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de M. Estevao Filho, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Visual Relationship Classification With Negative-Sample Mining
Includes: de M. Estevao Filho, R.[Roberto] de M. Estevão Filho, R.[Roberto]

de M. Franca, M.B.[Maria Bernadete] Co Author Listing * new robust algorithmic for multi-camera calibration with a 1D object under general motions without prior knowledge of any camera intrinsic parameter, A
* Revisiting Zhang's 1D calibration algorithm
Includes: de M. Franca, M.B.[Maria Bernadete] de M. França, M.B.[Maria Bernadete] de M. Franca, M.B.[Maria B.]

de M. Martins, A.[Allan] Co Author Listing * Complex Correntropy Induced Metric Applied to Compressive Sensing with Complex-Valued Data
* Complex Correntropy: Probabilistic Interpretation and Application to Complex-Valued Data

de M. Oliveira, S.R.[Stanley R.] Co Author Listing * Imputation of Missing Parts in UAV Orthomosaics Using PlanetScope and Sentinel-2 Data: A Case Study in a Grass-Dominated Area

de M. S. Quintella, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Combined Solution for Real-Time Travel Mode Detection and Trip Purpose Prediction, A

de M. Sa Junior, J.J.[Jarbas J.] Co Author Listing * Gravitational Based Texture Roughness for Plant Leaf Identification
* Plant Leaf Classification Using Color on a Gravitational Approach
* Plant Species Identification Using Multi-scale Fractal Dimension Applied to Images of Adaxial Surface Epidermis
Includes: de M. Sa Junior, J.J.[Jarbas J.] de M. Sá Junior, J.J.[Jarbas J.]

de M. Santos, A.[Araken] Co Author Listing * Investigating the influence of the choice of the ensemble members in accuracy and diversity of selection-based and fusion-based methods for ensembles

de M. Valerio, A.[Aline] Co Author Listing * Optical Classification of Lower Amazon Waters Based on In Situ Data and Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Color Instrument Imagery

de Maagt, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * GNSS-R Observations of Marine Plastic Litter in a Water Flume: An Experimental Study
* Investigating the Backscatter of Marine Plastic Litter Using a C- and X-Band Ground Radar, during a Measurement Campaign in Deltares
* Modeling and Analysis of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Interferometric Radiometers Using Noise Waves
* Monitoring of Plastic Islands in River Environment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
Includes: de Maagt, P.[Peter] de Maagt, P.

de Macedo Rodrigues, R.[Ramyses] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint verification using characteristic vectors based on planar graphics

de Macedo, A.R.L.[Antonio Roberto L.] Co Author Listing * Link Optimization in Software Defined IoV Driven Autonomous Transportation System
* Towards 5G-Enabled Self Adaptive Green and Reliable Communication in Intelligent Transportation System
Includes: de Macedo, A.R.L.[Antonio Roberto L.] de Macedo, A.R.L.[Antônio Roberto L.] de Macêdo, A.R.L.[Antônio Roberto L.]

de Macedo, C.A.[Camila Andrade] Co Author Listing * Binary coyote optimization algorithm for feature selection

de Macedo, C.R.[Carina Regina] Co Author Listing * Analysis on the Effects of SAR Imaging Parameters and Environmental Conditions on the Standard Deviation of the Co-Polarized Phase Difference Measured over Sea Surface
* Internal Wave Dark-Band Signatures in ALOS-PALSAR Imagery Revealed by the Standard Deviation of the Co-Polarized Phase Difference
* Sensitivity Analysis of the Standard Deviation of the Copolarized Phase Difference for Sea Oil Slick Observation, A
Includes: de Macedo, C.R.[Carina Regina] de Macedo, C.R.[Carina R.] de Macedo, C.R.

de Macedo, D.V.[Daniel Valente] Co Author Listing * Real-time dynamic reflections for realistic rendering of 3D scenes

de Macedo, J.A.F.[Jose Antonio F.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Creation of Hot Spot Policing Patrol Routes: Comparing Cognitive Heuristic Performance to an Automated Spatial Computation Approach
Includes: de Macedo, J.A.F.[Jose Antonio F.] de Macêdo, J.A.F.[José Antônio F.]

de Macedo, K.A.C. Co Author Listing * Autofocus Approach for Residual Motion Errors With Application to Airborne Repeat-Pass SAR Interferometry, An

de Macedo, R.A.G.[Robson A. G.] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Approach for Touching Grains Segmentation, A

de Maeyer, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Standardized Methods (Object-Oriented vs. Per Pixel) to Extract The Urban Built-Up Area: Example of Lubumbashi (DRC)

de Maeyer, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Cost-Efficient 3D Modelling Using Motorized Hexacopter, Helium Balloons and Photo Modelling: A Case Study
* Accurate Simulation of Ice and Snow Runoff for the Mountainous Terrain of the Kunlun Mountains, China
* Analysis of the Impacts of Environmental Factors on Rat Hole Density in the Northern Slope of the Tienshan Mountains with Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Animated Spatial Time Machine in Co-Creation: Reconstructing History Using Gamification Integrated into 3D City Modelling, 4D Web and Transmedia Storytelling, An
* Assessment of Three Long-Term Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimates against Ground Observations for Drought Characterization in Northwestern China
* Bridging Archaeology and GIS: Influencing Factors for a 4D Archaeological GIS
* Calculating Least Risk Paths in 3D Indoor Space
* Comprehensive Study of Geochemical Data Storage Performance Based on Different Management Methods, A
* Data Extraction Algorithm for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) to Estimate the Maximum Economic Damage of Buildings for Economic Impact Assessment of Floods in Flanders, Belgium
* EEG & Eye Tracking User Experiments for Spatial Memory Task on Maps
* Estimation of Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation Coverage in the Lower Reaches of Tarim River Based on Sentinel-2A Data
* Evaluating Young People's Area Estimation of Countries and Continents
* Exploring the Cognitive Load of Expert and Novice Map Users Using EEG and Eye Tracking
* Extracting Dimensions and Locations of Doors, Windows, and Door Thresholds Out of Mobile Lidar Data Using Object Detection to Estimate The Impact of Floods
* Gamification-Based Approach on Indoor Wayfinding Research, A
* GIS-based Multi-criteria Analysis on Cropland Suitability In Bornuur Soum, Mongolia, A
* Global Spatiotemporal Distribution of the Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Concentration and Analysis of the Controlling Factors, The
* Improved Atmospheric Modelling of the Oasis-Desert System in Central Asia Using WRF with Actual Satellite Products
* Influence of Map Projections on People's Global-Scale Cognitive Map: A Worldwide Study, The
* Information Management Systems For Monitoring And Documenting World Heritage: The Silk Roads Chris
* Measuring Surface Moisture on a Sandy Beach based on Corrected Intensity Data of a Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR
* Monitoring and Predicting Drought Based on Multiple Indicators in an Arid Area, China
* Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner
* On the Right Track: Comfort and Confusion in Indoor Environments
* On the Way of Integrating Evacuation Approaches
* Optimized Workflow for Processing Airborne Laserscan Data in a GIS-Based Environment, An
* Optimum Path Determination to Facilitate Fire Station Rescue Missions Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms (case Study: City of Karaj)
* Partitioning Global Surface Energy and Their Controlling Factors Based on Machine Learning
* Precipitation Dominates the Distribution of Species Richness on the Kunlun-Pamir Plateau
* Satellite-Based Precipitation Datasets Evaluation Using Gauge Observation and Hydrological Modeling in a Typical Arid Land Watershed of Central Asia
* Spatial Distribution of Soil Moisture in Mongolia Using SMAP and MODIS Satellite Data: A Time Series Model (2010-2025)
* Spatiotemporal Response of Soil Moisture to Precipitation and Temperature Changes in an Arid Region, China, The
* Time Tracking of Different Cropping Patterns Using Landsat Images under Different Agricultural Systems during 1990-2050 in Cold China
* Uncertainties in Classification System Conversion and an Analysis of Inconsistencies in Global Land Cover Products
* User Preferences on Route Instruction Types for Mobile Indoor Route Guidance
Includes: de Maeyer, P.[Philippe] de Maeyer, P. de Maeyer, P.[Philipp]
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de Maeztu, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Linear stereo matching
* Near Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Geodesic Diffusion
* Stereo matching using gradient similarity and locally adaptive support-weight
* temporally consistent grid-based visual odometry framework for multi-core architectures, A
Includes: de Maeztu, L.[Leonardo] de-Maeztu, L.[Leonardo] De-Maeztu, L.[Leonardo]

de Magalhaes, F.G.[Felipe Gohring] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection and Tracking from Surveillance Cameras in Urban Scenes
Includes: de Magalhaes, F.G.[Felipe Gohring] de Magalhães, F.G.[Felipe Gohring]

de Magalhaes, S.T.[Sergio Tenreiro] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Login Security Through the Use of Keystroke Input Dynamics
Includes: de Magalhaes, S.T.[Sergio Tenreiro] de Magalhães, S.T.[Sérgio Tenreiro]

de Magistris, G. Co Author Listing * Classification-Aided Multitarget Tracking Using the Sum-Product Algorithm
* Focusing on What is Relevant: Time-Series Learning and Understanding using Attention
* human-like learning control for digital human models in a physics-based virtual environment, A
* Transfer Learning from Synthetic to Real Images Using Variational Autoencoders for Precise Position Detection
Includes: de Magistris, G. de Magistris, G.[Giovanni]

de Magistris, S.[Silvio] Co Author Listing * Combining head tracking and pupil monitoring in vision-based human-computer interaction
* Human-Computer Interaction Based on Eye Movement Tracking

de Maio, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection of Point-Like Targets in the Presence of Homogeneous Clutter and Subspace Interference
* Adaptive Detector with Range Estimation Capabilities for Partially Homogeneous Environment, An
* Coincidence of Maximal Invariants for Two Adaptive Radar Detection Problems
* Design of Constant Modulus Discrete Phase Radar Waveforms Subject to Multi-Spectral Constraints
* Detecting Covariance Symmetries in Polarimetric SAR Images
* Detection of Double Scatterers in SAR Tomography
* Detection of Partially Coherent Scatterers in Multidimensional SAR Tomography: A Theoretical Study
* Detection of Single Scatterers in Multidimensional SAR Imaging
* EL Approach for Similarity Parameter Selection in KA Covariance Matrix Estimation, An
* Forcing Multiple Spectral Compatibility Constraints in Radar Waveforms
* Forcing Scale Invariance in Multipolarization SAR Change Detection
* Hidden Convexity in Robust Waveform and Receive Filter Bank Optimization Under Range Unambiguous Clutter
* Invariance Theory for Adaptive Radar Detection in Heterogeneous Environment
* Invariant Rules for Multipolarization SAR Change Detection
* Multifamily GLRT for Oil Spill Detection, A
* New Optimality Property of the Capon Estimator, A
* New Results on Fractional QCQP with Applications to Radar Steering Direction Estimation
* Robust Framework for Covariance Classification in Heterogeneous Polarimetric SAR Images and Its Application to L-Band Data, A
* Spaceborne Radar Sensor Architecture for Debris Detection and Tracking
* Systematic Framework for Composite Hypothesis Testing of Independent Bernoulli Trials, A
* Toeplitz Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation for Radar Applications
Includes: de Maio, A. de Maio, A.[Antonio]
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de Maio, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Stability of three-way concepts and its application to natural language generation

de Maio, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Remote 3D face reconstruction by means of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles

de Man, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Pre-Log and Post-Log Statistical Models in Ultra-Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
* Computer-Assisted Scan Protocol and Reconstruction (CASPAR): Reduction of Image Noise and Patient Dose
* iterative maximum-likelihood polychromatic algorithm for CT, An
Includes: de Man, B.[Bruno] de Man, B.

de Man, H. Co Author Listing * Code transformations for reduced data transfer and storage in low power realisations of MPEG-4 full-pel motion estimation

de Mantaras, R.L.[Ramon Lopez] Co Author Listing * Efficient Object Pixel-Level Categorization Using Bag of Features
* Fast and robust object segmentation with the Integral Linear Classifier
* Special issue MLAAI: Machine learning and applications in artificial intelligence
* Tale of Two Object Recognition Methods for Mobile Robots, A
* Visual Registration Method for a Low Cost Robot
Includes: de Mantaras, R.L.[Ramon Lopez] de Mántaras, R.L.[Ramon López] de Mántaras, R.L.[Ramón López]

de Marcelhas e. Souza, I.[Iris] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Satellite Images for Urban Planning, Studies in Progress at INPE (National Institute for Space Research), Brazil

de Marchi, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * pyjeo: A Python Package for the Analysis of Geospatial Data

de Marchi, F.[Fabien] Co Author Listing * Intuitive event modeling for personalized behavior monitoring

de Marchi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Principal Component Analysis for the Classification of Cardiac Motion Abnormalities Based on Echocardiographic Strain and Strain Rate Imaging

de Marchi, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * Can Commercial Low-Cost Drones and Open-Source GIS Technologies Be Suitable for Semi-Automatic Weed Mapping for Smart Farming? A Case Study in NE Italy
* Mapping and Monitoring Urban Environment through Sentinel-1 SAR Data: A Case Study in the Veneto Region (Italy)
* Whose Urban Green? Mapping and Classifying Public and Private Green Spaces in Padua for Spatial Planning Policies

de Marco, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Correction of Motion Artifacts in Dark-Field Radiography of the Human Chest
* Direct Differentiation of Pathological Changes in the Human Lung Parenchyma With Grating-Based Spectral X-ray Dark-Field Radiography
* Supporting Facility Management Processes through End-Users' Integration and Coordinated BIM-GIS Technologies
Includes: de Marco, F.[Fabio] de Marco, F.[Francesco]

de Marco, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Assessing Repeatability and Reproducibility of Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for 3D Terrain Mapping of Riverbeds

de Marco, M. Co Author Listing * Imaging of Nonlinear and Dynamic Functional Brain Connectivity Based on EEG Recordings With the Application on the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

de Marco, R. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
* Development of a Low-Cost Hydrophone for Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Dolphin's Vocalizations, The
* Documenting The Cultural Heritage Routes. The Creation of Informative Models of Historical Russian Churches On Upper Kama Region
Includes: de Marco, R. de Marco, R.[Rocco]

de Marco, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Circularity and self-similarity analysis for the precise location of the pupils
* Fully Automatic Approach for the Accurate Localization of the Pupils, A
* Highly Usable and Accurate Iris Segmentation
* Randomized circle detection with isophotes curvature analysis
* Soccer Ball Detection with Isophotes Curvature Analysis

de Marez, C.[Charly] Co Author Listing * Dynamical Structure of a Warm Core Ring as Inferred from Glider Observations and Along-Track Altimetry, The

de Maria, G.L. Co Author Listing * Point-Cloud Method for Automated 3D Coronary Tree Reconstruction From Multiple Non-Simultaneous Angiographic Projections

de Marle, D.E.[David E.] Co Author Listing * Subband coding for large-scale scientific simulation data using JPEG 2000

de Marsico, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * ALOE: Augmented Local Operator for Edge Detection
* Automatic Classification of Herbal Substances Enhanced with an Entropy Criterion
* Automatic Template Labeling in Extensible Multiagent Biometric Systems
* Bio-Chemical Data Classification by Dissimilarity Representation and Template Selection
* Biometric Walk Recognizer
* Biopen-Fusing password choice and biometric interaction at presentation level
* Demographics versus Biometric Automatic Interoperability
* Editorial to special issue on novel insights on ocular biometrics
* Emotion recognition at a distance: The robustness of machine learning based on hand-crafted facial features vs deep learning models
* Entropy in Biometric Face Template Analysis
* Entropy-Based Automatic Segmentation and Extraction of Tumors from Brain MRI Images
* Entropy-based template analysis in face biometric identification systems
* Face authentication with undercontrolled pose and illumination
* Face, Ear and Fingerprint: Designing Multibiometric Architectures
* Face: face analysis for Commercial Entities
* FARO: FAce Recognition Against Occlusions and Expression Variations
* Fine: Fractal indexing based on neighborhood estimation
* FIRME: Face and Iris Recognition for Mobile Engagement
* Fusion of Multi-biometric Recognition Results by Representing Score and Reliability as a Complex Number
* Guest editorial introduction to the special executable issue on Mobile Iris CHallenge Evaluation part I (MICHE I)
* HERO: Human Ear Recognition against Occlusions
* Indexing Pictorial Documents by Their Content: A Survey of Current Techniques
* insight on eye biometrics, An
* Insights into the results of MICHE I: Mobile Iris CHallenge Evaluation
* Interactive Photo Liveness for Presentation Attacks Detection
* Iris recognition through machine learning techniques: A survey
* IS_IS: Iris Segmentation for Identification Systems
* LieToMe: Preliminary study on hand gestures for deception detection via Fisher-LSTM
* M-VIVIE: A multi-thread video indexer via identity extraction
* MEG: Multi-Expert Gender Classification from Face Images in a Demographics-Balanced Dataset
* MEG: Texture operators for multi-expert gender classification
* Mobile Iris Challenge Evaluation (MICHE)-I, biometric iris dataset and protocols
* Mobile Iris CHallenge Evaluation II: Results from the ICPR competition
* Mobile Iris CHallenge Evaluation part II (MICHE II)
* Multibiometric People Identification: A Self-tuning Architecture
* NABS: Novel Approaches for Biometric Systems
* New Data Normalization Function for Multibiometric Contexts: A Case Study, A
* Noisy Iris Recognition Integrated Scheme
* Plastic Surgery: An Obstacle for Deep Face Recognition?
* Query By Dialog: An Interactive Approach To Pictorial Querying
* Results from MICHE II-Mobile Iris CHallenge Evaluation II
* Robust Face Recognition after Plastic Surgery Using Local Region Analysis
* Robust Face Recognition After Plastic Surgery Using Region-Based Approaches
* Robust Face Recognition for Uncontrolled Pose and Illumination Changes
* Self-tuning People Identification System from Split Face Components, A
* Self-updating Multiexpert System for Face Identification, A
* Survey on Gait Recognition via Wearable Sensors, A
* Visual question answering: Which investigated applications?
* Web-Shaped Model for Head Pose Estimation: An Approach for Best Exemplar Selection
* Weighty LBP: A New Selection Strategy of LBP Codes Depending on Their Information Content
* What are you doing while answering your smartphone?
* Zero-shot ear cross-dataset transfer for person recognition on mobile devices
Includes: de Marsico, M.[Maria] de Marsico, M.
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de Martin, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Content-adaptive traffic prioritization of spatio-temporal scalable video for robust communications over QoS-provisioned 802.11e networks
* Cross-Layer Scheduling with Content and Packet Priorities for Optimal Video Streaming over 1xEV-DO
* Low-complexity lossless video coding via adaptive spatio-temporal prediction
* Media Streaming With Network Diversity
* Optimized H.264 Video Encoding and Packetization for Video Transmission Over Pipeline Forwarding Networks
* Per-GOP Bitrate Adaptation for H.264 Compressed Video Sequences
* Rate-distortion optimized H.264/MVc video communications over QoS-enabled networks
Includes: de Martin, J.C.[Juan Carlos] de Martin, J.C.
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de Martini, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Visual DNA: Representing and Comparing Images Using Distributions of Neuron Activations

de Martino, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Discovery of a Buried Temple in Paestum: The Advantages of the Geophysical Multi-Sensor Application, The

de Martino, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Face liveness detection using dynamic texture

de Martino, J.M.[Jose Mario] Co Author Listing * Brazilian Sign Language Recognition Using Kinect
* LBP-TOP Based Countermeasure against Face Spoofing Attacks
* SILFA: Sign Language Facial Action Database for the Development of Assistive Technologies for the Deaf
Includes: de Martino, J.M.[Jose Mario] de Martino, J.M.[José Mario] de Martino, J.M.

de Martino, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Copernicus User Uptake: From Data to Applications
* Geospatial Open Data Usage and Metadata Quality
* Ontology-Driven Visual Browsing of Historical Industrial Archives
* Use of ICEsat-2 and Sentinel-2 Open Data for the Derivation of Bathymetry in Shallow Waters: Case Studies in Sardinia and in the Venice Lagoon

de Martino, P.[Prospero] Co Author Listing * 2019 Eruptive Activity at Stromboli Volcano: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Reveal Hidden Features of the Unexpected 3 July Paroxysm, The
* Aseismic Creep, Coseismic Slip, and Postseismic Relaxation on Faults in Volcanic Areas: The Case of Ischia Island
* Ground Deformation History of the Neapolitan Volcanic Area (Campi Flegrei Caldera, Somma-Vesuvius Volcano, and Ischia Island) from 20 Years of Continuous GPS Observations (2000-2019), The
* Parallel SBAS Approach for Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath Deformation Time-Series Generation: Algorithm Description and Products Quality Assessment, The
Includes: de Martino, P.[Prospero] de Martino, P.

de Martis, S.C.[Selvaggia Cognetti] Co Author Listing * Mapping Spatial Patterns of Posidonia oceanica Meadows by Means of Daedalus ATM Airborne Sensor in the Coastal Area of Civitavecchia (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

de Marvao, A. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation
* Automatic 3D Bi-Ventricular Segmentation of Cardiac Images by a Shape-Refined Multi- Task Deep Learning Approach
* Explainable Anatomical Shape Analysis Through Deep Hierarchical Generative Models
* Learning a Model-Driven Variational Network for Deformable Image Registration
* Learning-Based Heart Coverage Estimation for Short-Axis Cine Cardiac MR Images
* Learning-Based Quality Control for Cardiac MR Images
* MulViMotion: Shape-Aware 3D Myocardial Motion Tracking From Multi-View Cardiac MRI
* One-stage Multi-task Detector for 3D Cardiac MR Imaging
* Stratified Decision Forests for Accurate Anatomical Landmark Localization in Cardiac Images
Includes: de Marvao, A. de Marvao, A.[Antonio]
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de Marvao, A.M.S.M.[Antonio M. Simoes Monteiro] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Clinical Information from Cardiac MRI Using Manifold Learning

de Marziani, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways

de Marzo, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Agents of Forest Disturbance in the Argentine Dry Chaco

de Masi, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Eco Sustainable Graphic Heritage Drawing for a Contemporary Territories Learning and the Creating Smart Cities
* Strategies of Digital Knowledge's Representation: From De-morphogenesis At Msh-BIM. Optical, Theatrical Illusion and Perspective in The Neapolitan School's Architecture Drawing
* Survey Guidelines and its Reading Criteria for Monitoring and Transmitting Cultural Heritage Values
Includes: de Masi, A.[Alessandro] de Masi, A.

de Masi, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * Underwater Image Enhancement Using Pre-trained Transformer

de Mathelin, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Advancement of Flexible Robot Technologies for Endoluminal Surgeries
* EndoNet: A Deep Architecture for Recognition Tasks on Laparoscopic Videos
* fast and automatic stereotactic registration with a single CT-slice, A
* Lumen Segmentation Method in Ureteroscopy Images based on a Deep Residual U-Net architecture, A
* Multi-view RGB-D Approach for Human Pose Estimation in Operating Rooms, A
* Pose Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Computed Tomography Imaging Device
* Real-time segmentation of surgical instruments inside the abdominal cavity using a joint hue saturation color feature
* Robotic Compensation of Biological Motion to Enhance Surgical Accuracy
* Segmentation and Guidance of Multiple Rigid Objects for Intra-operative Endoscopic Vision
Includes: de Mathelin, M.[Michel] de Mathelin, M.
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de Matias Bejarano, J. Co Author Listing * Applied 3d Photogrammetric Studies For The Historical Heritage Of Extremadura (Spain)
* Comparing Two Photo-Reconstruction Methods to Produce High Density Point Clouds and DEMs in the Corral del Veleta Rock Glacier (Sierra Nevada, Spain)
* Does HDR Pre-Processing Improve the Accuracy of 3D Models Obtained by Means of two Conventional SfM-MVS Software Packages? The Case of the Corral del Veleta Rock Glacier
Includes: de Matias Bejarano, J. de Matías-Bejarano, J.[Javier]

de Matias, J. Co Author Listing * Image Measurement Techniques In Rock Glacier Modelling
* Laser Scanning for the Geometric Study of the Alcántara Bridge and Coria Cathedral
Includes: de Matias, J. de Matías, J.

de Matos, A.P.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Virus Particle Selection: The Entropy Approach

de Matos, D.[Diognei] Co Author Listing * multimodal hyperlapse method based on video and songs' emotion alignment, A

de Matos, D.M.[David Martins] Co Author Listing * information-theoretic approach to machine-oriented music summarization, An
* Summarization of films and documentaries based on subtitles and scripts

de Matos, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Large-margin representation learning for texture classification

de Matos, P.P.[Paulo Pombinho] Co Author Listing * MoViSys: A Visualization System for Geo-Referenced Information on Mobile Devices

de Matteis, E.[Edoardo] Co Author Listing * Best Practices for 2-Body Pose Forecasting

de Matteo, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * ReLight My NeRF: A Dataset for Novel View Synthesis and Relighting of Real World Objects

de Matthaeis, P. Co Author Listing * Aquarius RFI Detection and Mitigation Algorithm: Assessment and Examples
* Detection of Residual Hot Spots in RFI-Filtered SMAP Data
* L-Band RFI Detected by SMOS and Aquarius
* Location of Radio-Frequency Interference Sources Using the SMAP L-Band Radiometer
Includes: de Matthaeis, P. de Matthaeis, P.[Paolo]

de Mattos Nascimento, M.[Marcelo] Co Author Listing * Using Dense 3D Reconstruction for Visual Odometry Based on Structure from Motion Techniques

de Mattos Neto, P.S.G.[Paulo Salgado Gomes] Co Author Listing * Multi-human Fall Detection and Localization in Videos
* Nonlinear combination method of forecasters applied to PM time series
Includes: de Mattos Neto, P.S.G.[Paulo Salgado Gomes] de-Mattos-Neto, P.S.G.[Paulo Salgado Gomes] de Mattos Neto, P.S.G.[Paulo S.G.]

de Mauro, C. Co Author Listing * APEX: an adaptive visual information retrieval system
* Similarity learning for graph-based image representations
Includes: de Mauro, C. de Mauro, C.[Ciro]

de Maziere, M.[Martine] Co Author Listing * Change of CO Concentration Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in China Observed by Surface and Satellite Observations
* Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network
* Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment
* Vertical Profiling of Volcanic Ash from the 2011 Puyehue Cordón Caulle Eruption Using IASI
Includes: de Maziere, M.[Martine] de Mazière, M.[Martine]

de Medeiros Martins, A.[Allan] Co Author Listing * Mean shift: An information theoretic perspective

de Medeiros, A.C.[Antonio Carlos] Co Author Listing * Generalized Statistical Complexity of SAR Imagery

de Medeiros, F.N.S.[Fatima N.S.] Co Author Listing * Combining Features to Improve Oil Spill Classification in SAR Images
* Improving Reliability of Oil Spill Detection Systems Using Boosting for High-Level Feature Selection
* Level-set formulation based on Otsu method with morphological regularization
* Target Detection in SAR Images Based on a Level Set Approach
* Using Boosting to Improve Oil Spill Detection in SAR Images
Includes: de Medeiros, F.N.S.[Fatima N.S.] de Medeiros, F.N.S.[Fátima N.S.]

de Meer, H.[Hermann] Co Author Listing * Rate Control Performance under End-User's Perspective: A Test Tool

de Mel, G.[Geeth] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multiscale Recurrent Neural Networks for Detecting Suicide Notes

de Mello Honorio, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Deformable convolutions in multi-view stereo
Includes: de Mello Honorio, L.[Leonardo] de Mello Honório, L.[Leonardo]

de Mello Kich, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * Assessment of an Automated Calibration of the SEBAL Algorithm to Estimate Dry-Season Surface-Energy Partitioning in a Forest-Savanna Transition in Brazil

de Mello, A.R.[Alexandre Reeberg] Co Author Listing * Support vector candidates selection via Delaunay graph and convex-hull for large and high-dimensional datasets

de Mello, C.A.B.[Carlos A. B.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Foreground-Background Separation in Low Quality Patrimonial Document Images, An
* Efficient Thresholding Algorithm for Brazilian Bank Checks, An
* Generation of Images of Historical Documents by Composition of their Components
* Image Segmentation of Historical Documents: Using a Quality Index
Includes: de Mello, C.A.B.[Carlos A. B.] de Mello, C.A.B.[Carlos A.B.]

de Mello, D.C.[Danilo Cesar] Co Author Listing * Characterizing and Modeling Tropical Sandy Soils through VisNIR-SWIR, MIR Spectroscopy, and X-ray Fluorescence
* Soil Erosion Satellite-Based Estimation in Cropland for Soil Conservation
Includes: de Mello, D.C.[Danilo Cesar] de Mello, D.C.[Danilo César]

de Mello, M.J.C. Co Author Listing * New Error Sensitivity Model for the Analog Hardware Implementation of Inner Products

de Mello, S.[Shalini] Co Author Listing * CoordGAN: Self-Supervised Dense Correspondences Emerge from GANs
* Efficient Geometry-aware 3D Generative Adversarial Networks
* FreeSOLO: Learning to Segment Objects without Annotations
* GazeNeRF: 3D-Aware Gaze Redirection with Neural Radiance Fields
* GroupViT: Semantic Segmentation Emerges from Text Supervision
* Learning Contrastive Representation for Semantic Correspondence
* Learning to Track Instances without Video Annotations
* Light-Weight Head Pose Invariant Gaze Tracking
* Open-Vocabulary Panoptic Segmentation with Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Self-Supervised Object Detection via Generative Image Synthesis
* Self-supervised Single-view 3d Reconstruction via Semantic Consistency
* Self-Supervised Viewpoint Learning From Image Collections
* Switchable Temporal Propagation Network
* Weakly-Supervised Physically Unconstrained Gaze Estimation
* Zero-shot Pose Transfer for Unrigged Stylized 3D Characters
Includes: de Mello, S.[Shalini] de Mello, S.
15 for de Mello, S.

de Mellon, S.[Shalini] Co Author Listing * Affordance Diffusion: Synthesizing Hand-Object Interactions

de Melo Oliveira, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * Investigating the influence of the choice of the ensemble members in accuracy and diversity of selection-based and fusion-based methods for ensembles

de Melo, C.[Celso] Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Issue On Computational Modelling of Emotion

de Melo, C.M. Co Author Listing * Humans versus Computers: Impact of Emotion Expressions on People's Decision Making
* Multi-View Action Recognition using Contrastive Learning
* Not Just Streaks: Towards Ground Truth for Single Image Deraining
* Social Functions of Machine Emotional Expressions
* STMT: A Spatial-Temporal Mesh Transformer for MoCap-Based Action Recognition
Includes: de Melo, C.M. de Melo, C.M.[Celso M.]

de Melo, F.M.[Filipe M.] Co Author Listing * Partitioning hard clustering algorithms based on multiple dissimilarity matrices

de Melo, G. Co Author Listing * Attention Clusters: Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification
* Frozen CLIP Models are Efficient Video Learners
* Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification
Includes: de Melo, G. de Melo, G.[Gerard]

de Melo, M.L.D.[Maria Luciene Dias] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil

de Melo, R.H.C.[Rafael H. C.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Lacunarity of Objects and Image Sets and Its Use as a Technique for the Analysis of Textural Patterns
* On Using Lacunarity for Diagnosis of Breast Diseases Considering Thermal Images
Includes: de Melo, R.H.C.[Rafael H. C.] de Melo, R.H.C.

de Melo, T.N.[Tomaz Nascimento] Co Author Listing * Passive Acoustic Monitoring as a Tool to Investigate the Spatial Distribution of Invasive Alien Species

de Melo, V.H.C.[Victor H.C.] Co Author Listing * Bubblenet: A Disperse Recurrent Structure To Recognize Activities
* Magnitude-Orientation Stream network and depth information applied to activity recognition
* Optimized Sliding Window Approach to Pedestrian Detection, An
Includes: de Melo, V.H.C.[Victor H.C.] de Melo, V.H.C.[Victor Hugo Cunha]

de Melo, W.C.[Wheidima Carneiro] Co Author Listing * Deep Multiscale Spatiotemporal Network for Assessing Depression From Facial Dynamics, A
* Depression Detection Based on Deep Distribution Learning
* Joint Cross-Attention Model for Audio-Visual Fusion in Dimensional Emotion Recognition, A
* MDN: A Deep Maximization-Differentiation Network for Spatio-Temporal Depression Detection
Includes: de Melo, W.C.[Wheidima Carneiro] de Melo, W.C.

de Mendonca, A.R.[Adriano Ribeiro] Co Author Listing * Mapping of the Successional Stage of a Secondary Forest Using Point Clouds Derived from UAV Photogrammetry
Includes: de Mendonca, A.R.[Adriano Ribeiro] de Mendonça, A.R.[Adriano Ribeiro]

de Mendonca, L.F.F.[Luis Felipe Ferreira] Co Author Listing * SAR Oil Spill Detection System through Random Forest Classifiers
Includes: de Mendonca, L.F.F.[Luis Felipe Ferreira] de Mendonça, L.F.F.[Luis Felipe Ferreira]

de Mendoza, F.P.[Francesco Paladini] Co Author Listing * Circulation during Storms and Dynamics of Suspended Matter in a Sheltered Coastal Area

de Meneses, Y.L.[Yuri L.] Co Author Listing * resonant retina: Exploiting vibration noise to optimally detect edges in an image, The
* Trajectory Analysis for Sport and Video Surveillance
Includes: de Meneses, Y.L.[Yuri L.] de Meneses, Y.L.

de Menezes, M.D.[Michele Duarte] Co Author Listing * Proximal Sensing and Digital Terrain Models Applied to Digital Soil Mapping and Modeling of Brazilian Latosols (Oxisols)

de Mesquita Sa Junior, J.J.[Jarbas Joaci] Co Author Listing * Fusion of complex networks and randomized neural networks for texture analysis
* Plant leaf identification using Gabor wavelets
* simplified gravitational model to analyze texture roughness, A
Includes: de Mesquita Sa Junior, J.J.[Jarbas Joaci] de Mesquita Sá Junior, J.J.[Jarbas Joaci]

de Mesquita Sa, J.J.[Jarbas Joaci] Co Author Listing * Color Fractal Descriptors for Adaxial Epidermis Texture Classification
* color texture analysis method based on a gravitational approach for classification of the pap-smear database, A
* Color texture classification based on gravitational collapse
* Color Texture Classification Using Shortest Paths in Graphs
* ELM based signature for texture classification
* Gravitational Model for Grayscale Texture Classification Applied to the pap-smear Database, A
* Gravitational Model for Plant Classification Using Adaxial Epidermis Texture, A
* Pap-Smear Image Classification Using Randomized Neural Network Based Signature
* Randomized Neural Network Based Signature for Classification of Titanium Alloy Microstructures
* Simplified Gravitational Model for Texture Analysis, A
* Texture analysis and classification using shortest paths in graphs
* Texture Classification of Phases of Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Using Fractal Descriptors
Includes: de Mesquita Sa, J.J.[Jarbas Joaci] de Mesquita Sá, Jr., J.J.[Jarbas Joaci] de Mesquita Sa, Jr., J.J.[Jarbas Joaci]
12 for de Mesquita Sa, J.J.

de Meulemeester, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction of Wear in Carpets by Using a Wavelet Edge Detector

de Mey, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Histogram analysis of CT scans for patients with post-mastectomy lymphedema

de Mey, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing of The Ghent Altarpiece: Supporting the painting's study and conservation treatment
* Spatiogram features to characterize pearls in paintings
* Virtual Restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece Using Crack Detection and Inpainting
Includes: de Mey, M.[Marc] de Mey, M.

de Meyst, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Guidance for a UAS Along a Staircase

de Micheaux, H.L.[Hugo Lafaye] Co Author Listing * Multi-model particle filter-based tracking with switching dynamical state to study bedload transport
* Online multi-model particle filter-based tracking to study bedload transport

de Michele, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Copernicus Altimeter Water Level Data in Italian Rivers Accounting for Narrow River Sections
* Centimetric Accuracy in Snow Depth Using Unmanned Aerial System Photogrammetry and a MultiStation
* Determining Evapotranspiration by Using Combination Equation Models with Sentinel-2 Data and Comparison with Thermal-Based Energy Balance in a California Irrigated Vineyard
* Elimination of Thermal Effects from Limited Structural Displacements Based on Remote Sensing by Machine Learning Techniques
* Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients of Tendone Vineyards Using Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data in a Mediterranean Environment
* Harmonized Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Data to Detect Irrigated Areas: An Application in Southern Italy
* Investigation of Temperature Effects into Long-Span Bridges via Hybrid Sensing and Supervised Regression Models
* Mid-Term Monitoring of Glacier's Variations with UAVs: The Example of the Belvedere Glacier
* Online Hybrid Learning Methods for Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring Using Remote Sensing and Small Displacement Data
9 for de Michele, C.

de Michele, M. Co Author Listing * Kal-Haiti: A Research Database For Risks Management And Sustainable Reconstruction In Haiti
* Landslide Mapping and Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique in the French Alps
* Locking Depth of the Cholame Section of the San Andreas Fault from ERS2-Envisat InSAR, The
* Monitoring Beach Topography and Nearshore Bathymetry Using Spaceborne Remote Sensing: A Review
* Plume Height Time-Series Retrieval Using Shadow in Single Spatial Resolution Satellite Images
* Shallow Bathymetry from Multiple Sentinel 2 Images via the Joint Estimation of Wave Celerity and Wavelength
* Volcanic Cloud Top Height Estimation Using the Plume Elevation Model Procedure Applied to Orthorectified Landsat 8 Data. Test Case: 26 October 2013 Mt. Etna Eruption
* Water Depth Inversion From a Single SPOT-5 Dataset
Includes: de Michele, M. de Michele, M.[Marcello]
8 for de Michele, M.

de Micheli, E. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of the Computation of Optical Flow and the Recovery of Motion Parameters, The
* analysis of time varying image sequences, The
* Inverse optical imaging viewed as a backward channel communication problem
* Localization and Noise in Edge Detection
* Motion and Structure from One Dimensional Optical Flow
* Probabilistic regularization in inverse optical imaging
* Robust Method for Road Sign Detection and Recognition
* Robust Method for Road Sign Detection and Recognition, A
Includes: de Micheli, E. de Micheli, E.[Enrico]
8 for de Micheli, E.

de Micheli, G. Co Author Listing * Demo: Efficient delay and apodization for on-FPGA 3D ultrasound

de Michelis, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Inter-Calibration and Statistical Validation of Topside Ionosphere Electron Density Observations Made by CSES-01 Mission
* Investigation of the Physical Processes Involved in GNSS Amplitude Scintillations at High Latitude: A Case Study
* Ionospheric Turbulence and the Equatorial Plasma Density Irregularities: Scaling Features and RODI
* Magnetic Field and Electron Density Scaling Properties in the Equatorial Plasma Bubbles
* Occurrence of GPS Loss of Lock Based on a Swarm Half-Solar Cycle Dataset and Its Relation to the Background Ionosphere
* On the Electron Temperature in the Topside Ionosphere as Seen by Swarm Satellites, Incoherent Scatter Radars, and the International Reference Ionosphere Model
* On Turbulent Features of E X B Plasma Motion in the Auroral Topside Ionosphere: Some Results from CSES-01 Satellite
* Parallel Electrical Conductivity at Low and Middle Latitudes in the Topside Ionosphere Derived from CSES-01 Measurements
* Polar Cap Patches Scaling Properties: Insights from Swarm Data
* Pressure-Gradient Current at High Latitude from Swarm Measurements
* Tracking Geomagnetic Storms with Dynamical System Approach: Ground-Based Observations
* Unveiling the Core Patterns of High-Latitude Electron Density Distribution at Swarm Altitude
12 for de Michelis, P.

de Michieli, F.[Franco] Co Author Listing * Mobile Computing and Artificial Intelligence for Diet Management

de Miguel Casado, G.[Gregorio] Co Author Listing * Improvement of Image Transform Calculation Based on a Weighted Primitive

de Miguel Gonzalez, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * WebGIS and Geospatial Technologies for Landscape Education on Personalized Learning Contexts
Includes: de Miguel Gonzalez, R.[Rafael] de Miguel González, R.[Rafael]

de Miguel Retortillo, G. Co Author Listing * 3d Geometric Extraction Using Segmentation for Asset Management

de Miguel Vela, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient multispectral texture segmentation using multivariate statistics
* Object CFAR detection in gamma-distributed textured-background images
Includes: de Miguel Vela, G. de Miguel-Vela, G.

de Miguel, A. Co Author Listing * ENMAP: The Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission: Product Generation
* Local characterization of a maximum set of digital (26, 6)-surfaces
* Maximum Set of (26,6)-Connected Digital Surfaces, A
* Processing and calibration activities of the future hyperspectral satellite mission ENMAP
Includes: de Miguel, A. de Miguel, A.[Amaia]

de Miguel, A.S.[Alejandro Sanchez] Co Author Listing * Evolution of Brightness and Color of the Night Sky in Madrid
* High-Resolution Imagery of Earth at Night: New Sources, Opportunities and Challenges
Includes: de Miguel, A.S.[Alejandro Sanchez] de Miguel, A.S.[Alejandro Sánchez]

de Miguel, C.R.[Cristina Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Bright spot regions segmentation and classification for specular highlights detection in colonoscopy videos
Includes: de Miguel, C.R.[Cristina Rodriguez] de Miguel, C.R.[Cristina Rodríguez]

de Miguel, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Topsoil Organic Carbon Using Airborne and Satellite Hyperspectral Imagery

de Miguel, G.[Gorka] Co Author Listing * Innovation-Based Fault Detection and Exclusion Applied to Ultra-WideBand Augmented Urban GNSS Navigation
* Methodology and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Railway On-Board Positioning Systems
Includes: de Miguel, G.[Gorka] de Miguel, G.

de Miguel, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling and Virtual Reality Applied to Complex Architectures: An Application to Hospitals' Design
* Underground Surveying: 16th Century Cellar Vaults in the GalerÍa De Convalecientes, Monastery of San Lorenzo Del Escorial

de Miguel, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Climate-Change-Driven Droughts and Tree Mortality: Assessing the Potential of UAV-Derived Early Warning Metrics
* Remotely Sensed Tree Characterization in Urban Areas: A Review
* UAV-Supported Forest Regeneration: Current Trends, Challenges and Implications
Includes: de Miguel, S.[Sergio] de-Miguel, S.[Sergio]

de Mille, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Ash Decline Assessment in Emerald Ash Borer Infested Natural Forests Using High Spatial Resolution Images

de Min, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Assessing Height Precision of Laser Altimetry DEMs

de Mira, J. Co Author Listing * Identification of individuals through the morphological processing of the iris

de Miranda Mota, C.M.[Caroline Maria] Co Author Listing * Measuring COVID-19 Vulnerability for Northeast Brazilian Municipalities: Social, Economic, and Demographic Factors Based on Multiple Criteria and Spatial Analysis

de Miranda, A.[Aron] Co Author Listing * PyMiceTracking: An Open-Source Toolbox For Real-Time Behavioral Neuroscience Experiments

de Miranda, E. Co Author Listing * Forest Cover Changes in Tropical South and Central America from 1990 to 2005 and Related Carbon Emissions and Removals

de Miranda, F.P.[Fernando Pellon] Co Author Listing * Exploratory Data Analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Measurements to Distinguish the Sea Surface Expressions of Naturally-Occurring Oil Seeps from Human-Related Oil Spills in Campeche Bay (Gulf of Mexico)
* Geomorphometric pattern recognition of SRTM data applied to the tectonic interpretation of the Amazonian landscape
* Improved Classification Models to Distinguish Natural from Anthropic Oil Slicks in the Gulf of Mexico: Seasonality and Radarsat-2 Beam Mode Effects under a Machine Learning Approach
* Multi-temporal analysis of a mangrove ecosystem in Southeastern Brazil using object-based classification applied to IKONOS II data
* Oil-Slick Category Discrimination (Seeps vs. Spills): A Linear Discriminant Analysis Using RADARSAT-2 Backscatter Coefficients (s°, ß°, and ?°) in Campeche Bay (Gulf of Mexic
Includes: de Miranda, F.P.[Fernando Pellon] de Miranda, F.P.[Fernando P.]

de Miranda, F.R. Co Author Listing * Water productivity assessments for dwarf coconut by using Landsat 8 images and agrometeorological data

de Miranda, P.A.V.[Paulo A.V.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation by Tree Pruning
* Bandeirantes: A Graph-Based Approach for Curve Tracing and Boundary Tracking
* critical analysis of the methods of evaluating MRI brain segmentation algorithms, A
* Efficient Interactive Multi-object Segmentation in Medical Images
* Fuzzy Connectedness Image Segmentation in Graph Cut Formulation: A Linear-Time Algorithm and a Comparative Analysis
* General and Balanced Region-Based Metric for Evaluating Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Image segmentation by combining the strengths of Relative Fuzzy Connectedness and Graph Cut
* Image Segmentation by Oriented Image Foresting Transform with Geodesic Star Convexity
* Linear-Time Approach for Image Segmentation Using Graph-Cut Measures, A
* Links Between Image Segmentation Based on Optimum-Path Forest and Minimum Cut in Graph
* Oriented Image Foresting Transform Segmentation by Seed Competition
* Riverbed: A Novel User-Steered Image Segmentation Method Based on Optimum Boundary Tracking
* Synergistic arc-weight estimation for interactive image segmentation using graphs
Includes: de Miranda, P.A.V.[Paulo A.V.] de Miranda, P.A.V. de Miranda, P.A.V.[Paulo André Vechiatto] de Miranda, P.A.V.[Paulo A. V.]
13 for de Miranda, P.A.V.

de Miranda, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Voxel Model From Point Clouds For Structural Analysis Of Cultural Heritage

de Miras, J. Co Author Listing * Vehicle dynamics estimation using Box Particle Filter

de Miras, J.R.[J. Ruiz] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Boolean operations between free-form solids using extended simplicial chains and PN triangles

de Mitri, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Portable and Easily-Deployable Air-Launched GPR Scanner

de Mol, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Regularized Approach to Feature Selection for Face Detection, A
* Regularized Framework for Feature Selection in Face Detection and Authentication, A
* Sparsity-Enforcing Method for Learning Face Features, A

de Moliner, L.M.[Leticia Margarete] Co Author Listing * Application of Hydro-Based Morphological Models for Environmental Assessment of Watersheds

de Momi, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning Architectures for Placenta Vessel Segmentation in TTTS Fetoscopic Images
* HRI30: An Action Recognition Dataset for Industrial Human-Robot Interaction
* Lumen Segmentation Method in Ureteroscopy Images based on a Deep Residual U-Net architecture, A
* NephCNN: A deep-learning framework for vessel segmentation in nephrectomy laparoscopic videos
* Quantitative Physical Ergonomics Assessment of Teleoperation Interfaces

de Monte, T.P. Co Author Listing * Multislice Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging
* Radio-Frequency Current Density Imaging Based on a 180° Sample Rotation With Feasibility Study of Full Current Density Vector Reconstruction

de Moor, B. Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Pipeline For Classification Tasks With An Application To Remote Sensing, A
* Optimized Data Fusion for Kernel k-Means Clustering
* Region-Based Statistical Background Modeling for Foreground Object Segmentation
* Tensor Versus Matrix Completion: A Comparison With Application to Spectral Data
Includes: de Moor, B. de Moor, B.[Bart]

de Moraes Braz, C.[Caio] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Segmentation with Local Band Constraints
* Image segmentation by image foresting transform with geodesic band constraints
* Optimum Cuts in Graphs by General Fuzzy Connectedness with Local Band Constraints

de Moraes Lima, C.A.[Clodoaldo Aparecido] Co Author Listing * Biometric Recognition Based on Fingerprint: A Comparative Study

de Moraes Maciel, L.M.[Luz Marilda] Co Author Listing * Probability Density Components Analysis: A New Approach to Treatment and Classification of SAR Images

de Moraes Novo, E.M.L.[Evlyn Marcia Leao ] Co Author Listing * AlgaeMAp: Algae Bloom Monitoring Application for Inland Waters in Latin America
* Assessment of Atmospheric Correction Methods for Sentinel-2 MSI Images Applied to Amazon Floodplain Lakes
* Diffuse Attenuation of Clear Water Tropical Reservoir: A Remote Sensing Semi-Analytical Approach
* Distribution of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Tapajós River Basin (Brazilian Amazon) over the Past 40 Years and Relationship with Water Siltation
* Effects of Small-Scale Gold Mining Tailings on the Underwater Light Field in the Tapajós River Basin, Brazilian Amazon
* Mapping Mining Areas in the Brazilian Amazon Using MSI/Sentinel-2 Imagery (2017)
* Mapping of Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in Optically Complex Waters of Amazon Floodplain Lakes
* Phytoplankton Genera Structure Revealed from the Multispectral Vertical Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient
* SNR (Signal-To-Noise Ratio) Impact on Water Constituent Retrieval from Simulated Images of Optically Complex Amazon Lakes
* Water clarity in Brazilian water assessed using Sentinel-2 and machine learning methods
Includes: de Moraes Novo, E.M.L.[Evlyn Marcia Leao ] de Moraes Novo, E.M.L.[Evlyn Márcia Leão ] de Moraes Novo, E.M.L.[Evlyn Márcia Leão]
10 for de Moraes Novo, E.M.L.

de Moraes, A.[Anibal] Co Author Listing * Measuring Individual Tree Diameter and Height Using GatorEye High-Density UAV-Lidar in an Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest System

de Moraes, M.A.[Mario Antonio] Co Author Listing * Effect of physical exercise and noninvasive brain stimulation on cognition and dementia of elderly people with frailty: A randomized study
Includes: de Moraes, M.A.[Mario Antonio] de Moraes, M.A.[Mario Antônio]

de Moraes, M.V.A.[Marcus Vinicius Antunes] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Hyperspectral Multitemporal Information to Improve Tree Species Identification in the Highly Diverse Atlantic Forest
* Generating Virtual Images from Oblique Frames
* mobile platform with a catadioptric sensor, A
* Using Relative Orientation Constraints To Produce Virtual Images From Oblique Frames
Includes: de Moraes, M.V.A.[Marcus Vinicius Antunes] de Moraes, M.V.A.[Marcus Vinícius Antunes] de Moraes, M.V.A.

de Morais Goulart, J.H.[Jose Henrique] Co Author Listing * On the Realization of Impulse Invariant Low-Rank Volterra Kernels
Includes: de Morais Goulart, J.H.[Jose Henrique] de Morais Goulart, J.H.[José Henrique]

de Morais Teixeira, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil

de Morais, S.R.[Sergio Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Analysis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma with Bayesian Network Learning Methods

de Mori, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for syllabic hypothesization in continuous speech
* application of semantic classification trees to natural language understanding, The
* cache-based natural language model for speech recognition, A
* Computation of probabilities for an island-driven parser
* Data augmentation and language model adaptation using singular value decomposition
* On the Use of Computer Vision Techniques for Automatic Speech Recognition
* Optimal Probabilistic Evaluation Functions for Search Controlled by Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* syntactic procedure for the recognition of glottal pulses in continuous speech, A
Includes: de Mori, R.[Renato] de Mori, R.
8 for de Mori, R.

de Morsier, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Cluster validity measure and merging system for hierarchical clustering considering outliers
* Kernel Low-Rank and Sparse Graph for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Semi-Supervised Novelty Detection Using SVM Entire Solution Path
Includes: de Morsier, F.[Frank] de Morsier, F.

de Moura Junior, N.N.[Natanael Nunes] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Models for Passive Sonar Signal Classification of Military Data

de Moura Pinto, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Voronoi diagram of complex sites

de Moura Reis, L.G.[Luis Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Environmental and Atmospheric Influences in the Use of SAR and Optical Imagery from Sentinel-1, Landsat-8, and Sentinel-2 in the Operational Monitoring of Reservoir Water Level

de Moura, E.S.[Edleno Silva] Co Author Listing * signature-based bag of visual words method for image indexing and search, A
* Sorted dominant local color for searching large and heterogeneous image databases

de Moura, J.[Joaquim] Co Author Listing * 3D Retinal Vessel Tree Segmentation and Reconstruction with OCT Images
* Detection of reactions to sound via gaze and global eye motion analysis using camera streaming
* Feature Definition and Selection for Epiretinal Membrane Characterization in Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* High/Low Quality Style Transfer for Mutual Conversion of OCT Images Using Contrastive Unpaired Translation Generative Adversarial Networks
* Optical Coherence Tomography Denoising by Means of a Fourier Butterworth Filter-Based Approach
* Pulmonary-Restricted COVID-19 Informative Visual Screening Using Chest X-ray Images from Portable Devices
* Unsupervised contrastive unpaired image generation approach for improving tuberculosis screening using chest X-ray images
7 for de Moura, J.

de Moura, Y.M.[Yhasmin Mendes] Co Author Listing * Carbon Dynamics in a Human-Modified Tropical Forest: A Case Study Using Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data
* Progress in Remote Sensing of Photosynthetic Activity over the Amazon Basin
* Spectral analysis of amazon canopy phenology during the dry season using a tower hyperspectral camera and modis observations

de Muelenaere, P. Co Author Listing * Omnifont recognition of text using topological recognition techniques

de Muinck, E.[Ebo] Co Author Listing * Robust estimation of distance between sets of points

de Mulder, M.L.[Mark L.] Co Author Listing * National Map: From Geography to Mapping and Back Again, The

de Munck, J.C. Co Author Listing * computation of MR image distortions caused by tissue susceptibility using the boundary element method, The

de Murcia, J. Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporally regularized reconstruction of gated SPECT myocardial image sequences

de Muynck, P. Co Author Listing * Contour simplification for segmented still image and video coding: algorithms and experimental results
* Karhunen-Loeve Analysis of Dynamic Sequences of Thermographic Images for Early Breast Cancer Detection
* Thermal analysis of infra-red mammography

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