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Dani, A.P.[Ashwin P.] Co Author Listing * Stitching Dynamic Movement Primitives and Image-Based Visual Servo Control

Dani, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Deep learning in the ultrasound evaluation of neonatal respiratory status

Dani, M.[Meghal] Co Author Listing * 3DPoseLite: A Compact 3D Pose Estimation Using Node Embeddings
* Handling Domain Shift for Lesion Detection via Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation

Dani, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Automated Assembling of Images: Image Montage Preparation

Dani, R.R.[Rajath R.] Co Author Listing * Sketch-guided Object Localization in Natural Images

Dani, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Fast Convergence to Near Optimal Solution for Job Shop Scheduling Using Cat Swarm Optimization

Dani?or, C.[Cosmin] Co Author Listing * Joint SAR Image Time Series and PSInSAR Data Analytics: An LDA Based Approach

Daniali, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * Perception Over Time: Temporal Dynamics for Robust Image Understanding

Danieau, F.[Fabien] Co Author Listing * Toward Haptic Cinematography: Enhancing Movie Experiences with Camera-Based Haptic Effects

Daniec, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Prototype Device for Concealed Weapon Detection Using IR and CMOS Cameras Fast Image Fusion, A
* Prototype of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Image Acquisition, A

Daniec, W.[Wiktor] Co Author Listing * LocoGAN: Locally convolutional GAN

Daniel Tong, S. Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of retinal vessel morphometry in the UK biobank cohort
Includes: Daniel Tong, S. Daniel-Tong, S.

Daniel, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Agglomerative Method for Improving NPS
* Procuring cooperative intelligence in autonomous vehicles for object detection through data fusion approach
Includes: Daniel, A.[Albert] Daniel, A.[Alfred]

Daniel, B.[Berckmans] Co Author Listing * Suggestions for the Environmental Sustainability from Precision Livestock Farming and Replacement in Dairy Cows

Daniel, B.L. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Real-Time Interventional Scan Plane Control With a 3-D Shape-Sensing Needle
* MR Water Quantitative Priors Improves the Accuracy of Optical Breast Imaging

Daniel, E.[Ebenezer] Co Author Listing * End to end system for hazy image classification and reconstruction based on mean channel prior using deep learning network

Daniel, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * Local dip transformation for fast seismic horizon reconstruction
* Multi-ROI Association and Tracking With Belief Functions: Application to Traffic Sign Recognition
Includes: Daniel, J.[Jacques] Daniel, J.

Daniel, K. Co Author Listing * Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems

Daniel, L. Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Tensor Completion With Total Variation Regularized Tensor Trains
* Learning from Multiple Annotator Noisy Labels via Sample-Wise Label Fusion
* Low-Power Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images
* Probabilistic fusion of regional scores in 3D face recognition
* Towards Verifying Robustness of Neural Networks Against A Family of Semantic Perturbations
Includes: Daniel, L. Daniel, L.[Luca] Daniel, L.[Lionel]

Daniel, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Discrete Geometric Modeling of Thick Pelvic Organs with a Medial Axis
* Geometric Data Structures and Analysis in GIS: ISO 19107 Case Study
* Multiple reconstruction and dynamic modeling of 3D digital objects using a morphing approach
* Multistep Approach to Restoration of Locally Undersampled Meshes, A
* Using 3D Spline Differentiation to Compute Quantitative Optical Flow
* versatile and low-cost 3D acquisition and processing pipeline for collecting mass of archaeological findings on the field, A
Includes: Daniel, M.[Marc] Daniel, M.

Daniel, M.M. Co Author Listing * multi-resolution approach for imaging hydraulic conductivity, A
* Multiresolution Methodology for Signal-Level Fusion and Data Assimilation with Applications to Remote Sensing, A

Daniel, O. Co Author Listing * Delay-Accuracy Tradeoff in Opportunistic Time-of-Arrival Localization

Daniel, P. Co Author Listing * Creation of real images which are valid for the assumptions made in shape from shading
* Local Polynomial Approximation for Unsupervised Segmentation of Endoscopic Images
* Reconstruction of Surfaces from Point Clouds Using a Lagrangian Surface Evolution Model
* Survey on various lane and driver detection techniques based on image processing for hilly terrain
Includes: Daniel, P. Daniel, P.[Piotr] Daniel, P.[Patrik] Daniel, P.[Philemon]

Daniel, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling for Mobile Augmented Reality in Unprepared Environment
* 3D point clouds simplification based on geometric primitives and graph-structured optimization
* Context-based mobile GeoBI: enhancing business analysis with contextual metrics/statistics and context-based reasoning
* Data Preparation Impact on Semantic Segmentation of 3D Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds Using Deep Neural Networks
* Interactive dense point clouds in a game engine
* KaRIn on SWOT: Characteristics of Near-Nadir Ka-Band Interferometric SAR Imagery
* Multi-Temporal Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric P-Band SAR Data over Dense Tropical Forests: Study Case in French Guiana for the BIOMASS Mission
* Multidimensional Web GIS Approach for Citizen Participation on Urban Evolution
* Populating a building Multi Representation Data Base with photogrammetric tools: Recent progress
* Progress and New Trends in 3D Geoinformation Sciences
* Super-Resolution-Based Snake Model: An Unsupervised Method for Large-Scale Building Extraction Using Airborne LiDAR Data and Optical Image
* Unsupervised Automatic Building Extraction Using Active Contour Model On Unregistered Optical Imagery and Airborne Lidar Data
Includes: Daniel, S.[Sylvie] Daniel, S. Daniel, S.[Sandrine]
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Daniel, S.R. Co Author Listing * Depth extraction by focal/aperture variation

Daniel, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Soft-IntroVAE: Analyzing and Improving the Introspective Variational Autoencoder

Daniel, V.A.A.[V. Antony Asir] Co Author Listing * Noninvasive methods of classification and staging of chronic hepatic diseases

Daniel, W.J.[William J.] Co Author Listing * Measuring Floating Thick Seep Oil from the Coal Oil Point Marine Hydrocarbon Seep Field by Quantitative Thermal Oil Slick Remote Sensing

Daniela, L.[Lovarelli] Co Author Listing * Suggestions for the Environmental Sustainability from Precision Livestock Farming and Replacement in Dairy Cows

Daniela, R.[Ruberti] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tuff Sea Cliff Stability Integrating Geological Surveys and Remote Sensing. Case History from Ventotene Island (Southern Italy)

Daniele, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Enhanced Neural Networks for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Danieli, D.V.[Damon Vincent] Co Author Listing * Method for generating mouth features of an animated or physical character

Danielis, A. Co Author Listing * Image processing from laser scanners for remote diagnostic and virtual fruition of cultural heritage
* Lip segmentation based on Lambertian shadings and morphological operators for hyper-spectral images
Includes: Danielis, A. Danielis, A.[Alessandro]

Daniell, C. Co Author Listing * Recognition of human and animal movement using infrared video streams

Daniell, G.J. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction from Incomplete and Noisy Data

Danielova, M. Co Author Listing * Commercial Off The Shelf Ground Control Supports Calibration And Conflation From Ground To Space Based Sensors
Includes: Danielova, M. Danielová, M.

Daniels, C.J. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Segmentation of 5D Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI Data Using a Fuzzy Markov Random Field Model

Daniels, D. Co Author Listing * Multiple Migration and Stacking Algorithm Designed for Land Mine Detection, A

Daniels, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * EM Detection of Concealed Targets
* Review of Passive and Active Ultra-Wideband Baluns for Use in Ground Penetrating Radar, A

Daniels, G.P. Co Author Listing * Parameter optimisation for vision guided terrestrial locomotion: Multi-frame

Daniels, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * 2018 Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Intercomparison Study
* Demonstration of Three-Satellite Stereo Winds, A
* Development of Enhanced Vortex-Scale Atmospheric Motion Vectors for Hurricane Applications
* GEO-GEO Stereo-Tracking of Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) from the Geostationary Ring
* Measurement of the Point Response Functions of CERES Scanning Radiometers
* Spline-based feature curves from point-sampled geometry
* Surface Creation and Curve Deformations Between Two Complex Closed Spatial Spline Curves
* Template-based quadrilateral mesh generation from imaging data
* Visual tracking of deepwater animals using machine learning-controlled robotic underwater vehicles
Includes: Daniels, J.[Jaime] Daniels, J. Daniels, II, J.[Joel] Daniels, J.[Joel] Daniels, J.[Joost]
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Daniels, J.L. Co Author Listing * Using Lunar Observations to Validate Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Pointing Accuracy
* Using Lunar Observations to Validate In-Flight Calibrations of Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Instruments

Daniels, J.M.[Jaime M.] Co Author Listing * Optimizing the Assimilation of the GOES-16/-17 Atmospheric Motion Vectors in the Hurricane Weather Forecasting (HWRF) Model

Daniels, K.A.J. Co Author Listing * Fixation Prediction and Visual Priority Maps for Biped Locomotion

Daniels, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Identifying the Optimal Radiometric Calibration Method for UAV-Based Multispectral Imaging

Daniels, L.D.[Lori D.] Co Author Listing * Comparing tree attributes derived from quantitative structure models based on drone and mobile laser scanning point clouds across varying canopy cover conditions
* Estimation of Vertical Fuel Layers in Tree Crowns Using High Density LiDAR Data
* FuelNet: An Artificial Neural Network for Learning and Updating Fuel Types for Fire Research

Daniels, M. Co Author Listing * Designing OSED's (order statistic edge detectors)
* Real-Time Human Motion Detection with Distributed Smart Cameras

Daniels, M.K.[Michele K.] Co Author Listing * Pattern recognition apparatus utilizing area linking and region growth techniques

Daniels, P.A. Co Author Listing * Histogram Modification Unit for Real-Time Image Enhancement, A

Daniels, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Detection of cracks in computer tomography images of logs

Daniels, T. Co Author Listing * Simulation of Airborne Radiometric Detection of Wake Vortices

Daniels, Z.[Zachary] Co Author Listing * Real-time Hyper-Dimensional Reconfiguration at the Edge using Hardware Accelerators

Daniels, Z.A. Co Author Listing * Discriminating Features for Writer Identification

Danielsen, A.S.[Aksel S.] Co Author Listing * Self-Organizing Maps for Clustering Hyperspectral Images On-Board a CubeSat

Danielsen, H.E.[Havard E.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gray Level Run Length Features from Class Distance Matrices
* Low Dimensional Adaptive Texture Feature Vectors From Class Distance and Class Difference Matrices
* New texture features based on the complexity curve
* Prognosis of Cervical Cancer Using Image Analysis of Cell Nuclei
Includes: Danielsen, H.E.[Havard E.] Danielsen, H.E.

Danielsen, M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Multimodal Human-Avatar Interaction

Danielsen, R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Coding Formats for Digital Coding of Video Using MPEG-2, A

Danielson, B.[Brad] Co Author Listing * Radiometric calibration assessments for UAS-borne multispectral cameras: Laboratory and field protocols

Danielson, J.[Jeffrey] Co Author Listing * Absolute Accuracy Assessment of Lidar Point Cloud Using Amorphous Objects
* General External Uncertainty Models of Three-Plane Intersection Point for 3D Absolute Accuracy Assessment of Lidar Point Cloud
* Inundation Exposure Assessment for Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands Using A High-Accuracy Digital Elevation Model
* Positional Accuracy Assessment of Lidar Point Cloud from NAIP/3DEP Pilot Project
* SaTSeaD: Satellite Triangulated Sea Depth Open-Source Bathymetry Module for NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline
* Validation of The Aster Global Digital Elevation Model Version 2 Over The Conterminous United States
* Validation Of The Aster Global Digital Elevation Model Version 3 Over The Conterminous United States
Includes: Danielson, J.[Jeffrey] Danielson, J.[Jeff] Danielson, J.
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Danielson, L. Co Author Listing * Integrated vehicle's lateral safety: the LATERAL SAFE experience

Danielson, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Cultivated Cropland Class of NLCD 2006 Using a Multi-Source and Multi-Criteria Approach, An
* Conterminous United States land cover change patterns 2001-2016 from the 2016 National Land Cover Database
* new generation of the United States National Land Cover Database: Requirements, research priorities, design, and implementation strategies, A
* Overall Methodology Design for the United States National Land Cover Database 2016 Products
* Rangeland Fractional Components Across the Western United States from 1985 to 2018

Danielson, R.E. Co Author Listing * Optimized Tropical Cyclone Winds From QuikSCAT: A Neural Network Approach

Danielsson, L. Co Author Listing * Holistic Approach to the Integration of Safety Applications: The INSAFES Subproject Within the European Framework Programme 6 Integrating Project PReVENT, A

Danielsson, M. Co Author Listing * Allowable Forward Model Misspecification for Accurate Basis Decomposition in a Silicon Detector Based Spectral CT
* Theoretical Bounds and System Design for Multipinhole SPECT
* Theoretical Comparison of a Dual Energy System and Photon Counting Silicon Detector Used for Material Quantification in Spectral CT

Danielsson, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Automatic learning and extraction of multi-local features
* Category-Sensitive Hashing and Bloom Filter Based Descriptors for Online Keypoint Recognition
* Exploiting Part-Based Models and Edge Boundaries for Object Detection
* Gated classifiers: Boosting under high intra-class variation
* Generic Object Class Detection Using Boosted Configurations of Oriented Edges
* Generic Object Class Detection Using Feature Maps
* Object Detection Using Multi-local Feature Manifolds
* Projectable classifiers for multi-view object class recognition
Includes: Danielsson, O.[Oscar] Danielsson, O.
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Danielsson, P.E.[Per Erik] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Danielsson, P.E.[Per Erik]: ped AT isy liu se
* Architecture and Algorithms for Digital Image Processing
* Checking Connectivity Preservation Properties of Some Types of Picture Processing Operations
* Comments On Circle Generator for Display Devices
* Distance Checking Algorithms
* Efficient Detection of Second-Degree Variations in 2D and 3D Images
* Euclidean Distance Mapping
* Evaluation of methods for shaded surface display of CT-volumes
* Fast Sequential Method for Polygonal Approximation of Digitized Curves, A
* Finding the Minimal Set of Maximum Disks for Binary Objects
* Getting the Median Faster
* Handling of Long Objects in Iterative Improvement of Nonexact Reconstruction in Helical Cone-Beam CT
* Helical cone-beam tomography
* High-Accuracy Rotation of Images
* Improved Segmentation and Coding Algorithm for Binary and Nonbinary Images, An
* Improvement of Kruse's Segmentation Algorithm, An
* Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards by Connectivity Preserving Smoothing
* Intensity Mappings within the Context of Near-Sensor Image-Processing
* Modified Fast Marching Method, A
* New Shape Factor, A
* New Shape Space for Second Order 3D-Variations, A
* On 3D Scanning, Reconstruction, Enhancement, and Segmentation of Logs
* On Minimum Error Thresholding and Its Implementations
* On the Efficiency of Two-Bit Link Chain-Code
* PASIC: a smart sensor for computer vision
* Reply to Comments on A New Shape Factor
* Rotation Invariance in Gradient and Higher Order Derivative Detectors
* Rotation-Invariant Operators Applied to Enhancement of Fingerprints
* Segmentation of 3D-volumes Using Second Derivatives
* Serial/Parallel Convolvers
* Velocity tuned generalized Sobel operators for multiresolution computation of optical flow
Includes: Danielsson, P.E.[Per Erik] Danielsson, P.E.[Per-Erik] Danielsson, P.E.
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Danielyan, A.[Aram] Co Author Listing * BM3D Frames and Variational Image Deblurring
* Cross-color BM3D filtering of noisy raw data
* Decoupled inverse and denoising for image deblurring: Variational BM3D-frame technique
* LSD-StructureNet: Modeling Levels of Structural Detail in 3D Part Hierarchies
* Noise variance estimation in nonlocal transform domain
Includes: Danielyan, A.[Aram] Danielyan, A. Danielyan, A.[Ara]

Danier, D.[Duolikun] Co Author Listing * BVI-VFI: A Video Quality Database for Video Frame Interpolation
* Enhancing Deformable Convolution Based Video Frame Interpolation with Coarse-To-Fine 3D CNN
* ST-MFNET Mini: Knowledge Distillation-Driven Frame Interpolation
* ST-MFNet: A Spatio-Temporal Multi-Flow Network for Frame Interpolation
* Subjective Quality Study for Video Frame Interpolation, A

Daniere, J. Co Author Listing * Localization of Objects with Circular Symmetry in a Noisy Image Using Wavelet Transforms and Adapted Correlation

Daniilidis, K.[Kostas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Daniilidis, K.[Kostas]: kostas AT cis upenn edu
* 3d Bird Reconstruction: A Dataset, Model, and Shape Recovery from a Single View
* 3D scanning using spatiotemporal orientation
* 3D shape estimation from 2D landmarks: A convex relaxation approach
* 3D-Orientation Signatures with Conic Kernel Filtering for Multiple Motion Analysis
* Active Deformable Part Models Inference
* Active Intrinsic Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* Analytic Results on Error Sensitivity of Motion Estimation from Two Views
* Approximate orientation steerability based on angular Gaussians
* Birds of a Feather: Capturing Avian Shape Models from Images
* CaDeX: Learning Canonical Deformation Coordinate Space for Dynamic Surface Representation via Neural Homeomorphism
* Catadioptric Camera Calibration
* Catadioptric Projective Geometry
* Closed Form Solutions for Reconstruction Via Complex Analysis
* Coarse-to-Fine Volumetric Prediction for Single-Image 3D Human Pose
* Coherent Reconstruction of Multiple Humans From a Single Image
* Complex Analysis for Reconstruction from Controlled Motion
* Computation of 3D-motion parameters using the log-polar transform
* Constrained Self-Calibration
* Convolutional Mesh Regression for Single-Image Human Shape Reconstruction
* Correspondence-free Structure from Motion
* Coupling of Rotation and Translation in Motion Estimation of Planar Surfaces, The
* Cross-modal Map Learning for Vision and Language Navigation
* Decoupling the 3D Motion Space by Fixation
* Detection and Characterization of Multiple Motion Points
* Digitizing archaeological excavations from multiple views
* Direct 3D-rotation estimation from spherical images via a generalized shift theorem
* Dual Quaternion Approach to Hand-Eye Calibration, The
* Dynamic scene understanding: The role of orientation features in space and time in scene classification
* EFEM: Equivariant Neural Field Expectation Maximization for 3D Object Segmentation Without Scene Supervision
* Epipolar Geometry of Central Projection Systems Using Veronese Maps
* Equivalence of Catadioptric Projections and Mappings of the Sphere
* Equivariant Multi-View Networks
* EvAC3D: From Event-Based Apparent Contours to 3D Models via Continuous Visual Hulls
* Event-Based Vision: A Survey
* Event-Based Visual Inertial Odometry
* Experiments on visual loop closing using vocabulary trees
* Fast Multi-image Matching via Density-Based Clustering
* Fixation Simplifies 3D Motion Estimation
* Fully Automatic Registration of 3D Point Clouds
* Fundamental Matrix for Cameras with Radial Distortion
* Geometric Urban Geo-localization
* Hand-Eye Calibration in Terms of Motion of Lines Using Geometric Algebra
* Hand-Eye Calibration Using Dual Quaternions
* Harmonic Silhouette Matching for 3D Models
* Harvesting Multiple Views for Marker-Less 3D Human Pose Annotations
* Image Matching via Saliency Region Correspondences
* Image processing in catadioptric planes: spatiotemporal derivatives and optical flow computation
* Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera
* Joint Spectral Correspondence for Disparate Image Matching
* Learning Predictive Models from Observation and Interaction
* Learning SO(3) Equivariant Representations with Spherical CNNs
* Learning to Estimate 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Single Color Image
* Learning to Reconstruct 3D Human Pose and Shape via Model-Fitting in the Loop
* Level Set Mesher: Single-image to 3D reconstruction by following the level sets of the signed distance function
* Limiting the Search Range of Correlation Stereo Using Silhouettes
* Linear Augmented Reality Registration
* Linear Pose Estimation from Points or Lines
* Low-cost junction characterization using polar averaging filters
* M3ED: Multi-Robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset
* Mesh Optimization Guided by Just-Noticeable-Difference and Stereo Discretization
* Mesh Representation Driven by Variance Normalized Neighborhood in Scale Space
* metric parametrization for trifocal tensors with non-colinear pinholes, A
* Mirrors in motion: epipolar geometry and motion estimation
* Model-Based Object Tracking in Monocular Image Sequences of Road Traffic Scenes
* Model-Based Object Tracking in Traffic Scenes
* MonoCap: Monocular Human Motion Capture using a CNN Coupled with a Geometric Prior
* Motor Algebra for 3D Kinematics: The Case of the Hand-Eye Calibration
* Multi-camera reconstruction based on surface normal estimation and best viewpoint selection
* Multi-image Matching via Fast Alternating Minimization
* Multi-image Semantic Matching by Mining Consistent Features
* Multi-view Tracking, Re-ID, and Social Network Analysis of a Flock of Visually Similar Birds in an Outdoor Aviary
* Multiple motion analysis: in spatial or in spectral domain?
* Multispectral Skin Color Modeling
* NeuS2: Fast Learning of Neural Implicit Surfaces for Multi-view Reconstruction
* Normalized Cross-Correlation for Spherical Images
* Novel Representations, Methods, and Algorithms in Computer Vision
* novel stereoscopic cue for figure-ground segregation of semi-transparent objects, A
* Object Detection from Large-Scale 3D Datasets Using Bottom-Up and Top-Down Descriptors
* Object detection via boundary structure segmentation
* Omnidirectional video
* Omnidirectional Vision: Theory and Algorithms
* On the Quotient Representation for the Essential Manifold
* Optical flow computation in the log-polar plane
* Optimal Aspect Ratio for 3D TV
* Optimal Aspect Ratio under Vergence for 3D TV
* Optimal pixel aspect ratio for enhanced 3D TV visualization
* Optimal pixel aspect ratio for stereoscopic 3D displays under practical viewing conditions
* Optimization of stereo disparity estimation using the instantaneous frequency
* Optimizing polynomial solvers for minimal geometry problems
* Ordinal Depth Supervision for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Oriented Structure of the Occlusion Distortion: Is It Reliable?
* Paracatadioptric Camera Calibration
* Perceptually Driven Model for Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Unreliable Networks, A
* Performance Evaluation of Stereo for Tele-presence
* Planar Ego-Motion Without Correspondences
* Planar motion of a parabolic catadioptric camera
* Predicting Disparity Windows for Real-Time Stereo
* Probabilistic Modeling for Human Mesh Recovery
* Properties of the Catadioptric Fundamental Matrix
* Radon-Based Structure from Motion without Correspondences
* Real Time Tracking of Moving Objects with an Active Camera
* Real Time Trinocular Stereo for Tele-immersion
* Real-time Trinocular Stereo for Telepresence
* Realtime Time Synchronized Event-Based Stereo
* Reconstructing and analyzing periodic human motion from stationary monocular views
* ReFit: Recurrent Fitting Network for 3D Human Recovery
* Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks
* Rotated Wedge Averaging Method for Junction Classification
* Rotation estimation from spherical images
* Rotation Recovery from Spherical Images without Correspondences
* Scale Space for Camera Invariant Features
* Scale space for central catadioptric systems: Towards a generic camera feature extractor
* Scale-Invariant Features on the Sphere
* Shape-Based Object Detection via Boundary Structure Segmentation
* Shape-based object recognition in videos using 3D synthetic object models
* Single Image Pop-Up from Discriminatively Learned Parts
* Single-camera 3D head fitting for mixed reality clinical applications
* single-perspective novel panoramic view from radially distorted non-central images, A
* Space of Essential Matrices as a Riemannian Quotient Manifold, The
* Sparse Representation for 3D Shape Estimation: A Convex Relaxation Approach
* Sparseness Meets Deepness: 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video
* Spherical Correlation of Visual Representations for 3D Model Retrieval
* Spike-flownet: Event-based Optical Flow Estimation with Energy-efficient Hybrid Neural Networks
* Statistical Pose Averaging with Non-isotropic and Incomplete Relative Measurements
* Stereo-based environment scanning for immersive telepresence
* Structure and Motion from Uncalibrated Catadioptric Views
* Structure from Motion with Known Camera Positions
* Survey on Rotation Optimization in Structure from Motion, A
* Teleconferencing Using an Attentive Camera System
* TexturePose: Supervising Human Mesh Estimation With Texture Consistency
* Three dimensional orientation signatures with conic kernel filtering for multiple motion analysis
* Towards Statistically Provable Geometric 3D Human Pose Recovery
* Trinocular Stereo for Non-parallel Configurations
* Trinocular Stereo: A Real-Time Algorithm and its Evaluation
* Two Efficient Solutions for Visual Odometry Using Directional Correspondence
* Ultra-wide Baseline Facade Matching for Geo-localization
* Understanding Noise Sensitivity in Structure from Motion
* Unifying Theory for Central Panoramic Systems and Practical Implications, A
* Unsupervised Event-Based Learning of Optical Flow, Depth, and Egomotion
* Unsupervised Event-Based Optical Flow Using Motion Compensation
* Using omnidirectional structure from motion for registration of range images of minimal overlap
* Using skew Gabor filter in source signal separation and local spectral multi-orientation analysis
* Using skew Gabor filter in source signal separation and local spectral orientation analysis
* VAIS: A dataset for recognizing maritime imagery in the visible and infrared spectrums
* VC-Dimension of Exterior Visibility
* Video-based localization without 3D mapping for the visually impaired
Includes: Daniilidis, K.[Kostas] Daniilidis, K. Daniilidis, K.[Konstanos] Daniilidis, K.[Konstantinos]
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Danijela, R.D.[Ristic Durrant] Co Author Listing * Multi-disnet: Machine Learning-based Object Distance Estimation from Multiple Cameras
Includes: Danijela, R.D.[Ristic Durrant] Danijela, R.D.[Ristic-Durrant]

Danilchenko, A. Co Author Listing * General Approach to First-Order Error Prediction in Rigid Point Registration

Danilchuk, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Experimental Estimation of Deviation Frequency within the Spectrum of Scintillations of the Carrier Phase of GNSS Signals
* Increase of GNSS Data Time Rate and Analysis of the Carrier Phase Spectrum, An

Danilevicz, M.F.[Monica F.] Co Author Listing * Maize Yield Prediction at an Early Developmental Stage Using Multispectral Images and Genotype Data for Preliminary Hybrid Selection
* Segmentation of Sandplain Lupin Weeds from Morphologically Similar Narrow-Leafed Lupins in the Field

Danilicheva, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Manifestation of Spiral Structures under the Action of Upper Ocean Currents

Danilicheva, O.A.[Olga A.] Co Author Listing * Modulation of Dual-Polarized X-Band Radar Backscatter Due to Long Wind Waves

Danilin, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Camera Mote with a High-Performance Parallel Processor for Real-Time Frame-Based Video Processing
* Embedded Low Power High Efficient Object Tracker for Surveillance Systems, An
* Real-Time Hough Transform on 1-D SIMD Processors: Implementation and Architecture Exploration
* Real-time implementations of Hough Transform on SIMD architecture
* Toward low latency gesture control using smart camera network
Includes: Danilin, A.[Alexander] Danilin, A.

Daniliuc, M. Co Author Listing * Local probability based safe region detection for autonomous driving

Danillidis, K. Co Author Listing * Absolute Pose and Structure from Motion for Surfaces of Revolution: Minimal Problems Using Apparent Contours

Danilo, C.[Celine] Co Author Listing * High-Coverage Satellite-Based Coastal Bathymetry through a Fusion of Physical and Learning Methods
* Wave Period and Coastal Bathymetry Using Wave Propagation on Optical Images
Includes: Danilo, C.[Celine] Danilo, C.[Céline] Danilo, C.

Danilo, R. Co Author Listing * Associative Memory based on clustered Neural Networks: Improved model and architecture for Oriented Edge Detection

Danilov, A.A.[Alexander A.] Co Author Listing * Modelling of Bioimpedance Measurements: Application to Sensitivity Analysis

Danilov, K.[Kencheeri] Co Author Listing * Comparing Thermal Regime Stages along a Small Yakutian Fluvial Valley with Point Scale Measurements, Thermal Modeling, and Near Surface Geophysics

Danilov, S. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Vision System Calibration for Conform Projection on The Pilot's Head-up Display

Danilov, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Thermal Background and Object Texture Generation Using Geometric Information and GAN

Danilov, V.V. Co Author Listing * Ray-based Segmentation Algorithm for Medical Imaging

Danilova, I.V. Co Author Listing * Vegetation Cover Mapping Based On Remote Sensing And Digital Elevation Model Data

Danilova, M.V.[Marina V.] Co Author Listing * Cardinal axes are not independent in color discrimination
* Is discrimination enhanced at a category boundary? The case of unique red
* Symmetries and asymmetries in chromatic discrimination
Includes: Danilova, M.V.[Marina V.] Danilova, M.V.

Danilowicz, C.[Czeslaw] Co Author Listing * Consensus-based partitions in the space of ordered partitions

Daniluk, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Eye Status Based on Eyelid Detection: A Driver Assistance System

Daniotti, B. Co Author Listing * Approach for Standardization of Semantic Models for Building Renovation Processes, An

Danis, P.A. Co Author Listing * Exploiting satelitte image time series for monitoring ecological quality parameters of french reservoirs

Danish, M.S.[Muhammad Sohail] Co Author Listing * Towards Low-Cost and Efficient Malaria Detection

Danish, S.[Shabbar] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Approaches for Identifying Subcortical Targets during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Danish, S.M.[Syed Muhammad] Co Author Listing * BlockEV: Efficient and Secure Charging Station Selection for Electric Vehicles
* Global weighted LBP based entropy features for the assessment of pulmonary hypertension
Includes: Danish, S.M.[Syed Muhammad] Danish, S.M.[Sheik Mohammed]

Danisman, T.[Taner] Co Author Listing * Analysing User Visual Implicit Feedback in Enhanced TV Scenarios
* Cross-Database Evaluation of Normalized Raw Pixels for Gender Recognition under Unconstrained Settings
* Local Approach for Negative Emotion Detection, A

Danisor, C.[Cosmin] Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution Multi-Look Detection in SAR Tomography
* Temporal analysis of SAR imagery for permanent and evolving Earth land cover behavior assessment
Includes: Danisor, C.[Cosmin] Danisor, C.

Daniyal, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Damage Assessment of Breaches Along the Embankments of Indus River During Flood 2010 Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Daniyal, F.[Fahad] Co Author Listing * Compact Signatures for 3D Face Recognition under Varying Expressions
* Content-aware ranking of video segments
* Detector-less ball localization using context and motion flow analysis

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