improving Face Identification Systems, A
Includes: Ben Ahmed, M. Ben Ahmed, M.[Mohamed]

Ben Ahmed, O.[Olfa] Co Author Listing * Features-based approach for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using visual pattern of water diffusion in tensor diffusion imaging
* MRS-XNet: An Explainable One-Dimensional Deep Neural Network for Magnetic Spectroscopic Data Classification
* Multi-View Visual Saliency-Based MRI Classification for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* PSCS-Net: Perception Optimized Image Reconstruction Network for Autonomous Driving Systems
* Toward Content-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Retrieval (CB-HRSIR): A Preliminary Study Based on Spectral Sensitivity Functions
Includes: Ben Ahmed, O.[Olfa] Ben-Ahmed, O.[Olfa] Ben-Ahmed, O.

Ben Aicha, A. Co Author Listing * Cancer larynx detection using glottal flow parameters and statistical tools
* Reduction of musical residual noise using perceptual tools with classic speech denoising techniques
Includes: Ben Aicha, A. Ben Aicha, A.[Anis]

Ben Aicha, T.[Takwa] Co Author Listing * transformer-based deep neural network for detection and classification of lung cancer via PET/CT images, A
Includes: Ben Aicha, T.[Takwa] Ben Aïcha, T.[Takwa]

Ben Aissa, N.[Nadhira] Co Author Listing * Soil Texture Estimation Using Radar and Optical Data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2

Ben Akiva, M.[Moshe] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition for a Smartphone and Web-Based Human Mobility Sensing System
* Activity Recognition for a Smartphone Based Travel Survey Based on Cross-User History Data
* Federated Platform Enabling a Systematic Collaboration Among Devices, Data and Functions for Smart Mobility, A
* Generic Future Mobility Sensing System for Travel Data Collection, Management, Fusion, and Visualization, A
* Metamodel for Estimating Error Bounds in Real-Time Traffic Prediction Systems, A
* Nonlinear Kalman Filtering Algorithms for On-Line Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models
* Rainfall-integrated traffic speed prediction using deep learning method
* Why so many people? Explaining Nonhabitual Transport Overcrowding With Internet Data
Includes: Ben Akiva, M.[Moshe] Ben-Akiva, M.[Moshe] Ben-Akiva, M.
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Ben Ali, F. Co Author Listing * very low bit rate codec for wide band speech based on a long-term perceptual harmonic plus noise model, A

Ben Ali, Y. Co Author Listing * Induced guided acoustic waves by the presence of a defective guide in one dimensional asymmetric loop phononic crystal
Includes: Ben Ali, Y. Ben-Ali, Y.

Ben Allouch, S.[Somaya] Co Author Listing * Understanding the User's Acceptance of a Sensor-Based Ambient Assisted Living Application

Ben Aloui, N.[Nidhal] Co Author Listing * Application of New Qualitative Voicing Time-Frequency Features for Speaker Recognition

Ben Amar, B.[Beloufa] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation and compensation from noisy image sequences: A new filtering scheme
Includes: Ben Amar, B.[Beloufa] Ben-Amar, B.[Beloufa]

Ben Amar, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Deep Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Adaptive diversification for tag-based social image retrieval
* Bag of Graphs with Geometric Relationships Among Trajectories for Better Human Action Recognition
* ChaboNet: Design of a deep CNN for prediction of visual saliency in natural video
* Comparison of 2D/3D Features and Their Adaptive Score Level Fusion for 3D Face Recognition
* Embedded lattices tree: An efficient indexing scheme for content based retrieval on image databases
* Face, gender and race classification using multi-regularized features learning
* Fast and efficient 3D face recognition using wavelet networks
* Features-based approach for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using visual pattern of water diffusion in tensor diffusion imaging
* Flickr-based semantic context to refine automatic photo annotation
* Graph Aggregation Based Image Modeling and Indexing for Video Annotation
* Graph-based approach for human action recognition using spatio-temporal features
* Histogram of dense subgraphs for image representation
* Human action recognition based on multi-layer Fisher vector encoding method
* Human Action Recognition Using Temporal Segmentation and Accordion Representation
* hybrid approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval based on Fast Beta Wavelet network and fuzzy decision support system, A
* Hypergraph learning with collaborative representation for image search reranking
* Hypergraph-Based Reranking Model for Retrieving Diverse Social Images, A
* Image authentication algorithm with recovery capabilities based on neural networks in the DCT domain
* Information fusion for 3D face recognition
* Join Cryptography and Digital Watermarking for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Security
* mixture of gated experts optimized using simulated annealing for 3D face recognition, A
* Multi-mother wavelet neural network-based on genetic algorithm and multiresolution analysis for fast 3D mesh deformation
* New System for Event Detection from Video Surveillance Sequences, A
* Parametric Algorithm for Skyline Extraction, A
* Robust Watermarking Approach for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Based on Multi-wavelet Transform, SHA512 and Turbocodes
* Segmentation of left ventricle on dynamic MRI sequences for blood flow cancellation in Thermotherapy
* ShearFace: Efficient Extraction of Anisotropic Features for Face Recognition
* Skyline as a Marker for Augmented Reality in Urban Context, The
* Sparse Multi-regularized Shearlet-Network Using Convex Relaxation for Face Recognition
* Spherical Harmonics-LSB-quantification Adaptive Watermarking Approach for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Security, A
* SVM-based Zero-watermarking Technique for 3d Videos Traitor Tracing, A
* Toward a Novel LSB-based Collusion-Secure Fingerprinting Schema for 3D Video
* Training of the Beta wavelet networks by the frames theory: Application to face recognition
* Transfer Learning for Improving Lifelog Image Retrieval
* Transfer learning with deep networks for saliency prediction in natural video
* Video Watermarking Scheme Resistant to Geometric Transformations, A
* Wavelet Neural Network Initialization Using LTS for DNA Sequence Classification
Includes: Ben Amar, C. Ben Amar, C.[Chokri]
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Ben Amara, H.[Hassene] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Deep Learning Based Gesture Recognizer for Vehicle Self Parking System, An

Ben Amara, N.E.[Najoua Essoukri] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Biometric Systems: Review and Perspectives
* Approach for Multifont Arabic Characters Features Extraction Based on Contourlet Transform, An
* Arabic Handwriting Texture Analysis for Writer Identification Using the DWT-Lifting Scheme
* Classification of Arabic script using multiple sources of information: State of the art and perspectives
* combined watermarking approach for securing biometric data, A
* Combining a hybrid Approach for Features Selection and Hidden Markov Models in Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition
* Combining Deep and Ad-hoc Solutions to Localize Text Lines in Ancient Arabic Document Images
* dataset for Arabic text detection, tracking and recognition in news videos- AcTiV, A
* Faster R-CNN Scene Specialization with a Sequential Monte-Carlo Framework
* Fuzzy generalized median graphs computation: Application to content-based document retrieval
* Generalized hough transform for Arabic optical character recognition
* Human-action recognition using a multi-layered fusion scheme of Kinect modalities
* Hybrid Approach for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition Based on a Planar Hidden Markov Modeling, A
* Hybrid Multi-modal Fusion for Human Action Recognition
* Intelligent hybrid watermarking ancient-document wavelet packet decomposition-singular value decomposition-based schema
* Interactive content-based Document Retrieval using fuzzy attributed relational graph matching
* Modalities Combination for Italian Sign Language Extraction and Recognition
* Multi-dimensional long short-term memory networks for artificial Arabic text recognition in news video
* Multiatlas-based segmentation of female pelvic organs: Application for computer-aided diagnosis of cervical cancer
* Planar Markov modeling for Arabic writing recognition: advancement state
* Printed Paw Recognition Based on Planar Hidden Markov Models
* securing access approach to virtual worlds based on 3D mesh watermarking of avatar's face, A
* Semi-automatic news video annotation framework for Arabic text
* SID Signature Database: A Tunisian Off-line Handwritten Signature Database
* SMC faster R-CNN: Toward a scene-specialized multi-object detector
* Spatio-temporal object detection by deep learning: Video-interlacing to improve multi-object tracking
* Texture approach for nets extraction application to old Arab newspapers images structuring
* Two Approaches for Arabic Script Recognition-Based Segmentation Using the Hough Transform
* Two-step evidential fusion approach for accurate breast region segmentation in mammograms
* Utilisation des modeles markoviens en reconnaissance de l'ecriture arabe: Etat de l'art
* Watermarking ancient documents schema using wavelet packets and convolutional code
Includes: Ben Amara, N.E.[Najoua Essoukri] Ben Amara, N.E.
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Ben Ameur, N.[Narjes] Co Author Listing * Left ventricular segmentation based on a parallel watershed transformation towards an accurate heart function evaluation

Ben Ameur, R. Co Author Listing * Fusion system based on belief functions theory and approximated belief functions for tree species recognition

Ben Ami, I.[Idan] Co Author Listing * Racing Bib Numbers Recognition
Includes: Ben Ami, I.[Idan] Ben-Ami, I.[Idan]

Ben Ammar, A.[Anis] Co Author Listing * Adaptive diversification for tag-based social image retrieval
* Automatic environmental sound concepts discovery for video retrieval
* Effective Diversification for Ambiguous Queries in Social Image Retrieval
* Flickr-based semantic context to refine automatic photo annotation
* Hypergraph learning with collaborative representation for image search reranking
* Hypergraph-Based Reranking Model for Retrieving Diverse Social Images, A
* Transfer Learning for Improving Lifelog Image Retrieval
Includes: Ben Ammar, A.[Anis] Ben Ammar, A.
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Ben Amor, B.[Boulbaba] Co Author Listing * 3D dynamic expression recognition based on a novel Deformation Vector Field and Random Forest
* 3D Face Recognition Evaluation on Expressive Faces Using the IV 2 Database
* 3D Face Recognition under Expressions, Occlusions, and Pose Variations
* 3D facial expression recognition using SIFT descriptors of automatically detected keypoints
* 4-D Facial Expression Recognition by Learning Geometric Deformations
* Analyzing of facial paralysis by shape analysis of 3D face sequences
* Analyzing trajectories on Grassmann manifold for early emotion detection from depth videos
* Combining face averageness and symmetry for 3D-based gender classification
* Exploring the Magnitude of Human Sexual Dimorphism in 3D Face Gender Classification
* Fast and efficient 3D face recognition using wavelet networks
* Grassmann framework for 4D facial shape analysis, A
* Grassmannian Framework for Face Recognition of 3D Dynamic Sequences with Challenging Conditions, A
* Improved 3D Human Face Reconstruction Approach Based on Cubic Splines Models, An
* Information fusion for 3D face recognition
* IV2 Multimodal Biometric Database (Including Iris, 2D, 3D, Stereoscopic, and Talking Face Data), and the IV2-2007 Evaluation Campaign, The
* Joint gender, ethnicity and age estimation from 3D faces: An experimental illustration of their correlations
* Local 3D Shape Analysis for Facial Expression Recognition
* Nasal Region Contribution in 3D Face Biometrics Using Shape Analysis Framework
* Novel Geometric Framework on Gram Matrix Trajectories for Human Behavior Understanding, A
* Novel Space-Time Representation on the Positive Semidefinite Cone for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Person Independent 3d Facial Expression Recognition by a Selected Ensemble of SIFT Descriptors
* Pose and Expression-invariant 3d Face Recognition using Elastic Radial Curves
* ResNet-LDDMM: Advancing the LDDMM Framework Using Deep Residual Networks
* Riemannian analysis of 3D nose shapes for partial human biometrics, A
* Selecting 3d Curves On The Nasal Surface Using Adaboost for Person Authentication
* Set of Selected SIFT Features for 3D Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Shape analysis of local facial patches for 3D facial expression recognition
* SHREC '11 Track: 3d Face Models Retrieval
* Sparse Coding of Shape Trajectories for Facial Expression and Action Recognition
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Ben Amor, H.[Heni] Co Author Listing * Occlusion-Aware Object Localization, Segmentation and Pose Estimation

Ben Amor, N. Co Author Listing * Approach for Multifont Arabic Characters Features Extraction Based on Contourlet Transform, An
* Combining a hybrid Approach for Features Selection and Hidden Markov Models in Multifont Arabic Characters Recognition
Includes: Ben Amor, N. Ben Amor, N.[Nadia]

Ben Aoun, N.[Najib] Co Author Listing * Graph Aggregation Based Image Modeling and Indexing for Video Annotation
* Graph-based approach for human action recognition using spatio-temporal features
* New System for Event Detection from Video Surveillance Sequences, A

Ben Ari, R.[Rami] Co Author Listing * Classification-Regression for Chart Comprehension
* computationally efficient tracker with direct appearance-kinematic measure and adaptive Kalman filter, A
* General Framework and New Alignment Criterion for Dense Optical Flow, A
* Geodesic Active Contours with Combined Shape and Appearance Priors
* Geometric Approach for Regularization of the Data Term in Stereo-Vision, A
* Geometric Framework and a New Criterion in Optical Flow Modeling, A
* Image De-noising by Bayesian Regression
* Learning to Detect and Retrieve Objects From Unlabeled Videos
* Non-isotropic regularization of the correspondence space in stereo-vision
* Self-Supervised Object Detection and Retrieval Using Unlabeled Videos
* Shape from Focus with Adaptive Focus Measure and High Order Derivatives
* Stereo Matching with Mumford-Shah Regularization and Occlusion Handling
* TAEN: Temporal Aware Embedding Network for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Unified Approach for Registration and Depth in Depth from Defocus, A
* Unsupervised clustering of mammograms for outlier detection and breast density estimation
* Variational Depth from Defocus in real-time
* Variational Stereo Vision with Sharp Discontinuities and Occlusion Handling
Includes: Ben Ari, R.[Rami] Ben-Ari, R.[Rami] Ben-Ari, R.
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Ben Arie, G.[Gal] Co Author Listing * Deep Ensemble Learning Approach to Lung CT Segmentation for Covid-19 Severity Assessment, A
Includes: Ben Arie, G.[Gal] Ben-Arie, G.[Gal]

Ben Arie, J.[Jezekiel] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ben Arie, J.[Jezekiel]: benarie AT eecs uic edu
* 3-D Objects Recognition by State Space Search: Optimal Geometric Matching
* 3D motion estimation using expansion matching and KL based canonical images
* 3D Objects Recognition by Optimal Matching Search of Multinary Relations Graphs
* Compound Exemplar Based Object Detection by Incremental Random Forest
* Detection and segmentation of generic shapes based on affine modeling of energy in Eigenspace
* Detection and Segmentation of Generic Shapes Based on Vectorial Affine Modeling of Energy in Eigenspace
* Edge detection and feature extraction by non-orthogonal image expansion for optimal discriminative SNR
* Estimation of 3-D Motion Using Eigen-Normalization and Expansion Matching
* EXM eigen templates for detecting and classifying arbitrary junctions
* Expansion Matching of Multiple Templates in Complex Images
* Finding Shape Axes Using Magnetic Fields
* Generalized Expansion Matching Based Feature Extractor, A
* Generalized Feature Extraction Using Expansion Matching
* Generalized Feature Extractor Using Expansion Matching and the Karhunen-Loeve Transform, A
* Generic Object Detection using Model Based Segmentation
* Grouping Edgels into Structural Entities Using Circular Symmetry, the Distributed Hough Transform, and Probabilistic Non-Accidentalness
* Human Activity Recognition Using Multidimensional Indexing
* Iconic Recognition with Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Iconic Representation and Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Image expansion by non-orthogonal wavelets for optimal template matching
* Image Understanding at IIT
* Model based segmentation and detection of affine transformed shapes in cluttered images
* Multi-view multi-class object detection via exemplar compounding
* Multiple template matching using the expansion filter
* neural network approach for reconstructing surface shape from shading, A
* Neural Network Approach for Shape Description and Invariant Recognition, A
* Nonorthogonal Image Expansion Related to Optimal Template Matching in Complex Images
* Nonorthogonal Representation of Signals by Gaussians and Gabor Functions
* Novel Approach for Template Matching by Non-Orthogonal Image Expansion, A
* On the recognition of occluded shapes and generic faces using multiple-template expansion matching
* On the Use of the Karhunen-Loeve Transform and Expansion Matching for Generalized Feature Detection
* Optimal DSNR detector for ramp edges
* Optimal Edge-Detection Using Expansion Matching and Restoration
* Optimal Ramp Edge-Detection Using Expansion Matching
* Optimal Recognition of 3-D Objects By Search: Generic Models
* Optimal Template Matching by Non-Orthogonal Image Expansion Using Restoration
* Pictorial Recognition of Objects Employing Affine Invariance in the Frequency-Domain
* Pictorial Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Probabilistic Models of Observed Features and Aspects with Application to Weighted Aspect Graphs
* Probabilistic Peaking Effect of Viewed Angles and Distances with Application to 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Properties of Viewed Angles and Distances with Application to 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Recovery of 3-d Face Structure Using Recognition
* Representation of Objects in a Volumetric Frequency Domain with Application to Face Recognition
* Robust shape description and recognition by gradient propagation
* Shape from Recognition and Learning: Recovery of 3D Face Shapes
* Shape from Recognition: A Novel Approach for 3-D Face Shape Recovery
* Survey of IU and ATR Research at ITT and UIC
* SVD and Log-Log Frequency Sampling with Gabor Kernels for Invariant Pictorial Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition by Two-Dimensional Inclined Shapes Matching with Area Ratios Method
* Using the Fourier Slice Theorem for Representation of Object Views and Models with Application to Face Recognition
* Vector array based Multi-View Face Detection with compound exemplars
* View Invariant Head Recognition by Hybrid PCA Based Reconstruction
* View-Based Human Activity Recognition by Indexing and Sequencing
* Volumetric/Iconic Frequency-Domain Representation for Objects with Application for Pose Invariant Face Recognition, A
Includes: Ben Arie, J.[Jezekiel] Ben-Arie, J.[Jezekiel] Ben-Arie, J.
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Ben Arous, G. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for stochastic approximations of curvature flows
Includes: Ben Arous, G. Ben-Arous, G.

Ben Artzi, G. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration by Global Constraints on the Motion of Silhouettes
* Camera Calibration from Dynamic Silhouettes Using Motion Barcodes
* CTrGAN: Cycle Transformers GAN for Gait Transfer
* Epipolar geometry based on line similarity
* Event retrieval using motion barcodes
* Filtering with gray-code kernels
* Fundamental Matrices from Moving Objects Using Line Motion Barcodes
* Gray-Code Filter Kernels, The
* Role of Redundant Bases and Shrinkage Functions in Image Denoising, The
* Separable Four Points Fundamental Matrix
* SMM-Conv: Scalar Matrix Multiplication with Zero Packing for Accelerated Convolution
* Wisdom of the Crowd in Egocentric Video Curation
Includes: Ben Artzi, G. Ben-Artzi, G. Ben-Artzi, G.[Gil]
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Ben Assa, E. Co Author Listing * Mechanical Approach for Smooth Surface Fitting to Delineate Vessel Walls in Optical Coherence Tomography Images, A
Includes: Ben Assa, E. Ben-Assa, E.

Ben Atitallah, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Hardware Architecture Design for H.264/AVC INTRA 4X4 Algorithm, An

Ben Atitallah, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * Precise Performance Analysis of the Box-Elastic Net Under Matrix Uncertainties

Ben Atitallah, S.[Safa] Co Author Listing * Fusion of convolutional neural networks based on Dempster-Shafer theory for automatic pneumonia detection from chest X-ray images
* Randomly initialized convolutional neural network for the recognition of COVID-19 using X-ray images
* SmartWater: A Service-Oriented and Sensor Cloud-Based Framework for Smart Monitoring of Water Environments

Ben Avraham, E.[Elad] Co Author Listing * Object-Region Video Transformers
Includes: Ben Avraham, E.[Elad] Ben-Avraham, E.[Elad]

Ben Ayed, A.[Alaidine] Co Author Listing * Rotation Invariant Fuzzy Shape Contexts Based on Eigenshapes and Fourier Transforms for Efficient Radiological Image Retrieval

Ben Ayed, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * Active Curve Recovery of Region Boundary Patterns
* Adversarial Robustness Via Fisher-Rao Regularization
* Auxiliary Cuts for General Classes of Higher Order Functionals
* Benchmark on Automatic Six-Month-Old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2017 Challenge
* Beyond Gradient Descent for Regularized Segmentation Losses
* Boundary Preserving Variational Image Differentiation
* Constrained Domain Adaptation for Image Segmentation
* Continuous Labeling for Multiphase Graph Cut Image Partitioning, A
* Convex Max-Flow Approach to Distribution-Based Figure-Ground Separation, A
* Convex relaxation for image segmentation by kernel mapping
* Convex-Relaxed Kernel Mapping for Image Segmentation
* Decoupling Direction and Norm for Efficient Gradient-Based L2 Adversarial Attacks and Defenses
* Deep Active Learning for Joint Classification Segmentation with Weak Annotator
* Deep Clustering: On the Link Between Discriminative Models and K-Means
* Deep Interpretable Classification and Weakly-Supervised Segmentation of Histology Images via Max-Min Uncertainty
* Devil is in the Margin: Margin-based Label Smoothing for Network Calibration, The
* Direct Estimation of Dense Scene Flow and Depth from a Monocular Sequence
* Distribution Matching with the Bhattacharyya Similarity: A Bound Optimization Framework
* DOPE: Distributed Optimization for Pairwise Energies
* Effective Level Set Image Segmentation With a Kernel Induced Data Term
* Embedding a Region Merging Prior in Level Set Vector-Valued Image Segmentation
* Embedding Overlap Priors in Variational Left Ventricle Tracking
* F-CAM: Full Resolution Class Activation Maps via Guided Parametric Upscaling
* Few-Shot Segmentation Without Meta-Learning: A Good Transductive Inference Is All You Need?
* Finding image distributions on active curves
* Flow guided mutual attention for person re-identification
* Graph cut segmentation with a global constraint: Recovering region distribution via a bound of the Bhattacharyya measure
* HyperDense-Net: A Hyper-Densely Connected CNN for Multi-Modal Image Segmentation
* ILP Model for Multi-Label MRFs With Connectivity Constraints, An
* Image partitioning with kernel mapping and graph cuts
* Image Segmentation as Regularized Clustering: A Fully Global Curve Evolution Method
* Image segmentation in a kernel-induced space
* Kernel Clustering: Density Biases and Solutions
* Kernel Cuts: Kernel and Spectral Clustering Meet Regularization
* Learning Data Augmentation with Online Bilevel Optimization for Image Classification
* Level Set Curve Evolution Partitioning of Polarimetric Images
* Local Submodularization for Binary Pairwise Energies
* Merging Active Contours
* Multiregion Image Segmentation by Parametric Kernel Graph Cuts
* Multiregion Level-Set Partitioning of Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Normalized Cut Meets MRF
* On Regularized Losses for Weakly-supervised CNN Segmentation
* On the Texture Bias for Few-Shot CNN Segmentation
* Parameter-free Online Test-time Adaptation
* Partition Constrained Minimization Scheme for Efficient Multiphase Level Set Image Segmentation, A
* Polarimetric Image Segmentation via Maximum-Likelihood Approximation and Efficient Multiphase Level-Sets
* Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification
* Pseudo-bound Optimization for Binary Energies
* Region Merging Prior for Variational Level Set Image Segmentation, A
* Regional Assessment of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function via MRI Statistical Features
* Regularised differentiation for image derivatives
* SAR Image Segmentation with Active Contours and Level Sets
* Secrets of GrabCut and Kernel K-Means
* Statistical Overlap Prior for Variational Image Segmentation, A
* Submodularization for Binary Pairwise Energies
* TCAM: Temporal Class Activation Maps for Object Localization in Weakly-Labeled Unconstrained Videos
* Tracking distributions with an overlap prior
* Tracking Endocardial Boundary and Motion via Graph Cut Distribution Matching and Multiple Model Filtering
* TTTFlow: Unsupervised Test-Time Training with Normalizing Flow
* Unifying Mutual Information View of Metric Learning: Cross-entropy vs. Pairwise Losses, A
* Unsupervised Variational Image Segmentation/Classification Using a Weibull Observation Model
* Variational and Level Set Methods in Image Segmentation
* Variational Unsupervised Segmentation of Multi-Look Complex Polarimetric Images using a Wishart Observation Model
* Volumetric Bias in Segmentation and Reconstruction: Secrets and Solutions
Includes: Ben Ayed, I.[Ismail] Ben Ayed, I.
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Ben Ayed, M.[Mounir] Co Author Listing * PSO-Based Adaptive Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Knowledge Representation System (PSO-AHIT2FKRS) for Travel Route Guidance
* visual modeling of knowledge for decision-making, A
Includes: Ben Ayed, M.[Mounir] Ben Ayed, M.

Ben Ayed, M.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Optimization of UB Video's H.264 Baseline Encoder Implementation on Texas Instruments' TMS320DM642 DSP
* Fast coding unit partitioning method based on edge detection for HEVC intra-coding
* Fast coding unit selection and motion estimation algorithm based on early detection of zero block quantified transform coefficients for high-efficiency video coding standard
* Fast inter-prediction algorithms for spatial Scalable High efficiency Video Coding SHVC
* Fast mode decision algorithm for H.264/SVC enhancement layer
* new fast motion estimation algorithm using fast mode decision for high-efficiency video coding standard, A
* Real-time H.264/AVC baseline decoder implementation on TMS320C6416
* Real-time H264/AVC encoder based on enhanced frame level parallelism for smart multicore DSP camera
* Real-time H264/AVC high definition video encoder on a multicore DSP TMS320C6678
* Toward An Optimal Block Motion Estimation Algorithm For H.264/avc
Includes: Ben Ayed, M.A. Ben Ayed, M.A.[Mohamed Ali]
10 for Ben Ayed, M.A.

Ben Ayed, N.G.[Norhen Gargouri] Co Author Listing * LBPV descriptors-based automatic ACR/BIRADS classification approach

Ben Ayed, Y.[Yassine] Co Author Listing * Improving Parkinson's disease recognition through voice analysis using deep learning

Ben Azza, H. Co Author Listing * Generalization of the weighted product aggregation applied to data fusion of intuitionistic fuzzy quantities
Includes: Ben Azza, H. Ben-Azza, H.

Ben Azza, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Fast Ground Detection for Range Cameras on Road Surfaces Using a Three-Step Segmentation

Ben Baruch, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Loss For Multi-Label Classification
* Joint Detection and Matching of Feature Points in Multimodal Images
* ML-Decoder: Scalable and Versatile Classification Head
* Multi-label Classification with Partial Annotations using Class-aware Selective Loss
* PETA: Photo Albums Event Recognition using Transformers Attention
Includes: Ben Baruch, E.[Emanuel] Ben-Baruch, E.[Emanuel] Ben Baruch, E.[Elad]

Ben Bashat, D.[Dafna] Co Author Listing * Contour Dice Loss for Structures with Fuzzy and Complex Boundaries in Fetal MRI
* Overparameterized Models for Vector Fields
Includes: Ben Bashat, D.[Dafna] Ben-Bashat, D.[Dafna]

Ben Bassat, M.[Moshe] Co Author Listing * Circumscribing a Convex Polygon by a Polygon of Fewer Sides with Minimal Area Addition
* Contextual Template Matching: A Distance Measure for Patterns with Hierarchically Dependent Features
* Efficient Nesting Of Congruent Convex Figures
* FEG Structures for Representation and Recognition of 3-D Polyhedral Objects
* Polygonal object recognition
* Properties and convergence of a posteriori probabilities in classification problems
Includes: Ben Bassat, M.[Moshe] Ben-Bassat, M.[Moshe] Ben-Bassat, M.

Ben Bouallegue, F. Co Author Listing * Confidence Interval Constraint-Based Regularization Framework for PET Quantization
* Exact and Approximate Fourier Rebinning Algorithms for the Solution of the Data Truncation Problem in 3-D PET

Ben Boudaoud, L.[Lynda] Co Author Listing * modified ZS thinning algorithm by a hybrid approach, A

Ben Brahim, A.[Afef] Co Author Listing * hybrid feature selection method based on instance learning and cooperative subset search, A

Ben Braiek, E. Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using multi-level thresholding approach and data fusion techniques: application in the breast cancer cells images
* Generalized Separable Kernel Family with Compact Support, to Improve Visual Data Quality of Gray Level Images, in Scale Space, A
* rapid hybrid algorithm for image restoration combining parametric Wiener filtering and wave atom transform, A
* SKCS: New separable kernel family with compact support: Application to visual segmentation of handwritten data
Includes: Ben Braiek, E. Ben Braiek, E.[Ezzedine]

Ben Chattah, T.[Thoraya] Co Author Listing * Patch-Based Potentials for Interactive Contour Extraction

Ben Cheikh, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * HMM Based Model for Arabic Word Conjugation Recognition and Word Reconstitution from Morphological Concepts
* Neural Network for the Recognition of Handwritten Tunisian City Names
* novel approach for the recognition of a wide Arabic handwritten word lexicon, A
* Planar Markovian approach for the recognition of a wide vocabulary of Arabic decomposable words
Includes: Ben Cheikh, I.[Imen] Ben Cheikh, I.

Ben Chen, M.[Mirela] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Shape Using Conformal Factors
Includes: Ben Chen, M.[Mirela] Ben-Chen, M.[Mirela]

Ben Chikha, H. Co Author Listing * low-complexity sensing algorithm for cooperative cognitive MIMO systems, A

Ben Cohen, A.[Avi] Co Author Listing * ML-Decoder: Scalable and Versatile Classification Head
* Multi-label Classification with Partial Annotations using Class-aware Selective Loss
* Semantic Diversity Learning for Zero-Shot Multi-label Classification
Includes: Ben Cohen, A.[Avi] Ben-Cohen, A.[Avi]

Ben David, A.[Avishai] Co Author Listing * Estimation of hyperspectral covariance matrices
* On the use of covariance and correlation matrices in hyperspectral detection
* Scene Graph To Image Generation with Contextualized Object Layout Refinement
Includes: Ben David, A.[Avishai] Ben-David, A.[Avishai] Ben-David, A.[Avichai]

Ben David, R.[Roi] Co Author Listing * Image-Based High-Throughput Phenotyping of Cereals Early Vigor and Weed-Competitiveness Traits
Includes: Ben David, R.[Roi] Ben-David, R.[Roi]

Ben David, S.[Shai] Co Author Listing * Applying VC-Dimension Analysis to 3D Object Recognition from Perspective Projections
* Applying VC-Dimension Analysis to Object Recognition
* VC-Dimension Analysis of Object Recognition Tasks
* Weighted clustering: Towards solving the user's dilemma
Includes: Ben David, S.[Shai] Ben-David, S.[Shai]

Ben Daya, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Compensated Row-Column Ultrasound Imaging System Using Three Dimensional Random Fields
* Compensated Row-Column Ultrasound Imaging Systems with Data-Driven Point Spread Function Learning
* Return of grid seams: A superpixel algorithm using discontinuous multi-functional energy seam carving
* Spatio-temporal saliency detection using abstracted fully-connected graphical models
Includes: Ben Daya, I.[Ibrahim] Ben Daya, I.

Ben Dhaou, I.[Imed] Co Author Listing * Fault detection in stack filter circuits based on sample selection probabilities

Ben Dhiaf, Z.[Zouhour] Co Author Listing * Multi-temporal image change mining based on evidential conflict reasoning

Ben Dor, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
Includes: Ben Dor, A.[Amir] Ben-Dor, A.[Amir]

Ben Dor, E.[Eyal] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Soil Spectral Response and Properties Assessment: Effects of Measurement Protocol and Data Mining Technique
* Analyses of the Impact of Soil Conditions and Soil Degradation on Vegetation Vitality and Crop Productivity Based on Airborne Hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR-TIR Data in a Semi-Arid Rainfed Agricultural Area (Camarena, Central Spain)
* Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in the Longwave Infrared Region to Assess the Influence of Dust from the Desert on Soil Surface Mineralogy
* Assessing the Dynamics of Plant Species Invasion in Eastern-Mediterranean Coastal Dunes Using Cellular Automata Modeling and Satellite Time-Series Analyses
* Automatic Registration of Airborne and Spaceborne Images by Topology Map Matching with SURF Processor Algorithm
* Brazilian Soil Spectral Service (BraSpecS): A User-Friendly System for Global Soil Spectra Communication, The
* Current Practices in UAS-based Environmental Monitoring
* Earth Observation Data-Driven Cropland Soil Monitoring: A Review
* Effect of Organic Matter Content on the Spectral Signature of Iron Oxides across the VIS-NIR Spectral Region in Artificial Mixtures: An Example from a Red Soil from Israel
* Employing a Multi-Input Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Derive Soil Clay Content from a Synergy of Multi-Temporal Optical and Radar Imagery Data
* Examining the Performance of PARACUDA-II Data-Mining Engine versus Selected Techniques to Model Soil Carbon from Reflectance Spectra
* Exploratory Study on the Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbon on Soils Using Hyperspectral Longwave Infrared Imagery, An
* Fusion of Hyperspectral Images and LIDAR data for Civil Engineering Structure Monitoring
* Geostatistical Approach to Map Near-Surface Soil Moisture Through Hyperspatial Resolution Thermal Inertia, A
* Hyperspectral-Physiological Phenomics System: Measuring Diurnal Transpiration Rates and Diurnal Reflectance, A
* Integration of Hyperspectral Shortwave and Longwave Infrared Remote-Sensing Data for Mineral Mapping of Makhtesh Ramon in Israel
* Mapping Asphaltic Roads' Skid Resistance Using Imaging Spectroscopy
* Mapping the Spectral Soil Quality Index (SSQI) Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Mapping Water Infiltration Rate Using Ground and UAV Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study of Alento, Italy
* Mineral Classification of Makhtesh Ramon in Israel Using Hyperspectral Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Remote-Sensing Data
* Mineral Classification of Soils Using Hyperspectral Longwave Infrared (LWIR) Ground-Based Data
* Modelling Diverse Soil Attributes with Visible to Longwave Infrared Spectroscopy Using PLSR Employed by an Automatic Modelling Engine
* Multispectral Models from Bare Soil Composites for Mapping Topsoil Properties over Europe
* On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring
* Pepper Plants Leaf Spectral Reflectance Changes as a Result of Root Rot Damage
* Practical example for use of the supervised vicarious calibration (SVC) method on multisource hyperspectral imagery data: ValCalHyp airborne hyperspectral campaign under the EUFAR framework
* Sequential PCA-based Classification of Mediterranean Forest Plants using Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Shortwave Radiation Affected by Agricultural Practices
* Spectral Assessment of Organic Matter with Different Composition Using Reflectance Spectroscopy
* Spectral Assignment-Oriented Approach to Improve Interpretability and Accuracy of Proxy Spectral-Based Models, A
* Supervised Vicarious Calibration (SVC) of Multi-Source Hyperspectral Remote-Sensing Data
* Using Visible Spectral Information to Predict Long-Wave Infrared Spectral Emissivity: A Case Study over the Sokolov Area of the Czech Republic with an Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Sensor
* Vicarious CAL/VAL Approach for Orbital Hyperspectral Sensors Using Multiple Sites
Includes: Ben Dor, E.[Eyal] Ben-Dor, E.[Eyal] Ben-Dor, E.
33 for Ben Dor, E.

Ben Eliezer, E.[Eyal] Co Author Listing * Aberration-free superresolution imaging via binary speckle pattern encoding and processing
Includes: Ben Eliezer, E.[Eyal] Ben-Eliezer, E.[Eyal]

Ben Eliezer, O. Co Author Listing * READ: Recursive Autoencoders for Document Layout Generation
Includes: Ben Eliezer, O. Ben-Eliezer, O.

Ben Ellefi, M. Co Author Listing * Ontology-based Web Tools for Retrieving Photogrammetric Cultural Heritage Models

Ben Ezra, D.S.[Daniel Stokl] Co Author Listing * Viral transcript alignment
Includes: Ben Ezra, D.S.[Daniel Stokl] Ben-Ezra, D.S.[Daniel Stokl]

Ben Ezra, M.[Moshe] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ben Ezra, M.[Moshe]: mosheb AT microsoft com
* 3D Imaging Framework Based on High-Resolution Photometric-Stereo and Low-Resolution Depth, A
* Automatic Disparity Control in Stereo Panoramas (OmniStereo)
* Cameras for Stereo Panoramic Imaging
* Efficient Computation of the Most Probable Motion from Fuzzy Correspondences
* framework for ultra high resolution 3D imaging, A
* High resolution large format tile-scan camera: Design, calibration, and extended depth of field
* High-resolution hyperspectral imaging via matrix factorization
* Jitter camera: high resolution video from a low resolution detector
* LED-only BRDF measurement device, An
* Model Based Pose Estimator Using Linear-Programming
* Motion Deblurring Using Hybrid Imaging
* Motion Segmentation Using Convergence Properties
* Motion-Based Motion Deblurring
* Multi-Spectral Imaging by Optimized Wide Band Illumination
* Omnistereo: Panoramic Stereo Imaging
* Optics for OmniStereo Imaging
* Panoramic Imaging with Horizontal Stereo
* Penrose Pixels for Super-Resolution
* Penrose Pixels Super-Resolution in the Detector Layout Domain
* Photometric Stereo for Dynamic Surface Orientations
* Real-Time Motion Analysis with Linear Programming
* Real-Time Video Stabilizer Based on Linear-Programming, A
* Robust Real-Time Motion Analysis
* Segmentation with Invisible Keying Signal
* self stabilizing robust region finder applied to color and optical flow pictures, A
* Stereo Panorama with a Single Camera
* Sub-pixel Layout for Super-Resolution with Images in the Octic Group
* Synthesizing oil painting surface geometry from a single photograph
* Video super-resolution using controlled subpixel detector shifts
* What does motion reveal about transparency?
Includes: Ben Ezra, M.[Moshe] Ben-Ezra, M.[Moshe] Ben-Ezra, M.
32 for Ben Ezra, M.

Ben Ezra, S.[Shahar] Co Author Listing * Space-time image layout
Includes: Ben Ezra, S.[Shahar] Ben-Ezra, S.[Shahar]

Ben Fares, A. Co Author Listing * Development of a clinical decision support system for the early detection of COVID-19 using deep learning based on chest radiographic images
* Early detection of COVID19 by deep learning transfer Model for populations in isolated rural areas
Includes: Ben Fares, A. Ben-Fares, A. Ben-fares, A.

Ben Fraj, M.[Mohtadi] Co Author Listing * EGGNOG: A Continuous, Multi-modal Data Set of Naturally Occurring Gestures with Ground Truth Labels

Ben Gaid, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Real-time Visualization of Geo-spatial Data Using Xdash: Application to Flair Project

Ben Gal, A.[Alon] Co Author Listing * How Sensitive Is Thermal Image-Based Orchard Water Status Estimation to Canopy Extraction Quality?
* In-Season Interactions between Vine Vigor, Water Status and Wine Quality in Terrain-Based Management-Zones in a Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyard
* Remote Sensing Data Fusion to Evaluate Patterns of Regional Evapotranspiration: A Case Study for Dynamics of Film-Mulched Drip-Irrigated Cotton in China's Manas River Basin over 20 Years
* Using Time Series of High-Resolution Planet Satellite Images to Monitor Grapevine Stem Water Potential in Commercial Vineyards
Includes: Ben Gal, A.[Alon] Ben-Gal, A.[Alon]

Ben Gamra, M.[Miniar] Co Author Listing * review of deep learning techniques for 2D and 3D human pose estimation, A

Ben Gamra, S.[Siwar] Co Author Listing * Model-based graph-cut method for automatic flower segmentation with spatial constraints

Ben Ghezala, H.[Henda] Co Author Listing * Fusion of convolutional neural networks based on Dempster-Shafer theory for automatic pneumonia detection from chest X-ray images
* Randomly initialized convolutional neural network for the recognition of COVID-19 using X-ray images
Includes: Ben Ghezala, H.[Henda] Ben Ghézala, H.[Henda]

Ben Ghorbel, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * 3D Head Pose Estimation and Tracking Using Particle Filtering and ICP Algorithm

Ben Hadf, S.[Saima] Co Author Listing * Blind source separation based anomaly detection in multi-spectral images

Ben Hadj Ali, M. Co Author Listing * Message Extraction from Printed Documents: A Complete Solution
* Object/Segment Oriented Skew-Correction Technique for Document Images, An
* Real Time Object Detection, Tracking and Classification in Monocular Image Sequences of Road Traffic Scenes

Ben Hadj Majdi, A. Co Author Listing * Background Noise Detection and Cleaning in Document Images

Ben Hadj Slama, J.[Jaleleddine] Co Author Listing * Controller area network reliability: overview of design challenges and safety related perspectives of future transportation systems

Ben Hadj, S.[Saima] Co Author Listing * Parameter estimation for a marked point process within a framework of multidimensional shape extraction from remote sensing images
* Space Variant Blind Image Restoration
Includes: Ben Hadj, S.[Saima] Ben Hadj, S.

Ben Haim, N.[Nadav] Co Author Listing * Improving Web-Based Image Search via Content Based Clustering
Includes: Ben Haim, N.[Nadav] Ben-Haim, N.[Nadav]

Ben Haim, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Deep Ensemble Learning Approach to Lung CT Segmentation for Covid-19 Severity Assessment, A
* Graph Neural Network for Cell Tracking in Microscopy Videos
Includes: Ben Haim, T.[Tal] Ben-Haim, T.[Tal]

Ben Hajyoussef, A.[Anis] Co Author Listing * Optimized Intra Mode Decision for High Efficiency Video Coding

Ben Halima, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * DELP-DAR system for license plate detection and recognition

Ben Hamadou, A.[Abdelmajid] Co Author Listing * Colour and Geometric based Model for Lip Localisation: Application for Lip-reading System
* Comparative study between color texture and shape descriptors for multi-camera pedestrians identification
* Endoscopic bladder image registration using sparse graph cuts
* Flexible calibration of structured-light systems projecting point patterns
* Flexible projector calibration for active stereoscopic systems
* Hand Tracking Using Optical-Flow Embedded Particle Filter in Sign Language Scenes
* Multi-stream Approach to Off-Line Handwritten Word Recognition, A
* New Video Images Text Localization Approach Based on a Fast Hough Transform, A
* New Visual Speech Recognition Approach for RGB-D Cameras, A
* novel 3D surface construction approach: Application to three-dimensional endoscopic data, A
* Off-line handwritten word recognition using multi-stream hidden Markov models
Includes: Ben Hamadou, A.[Abdelmajid] Ben Hamadou, A. Ben-Hamadou, A.[Achraf] Ben Hamadou, A.[Abdel_Majid]
11 for Ben Hamadou, A.

Ben Hamadou, A.M.[Abdel Majid] Co Author Listing * Multi-Lingual Recognition System for Arabic and Latin Handwriting, A
* Multi-script handwriting recognition with N-streams low level features
Includes: Ben Hamadou, A.M.[Abdel Majid] Ben-Hamadou, A.M.[Abdel Majid]

Ben Hamadou, R.[Radhouan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Gulf
Includes: Ben Hamadou, R.[Radhouan] Ben-Hamadou, R.[Radhouan]

Ben Hamida, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Deep Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* CT scan contrast enhancement using singular value decomposition and adaptive gamma correction
* Hybrid descriptors and Weighted PCA-EFMNet for Face Verification in the Wild
* Privacy-preserving speaker verification system based on binary I-vectors
* Spinal cord MRI contrast enhancement using adaptive gamma correction for patient with multiple sclerosis
Includes: Ben Hamida, A. Ben Hamida, A.[Ahmed]

Ben Hamidd, A. Co Author Listing * Object reconstruction in an image based on belief function representation

Ben Hamu, H. Co Author Listing * Surface Networks via General Covers
Includes: Ben Hamu, H. Ben-Hamu, H.

Ben Hamza, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Inpainting Scheme for Video Text Detection and Removal
* Bandlet-based sparsity regularization in video inpainting
* Comments on Matrix-Based Secret Sharing Scheme for Images
* Deep learning with geodesic moments for 3D shape classification
* Deep shape-aware descriptor for nonrigid 3D object retrieval
* Deep similarity network fusion for 3D shape classification
* Entropic hashing of 3D objects using Laplace-Beltrami operator
* Entropy-Based Technique for Nonrigid Medical Image Alignment, An
* Fast Shape Re-Ranking with Neighborhood Induced Similarity Measure
* Fast shape retrieval using a graph theoretic approach
* Fast Surface Denoising Using Finite Volumes of the Dual Mesh
* Feature-preserving kernel diffusion for surface denoising
* Geodesic Matching of Triangulated Surfaces
* Geometric Mesh Denoising via Multivariate Kernel Diffusion
* Graph-Theoretic Image Alignment Using Topological Features
* Image and video spatial super-resolution via bandlet-based sparsity regularization and structure tensor
* Image Text Detection Using a Bandlet-Based Edge Detector and Stroke Width Transform
* Information-Theoretic Approach to Georegistration of Digital Elevation Maps, An
* Intrinsic spatial pyramid matching for deformable 3D shape retrieval
* Iterative graph filtering network for 3D human pose estimation
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* MPEG Video Watermarking Using Tensor Singular Value Decomposition
* Multimodality Image Alignment Using Information-Theoretic Approach
* multiresolution descriptor for deformable 3D shape retrieval, A
* Multivariate kernel diffusion for surface denoising
* Nonextensive Entropic Image Registration
* Nonlinear Image Filtering: Trade-off Between Optimality and Practicality
* Online redundant image elimination and its application to wireless capsule endoscopy
* Probabilistic Shape Descriptor for Triangulated Surfaces
* Reeb graph path dissimilarity for 3D object matching and retrieval
* Regular Splitting Graph Network for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Removing Noise and Preserving Details with Relaxed Median Filters
* Retrieval and classification methods for textured 3D models: A comparative study
* Retrieving Articulated 3D Objects Using Normalized Distance Function
* Robust 3D Watermarking Technique Using Eigendecomposition and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Robust Approaches to 3D Object Secret Sharing
* robust block-based image watermarking scheme using fast Hadamard transform and singular value decomposition, A
* Robust influence functionals for image filtering
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* Skeleton Path Based Approach for Nonrigid 3D Shape Analysis and Retrieval
* Spectral Geometric Descriptor for Deformable 3D Shape Matching and Retrieval
* spectral graph wavelet approach for nonrigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Spectral shape classification: A deep learning approach
* Topological modeling of illuminated surfaces using REEB graph
* topological variational model for image singularities, A
* Towards a Unified View of Estimation: Variational vs Statistical
* Variational Approach to Maximum a Posteriori Estimation for Image Denoising, A
* Vertex-Based Diffusion for 3-D Mesh Denoising
* Video Completion Using Bandlet Transform
* Video watermarking using wavelet transform and tensor algebra
* Watermarking 3D models using spectral mesh compression
Includes: Ben Hamza, A. Ben Hamza, A.[Abdessamad]
51 for Ben Hamza, A.

Ben Hamza, Y.[Younes] Co Author Listing * Kernel Similarity Based AAMs for Face Recognition

Ben Hmed, A.[Abdennacer] Co Author Listing * Anatomical multiatlas segmentation using local texture statistical properties for matching descriptor with machine learning

Ben Hmida, H.[Helmi] Co Author Listing * Integration of knowledge into the detection of objects in point clouds

Ben Hur, A. Co Author Listing * Support Vector Clustering Method, A
Includes: Ben Hur, A. Ben-Hur, A.

Ben Iche, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Embedded Real-Time Visual Search with Visual Distance Estimation

Ben Idder, H.I.[Hassan Id] Co Author Listing * Skeletonization Algorithm Using Discrete Contour Map

Ben Ismail, M.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive features extraction for Capsule Endoscopy (CE) video summarization
* Empirical Comparison of Automatic Image Annotation Systems
* Empirical Comparison of Visual Descriptors for Content Based X-Ray Image Retrieval
* Endoscopy video summarization based on unsupervised learning and feature discrimination
* Image database categorization using robust modeling of finite Generalized Dirichlet mixture
* Image database categorization using robust unsupervised learning of finite generalized dirichlet mixture models
* Multiple bleeding detection in wireless capsule endoscopy
* Possibilistic Clustering Based on Robust Modeling of Finite Generalized Dirichlet Mixture
Includes: Ben Ismail, M.M. Ben Ismail, M.M.[M. Maher] Ben Ismail, M.M.[Mohamed Maher]
8 for Ben Ismail, M.M.

Ben Izhak, R.[Ran] Co Author Listing * AttWalk: Attentive Cross-Walks for Deep Mesh Analysis

Ben Jaafar, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Routing Challenges and Solutions in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Ben Jaballah, W. Co Author Listing * Fast and Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication

Ben Jabra, S.[Saoussen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Anaglyph 3D Video Watermarking Approach Based on Hybrid Insertion, An
* Robust Video Watermarking Approach Based on Crowdsourcing and Hybrid Insertion
* Robust Video Watermarking for Real-Time Application, A

Ben Jebara, S.[Sofia] Co Author Listing * EMG signal analysis for comprehension of genders differences behavior during pre-motor activity
* On the use of opening phase slopes of the glottal signal to characterize unilateral vocal folds paralysis
* Reduction of musical residual noise using perceptual tools with classic speech denoising techniques
Includes: Ben Jebara, S.[Sofia] Ben Jebara, S.

Ben Jemaa, Y.[Yousra] Co Author Listing * Automatic Gabor Features Extraction for Face Recognition using Neural Networks
* Comparative study between color texture and shape descriptors for multi-camera pedestrians identification
* Comparative Study between Spatio/Temporal Descriptors for Pedestrians Recognition by Gait
* Enhanced embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm for lossy image coding
* Gait features fusion for efficient automatic age classification
* Gait-based human age classification using a silhouette model
* Interest lower body point's detection for markerless gait analysis
* new strategy based on spatiogram similarity association for multi-pedestrian tracking, A
Includes: Ben Jemaa, Y.[Yousra] Ben Jemaa, Y.
8 for Ben Jemaa, Y.

Ben Khalifa, A.[Anouar] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Methods of Violence Detection in Surveillance Video: A Survey
* Chronological pattern indexing: An efficient feature extraction method for hand gesture recognition with Leap Motion
* MDAD: A Multimodal and Multiview in-Vehicle Driver Action Dataset
* novel public dataset for multimodal multiview and multispectral driver distraction analysis: 3MDAD, A

Ben Kheder, W.[Waad] Co Author Listing * Challenges in Audio Processing of Terrorist-Related Data

Ben Khlifa, A.[Ameni] Co Author Listing * almost complete curvature scale space representation: Euclidean case, An
* SE(3) invariant description for 3D face recognition, An

Ben Lakhal, N.M.[Nadhir Mansour] Co Author Listing * Controller area network reliability: overview of design challenges and safety related perspectives of future transportation systems

Ben Letaief, K. Co Author Listing * Mobile image transmission using combined source and channel coding with low complexity concealment

Ben Loghfyry, A. Co Author Listing * nonconvex fractional order variational model for multi-frame image super-resolution, A
Includes: Ben Loghfyry, A. Ben-Loghfyry, A.

Ben Mabrouk, A.[Anouar] Co Author Listing * New Type of Gegenbauer-Hermite Monogenic Polynomials and Associated Clifford Wavelets
* Robust Watermarking Approach for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Based on Multi-wavelet Transform, SHA512 and Turbocodes
* Spatio-temporal feature using optical flow based distribution for violence detection
* Spherical Harmonics-LSB-quantification Adaptive Watermarking Approach for 3D Multiresolution Meshes Security, A
* Toward Multiwavelet Haar-Schauder Entropy for Biomedical Signal Reconstruction
* Toward New Spherical Harmonic Shannon Entropy for Surface Modeling
Includes: Ben Mabrouk, A.[Anouar] Ben Mabrouk, A.[Amira]

Ben Mahfoudh, K.[Kheireddine] Co Author Listing * Spinal cord MRI contrast enhancement using adaptive gamma correction for patient with multiple sclerosis

Ben Makhlouf, I. Co Author Listing * Predicting Brainwaves from Face Videos

Ben Makhlouf, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Fast image completion method using patch offset statistics
* Optimized adaptive depth map filtering
* Temporally consistent adaptive depth map preprocessing for view synthesis

Ben Manouer, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Geographical Area Network: Structural Health Monitoring Utility Computing Model

Ben Messaoud, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * analysis of the transition proportion for binarization in handwritten historical documents, An
* Automatic Annotation for Handwritten Historical Documents Using Markov Models
* model for the gray-intensity distribution of historical handwritten documents and its application for binarization, A
* Multilevel Text-Line Segmentation Framework for Handwritten Historical Documents, A
* New Binarization Approach Based on Text Block Extraction
* Region Based Local Binarization Approach for Handwritten Ancient Documents

Ben Meziane, K. Co Author Listing * interval type-2 fuzzy logic PSS with the optimal H-inf tracking control for multi-machine power system, An

Ben Moshe, B.[Boaz] Co Author Listing * Approximating the Visible Region of a Point on a Terrain
* GNSS Accuracy Improvement Using Rapid Shadow Transitions
* Pico-Sat to Ground Control: Optimizing Download Link via Laser Communication
Includes: Ben Moshe, B.[Boaz] Ben-Moshe, B.[Boaz] Ben-Moshe, B.

Ben Moshe, L.[Lior] Co Author Listing * FewGAN: Generating from the Joint Distribution of a Few Images
Includes: Ben Moshe, L.[Lior] Ben-Moshe, L.[Lior]

Ben Moshe, S.[Sagi] Co Author Listing * Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Coded Light Depth Camera

Ben Moussa, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating NDVI Data Continuity Between SPOT-VEGETATION and PROBA-V Missions for Operational Yield Forecasting in North African Countries

ben N'Cir, C.E.[Chiheb Eddine] Co Author Listing * Generalization of c-means for identifying non-disjoint clusters with overlap regulation
Includes: ben N'Cir, C.E.[Chiheb Eddine] ben N'Cir, C.E.[Chiheb-Eddine]

Ben Naceur, M.[Mostefa] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Deep Symmetric Positive Definite Manifold Network for Real-Time 3D Hand Gesture Recognition
* Synthetic medical image generator for data augmentation and anonymisation based on generative adversarial network for glioblastoma tumors growth prediction

Ben Nachum, I. Co Author Listing * Bag-of-shapes descriptor for medical imaging, A

Ben Netanel, R.[Raz] Co Author Listing * Protecting Autonomous Cars from Phantom Attacks
Includes: Ben Netanel, R.[Raz] Ben-Netanel, R.[Raz]

Ben Nouma, B.[Badreddine] Co Author Listing * MAYASTROUN: A Multilanguage Handwriting Database

Ben Nun, T. Co Author Listing * Augment Your Batch: Improving Generalization Through Instance Repetition
Includes: Ben Nun, T. Ben-Nun, T.

Ben Othman, I.[Ibtissem] Co Author Listing * Stability evaluation of neural and Bayesian classifiers: A new insight

Ben Ouezdou, F.[Fethi] Co Author Listing * Stability of Dimensionality Reduction Methods Applied on Artificial Hyperspectral Images

Ben Rabah, C.[Chaima] Co Author Listing * Scanner Model Identification of Official Documents Using Noise Parameters Estimation in the Wavelet Domain

Ben Rabah, Z.[Zouhaier] Co Author Listing * Sub-Pixel Mapping Model Based on Total Variation Regularization and Learned Spatial Dictionary

Ben Rejeb, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy VA-Files for multi-label image annotation based on visual content of regions

Ben Rhaiem, M.A.[Mohamed Amine] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach Based on GAN and CNN-LSTM for Aerial Activity Recognition, A

Ben Romdhane, H. Co Author Listing * Mapping Of Coral Reef Environment In The Arabian Gulf Using Multispectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Ben Romdhane, H. Ben-Romdhane, H.

Ben Romdhane, M. Co Author Listing * Mathematical modeling of clean and noisy ECG signals in a level-crossing sampling context

Ben Romdhane, N.[Nadra] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Vision-Based Lane Detection Methods, A
* Comparative Study of Vision-Based Traffic Signs Recognition Methods, A

Ben Saad, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Improving Pixel-Level Contrastive Learning by Leveraging Exogenous Depth Information

Ben Sahel, Y.[Yair] Co Author Listing * Deep Unrolled Recovery in Sparse Biological Imaging: Achieving fast, accurate results

Ben Said, A. Co Author Listing * Gravitational weighted fuzzy c-means with application on multispectral image segmentation
* Spatiotemporal Tensor Completion for Improved Urban Traffic Imputation
* Total Variation for Image Denoising Based on a Novel Smart Edge Detector: An Application to Medical Images
Includes: Ben Said, A. Ben Said, A.[Ahmed]

Ben Said, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Online feature selection system for big data classification based on multi-objective automated negotiation

Ben Salah, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * OCR performance prediction using cross-OCR alignment

Ben Salah, I. Co Author Listing * Cardiac anomalies detection by cepstral analysis of ICG signal

Ben Salah, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Active Curve Recovery of Region Boundary Patterns
* Continuous Labeling for Multiphase Graph Cut Image Partitioning, A
* Convex relaxation for image segmentation by kernel mapping
* Convex-Relaxed Kernel Mapping for Image Segmentation
* Effective Level Set Image Segmentation With a Kernel Induced Data Term
* Extraction of road network using amodified active contour approach
* Feature Extraction and Selection in Archaeological Images for Automatic Annotation
* Finding image distributions on active curves
* Image partitioning with kernel mapping and graph cuts
* Image segmentation in a kernel-induced space
* Multiregion Image Segmentation by Parametric Kernel Graph Cuts
* Shape based appearance model for kernel tracking
Includes: Ben Salah, M.[Mohamed] Ben Salah, M. Ben Salah, M.[Marwa]
12 for Ben Salah, M.

Ben Salah, M.B. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of 2-D DOA estimation using L-shaped array in scattered channel

Ben Salah, R. Co Author Listing * Cardiac anomalies detection by cepstral analysis of ICG signal
* Tomographic Reconstruction of 3D Objects Using Marked Point Process Framework
Includes: Ben Salah, R. Ben Salah, R.[Riadh]

Ben Salem, D.[Douraied] Co Author Listing * Automatic three-dimensional detection and volume estimation of low-grade gliomas
* Semi-automatic muscle segmentation in MR images using deep registration-based label propagation

Ben Salem, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Investigation on the Morphological and Mineralogical Characteristics of Posidonius Floor Fractured Lunar Impact Crater Using Lunar Remote Sensing Data, An

Ben Salem, S.[Sinda] Co Author Listing * MSdocTr-Lite: A lite transformer for full page multi-script handwriting recognition
* Transformer-based approach for joint handwriting and named entity recognition in historical document

Ben Salem, Y. Co Author Listing * B-Spline Level Set For Drosophila Image Segmentation

Ben Shabat, Y.[Yizhak] Co Author Listing * Deepfit: 3d Surface Fitting via Neural Network Weighted Least Squares
* DiGS: Divergence guided shape implicit neural representation for unoriented point clouds
* Graph based over-segmentation methods for 3D point clouds
* Nesti-Net: Normal Estimation for Unstructured 3D Point Clouds Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ben Shabat, Y.[Yizhak] Ben-Shabat, Y.[Yizhak]

Ben Shabat, Y.Z.[Yi Zhak] Co Author Listing * DPDist: Comparing Point Clouds Using Deep Point Cloud Distance
* IKEA ASM Dataset: Understanding People Assembling Furniture through Actions, Objects and Pose, The
Includes: Ben Shabat, Y.Z.[Yi Zhak] Ben-Shabat, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhak]

Ben Shahar, O.[Ohad] Co Author Listing * Biologically-Inspired Theory for Non-axiomatic Parametric Curve Completion, A
* Closer Look at Context: From Coxels to the Contextual Emergence of Object Saliency, A
* computationally efficient tracker with direct appearance-kinematic measure and adaptive Kalman filter, A
* Computer vision for fruit harvesting robots: State of the art and challenges ahead
* Connection Geometry, Color, and Stereo
* Contextual Object Detection with a Few Relevant Neighbors
* Crossing cuts polygonal puzzles: Models and Solvers
* Curvature-based perceptual singularities and texture saliency with early vision mechanisms
* Curve Reconstruction via the Global Statistics of Natural Curves
* Dense specular shape from multiple specular flows
* Depth Based Object Detection from Partial Pose Estimation of Symmetric Objects
* Evolving boundary detectors for natural images via Genetic Programming
* Exploring the Bounds of the Utility of Context for Object Detection
* Filter Selection for Hyperspectral Estimation
* Flowing toward coherence: On the geometry of texture and shading flows
* Free Boundary Conditions Active Contours with Applications for Vision
* From Square Pieces to Brick Walls: The Next Challenge in Solving Jigsaw Puzzles
* fully automated greedy square jigsaw puzzle solver, A
* General Geometric Good Continuation: From Taylor to Laplace via Level Sets
* Good Continuation in Layers: Shading flows, color flows, surfaces and shadows
* Good Continuation of General 2D Visual Features: Dual Harmonic Models and Computational Inference
* Hue fields and color curvatures: A Perceptual Organization Approach to Color Image Denoising
* Jigsaw Puzzle Solving as a Consistent Labeling Problem
* linear formulation of shape from specular flow, A
* Minimum length in the tangent bundle as a model for curve completion
* NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* On Computing Visual Flows with Boundaries: The Case of Shading and Edges
* On the Perceptual Organization of Texture and Shading Flows: From a Geometrical Model to Coherence Computation
* perceptual organization of texture flow: A contextual inference approach, The
* polar representation of motion and implications for optical flow, A
* Saliency and Segregation Without Feature Gradient: New Insights for Segmentation from Orientation-Defined Textures
* SceneNet: A Perceptual Ontology for Scene Understanding
* Shape from Specular Flow
* Shape from specular flow: Is one flow enough?
* Small sample scene categorization from perceptual relations
* Sparse Recovery of Hyperspectral Signal from Natural RGB Images
* Specular Flow and Shape in One Shot:
* Tangent Bundle Elastica and Computer Vision
* Tangent Bundle Theory for Visual Curve Completion, A
* Toward a Theory of Shape from Specular Flow
* Toward robust estimation of specular flow
Includes: Ben Shahar, O.[Ohad] Ben-Shahar, O.[Ohad] Ben-Shahar, O.
42 for Ben Shahar, O.

Ben Shalom, A.[Adiel] Co Author Listing * Congruency-Based Reranking
* Method for Segmentation, Matching and Alignment of Dead Sea Scrolls, A
Includes: Ben Shalom, A.[Adiel] Ben-Shalom, A.[Adiel] Ben-Shalom, A.

Ben Shalom, I.[Itai] Co Author Listing * Congruency-Based Reranking
Includes: Ben Shalom, I.[Itai] Ben-Shalom, I.[Itai]

Ben Shaul, I.[Ido] Co Author Listing * Certainty Pooling for Multiple Instance Learning
Includes: Ben Shaul, I.[Ido] Ben-Shaul, I.[Ido]

Ben Shitrit, H.[Horesh] Co Author Listing * Conditional Random Fields for multi-camera object detection
* Real-time camera pose estimation for sports fields
* Tracking multiple people under global appearance constraints

Ben Shoshan, Y. Co Author Listing * Single separation analysis for clustered-dot halftones
Includes: Ben Shoshan, Y. Ben-Shoshan, Y.

Ben Shoushan, R.[Ravit] Co Author Listing * Fused Thermal and RGB Imagery for Robust Detection and Classification of Dynamic Objects in Mixed Datasets via Pre-Trained High-Level CNN
Includes: Ben Shoushan, R.[Ravit] Ben-Shoushan, R.[Ravit]

Ben Sira, L.[Liat] Co Author Listing * Contour Dice Loss for Structures with Fuzzy and Complex Boundaries in Fetal MRI
Includes: Ben Sira, L.[Liat] Ben-Sira, L.[Liat]

Ben Slimane, F.[Fares] Co Author Listing * Context Matters: Self-Attention for Sign Language Recognition

Ben Soltana, W.[Wael] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature and Score Level Fusion Strategy Using Genetic Algorithms
* Comparison of 2D/3D Features and Their Adaptive Score Level Fusion for 3D Face Recognition
* mixture of gated experts optimized using simulated annealing for 3D face recognition, A
* Textured 3D face recognition using biological vision-based facial representation and optimized weighted sum fusion

Ben Suliman, K.[Karima] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification Using Feature Space Partitioning
* Supervised classification using graph-based space partitioning
* Supervised Classification Using Graph-based Space Partitioning for Multiclass Problems

Ben Tahar, H.[Houssem] Co Author Listing * Flexible architectures for retinal blood vessel segmentation in high-resolution fundus images

Ben Tal, A. Co Author Listing * design and implementation of COSEN, an iterative algorithm for fully 3-D listmode data, The
* Optimal Locally Adjustable Filtering of PET Images by a Genetic Algorithm
Includes: Ben Tal, A. Ben-Tal, A.

Ben Tal, G. Co Author Listing * Towards Fast 3D Reconstruction Using Silhouettes and Sparse Motion
Includes: Ben Tal, G. Ben-Tal, G.

Ben Tanfous, A.[Amor] Co Author Listing * How and What to Learn: Taxonomizing Self-Supervised Learning for 3D Action Recognition
* Sparse Coding of Shape Trajectories for Facial Expression and Action Recognition

Ben Tzvi, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Optical Flow Estimation in Real-Time on Connection Machine-2
* Combinatorial Hough Transform, A
* Efficient Parallel Implementation of the Hough Transform on a Distributed Memory System
* Optical Flow from Constraint Lines Parametrization
* Robust Algorithm for Optical-Flow Estimation, A
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation of the Hough Transform
Includes: Ben Tzvi, D. Ben-Tzvi, D.

Ben Tzvi, P. Co Author Listing * Grasp Prediction Toward Naturalistic Exoskeleton Glove Control
Includes: Ben Tzvi, P. Ben-Tzvi, P.

Ben Yaacov, E.[Erez] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection from a Single Fisheye Image Without a Single Fisheye Training Image

Ben Yaacov, H.[Hilla] Co Author Listing * Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials
Includes: Ben Yaacov, H.[Hilla] Ben-Yaacov, H.[Hilla]

Ben Yaakov, H.[Hilla] Co Author Listing * Power Awareness in Low Precision Neural Networks
Includes: Ben Yaakov, H.[Hilla] Ben-Yaakov, H.[Hilla]

Ben Yacoub, S. Co Author Listing * email: Ben Yacoub, S.: sby AT idiap ch
* Audio-Visual Person Verification
* Characterizing the Hierarchical Hough Transform through a Polygonal Approximation Algorithm
* Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Detecting Subjective Contours with the Hierarchical Hough Transform
* Evaluating the Complexity of Databases for Person Identification and Verification
* Fast Face Detection Using MLP and FFT
* Fusion of Face and Speech Data for Person Identity Verification
* Hierarchical Line Extraction
* Making Hough Transform More Robust and Precise
* Multi-Modal Data Fusion for Person Authentication Using SVM
* On Curve Approximation And Hierarchical Hough Transform
* Revision of Pyramid Segmentation, A
* Universal Pyramid Segmentation Algorithm, A
Includes: Ben Yacoub, S. Ben-Yacoub, S. Ben-Yacoub, S.[Souheil]
14 for Ben Yacoub, S.

Ben Yahia, H.[Haitam] Co Author Listing * Simple and Efficient Architectures for Semantic Segmentation

Ben Yakhlef, M. Co Author Listing * MAS based energy-coordination for decentralized control of the hybrid electrical system, A

Ben Yedder, H.[Hanene] Co Author Listing * Multitask Deep Learning Reconstruction and Localization of Lesions in Limited Angle Diffuse Optical Tomography

Ben Yosef, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Biologically-Inspired Theory for Non-axiomatic Parametric Curve Completion, A
* Curvature-based perceptual singularities and texture saliency with early vision mechanisms
* Minimum length in the tangent bundle as a model for curve completion
* Partially Occluded Hands: A Challenging New Dataset for Single-Image Hand Pose Estimation
* Tangent Bundle Elastica and Computer Vision
* Tangent Bundle Theory for Visual Curve Completion, A
Includes: Ben Yosef, G.[Guy] Ben-Yosef, G.[Guy] Ben-Yosef, G.

Ben Younes, H.[Hedi] Co Author Listing * Diverse Probabilistic Trajectory Forecasting with Admissibility Constraints
* Driving behavior explanation with multi-level fusion
* Explainability of Deep Vision-Based Autonomous Driving Systems: Review and Challenges
* Leveraging Weakly Annotated Data for Fashion Image Retrieval and Label Prediction
* MUREL: Multimodal Relational Reasoning for Visual Question Answering
* MUTAN: Multimodal Tucker Fusion for Visual Question Answering
* Raising context awareness in motion forecasting
* STEEX: Steering Counterfactual Explanations with Semantics
Includes: Ben Younes, H.[Hedi] Ben-Younes, H.[Hedi] Ben-Younes, H.[Hédi] Ben-Younes, H. Ben-younes, H.[Hedi] Ben-younes, H.
8 for Ben Younes, H.

Ben Youssef, A.[Atef] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of User Engagement Breakdown in Spontaneous Human-Humanoid Interaction
Includes: Ben Youssef, A.[Atef] Ben-Youssef, A.[Atef]

Ben Zaken, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * User Movement for Safety Training in a Virtual Chemistry Lab
Includes: Ben Zaken, D.[Daniel] Ben-Zaken, D.[Daniel]

Ben Zemzem, A.[Aicha] Co Author Listing * Mouse Arterial Wall Imaging and Analysis from Synchrotron X-Ray Microtomography
Includes: Ben Zemzem, A.[Aicha] Ben Zemzem, A.[Aïcha]

Ben Zikri, N.[Nir] Co Author Listing * Phylonet: Physically-constrained Long-term Video Prediction
* Rethinking Unsupervised Neural Superpixel Segmentation

Ben Zikri, Y.K.[Yehuda K.] Co Author Listing * Automatic LV Feature Detection and Blood-Pool Tracking from Multi-plane TEE Time Series
Includes: Ben Zikri, Y.K.[Yehuda K.] Ben-Zikri, Y.K.[Yehuda K.]

Ben Zrihem, N.[Nir] Co Author Listing * Approximate nearest neighbor fields in video
Includes: Ben Zrihem, N.[Nir] Ben-Zrihem, N.[Nir]

Ben Zvi, A.[Ayal] Co Author Listing * Joint volumetric extraction and enhancement of vasculature from low-SNR 3-D fluorescence microscopy images
Includes: Ben Zvi, A.[Ayal] Ben-Zvi, A.[Ayal]

Ben Zwi, O.[Oren] Co Author Listing * Applying Property Testing to an Image Partitioning Problem
Includes: Ben Zwi, O.[Oren] Ben-Zwi, O.[Oren]

Ben, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * TResNet: High Performance GPU-Dedicated Architecture

Ben, G.[Guangli] Co Author Listing * Multi-Degradation Aided Method for Unsupervised Remote Sensing Image Super Resolution With Convolution Neural Networks, A

Ben, G.L.[Guang Li] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Techniques for Remote Sensing Images: A Survey
* Spectral-Spatial Fractal Residual Convolutional Neural Network With Data Balance Augmentation for Hyperspectral Classification
Includes: Ben, G.L.[Guang Li] Ben, G.L.[Guang-Li]

Ben, H.X.[Hui Xia] Co Author Listing * Unpaired Image Captioning With semantic-Constrained Self-Learning
Includes: Ben, H.X.[Hui Xia] Ben, H.X.[Hui-Xia]

Ben, J.[Jin] Co Author Listing * Duality and Dimensionality Reduction Discrete Line Generation Algorithm for a Triangular Grid
* Enabling the Big Earth Observation Data via Cloud Computing and DGGS: Opportunities and Challenges
* Image Recognition with an Analog Neural-Net Chip
* Indexing Mixed Aperture Icosahedral Hexagonal Discrete Global Grid Systems
* Lattice Quad-Tree Indexing Algorithm for a Hexagonal Discrete Global Grid System
Includes: Ben, J.[Jin] Ben, J.

Ben, K.[Kang] Co Author Listing * Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The

Ben, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Improving Cluster Selection and Event Modeling in Unsupervised Mining for Automatic Audiovisual Video Structuring

Ben, N.[Niu] Co Author Listing * Discovering Patterns of DNA Methylation: Rule Mining with Rough Sets and Decision Trees, and Comethylation Analysis

Ben, S.[Shenglan] Co Author Listing * Automatic fuzzy clustering based on mistake analysis
* Piecewise linear aging function for facial age estimation

Ben, S.L.[Sheng Lan] Co Author Listing * Face Image Relighting using Locally Constrained Global Optimization
Includes: Ben, S.L.[Sheng Lan] Ben, S.L.[Sheng-Lan]

Ben, X. Co Author Listing * Agent-based approach for crowded pedestrian evacuation simulation
* Coupled Bilinear Discriminant Projection for Cross-View Gait Recognition
* Coupled Patch Alignment for Matching Cross-View Gaits
* DAVD-Net: Deep Audio-Aided Video Decompression of Talking Heads
* general tensor representation framework for cross-view gait recognition, A
* Learning Spatial-Temporal Representations Over Walking Tracklet for Long-Term Person Re-Identification in the Wild
* Video-Based Facial Micro-Expression Analysis: A Survey of Datasets, Features and Algorithms
Includes: Ben, X. Ben, X.[Xianye]
7 for Ben, X.

Ben, X.Y.[Xian Ye] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Salience for Cross-View Gait Recognition
* Learning effective binary descriptors for micro-expression recognition transferred by macro-information
* Magnitude and Angle Combined Optical Flow Feature for Microexpression Spotting, A
* novel micro-expression detection algorithm based on BERT and 3DCNN, A
Includes: Ben, X.Y.[Xian Ye] Ben, X.Y.[Xian-Ye]

Ben, Y.C.[You Cheng] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Super-Resolution and Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
Includes: Ben, Y.C.[You Cheng] Ben, Y.C.[You-Cheng]

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