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You Lun, X. Co Author Listing * High Probability Impulse Noise-Removing Algorithm Based on Mathematical Morphology
Includes: You Lun, X. You-Lun, X.

You, A.S.[An Sheng] Co Author Listing * Semantic Flow for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing
* Semantically Multi-Modal Image Synthesis
* Towards Efficient Scene Understanding via Squeeze Reasoning
Includes: You, A.S.[An Sheng] You, A.S.[An-Sheng]

You, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Application Research of the Page Test in Active Sonar Detection
* Dual-Master/Single-Slave Haptic Teleoperation System for Semiautonomous Bilateral Control of Hexapod Robot Subject to Deformable Rough Terrain
* Fully Uncalibrated Image-Based Visual Servoing of 2DOFs Planar Manipulators With a Fixed Camera
* Pseudo-Supervised Low-Light Image Enhancement With Mutual Learning
* Research on CSR-DCF Tracking Algorithm based on YOLO Detection, A
Includes: You, B.[Bo] You, B.[Bing] You, B.[Bijia] You, B.[Bin]

You, B.J.[Bum Jae] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Momentums in Log-Polar Images
* Color segmentation robust to brightness variations by using B-spline curve modeling
* Generic Shape Matching with Anchoring of Knowledge Primitives of Object Ontology, A
* Novel Shape Descriptor Based on Interrelation Quadruplet, A
* Robust visual speakingness detection using bi-level HMM
* Theory of Generalized Incremental Circle Transform and Its Application for Recognition of 2-Dimensional Objects, A
Includes: You, B.J.[Bum Jae] You, B.J.[Bum-Jae] You, B.J.

You, B.M. Co Author Listing * In vivo measurement of 3-D skeletal kinematics from sequences of biplane radiographs: Application to knee kinematics

You, B.W.[Byoung Woon] Co Author Listing * Mapping Alteration Mineralogy in Eastern Tsogttsetsii, Mongolia, Based on the WorldView-3 and Field Shortwave-Infrared Spectroscopy Analyses
Includes: You, B.W.[Byoung Woon] You, B.W.[Byoung-Woon]

You, C. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Planning and Control for Intelligent Vehicles in Traffic
* Classifying and Comparing Approaches to Subspace Clustering with Missing Data
* Computer-Aided Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis With Behavior Signal Processing
* CT Super-Resolution GAN Constrained by the Identical, Residual, and Cycle Learning Ensemble (GAN-CIRCLE)
* Did It Change? Learning to Detect Point-Of-Interest Changes for Proactive Map Updates
* Incremental Learning via Rate Reduction
* Is an Affine Constraint Needed for Affine Subspace Clustering?
* Joint 2-D-3-D Traffic Sign Landmark Data Set for Geo-Localization Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Learning a Self-Expressive Network for Subspace Clustering
* Nonlinear Driver Parameter Estimation and Driver Steering Behavior Analysis for ADAS Using Field Test Data
* Oracle Based Active Set Algorithm for Scalable Elastic Net Subspace Clustering
* Provable Self-Representation Based Outlier Detection in a Union of Subspaces
* Scalable Exemplar-Based Subspace Clustering Algorithm for Class-Imbalanced Data, A
* Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering by Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
* Self-Representation Based Unsupervised Exemplar Selection in a Union of Subspaces
* Self-Supervised Convolutional Subspace Clustering Network
* Sight for Sorghums: Comparisons of Satellite- and Ground-Based Sorghum Yield Estimates in Mali
* Stochastic Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Structured Sparse Subspace Clustering: A Joint Affinity Learning and Subspace Clustering Framework
* Structured Sparse Subspace Clustering: A unified optimization framework
Includes: You, C. You, C.[Cong] You, C.[Chanmi] You, C.[Chong] You, C.[Calum]
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You, C.B.[Chang Bin] Co Author Listing * Recovery of urban 3D road boundary via multi-source data
Includes: You, C.B.[Chang Bin] You, C.B.[Chang-Bin]

You, C.H.[Cheol Hwan] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution at Windward and Leeward Side over Mountain Area, The
* Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distributions in Different Climatological Regions in South Korea, The
* Classification of Rainfall Types Using Parsivel Disdrometer and S-Band Polarimetric Radar in Central Korea
* Dual-Polarization Radar-Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation of Mountain Terrain Using Multi-Disdrometer Data
* Estimation of Liquid Fraction of Wet Snow by Using 2-D Video Disdrometer and S-Band Weather Radar
* Neuro-Fuzzy Gust Front Detection Algorithm With S-Band Polarimetric Radar
Includes: You, C.H.[Cheol Hwan] You, C.H.[Cheol-Hwan] You, C.H.

You, C.R.[Cheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Performance of a Convection-Permitting Model by Using Dual-Polarimetric Radar Parameters: Case Study of SoWMEX IOP8
* Vertical Profiles of PM2.5 and O3 Measured Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Their Relationships with Synoptic- and Local-Scale Air Movements
Includes: You, C.R.[Cheng Rong] You, C.R.[Cheng-Rong] You, C.R.[Chae Rim]

You, C.S.[Chao Shuai] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of the Evapotranspiration in the Lower Mekong River Basin during 2008-2017
Includes: You, C.S.[Chao Shuai] You, C.S.[Chao-Shuai]

You, C.W. Co Author Listing * Learning and Recognition of Clothing Genres From Full-Body Images
* Learning and Recognition of On-Premise Signs From Weakly Labeled Street View Images
* What Catches Your Eyes as You Move Around? On the Discovery of Interesting Regions in the Street
Includes: You, C.W. You, C.W.[Chuang-Wen]

You, C.Y.[Chen Yu] Co Author Listing * AFTer-SAM: Adapting SAM with Axial Fusion Transformer for Medical Imaging Segmentation
* Aligning Source Visual and Target Language Domains for Unpaired Video Captioning
* Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Neural Velocity Field
* Hybrid Neural Diffeomorphic Flow for Shape Representation and Generation via Triplane
* MEGAN: Memory Enhanced Graph Attention Network for Space-Time Video Super-Resolution
* Representation Recovering for Self-Supervised Pre-training on Medical Images
* SimCVD: Simple Contrastive Voxel-Wise Representation Distillation for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: You, C.Y.[Chen Yu] You, C.Y.[Chen-Yu]
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You, D.[Di] Co Author Listing * Bayes optimal kernel discriminant analysis
* COAST: COntrollable Arbitrary-Sampling NeTwork for Compressive Sensing
* Component-Spectra-Parameterized Angular and Spectral Kernel-Driven Model: A Potential Solution for Global BRDF/Albedo Retrieval From Multisensor Satellite Data, The
* EfficientUNet+: A Building Extraction Method for Emergency Shelters Based on Deep Learning
* Hierarchical modulation for client-driven selective streaming of multi-view video over AWGN channels
* Highly Squinted MEO SAR Focusing Based on Extended Omega-K Algorithm and Modified Joint Time and Doppler Resampling
* Impacts and Contributors of Representativeness Errors of In~Situ Albedo Measurements for the Validation of Remote Sensing Products
* Improved Topography-Coupled Kernel-Driven Model for Land Surface Anisotropic Reflectance, An
* Interactive cross and multimodal biomedical image retrieval based on automatic region-of-interest (ROI) identification and classification
* Kernel Optimization in Discriminant Analysis
* Large image modality labeling initiative using semi-supervised and optimized clustering
* Liveness-Enforcing Supervisor Tolerant to Sensor-Reading Modification Attacks, A
* Monitoring and Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Effective Refuge Area of Emergency Shelters by Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Beijing's Fifth Ring Road
* Multimodal biomedical image retrieval using hierarchical classification and modality fusion
* Novel Intelligent Method Based on the Gaussian Heatmap Sampling Technique and Convolutional Neural Network for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* Representative Multiple Kernel Learning for Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Research on Azimuth DBF Method of HRWS SPC MAB SAR Imaging Mode with Non-Ideal Antenna Mode
* Targets' Radial and Tangential Velocities Estimation Based on Vortex Electromagnetic Waves
* Upscaling of Single-Site-Based Measurements for Validation of Long-Term Coarse-Pixel Albedo Products
Includes: You, D.[Di] You, D. You, D.[Dongho] You, D.[Daekeun] You, D.[Dan] You, D.[Dong]
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You, D.K.[Dae Keun] Co Author Listing * approach for locating segmentation points of handwritten digit strings using a neural network, An
* Detecting Figure-Panel Labels in Medical Journal Articles Using MRF
* efficient approach for slant correction of handwritten Korean strings based on structural properties, An
* Slant correction of handwritten strings based on structural properties of Korean characters
Includes: You, D.K.[Dae Keun] You, D.K.[Dae-Keun]

You, D.Q.[Dong Qin] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment on MODIS (V006), GLASS and MuSyQ Land-Surface Albedo Products: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Characterizing Land Surface Anisotropic Reflectance over Rugged Terrain: A Review of Concepts and Recent Developments
* Development of a High Resolution BRDF/Albedo Product by Fusing Airborne CASI Reflectance with MODIS Daily Reflectance in the Oasis Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* Estimating 10-m land surface albedo from Sentinel-2 satellite observations using a direct estimation approach with Google Earth Engine
* Evaluation of Linear Kernel-Driven BRDF Models over Snow-Free Rugged Terrain
* Evaluation of the Airborne CASI/TASI Ts-VI Space Method for Estimating Near-Surface Soil Moisture
* Forward a Small-Timescale BRDF/Albedo by Multisensor Combined BRDF Inversion Model
* Mapping High-Resolution Soil Moisture over Heterogeneous Cropland Using Multi-Resource Remote Sensing and Ground Observations
* Method of Multi-Angle Remote Sensing Observation Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Validation of BRDF, The
* Modeling Anisotropic Reflectance Over Composite Sloping Terrain
* Modeling Discrete Forest Anisotropic Reflectance Over a Sloped Surface With an Extended GOMS and SAIL Model
* Multi-Scale Validation Strategy for Albedo Products over Rugged Terrain and Preliminary Application in Heihe River Basin, China, A
* Multi-Staged NDVI Dependent Snow-Free Land-Surface Shortwave Albedo Narrowband-to-Broadband (NTB) Coefficients and Their Sensitivity Analysis
* Optimal Nodes Selectiveness from WSN to Fit Field Scale Albedo Observation and Validation in Long Time Series in the Foci Experiment Areas, Heihe
* Performance Assessment of Four Data-Driven Machine Learning Models: A Case to Generate Sentinel-2 Albedo at 10 Meters
* Simulation and Analysis of the Topographic Effects on Snow-Free Albedo over Rugged Terrain
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Land Surface Albedo over the Tibet Plateau from 2001 to 2019
Includes: You, D.Q.[Dong Qin] You, D.Q.[Dong-Qin] You, D.Q.[Dong-Qing]
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You, E.[Eunyi] Co Author Listing * Towards Robust and Smooth 3D Multi-Person Pose Estimation from Monocular Videos in the Wild

You, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Fast pedestrian detection and dynamic tracking for intelligent vehicles within V2V cooperative environment
* Noise-Robust Adaptive Hybrid Pattern for Texture Classification, A
Includes: You, F.[Feng] You, F.[Fanyu]

You, G.[Guizeng] Co Author Listing * EfficientUNet: An efficient solution for breast tumour segmentation in ultrasound images
* MFPP: Morphological Fragmental Perturbation Pyramid for Black-Box Model Explanations
* PipeNet: Selective Modal Pipeline of Fusion Network for Multi-Modal Face Anti-Spoofing
Includes: You, G.[Guizeng] You, G.[Ganmei] You, G.

You, G.H. Co Author Listing * ISBN recognition using a modified probabilistic neural network (PNN)

You, G.J.[Guan Jie] Co Author Listing * Rethinking Illumination for Person Re-Identification: A Unified View
Includes: You, G.J.[Guan Jie] You, G.J.[Guan-Jie]

You, G.L.[Guo Liang] Co Author Listing * coordinate attention enhanced swin transformer for handwriting recognition of Parkinson's disease, A
Includes: You, G.L.[Guo Liang] You, G.L.[Guo-Liang]

You, H. Co Author Listing * DRBox-v2: An Improved Detector With Rotatable Boxes for Target Detection in SAR Images
* Object-Based Hierarchical Compound Classification Method for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Optical and SAR Images, An
* OS-Flow: A Robust Algorithm for Dense Optical and SAR Image Registration
* OS-PC: Combining Feature Representation and 3-D Phase Correlation for Subpixel Optical and SAR Image Registration
* Plant-Denoising-Net (PDN): A plant point cloud denoising network based on density gradient field learning
* PointHop: An Explainable Machine Learning Method for Point Cloud Classification
* Rectifying the Data Bias in Knowledge Distillation
* Spin Discriminant Analysis(SDA): Using A One-Dimensional Classifier for High Dimensional Classification Problems
* Standardized Procedure to Build a Spectral Library for Hazardous Chemicals Mixed in River Flow Using Hyperspectral Image, A
* Unsupervised Classification of Riverbed Types for Bathymetry Mapping in Shallow Rivers Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery
* Weighted Overlapped Block-Based Compressive Sensing in SAR Imaging, A
* You-Only-Look-Once Multiple-Strategy Printed Circuit Board Defect Detection Model
Includes: You, H. You, H.[Hui] You, H.[Haihang] You, H.[Hojun] You, H.[Hanxu] You, H.[Hezhen]
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You, H.F.[Hong Feng] Co Author Listing * Pixel-Level Remote Sensing Image Recognition Based on Bidirectional Word Vectors
Includes: You, H.F.[Hong Feng] You, H.F.[Hong-Feng]

You, H.H.[Hai Hang] Co Author Listing * C-MIDN: Coupled Multiple Instance Detection Network With Segmentation Guidance for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Multi-Label Remote Sensing Image Land Cover Classification Based on a Multi-Dimensional Attention Mechanism
* Parallel Optimization for Large Scale Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Processing
* Switchable K-class Hyperplanes for Noise-Robust Representation Learning
Includes: You, H.H.[Hai Hang] You, H.H.[Hai-Hang] You, H.H.[Hai-Hui]

You, H.J.[Hong Jian] Co Author Listing * Advanced Rotation Invariant Descriptor for SAR Image Registration, An
* CNN-Based Local Tone Mapping in the Perceptual Quantization Domain
* Confidence-Aware Cascade Network for Multi-Scale Stereo Matching of Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, A
* DGFNet: Dual Gate Fusion Network for Land Cover Classification in Very High-Resolution Images
* Disparity Refinement for Stereo Matching of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on GIS Data
* Edge-Sense Bidirectional Pyramid Network for Stereo Matching of VHR Remote Sensing Images, An
* EU-Net: An Efficient Fully Convolutional Network for Building Extraction from Optical Remote Sensing Images
* General Framework of Remote Sensing Epipolar Image Generation, A
* generic framework for improving the geopositioning accuracy of multi-source optical and SAR imagery, A
* GPU Acceleration for SAR Satellite Image Ortho-Rectification
* Imaging Parameters-Considered Slender Target Detection in Optical Satellite Images
* Lightweight and Stable Multi-Feature Databases for Efficient Geometric Localization of Remote Sensing Images
* MFSFNet: Multi-Scale Feature Subtraction Fusion Network for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
* Multi-View Data-Based Layover Information Compensation Method for SAR Image Mosaic
* New Combined Adjustment Model for Geolocation Accuracy Improvement of Multiple Sources Optical and SAR Imagery, A
* On-Board Geometric Rectification for Micro-Satellite Based on Lightweight Feature Database
* OS-SIFT: A Robust SIFT-Like Algorithm for High-Resolution Optical-to-SAR Image Registration in Suburban Areas
* SAR Image Segmentation by Efficient Fuzzy C-Means Framework with Adaptive Generalized Likelihood Ratio Nonlocal Spatial Information Embedded
* SAR-CDSS: A Semi-Supervised Cross-Domain Object Detection from Optical to SAR Domain
* SAR-PC: Edge Detection in SAR Images via an Advanced Phase Congruency Model
* Unsupervised SAR Image Change Detection Based on Structural Consistency and CFAR Threshold Estimation
Includes: You, H.J.[Hong Jian] You, H.J.[Hong-Jian] You, H.J.[Hong-Jie]
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You, H.K.[Hang Kai] Co Author Listing * Tree Extraction from Airborne Laser Scanning Data in Urban Areas
Includes: You, H.K.[Hang Kai] You, H.K.[Hang-Kai]

You, H.Q.[Hui Qing] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Local and Global Text Features for Linguistic Steganalysis
Includes: You, H.Q.[Hui Qing] You, H.Q.[Hui-Qing]

You, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * Castling-ViT: Compressing Self-Attention via Switching Towards Linear-Angular Attention at Vision Transformer Inference
* Halo: Hardware-aware Learning to Optimize
* SuperTickets: Drawing Task-Agnostic Lottery Tickets from Supernets via Jointly Architecture Searching and Parameter Pruning
Includes: You, H.R.[Hao Ran] You, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

You, H.T.[Hao Tian] Co Author Listing * Energy-Based SAR Image Segmentation Method with Weighted Feature, An
* Monitoring of Monthly Height Growth of Individual Trees in a Subtropical Mixed Plantation Using UAV Data
* Multi-Scale Validation and Uncertainty Analysis of GEOV3 and MuSyQ FVC Products: A Case Study of an Alpine Grassland Ecosystem
* Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Noise Filtering Algorithm for Photon Cloud Data in Forest Area
* Patch Pattern and Ecological Risk Assessment of Alpine Grassland in the Source Region of the Yellow River
* Quantifying the Effects of Normalisation of Airborne LiDAR Intensity on Coniferous Forest Leaf Area Index Estimations
Includes: You, H.T.[Hao Tian] You, H.T.[Hao-Tian]

You, H.X.[Hao Xuan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Fusion With Intra- and Inter-Modality Attention Flow for Visual Question Answering
* Learning Visual Commonsense for Robust Scene Graph Generation
* Learning Visual Representation from Modality-Shared Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training
* Multi-Modality Latent Interaction Network for Visual Question Answering
Includes: You, H.X.[Hao Xuan] You, H.X.[Hao-Xuan]

You, H.Y.[Hao Yan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Changes of Lakes in the Source Region of Three Rivers with Remote Sensing Data from 1976 To 2009
* Multiple Description Video Coding Based on Hierarchical B Pictures Using Unequal Redundancy
Includes: You, H.Y.[Hao Yan] You, H.Y.[Hao-Yan] You, H.Y.

You, I.[Ilsun] Co Author Listing * 6G-Enabled Network in Box for Internet of Connected Vehicles

You, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Deep Metric Learning for Identity-Aware Facial Expression Recognition
* Adaptive Semi-Supervised Classifier Ensemble for High Dimensional Data Classification
* Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Conditional and Label Shift: Infer, Align and Iterate
* analysis of BioHashing and its variants, An
* Assessment of Stereoscopic Crosstalk Perception
* Attention Boosted Deep Networks For Video Classification
* Attention Integrated Hierarchical Networks for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Auto3d: Novel View Synthesis Through Unsupervisely Learned Variational Viewpoint and Global 3d Representation
* Automated Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Multiscale Analysis and Adaptive Thresholding
* Class-Wise Denoising for Robust Learning Under Label Noise
* Classification and Segmentation of Rotated and Scaled Textured Images Using Texture Tuned Masks
* Classification-aware Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation
* Coarse-to-Fine Morphological Approach with Knowledge-Based Rules and Self-Adapting Correction for Lung Nodules Segmentation, A
* Comparing apples and oranges: assessment of the relative video quality in the presence of different types of distortions
* Conservative Wasserstein Training for Pose Estimation
* Correlated Logistic Model With Elastic Net Regularization for Multilabel Image Classification
* Dark line detection with line width extraction
* Data Augmentation via Latent Space Interpolation for Image Classification
* Data Uncertainty in Face Recognition
* Data-driven facial animation via semi-supervised local patch alignment
* Deep Learning-Based Generalized System for Detecting Pine Wilt Disease Using RGB-Based UAV Images, A
* Deep Neural Networks for No-Reference Video Quality Assessment
* Dependency-Aware Attention Control for Unconstrained Face Recognition with Image Sets
* Detecting Wide Lines Using Isotropic Nonlinear Filtering
* Detection of microaneurysms using multi-scale correlation coefficients
* DMRVisNet: Deep Multihead Regression Network for Pixel-Wise Visibility Estimation Under Foggy Weather
* Does EigenPalm work? A System and Evaluation Perspective
* Domain Transfer Learning for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Dynamic Shape Retrieval by Hierarchical Curve Matching, Snakes and Data Mining
* Effective texture classification by texton encoding induced statistical features
* Efficient and Effective Context-Based Convolutional Entropy Modeling for Image Compression
* Efficient Parallel Texture Classification for Image Retrieval, An
* Efficient Reconstruction Method for Nonuniform Attenuation Compensation in Nonparallel Beam Geometries Based on Novikov's Explicit Inversion Formula, An
* Energy-constrained Self-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Estimating the Secret Key of Spread Spectrum Watermarking Based on Equivalent Keys
* Explore Spatial and Channel Attention in Image Quality Assessment
* Extract minimum positive and maximum negative features for imbalanced binary classification
* Fast Accurate Fish Recognition with Deep Learning Based on a Domain-Specific Large-Scale Fish Dataset
* Feature Guide: a Statistically Based Feature Selection Scheme
* Feature-Level Frankenstein: Eliminating Variations for Discriminative Recognition
* Fractional Discrimination for Texture Image Segmentation
* Guest Editorial: Multimedia-Based Healthcare
* guided image matching approach using Hausdorff distance with interesting points detection, A
* Hard negative generation for identity-disentangled facial expression recognition
* Hierarchical palmprint identification via multiple feature extraction
* Hilbert Transform Based FBP Algorithm for Fan-Beam CT Full and Partial Scans
* Hybrid cluster ensemble framework based on the random combination of data transformation operators
* Hybrid clustering solution selection strategy
* Hybrid k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Two-Stage Subspace Projection
* Identity-Aware Facial Expression Recognition in Compressed Video
* Image clustering based on sparse patch alignment framework
* Image2Audio: Facilitating Semi-supervised Audio Emotion Recognition with Facial Expression Image
* Instance-Dependent Positive and Unlabeled Learning With Labeling Bias Estimation
* joint optimization framework of low-dimensional projection and collaborative representation for discriminative classification, A
* KoDF: A Large-scale Korean DeepFake Detection Dataset
* Learning Content-Weighted Deep Image Compression
* Locally Weighted Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Low-rank matrix factorization with multiple Hypergraph regularizer
* Microaneurysm (MA) Detection via Sparse Representation Classifier with MA and Non-MA Dictionary Learning
* Multi-Resolution Texture Classifier Based on Multi-Resolution Tuned Mask, A
* Multi-view Based AdaBoost Classifier Ensemble for Class Prediction from Gene Expression Profiles
* Multiple Visual Models Based Perceptive Analysis Framework for Multilevel Video Summarization, A
* Multiview clustering based on Robust and Regularized Matrix Approximation
* Mutual Information Regularized Feature-Level Frankenstein for Discriminative Recognition
* Mutual information regularized identity-aware facial expression recognition in compressed video
* nested U-shape network with multi-scale upsample attention for robust retinal vascular segmentation, A
* new approach to object recognition in textured images, A
* New Approach to Personal Identification in Large Databases by Hierarchical Palmprint Coding with Multi-features, A
* Non-rigid medical image registration using image field in Demons algorithm
* novel gray image representation using overlapping rectangular NAM and extended shading approach, A
* Offline mobile diagnosis system for citrus pests and diseases using deep compression neural network
* On Hierarchical Multimedia Information Retrieval
* On Hierarchical Palmprint Coding With Multiple Features for Personal Identification in Large Databases
* On the relationship between perceptual impact of source and channel distortions in video sequences
* One-pass online learning: A local approach
* Online palmprint identification
* Ordinal Regression with Neuron Stick-Breaking for Medical Diagnosis
* orientation and resolution independent texture classifier in segmentation of images of unknown rotation and scale, An
* Orthogonal discriminant vector for face recognition across pose
* Palm Vein Extraction and Matching for Personal Authentication
* Parallel Vision Computing on a Network of Workstation Clusters
* Parallel Wavelet Transform over Distributed Computer Network for Real-Time Applications
* Perceptual contrast sensitivity based video quality assessment in DCT domain
* Permutation-Invariant Feature Restructuring for Correlation-Aware Image Set-Based Recognition
* Progressive subspace ensemble learning
* Quality of dirty: A decision making assessment methodology for automatic license plate recognition under dirtied conditions
* Real-Time Object Recognition: Hierarchical Image Matching in a Parallel Virtual Machine Environment
* Recognition of unideal iris images using region-based active contour model and game theory
* Reconstruction From Uniformly Attenuated SPECT Projection Data Using the DBH Method
* Recursively Conditional Gaussian for Ordinal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Referenceless perceptual image defogging
* Referenceless Prediction of Perceptual Fog Density and Perceptual Image Defogging
* Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* Revealing the Secret of FaceHashing
* Robust Localization of Retinal Lesions via Weakly-supervised Learning
* Robust Texture Image Representation by Scale Selective Local Binary Patterns
* Salient object detection via point-to-set metric learning
* Satellite Investigation of Semidiurnal Internal Tides in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas
* Scale- and Rotation-Invariant Local Binary Pattern Using Scale-Adaptive Texton and Subuniform-Based Circular Shift
* Semi-supervised classification based on random subspace dimensionality reduction
* Severity-Aware Semantic Segmentation With Reinforced Wasserstein Training
* Smart Sensor: An On-board Image Processing System For Real-time Remote Sensing
* Sparse residue for occluded face image reconstruction and classification
* Synthesis of Shaking Video Using Motion Capture Data and Dynamic 3D Scene Modeling
* Texture classification via patch-based sparse texton learning
* Top-Push Video-Based Person Re-identification
* Transformer for Image Quality Assessment
* Truncated Robust Natural Watermarking with Hungarian Optimization
* Two-Dimensional Whitening Reconstruction for Enhancing Robustness of Principal Component Analysis
* Two-Stage Watermark Removal Framework for Spread Spectrum Watermarking
* Unconstrained Offline Handwritten Word Recognition by Position Embedding Integrated ResNets Model
* unified reconstruction framework for both parallel-beam and variable focal-length fan-beam collimators by a Cormack-type inversion of exponential Radon transform, A
* Video quality metric based on fixation prediction and foveal imaging
* Wasserstein Loss based Deep Object Detection
* Wasserstein Loss With Alternative Reinforcement Learning for Severity-Aware Semantic Segmentation
* Wavelet-Based Coarse-to-Fine Image Matching Scheme in A Parallel Virtual Machine Environment, A
Includes: You, J.[Jane] You, J. You, J.[Junyong] You, J.[Jian] You, J.[Jie] You, J.[Jing] You, J.[Jinkun] You, J.[Jaeseong] You, J.[Jaehee] You, J.[Jia]
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You, J.B.[Jiang Bin] Co Author Listing * Unified Framework for Anomaly Detection of Satellite Images Based on Well-Designed Features and an Artificial Neural Network, A
Includes: You, J.B.[Jiang Bin] You, J.B.[Jiang-Bin]

You, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * RCSANet: A Full Convolutional Network for Extracting Inland Aquaculture Ponds from High-Spatial-Resolution Images
Includes: You, J.C.[Jia Cheng] You, J.C.[Jia-Cheng]

You, J.G.[Ji Gang] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Visualization and Optimization Method of Landslide Disaster Scenes Guided by Knowledge, A
Includes: You, J.G.[Ji Gang] You, J.G.[Ji-Gang]

You, J.J. Co Author Listing * enhanced deep feature representation for person re-identification, An

You, J.L.[Jia Li] Co Author Listing * Explicit Local Coupling Global Structure Clustering
Includes: You, J.L.[Jia Li] You, J.L.[Jia-Li]

You, J.M.[Jong Min] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Rule Based Edge-Sensitive Line Average Algorithm in Interlaced HDTV Sequences
* Spatio-Temporal Fuzzy Interpolation Algorithm for Video Deinterlacing, A
* Weighted Fuzzy Reasoning Scheme for Interlaced to Progressive Conversion
Includes: You, J.M.[Jong Min] You, J.M.[Jong-Min]

You, J.P.[Jia Peng] Co Author Listing * AGV-Based Vehicle Transportation in Automated Container Terminals: A Survey
* Preliminary Exploration for Long-Distance Non-Standardized Delivery
Includes: You, J.P.[Jia Peng] You, J.P.[Jia-Peng]

You, J.S.[Jia Shuo] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Permeability Windbreak Forests with Different Porosities Based on Laser Scanning and Computational Fluid Dynamics
* Benefits of angular expression to reconstruction algorithms for collimators with spatially varying focal lengths
* Image matching for translation, rotation and uniform scaling by the Radon transform
* Two finite inverse Hilbert transform formulae for region-of-interest tomography
Includes: You, J.S.[Jia Shuo] You, J.S.[Jia-Shuo] You, J.S.[Jiang-Sheng] You, J.S.[Jiang-Sjemg]

You, J.W.[Jia Wei] Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Plant Leaf Image Retrieval Using Local Angle Co-occurrence Histograms
Includes: You, J.W.[Jia Wei] You, J.W.[Jia-Wei]

You, J.X.[Jia Xiang] Co Author Listing * Image Operation Chain Detection with Machine Translation Framework
Includes: You, J.X.[Jia Xiang] You, J.X.[Jia-Xiang]

You, J.Y.[Jun Yong] Co Author Listing * Attention Driven Foveated Video Quality Assessment
* Audiovisual quality fusion based on relative multimodal complexity
* Balancing Attended and Global Stimuli in Perceived Video Quality Assessment
* Efficient Transformer with Locally Shared Attention for Video Quality Assessment
* Enhancing coded video quality with perceptual foveation driven bit allocation strategy
* Half of an Image is Enough for Quality Assessment
* Improving image quality assessment with modeling visual attention
* Objective metrics for quality of experience in stereoscopic images
* objective video quality metric based on spatiotemporal distortion, An
* perceptual quality metric for stereoscopic crosstalk perception, A
* Perceptual-based quality assessment for audio-visual services: A survey
* semantic framework for video genre classification and event analysis, A
* Skin Color Detection through Estimation and Conversion of Illuminant Color using Sclera Region of Eye under Varying Illumination
* Spatial noise shaping using convex optimization for perceptual image coding
Includes: You, J.Y.[Jun Yong] You, J.Y.[Jun-Yong] You, J.Y. You, J.Y.[Ju-Yeon]
14 for You, J.Y.

You, K.[Kaichao] Co Author Listing * Event-Based Semantic Segmentation With Posterior Attention
* From Big to Small: Adaptive Learning to Partial-Set Domains
* Learning to Transfer Examples for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Robust Longitudinal Control of Multi-Vehicle Systems: A Distributed H-Infinity Method
* TimeReplayer: Unlocking the Potential of Event Cameras for Video Interpolation
* Video Interpolation by Event-Driven Anisotropic Adjustment of Optical Flow
Includes: You, K.[Kaichao] You, K.

You, K.C. Co Author Listing * Distorted Shape Recognition Using Attributed Grammars and Error-Correcting Techniques
* Syntactic Approach to Shape Recognition Using Attributed Grammars, A
* Syntactic Shape Recognition
* Universal Domain Adaptation
Includes: You, K.C. You, K.C.[Kai-Chao]

You, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Automatic Weak Calibration of Master-Slave Surveillance System Based on Mosaic Image
* Biometric key generation based on generated intervals and two-layer error correcting technique
* cascaded framework with cross-modality transfer learning for whole heart segmentation, A
* Commercial Vehicle Activity Prediction With Imbalanced Class Distribution Using a Hybrid Sampling and Gradient Boosting Approach
* Comparison of Numerical Calculation Methods for Stem Diameter Retrieval Using Terrestrial Laser Data
* Conceptual Framework For Virtual Geographic Environments Knowledge Engineering, A
* Developing A Cloud-based Online Geospatial Information Sharing And Geoprocessing Platform To Facilitate Collaborative Education And Research
* Discriminator-Cooperated Feature Map Distillation for GAN Compression
* Generic Future Mobility Sensing System for Travel Data Collection, Management, Fusion, and Visualization, A
* Geospatial Web Services Composition Framework Supporting Real-time Status Monitoring, A
* Low-rank matrix completion against missing rows and columns with separable 2-D sparsity priors
* New Deep Learning Framework for HF Signal Detection in Wideband Spectrogram, A
* Precise Measurement of Stem Diameter by Simulating the Path of Diameter Tape from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Secure Multicast Transmission for Massive MIMO With Statistical Channel State Information
* Spatio-Temporal Schedule-Based Neural Network for Urban Taxi Waiting Time Prediction, A
* Visual object tracking via collaborative correlation filters
* Volume Estimation of Stem Segments Based on a Tetrahedron Model Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Includes: You, L.[Li] You, L.[Lin] You, L. You, L.[Lei] You, L.[Lan] You, L.[Lizhou] You, L.[Ling]
17 for You, L.

You, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Physics-Inspired Facial Animation
* Blending using ODE swept surfaces with shape control and C1 continuity
* efficient and collision-free hole-filling algorithm for orthodontics, An
* Fast generation of 3-D deformable moving surfaces
* High-quality tree structures modelling using local convolution surface approximation
Includes: You, L.H.[Li Hua] You, L.H.[Li-Hua] You, L.H.

You, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Federated Platform Enabling a Systematic Collaboration Among Devices, Data and Functions for Smart Mobility, A
* Integrated Approach for the Near Real-Time Parking Occupancy Prediction, An
Includes: You, L.L.[Lin Lin] You, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

You, L.Y.[Ling Yun] Co Author Listing * Computationally-Affordable Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithm to Identify the Level of Distress Severity in Pavement Functional Performance
Includes: You, L.Y.[Ling Yun] You, L.Y.[Ling-Yun]

You, L.Z.[Liang Zhi] Co Author Listing * Ability of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence From OCO-2 and MODIS-EVI to Monitor Spatial Variations of Soybean and Maize Yields in the Midwestern USA, The
* Improving agricultural field parcel delineation with a dual branch spatiotemporal fusion network by integrating multimodal satellite data
* Mapping Diverse Paddy Rice Cropping Patterns in South China Using Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 Data
* What Rainfall Does Not Tell Us: Enhancing Financial Instruments with Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture and Evaporative Stress
Includes: You, L.Z.[Liang Zhi] You, L.Z.[Liang-Zhi]

You, M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Graph Optimal Isomorphism, An
* Cartoon Animation Style Rendering of Water
* Entropy and Distance of Random Graphs with Application to Structural pattern Recognition
* Extended Filtered Channel Framework for Pedestrian Detection, An
* Hyperspectral Band Selection via Band Grouping and Adaptive Multi-Graph Constraint
* Learning a Locally Unified 3D Point Cloud for View Synthesis
* Mask Encoding for Single Shot Instance Segmentation
* Monitoring Cropland Abandonment in Hilly Areas with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Timeseries
* PCNET: Parallelly Conquer the Large Variance of Person Re-Identification
* Self-Training With Progressive Augmentation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Spatial Structure of an Urban Park System Based on Fractal Theory: A Case Study of Fuzhou, China
* What is the Direction of Land Change? A New Approach to Land-Change Analysis
Includes: You, M. You, M.[Mi] You, M.[Mengbo] You, M.[Meng] You, M.[Meiyue] You, M.[Meizi] You, M.[Mingde]
12 for You, M.

You, M.B.[Meng Bo] Co Author Listing * Convex Non-Negative Matrix Factorization With Adaptive Graph for Unsupervised Feature Selection
* Unsupervised Feature Selection via Feature-Grouping and Orthogonal Constraint
* Unsupervised Feature Selection via Neural Networks and Self-Expression with Adaptive Graph Constraint
Includes: You, M.B.[Meng Bo] You, M.B.[Meng-Bo]

You, M.Y.[Ming Yi] Co Author Listing * Direct Target Joint Detection and Tracking Based on Passive Multi-Static Radar
* Dynamic dense CRF inference for video segmentation and semantic SLAM
* Emotional Speech Analysis on Nonlinear Manifold
* Improving the Conditional Fine-Grained Image Generation With Part Perception
* Joint Detection, Tracking, and Classification of Multiple Extended Objects Based on the JDTC-PMBM-GGIW Filter
* Mask encoding: A general instance mask representation for object segmentation
* MBFQuant: A Multiplier-Bitwidth-Fixed, Mixed-Precision Quantization Method for Mobile CNN-Based Applications
* Model selection for partial least squares based dimension reduction
* Part-Guided Attention Learning for Vehicle Instance Retrieval
* Reading car license plates using deep neural networks
* Sequential data feature selection for human motion recognition via Markov blanket
Includes: You, M.Y.[Ming Yi] You, M.Y.[Ming-Yi] You, M.Y.[Ming-Yu]
11 for You, M.Y.

You, N.[Nanshan] Co Author Listing * Are There Sufficient Landsat Observations for Retrospective and Continuous Monitoring of Land Cover Changes in China?
* Evaluating Effects of Medium-Resolution Optical Data Availability on Phenology-Based Rice Mapping in China
* Examining earliest identifiable timing of crops using all available Sentinel 1/2 imagery and Google Earth Engine
* Forest Changes by Precipitation Zones in Northern China after the Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program in China
* Identifying floods and flood-affected paddy rice fields in Bangladesh based on Sentinel-1 imagery and Google Earth Engine
* Mapping Croplands in the Granary of the Tibetan Plateau Using All Available Landsat Imagery, A Phenology-Based Approach, and Google Earth Engine
* robust and unified land surface phenology algorithm for diverse biomes and growth cycles in China by using harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery, A
7 for You, N.

You, N.S.[Nan Shan] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Feature Selection of Individual Crop Types for Improved Crop Mapping
Includes: You, N.S.[Nan Shan] You, N.S.[Nan-Shan]

You, P.[Pei] Co Author Listing * Neural Image Compression via Attentional Multi-scale Back Projection and Frequency Decomposition
* Optimal Charging Scheduling by Pricing for EV Charging Station With Dual Charging Modes
Includes: You, P.[Pei] You, P.

You, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Online Station Assignment for Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping
Includes: You, P.C.[Peng Cheng] You, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

You, P.J.[Peng Jie] Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Spread Target Detection with Across Range-Doppler Unit Phenomenon Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform
* Parametric Translational Compensation for ISAR Imaging Based on Cascaded Subaperture Integration With Application to Asteroid Imaging
Includes: You, P.J.[Peng Jie] You, P.J.[Peng-Jie]

You, Q.[Qian] Co Author Listing * 3D shape retrieval by Poisson histogram
* Comprehensive Multi-Metric Index for Health Assessment of the Poyang Lake Wetland, A
* Curvelet Transform-Based Sparsity Promoting Algorithm for Fast Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
* Dip Filter and Random Noise Suppression for GPR B-Scan Data Based on a Hybrid Method in f-x Domain
* End-to-End Convolutional Semantic Embeddings
* Extension of the ICP Algorithm Considering Scale Factor, An
* Facial Expression Sequence Synthesis Based on Shape and Texture Fusion Model
* Image-Based Appraisal of Real Estate Properties
* Monitoring of Monthly Height Growth of Individual Trees in a Subtropical Mixed Plantation Using UAV Data
* Multifaceted Approach to Social Multimedia-Based Prediction of Elections, A
* Neighborhood Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition
* Robust Human-Computer Interaction for Unstable Camera Systems
* Sentiment Recognition for Short Annotated GIFs Using Visual-Textual Fusion
* Spectral-Spatial Context-Boosted Network for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images, A
* Visualizing Unstructured Text Sequences Using Iterative Visual Clustering
* When saliency meets sentiment: Understanding how image content invokes emotion and sentiment
Includes: You, Q.[Qian] You, Q.[Qinghui] You, Q.[Qi] You, Q.[Qin] You, Q. You, Q.[Qubo] You, Q.[Qixu] You, Q.[Qing]
16 for You, Q.

You, Q.B.[Qiao Ben] Co Author Listing * Consistent attack: Universal adversarial perturbation on embodied vision navigation
* Object Recognition by Learning Informative, Biologically Inspired Visual Features
Includes: You, Q.B.[Qiao Ben] You, Q.B.[Qiao-Ben] You, Q.B.[Qu-Bo]

You, Q.H.[Qing Hui] Co Author Listing * Development of a Landscape-Based Multi-Metric Index to Assess Wetland Health of the Poyang Lake
Includes: You, Q.H.[Qing Hui] You, Q.H.[Qing-Hui]

You, Q.J.[Qing Jun] Co Author Listing * Multicontext 3D residual CNN for false positive reduction of pulmonary nodule detection
* Statistical correlative model in the multimodal fusion of brain images
Includes: You, Q.J.[Qing Jun] You, Q.J.[Qing-Jun]

You, Q.X.[Qi Xin] Co Author Listing * Sonar image quality evaluation using deep neural network
Includes: You, Q.X.[Qi Xin] You, Q.X.[Qi-Xin]

You, Q.Z.[Quan Zeng] Co Author Listing * Action4D: Online Action Recognition in the Crowd and Clutter
* Adaptive Greedy Dictionary Selection for Web Media Summarization
* Deep Frequency Filtering for Domain Generalization
* Double-layer conditional random fields model for human action recognition
* Factual or Emotional: Stylized Image Captioning with Adaptive Learning and Attention
* Image Captioning with Semantic Attention
* Lifelong Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification with Coordinated Anti-forgetting and Adaptation
* MMPTRACK: Large-scale Densely Annotated Multi-camera Multiple People Tracking Benchmark
* Object retrival based on visual word pairs
* QUALIFIER: Question-Guided Self-Attentive Multimodal Fusion Network for Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog
* TransMOT: Spatial-Temporal Graph Transformer for Multiple Object Tracking
Includes: You, Q.Z.[Quan Zeng] You, Q.Z.[Quan-Zeng] You, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhen]
11 for You, Q.Z.

You, R.J.[Rey Jer] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement of Airborne Lidar Strip Adjustment by Using Height Data and Surface Feature Strength Information Derived from the Tensor Voting Algorithm
* Quality Prediction Method for Building Model Reconstruction Using LiDAR Data and Topographic Maps, A
* Tensor-based Quality Prediction For Building Model Reconstruction From Lidar Data And Topographic Map
Includes: You, R.J.[Rey Jer] You, R.J.[Rey-Jer] You, R.J.

You, S.[Suya] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Urban Areas
* Adherent Raindrop Detection and Removal in Video
* Adherent Raindrop Modeling, Detection and Removal in Video
* ALTO: Alternating Latent Topologies for Implicit 3D Reconstruction
* Applying robust structure from motion to markerless augmented reality
* Approaches to Large-Scale Urban Modeling
* Augmented distinctive features for efficient image matching
* Automatic 3D industrial point cloud modeling and recognition
* Automatic Calibration of the Fisheye Camera for Egocentric 3D Human Pose Estimation from a Single Image
* Automatic Creation of Massive Virtual Cities
* Automatic Pose Recovery for High-Quality Textures Generation
* Automatic reconstruction of cities from remote sensor data
* BCNet: Searching for Network Width with Bilaterally Coupled Network
* Bilateral image denoising in the Laplacian subbands
* CDIKP: A highly-compact local feature descriptor
* Change Detection in Laser-Scanned Data of Industrial Sites
* Classification-Reconstruction Learning for Open-Set Recognition
* Cognitive Control Method for Cost-Efficient CBTC Systems With Smart Grids, A
* Computationally efficient retrieval-based tracking system and augmented reality for large-scale areas
* Cross-Connected Networks for Multi-Task Learning of Detection and Segmentation
* Cross-modal context-gated convolution for multi-modal sentiment analysis
* Cross-modal dynamic convolution for multi-modal emotion recognition
* DCT Inspired Feature Transform for Image Retrieval and Reconstruction
* DCT Regularized Extreme Visual Recovery
* Deep Texture and Structure Aware Filtering Network for Image Smoothing
* Delineation and geometric modeling of road networks
* Detecting Objects in Scene Point Cloud: A Combinational Approach
* Double-Guided Filtering: Image Smoothing with Structure and Texture Guidance
* DSD: Depth Structural Descriptor for Edge-Based Assistive Navigation
* Dynamic Programming Approach to Maximizing Tracks for Structure from Motion, A
* DyRep: Bootstrapping Training with Dynamic Re-parameterization
* Edge Preserving and Multi-Scale Contextual Neural Network for Salient Object Detection
* Efficient Hybrid Supervision for Instance Segmentation in Aerial Images
* Efficient matchings in augmented reality application
* End-to-End Partial Convolutions Neural Networks for Dunhuang Grottoes Wall-Painting Restoration
* Estimation of camera pose with respect to terrestrial LiDAR data
* Explore multiple clues for urban images matching
* Facehop: A Light-weight Low-resolution Face Gender Classification Method
* Feature selection for real-time image matching systems
* Fixed-Time Slip Control With Extended-State Observer Using Only Wheel Speed for Anti-Lock Braking Systems of Electric Vehicles
* Forward to the theme issue on point cloud processing
* Generating and Updating Textures for a Large-Scale Environment
* GreedyNAS: Towards Fast One-Shot NAS With Greedy Supernet
* GreedyNASv2: Greedier Search with a Greedy Path Filter
* High-Resolution National-Scale Mapping of Paddy Rice Based on Sentinel-1/2 Data
* HOSO: Histogram of Surface Orientation for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* HSI-Guided Intrinsic Image Decomposition for Outdoor Scenes
* Identifying and Classifying Shrinking Cities Using Long-Term Continuous Night-Time Light Time Series
* Identifying PM2.5-Related Health Burden in the Context of the Integrated Development of Urban Agglomeration Using Remote Sensing and GEMM Model
* Image relighting and matching with illumination information
* Integrating LiDAR, Aerial Image and Ground Images for Complete Urban Building Modeling
* Integration of region tracking and optical flow for image motion estimation
* Kinship Identification Through Joint Learning Using Kinship Verification Ensembles
* Kinship similarity for open sets
* Large Motion Estimation for Omnidirectional Vision
* Large-Scale Urban Modeling by Combining Ground Level Panoramic and Aerial Imagery
* Learning Rain Location Prior for Nighttime Deraining
* Learning RGB-D Salient Object Detection Using Background Enclosure, Depth Contrast, and Top-Down Features
* Learning rotation equivalent scene representation from instance-level semantics: A novel top-down perspective
* Learning Temporal Consistency for Low Light Video Enhancement from Single Images
* Learning to Minify Photometric Stereo
* Learning to Prune Filters in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning Where to Learn in Cross-View Self-Supervised Learning
* Learning with Privileged Tasks
* LGSQE: Lightweight Generated Sample Quality Evaluation
* Lightweight and Efficient Infrared Pedestrian Semantic Segmentation Method, A
* Lightweight Generalizable Evaluation and Enhancement Framework for Generative Models and Generated Samples, A
* Local Background Enclosure for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Low-resolution face recognition in resource-constrained environments
* Manifold topological multi-resolution analysis method
* Meta-UDA: Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Thermal Object Detection using Meta-Learning
* Model-Driven Video-Based Rendering for Vehicles
* Modeling Cross-modal Interaction in a Multi-detector, Multi-modal Tracking Framework
* Multi-Level Adaptive Separable Convolution for Large-Motion Video Frame Interpolation
* Multi-Object Tracking With Spatial-Temporal Topology-Based Detector
* Multi-person 3D pose estimation from a single image captured by a fisheye camera
* Multi-Scale Aggregation Transformers for Multispectral Object Detection
* Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking With Optical-Based Pose Association
* Multimodal image matching using self similarity
* Multitask AET with Orthogonal Tangent Regularity for Dark Object Detection
* Nighttime light remote sensing for urban applications: Progress, challenges, and prospects
* Not Just Streaks: Towards Ground Truth for Single Image Deraining
* Object Detection on Monocular Images with Two-Dimensional Canonical Correlation Analysis
* On Relationship of Multilayer Perceptrons and Piecewise Polynomial Approximators
* Orthographic Projection Linear Regression for Single Image 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Photo-Realistic Simulation of Road Scene for Data-Driven Methods in Bad Weather
* Photorealistic Large-Scale Urban City Model Reconstruction
* Pixelhop++: A Small Successive-Subspace-Learning-Based (SSL-Based) Model For Image Classification
* Point cloud labeling using 3D Convolutional Neural Network
* Point cloud matching based on 3D self-similarity
* Prioritized Architecture Sampling with Monto-Carlo Tree Search
* Raindrop Detection and Removal from Long Range Trajectories
* Rapid Creation of Large-Scale Photorealistic Virtual Environments
* Rapid extraction and updating of road network from airborne LiDAR data
* Re-mine, Learn and Reason: Exploring the Cross-modal Semantic Correlations for Language-guided HOI detection
* Real-Time Hand Grasp Recognition Using Weakly Supervised Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Networks for Understanding Manipulation Actions
* Real-Time Image Matching Based on Multiple View Kernel Projection
* Road network extraction from airborne LiDAR data using scene context
* Robust Arbitrary-Time Path-Tracking Control Using Reduced Order Kinematic Model for Unmanned Ground Vehicles
* Robust Image Matching with Line Context
* Robustness of Saak Transform Against Adversarial Attacks
* ScaleNet: Searching for the Model to Scale
* Searching for Network Width With Bilaterally Coupled Network
* Segmentation and matching: Towards a robust object detection system
* Semiautomatic registration between ground-level panoramas and an orthorectified aerial image for building modeling
* Semisupervised and Weakly Supervised Road Detection Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* SemST: Semantically Consistent Multi-Scale Image Translation via Structure-Texture Alignment
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Shape Inpainting Using 3D Generative Adversarial Network and Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* SimMatch: Semi-supervised Learning with Similarity Matching
* SimMatchV2: Semi-Supervised Learning with Graph Consistency
* Single Image Action Recognition Using Semantic Body Part Actions
* Single-Image Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep 3D Re-Centralization
* SUMMIT: Source-Free Adaptation of Uni-Modal Models to Multi-Modal Targets
* Supporting range and segment-based hysteresis thresholding in edge detection
* Towards Improving the Consistency, Efficiency, and Flexibility of Differentiable Neural Architecture Search
* Towards Scalable and Efficient Client Selection for Federated Object Detection
* Unidirectional Representation-Based Efficient Dictionary Learning
* UTM: A Unified Multiple Object Tracking Model with Identity-Aware Feature Enhancement
* Vanishing Hull
* Vehicle detection in urban point clouds with orthogonal-view convolutional neural network
* vision-based 2D-3D registration system, A
* Vision-Based System For Automatic Detection and Extraction Of Road Networks, A
* Visualization, Discriminability and Applications of Interpretable Saak Features
* ViTAS: Vision Transformer Architecture Search
* Weakly Supervised Contrastive Learning
* Weakly-supervised Semantic Segmentation in Cityscape via Hyperspectral Image
* Wide-baseline image matching using Line Signatures
Includes: You, S.[Suya] You, S.[Shaodi] You, S.[Shan] You, S.[Su] You, S. You, S.[Sesun] You, S.[Shucheng] You, S.[Shixue] You, S.[Shuai] You, S.[Sisi]
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You, S.C.[Shu Cheng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Earthquake-Damaged Buildings by Integrating UAV Oblique Photography and Infrared Thermal Imaging
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Two Successive V3 and V4 IMERG Final Run Precipitation Products over Mainland China
* Deep learning based cloud detection for medium and high resolution remote sensing images of different sensors
* Fine-Scale Mangrove Map of China Derived from 2-Meter Resolution Satellite Observations and Field Data, A
* Long-Term and Bimonthly Estimation of Lake Water Extent Using Google Earth Engine and Landsat Data
* Research on Optimization of Processing Parcels of New Bare Land Based on Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
Includes: You, S.C.[Shu Cheng] You, S.C.[Shu-Cheng] You, S.C.[Song-Cai]

You, S.D.[Shao Di] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence for Dunhuang Cultural Heritage Protection: The Project and the Dataset
* Detail Preserving Depth Estimation from a Single Image Using Attention Guided Networks
* Haze visibility enhancement: A Survey and quantitative benchmarking
* Interactive Learning of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties for All-Day Semantic Segmentation
* Learning From Synthetic Photorealistic Raindrop for Single Image Raindrop Removal
* Loss Guided Activation for Action Recognition in Still Images
* Multiview Rectification of Folded Documents
* Network Model for Invariant Object Recognition
* Nighttime Haze Removal with Glow and Multiple Light Colors
* Non-Local Intrinsic Decomposition With Near-Infrared Priors
* Single Image Water Hazard Detection Using FCN with Reflection Attention Units
* Stereo Super-Resolution via a Deep Convolutional Network
* Unsupervised Learning for Intrinsic Image Decomposition from a Single Image
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation by Iteratively Mining Common Object Features
Includes: You, S.D.[Shao Di] You, S.D.[Shao-Di] You, S.D.
14 for You, S.D.

You, S.H.[Shu Hang] Co Author Listing * Information in Streetscapes: Research on Visual Perception Information Quantity of Street Space Based on Information Entropy and Machine Learning
* New Approach on Design of a Digital Phase-Locked Loop, A
* Optimal Memory Size Formula for Moving-Average Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Includes: You, S.H.[Shu Hang] You, S.H.[Shu-Hang] You, S.H. You, S.H.[S. Hyun]

You, S.J. Co Author Listing * adaptive bandwidth nonlocal means image denoising in wavelet domain, An

You, S.P.[Su Ping] Co Author Listing * Design of an autofocus capsule endoscope system and the corresponding 3D reconstruction algorithm
Includes: You, S.P.[Su Ping] You, S.P.[Su-Ping]

You, S.S.[Shih Shien] Co Author Listing * Analysis of hidden nodes for multi-layer perceptron neural networks
Includes: You, S.S.[Shih Shien] You, S.S.[Shih-Shien]

You, S.Z.[Sheng Zhe] Co Author Listing * Whether and how congested is a road? Indices, updating strategy and a vision-based detection framework
Includes: You, S.Z.[Sheng Zhe] You, S.Z.[Sheng-Zhe]

You, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Clustering-Based Algorithm for Automatic Path Planning of Heterogeneous UAVs, An
* Closed-loop unified knowledge distillation for dense object detection
* Domain-Specific Batch Normalization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Energy-Saving Optimization and Control of Autonomous Electric Vehicles With Considering Multiconstraints
* Multiple object tracking based on multi-task learning with strip attention
* Object detection based on cortex hierarchical activation in border sensitive mechanism and classification-GIou joint representation
* Traffic Accident Benchmark for Causality Recognition
Includes: You, T.[Tao] You, T.[Tackgeun]
7 for You, T.

You, T.Q.[Tian Qi] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Radar Jamming Recognition in Open Set Environment Based on Deep Learning Networks
Includes: You, T.Q.[Tian Qi] You, T.Q.[Tian-Qi]

You, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 3DVAR Aerosol Data Assimilation and Evaluation Using Surface PM2.5, Himawari-8 AOD and CALIPSO Profile Observations in the North China
* Deep Learning-Based Automatic Clutter/Interference Detection for HFSWR
* Detecting the Boundaries of Urban Areas in India: A Dataset for Pixel-Based Image Classification in Google Earth Engine
* Drought Dynamics in the Nile River Basin: Meteorological, Agricultural, and Groundwater Drought Propagation
* Experimental service of 3DTV cable broadcasting using dual HD streams
* Fake Face Images Detection and Identification of Celebrities Based on Semantic Segmentation
* Hydroclimatic Extremes Evaluation Using GRACE/GRACE-FO and Multidecadal Climatic Variables over the Nile River Basin
* Image-Image Translation to Enhance Near Infrared Face Recognition
* Information Hiding Using CAVLC: Misconceptions and a Detection Strategy
* Linguistic Steganalysis Merging Semantic and Statistical Features
* National-Scale Estimates of Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentration in China Using Geographically Weighted Regression Based on 3 km Resolution MODIS AOD
* New Hybrid Level Set Approach, A
* Optimization and Evaluation of SO2 Emissions Based on WRF-Chem and 3DVAR Data Assimilation
* Protecting World Leader Using Facial Speaking Pattern Against Deepfakes
* RESLS: Region and Edge Synergetic Level Set Framework for Image Segmentation
* Spatio-Temporal Evaluation of Water Storage Trends from Hydrological Models over Australia Using GRACE Mascon Solutions
Includes: You, W.[Wei] You, W.[Woongshik] You, W.[Weike] You, W.
16 for You, W.

You, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * TotalPLS: Local Dimension Reduction for Multicategory Microarray Data
Includes: You, W.J.[Wen Jie] You, W.J.[Wen-Jie]

You, W.S.[Won Sang] Co Author Listing * Moving Object Tracking in H.264/AVC Bitstream
* Recognition of complex static hand gestures by using the wristband-based contour features
Includes: You, W.S.[Won Sang] You, W.S.[Won-Sang] You, W.S.[Wei-Shiuan]

You, W.T.[Wei Tao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Interactive Nonlinear Video for Online Apparel Shopping Navigation
Includes: You, W.T.[Wei Tao] You, W.T.[Wei-Tao]

You, X. Co Author Listing * Automatic Ear Landmark Localization, Segmentation, and Pose Classification in Range Images
* Automatic Matching Algorithm Based on SIFT Descriptors for Remote Sensing Ship Image, An
* Blind Watermarking Scheme Using New Nontensor Product Wavelet Filter Banks, A
* Connected Component Model for Multi-Object Tracking
* Convexity of Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in NOMA Systems
* Cross-Domain Multi-Prototypes with Contradictory Structure Learning for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Diverse Expected Gradient Active Learning for Relative Attributes
* Group Sparse Multiview Patch Alignment Framework With View Consistency for Image Classification
* Hybrid of Local and Global Saliencies for Detecting Image Salient Region and Appearance, A
* Image blur identification by using higher order statistic techniques
* Interleaved Training for Intelligent Surface-Assisted Wireless Communications
* Kernel Learning for Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Learning General-Purpose Representations for Cross-Domain Hyperspectral Images Classification with Small Samples
* LiDAR-Based Real-Time Panoptic Segmentation via Spatiotemporal Sequential Data Fusion
* LiDAR-Based SLAM under Semantic Constraints in Dynamic Environments
* Massive MIMO With Ternary ADCs
* Multi-modal deep learning for landform recognition
* PL-VSCN: Patch-level vision similarity compares network for image matching
* Remote Sensing Application in Chinese Medicinal Plant Identification and Acreage Estimation: A Review
* Research on the Cyberspace Map and Its Conceptual Model
* Robust adaptive estimator for filtering noise in images
* Robust Object Tracking via Key Patch Sparse Representation
* Rotation-Insensitive and Context-Augmented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Scalable and Accurate De-Snowing Algorithm for LiDAR Point Clouds in Winter, A
* Survey on Urban Warfare Augmented Reality
* Target Recognition in SAR Images Based on Information-Decoupled Representation
* Tracking and Pairing Vehicle Headlight in Night Scenes
* Validating the Crop Identification Capability of the Spectral Variance at Key Stages (SVKS) Computed via an Object Self-Reference Combined Algorithm
* Vehicle Headlights Detection Using Markov Random Fields
* Video-Based Person Re-Identification by Simultaneously Learning Intra-Video and Inter-Video Distance Metrics
Includes: You, X. You, X.[Xin] You, X.[Xiong] You, X.[Xu] You, X.[Xinyan] You, X.[Xuqun]
30 for You, X.

You, X.G.[Xin Ge] Co Author Listing * adaptive hybrid pattern for noise-robust texture analysis, An
* Adaptive Matching of Kernel Means
* Arabic font recognition based on diacritics features
* Binary Code Reranking Method Based on Bit Importance
* Blind Copy-Paste Detection Using Improved SIFT Ring Descriptor
* Coping with change: Learning invariant and minimum sufficient representations for fine-grained visual categorization
* CSCNet: Contextual semantic consistency network for trajectory prediction in crowded spaces
* Deep Adaptively-Enhanced Hashing With Discriminative Similarity Guidance for Unsupervised Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Detection, localization and pose classification of ear in 3D face profile images
* Double Compression Detection Based on Markov Model of the First Digits of DCT Coefficients
* Efficient Single Image Dehazing and Denoising: An Efficient Multi-Scale Correlated Wavelet Approach
* Emotion Classification Using EEG Brain Signals and the Broad Learning System
* Extracting corner-cue feature to improve minutiae-matching accuracy
* Face Representation By Using Non-tensor Product Wavelets
* FREE: Feature Refinement for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Generalized transfer component analysis for mismatched JPEG steganalysis
* Global-to-Local Matching Strategy for Registering Retinal Fundus Images, A
* Hierarchical Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spatial Window-Based Multiview Intact Feature Learning
* Image Data and Backbone in Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Visual Categorization: A Revisit and Further Thinking, The
* Image matching using enclosed region detector
* Improving the Generalization of MAML in Few-Shot Classification via Bi-Level Constraint
* Leachable Component Clustering
* Lip Segmentation under MAP-MRF Framework with Automatic Selection of Local Observation Scale and Number of Segments
* Local Metric Learning for Exemplar-Based Object Detection
* local region based approach to lip tracking, A
* MAP-MRF based lip segmentation without true segment number
* Model Semantic Relations with Extended Attributes
* MSDN: Mutually Semantic Distillation Network for Zero-Shot Learning
* MSN: Multi-Style Network for Trajectory Prediction
* Multi-view common component discriminant analysis for cross-view classification
* Multi-View Low-Rank Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
* Multi-view manifold learning with locality alignment
* Multiscale Approach for Thinning Ridges of Fingerprint
* Multiscale patch-based contrast measure for small infrared target detection
* Multiset Feature Learning for Highly Imbalanced Data Classification
* Noise-Robust Adaptive Hybrid Pattern for Texture Classification, A
* novel method for harmonic geometric transformation model based on wavelet collocation, A
* novel method for offline handwriting-based writer identification, A
* Offline Arabic Handwriting Identification Using Language Diacritics
* Palmprint identification based on non-separable wavelet filter banks
* Printer forensics based on page document's geometric distortion
* R2-trans: Fine-grained visual categorization with redundancy reduction
* Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation Using the Radial Projection and Supervised Classification
* Robust face recognition via occlusion dictionary learning
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Multi-Frame Multi-Feature Joint Modeling
* Segmentation of retinal blood vessels using the radial projection and semi-supervised approach
* Semi-Supervised Cross-View Projection-Based Dictionary Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Shape Classification Using Tree-Unions
* Shape matching and classification using height functions
* Single image super-resolution with non-local balanced low-rank matrix restoration
* Skeletonization of Character Based on Wavelet Transform
* Skeletonization of ribbon-like shapes based on a new wavelet function
* Sparse discriminative multi-manifold embedding for one-sample face identification
* Structured sparse coding for image representation based on L1-graph
* Super-Resolution Person Re-Identification with Semi-Coupled Low-Rank Discriminant Dictionary Learning
* Super-Resolution Person Re-Identification with Semi-Coupled Low-Rank Discriminant Dictionary Learning
* Texture Image Retrieval Using Novel Non-separable Filter Banks Based on Centrally Symmetric Matrices
* TransZero++: Cross Attribute-Guided Transformer for Zero-Shot Learning
* Unified B-Spline Framework for Scale-Invariant Keypoint Detection, A
* Video scene parsing: An overview of deep learning methods and datasets
* View Vertically: A Hierarchical Network for Trajectory Prediction via Fourier Spectrums
* Watermarking Scheme Based on Discrete Non-separable Wavelet Transform, A
* Wavelet Domain Local Binary Pattern Features For Writer Identification
* Wavelet-Based Approach for Skeleton Extraction
* Wavelet-Based Approach to Character Skeleton
* Writer identification of Chinese handwriting documents using hidden Markov tree model
Includes: You, X.G.[Xin Ge] You, X.G.[Xin-Ge] You, X.G.[Xin-Gang]
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You, X.J.[Xiao Jian] Co Author Listing * Explicit Local Coupling Global Structure Clustering
Includes: You, X.J.[Xiao Jian] You, X.J.[Xiao-Jian]

You, X.T.[Xiang Ting] Co Author Listing * Identification of Urban Functional Zones Based on the Spatial Specificity of Online Car-Hailing Traffic Cycle
* Object detection via inner-inter relational reasoning network
Includes: You, X.T.[Xiang Ting] You, X.T.[Xiang-Ting] You, X.T.[Xiu-Ting]

You, X.Y. Co Author Listing * Blending using ODE swept surfaces with shape control and C1 continuity
* Fine-Grained Service-Level Passenger Flow Prediction for Bus Transit Systems Based on Multitask Deep Learning
* Geometric Primitive-Guided UAV Path Planning for High-Quality Image-Based Reconstruction
Includes: You, X.Y. You, X.Y.[Xiao-Yong] You, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu]

You, X.Z.[Xing Zhi] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Based Detection of Crop Phenology for Agricultural Zones in China Using a New Threshold Method
Includes: You, X.Z.[Xing Zhi] You, X.Z.[Xing-Zhi]

You, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * 3D map augmented photo gallery application on mobile device, A
* Active-Passive Microwave Land Surface Database From GPM, An
* BiCro: Noisy Correspondence Rectification for Multi-modality Data via Bi-directional Cross-modal Similarity Consistency
* Broad Area Target Search System for Ship Detection via Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* CAFE: Learning to Condense Dataset by Aligning Features
* Can Water-Detection Indices Be Reliable Proxies for Water Discharges in Mid-Sized Braided Rivers Using Coarse-Resolution Landsat Archives?
* Canonical Voting: Towards Robust Oriented Bounding Box Detection in 3D Scenes
* Combined segmentation, reconstruction, and tracking of multiple targets in multi-view video sequences
* CPPF: Towards Robust Category-Level 9D Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Crafting Better Contrastive Views for Siamese Representation Learning
* Dataset Quantization
* DREAM: Efficient Dataset Distillation by Representative Matching
* Efficient Training Approach for Very Large Scale Face Recognition, An
* End-to-End Pseudo-LiDAR for Image-Based 3D Object Detection
* Ensemble deep learning for automated visual classification using EEG signals
* Few-Shot Object Detection in Remote Sensing Image Interpretation: Opportunities and Challenges
* How to Optimize High-Value GEP Areas to Identify Key Areas for Protection and Restoration: The Integration of Ecology and Complex Networks
* Human Correspondence Consensus for 3d Object Semantic Understanding
* Implementation Strategy of Visible and Near-infrared Imaging Spectrometer on Yutu-2 Rover Based on Vision Measurement Technology
* KeypointNet: A Large-Scale 3D Keypoint Dataset Aggregated From Numerous Human Annotations
* L2-GCN: Layer-Wise and Learned Efficient Training of Graph Convolutional Networks
* Lunar Surface Sampling Feasibility Evaluation Method for Chang'e-5 Mission
* Mask Aware Network for Masked Face Recognition in the Wild
* Modeling Motion with Multi-Modal Features for Text-Based Video Segmentation
* MSINet: Twins Contrastive Search of Multi-Scale Interaction for Object ReID
* Multi-Oriented Enhancement Branch and Context-Aware Module for Few-Shot Oriented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* OEGR-DETR: A Novel Detection Transformer Based on Orientation Enhancement and Group Relations for SAR Object Detection
* OPD-Net: Prow Detection Based on Feature Enhancement and Improved Regression Model in Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Optimized Filtering Method of Massive Interferometric SAR Data for Urban Areas by Online Tensor Decomposition, An
* Parallel binocular stereo-vision-based GPU accelerated pedestrian detection and distance computation
* Pixel Level Tracking of Multiple Targets in Crowded Environments
* PMS-GAN: Parallel Multi-Stream Generative Adversarial Network for Multi-Material Decomposition in Spectral Computed Tomography
* Point cloud classification with deep normalized Reeb graph convolution
* Preventing Zero-Shot Transfer Degradation in Continual Learning of Vision-Language Models
* PRIN/SPRIN: On Extracting Point-Wise Rotation Invariant Features
* Reflection Removal Using Dual-Polarization and Saliency in Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Imaging
* Relative CNN-RNN: Learning Relative Atmospheric Visibility From Images
* Resource Aware Person Re-identification Across Multiple Resolutions
* SGR: An Improved Point-Based Method for Remote Sensing Object Detection via Dual-Domain Alignment Saliency-Guided RepPoints
* Skeleton Merger: an Unsupervised Aligned Keypoint Detector
* Street view cross-sourced point cloud matching and registration
* Study Of Urban Intensive Land Evaluating System, A
* Survey of Change Detection Methods Based on Remote Sensing Images for Multi-Source and Multi-Objective Scenarios, A
* Towards Efficient and Scalable Sharpness-Aware Minimization
* Train in Germany, Test in the USA: Making 3D Object Detectors Generalize
* UKPGAN: A General Self-Supervised Keypoint Detector
* Understanding Pixel-Level 2D Image Semantics With 3D Keypoint Knowledge Engine
* Weakly Supervised Learning for Textbook Question Answering
Includes: You, Y.[Yu] You, Y. You, Y.[Yang] You, Y.[Yanan] You, Y.[Yuchi] You, Y.[Yongfa] You, Y.[Yue] You, Y.[Yan]
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You, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Determining Location and Orientation of a Labelled Cylinder Using Point-Pair Estimation Algorithm
* UAV-LiDAR Measurement of Vegetation Canopy Structure Parameters and Their Impact on Land-Air Exchange Simulation Based on Noah-MP Model
Includes: You, Y.C. You, Y.C.[Ying-Chang]

You, Y.F.[Yun Fei] Co Author Listing * Bagging Regional Classification Activation Maps for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Building Detection from VHR Remote Sensing Imagery Based on the Morphological Building Index
* Improved Modeling of Gross Primary Productivity of Alpine Grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau Using the Biome-BGC Model
* On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithm
* Remote Sensing Retrieval of Turbidity in Alpine Rivers based on high Spatial Resolution Satellites
* Using a Remote-Sensing-Based Piecewise Retrieval Algorithm to Map Chlorophyll-a Concentration in a Highland River System
* Weakly Supervised Deep Learning-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
* Weakly Supervised Object Localization as Domain Adaption
Includes: You, Y.F.[Yun Fei] You, Y.F.[Yun-Fei] You, Y.F.[Yong-Fa] You, Y.F.[Yan-Fei]
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You, Y.H.[Yuan Hong] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Sensitivity of Snow Depth Simulations to Land Surface Parameterizations within Noah-MP in Northern Xinjiang, China
* Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images Using 2DPCA Bases
* Landsat Satellites Observed Dynamics of Snowline Altitude at the End of the Melting Season, Himalayas, 1991-2022
* Multi-scale pedestrian detection based on self-attention and adaptively spatial feature fusion
* Multiplication-Free Estimation of Integer Frequency Offset for OFDM-Based DRM Systems
* Satellite Evidence for Divergent Forest Responses within Close Vicinity to Climate Fluctuations in a Complex Terrain
Includes: You, Y.H.[Yuan Hong] You, Y.H.[Yuan-Hong] You, Y.H.[Yu Hu] You, Y.H.[Yu-Hao] You, Y.H.

You, Y.L.[Yu Li] Co Author Listing * Analysis and design of anisotropic diffusion for image processing
* Anisotropic blind image restoration
* Behavioral Analysis of Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing
* Blind Image Restoration by Anisotropic Regularization
* Differences in the behaviors of continuous and discrete anisotropic diffusion equations for image processing
* Experiments on geometric image enhancement
* Formation of Step Images During Anisotropic Diffusion
* Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations for Noise Removal
* On ill-posed anisotropic diffusion models
* Regularization Approach to Joint Blur Identification and Image Restoration, A
* simple algorithm for joint blur identification and image restoration, A
Includes: You, Y.L.[Yu Li] You, Y.L.[Yu-Li] You, Y.L.
11 for You, Y.L.

You, Y.Q.[Ya Qing] Co Author Listing * Karcher Mean in Elastic Shape Analysis
Includes: You, Y.Q.[Ya Qing] You, Y.Q.[Ya-Qing]

You, Y.R.[Yu Rong] Co Author Listing * Ithaca365: Dataset and Driving Perception under Repeated and Challenging Weather Conditions
* Learning to Detect Mobile Objects from LiDAR Scans Without Labels
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Self-Driving from Past Traversal Features
Includes: You, Y.R.[Yu Rong] You, Y.R.[Yu-Rong]

You, Y.S.[Yang Sheng] Co Author Listing * analytical approach to evaluate point cloud registration error utilizing targets, An
* Rigorous Feature Extraction Algorithm for Spherical Target Identification in Terrestrial Laser Scanning, A
Includes: You, Y.S.[Yang Sheng] You, Y.S.[Yang-Sheng]

You, Y.X.[Ying Xuan] Co Author Listing * Co-Evolution of Pose and Mesh for 3D Human Body Estimation from Video
* SPSD: Semantics and Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Motion Planning for Supermarket Robot
Includes: You, Y.X.[Ying Xuan] You, Y.X.[Ying-Xuan]

You, Y.Y.[Yu Yang] Co Author Listing * DSSNet: A Deep Sequential Sleep Network for Self-Supervised Representation Learning Based on Single-Channel EEG
Includes: You, Y.Y.[Yu Yang] You, Y.Y.[Yu-Yang]

You, Z. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Noise Layer: Regularize Neural Network by Adding Noise
* Automated cell individualization and counting in cerebral microscopic images
* Automated Detection Of Highly Aggregated Neurons In Microscopic Images Of Macaque Brain
* Benchmark Dataset for Segmenting Liver, Vasculature and Lesions from Large-scale Computed Tomography Data, A
* comprehensive survey: Image deraining and stereo-matching task-driven performance analysis, A
* Compressed and High-Accuracy Star Tracker with On-Orbit Deployable Baffle for Remote Sensing CubeSats, A
* Detection Method for Pavement Cracks Combining Object Detection and Attention Mechanism, A
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Production Potential Based on Remotely-Sensed Imagery and Process-Based Model Simulations
* Ghost Removal via Channel Attention in Exposure Fusion
* novel image quality index for stereo image, A
* Reliability of Travel Time Forecasting, The
* SINS/SAR/GPS Fusion Positioning System Based on Sensor Credibility Evaluations, A
* Visual/Inertial/GNSS Integrated Navigation System under GNSS Spoofing Attack
* Which Gridded Population Data Product Is Better? Evidences from Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA)
Includes: You, Z. You, Z.[Zheng] You, Z.[Zhenzhen] You, Z.[Zhanping] You, Z.[Zhen]
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You, Z.H.[Zhu Hong] Co Author Listing * improvement on learning with local and global consistency, An
* Incorporation of Efficient Second-Order Solvers Into Latent Factor Models for Accurate Prediction of Missing QoS Data
* Increasing reliability of protein interactome by fast manifold embedding
* Orthogonal locally discriminant spline embedding for plant leaf recognition
Includes: You, Z.H.[Zhu Hong] You, Z.H.[Zhu-Hong] You, Z.H.

You, Z.L.[Zhi Long] Co Author Listing * joint deep learning network of point clouds and multiple views for roadside object classification from lidar point clouds, A
Includes: You, Z.L.[Zhi Long] You, Z.L.[Zhi-Long]

You, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Co Author Listing * efficient algorithm for optimal linear estimation fusion in distributed multisensor systems, An
* homography transform based higher-order MRF model for stereo matching, A
* novel and quick SVM-based multi-class classifier, A
* Performance Evaluation of Shape Matching via Chord Length Distribution
* Probabilistic Framework for Multitarget Tracking with Mutual Occlusions, A
* Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Linear Motion and Repulsive Motion
* Video synchronization based on events alignment
Includes: You, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] You, Z.S.[Zhi-Sheng]
7 for You, Z.S.

You, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Co Author Listing * Feature Comparison of Two Mesoscale Eddy Datasets Based on Satellite Altimeter Data
* Lip contour extraction for language learning in VEC3D
Includes: You, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] You, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] You, Z.W.[Zhen-Wei]

You, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Co Author Listing * Color Light Field Block Truncation Compression using Hierarchical Bit-Plane Prediction
* Fast and Accurate Homography Estimation Using Extendable Compression Network
* Virtual Reality Video Quality Assessment Based on 3d Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: You, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] You, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]

You, Z.Y.[Zhi Yang] Co Author Listing * Biomapping: Privacy trustworthy biometrics using noninvertible and discriminable constructions
* Few-shot Object Counting with Similarity-Aware Feature Enhancement
* Symmetry-Driven hyper feature GCN for skeleton-based gait recognition
Includes: You, Z.Y.[Zhi Yang] You, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yang] You, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] You, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang]

You, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense via Perturbation-Disentanglement in Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Colorization of Depth Map via Disentanglement
* new image decomposition approach using pixel-wise analysis sparsity model, A
* SENSE: Self-Evolving Learning for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
Includes: You, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] You, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen] You, Z.Z.[Zun-Zhi]

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