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Chao, A. Co Author Listing * Structure-driven SAR image registration

Chao, B.F.[Ben F.] Co Author Listing * 3D Geostrophy and Volume Transport in the Southern Ocean
* Global Mean Sea Level Variation on Interannual-Decadal Timescales: Climatic Connections
Includes: Chao, B.F.[Ben F.] Chao, B.F.[Benjamin F.]

Chao, C. Co Author Listing * Cube Padding for Weakly-Supervised Saliency Prediction in 360° Videos
* Organ at Risk Segmentation for Head and Neck Cancer Using Stratified Learning and Neural Architecture Search

Chao, C.F.[Chin Fu] Co Author Listing * Refined Filtering of Interferometric Phase From InSAR Data
Includes: Chao, C.F.[Chin Fu] Chao, C.F.[Chin-Fu]

Chao, C.H.[Chen Hao] Co Author Listing * Rainbow UDA: Combining Domain Adaptive Models for Semantic Segmentation Tasks
* Rethinking Ensemble-Distillation for Semantic Segmentation Based Unsupervised Domain Adaption
* Robust Light Field Synthesis from Stereo Images With Left-Right Geometric Consistency
* Time-Division Multiplexing Light Field Display With Learned Coded Aperture
Includes: Chao, C.H.[Chen Hao] Chao, C.H.[Chen-Hao] Chao, C.H.[Chun-Hao] Chao, C.H.[Chung-Hao]

Chao, C.M. Co Author Listing * Perceptive Spaces for Performance and Entertainment: Untethered Interaction Using Computer Vision and Audition

Chao, C.P.[Cheng Ping] Co Author Listing * Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding Using Kalman Filter, An
* Multiresolution Video Coding Based on Kalman Filtering Motion Estimation
* New Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding Using Adaptive Kalman Filter, A
Includes: Chao, C.P.[Cheng Ping] Chao, C.P.[Cheng-Ping]

Chao, C.W.[Chung Woei] Co Author Listing * Image Compression Using Modified Block Truncation Coding Algorithm
* Modified Block Truncation Coding for Image Compression
Includes: Chao, C.W.[Chung Woei] Chao, C.W.[Chung-Woei] Chao, C.W.

Chao, D.[Dong] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and tracking of ship based on mean shift in corrected video sequences
* Pipal: A Large-scale Image Quality Assessment Dataset for Perceptual Image Restoration
* Small-Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images with End-to-End Edge-Enhanced GAN and Object Detector Network
Includes: Chao, D.[Dong] Chao, D.[Dennis]

Chao, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * 1xN Pattern for Pruning Convolutional Neural Networks
* Discriminator-Cooperated Feature Map Distillation for GAN Compression
* Dynamic Dual Trainable Bounds for Ultra-low Precision Super-Resolution Networks
* Feature Selection Inspired Classifier Ensemble Reduction
* Fine-grained Data Distribution Alignment for Post-Training Quantization
* Integration of brain-like computational structure and infant behaviorial pattern for robotic hand-eye coordination
* Learning Efficient GANs for Image Translation via Differentiable Masks and Co-Attention Distillation
* LidarGait: Benchmarking 3D Gait Recognition with Point Clouds
* Lottery Jackpots Exist in Pre-Trained Models
* Meta Architecture for Point Cloud Analysis
* Multi-directional broad learning system for the unsupervised stereo matching method
* Neural Architecture Search with Representation Mutual Information
* Robotic Dance in Social Robotics: A Taxonomy
* Shadow-aware dynamic convolution for shadow removal
* SiMaN: Sign-to-Magnitude Network Binarization
* Solving Oscillation Problem in Post-Training Quantization Through a Theoretical Perspective
* Towards Compact CNNs via Collaborative Compression
* Training Compact CNNs for Image Classification Using Dynamic-Coded Filter Fusion
* Use of Automatic Chinese Character Decomposition and Human Gestures for Chinese Calligraphy Robots
Includes: Chao, F.[Fei] Chao, F. Chao, F.[Fan]
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Chao, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Medical image fusion based on local Laplacian decomposition and iterative joint filter
Includes: Chao, F.F.[Fei Fei] Chao, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Chao, F.Y.[Fang Yi] Co Author Listing * Multi-FoV Viewport-Based Visual Saliency Model Using Adaptive Weighting Losses for 360° Images, A
* Towards Audio-Visual Saliency Prediction for Omnidirectional Video with Spatial Audio
Includes: Chao, F.Y.[Fang Yi] Chao, F.Y.[Fang-Yi] Chao, F.Y.

Chao, G.C. Co Author Listing * Augmented 3-D Keyframe Extraction for Surveillance Videos
* Augmented keyframe
* fingerprint matching algorithm based on alignment using LPD and GCD minutia descriptors, A
* improved occlusion handling for appearance-based tracking, An
Includes: Chao, G.C. Chao, G.C.[Gwo-Cheng]

Chao, G.Y.[Gao Yi] Co Author Listing * Enforcing Semantic Consistency for Cross Corpus Emotion Prediction Using Adversarial Discrepancy Learning in Emotion
* Evaluation of The Spatial Distribution of Evacuation Centers in Metro Manila, Philippines
Includes: Chao, G.Y.[Gao Yi] Chao, G.Y.[Gao-Yi] Chao Jr., G.Y.

Chao, H. Co Author Listing * Building Hierarchical Representations for Oracle Character and Sketch Recognition
* Capturing the layout of electronic documents for reuse in variable data printing
* Consumer image retrieval by estimating relation tree from family photo collections
* Deep Metric Learning With Density Adaptivity
* Discovering Video Shot Categories by Unsupervised Stochastic Graph Partition
* Human head-shoulder segmentation
* Interpretable Fast Multi-Scale Deep Decoder for the Standard HEVC Bitstreams, The
* Joint Multiview Segmentation and Localization of RGB-D Images Using Depth-Induced Silhouette Consistency
* Jointly Localizing and Describing Events for Dense Video Captioning
* Layout and Content Extraction for PDF Documents
* MeshStereo: A Global Stereo Model with Mesh Alignment Regularization for View Interpolation
* Method and system for document segmentation
* On Combining Fractional-Pixel Interpolation and Motion Estimation: A Cost-Effective Approach
* WSOD2: Learning Bottom-Up and Top-Down Objectness Distillation for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection
Includes: Chao, H. Chao, H.[Hui]
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Chao, H.C.[Han Chieh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Body Posture Analysis for Elderly-Falling Detection with Multisensors
* Adaptive Fractal Image Sequence Coding by Variable Shape Decomposition
* Adaptive Mode Decision Algorithm Based on Video Texture Characteristics for HEVC Intra Prediction, An
* Extreme learning machines with expectation kernels
* Generating random grid-based visual secret sharing with multi-level encoding
* H.264 video watermarking with secret image sharing
* Image coding from wavelet transform maxima and projection onto convex sets
* Lossless medical image watermarking method based on significant difference of cellular automata transform coefficient
* Network and Device Aware QoS Approach for Cloud-Based Mobile Streaming, A
* QoS Aware Resource Allocation Strategy for Mobile Graphics Rendering With Cloud Support, A
* Variable-rate hierarchical vector quantization with variance classification
Includes: Chao, H.C.[Han Chieh] Chao, H.C.[Han-Chieh] Chao, H.C.[Her-Chang] Chao, H.C. Chao, H.C.[Her Chang]
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Chao, H.J. Co Author Listing * On End-to-End Architecture for Transporting MPEG-4 Video Over the Internet

Chao, H.Q.[Han Qing] Co Author Listing * GaitSet: Cross-View Gait Recognition Through Utilizing Gait As a Deep Set
* Robust Precipitation Bias Correction Through an Ordinal Distribution Autoencoder
* Toward Adversarial Robustness in Unlabeled Target Domains
Includes: Chao, H.Q.[Han Qing] Chao, H.Q.[Han-Qing]

Chao, H.W. Co Author Listing * Automatic interpretation of cadasters by image analysis techniques

Chao, H.X.[Hung Xin] Co Author Listing * Estimation of number of people in crowded scenes using perspective transformation
Includes: Chao, H.X.[Hung Xin] Chao, H.X.[Hung-Xin]

Chao, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Co Author Listing * As-Rigid-As-Possible Stereo under Second Order Smoothness Priors
* Building Dual-Domain Representations for Compression Artifacts Reduction
* Deep feature learning with relative distance comparison for person re-identification
* Fast and Robust Algorithm for Fundamental Matrix Estimation
* Hierarchical 3D perception from a single image
* High Accurate Predictor Based Fractional Pixel Search for H.264, A
* Image Blind Denoising with Generative Adversarial Network Based Noise Modeling
* Inverse halftoning with grouping singular value decomposition
* Learning Joint Spatial-temporal Transformations for Video Inpainting
* Learning Pyramid-Context Encoder Network for High-Quality Image Inpainting
* Learning Shape Detector by Quantizing Curve Segments with Multiple Distance Metrics
* Library-Based Illumination Synthesis for Critical CMOS Patterning
* Low Rank Promoting Prior for Unsupervised Contrastive Learning, A
* Multi-view intact space clustering
* Object categorization with sketch representation and generalized samples
* One-To-Many Network for Visually Pleasing Compression Artifacts Reduction
* optimally complexity scalable multi-mode decision algorithm for HEVC, An
* Pointing Novel Objects in Image Captioning
* Reference-Based Defect Detection Network
* Rethinking and Improving Relative Position Encoding for Vision Transformer
* Semantic-Conditional Diffusion Networks for Image Captioning*
* Semantics-driven portrait cartoon stylization
* split and merge algorithm for inter-mode decision in extended macroblocks, A
Includes: Chao, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Chao, H.Y.[Hong-Yang] Chao, H.Y.[Hai-Yang] Chao, H.Y.[Hsueh-Yung]
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Chao, J. Co Author Listing * Cubical Singular Simplex Model for 3D Objects and Fast Computation of Homology Groups
* Fisher information theory for parameter estimation in single molecule microscopy: tutorial
* Low-light imaging method provides highly accurate molecule localization
* Multi-frame sparse aperture image restoration based on movable array
Includes: Chao, J. Chao, J.[Jerry] Chao, J.[Jiang]

Chao, J.C.[Ju Chin] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
Includes: Chao, J.C.[Ju Chin] Chao, J.C.[Ju-Chin]

Chao, J.G.[Jian Gang] Co Author Listing * Learn to Few-Shot Segment Remote Sensing Images from Irrelevant Data
Includes: Chao, J.G.[Jian Gang] Chao, J.G.[Jian-Gang]

Chao, J.H.[Jin Hui] Co Author Listing * Color Reproduction Using Riemann Normal Coordinates
* Copyright tracing using invariants of contents
* Curse of co-Dimensionality: Explaining Adversarial Examples by Embedding Geometry of Data Manifold
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Equivalent Transformation and Dual Stream Network Construction for Mobile Image Super-Resolution
* Fast Color-Weakness Compensation with Discrimination Threshold Matching
* fibre bundle model of surfaces and its generalization, A
* Generation of 3D objects Using Lie Algebra models Based on Curvature Analysis and Comparison with B-spline Fitting
* Hierarchical Invariant Representation of Spatial Topology of 3D Objects and Its Application to Object Recognition, A
* Invariant extraction and segmentation of 3D objects using linear Lie algebra model
* invariant metric on the manifold of second order moments, An
* Invariant object representation and recognition using Lie algebra of perceptual vector fields
* Invariant Recognition and Segmentation of 3D Object Using Lie Algebra Models
* Iwasawa Decomposition and Computational Riemannian Geometry
* Modeling, Measuring, and Compensating Color Weak Vision
* On non-uniformness of color spaces in polychromatic perception
* Scale-Space Reeb-Graph of Topological Invariants of Images and Its Applications to Content Identification, A
* Simplex-based dimension estimation of topological manifolds
* Surface Model Based on a Fibre Bundle of 1-Parameter Groups of Hamiltonian Lie Algebra, A
Includes: Chao, J.H.[Jin Hui] Chao, J.H.[Jin-Hui] Chao, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Chao, J.H.[Jun-Hui]
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Chao, J.J.[Jung Jae] Co Author Listing * Radar image denoising by recursive thresholding
* Sea Clutter Rejection in Radar Image Using Wavelets and Fractals
Includes: Chao, J.J.[Jung Jae] Chao, J.J.[Jung-Jae] Chao, J.J.

Chao, J.Q.[Jiang Qin] Co Author Listing * ASTER and GF-5 Satellite Data for Mapping Hydrothermal Alteration Minerals in the Longtoushan Pb-Zn Deposit, SW China
* Nickel Grade Inversion of Lateritic Nickel Ore Using WorldView-3 Data Incorporating Geospatial Location Information: A Case Study of North Konawe, Indonesia
Includes: Chao, J.Q.[Jiang Qin] Chao, J.Q.[Jiang-Qin]

Chao, J.S.[Jian Shu] Co Author Listing * Keypoint Encoding for Improved Feature Extraction From Compressed Video at Low Bitrates
* Novel Rate Control Framework for SIFT/SURF Feature Preservation in H.264/AVC Video Compression, A
* On the design of a novel JPEG quantization table for improved feature detection performance
* Preserving SIFT features in JPEG-encoded images
* SIFT feature-preserving bit allocation for H.264/AVC video compression
Includes: Chao, J.S.[Jian Shu] Chao, J.S.[Jian-Shu]

Chao, J.Y.[Jin Ying] Co Author Listing * Integration of brain-like computational structure and infant behaviorial pattern for robotic hand-eye coordination
Includes: Chao, J.Y.[Jin Ying] Chao, J.Y.[Jin-Ying]

Chao, K.H.[Kuan Hua] Co Author Listing * Self-similarity Student for Partial Label Histopathology Image Segmentation
Includes: Chao, K.H.[Kuan Hua] Chao, K.H.[Kuan-Hua]

Chao, L.[Luo] Co Author Listing * 3D Town: The Automatic Urban Awareness Project
* Comparisons of the Urbanization Effect on Heat Stress Changes in Guangdong during Different Periods
* Impact of Extreme Climate on the NDVI of Different Steppe Areas in Inner Mongolia, China
* Improved HT Algorithm on Straight Line Detection Based on Freeman Chain Code, An
* improved method for eliminating false matches, An
* Improving the Quality of Sparse-view Cone-beam Computed Tomography via Reconstruction-friendly Interpolation Network
* Survey of Multiple Pedestrian Tracking Based on Tracking-by-Detection Framework, A
Includes: Chao, L.[Luo] Chao, L.[Liya] Chao, L.[Luomeng] Chao, L.[Li] Chao, L.[Lianying] Chao, L.[Liang]
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Chao, L.J.[Li Jun] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation of Five Evapotranspiration Datasets Based on Ground and GRACE Satellite Observations: Implications for Improvement of Evapotranspiration Retrieval Algorithm, A
* Investigating the Feasibility of Using Satellite Rainfall for the Integrated Prediction of Flood and Landslide Hazards over Shaanxi Province in Northwest China
Includes: Chao, L.J.[Li Jun] Chao, L.J.[Li-Jun]

Chao, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Variational Connectionist Temporal Classification
Includes: Chao, L.L.[Lin Lin] Chao, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

Chao, L.S.[Lidia S.] Co Author Listing * Exploiting rich feature representation for SMT N-best reranking
* Lexicon expansion for latent variable grammars
* Syntaxtree aligner: A web-based parallel tree alignment toolkit

Chao, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks With Jaccard Distance

Chao, M.W.[Min Wen] Co Author Listing * novel semi-blind-and-semi-reversible robust watermarking scheme for 3D polygonal models, A
Includes: Chao, M.W.[Min Wen] Chao, M.W.[Min-Wen]

Chao, N.F.[Neng Fang] Co Author Listing * Decline of Geladandong Glacier Elevation in Yangtze River's Source Region: Detection by ICESat and Assessment by Hydroclimatic Data
* Robust, Long-term Lake Level Change from Multiple Satellite Altimeters in Tibet: Observing the Rapid Rise of Ngangzi Co over a New Wetland
* Water Volume Variations Estimation and Analysis Using Multisource Satellite Data: A Case Study of Lake Victoria
Includes: Chao, N.F.[Neng Fang] Chao, N.F.[Neng-Fang]

Chao, P. Co Author Listing * HarDNet: A Low Memory Traffic Network
* Ultrawideband Synthetic Aperture Radar for Respiratory Motion Detection

Chao, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Ability to Use Contextual Features Derived from Multi-Scale Satellite Imagery to Map Spatial Patterns of Urban Attributes and Population Distributions
* Generalizing Few-Shot Classification of Whole-Genome Doubling Across Cancer Types
* Modelling Bottlenecks of Bike-Sharing Travel Using the Distinction between Endogenous and Exogenous Demand: A Case Study in Beijing
Includes: Chao, S.[Steven] Chao, S.[Sherry] Chao, S.[Sun]

Chao, S.M.[Shin Min] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic diffusion with generalized diffusion coefficient function for defect detection in low-contrast surface images
* anisotropic diffusion-based defect detection for low-contrast glass substrates, An
* anisotropic diffusion-based defect detection for sputtered surfaces with inhomogeneous textures, An
* Anisotropic diffusion-based detail-preserving smoothing for image restoration
* Astronomical image restoration using an improved anisotropic diffusion
* Defect detection in low-contrast glass substrates using anisotropic diffusion
* Generalized Anisotropic Diffusion for Defect Detection in Low-Contrast Surfaces, A
* improved anisotropic diffusion model for detail- and edge-preserving smoothing, An
* Independent component analysis based filter design for defect detection in low-contrast textured images
* Micro-crack inspection in heterogeneously textured solar wafers using anisotropic diffusion
Includes: Chao, S.M.[Shin Min] Chao, S.M.[Shin-Min]
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Chao, S.P.[Shih Pin] Co Author Listing * Content-based retrieval for human motion data
* Retrieval and constraint-based human posture reconstruction from a single image
Includes: Chao, S.P.[Shih Pin] Chao, S.P.[Shih-Pin]

Chao, S.Y.[Shenn Yu] Co Author Listing * Disassociation of the Kuroshio Current with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation Since 1999
Includes: Chao, S.Y.[Shenn Yu] Chao, S.Y.[Shenn-Yu]

Chao, T. Co Author Listing * Time Series Land Cover Classification Based on Semi-supervised Convolutional Long Short-term Memory Neural Networks

Chao, T.H. Co Author Listing * Photo Filter Recommendation by Category-Aware Aesthetic Learning
* Scalable object detection by filter compression with regularized sparse coding
Includes: Chao, T.H. Chao, T.H.[Ting-Hsuan]

Chao, T.L.[Tak Lon] Co Author Listing * efficient FPGA implementation of the Harris corner feature detector, An

Chao, T.Y.[Tsi Yi] Co Author Listing * Inverse halftoning of scanned images
* Vacant Parking Space Detection based on Task Consistency and Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Chao, T.Y.[Tsi Yi] Chao, T.Y.[Tsi-Yi] Chao, T.Y.[Tzu-Yin]

Chao, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * approach for flood monitoring by the combined use of Landsat 8 optical imagery and COSMO-SkyMed radar imagery, An
* Cross-Dataset Adaptation for Visual Question Answering
* End-to-End Pseudo-LiDAR for Image-Based 3D Object Detection
* High-Fidelity Face Sketch-To-Photo Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Learning Answer Embeddings for Visual Question Answering
* Split Ring Resonator Topology Based Microwave Induced Thermoacoustic Imaging (SRR-MTAI)
* Train in Germany, Test in the USA: Making 3D Object Detectors Generalize
* Visual Question Answering on 360° Images
Includes: Chao, W.[Wei] Chao, W. Chao, W.[Weian]
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Chao, W.A.[Wei An] Co Author Listing * Performance Study of Landslide Detection Using Multi-Temporal SAR Images
* Rigidity Strengthening of Landslide Materials Measured by Seismic Interferometry
Includes: Chao, W.A.[Wei An] Chao, W.A.[Wei-An]

Chao, W.C.[Wen Cheng] Co Author Listing * Contactless Respiratory Rate Monitoring For ICU Patients Based On Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Chao, W.C.[Wen Cheng] Chao, W.C.[Wen-Cheng]

Chao, W.L.[Wei Lun] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric fourier descriptor of non-closed segments
* Classifier and Exemplar Synthesis for Zero-Shot Learning
* Color constancy by chromaticity neutralization
* Deep Co-Training with Task Decomposition for Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation
* Empirical Study and Analysis of Generalized Zero-Shot Learning for Object Recognition in the Wild, An
* Facial age estimation based on label-sensitive learning and age-oriented regression
* Ithaca365: Dataset and Driving Perception under Repeated and Challenging Weather Conditions
* Learning to Detect Mobile Objects from LiDAR Scans Without Labels
* Learning with Free Object Segments for Long-Tailed Instance Segmentation
* MosaicOS: A Simple and Effective Use of Object-Centric Images for Long-Tailed Object Detection
* Muscle injury determination by image segmentation
* One Step at a Time: Long-Horizon Vision-and-Language Navigation with Milestones
* Predicting Visual Exemplars of Unseen Classes for Zero-Shot Learning
* Procrustean Training for Imbalanced Deep Learning
* Pseudo-LiDAR From Visual Depth Estimation: Bridging the Gap in 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* Summary Transfer: Exemplar-Based Subset Selection for Video Summarization
* Synthesized Classifiers for Zero-Shot Learning
* Towards Open-World Segmentation of Parts
* Train-Once-for-All Personalization
* Two-Stage Mesh Deep Learning for Automated Tooth Segmentation and Landmark Localization on 3D Intraoral Scans
* Video Summarization with Long Short-Term Memory
* Visual Query Tuning: Towards Effective Usage of Intermediate Representations for Parameter and Memory Efficient Transfer Learning
Includes: Chao, W.L.[Wei Lun] Chao, W.L.[Wei-Lun]
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Chao, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * fast and high subjective quality sprite generation algorithm with frame skipping and multiple sprites techniques, A
* Platform architecture design for MPEG-4 video coding
* Pyramid Architecture for 3840 X 2160 Quad Full High Definition 30 Frames/s Video Acquisition
* VLSI architecture design of MPEG-4 shape coding
Includes: Chao, W.M.[Wei Min] Chao, W.M.[Wei-Min] Chao, W.M. Chao, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Chao, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * DEKRV2: More Accurate or Fast than DEKR
* LFNAT 2023 Challenge on Light Field Depth Estimation: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Light Field Image Super-Resolution: Dataset, Methods and Results
Includes: Chao, W.T.[Wen Tao] Chao, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Chao, X.J.[Xian Jin] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Refinement Network for Human Motion Prediction
* Video2mesh: 3D human pose and shape recovery by a temporal convolutional transformer network
Includes: Chao, X.J.[Xian Jin] Chao, X.J.[Xian-Jin]

Chao, Y.[Ya] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based grasp-detection method for a five-fingered industrial robot hand
* Extinction Effect of Foliar Dust Retention on Urban Vegetation as Estimated by Atmospheric PM10 Concentration in Shenzhen, China
* Influence of Relief Degree of Land Surface on Street Network Complexity in China
* Low-Complexity Transform Adjustments for Video Coding
* Multiple-Scale Variations of Sea Ice and Ocean Circulation in the Bering Sea Using Remote Sensing Observations and Numerical Modeling
* Rethinking the Faster R-CNN Architecture for Temporal Action Localization
Includes: Chao, Y.[Ya] Chao, Y.[Yiwen] Chao, Y.[Yi] Chao, Y.

Chao, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Combined CAVLC Decoder, Inverse Quantizer, and Transform Kernel in Compact H.264/AVC Decoder
* Efficient inverse transform architectures for multi-standard video coding applications

Chao, Y.H. Co Author Listing * Edge adaptive graph-based transforms: Comparison of step/ramp edge models for video compression
* GBST: Separable transforms based on line graphs for predictive video coding
* Graph-based transforms for inter predicted video coding
* Graph-Based Transforms for Video Coding
* Hyperspectral image coding using graph wavelets
* Improving the characterization of the alternative hypothesis via minimum verification error training with applications to speaker verification
* Kernel-based Discrimination Framework for Solving Hypothesis Testing Problems with Application to Speaker Verification, A
* Luminance coding in graph-based representation of multiview images
* Overview of the Screen Content Support in VVC: Applications, Coding Tools, and Performance
* Pre-Demosaic Graph-Based Light Field Image Compression
* Pre-demosaic light field image compression using graph lifting transform
* Prototypes-Embedded Genetic K-means Algorithm, A
Includes: Chao, Y.H. Chao, Y.H.[Yung-Hsuan] Chao, Y.H.[Yi-Hsiang]
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Chao, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Application of an Optimized Digital Correlation Method to Planar Deformation Analysis
* Finite-State Vector Quantization with Multipath Tree-Search Strategy for Image/Video Coding
* Improved Digital Image Processing Techniques to Investigate Plastic Zone Formation in Steel

Chao, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Image Registration of Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Harmonics

Chao, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Spot Detection for 2-DE Gel Image
* Pattern classification in DNA microarray data of multiple tumor types
Includes: Chao, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Chao, Y.T.[Ya-Ting]

Chao, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Co Author Listing * DexYCB: A Benchmark for Capturing Hand Grasping of Objects
* Discovering Groups of People in Images
* Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images
* HICO: A Benchmark for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions in Images
* IFOR: Iterative Flow Minimization for Robotic Object Rearrangement
* Indoor Scene Understanding with Geometric and Semantic Contexts
* Layout Estimation of Highly Cluttered Indoor Scenes Using Geometric and Semantic Cues
* Learning Human-to-Robot Handovers from Point Clouds
* Learning to Detect Human-Object Interactions
* Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation for Robust Face Recognition
* Locality-sensitive dictionary learning for sparse representation based classification
* Mining semantic affordances of visual object categories
* Semantic structure from motion
* Semantic structure from motion with object and point interactions
* Semantic structure from motion with points, regions, and objects
* Understanding Indoor Scenes Using 3D Geometric Phrases
Includes: Chao, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Chao, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Chao, Y.W.
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Chao, Y.Y.[Yu Yan] Co Author Listing * Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing
* combinational algorithm for connected-component labeling and Euler number computing, A
* Configuration-Transition-Based Connected-Component Labeling
* connected-component labeling problem: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, The
* efficient first-scan method for label-equivalence-based labeling algorithms, An
* Efficient Strategy for Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, An
* efficient two-scan algorithm for computing basic shape features of objects in a binary image, An
* Efficient Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm for Binary Hexagonal Images, An
* fast algorithm for integrating connected-component labeling and euler number computation, A
* Fast connected-component labeling
* fast first-scan algorithm for label-equivalence-based connected-component labeling, A
* Further Improvement on Bit-Quad-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm, A
* improved algorithm using weighted guided coefficient and union self-adaptive image enhancement for single image haze removal, An
* Linear-Time Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* new algorithm for labeling connected-components and calculating the Euler number, connected-component number, and hole number, A
* New Connected-Component Labeling Algorithm, A
* Non-Uniform Attention Network for Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis
* Novel Method for Improving the Voxel-Pattern-Based Euler Number Computing Algorithm of 3D Binary Images, A
* Run-Based One-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* Run-Based Two-Scan Labeling Algorithm, A
* Two Efficient Label-Equivalence-Based Connected-Component Labeling Algorithms for 3-D Binary Images
* Very Fast Algorithm for Simultaneously Performing Connected-Component Labeling and Euler Number Computing, A
Includes: Chao, Y.Y.[Yu Yan] Chao, Y.Y.[Yu-Yan] Chao, Y.Y.[Yin-Yin]
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Chao, Z.[Zehan] Co Author Listing * Fast Robust Tensor Principal Component Analysis via Fiber CUR Decomposition
* Improved L1-tracker using robust PCA and random projection
* Novel Vehicle Reversing Speed Control Based on Obstacle Detection and Sparse Representation, A
Includes: Chao, Z.[Zehan] Chao, Z.[Zhang] Chao, Z.

Chao, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Co Author Listing * effects of temperature variation on videometric measurement and a compensation method, The
* Higher Order Partial Least Squares (HOPLS): A Generalized Multilinear Regression Method
Includes: Chao, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Chao, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao] Chao, Z.C.

Chao, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Co Author Listing * Effects of Different Urbanization Levels on Land Surface Temperature Change: Taking Tokyo and Shanghai for Example
Includes: Chao, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Chao, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua]

Chao, Z.Y.[Ze Yi] Co Author Listing * Water-Quality Classification of Inland Lakes Using Landsat8 Images by Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Chao, Z.Y.[Ze Yi] Chao, Z.Y.[Ze-Yi]

Chao, Z.Z.[Zeng Zu] Co Author Listing * Risk Assessment of Debris Flow in a Mountain-Basin Area, Western China
Includes: Chao, Z.Z.[Zeng Zu] Chao, Z.Z.[Zeng-Zu]

Chaoji, V.[Vineet] Co Author Listing * I-FAC: Efficient Fuzzy Associative Classifier for Object Classes in Images
* Robust partitional clustering by outlier and density insensitive seeding

Chaomurilige, C.[Chaomu] Co Author Listing * On convergence and parameter selection of the EM and DA-EM algorithms for Gaussian mixtures

Chaouch, C.[Chakib] Co Author Listing * new fingerprint definition for effective song recognition, A

Chaouch, M. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D car pose estimation
* Deep MANTA: A Coarse-to-Fine Many-Task Network for Joint 2D and 3D Vehicle Analysis from Monocular Image
* Joint hierarchical learning for efficient multi-class object detection
* New Descriptor for 2D Depth Image Indexing and 3D Model Retrieval, A
* SHREC'09 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
Includes: Chaouch, M. Chaouch, M.[Mohamed]

Chaouch, N.[Naira] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Performance of a Northern Gulf of Mexico Tidal Model Using Satellite Imagery
* Automated System to Monitor River Ice Conditions Using Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Imagery, An

Chaouchi, H.[Hakima] Co Author Listing * Cluster-based protocol structures in WSNs

Chaoui, A.[Allaoua] Co Author Listing * technique to validate automatic generation of Büchi automata from UML 2 sequence diagrams based on multi layer transformations, A

Chaoui, C.N.[Cherifa Nabila] Co Author Listing * Edge and anomaly detection of brain magnetic resonance images in a distributed environment

Chaoui, H.[Hicham] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Parameter Identification of a Fuel Cell System for Health-Conscious Energy Management Applications
* Event-Triggered Non-Switching Networked Sliding Mode Control for Active Suspension System With Random Actuation Network Delay

Chaoui, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Discrete Curve Evolution on Arbitrary Triangulated 3D Mesh

Chaoui, S.[Slim] Co Author Listing * finite mixture model of geometric distributions for lossless image compression, A

Chaouki, I.E. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Barchan Dunes In High Resolution Satellite Images

Chaovalitwongse, W.[Wanpracha] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Approaches for Identifying Subcortical Targets during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Chaovalitwongse, W.A. Co Author Listing * Online Prediction of Driver Distraction Based on Brain Activity Patterns
* Optimization Models for Feature Selection of Decomposed Nearest Neighbor
* Optimization of Spatiotemporal Clustering for Target Tracking From Multisensor Data
* Patient-Specific Model for Predicting Tibia Soft Tissue Insertions From Bony Outlines Using a Spatial Structure Supervised Learning Framework, A
* Pattern- and Network-Based Classification Techniques for Multichannel Medical Data Signals to Improve Brain Diagnosis
* Using Wireless EEG Signals to Assess Memory Workload in the n-Back Task
* Voxel Selection Framework in Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis of fMRI Data for Prediction of Neural Response to Visual Stimuli
7 for Chaovalitwongse, W.A.

Chaowiwat, W.[Winai] Co Author Listing * ST-CORAbico: A Spatiotemporal Object-Based Bias Correction Method for Storm Prediction Detected by Satellite

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