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Jing, B.Y.[Bing Yi] Co Author Listing * Feature subset selection using naive Bayes for text classification
Includes: Jing, B.Y.[Bing Yi] Jing, B.Y.[Bing-Yi]

Jing, B.Z. Co Author Listing * Vessel enhancement of low quality fundus image using mathematical morphology and combination of Gabor and matched filter

Jing, C.[Chenlin] Co Author Listing * Downscaling of GRACE-Derived Groundwater Storage Based on the Random Forest Model
* Estimating the Fractional Cycle Biases for GPS Triple-Frequency Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution Based on IGS Ultra-Rapid Predicted Orbits
* Heterogeneous Hashing Network for Face Retrieval Across Image and Video Domains
* Hierarchical Data Model for Storage and Indexing of Massive Street View
* Hybridization of An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and Fuzzy K-means Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Rapid Mapping and Annual Dynamic Evaluation of Quality of Urban Green Spaces on Google Earth Engine
* Sea Surface Wind Speed Retrieval from the First Chinese GNSS-R Mission: Technique and Preliminary Results
* Time-Series Landsat Data for 3D Reconstruction of Urban History
Includes: Jing, C.[Chenlin] Jing, C.[Changfeng] Jing, C. Jing, C.[Cheng] Jing, C.[Chuanbao]
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Jing, C.B.[Chuan Bao] Co Author Listing * Mapping the Urban Population in Residential Neighborhoods by Integrating Remote Sensing and Crowdsourcing Data
Includes: Jing, C.B.[Chuan Bao] Jing, C.B.[Chuan-Bao]

Jing, C.C.[Chen Chen] Co Author Listing * Deep CNN based binary hash video representations for face retrieval
Includes: Jing, C.C.[Chen Chen] Jing, C.C.[Chen-Chen]

Jing, C.F.[Chang Feng] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Evaluation of Spatial Differentiation for Public Open Spaces in Urban Built-Up Areas by Assessing SDG 11.7: A Case of Deqing County
* Urban Rain Gauge Siting Selection Based On GIS-multicriteria Analysis
Includes: Jing, C.F.[Chang Feng] Jing, C.F.[Chang-Feng]

Jing, C.N.[Cui Ning] Co Author Listing * Combining polar harmonic transforms and 2D compound chaotic map for distinguishable and robust color image zero-watermarking algorithm
* Establishment of Color Printer Profile File Based on ICC Standard, The
Includes: Jing, C.N.[Cui Ning] Jing, C.N.[Cui-Ning]

Jing, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a fast algorithm for modulated lapped transform

Jing, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * AnnoSearch: Image Auto-Annotation by Search
* Autonomous Ultra-Wide Band-Based Attitude and Position Determination Technique for Indoor Mobile Laser Scanning, An
* Changes in Atmospheric, Meteorological, and Ocean Parameters Associated with the 12 January 2020 Taal Volcanic Eruption
* Content-Based Image Annotation Refinement
* Design of High-Level Features for Photo Quality Assessment, The
* Efficient and Effective Region-Based Image Retrieval Framework, An
* Learning in hidden annotation-based image retrieval
* Relevance Feedback for Keyword and Visual Feature-Based Image Retrieval
* Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Unified Framework for Image Retrieval Using Keyword and Visual Features, A
* Unified Relevance Feedback Framework for Web Image Retrieval, A
Includes: Jing, F.[Feng] Jing, F.[Faming] Jing, F.
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Jing, G. Co Author Listing * Content-Aware Video2Comics With Manga-Style Layout
* Frequency Domain Backprojection Algorithm Based on Local Cartesian Coordinate and Subregion Range Migration Correction for High-Squint SAR Mounted on Maneuvering Platforms, A

Jing, G.B.[Guo Bin] Co Author Listing * Validating GEV Model for Reflection Symmetry-Based Ocean Ship Detection with Gaofen-3 Dual-Polarimetric Data
Includes: Jing, G.B.[Guo Bin] Jing, G.B.[Guo-Bin]

Jing, G.M.[Guang Mei] Co Author Listing * Gradient guided image interpolation
Includes: Jing, G.M.[Guang Mei] Jing, G.M.[Guang-Mei]

Jing, G.X.[Guo Xi] Co Author Listing * Research on Time-Frequency Characteristics of Engine Induction Noise and Time-Frequency Representation of the Acoustic Signals
Includes: Jing, G.X.[Guo Xi] Jing, G.X.[Guo-Xi]

Jing, H.[He] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Network Detector for Radar Target in Changing Scenes
* Case-Adaptive Classification Based on Image Retrieval for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
* CBRISK: Colored Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints
* Image retrieval for computer-aided diagnosis of breast cancer
* Monitoring Capabilities Of A Mobile Mapping System Based On Navigation Qualities
* Regularized adaptive classification based on image retrieval for clustered microcalcifications
* Robust H_inf Path Following Control for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Delay and Data Dropout
* Spatial distribution modeling for detection of clustered microcalcifications
Includes: Jing, H.[He] Jing, H.[Hao] Jing, H.[Huiyun] Jing, H.
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Jing, H.J.[Hua Jiong] Co Author Listing * Fast log-Gabor-based nonlocal means image denoising methods
Includes: Jing, H.J.[Hua Jiong] Jing, H.J.[Hua-Jiong]

Jing, H.L.[Hai Long] Co Author Listing * Fast spatial-temporal stereo matching for 3D face reconstruction under speckle pattern projection
Includes: Jing, H.L.[Hai Long] Jing, H.L.[Hai-Long]

Jing, H.Q.[Hai Quan] Co Author Listing * Thickness Measurement of Water Film/Rivulets Based on Grayscale Index
Includes: Jing, H.Q.[Hai Quan] Jing, H.Q.[Hai-Quan]

Jing, H.T. Co Author Listing * Fast Reconstruction of Three Dimensional City Model Based on Airborne LIDAR
* Research on Spaceborne InSAR Images Registration and Removal of the Effect of the Flat Earth

Jing, H.Y.[Hui Yun] Co Author Listing * Co-saliency Detection Linearly Combining Single-View Saliency and Foreground Correspondence
* Novel Bayes' Theorem-Based Saliency Detection Model, A
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Saliency Density and Edge Response Based Salient Object Detection
Includes: Jing, H.Y.[Hui Yun] Jing, H.Y.[Hui-Yun] Jing, H.Y.[Hong-Yuan]

Jing, J. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds Detection in IVOCT Images
* Learning a Cascade Regression for No-Reference Super-Resolution Image Quality Assessment
* Multiscale Assimilation Approach to Improve Fine-Resolution Leaf Area Index Dynamics, A

Jing, J.F.[Jun Feng] Co Author Listing * Fabric defect detection using saliency of multi-scale local steering kernel
* Face hallucination based on cluster consistent dictionary learning
Includes: Jing, J.F.[Jun Feng] Jing, J.F.[Jun-Feng]

Jing, J.T.[Jie Tao] Co Author Listing * Object co-detection via low-rank and sparse representation dictionary learning
Includes: Jing, J.T.[Jie Tao] Jing, J.T.[Jie-Tao]

Jing, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Image saliency: From intrinsic to extrinsic context

Jing, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sample-Level Graph Combination for Partial Multiview Clustering
* Coarse-to-Fine Semantic Segmentation From Image-Level Labels
* Daily Flood Monitoring Based on Spaceborne GNSS-R Data: A Case Study on Henan, China
* DCAR: A Discriminative and Compact Audio Representation for Audio Processing
* Deep Generative Model for Robust Imbalance Classification
* Energy saving routing algorithm based on SPIN protocol in WSN
* Exploring Wetland Dynamics in Large River Floodplain Systems with Unsupervised Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Dongting Lake, China
* Image Registration Method Using Deep Residual Network Features for Multisource High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* Improved Pansharpening with Un-Mixing of Mixed MS Sub-Pixels near Boundaries between Vegetation and Non-Vegetation Objects
* incremental dimensionality reduction method on discriminant information for pattern classification, An
* individual tree crown delineation method based on multi-scale segmentation of imagery, An
* Joint Multi-Task CNN for Cross-Age Face Recognition, A
* New Individual Tree Crown Delineation Method for High Resolution Multispectral Imagery, A
* New Individual Tree Species Recognition Method Based on a Convolutional Neural Network and High-Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Quantification of the Environmental Impacts of Highway Construction Using Remote Sensing Approach
* Right Ventricular Strain, Torsion, and Dyssynchrony in Healthy Subjects Using 3D Spiral Cine DENSE Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Robust Kalman Filter Soil Moisture Inversion Model Using GPS SNR Data: A Dual-Band Data Fusion Approach
* SNMFCA: Supervised NMF-Based Image Classification and Annotation
* Tensor-Based Low-Dimensional Representation Learning for Multi-View Clustering
Includes: Jing, L. Jing, L.[Lili] Jing, L.[Luwei] Jing, L.[Lei] Jing, L.[Linhai] Jing, L.[Ling]
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Jing, L.H.[Lin Hai] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Capability of Sentinel-2 Imagery for Iron-Bearing Minerals Mapping: A Case Study in the Cuprite Area, Nevada
* Geostatistical modelling of spatial dependence in area-class occurrences for improved object-based classifications of remote-sensing images
* Hybrid Model Integrating Spatial Pattern, Spatial Correlation, and Edge Information for Image Classification, A
* Integrating spectral variability and spatial distribution for object-based image analysis using curve matching approaches
* Lithological Classification Using Sentinel-2A Data in the Shibanjing Ophiolite Complex in Inner Mongolia, China
* Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry for Assessing Wenchuan Earthquake (200
* Tree Species Classification of Forest Stands Using Multisource Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Jing, L.H.[Lin Hai] Jing, L.H.[Lin-Hai]
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Jing, L.L.[Long Long] Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural network with multi-model framework for action recognition
* Cross-Modal Center Loss for 3D Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Medical Image Tampering Detection: A New Dataset and Baseline
* NPR Technique for Pointillistic and Mosaic Images with Impressionist Color Arrangement, An
* Recognizing American Sign Language Nonmanual Signal Grammar Errors in Continuous Videos
* Self-supervised Feature Learning by Cross-modality and Cross-view Correspondences
* Self-Supervised Visual Feature Learning With Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
* Video you only look once: Overall temporal convolutions for action recognition
* VideoSSL: Semi-Supervised Learning for Video Classification
Includes: Jing, L.L.[Long Long] Jing, L.L.[Long-Long] Jing, L.L.[Lin-Lin]
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Jing, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Cluster-wise Hierarchical Generative Model for Deep Amortized Clustering
* Cross-task Transfer for Geotagged Audiovisual Aerial Scene Recognition
* discriminative and sparse topic model for image classification and annotation, A
* Group Collaborative Representation for Image Set Classification
* Multi-Label Classification by Semi-Supervised Singular Value Decomposition
* Robust and Non-Negative Collective Matrix Factorization for Text-to-Image Transfer Learning
* Semi-supervised low-rank mapping learning for multi-label classification
* Sparse Label-Indicator Optimization Methods for Image Classification
* Stratified feature sampling method for ensemble clustering of high dimensional data
Includes: Jing, L.P.[Li Ping] Jing, L.P.[Li-Ping]
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Jing, M.[Ma] Co Author Listing * Application of image and sound analysis techniques to monitor the condition of cutting tools
* Biologically motivated spiral architecture for fast video processing
* CS-MCNET: A Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Network with Interpretable Motion Compensation
* Enhance Categorisation Of Multilevel High-Sensitivity Cardiovascular Biomarkers From Lateral Flow Immunoassay Images Via Neural Networks And Dynamic Time Warping
* Human Action Recognition in Video via Fused Optical Flow and Moment Features: Towards a Hierarchical Approach to Complex Scenario Recognition
* Locality Preserving Joint Transfer for Domain Adaptation
* Machine tool condition monitoring using workpiece surface texture analysis
* novel spiral addressing scheme for rectangular images, A
* Performance Analysis of Thunder Crystal: A Crowdsourcing-Based Video Distribution Platform
* Scanner Artifact Removal in Simultaneous EEG-fMRI for Epileptic Seizure Prediction
* Very Deep Residual Network for Image Matting
Includes: Jing, M.[Ma] Jing, M.[Min] Jing, M.[Ming'e] Jing, M.
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Jing, M.G.[Ming Gang] Co Author Listing * Fast two-stage segmentation via non-local active contours in multiscale texture feature space
Includes: Jing, M.G.[Ming Gang] Jing, M.G.[Ming-Gang]

Jing, M.H.[Ming Haw] Co Author Listing * Image Compression Based on Multistage Vector Quantization
Includes: Jing, M.H.[Ming Haw] Jing, M.H.[Ming-Haw]

Jing, M.L.[Ming Li] Co Author Listing * Orthogonal 4-tap integer multiwavelet transforms using matrix factorization
Includes: Jing, M.L.[Ming Li] Jing, M.L.[Ming-Li]

Jing, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Challenging tough samples in unsupervised domain adaptation
* Leveraging the Invariant Side of Generative Zero-Shot Learning
Includes: Jing, M.M.[Meng Meng] Jing, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Jing, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * Amateur or Professional: Assessing the Expertise of Major Contributors in OpenStreetMap Based on Contributing Behaviors
* Approach to Accelerating Dissolved Vector Buffer Generation in Distributed In-Memory Cluster Architecture
* Efficient Query Algorithm for Trajectory Similarity Based on Fréchet Distance Threshold, An
* HiBuffer: Buffer Analysis of 10-Million-Scale Spatial Data in Real Time
* Hierarchical Path View Model for Path Finding in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* HiXDraw: An Improved XDraw Algorithm Free of Chunk Distortion
* Hybrid organization and visualization of the DSM combined with 3D building model
* Integration of GIS/RS/GPS for urban fire response
* Interactive and Online Buffer-Overlay Analytics of Large-Scale Spatial Data
* Road Extraction from Very High Resolution Images Using Weakly labeled OpenStreetMap Centerline
* SGA-Net: Self-Constructing Graph Attention Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Spatial Keyword Query of Region-Of-Interest Based on the Distributed Representation of Point-Of-Interest
* Temporal Analysis on Contribution Inequality in OpenStreetMap: A Comparative Study for Four Countries
* UTSM: A Trajectory Similarity Measure Considering Uncertainty Based on an Amended Ellipse Model
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Jing, P. Co Author Listing * Low-Rank Regularized Deep Collaborative Matrix Factorization for Micro-Video Multi-Label Classification
* Low-Rank Regularized Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition for Subspace Clustering
* SnapVideo: Personalized Video Generation for a Sightseeing Trip

Jing, P.G.[Pei Guang] Co Author Listing * BE-CALF: Bit-Depth Enhancement by Concatenating All Level Features of DNN
* Dual Rank-Constrained Filter Pruning Approach for Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Framework of Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Regression for Image Memorability Prediction, A
* Graph regularized low-rank tensor representation for feature selection
* Learning Low-Rank Sparse Representations With Robust Relationship Inference for Image Memorability Prediction
* Low-Rank Regularized Multi-Representation Learning for Fashion Compatibility Prediction
* Low-rank regularized multi-view inverse-covariance estimation for visual sentiment distribution prediction
* Predicting Image Memorability Through Adaptive Transfer Learning From External Sources
* Quality biased multimedia data retrieval in microblogs
* Spatiotemporal Symmetric Convolutional Neural Network for Video Bit-Depth Enhancement
* Tensor-Driven Temporal Correlation Model for Video Sequence Classification, A
Includes: Jing, P.G.[Pei Guang] Jing, P.G.[Pei-Guang]
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Jing, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Crop Yield Estimation Using Time-Series MODIS Data and the Effects of Cropland Masks in Ontario, Canada
* Estimating crop biomass using leaf area index derived from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data
* Field-Scale Crop Seeding Date Estimation from MODIS Data and Growing Degree Days in Manitoba, Canada
* Improving Soil Available Nutrient Estimation by Integrating Modified WOFOST Model and Time-Series Earth Observations
* Neural Feature Search for RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* New Regionalization Scheme for Effective Ecological Restoration on the Loess Plateau in China, A
Includes: Jing, Q.[Qi] Jing, Q. Jing, Q.[Qianyan]

Jing, R.[Ran] Co Author Listing * Above-bottom biomass retrieval of aquatic plants with regression models and SfM data acquired by a UAV platform-A case study in Wild Duck Lake Wetland, Beijing, China
* CART-based fast CU size decision and mode decision algorithm for 3D-HEVC
Includes: Jing, R.[Ran] Jing, R.[Ruihai]

Jing, R.J. Co Author Listing * Back Tracking Algorithm for Matching Two Line Drawings of a 3-D Moving Object, A

Jing, R.Q.[Rong Qi] Co Author Listing * Weak Coupling of Semi-Supervised Learning with Generative Adversarial Networks for Malware Classification, A
Includes: Jing, R.Q.[Rong Qi] Jing, R.Q.[Rong-Qi]

Jing, R.Z.[Ran Zhe] Co Author Listing * Generation and prediction of flight delays in air transport
Includes: Jing, R.Z.[Ran Zhe] Jing, R.Z.[Ran-Zhe]

Jing, S. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Game Approach to Optimal Merging Sequence and on-Ramp Merging Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles
* Meaningful ciphertext encryption algorithm based on bit scrambling, discrete wavelet transform, and improved chaos
* Parallel Education Systems Under Perspective of System Construction for New IT Era
* Time Series Land Cover Classification Based on Semi-supervised Convolutional Long Short-term Memory Neural Networks
Includes: Jing, S. Jing, S.[Shiwei] Jing, S.[Sifeng]

Jing, S.H.[Shao Hong] Co Author Listing * Intelligence control method and application for decomposing furnace
Includes: Jing, S.H.[Shao Hong] Jing, S.H.[Shao-Hong]

Jing, S.L.[Shao Ling] Co Author Listing * Automatic speech discrete labels to dimensional emotional values conversion method
Includes: Jing, S.L.[Shao Ling] Jing, S.L.[Shao-Ling]

Jing, S.P.[Shu Ping] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Measurement of the Ming Great Wall
Includes: Jing, S.P.[Shu Ping] Jing, S.P.[Shu-Ping]

Jing, S.X.[Shu Xu] Co Author Listing * Captured Human Motion Segmentation Based on Dynamics and Principal Component Analysis
Includes: Jing, S.X.[Shu Xu] Jing, S.X.[Shu-Xu]

Jing, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel learning for detection of clustered microcalcifications in mammograms
* EV-Action: Electromyography-Vision Multi-Modal Action Dataset
* Objects Discovery Based on Co-Occurrence Word Model With Anchor-Box Polishing
Includes: Jing, T.[Tao] Jing, T.

Jing, T.T.[Tao Tao] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Dual Distinct Classifiers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Towards Fair Knowledge Transfer for Imbalanced Domain Adaptation
Includes: Jing, T.T.[Tao Tao] Jing, T.T.[Tao-Tao]

Jing, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 6D Pose Estimation with Correlation Fusion
* Localization, Stability, and Resolution of Topological Derivative Based Imaging Functionals in Elasticity
* Robust video stabilization based on bounded path planning
Includes: Jing, W.[Wei] Jing, W.

Jing, W.L.[Wen Long] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Machine Learning Approaches for Monthly Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Downscaling over Northeast China
* Comparison of Different Regression Algorithms for Downscaling Monthly Satellite-Based Precipitation over North China, A
* Comparison of ECV and SMOS Soil Moisture Products Based on OzNet Monitoring Network, A
* Downscaling Aster Land Surface Temperature over Urban Areas with Machine Learning-Based Area-To-Point Regression Kriging
* Early Season Mapping of Sugarcane by Applying Machine Learning Algorithms to Sentinel-1A/2 Time Series Data: A Case Study in Zhanjiang City, China
* Evaluation of Three Deep Learning Models for Early Crop Classification Using Sentinel-1A Imagery Time Series: A Case Study in Zhanjiang, China
* Mapping Urban Areas with Integration of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light and MODIS Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
* New Urban Index for Expressing Inner-City Patterns Based on MODIS LST and EVI Regulated DMSP/OLS NTL, A
* Potential Land Use Conflict Identification Based on Improved Multi-Objective Suitability Evaluation
* Reconstructing Satellite-Based Monthly Precipitation over Northeast China Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Spatial Downscaling Algorithm for Satellite-Based Precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau Based on NDVI, DEM, and Land Surface Temperature, A
Includes: Jing, W.L.[Wen Long] Jing, W.L.[Wen-Long] Jing, W.L.[Wen-Li]
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Jing, W.P.[Wei Peng] Co Author Listing * AutoRSISC: Automatic design of neural architecture for remote sensing image scene classification
* Building NAS: Automatic designation of efficient neural architectures for building extraction in high-resolution aerial images
* Mining taxi trajectories for most suitable stations of sharing bikes to ease traffic congestion
* Multi-Label Remote Sensing Image Classification with Latent Semantic Dependencies
Includes: Jing, W.P.[Wei Peng] Jing, W.P.[Wei-Peng]

Jing, X. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Transfer Learning for Deep Learning Based Automatic Modulation Classification
* Auto-scaled Incremental Tensor Subspace Learning for Region Based Rate Control Application
* Characterization and Identification of IR-UWB Respiratory-Motion Response of Trapped Victims
* Comparison between the Suomi-NPP Day-Night Band and DMSP-OLS for Correlating Socio-Economic Variables at the Provincial Level in China
* Context-Aware Three-Dimensional Mean-Shift With Occlusion Handling for Robust Object Tracking in RGB-D Videos
* Evaluation Analysis of Landsat Level-1 and Level-2 Data Products Using In Situ Measurements
* Evaluation of RadCalNet Output Data Using Landsat 7, Landsat 8, Sentinel 2A, and Sentinel 2B Sensors
* Face Region Based Conversational Video Coding
* Focus and retain: Complement the Broken Pose in Human Image Synthesis
* Geographical Information Enhanced Cooperative Localization in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
* Joint Learning of Self-Representation and Indicator for Multi-View Image Clustering
* Lifetime Absolute Calibration of the EO-1 Hyperion Sensor and its Validation
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Dynamically Generated Filters
* Methods for Earth-Observing Satellite Surface Reflectance Validation
* novel GCN-based point cloud classification model robust to pose variances, A
* Pilot Contamination Attack Detection and Defense Strategy in Wireless Communications
* Smooth constrained motion estimation for video coding
* Sparse Representation and Weighted Clustering Based Abnormal Behavior Detection
* Uncertainty Evaluation of an In-Flight Absolute Radiometric Calibration Using a Statistical Monte Carlo Method
* Video-Based Person Re-Identification by Simultaneously Learning Intra-Video and Inter-Video Distance Metrics
* Weak Supervised Learning Based Abnormal Behavior Detection
Includes: Jing, X. Jing, X.[Xuan] Jing, X.[Xin] Jing, X.[Xue] Jing, X.[Xiuxiu]
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Jing, X.C.[Xin Chen] Co Author Listing * Moving Source Localization in Passive Sensor Network With Location Uncertainty
Includes: Jing, X.C.[Xin Chen] Jing, X.C.[Xin-Chen]

Jing, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * Bit allocation for quality scalability coding of H.264/SVC
* Contact-free measurement of heartbeat signal via a doppler radar using adaptive filtering
* Edge detection based on decision-level information fusion and its application in hybrid image filtering
* Human Motion Recognition With Limited Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures
* Multiscale Residual Attention Network for Multitask Learning of Human Activity Using Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures, A
* Palm vein recognition scheme based on an adaptive Gabor filter
* Spectral analysis based fingerprint image enhancement algorithm
* Survey of Deep Learning-Based Human Activity Recognition in Radar, A
* Variable length dominant Gabor local binary pattern (VLD-GLBP) for face recognition
Includes: Jing, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Jing, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Jing, X.J.[Xi-Jing]
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Jing, X.K.[Xiao Ke] Co Author Listing * Endpoint fusing method of online freehand-sketched polyhedrons
Includes: Jing, X.K.[Xiao Ke] Jing, X.K.[Xiao-Ke]

Jing, X.L.[Xiao Lun] Co Author Listing * Altimeter + INS/Giant LEO Constellation Dual-Satellite Integrated Navigation and Positioning Algorithm Based on Similar Ellipsoid Model and UKF
* Dual-Satellite Alternate Switching Ranging/INS Integrated Navigation Algorithm for Broadband LEO Constellation Independent of Altimeter and Continuous Observation
* Single-Satellite Integrated Navigation Algorithm Based on Broadband LEO Constellation Communication Links
Includes: Jing, X.L.[Xiao Lun] Jing, X.L.[Xiao-Lun]

Jing, X.M.[Xing Min] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Urban Fabric Properties and Their Thermal Effect Using QuickBird Image and Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared (TIR) Data: The Case of Downtown Shanghai, China
Includes: Jing, X.M.[Xing Min] Jing, X.M.[Xing-Min]

Jing, X.Q.[Xiao Qin] Co Author Listing * Effects of Day/Night Factor on the Detection Performance of FY4A Lightning Mapping Imager in Hainan, China
Includes: Jing, X.Q.[Xiao Qin] Jing, X.Q.[Xiao-Qin]

Jing, X.Y.[Xiao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Active contour evolved by joint probability classification on Riemannian manifold
* Adaptive Visual-Depth Fusion Transfer
* Class Relatedness Oriented-Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Multiclass Image Classification
* Deep metric learning with dynamic margin hard sampling loss for face verification
* Deep Metric Learning with Triplet-Margin-Center Loss for Sketch Face Recognition
* Discriminant subclass-center manifold preserving projection for face feature extraction
* Distance field guided L1-median skeleton extraction
* Face and palmprint pixel level fusion and Kernel DCV-RBF classifier for small sample biometric recognition
* Face and Palmprint Recognition Approach Based on Discriminant DCT Feature Extraction, A
* Face Feature Extraction and Recognition Based on Discriminant Subclass-Center Manifold Preserving Projection
* Face illumination recovery for the deep learning feature under severe illumination variations
* Face recognition based on 2D Fisherface approach
* Face recognition based on a group decision-making combination approach
* Face Recognition Based on Discriminant Fractional Fourier Feature Extraction
* Face recognition based on local uncorrelated and weighted global uncorrelated discriminant transforms
* Face Recognition Based on Nonlinear DCT Discriminant Feature Extraction Using Improved Kernel DCV
* Facial Image Recognition Based on a Statistical Uncorrelated Near Class Discriminant Approach
* Fourier-LDA approach for image recognition, A
* Improvements on the linear discrimination technique with application to face recognition
* Improvements on the Uncorrelated Optimal Discriminant Vectors
* Interactive Multilabel Image Segmentation via Robust Multilayer Graph Constraints
* JSPNet: Learning joint semantic and instance segmentation of point clouds via feature self-similarity and cross-task probability
* Kernel subspace alignment for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Kernel Uncorrelated Adjacent-class Discriminant Analysis
* Learning correlation filters in independent feature channels for robust visual tracking
* Learning image manifold using neighboring similarity integration
* Learning Robust and Discriminative Low-Rank Representations for Face Recognition with Occlusion
* Locality-constrained matrix regression for position-patch based face hallucination
* Low-rank tensor completion for visual data recovery via the tensor train rank-1 decomposition
* Modality-specific and shared generative adversarial network for cross-modal retrieval
* Multi-Label Dictionary Learning for Image Annotation
* Multi-Modal Biometrics Pixel Level Fusion and KPCA-RBF Feature Classification for Single Sample Recognition Problem
* Multi-Spectral Low-Rank Structured Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
* Multi-view common component discriminant analysis for cross-view classification
* Multi-View Low-Rank Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
* Multi-view manifold learning with locality alignment
* Multi-View Synthesis and Analysis Dictionaries Learning for Classification
* Multiset Feature Learning for Highly Imbalanced Data Classification
* Novel Kernel Discriminant Feature Extraction Framework Based on Mapped Virtual Samples for Face Recognition, A
* Optimal subset-division based discrimination and its kernelization for face and palmprint recognition
* Robust Visual Tracking Using Multi-Frame Multi-Feature Joint Modeling
* Semi-Supervised Cross-View Projection-Based Dictionary Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Semi-Supervised Multi-View Deep Discriminant Representation Learning
* Similarity preserving analysis based on sparse representation for image feature extraction and classification
* Single Sample Face Recognition Under Varying Illumination via QRCP Decomposition
* Sparse cost-sensitive classifier with application to face recognition
* Spectrum-aware discriminative deep feature learning for multi-spectral face recognition
* Structure-Based Low-Rank Model With Graph Nuclear Norm Regularization for Noise Removal
* Super-Resolution Person Re-Identification with Semi-Coupled Low-Rank Discriminant Dictionary Learning
* Super-Resolution Person Re-Identification with Semi-Coupled Low-Rank Discriminant Dictionary Learning
* Supervised and Unsupervised Parallel Subspace Learning for Large-Scale Image Recognition
* Toward Driver Face Recognition in the Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Systems
* Uncorrelated Fisherface Approach for Face and Palmprint Recognition, An
* Uncorrelated multi-set feature learning for color face recognition
* UODV: Improved Algorithm and Generalized Theory
Includes: Jing, X.Y.[Xiao Yuan] Jing, X.Y.[Xiao-Yuan] Jing, X.Y.
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Jing, Y.[Ying] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatial Accessibility of Public and Private Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Case Study in Wuhan, Central China
* Automatic cell classification and population estimation in blastocystis autophagy images
* Canonical image selection from the web
* Cloud Detection of SuperView-1 Remote Sensing Images Based on Genetic Reinforcement Learning
* Cross-Modal Cross-Domain Moment Alignment Network for Person Search
* Design and Testing of a LIDAR Platform for a UAV for Heritage Mapping, The
* Edge Detection of Oil Spills Image Using Self-Adaptive Dynamic Block Threshold Algorithm Based on Non-Maximal Suppression, The
* Edge-Sensitive Human Cutout With Hierarchical Granularity and Loopy Matting Guidance
* Interference and Outage Probability Analysis for Massive MIMO Downlink with MF Precoding
* Interleaved Training for Intelligent Surface-Assisted Wireless Communications
* Intra-Urban Scaling Properties Examined by Automatically Extracted City Hotspots from Street Data and Nighttime Light Imagery
* Large-scale image annotation using visual synset
* Learning Aligned Image-Text Representations Using Graph Attentive Relational Network
* Learning Query-Specific Distance Functions for Large-Scale Web Image Search
* Locate then Segment: A Strong Pipeline for Referring Image Segmentation
* Massive MIMO With Ternary ADCs
* Motion Tracking Control Design for a Class of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Systems
* Novel Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Global Minimization Active Contour Model for Oil Slick Infrared Aerial Image, A
* Optimal Design of Noise-Enhanced Binary Threshold Detector Under AUC Measure
* Phase Retrieval via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Relational graph neural network for situation recognition
* SFRS-Net: A Cloud-Detection Method Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for GF-1 Remote-Sensing Images
* Short-Term Prediction of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow in External Passenger Transport Hub Based on LSTM-LGB-DRS
* Simple and Robust Feature Point Matching Algorithm Based on Restricted Spatial Order Constraints for Aerial Image Registration, A
* Skeleton-based action recognition with hierarchical spatial reasoning and temporal stack learning network
* Skeleton-Based Action Recognition with Spatial Reasoning and Temporal Stack Learning
* Sketch2Manga: Sketch-based manga retrieval
* Spectrally Constrained Unimodular Sequence Design Without Spectral Level Mask
* VisualRank: Applying PageRank to Large-Scale Image Search
Includes: Jing, Y.[Ying] Jing, Y.[Yin] Jing, Y.[Yushi] Jing, Y. Jing, Y.[Yu] Jing, Y.[Ya] Jing, Y.[Yindi] Jing, Y.[Yun]
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Jing, Y.C.[Yong Cheng] Co Author Listing * Amalgamating Knowledge from Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks
* Analysis of out-of-focus blur influence on fingerprint liveness detection system
* error concealment adaptive framework for intra-frames, An
* New Urban Functional Zone-Based Climate Zoning System for Urban Temperature Study, A
* Stroke Controllable Fast Style Transfer with Adaptive Receptive Fields
* Turning Frequency to Resolution: Video Super-resolution via Event Cameras
Includes: Jing, Y.C.[Yong Cheng] Jing, Y.C.[Yong-Cheng] Jing, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Jing, Y.C.[Yong-Cai]

Jing, Y.F.[Ya Fei] Co Author Listing * Application Study on Double-Constrained Change Detection for Land Use/Land Cover Based on GF-6 WFV Imageries
* Uncertainty Quantification Enforced Flash Radiography Reconstruction by Two-Level Efficient MCMC
Includes: Jing, Y.F.[Ya Fei] Jing, Y.F.[Ya-Fei] Jing, Y.F.[Yue-Feng]

Jing, Y.H.[Yu Hang] Co Author Listing * Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index
* Two-Stage Fusion Framework to Generate a Spatio-Temporally Continuous MODIS NDSI Product over the Tibetan Plateau, A
Includes: Jing, Y.H.[Yu Hang] Jing, Y.H.[Yu-Hang] Jing, Y.H.[Ying-Hong]

Jing, Y.J.[Yong Ju] Co Author Listing * Effect of Partitioning of Feature Space on Specific Class Extraction Based on Bayesian Decision, The
Includes: Jing, Y.J.[Yong Ju] Jing, Y.J.[Yong-Ju]

Jing, Y.Q.[Yun Qing] Co Author Listing * Uncorrelated Geo-Text Inhibition Method Based on Voronoi K-Order and Spatial Correlations in Web Maps
Includes: Jing, Y.Q.[Yun Qing] Jing, Y.Q.[Yun-Qing]

Jing, Y.S.[Yuan Shu] Co Author Listing * Assessing the impact of sharp shift from drought to flood on vegetation using remote sensing
* Integrating Growth and Environmental Parameters to Discriminate Powdery Mildew and Aphid of Winter Wheat Using Bi-Temporal Landsat-8 Imagery
Includes: Jing, Y.S.[Yuan Shu] Jing, Y.S.[Yuan-Shu]

Jing, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Co Author Listing * Influence of Spatial Resolution and Retrieval Frequency on Applicability of Satellite-Predicted PM2.5 in Northern China
* MODIS-Based Remote Estimation of Absorption Coefficients of an Inland Turbid Lake in China
* MODIS-Satellite-Based Analysis of Long-Term Temporal-Spatial Dynamics and Drivers of Algal Blooms in a Plateau Lake Dianchi, China
* Wind Effects for Floating Algae Dynamics in Eutrophic Lakes
Includes: Jing, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Jing, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Jing, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

Jing, Z. Co Author Listing * Consensus Nonlinear Filter With Measurement Uncertainty in Distributed Sensor Networks, A
* Glasses Detection and Extraction by Deformable Contour
* Robust Minimum Error Entropy Based Cubature Information Filter With Non-Gaussian Measurement Noise
* Simple Method to Build Oversampled Filter Banks and Tight Frames, A

Jing, Z.L.[Zhong Liang] Co Author Listing * Color transfer based remote sensing image fusion using non-separable wavelet frame transform
* Discriminative Partial Domain Adversarial Network
* Evaluation of focus measures in multi-focus image fusion
* Extended scheme of Chan-Vese models for colour image segmentation
* Hyperspectral Image Fusion and Multitemporal Image Fusion by Joint Sparsity
* Joint attribute chain prediction for zero-shot learning
* Joint probability estimation of attribute chain for zero-shot learning
* Local structure based supervised feature extraction
* Locally discriminative stable model for visual tracking with clustering and principle component analysis
* Multi-focus image fusion using pulse coupled neural network
* Spiral band model for locating Tropical Cyclone centers
Includes: Jing, Z.L.[Zhong Liang] Jing, Z.L.[Zhong-Liang] Jing, Z.L.
11 for Jing, Z.L.

Jing, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Co Author Listing * Efficient Visualization Method for Polygonal Data with Dynamic Simplification, An
Includes: Jing, Z.M.[Zhi Min] Jing, Z.M.[Zhi-Min]

Jing, Z.W.[Zhuang Wei] Co Author Listing * Multispectral LiDAR Point Cloud Classification Using SE-PointNet++
Includes: Jing, Z.W.[Zhuang Wei] Jing, Z.W.[Zhuang-Wei]

Jingping, F. Co Author Listing * Teaching Quality Assessment and Feasibility Analysis of Surgical Nursing Based on Network Teaching Software

Jinguji, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * FPGA Realization of a Random Forest with k-Means Clustering Using a High-Level Synthesis Design, An

Jingwen, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of diverse approaches for synthetic aperture radar images pixel fusion under different precision registration

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