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Mei, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Integration of Field and Laboratory Spectral Data with Multi-Resolution Remote Sensed Imagery for Asphalt Surface Differentiation
* Road Extraction and Distress Assessment by Spaceborne, Airborne, and Terrestrial Platforms
* use of suitable pseudo-invariant targets for MIVIS data calibration by the empirical line method, The

Mei, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Constant-time Efficient Stereo SLAM System, A
* Constrained Multiple Planar Template Tracking for Central Catadioptric Cameras
* Dynamic Programming Approach to Reconstructing Building Interiors, A
* Feature Selection Based on Intrusive Outliers Rather Than All Instances
* From Visual Query to Visual Portrayal
* Growing semantically meaningful models for visual SLAM
* Modeling and generating complex motion blur for real-time tracking
* Multi-Branch U-Net for Interactive Segmentation
* Region and Temporal Dependency Fusion for Multi-label Action Unit Detection
* Robust Visual Place Recognition with Graph Kernels
* RSLAM: A System for Large-Scale Mapping in Constant-Time Using Stereo
Includes: Mei, C.[Christopher] Mei, C. Mei, C.[Cheng] Mei, C.[Chun]
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Mei, C.H.[Chun Hui] Co Author Listing * Efficient Error-Bounded General Camera Model, An
Includes: Mei, C.H.[Chun Hui] Mei, C.H.[Chun-Hui]

Mei, C.J.[Chao Jun] Co Author Listing * Lightweight and Efficient Infrared Pedestrian Semantic Segmentation Method, A
* Multi-Scale Aggregation Transformers for Multispectral Object Detection
Includes: Mei, C.J.[Chao Jun] Mei, C.J.[Chao-Jun]

Mei, C.L.[Chang Lin] Co Author Listing * Feature selection in mixed data: A method using a novel fuzzy rough set-based information entropy
Includes: Mei, C.L.[Chang Lin] Mei, C.L.[Chang-Lin]

Mei, C.N.[Chuan Neng] Co Author Listing * RFAU: A Database for Facial Action Unit Analysis in Real Classrooms
Includes: Mei, C.N.[Chuan Neng] Mei, C.N.[Chuan-Neng]

Mei, D.[Dianwen] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Object Detection by Knowledge Distillation Using Bag-of-Visual-Words Representations
* Multi-faceted Distillation of Base-Novel Commonality for Few-Shot Object Detection

Mei, D.K.[Deng Kui] Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Ill-Posed Problem of GNSS-Based Ionospheric Tomography, A
Includes: Mei, D.K.[Deng Kui] Mei, D.K.[Deng-Kui]

Mei, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D entity-based stereo matching with ground control points and joint second-order smoothness prior
* Boost Correlation Features with 3D-MiIoU-Based Camera-LiDAR Fusion for MODT in Autonomous Driving
* High-Resolution Image Products Acquired from Mid-Sized Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Land-Atmosphere Studies
* new deep representation for large-scale scene classification, A
* Retraction notice
Includes: Mei, F.[Feng] Mei, F.[Fang] Mei, F.[Fan]

Mei, F.H.[Feng Hua] Co Author Listing * Attribute-Based Synthetic Network (ABS-Net): Learning more from pseudo feature representations
Includes: Mei, F.H.[Feng Hua] Mei, F.H.[Feng-Hua]

Mei, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach for Long-Term Traffic Flow Prediction With Multifactor Fusion Using Spatiotemporal Graph Convolutional Network, A
* EvaToon: A novel graph matching system for evaluating cartoon drawings
* Generic Approach to Object Matching and Tracking, A
Includes: Mei, G.[Gang] Mei, G.[Guo]

Mei, G.B.[Guo Biao] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised image embedding using nonparametric statistics
Includes: Mei, G.B.[Guo Biao] Mei, G.B.[Guo-Biao]

Mei, G.F.[Guo Feng] Co Author Listing * Compressive-Sensing-Based Structure Identification for Multilayer Networks
* Feature-Metric Registration: A Fast Semi-Supervised Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration Without Correspondences
* Overlap-guided Gaussian Mixture Models for Point Cloud Registration
* Partial Point Cloud Registration Via Soft Segmentation
* Point Cloud Registration with Self-supervised Feature Learning and Beam Search
* Robust real-world point cloud registration by inlier detection
* Unsupervised Deep Probabilistic Approach for Partial Point Cloud Registration
* Unsupervised Point Cloud Pre-Training Via Contrasting and Clustering
* Visual SLAM for robot navigation in healthcare facility
Includes: Mei, G.F.[Guo Feng] Mei, G.F.[Guo-Feng] Mei, G.F.[Gao-Fei]
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Mei, H. Co Author Listing * Don't Hit Me! Glass Detection in Real-World Scenes
* Observation of Near-Inertial Internal Gravity Waves in the Southern South China Sea
* Remotely-Observed Early Spring Warming in the Southwestern Yellow Sea Due to Weakened Winter Monsoon
* Retrieving Three-Dimensional Large Surface Displacements in Coal Mining Areas by Combining SAR Pixel Offset Measurements with an Improved Mining Subsidence Model
* SHERF: Generalizable Human NeRF from a Single Image
* SynBody: Synthetic Dataset with Layered Human Models for 3D Human Perception and Modeling
* Where Is My Mirror?
* Zolly: Zoom Focal Length Correctly for Perspective-Distorted Human Mesh Reconstruction
Includes: Mei, H. Mei, H.[Huan] Mei, H.[Han] Mei, H.[Haiyi]
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Mei, H.B.[Hai Bin] Co Author Listing * Spectral-Spatial Offset Graph Convolutional Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Mei, H.B.[Hai Bin] Mei, H.B.[Hai-Bin]

Mei, H.W.[Hai Wen] Co Author Listing * Frequency-Domain Imaging Algorithm for Translational Variant Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR, A
Includes: Mei, H.W.[Hai Wen] Mei, H.W.[Hai-Wen]

Mei, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Co Author Listing * Camouflaged Object Segmentation with Distraction Mining
* Camouflaged Object Segmentation with Omni Perception
* Deep Polarization Reconstruction with PDAVIS Events
* Depth-Aware Mirror Segmentation
* DRFN: Deep Recurrent Fusion Network for Single-Image Super-Resolution with Large Factors
* Exploring Dense Context for Salient Object Detection
* Glass Segmentation using Intensity and Spectral Polarization Cues
* Large-Field Contextual Feature Learning for Glass Detection
* Live Demo: E2P-Events to Polarization Reconstruction from PDAVIS Events
* Progressive Glass Segmentation
* Two-Stage Attentive Network for Single Image Super-Resolution, A
Includes: Mei, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Mei, H.Y.[Hai-Yang]
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Mei, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * 2nd Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2024: Challenge Results
* 3D-Aware Neural Body Fitting for Occlusion Robust 3D Human Pose Estimation
* BNET: Batch Normalization With Enhanced Linear Transformation
* CoANet: Connectivity Attention Network for Road Extraction From Satellite Imagery
* Combing Color Index and Region Growing with Simple Non-iterative Clustering for Plant Segmentation
* Cross-Domain Leaf Counting with Minimizing Feature Distances
* Curve Evolution Approach for Unsupervised Segmentation of Images With Low Depth of Field, A
* Deep Learning for Multilabel Remote Sensing Image Annotation With Dual-Level Semantic Concepts
* HCIL: Hierarchical Class Incremental Learning for Longline Fishing Visual Monitoring
* In Defense of Image Pre-Training for Spatiotemporal Recognition
* JCS: An Explainable COVID-19 Diagnosis System by Joint Classification and Segmentation
* Joint Margin, Cograph, and Label Constraints for Semisupervised Scene Parsing From Point Clouds
* Learning to Refine 3D Human Pose Sequences
* Local Structure and Direction-Aware Optimization Approach for Three-Dimensional Tree Modeling, A
* LogDet Divergence-Based Metric Learning With Triplet Constraints and Its Applications
* LRAGE: Learning Latent Relationships With Adaptive Graph Embedding for Aerial Scene Classification
* Merged U-Net for Bone Tumors X-Ray Images Segmentation
* Neural Architecture Search for Lightweight Non-Local Networks
* Online Dictionary Learning for Approximate Archetypal Analysis
* Phase unwrapping and denoising for time-of-flight imaging using generalized approximate message passing
* Progressive Mixup Augmented Teacher-Student Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Projection learning with local and global consistency constraints for scene classification
* PSASL: Pixel-Level and Superpixel-Level Aware Subspace Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SANet: A Slice-Aware Network for Pulmonary Nodule Detection
* Scene Text Script Identification with Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks
* Scene-Adaptive Off-Road Detection Using a Monocular Camera
* Sea You Later: Metadata-Guided Long-Term Re-Identification for UAV-Based Multi-Object Tracking
* Self-Supervised Feature Learning with CRF Embedding for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Self-Supervised Low-Rank Representation (SSLRR) for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semi-Decentralized Network Slicing for Reliable V2V Service Provisioning: A Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
* SLCRF: Subspace Learning With Conditional Random Field for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SLVP: Self-Supervised Language-Video Pre-Training for Referring Video Object Segmentation
* Three-Step Approach for TLS Point Cloud Classification, A
* Topology-Enhanced Urban Road Extraction via a Geographic Feature-Enhanced Network
* Video-based Hierarchical Species Classification for Longline Fishing Monitoring
* Waymo Open Dataset: Panoramic Video Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Mei, J.[Jie] Mei, J.[Jieru] Mei, J. Mei, J.[Jiong] Mei, J.[Jonathan]
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Mei, J.B.[Jian Biao] Co Author Listing * Delving Deeper Into Mask Utilization in Video Object Segmentation
* E-NeRV: Expedite Neural Video Representation with Disentangled Spatial-Temporal Context
* LiDAR video object segmentation with dynamic kernel refinement
Includes: Mei, J.B.[Jian Biao] Mei, J.B.[Jian-Biao]

Mei, J.D.[Ji Dan] Co Author Listing * Cross Sensor Beamforming of Adaptive Vector Senor Canceling
* Research on the Three-Dimensional Underwater Acoustic Image Measurement Technology Using Planar Array
Includes: Mei, J.D.[Ji Dan] Mei, J.D.[Ji-Dan]

Mei, J.H.[Jian Han] Co Author Listing * Learning local feature representation from matching, clustering and spatial transform
* Quadtree Convolutional Neural Networks
* Spatial feature mapping for 6DoF object pose estimation
Includes: Mei, J.H.[Jian Han] Mei, J.H.[Jian-Han]

Mei, J.J.[Jin Jin] Co Author Listing * Wavelet Frame-Based Image Restoration via L_2-Relaxed Truncated L_0 Regularization and Nonlocal Estimation
Includes: Mei, J.J.[Jin Jin] Mei, J.J.[Jin-Jin]

Mei, J.L.[Jia Lin] Co Author Listing * Learning to Hash for Personalized Image Authentication
* PA&DA: Jointly Sampling PAth and DAta for Consistent NAS
* Semantic Segmentation of 3D LiDAR Data in Dynamic Scene Using Semi-Supervised Learning
* SemanticPOSS: A Point Cloud Dataset with Large Quantity of Dynamic Instances
* Unleashing the Power of Gradient Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Zero-Shot NAS
Includes: Mei, J.L.[Jia Lin] Mei, J.L.[Jia-Lin] Mei, J.L.[Ji-Lin]

Mei, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy clustering with weighted medoids for relational data
* Knowledge Distillation with the Reused Teacher Classifier
* LinkFCM: Relation integrated fuzzy c-means
Includes: Mei, J.P.[Jian Ping] Mei, J.P.[Jian-Ping]

Mei, J.Y.[Jiang Yuan] Co Author Listing * Edge preservation image enlargement and enhancement method based on the adaptive Perona-Malik non-linear diffusion model
Includes: Mei, J.Y.[Jiang Yuan] Mei, J.Y.[Jiang-Yuan]

Mei, K.[Kangfu] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Atmospheric Turbulence Simulation Methods for Image Restoration, A
* Cost-sensitive learning of hierarchical tree classifiers for large-scale image classification and novel category detection
* Hierarchical and Parallel Pipelined Heterogeneous SoC for Embedded Vision Processing
* HighEr-Resolution Network for Image Demosaicing and Enhancing
* Improve Regression Network on Depth Hand Pose Estimation With Auxiliary Variable
* Instance Adaptive Self-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Integrating Part of Speech Guidance for Image Captioning
* Learning multi-layer coarse-to-fine representations for large-scale image classification
* Multi-Scale Video Inverse Tone Mapping with Deformable Alignment
* Phase Asymmetry Ultrasound Despeckling With Fractional Anisotropic Diffusion and Total Variation
* Reconfigurable Processor for Binary Image Processing
* Thermal to Visible Image Synthesis Under Atmospheric Turbulence
* Towards self-explainable graph convolutional neural network with frequency adaptive inception
* Training more discriminative multi-class classifiers for hand detection
* VLSI Design of a High-Speed and Area-Efficient JPEG2000 Encoder
Includes: Mei, K.[Kangfu] Mei, K.[Kuizhi] Mei, K. Mei, K.[Ke]
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Mei, K.F.[Kang Fu] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on RAW to RGB Mapping: Methods and Results
* Deep residual refining based pseudo-multi-frame network for effective single image super-resolution
* Deep Semantic Statistics Matching (D2SM) Denoising Network
* Latent Feature-Guided Diffusion Models for Shadow Removal
* Lightweight and Accurate Recursive Fractal Network for Image Super-Resolution
* MDCN: Multi-Scale Dense Cross Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-scale Residual Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Progressive Feature Fusion Network for Realistic Image Dehazing
Includes: Mei, K.F.[Kang Fu] Mei, K.F.[Kang-Fu]
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Mei, K.Z.[Kui Zhi] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Mid-Level Semantics for Large-Scale Complex Video Classification
* From Text to Video: Exploiting Mid-Level Semantics for Large-Scale Video Classification
* Learning group-based dictionaries for discriminative image representation
* Structure-based graph convolutional networks with frequency filter
* Task-Driven Image Retrieval Using Geographic Information
* Training inter-related classifiers for automatic image classification and annotation
Includes: Mei, K.Z.[Kui Zhi] Mei, K.Z.[Kui-Zhi]

Mei, L.[Linlu] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Improved Ross-Li BRDF Models Emphasizing Albedo Estimates at Large Solar Angles Using POLDER Data
* Building an intelligent video and image analysis evaluation platform for public security
* Cross-Attention-Guided Feature Alignment Network for Road Crack Detection
* Deep Fusion of RGB and NIR Paired Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Deriving a Global and Hourly Data Set of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land Using Data From Four Geostationary Satellites: GOES-16, MSG-1, MSG-4, and Himawari-8
* Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* Does the Intra-Arctic Modification of Long-Range Transported Aerosol Affect the Local Radiative Budget? (A Case Study)
* Dynamic Influence of High-Speed Rail on the Spatial Structure of Economic Networks and the Underlying Mechanisms in Northeastern China, The
* Ensemble of ESA/AATSR Aerosol Optical Depth Products Based on the Likelihood Estimate Method With Uncertainties
* Evaluation of the Snow Albedo Retrieved from the Snow Kernel Improved the Ross-Roujean BRDF Model
* Exploring Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolution for Video-Based Human-Object Interaction Recognition
* Extending XBAER Algorithm to Aerosol and Cloud Condition
* Face hallucination by deep traversal network
* FuseGAN: Learning to Fuse Multi-Focus Image via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Historical and Future Changes in Extreme Climate Events and Their Effects on Vegetation on the Mongolian Plateau
* Illumination-Invariance Optical Flow Estimation Using Weighted Regularization Transform
* KGCN-LSTM: A graph convolutional network considering knowledge fusion of point of interest for vehicle trajectory prediction
* Large-scale Isolated Gesture Recognition using pyramidal 3D convolutional networks
* Learning Discriminative Pattern for Real-Time Car Brand Recognition
* Learning Domain-Adaptive Landmark Detection-Based Self-Supervised Video Synchronization for Remote Sensing Panorama
* Learning Unrolling-Based Neural Network for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction
* Low Light Image Enhancement by Multispectral Fusion and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Measurements and Modeling of Optical-Equivalent Snow Grain Sizes under Arctic Low-Sun Conditions
* Measuring Crowd Collectiveness via Global Motion Correlation
* Modeling and Evaluation of the Systematic Errors for the Polarization-Sensitive Imaging LIDAR Technique
* Multi-camera 3D ball tracking framework for sports video
* Multi-focus image fusion with Siamese self-attention network
* Open-World Group Retrieval with Ambiguity Removal: A Benchmark
* Preliminary Studies on Atmospheric Monitoring by Employing a Portable Unmanned Mie-Scattering Scheimpflug Lidar System
* Progressive Context-Aware Aggregation Network Combining Multi-Scale and Multi-Level Dense Reconstruction for Building Change Detection
* Public Security Video and Image Analysis Challenge: A Retrospective
* Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Thickness in the Arctic Snow-Covered Regions Using Passive Remote Sensing: Impact of Aerosol Typing and Surface Reflection Model
* Robust object pose estimation via statistical manifold modeling
* Robust tracking via monocular active vision for an intelligent teaching system
* SAHARA: A Simplified AtmospHeric Correction AlgoRithm for Chinese gAofen Data: 1. Aerosol Algorithm
* Sample Sufficiency and PCA Dimension for Statistical Shape Models
* SCAD: A Siamese Cross-Attention Discrimination Network for Bitemporal Building Change Detection
* SPID: Surveillance Pedestrian Image Dataset and Performance Evaluation for Pedestrian Detection
* Statistical shape modelling: How many modes should be retained?
* Systematic Collection of Medical Image Datasets for Deep Learning, A
* Unsupervised Object Pose Classification from Short Video Sequences
* Validation of Aerosol Products from AATSR and MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithms: Part 1: Global Evaluation
* Variation Characteristics of Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency and Its Response to Human Activity and Climate Change in Inner Mongolia
* Vehicle Color Recognition With Spatial Pyramid Deep Learning
Includes: Mei, L.[Linlu] Mei, L.[Lin] Mei, L.[Liye] Mei, L. Mei, L.[Lei] Mei, L.[Ling] Mei, L.[Li] Mei, L.[Lanxiao] Mei, L.[Lanyin] Mei, L.[Liang]
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Mei, L.J.[Ling Jie] Co Author Listing * Infinite Photorealistic Worlds Using Procedural Generation
Includes: Mei, L.J.[Ling Jie] Mei, L.J.[Ling-Jie]

Mei, L.L.[Lin Lu] Co Author Listing * Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Himawari-8-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Using an Improved Time Series Algorithm Over Eastern China
* new snow bidirectional reflectance distribution function model in spectral regions from UV to SWIR: Model development and application to ground-based, aircraft and satellite observations, A
Includes: Mei, L.L.[Lin Lu] Mei, L.L.[Lin-Lu]

Mei, L.Z.J.[Lan Zhu Ju] Co Author Listing * DTR-Net: Dual-Space 3D Tooth Model Reconstruction From Panoramic X-Ray Images
Includes: Mei, L.Z.J.[Lan Zhu Ju] Mei, L.Z.J.[Lan-Zhu-Ju]

Mei, M.J.[M. Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Textural Approach to Improving Snow Depth Estimates in the Weddell Sea, A

Mei, M.M.[Ming Ming] Co Author Listing * autonomous emergency braking strategy based on non-linear model predictive deceleration control, An
Includes: Mei, M.M.[Ming Ming] Mei, M.M.[Ming-Ming]

Mei, M.Q.[Meng Qing] Co Author Listing * innovative multi-label learning based algorithm for city data computing, An
* Multi-label learning based target detecting from multi-frame data
Includes: Mei, M.Q.[Meng Qing] Mei, M.Q.[Meng-Qing]

Mei, P. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Visual Object Detection and Tracking Algorithms Used in Remote Photoplethysmography

Mei, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Method of Sound Event Localization and Detection Based on Three-Dimension Convolution, A
Includes: Mei, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Mei, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Mei, Q.[Qiang] Co Author Listing * Detection of Oil Spills in the Northern South China Sea Using Landsat-8 OLI
* Linear Discriminant Analysis Metric Learning Using Siamese Neural Networks
* MS-AGAN: Road Extraction via Multi-Scale Information Fusion and Asymmetric Generative Adversarial Networks from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images under Complex Backgrounds
Includes: Mei, Q.[Qiang] Mei, Q.[Qi]

Mei, Q.H.[Qi Hang] Co Author Listing * Ground Surface Freezing and Thawing Index Distribution in the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor and Factors Analysis Based on GeoDetector Technique
Includes: Mei, Q.H.[Qi Hang] Mei, Q.H.[Qi-Hang]

Mei, Q.K.[Qi Kai] Co Author Listing * Individual Differentiated Multidimensional Hawkes Model: Uncovering Urban Spatial Interaction Using Mobile-Phone Data
Includes: Mei, Q.K.[Qi Kai] Mei, Q.K.[Qi-Kai]

Mei, Q.Y.[Qiu Yi] Co Author Listing * Novel Spectral Index for Automatic Canola Mapping by Using Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
Includes: Mei, Q.Y.[Qiu Yi] Mei, Q.Y.[Qiu-Yi]

Mei, R. Co Author Listing * Attention-Enhanced And More Balanced R-CNN For Object Detection
* Robust Blind Equalization Algorithm Using Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Mei, R. Mei, R.[Ruru]

Mei, S. Co Author Listing * Exploring Kernel Based Spatial Context for CNN Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Exploring the influence of feature representation for dictionary selection based video summarization
* Hyperspectral Image Resolution Enhancement Using High-Resolution Multispectral Image Based on Spectral Unmixing
* Local Spectral Similarity Preserving Regularized Robust Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Measuring Generalisation to Unseen Viewpoints, Articulations, Shapes and Objects for 3d Hand Pose Estimation Under Hand-object Interaction
* Multi-Task Deep Relative Attribute Learning for Visual Urban Perception
* Multifractal characterization and recognition of animal behavior based on deep wavelet transform
* Plant Disease Recognition: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset and a Visual Region and Loss Reweighting Approach
* Polar Coordinate Convolutional Neural Network: From Rotation-Invariance to Translation-Invariance
* Rotation-Invariant Feature Learning in VHR Optical Remote Sensing Images via Nested Siamese Structure With Double Center Loss
* Unsupervised Spatial-Spectral Feature Learning by 3D Convolutional Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Classification
* You Are What You Eat: Exploring Rich Recipe Information for Cross-Region Food Analysis
Includes: Mei, S. Mei, S.[Sijia] Mei, S.[Shuli]
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Mei, S.B.[Shi Bin] Co Author Listing * Explore Adversarial Attack via Black Box Variational Inference
* Exploring and Utilizing Pattern Imbalance
* Variational Adversarial Defense: A Bayes Perspective for Adversarial Training
Includes: Mei, S.B.[Shi Bin] Mei, S.B.[Shi-Bin]

Mei, S.H.[Shao Hui] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Convolutional Neural Network-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification by Step Activation Quantization
* Attention-Enhanced Generative Adversarial Network for Hyperspectral Imagery Spatial Super-Resolution
* BiTSRS: A Bi-Decoder Transformer Segmentor for High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Dual-Weighted Kernel Extreme Learning Machine for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* EFP-Net: A Novel Building Change Detection Method Based on Efficient Feature Fusion and Foreground Perception
* Fusion-Based Defogging Algorithm, A
* Graph Convolutional Dictionary Selection With L2,? Norm for Video Summarization
* Hierarchy-Dependent Cross-Platform Multi-View Feature Learning for Venue Category Prediction
* Hyperspectral Image Spatial Super-Resolution via 3D Full Convolutional Neural Network
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution Via Convolutional Neural Network
* Improving Spatial-Spectral Endmember Extraction in the Presence of Anomalous Ground Objects
* Iterative keyframe selection by orthogonal subspace projection
* Learning Sensor-Specific Spatial-Spectral Features of Hyperspectral Images via Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning Spatial and Spectral Features via 2D-1D Generative Adversarial Network for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-scale deep feature fusion based sparse dictionary selection for video summarization
* Patch Based Video Summarization With Block Sparse Representation
* Remote-Vision-Based Safety Helmet and Harness Monitoring System Based on Attribute Knowledge Modeling, A
* Semi-Supervised Person Detection in Aerial Images with Instance Segmentation and Maximum Mean Discrepancy Distance
* Similarity Based Block Sparse Subset Selection for Video Summarization
* Simultaneous Spatial and Spectral Low-Rank Representation of Hyperspectral Images for Classification
* Spatial and Spectral Joint Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Spatial Purity Based Endmember Extraction for Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Spectral-Spatial Transformer Fusion Method for Hyperspectral Video Tracking, A
* Superpixel-Guided Discriminative Low-Rank Representation of Hyperspectral Images for Classification
* Two-Stage Triplet Network Training Framework for Image Retrieval, A
* Unmixing approach for hyperspectral data resolution enhancement using high resolution multispectral image
* Unsupervised Spectral Mixture Analysis with Hopfield Neural Network for hyperspectral images
* Video summarization via minimum sparse reconstruction
* Video Summarization via Simultaneous Block Sparse Representation
* Video Summarization via Weighted Neighborhood Based Representation
Includes: Mei, S.H.[Shao Hui] Mei, S.H.[Shao-Hui] Mei, S.H.[Shu-Huan]
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Mei, S.J.[Shi Jie] Co Author Listing * Deep Directly-Trained Spiking Neural Networks for Object Detection
Includes: Mei, S.J.[Shi Jie] Mei, S.J.[Shi-Jie]

Mei, S.L.[Shu Li] Co Author Listing * Construction of Quasi Interval Wavelet Based on Constrained Variational Principle
* VLSI-oriented algorithm and its implementation for AVS chroma interpolation, A
Includes: Mei, S.L.[Shu Li] Mei, S.L.[Shu-Li] Mei, S.L.[Shun-Liang]

Mei, S.Q.[Shu Qi] Co Author Listing * Directional entropy feature for human detection
* Informative Data Mining for One-shot Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation
* Learning to Detect 3D Lanes by Shape Matching and Embedding
* SSF: Accelerating Training of Spiking Neural Networks with Stabilized Spiking Flow
* Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving, A
* Visual Traffic Knowledge Graph Generation from Scene Images
Includes: Mei, S.Q.[Shu Qi] Mei, S.Q.[Shu-Qi]

Mei, S.S.[Shen Sheng] Co Author Listing * DAMSL: Domain Agnostic Meta Score-based Learning

Mei, S.X.[Shen Xiao] Co Author Listing * OOD-CV: A Benchmark for Robustness to Out-of-Distribution Shifts of Individual Nuisances in Natural Images
Includes: Mei, S.X.[Shen Xiao] Mei, S.X.[Shen-Xiao]

Mei, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * 3D Cascade RCNN: High Quality Object Detection in Point Clouds
* Action Unit Memory Network for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Adaptive Content Condensation Based on Grid Optimization for Thumbnail Image Generation
* AGRNet: Adaptive Graph Representation Learning and Reasoning for Face Parsing
* AnchorFormer: Point Cloud Completion from Discriminative Nodes
* Assessing photo quality with geo-context and crowdsourced photos
* Augmentation Pathways Network for Visual Recognition
* Author Topic Model-Based Collaborative Filtering for Personalized POI Recommendations
* Automatic Generation of Social Event Storyboard From Image Click-Through Data
* Automatic Video Genre Categorization using Hierarchical SVM
* Bag-of-Importance Model With Locality-Constrained Coding Based Feature Learning for Video Summarization, A
* Bi-calibration Networks for Weakly-Supervised Video Representation Learning
* Boosting Generic Visual-Linguistic Representation With Dynamic Contexts
* Boosting Image Captioning with Attributes
* Boosting Semi-Supervised Face Recognition With Noise Robustness
* Boosting Video Representation Learning with Multi-Faceted Integration
* CAViT: Contextual Alignment Vision Transformer for Video Object Re-identification
* Circular Reranking for Visual Search
* Classes Matter: A Fine-grained Adversarial Approach to Cross-domain Semantic Segmentation
* CM-NAS: Cross-Modality Neural Architecture Search for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Co-Mining: Deep Face Recognition With Noisy Labels
* Co-reranking by mutual reinforcement for image search
* Coarse-to-Fine Localization of Temporal Action Proposals
* Coherent image annotation by learning semantic distance
* Column-Spatial Correction Network for Remote Sensing Image Destriping
* Combining global, regional and contextual features for automatic image annotation
* Comprehending and Ordering Semantics for Image Captioning
* Concurrent Multiple Instance Learning for Image Categorization
* Condensing a Sequence to One Informative Frame for Video Recognition
* Contextual Bag-of-Words for Visual Categorization
* Contextual decomposition of multi-label images
* Contextual Internet Multimedia Advertising
* Contextual Transformer Networks for Visual Recognition
* Cross-modal Contrastive Distillation for Instructional Activity Anticipation
* Customizable Architecture Search for Semantic Segmentation
* DA-GAN: Instance-Level Image Translation by Deep Attention Generative Adversarial Networks
* Deep Attention Neural Tensor Network for Visual Question Answering
* Deep Collaborative Embedding for Social Image Understanding
* Deep Learning-Based Approach to Progressive Vehicle Re-identification for Urban Surveillance, A
* Deep Metric Learning With Density Adaptivity
* Deep Person Generation: A Survey from the Perspective of Face, Pose, and Cloth Synthesis
* Deep Quantization: Encoding Convolutional Activations with Deep Generative Model
* Deep Transfer Hashing for Image Retrieval
* Destruction and Construction Learning for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Diffusion and Clustering-Based Approach for Finding Coherent Motions and Understanding Crowd Scenes, A
* Directional Self-supervised Learning for Heavy Image Augmentations
* Discriminative Exemplar Coding for Sign Language Recognition With Kinect
* Dive into Ambiguity: Latent Distribution Mining and Pairwise Uncertainty Estimation for Facial Expression Recognition
* Dual Spoof Disentanglement Generation for Face Anti-Spoofing With Depth Uncertainty Learning
* Dual Vision Transformer
* Dynamic Temporal Filtering in Video Models
* Edge-aware Graph Representation Learning and Reasoning for Face Parsing
* Editorial for special section of video analytics with deep learning
* Efficient Video Mosaicing Based on Motion Analysis
* End-to-End Video Scene Graph Generation With Temporal Propagation Transformer
* Evolution of Research on Multimedia Travel Guide Search and Recommender Systems, The
* Exclusivity-Consistency Regularized Knowledge Distillation for Face Recognition
* Explainable Person Re-Identification with Attribute-guided Metric Distillation
* Exploiting Web Images for Video Highlight Detection With Triplet Deep Ranking
* Exploratory Product Image Search With Circle-to-Search Interaction
* Exploring Category-Agnostic Clusters for Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Exploring Structure-aware Transformer over Interaction Proposals for Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Exploring Users' Internal Influence from Reviews for Social Recommendation
* Exploring Visual Relationship for Image Captioning
* Fully Convolutional Adaptation Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Gait Recognition in the Wild with Dense 3D Representations and A Benchmark
* Gaussian Temporal Awareness Networks for Action Localization
* GPS Estimation for Places of Interest From Social Users' Uploaded Photos
* Graph-based semi-supervised learning with multiple labels
* Group Reidentification with Multigrained Matching and Integration
* Group-aware Label Transfer for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on Video and Language
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on Socio-Mobile Media Analysis and Retrieval
* HGNet: Learning Hierarchical Geometry from Points, Edges, and Surfaces
* Hierarchical Soft Quantization for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Hierarchy Parsing for Image Captioning
* Highlight Detection with Pairwise Deep Ranking for First-Person Video Summarization
* Home Video Visual Quality Assessment With Spatiotemporal Factors
* Human Mesh Recovery From Monocular Images via a Skeleton-Disentangled Representation
* Image Decomposition With Multilabel Context: Algorithms and Applications
* Image Search Reranking With Query-Dependent Click-Based Relevance Feedback
* Image search results refinement via outlier detection using deep contexts
* Image tag refinement by regularized latent Dirichlet allocation
* Image Tag Refinement With View-Dependent Concept Representations
* Incorporating Copying Mechanism in Image Captioning for Learning Novel Objects
* Instant Mobile Video Search With Layered Audio-Video Indexing and Progressive Transmission
* Interaction Design for Mobile Visual Search
* Interactive Multimodal Visual Search on Mobile Device
* Joint Detection and Recounting of Abnormal Events by Learning Deep Generic Knowledge
* Joint multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
* Joint Pixel and Region Based Multiscale Markov Random Field for Image Classification, A
* Jointly Localizing and Describing Events for Dense Video Captioning
* Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language
* Landmark Reranking for Smart Travel Guide Systems by Combining and Analyzing Diverse Media
* Landmark Summarization With Diverse Viewpoints
* Large-scale image and video search: Challenges, technologies, and trends
* Latent support vector machine for sign language recognition with Kinect
* Learning a Unified Sample Weighting Network for Object Detection
* Learning Deep Spatio-Temporal Dependence for Semantic Video Segmentation
* Learning hierarchical video representation for action recognition
* Learning Multi-attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Learning Neural Implicit Surfaces with Object-Aware Radiance Fields
* Learning Optimal Compact Codebook for Efficient Object Categorization
* Learning Query and Image Similarities with Ranking Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Learning Rich Part Hierarchies With Progressive Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Learning salient visual word for scalable mobile image retrieval
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Representation With Local and Global Diffusion
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Representation with Pseudo-3D Residual Networks
* Learning to Generate Language-Supervised and Open-Vocabulary Scene Graph Using Pre-Trained Visual-Semantic Space
* Learning to Localize Actions from Moments
* Lightweight and Progressively-Scalable Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Look Closer to See Better: Recurrent Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Look-Into-Object: Self-Supervised Structure Modeling for Object Recognition
* Low Rank Promoting Prior for Unsupervised Contrastive Learning, A
* Memory Matching Networks for One-Shot Image Recognition
* Memory-Augmented Non-Local Attention for Video Super-Resolution
* MetaSearch: Incremental Product Search via Deep Meta-Learning
* MINet: Meta-Learning Instance Identifiers for Video Object Detection
* MLP-3D: A MLP-like 3D Architecture with Grouped Time Mixing
* Modality-Agnostic Debiasing for Single Domain Generalization
* Modeling and Mining of Users' Capture Intention for Home Videos
* Monet: A System for Reliving Your Memories by Theme-Based Photo Storytelling
* Monocular, One-stage, Regression of Multiple 3D People
* Motion-Focused Contrastive Learning of Video Representations*
* MoVieUp: Automatic Mobile Video Mashup
* MSR-VTT: A Large Video Description Dataset for Bridging Video and Language
* Multi-level Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering
* Multi-task deep visual-semantic embedding for video thumbnail selection
* Multigranular Event Recognition of Personal Photo Albums
* Multigraph-Based Query-Independent Learning for Video Search
* Multimedia search reranking: A literature survey
* Noise Augmented Double-Stream Graph Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning
* ObjectFusion: Multi-modal 3D Object Detection with Object-Centric Fusion
* Online video recommendation based on multimodal fusion and relevance feedback
* Optimizing Visual Search Reranking via Pairwise Learning
* PageSense: Toward Stylewise Contextual Advertising via Visual Analysis of Web Pages
* Part-Aligned Bilinear Representations for Person Re-identification
* PointClustering: Unsupervised Point Cloud Pre-training using Transformation Invariance in Clustering
* Pointing Novel Objects in Image Captioning
* Pose-Guided Tracking-by-Detection: Robust Multi-Person Pose Tracking
* Predicting Failing Queries in Video Search
* PROVID: Progressive and Multimodal Vehicle Reidentification for Large-Scale Urban Surveillance
* Putting People in their Place: Monocular Regression of 3D People in Depth
* Query Difficulty Estimation for Image Search With Query Reconstruction Error
* Query-Dependent Aesthetic Model With Deep Learning for Photo Quality Assessment
* Recent Advances of Monocular 2D and 3D Human Pose Estimation: A Deep Learning Perspective
* Recurrent Tubelet Proposal and Recognition Networks for Action Detection
* Relation Distillation Networks for Video Object Detection
* Relaxing from Vocabulary: Robust Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning for Vocabulary-Free Image Tagging
* Representing Videos as Discriminative Sub-graphs for Action Recognition
* Responsive Listening Head Generation: A Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
* Retrieval-Based Face Annotation by Weak Label Regularized Local Coordinate Coding
* Robust Visual Object Tracking with Two-Stream Residual Convolutional Networks
* Sampling Wisely: Deep Image Embedding by Top-K Precision Optimization
* Scalable clip-based near-duplicate video detection with ordinal measure
* ScratchDet: Training Single-Shot Object Detectors From Scratch
* Semantic-Conditional Diffusion Networks for Image Captioning*
* Semi-Siamese Training for Shallow Face Learning
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation with Subspace Learning for visual recognition
* Semi-supervised kernel density estimation for video annotation
* Single Image Deraining Integrating Physics Model and Density-Oriented Conditional GAN Refinement
* Single Shot Video Object Detector
* Social Image Tagging With Diverse Semantics
* Social Relation Recognition From Videos via Multi-Scale Spatial-Temporal Reasoning
* Socialized Mobile Photography: Learning to Photograph With Social Context via Mobile Devices
* SPE-Net: Boosting Point Cloud Analysis via Rotation Robustness Enhancement
* Stand-Alone Inter-Frame Attention in Video Models
* Style and Semantic Memory Mechanism for Domain Generalization*, A
* Subspace Clustering by Block Diagonal Representation
* Super Fast Event Recognition in Internet Videos
* Supporting Serendipitous Social Interaction Using Human Mobility Prediction
* TapTell: Interactive visual search for mobile task recommendation
* Temporally Consistent Gaussian Random Field for Video Semantic Analysis
* Towards Cross-Domain Learning for Social Video Popularity Prediction
* Towards NIR-VIS Masked Face Recognition
* TRACE: 5D Temporal Regression of Avatars with Dynamic Cameras in 3D Environments
* Transferrable Prototypical Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transferring and Regularizing Prediction for Semantic Segmentation
* Travel Recommendation via Author Topic Model Based Collaborative Filtering
* Tree-Based Visualization and Optimization for Image Collection
* Two-Stage Density-Aware Single Image Deraining Method, A
* Typicality-Based Visual Search Reranking
* Unified Spatio-Temporal Attention Networks for Action Recognition in Videos
* Unpaired Image Captioning With semantic-Constrained Self-Learning
* Unpaired Person Image Generation With Semantic Parsing Transformation
* Unsupervised Person Image Generation With Semantic Parsing Transformation
* Variation of Satellite-Based Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Estuary from 1990 to 2020
* VehicleNet: Learning Robust Visual Representation for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Video Annotation Through Search and Graph Reinforcement Mining
* Video Captioning with Transferred Semantic Attributes
* Video collage: presenting a video sequence using a single image
* Video Summarization by Learning Deep Side Semantic Embedding
* VideoSense: A Contextual In-Video Advertising System
* Visual quality assessment for web videos
* Visual search reranking via adaptive particle swarm optimization
* VrR-VG: Refocusing Visually-Relevant Relationships
* Wave-ViT: Unifying Wavelet and Transformers for Visual Representation Learning
* Web Image Search Re-Ranking With Click-Based Similarity and Typicality
* Who Are Your Real Friends: Analyzing and Distinguishing Between Offline and Online Friendships From Social Multimedia Data
* X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning
* You Lead, We Exceed: Labor-Free Video Concept Learning by Jointly Exploiting Web Videos and Images
Includes: Mei, T.[Tao] Mei, T. Mei, T.[Tiancan] Mei, T.[Tianshen]
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Mei, T.C.[Tian Can] Co Author Listing * Small Object Detection Leveraging on Simultaneous Super-resolution
Includes: Mei, T.C.[Tian Can] Mei, T.C.[Tian-Can]

Mei, T.M.[Tie Min] Co Author Listing * blind source separation-based method for multiple images encryption, A
Includes: Mei, T.M.[Tie Min] Mei, T.M.[Tie-Min]

Mei, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Phenology estimation of subtropical bamboo forests based on assimilated MODIS LAI time series data
Includes: Mei, T.T.[Ting Ting] Mei, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Mei, W. Co Author Listing * GSVD-Based Precoding in MIMO Systems With Integrated Services
* Power Cable Faults Diagnosis Based on the Convex Hull Binary Tree SVM
* Secrecy Capacity Region Maximization in Gaussian MISO Channels With Integrated Services
Includes: Mei, W. Mei, W.[Wang]

Mei, W.B.[Wen Bo] Co Author Listing * Convex MR brain image reconstruction via non-convex total variation minimization
* Filter-based compressed sensing MRI reconstruction
* Image Resizing Using Exponential B-Spline Functions
* magnetic resonance image reconstruction method using support of first-second order variation, A
* MR image reconstruction using cosupport constraints and group sparsity regularisation
* novel image fusion algorithm based on nonsubsampled shearlet transform and morphological component analysis, A
Includes: Mei, W.B.[Wen Bo] Mei, W.B.[Wen-Bo]

Mei, W.S.[Wen Sheng] Co Author Listing * TMF: A GNSS Tropospheric Mapping Function for the Asymmetrical Neutral Atmosphere
Includes: Mei, W.S.[Wen Sheng] Mei, W.S.[Wen-Sheng]

Mei, W.Y.[Wei Ye] Co Author Listing * Using Deep Learning and Very-High-Resolution Imagery to Map Smallholder Field Boundaries
Includes: Mei, W.Y.[Wei Ye] Mei, W.Y.[Wei-Ye]

Mei, X. Co Author Listing * Abnormal Event Detection via Compact Low-Rank Sparse Learning
* Adaptive Objectness for Object Tracking
* Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Blurred target tracking by Blur-driven Tracker
* Classification of resting-state fMRI datasets based on graph kernels
* Comparative Study of Several Popular Models for Near-Land Surface Air Temperature Estimation, A
* Contextual Max Pooling for Human Action Recognition
* Cross-Domain Traffic Scene Understanding: A Dense Correspondence-Based Transfer Learning Approach
* Data-Driven Synthesis of Cartoon Faces Using Different Styles
* Depth Map Upsampling via Compressive Sensing
* Differential Features for Pedestrian Detection: A Taylor Series Perspective
* Dual-Force Metric Learning for Robust Distracter-Resistant Tracker
* DynOcc: Learning Single-View Depth from Dynamic Occlusion Cues
* Efficient Minimum Error Bounded Particle Resampling L1 Tracker with Occlusion Detection
* Ellipse-specific fitting by relaxing the 3L constraints with semidefinite programming
* Estimating Emissions from Crop Residue Open Burning in Central China from 2012 to 2020 Using Statistical Models Combined with Satellite Observations
* Fast Minimax Path-Based Joint Depth Interpolation
* Feature Pyramid and Hierarchical Boosting Network for Pavement Crack Detection
* Feature-aware natural texture synthesis
* Fusing Social Media, Remote Sensing, and Fire Dynamics to Track Wildland-Urban Interface Fire
* Illumination Recovery From Image With Cast Shadows Via Sparse Representation
* Imposing Differential Constraints on Radial Distortion Correction
* Improving Image Restoration with Soft-Rounding
* Influence of Spatial Resolution and Retrieval Frequency on Applicability of Satellite-Predicted PM2.5 in Northern China
* Joint learning hash codes and distance metric for visual tracking
* Learning completed discriminative local features for texture classification
* Machine learning for big visual analysis
* Minimum error bounded efficient L1 tracker with occlusion detection
* Multi-Level Contextual RNNs With Attention Model for Scene Labeling
* MUlti-Store Tracker (MUSTer): A cognitive psychology inspired approach to object tracking
* Multiscale geometric feature extraction and selection algorithms of similar objects
* Non-blind image restoration with symmetric generalized Pareto priors
* On building an accurate stereo matching system on graphics hardware
* Perspective-3-Point Problem When Using a Planar Mirror, The
* Plen-VDB: Memory Efficient VDB-Based Radiance Fields for Fast Training and Rendering
* Principal Observation Ray Calibration for Tiled-Lens-Array Integral Imaging Display
* Radial distortion correction from a single image of a planar calibration pattern using convex optimization
* Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
* Real-time local stereo via edge-aware disparity propagation
* Remote Sensing Monitoring of Rice and Wheat Canopy Nitrogen: A Review
* RGB-D Scene Labeling with Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks
* Robust Visual Tracking and Vehicle Classification via Sparse Representation
* Robust Visual Tracking Using L1 Minimization
* Segment-Tree Based Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* SimLocator: robust locator of similar objects in images
* Sparse representation of cast shadows via L1-regularized least squares
* Spatial-temporal graph attention network for video anomaly detection
* Special Issue on Visual Tracking
* Stereo Matching with Reliable Disparity Propagation
* Tracking Using Multilevel Quantizations
* Tracking via Robust Multi-task Multi-View Joint Sparse Representation
* UIR-Net: A Simple and Effective Baseline for Underwater Image Restoration and Enhancement
* UniHIST: A unified framework for image restoration with marginal histogram constraints
* Unsupervised Manifold-Preserving and Weakly Redundant Band Selection Method for Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Mei, X. Mei, X.[Xue] Mei, X.[Xin] Mei, X.[Xing] Mei, X.[Xiang] Mei, X.[Xinkui]
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Mei, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Airborne Near Infrared Three-Dimensional Ghost Imaging LiDAR via Sparsity Constraint
* Forecast-MAE: Self-supervised Pre-training for Motion Forecasting with Masked Autoencoders
* Improved Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Algorithm for Multiangle Directional Polarimetric Camera (DPC), An
* In-Flight Calibration of GF-1/WFV Visible Channels Using Rayleigh Scattering
Includes: Mei, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Mei, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Mei, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * Coherent Point Drift Revisited for Non-rigid Shape Matching and Registration
* DDcGAN: A Dual-Discriminator Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Multi-Resolution Image Fusion
* Dictionary Learning-Cooperated Matrix Decomposition for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Guided neighborhood affine subspace embedding for feature matching
* Hyperspectral Image Classification across Different Datasets: A Generalization to Unseen Categories
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spectral Pooling and Hybrid Transformer
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using the Robust Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Hyperspectral image denoising via spectral noise distribution bootstrap
* Hyperspectral image destriping and denoising from a task decomposition view
* Hyperspectral Panoramic Image Stitching Using Robust Matching and Adaptive Bundle Adjustment
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Gaussian Mixture Model and Low-Rank Representation
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Gaussian Mixture Model and Spatial Group Sparsity
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Robust Collaborative Sparse Regression
* Infrared and visible image fusion based on total variation and augmented Lagrangian
* Loop-Closure Detection Using Local Relative Orientation Matching
* Low-quality image binarization method based on threshold array system
* Robust Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing With L_2,1 Norm
* Shape-Preserving Object Depth Control for Stereoscopic Images
* Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data with Noise Level Estimation
* Spatial-Spectral Feature Descriptor for Hyperspectral Image Matching, A
* Spectral-Spatial Attention Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Two-view correspondence learning using graph neural network with reciprocal neighbor attention
Includes: Mei, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Mei, X.G.[Xiao-Guang] Mei, X.G.[Xin-Guo] Mei, X.G.[Xu-Guang]
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Mei, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * Convex Optimization Approach For NLOS Error Mitigation in TOA-Based Localization, A
* Low-Delay and Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Routing for Maritime Search and Rescue Wireless Sensor Networks
* Research on Gridding of Urban Spatial Form Based on Fractal Theory
* Trajectory Optimization of Autonomous Surface Vehicles with Outliers for Underwater Target Localization
Includes: Mei, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Mei, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Mei, X.J.[Xue-Jian]

Mei, X.L. Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of Trajectory Data Management and Analysis Technology Framework Based on Spatiotemporal Grid Model
* Image Matching Based on Tracking Matching Paths in the Similarity Space
* Seasonal Spatiotemporal Changes in the NDVI and Its Driving Forces in Wuliangsu Lake Basin, Northern China from 1990 to 2020
Includes: Mei, X.L. Mei, X.L.[Xue-Liang] Mei, X.L.[Xiao-Li]

Mei, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * MAP-Net: Multiple Attending Path Neural Network for Building Footprint Extraction From Remote Sensed Imagery
* Scene Complexity: A New Perspective on Understanding the Scene Semantics of Remote Sensing and Designing Image-Adaptive Convolutional Neural Networks
* SMAPGAN: Generative Adversarial Network-Based Semisupervised Styled Map Tile Generation Method
* Urban Built Environment Assessment Based on Scene Understanding of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Mei, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Mei, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]

Mei, X.Q.[Xiang Qin] Co Author Listing * Wetland Classification Based on a New Efficient Generative Adversarial Network and Jilin-1 Satellite Image
Includes: Mei, X.Q.[Xiang Qin] Mei, X.Q.[Xiang-Qin]

Mei, X.T.[Xing Tai] Co Author Listing * Design of an Acceleration Redistribution Cooperative Strategy for Collision Avoidance System Based on Dynamic Weighted Multi-Objective Model Predictive Controller
Includes: Mei, X.T.[Xing Tai] Mei, X.T.[Xing-Tai]

Mei, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * Silhouette-Based View-Embeddings for Gait Recognition Under Multiple Views
* Video Person Re-Identification Using Attribute-Enhanced Features
Includes: Mei, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Mei, X.Y.[Xin-Yu]

Mei, Y.[Ye] Co Author Listing * Affine invariant shape descriptors: The ICA-Fourier descriptor and the PCA-Fourier descriptor
* Bilevel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Capacitated Electric Vehicle Routing Problem, A
* combined multiple-candidate likelihood decoding and error concealment scheme for compressed video transmission over noisy channels, A
* Compressed Sensing MRI by Integrating Deep Denoiser and Weighted Schatten P-Norm Minimization
* Error Analysis of Satellite Precipitation-Driven Modeling of Flood Events in Complex Alpine Terrain
* gradient-based combined method for the computation of fingerprints' orientation field, A
* Kml-based Approach for Distributed Collaborative Interpretation Of Remote Sensing Images In The Geo-browser, A
* Robust affine invariant shape image retrieval using the ICA Zernike Moment Shape Descriptor
* Robust Multi-Local to Global with Outlier Filtering for Point Cloud Registration, A
* Wavelet-based color texture retrieval using the independent component color space
Includes: Mei, Y.[Ye] Mei, Y.[Yi] Mei, Y.[Yan] Mei, Y.[Yubo] Mei, Y.[Yiwen] Mei, Y.[Yuan] Mei, Y. Mei, Y.[Yang]
10 for Mei, Y.

Mei, Y.J.[Yu Jie] Co Author Listing * Saliency Modulated High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping
* Tone mapping HDR images using optimization: A general framework
Includes: Mei, Y.J.[Yu Jie] Mei, Y.J.[Yu-Jie]

Mei, Y.K.[Yong Kang] Co Author Listing * Water Level Change Monitoring Based on a New Denoising Algorithm Using Data from Landsat and ICESat-2: A Case Study of Miyun Reservoir in Beijing
Includes: Mei, Y.K.[Yong Kang] Mei, Y.K.[Yong-Kang]

Mei, Y.L.[Ya Lei] Co Author Listing * Effective Web Image Searching Engine Based on SIFT Feature Matching, An
Includes: Mei, Y.L.[Ya Lei] Mei, Y.L.[Ya-Lei]

Mei, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Cross-Layer Bilinear Pooling for RGBT Tracking
Includes: Mei, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Mei, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Mei, Y.Q.[Yi Qun] Co Author Listing * Escaping Data Scarcity for High-Resolution Heterogeneous Face Hallucination
* Image Super-Resolution With Cross-Scale Non-Local Attention and Exhaustive Self-Exemplars Mining
* Image Super-Resolution with Non-Local Sparse Attention
* LightPainter: Interactive Portrait Relighting with Freehand Scribble
* Pyramid Attention Network for Image Restoration
* ReconFormer: Accelerated MRI Reconstruction Using Recurrent Transformer
* Thermal to Visible Image Synthesis Under Atmospheric Turbulence
Includes: Mei, Y.Q.[Yi Qun] Mei, Y.Q.[Yi-Qun]
7 for Mei, Y.Q.

Mei, Y.T.[Yu Ting] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Global Wetlands during the Last 20 Years Using GlobeLand30 Data
Includes: Mei, Y.T.[Yu Ting] Mei, Y.T.[Yu-Ting]

Mei, Y.W.[Yi Wen] Co Author Listing * Estimates of the Land Surface Hydrology from the Community Land Model Version 5 (CLM5) with Three Meteorological Forcing Datasets over China
Includes: Mei, Y.W.[Yi Wen] Mei, Y.W.[Yi-Wen]

Mei, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Scalable Image Compression With Latent-Feature Reuse and Prediction
Includes: Mei, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Mei, Y.X.[Yi-Xin]

Mei, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Co Author Listing * Composite Method for Predicting Local Accuracies in Remotely Sensed Land-Cover Change Using Largely Non-Collocated Sample Data, A
* Damage Diagnosis for Wind Turbine Blades Based on the Shifting Distance of Characteristic Frequency
* Integrating Logistic Regression and Geostatistics for User-Oriented and Uncertainty-Informed Accuracy Characterization in Remotely-Sensed Land Cover Change Information
* Multi-order similarity learning for multi-view spectral clustering
* When a Generalized Linear Model Meets Bayesian Maximum Entropy: A Novel Spatiotemporal Ground-Level Ozone Concentration Retrieval Method
Includes: Mei, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Mei, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Mei, Y.Y.[Yuan-Ying] Mei, Y.Y.[Yan-Ying]

Mei, Z.[Zhen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Loss Function Search for Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* DeNKD: Decoupled Non-Target Knowledge Distillation for Complementing Transformer-Based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Efficient Joint-Dimensional Search with Solution Space Regularization for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation

Mei, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * Attention mechanism-based model for short-term bus traffic passenger volume prediction
* Identifying commuters based on random forest of smartcard data
* Pricing iterative optimization for multi-agent simulation of setting electric vehicle charging model in public parking lots
* Research on a 3D Geological Disaster Monitoring Platform Based on REST Service
Includes: Mei, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Mei, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Mei, Z.Y.[Zhan-Yong]

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