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Ying Chun, S.[Shi] Co Author Listing * Automatically parsing and labelling video based on camera motion qualitative analysis
Includes: Ying Chun, S.[Shi] Ying-Chun, S.[Shi]

Ying Yang, M. Co Author Listing * Combine Markov Random Fields And Marked Point Processes To Extract Building From Remotely Sensed Images

Ying Ying, S.[She] Co Author Listing * novel error-correcting output codes based on genetic programming and ternary digit operators, A
Includes: Ying Ying, S.[She] Ying-Ying, S.[She]

Ying, C. Co Author Listing * Advanced residual predction in 3D-HEV
* Depth-Adaptive Computational Policies for Efficient Visual Tracking
* Image quality assessment based on the visual perception of image contents
* robust and efficient method for license plate recognition, A
Includes: Ying, C. Ying, C.[Chris]

Ying, C.C.[Chang Chun] Co Author Listing * Towards End-to-End License Plate Detection and Recognition: A Large Dataset and Baseline
Includes: Ying, C.C.[Chang Chun] Ying, C.C.[Chang-Chun]

Ying, C.L.[Chen Lu] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Vehicle Type Recognition With Feedback-Enhancement Multi-Branch CNNs
* Probabilistic Random Projections and Speaker Verification
Includes: Ying, C.L.[Chen Lu] Ying, C.L.[Chen-Lu] Ying, C.L.[Chong Lee]

Ying, C.S.[Cheng Shuo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Metro Service Schedule and Train Composition With a Proximal Policy Optimization Approach Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Ying, C.S.[Cheng Shuo] Ying, C.S.[Cheng-Shuo]

Ying, C.Y.[Cheng Yang] Co Author Listing * Consistent attack: Universal adversarial perturbation on embodied vision navigation
Includes: Ying, C.Y.[Cheng Yang] Ying, C.Y.[Cheng-Yang]

Ying, D. Co Author Listing * Robust and Fast Localization of Single Speech Source Using a Planar Array
* Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using Multi-Frame Embedding of Video-Log Images
Includes: Ying, D. Ying, D.[Dakan]

Ying, F.[Fangli] Co Author Listing * Fast Adaptive Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Image Generation

Ying, F.L.[Fang Li] Co Author Listing * Adaptive adversarial prototyping network for few-shot prototypical translation
* Moving visual focus in salient object segmentation
Includes: Ying, F.L.[Fang Li] Ying, F.L.[Fang-Li]

Ying, G.[Guode] Co Author Listing * Engineering Hand-designed and Deeply-learned features for person Re-identification
* Facial expression recognition from image based on hybrid features understanding

Ying, G.H.[Guo Hao] Co Author Listing * Better Guider Predicts Future Better: Difference Guided Generative Adversarial Networks
* EAGAN: Efficient Two-Stage Evolutionary Architecture Search for GANs
Includes: Ying, G.H.[Guo Hao] Ying, G.H.[Guo-Hao]

Ying, H.[Hong] Co Author Listing * Application of Machine Learning to Tree Species Classification Using Active and Passive Remote Sensing: A Case Study of the Duraer Forestry Zone
* Asymmetric Effects of Daytime and Nighttime Warming on Boreal Forest Spring Phenology
* Effect of Snow Depth on Spring Wildfires on the Hulunbuir from 2001-2018 Based on MODIS, The
* Estimating Frost during Growing Season and Its Impact on the Velocity of Vegetation Greenup and Withering in Northeast China
* Historical and Future Changes in Extreme Climate Events and Their Effects on Vegetation on the Mongolian Plateau
* Recurrent Neural Network Based Collaborative Filtering for QoS Prediction in IoV
* Research and Application of BIM Engineering Management Platform Combining Big Data
* Selection-fusion approach for classification of datasets with missing values
* Task Decomposing and Cell Comparing Method for Cervical Lesion Cell Detection, A
* Transformer-Based Knowledge Distillation Network for Cortical Cataract Grading, A
* Unsupervised Image Generation with Infinite Generative Adversarial Networks
* Using facial symmetry in the illumination cone based 3D face reconstruction
* Vegetation Productivity Dynamics in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities under Different Topography and Land Cover in Northeast China
* Wildfires on the Mongolian Plateau: Identifying Drivers and Spatial Distributions to Predict Wildfire Probability
Includes: Ying, H.[Hong] Ying, H.[Haochao] Ying, H. Ying, H.[Hao] Ying, H.[Hui] Ying, H.[Han]
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Ying, H.C.[Han Chi] Co Author Listing * Continuous Multi-Angle Remote Sensing and Its Application in Urban Land Cover Classification
* Federated Representation Learning With Data Heterogeneity for Human Mobility Prediction
* Hierarchical Graph Network for 3D Object Detection on Point Clouds, A
* Sparsity-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion via Adaptive Multi-Band Constraints
Includes: Ying, H.C.[Han Chi] Ying, H.C.[Han-Chi] Ying, H.C.[Hao-Chao]

Ying, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Co Author Listing * PARF: Primitive-Aware Radiance Fusion for Indoor Scene Novel View Synthesis
Includes: Ying, H.Y.[Hai Yang] Ying, H.Y.[Hai-Yang]

Ying, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection Against GPS Spoofing Attacks on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Using Learning From Demonstration
* Multivariable robust H-inf control for aeroengines using modified Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm
Includes: Ying, J.[Jun] Ying, J.[Jin]

Ying, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * Region-aware RGB and near-infrared image fusion
Includes: Ying, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Ying, J.C.[Jia-Cheng]

Ying, J.H.[Jiang Hui] Co Author Listing * approach to development of adaptive 3D user interfaces, An
Includes: Ying, J.H.[Jiang Hui] Ying, J.H.[Jiang-Hui]

Ying, J.M.[Jia Ming] Co Author Listing * RGB-D Fusion for Point-Cloud-Based 3d Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Ying, J.M.[Jia Ming] Ying, J.M.[Jia-Ming]

Ying, J.Y.[Jia Ying] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Income Enhancement Potential of the Terrestrial Carbon Sink in China Based on Remotely Sensed Data
* Assessment and Improvement of Sea Surface Microwave Emission Models for Salinity Retrieval in the East China Sea
Includes: Ying, J.Y.[Jia Ying] Ying, J.Y.[Jia-Ying] Ying, J.Y.[Jian-Yun]

Ying, K.[Kaining] Co Author Listing * Consistency-Aware Graph Network for Human Interaction Understanding
* Human Interaction Understanding With Consistency-Aware Learning
* Kalman Filtered Bio Heat Transfer Model Based Self-adaptive Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Thermometry
* RWMF: A Real-World Multimodal Foodlog Database
Includes: Ying, K.[Kaining] Ying, K.

Ying, K.N.[Kai Ning] Co Author Listing * CTVIS: Consistent Training for Online Video Instance Segmentation
Includes: Ying, K.N.[Kai Ning] Ying, K.N.[Kai-Ning]

Ying, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * 3M-RL: Multi-Resolution, Multi-Agent, Mean-Field Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous UAV Routing
* Adaptive Dictionary Learning in Sparse Gradient Domain for Image Recovery
* Analysis of an iterative dynamic programming approach to 2-D phase unwrapping
* Artificial Neural Network Enhanced Bayesian PET Image Reconstruction
* Bi-Linear Modeling of Data Manifolds for Dynamic-MRI Recovery
* Computational MRI: Compressive Sensing and Beyond
* Deep Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction: Inverse Problems Meet Neural Networks
* Equilibrated Zeroth-Order Unrolled Deep Network for Parallel MR Imaging
* Kernel-Based Low-Rank (KLR) Model for Low-Dimensional Manifold Recovery in Highly Accelerated Dynamic MRI, A
* KerNL: Kernel-Based Nonlinear Approach to Parallel MRI Reconstruction
* Learned Low-Rank Priors in Dynamic MR Imaging
* Learning Data Consistency and its Application to Dynamic MR Imaging
* Learning Joint-Sparse Codes for Calibration-Free Parallel MR Imaging
* Multibaseline INSAR terrain elevation estimation: A dynamic programming approach
* Parallel MRI Using Phased Array Coils
* Physics-Driven Deep Learning Methods for Fast Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Performance improvements through integration with deep neural networks
* Quantitative Canvas Weave Analysis Using 2-D Synchrosqueezed Transforms: Application of time-frequency analysis to art investigation
* Reinforcement Learning and Prediction-Based Lookahead Policy for Vehicle Repositioning in Online Ride-Hailing Systems, A
* Self-Supervised Deep Unrolled Reconstruction Using Regularization by Denoising
* Subspace Model-Assisted Deep Learning for Improved Image Reconstruction
* Synchrosqueezed Wave Packet Transform for 2D Mode Decomposition
* Unwrapping of MR Phase Images Using a Markov Random Field Model
Includes: Ying, L.[Lei] Ying, L. Ying, L.[Leslie]
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Ying, L.H.[Li Hang] Co Author Listing * Face Detection Based on Template Matching and Support Vector Machines
* Perceptually Driven Model for Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Unreliable Networks, A
* Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks
* subspace approach to face detection with support vector machines, A
* Toward Sustainable Transportation: Robust Lane-Change Monitoring With a Single Back View Cabin Camera
Includes: Ying, L.H.[Li Hang] Ying, L.H.[Li-Hang] Ying, L.H.[Ling-Hao]

Ying, L.X.[Le Xing] Co Author Listing * Butterfly Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging, A
* Wildfire Detection Probability of MODIS Fire Products under the Constraint of Environmental Factors: A Study Based on Confirmed Ground Wildfire Records
Includes: Ying, L.X.[Le Xing] Ying, L.X.[Le-Xing] Ying, L.X.[Ling-Xiao]

Ying, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Co Author Listing * Region Connection Calculus: Its models and composition table
Includes: Ying, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Ying, M.S.[Ming-Sheng]

Ying, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Dictionary learning based superpixels clustering for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation

Ying, P.G.[Pin Guang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tagging by Leveraging Visual and Annotated Features in Social Media
Includes: Ying, P.G.[Pin Guang] Ying, P.G.[Pin-Guang]

Ying, P.R.[Pei Ran] Co Author Listing * Energy-efficient train operation with steep track and speed limits: A novel Pontryagin's maximum principle-based approach for adjoint variable discontinuity cases
Includes: Ying, P.R.[Pei Ran] Ying, P.R.[Pei-Ran]

Ying, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Global Land Cover and Land Cover Change Mapping
* Landsat-Based Estimation of Seasonal Water Cover and Change in Arid and Semi-Arid Central Asia (2000-2015)
* Time Series of Landsat Imagery Shows Vegetation Recovery in Two Fragile Karst Watersheds in Southwest China from 1988 to 2016

Ying, Q.C.[Qi Chao] Co Author Listing * DRAW: Defending Camera-shooted RAW against Image Manipulation
* Hiding Images Into Images with Real-World Robustness
* High-Capacity Framework for Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image Using Pixel Prediction and Entropy Encoding
* Learning to Immunize Images for Tamper Localization and Self-Recovery
* RWN: Robust Watermarking Network for Image Cropping Localization
Includes: Ying, Q.C.[Qi Chao] Ying, Q.C.[Qi-Chao]

Ying, R.[Rex] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Robust Neural Architecture Search for Graph Neural Networks
* Restoration of Motion Blur in Time-of-Flight Depth Image Using Data Alignment
* Robust PCA Using Generalized Nonconvex Regularization
Includes: Ying, R.[Rex] Ying, R.

Ying, R.D.[Ren Dong] Co Author Listing * Distributed Compressed Sensing off the Grid
* Simple Local Minimal Intensity Prior and an Improved Algorithm for Blind Image Deblurring, A
Includes: Ying, R.D.[Ren Dong] Ying, R.D.[Ren-Dong]

Ying, R.X.[Ruo Xian] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction and Its Application to an Analysis of Hyperion Data
Includes: Ying, R.X.[Ruo Xian] Ying, R.X.[Ruo-Xian]

Ying, S.[Shen] Co Author Listing * 3D Space Shift from CityGML LoD3-Based Multiple Building Elements to a 3D Volumetric Object
* anchor-based graph method for detecting and classifying indoor objects from cluttered 3D point clouds, An
* Application of Wireless Sensor Network Technology Based on Forest Ecological Environment Monitoring
* application-driven LOD modeling paradigm for 3D building models, An
* Camera self-calibration from video sequences with changing focal length
* Construction and Analysis of Space-Time Paths for Moving Polygon Objects Based on Time Geography: A Case Study of Crime Events in the City of London
* Distance-Decay Effect in Probabilistic Time Geography for Random Encounter
* Enhanced Interactive Rendering for Rovers of Lunar Polar Region and Martian Surface
* Full Level-of-Detail Specification for 3D Building Models Combining Indoor and Outdoor Scenes, A
* Generating Human Motion from Textual Descriptions with Discrete Representations
* Modeling of Time Geographical Kernel Density Function under Network Constraints
* Point Cluster Analysis Using a 3D Voronoi Diagram with Applications in Point Cloud Segmentation
* Probabilistic Time Geographic Modeling Method Considering POI Semantics
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Zebra Crossings on Roads from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional (3D) Indoor Interiors with Multiple Stories via Comprehensive Segmentation
* Symmetrical Epipolar Features Over Normalized Camera/Projector Calibration Matrices for Real-Time Structured Light Illumination
Includes: Ying, S.[Shen] Ying, S. Ying, S.[Shan] Ying, S.[Songlin]
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Ying, S.H.[Shi Hui] Co Author Listing * Affine iterative closest point algorithm for point set registration
* Deep Learning for Cerebellar Ataxia Classification and Functional Score Regression
* Doubly supervised parameter transfer classifier for diagnosis of breast cancer with imbalanced ultrasound imaging modalities
* Doubly Supervised Transfer Classifier for Computer-Aided Diagnosis With Imbalanced Modalities
* Extension of the ICP Algorithm Considering Scale Factor, An
* fiber tracking method guided by volumetric tract segmentation, A
* Graph Learning on Millions of Data in Seconds: Label Propagation Acceleration on Graph Using Data Distribution
* Groupwise Registration via Graph Shrinkage on the Image Manifold
* Hypergraph Isomorphism Computation
* Improving Single-Modal Neuroimaging Based Diagnosis of Brain Disorders via Boosted Privileged Information Learning Framework
* Learning Representation for Histopathological Image with Quaternion Grassmann Average Network
* Lie group method: A new approach to image matching with arbitrary orientations
* Lightweight Adaptive Weighted Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* ML-DSVM+: A meta-learning based deep SVM+ for computer-aided diagnosis
* New Approach to Weighted Graph Matching, A
* PGF-BIQA: Blind image quality assessment via probability multi-grained cascade forest
* Pseudo-Data Based Self-Supervised Federated Learning for Classification of Histopathological Images
* Quaternion Grassmann average network for learning representation of histopathological image
* Rotation-Invariant Point Cloud Representation for 3-D Model Recognition
* Scaling iterative closest point algorithm for registration of m-D point sets
* Self-adaptive subspace representation from a geometric intuition
* Sliding at First-Order: Higher-Order Momentum Distributions for Discontinuous Image Registration
* Soft shape registration under lie group frame
* Structure Evolution on Manifold for Graph Learning
* Task-Driven Self-Supervised BI-Channel Networks Learning for Diagnosis of Breast Cancers with Mammography
* Virus image classification using multi-scale completed local binary pattern features extracted from filtered images by multi-scale principal component analysis
* Weakly Supervised Lesion Detection and Diagnosis for Breast Cancers With Partially Annotated Ultrasound Images
Includes: Ying, S.H.[Shi Hui] Ying, S.H.[Shi-Hui] Ying, S.H.[Sarah H.]
27 for Ying, S.H.

Ying, S.P.[Shi Peng] Co Author Listing * Design of Cone and Pendulum Scanning Mode Using Dual-Camera with Multi-Dimensional Motion Imaging Micro-Nanosatellite, The
* Full-Process Adaptive Encoding and Decoding Framework for Remote Sensing Images Based on Compression Sensing
* Radiation Sensitivity Analysis of Ocean Wake Information Detection System Based on Visible Light Remote Sensing
Includes: Ying, S.P.[Shi Peng] Ying, S.P.[Shi-Peng]

Ying, T.[Tong] Co Author Listing * Feedback-free Wavelet Based Distributed Coding for Video
* Surface reconstruction of 3D objects using local moving least squares and K-D trees
* Velocity Prediction of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles for a Traffic Light Distance on the Urban Road
Includes: Ying, T.[Tong] Ying, T.

Ying, W.[Wangmin] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Machine Learning Algorithms for Instantaneous Net Surface Shortwave Radiation Retrieval Using Remote Sensing Data
* Efficient 3d Plenoptic Representation For Approximating A Path Of Motion To A Curved Line, An
* Indirect Range-Doppler Algorithm for Multireceiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar Based on Lagrange Inversion Theorem, An
* Non-coherent accumulation algorithm of non-cooperative radiation source radar signals based on dynamic programming
* two-step method for preprocessing volume data, A
Includes: Ying, W.[Wangmin] Ying, W.[Wang] Ying, W.

Ying, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Single image dehazing using kernel regression model and dark channel prior
Includes: Ying, W.H.[Wen Hao] Ying, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Ying, W.L.[Wu Li] Co Author Listing * Rapid Recognition of Object Outlines in Reduced Resolution Images

Ying, W.W.[Wen Wei] Co Author Listing * Imaging Algorithm for Multireceiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar, An
Includes: Ying, W.W.[Wen Wei] Ying, W.W.[Wen-Wei]

Ying, X. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration from Periodic Motion of a Pedestrian
* Deformable 3D Convolution for Video Super-Resolution
* Exploring Fine-Grained Sparsity in Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Inference
* Learning the Personalized Intransitive Preferences of Images
* Mapping Degeneration Meets Label Evolution: Learning Infrared Small Target Detection with Single Point Supervision
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction by Adding a Weight Layer with Inverted Foveal Models to Convolutional Neural Networks
* RDCFace: Radial Distortion Correction for Face Recognition
* Simple Yet Effective Pipeline For Radial Distortion Correction, A
* Three Orthogonal Vanishing Points Estimation in Structured Scenes Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Ying, X. Ying, X.[Xinyi]
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Ying, X.D.[Xing De] Co Author Listing * X2CT-GAN: Reconstructing CT From Biplanar X-Rays With Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Ying, X.D.[Xing De] Ying, X.D.[Xing-De]

Ying, X.H.[Xiang Hua] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Cosegmentation in Sparse Multiview Images
* Camera Calibration Using Principal-Axes Aligned Conics
* Camera Calibration Using Vertical Lines
* Camera Pose Determination From a Single View of Parallel Lines
* Camera Resectioning from Image Edges with the L_inf-Norm Using Linear Programming
* Can We Consider Central Catadioptric Cameras and Fisheye Cameras within a Unified Imaging Model
* Canonicalized central absolute moment for edge-based color constancy
* Catadioptric Camera Calibration Using Geometric Invariants
* Catadioptric line features detection using Hough transform
* Direct least square fitting of ellipsoids
* Efficient detection of projected concentric circles using four intersection points on a secant line
* Efficient Method for the Detection of Projected Concentric Circles, An
* Ellipse-specific fitting by relaxing the 3L constraints with semidefinite programming
* Exploiting Temporal Correlations for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Fast Algorithm for Multidimensional Ellipsoid-Specific Fitting by Minimizing a New Defined Vector Norm of Residuals Using Semidefinite Programming, A
* Fisheye Lenses Calibration Using Straight-Line Spherical Perspective Projection Constraint
* G-FAN: Graph-Based Feature Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Geometric Interpretations of the Relation between the Image of the Absolute Conic and Sphere Images
* Geometric properties of multiple reflections in catadioptric camera with two planar mirrors
* Identical Projective Geometric Properties of Central Catadioptric Line Images and Sphere Images with Applications to Calibration
* Imposing Differential Constraints on Radial Distortion Correction
* Improving point cloud classification and segmentation via parametric veronese mapping
* Interpreting Sphere Images Using the Double-Contact Theorem
* Linear Approaches to Camera Calibration from Sphere Images or Active Intrinsic Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* Novel Linear Approach to Camera Calibration from Sphere Images, A
* Perspective-3-Point Problem When Using a Planar Mirror, The
* Position-aware and Symmetry Enhanced GAN for Radial Distortion Correction
* Qamface: Quadratic Additive Angular Margin Loss For Face Recognition
* Radial distortion correction from a single image of a planar calibration pattern using convex optimization
* Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction Using Convolutional Neural Networks Trained with Synthesized Images
* Self-Calibration of Catadioptric Camera with Two Planar Mirrors from Silhouettes
* Simultaneous Vanishing Point Detection and Camera Calibration from Single Images
* Single View Metrology Along Orthogonal Directions
* Spherical objects based motion estimation for catadioptric cameras
* Transformer Based Line Segment Classifier with Image Context for Real-Time Vanishing Point Detection in Manhattan World
* UniTR: A Unified TRansformer-Based Framework for Co-Object and Multi-Modal Saliency Detection
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Street Scenes Reflected by Convex Mirrors
* Using Sphere Images for Calibrating Fisheye Cameras under the Unified Imaging Model of the Central Catadioptric and Fisheye Cameras
* Vanishing point detection using cascaded 1D Hough Transform from single images
Includes: Ying, X.H.[Xiang Hua] Ying, X.H.[Xiang-Hua]
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Ying, X.M.[Xiao Min] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Geometric-Structure-Based Deep Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
Includes: Ying, X.M.[Xiao Min] Ying, X.M.[Xiao-Min]

Ying, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Image classification toward breast cancer using deeply-learned quality features
Includes: Ying, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Ying, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Ying, X.W.[Xiao Wen] Co Author Listing * Robustness of Trajectory Prediction Models Under Map-Based Attacks
* UCTNet: Uncertainty-Aware Cross-Modal Transformer Network for Indoor RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
* Weakly-Supervised Object Representation Learning for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Ying, X.W.[Xiao Wen] Ying, X.W.[Xiao-Wen]

Ying, X.Y.[Xin Yi] Co Author Listing * Exploring Sparsity in Image Super-Resolution for Efficient Inference
* Learning scalable dynamic filter in convolutional networks
* Light Field Image Super-Resolution Using Deformable Convolution
* Stereo Attention Module for Stereo Image Super-Resolution, A
* Symmetric Parallax Attention for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Ying, X.Y.[Xin Yi] Ying, X.Y.[Xin-Yi]

Ying, Y.[Ying] Co Author Listing * automatic system for multi-view face detection and pose estimation, An
* CGFNet: 3D Convolution Guided and Multi-scale Volume Fusion Network for fast and robust stereo matching
* Dynamic random regression forests for real-time head pose estimation
* Explain Black-box Image Classifications Using Superpixel-based Interpretation
* Novel Probabilistic Linear Subspace Approach for Face Applications, A
* Toward 3D Property Valuation: A Review of Urban 3D Modelling Methods for Digital Twin Creation
* Urban 3d Modelling Methods: A State-of-the-art Review
Includes: Ying, Y.[Ying] Ying, Y.[Yibin] Ying, Y. Ying, Y.[Yue]
7 for Ying, Y.

Ying, Y.B.[Yi Bin] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Rice Mapping Using Multi-Task Spatiotemporal Deep Learning and Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series
Includes: Ying, Y.B.[Yi Bin] Ying, Y.B.[Yi-Bin]

Ying, Y.C.[Yi Cai] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic Video Compression Based on H.264 MVC
Includes: Ying, Y.C.[Yi Cai] Ying, Y.C.[Yi-Cai]

Ying, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Digital Twin System of Bridges Group Based on Machine Vision Fusion Monitoring of Bridge Traffic Load
Includes: Ying, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Ying, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Ying, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Average Top-k Aggregate Loss for Supervised Learning
* Large Margin Local Metric Learning
* Learning local metrics from pairwise similarity data
* Similarity Metric Learning for Face Recognition
Includes: Ying, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Ying, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Ying, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Image Dehazing Based on Multispectral Polarization Imaging Method In Different Detection Modes

Ying, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Co Author Listing * Fast Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising
Includes: Ying, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Ying, Y.T.[Yi-Ting]

Ying, Y.X.[Yu Xuan] Co Author Listing * Predicting Neighborhood-Level Residential Carbon Emissions from Street View Images Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Includes: Ying, Y.X.[Yu Xuan] Ying, Y.X.[Yu-Xuan]

Ying, Z. Co Author Listing * Can Deep Learning Recognize Subtle Human Activities?
* Fast leave-one-out evaluation and improvement on inference for LS-SVMs
* From Patches to Pictures (PaQ-2-PiQ): Mapping the Perceptual Space of Picture Quality
* Interactive Image Segmentation Method Based on Dynamic Programming and its Application in Medical Image Analysis, An
* Measuring Villagers' Perceptions of Changes in the Landscape Values of Traditional Villages
* MFFA-SARNET: Deep Transferred Multi-Level Feature Fusion Attention Network with Dual Optimized Loss for Small-Sample SAR ATR
* new underwater image enhancing method via color correction and illumination adjustment, A
* Variable Pitch Reconstruction Using John's Equation
Includes: Ying, Z. Ying, Z.[Zhao] Ying, Z.[Zhuge] Ying, Z.[Ziyi] Ying, Z.[Zilu]
8 for Ying, Z.

Ying, Z.B.[Zuo Bin] Co Author Listing * PrivacySignal: Privacy-Preserving Traffic Signal Control for Intelligent Transportation System
* Secure and Efficient Data Sharing Among Vehicles Based on Consortium Blockchain
Includes: Ying, Z.B.[Zuo Bin] Ying, Z.B.[Zuo-Bin]

Ying, Z.F.[Ze Feng] Co Author Listing * Blind Predicting Similar Quality Map for Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Ying, Z.F.[Ze Feng] Ying, Z.F.[Ze-Feng]

Ying, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Co Author Listing * Localization of Pointed-At Word in Printed Documents via a Single Neural Network
Includes: Ying, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Ying, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]

Ying, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Co Author Listing * Little Truth Injection But a Big Reward: Label Aggregation With Graph Neural Networks, A
Includes: Ying, Z.J.[Zi Jian] Ying, Z.J.[Zi-Jian]

Ying, Z.L.[Zi Lu] Co Author Listing * Support Vector Discriminant Analysis on Local Binary Patterns for Facial Expression Recognition
Includes: Ying, Z.L.[Zi Lu] Ying, Z.L.[Zi-Lu]

Ying, Z.M.[Zhong Mou] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient 3D Panoptic Mapping Using Diverse Information Modalities and Multidimensional Data Association
* Radar Radial Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm for Radar Data Assimilation and its Evaluation with Observations from Multiple Radar Networks, A
Includes: Ying, Z.M.[Zhong Mou] Ying, Z.M.[Zhong-Mou] Ying, Z.M.[Zhu-Ming]

Ying, Z.Q.[Zhen Qiang] Co Author Listing * LECARM: Low-Light Image Enhancement Using the Camera Response Model
* New Image Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Exposure Fusion Framework, A
* New Low-Light Image Enhancement Algorithm Using Camera Response Model, A
* New Shadow Removal Method Using Color-Lines, A
* Patch-VQ: Patching Up the Video Quality Problem
* Searching Action Proposals via Spatial Actionness Estimation and Temporal Path Inference and Tracking
* SingleGAN: Image-to-Image Translation by a Single-Generator Network Using Multiple Generative Adversarial Learning
* Subjective Quality Assessment of User-Generated Content Gaming Videos
* Telepresence Video Quality Assessment
Includes: Ying, Z.Q.[Zhen Qiang] Ying, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qiang]
9 for Ying, Z.Q.

Ying, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Feature Based Object Recognition using Statistical Occlusion Models with One-to-one Correspondence
* Partially Occluded Object Recognition Using Statistical Models
Includes: Ying, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Ying, Z.R.[Zheng-Rong]

Yingma Co Author Listing * General design of the lateral control system based on monocular vision on THASV-I

Yingsaeree, C. Co Author Listing * Rule-based middle-level character detection for simplifying Thai document layout analysis

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