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Verm, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Regularization via Deep Generative Models: An Analysis Point of View

Verma, A.[Amandeep] Co Author Listing * Aeriform in-action: A novel dataset for human action recognition in aerial videos
* Cascade Image Transform for Speaker Independent Automatic Speech Reading, A
* Improving the affordability of robustness training for DNNs
* Intelligent plankton image classification with deep learning
* Large-scale scene image categorisation with deep learning-based model
* Locally adaptive block thresholding method with continuity constraint
* Multilevel thresholding for image segmentation through a fast statistical recursive algorithm
* New colour fusion deep learning model for large-scale action recognition
* Pedestrian Detection via Mixture of CNN Experts and Thresholded Aggregated Channel Features
* Photometric Depth Super-Resolution
* Snowpack Density Retrieval Using Fully Polarimetric TerraSAR-X Data in the Himalayas
* Speech driven lip synthesis using viseme based hidden markov models
* Telecom Inventory Management via Object Recognition and Localisation on Google Street View Images
* Transformer Based Self-Context Aware Prediction for Few-Shot Anomaly Detection in Videos
* Translingual visual speech synthesis
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification Via Individual-Preserving and Environmental-Switching Cyclic Generation
Includes: Verma, A.[Amandeep] Verma, A.[Ashish] Verma, A. Verma, A.[Abhishek] Verma, A.[Alok] Verma, A.[Ashutosh] Verma, A.[Astha]
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Verma, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Classification of Liss IV Imagery Using Decision Tree Methods
* Image Denoising using Alexander Fractional Hybrid Filter
Includes: Verma, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Verma, A.K.[Atul Kumar]

Verma, A.P. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Prediction of Rainfall Using Radar Reflectivity Data: A Data-Mining Approach

Verma, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of segmentation performance on the CEDAR benchmark database
* Automated mango flowering assessment via refinement segmentation
* Binary segmentation algorithm for English cursive handwriting recognition
* Class Probability-based Visual and Contextual Feature Integration for Image Parsing
* Class-Semantic Textons with Superpixel Neighborhoods for Natural Roadside Vegetation Classification
* contour code feature based segmentation for handwriting recognition, A
* Convolutional Neural Network Based Deep Learning Technique for Identifying Road Attributes, A
* Deep Learning Based Computer Vision Technique for Automatic Heat Detection in Cows
* Evaluation of Simulated AVIRIS-NG Imagery Using a Spectral Reconstruction Method for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content
* Facial Expression Analysis under Partial Occlusion: A Survey
* Framework for dynamic hand gesture recognition using Grassmann manifold for intelligent vehicles
* Fully Convolutional Neural Network with Relation Aware Context Information for Image Parsing
* Fusion of multiple handwritten word recognition techniques
* Impact of Automatic Feature Extraction in Deep Learning Architecture
* investigation of the modified direction feature for cursive character recognition, An
* Learning and Analysis of AusRAP Attributes from Digital Video Recording for Road Safety
* Multi-stage Deep Learning Technique for Improving Traffic Sign Recognition
* Multiple strong and balanced cluster-based ensemble of deep learners
* Neural vs. statistical classifier in conjunction with genetic algorithm based feature selection
* neural-evolutionary approach for feature and architecture selection in online handwriting recognition, A
* Novel Approach for Structural Feature Extraction: Contour vs. Direction, A
* novel context matching based technique for Web document retrieval, A
* novel feature extraction technique for the recognition of segmented handwritten characters, A
* novel soft cluster neural network for the classification of suspicious areas in digital mammograms, A
* optimisation Technique for the Detection of Safety Attributes Using Roadside Video Data, An
* Spatial contextual superpixel model for natural roadside vegetation classification
* Superpixel-based class-semantic texton occurrences for natural roadside vegetation segmentation
* Texture Feature Extraction and Classification
* two stream convolutional neural network with bi-directional GRU model to classify dynamic hand gesture, A
Includes: Verma, B. Verma, B.[Brijesh] Verma, B.[Bhagyashree] Verma, B.[Bindu]
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Verma, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Cricket Highlight Generation Using Event-Driven and Excitement-Based Features
* Identifying Streetscape Features Using VHR Imagery and Deep Learning Applications
* Met-MLTS: Leveraging Smartphones for End-to-End Spotting of Multilingual Oriented Scene Texts and Traffic Signs in Adverse Meteorological Conditions
Includes: Verma, D. Verma, D.[Deepank] Verma, D.[Deepali]

Verma, E. Co Author Listing * DeepGender: Occlusion and Low Resolution Robust Facial Gender Classification via Progressively Trained Convolutional Neural Networks with Attention

Verma, G.[Gunjan] Co Author Listing * Information Flow Optimization for Estimation in Linear Models Using a Sensor Network

Verma, G.K.[Gyanendra K.] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition based on texture analysis of facial expression

Verma, H.[Hanuman] Co Author Listing * Improved fuzzy entropy clustering algorithm for MRI brain image segmentation
* modified intuitionistic fuzzy c-means algorithm incorporating hesitation degree, A
* Multidimensional Compression of ITS Data Using Wavelet-Based Compression Techniques
Includes: Verma, H.[Hanuman] Verma, H.

Verma, I.[Ishan] Co Author Listing * Event Detection from Business News

Verma, K.[Kunal] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of DNA hybridization images for high-throughput genomics
* DCGCR: Dynamic Clustering Green Communication Routing for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Gaussian Process Upsampling Model for Improvements in Optical Character Recognition, A
* Hybrid segmentation method based on multi-scale Gaussian kernel fuzzy clustering with spatial bias correction and region-scalable fitting for breast US images
* Image Analysis for High Throughput Genomics
* Multiple object clustering using FCM and K-means algorithms
* Non-invasive technique of diabetes detection using iris images
* SPARQL Query Re-writing Using Partonomy Based Transformation Rules
Includes: Verma, K.[Kunal] Verma, K.[Kavita] Verma, K.[Kesari]
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Verma, M. Co Author Listing * AffectiveNet: Affective-Motion Feature Learning for Microexpression Recognition
* Center symmetric local binary co-occurrence pattern for texture, face and bio-medical image retrieval
* Depthwise Spatio-Temporal STFT Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition
* Facial Expression Recognition with Skip-Connection to Leverage Low-Level Features
* Fusion of submanifold and local texture features for palmprint authentication
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* Interest Region Based Motion Magnification
* IterNet: Retinal Image Segmentation Utilizing Structural Redundancy in Vessel Networks
* Learners' Efficiency Prediction Using Facial Behavior Analysis
* LEARNet: Dynamic Imaging Network for Micro Expression Recognition
* MTUNet: Few-shot Image Classification with Visual Explanations
* new accelerated proximal gradient technique for regularized multitask learning framework, A
* PACP: An Efficient Pseudonymous Authentication-Based Conditional Privacy Protocol for VANETs
* Regional adaptive affinitive patterns (RADAP) with logical operators for facial expression recognition
* RNAS-MER: A Refined Neural Architecture Search with Hybrid Spatiotemporal Operations for Micro-Expression Recognition
* SCOUTER: Slot Attention-based Classifier for Explainable Image Recognition
* Yoga-82: A New Dataset for Fine-grained Classification of Human Poses
Includes: Verma, M. Verma, M.[Manisha] Verma, M.[Manish] Verma, M.[Mridula] Verma, M.[Monu]
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Verma, M.R. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection in Fingerprints

Verma, N.[Nitika] Co Author Listing * Dual Mesh Convolutional Networks for Human Shape Correspondence
* Effective Source Recognition Algorithm: Extraction of Significant Binary Words, An
* FeaStNet: Feature-Steered Graph Convolutions for 3D Shape Analysis
* Learning hierarchical similarity metrics
* Stability Based Filter Pruning for Accelerating Deep CNNs
* Underway Hyperspectral Bio-Optical Assessments of Phytoplankton Size Classes in the River-Influenced Northern Gulf of Mexico
Includes: Verma, N.[Nitika] Verma, N.[Neelam] Verma, N.[Nakul] Verma, N. Verma, N.[Neeharika]

Verma, N.K.[Nishchal K.] Co Author Listing * Color Segmentation Via Improved Mountain Clustering Technique
* Comparison of Canopy Volume Measurements of Scattered Eucalypt Farm Trees Derived from High Spatial Resolution Imagery and LiDAR
* Future image frame generation using Artificial Neural Network with selected features
* Fuzzy rule based unsupervised approach for salient gene extraction
* Generalized Fuzzy Peer Group for Removal of Mixed Noise from Color Image
* Generation of Future Image Frames Using Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System on Spatiotemporal Framework
* Generation of Future Image Frames Using Optical Flow
* High Accuracy Optical Flow Based Future Image Frame Predictor Model
* Image Sequence Prediction Using ANN and RBFNN
* Large displacement optical flow based image predictor model
* MRI brain image segmentation for spotting tumors using improved mountain clustering approach
* Prediction of satellite images using fuzzy rule based Gaussian regression
* Robust Noisiness Measure Based Improved Generalized Fuzzy Peer Group for Removal of Mixed Noise From Color Image
* Unsupervised approach for object matching using Speeded Up Robust Features
Includes: Verma, N.K.[Nishchal K.] Verma, N.K.[Niva Kiran] Verma, N.K.
14 for Verma, N.K.

Verma, O.P. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Contextual Contrast Enhancement
* novel bacterial foraging technique for edge detection, A
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Verma, O.P. Verma, O.P.[Om Prakash]

Verma, P.[Pramode] Co Author Listing * Braille Document Parameters Estimation for Optical Character Recognition
* Braille document recognition using Belief Propagation
* Classifying Breast Density in Mammographic Images Using Wavelet-Based and Fine-Tuned Sensory Neural Networks
* CrowdFaceDB: Database and benchmarking for face verification in crowd
* Deep Geodesic Learning for Segmentation and Anatomical Landmarking
* SCoBeP: Dense image registration using sparse coding and belief propagation
* Splatty- A Unified Image Demosaicing and Rectification Method
* Three stage deep network for 3D human pose reconstruction by exploiting spatial and temporal data via its 2D pose
* Vehicle Identification Via Sparse Representation
* Video Super-Resolution Framework Using SCoBeP, A
Includes: Verma, P.[Pramode] Verma, P.[Parag] Verma, P.[Priyanka] Verma, P. Verma, P.[Pranav] Verma, P.[Pratishtha]
10 for Verma, P.

Verma, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Spatio-temporal Urban Dynamics in 11 Smart Cities Of Uttar Pradesh, India
* Anatomical Equivalence Class: A Morphological Analysis Framework Using a Lossless Shape Descriptor
* Author's Reply to MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Automatic Detection of Emotion Valence on Faces Using Consumer Depth Cameras
* Conversion of neutral speech to storytelling style speech
* Convolutional neural networks for wavelet domain super resolution
* CREMA-D: Crowd-Sourced Emotional Multimodal Actors Dataset
* Dataset and a Technique for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation for Computational Pathology, A
* Detecting multiple sub-types of breast cancer in a single patient
* DTI-DROID: Diffusion tensor imaging-deformable registration using orientation and intensity descriptors
* Estimating Cluster Overlap on Manifolds and its Application to Neuropsychiatric Disorders
* Joint Transformation and Residual Image Descriptor for Morphometric Image Analysis using an Equivalence Class Formulation, A
* Learning-based analysis of emotional impairments in schizophrenia
* Manifold Learning Techniques in Image Analysis of High-dimensional Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Images
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Multichannel Image Registration by Feature-Based Information Fusion
* On Analyzing Diffusion Tensor Images by Identifying Manifold Structure Using Isomaps
* On Characterizing and Analyzing Diffusion Tensor Images by Learning their Underlying Manifold Structure
* On Detecting Subtle Pathology via Tissue Clustering of Multi-parametric Data using Affinity Propagation
* On non-linear characterization of tissue abnormality by constructing disease manifolds
* On spatial neighborhood of patch-based super resolution
* Peak Geodesic Concentration: A measure of WM complexity in HARDI
* Quantifying Facial Expression Abnormality in Schizophrenia by Combining 2D and 3D Features
* Salt-and-pepper noise removal by adaptive median-based lifting filter using second-generation wavelets
* Structural Connectivity Analysis Using Finsler Geometry
* Syn2Real: Forgery Classification via Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Temporal Bayesian Fusion for Affect Sensing: Combining Video, Audio, and Lexical Modalities
Includes: Verma, R. Verma, R.[Ragini] Verma, R.[Ruchika] Verma, R.[Ravikant]
28 for Verma, R.

Verma, S.[Sagar] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* Application of markerless image-based arm tracking to robot-manipulator teleoperation
* At-a-distance person recognition via combining ocular features
* DCGCR: Dynamic Clustering Green Communication Routing for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Diversity in Fashion Recommendation Using Semantic Parsing
* DMD-Net: Deep Mesh Denoising Network
* DUEL: Dempster Uncertainty-Based Enhanced- Trust Level Scheme for VANET
* Fuzzy match index for scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) features with application to face recognition with weak supervision
* GeoEngine: A Platform for Production-Ready Geospatial Research
* Improved pulmonary lung nodules risk stratification in computed tomography images by fusing shape and texture features in a machine-learning paradigm
* Intelligent and Secure Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Kinematic Variables Estimation using Eye-in-Hand Robot Camera System
* Learning discriminability-preserving histogram representation from unordered features for multibiometric feature-fused-template protection
* Linkable Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Location-Based Services
* Localization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Corridor Environments using Deep Learning
* Low cost localization using Nystr÷m extended locally linear embedding
* Making Third Person Techniques Recognize First-Person Actions in Egocentric Videos
* On cross spectral periocular recognition
* Parzen Window Approximation on Riemannian Manifold
* QFabric: Multi-Task Change Detection Dataset
Includes: Verma, S.[Sagar] Verma, S. Verma, S.[Sahil] Verma, S.[Shashikant] Verma, S.[Shekhar] Verma, S.[Shrish] Verma, S.[Sandeep] Verma, S.[Siddharth] Verma, S.[Sunny] Verma, S.[Sachin] Verma, S.[Shalini]
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Verma, S.A. Co Author Listing * On the Problem of Pairing Aircraft for Closely Spaced Parallel Approaches

Verma, S.K.[Sashi Kant] Co Author Listing * Infrared small target detection based on non-convex triple tensor factorisation
* Reweighted infrared patch image model for small target detection based on non-convex Lp-norm minimisation and TV regularisation

Verma, S.V.[Sarita V.] Co Author Listing * Study and analysis of PCA, DCT and DWT based image fusion techniques

Verma, T.[Tanmay] Co Author Listing * MaxFlow Revisited: An Empirical Comparison of Maxflow Algorithms for Dense Vision Problems

Verma, U.[Ujjwal] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and size estimation of tomatoes from sequences of paired images

Verma, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * 3D Building Detection and Modeling from Aerial LIDAR Data
* AEGIS autonomous targeting for the Curiosity rover's ChemCam instrument
* Boosting local texture descriptors with Log-Gabor filters response for improved image retrieval
* DCT-domain deep convolutional neural networks for multiple JPEG compression classification
* Interpolation-based Semi-supervised Learning for Object Detection
* SketchTransfer: A Challenging New Task for Exploring Detail-Invariance and the Abstractions Learned by Deep Networks
Includes: Verma, V.[Vivek] Verma, V. Verma, V.[Vishal] Verma, V.[Vinay] Verma, V.[Vikas]

Verma, V.K.[Vinay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Joint-Distribution Learning for Novel Class Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Efficient Feature Transformations for Discriminative and Generative Continual Learning
* Generalized Zero-Shot Learning via Synthesized Examples
* Generative Approach to Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Action Recognition, A
* Generative Framework for Zero-Shot Learning with Adversarial Domain Adaptation, A
* HetConv: Beyond Homogeneous Convolution Kernels for Deep CNNs
* HetConv: Heterogeneous Kernel-Based Convolutions for Deep CNNs
* Leveraging Filter Correlations for Deep Model Compression
* Network Pruning Network Approach to Deep Model Compression, A
* Performance Evaluation of Feature Descriptors for Image Stitching in Architectural Images, A
* Pushing the Efficiency Limit Using Structured Sparse Convolutions
* Stacked Adversarial Network for Zero-Shot Sketch based Image Retrieval
* Towards Zero-Shot Learning with Fewer Seen Class Examples
Includes: Verma, V.K.[Vinay Kumar] Verma, V.K.
13 for Verma, V.K.

Verma, V.S.[Vivek Singh] Co Author Listing * Digital watermark extraction using support vector machine with principal component analysis based feature reduction
* Image Authentication Using Block Truncation Coding in Lifting Wavelet Domain
* Improved watermarking technique based on significant difference of lifting wavelet coefficients

Verma, Y. Co Author Listing * Automated End-to-End Multi-Agent QoS Based Architecture for Selection of Geospatial Web Services, An
* Cross-modal Retrieval Using Contrastive Learning of Visual-Semantic Embeddings
* Cross-specificity: modelling data semantics for cross-modal matching and retrieval
* Diverse image annotation with missing labels
* Exploring Locally Rigid Discriminative Patches for Learning Relative Attributes
* Exploring SVM for Image Annotation in Presence of Confusing Labels
* Generating Image Descriptions Using Semantic Similarities in the Output Space
* Im2Text and Text2Im: Associating Images and Texts for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Image Annotation by Propagating Labels from Semantic Neighbourhoods
* Image Annotation Using Metric Learning in Semantic Neighbourhoods
* Recurrent Image Annotation with Explicit Inter-Label Dependencies
* Relative Parts: Distinctive Parts for Learning Relative Attributes
* retrieval-based approach for diverse and image-specific adversary selection, A
* support vector approach for cross-modal search of images and texts, A
* Surprising Effectiveness of Random Feature Embeddings in eXtreme Classification
Includes: Verma, Y. Verma, Y.[Yashaswi]
15 for Verma, Y.

Vermaak, J.[Jaco] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Tracking with Auxiliary Discrete Processes. Application to Detection and Tracking of Objects with Occlusions
* Bayesian Visual Tracking with Existence Process
* Color-Based Probabilistic Tracking
* Constrained subspace modelling
* Integrated tracking with vision and sound
* Maintaining multi-modality through mixture tracking
* Rapid Summarisation and Browsing of Video Sequences
* Sequential Monte Carlo Fusion of Sound and Vision for Speaker Tracking
* Towards Improved Observation Models for Visual Tracking: Selective Adaptation
* Variational inference for visual tracking
Includes: Vermaak, J.[Jaco] Vermaak, J.
10 for Vermaak, J.

Vermandel, M. Co Author Listing * New Method for Volume Segmentation of PET Images, Based on Possibility Theory, A
* Ultrasound image guided patient setup for prostate cancer conformal radiotherapy

Vermandere, J.[Jelle] Co Author Listing * Point Cloud Validation: On the Impact of Laser Scanning Technologies on the Semantic Segmentation for BIM Modeling and Evaluation
* Two-Step Alignment of Mixed Reality Devices to Existing Building Data

Vermaut, F. Co Author Listing * distributed adaptive block matching algorithm: Dis-ABMA, A

Vermaut, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Animated Spatial Time Machine in Co-Creation: Reconstructing History Using Gamification Integrated into 3D City Modelling, 4D Web and Transmedia Storytelling, An

Vermeer, K.A.[Koenraad A.] Co Author Listing * Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation by Classifier-Driven Merging of Oversegmented Images
* Hierarchical Coarse-to-Fine Approach for Fundus Image Registration, A
* Improved Accuracy and Robustness of a Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation Method Based on Merging Superpixels
* Joint Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Focal Lesions in 3-D OCT Data of Topologically Disrupted Retinas
* Modeling of Scanning Laser Polarimetry Images of the Human Retina for Progression Detection of Glaucoma
* Segmentation of Locally Varying Numbers of Outer Retinal Layers by a Model Selection Approach
Includes: Vermeer, K.A.[Koenraad A.] Vermeer, K.A.

Vermeer, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Correctness of Airborne Laser Scanning Data Heights Using Vehicle-Based RTK and VRS GPS Observations

Vermeersch, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Foliage Recognition Based on Local Edge Information

Vermeesch, P.[Pieter] Co Author Listing * Measuring Sand Dune Migration Rates with COSI-Corr and Landsat: Opportunities and Challenges

Vermeij, G.F. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reconstruction of Buried Heat Sources from a Surface Thermogram

Vermeij, M. Co Author Listing * Towards a Generic 3d Standardisation Approach for The Netherlands Supporting Different Applications and Encodings

Vermeir, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Application of Digital Technologies in the Restoration of Historic Buildings and Heritage Objects

Vermeir, T.[Thijs] Co Author Listing * Adaptive guided image filtering for screen content coding
* Guided Chroma Reconstruction for Screen Content Coding
* Real-time complexity constrained encoding
* Spatially misaligned HEVC transcoding with computational-complexity scalability

Vermeirsch, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Constrained Inter Prediction: Removing Dependencies Between Different Data Partitions
* Efficient spatial resolution reduction transcoding for H.264/AVC
* Improved dynamic rate shaping for H.264/AVC video streams
* Measurement and evaluation of head tracked auto-stereoscopic displays
* Quantizer offset selection for improved requantization transcoding
* Transcoding of H.264/AVC to SVC with motion data refinement
Includes: Vermeirsch, K.[Kenneth] Vermeirsch, K.[Koenraad]

Vermette, S.[Sharayah] Co Author Listing * Video based soccer ball tracking

Vermeulen, B. Co Author Listing * Constructing a No-Reference H.264/AVC Bitstream-Based Video Quality Metric Using Genetic Programming-Based Symbolic Regression

Vermeulen, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * From crowd to herd counting: How to precisely detect and count African mammals using aerial imagery and deep learning?
* How Many Hippos (HOMHIP): Algorithm for Automatic Counts of Animals with Infra-Red Thermal Imagery From UAV
* WIMUAS: Developing a Tool to Review Wildlife Data from Various UAS Flight Plans
Includes: Vermeulen, C.[Cedric] Vermeulen, C.[CÚdric] Vermeulen, C.

Vermeulen, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Engaging with the Canopy: Multi-Dimensional Vegetation Mark Visualisation Using Archived Aerial Images
* Spectral Characterization of a Digital Still Camera's NIR Modification to Enhance Archaeological Observation
Includes: Vermeulen, F.[Frank] Vermeulen, F.

Vermeulen, H.C. Co Author Listing * Fast Fourier Transform Based Image Compression Algorithm Optimized for Speckle Interferometer Measurements

Vermeulen, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Grid Patterns on Stamped Metal Sheets Using Mathematical Morphology
* Object Identification and Characterization with Hyperspectral Imagery to Identify Structure and Function of Natura 2000 Habitats

Vermeulen, P.[Pieter] Co Author Listing * Methods and devices for producing and using synthetic visual speech based on natural coarticulation

Vermeulen, V.[Valery] Co Author Listing * Correlation of Gestural Musical Audio Cues and Perceived Expressive Qualities

Vermillion, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Exchange-Based Platooning Using Predicted Fuel-Optimal Operation of Heavy-Duty Vehicles
* Hierarchical Control of Heavy-Duty Trucks Through Signalized Intersections With Non-Deterministic Signal Timing
* Hierarchical Model Predictive Control Approaches for Strategic Platoon Engagement of Heavy-Duty Trucks
* Predictive Command Governor-Based Adaptive Cruise Controller With Collision Avoidance for Non-Connected Vehicle Following, A

VerMilyea, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Tracking and Motility Analysis of Human Sperm in Time-Lapse Images

Vermote, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Inter-Comparison Exercise
* Bidirectional effects in Landsat reflectance estimates: Is there a problem to solve?
* CACAO Method for Smoothing, Gap Filling, and Characterizing Seasonal Anomalies in Satellite Time Series, The
* Can We Use the QA4ECV Black-sky Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) using AVHRR Surface Reflectance to Assess Terrestrial Global Change?
* Evaluation of Medium Spatial Resolution BRDF-Adjustment Techniques Using Multi-Angular SPOT4 (Take5) Acquisitions
* Impact of Spatial Sampling on Continuity of MODIS-VIIRS Land Surface Reflectance Products: A Simulation Approach
* Kronos: A Software System for the Processing and Retrieval of Large-Scale AVHRR Data Sets
* Method for Landsat and Sentinel 2 (HLS) BRDF Normalization, A
* MODIS-Based AVHRR Cloud and Snow Separation Algorithm
* Monitoring Global Croplands with Coarse Resolution Earth Observations: The Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project
* Prior Season Crop Type Masks for Winter Wheat Yield Forecasting: A US Case Study
* Quantification of LAI interannual anomalies by adjusting climatological patterns
* Validation of a New Parametric Model for Atmospheric Correction of Thermal Infrared Data
* Winter Wheat Yield Assessment from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Data: Incorporating Surface Reflectance, Through Phenological Fitting, into Regression Yield Models
* Within-Field Rice Yield Estimation Based on Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
* Workflow for Automated Satellite Image Processing: from Raw VHSR Data to Object-Based Spectral Information for Smallholder Agriculture, A
Includes: Vermote, E.[Eric] Vermote, E.
16 for Vermote, E.

Vermote, E.F.[Eric F.] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR LAI and FAPAR Climate Data Record: Algorithm Description and Validation, A
* 30+ Year AVHRR Land Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record and Its Application to Wheat Yield Monitoring, A
* Assessing within-Field Corn and Soybean Yield Variability from WorldView-3, Planet, Sentinel-2, and Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery
* Evaluation of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals across Chinese Cities and Implications for Medium Spatial Resolution Urban Aerosol Monitoring
* Impact of the Revisit of Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Observations on Evapotranspiration Uncertainty: A Sensitivity Study Using AmeriFlux Data
* Improving the AVHRR Long Term Data Record BRDF Correction
* Measuring the Directional Variations of Land Surface Reflectance From MODIS
* overview of MODIS Land data processing and product status, An
* Quantification of Impact of Orbital Drift on Inter-Annual Trends in AVHRR NDVI Data
* Remote Sensing of Coconut Trees in Tonga Using Very High Spatial Resolution WorldView-3 Data
* Retrieval of Surface Albedo on a Daily Basis: Application to MODIS Data
Includes: Vermote, E.F.[Eric F.] Vermote, E.F.
11 for Vermote, E.F.

Vermue, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Cut, The
* Bringing Light Into the Dark: A Large-Scale Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embedding Models Under a Unified Framework

Vermunt, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Crop Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 Data: A Case Study from The Netherlands

Vermunt, P.C.[Paul C.] Co Author Listing * Response of Subdaily L-Band Backscatter to Internal and Surface Canopy Water Dynamics
* Towards Understanding the Influence of Vertical Water Distribution on Radar Backscatter from Vegetation Using a Multi-Layer Water Cloud Model

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