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Hsu Huei, W.[Weng] Co Author Listing * In vivo correlation between semi-quantitative hemodynamic parameters and Ktrans derived from DCE-MRI of brain tumors
Includes: Hsu Huei, W.[Weng] Hsu-Huei, W.[Weng]

Hsu, A.[Arding] Co Author Listing * Browsing contents of a given video sequence
* Comparing two video-based techniques for driver fatigue detection: classification versus optical flow approach
* Correction of Errors in SPOT-Derived DEM's Using GTOPO30 Data
* Image Information Systems: Where Do We Go from Here?
* Method for representing contents of a single video shot using frames
* spatially explicit surface urban heat island database for the United States: Characterization, uncertainties, and possible applications, A
Includes: Hsu, A.[Arding] Hsu, A.[Arthur] Hsu, A.

Hsu, A.J.[Astrid J.] Co Author Listing * Driven by Drones: Improving Mangrove Extent Maps Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing

Hsu, B.H.[Bo Hsiung] Co Author Listing * Algorithm and Architecture of Disparity Estimation With Mini-Census Adaptive Support Weight
Includes: Hsu, B.H.[Bo Hsiung] Hsu, B.H.[Bo-Hsiung]

Hsu, C. Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Crowdsourced QoE Modeling
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Detecting Generated Image Based on a Coupled Network with Two-Step Pairwise Learning
* Dual IR spectral video inspection of a concealed live animal
* Dual Reconstruction with Densely Connected Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Enabling Adaptive Cloud Gaming in an Open-Source Cloud Gaming Platform
* Enabling Adaptive Cloud Gaming in an Open-Source Cloud Gaming Platform
* High-Resolution Image Inpainting through Multiple Deep Networks
* Joint Pairwise Learning and Image Clustering Based on a Siamese CNN
* Optimizing Fixation Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks for 360 Video Streaming in Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
* SiGAN: Siamese Generative Adversarial Network for Identity-Preserving Face Hallucination
* Strong Gravitational Lensing Parameter Estimation with Vision Transformer
* Vision-Based Heart Rate Estimation Via A Two-Stream CNN
* VVC Proposal With Quaternary Tree Plus Binary-Ternary Tree Coding Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques, A
Includes: Hsu, C. Hsu, C.[ChiaJung]
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Hsu, C.A.[Chih An] Co Author Listing * High-Efficiency and High-Accuracy Fully Automatic Collaborative Face Annotation System for Distributed Online Social Networks, A
Includes: Hsu, C.A.[Chih An] Hsu, C.A.[Chih-An]

Hsu, C.C.[Chih Chung] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* Adaptive Distribution Learning with Statistical Hypothesis Testing for COVID-19 CT Scan Classification
* CNN-Based Joint Clustering and Representation Learning with Feature Drift Compensation for Large-Scale Image Data
* COVID-19 Infection Percentage Prediction via Boosted Hierarchical Vision Transformer
* Cross-Modal Perceptionist: Can Face Geometry be Gleaned from Voices?
* DCSN: Deep Compressed Sensing Network for Efficient Hyperspectral Data Transmission of Miniaturized Satellite
* Design of light-emitting-diode array for solving problems of irregular radiation pattern and signal attenuation for infrared electronic-toll-collection systems
* Distributed Robust Image Mosaics
* Ditto: Building Digital Twins of Articulated Objects from Interaction
* Dress With Style: Learning Style From Joint Deep Embedding of Clothing Styles and Body Shapes
* Efficient K-Means VLSI Architecture for Vector Quantization
* Ensemble Fusion for Small Object Detection
* Every Pixel Matters: Center-aware Feature Alignment for Domain Adaptive Object Detector
* Extreme Gradient Boosting Model for Rain Retrieval using Radar Reflectivity from Various Elevation Angles
* Fast deconvolution-based image super-resolution using gradient prior
* Fast multi-view people localization using a torso-high reference plane
* Jointly Defending DeepFake Manipulation and Adversarial Attack Using Decoy Mechanism
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Learning-Based Joint Super-Resolution and Deblocking for a Highly Compressed Image
* MVA2023 Small Object Detection Challenge for Spotting Birds: Dataset, Methods, and Results
* Objective quality assessment for image retargeting based on perceptual distortion and information loss
* Objective quality assessment for video retargeting based on spatio-temporal distortion analysis
* Parametric Workflow (BIM) for the Repair Construction of Traditional Historic Architecture in Taiwan
* Partitioned Hough Transform For Ellipsoid Detection
* Research on Sensing Localization and Orientation of Objects in VR with Facial Vibrotactile Display, A
* Robust Voice Activity Detection Algorithm Based on Feature of Frequency Modulation of Harmonics and Its DSP Implementation
* Serve receive-to-attack period extraction and histogram-based player localization in broadcast volleyball videos
* Spatial-slice Feature Learning Using Visual Transformer and Essential Slices Selection Module for Covid-19 Detection of Ct Scans in the Wild
* Temporally Coherent Superresolution of Textured Video via Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Unsupervised convolutional neural networks for large-scale image clustering
* Use of the RS decoder as an RS encoder for two-way digital communications and storage systems
* Using Topic Keyword Clusters for Automatic Document Clustering
* Vision-Based Road Bump Detection Using a Front-Mounted Car Camcorder
* Yoga Posture Recognition for Self-training
Includes: Hsu, C.C.[Chih Chung] Hsu, C.C.[Chih-Chung] Hsu, C.C. Hsu, C.C.[Chin-Cheng] Hsu, C.C.[Chen-Chien] Hsu, C.C.[Cheng-Chung] Hsu, C.C.[Cheng-Chun] Hsu, C.C.[Chih-Chieh] Hsu, C.C.[Chia-Chi] Hsu, C.C.[Chen-Chia] Hsu, C.C.[Chia-Chun] Hsu, C.C.[Chun-Chen] Hsu, C.C.[Chung-Chien] Hsu, C.C.[Chun-Chieh] Hsu, C.C.[Chiun-Chieh]
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Hsu, C.C.J. Co Author Listing * Design of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems With Extended Communication Areas and Performance of Data Transmission
* Problem of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems: The Irregularity of LED Radiation Pattern and Emitter Design, A
* Vehicle Positioning and Trajectory Tracking by Infrared Signal-Direction Discrimination for Short-Range Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Systems

Hsu, C.F.[Chih Fan] Co Author Listing * Fast salient object detection through efficient subwindow search
* HSS-based robust and lightweight multiple group authentication for ITS towards 5G, An
* Plane and Boundary Extraction from LiDAR data using Clustering and Convex Hull Projection
* Quantitative Comparison of Point Cloud Compression Algorithms With PCC Arena
Includes: Hsu, C.F.[Chih Fan] Hsu, C.F.[Chih-Fan] Hsu, C.F.[Ching-Fang] Hsu, C.F.[Chun F.]

Hsu, C.H.[Chih Ho] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Social-Aware and QoE-Driven Video Caching and Adaptation in Edge Network
* Correction for Susceptibility-Induced Distortion in Echo-Planar Imaging Using Field Maps and Model-Based Point Spread Function
* Crossroad Traffic Surveillance Using Superpixel Tracking and Vehicle Trajectory Analysis
* CVRRSS-CHD: Computer vision-related roadside surveillance system using compound hierarchical-deep models
* Disseminating Multilayer Multimedia Content Over Challenged Networks
* Efficient Algorithms for Multi-Sender Data Transmission in Swarm-Based Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems
* Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms With UAV-Assisted for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Energy-Aware and Bandwidth-Efficient Hybrid Video Streaming Over Mobile Networks
* Identity-Based Authentication Mechanism for Secure Information Sharing in the Maritime Transport System
* Information-Centric Content Management Framework for Software Defined Internet of Vehicles Towards Application Specific Services
* IRS: A Detour Routing System to Improve Quality of Online Games
* NEWSMAN: Uploading Videos over Adaptive Middleboxes to News Servers in Weak Network Infrastructures
* On the Optimal Encoding Ladder of Tiled 360 Videos for Head-Mounted Virtual Reality
* On the Quality of Service of Cloud Gaming Systems
* Part-aware Measurement for Robust Multi-View Multi-Human 3D Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Partitioning of Multiple Fine-Grained Scalable Video Sequences Concurrently Streamed to Heterogeneous Clients
* Quantitative Comparison of Point Cloud Compression Algorithms With PCC Arena
* Real-time, large-scale duplicate image detection method based on multi-feature fusion
* Recent Advances in Immersive Multimedia
* Scalable Video Conferencing System Using Cached Facial Expressions, A
* Survey of Interactive Remote Rendering Systems, A
* Survey on 360 Video Streaming: Acquisition, Transmission, and Display, A
* Sustainable transportation system for electronic waste recycling from a social perspective
* Vehicle-Consensus Information Exchange Scheme for Traffic Management in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, A
Includes: Hsu, C.H.[Chih Ho] Hsu, C.H.[Chih-Ho] Hsu, C.H. Hsu, C.H.[Chin-Hao] Hsu, C.H.[Ching-Hsien] Hsu, C.H.[Cheng-Hsin]
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Hsu, C.L.[Chia Lun] Co Author Listing * ES3Net: Accurate and Efficient Edge-based Self-Supervised Stereo Matching Network
* Reduction of discrete cosine transform/ quantisation/inverse quantisation/inverse discrete cosine transform computational complexity in H.264 video encoding by using an efficient prediction algorithm
Includes: Hsu, C.L.[Chia Lun] Hsu, C.L.[Chia-Lun] Hsu, C.L.

Hsu, C.M.[Chao Ming] Co Author Listing * Edge-Detection Using 2-Dimensional Local-Structure Information
* Flexible Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures for Versatile Media Processing Via Customized Long Instruction Words
Includes: Hsu, C.M.[Chao Ming] Hsu, C.M.[Chao-Ming] Hsu, C.M.

Hsu, C.N.[Chun Nan] Co Author Listing * Bayesian classification for data from the same unknown class
Includes: Hsu, C.N.[Chun Nan] Hsu, C.N.[Chun-Nan]

Hsu, C.S.[Chih Sheng] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Background Subtraction Using Block-Based and Pixel-Based Codebooks
* Hierarchical Method for Foreground Detection Using Codebook Model
* Onboard Measurement and Warning Module for Irregular Vehicle Behavior
* Statistical Approach for Ownership Identification of Digital Images, A
Includes: Hsu, C.S.[Chih Sheng] Hsu, C.S.[Chih-Sheng] Hsu, C.S. Hsu, C.S.[Ching-Sheng]

Hsu, C.T.[Chiou Ting] Co Author Listing * Alignment-free exposure fusion of image pairs
* Augmentation of rPPG Benchmark Datasets: Learning to Remove and Embed rPPG Signals via Double Cycle Consistent Learning from Unpaired Facial Videos
* Background Modeling from GMM Likelihood Combined with Spatial and Color Coherency
* DCT-Based Watermarking for Video
* Domain Generalized RPPG Network: Disentangled Feature Learning with Domain Permutation and Domain Augmentation
* Dual subspace nonnegative matrix factorization for person-invariant facial expression recognition
* Effective Frame Rate Decision by Lagrange Optimization for Frame Skipping Video Transcoding
* Example-Based Human Motion Extrapolation and Motion Repairing Using Contour Manifold
* Feature-based Video Mosaic
* Generalized Low-Rank Appearance Model for Spatio-temporally Correlated Rain Streaks, A
* Hidden Digital Watermarks in Images
* Hidden signatures in images
* Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback Based on Graph-Theoretic Region Correspondence Estimation
* Implicit Rank-Sparsity Decomposition: Applications to Saliency/Co-saliency Detection
* LDCformer: Incorporating Learnable Descriptive Convolution to Vision Transformer for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Learning Hidden Semantic Cues Using Support Vector Clustering
* Mosaics of Video Sequences with Moving Objects
* Motion trajectory based video indexing and retrieval
* MSTN: Multistage Spatial-Temporal Network for Driver Drowsiness Detection
* Multi-task Learning for Simultaneous Video Generation and Remote Photoplethysmography Estimation
* Multilinear Graph Embedding: Representation and Regularization for Images
* Multiresolution Mosaic
* Multiresolution Watermarking for Digital Images
* Nonparametric scene parsing with deep convolutional features and dense alignment
* Online Selection of Tracking Features Using AdaBoost
* Region correspondence for image retrieval using graph-theoretic approach and maximum likelihood estimation
* Region tracking for non-rigid video objects in a non-parametric MAP framework
* Region-Based Color Transfer from Multi-Reference with Graph-Theoretic Region Correspondence Estimation
* Relevance feedback using generalized Bayesian framework with region-based optimization learning
* Revealing Smooth Structure of Visual Data by Permutation on Manifolds
* Ridge Network Detection in Crumpled Paper via Graph Density Maximization
* Segmentation of non-rigid object in a non-parametric MAP framework
* Self-Guided Adversarial Learning for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Semantic Segmentation for Real-World Data by Jointly Exploiting Supervised andxs Transferrable Knowledge
* Simultaneous Tensor Decomposition and Completion Using Factor Priors
* Single image dehazing with optimal transmission map
* Single-Domain Generalization for Semantic Segmentation Via Dual-Level Domain Augmentation
* Single-Image Dehazing via Optimal Transmission Map Under Scene Priors
* Source Camera Identification Based on Camera Gain Histogram
* Time-variant modeling for general surface appearance
* Towards Deep Style Transfer: A Content-Aware Perspective
* Video Inpainting on Digitized Vintage Films via Maintaining Spatiotemporal Continuity
Includes: Hsu, C.T.[Chiou Ting] Hsu, C.T.[Chiou-Ting] Hsu, C.T. Hsu, C.T.[Ching-Ting]
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Hsu, C.W.[Chiun Wen] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Hybrid DPCM/Classified Vector Quantization for Coding Video Telephony Sequences
* fast and high subjective quality sprite generation algorithm with frame skipping and multiple sprites techniques, A
* Image prediction using face detection and triangulation
* Linear Feature Extraction for Multiclass Classification Problems Based on Class Mean and Covariance Discriminant Information, A
* Low-complexity multi-standard variable length coding decoder using tree-based partition and classification
* Motion Vector Coding and Block Merging in the Versatile Video Coding Standard
* Platform architecture design for MPEG-4 video coding
* Sample Adaptive Offset in the HEVC Standard
Includes: Hsu, C.W.[Chiun Wen] Hsu, C.W.[Chiun-Wen] Hsu, C.W.[Chih-Wei] Hsu, C.W.[Chia-Wei] Hsu, C.W.
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Hsu, C.Y.[Chao Yung] Co Author Listing * Compression of halftone video for electronic paper
* Compressive sensing-based image hashing
* Content authentication of halftone video via flickering as sparse signal
* Content-Dependent Anti-disclosure Image Watermark
* Developing Land-Use Regression Models to Estimate PM2.5-Bound Compound Concentrations
* Fast large-scale image enlargement method with a novel evaluation approach: benchmark function-based peak signal-to-noise ratio
* Feature-Based Sparse Representation for Image Similarity Assessment
* Genetic-based fuzzy image filter and its application to image processing
* GeoAI for Large-Scale Image Analysis and Machine Vision: Recent Progress of Artificial Intelligence in Geography
* Image Feature Extraction in Encrypted Domain With Privacy-Preserving SIFT
* Incorporating texture information into region-based unsupervised image segmentation using textural superpixels
* Inferring 3D Models from Freehand Sketches and Constraints
* Joint Screening Halftoning and Visual Cryptography for Image Protection
* Knowledge-Driven GeoAI: Integrating Spatial Knowledge into Multi-Scale Deep Learning for Mars Crater Detection
* Near-Optimal Watermark Estimation and Its Countermeasure: Antidisclosure Watermark for Multiple Watermark Embedding
* new motion compensation method for image sequence coding using hierarchical grid interpolation, A
* Novel Depth-Fused Display (DFD) System With Wide Viewing 3D Images
* Salient Region Detection Improved by Principle Component Analysis and Boundary Information
* Secure and robust SIFT with resistance to chosen-plaintext attack
* Secure image hashing via minimum distortion estimation
* Secure transcoding for compressive multimedia sensing
* Segment Anything Model Can Not Segment Anything: Assessing AI Foundation Model's Generalizability in Permafrost Mapping
* Sensing Strategies Based on Manufacturing Knowledge
* Temporal Frequency of Flickering-Distortion Optimized Video Halftoning for Electronic Paper
* Topological control of level set method depending on topology constraints
Includes: Hsu, C.Y.[Chao Yung] Hsu, C.Y.[Chao-Yung] Hsu, C.Y.[Chao-Yong] Hsu, C.Y.[Chin-Yu] Hsu, C.Y.[Chih-Yuan] Hsu, C.Y.[Chin-Yuan] Hsu, C.Y.[Chia-Yu] Hsu, C.Y. Hsu, C.Y.[Chih-Yu] Hsu, C.Y.[Chao-Yuen] Hsu, C.Y.[Ching-Yi] Hsu, C.Y.[Ching-Yao]
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Hsu, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Differentiable SLAM-net: Learning Particle SLAM for Visual Navigation
* Low-Drift Fixed-Point 8X8 IDCT Approximationwith 8-Bit Transform Factors
* Solving the Perspective-2-Point Problem for Flying-Camera Photo Composition
Includes: Hsu, D.[David] Hsu, D.[De] Hsu, D.

Hsu, D.F. Co Author Listing * Experimental results from using a rank and fuse approach for multi-target tracking in CCTV surveillance
* On the generation and pruning of skeletons using generalized Voronoi diagrams
* Rank-based multisensory fusion in multitarget video tracking
* skeleton pruning algorithm based on information fusion, A
Includes: Hsu, D.F. Hsu, D.F.[D. Frank]

Hsu, D.F.C. Co Author Listing * Design and Performance of a 1 mm3 Resolution Clinical PET System Comprising 3-D Position Sensitive Scintillation Detectors
* Robust Timing Calibration for PET Using L1-Norm Minimization

Hsu, D.H. Co Author Listing * Target Attractiveness Model for Field of View Search

Hsu, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Constrained Reconstruction of Sparse Cardiac MR DTI Data

Hsu, E.W. Co Author Listing * Accurate High-Resolution Measurements of 3-D Tissue Dynamics With Registration-Enhanced Displacement Encoded MRI
* High-resolution determination of soft tissue deformations using MRI and first-order texture correlation
* Higher-Order Motion-Compensation for In Vivo Cardiac Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Rats

Hsu, F. Co Author Listing * VLSI Design of an Efficient Flicker-Free Video Defogging Method for Real-Time Applications

Hsu, F.C.[Feng Chi] Co Author Listing * Annual Cycling of Nighttime Lights in India, The
* Annual Time Series of Global VIIRS Nighttime Lights Derived from Monthly Averages: 2012 to 2019
* Automatic Boat Identification System for VIIRS Low Light Imaging Data
* Cross-Matching VIIRS Boat Detections with Vessel Monitoring System Tracks in Indonesia
* Cross-Sensor Nighttime Lights Image Calibration for DMSP/OLS and SNPP/VIIRS with Residual U-Net
* Dimming of Lights in China during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* Dimming of Lights in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* DMSP-OLS Radiance Calibrated Nighttime Lights Time Series with Intercalibration
* Extending Nighttime Combustion Source Detection Limits with Short Wavelength VIIRS Data
* Extending the DMSP Nighttime Lights Time Series beyond 2013
* Head detection using motion features and multi level pyramid architecture
* Indicators of Electric Power Instability from Satellite Observed Nighttime Lights
* Learning Effectiveness Evaluation of Lesson Plan on Streamline in Model Design Course
* Learning Efficiently- The Deep CNNs-Tree Network
* Measuring Gas Flaring in Russia with Multispectral VIIRS Nightfire
* VIIRS Day/Night Band: A Flicker Meter in Space?, The
* VIIRS Nightfire: Satellite Pyrometry at Night
Includes: Hsu, F.C.[Feng Chi] Hsu, F.C.[Feng-Chi] Hsu, F.C.[Fu-Chun] Hsu, F.C.[Fang-Chen] Hsu, F.C.
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Hsu, F.H.[Feng Hsiung] Co Author Listing * Real-Time High-Quality Stereo Vision System in FPGA
Includes: Hsu, F.H.[Feng Hsiung] Hsu, F.H.[Feng-Hsiung]

Hsu, F.J. Co Author Listing * 2D C-String: A New Spatial Knowledge Representation for Image Database Systems
* Picture Algebra for Spatial Reasoning of Iconic Images Represented in 2D C-String
* Similarity Retrieval by 2d C-Tree(s) Matching in Image Databases
* Spatial Knowledge Representation for Iconic Image Database
* Spatial Reasoning and Similarity Retrieval of Images Using 2D C-String Knowledge Representation

Hsu, F.R. Co Author Listing * Principal Component Based Probabilistic DBNN for Face Recognition, A

Hsu, F.S.[Fu Song] Co Author Listing * Recognizing human actions using curvature estimation and NWFE-based histogram vectors
Includes: Hsu, F.S.[Fu Song] Hsu, F.S.[Fu-Song]

Hsu, G. Co Author Listing * Edge-Coupled and Multi-Dropout Face Alignment
* Fast Landmark Localization With 3D Component Reconstruction and CNN for Cross-Pose Recognition

Hsu, G.J. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study on Loss Functions for Cross-Factor Face Recognition, A
* Face Recognition with Disentangled Facial Representation Learning and Data Augmentation
* Hierarchical Network for Facial Palsy Detection

Hsu, G.S.[Gee Sern] Co Author Listing * AgeTransGAN for Facial Age Transformation with Rectified Performance Metrics
* Benchmark face detection using a face recognition database
* comparison study on appearance-based object recognition, A
* Detecting Fall Incidents of the Elderly Based on Human-Ground Contact Areas
* Dice Recognition in Uncontrolled Illumination Conditions by Local Invariant Features
* Dual-Generator Face Reenactment
* Face detection and landmark localization using Bilayer Tree Structured Model
* Face Recognition Across Poses Using a Single 3D Reference Model
* Face verification and identification using Facial Trait Code
* Facial Trait Code
* Facial Trait Code and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Framework for Making Face Detection Benchmark Databases, A
* Heterogeneous feature code for expression recognition
* Hybrid Ageing Patterns for face age estimation
* Landmark Based Facial Component Reconstruction for Recognition across Pose
* Local Empirical Templates and Density Ratios for People Counting
* Multi-dropout regression for wide-angle landmark localization
* Multi-layer age regression for face age estimation
* Outline Generation Transformer for Bilingual Scene Text Recognition
* Pedestrian tracking in low contrast regions using aggregated background model and Silhouette Components
* Polymorphous Facial Trait Code
* Pretrained Pixel-Aligned Reference Network for 3D Human Reconstruction
* Probabilistic Facial Trait Code for face recognition
* R-MNet: A Perceptual Adversarial Network for Image Inpainting
* Real-Time Counting People in Crowded Areas by Using Local Empirical Templates and Density Ratios
* Regressive Tree Structured Model for Facial Landmark Localization
* RGB-D Based Face Reconstruction and Recognition
* Robust Face Recognition Using Probabilistic Facial Trait Code
* Robust license plate detection in the wild
* Subject-Specific and Pose-Oriented Facial Features for Face Recognition Across Poses
Includes: Hsu, G.S.[Gee Sern] Hsu, G.S.[Gee-Sern] Hsu, G.S.
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Hsu, G.S.J.[Gee Sern Jison] Co Author Listing * Age-Style and Alignment Augmentation for Facial Age Estimation
* comparison study on real-time tracking motorcycle license plates, A
* Component Biologically Inspired Features with Moving Segmentation for Age Estimation
* Contrastive Data Learning for Facial Pose and Illumination Normalization
* Face recognition by facial attribute assisted network
* Graph Refinement with Regression Prior for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Multi-View Normalization for Face Recognition
* Pose-Guided and Style-Transferred Face Reenactment
* Reliable Age Estimation Based on Apt Gabor Features Selection and SVM
* Robust cross-pose face recognition using landmark oriented depth warping
Includes: Hsu, G.S.J.[Gee Sern Jison] Hsu, G.S.J.[Gee-Sern Jison] Hsu, G.S.J.
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Hsu, H. Co Author Listing * AMPFLUID: Aggregation Magnified Post-Assay Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive Immunodetection on Digital Microfluidics
* Determination of the Differential Code Bias for Current BDS Satellites
* Generalizing Correspondence Analysis for Applications in Machine Learning
* Industrial anomaly detection with multiscale autoencoder and deep feature extractor-based neural network
* Point cloud transport
* Progressive Domain Adaptation for Object Detection
* QuatNet: Quaternion-Based Head Pose Estimation With Multiregression Loss
* SeqDNet: Improving Missing Value by Sequential Depth Network
Includes: Hsu, H. Hsu, H.[Hsiang] Hsu, H.[Hakiem] Hsu, H.[Hsu] Hsu, H.[Hao]
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Hsu, H.A.[Hsiao An] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporally Consistent View Synthesis From Video-Plus-Depth Data With Global Optimization
Includes: Hsu, H.A.[Hsiao An] Hsu, H.A.[Hsiao-An]

Hsu, H.C. Co Author Listing * Architecture Design of Shape-Adaptive Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse for MPEG-4 Video Coding
* hierarchical model-guided generation of Chinese characters, A
Includes: Hsu, H.C. Hsu, H.C.[Hung-Chi]

Hsu, H.C.H. Co Author Listing * Kinematic Design for Platoon-Lane-Change Maneuvers

Hsu, H.H.[Hui Huang] Co Author Listing * Face image retrieval by using Haar features
Includes: Hsu, H.H.[Hui Huang] Hsu, H.H.[Hui-Huang]

Hsu, H.I. Co Author Listing * Index assignment in vector quantisation for channels with memory

Hsu, H.J. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Algorithm With Artifact Detection Mechanism for Region Filling After Object Removal From a Digital Photograph, A
* On the Quality of Service of Cloud Gaming Systems
* semi-empirical scheme for bathymetric mapping in shallow water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A case study in the South China Sea, A
Includes: Hsu, H.J. Hsu, H.J.[Hwai-Jung] Hsu, H.J.[Hsiao-Jou]

Hsu, H.K.[Han Kai] Co Author Listing * Learning from PhotoShop Operation Videos: The PSOV Dataset
* Learning the Inverse Dynamics of Robotic Manipulators in Structured Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
Includes: Hsu, H.K.[Han Kai] Hsu, H.K.[Han-Kai] Hsu, H.K.

Hsu, H.M. Co Author Listing * Application of Brain-Computer Interface and Virtual Reality in Advancing Cultural Experience
* DIOR: DIstill Observations to Representations for Multi-Object Tracking and Segmentation
* GAITTAKE: Gait Recognition by Temporal Attention and Keypoint-Guided Embedding
* Long-Tailed Recognition of SAR Aerial View Objects by Cascading and Paralleling Experts
* Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking of Vehicles by Graph Auto-Encoder and Self-Supervised Camera Link Model
* Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking of Vehicles Using Metadata-Aided Re-ID and Trajectory-Based Camera Link Model
* Person-specific domain adaptation with applications to heterogeneous face recognition
* Rethinking of Radar's Role: A Camera-Radar Dataset and Systematic Annotator via Coordinate Alignment
* Robust Fish Enumeration by Multiple Object Tracking in Overhead Videos
Includes: Hsu, H.M. Hsu, H.M.[Hung-Min] Hsu, H.M.[Hung-Ming]
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Hsu, H.N.[Han Nung] Co Author Listing * Color CENTRIST: a color descriptor for scene categorization
* Color CENTRIST: Embedding color information in scene categorization
Includes: Hsu, H.N.[Han Nung] Hsu, H.N.[Han-Nung]

Hsu, H.T. Co Author Listing * New Family of Orthonormal Wavelet Bases, A
* Quality enhancement based on retinex and pseudo-HDR synthesis algorithms for endoscopic images
Includes: Hsu, H.T. Hsu, H.T.[Hsiao-Ting]

Hsu, H.W.[Hung Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Presentation Mapping
* Fast Radix-q and Mixed-Radix Algorithms for Type-IV DCT
* Feature Consistency Training With JPEG Compressed Images
Includes: Hsu, H.W.[Hung Wei] Hsu, H.W.[Hung-Wei] Hsu, H.W. Hsu, H.W.[Heng-Wei]

Hsu, H.Y.[Hao Yu] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Latent Representation in Neural Radiance Fields for Manipulating Object Semantics
* NeurMiPs: Neural Mixture of Planar Experts for View Synthesis
* PosterLayout: A New Benchmark and Approach for Content-Aware Visual-Textual Presentation Layout
Includes: Hsu, H.Y.[Hao Yu] Hsu, H.Y.[Hao-Yu] Hsu, H.Y.[Hsiao-Yuan]

Hsu, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Near-Real-Time Satellite Precipitation Products from GSMaP in Monitoring Rainfall Variations over Taiwan
* Comprehensive Analysis of PERSIANN Products in Studying the Precipitation Variations over Luzon
* DARCNN: Domain Adaptive Region-based Convolutional Neural Network for Unsupervised Instance Segmentation in Biomedical Images
* Determination of Structure Component in Image Texture Using Wavelet Analysis
* Finding one face in a million
* Issues in the Design of Studies to Test the Effectiveness of Stereo Imaging
* NS3D: Neuro-Symbolic Grounding of 3D Objects and Relations
* Single-loop SNR scalability using binary residual refinement coding
* Time-Contrastive Networks: Self-Supervised Learning from Multi-view Observation
* Validation of CHIRPS Precipitation Estimates over Taiwan at Multiple Timescales
* Variability in the Spatiotemporal Distribution Patterns of Greater Amberjack in Response to Environmental Factors in the Taiwan Strait Using Remote Sensing Data
* Visible Light and X-Ray Ray Tracing of Generalized Cylinders
Includes: Hsu, J.[Jie] Hsu, J.[Joy] Hsu, J. Hsu, J.[Juliana] Hsu, J.[Jasmine] Hsu, J.[Jhen]
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Hsu, J.C. Co Author Listing * Estimations of Previewed Road Curvatures and Vehicular Motion by a Vision-Based Data Fusion Scheme
* Machine Learning Approach for Acquiring Descriptive Classification Rules of Shape Contours, A
Includes: Hsu, J.C. Hsu, J.C.[Jui-Chi]

Hsu, J.F.[Jung Fu] Co Author Listing * Automatic spectral video matting
Includes: Hsu, J.F.[Jung Fu] Hsu, J.F.[Jung-Fu]

Hsu, J.G.S.[Jison Gee Sern] Co Author Listing * comprehensive review of past and present image inpainting methods, A
Includes: Hsu, J.G.S.[Jison Gee Sern] Hsu, J.G.S.[Jison Gee-Sern]

Hsu, J.H.[Jia Hao] Co Author Listing * Applying Segment-Level Attention on Bi-Modal Transformer Encoder for Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition
* DeepCD: Learning Deep Complementary Descriptors for Patch Representations
Includes: Hsu, J.H.[Jia Hao] Hsu, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Hsu, J.H.

Hsu, J.L. Co Author Listing * Cross Layer Design and Analysis of Multiuser Wireless Video Streaming Over 802.11e EDCA

Hsu, J.P.[Jui Pin] Co Author Listing * Color interpolation for single CCD color camera
* Image Segmentation To Inspect 3-D Object Sizes
Includes: Hsu, J.P.[Jui Pin] Hsu, J.P.[Jui-Pin] Hsu, J.P.

Hsu, J.S.[Jia Shuo] Co Author Listing * Development of Mix-reality Interface and Synchronous Robot Fabrication for the Collaborative Construction, The
Includes: Hsu, J.S.[Jia Shuo] Hsu, J.S.[Jia-Shuo]

Hsu, J.T. Co Author Listing * Surgical Wounds Assessment System for Self-Care

Hsu, J.Y.J. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Knowledge Transfer Framework for Cross-Environment Activity Recognition Toward Smart Home Applications, A
* SemiStarGAN: Semi-supervised Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
Includes: Hsu, J.Y.J. Hsu, J.Y.J.[Jane Yung-Jen]

Hsu, K. Co Author Listing * Deep Co-Saliency Detection via Stacked Autoencoder-Enabled Fusion and Self-Trained CNNs
* Error Characteristics and Scale Dependence of Current Satellite Precipitation Estimates Products in Hydrological Modeling
* Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR Constructed Using GPCP V2.2 and V2.3 and A Comparison with TRMM 3B42 V7 and CPC Unified Gauge-Based Analysis in Global Scale
* Impact Analysis of Climate Change on Snow over a Complex Mountainous Region Using Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF) Simulation and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Data (MODIS)-Terra Fractional Snow Cover Products
* Matching Images With Multiple Descriptors: An Unsupervised Approach for Locally Adaptive Descriptor Selection
* Weakly Supervised Salient Object Detection by Learning A Classifier-Driven Map Generator
Includes: Hsu, K. Hsu, K.[Kuolin]

Hsu, K.H.[Kuo Hsien] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Variations of On-Orbit FORMOSAT-5 RSI from Vicarious and Cross-Calibration Measurements
* Vicarious Calibration of the Formosat-2 Remote Sensing Instrument
Includes: Hsu, K.H.[Kuo Hsien] Hsu, K.H.[Kuo-Hsien] Hsu, K.H.

Hsu, K.J.[Kuang Jui] Co Author Listing * Augmented Multiple Instance Regression for Inferring Object Contours in Bounding Boxes
* DeepCO3: Deep Instance Co-Segmentation by Co-Peak Search and Co-Saliency Detection
* Image Co-Saliency Detection and Co-Segmentation via Progressive Joint Optimization
* Knowledge Leverage from Contours to Bounding Boxes: A Concise Approach to Annotation
* Multiple Structured-Instance Learning for Semantic Segmentation with Uncertain Training Data
* Real-time embedded implementation of robust speed-limit sign recognition using a novel centroid-to-contour description method
* Robust image alignment with multiple feature descriptors and matching-guided neighborhoods
* Unsupervised CNN-Based Co-saliency Detection with Graphical Optimization
Includes: Hsu, K.J.[Kuang Jui] Hsu, K.J.[Kuang-Jui]
8 for Hsu, K.J.

Hsu, K.L.[Kuo Lin] Co Author Listing * Bias Correction of Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimations Using Quantile Mapping Approach in Different Climate Regions of Iran
* Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (cGANs) for Near Real-Time Precipitation Estimation from Multispectral GOES-16 Satellite Imageries: PERSIANN-cGAN
* Deep Neural Network Cloud-Type Classification (DeepCTC) Model and Its Application in Evaluating PERSIANN-CCS
* Object-Based Assessment of Satellite Precipitation Products
Includes: Hsu, K.L.[Kuo Lin] Hsu, K.L.[Kuo-Lin]

Hsu, K.Y.[Ken Yuh] Co Author Listing * Moment-Based Image Normalization with High Noise-Tolerance
Includes: Hsu, K.Y.[Ken Yuh] Hsu, K.Y.[Ken-Yuh]

Hsu, L. Co Author Listing * COCGV: a method for multi-modality 3D volume registration
* Conductor Tutoring Using the Microsoft Kinect
* Deep Learning for Polar Bear Detection
* Energy-Aware Bit-Serial Streaming Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator, An
* GPS Error Correction With Pseudorange Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Maps
* Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda
* Wavelet and Lapped Orthogonal-Transforms with Overlapped Motion-Compensation for Multiresolution Coding of HDTV
Includes: Hsu, L. Hsu, L.[Leighanne] Hsu, L.[Leslie]
7 for Hsu, L.

Hsu, L.F.[Lien Feng] Co Author Listing * Cross-Resolution Flow Propagation for Foveated Video Super-Resolution
Includes: Hsu, L.F.[Lien Feng] Hsu, L.F.[Lien-Feng]

Hsu, L.H.[Lu Hung] Co Author Listing * 3D thin-plate spline registration for Drosophila brain surface model
* Proxy Servers for Scalable Interactive Video Support
Includes: Hsu, L.H.[Lu Hung] Hsu, L.H.[Lu-Hung] Hsu, L.H.[Liang H.]

Hsu, L.K.[Lun Kai] Co Author Listing * Cross-view action recognition via low-rank based domain adaptation
Includes: Hsu, L.K.[Lun Kai] Hsu, L.K.[Lun-Kai]

Hsu, L.T.[Li Ta] Co Author Listing * 3D LiDAR Aided GNSS NLOS Mitigation in Urban Canyons
* 3D Mapping Database Aided GNSS Based Collaborative Positioning Using Factor Graph Optimization
* Coarse-to-Fine Loosely-Coupled LiDAR-Inertial Odometry for Urban Positioning and Mapping
* Design a TDCP-Smoothed GNSS/Odometer Integration Scheme with Vehicular-Motion Constraint and Robust Regression, The
* GNSS NLOS Exclusion Based on Dynamic Object Detection Using LiDAR Point Cloud
* GNSS RUMS: GNSS Realistic Urban Multiagent Simulator for Collaborative Positioning Research
* High-Accuracy Absolute-Position-Aided Code Phase Tracking Based on RTK/INS Deep Integration in Challenging Static Scenarios
* Intelligent Environment-Adaptive GNSS/INS Integrated Positioning with Factor Graph Optimization
* Intelligent GPS L1 LOS/Multipath/NLOS Classifiers Based on Correlator-, RINEX- and NMEA-Level Measurements
* Low-cost solid-state LiDAR/inertial-based localization with prior map for autonomous systems in urban scenarios
* Research on Time-Correlated Errors Using Allan Variance in a Kalman Filter Applicable to Vector-Tracking-Based GNSS Software-Defined Receiver for Autonomous Ground Vehicle Navigation
* Resilient Interactive Sensor-Independent-Update Fusion Navigation Method
* Robust Visual-Inertial Integrated Navigation System Aided by Online Sensor Model Adaption for Autonomous Ground Vehicles in Urban Areas
* Using Sky-pointing fish-eye camera and LiDAR to aid GNSS single-point positioning in urban canyons
Includes: Hsu, L.T.[Li Ta] Hsu, L.T.[Li-Ta] Hsu, L.T.
14 for Hsu, L.T.

Hsu, L.W.[Liang Wei] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Subtitle Detection Model for Locating Television Commercials, An
Includes: Hsu, L.W.[Liang Wei] Hsu, L.W.[Liang-Wei]

Hsu, L.Y.[Ling Yuan] Co Author Listing * AI-assisted deepfake detection using adaptive blind image watermarking
* Blind image watermarking via exploitation of inter-block prediction and visibility threshold in DCT domain
* Fully automatic 3D feature-based registration of multi-modality medical images
* Multi-level adaptive switching filters for highly corrupted images
* Robust blind image watermarking using crisscross inter-block prediction in the DCT domain
* Using Sorted Switching Median Filter to remove high-density impulse noises
Includes: Hsu, L.Y.[Ling Yuan] Hsu, L.Y.[Ling-Yuan] Hsu, L.Y.

Hsu, M. Co Author Listing * Deriving Ocean Surface Drift Using Multiple SAR Sensors
* Programmable unitary spatial mode manipulation
Includes: Hsu, M. Hsu, M.[Magnus]

Hsu, M.C.[Ming Chung] Co Author Listing * Combination of SSIM and JND with content-transition classification for image quality assessment
* Local contrast enhancement and adaptive feature extraction for illumination-invariant face recognition
* Robust in-plane and out-of-plane face detection algorithm using frontal face detector and symmetry extension
Includes: Hsu, M.C.[Ming Chung] Hsu, M.C.[Ming-Chung] Hsu, M.C.[Ming-Chai] Hsu, M.C.[Ming-Chen]

Hsu, M.F. Co Author Listing * 3D Digital Simulation of Minnan Temple Architecture Caisson's Craft Techniques
* Improving Traditional Building Repair Construction Quality Using Historic Building Information Modeling Concept
* Study on Spatial Changes within Rukai Indigenous Settlements during the Japanese Colonial Era, A
* Using Heritage Risk Maps as an Approach for Estimating the Climate Impact to Cultural Heritage Materials in the Island of Taiwan
Includes: Hsu, M.F. Hsu, M.F.[Min-Fu]

Hsu, M.H.[Miao Hsin] Co Author Listing * MLP Kernel-Based to Predict the Optimal Conditions of Transglutaminase on Protein Polymerization
Includes: Hsu, M.H.[Miao Hsin] Hsu, M.H.[Miao-Hsin]

Hsu, M.K.[Ming Kai] Co Author Listing * Dual IR spectral video inspection of a concealed live animal

Hsu, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Interpolation Scheme for 2-D Mesh Motion Compensation, An
* Fold Electrocardiogram Into a Fingerprint
* Fold Electrocardiogram Into a Fingerprint
* Low Bit-Rate Video Codec Based on Two-Dimensional Mesh Motion Compensation with Adaptive Interpolation, A

Hsu, P.C.[Po Chun] Co Author Listing * Diurnal to Seasonal Variations in Ocean Chlorophyll and Ocean Currents in the North of Taiwan Observed by Geostationary Ocean Color Imager and Coastal Radar
* Evaluation of Wind and Solar Insolation Influence on Ocean Near-Surface Temperature from In Situ Observations and the Geostationary Himawari-8 Satellite
* Impacts of the Kuroshio and Tidal Currents on the Hydrological Characteristics of Yilan Bay, Northeastern Taiwan
* Point Cloud Encoding for 3D Building Model Retrieval
* Surface Current Variations and Hydrological Characteristics of the Penghu Channel in the Southeastern Taiwan Strait
* Temporal Variation and Spatial Structure of The Kuroshio-Induced Submesoscale Island Vortices Observed from GCOM-C and Himawari-8 Data
* Variations in Flow Patterns in the Northern Taiwan Strait Observed by Satellite-Tracked Drifters
Includes: Hsu, P.C.[Po Chun] Hsu, P.C.[Po-Chun] Hsu, P.C.[Po-Chi]
7 for Hsu, P.C.

Hsu, P.H. Co Author Listing * 124 Mpixels/s VLSI Design for Histogram-Based Joint Bilateral Filtering, A
* AugGAN: Cross Domain Adaptation with GAN-Based Data Augmentation
* Building Detection and Structure Line Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Data
* Comparisom Of Wavelet-Based and HHT-Based Feature Extraction Methods for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Evaluating The Initialization Methods Of Wavelet Networks For Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Exploring Seismocardiogram Biometrics with Wavelet Transform
* Extremely Low-Light Image Enhancement with Scene Text Restoration
* Feature extraction of hyperspectral images using wavelet and matching pursuit
* Feature-based Digital Watermarking for Remote Sensing Images
* Incorporating Handcrafted Features into Deep Learning for Point Cloud Classification
* YOLOv3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
Includes: Hsu, P.H. Hsu, P.H.[Po-Hao] Hsu, P.H.[Pai-Hui] Hsu, P.H.[Po-Han]
11 for Hsu, P.H.

Hsu, P.K. Co Author Listing * VLSI Architecture of a Highly Efficient Deblocking Filter for HEVC Systems, The

Hsu, P.M.[Po Min] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
Includes: Hsu, P.M.[Po Min] Hsu, P.M.[Po-Min]

Hsu, P.R. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Representation of Dynamic Objects

Hsu, P.S.[Poh Siang] Co Author Listing * Predictive H.263 Bit-Rate Control Scheme based on Scene Information, A
* Software Optimization of H.263 Video Encoder on Pentium Processor with MMX Technology
Includes: Hsu, P.S.[Poh Siang] Hsu, P.S.[Poh-Siang]

Hsu, P.S.J.[Poh Siang John] Co Author Listing * Skip macroblock coding
* Windows Media Video 9: Overview and Applications
Includes: Hsu, P.S.J.[Poh Siang John] Hsu, P.S.J.[Poh-Siang John]

Hsu, P.W.[Po Wei] Co Author Listing * robust associative watermarking technique based on similarity diagrams, A
Includes: Hsu, P.W.[Po Wei] Hsu, P.W.[Po-Wei]

Hsu, P.Y. Co Author Listing * 135 MHz 542 k Gates High Throughput H.264/AVC Scalable High Profile Decoder, A
* Exploring Seismocardiogram Biometrics with Wavelet Transform
Includes: Hsu, P.Y. Hsu, P.Y.[Po-Ya]

Hsu, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for processing 3-D multiple view images formed of a group of images obtained by viewing a 3-D object from a plurality of positions
* Tube-based video coding
* View interpolation using epipolar plane images
Includes: Hsu, R.[Robert] Hsu, R.

Hsu, R.C.[Roy Chaoming] Co Author Listing * automatic initial snaxel selection method in active contour model for contour extraction, An
* improved automatic initial snaxel selection with corner tracing for object contour extraction in medical image, An
* initial edge point selection and segmental contour following for object contour extraction, An
* Rectification-conducted adaptive snake for segmenting complex-boundary objects from textured backgrounds

Hsu, R.C.M.[Roy Chao Ming] Co Author Listing * Hardware Design of Shape-Preserving Contour Tracing for Object of Segmented Images
* Robust shape-preserving contour tracing with synchronous redundancy pruning
Includes: Hsu, R.C.M.[Roy Chao Ming] Hsu, R.C.M.[Roy Chao-Ming]

Hsu, R.L.[Rein Lien] Co Author Listing * Detecting corners of polygonal and polyhedral objects
* Face Detection in Color Images
* Face Modeling for Recognition
* Face Recognition with 3D Model-Based Synthesis
* Generating discriminating cartoon faces using interacting snakes
* Hiding a face in a fingerprint image
* Interacting multiple model (IMM) kalman filters for robust high speed human motion tracking
* Local Weight Selection for Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping
Includes: Hsu, R.L.[Rein Lien] Hsu, R.L.[Rein-Lien]
8 for Hsu, R.L.

Hsu, R.L.V.[R.L. Vincent] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Minutiae Neighborhood Probabilities, An

Hsu, R.Y.[Ru Yun] Co Author Listing * Spatial Face Context with Gender Information for Group Photo Similarity Assessment
Includes: Hsu, R.Y.[Ru Yun] Hsu, R.Y.[Ru-Yun]

Hsu, S. Co Author Listing * Aerial video surveillance and exploitation
* Alignment of Continuous Video onto 3D Point Clouds
* Geocoded Terrestrial Mosaics Using Pose Sensors and Video Registration
* Integrating Neural Networks with Image Pyramids to Learn Target Context
* Local Wavelet Acoustic Pattern: A Novel Time-Frequency Descriptor for Birdsong Recognition
* Multi-view 3D analysis with applications for augmented reality and enhanced video visualization
* Multimedia Applications of Computer Vision
* Multiple-view constrained video registration and its applications
* Neural Network/Pyramid Architectures That Learn Target Context
* Optimal Motion Estimation from Multiview Normalized Epipolar Constraint
* Pose Estimation, Model Refinement, and Enhanced Visualization using Video
* Regionalization of Image Data Using Surface Approximation
* Registration of Highly-oblique and Zoomed in Aerial Video to Reference Imagery
* Robust Object Matching for Persistent Tracking with Heterogeneous Features
* Vehicle Fingerprinting for Reacquisition and Tracking in Videos
* Video Analysis using the Acadia I(TM) Single-Chip Vision System
* Web Representation of Image Data
Includes: Hsu, S. Hsu, S.[Steve] Hsu, S.[Shawn] Hsu, S.[Stephen]
17 for Hsu, S.

Hsu, S.B. Co Author Listing * Continuous Birdsong Recognition Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling of Image Shape Features

Hsu, S.C.[Stephen C.] Co Author Listing * 3D Building Detection and Modeling from Aerial LIDAR Data
* 3d Manipulation of Motion Imagery
* Accurate Computation of Optical Flow by Using Layered Motion Representations
* Analysis Study of FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Data in the Troposphere, An
* Articulation Entropy: An Unsupervised Measure of Articulatory Precision
* Automated, non-invasive iris recognition system and method
* Comparison between Asymptotic Bayesian Approach and Kalman Filter-Based Technique for 3D Reconstruction Using an Image Sequence
* Computationally-efficient method for estimating image motion
* Efficient representations of video sequences and their applications
* Gender Identification Using Feature Patch-Based Bayesian Classifier
* Human body motion parameters capturing using kinect
* Improving recovered image quality in secret image sharing by simple modular arithmetic
* Influence of Global Constraints and Lens Distortion on Pose and Appearance Recovery from a Purely Rotating Camera
* Kinstyle: A Strong Baseline Photorealistic Kinship Face Synthesis with an Optimized Stylegan Encoder
* Learning-Based Building Outline Detection from Multiple Aerial Images
* Machine-Vision System for Iris Recognition, A
* Method and apparatus for detecting object movement within an image sequence
* Method and apparatus for performing geo-spatial registration using a Euclidean representation
* Method and apparatus for performing mosaic based image compression
* Mosaic Based Representations of Video Sequences and Their Applications
* Mosaicing and enhancement of images for ophthalmic diagnosis and documentation
* Multiple Objects Tracking across Multiple Non-Overlapped Views
* Object verification in two views using Sparse representation
* Optimal Training Set Selection for Video Annotation
* Optimal Use of Space-Borne Advanced Infrared and Microwave Soundings for Regional Numerical Weather Prediction
* Parallel-pipelined image processing system
* Real-Time Video Georegistration
* Registration of Video to Geo-Referenced Imagery
* Robust Video Georegistration
* Robust Video Mosaicing Through Topology Inference and Local to Global Alignment
* Slip and fall event detection using Bayesian Belief Network
* Slip and Fall Events Detection by Analyzing the Integrated Spatiotemporal Energy Map
* StyleDNA: A High-Fidelity Age and Gender Aware Kinship Face Synthesizer
* system for automated iris recognition, A
* System for automatically aligning images to form a mosaic image
* Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation Using Negative Learning for Noisy Patches
* Vehicle verification between two nonoverlapped views using sparse representation
* Video compression using mosaic representations
* Video Georegistration: Algorithm and Quantitative Evaluation
* Video to Reference Image Alignment in the Presence of Sparse Features and Appearance Change
Includes: Hsu, S.C.[Stephen C.] Hsu, S.C. Hsu, S.C.[Shen-Cha] Hsu, S.C.[Stephen Charles] Hsu, S.C.[Steve C.] Hsu, S.C.[Shih-Chung] Hsu, S.C.[Shen-Chieh] Hsu, S.C.[Shu-Chuan] Hsu, S.C.[Shang-Che] Hsu, S.C.[Steven C.]
40 for Hsu, S.C.

Hsu, S.D.H. Co Author Listing * Automated Online Exam Proctoring

Hsu, S.F.[Sheng Fa] Co Author Listing * Integrated Application of Digital Technologies for Transmitting Values of Cultural Heritage in Remote Mountains
* Study on Spatial Changes within Rukai Indigenous Settlements during the Japanese Colonial Era, A
* Tagged Visual Cryptography
Includes: Hsu, S.F.[Sheng Fa] Hsu, S.F.[Sheng-Fa] Hsu, S.F.[Shuo-Fang]

Hsu, S.H. Co Author Listing * FATAUVA-Net: An Integrated Deep Learning Framework for Facial Attribute Recognition, Action Unit Detection, and Valence-Arousal Estimation
* Image stylization using anisotropic reaction diffusion
* Intelligent Highway Traffic Surveillance With Self-Diagnosis Abilities
* Road sign detection and recognition using matching pursuit method
* Road Sign Interpretation Using Matching Pursuit Method
Includes: Hsu, S.H. Hsu, S.H.[Shu-Hsuan] Hsu, S.H.[Shih-Hung]

Hsu, S.J.[Shun Ji] Co Author Listing * Cost-Effective Hardware-Sharing Design of Fast Algorithm Based Multiple Forward and Inverse Transforms for H.264/AVC, MPEG-1/2/4, AVS, and VC-1 Video Encoding and Decoding Applications
Includes: Hsu, S.J.[Shun Ji] Hsu, S.J.[Shun-Ji]

Hsu, S.L.[Shou Li] Co Author Listing * Seamless Channel Transition for BroadCatch Scheme
Includes: Hsu, S.L.[Shou Li] Hsu, S.L.[Shou-Li]

Hsu, S.M.[Shin Min] Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation via Face Morphing for Recognizing Intensities of Facial Emotions
* New Seamless Bitstream Switching Scheme for H.264 Video Adaptation with Enhanced Coding Performance, A
Includes: Hsu, S.M.[Shin Min] Hsu, S.M.[Shin-Min] Hsu, S.M.[Shih-Ming]

Hsu, S.P.[Shun Pin] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint classification using an AM-FM model
Includes: Hsu, S.P.[Shun Pin] Hsu, S.P.[Shun-Pin]

Hsu, S.Y.[Shin Yi] Co Author Listing * Mahalanobis Classifier with the Generalized Inverse Approach for Automated Analysis of Imagery Texture Data, The
* New Dynamic Approach for Finding the Contour of Bi-Level Images, A
* SemiStarGAN: Semi-supervised Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
Includes: Hsu, S.Y.[Shin Yi] Hsu, S.Y.[Shin-Yi] Hsu, S.Y. Hsu, S.Y.[Shu-Yu]

Hsu, T.[Tien] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence System for Large-Scale Arrhythmia Screening

Hsu, T.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Chroma Subsampling-Binding and Luma-Guided Chroma Reconstruction Method for Screen Content Images
* AP-Based Consensus Clustering for Gene Expression Time Series
* Designing a Secure and Scalable Service Model Using Blockchain and MQTT for IoT Devices
* Effective Deep Neural Network in Edge Computing Enabled Internet of Things for Plant Diseases Monitoring, An
* Joint Chroma Subsampling and Distortion-Minimization-Based Luma Modification for RGB Color Images With Application
* K1-Map Reduction for Pattern Classifications, The
* New Dynamic Finite-State Vector Quantization Algorithm for Image Compression, A
* Perceptron-Perceptron Net
* Video Summarization With Frame Index Vision Transformer
* Video Summarization With Spatiotemporal Vision Transformer
Includes: Hsu, T.C. Hsu, T.C.[Ting-Chieh] Hsu, T.C.[Tse-Chuan] Hsu, T.C.[Tzu-Chun]
10 for Hsu, T.C.

Hsu, T.H.[Tzu Hao] Co Author Listing * Global-Local Awareness Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Moment-based symmetry detection for scene modeling and recognition using RGB-D images
* Transfer Neural Trees: Semi-Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation and Beyond
Includes: Hsu, T.H.[Tzu Hao] Hsu, T.H.[Tzu-Hao] Hsu, T.H.

Hsu, T.I.[Tao I] Co Author Listing * multiresolution texture gradient method for unsupervised segmentation, A
* Texture Analysis Based On Affine Transform Coding
* Texture analysis using a generalised wavelet transform
* Two-component Model of Texture for Analysis and Synthesis, A
* Using Adaptive Tone Mapping to Enhance Edge-Preserving Color Image Automatically
Includes: Hsu, T.I.[Tao I] Hsu, T.I.[Tao-I] Hsu, T.I.

Hsu, T.L.[Tze Liang] Co Author Listing * Verification of image content integrity by using dual watermarking on wavelets domain
Includes: Hsu, T.L.[Tze Liang] Hsu, T.L.[Tze-Liang]

Hsu, T.M.H.[Tzu Ming Harry] Co Author Listing * Connecting the dots without clues: Unsupervised domain adaptation for cross-domain visual classification
* Federated Visual Classification with Real-World Data Distribution
* Transfer Neural Trees for Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation
* unsupervised domain adaptation approach for cross-domain visual classification, An
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Imbalanced Cross-Domain Data
Includes: Hsu, T.M.H.[Tzu Ming Harry] Hsu, T.M.H.[Tzu-Ming Harry]

Hsu, T.P.[Tien Pen] Co Author Listing * Safety effect analysis of motorcycle V2I collision warning system
Includes: Hsu, T.P.[Tien Pen] Hsu, T.P.[Tien-Pen]

Hsu, T.W.[Tai Wen] Co Author Listing * Diurnal to Seasonal Variations in Ocean Chlorophyll and Ocean Currents in the North of Taiwan Observed by Geostationary Ocean Color Imager and Coastal Radar
* Edge-aware depth completion for point-cloud 3D scene visualization on an RGB-D camera
* Inspecting Pond Fabric Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Assisted Modeling, Smartphone Augmented Reality, and a Gaming Engine
* Mapping Pure Mangrove Patches in Small Corridors and Sandbanks Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Study on establishment of Body of Knowledge of Taiwan's Traditional Wooden Structure Technology
Includes: Hsu, T.W.[Tai Wen] Hsu, T.W.[Tai-Wen] Hsu, T.W.[Tang-Wei] Hsu, T.W.[Ting-Wei] Hsu, T.W.[Tsai-Wen] Hsu, T.W.

Hsu, T.Y.[Tung Yao] Co Author Listing * Predicting Skipjack Tuna Fishing Grounds in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Based on High-Spatial-Temporal-Resolution Satellite Data
Includes: Hsu, T.Y.[Tung Yao] Hsu, T.Y.[Tung-Yao]

Hsu, V. Co Author Listing * Global motion estimation from coarsely sampled motion vector field and the applications

Hsu, W.[Winston] Co Author Listing * 3D Sub-query Expansion for Improving Sketch-Based Multi-view Image Retrieval
* AMPFLUID: Aggregation Magnified Post-Assay Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive Immunodetection on Digital Microfluidics
* Attribute Augmented Convolutional Neural Network for Face Hallucination
* Automated Microaneurysm Segmentation and Detection using Generalized Eigenvectors
* Automated Optic Disc Localization and Contour Detection Using Ellipse Fitting and Wavelet Transform
* Biomedical Data Exploration Meets Telecollaboration
* Computing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection
* ConfidentCare: A Clinical Decision Support System for Personalized Breast Cancer Screening
* Constrained-MSER detection of retinal pathology
* Cross-Domain Image-Based 3D Shape Retrieval by View Sequence Learning
* Deep Disguised Faces Recognition
* Differential-Based Approach for Vessel Type Classification in Retinal Images, A
* Drone-View Building Identification by Cross-View Visual Learning and Relative Spatial Estimation
* Editorial for the ICMR 2016 special issue
* Effective Approach to Detect Lesions in Color Retinal Images, An
* eGAN: Unsupervised Approach to Class Imbalance Using Transfer Learning
* Free-Form Video Inpainting With 3D Gated Convolution and Temporal PatchGAN
* Full body human attribute detection in indoor surveillance environment using color-depth information
* Graph-based semi-supervised learning with multi-modality propagation for large-scale image datasets
* Joint Sequence Learning and Cross-Modality Convolution for 3D Biomedical Segmentation
* Jointly Optimizing 3D Model Fitting and Fine-Grained Classification
* Label-Efficient Online Continual Object Detection in Streaming Video
* New Sampling Method of Auto Focus for Voice Coil Motor in Camera Modules, A
* Noise-Robust Self-Adaptive Multitarget Speaker Detection System, A
* Normal Similarity Network for Generative Modelling
* Online image search result grouping with MapReduce-based image clustering and graph construction for large-scale photos
* Patch-Level Regularizer for Convolutional Neural Network
* piecewise Gaussian model for profiling and differentiating retinal vessels, A
* Propagation Mechanism for Deep and Wide Neural Networks
* Reconstruction of vascular structures in retinal images
* Role of Domain Knowledge in the Detection of Retinal Hard Exudates, The
* SACNN: Self-Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Dose CT Denoising With Self-Supervised Perceptual Loss Network
* Segmentation of Retinal Vessels Using Nonlinear Projections
* Summarizing While Recording: Context-Based Highlight Detection for Egocentric Videos
* Technique for Lung Nodule Candidate Detection in CT Using Global Minimization Methods, A
* Techniques for temporal registration of retinal images
* Transformer-Based Approach for Document Layout Understanding
* Tune-A-Video: One-Shot Tuning of Image Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation
Includes: Hsu, W.[Winston] Hsu, W. Hsu, W.[Wynne] Hsu, W.[William] Hsu, W.[Wei]
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Hsu, W.C.[Wei Chung] Co Author Listing * Exploring hidden coherency of Ray-Tracing for heterogeneous systems using online feedback methodology
* Fast low-complexity computation and real-time architecture for H.264/AVC intra-prediction
* fast rate-distortion optimization algorithm for H.264/AVC codec, A
* High-efficiency TV video noise reduction through adaptive spatial-temporal frame filtering
* Improving SVD-based image watermarking via block-by-block optimization on singular values
* Integration of GPS, GIS and Photogrammetry for Texture Mapping in Photo-Realistic City Modeling
* LOD Generation for 3D Polyhedral Building Model
* Low-complexity high-quality adaptive deblocking filter for H.264/AVC system
* Observing Land Subsidence and Revealing the Factors That Influence It Using a Multi-Sensor Approach in Yunlin County, Taiwan
* Pipeline-Based Ray-Tracing Runtime System for HSA-Compliant Frameworks, A
Includes: Hsu, W.C.[Wei Chung] Hsu, W.C.[Wei-Chung] Hsu, W.C.[Wei-Chih] Hsu, W.C.[Wei-Che] Hsu, W.C.[Wei-Chen] Hsu, W.C.
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Hsu, W.H. Co Author Listing * 1-Subcycle Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Producing Perfect 8-Curves and Obtaining Isotropic Skeleton of an L-Shape Pattern, A
* accurate and adaptive optical flow estimation algorithm, An
* Accurate optical flow computation under non-uniform brightness variations
* Approach to Extracting Trunk from an Image, An
* Automatic Approach to Mapping a Lifelike 2.5D Human Face
* Automatic Training Image Acquisition and Effective Feature Selection From Community-Contributed Photos for Facial Attribute Detection
* Boosting image object retrieval and indexing by automatically discovered pseudo-objects
* Boosting object retrieval by estimating pseudo-objects
* City-view image location identification by multiple geo-social media and graph-based image cluster refinement
* Class-agnostic Few-shot Object Counting
* Color image coding by using the technique of surface fitting
* Color Recovery from Biased Illumination: Color Constancy
* Comparison of Some One-Pass Parallel Thinnings, A
* Compression of Color Image via the Technique of Surface Fitting
* Cross-Age Reference Coding for Age-Invariant Face Recognition and Retrieval
* Cross-Domain Hallucination Network for Fine-Grained Object Recognition
* D2ADA: Dynamic Density-Aware Active Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
* DECCNet: Depth Enhanced Crowd Counting
* Deep Multi-Kernel Convolutional LSTM Networks and an Attention-Based Mechanism for Videos
* Dehashing: Server-Side Context-Aware Feature Reconstruction for Mobile Visual Search
* Drone-Based Object Counting by Spatially Regularized Regional Proposal Network
* Early-Season Stand Count Determination in Corn via Integration of Imagery from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Supervised Learning Techniques
* embedded watermark technique in video for copyright protection, An
* End-to-End Video Question-Answer Generation With Generator-Pretester Network
* Face Recognition and Retrieval Using Cross-Age Reference Coding With Cross-Age Celebrity Dataset
* Fair Robust Active Learning by Joint Inconsistency
* Fast Algorithm for Point Pattern-Matching: Invariant to Translations, Rotations and Scale Changes
* Feature Learning with Rank-Based Candidate Selection for Product Search
* Fuzzy approach to solve the recognition problem of handwritten chinese characters
* GenISP: Neural ISP for Low-Light Machine Cognition
* improved line continuation model in human visual perception, An
* Indoor Depth Completion with Boundary Consistency and Self-Attention
* interpretive model of line continuation in human visual perception, An
* Investigating 3-D Model and Part Information for Improving Content-Based Vehicle Retrieval
* Language Models are Causal Knowledge Extractors for Zero-shot Video Question Answering
* Learn from the past: Sequentially one-to-one video deblurring network
* Learning From Cross-Domain Media Streams for Event-of-Interest Discovery
* Locating Book Backs in a Bookrack Image
* Low-rate sequence image coding via vector quantization
* Mapping a lifelike 2.5 D human face via an automatic approach
* Modified Fast Parallel Algorithm for Thinning Digital Patterns, A
* MonoDTR: Monocular 3D Object Detection with Depth-Aware Transformer
* Movie Classifier Based on Visual Features, A
* Online Reranking via Ordinal Informative Concepts for Context Fusion in Concept Detection and Video Search
* Parallel Algorithms for Corner Following on Digital Curves
* Parallel algorithms for hidden markov models on the orthogonal multiprocessor
* Parallel implementation of prime-factor discrete cosine transform on the orthogonal multiprocessor
* Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Binary Digital Patterns
* Photo Filter Recommendation by Category-Aware Aesthetic Learning
* PIVTONS: Pose Invariant Virtual Try-On Shoe with Conditional Image Completion
* Preference-Aware View Recommendation System for Scenic Photos Based on Bag-of-Aesthetics-Preserving Features
* Raw Image Deblurring
* Recognition of handprinted chinese characters via stroke relaxation
* Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Modified Hough Transform Techniques
* Recovering Colors in an Image with Chromatic Illuminant
* ReDAL: Region-based and Diversity-aware Active Learning for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Robust computation of optical flow under non-uniform illumination variations
* S3: Learnable Sparse Signal Superdensity for Guided Depth Estimation
* Scalable Face Image Retrieval Using Attribute-Enhanced Sparse Codewords
* Scalable Face Track Retrieval in Video Archives Using Bag-of-Faces Sparse Representation
* Scalable Mobile Video Retrieval with Sparse Projection Learning and Pseudo Label Mining
* Scalable Mobile Visual Classification by Kernel Preserving Projection Over High-Dimensional Features
* Scalable object detection by filter compression with regularized sparse coding
* SeqDNet: Improving Missing Value by Sequential Depth Network
* Shape Description Via Shading Images
* Stroke Relation Coding: A New Approach to the Recognition of Multi-Font Printed Chinese Characters
* Super-Identity Convolutional Neural Network for Face Hallucination
* Systematic Approach for Designing 2-Subcycle and Pseudo 1-Subcycle Parallel Thinning Algorithms, A
* Topic Tracking Across Broadcast News Videos with Visual Duplicates and Semantic Concepts
* Travel Recommendation by Mining People Attributes and Travel Group Types From Community-Contributed Photos
* Unified Point-Based Framework for 3D Segmentation, A
* Unsupervised auxiliary visual words discovery for large-scale image object retrieval
* Unsupervised Semantic Feature Discovery for Image Object Retrieval and Tag Refinement
* Video Watermarking Algorithm Based on Pseudo 3D DCT and Quantization Index Modulation
* video watermarking algorithm based on pseudo 3D DCT, A
* Vision-Based Layout Detection from Scientific Literature using Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks
* Visual Cue Cluster Construction via Information Bottleneck Principle and Kernel Density Estimation
Includes: Hsu, W.H. Hsu, W.H.[Wen-Hsing] Hsu, W.H.[Winston H.] Hsu, W.H.[William H.]
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Hsu, W.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive data hiding based on VQ compressed images
* Computing a Longest Common Subsequence for a Set of Strings

Hsu, W.L.[Wei Lien] Co Author Listing * 3D adaptive wavelet packet for video compression
* Real-time traffic parameter extraction using entropy
* Vision-based monitoring method using gray relational analysis
Includes: Hsu, W.L.[Wei Lien] Hsu, W.L.[Wei-Lien] Hsu, W.L.

Hsu, W.N.[Wei Ning] Co Author Listing * ReVISE: Self-Supervised Speech Resynthesis with Visual Input for Universal and Generalized Speech Regeneration
Includes: Hsu, W.N.[Wei Ning] Hsu, W.N.[Wei-Ning]

Hsu, W.T.[Wan Ting] Co Author Listing * 360-Indoor: Towards Learning Real-World Objects in 360 Indoor Equirectangular Images
* Efficient Uncertainty Estimation for Semantic Segmentation in Videos
* Show, Adapt and Tell: Adversarial Training of Cross-Domain Image Captioner
* Video Captioning via Sentence Augmentation and Spatio-Temporal Attention
Includes: Hsu, W.T.[Wan Ting] Hsu, W.T.[Wan-Ting] Hsu, W.T.

Hsu, W.W.[Wei Wen] Co Author Listing * Continuous camera placement using multiple objective optimisation process
Includes: Hsu, W.W.[Wei Wen] Hsu, W.W.[Wei-Wen]

Hsu, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Novel Eye Center Localization Method for Head Poses With Large Rotations, A
* Pedestrian Detection Using Multi-Scale Structure-Enhanced Super-Resolution
* Ratio-and-Scale-Aware YOLO for Pedestrian Detection
* Recurrent wavelet structure-preserving residual network for single image deraining
* Wavelet Approximation-Aware Residual Network for Single Image Deraining
* Wavelet detail perception network for single image super-resolution
Includes: Hsu, W.Y. Hsu, W.Y.[Wei-Yen]

Hsu, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic ECG-Based Emotion Recognition in Music Listening
* Developing an On-Road Obstacle Detection System Using Monovision
* Generalized ODIN: Detecting Out-of-Distribution Image Without Learning From Out-of-Distribution Data

Hsu, Y.C.[Yen Chi] Co Author Listing * ABC-Norm Regularization for Fine-Grained and Long-Tailed Image Classification
* Adaptive Directional Haar Framelet-Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging, An
* Always Be Dreaming: A New Approach for Data-Free Class-Incremental Learning
* Analysis of Oblique Aerial Images for Land Cover and Point Cloud Classification in an Urban Environment
* Closer Look at Rehearsal-Free Continual Learning *, A
* Computer Vision on a Color-Blindness Plate
* Correction for Susceptibility-Induced Distortion in Echo-Planar Imaging Using Field Maps and Model-Based Point Spread Function
* Decoupled Contrastive Learning
* Evaluation of GPM-era Global Satellite Precipitation Products over Multiple Complex Terrain Regions
* fuzzy adaptive variable structure controller with applications to robot manipulators, A
* Lite-MDETR: A Lightweight Multi-Modal Detector
* Resolution enhancement of imaging small-scale portions in a compactly supported function
* Resolution enhancement of nondestructive testing from B-scans
* Rice Seedling Detection in UAV Images Using Transfer Learning and Machine Learning
* Semantic Segmentation Using Deep Learning with Vegetation Indices for Rice Lodging Identification in Multi-date UAV Visible Images
* Token Fusion: Bridging the Gap between Token Pruning and Token Merging
* UAV Open Dataset of Rice Paddies for Deep Learning Practice, A
* Video Summarization with Anchors and Multi-Head Attention
* Why Is Green Hotel Certification Unpopular in Taiwan? An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach
Includes: Hsu, Y.C.[Yen Chi] Hsu, Y.C.[Yen-Chi] Hsu, Y.C.[Yung-Chin] Hsu, Y.C.[Yen-Chang] Hsu, Y.C.[Ya-Ching] Hsu, Y.C.[Yu-Chang] Hsu, Y.C. Hsu, Y.C.[Yung Chia] Hsu, Y.C.[Ya-Chen] Hsu, Y.C.[Yu-Ching] Hsu, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Hsu, Y.C.[Ya-Chuan]
19 for Hsu, Y.C.

Hsu, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * effecive night video enhancement algorithm, An
* Embedded SNR scalable MPEG-2 video encoder and its associated error resilience decoding procedures
* Fine registration of 3D point clouds fusing structural and photometric information using an RGB-D camera
* Moving camera video stabilization using homography consistency
* MPEG-2 Spatial Scalable Coding and Transport Stream Error Concealment for Satellite TV Broadcasting Using KA-Band
* Real-time multi-camera air surveillance system using a simultaneous estimation, filtering and rejection tracking algorithm
* Wide area video surveillance with spatial-temporal constraints
Includes: Hsu, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Hsu, Y.F.[Yu-Feng] Hsu, Y.F.[Yuh-Feng] Hsu, Y.F.
7 for Hsu, Y.F.

Hsu, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Principle component analysis and its variants for biometrics

Hsu, Y.L.[Yu Liang] Co Author Listing * Minimal model dimension/order determination algorithms for recurrent neural networks
Includes: Hsu, Y.L.[Yu Liang] Hsu, Y.L.[Yu-Liang]

Hsu, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * Online image search result grouping with MapReduce-based image clustering and graph construction for large-scale photos
Includes: Hsu, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Hsu, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]

Hsu, Y.N.[Yuan Nian] Co Author Listing * Design of Clinical Support Systems Using Integrated Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine
* Fast three-dimensional video coding encoding algorithms based on edge information of depth map
* Optical Pattern Recognition Using Circular Harmonic Expansion
* Rotation-Invariant Digital Pattern Recognition Using Circular Harmonic Expansion
Includes: Hsu, Y.N.[Yuan Nian] Hsu, Y.N.[Yuan-Nian] Hsu, Y.N.[Yun-Ning] Hsu, Y.N.

Hsu, Y.P.[Yi Pin] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hexagonal Inner Search for Fast Motion Estimation
* Image Sequence Enhancement
* Online view-invariant human action recognition using RGB-D spatio-temporal matrix
Includes: Hsu, Y.P.[Yi Pin] Hsu, Y.P.[Yi-Pin] Hsu, Y.P. Hsu, Y.P.[Yen-Pin]

Hsu, Y.R.[Ya Ru] Co Author Listing * Using B-Spline Model on Depth Camera Data to Predict Physical Activity Energy Expenditure of Different Levels of Human Exercise
Includes: Hsu, Y.R.[Ya Ru] Hsu, Y.R.[Ya-Ru]

Hsu, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Experiments in the Mandala/Cosine Domain

Hsu, Y.T.[Yung Tai] Co Author Listing * Boosted string representation and its application to video surveillance
* Segmentation of Human Body Parts Using Deformable Triangulation 2
* Video-Based Human Movement Analysis and Its Application to Surveillance Systems
Includes: Hsu, Y.T.[Yung Tai] Hsu, Y.T.[Yung-Tai]

Hsu, Y.W.[Ya Wen] Co Author Listing * Development of an embedded road boundary detection system based on deep learning

Hsu, Y.Z. Co Author Listing * New Likelihood Test Methods for Change Detection in Image Sequences

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