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Cheu, R.L. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of adaptive neural network models for freeway incident detection
* Guest Editorial: IEEE 5th international conference on intelligent transportation systems papers
* Neural Networks for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control
Includes: Cheu, R.L. Cheu, R.L.[Ruey Long]

Cheuk, C.M.[Chi Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic calibration for inertial measurement unit

Cheuk, K.W.[Kin Wai] Co Author Listing * Effect of Spectrogram Reconstruction on Automatic Music Transcription: An Alternative Approach to Improve Transcription Accuracy, The

Cheuk, M.L.[Mang Lung] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatial Uncertainty of Lidar-derived Building Model: A Case Study in Downtown Oklahoma City

Cheung Mon Chan, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Fast nonparametric belief propagation for real-time stereo articulated body tracking
* Real-Time 3D Articulated Pose Tracking using Particle Filtering and Belief Propagation on Factor Graphs
Includes: Cheung Mon Chan, P.[Pascal] Cheung-Mon-Chan, P.[Pascal] Cheung-Mon-Chan, P.

Cheung, A. Co Author Listing * Arabic optical character recognition system using recognition-based segmentation, An
* On the Design of Perceptual MPEG-Video Encryption Algorithms
* On the Security of an MPEG-Video Encryption Scheme Based on Secret Huffman Tables
Includes: Cheung, A. Cheung, A.[Albert]

Cheung, A.Y.[Au Yeung] Co Author Listing * Method for estimating motion in a video sequence
Includes: Cheung, A.Y.[Au Yeung] Cheung, A.Y.[Au-Yeung]

Cheung, B.[Benny] Co Author Listing * Bio-imaging Toolkit for Indexing, Searching, Navigation, Discovery and Annotation
* Compact and Optimal Deep Learning with Recurrent Parameter Generators
* Intro and Recap Detection for Movies and TV Series
* Linear Complexity Approximate Method for Multi-Target Particle Filter Track before Detect, A
* Track before Detect for Space Situation Awareness
Includes: Cheung, B.[Benny] Cheung, B.[Brian] Cheung, B.[Ben] Cheung, B.

Cheung, B.K.S.[Bernard K.S.] Co Author Listing * Improved Neural Network Training Algorithm for Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Positioning, An

Cheung, C.[Carol] Co Author Listing * Detecting the optic cup excavation in retinal fundus images by automatic detection of vessel kinking

Cheung, C.H.[Chun Ho] Co Author Listing * Adjustable Partial Distortion Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Depth map misalignment correction and dilation for DIBR view synthesis
* Embedded Lossless Wavelet Coder using Multi-Partitioning Algorithm with Bit-Trunking
* Generalized Partial Distortion Search Algorithm for Block-matching Motion Estimation
* Hierarchical Block Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Partial Distortion Measure, A
* Merged-color histogram for color image retrieval
* Motion Compensated Virtual View Synthesis Using Novel Particle Cell
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment With 3D Shearlet Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Normalized Partial Distortion Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation
* Novel Cross-Diamond Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation, A
* Novel Multiwavelet-based Integer Transform for Lossless Image Coding, A
* novel small-cross-diamond search algorithm for fast video coding and videoconferencing applications, A
* Spatio-Temporal Disocclusion Filling Using Novel Sprite Cells
* Successive Partition Zero Coder for Embedded Lossless Wavelet-Based Image Coding
* Text-Driven Automatic Frame Generation Using MPEG-4 Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Coding for 2-D Head-and-Shoulder Scene
* Watershed based depth map misalignment correction and foreground biased dilation for DIBR view synthesis
Includes: Cheung, C.H.[Chun Ho] Cheung, C.H.[Chun-Ho] Cheung, C.H.[Chi Ho] Cheung, C.H.
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Cheung, C.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Tracking Block Matching Algorithms for Video Coding
* Modelling error propagation in vector-based overlay analysis
* New Prediction Model Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation, A
* Probability-based Uncertainty Model for Point-in-Polygon Analysis in GIS, A
Includes: Cheung, C.K. Cheung, C.K.[Chui-Kwan] Cheung, C.K.[Chui Kwan]

Cheung, C.L.[Chim Lee] Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional Monolithic Marker for Intra-Operative MR-Based Positional Sensing in Closed MRI
Includes: Cheung, C.L.[Chim Lee] Cheung, C.L.[Chim-Lee]

Cheung, C.M.G.[Chui Ming Gemmy] Co Author Listing * Early age-related macular degeneration detection by focal biologically inspired feature

Cheung, C.P.[Chun Pan] Co Author Listing * benchmark for best view selection of 3D objects, A
* Evaluation of 3D Interest Point Detection Techniques
* Evaluation of 3D interest point detection techniques via human-generated ground truth
* SHREC'10 Track: Range Scan Retrieval
Includes: Cheung, C.P.[Chun Pan] Cheung, C.P.

Cheung, C.S.[Chi Shing] Co Author Listing * Remote spectral imaging with simultaneous extraction of 3D topography for historical wall paintings

Cheung, C.W.J. Co Author Listing * Ultrasound Volume Projection Imaging for Assessment of Scoliosis

Cheung, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Classifying DME vs normal SD-OCT volumes: A review

Cheung, C.Y.L.[Carol Yim Lui] Co Author Listing * Automatic Grading of Cortical and PSC Cataracts Using Retroillumination Lens Images

Cheung, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Line Segment Detection Using Transformers without Edges

Cheung, D.W.[David W.] Co Author Listing * Personalized location recommendation by aggregating multiple recommenders in diversity

Cheung, E. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Safe Vehicle Navigation Based on Driver Behavior Classification
* LCrowdV: Generating Labeled Videos for Simulation-Based Crowd Behavior Learning
Includes: Cheung, E. Cheung, E.[Ernest]

Cheung, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation for Visual Saliency Modeling
* 360-Degree Virtual-Reality Cameras for the Masses
* 3D Point Cloud Denoising Using Graph Laplacian Regularization of a Low Dimensional Manifold Model
* 3D Point Cloud Enhancement Using Graph-Modelled Multiview Depth Measurements
* 3D Point Cloud Super-Resolution via Graph Total Variation on Surface Normals
* A-Optimal Sampling and Robust Reconstruction for Graph Signals via Truncated Neumann Series
* Adaptive frame and QP selection for temporally super-resolved full-exposure-time video
* Adaptive Nonrigid Inpainting of Three-Dimensional Point Cloud Geometry
* Anchor View Allocation for Collaborative Free Viewpoint Video Streaming
* Arbitrarily Shaped Motion Prediction for Depth Video Compression Using Arithmetic Edge Coding
* Arithmetic edge coding for arbitrarily shaped sub-block motion prediction in depth video compression
* Attribute Grammar Based Framework for Machine Dependent Computational Optimizations of Media Processing Algorithms, An
* Bit Allocation for Joint Source/Channel Coding of Scalable Video
* Coding Structure and Replication Optimization for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming
* Collaborative Wireless Freeview Video Streaming With Network Coding
* Community Streaming With Interactive Visual Overlays: System and Optimization
* Complexity scalable mode-based H.263 video transcoding
* Consistent view synthesis in interactive multiview imaging
* Content-Aware Metric for Stitched Panoramic Image Quality Assessment, A
* Context Tree-Based Image Contour Coding Using a Geometric Prior
* Delay-Cognizant Interactive Streaming of Multiview Video With Free Viewpoint Synthesis
* Depth map compression using multi-resolution graph-based transform for depth-image-based rendering
* Deterministic structured network coding for WWAN video broadcast with cooperative peer-to-peer repair
* Directed Acyclic Graph Based Mode Optimization for H.263 video encoding
* Disocclusion hole-filling in DIBR-synthesized images using multi-scale template matching
* Distributed Markov decision process in cooperative peer recovery for WWAN multiview video multicast
* Dynamic Memory Model Based Optimization of Scalar and Vector Quantizer for Fast Image Encoding
* Efficient bit allocation for multiview image coding and view synthesis
* Encoder-Driven Inpainting Strategy in Multiview Video Compression
* Error concealment by data partitioning
* Estimating Heart Rate and Rhythm via 3D Motion Tracking in Depth Video
* Exemplar-based framework for 3D point cloud hole filling
* Face recovery in conference video streaming using robust principal component analysis
* Fast & Robust Image Interpolation Using Gradient Graph Laplacian Regularizer
* Frame structure optimization for interactive multiview video streaming with bounded network delay
* Gaze-Driven video streaming with saliency-based dual-stream switching
* Graph fourier transform with negative edges for depth image coding
* Graph Laplacian Regularization for Image Denoising: Analysis in the Continuous Domain
* Graph Learning Based Head Movement Prediction for Interactive 360 Video Streaming
* Graph Spectral Image Processing
* Graph-Based Blind Image Deblurring From a Single Photograph
* Graph-Based Depth Denoising and Dequantization for Point Cloud Enhancement
* Graph-based Dequantization of Block-Compressed Piecewise Smooth Images
* Graph-based joint denoising and super-resolution of generalized piecewise smooth images
* Graph-Based Joint Dequantization and Contrast Enhancement of Poorly Lit JPEG Images
* Graphics-to-video encoding for 3g mobile game viewer multicast using depth values
* Guest editorial: Advances in 3D video processing
* Hybrid Model-Based / Data-Driven Graph Transform for Image Coding
* Hyperspectral image coding using graph wavelets
* Image Bit-Depth Enhancement via Maximum A Posteriori Estimation of AC Signal
* Image bit-depth enhancement via maximum-a-posteriori estimation of graph AC component
* Image classifier learning from noisy labels via generalized graph smoothness priors
* Image interpolation for DIBR view-synthesis using graph fourier transform
* In-network view re-sampling for interactive free viewpoint video streaming
* In-Network View Synthesis for Interactive Multiview Video Systems
* Incentive analysis for cooperative interactive multiview video streaming
* Inter-block consistent soft decoding of JPEG images with sparsity and graph-signal smoothness priors
* Interactive Streaming of Stored Multiview Video Using Redundant Frame Structures
* Intra predictive transform coding based on predictive graph transform
* Intra-Prediction and Generalized Graph Fourier Transform for Image Coding
* Joint Demosaicking / Rectification Of Fisheye Camera Images Using Multi-Color Graph Laplacian Regularization
* Joint denoising/compression of image contours via geometric prior and variable-length context tree
* Joint Denoising/Compression of Image Contours via Shape Prior and Context Tree
* Joint gaze-correction and beautification of DIBR-synthesized human face via dual sparse coding
* Joint Pairwise Learning and Image Clustering Based on a Siamese CNN
* Joint server/peer receiver-driven rate-distortion optimized video streaming using asynchronous clocks
* Joint Source/Channel Coding of Scalable Video over Noisy Channels
* Landmarking for Navigational Streaming of Stored High-Dimensional Media
* Large-scale privacy protection in Google Street View
* Loss-Resilient Coding of Texture and Depth for Free-Viewpoint Video Conferencing
* Low-Cost Eye Gaze Prediction System for Interactive Networked Video Streaming
* Merge Frame Design for Video Stream Switching Using Piecewise Constant Functions
* Multi-stream switching for interactive virtual reality video streaming
* Multiresolution Graph Fourier Transform for Compression of Piecewise Smooth Images
* Navigation Domain Representation For Interactive Multiview Imaging
* Near-optimal multipath streaming of H.264 using reference frame selection
* Non-Local Graph-Based Prediction for Reversible Data Hiding in Images
* Object Shape Approximation and Contour Adaptive Depth Image Coding for Virtual View Synthesis
* On Constructing z -Dimensional DIBR-Synthesized Images
* On Dependent Bit Allocation for Multiview Image Coding With Depth-Image-Based Rendering
* Optimal Lagrange multipliers for dependent rate allocation in video coding
* Optimized frame structure using distributed source coding for interactive multiview video streaming
* Optimizing Distributed Source Coding for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming Over Lossy Networks
* Optimizing frame structure with real-time computation for interactive multiview video streaming
* Optimizing landmark insertions for interactive light field streaming
* Optimizing peer grouping for live free viewpoint video streaming
* Path Coding on Geometric Planar Graph for 2D/3D Visual Data Partitioning
* Point Cloud Denoising via Feature Graph Laplacian Regularization
* Point Cloud Sampling via Graph Balancing and Gershgorin Disc Alignment
* Point Cloud Video Super-Resolution via Partial Point Coupling and Graph Smoothness
* Pre-Demosaic Graph-Based Light Field Image Compression
* Pre-demosaic light field image compression using graph lifting transform
* Precision Enhancement of 3-D Surfaces from Compressed Multiview Depth Maps
* Prior-Based Quantization Bin Matching for Cloud Storage of JPEG Images
* Progressive communication for interactive light field image data streaming
* Progressive graph-signal sampling and encoding for static 3D geometry representation
* Progressive Sub-Aperture Image Recovery for Interactive Light Field Data Streaming
* Quantifying the relation between perceived interest and visual salience during free viewing using trellis based optimization
* R-D optimized auxiliary information for inpainting-based view synthesis
* Random Walk Graph Laplacian-Based Smoothness Prior for Soft Decoding of JPEG Images
* Rate-complexity tradeoff for client-side free viewpoint image rendering
* Rate-Constrained 3D Surface Estimation From Noise-Corrupted Multiview Depth Videos
* Rate-distortion based reconstruction optimization in distributed source coding for interactive multiview video streaming
* Rate-distortion optimized application-level retransmission using streaming agent for video streaming over 3G wireless network
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Joint Source/Channel Coding of WWAN Multicast Video for a Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Collective
* Rate-distortion optimized merge frame using piecewise constant functions
* RD-Optimized 3D Planar Model Reconstruction & Encoding for Video Compression
* Redundant frame structure using M-frame for interactive light field streaming
* Reference Frame Optimization for Multiple-Path Video Streaming With Complexity Scaling
* Reference frame selection for loss-resilient texture and depth map coding in multiview video conferencing
* Retinex-based Image Denoising / Contrast Enhancement Using Gradient Graph Laplacian Regularizer
* Role of HEVC coding artifacts on gaze prediction in interactive video streaming systems
* Saliency-cognizant robust view synthesis in free viewpoint video streaming
* Sampling of 3D Point Cloud Via Gershgorin Disc Alignment
* SiGAN: Siamese Generative Adversarial Network for Identity-Preserving Face Hallucination
* Signed Graph Metric Learning via Gershgorin Disc Perfect Alignment
* Sleep Apnea Detection via Depth Video and Audio Feature Learning
* Sparsity-based joint gaze correction and face beautification for conferencing video
* Temporal propagation analysis for small errors in a single-frame in H.264 video
* Transform domain sparsification of depth maps using iterative quadratic programming
* Unrolling Graph Total Variation for Light Field Image Denoising
* Using SP-Frames for Error Resilience in Optimized Video Streaming
* Video Error Concealment Using a Computation-Efficient Low Saliency Prior
Includes: Cheung, G. Cheung, G.[Gene] Cheung, G.[German]
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Cheung, G.C.M.[Gemmy C. M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic localization of the macula in a supervised graph-based approach with contextual superpixel features
* Speckle Reduction in 3D Optical Coherence Tomography of Retina by A-Scan Reconstruction
Includes: Cheung, G.C.M.[Gemmy C. M.] Cheung, G.C.M.

Cheung, G.K.M. Co Author Listing * Markerless human motion transfer
* Real Time System for Robust 3D Voxel Reconstruction of Human Motions, A
* Shape-From-Silhouette Across Time Part I: Theory and Algorithms
* Shape-From-Silhouette Across Time Part II: Applications to Human Modeling and Markerless Motion Tracking
* Shape-from-silhouette of articulated objects and its use for human body kinematics estimation and motion capture
* Visual hull alignment and refinement across time: a 3D reconstruction algorithm combining shape-from-silhouette with stereo
* Visual Hull Construction, Alignment and Refinement Across Time
* Visual Hull Construction, Alignment and Refinement for Human Kinematic Modeling, Motion Tracking and Rendering
Includes: Cheung, G.K.M. Cheung, G.K.M.[German K. M.] Cheung, G.K.M.[German Kong-Man]
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Cheung, H.[Humphrey] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Local Feature Analysis for Face Recognition
* Edge Detection by Genetic Algorithm
* Face Authentication Competition on the BANCA Database
Includes: Cheung, H.[Humphrey] Cheung, H.

Cheung, H.F. Co Author Listing * Improving Laser Triangulation Sensors Using Polarization
* Polarization Based Removal of Spurious Inter-Reflections in Active Ranging

Cheung, H.K. Co Author Listing * Compressed-Domain Techniques for Error-Resilient Video Transcoding Using RPS
* Deep Hashing with Triplet Labels and Unification Binary Code Selection for Fast Image Retrieval
* efficient retinex-like brightness normalization method for coding camera flashes and strong brightness variation in videos, An
* New Block-Based Motion Estimation for Sequences with Brightness Variation and Its Application to Static Sprite Generation for Video Compression
* Reference Picture Selection in an Already MPEG Encoded Bitstream
* Robust global motion estimation and novel updating strategy for sprite generation
* Windowing technique for the DCT based retinex algorithm to handle videos with brightness variations coded using the H.264
Includes: Cheung, H.K. Cheung, H.K.[Hok Kwan] Cheung, H.K.[Hoi-Kok] Cheung, H.K.[Hoi-Kin]
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Cheung, H.L. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Time-Frequency: Texture Compensation Technique for Image Coding

Cheung, J. Co Author Listing * Contrast Techniques for Line Detection in a Correlated Noise Environment
* On Classification of Multispectral Infrared Image Data

Cheung, J.F.Y. Co Author Listing * Directional Line Detectors in Correlated Noisy Environments
* Graeco-Latin Squares Design for Line Detection in the Presence of Correlated Noise
* Statistical Theory for Optimal Detection of Moving Objects in Variable Corruptive Noise, A

Cheung, J.P.Y.[Jason Pui Yin] Co Author Listing * Ensemble-Based Densely-Connected Deep Learning System for Assessment of Skeletal Maturity, An

Cheung, J.Y.[John Y.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for detecting and quantifying motion of a body part

Cheung, K.C.[Ka Chun] Co Author Listing * Attributed Abnormality Graph Embedding for Clinically Accurate X-Ray Report Generation
* Automatic Extraction of Bone Boundaries from CT Scans Using an Intelligence-based Approach
* CopyRNeRF: Protecting the CopyRight of Neural Radiance Fields
* FlowFormer++: Masked Cost Volume Autoencoding for Pretraining Optical Flow Estimation
* FlowFormer: A Transformer Architecture for Optical Flow
* Learning Degradation Representations for Image Deblurring
* MPPNet: Multi-frame Feature Intertwining with Proxy Points for 3D Temporal Object Detection
* Simple Baseline for Video Restoration with Grouped Spatial-Temporal Shift, A
* TrajectoryFormer: 3D Object Tracking Transformer with Predictive Trajectory Hypotheses
* VideoFlow: Exploiting Temporal Cues for Multi-frame Optical Flow Estimation
Includes: Cheung, K.C.[Ka Chun] Cheung, K.C.
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Cheung, K.F. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy One-Mean Algorithm: Formulation, Convergence Analysis, and Applications

Cheung, K.H.[King Hong] Co Author Listing * analysis of BioHashing and its variants, An
* Does EigenPalm work? A System and Evaluation Perspective
* Gait flow image: A silhouette-based gait representation for human identification
* New Approach to Personal Identification in Large Databases by Hierarchical Palmprint Coding with Multi-features, A
* On Hierarchical Palmprint Coding With Multiple Features for Personal Identification in Large Databases
* Revealing the Secret of FaceHashing
Includes: Cheung, K.H.[King Hong] Cheung, K.H.[King-Hong] Cheung, K.H.

Cheung, K.K.T.[Kent K.T.] Co Author Listing * 3D head model classification by evolutionary optimization of the Extended Gaussian Image representation
* Affine Invariant Retrieval of Binary Patterns Using Generalized Complex Moments
* Indexing and retrieval of 3D models by unsupervised clustering with hierarchical SOM
* Multi-window Approach to Classify Histological Features, A
* Semantic retrieval by spatial relationships
* Similarity Measures for Histological Image Retrieval
* Symmetry Detection by Generalized Complex (GC) Moments: A Close-Form Solution
* Symmetry Detection Using Complex Moments
Includes: Cheung, K.K.T.[Kent K.T.] Cheung, K.K.T.
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Cheung, K.M. Co Author Listing * Lucas-Kanade 20 Years On: Part 5

Cheung, K.P.[Kin Pong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Realizing Matching Pursuits and Its Applications in MPEG4 Coding System, An
* Fast Two-stage Algorithm for Realizing Matching Pursuit, A
Includes: Cheung, K.P.[Kin Pong] Cheung, K.P.[Kin-Pong]

Cheung, K.S. Co Author Listing * Enhancement in performance of genetic algorithm for object location problem
* Understanding the Spatial Effects of Unaffordable Housing Using the Commuting Patterns of Workers in the New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure
Includes: Cheung, K.S. Cheung, K.S.[Ka Shing]

Cheung, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive depth truncation filter for MVC based compressed depth image
* adaptive motion compensation method using superimposed inter-frame signals, An
* Bayesian Framework for Deformable Pattern Recognition with Application to Handwritten Character Recognition
* Bidirectional Deformable Matching with Application to Handwritten Character Extraction
* Bidirectional Matching Algorithm for Deformable Pattern Detection with Application to Handwritten Word Retrieval, A
* Block-Matching Translation And Zoom Motion-Compensated Prediction by sub-sampling
* Competitive Mixture of Deformable Models for Pattern Classification
* Depth map misalignment correction and dilation for DIBR view synthesis
* Distance-based weighted prediction for Adaptive Intra Mode Bit Skip in H.264/AVC
* Distortion Map-Guided Feature Rectification for Efficient Video Semantic Segmentation
* Dominant Color Structure Descriptor for Image Retrieval
* Embedded Lossless Wavelet Coder using Multi-Partitioning Algorithm with Bit-Trunking
* Horizontal Scaling and Shearing-Based Disparity-Compensated Prediction for Stereo Video Coding
* Integration of image quality and motion cues for face anti-spoofing: A neural network approach
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment With 3D Shearlet Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Novel Directional Gradient Descent Searches for Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Novel Multiwavelet-based Integer Transform for Lossless Image Coding, A
* On deformable models for visual pattern recognition
* Pose-tolerant Non-frontal Face Recognition using EBGM
* Preprocessing for Discrete Multiwavelet Transform of Two-Dimensional Signals
* SCGAN: Saliency Map-Guided Colorization with Generative Adversarial Network
* Search Patterns Switching Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, A
* Spatial coefficient partitioning for lossless wavelet image coding
* Subsampled Block-Matching for Zoom Motion Compensated Prediction
* Successive Partition Zero Coder for Embedded Lossless Wavelet-Based Image Coding
* Synthesizing Frontal Faces on Calibrated Stereo Cameras for Face Recognition
* Watershed based depth map misalignment correction and foreground biased dilation for DIBR view synthesis
Includes: Cheung, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Cheung, K.W.[Kwok-Wai] Cheung, K.W. Cheung, K.W.[Kin-Wang]
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Cheung, L.F.[Li Fung] Co Author Listing * Segmenting image data into blocks and deleting some prior to compression
Includes: Cheung, L.F.[Li Fung] Cheung, L.F.[Li-Fung]

Cheung, M. Co Author Listing * Analytics-Driven Visualization on Digital Directory via Screen-Smart Device Interactions
* Connection Discovery Using Big Data of User-Shared Images in Social Media
* Detecting Social Signals in User-Shared Images for Connection Discovery Using Deep Learning
* Robust High-Capacity Watermarking Over Online Social Network Shared Images
Includes: Cheung, M. Cheung, M.[Ming]

Cheung, M.K. Co Author Listing * Image Motion Estimation for 3D Model Based Video Conferencing

Cheung, M.T.[Man Tai] Co Author Listing * Video Mosaicking for Arbitrary Scene Imaged under Arbitrary Camera Motion
Includes: Cheung, M.T.[Man Tai] Cheung, M.T.[Man-Tai]

Cheung, N. Co Author Listing * Accessible Melanoma Detection Using Smartphones and Mobile Image Analysis
* Attentive Weights Generation for Few Shot Learning via Information Maximization
* Deep Clustering by Gaussian Mixture Variational Autoencoders With Graph Embedding
* Efficient and Deep Person Re-identification Using Multi-level Similarity
* On-Device Scalable Image-Based Localization via Prioritized Cascade Search and Fast One-Many RANSAC
* Simultaneous Feature Aggregating and Hashing for Compact Binary Code Learning
* Unsupervised Deep Cross-modality Spectral Hashing
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Cheung, N.M.[Ngai Man] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Egocentric Life-Logging Videos
* Adaptive correlation estimation for general Wyner-Ziv video coding
* Analytical model for camera distance related 3D virtual view distortion estimation
* Analytical Model for Synthesis Distortion Estimation in 3D Video, An
* Analytical study of RGB vertical stripe and RGBX square-shaped subpixel arrangements
* Attention-Based Context Aware Reasoning for Situation Recognition
* Bandwidth efficient mobile cloud gaming with layered coding and scalable phong lighting
* Binary Constrained Deep Hashing Network for Image Retrieval Without Manual Annotation
* Binary Hashing with Semidefinite Relaxation and Augmented Lagrangian
* Closer Look at Few-shot Image Generation, A
* Closer Look at Fourier Spectrum Discrepancies for CNN-generated Images Detection, A
* Compact Hash Code Learning With Binary Deep Neural Network
* Comparison of local feature descriptors for mobile visual search
* Computation and Memory Efficient Image Segmentation
* Configurable variable length code with genetic algorithms
* Deep neural networks on graph signals for brain imaging analysis
* Dimensionality reduction of brain imaging data using graph signal processing
* Discovering Transferable Forensic Features for CNN-Generated Images Detection
* Dist-GAN: An Improved GAN Using Distance Constraints
* Dynamic selection of a feature-rich query frame for mobile video retrieval
* Embedding Based on Function Approximation for Large Scale Image Search
* Enabling Adaptive High-Frame-Rate Video Streaming in Mobile Cloud Gaming Applications
* Enhancing feature discrimination for unsupervised hashing
* Estimation of Virtual View Synthesis Distortion Toward Virtual View Position
* Explanation-Guided Training for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Classification
* Exploring Incompatible Knowledge Transfer in Few-shot Image Generation
* FAemb: A function approximation-based embedding method for image retrieval
* FS-BAN: Born-Again Networks for Domain Generalization Few-Shot Classification
* Highly Parallel Rate-Distortion Optimized Intra-Mode Decision on Multicore Graphics Processors
* InfoMax-GAN: Improved Adversarial Image Generation via Information Maximization and Contrastive Learning
* Information-theoretic analysis of Blinn-Phong lighting with applicationto mobile cloud gaming
* Interactive Streaming of Stored Multiview Video Using Redundant Frame Structures
* Layered Coding for Mobile Cloud Gaming Using Scalable Blinn-Phong Lighting
* Learning to Hash with Binary Deep Neural Network
* Luma-Chroma Space Filter Design for Subpixel-Based Monochrome Image Downsampling
* Merge Frame Design for Video Stream Switching Using Piecewise Constant Functions
* Mobile Visual Search
* Model-Based Approach to Correlation Estimation In Wavelet-Based Distributed Source Coding with Application to Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Multimodal Multi-Stream Deep Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Non-rigid Object Tracking via Deformable Patches Using Shape-Preserved KCF and Level Sets
* Novel distortion metric for depth coding of 3D video
* On Data Augmentation for GAN Training
* On modeling the rendering error in 3D video
* Optimized frame structure using distributed source coding for interactive multiview video streaming
* Parallel rate-distortion optimized intra mode decision on multi-core graphics processors using greedy-based encoding orders
* Quality-controlled view interpolation for multiview video
* Rate-distortion based reconstruction optimization in distributed source coding for interactive multiview video streaming
* Rate-distortion optimized merge frame using piecewise constant functions
* Re-Thinking Model Inversion Attacks Against Deep Neural Networks
* Sampling-Based Correlation Estimation for Distributed Source Coding Under Rate and Complexity Constraints
* SDRSAC: Semidefinite-Based Randomized Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration Without Correspondences
* Shell Theory: A Statistical Model of Reality
* Simultaneous compression and quantization: A joint approach for efficient unsupervised hashing
* Simultaneous Feature Aggregating and Hashing for Large-Scale Image Search
* Smartphone and Mobile Image Processing for Assisted Living: Health-monitoring apps powered by advanced mobile imaging algorithms
* Streaming Mobile Cloud Gaming Video Over TCP With Adaptive Source-FEC Coding
* Subpixel Rendering: From Font Rendering to Image Subsampling
* Successive refinement based Wyner-Ziv video compression
* Supervised Hashing with End-to-End Binary Deep Neural Network
* Synchronization of presentation slides and lecture videos using bit rate sequences
* Synthesis distortion estimation in 3D video using frequency and spatial analysis
* Toward Scalable and Unified Example-Based Explanation and Outlier Detection
* Trading Delay for Distortion in One-Way Video Communication Over the Internet
* Transform-Domain Adaptive Correlation Estimation (TRACE) for Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Universal Variable Length Code for DCT Coding
* Video Coding on Multicore Graphics Processors
Includes: Cheung, N.M.[Ngai Man] Cheung, N.M.[Ngai-Man] Cheung, N.M.
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Cheung, P.W.H.[Prudence Wing Hang] Co Author Listing * Ensemble-Based Densely-Connected Deep Learning System for Assessment of Skeletal Maturity, An
Includes: Cheung, P.W.H.[Prudence Wing Hang] Cheung, P.W.H.[Prudence Wing-Hang]

Cheung, P.Y.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive automatic facial feature segmentation
* Context-based image acquisition from memory in digital systems
* Custom parallel caching schemes for hardware-accelerated image compression
* Novel Video Parsing Algorithm Utilizing the Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance Emotional Information, A
* Real-time hardware acceleration of the trace transform
* sensor-based approach to linear blur identification for real-time video enhancement, A
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Framework, A
* User Attention Based Arousal Content Modeling
* Video enhancement on an adaptive image sensor
* Video Image Processing with the Sonic Architecture
Includes: Cheung, P.Y.K. Cheung, P.Y.K.[Peter Y. K.] Cheung, P.Y.K.[Peter Y.K.]
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Cheung, P.Y.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive search center non-linear three step search
* Boundary vector field for parametric active contours
* Efficient Parameterless Quadrilateral-Based Image Segmentation Method, An
* Parallelization Methodology for Video Coding: An Implementation on the TMS320C80
* PCTV: a biologically- and psychologically-inspired edge and line detection
Includes: Cheung, P.Y.S. Cheung, P.Y.S.[Paul Y.S.]

Cheung, R.C.C.[Ray C.C.] Co Author Listing * Bidirectionally Deformable Motion Modulation For Video-based Human Pose Transfer
* Efficient Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Framework Based on CUR Decomposition (CUR-HU)
* Fast CU Size Decision Algorithm for the HEVC Intra Encoder, A
* Fast HEVC intra coding decision based on statistical cost and corner detection
* fast inter CU decision algorithm for HEVC, A
* Feature Selection Based on Tensor Decomposition and Object Proposal for Night-Time Multiclass Vehicle Detection
* Fully Pipelined Hardware Architecture for Intra Prediction of HEVC, A
* Hypergraph based geometric biclustering algorithm
* MUREN: MUltistage Recursive Enhanced Network for Coal-Fired Power Plant Detection
* robust background initialization algorithm with superpixel motion detection, A
Includes: Cheung, R.C.C.[Ray C.C.] Cheung, R.C.C.[Ray C. C.] Cheung, R.C.C.
10 for Cheung, R.C.C.

Cheung, S. Co Author Listing * Attention Mechanism Exploits Temporal Contexts: Real-Time 3D Human Pose Reconstruction
* On the Global Geometry of Sphere-Constrained Sparse Blind Deconvolution
* ORC: Network Group-based Knowledge Distillation using Online Role Change
* Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation with Implicit Emotional Awareness: A Deep Learning Approach
Includes: Cheung, S. Cheung, S.[Seokhwa]

Cheung, S.C.[Sen Ching] Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3D Human Pose Estimation from Videos by Using Attention-Based Neural Network with Dilated Convolutions
* Joint Semi-supervised and Active Learning for Segmentation of Gigapixel Pathology Images with Cost-Effective Labeling
* Multi-Constraint Adversarial Networks for Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* SaR: Self-adaptive Refinement on Pseudo Labels for Multiclass-Imbalanced Semi-supervised Learning
Includes: Cheung, S.C.[Sen Ching] Cheung, S.C.[Sen-Ching] Cheung, S.C.[Shing-Chi]

Cheung, S.C.S.[Sen Ching Samson] Co Author Listing * Affect-preserving privacy protection of video
* Appearance based background subtraction for PTZ cameras
* Approximate techniques in solving optimal camera placement problems
* Background subtraction for static and moving camera
* Efficient Object-Based Video Inpainting
* efficient protocol for private iris-code matching by means of garbled circuits, An
* Efficient Video Similarity Measurement and Search
* Efficient video similarity measurement with video signature
* Eye tracking based perceptual image inpainting quality analysis
* Fast similarity search on video signatures
* Hiding Privacy Information in Video Surveillance System
* Human body reshaping and its application using multiple RGB-D sensors
* Human pose estimation using two RGB-D sensors
* Human segmentation by fusing visible-light and thermal imaginary
* Integrating Multimedia into Autism Intervention
* Layer Depth Denoising and Completion for Structured-Light RGB-D Cameras
* Managing privacy data in pervasive camera networks
* Manifold Estimation in View-Based Feature Space for Face Synthesis across Poses
* Mining Arbitrary-Length Repeated Patterns in Television Broadcast
* Motion and appearance based background subtraction for freely moving cameras
* Multi-Camera Surveillance with Visual Tagging and Generic Camera Placement
* Offline Generation of High Quality Background Subtraction Data
* Predicting ASD diagnosis in children with synthetic and image-based eye gaze data
* Privacy protected image denoising with secret shares
* RoboMirror: Simulating a mirror with a robotic camera
* Robust Background Subtraction with Foreground Validation for Urban Traffic Video
* robust RGB-D SLAM system for 3D environment with planar surfaces, A
* Secure Image Filtering
* Spatially adaptive illumination modeling for background subtraction
* Universal Multimode Background Subtraction
* Video Similarity Detection with Video Signature Clustering
Includes: Cheung, S.C.S.[Sen Ching Samson] Cheung, S.C.S.[Sen-Ching Samson] Cheung, S.C.S.[Sen-Ching S.] Cheung, S.C.S.
31 for Cheung, S.C.S.

Cheung, S.E.S. Co Author Listing * Symmetric Shape Completion Under Severe Occlusions

Cheung, S.G.[Sierra Grace] Co Author Listing * Depth Videos for the Classification of Micro-Expressions

Cheung, S.M.[Siu Ming] Co Author Listing * Detection of Approaching Pedestrians from a Distance Using Temporal Intensity Patterns
* Row-oriented Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Halftoning, A
Includes: Cheung, S.M.[Siu Ming] Cheung, S.M.[Siu-Ming] Cheung, S.M.

Cheung, S.S.[S. Samson] Co Author Listing * Learning Sensitive Images Using Generative Models
* People Counting in Dense Crowd Images Using Sparse Head Detections
* Virtual Mirror Rendering With Stationary RGB-D Cameras and Stored 3-D Background
Includes: Cheung, S.S.[S. Samson] Cheung, S.S.

Cheung, T.C.H.[Terence Chun Ho] Co Author Listing * Adaptive depth truncation filter for MVC based compressed depth image
* Integration of image quality and motion cues for face anti-spoofing: A neural network approach
Includes: Cheung, T.C.H.[Terence Chun Ho] Cheung, T.C.H.[Terence Chun-Ho]

Cheung, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Capturing long-range correlations with patch models
* Characterization of trichromatic color cameras by using a new multispectral imaging technique
* Evaluation of a model to predict anomalous-observer performance with the 100-hue test
* Video Epitomes
Includes: Cheung, V.[Vincent] Cheung, V.[Vien]

Cheung, W. Co Author Listing * n-SIFT: n-Dimensional Scale Invariant Feature Transform
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network for Computer Vision

Cheung, W.F.[Wan Fung] Co Author Listing * Color quantization of compressed video sequences
* Improving MPEG-4 coding performance by jointly optimising compression and blocking effect elimination
* Optimizing MPEG-4 Coding Performance by Taking Post-processing Into Account
Includes: Cheung, W.F.[Wan Fung] Cheung, W.F.[Wan-Fung] Cheung, W.F.

Cheung, W.K.[William K.] Co Author Listing * Attributed Abnormality Graph Embedding for Clinically Accurate X-Ray Report Generation
* Collaborative and content-based image labeling
* Hybrid Probabilistic Model for Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Image Tagging, A
* Learning Hierarchical Variational Autoencoders With Mutual Information Maximization for Autoregressive Sequence Modeling
* Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis
* Learning Topic Models by Belief Propagation
* Relaxational metric adaptation and its application to semi-supervised clustering and content-based image retrieval
Includes: Cheung, W.K.[William K.] Cheung, W.K.
7 for Cheung, W.K.

Cheung, W.P. Co Author Listing * Direct Shape from Shading with Improved Rate of Convergence

Cheung, W.Y.[Wing Yin] Co Author Listing * Learning Foreground-Background Segmentation from Improved Layered GANs

Cheung, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Object Segmentation Based on Visual and Motion Saliency
* Blind Watermarking Scheme Using New Nontensor Product Wavelet Filter Banks, A
* branch and bound irredundant graph algorithm for large-scale MLCS problems, A
* Dual Pursuit for Subspace Learning
* Eye Gaze Tracking With a Web Camera in a Desktop Environment
* Robust Low-Rank Tensor Minimization via a New Tensor Spectral k-Support Norm
* Unified Sparse Subspace Learning via Self-Contained Regression
Includes: Cheung, Y. Cheung, Y.[Yiuming]
7 for Cheung, Y.

Cheung, Y.M.[Yiu Ming] Co Author Listing * Active contours with a joint and region-scalable distribution metric for interactive natural image segmentation
* Active contours with a novel distribution metric for complex object segmentation
* Arabic font recognition based on diacritics features
* Attention guided deep audio-face fusion for efficient speaker naming
* Bayesian Low-Tubal-Rank Robust Tensor Factorization with Multi-Rank Determination
* Camera Calibration Based on the Common Self-polar Triangle of Sphere Images
* Categorical-and-numerical-attribute data clustering based on a unified similarity metric without knowing cluster number
* Classifying protein sequences using hydropathy blocks
* common self-polar triangle of concentric circles and its application to camera calibration, The
* common self-polar triangle of separate circles: Properties and applications to camera calibration, The
* Compact Neural Network via Stacking Hybrid Units
* Cooperative and penalized competitive learning with application to kernel-based clustering
* Corrupted and occluded face recognition via cooperative sparse representation
* Efficient Human Motion Retrieval via Temporal Adjacent Bag of Words and Discriminative Neighborhood Preserving Dictionary Learning
* Efficient Single Image Dehazing and Denoising: An Efficient Multi-Scale Correlated Wavelet Approach
* Expanding dictionary for robust face recognition: Pixel is not necessary while sparsity is
* Facial Expression Guided Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease via High-Quality Data Augmentation
* Feature Selection and Kernel Learning for Local Learning-Based Clustering
* Few-Shot Lip-Password Based Speaker Verification
* Fingerprint Geometric Hashing Based on Binary Minutiae Cylinder Codes
* Grouping-based Oversampling in Kernel Space for Imbalanced Data Classification
* High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding Method for Homomorphic Encrypted Images, A
* Highly Robust Reversible Watermarking Scheme Using Embedding Optimization and Rounded Error Compensation, A
* Homography Estimation from the Common Self-Polar Triangle of Separate Ellipses
* Hybrid of Local and Global Saliencies for Detecting Image Salient Region and Appearance, A
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on 3-D Octave Convolution With Spatial-Spectral Attention Network
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spatial Window-Based Multiview Intact Feature Learning
* Improving posture classification accuracy for depth sensor-based human activity monitoring in smart environments
* Inference-Based Similarity Search in Randomized Montgomery Domains for Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification
* Joint sparse principal component analysis
* k*-Means: A new generalized k-means clustering algorithm
* Key Point Sensitive Loss for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
* Label-Noise Learning with Intrinsically Long-Tailed Data
* Learnable Weighting of Intra-Attribute Distances for Categorical Data Clustering with Nominal and Ordinal Attributes
* Learning a mixture model for clustering with the completed likelihood minimum message length criterion
* Learning Relationship-Enhanced Semantic Graph for Fine-Grained Image-Text Matching
* Lip Contour Extraction Method Using Localized Active Contour Model with Automatic Parameter Selection, A
* Lip event detection using oriented histograms of regional optical flow and low rank affinity pursuit
* Lip Segmentation under MAP-MRF Framework with Automatic Selection of Local Observation Scale and Number of Segments
* local region based approach to lip tracking, A
* Long-tailed Visual Recognition via Gaussian Clouded Logit Adjustment
* Long-Tailed Visual Recognition via Self-Heterogeneous Integration with Knowledge Excavation
* Lossless Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Compatible With Homomorphic Processing
* MAP-MRF based lip segmentation without true segment number
* MTFH: A Matrix Tri-Factorization Hashing Framework for Efficient Cross-Modal Retrieval
* new feature selection method for Gaussian mixture clustering, A
* OLCH: Online Label Consistent Hashing for streaming cross-modal retrieval
* OMGH: Online Manifold-Guided Hashing for Flexible Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Palmprint identification based on non-separable wavelet filter banks
* Plant Leaf Identification via a Growing Convolution Neural Network with Progressive Sample Learning
* Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation Using the Radial Projection and Supervised Classification
* Reversible contrast enhancement for medical images with background segmentation
* Reversible data hiding in Paillier cryptosystem
* Reversible Data Hiding With Brightness Preserving Contrast Enhancement by Two-Dimensional Histogram Modification
* rival penalized EM algorithm towards maximizing weighted likelihood for density mixture clustering with automatic model selection, A
* Robust heterogeneous discriminative analysis for face recognition with single sample per person
* Robust Object Tracking via Key Patch Sparse Representation
* SAGN: Semantic-Aware Graph Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Salient region detection using local and global saliency
* Segmentation of retinal blood vessels using the radial projection and semi-supervised approach
* Sequential Quantization Strategy for Data Embedding and Integrity Verification, A
* Simultaneous Dual-Views Reconstruction with Adaptive Dictionary and Low-Rank Representation
* Single image super-resolution with non-local balanced low-rank matrix restoration
* Sparse discriminative multi-manifold embedding for one-sample face identification
* Structured sparse coding for image representation based on L1-graph
* Toward Efficient Image Representation: Sparse Concept Discriminant Matrix Factorization
Includes: Cheung, Y.M.[Yiu Ming] Cheung, Y.M.[Yiu-Ming] Cheung, Y.m. Cheung, Y.M.
66 for Cheung, Y.M.

Cheung, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Clustering of clusters
* Fuzzy-Attribute Graph with application to Chinese Character Recognition
* Knowledge-Based Stroke-Matching Method for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by elastic matching

Cheutet, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Improved time series clustering based on new geometric frameworks
* Improved Time-Series Clustering with UMAP dimension reduction method

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