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Ahn, B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Driving System for Unknown Environments Using a Unified Map, An
* Cellular Watersheds: A Parallel Implementation of the Watershed Transform on the CNN Universal Machine
* Convolutional Approximations to the General Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Operator
* Dynamic Scene Deblurring
* Leukocyte Segmentation in Blood Smear Images Using Region-Based Active Contours
* Neural Kaleidoscopic Space Sculpting
* Pseudo-Blind Convolutional Neural Network for the Reduction of Compression Artifacts, A
* Real-Time Head Orientation from a Monocular Camera Using Deep Neural Network
* Watershed-based region merging using conflicting regions
Includes: Ahn, B. Ahn, B.[Byungha] Ahn, B.[Byeongjoo] Ahn, B.[Byungtae]
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Ahn, B.H.[Byung Hyun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Camouflage Pattern Generation to Different Environments Via Content-Aware Style Transfer
* Fast full search motion estimation algorithm using various matching scans in video coding
* FastStereoNet: A Fast Neural Architecture Search for Improving the Inference of Disparity Estimation on Resource-Limited Platforms
* SVD-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication, A
Includes: Ahn, B.H.[Byung Hyun] Ahn, B.H.[Byung-Hyun] Ahn, B.H.[Byung-Ha] Ahn, B.H.[Byung Hoon]

Ahn, B.T.[Byung Tae] Co Author Listing * Crosswalk and traffic light detection via integral framework
* GMM-based saliency aggregation for calibration-free gaze estimation
Includes: Ahn, B.T.[Byung Tae] Ahn, B.T.[Byung-Tae]

Ahn, B.Y.[Byeong Yong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Unwrap Representation of Faces for Video Editing
Includes: Ahn, B.Y.[Byeong Yong] Ahn, B.Y.[Byeong-Yong]

Ahn, C.[Chanho] Co Author Listing * BiasAdv: Bias-Adversarial Augmentation for Model Debiasing
* Deep Elastic Networks With Model Selection for Multi-Task Learning
* Deep Virtual Networks for Memory Efficient Inference of Multiple Tasks
* Effective Style Token Weight Control Technique for End-to-End Emotional Speech Synthesis, An
* Fast localised active contour for inhomogeneous image segmentation
* Geometry Compression of 3-D Mesh Model using Predictive Two-Stage Quantization
* gesture based TV control interface for visually impaired: Initial design and user study, A
* Graph-matching-based correspondence search for nonrigid point cloud registration
* Growing a Brain with Sparsity-Inducing Generation for Continual Learning
* Leveraging Class Hierarchy in Fashion Classification
* Mechanism of vehicular periodic operation for optimal fuel economy in free-driving scenarios
* Method for objects segmentation in video sequences by object tracking and user assistance
* Moving object segmentation in video sequences by user interaction and automatic object tracking
* NestedNet: Learning Nested Sparse Structures in Deep Neural Networks
* Real-Time Speed Trajectory Planning for Minimum Fuel Consumption of a Ground Vehicle
* Sample-wise Label Confidence Incorporation for Learning with Noisy Labels
* VOP generation tool: automatic segmentation of moving objects in image sequences based on spatio-temporal information, A
Includes: Ahn, C.[Chanho] Ahn, C. Ahn, C.[Chunghyun] Ahn, C.[Changsun] Ahn, C.[Chieteuk]
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Ahn, C.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive template filtering for signal-to-noise ratio enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging
* simple simultaneous geometric and intensity correction method for echo-planar imaging by EPI-based phase modulation, A
* Spatial Interpolation Algorithm for Consecutive Block Error Using the Just-Noticeable-Distortion Method
Includes: Ahn, C.B. Ahn, C.B.[Chang Beom] Ahn, C.B.[Chang-Beom]

Ahn, C.G. Co Author Listing * Identity Recognition Based on Bioacoustics of Human Body

Ahn, C.H.[Chung Hyun] Co Author Listing * Development of deep learning-based facial expression recognition system
* Development of Positioning Information Realized Digital Close-Range Photogrammetric System
* framework of augmented reality for geotagged videos, A
* Higher order prediction for sub-pixel motion estimation
* Image-based panoramic 3D virtual environment using rotating two multi-view cameras
* Super-resolution by prediction based sub-pel motion estimation
* Video segmentation using vector-valued diffusion and clustering
Includes: Ahn, C.H.[Chung Hyun] Ahn, C.H.[Chung-Hyun] Ahn, C.H.[Chang-Hwan]
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Ahn, C.K. Co Author Listing * Accurate and Reliable Human Localization Using Composite Particle/FIR Filtering
* Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Pseudo-PID Sliding-Mode Control for High-Speed Train With Integral Quadratic Constraints and Actuator Saturation
* Expected Power Bound for Two-Dimensional Digital Filters in the Fornasini-Marchesini Local State-Space Model
* Neural Network-Based Moving Window Iterative Nonlinear System Identification
* New Approach on Design of a Digital Phase-Locked Loop, A
* Nonlinear Signal-Filtering Technique With Real-Time Gain Booster for Feedback System Applications
* Optimal and Unbiased Filtering With Colored Process Noise Using State Differencing
* Optimal Memory Size Formula for Moving-Average Digital Phase-Locked Loop
* Overflow Oscillation Elimination of 2-D Digital Filters in the Roesser Model with Wiener Process Noise
Includes: Ahn, C.K. Ahn, C.K.[Choon Ki]
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Ahn, C.T.[Chie Teuk] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for estimating a half-pel motion in a video compression method
* Field-based stereoscopic video codec for multiple display methods
* Image signal transmitting system using image frames differences
Includes: Ahn, C.T.[Chie Teuk] Ahn, C.T.[Chie-Teuk] Ahn, C.T.[Chie T.]

Ahn, C.W.[Chang Wook] Co Author Listing * fast and efficient image watermarking scheme based on Deep Neural Network, A
* Image matching using peak signal-to-noise ratio-based occlusion detection
* Image restoration by blind-Wiener filter
* Optimal Estimation-Based Algorithm to Retrieve Aerosol Optical Properties for GEMS Measurements over Asia
* Parameter selection framework for stereo correspondence
* Quantum Path Integral Approach for Vehicle Routing Optimization With Limited Qubit
Includes: Ahn, C.W.[Chang Wook] Ahn, C.W. Ahn, C.W.[Chang-Woo]

Ahn, C.Y.[Chi Young] Co Author Listing * Fast segmentation of ultrasound images using robust Rayleigh distribution decomposition

Ahn, D.[Dosung] Co Author Listing * Access control system with high level security using fingerprints
* Cross-Modal Learning with 3D Deformable Attention for Action Recognition
* Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Identification
* Searching for Robust Binary Neural Networks via Bimodal Parameter Perturbation
* STAR-Transformer: A Spatio-temporal Cross Attention Transformer for Human Action Recognition
Includes: Ahn, D.[Dosung] Ahn, D.[Dasom] Ahn, D.[Daehyun]

Ahn, D.C.[Dae Chul] Co Author Listing * Story Visualization by Online Text Augmentation with Context Memory
* Zero-shot Natural Language Video Localization
Includes: Ahn, D.C.[Dae Chul] Ahn, D.C.[Dae-Chul]

Ahn, D.S. Co Author Listing * Defining Geospatial Data Fusion Methods Based On Topological Relationships

Ahn, E.[Euijoon] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Volumetric Interpolation Network for 4D Dynamic Medical Image, A
* Step-wise integration of deep class-specific learning for dermoscopic image segmentation
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation to Classify Medical Images Using Zero-Bias Convolutional Auto-Encoders and Context-Based Feature Augmentation

Ahn, G.[Grace] Co Author Listing * Automatically Analyzing Facial-Feature Movements to Identify Human Errors
* Level-Set Segmentation of Brain Tumors Using a New Hybrid Speed Function
* Segmentation of 3D object in volume dataset using active deformable model
Includes: Ahn, G.[Grace] Ahn, G.[Gukdong]

Ahn, G.H. Co Author Listing * Real-time estimation of travel speed using urban traffic information system and CCTV
* Real-time estimation of travel speed using urban traffic information system and filtering algorithm

Ahn, H. Co Author Listing * 2-D blind deconvolution by partitioning into coupled 1-D problems using discrete Radon transforms
* ADFNet: Accumulated decoder features for real-time semantic segmentation
* Cloth-vton: Clothing Three-dimensional Reconstruction for Hybrid Image-based Virtual Try-on
* Feasibility of employing a smartphone as the payload in a photogrammetric UAV system
* Human-object interaction prediction in videos through gaze following
* Intention-Conditioned Long-Term Human Egocentric Action Anticipation
* Mathematical Modeling of Stuxnet-Style Autonomous Vehicle Malware, A
* Refining Action Segmentation with Hierarchical Video Representations
* SNIDER: Single Noisy Image Denoising and Rectification for Improving License Plate Recognition
* SS-IL: Separated Softmax for Incremental Learning
Includes: Ahn, H. Ahn, H.[Hoyeon] Ahn, H.[Heejune] Ahn, H.[Hoyong] Ahn, H.[Hyemin] Ahn, H.[Haesung] Ahn, H.[Hongjoon]
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Ahn, H.I.[Hyung Il] Co Author Listing * Measuring Affective-Cognitive Experience and Predicting Market Success
Includes: Ahn, H.I.[Hyung Il] Ahn, H.I.[Hyung-Il]

Ahn, H.J.[Hee Jun] Co Author Listing * MARS: Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Spatial: Spectral and Temporal Feature Selection in EEG-Based BCI
Includes: Ahn, H.J.[Hee Jun] Ahn, H.J.[Hee-Jun]

Ahn, H.K.[Hee Kap] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Algorithms for Planar Convex Hull Problems
* fast nearest neighbor search algorithm by nonlinear embedding, A
* Spatial skyline queries: exact and approximation algorithms
Includes: Ahn, H.K.[Hee Kap] Ahn, H.K.[Hee-Kap]

Ahn, H.S.[Hyo Sung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive learning control with spatially-periodic and unknown random disturbances
* Decentralized iterative learning control for hegerogeneous system with arbitrary interconnections
* Distributed Control for an Urban Traffic Network
* Distributed Stochastic MPC Traffic Signal Control for Urban Networks
* Orientation and scale invariant mean shift using object mask-based kernel
* PIL-EYE: Integrated System for Sustainable Development of Intelligent Visual Surveillance Algorithms
* Robust recognition of white blood cell images
Includes: Ahn, H.S.[Hyo Sung] Ahn, H.S.[Hyo-Sung] Ahn, H.S.[Ho Seok] Ahn, H.S.[Hyo-Sok]
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Ahn, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Kompsat-3a
* Optimal Image Selection Method to Improve Quality of Relative Radiometric Calibration for Uav Multispectral Images, An
* Potential of Hybrid CNN-RF Model for Early Crop Mapping with Limited Input Data
* Radiometric Cross-calibration of Kompsat-3a with Landsat-8
* Relative Radiometric Calibration Using Tie Points and Optimal Path Selection for UAV Images
Includes: Ahn, H.Y. Ahn, H.Y.[Ho-Yong]

Ahn, I. Co Author Listing * Face and Hair Region Labeling Using Semi-Supervised Spectral Clustering-Based Multiple Segmentations
* Intelligent Display Scheme of Soccer Video on Mobile Devices, An
* Learning a manifold-constrained map between image sets: Applications to matching and pose estimation
Includes: Ahn, I. Ahn, I.[Ikkjin]

Ahn, J. Co Author Listing * Architecture and Noise Analysis for Block-Based Compressive Imaging
* AS-CRI: A New Metric of FTIR-Based Apparent Spectral-Contrast Radiant Intensity for Remote Thermal Signature Analysis
* Calibration of stereo fish-eye camera for Driver Assistance Systems
* Classification of Oil Painting Using Machine Learning With Visualized Depth Information
* Current work in multimedia imaging at UoA's Tamaki campus
* Finding Small-Bowel Lesions: Challenges in Endoscopy-Image-Based Learning Systems
* Impact of Innovation City Projects on National Balanced Development in South Korea: Identifying Regional Network and Centrality
* Implicit 3D Human Mesh Recovery using Consistency with Pose and Shape from Unseen-view
* Integrating hidden Markov models based on Mixture-of-Templates and k-NN2 ensemble for activity recognition
* Learning Pixel-Level Semantic Affinity with Image-Level Supervision for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Localization using Multi-Focal Spatial Attention for Masked Face Recognition
* On the Problem of Placing Names in a Geographic Map
* Parallel implementation of an error diffusion halftoning algorithm with a general purpose graphics processing unit
* Patch-based visual microphone for improving quality of sound
* Personalization Envisaged in Museum Application Guides and Their Implications: Understanding The Contextualization of The Virtual Museum Within The Museums of Korea
* Remote Diagnosis of Architectural Heritage Based on 5W1H Model-Based Metadata in Virtual Reality
* Rethinking Efficacy of Softmax for Lightweight Non-local Neural Networks
* S2F2: Self-Supervised High Fidelity Face Reconstruction from Monocular Image
* Spatial Gap-Filling of GK2A Daily Sea Surface Temperature (SST) around the Korean Peninsula Using Meteorological Data and Regression Residual Kriging (RRK)
* Statistical Modeling of Sea Ice Concentration Using Satellite Imagery and Climate Reanalysis Data in the Barents and Kara Seas, 1979-2012
* Towards High Fidelity Monocular Face Reconstruction with Rich Reflectance using Self-supervised Learning and Ray Tracing
* Video Inference for Human Mesh Recovery with Vision Transformer
* VirtualQWERTY: Textual Communication in Virtual Reality
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Instance Segmentation With Inter-Pixel Relations
* Weighted-Entropy-Based Quantization for Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Ahn, J. Ahn, J.[Junmo] Ahn, J.[Je] Ahn, J.[Jane] Ahn, J.[Jaesung] Ahn, J.[Ju_Hyun] Ahn, J.[Jiwoon] Ahn, J.[Jaewoo] Ahn, J.[Juhyun] Ahn, J.[Jaehong] Ahn, J.[Junghyun] Ahn, J.[Jihye] Ahn, J.[Junwhan]
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Ahn, J.H.[Jung Ho] Co Author Listing * Accurate Foreground Extraction Using Graph Cut with Trimap Estimation
* Applicability of the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager to the Mapping of Sea Surface Salinity in the East China Sea, The
* Color to Grayscale Conversion Considering Local and Global Contrast, A
* Comparison of Aerosol Reflectance Correction Schemes Using Two Near-Infrared Wavelengths for Ocean Color Data Processing
* Compressive Sensing and Recovery for Binary Images
* Continuity and Enhancements in Sea Surface Salinity Estimation in the East China Sea Using GOCI and GOCI-II: Challenges and Further Developments
* Correction of Stray-Light-Driven Interslot Radiometric Discrepancy (ISRD) Present in Radiometric Products of Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)
* Decadal Measurements of the First Geostationary Ocean Color Satellite (GOCI) Compared with MODIS and VIIRS Data
* DH-LZW lossless data hiding in LZW compression
* efficient coding algorithm for color and normal data of three-dimensional mesh models, An
* Efficient Geometry Compression Method for 3D Objects in the Spherical Coordinate System, An
* Efficient Measurement of Eye Blinking under Various Illumination Conditions for Drowsiness Detection Systems
* Estimating Water Reflectance at Near-Infrared Wavelengths for Turbid Water Atmospheric Correction: A Preliminary Study for GOCI-II
* Evaluation of Stray Light Correction for GOCI Remote Sensing Reflectance Using in Situ Measurements
* Event-Based Architecture to Manage Virtual Human Non-Verbal Communication in 3D Chatting Environment, An
* Face Alignment Using Segmentation and a Combined AAM in a PTZ Camera
* Fast Adaptive Robust Subspace Tracking for Online Background Subtraction
* Human Silhouette Extraction Method Using Region Based Background Subtraction
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of TiO2 Concentration in Cementitious Material Based on Machine Learning Approaches
* Improvement of GOCI-II Water Vapor Absorption Correction through Fusion with GK-2A/AMI Data
* Lidar- and V2X-Based Cooperative Localization Technique for Autonomous Driving in a GNSS-Denied Environment
* Method and apparatus for scanning and recording of coordinates describing three dimensional objects of complex and unique geometry
* Method of calculating sub-pixel movement and position tracking sensor using the same
* NVC Emotional Model for Conversational Virtual Humans in a 3D Chatting Environment, An
* Optimization of Shortest-Path Search on RDBMS-Based Graphs
* Predictive compression of geometry, color and normal data of 3-D mesh models
* Robust Object Segmentation Using Graph Cut with Object and Background Seed Estimation
* Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of a Radiative Transfer Numerical Model for Turbid Lake Water
* Shape-Preserving Progressive Coding of 3-D Models
Includes: Ahn, J.H.[Jung Ho] Ahn, J.H.[Jung-Ho] Ahn, J.H.[Jae-Hyun] Ahn, J.H.[Jae Hyun] Ahn, J.H. Ahn, J.H.[Jin-Haeng] Ahn, J.H.[Jeong-Hwan] Ahn, J.H.[Jung-Hyun] Ahn, J.H.[Jong-Hoon] Ahn, J.H.[Jae-Hun] Ahn, J.H.[Jae-Hoon] Ahn, J.H.[Jeong-Ho] Ahn, J.H.[Jung-Hong] Ahn, J.H.[Jin-Hyun]
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Ahn, J.K.[Jae Kyun] Co Author Listing * 3D mesh compression based on dual-ring prediction and MMSE prediction
* Efficient Fine-Granular Scalable Coding of 3D Mesh Sequences
* Fast background subtraction algorithm using two-level sampling and silhouette detection
* Progressive compression of 3D triangular meshes using topology-based Karhunen-Loève transform
* R-D optimized progressive compression of 3D meshes using prioritized gate selection and curvature prediction
* Real-time segmentation of objects from video sequences with non-stationary backgrounds using spatio-temporal coherence
Includes: Ahn, J.K.[Jae Kyun] Ahn, J.K.[Jae-Kyun] Ahn, J.K.

Ahn, J.M.[Jae Min] Co Author Listing * Secrecy Performance of Maximum Ratio Diversity With Channel Estimation Error
Includes: Ahn, J.M.[Jae Min] Ahn, J.M.[Jae-Min]

Ahn, J.S.[Joon Soo] Co Author Listing * email: Ahn, J.S.[Joon Soo]: ahn AT constituion ucr edu
* feasibility study of a portable intraoperative specimen imaging X-ray system based on carbon nanotube field emitters, A
* Matching of Articulated Objects in SAR Images
* Model-based recognition of articulated objects
* Recognition of Articulated Objects in SAR Images
* System for Model-Based Recognition of Articulated Objects, A
Includes: Ahn, J.S.[Joon Soo] Ahn, J.S.[Jeung Sun]

Ahn, J.W.[Jae Woo] Co Author Listing * Approximate General Sweep Boundary Of A 2d Curved Object
* Multimedia processor-based implementation of an error-diffusion halftoning algorithm exploiting subword parallelism
Includes: Ahn, J.W.[Jae Woo] Ahn, J.W.[Jae-Woo]

Ahn, J.Y.[Jae Young] Co Author Listing * Application of optimal clustering and metric learning to patch-based anomaly detection
* Efficient Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Stereoscopic Image Compression, An
* Neural Architecture Search for Image Super-Resolution Using Densely Constructed Search Space: DeCoNAS
* Retrieval of NO2 Column Amounts from Ground-Based Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor Measurements
* Seamless Accurate Positioning in Deep Urban Area Based on Mode Switching Between DGNSS and Multipath Mitigation Positioning
Includes: Ahn, J.Y.[Jae Young] Ahn, J.Y.[Jae-Young] Ahn, J.Y. Ahn, J.Y.[Joon Young] Ahn, J.Y.[Joon-Young]

Ahn, K. Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of a 3G/LTE Adaptive Data Collection System in Vehicular Networks
* Elastic Handling of Predictor Phase in Functional Regression Models
* Local extrema based Digital Dropout detection in degraded archived media
* Project Overview for the Development of a Light and Flexible Rapid Mapping System for Emergency Response, A
* Simple Vehicle Powertrain Model for Modeling Intelligent Vehicle Applications
* Structural pattern-based approach for Betacam dropout detection in degraded archived media
* Unattended object detection based on edge-segment distributions
Includes: Ahn, K. Ahn, K.[Kyungmin] Ahn, K.[Kiok] Ahn, K.[Kiseok] Ahn, K.[Kyoungho]
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Ahn, K.D.[Kwang Deuk] Co Author Listing * Future Directions in Precipitation Science
* Revision of WDM7 Microphysics Scheme and Evaluation for Precipitating Convection over the Korean Peninsula
Includes: Ahn, K.D.[Kwang Deuk] Ahn, K.D.[Kwang-Deuk]

Ahn, K.H.[Kuk Hyun] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Suitable Gridded Climate Datasets for Large-Scale Hydrological Modelling over South Korea
Includes: Ahn, K.H.[Kuk Hyun] Ahn, K.H.[Kuk-Hyun]

Ahn, K.J.[Kook Jin] Co Author Listing * usefulness of diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI and fast spin echo with BLADE (PROPELLER) k-space sampling: A comparison with single-shot EPI for diffusion-weighted imaging in ischemic stroke patients, The
Includes: Ahn, K.J.[Kook Jin] Ahn, K.J.[Kook-Jin]

Ahn, K.K.[Kyoung Kwan] Co Author Listing * study on face tracking in real-time for robot, A

Ahn, K.S.[Kyung Seung] Co Author Listing * Secrecy Performance of Maximum Ratio Diversity With Channel Estimation Error
* Using a convolutional neural network model to derive imaging landmarks for lumbar spine numbering on axial magnetic resonance images
Includes: Ahn, K.S.[Kyung Seung] Ahn, K.S.[Kyung-Sik]

Ahn, M.[Minsu] Co Author Listing * 3D mesh compression based on dual-ring prediction and MMSE prediction
* Progressive compression of 3D triangular meshes using topology-based Karhunen-Loève transform
* R-D optimized progressive compression of 3D meshes using prioritized gate selection and curvature prediction
* Total Column Ozone Retrieval From the Infrared Measurements of a Geostationary Imager
* Video Augmentation by Image-Based Rendering Under the Perspective Camera Model
Includes: Ahn, M.[Minsu] Ahn, M.

Ahn, M.H.[Myoung Hwan] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Profile Retrieval Algorithm for Next Generation Geostationary Satellite of Korea and Its Application to the Advanced Himawari Imager
* Deep-Learning-Based Automatic Selection of Fewest Channels for Brain-Machine Interfaces
* Detection of Convective Initiation Using Meteorological Imager Onboard Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite Based on Machine Learning Approaches
* Detection of Tropical Overshooting Cloud Tops Using Himawari-8 Imagery
* Effects of Dynamic Range and Sampling Rate of an Infrared Thermometer to the Accuracy of the Cloud Detection
* High-Spatial Resolution Monitoring of Phycocyanin and Chlorophyll-a Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Icing Detection over East Asia from Geostationary Satellite Data Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Incremental Learning with Neural Network Algorithm for the Monitoring Pre-Convective Environments Using Geostationary Imager
* New Potential of Deep Convective Clouds as a Calibration Target for a Geostationary UV/VIS Hyperspectral Spectrometer, The
* Retrieval of Total Precipitable Water from Himawari-8 AHI Data: A Comparison of Random Forest, Extreme Gradient Boosting, and Deep Neural Network
* Spectral Calibration Algorithm for the Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)
* Synergistic Benefits of Intercomparison Between Simulated and Measured Radiances of Imagers Onboard Geostationary Satellites
Includes: Ahn, M.H.[Myoung Hwan] Ahn, M.H.[Myoung-Hwan] Ahn, M.H.[Min-Hee]
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Ahn, M.S.[Min Sung] Co Author Listing * Surface Material Dataset for Robotics Applications (SMDRA): A Dataset with Friction Coefficient and RGB-D for Surface Segmentation

Ahn, N.[Namhyuk] Co Author Listing * AesPA-Net: Aesthetic Pattern-Aware Style Transfer Networks
* Data Augmentation for Low-Level Vision: CutBlur and Mixture-of-Augmentation
* Deep Arbitrary HDRI: Inverse Tone Mapping With Controllable Exposure Changes
* EAGNet: Elementwise Attentive Gating Network-Based Single Image De-Raining With Rain Simplification
* Efficient deep neural network for photo-realistic image super-resolution
* Exploiting Distortion Information for Multi-degraded Image Restoration
* Fast, Accurate, and Lightweight Super-Resolution with Cascading Residual Network
* Image Super-Resolution via Progressive Cascading Residual Network
* Interactive Cartoonization with Controllable Perceptual Factors
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Restoring Spatially-heterogeneous Distortions Using Mixture of Experts Network
* Rethinking Data Augmentation for Image Super-resolution: A Comprehensive Analysis and a New Strategy
* SimUSR: A Simple but Strong Baseline for Unsupervised Image Super-resolution
Includes: Ahn, N.[Namhyuk] Ahn, N.[Namhyun] Ahn, N.
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Ahn, P.[Pyunghwan] Co Author Listing * Progressive Seed Generation Auto-Encoder for Unsupervised Point Cloud Learning

Ahn, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Tracking of Multi-objects Using Color and Stereo for HCI
* Analysis of Resolution and Noise Properties of Nonquadratically Regularized Image Reconstruction Methods for PET
* Benefits of Using a Spatially-Variant Penalty Strength With Anatomical Priors in PET Reconstruction
* Blind Deep S3D Image Quality Evaluation via Local to Global Feature Aggregation
* Building a mobile platform for spatiotemporal integration of 3D outdoor world models
* Characterizing Target-absent Human Attention
* CNN-Based Blind Quality Prediction On Stereoscopic Images Via Patch To Image Feature Pooling
* Composite Aerosol Optical Depth Mapping over Northeast Asia from GEO-LEO Satellite Observations
* Convergent incremental optimization transfer algorithms: Application to tomography
* Deep Blind Video Quality Assessment Based on Temporal Human Perception
* Deep Learning-based Distortion Sensitivity Prediction for Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Deep Long Short-Term Memory Network Embedded Model Predictive Control Strategies for Car-Following Control of Connected Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic, A
* Deep Video Quality Assessor: From Spatio-Temporal Visual Sensitivity to a Convolutional Neural Aggregation Network
* Deep Visual Discomfort Predictor for Stereoscopic 3D Images
* Distribution Padding in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Domain-Adaptive Single-View 3D Reconstruction
* DSRC-Enabled Train Safety Communication System at Unmanned Crossings
* EasyFuse: Easy-to-learn visible and infrared image fusion framework based on unpaired set
* Efficient Accelerator Design Methodology For Deformable Convolutional Networks, An
* Emission image reconstruction for randoms-precorrected PET allowing negative sinogram values
* Enlarging Discriminative Power by Adding an Extra Class in Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Estimation of Perceived Temperature of Road Workers Using Radiation and Meteorological Observation Data
* Fast Convergent Ordered-Subsets Algorithm With Subiteration-Dependent Preconditioners for PET Image Reconstruction, A
* Fast Fully 4-D Incremental Gradient Reconstruction Algorithm for List Mode PET Data, A
* Fast Quasi-Newton Algorithms for Penalized Reconstruction in Emission Tomography and Further Improvements via Preconditioning
* Ferrite Position Identification System Operating With Wireless Power Transfer for Intelligent Train Position Detection
* Gazeformer: Scalable, Effective and Fast Prediction of Goal-Directed Human Attention
* Globally convergent image reconstruction for emission tomography using relaxed ordered subsets algorithms
* Hybrid Stereoscopic Video Coding Scheme Based on MPEG-2 and HEVC for 3DTV Services, A
* Investigation of Stochastic Variance Reduction Algorithms for Relative Difference Penalized 3D PET Image Reconstruction, An
* Iterative Image Reconstruction Using Inverse Fourier Rebinning for Fully 3-D PET
* Learning Multiple Probabilistic Degradation Generators for Unsupervised Real World Image Super Resolution
* Movement Awareness-Adaptive Spatio Temporal Noise Reduction in Video
* Multimodal Human Action Recognition for Rehabilitation Exercise of Upper Body for Individuals With Cerebral Palsy
* Multiple Level Feature-Based Universal Blind Image Quality Assessment Model
* Novel Fast CU Encoding Scheme Based on Spatiotemporal Encoding Parameters for HEVC Inter Coding, A
* Novel Search Approach for Blur Kernel Estimation of Defocused Image Restoration, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Optimal Rebinning of Time-of-Flight PET Data
* Platoon Trajectory Completion in a Mixed Traffic Environment Under Sparse Observation
* Point Cloud Deformation for Single Image 3d Reconstruction
* Predicting Goal-Directed Human Attention Using Inverse Reinforcement Learning
* Predicting Visual Attention in Graphic Design Documents
* Segmenting a Noisy Low-Depth-of-Field Image Using Adaptive Second-Order Statistics
* Self-Calibrating Neural Radiance Fields
* SLiDE: Self-supervised LiDAR De-snowing Through Reconstruction Difficulty
* Style-Agnostic Reinforcement Learning
* Target-Absent Human Attention
* Texture Feature Extraction and Selection for Classification of Images in a Sequence
* Variable Speed Release (VSR): Speed Control to Increase Bottleneck Capacity
* Visual entropy: A new framework for quantifying visual information based on human perception
* Visual Preference Prediction for Enhanced Images on Ultra-High-Definition Display
Includes: Ahn, S. Ahn, S.[Seunguk] Ahn, S.[Seoyoung] Ahn, S.[Soi] Ahn, S.[Sangtae] Ahn, S.[Sewoong] Ahn, S.[Soyoung] Ahn, S.[Seungyoung] Ahn, S.[Seongyong] Ahn, S.[Sumyeong] Ahn, S.[Sukhee] Ahn, S.[Sangwoo] Ahn, S.[Sihu] Ahn, S.[Seokjun] Ahn, S.[Sung]
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Ahn, S.C.[Sang Chul] Co Author Listing * 3D Deformable Spatial Pyramid for Dense 3D Motion Flow of Deformable Object
* Co-Recognition of Multiple Fingertips for Tabletop Human-Projector Interaction
* Depth Data-Driven Real-Time Articulated Hand Pose Recognition
* Fast TGV-l1 RGB-D Flow Estimation, A
* Generalized Deformable Spatial Pyramid: Geometry-preserving dense correspondence estimation
* Glasses Removal from Facial Image Using Recursive Error Compensation
* Glasses Removal from Facial Image Using Recursive PCA Reconstruction
* Image unprojection for 3D surface reconstruction: A triangulation-based approach
* Large Display Interaction Using Video Avatar and Hand Gesture Recognition
* Large-Scale Stereo Display Wall Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
* Object Oriented Face Detection Using Range and Color Information
* RGBD Camera Based Material Recognition via Surface Roughness Estimation
* Spin Image Revisited: Fast Candidate Selection Using Outlier Forest Search
* Surface reflectance estimation and segmentation from single depth image of ToF camera
* VSCHH 2023: A Benchmark for the View Synthesis Challenge of Human Heads
* Web image-based super-resolution
Includes: Ahn, S.C.[Sang Chul] Ahn, S.C.
16 for Ahn, S.C.

Ahn, S.G.[Seon Gin] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Approach for Spatial Estimation Using the Spatial Features of Coordinate Information, A
Includes: Ahn, S.G.[Seon Gin] Ahn, S.G.[Seon-Gin]

Ahn, S.H.[Sang Ho] Co Author Listing * Implementation of a reticle seeker missile simulator for jamming effect analysis
* Stereoscopic 3D objects evoke stronger saliency for nonverbal working memory: An fMRI study
Includes: Ahn, S.H.[Sang Ho] Ahn, S.H.[Sang-Ho] Ahn, S.H.[Shi-Hyun]

Ahn, S.J.[Soon Jeong] Co Author Listing * 3D Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data Using Moving Least Square Method
* Cow Behavior Recognition Using Motion History Image Feature
* Fitting of Parametric Space Curves and Surfaces by Using the Geometric Error Measure
* Geometric Least Squares Fitting of Circle and Ellipse
* Geometric Segmentation and Object Recognition in Unordered and Incomplete Point Cloud
* Least Squares Orthogonal Distance Fitting of Curves and Surfaces in Space
* Least-squares orthogonal distances fitting of circle, sphere, ellipse, hyperbola, and parabola
* Orthogonal Distance Fitting of Implicit Curves and Surfaces
* Visibility-based modelling and control for network-based robotics
* Visibility-Based Test Scene Understanding by Real Plane Search
Includes: Ahn, S.J.[Soon Jeong] Ahn, S.J.[Soon-Jeong] Ahn, S.J.[Sung-Jin] Ahn, S.J. Ahn, S.J.[Sung Joon] Ahn, S.J.[Seong-Jin]
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Ahn, S.M.[Sung M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Segmentation of Remote-Sensing Images for Aerial Surveillance

Ahn, S.S.[Sung Soo] Co Author Listing * Controllable Text-to-Image Synthesis for Multi-Modality MR Images
* Learning-Based Regularization for Cardiac Strain Analysis via Domain Adaptation
* Multi-Task Learning for Motion Analysis and Segmentation in 3D Echocardiography
* Patient-Specific Heart Geometry Modeling for Solid Biomechanics Using Deep Learning
* Variational Information Distillation for Knowledge Transfer
Includes: Ahn, S.S.[Sung Soo] Ahn, S.S.[Shawn S.] Ahn, S.S.[Sung-Soo]

Ahn, S.W.[Shin Woo] Co Author Listing * Surface embedding narrow volume reconstruction from unorganized points
Includes: Ahn, S.W.[Shin Woo] Ahn, S.W.[Shin-Woo]

Ahn, T.G.[Tae Gyoung] Co Author Listing * Fast Full-Search Motion Estimation Based on Multilevel Successive Elimination Algorithm
* improved multilevel successive elimination algorithm for fast full-search motion estimation, An
Includes: Ahn, T.G.[Tae Gyoung] Ahn, T.G.[Tae-Gyoung]

Ahn, T.H.[Tae Hong] Co Author Listing * Image enhancement by wavelet multi-scale edge statistics
Includes: Ahn, T.H.[Tae Hong] Ahn, T.H.[Tae-Hong]

Ahn, W. Co Author Listing * Content-Aware Image Resizing Detection Using Deep Neural Network
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Identifying Seam-Carving Forgery
* DHNet: Double MPEG-4 Compression Detection via Multiple DCT Histograms
* Double JPEG Detection in Mixed JPEG Quality Factors Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* High-Speed Train Positioning Using Deep Kalman Filter With 5G NR Signals
Includes: Ahn, W. Ahn, W.[Wonhyuk] Ahn, W.[Woojin]

Ahn, W.Y.[Woo Youn] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for motion estimation
Includes: Ahn, W.Y.[Woo Youn] Ahn, W.Y.[Woo-Youn]

Ahn, Y.[Yonghan] Co Author Listing * Creation of One Excavator as an Obstacle in C-Space for Collision Avoidance during Remote Control of the Two Excavators Using Pose Sensors
* Cross-Corpus Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Few-Shot Learning and Domain Adaptation
* Efficient Automated Glacier Surface Velocity Measurement From Repeat Images Using Multi-Image/Multichip and Null Exclusion Feature Tracking
* Improved Multiple Matching Method for Observing Glacier Motion With Repeat Image Feature Tracking
* Perceptual intra-frame coding for HEVC still picture profile based on invisible signal suppression
Includes: Ahn, Y.[Yonghan] Ahn, Y.[Youngdo] Ahn, Y.[Yushin] Ahn, Y. Ahn, Y.[Yongjo]

Ahn, Y.C.[Young Chun] Co Author Listing * Temporal Interpolation is all You Need for Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields

Ahn, Y.H.[Yong Hyun] Co Author Listing * LINe: Out-of-Distribution Detection by Leveraging Important Neurons
* Model for Deriving the Spectral Backscattering Properties of Particles in Inland and Marine Waters From In Situ and Remote Sensing Data, A
Includes: Ahn, Y.H.[Yong Hyun] Ahn, Y.H.

Ahn, Y.J.[Yong Jo] Co Author Listing * Complexity model based load-balancing algorithm for parallel tools of HEVC
* context-adaptive fast intra coding algorithm of high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), A
* Efficient Methods of Inactive Regions Padding for Segmented Sphere Projection (SSP) of 360 Video
* Fast Intra Mode Decision for Screen Contents Coding in HEVC
* Fast mode decision and early termination based on perceptual visual quality for HEVC encoders
* Implementation of fast HEVC encoder based on SIMD and data-level parallelism
* Software pipelining with CGA and proposed intrinsics on a reconfigurable processor for HEVC decoders
* Square-type-first inter-CU tree search algorithm for acceleration of HEVC encoder
* Tile-level rate control for tile-parallelization HEVC encoders
Includes: Ahn, Y.J.[Yong Jo] Ahn, Y.J.[Yong-Jo]
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Ahn, Y.J.A.[Yeo Jin Amy] Co Author Listing * Towards the Synthesis of Parent-Infant Facial Interactions

Ahn, Y.R.[Yu Ri] Co Author Listing * Pnoramic mosaic system for mobile devices

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