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Barnaba, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * On the Interplay between Desert Dust and Meteorology Based on WRF-Chem Simulations and Remote Sensing Observations in the Mediterranean Basin
* Satellite-based view of the aerosol spatial and temporal variability in the Córdoba region (Argentina) using over ten years of high-resolution data

Barnabe, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Cloud and Cloud-Shadow Detection for Applications in Mapping Small-Scale Mining in Colombia Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
Includes: Barnabe, P.[Pierre] Barnabé, P.[Pierre]

Barnabe, S.A.E. Co Author Listing * Ego-Semantic Labeling of Scene from Depth Image for Visually Impaired and Blind People
Includes: Barnabe, S.A.E. Barnabé, S.A.E.

Barnaby, C. Co Author Listing * Blood Stain Segmentation

Barnachon, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Human actions recognition from streamed Motion Capture
* Ongoing human action recognition with motion capture
* real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, A

Barnada, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Motion Priors Estimation for Robust Matching Initialization in Automotive Applications

Barnafi, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Deformable Image Registration: A Posteriori Error Estimates for Primal and Mixed Formulations
* Primal and Mixed Finite Element Methods for Deformable Image Registration Problems
Includes: Barnafi, N.[Nicolas] Barnafi, N.

Barnaghi, P.[Payam] Co Author Listing * Verifying the Causes of Adversarial Examples

Barnard, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Results from Verification of Reference Irradiance and Radiance Sources Laboratory Calibration Experiment Campaign

Barnard, C.J. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Classification of Aerospace Radar Targets Using Neural Networks

Barnard, E. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Classification of Aerospace Radar Targets Using Neural Networks
* Related Approaches to Gradient-Based Thresholding

Barnard, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * Theoretical Uncertainty Analysis of Satellite Retrieved Aerosol Optical Depth Associated with Surface Albedo and Aerosol Optical Properties

Barnard, K.[Kobus] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barnard, K.[Kobus]: kobus AT cs arizona edu
* Asymmetric Contextual Modulation for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Attention as Activation
* Attentional Feature Fusion
* Attentional Local Contrast Networks for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Bayesian 3D Tracking from Monocular Video
* Bayesian Approach to Subkilometer Crater Shape Analysis Using Individual HiRISE Images, A
* Bayesian geometric modeling of indoor scenes
* Branching Gaussian Processes with Applications to Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of 3D Trees
* Building Models of Animals from Video
* Camera characterization for color research
* Clustering Art
* Color Constancy for Scenes with Varying Illumination
* Color Constancy Under Varying Illumination
* Colour by Correlation in a Three-Dimensional Colour Space
* Comparison of Computational Color Constancy Algorithms-Part I: Methodology and Experiments with Synthesized Data, A
* Comparison of Computational Color Constancy Algorithms-Part II: Experiments with Image Data, A
* Computational Color Constancy: Taking Theory into Practice
* Cross Modal Disambiguation
* Data Set for Colour Research, A
* Detecting, Localizing and Recovering Kinematics of Textured Animals
* effects of segmentation and feature choice in a translation model of object recognition, The
* Estimating the scene illumination chromaticity by using a neural network
* Evaluating Image Retrieval
* Evaluation of Localized Semantics: Data, Methodology, and Experiments
* fast connected components labeling algorithm and its application to real-time pupil detection, A
* Finding trails
* Gaussian Process Shape Models for Bayesian Segmentation of Plant Leaves
* generative statistical model for tracking multiple smooth trajectories, A
* Improvements to Gamut Mapping Colour Constancy Algorithms
* Improving and Aligning Speech with Presentation Slides
* Inferring Grammar-based Structure Models from 3D Microscopy Data
* Is machine colour constancy good enough?
* Learning the Semantics of Words and Pictures
* Method of Estimating Chromaticity of Illumination Using Neural Networks
* Multiple-Gaze Geometry: Inferring Novel 3D Locations from Gazes Observed in Monocular Video
* Object Recognition as Machine Translation: Learning a Lexicon for a Fixed Image Vocabulary
* Practical Color Constancy
* Reducing correspondence ambiguity in loosely labeled training data
* Robust Spatiotemporal Matching of Electronic Slides to Presentation Videos
* Sampling bedrooms
* Sensor sharpening for computational color constancy
* Statistical Inference of Biological Structure and Point Spread Functions in 3D Microscopy
* Statistical Model for General Contextual Object Recognition, A
* Statistical Model for Recreational Trails in Aerial Images, A
* Understanding Bayesian Rooms Using Composite 3D Object Models
* Visual tracking of deepwater animals using machine learning-controlled robotic underwater vehicles
Includes: Barnard, K.[Kobus] Barnard, K. Barnard, K.[Kevin]
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Barnard, K.J. Co Author Listing * Fourier Spectral Filter Array for Optimal Multispectral Imaging
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction from a Sequence of Rotated and Translated Frames and Its Application to an Infrared Imaging System
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction from Digital Video with Global and Non-Global Scene Motion
* Joint MAP Registration and High Resolution Image Estimation Using a Sequence of Undersampled Images

Barnard, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion-Based Gesture Recognition Interface for Mobile Phones
* Audio Assisted Robust Visual Tracking With Adaptive Particle Filtering
* Automatic Analysis of Multimodal Group Actions in Meetings
* evaluation of bags-of-words and spatio-temporal shapes for action recognition, An
* Gradient field descriptor for sketch based retrieval and localization
* Lipreading With Local Spatiotemporal Descriptors
* LP norm multiple kernel Fisher discriminant analysis for object and image categorisation
* Mean-Shift and Sparse Sampling-Based SMC-PHD Filtering for Audio Informed Visual Speaker Tracking
* Motion-Based Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Interaction
* On automatic annotation of meeting databases
* On Bin Configuration of Shape Context Descriptors in Human Silhouette Classification
* Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis With Spectral Regression, A
* Robust Multi-Speaker Tracking via Dictionary Learning and Identity Modeling
* Robust playfield segmentation using map adaptation
* University of Surrey Visual Concept Detection System at ImageCLEF@ICPR: Working Notes, The
* Unusual Activity Recognition in Noisy Environments
* Vision-Based Approach for Controlling User Interfaces of Mobile Devices, A
Includes: Barnard, M.[Mark] Barnard, M.
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Barnard, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of a kneeling train to improve platform-train interface for passenger boarding and alighting
* Kernelized Structural Classification for 3D Dogs Body Parts Detection
Includes: Barnard, S.[Simon] Barnard, S.[Shanis]

Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.] Co Author Listing * email: Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.]: barnard AT ai sri com
* Automated Inspection Using Gray-Scale Statistics
* Choosing a Basis for Perceptual Space
* Computational and Biological Models of Stereo Vision
* Computational Stereo
* Computational Stereo from an IU Perspective
* Disparity Analysis of Images
* Image Correspondence Problem, The
* Interpreting Perspective Images
* Lower-level Estimates and Interpretation of Visual Motion
* Methods for Interpreting Perspective Images
* Modeling and Using Physical Constraints in Scene Analysis
* Recent Progress in CYCLOPS: A System for Stereo Cartography
* Stereo Matching by Hierarchial, Microcanonical Annealing
* Stochastic Approach to Stereo Vision, A
* Stochastic Stereo Matching over Scale
* Three-Dimensional Shape from Line Drawings
Includes: Barnard, S.T.[Stephen T.] Barnard, S.T.
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Barnard, Y. Co Author Listing * Infrastructure-Assisted Message Dissemination for Supporting Heterogeneous Driving Patterns

Barnathan, M. Co Author Listing * Representation and Classification Scheme for Tree-Like Structures in Medical Images: Analyzing the Branching Pattern of Ductal Trees in X-ray Galactograms, A

Barnawi, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Assisted Obstacle Recognition and Intrusion Detection Towards Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Architecture, Modeling and Evaluation
* Path Planning for Energy Management of Smart Maritime Electric Vehicles: A Blockchain-Based Solution

Barnden, L.R. Co Author Listing * Practical aspects of a data-driven motion correction approach for brain SPECT

Barnea, D.I. Co Author Listing * Class of Algorithms for Fast Digital Image Registration, A

Barnea, E.[Ehud] Co Author Listing * Computer vision for fruit harvesting robots: State of the art and challenges ahead
* Contextual Object Detection with a Few Relevant Neighbors
* Curve Reconstruction via the Global Statistics of Natural Curves
* Depth Based Object Detection from Partial Pose Estimation of Symmetric Objects
* Exploring the Bounds of the Utility of Context for Object Detection
Includes: Barnea, E.[Ehud] Barnea, E.

Barnea, O. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of center-line extraction algorithms in quantitative coronary angiography

Barnea, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Sequence Registration Based on a Linear Solution and Scale Invariant Keypoint Matching
* Extraction of Objects from Terrestrial Laser Scans by Integrating Geometry Image and Intensity Data with Demonstration on Trees
* Geometry-image-intensity combined features for registration of terrestrial laser scans
* Keypoint based autonomous registration of terrestrial laser point-clouds
* Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans via Image Based Features
* Segmentation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data by Integrating Range and Image Content
* Segmentation of terrestrial laser scanning data using geometry and image information
* Supervised Approach for Object Extraction from Terrestrial Laser Point Clouds Demonstrated on Trees, A
Includes: Barnea, S. Barnea, S.[Shahar]
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Barnefske, E.[Eike] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Quality of Semantic Segmented 3D Point Clouds
* PCCT: a Point Cloud Classification Tool to Create 3d Training Data To Adjust and Develop 3d Convnet
Includes: Barnefske, E.[Eike] Barnefske, E.

Barnell, M. Co Author Listing * architecture for sensor data fusion target tracking, An
* Using optical imagery to enhance radar tracking performance

Barner, F. Co Author Listing * Automated DSM based Georeferencing of CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Scenes

Barner, K. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation Using Watersheds and Joint Homogeneity-Edge Integrity Region Merging Criteria
* Joint Region Merging Criteria for Watershed-based Image Segmentation
* Nonlinear Image Interpolation Through Extended Permutation Filters
* Smile Detection in the Wild Based on Transfer Learning

Barner, K.E.[Kenneth E.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Histology Sections via Multispectral Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Computationally Efficient Super-Resolution Algorithm for Video Processing Using Partition Filters, A
* Despeckling Utilizing M-Estimators
* Extended Permutation Filters and Their Application to Edge Enhancement
* Extended permutation filters and their application to image edge enhancement
* Fuzzy Ordering Theory and Its Use in Filter Generalization
* Fuzzy Rank LUM Filters
* Fuzzy transformation and its applications
* fuzzy transformation and its applications in image processing, The
* Graph Neural Networks for Image Understanding Based on Multiple Cues: Group Emotion Recognition and Event Recognition as Use Cases
* Inductive conformal predictor for convolutional neural networks: Applications to active learning for image classification
* Kernel-based sparse representation for gesture recognition
* Label consistent recursive least squares dictionary learning for image classification
* Locality Constrained Dictionary Learning for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Maximum Correntropy Based Dictionary Learning Framework for Physical Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
* Multiresolution permutation filter implementations based on acyclic connected graphs
* Multiresolution Permutation Filters Based on Decision Trees
* Optimization of Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters and Their Application to Image Denoising
* Partition-Based Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration
* Permutation weighted order statistic filter lattices
* Polynomial Weighted Median Image Sequence Prediction
* Polynomial Weighted Median Predictors for Image Sequences
* Quadratic Weighted Median Filters for Edge Enhancement of Noisy Images
* Rank Conditioned Rank Selection Filters for Signal Restoration
* Rayleigh-Maximum-Likelihood Filtering for Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound Images
* Special Issue on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Part I
* Special Issue on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing: Part II
* Stacked Predictive Sparse Decomposition for Classification of Histology Sections
* Subspace Partition Weighted Sum Filters for Image Restoration
* Texture-Based Infrared Image Segmentation by Combined Merging and Partitioning
* View: Visual Information Extraction Widget for improving chart images accessibility
* Wavelet-based multiresolution edge detection utilizing gray level edge maps
Includes: Barner, K.E.[Kenneth E.] Barner, K.E.
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Barner, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Integral Histograms Using an Adaptive Approach

Barnerias, C. Co Author Listing * Hedges and tree rows detection with E-Cognition for the use of the French national forest inventory

Barnes, A. Co Author Listing * Attenuation Correction Synthesis for Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application to Brain Studies
* PET Reconstruction With an Anatomical MRI Prior Using Parallel Level Sets

Barnes, B.B. Co Author Listing * Cross-Sensor Continuity of Satellite-Derived Water Clarity in the Gulf of Mexico: Insights Into Temporal Aliasing and Implications for Long-Term Water Clarity Assessment
* EOF-Based Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll a Concentrations in Taihu Lake from MODIS Land-Band Measurements: Implications for Near Real-Time Applications and Forecasting Models, An
* Hybrid Cloud Detection Algorithm to Improve MODIS Sea Surface Temperature Data Quality and Coverage Over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, A
* Performance of POLYMER Atmospheric Correction of Ocean Color Imagery in the Presence of Absorbing Aerosols
* Sensitivity of Satellite Ocean Color Data to System Vicarious Calibration of the Long Near Infrared Band
Includes: Barnes, B.B. Barnes, B.B.[Brian B.]

Barnes, C.[Chloe] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK
* Automatic High Resolution Wire Segmentation and Removal
* Better computer vision under video compression, an example using mean shift tracking
* Camouflaging an Object from Many Viewpoints
* Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules for Easy Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines
* Deep 360° Optical Flow Estimation Based on Multi-projection Fusion
* Foreground-Aware Image Inpainting
* Generalized PatchMatch Correspondence Algorithm, The
* GeoFill: Reference-Based Image Inpainting with Better Geometric Understanding
* Halide: Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules For High-Performance Image Processing
* Image Inpainting with Cascaded Modulation GAN and Object-Aware Training
* Individual Tree Crown Delineation from Airborne Laser Scanning for Diseased Larch Forest Stands
* Inpainting at Modern Camera Resolution by Guided PatchMatch with Auto-curation
* Learning to Detect Multiple Photographic Defects
* Modulated Periodic Activations for Generalizable Local Functional Representations
* On the Continuity of Rotation Representations in Neural Networks
* PatchMatch Randomized Matching Algorithm for Image Manipulation, The
* Perceptual Artifacts Localization for Image Synthesis Tasks
* Perceptual Artifacts Localization for Inpainting
* Robust Surveillance on Compressed Video: Uniform Performance from High to Low Bitrates
* SimpSON: Simplifying Photo Cleanup with Single-Click Distracting Object Segmentation Network
* Target Tracking Using Residual Vector Quantization
* Texture Mixer: A Network for Controllable Synthesis and Interpolation of Texture
* TransFill: Reference-guided Image Inpainting by Merging Multiple Color and Spatial Transformations
* Unselfie: Translating Selfies to Neutral-pose Portraits in the Wild
* Where and Who? Automatic Semantic-Aware Person Composition
Includes: Barnes, C.[Chloe] Barnes, C.[Connelly] Barnes, C.[Christopher] Barnes, C.
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Barnes, C.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive successive approximation quantization of image waveforms with efficient codebook updates
* Advances in Residual Vector Quantization: A Review
* Hurricane Disaster Assessments With Image-Driven Data Mining in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Image coding using entropy-constrained residual vector quantization
* Image-Driven Data Mining for Image Content Segmentation, Classification, and Attribution
* In Situ Volumetric SAR
* Slant Plane CSAR Processing Using Householder Transform
* Vector Quantization in SPIHT Image Codec
Includes: Barnes, C.F. Barnes, C.F.[Christopher F.]
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Barnes, C.H.W.[Crispin H. W.] Co Author Listing * Greening and Browning Trends on the Pacific Slope of Peru and Northern Chile

Barnes, C.S. Co Author Listing * Binary Decision Clustering for Neural-Network-Based Optical Character-Recognition

Barnes, C.W. Co Author Listing * Object Restoration in a Diffraction Limited Imaging System

Barnes, D. Co Author Listing * Characterization of dynamic 3-D PET imaging for functional brain mapping
* Combining support vector machines and information gain ranking for classification of Mars McMurdo panorama images
* Fuzzy-rough feature selection aided support vector machines for Mars image classification
* new shape from shading technique with application to Mars Express HRSC images, A
Includes: Barnes, D. Barnes, D.[Dave]

Barnes, D.K.[Dustin K.] Co Author Listing * SAT-CNN: A Small Neural Network for Object Recognition from Satellite Imagery

Barnes, E.[Eustace] Co Author Listing * Greening and Browning Trends on the Pacific Slope of Peru and Northern Chile

Barnes, E.M. Co Author Listing * Opportunities and Limitations for Image Based Remote Sensing in Precision Crop Management

Barnes, E.R. Co Author Listing * Near Real-Time Fuel-Optimal En Route Conflict Resolution

Barnes, G.[Grenville] Co Author Listing * Georeferencing oblique PhenoCam imagery
* new deep-learning approach for early detection of shape variations in autism using structural mri, A
* Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results
* Understanding Autism Using Machine Learning: A Structural MRI Study
Includes: Barnes, G.[Grenville] Barnes, G. Barnes, G.[Gregory]

Barnes, G.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing

Barnes, G.N. Co Author Listing * novel CAD system for local and global early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease based on PIB-PET scans, A
* Significant Region-Based Framework for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Using11C PiB-PET Scans

Barnes, J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Model Selection for Pathological Neuroimaging Data Applied to White Matter Lesion Segmentation
* Nonlinear Elastic Spline Registration: Evaluation with Longitudinal Huntington's Disease Data
Includes: Barnes, J. Barnes, J.[Josephine]

Barnes, J.L.[Jennifer L.] Co Author Listing * Giving Ecological Meaning to Satellite-Derived Fire Severity Metrics across North American Forests

Barnes, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * MEDIRL: Predicting the Visual Attention of Drivers via Maximum Entropy Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Barnes, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Boosting minimalist classifiers for blemish detection in potatoes
* Minimalist AdaBoost for Blemish Identification in Potatoes

Barnes, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Agent Reasoning Transparency on Automation Bias: An Analysis of Response Performance, The
* Human-Agent Teaming for Multirobot Control: A Review of Human Factors Issues
* IMPACT of Agent Transparency on Human Performance, The
Includes: Barnes, M.J.[Michael J.] Barnes, M.J.

Barnes, M.L.[Mallory Liebl] Co Author Listing * Detecting Winter Cover Crops and Crop Residues in the Midwest US Using Machine Learning Classification of Thermal and Optical Imagery

Barnes, N. Co Author Listing * Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Zero-Shot Image Tagging
* Deep0Tag: Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Zero-Shot Image Tagging
* Double-Guided Filtering: Image Smoothing with Structure and Texture Guidance
* DSD: Depth Structural Descriptor for Edge-Based Assistive Navigation
* Exploiting Large Image Sets for Road Scene Parsing
* Exploiting Sparsity for Real Time Video Labelling
* Fast Image Reconstruction with an Event Camera
* From Depth What Can You See? Depth Completion via Auxiliary Image Reconstruction
* HOSO: Histogram of Surface Orientation for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Photo-Realistic Simulation of Road Scene for Data-Driven Methods in Bad Weather
* Real Image Denoising With Feature Attention
* Stereo Matching Using Sub-segmentation and Robust Higher-Order Graph Cut
* Transductive Learning for Zero-Shot Object Detection
* UC-Net: Uncertainty Inspired RGB-D Saliency Detection via Conditional Variational Autoencoders
* Uncertainty Inspired RGB-D Saliency Detection
* Vicinity Vision Transformer
Includes: Barnes, N. Barnes, N.[Nick]
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Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.]: Nick Barnes AT nicta com au
* 1-Point Rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
* 3-D Shape Matching and Non-Rigid Correspondence for Hippocampi Based on Markov Random Fields
* 3D Guided Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Accuracy vs. complexity: A trade-off in visual question answering models
* Adversarial Training of Variational Auto-Encoders for High Fidelity Image Generation
* All-Pairs Consistency Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Any-shot Object Detection
* Applying Sum and Max Product Algorithms of Belief Propagation to 3D Shape Matching and Registration
* Asymmetric Totally-Corrective Boosting for Real-Time Object Detection
* Blended Convolution and Synthesis for Efficient Discrimination of 3D Shapes
* Continuous-Time Intensity Estimation Using Event Cameras
* Data-driven road detection
* Deep Journey into Super-Resolution: A Survey, A
* Deep Texture and Structure Aware Filtering Network for Image Smoothing
* Dense-Resolution Network for Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
* Densely Residual Laplacian Super-Resolution
* Depth Completion Auto-Encoder
* Direction Control for an Active Docking Behaviour based on the Rotational Component of Log-Polar Optic Flow
* Directions of egomotion from antipodal points
* Efficient Gaussian Process Model on Class-Imbalanced Datasets for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Efficient transductive semantic segmentation
* Embodied categorisation for vision-guided mobile robots
* Energy-Based Prior for Generative Saliency, An
* Estimating Relative Camera Motion from the Antipodal-Epipolar Constraint
* Estimation of the Epipole using Optical Flow at Antipodal Points
* Fast Shape-based Road Sign Detection for a Driver Assistance System
* From known to the unknown: Transferring knowledge to answer questions about novel visual and semantic concepts
* Geometric Back-Projection Network for Point Cloud Classification
* Geometry to the Rescue: 3D Instance Reconstruction from a Cluttered Scene
* Glass object localization by joint inference of boundary and depth
* Glass object segmentation by label transfer on joint depth and appearance manifolds
* Identifying Anatomical Shape Difference by Regularized Discriminative Direction
* Inferring the Class Conditional Response Map for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Knowledge-Based Shape-from-Shading
* Knowledge-based Vision-Guided Robots
* Label Shift Estimation for Class-Imbalance Problem: A Bayesian Approach
* Laplacian Margin Distribution Boosting for Learning from Sparsely Labeled Data
* Large-scale semantic co-labeling of image sets
* Learning Audio-Visual Source Localization via False Negative Aware Contrastive Learning
* Learning Camera Pose from Optical Colonoscopy Frames Through Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
* Learning Hough Forest with Depth-Encoded Context for Object Detection
* Learning Hough Transform with Latent Structures for Joint Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* Learning Noise-aware Encoder-decoder from Noisy Labels by Alternating Back-propagation for Saliency Detection
* Learning RGB-D Salient Object Detection Using Background Enclosure, Depth Contrast, and Top-Down Features
* Learning Saliency From Single Noisy Labelling: A Robust Model Fitting Perspective
* Learning Structured Hough Voting for Joint Object Detection and Occlusion Reasoning
* Learning to Segment Dominant Object Motion from Watching Videos
* Local Background Enclosure for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* MAP ZDF segmentation and tracking using active stereo vision: Hand tracking case study
* Maximal Cliques Based Rigid Body Motion Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
* Model Calibration in Dense Classification with Adaptive Label Perturbation
* Modeling Aleatoric Uncertainty for Camouflaged Object Detection
* Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function Based Volumetric Surfaces
* MRF and Gaussian Curvature Based Shape Representation for Shape Matching, An
* Multi-Modal Transformer for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Network-based structure flow estimation
* Non-linear voting in the space variant Hough transform
* overview of vision processing in implantable prosthetic vision, An
* P2C: Self-Supervised Point Cloud Completion from Single Partial Clouds
* Perspective Invariant Angle Ordering
* PnP-3D: A Plug-and-Play for 3D Point Clouds
* Principal flow for tubular objects with non-circular cross-sections
* PU-Transformer: Point Cloud Upsampling Transformer
* Question-Agnostic Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Real-time radial symmetry for speed sign detection
* Real-Time Speed Sign Detection Using the Radial Symmetry Detector
* Reducing the Sim-to-real Gap for Event Cameras
* Regular Polygon Detection
* regular polygon detector, The
* Representation Learning on Unit Ball with 3D Roto-translational Equivariance
* RGB-D Saliency Detection via Cascaded Mutual Information Minimization
* role of computer vision in prosthetic vision, The
* Rotation Averaging with Application to Camera-Rig Calibration
* Semantic labeling for prosthetic vision
* Semantic Segmentation for Real Point Cloud Scenes via Bilateral Augmentation and Adaptive Fusion
* Silhouette-Assisted 3D Object Instance Reconstruction from a Cluttered Scene
* Simple and Practical Solution to the Rigid Body Motion Segmentation Problem Using a RGB-D Camera, A
* Simultaneously Localize, Segment and Rank the Camouflaged Objects
* Sparse Update for Loopy Belief Propagation: Fast Dense Registration for Large State Spaces
* Surface Extraction from Iso-disparity Contours
* Totally-Corrective Multi-class Boosting
* Toward Deeper Understanding of Camouflaged Object Detection
* Towards a Hazard Perception Assistance System using Visual Motion
* Towards log-polar fixation for mobile robots: Analysis of corner tracking on the log-polar camera
* Towards Open-Set Object Detection and Discovery
* Unified Strategy for Landing and Docking Using Spherical Flow Divergence, A
* Unsupervised Primitive Discovery for Improved 3D Generative Modeling
* Vision guided circumnavigating autonomous robots
* Weakly Supervised Video Salient Object Detection
* Weakly-Supervised Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Object Discovery
Includes: Barnes, N.M.[Nick M.] Barnes, N.M.
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Barnes, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Noninvasive Early Detection of Nutrient Deficiencies in Greenhouse-Grown Industrial Hemp Using Hyperspectral Imaging

Barnes, R.A. Co Author Listing * Calibration Strategy for the Earth Observing System (EOS)-AM1 Platform

Barnes, R.D. Co Author Listing * Simple, effective rate control for video distribution in heterogeneous intelligent transportation system networks

Barnes, R.E.[R. Eric] Co Author Listing * DBATES: Dataset for Discerning Benefits of Audio, Textual, and Facial Expression Features in Competitive Debate Speeches

Barnes, R.R.[Robert R.] Co Author Listing * Driver alert system

Barnes, W.E. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Image Sequnces of Overlapping Homogeneous Transparent Radiating Objects

Barnes, W.L.[William L.] Co Author Listing * MODIS Onboard Blackbody Function and Performance
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Multiyear On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Terra MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
* On-Orbit Calibration and Performance of Aqua MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Terra and Aqua MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands On-Orbit Calibration and Performance
* Terra MODIS on-orbit spatial characterization and performance
* Terra MODIS On-Orbit Spectral Characterization and Performance
Includes: Barnes, W.L.[William L.] Barnes, W.L.
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Barnet, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Satellite Sounders for Monitoring the Tropical Cyclone Environment in Operational Forecasting

Barnet, C.D.[Christopher D.] Co Author Listing * Adapting Satellite Soundings for Operational Forecasting within the Hazardous Weather Testbed
* Evaluating the Value of CrIS Shortwave-Infrared Channels in Atmospheric-Sounding Retrievals
* Methodology and Information Content of the NOAA NESDIS Operational Channel Selection for the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)
* Uncertainty Characterization and Propagation in the Community Long-Term Infrared Microwave Combined Atmospheric Product System (CLIMCAPS)
* Validation of Atmospheric Profile Retrievals From the SNPP NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System. Part 1: Temperature and Moisture
* Validation of Atmospheric Profile Retrievals from the SNPP NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System. Part 2: Ozone
* Vertical Resolution Estimates in Version 5 of AIRS Operational Retrievals
Includes: Barnet, C.D.[Christopher D.] Barnet, C.D.[Chris D.] Barnet, C.D.
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Barnetson, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * Validating Digital Earth Australia NBART for the Landsat 9 Underfly of Landsat 8

Barnett, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Rapid Solution of the Cryo-EM Reconstruction Problem by Frequency Marching

Barnett, A.H.[Alex H.] Co Author Listing * Recovering Missing Data in Coherent Diffraction Imaging

Barnett, A.J.[Alina Jade] Co Author Listing * Deformable ProtoPNet: An Interpretable Image Classifier Using Deformable Prototypes

Barnett, B. Co Author Listing * Motion-Compensated Visual-Pattern Image Sequence Coding for Full-Motion Multisession Videoconferencing on Multimedia Workstations
* stereo visual pattern image coding system, A

Barnett, J. Co Author Listing * Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration of the HIRDLS Flight Instrument: Results and Use in On-Orbit Data Processing

Barnett, J.A. Co Author Listing * Calculating Dempster-Shafer Plausibility

Barnett, J.J. Co Author Listing * Overview of the EOS Aura Mission

Barnett, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Thermal Infrared and Visual Images for Industrial Inspection Tasks

Barnett, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Decompose to Adapt: Cross-Domain Object Detection Via Feature Disentanglement

Barnett, R. Co Author Listing * Attack Operators for Digitally Watermarked Images
* Postreconstruction Nonlocal Means Filtering of Whole-Body PET With an Anatomical Prior

Barnett, S.J. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Shannon's Entropy Modeling of Orientation and Distance in Steel Fiber Micro-Tomography Data

Barneva, R.P.[Reneta P.] Co Author Listing * Advances in combinatorial image analysis
* Combining ubiquitous direction-sensitive digitizing with a multimedia electronic dictionary for enhanced understanding
* Dealing with Noise in Cluster Pattern Interface
* Digital Geometry Algorithms
* Digital Stars and Visibility of Digital Objects
* Guest editorial: Contemporary challenges in combinatorial image analysis
* Linear Time Constant-Working Space Algorithm for Computing the Genus of a Digital Object
* Minimal Offsets That Guarantee Maximal or Minimal Connectivity of Digital Curves in nD
* Number of Gaps in Binary Pictures, The
* Object Discretizations in Higher Dimensions
* Offset Approach to Defining 3D Digital Lines
* Polyhedrization of Discrete Convex Volumes
* Theoretical Issues of Cluster Pattern Interfaces
13 for Barneva, R.P.

Barney Smith, E.H.[Elisa H.] Co Author Listing * Ballot mark detection
* Camera-Based Ballot Counter
* DIAL 2004 Working Group Report on Acquisition Quality Control
* Effects of clustering algorithms on typographic reconstruction
* Enhancement of historical printed document images by combining Total Variation regularization and Non-local Means filtering
* Estimating degradation model parameters from character images
* Evaluation of Voting with Form Dropout Techniques for Ballot Vote Counting
* Extending Page Segmentation Algorithms for Mixed-Layout Document Processing
* Human Image Preference and Document Degradation Models
* Pre-Processing of Degraded Printed Documents by Non-local Means and Total Variation
* Relating Statistical Image Differences and Degradation Features
* Reports of the DAS02 working groups
* Statistical image differences, degradation features, and character distance metrics
* Style-Based Ballot Mark Recognition
* Text degradations and OCR training
* Towards Improved Paper-Based Election Technology
Includes: Barney Smith, E.H.[Elisa H.] Barney-Smith, E.H.
16 for Barney Smith, E.H.

Barney, D.[Dane] Co Author Listing * Near-lossless and lossy compression of imaging spectrometer data: comparison of information extraction performance
* Near-Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Barney, D.[Dane] Barney, D.

Barngrover, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * JBoost Optimization of Color Detectors for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Navigation

Barnhart, C. Co Author Listing * Comparing Optimal Relocation Operations With Simulated Relocation Policies in One-Way Carsharing Systems

Barnhart, T.B.[Theodore B.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Two Methods of Surface Change Detection on an Evolving Thermokarst Using High-Temporal-Frequency Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Selawik River, Alaska

Barnhart, W.D.[William D.] Co Author Listing * Global Earthquake Response with Imaging Geodesy: Recent Examples from the USGS NEIC

Barnhill, E. Co Author Listing * Fast Robust Dejitter and Interslice Discontinuity Removal in MRI Phase Acquisitions: Application to Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Barnhill, R.E. Co Author Listing * marching method for parametric surface/surface intersection, A
* New Twist in Computer Aided Geometric Design, A
* Surface/Surface Intersection
* Survey of the Representation and Design of Surfaces, A

Barnhill, S.D.[Stephen D.] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided image analysis

Barni, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Adversarial examples for replay attacks against CNN-based face recognition with anti-spoofing capability
* Capacity of Full Frame DCT Image Watermarks
* CNN-Based Detection of Generic Contrast Adjustment with JPEG Post-Processing
* CNN-based steganalysis and parametric adversarial embedding:A game-theoretic framework
* Color-Based Detection of Defects on Chicken Meat
* compressive-sensing based watermarking scheme for sparse image tampering identification, A
* Copyright Protection of Digital Images by Embedded Unperceivable Marks
* Counter-forensics of SIFT-based copy-move detection by means of keypoint classification
* Craters Detection Via Possibilistic Shell Clustering
* Data hiding technologies for digital radiography
* DCT Domain System for Robust Image Watermarking, A
* DCT-Based Watermark Recovering without Resorting to the Uncorrupted Original Image
* Detection of ±1 LSB steganography based on the amplitude of histogram local extrema
* Discrete cosine transform of encrypted images
* Effectiveness of Exhaustive Search and Template Matching Against Watermark Desynchronization
* efficient protocol for private iris-code matching by means of garbled circuits, An
* Emerging cryptographic challenges in image and video processing
* Error-Resilient and Low-Complexity Onboard Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images by Means of Distributed Source Coding
* Exploiting the Cross-Correlation of RGB-channels for Rubust Watermarking of Color Images
* Fast Algorithm for 1-Norm Vector Median Filtering, A
* From watermark detection to watermark decoding: a PPM approach
* Full-Reference Quality Metric for Geometrically Distorted Images, A
* fuzzy approach to deal with uncertainty in image forensics, A
* Image authentication techniques for surveillance applications
* Image Segmentation and Region Filling for Virtual Restoration of Artworks
* improved H.263 video coder relying on weighted median filtering of motion vectors, An
* Improved Low-Complexity Intraband Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images by Means of Slepian-Wolf Coding
* Improved Statistic for the Pooled Triangle Test Against PRNU-Copy Attack, An
* Improved wavelet-based watermarking through pixel-wise masking
* Improving Cost Learning for JPEG Steganography by Exploiting JPEG Domain Knowledge
* Increased-confidence Adversarial Examples for Deep Learning Counter-forensics
* Information theoretic aspects in digital watermarking
* Integration of spatio-temporal information for motion detection by means of fuzzy reasoning
* Integrity of Multimedia and Multimodal Data: From Capture to Use
* intelligent perception system for food quality inspection using color analysis, An
* Joint near-lossless compression and watermarking of still images for authentication and tamper localization
* Low-complexity lossy compression of hyperspectral images via informed quantization
* Mask building for perceptually hiding frequency embedded watermarks
* Master Key backdoor for universal impersonation attack against DNN-based face verification, A
* Multichannel M-filtering for Color Image Restoration
* Multichannel watermarking of color images
* Multiple parenting identification in image phylogeny
* New Backdoor Attack in CNNS by Training Set Corruption Without Label Poisoning, A
* new decoder for the optimum recovery of nonadditive watermarks, A
* new possibilistic clustering algorithm for line detection in real world imagery, A
* New Self-Recovery Technique for Image Authentication, A
* Objective Evaluation of the Perceptual Quality of 3D Watermarking
* One-Class Classifier for the Detection of GAN Manipulated Multi-Spectral Satellite Images, A
* Open Set Classification of GAN-based Image Manipulations via a ViT-based Hybrid Architecture
* Optimum linear approximation of the Euclidean norm to speed up vector median filtering
* Primary Quantization Matrix Estimation of Double Compressed JPEG Images via CNN
* Privacy Protection in Biometric-Based Recognition Systems: A marriage between cryptography and signal processing
* Quasi-Euclidean Norm to Speed Up Vector Median Filtering, A
* Regularization of Optic Flow Estimates by Means of Weighted Vector Median Filtering
* Robust Watermarking of Cartographic Images
* Second-Order Statistics Analysis to Cope With Contrast Enhancement Counter-Forensics
* SEMBA: secure multi-biometric authentication
* siamese-based verification system for open-set architecture attribution of synthetic images, A
* Special Issue: Emerging Applications of Multimedia Data Hiding
* Text-based Geometric Normalization for Robust Watermarking of Digital Maps
* Universal BlackMarks: Key-Image-Free Blackbox Multi-Bit Watermarking of Deep Neural Networks
* Universal Counterforensics of Multiple Compressed JPEG Images
* Unsupervised detection of straight lines through possibilistic clustering
* Using a wavelet-based fractal feature to improve texture discrimination on SAR images
* vision system for automatic inspection of meat quality, A
* Watermark Embedding and Recovery in the Presence of C-LPCD De-synchronization Attacks
* Watermarked 3-D Mesh Quality Assessment
Includes: Barni, M.[Mauro] Barni, M.
67 for Barni, M.

Barnich, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration and Player Localization in SoccerNet-v2 and Investigation of their Representations for Action Spotting
* Combining Color, Depth, and Motion for Video Segmentation
* Design of Statistical Measures for the Assessment of Image Segmentation Schemes
* Frontal-view gait recognition by intra- and inter-frame rectangle size distribution
* platform for the fast interpretation of movements and localization of users in 3D applications driven by a range camera, A
* Robust Analysis of Silhouettes by Morphological Size Distributions
* ViBe: A Universal Background Subtraction Algorithm for Video Sequences
* Virtual Curtain for the Detection of Humans and Access Control, A
Includes: Barnich, O.[Olivier] Barnich, O.
8 for Barnich, O.

Barnieh, B.A.[Beatrice Asenso] Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of SWAT Model by Using Hydrological Remote Sensing Observables in the Lake Chad Basin

Barniv, Y. Co Author Listing * Head motion anticipation for virtual-environment applications using kinematics and EMG energy

Barnoud, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Sea-Level Fingerprints Due to Present-Day Water Mass Redistribution in Observed Sea-Level Data

Barnsley, M.F.[Michael F.] Co Author Listing * Fractal Image Compression
* How to Transform and Filter Images Using Iterated Function Systems
* Measure-Valued Images, Associated Fractal Transforms, and the Affine Self-Similarity of Images
Includes: Barnsley, M.F.[Michael F.] Barnsley, M.F.

Barnsley, M.J. Co Author Listing * Improvements in Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Using Multiangle CHRIS/PROBA Images

Barnum, P.C.[Peter C.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Rain and Snow in Frequency Space
* Fast reactive control for illumination through rain and snow
* projector-camera system for creating a display with water drops, A
Includes: Barnum, P.C.[Peter C.] Barnum, P.C.

Barnwal, S.[Surbhi] Co Author Listing * Species-Level Classification and Mapping of a Mangrove Forest Using Random Forest: Utilisation of AVIRIS-NG and Sentinel Data

Barnwell, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Instant replay using high speed motion capture and projected overlay

Barnwell, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * non-linear shape abstraction technique, A

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