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Branca, A. Co Author Listing * Cast shadow removing in foreground segmentation
* Classification and Segmentation of Vector Flow-Fields Using a Neural-Network
* Defect detection on leather by oriented singularities
* Detection of objects carried by people
* Directionality Detection in Compositional Textures
* Feature matching by searching maximum clique on high order association graph
* Feature matching constrained by cross ratio invariance
* Focus of Expansion Estimation by an Error Backpropagation Neural-Network
* Goal distance estimation in soccer game
* Leather Inspection by Oriented Texture Analysis with a Morphological Approach
* Leather inspection through singularities detection using wavelet transforms
* Neural Network for Egomotion Estimation from Optical Flow, A
* Optic Flow Estimation by a Hopfield Neural-Network Using Geometrical Constraints
* Passive navigation using egomotion estimates
* Passive Navigation Using Focus of Expansion
* Planar Surface Reconstruction using Projective Geometry
* Specialized Hardware for Real-Time Navigation
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Branca, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Diagnostic Multidisciplinary Investigations for Cultural Heritage at Etna Volcano: A Case Study from the 1669 Eruption in the Mother Church at the Old Settlement of Misterbianco
* Inferences on the 2021 Ongoing Volcanic Unrest at Vulcano Island (Italy) through a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Surveillance Network

Brancaccio, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Fault detection in metallic grid scattering
* Kirchhoff-Based Shape Reconstruction Algorithm for the Multimonostatic Configuration: The Realistic Case of Buried Pipes, A
* Localization of the Interfaces of a Slab Hidden Behind a Wall
* Shape Reconstruction of Perfectly Conducting Objects by Multiview Experimental Data
Includes: Brancaccio, A.[Adriana] Brancaccio, A.

Brancadoro, L.[Lucio] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Management Zones Delineated from UAV and Sentinel-2 Data for Precision Viticulture Applications

Brancalion, P.H.S.[Pedro H. S.] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Amazonian Tropical Forests: a Comparison of Aircraft- and GatorEye UAV-borne LiDAR Data in the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve in Acre, Brazil

Brancati, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Exploring a Transformer Approach for Pigment Signs Segmentation in Fundus Images
* Human skin detection through correlation rules between the YCb and YCr subspaces based on dynamic color clustering
* Image Segmentation Via Iterative Histogram Thresholding and Morphological Features Analysis
* Multi-classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images by Using a Fine-Tuning Strategy
* Reconnecting Broken Ridges in Fingerprint Images
* Retinal Vessels Segmentation Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Segmentation of Pigment Signs in Fundus Images for Retinitis Pigmentosa Analysis by Using Deep Learning
* Unsupervised Approach for Eye Sclera Segmentation, An
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Brancato, T. Co Author Listing * Morphology-Based Interslice Interpolation on Manual Segmentations of Joint Bones and Muscles in MRI

Brancato, V. Co Author Listing * Impact of Plant Surface Moisture on Differential Interferometric Observables: A Controlled Electromagnetic Experiment
* Separating the Influence of Vegetation Changes in Polarimetric Differential SAR Interferometry

Branch Bedoya, J.W.[John W.] Co Author Listing * GIS Pipeline to Produce GeoAI Datasets from Drone Overhead Imagery, A
Includes: Branch Bedoya, J.W.[John W.] Branch-Bedoya, J.W.[John W.]

Branch, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Bag Oversampling Approach for Class Imbalance in Multiple Instance Learning, A
* Improving Representation of the Positive Class in Imbalanced Multiple-Instance Learning
* Intelligent Virtual Environment Using a Methodology Oriented to Agents
* Intelligent Virtual Environment Using Artificial Neural Networks

Branch, J.W.[John William] Co Author Listing * Automated Reverse Engineering of Free Form Objects Using Morse Theory
* Automatic Extraction of a Quadrilateral Network of NURBS Patches from Range Data Using Evolutionary Strategies
* Automatic Hole-Filling of Triangular Meshes Using Local Radial Basis Function
* Detection of Motorcycles in Urban Traffic Using Video Analysis: A Review
* Fitting Surface of Free Form Objects using Optimized NURBS Patches Network with Evolutionary Strategies (mu + lambda) - ES
* Image Preprocessing Assessment Detecting Low Contrast Regions under Non-homogeneous Light Conditions
* Robust Three-Dimensional Registration of Range Images Using a New Genetic Algorithm
* Stereo Correspondence Evaluation Methods: A Systematic Review
* Toward an Automatic Hole Characterization for Surface Correction
* Vehicle Detection Using Alex Net and Faster R-CNN Deep Learning Models: A Comparative Study
* Video summarisation by deep visual and categorical diversity
Includes: Branch, J.W.[John William] Branch, J.W.[John W.] Branch, J.W.[John Willian]
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Branch, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Congestion Control for Interactive Video-on-Demand over ATM

Branch, R.[Ruth] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Heat Flux Estimates of Seawater Foam for Low Wind Speeds
* Thermal Infrared Multipath Reflection from Breaking Waves Observed at Large Incidence Angles
Includes: Branch, R.[Ruth] Branch, R.

Branch, R.A. Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Measurements and Model Simulations of Tides, Waves, and Surface Slope at the Mouth of the Columbia River

Branchaud Charron, F. Co Author Listing * MIO-TCD: A New Benchmark Dataset for Vehicle Classification and Localization
* Spectral Metric for Dataset Complexity Assessment
Includes: Branchaud Charron, F. Branchaud-Charron, F. Branchaud-Charron, F.[Frederic]

Branchitta, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Sight enhancement through video fusion in a surveillance system

Branciforte, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Compact rendering for processing binary high addressability images
* Compact-dot reproduction of scanned halftone screens
* Method and apparatus for the resolution enhancement of gray-scale images that include text and line art
* System and method for enhancement of image contour fidelity

Branco Ferreira, A.C.[Anselmo Castelo] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using Quadtree-Based Similarity Graph and Normalized Cut

Branco, P.[Paula] Co Author Listing * Corn Grain Yield Prediction Using UAV-Based High Spatiotemporal Resolution Imagery, Machine Learning, and Spatial Cross-Validation
* Unknown Radial Distortion Centers in Multiple View Geometry Problems
Includes: Branco, P.[Paula] Branco, P.[Pedro]

Branco, P.J.C. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Patterns in Electromechanical Systems

Brand, A. Co Author Listing * Mosaicking of Orthorectified Aerial Images

Brand, A.K. Co Author Listing * Semantic Segmentation of Burned Areas In Satellite Images Using A U-net-based Convolutional Neural Network

Brand, C.[Cyril] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere

Brand, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Bjøntegaard Bible Why Your Way of Comparing Video Codecs May Be Wrong, The
* Domain Adaptation for Unknown Image Distortions in Instance Segmentation
* Enhanced Image Reconstruction From Quarter Sampling Measurements Using An Adapted Very Deep Super Resolution Network
* Forensic analysis of AI-compression traces in spatial and frequency domain
* Intra To Inter: Towards Intra Prediction for Learning-Based Video Coders Using Optical Flow
* Introducing Latent Space Correlation to Conditional Autoencoders for Intra Prediction
* Learning Frequency-Specific Quantization Scaling in VVC for Standard-Compliant Task-Driven Image Coding
* P-Frame Coding with Generalized Difference: A Novel Conditional Coding Approach
* Processing Energy Modeling For Neural Network Based Image Compression
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Learning-Based Image Compression using an Adaptive Hierachical Autoencoder with Conditional Hyperprior
* RDONet: Rate-Distortion Optimized Learned Image Compression with Variable Depth
* Spatially-Adaptive Learning-Based Image Compression with Hierarchical Multi-Scale Latent Spaces
Includes: Brand, F.[Fabian] Brand, F.
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Brand, J.D. Co Author Listing * Acoustic and Facial Features for Speaker Recognition
* Comparative Assessment of Three Approaches to Pixel-level Human Skin-detection, A
* Face Detection in Colour Images
* Lip Signatures for Automatic Person Recognition
* Skin Probability Map and Its Use in Face Detection, A
* Visual Speech: A Physiological or Behavioural Biometric?
Includes: Brand, J.D. Brand, J.D.[Jason D.]

Brand, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * Enhancing voxel carving by capture volume calculations

Brand, L. Co Author Listing * Joint Multi-Modal Longitudinal Regression and Classification for Alzheimer's Disease Prediction

Brand, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Brand, M.[Matthew]: brand AT media mit edu
* Algebraic solution for the visual hull
* conditional random field for automatic photo editing, A
* Coupled Hidden Markov Models for Complex Action Recognition
* Direct Method for 3D Factorization of Nonrigid Motion Observed in 2D, A
* Discovering and Visualizing Narrative Themes
* Discovery and Segmentation of Activities in Video
* Divided we fall: Resolving occlusions using causal reasoning
* Flexible Flow for 3D Nonrigid Tracking and Shape Recovery
* From Subspace to Submanifold Methods
* Geolocalization using skylines from omni-images
* Image and Video Retargetting by Darting
* Improving adversarial robustness by learning shared information
* Incremental Singular Value Decomposition of Uncertain Data with Missing Values
* Inverse Hollywood Problem: From video to scripts and storyboards via causal analysis, The
* Lifting 3D Manhattan Lines from a Single Image
* Minimum-entropy models of scene activity
* Modeling shape, motion, and flexion of non-rigid 3D objects in a sequence of images
* Morphable 3D Models from Video
* Parallel quadratic programming for image processing
* Real-Time 3-D Tracking and Classification of Human Behavior
* Shadow Puppetry
* short note on local region growing by pseudophysical simulation, A
* Spectral Solution of Large-Scale Extrinsic Camera Calibration as a Graph Embedding Problem
* trellis-based approach for robust view synthesis, A
* Understanding Manipulation in Video
Includes: Brand, M.[Matthew] Brand, M.
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Brand, M.E. Co Author Listing * Causal Scene Understanding
* Generating realistic facial animation from speech
* Looking for Trouble: Using Causal Semantics to Direct Focus of Attention
* Physics-Based Visual Understanding
* Seeing Physics or, Physics Is for Prediction
* Sensible Scenes: Visual Understanding of Complex Scenes Through Causal Analysis
* Using Causal Scene Analysis to Direct Focus of Attention
Includes: Brand, M.E. Brand, M.E.[Matthew E.]
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Brand, P. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Camera Calibration for Space Applications
* Understanding Positioning from Multiple Images
Includes: Brand, P. Brand, P.[Pascal]

Brand, R.[Rudiger] Co Author Listing * Camera Orientation of Mars Express Using DTM Information
Includes: Brand, R.[Rudiger] Brand, R.[Rüdiger]

Brand, Y.[Yulia] Co Author Listing * Transitive Re-identification
* Transparency for a Workload-Adaptive Cognitive Agent in a Manned-Unmanned Teaming Application
Includes: Brand, Y.[Yulia] Brand, Y.

Brand, Z. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicle Control and Obstacle Avoidance Concepts Oriented to Meet the Challenging Requirements of Realistic Missions
* Laser Ranging Bathymetry Using a Photon-Number-Resolving Detector
Includes: Brand, Z. Brand, Z.[Zev]

Brandani, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-3A/B SLSTR Pre-Launch Calibration of the Thermal InfraRed Channels

Brandao dos Santos, L.C.[Lilian Chaves] Co Author Listing * Combining interior tomography reconstruction and spatial regularization

Brandao Lopes, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * VSUMM: A mechanism designed to produce static video summaries and a novel evaluation method
* VSUMM: A simple and efficient approach for automatic video summarization

Brandao, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning and Neuroevolution in Flappy Bird Game
Includes: Brandao, A.[Andre] Brandão, A.[André]

Brandao, I.[Iara] Co Author Listing * Home Oriented Virtual e-Rehabilitation
Includes: Brandao, I.[Iara] Brandão, I.[Iara]

Brandao, L.O.[Leonidas O.] Co Author Listing * Feature selection algorithms to find strong genes
Includes: Brandao, L.O.[Leonidas O.] Brandão, L.O.[Leônidas O.]

Brandao, M.[Martim] Co Author Listing * Fair navigation planning: A resource for characterizing and designing fairness in mobile robots
* On Stereo Confidence Measures for Global Methods: Evaluation, New Model and Integration into Occupancy Grids
Includes: Brandao, M.[Martim] Brandão, M.[Martim] Brandao, M.

Brandao, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Bayesian constrained local models with depth data
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Widening siamese architectures for stereo matching
Includes: Brandao, P.[Patrick] Brandão, P.[Patrick] Brandao, P.

Brandao, S.[Susana] Co Author Listing * Combining 3D Shape and Color for 3D Object Recognition
* Hot Tiles: A Heat Diffusion Based Descriptor for Automatic Tile Panel Assembly
* Multiple Hypothesis for Object Class Disambiguation from Multiple Observations
Includes: Brandao, S.[Susana] Brandão, S.[Susana]

Brandao, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Blind PSNR Estimation of Video Sequences, Through Non-uniform Quantization Watermarking
* No-Reference Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Encoded Video
* Towards Objective Metrics for Blind Assessment of Images Quality
Includes: Brandao, T.[Tomas] Brandão, T.[Tomás] Brandao, T.

Brandao, W.S.[Waldiza S.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Vulnerability of the Dam and Dikes in Germano Iron Mining Area after the Collapse of the Tailings Dam of Fundão (Mariana-MG, Brazil) Using DInSAR Techniques with TerraSAR-X Data
Includes: Brandao, W.S.[Waldiza S.] Brandão, W.S.[Waldiza S.]

Brandau, S. Co Author Listing * Zerotree Wavelet Coding Using Fractal Prediction

Brandauer, W. Co Author Listing * Recuperation of Regenerative Braking Energy in Electric Rail Transit Systems

Brandeis, T.J.[Thomas J.] Co Author Listing * Tropical Deforestation and Recolonization by Exotic and Native Trees: Spatial Patterns of Tropical Forest Biomass, Functional Groups, and Species Counts and Links to Stand Age, Geoclimate, and Sustainability Goals

Brandel, J.P. Co Author Listing * Differentiation of sCJD and vCJD Forms by Automated Analysis of Basal Ganglia Intensity Distribution in Multisequence MRI of the Brain: Definition and Evaluation of New MRI-Based Ratios

Brandel, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Incremental Updating of 3D Topological Maps to Describe Videos

Brandenberg, N.[Nathalie] Co Author Listing * Robust Phase Unwrapping via Deep Image Prior for Quantitative Phase Imaging

Brandenburg, J. Co Author Listing * Demonstrating an FPGA implementation of a full HD real-time HEVC decoder with memory optimizations for range extensions support
* Exploring the concurrent execution of HEVC intra encoding algorithms for heterogeneous multi core architectures

Brandenburg, K.[Karlheinz] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 natural audio coding
* Perceptual Coding of High-Quality Digital Audio
* Wave Field Synthesis
Includes: Brandenburg, K.[Karlheinz] Brandenburg, K.

Brandenburg, N. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Disparity Analysis Based on Convergent and Rectified Views, A
* Real-time disparity analysis for applications in immersive teleconference scenarios-a comparative study
* Real-Time Disparity Maps for Immersive 3-D Teleconferencing by Hybrid Recursive Matching and Census Transform
* Segmentation-Based Postprocessing in Real-Time Immersive Video Conferencing
Includes: Brandenburg, N. Brandenburg, N.[Nicole]

Brandenburg, S. Co Author Listing * Proton Radiography With Timepix Based Time Projection Chambers

Brandenburger, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Cornice Detection Using Façade Image and Point Cloud
* Evaluation of texture energies for classification of façades images
* Semantic Segmentation of Airborne Images and Corresponding Digital Surface Models - Additional Input Data Or Additional Task?
Includes: Brandenburger, W.[Wolfgang] Brandenburger, W.

Brandes, T.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Seabed Characterization With Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of SAS Imagery

Brandhorst, C.J.[Chris J.] Co Author Listing * To Beat or Not to Beat: Beat Gestures in Direction Giving

Brandhorst, S.[Susanne] Co Author Listing * 3D Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Archaeological Artifacts
* Interacting with Simulated Archaeological Assets

Brandi, F.[Fernanda] Co Author Listing * Motion-Based Side-Information Generation for a Scalable Wyner-Ziv Video Coder
* Side-Information Generation for Temporally and Spatially Scalable Wyner-Ziv Codecs
* Super-resolution of video using key frames and motion estimation
* Video Super-Resolution Using Codebooks Derived From Key-Frames

Brandi, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Ground Deformation History of the Neapolitan Volcanic Area (Campi Flegrei Caldera, Somma-Vesuvius Volcano, and Ischia Island) from 20 Years of Continuous GPS Observations (2000-2019), The

Brandie, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Robust online trajectory clustering without computing trajectory distances
* Transport mode detection with realistic Smartphone sensor data

Brandin, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * Automatic real-time FACS-coder to anonymise drivers in eye tracker videos

Brandis, K.J.[Kate J.] Co Author Listing * Counting Mixed Breeding Aggregations of Animal Species Using Drones: Lessons from Waterbirds on Semi-Automation

Brandl, M.[Miriam] Co Author Listing * Classification of Proteomic Signals by Block Kriging Error Matching
* Fuzzy declustering-based vector quantization

Brandl, R.[Roland] Co Author Listing * Potential of Airborne LiDAR Derived Vegetation Structure for the Prediction of Animal Species Richness at Mount Kilimanjaro

Brandle, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Automatic Grid Fitting for Genetic Spot Array Images Containing Guide Spots
* Evaluation of clustering methods for finding dominant optical flow fields in crowded scenes
* Finding Highly Frequented Paths in Video Sequences
* Learning Major Pedestrian Flows in Crowded Scenes
* Learning tubes
* Next-generation 3D visualization for visual surveillance
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking for Counting Applications in Crowded Situations
* Real-time classification of pedestrians and cyclists for intelligent counting of non-motorized traffic
* real-time pedestrian classification method for event-based dynamic stereo vision, A
* Robust DNA microarray image analysis
Includes: Brandle, N.[Norbert] Brändle, N.[Norbert] (Maybe also Braendle, N.)Brandle, N.
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Brandli, U.B.[Urs Beat] Co Author Listing * Identifying Tree-Related Microhabitats in TLS Point Clouds Using Machine Learning
Includes: Brandli, U.B.[Urs Beat] Brändli, U.B.[Urs-Beat] (Maybe also Braendli, U.B.)

Brandlmaier, M.D.[Meltem D.] Co Author Listing * Joint detection and tracking in videos with identification features

Brandmeier, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * DeepForest: Novel Deep Learning Models for Land Use and Land Cover Classification Using Multi-Temporal and -Modal Sentinel Data of the Amazon Basin
* Evaluating Different Deep Learning Approaches for Tree Health Classification Using High-Resolution Multispectral UAV Data in the Black Forest, Harz Region, and Gottinger Forest
* Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Algorithms for Scalable Classification of Tree Types and Tree Species Based on Sentinel-2 Data
* Forest Damage Assessment Using Deep Learning on High Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* Hierarchical Deep-Learning Approach for Rapid Windthrow Detection on PlanetScope and High-Resolution Aerial Image Data, A
* Lithological Classification Using Multi-sensor Data and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Remote Sensing Exploration of Nb-Ta-LREE-Enriched Carbonatite (Epembe/Namibia)
* Time Series Analysis of Multisensor Data for Precision Viticulture: Assessing Microscale Variations in Plant Development with Respect to Irrigation and Topography
Includes: Brandmeier, M.[Melanie] Brandmeier, M.
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Brandmeier, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Algorithms for LiDAR-Based Contour Estimation in Integrated Vehicle Safety
* Novel Approach for Model-Based Pedestrian Tracking Using Automotive Radar, A
* Novel Approach for the Test of Active Pedestrian Safety Systems, A
* Open Source Multipurpose Multimedia Annotation Tool
* Statistical Behavior Modeling for Driver-Adaptive Precrash Systems
Includes: Brandmeier, T.[Thomas] Brandmeier, T.

Brandner, M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tracking of Complex Objects Using Dynamic Interpretation Tree

Brando, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Estimation for Black-Box Classification Models: A Use Case for Sentiment Analysis

Brando, P.M.[Paulo M.] Co Author Listing * Droughts Amplify Differences Between the Energy Balance Components of Amazon Forests and Croplands

Brando, V. Co Author Listing * Noise Estimation of Remote Sensing Reflectance Using a Segmentation Approach Suitable for Optically Shallow Waters

Brando, V.E.[Vittorio Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of PRISMA Standard Reflectance Products in Globally Distributed Aquatic Sites
* Assessment of PRISMA water reflectance using autonomous hyperspectral radiometry
* Effects of Per-Pixel Variability on Uncertainties in Bathymetric Retrievals from High-Resolution Satellite Images
* ESA-MERIS 10-Year Mission Reveals Contrasting Phytoplankton Bloom Dynamics in Two Tropical Regions of Northern Australia
* Mapping Submerged Habitats and Mangroves of Lampi Island Marine National Park (Myanmar) from in Situ and Satellite Observations
* Phytoplankton Bloom Dynamics in the Baltic Sea Using a Consistently Reprocessed Time Series of Multi-Sensor Reflectance and Novel Chlorophyll-a Retrievals
* Potential of Autonomous Ship-Borne Hyperspectral Radiometers for the Validation of Ocean Color Radiometry Data, The
* Virtual Geostationary Ocean Color Sensor to Analyze the Coastal Optical Variability, A
Includes: Brando, V.E.[Vittorio Ernesto] Brando, V.E.[Vittorio E.]
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Brandoli, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Full Motion Focus: Convolutional Module for Improved Left Ventricle Segmentation Over 4D MRI
* Pay Attention to Evolution: Time Series Forecasting With Deep Graph-Evolution Learning

Brandolini, P.[Pierluigi] Co Author Listing * Morphometric Analysis of Trail Network and Tourist Vulnerability in a Highly Frequented Protected Area
* Quantitative Assessment of Riverbed Planform Adjustments, Channelization, and Associated Land Use/Land Cover Changes: The Ingauna Alluvial-Coastal Plain Case (Liguria, Italy)

Brandonisio, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Video joint denoising and demosaicing with recurrent CNNs

Brandou, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Gable Roof Detection in Terrestrial Images

Brands, D.K.[Devi K.] Co Author Listing * Analysing the relationship between weather, built environment, and public transport ridership

Brands, J. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial laser scanning for plant height measurement and biomass estimation of maize

Brandstein, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Robust Automatic Video-Conferencing with Multiple Cameras and Microphones
* Robust Head Pose Estimation by Machine Learning
Includes: Brandstein, M.[Michael] Brandstein, M.

Brandstein, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * Contour Tracking in Clutter: A Subset Approach
* Provably Fast Algorithms for Contour Tracking
* Subset Approach to Contour Tracking in Clutter, A

Brandstetter, R.W.[Robert W.] Co Author Listing * Experimental Comparison of Optical Binary Phase-Only Filter and High-Pass Matched Filter Correlation

Brandstotter, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Fall Detection Based on Depth-Data in Practice
Includes: Brandstotter, M.[Michael] Brandstötter, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Brandstoetter, M.)

Brandt Pook, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Multilevel Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
Includes: Brandt Pook, H.[Hans] Brandt-Pook, H.[Hans]

Brandt, A.[Achi] Co Author Listing * Completion Energies and Scale
* Efficient Multilevel Eigensolvers with Applications to Data Analysis Tasks
* Fast multiscale clustering and manifold identification
* Fast Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Image Segmentation by Probabilistic Bottom-Up Aggregation and Cue Integration
* Integrated Segmentation and Classification Approach Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Analysis, An
* Multigrid Narrow Band Surface Reconstruction via Level Set Functions
* Multiscale Edge Detection and Fiber Enhancement Using Differences of Oriented Means
* On Detection of Faint Edges in Noisy Images
* Online Reinforcement Learning Control for the Personalization of a Robotic Knee Prosthesis
* Segmentation and Boundary Detection Using Multiscale Intensity Measurements
* Shape Representation and Classification Using the Poisson Equation
* Texture segmentation by multiscale aggregation of filter responses and shape elements
Includes: Brandt, A.[Achi] Brandt, A.
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Brandt, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Confidence measures for seamless skew and orientation detection in document images
* Edge Preserving and Noise Reducing Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Fast Seamless Skew and Orientation Detection in Document Images
* Recovery from Errors Due to Domain Truncation in Magnetic Particle Imaging: Approximation Error Modeling Approach
Includes: Brandt, C.[Christian] Brandt, C. Brandt, C.[Christina]

Brandt, D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Orientation of a PYZ-Camera Based on Pedestrian Detection in Video Data of Wide and Complex Scenes

Brandt, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transcoding Proxy Architecture for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks
* AESOP: Abstract Encoding of Stories, Objects, and Pictures
* Comparison of Different Analytical Strategies for Classifying Invasive Wetland Vegetation in Imagery from Unpiloted Aerial Systems (UAS)
* Consensus of Regression for Occlusion-Robust Facial Feature Localization
* convolutional neural network cascade for face detection, A
* Customized expression recognition for performance-driven cutout character animation
* Detecting and Aligning Faces by Image Retrieval
* Discovering Primary Objects in Videos by Saliency Fusion and Iterative Appearance Estimation
* Efficient Boosted Exemplar-Based Face Detection
* Eigen-PEP for Video Face Recognition
* Exemplar-Based Face Parsing
* Exemplar-Based Graph Matching for Robust Facial Landmark Localization
* Interactive Facial Feature Localization
* Large-Scale Visual Font Recognition
* Local Bag-of-Features Model for Large-Scale Object Retrieval, A
* Mobile Product Image Search by Automatic Query Object Extraction
* Multi-level Contextual Model for Person Recognition in Photo Albums, A
* Nonparametric Context Modeling of Local Appearance for Pose- and Expression-Robust Facial Landmark Localization
* Object retrieval and localization with spatially-constrained similarity measure and k-NN re-ranking
* Probabilistic Elastic Matching for Pose Variant Face Verification
* Probabilistic Elastic Part Model for Unsupervised Face Detector Adaptation
* Robust Object Detection via Soft Cascade
* Scalable Similarity Learning Using Large Margin Neighborhood Embedding
* Selective Pooling Vector for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Shortlist Selection with Residual-Aware Distance Estimator for K-Nearest Neighbor Search
* Spatial-Semantic Image Search by Visual Feature Synthesis
* Spatially-Constrained Similarity Measure for Large-Scale Object Retrieval
* Top-Down Neural Attention by Excitation Backprop
* Transform coding for fast approximate nearest neighbor search in high dimensions
Includes: Brandt, J. Brandt, J.[Jonathan] Brandt, J.[Jodi]
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Brandt, J.W.[Jonathan W.] Co Author Listing * email: Brandt, J.W.[Jonathan W.]: brandt AT sgi com
* Computing a Stable, Connected Skeleton from Discrete Data
* Continuous Skeleton Computation by Voronoi Diagram
* Convergence and Continuity Criteria for Discrete Approximations of the Continuous Planar Skeleton
* Extracting photographic images from video
* Finite-differencing errors in gradient-based optical flow estimation
* Improved Accuracy in Gradient Based Optical Flow Estimation
* Medial Axis Representation and Encoding of Scanned Documents
Includes: Brandt, J.W.[Jonathan W.] Brandt, J.W. Brandt, J.W.[Jonathan Worthen]
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Brandt, L.[Lea] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality Immersion: Enhancing Physician Communication to Promote Ethical Behavior at the Bedside

Brandt, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Future Vegetation Trends and Restoration Prospects in the Karst Regions of Southwest China
* Do Agrometeorological Data Improve Optical Satellite-Based Estimations of the Herbaceous Yield in Sahelian Semi-Arid Ecosystems?
* Do Red Edge and Texture Attributes from High-Resolution Satellite Data Improve Wood Volume Estimation in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Region?
* Fodder Biomass Monitoring in Sahelian Rangelands Using Phenological Metrics from FAPAR Time Series
* Local Vegetation Trends in the Sahel of Mali and Senegal Using Long Time Series FAPAR Satellite Products and Field Measurement (1982-2010)
* Mapping the Abundance of Multipurpose Agroforestry Faidherbia albida Trees in Senegal
* Mapping the Dynamics of Winter Wheat in the North China Plain from Dense Landsat Time Series (1999 to 2019)
* Uncovering Dryland Woody Dynamics Using Optical, Microwave, and Field Data: Prolonged Above-Average Rainfall Paradoxically Contributes to Woody Plant Die-Off in the Western Sahel
* What Four Decades of Earth Observation Tell Us about Land Degradation in the Sahel?
* Woody Vegetation Die off and Regeneration in Response to Rainfall Variability in the West African Sahel
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Brandt, O.[Ola] Co Author Listing * Use of C-Band Ground Penetrating Radar to Determine Backscatter Sources Within Glaciers

Brandt, P.[Patric] Co Author Listing * MISPEL: A Multi-Crop Spectral Library for Statistical Crop Trait Retrieval and Agricultural Monitoring

Brandt, R. Co Author Listing * Bee Brains, B-Splines and Computational Democracy: Generating an Average Shape Atlas
* Efficient binocular stereo correspondence matching with 1-D Max-Trees
* Globally Optimal Base Station Clustering in Interference Alignment-Based Multicell Networks
* MTStereo 2.0: Accurate Stereo Depth Estimation via Max-Tree Matching
Includes: Brandt, R. Brandt, R.[Rafaël]

Brandt, R.D. Co Author Listing * Motion Field Modeling for Video Sequences
* Representations That Uniquely Characterize Images Modulo Translation, Rotation, and Scaling
* Towards Absolute Invariants of Images Under Translation, Rotation, and Dilation

Brandt, S.A. Co Author Listing * Application of the controlled active vision framework to robotic and transportation problems
* Controlled Active Exploration of Uncalibrated Environments
* Eye-In-Hand Robotic Tasks in Uncalibrated Environments
* Fractal Perspective on Scale in Geography, A
* New Graph-Based Fractality Index to Characterize Complexity of Urban Form, A
Includes: Brandt, S.A. Brandt, S.A.[S. Anders] Brandt, S.A.[Sven Anders]

Brandt, S.S. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Oriented Breast Coordinate System for Mammogram Analysis, An
* Apathy Is the Root of All Expressions
* Automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope images using markers
* Bayesian Approach for Affine Auto-calibration, A
* Bayesian Epipolar Geometry Estimation from Tomographic Projections
* Bayesian Framework for Automated Cardiovascular Risk Scoring on Standard Lumbar Radiographs, A
* Bayesian weighting principle for the fundamental matrix estimation, A
* Conditional Point Distribution Models
* Conditional solutions for the affine reconstruction of N-views
* Consistent and efficient sampler for geometric computation
* Controllable GAN Synthesis Using Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion
* Dense and Deformable Motion Segmentation for Wide Baseline Images
* Dense iterative contextual pixel classification using Kriging
* Dual distributions of multilinear geometric entities
* Epipolar geometry and log-polar transform in wide baseline stereo matching
* Evaluation of Cardiac Ultrasound Data by Bayesian Probability Maps
* Fast and accurate multi-view reconstruction by multi-stage prioritised matching
* generic camera calibration method for fish-eye lenses, A
* Generic Camera Model and Calibration Method for Conventional, Wide-Angle, and Fish-Eye Lenses, A
* Knot detection in X-ray images of wood planks using dictionary learning
* Maximum Likelihood Robust Regression by Mixture Models
* Measuring and modelling sewer pipes from video
* Motion without correspondence from tomographic projections by Bayesian inversion theory
* Multi-resolution Matching of Uncalibrated Images Utilizing Epipolar Geometry and Its Uncertainty
* Multilinear Modelling of Faces and Expressions
* Object recognition and segmentation by non-rigid quasi-dense matching
* On the alignment of transmission electron microscope images without fiducial markers
* On the Probabilistic Epipolar Geometry
* Optimal Method for the Affine F-Matrix and Its Uncertainty Estimation in the Sense of both Noise and Outliers
* Projective structure from facial motion
* Quasi-dense Wide Baseline Matching for Three Views
* Quasi-Dense Wide Baseline Matching Using Match Propagation
* Removal of Vesicle Structures From Transmission Electron Microscope Images
* Robust Alignment of Transmission Electron Microscope Tilt Series
* Robust and accurate multi-view reconstruction by prioritized matching
* Robust Factorisation with Uncertainty Analysis
* Static SMC Sampler on Shapes for the Automated Segmentation of Aortic Calcifications, A
* Statistical Shape Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Statistical Shape Features in Content-based Image Retrieval
* Structure-From-Motion Without Correspondence From Tomographic Projections by Bayesian Inversion Theory
* Tensor-Based Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* Tensor-based Subspace Factorization for StyleGAN
* Uncalibrated Non-Rigid Factorisation by Independent Subspace Analysis
* Uncalibrated non-rigid factorisation with automatic shape basis selection
Includes: Brandt, S.S. Brandt, S.S.[Sami Sebastian] Brandt, S.S.[Sami S.]
44 for Brandt, S.S.

Brandt, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * GeoStreams: A Survey

Brandtberg, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Automated Delineation of Individual Tree Crowns in High Spatial Resolution Aerial Images by Multiple Scale Analysis
* Classifying individual tree species under leaf-off and leaf-on conditions using airborne lidar
* Detection and analysis of individual leaf-off tree crowns in small footprint, high sampling density lidar data from the eastern deciduous forest in North America
* Forest Parameter Extraction from Airborne Sensors
* Image restoration based on multiscale relationships of image structures
* Structure-based Classification of Tree Species in High Spatial Resolution Aerial Images Using a Fuzzy Clustering Technique
* Texture Analysis Using Two-Dimensional Polar Variograms
* Virtual hexagonal and multi-scale operator for fuzzy rank order texture classification using one-dimensional generalised Fourier analysis
Includes: Brandtberg, T.[Tomas] Brandtberg, T.
8 for Brandtberg, T.

Branduini, P. Co Author Listing * Mapping Evolving Historical Landscape Systems

Brandusescu, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Hacking the cybernetic grid: filling gaps in digital representations of marginalized populations in Mumbai using 'Social Geoviz'

Brandy, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * PittPatt Face Detection and Tracking for the CLEAR 2007 Evaluation
* Web scale photo hash clustering on a single machine

Branford, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * E)Affective Bind: Situated Affectivity and the Prospect of Affect Recognition, An

Brangbour, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Measuring the Impact of Natural Hazards with Citizen Science: The Case of Flooded Area Estimation Using Twitter

Brange, J. Co Author Listing * Memory of a 2nd WW Camp: 3d Modeling Using the Combination Of Hybrid Technologies, The
Includes: Brange, J. Brangé, J.

Brangoulo, S. Co Author Listing * hybrid mesh-H264 video coder, An
* new video coder based on second generation wavelets, A

Branicki, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Seismic Interferometry from Correlated Noise Sources

Brankart, J.M.[Jean Michel] Co Author Listing * Reduction of Spatially Structured Errors in Wide-Swath Altimetric Satellite Data Using Data Assimilation
Includes: Brankart, J.M.[Jean Michel] Brankart, J.M.[Jean-Michel]

Brankin, E. Co Author Listing * Identification of Choroidal Neovascularisation on Fluorescein Angiograms Using Gradient Vector Flow Active Contours

Brankov, J.G. Co Author Listing * Accurate mesh representation of vector-valued (color) images
* Content-adaptive 3D mesh modeling for representation of volumetric images
* Content-adaptive mesh modeling for fully-3D tomographic image reconstruction
* Digital Watermarking Robust to Geometric Distortions
* Fast Algorithm for Accurate Content-Adaptive Mesh Generation, A
* Fast Approach for Accurate Content-Adaptive Mesh Generation, A
* Geometric robust watermarking based on a new mesh model correction approach
* Image restoration using content-adaptive mesh modeling
* Learning a Channelized Observer for Image Quality Assessment
* Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
* Numerical Surrogates for Human Observers in Myocardial Motion Evaluation From SPECT Images
* Similarity based clustering using the expectation maximization algorithm
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction Based on a Content-Adaptive Mesh Model
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction for Systems with Partially-Known Blur
* Tomographic Image Reconstruction Using Content-Adaptive Mesh Modeling
Includes: Brankov, J.G. Brankov, J.G.[Jovan G.]
15 for Brankov, J.G.

Brankovic, L.[Ljiljana] Co Author Listing * Confluence: A Robust Non-IoU Alternative to Non-Maxima Suppression in Object Detection

Brannlund, C.[Carl] Co Author Listing * Compressed Imaging at Long Range in SWIR
Includes: Brannlund, C.[Carl] Brännlund, C.[Carl] (Maybe also Braennlund, C.)

Brannstrom, F. Co Author Listing * Adjacent Channel Interference Aware Joint Scheduling and Power Control for V2V Broadcast Communication
* Antenna Combiner for Periodic Broadcast V2V Communication Under Relaxed Worst-Case Propagation
* Hybrid Combining of Directional Antennas for Periodic Broadcast V2V Communication
* Letting Robocars See Around Corners: Using several bands of radar at once can give cars a kind of second sight
* Radio Resource Management for V2V Multihop Communication Considering Adjacent Channel Interference
* Robust Analog Beamforming for Periodic Broadcast V2V Communication
* Robust Connectivity With Multiple Directional Antennas for Vehicular Communications
Includes: Brannstrom, F. Brännström, F. (Maybe also Braennstroem, F.)Brännström, F.[Fredrik] (Maybe also Braennstroem, F.)
7 for Brannstrom, F.

Brannstrom, M. Co Author Listing * Lane Change Maneuvers for Automated Vehicles
* Longitudinal and Lateral Control for Automated Yielding Maneuvers
* Model-Based Threat Assessment for Avoiding Arbitrary Vehicle Collisions
* Probabilistic Framework for Decision-Making in Collision Avoidance Systems, A
Includes: Brannstrom, M. Brännström, M. (Maybe also Braennstroem, M.)

Branoff, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Statewide NAIP Photogrammetric Point Clouds for Operational Improvement of National Forest Inventory Estimates in Mixed Hardwood Forests of the Southeastern U.S.

Branquinho, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Urban Green Connectivity Assessment: A Comparative Study of Datasets in European Cities

Bransky, N.[Nathaniel] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Tamarix Changes Using WorldView-2 Satellite Imagery in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Branson, E.[Elliot] Co Author Listing * GlideNet: Global, Local and Intrinsic based Dense Embedding NETwork for Multi-category Attributes Prediction

Branson, K.[Kim] Co Author Listing * ALBRT: Cellular Composition Prediction in Routine Histology Images
* Detecting the Starting Frame of Actions in Video
* Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology
* Tracking Multiple Mouse Contours (without Too Many Samples)
* Understanding classifier errors by examining influential neighbors
Includes: Branson, K.[Kim] Branson, K. Branson, K.[Kristin]

Branson, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Identifying Metocean Drivers of Turbidity Using 18 Years of MODIS Satellite Data: Implications for Marine Ecosystems under Climate Change
* Interannual Response of Reef Islands to Climate-Driven Variations in Water Level and Wave Climate

Branson, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Active Annotation Translation
* Building a bird recognition app and large scale dataset with citizen scientists: The fine print in fine-grained dataset collection
* Cataloging Public Objects Using Aerial and Street-Level Images: Urban Trees
* Detecting Social Actions of Fruit Flies
* Efficient Large-Scale Structured Learning
* From Google Maps to a fine-grained catalog of street trees
* Ignorant Led by the Blind: A Hybrid Human-Machine Vision System for Fine-Grained Categorization, The
* Improved Bird Species Recognition Using Pose Normalized Deep Convolutional Nets
* Lean Crowdsourcing: Combining Humans and Machines in an Online System
* Lean Multiclass Crowdsourcing
* Learned Video Compression
* Multiclass recognition and part localization with humans in the loop
* Similarity Comparisons for Interactive Fine-Grained Categorization
* Similarity metrics for categorization: From monolithic to category specific
* Strong supervision from weak annotation: Interactive training of deformable part models
* Visual Recognition with Humans in the Loop
Includes: Branson, S.[Steve] Branson, S.
16 for Branson, S.

Brante, G. Co Author Listing * Energy Efficient Beacon Based Synchronization for Alarm Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
* Maximum Secrecy Throughput of Transmit Antenna Selection with Eavesdropper Outage Constraints
* On the Performance of Secure Full-Duplex Relaying under Composite Fading Channels
* On the Secure Energy Efficiency of TAS/MRC With Relaying and Jamming Strategies

Brantner, S. Co Author Listing * High-Speed Tomographic Reconstruction Employing Fourier Methods
* Real-Time Optical Edge and Corner Tracking at Subpixel Accuracy
Includes: Brantner, S. Brantner, S.[Stefan]

Branzan Albu, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Irregularities in Human Actions with Volumetric Motion History Images
* Body Tracking in HumanWalk from Monocular Video Sequences
* Computer vision based assessment of hand-eye coordination in young gamers: A baseline approach
* Computer Vision-Based Identification of Individual Turtles Using Characteristic Patterns of Their Plastrons
* Computing and evaluating view-normalized body part trajectories
* Computing View-normalized Body Parts Trajectories
* Detection of cyclic human activities based on the morphological analysis of the inter-frame similarity matrix
* From Optical Flow to Tracking Objects on Movie Videos
* Generic temporal segmentation of cyclic human motion
* Human gait characteristics from unconstrained walks and viewpoints
* Integrating region and edge information for the automatic segmentation of interventional magnetic resonance images of the shoulder complex
* MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras
* Morphological analysis of spatio-temporal patterns for the segmentation of cyclic human activities
* new segmentation method for MRI images of the shoulder joint, A
* Rectification of Camera-Captured Document Images with Mixed Contents and Varied Layouts
* Three-dimensional reconstruction of the bony structures involved in the articular complex of the human shoulder using shape-based interpolation and contour-based extrapolation
* Towards view-invariant gait modeling: Computing view-normalized body part trajectories
* Trajectories normalization for viewpoint invariant gait recognition
Includes: Branzan Albu, A.[Alexandra] Branzan-Albu, A.[Alexandra] Branzan Albu, A.
18 for Branzan Albu, A.

Branzei, S.[Simina] Co Author Listing * Weighted clustering: Towards solving the user's dilemma
Includes: Branzei, S.[Simina] Brânzei, S.[Simina]

Branzoi, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dynamic Range Imaging: Optical Control of Pixel Exposures over Space and Time
* AR-Weapon: Live Augmented Reality Based First-Person Shooting System
* Instant replay using high speed motion capture and projected overlay
* Programmable imaging using a digital micromirror array
* Programmable Imaging: Towards a Flexible Camera
* Stereo Vision embedded system for Augmented Reality
Includes: Branzoi, V. Branzoi, V.[Vlad]

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