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Kell, M.S. Co Author Listing * Neural mechanisms for segregation and recovering of intrinsic images features

Kellam, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Can graph-cutting improve microarray gene expression reconstructions?

Kellar, P.R.N.[Paul R. N.] Co Author Listing * Video picture processing apparatus and method

Kelle, O. Co Author Listing * segmentation-based method to retrieve stem volume estimates from 3-D tree height models produced by laser scanners, A

Kelleher, A. Co Author Listing * Personal Mobility and Manipulation Appliance: Design, Development, and Initial Testing

Kelleher, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * ICESat-2 Marine Bathymetry: Extraction, Refraction Adjustment and Vertical Accuracy as a Function of Depth in Mid-Latitude Temperate Contexts

Kelleher, J. Co Author Listing * Bootstrapping Labelled Dataset Construction for Cow Tracking and Behavior Analysis

Kellenberger, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * DeepJDOT: Deep Joint Distribution Optimal Transport for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Half a Percent of Labels is Enough: Efficient Animal Detection in UAV Imagery Using Deep CNNs and Active Learning
* Land cover mapping at very high resolution with rotation equivariant CNNs: Towards small yet accurate models
* Learning Deep Structured Active Contours End-to-End
* Self-Supervised Pretraining and Controlled Augmentation Improve Rare Wildlife Recognition in UAV Images
Includes: Kellenberger, B.[Benjamin] Kellenberger, B.

Kellenberger, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Topographic Correction Methods
* State-of-the-art Of 3d National Mapping In 2016
Includes: Kellenberger, T. Kellenberger, T.[Tobias]

Keller, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * HMM-based Word Spotting in Handwritten Documents Using Subword Models
* Lexicon-free handwritten word spotting using character HMMs
* Monte Carlo Gradient Quantization
* Studying the Influence of Nitrogen Deposition, Precipitation, Temperature, and Sunshine in Remotely Sensed Gross Primary Production Response in Switzerland
* Tiled Blue Noise Samples
Includes: Keller, A.[Andreas] Keller, A. Keller, A.[Armin]

Keller, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary induction of stochastic context free grammars

Keller, C.G. Co Author Listing * Active Pedestrian Safety by Automatic Braking and Evasive Steering
* Benefits of Dense Stereo for Pedestrian Detection, The
* Dense Stereo-Based ROI Generation for Pedestrian Detection
* Will the Pedestrian Cross? A Study on Pedestrian Path Prediction
* Will the Pedestrian Cross? Probabilistic Path Prediction Based on Learned Motion Features
Includes: Keller, C.G. Keller, C.G.[Christoph Gustav] Keller, C.G.[Christoph G.]

Keller, C.P.[C. Peter] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Spatio-spectral Template for Automatic Small Recreational Vessel Detection, An

Keller, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing to Estimate Scales of Spatial Heterogeneity to Analyze Evapotranspiration Modeling in a Natural Ecosystem

Keller, D.U.J. Co Author Listing * In Silico Analysis of the Impact of Transmural Myocardial Infarction on Cardiac Mechanical Dynamics for the 17 AHA Segments
* Modeling Atrial Fiber Orientation in Patient-Specific Geometries: A Semi-automatic Rule-Based Approach
* Personalization of Atrial Anatomy and Electrophysiology as a Basis for Clinical Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Keller, D.U.J. Keller, D.U.J.[David U. J.]

Keller, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Analytic signal space partitioning and symbolic dynamic filtering for degradation monitoring of electric motors
* Symbolic dynamic filtering for image analysis: Theory and experimental validation

Keller, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * CLASTER: Clustering with Reinforcement Learning for Zero-Shot Action Recognition
* Disambiguating Visual Verbs
* Extreme Clicking for Efficient Object Annotation
* Finding the Right Moment: Human-Assisted Trailer Creation via Task Composition
* Historical 4D City Model of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg: Automated Generation and Presentation within the Google Earth Engine
* Learn2Augment: Learning to Composite Videos for Data Augmentation in Action Recognition
* Learning Action Changes by Measuring Verb-Adverb Textual Relationships
* Multi-Sensor Platform for Indoor Mobile Mapping: System Calibration and Using a Total Station for Indoor Applications
* Not All Relations are Equal: Mining Informative Labels for Scene Graph Generation
* Training Object Class Detectors from Eye Tracking Data
* Training Object Class Detectors with Click Supervision
* We Don't Need No Bounding-Boxes: Training Object Class Detectors Using Only Human Verification
* Who are you referring to? Coreference resolution in image narrations
Includes: Keller, F.[Frank] Keller, F.[Friedrich]
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Keller, G.R.[Graziela R.] Co Author Listing * Aqua MODIS Electronic Crosstalk Survey: Mid-Wave Infrared Bands
* Gravity Data Ontology: Laying the Foundation for Workflow-Driven Ontologies, The
Includes: Keller, G.R.[Graziela R.] Keller, G.R.[G. Randy]

Keller, H. Co Author Listing * Local image transformation: An application in biological electron microscopy
* Parallel Syntactic Thinning by Recoding of Binary Pictures

Keller, H.B.[Hubert B.] Co Author Listing * Structure from Motion Approach for the Analysis of Adhesions in Rotating Vessels, A

Keller, I.[Ingo] Co Author Listing * Architecture for Emotional Facial Expressions as Social Signals, An
* Clustering Motion for Real-Time Optical Flow Based Tracking
* Consensus-based multiview texturing and depth-map completion
* Cross based robust local optical flow
* Crowd analysis in non-static cameras using feature tracking and multi-person density
* Enhancing human detection using crowd density measures and an adaptive correction filter
* Image Browsing with PCA-Assisted User-Interaction
* motion-enhanced hybrid Probability Hypothesis Density filter for real-time multi-human tracking in video surveillance scenarios, A
* Multiple cue indexing and summarization of surveillance video
* On building decentralized wide-area surveillance networks based on ONVIF
* Person Re-identification Using Region Covariance in a Multi-feature Approach
* Robust local optical flow estimation using bilinear equations for sparse motion estimation
* Spatio-temporal crowd density model in a human detection and tracking framework
Includes: Keller, I.[Ingo] Keller, I.[Ivo] Keller, I.
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Keller, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Bringing Earth Observation to Classrooms: The Importance of Out-of-School Learning Places and E-Learning
* Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
* Histogram of Oriented Normal Vectors for Object Recognition with a Depth Sensor
* Multichannel Image Identification and Restoration Using Continuous Spatial Domain Modeling
* Probabilistic 1-D Inversion of Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Data Using a Kalman Ensemble Generator
* Study of a Virtual Conference in a Mirror World with Avatars and HMD
* Towards Covert Channels in Cloud Environments: A Study of Implementations in Virtual Networks
Includes: Keller, J.[Johannes] Keller, J.[James] Keller, J. Keller, J.[Joaquin] Keller, J.[Jörg]
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Keller, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * wearable gaze tracking system for children in unconstrained environments, A
Includes: Keller, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Keller, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

Keller, J.G. Co Author Listing * Color Blindness and a Color Human Visual System Model
* Object Recognition Based on Human Saccadic Behaviour

Keller, J.M. Co Author Listing * Activity Analysis, Summarization, and Visualization for Indoor Human Activity Monitoring
* Adaptive Silouette Extraction and Human Tracking in Complex and Dynamic Environments
* Advances in Fuzzy Integration for Pattern Recognition
* Are Fuzzy Definitions of Basic Attributes of Image Objects Really Useful?
* Automated Geospatial Conflation of Vector Road Maps to High Resolution Imagery
* Characteristics of Natural Scenes Related to the Fractal Dimension
* Clustering ellipses for anomaly detection
* Clustering of Detected Changes in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a Stabilized Competitive Agglomeration Algorithm
* Data-Driven Homolog Matching for Chromosome Identification
* Dunn's cluster validity index as a contrast measure of VAT images
* Dynamic-Programming-Based Handwritten Word Recognition Using the Choquet Fuzzy Integral as the Match Function
* Frequency Subband Processing and Feature Analysis of Forward-Looking Ground-Penetrating Radar Signals for Land-Mine Detection
* Fusion of anomaly algorithm decision maps and spectrum features for detecting buried explosive Hazards in forward looking infrared imagery
* Fusion of Handwritten Word Classifiers
* Fuzzy logic detection of landmines with ground penetrating radar
* Fuzzy Logic System for the Detection and Recognition of Street Number Fields on Handwritten Postal Addresses, A
* Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach to Scene Description Involving Spatial Relationships, A
* Generating Multi-Level Linguistic Spatial Descriptions form Range Sensor Readings Using the Histogram of Forces
* GeoCDX: An Automated Change Detection and Exploitation System for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Growing neural gas for temporal clustering
* Homologue Matching Applications: Recognition of Overlapped Chromosomes
* Improvements to the relational fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm
* LADAR Scene Description Using Fuzzy Morphology and Rules
* LADAR Target Detection Using Morphological Shared-Weight Neural Networks
* Linguistic description of relative positions in images
* Linguistic summarization of video for fall detection using voxel person and fuzzy logic
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimate For 2-Variable Fractal Surface, A
* Morphological Shared-Weight Neural Networks: A Tool for Automatic Target Recognition Beyond the Visible Spectrum
* Neural and Fuzzy Methods in Handwriting Recognition
* On the calculation of fractal features from images
* Possibilistic Approach to Clustering, A
* Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Pattern Recognition of Bacterial DNA: A Systemic Approach
* Quantative Analysis of Properties and Spatial Relations of Fuzzy Image Regions
* Recognizing complex instrumental activities of daily living using scene information and fuzzy logic
* Shape from Fractal Geometry
* Simulated Photorealistic Deep Learning Framework and Workflows to Accelerate Computer Vision and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research
* Snakes on the Watershed
* system for change detection and human recognition in voxel space using the Microsoft Kinect sensor, A
* Texture Description and Segmentation through Fractal Geometry
* Uncertainty Management for Rule-Based Systems with Applications to Image Analysis
* Use of Force Histograms for Affine-Invariant Relative Position Description, The
Includes: Keller, J.M. Keller, J.M.[James M.]
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Keller, J.R. Co Author Listing * Tamper-Proofing Video With Hierarchical Attention Autoencoder Hashing on Blockchain

Keller, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Spatial Models for Projecting Corn Yields
* User Cognition Antecedents of Smart Assistant Systems in Cars
Includes: Keller, K.[Klaus] Keller, K.[Katharina]

Keller, K.P.[Kurtis P.] Co Author Listing * Methods and systems for real-time structured light depth extraction and endoscope using real-time structured light depth extraction

Keller, L. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical image database browsing environment with embedded relevance feedback

Keller, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Human Faces from Occluding Contours
* Conceptual Model for Detecting Small-Scale Forest Disturbances Based on Ecosystem Morphological Traits, A
* Dual-Frequency Airborne SAR for Large Scale Mapping of Tidal Flats
* High-Resolution SAR Interferometry: Estimation of Local Frequencies in the Context of Alpine Glaciers
* Impacts of Airborne Lidar Pulse Density on Estimating Biomass Stocks and Changes in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest
* Learning Deep Descriptors with Scale-Aware Triplet Networks
* Long-Term Impacts of Selective Logging on Amazon Forest Dynamics from Multi-Temporal Airborne LiDAR
* Modeling and Mapping Agroforestry Aboveground Biomass in the Brazilian Amazon Using Airborne Lidar Data
* OSSO: Obtaining Skeletal Shape from Outside
* Post-Fire Changes in Forest Biomass Retrieved by Airborne LiDAR in Amazonia
* Real-Time 3D Reconstruction in Dynamic Scenes Using Point-Based Fusion
* Simple Algorithm for Large-Scale Mapping of Evergreen Forests in Tropical America, Africa and Asia, A
Includes: Keller, M.[Michael] Keller, M.[Martin] Keller, M. Keller, M.[Michel] Keller, M.[Marilyn]
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Keller, M.R.[Mary R.] Co Author Listing * Active/Passive Multiple Polarization Sea Ice Detection During Initial Freeze-Up

Keller, P.[Patric] Co Author Listing * Reflection Layer Extension to the Stereoscopic Highlight Technique for Node-Link Diagrams: An Empirical Study, The
* SENSOR: A Tool for the Simulation of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Systems
Includes: Keller, P.[Patric] Keller, P.[Peter]

Keller, R.H. Co Author Listing * Improved Fuzzy-Logic Segmentation of Sea-Ice, Clouds, and Ocean in Remotely-Sensed Arctic Imagery, An

Keller, R.S. Co Author Listing * Images Loci Are Ridges in Geometric Spaces

Keller, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Copula Archetypal Analysis
* Deep Learning for Land Cover Change Detection
* Deep Learning with WASI Simulation Data for Estimating Chlorophyll a Concentration of Inland Water Bodies
* ENMAP Contest: Developing and Comparing Classification Approaches for the Environmental Mapping and Analysis Programme - Dataset and First Results, The
* Glacier Monitoring Based on Multi-Spectral and Multi-Temporal Satellite Data: A Case Study for Classification with Respect to Different Snow and Ice Types
* Machine Learning Framework for the Estimation of Average Speed in Rural Road Networks with OpenStreetMap Data
* Multi-Parameter Estimation of Average Speed in Road Networks Using Fuzzy Control
* Preface - Isprs Workshop Hyperspectral Sensing Meets Machine Learning And Pattern Analysis (hypermlpa 2019)
* Supervised and Semi-Supervised Self-Organizing Maps for Regression and Classification Focusing on Hyperspectral Data
* Supervised Machine Learning Approaches on Multispectral Remote Sensing Data for a Combined Detection of Fire and Burned Area
* Tracking colliding cells
* Unsupervised Feature Selection Based on Ultrametricity and Sparse Training Data: A Case Study for the Classification of High-Dimensional Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Keller, S.[Sebastian] Keller, S.[Sina] Keller, S. Keller, S.[Steve]
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Keller, S.H. Co Author Listing * Attenuation Correction for the HRRT PET-Scanner Using Transmission Scatter Correction and Total Variation Regularization
* Deinterlacing Using Variational Methods
* Motion Compensated Video Super Resolution
* Total Variation Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing Scheme, A
* Video Super-Resolution Using Simultaneous Motion and Intensity Calculations
Includes: Keller, S.H. Keller, S.H.[Sune H.] Keller, S.H.[Sune Høgild]

Keller, S.M.[Sebastian Mathias] Co Author Listing * Deep Archetypal Analysis
* Invexity Preserving Transformations for Projection Free Optimization with Sparsity Inducing Non-convex Constraints
* Learning Extremal Representations with Deep Archetypal Analysis

Keller, T. Co Author Listing * Subband-adaptive turbo-coded OFDM-based interactive video telephony

Keller, T.A.[T. Anderson] Co Author Listing * Predictive Coding with Topographic Variational Autoencoders

Keller, U. Co Author Listing * Direct Parametric Image Reconstruction in Reduced Parameter Space for Rapid Multi-Tracer PET Imaging

Keller, Y.[Yosi] Co Author Listing * email: Keller, Y.[Yosi]: yosi keller AT gmail com
* 3-D Symmetry Detection and Analysis Using the Pseudo-polar Fourier Transform
* Accurate Multi-Dimensional Alignment
* algebraic approach to symmetry detection, An
* Algebraically Accurate Volume Registration Using Euler's Theorem and the 3-D Pseudo-Polar FFT
* Algorithm for Improving Non-Local Means Operators via Low-Rank Approximation, An
* angular difference function and its application to image registration, The
* Camera Pose Auto-encoders for Improving Pose Regression
* Coarse-to-Fine Multi-Scene Pose Regression With Transformers
* Data Fusion and Multicue Data Matching by Diffusion Maps
* Deep Multi-Spectral Registration Using Invariant Descriptor Learning
* DeepAge: Deep Learning of face-based age estimation
* DeepFake Detection Based on Discrepancies Between Faces and Their Context
* Efficient High Order Matching
* Facial landmarks localization using cascaded neural networks
* Fast gradient methods based on global motion estimation for video compression
* Fast Motion Estimation Using Bidirectional Gradient Methods
* FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation, The
* FSGAN: Subject Agnostic Face Swapping and Reenactment
* FSGANv2: Improved Subject Agnostic Face Swapping and Reenactment
* Global parametric image alignment via high-order approximation
* Hierarchical Attention-Based Age Estimation and Bias Analysis
* Image Completion by Diffusion Maps and Spectral Relaxation
* Image Segmentation via Probabilistic Graph Matching
* Implicit similarity: a new approach to multi-sensor image registration
* Improving Shape Retrieval by Spectral Matching and Meta Similarity
* Joint Detection and Matching of Feature Points in Multimodal Images
* Kinship verification using multiview hybrid distance learning
* Learning Multi-Scene Absolute Pose Regression with Transformers
* Learning to Embed Semantic Similarity for Joint Image-Text Retrieval
* Multi-scale Processing of Noisy Images using Edge Preservation Losses
* Multisensor Image Registration via Implicit Similarity
* Non Cartesian-FFT Approach to image Alignment, A
* Probabilistic Approach to Spectral Graph Matching, A
* Probabilistic Graph-Based Framework for Plug-and-Play Multi-Cue Visual Tracking, A
* Pseudopolar-Based Estimation of Large Translations, Rotations, and Scalings in Images
* Registration and Fusion of Multi-Spectral Images Using a Novel Edge Descriptor
* Robust Image alignment using third-order global motion estimation
* Robust phase correlation
* Scale-Invariant Features for 3-D Mesh Models
* SHREC'11: Robust Feature Detection And Description Benchmark
* Signal Processing Approach to Symmetry Detection, A
* Spectral Analysis Driven Sparse Matching of 3D Shapes
* Spectral Symmetry Analysis
* Texture Mapping via Spherical Multi-dimensional Scaling
* Unified Approach to Kinship Verification, A
Includes: Keller, Y.[Yosi] Keller, Y.
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Kellerer Pirklbauer, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Riverine Sediment Changes and Channel Pattern of a Gravel-Bed Mountain Torrent
* UAS-Based Change Detection of the Glacial and Proglacial Transition Zone at Pasterze Glacier, Austria
Includes: Kellerer Pirklbauer, A.[Andreas] Kellerer-Pirklbauer, A.[Andreas]

Kellerer, W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resource Allocation and Frame Scheduling for Wireless Multi-User Video Streaming
* Cross layer optimization for wireless multi-user video streaming
* Multiple Description Video Transcoding
* QoE-driven resource optimization for user generated video content in next generation mobile networks
* Quality-of-Experience driven bidding game for uplink video transmission in next generation mobile networks, A
* Real-Time Search for Real-World Entities: A Survey
* Video synchronization using bit rate profiles
Includes: Kellerer, W. Kellerer, W.[Wolfgang]
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Kellermann, K.I. Co Author Listing * Radio Frequencies: Policy and Management

Kellermann, W. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Additional Stable Gain by Frequency Shifting for Acoustic Feedback Suppression using Statistical Room Acoustics
* Blind System Identification Using Sparse Learning for TDOA Estimation of Room Reflections
* Calibration of visual sensors and actuators in distributed computing platforms
* Identification of Active Sources in Single-Channel Convolutive Mixtures Using Known Source Models
* Multichannel Signal Enhancement Algorithms for Assisted Listening Devices: Exploiting spatial diversity using multiple microphones
* Neural Network-Based Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Canceller, A
* NLMS Algorithm with Time-Variant Optimum Stepsize Derived from a Bayesian Network Perspective, The
* Robust Dereverberation With Kronecker Product Based Multichannel Linear Prediction
* Signal Processing Techniques for Assisted Listening
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Kelley, B.T. Co Author Listing * Fast Discrete Radon Transform I: Theory, The

Kelley, D.[Devin] Co Author Listing * Automatic relative orientation of large scale imagery over urban areas using Modified Iterated Hough Transform
* Single-Photo Resection Using the Modified Hough Transform

Kelley, D.A.C. Co Author Listing * Shielded Microstrip Array for 7T Human MR Imaging

Kelley, D.J.[Daniel J.] Co Author Listing * Quantifying cortical surface asymmetry via logistic discriminant analysis

Kelley, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Combining Area-Based and Individual Tree Metrics for Improving Merchantable and Non-Merchantable Wood Volume Estimates in Coastal Douglas-Fir Forests

Kelley, L.C.[Lisa C.] Co Author Listing * Using Google Earth Engine to Map Complex Shade-Grown Coffee Landscapes in Northern Nicaragua

Kelley, M.C.[Mark C.] Co Author Listing * Early DCE-MRI Changes after Longitudinal Registration May Predict Breast Cancer Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Kelley, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Architecture for Intent Recognition, A
* Visual Tracking Framework for Intent Recognition in Videos, A

Kelley, R.B. Co Author Listing * Camera Models Based on Data from Two Calibration Planes
* Computer Vision for Robots
* Error Analysis of Surface Normals Determined by Radiometry
* Estimating Workpiece Pose Using the Feature Points Method
* General Purpose Hands for Bin-Picking Robots
* Identification of Object Symmetry from Multiple Views
* Image Feature Extraction Using Diameter Limited Gradient Direction Histograms
* Matched Filters for Bin Picking
* Robot System Which Acquires Cylindrical Workpieces from Bins, A
* Three Vision Algorithms for Acquiring Workpieces from Bins
* Visually Estimating Workpiece Pose in a Robot Hand Using the Feature Points Method
* Workpiece Orientation Correction with a Robot Arm Using Visual Information
Includes: Kelley, R.B. Kelley, R.B.[Robert B.]
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Kelliher, A. Co Author Listing * Critical Multimedia
* Social Multimedia and Storytelling
Includes: Kelliher, A. Kelliher, A.[Aisling]

Kelliher, T. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Event Detection Solutions: The CREDS Experience

Kelliher, T.P.[Timothy Patrick] Co Author Listing * Method and system for calibrating relative fields of view of multiple cameras
* Site calibration for large indoor scenes
* Specialized hardware for deformable object modeling
Includes: Kelliher, T.P.[Timothy Patrick] Kelliher, T.P.

Kelling, S. Co Author Listing * Detecting Migrating Birds at Night
* Per-Channel Energy Normalization: Why and How
* Reconstructing Velocities of Migrating Birds from Weather Radar: A Case Study in Computational Sustainability
Includes: Kelling, S. Kelling, S.[Steve]

Kellis, S. Co Author Listing * Recording and Decoding for Neural Prostheses

Kellman, P. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Signal Processing Meets Nuclear Spins
* Exploiting Quasiperiodicity in Motion Correction of Free-Breathing Myocardial Perfusion MRI
* Semiautomated Segmentation of Myocardial Contours for Fast Strain Analysis in Cine Displacement-Encoded MRI

Kellman, P.J. Co Author Listing * Extracting Object Motion During Observer Motion: Combining Constraints from Optic Flow and Binocular Disparity

Kellndorfer, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Horizontal Resolution of SRTM Elevation Data
* MAD-MEX: Automatic Wall-to-Wall Land Cover Monitoring for the Mexican REDD-MRV Program Using All Landsat Data
* Mapping Canopy Height and Growing Stock Volume Using Airborne Lidar, ALOS PALSAR and Landsat ETM+
* National, Detailed Map of Forest Aboveground Carbon Stocks in Mexico, A
Includes: Kellndorfer, J.[Josef] Kellndorfer, J.

Kellner, C.J.[Christian Johannes] Co Author Listing * Stimulus size dependence of hue changes induced by chromatic surrounds

Kellner, C.R.[Charles R.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for unencumbered capture of an object

Kellner, D. Co Author Listing * Grid-Based Object Tracking With Nonlinear Dynamic State and Shape Estimation
* Tracking of Extended Objects with High-Resolution Doppler Radar

Kellner, E. Co Author Listing * About the Geometry of Asymmetric Fiber Orientation Distributions

Kellner, F. Co Author Listing * Generation of 3D-TV LDV-content with Time-Of-Flight Camera
* MixIn3D: 3D Mixed Reality with ToF-Camera
Includes: Kellner, F. Kellner, F.[Falko]

Kellner, J.R.[James R.] Co Author Listing * Supervised Segmentation of Ultra-High-Density Drone Lidar for Large-Area Mapping of Individual Trees

Kellner, M. Co Author Listing * Motion detection based on contour strings
* Re-Projective vs. Projective Camera Calibration: Effects on 3D-Reconstruction
* Segmentation of Vector Images by N-level-set-fitting
* Study on the Effect of Multispectral LiDAR Data on Automated Semantic Segmentation of 3D-Point Clouds, A
Includes: Kellner, M. Kellner, M.[Maximilian]

Kellnhofer, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd, A
* Eye Tracking for Everyone
* Gaze360: Physically Unconstrained Gaze Estimation in the Wild
* Learning to Zoom: A Saliency-Based Sampling Layer for Neural Networks
* Neural Lumigraph Rendering
* pi-GAN: Periodic Implicit Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-Aware Image Synthesis
Includes: Kellnhofer, P.[Petr] Kellnhofer, P.

Kellock, H.[Henri] Co Author Listing * Imaging through an aberrating medium with classical ghost diffraction

Kellogg, L.H.[Louise H.] Co Author Listing * Immersive Visualization and Analysis of LiDAR Data

Kellokumpu, V.[Vili] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using ballistic dynamics
* Affective Gait Recognition and Baseline Evaluation from Real World Samples
* Ballistic Hand Movements
* Can gait biometrics be Spoofed?
* Modeling pixel process with scale invariant local patterns for background subtraction in complex scenes
* Robust local features for remote face recognition
* Visual System for Hand Gesture Recognition in Human-Computer Interaction, A
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Kellokumpu, V.P.[Vili Petteri] Co Author Listing * Combining sparse and dense descriptors with temporal semantic structures for robust human action recognition
* Dynamic Texture Based Gait Recognition
* Dynamic textures for human movement recognition
* Human Activity Recognition Using a Dynamic Texture Based Method
* Recognition of human actions using texture descriptors
Includes: Kellokumpu, V.P.[Vili Petteri] Kellokumpu, V.P.[Vili-Petteri]

Kelloniemi, A.[Aleksi] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Archaeological Traces of Tar Production Kilns in the Northern Boreal Forests Based on Airborne Laser Scanning and Deep Learning
* Spatial Filter-Based Absorbing Boundary for the 2-D Digital Waveguide Mesh
Includes: Kelloniemi, A.[Aleksi] Kelloniemi, A.

Kellouch, S. Co Author Listing * Comparison Assessment of Digital 3d Models Obtained By Drone-based Lidar and Drone Imagery

Kells, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Improving 3D reconstruction accuracy in wavelet transform profilometry by reducing shadow effects

Kelly, A.[Alonzo] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Generative Models for 3D Point Cloud Data
* Adaptive Perception for Autonomous Vehicles
* Approach to Mapping Forest Growth Stages in Queensland, Australia through Integration of ALOS PALSAR and Landsat Sensor Data, An
* Real-time photo-realistic visualization of 3D environments for enhanced tele-operation of vehicles
Includes: Kelly, A.[Alonzo] Kelly, A.

Kelly, A.B.[Alice B.] Co Author Listing * Validating the Remotely Sensed Geography of Crime: A Review of Emerging Issues

Kelly, A.J.[Alonzo James] Co Author Listing * Infrastructure independent position determining system

Kelly, C.[Carter] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Low-Cost Lidar Scanners: An Analysis of the Velodyne HDL-32E and Livox Mid-40's Temporal Stability
* Fuzzy Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Using Physiological Constraints
Includes: Kelly, C.[Carter] Kelly, C.[Christopher]

Kelly, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sign Language Gestures Using Size Functions and Principal Component Analysis
* Artefact Mobile Data Model To Support Cultural Heritage Data Collection And Interpretation
* Better Compression With Deep Pre-Editing
* Classification of Human Poses using a Vision based Technique
* Comparative Error Analysis of Audio-Visual Source Localization, A
* Continuous recognition of motion based gestures in sign language
* Evaluation of threshold model HMMS and Conditional Random Fields for recognition of spatiotemporal gestures in sign language
* Extracting complex lesion phenotypes in Zea mays
* Hand Gesture Set for Navigating and Interacting with 3D Virtual Environments, A
* Handheld Multi-Frame Super-Resolution
* Incorporating facial features into a multi-channel gesture recognition system for the interpretation of Irish Sign Language sequences
* Learning to Reduce Defocus Blur by Realistically Modeling Dual-Pixel Data
* Measuring noise correlation for improved video denoising
* Motion-based frame interpolation for film and television effects
* opinion on imaging challenges in phenotyping field crops, An
* person independent system for recognition of hand postures used in sign language, A
* Pervasive Sound Sensing: A Weakly Supervised Training Approach
* Polyblur: Removing mild blur by polynomial reblurring
* Recognizing Spatiotemporal Gestures and Movement Epenthesis in Sign Language
* system for teaching sign language using live gesture feedback, A
* Weakly Supervised Training of a Sign Language Recognition System Using Multiple Instance Learning Density Matrices
Includes: Kelly, D. Kelly, D.[Damien] Kelly, D.[Dan] Kelly, D.[Daniel] Kelly, D.[Derek]
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Kelly, D.H. Co Author Listing * Effects of Sharp Edges in a Flickering Field
* Image Processing Experiments

Kelly, D.L. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Studies

Kelly, D.P.[Damien P.] Co Author Listing * Fundamental diffraction limitations in a paraxial 4-f imaging system with coherent and incoherent illumination
* K speckle: space-time correlation function of doubly scattered light in an imaging system

Kelly, F.[Finnian] Co Author Listing * Auditory Features Revisited for Robust Speech Recognition
* Gradient based dominant motion estimation with integral projections for real time video stabilisation
* New Robust Technique for Stabilizing Brightness Fluctuations in Image Sequences, A
Includes: Kelly, F.[Finnian] Kelly, F. Kelly, F.[Francis]

Kelly, G.[Graeme] Co Author Listing * Diagnosing Horizontal and Inter-Channel Observation Error Correlations for SEVIRI Observations Using Observation-Minus-Background and Observation-Minus-Analysis Statistics
* Pattern Recognition with Measurement Space and Spatial Clustering for Multiple Images
Includes: Kelly, G.[Graeme] Kelly, G.

Kelly, G.G. Co Author Listing * ASTER DEM Performance

Kelly, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Battle for Filter Supremacy: A Comparative Study of the Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter and the Sliding Window Filter, The
* Challenges and Best Practices for Deriving Temperature Data from an Uncalibrated UAV Thermal Infrared Camera
* Cross-Matching via Feature Matching for Camera Handover with Non-overlapping Fields of View
* Early Melanoma Diagnosis With Sequential Dermoscopic Images
* Gesture Recognition in Robotic Surgery With Multimodal Attention
* LaTeRF: Label and Text Driven Object Radiance Fields
* Optimizing Camera Perspective for Stereo Visual Odometry
* Reference-guided Controllable Inpainting of Neural Radiance Fields
* SPIn-NeRF: Multiview Segmentation and Perceptual Inpainting with Neural Radiance Fields
* Upscaling Northern Peatland CO2 Fluxes Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Vision-Based Collision Avoidance for Personal Aerial Vehicles Using Dynamic Potential Fields
Includes: Kelly, J.[Jonathan] Kelly, J.[Julia] Kelly, J. Kelly, J.[John]
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Kelly, J.D. Co Author Listing * 3-D Pose Estimation of Articulated Instruments in Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery
* Articulated Multi-Instrument 2-D Pose Estimation Using Fully Convolutional Networks

Kelly, J.E.[Jane E.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Detection of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Using Drones, Multispectral Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning

Kelly, J.F.[Jeffrey F.] Co Author Listing * Radar Aeroecology

Kelly, J.M.F.[Jeremiah M. F.] Co Author Listing * Chips in the sunshine: color constancy with real versus simulated Munsell chips under illuminants adjacent to the daylight locus
* Lightness constancy and its link with cone contrast
* Test illuminant location with respect to the Planckian locus affects chromaticity shifts of real Munsell chips
Includes: Kelly, J.M.F.[Jeremiah M. F.] Kelly, J.M.F.

Kelly, J.P. Co Author Listing * Classification comparisons between dual-pol, compact polarimetric and quad-pol SAR imagery
* RetinaMatch: Efficient Template Matching of Retina Images for Teleophthalmology

Kelly, J.T.[Joshua T.] Co Author Listing * Uncertainty of Satellite-Derived Glacier Flow Velocities in a Temperate Alpine Setting (Juneau Icefield, Alaska)

Kelly, K. Co Author Listing * Color Universal Language and Dictionary of Names

Kelly, K.F. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Compressive Sensing and Unmixing Scheme for Hyperspectral Data Processing, A
* CS-MUVI: Video compressive sensing for spatial-multiplexing cameras
* Enhanced Compressive Imaging Using Model-Based Acquisition: Smarter sampling by incorporating domain knowledge
* Multiscale Random Projections for Compressive Classification
* Realization of hybrid compressive imaging strategies
* STOne Transform: Multi-Resolution Image Enhancement and Compressive Video, The
* Video Compressive Sensing for Spatial Multiplexing Cameras Using Motion-Flow Models
Includes: Kelly, K.F. Kelly, K.F.[Kevin F.]
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Kelly, K.M.[Kristen M.] Co Author Listing * 1.7-Micron Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography for Characterization of Skin Lesions: A Feasibility Study

Kelly, L. Co Author Listing * Using Contextual Cues In Understanding Urban Mental Well-being

Kelly, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * email: Kelly, M.[Mike]: Kellyiksc AT aol com
* Application of UAV Imagery to Detect and Quantify Submerged Filamentous Algae and Rooted Macrophytes in a Non-Wadeable River
* Automatic Registration of Airborne Images with Complex Local Distortion
* Change detection of built-up land: A framework of combining pixel-based detection and object-based recognition
* Delineating Individual Trees from Lidar Data: A Comparison of Vector- and Raster-based Segmentation Approaches
* Development and Performance Evaluation of a Very Low-Cost UAV-Lidar System for Forestry Applications
* Estimating Ladder Fuels: A New Approach Combining Field Photography with LiDAR
* framework of region-based spatial relations for non-overlapping features and its application in object based image analysis, A
* FUEGO: Fire Urgency Estimator in Geosynchronous Orbit: A Proposed Early-Warning Fire Detection System
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: Towards a New Paradigm
* Hybrid Model for Mapping Relative Differences in Belowground Biomass and Root: Shoot Ratios Using Spectral Reflectance, Foliar N and Plant Biophysical Data within Coastal Marsh, A
* Impact of Error in Lidar-Derived Canopy Height and Canopy Base Height on Modeled Wildfire Behavior in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
* Improving the prediction of African savanna vegetation variables using time series of MODIS products
* Individual Object Change Detection for Monitoring the Impact of a Forest Pathogen on a Hardwood Forest
* Influence of Vegetation Characteristics on Individual Tree Segmentation Methods with Airborne LiDAR Data, The
* Integrating Lidar and CIR imagery for mapping tidal wetlands: An object-based approach
* Isolating Individual Trees in a Savanna Woodland Using Small Footprint Lidar Data
* Lidar with multi-temporal MODIS provide a means to upscale predictions of forest biomass
* Mapping the Potential for Biofuel Production on Marginal Lands: Differences in Definitions, Data and Models across Scales
* Object-based Detailed Vegetation Classification with Airborne High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Object-Based Image Analysis of Downed Logs in Disturbed Forested Landscapes Using Lidar
* Object-Based Time-Constrained Dynamic Time Warping Classification of Crops Using Sentinel-2
* Quantifying Surface Water Dynamics at 30 Meter Spatial Resolution in the North American High Northern Latitudes 1991-2011
* Radiometric characterization of IKONOS multispectral imagery
* Remotely Sensed Water Limitation in Vegetation: Insights from an Experiment with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
* Terrestrial Remotely Sensed Imagery in Support of Public Health: New Avenues of Research Using Object-Based Image Analysis
* Time Series of Landsat Imagery Shows Vegetation Recovery in Two Fragile Karst Watersheds in Southwest China from 1988 to 2016
Includes: Kelly, M.[Mike] Kelly, M.[Maggi] Kelly, M. Kelly, M.[Maureen] Kelly, M.[Michelle]
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Kelly, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Compact Midwave Imaging System: Results from an Airborne Demonstration
* MISR-GOES 3D Winds: Implications for Future LEO-GEO and LEO-LEO Winds

Kelly, M.D. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection by Computer Using Planning
* Paradigm for Semantic Picture Recognition, A
* Quick-Look: A New Way to Prioritize Imagery for Exploitation
* RADIUS Concept Definition Experiments
* Recognizing Objects by Rules of Inference on Sequentially Thresholded Gray-Level Pictures
* Visual Identification of People by Computer
Includes: Kelly, M.D. Kelly, M.D.[Michael D.]

Kelly, M.F. Co Author Listing * Annular Symmetry Operators: A Method for Locating and Describing Objects
* Finding and Describing Objects in Complex Images
Includes: Kelly, M.F. Kelly, M.F.[Michael F.]

Kelly, N.M.[Nina Maggi] Co Author Listing * Validating the Remotely Sensed Geography of Crime: A Review of Emerging Issues

Kelly, N.R.[Nancy R.] Co Author Listing * Electronic image registration for a scanner

Kelly, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Video Segmentation: Theory and Real-Time Implementation
* Automatic Script Identification from Document Images Using Cluster-Based Templates
* Automatic Script Identification from Images Using Cluster-Based Templates
* Combining inertial and visual sensing for human action recognition in tennis
* Conditional Event Algebra Techniques for Iterated Image Estimation
* Dynamic voxel carving in tennis based on player localisation using a low cost camera network
* Exploiting contextual data for event retrieval in surveillance video
* Framework for Evaluating Stereo-Based Pedestrian Detection Techniques, A
* Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Surveillance and Monitoring
* Pedestrian detection in uncontrolled environments using stereo and biometric information
* Pedestrian Detection Using Stereo and Biometric Information
* Robust pedestrian detection and tracking in crowded scenes
* Script and Language Identification for Handwritten Document Images
* Self-attentive Adversarial Stain Normalization
* Towards Video-Based Immersive Environments
Includes: Kelly, P.[Patrick] Kelly, P.[Philip] Kelly, P. Kelly, P.[Paul]
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Kelly, P.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Segmentation of Speckled Images Using a Hierarchical Random Field Model
* Complex Exponential Pseudomodes of LTI Operators Over Finite Intervals
* complex network based feature extraction for image retrieval, A
* Digital diffusion network for image segmentation
* Image feature extraction based on spectral graph information
Includes: Kelly, P.A. Kelly, P.A.[Patrick A.]

Kelly, P.H.[Patrick H.] Co Author Listing * Advanced Rendering Framework
* Lip Posture Estimation using Kinematically Constrained Mixture Models
Includes: Kelly, P.H.[Patrick H.] Kelly, P.H.

Kelly, P.H.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Resolution Octree-Based Volumetric SLAM
* Navigating the Landscape for Real-Time Localization and Mapping for Robotics and Virtual and Augmented Reality
* PathBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Classical and Learned Path Planning Algorithms
* Scalable Uncertainty for Computer Vision With Functional Variational Inference
* SLAM++: Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping at the Level of Objects
Includes: Kelly, P.H.J. Kelly, P.H.J.[Paul H.J.] Kelly, P.H.J.[Paul H. J.]

Kelly, R. Co Author Listing * Cylindrical Polarimetric Phased Array Radar: Beamforming and Calibration for Weather Applications
* Derivation and Evaluation of a New Extinction Coefficient for Use With the n-HUT Snow Emission Model
* Influence of Thermal Properties and Canopy- Intercepted Snow on Passive Microwave Transmissivity of a Scots Pine, The
* Modeling the Observed Microwave Emission from Shallow Multi-Layer Tundra Snow Using DMRT-ML
* Observations of a Coniferous Forest at 9.6 and 17.2 GHz: Implications for SWE Retrievals
* On vision systems identification with application to fixed-camera robotic systems
* Robust Asymptotically Stable Visual Servoing of Planar Robots
* RTSVC: Real-time system for visual control of robots
* Use of a Monte Carlo Markov Chain Method for Snow-Depth Retrievals: A Case Study Based on Airborne Microwave Observations and Emission Modeling Experiments of Tundra Snow, The
Includes: Kelly, R. Kelly, R.[Richard] Kelly, R.[Rafael]
9 for Kelly, R.

Kelly, R.E. Co Author Listing * Gestalt Photomapping System, The

Kelly, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Contextually Adaptive Multimodal Mixed Reality Interfaces for Dismounted Operator Teaming with Unmanned System Swarms
* Robust surface matching for registration
Includes: Kelly, S.[Sean] Kelly, S.

Kelly, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Generative Layout Modeling using Constraint Graphs
* Projective Urban Texturing

Kelly, V.R.[Vicky R.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variability of SMAP Soil Moisture Accuracy in a Deciduous Forest Region

Kelly, W.[Wayne] Co Author Listing * Object Based Remote Sensing Using Sentinel Data
* Screening for Objectionable Images: A Review of Skin Detection Techniques
Includes: Kelly, W.[Wayne] Kelly, W.

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