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Leng, B.[Biao] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Classification Using Deep Belief Networks
* 3D Object Retrieval With Multitopic Model Combining Relevance Feedback and LDA Model
* Analysis of Taxi Drivers' Behaviors Within a Battle Between Two Taxi Apps
* Automatic Combination of Feature Descriptors for Effective 3D Shape Retrieval
* Beyond Trade-Off: Accelerate FCN-Based Face Detector with Higher Accuracy
* Enhancing 2D Representation via Adjacent Views for 3D Shape Retrieval
* IMC-NET: Learning Implicit Field with Corner Attention Network for 3D Shape Reconstruction
* Learning Discriminative and Generative Shape Embeddings for Three-Dimensional Shape Retrieval
* MADE: A Composite Visual-Based 3D Shape Descriptor
* Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Estimation of Tire-Road Peak Adhesion Coefficient Considering Model Uncertainty
* PCNET: Parallelly Conquer the Large Variance of Person Re-Identification
* Priority Data Association Policy for Multitarget Tracking on Intelligent Vehicle Risk Assessment, A
* RaidaR: A Rich Annotated Image Dataset of Rainy Street Scenes
* Seg-Road: A Segmentation Network for Road Extraction Based on Transformer and CNN with Connectivity Structures
* SegDetector: A Deep Learning Model for Detecting Small and Overlapping Damaged Buildings in Satellite Images
* Self-slimmed Vision Transformer
* Tire-Road Peak Adhesion Coefficient Estimation Method Based on Fusion of Vehicle Dynamics and Machine Vision
* Unifying Visual Perception by Dispersible Points Learning
Includes: Leng, B.[Biao] Leng, B. Leng, B.[Bo]
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Leng, C.[Cong] Co Author Listing * AIM 2022 Challenge on Instagram Filter Removal: Methods and Results
* AIM 2022 Challenge on Super-resolution of Compressed Image and Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* AirFace: Lightweight and Efficient Model for Face Recognition
* BitStream: An efficient framework for inference of binary neural networks on CPUs
* Fast and Accurate Image Matching with Cascade Hashing for 3D Reconstruction
* Multi-scale attention-based pseudo-3D convolution neural network for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using structural MRI
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* Object-Based Mapping of Aboveground Biomass in Tropical Forests Using LiDAR and Very-High-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Data
* Online sketching hashing
* Quantized Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Devices
* Reversed Image Signal Processing and Raw Reconstruction. AIM 2022 Challenge Report
* Semi-supervised multi-graph hashing for scalable similarity search
* System-Level Solution for Low-Power Object Detection, A
* Total variation constrained graph regularized NMF for medical image registration
* Total Variation Constrained Graph-Regularized Convex Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
Includes: Leng, C.[Cong] Leng, C. Leng, C.[Chengcai] Leng, C.[Chivin]
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Leng, C.C.[Cheng Cai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive total-variation for non-negative matrix factorization on manifold
* Graph Matching Based on Stochastic Perturbation
* HOLBP: Remote Sensing Image Registration Based on Histogram of Oriented Local Binary Pattern Descriptor
* Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration Methods and Advancements: A Survey
* Robust Transform Estimator Based on Residual Analysis and Its Application on UAV Aerial Images, A
Includes: Leng, C.C.[Cheng Cai] Leng, C.C.[Cheng-Cai]

Leng, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] Co Author Listing * Augmented two stream network for robust action recognition adaptive to various action videos
Includes: Leng, C.J.[Chuan Jiang] Leng, C.J.[Chuan-Jiang]

Leng, C.K.[Chiew Kang] Co Author Listing * Features-Pooling Blind JPEG Image Steganalysis

Leng, D.W. Co Author Listing * Contour-based iterative pose estimation of 3D rigid object
* Iterative three-dimensional rigid object pose estimation with contour correspondence

Leng, G.[Geng] Co Author Listing * Fast Automatic Vehicle Detection in UAV Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Leng, G.W. Co Author Listing * Autoregressive Approach to Texture Analysis, An
* Differential-Processing Extraction Approach to Text and Image Segmentation, A

Leng, G.Y.[Guo Yong] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Vegetation Vulnerability Dynamics and Driving Forces to Multiple Drought Stresses in a Changing Environment
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Latest GPM IMERG V06 Early, Late and Final Precipitation Products across China, A
* Copula-Based Abrupt Variations Detection in the Relationship of Seasonal Vegetation-Climate in the Jing River Basin, China
* Global Analysis of the Cover-Management Factor for Soil Erosion Modeling
* GRACE-Based Terrestrial Water Storage in Northwest China: Changes and Causes
* Satellite-Based Operational Real-Time Drought Monitoring in the Transboundary Lancang-Mekong River Basin
* Set of Satellite-Based Near Real-Time Meteorological Drought Monitoring Data over China, A
Includes: Leng, G.Y.[Guo Yong] Leng, G.Y.[Guo-Yong]
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Leng, H.[Huan] Co Author Listing * Inexact and incremental bilinear Lanczos components algorithms for high dimensionality reduction and image reconstruction

Leng, H.C.[Han Chao] Co Author Listing * ShapeConv: Shape-aware Convolutional Layer for Indoor RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Leng, H.C.[Han Chao] Leng, H.C.[Han-Chao]

Leng, H.J.[Hong Jun] Co Author Listing * RAANet: A Residual ASPP with Attention Framework for Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Leng, H.J.[Hong Jun] Leng, H.J.[Hong-Jun]

Leng, H.S.[Hui Shih] Co Author Listing * High-payload block-based data hiding scheme using hybrid edge detector with minimal distortion
* reversible modified least significant bit (LSB) matching revisited method, A
Includes: Leng, H.S.[Hui Shih] Leng, H.S.[Hui-Shih]

Leng, H.Z.[Hong Ze] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Atmospheric Elements in Near Space Based on Meteorological-Rocket Soundings over the East China Sea
* Assimilation of Sentinel-1 Derived Sea Surface Winds for Typhoon Forecasting
* Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches for Reconstructing Sea Subsurface Salinity Using Synthetic Data
Includes: Leng, H.Z.[Hong Ze] Leng, H.Z.[Hong-Ze]

Leng, J.[Jiaxu] Co Author Listing * CrossNet: Detecting Objects as Crosses
* Framework and operation of digital twin smart freeway
* Gradient Intensity-Adapted Algorithm With Adaptive Selection Strategy for the Fast Decision of H.264/AVC Intra-Prediction Modes, A
* Low-Complexity Coarse-Level Mode-Mapping Based H.264/AVC to H.264/SVC Spatial Transcoding for Video Conferencing
* Pareto Refocusing for Drone-View Object Detection
* Robust Obstacle Detection and Recognition for Driver Assistance Systems
* Scroll Waves in 3D Virtual Human Atria: A Computational Study
* Tracking as recognition: a stable 3D tracking framework
* Visual servo control of uncalibrated robot system with dead-zone input
* Visual-based robotic control without joint velocities
Includes: Leng, J.[Jiaxu] Leng, J.[Jiewu] Leng, J. Leng, J.[Jie] Leng, J.[Joanna] Leng, J.[Jing]
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Leng, J.M.[Jun Min] Co Author Listing * Skin detection using a modified Self-Organizing Mixture Network
Includes: Leng, J.M.[Jun Min] Leng, J.M.[Jun-Min]

Leng, J.W.[Jing Wen] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense Through Network Profiling Based Path Extraction
Includes: Leng, J.W.[Jing Wen] Leng, J.W.[Jing-Wen]

Leng, J.X.[Jia Xu] Co Author Listing * Characters as graphs: Interpretable handwritten Chinese character recognition via Pyramid Graph Transformer
* Correlation Filter Tracker With Sample-Reliability Awareness and Self-Guided Update
* CRNet: Context-guided Reasoning Network for Detecting Hard Objects
* MTCNet: Multi-task collaboration network for rotation-invariance face detection
* Multiple Pedestrian Tracking With Graph Attention Map on Urban Road Scene
* SCGTracker: Spatio-temporal correlation and graph neural networks for multiple object tracking
* Semantic-refined spatial pyramid network for crowd counting
* SKNet: Detecting Rotated Ships as Keypoints in Optical Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Leng, J.X.[Jia Xu] Leng, J.X.[Jia-Xu]
8 for Leng, J.X.

Leng, K.J.[Kai Jun] Co Author Listing * Distribution Path Optimization for Intelligent Logistics Vehicles of Urban Rail Transportation Using VRP Optimization Model
* Vehicles detection for illumination changes urban traffic scenes employing adaptive local texture feature background model
Includes: Leng, K.J.[Kai Jun] Leng, K.J.[Kai-Jun]

Leng, L.[Lu] Co Author Listing * Alignment-free row-co-occurrence cancelable palmprint Fuzzy Vault
* Analyzing Gully Planform Changes in GIS Based on Multi-level Topological Relations
* Cancelable PalmCode generated from randomized Gabor Filters for palmprint protection
* Combinatorial Reasoning Mechanism with Topological and Metric Relations for Change Detection in River Planforms: An Application to GlobeLand30's Water Bodies, A
* Democratic voting downsampling for coding-based palmprint recognition
* Discrete time convolution for fast event-based stereo
* Effect of Vertical Wind Shear on PM2.5 Changes over a Receptor Region in Central China
* Energy-based adaptive matching pursuit algorithm for binary sparse signal reconstruction in compressed sensing
* Evaluation and Improvement of FY-4A AGRI Quantitative Precipitation Estimation for Summer Precipitation over Complex Topography of Western China
* Feature disentanglement in one-stage object detection
* Generalized 9-Intersection Model for Topological Relations between Regions with Holes, A
* Inversion of Aerosol Optical Depth Based on the CCD and IRS Sensors on the HJ-1 Satellites
* Lossless data hiding for absolute moment block truncation coding using histogram modification
* Multi-stream slowFast graph convolutional networks for skeleton-based action recognition
* Neuro-Modulated Hebbian Learning for Fully Test-Time Adaptation
* Quality Control Method of Ground-Based Weather Radar Data Based on Statistics, A
* Radar Echo Recognition of Gust Front Based on Deep Learning
* Synergistic Effect of Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Regional Transport on Aggravating Air Pollution in the Twain-Hu Basin: A Case Study
* Weakly-Supervised Action Localization by Hierarchically-structured Latent Attention Modeling
Includes: Leng, L.[Lu] Leng, L.[Liang] Leng, L. Leng, L.[Luziwei] Leng, L.[Ling]
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Leng, M. Co Author Listing * Confidence-Driven Network for Point-to-Set Matching
* Effective Multi-level Algorithm Based on Simulated Annealing for Bisecting Graph, An
* Scale Effects and Time Variation of Trade-Offs and Synergies among Ecosystem Services in the Pearl River Delta, China
Includes: Leng, M. Leng, M.[Ming] Leng, M.[Manman]

Leng, M.J.[Meng Jun] Co Author Listing * Joint prototype and metric learning for image set classification: Application to video face identification
* Regression-based metric learning
Includes: Leng, M.J.[Meng Jun] Leng, M.J.[Meng-Jun]

Leng, M.M.[Ming Ming] Co Author Listing * Towards purchase prediction: A transaction-based setting and a graph-based method leveraging price information
Includes: Leng, M.M.[Ming Ming] Leng, M.M.[Ming-Ming]

Leng, P.[Pei] Co Author Listing * Alternative Physical Method for Retrieving Land Surface Temperatures from Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Data: Application to IASI Observations
* Comparison of Seven Inversion Models for Estimating Plant and Woody Area Indices of Leaf-on and Leaf-off Forest Canopy Using Explicit 3D Forest Scenes
* Cross-satellite comparison of operational land surface temperature products derived from MODIS and ASTER data over bare soil surfaces
* Enhanced Saline Soil Dielectric Constant Model Used for Remote Sensing Soil Moisture and Salinity Retrieval, An
* Estimation of daily mean land surface temperature at global scale using pairs of daytime and nighttime MODIS instantaneous observations
* Evaluation of Seven Atmospheric Profiles from Reanalysis and Satellite-Derived Products: Implication for Single-Channel Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
* Evaluation of the Effects of Soil Layer Classification in the Common Land Model on Modeled Surface Variables and the Associated Land Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Model
* Evapotranspiration Retrieval Under Different Aridity Conditions Over North American Grasslands
* First Results of Estimating Surface Soil Moisture in the Vegetated Areas Using ASAR and Hyperion Data: The Chinese Heihe River Basin Case Study
* Framework for Generating High Spatiotemporal Resolution Land Surface Temperature in Heterogeneous Areas, A
* Impact of Atmospheric Correction on Spatial Heterogeneity Relations Between Land Surface Temperature and Biophysical Compositions
* Improvement of Split-Window Algorithm for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A SLSTR Data Over Barren Surfaces Using ASTER GED Product
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Passive Microwave Satellite Observations: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
* Method for Deriving Relative Humidity From MODIS Data Under All-Sky Conditions, A
* New Method for Winter Wheat Mapping Based on Spectral Reconstruction Technology, A
* Novel Simplified Algorithm for Bare Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using L-Band Radiometer, A
* practical approach for deriving all-weather soil moisture content using combined satellite and meteorological data, A
* Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature With Topographic Effect Correction From Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Data in Mountainous Areas
* Spatiotemporal pattern and long-term trend of global surface urban heat islands characterized by dynamic urban-extent method and MODIS data
* Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Data
* Temperature/Emissivity Separation of Typical Grassland of Northwestern China Based on Hyper-CAM and Its Potential for Grassland Drought Monitoring
* Toward the Estimation of Surface Soil Moisture Content Using Geostationary Satellite Data over Sparsely Vegetated Area
Includes: Leng, P.[Pei] Leng, P.[Peng] Leng, P.
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Leng, Q.[Qiangkui] Co Author Listing * Alternating multiconlitron: A novel framework for piecewise linear classification
* Person Reidentification via Ranking Aggregation of Similarity Pulling and Dissimilarity Pushing
* Survey of Open-World Person Re-Identification, A
* Zero-Shot Person Re-identification via Cross-View Consistency
Includes: Leng, Q.[Qiangkui] Leng, Q.

Leng, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive MultiScale Segmentations for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Camera Compensation Using a Feature Projection Matrix for Person Reidentification
* Coupled-View Based Ranking Optimization for Person Re-identification
* Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification via Modality-Aware Collaborative Ensemble Learning
* Label Noise Cleansing with Sparse Graph for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Person Re-identification Using Data-Driven Metric Adaptation
Includes: Leng, Q.M.[Qing Ming] Leng, Q.M.[Qing-Ming]

Leng, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Extreme Droughts on Dryland Vegetation by Multi-Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Cross-domain point cloud completion for multi-class indoor incomplete objects via class-conditional GAN inversion
* Effect of Drought on Vegetation Gross Primary Productivity under Different Vegetation Types across China from 2001 to 2020, The
* Exceptional Drought across Southeastern Australia Caused by Extreme Lack of Precipitation and Its Impacts on NDVI and SIF in 2018
* Hierarchical Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning Algorithm for Knowledge Sharing in Internet of Vehicles, A
* IEEE 802.11p-Based Multichannel MAC Scheme With Channel Coordination for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, An
* Intelligent Task Offloading for Heterogeneous V2X Communications
* Long-Term Vegetation Phenology Changes and Responses to Preseason Temperature and Precipitation in Northern China
* MANET: Mitral Annulus Point Tracking Network in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance
* Optimal Charging Schemes for Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid: A Contract Theoretic Approach
* Retrieval of Fine-Grained PM2.5 Spatiotemporal Resolution Based on Multiple Machine Learning Models
* Secure and Efficient Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing for Intelligent Connected Vehicles
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Dryland Vegetation Phenology Revealed by Satellite-Observed Fluorescence and Greenness across the North Australian Tropical Transect
* Time-Resolved Interventional Cardiac C-arm Cone-Beam CT: An Application of the PICCS Algorithm
* Upper Bounds of Cellular Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Latency for Platoon-Based Autonomous Driving, The
Includes: Leng, S.[Song] Leng, S.[Siyi] Leng, S.[Supeng] Leng, S. Leng, S.[Shuang] Leng, S.[Shaijie]
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Leng, S.C.[Si Cong] Co Author Listing * Interventional Video Grounding with Dual Contrastive Learning
Includes: Leng, S.C.[Si Cong] Leng, S.C.[Si-Cong]

Leng, S.H.[Sio Hoi] Co Author Listing * Geometric construction of the caustic curves for catadioptric sensors
Includes: Leng, S.H.[Sio Hoi] Leng, S.H.[Sio-Hoi]

Leng, S.P.[Su Peng] Co Author Listing * Information Relevance Related Broadcast scheme for Safety Packets in VANETs, An
Includes: Leng, S.P.[Su Peng] Leng, S.P.[Su-Peng]

Leng, S.Y.[Si Yi] Co Author Listing * Densely connected graph convolutional network for joint semantic and instance segmentation of indoor point clouds
* UniG-Encoder: A universal feature encoder for graph and hypergraph node classification
Includes: Leng, S.Y.[Si Yi] Leng, S.Y.[Si-Yi] Leng, S.Y.[Si-Yang]

Leng, T. Co Author Listing * Automatically Determining the Confocal Parameters From OCT B-Scans for Quantification of the Attenuation Coefficients
* Caching-Aware Intelligent Handover Strategy for LEO Satellite Networks
Includes: Leng, T. Leng, T.[Tao]

Leng, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Evolution Modeling of a Lake-Terminating Glacier in the Western Himalayas Using a Two-Dimensional Higher-Order Flowline Model
* Interference-plus-Noise Covariance Matrix Reconstruction via Spatial Power Spectrum Sampling for Robust Adaptive Beamforming
Includes: Leng, W.[Wei] Leng, W.

Leng, W.C.[Wan Chun] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* Multi-Scale Water Extraction Convolutional Neural Network (MWEN) Method for GaoFen-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* Object-Based Mangrove Species Classification Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Images and Digital Surface Models
Includes: Leng, W.C.[Wan Chun] Leng, W.C.[Wan-Chun]

Leng, X. Co Author Listing * Discriminating Ship From Radio Frequency Interference Based on Noncircularity and Non-Gaussianity in Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Greyscale Morphology with a Non-Linear Structuring Element
* New Method to Design Steerable First-Order Differential Beamformers, A
* Ship Detection Based on Complex Signal Kurtosis in Single-Channel SAR Imagery

Leng, X.G.[Xiang Guang] Co Author Listing * Azimuth Ambiguities Removal in Littoral Zones Based on Multi-Temporal SAR Images
* Azimuth-Aware Discriminative Representation Learning for Semi-Supervised Few-Shot SAR Vehicle Recognition
* BiFA-YOLO: A Novel YOLO-Based Method for Arbitrary-Oriented Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images
* Contextual Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network with Multilayer Fusion for SAR Ship Detection
* Fast and Accurate Refocusing for Moving Ships in SAR Imagery Based on FrFT
* Lightweight Model for Ship Detection and Recognition in Complex-Scene SAR Images, A
* Radio Frequency Interference Detection and Localization in Sentinel-1 Images
* Refocusing Swing Ships in SAR Imagery Based on Spatial-Variant Defocusing Property
Includes: Leng, X.G.[Xiang Guang] Leng, X.G.[Xiang-Guang]
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Leng, X.J.[Xue Jing] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 Lockdown on the NO2 Concentrations and Urban Thermal Environment: Evidence from the Five Largest Urban Agglomerations in China
* Spatiotemporal Change of Glacier Runoff Is Comparably Attributed to Climatic Factors and Physical Properties in Northwestern China, The
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Urbanization in the Three Most Developed Urban Agglomerations in China Based on Continuous Nighttime Light Data (2000-2018)
* Variations in the Effects of Landscape Patterns on the Urban Thermal Environment during Rapid Urbanization (1990-2020) in Megacities
Includes: Leng, X.J.[Xue Jing] Leng, X.J.[Xue-Jing]

Leng, X.M.[Xue Ming] Co Author Listing * Improving generalization for gender classification
Includes: Leng, X.M.[Xue Ming] Leng, X.M.[Xue-Ming]

Leng, X.N.[Xin Nan] Co Author Listing * Fast Face Recognition Method Based on Fractal Coding, A
Includes: Leng, X.N.[Xin Nan] Leng, X.N.[Xin-Nan]

Leng, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Co Author Listing * Construction of a Decision Support System Based on GP Services, Using a Warning-Judgment Module as an Example
* Research on a 3D Geological Disaster Monitoring Platform Based on REST Service
Includes: Leng, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Leng, X.P.[Xiao-Peng]

Leng, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Application of image correction and bit-plane fusion in generalized PCA based face recognition
* Gaussian-guided feature alignment for unsupervised cross-subject adaptation
* novel multi-atlas and multi-channel (MAMC) approach for multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation in brain MRI, A
* Toolkit to Support Dynamic Social Network Visualization, A
Includes: Leng, Y.[Yan] Leng, Y.[Yuquan]

Leng, Y.C.[Yu Chi] Co Author Listing * Vision-based lane departure detection system in urban traffic scenes
Includes: Leng, Y.C.[Yu Chi] Leng, Y.C.[Yu-Chi]

Leng, Y.F.[You Fang] Co Author Listing * Incorporating global and local social networks for group recommendations
Includes: Leng, Y.F.[You Fang] Leng, Y.F.[You-Fang]

Leng, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * DRCR Net: Dense Residual Channel Re-calibration Network with Non-local Purification for Spectral Super Resolution
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
Includes: Leng, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Leng, Y.H.[Yi-Hong]

Leng, Y.Q.[Yan Qiu] Co Author Listing * Hybrids of Support Vector Regression with Grey Wolf Optimizer and Firefly Algorithm for Spatial Prediction of Landslide Susceptibility
* Mouth Cavity Visual Analysis Based on Deep Learning for Oropharyngeal Swab Robot Sampling
* Supervised locally linear embedding algorithm based on orthogonal matching pursuit
Includes: Leng, Y.Q.[Yan Qiu] Leng, Y.Q.[Yan-Qiu] Leng, Y.Q.[Yu-Quan] Leng, Y.Q.[Yi-Qin]

Leng, Z.[Zihao] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Model for Water-Land Boundary Adjacency Effects in Landsat-8 Multispectral Images and Its Impact on Bathymetric Remote Sensing
* Curvature-Based Ground Vehicle Control of Trailer Path Following Considering Sideslip and Limited Steering Actuation
* ICESat-2 Bathymetric Signal Reconstruction Method Based on a Deep Learning Model with Active-Passive Data Fusion
* Large-Scale Maintenance and Rehabilitation Optimization for Multi-Lane Highway Asphalt Pavement: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Includes: Leng, Z.[Zihao] Leng, Z. Leng, Z.[Zhen]

Leng, Z.H.[Zi Hao] Co Author Listing * Underwater Topography Inversion in Liaodong Shoal Based on GRU Deep Learning Model
Includes: Leng, Z.H.[Zi Hao] Leng, Z.H.[Zi-Hao]

Leng, Z.Q.[Zhao Qi] Co Author Listing * Improving 3D Object Detection Through Progressive Population Based Augmentation
* LidarNAS: Unifying and Searching Neural Architectures for 3D Point Clouds
* Long- and Short-Term Preference Modeling Based on Multi-Level Attention for Next POI Recommendation
* Point-of-Interest Recommendation Method Exploiting Sequential, Category and Geographical Influence, A
* PseudoAugment: Learning to Use Unlabeled Data for Data Augmentation in Point Clouds
* SWFormer: Sparse Window Transformer for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
Includes: Leng, Z.Q.[Zhao Qi] Leng, Z.Q.[Zhao-Qi]

Leng, Z.Y.[Zhi Ying] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hyperbolic Attention Network for Fine Hand-object Reconstruction
* Fg-T2M: Fine-Grained Text-Driven Human Motion Generation via Diffusion Model
Includes: Leng, Z.Y.[Zhi Ying] Leng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ying]

Lengagne, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Modeling from Stereo and Differential Constraints
* 3D stereo reconstruction of human faces driven by differential constraints
* Crest Lines Extraction in Volume 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Extraction of the Zero-Crossings of the Curvature Derivative in Volumetric 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Fixed Point Probability Field for Complex Occlusion Handling
* From 2D Images to 3D Face Geometry
* Incorporating Differential Constraints in a 3D Reconstruction Process. Application to Stereo
* Multicamera People Tracking with a Probabilistic Occupancy Map
* Using Crest Lines to Guide Surface Reconstruction from Stereo
* Using differential constraints to generate a 3D face model from stereo
* Using Differential Constraints to Reconstruct Complex Surfaces from Stereo
* Using Differential Properties for Stereo Reconstruction of Complex Surfaces
Includes: Lengagne, R.[Richard] Lengagne, R.
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Lengauer, T. Co Author Listing * On the Selection of Candidates for Point and Line Correspondences

Lengelle, R. Co Author Listing * Abnormal events detection using unsupervised One-Class SVM: Application to audio surveillance and evaluation
* Maximum Margin One Class Support Vector Machines for multiclass problems
* Online Kernel Adaptive Algorithms With Dictionary Adaptation for MIMO Models
Includes: Lengelle, R. Lengellé, R.[Régis]

Lengerich, E.J.[Eugene J.] Co Author Listing * LionVu 2.0 Usability Assessment for Pennsylvania, United States

Lengies, M. Co Author Listing * UAV Photgrammetric Workflows: A Best Practice Guideline

Lenglet, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Brain Connectivity Mapping Using Riemannian Geometry, Control Theory, and PDEs
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Methods for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Techniques for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* DTI Segmentation by Statistical Surface Evolution
* Inferring White Matter Geometry from Diffusion Tensor MRI: Application to Connectivity Mapping
* nonparametric Riemannian framework for processing high angular resolution diffusion images (HARDI), A
* Smart road that warns its network manager when it begins cracking
* Statistics on Multivariate Normal Distributions: A Geometric Approach and its Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Statistics on the Manifold of Multivariate Normal Distributions: Theory and Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI Processing
* Toward Segmentation of 3D Probability Density Fields by Surface Evolution: Application to Diffusion MRI
Includes: Lenglet, C.[Christophe] Lenglet, C.[Céline]
10 for Lenglet, C.

Lengoiboni, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Mapping Land Use Land Cover Changes and Their Determinants in the Context of a Massive Free Labour Mobilisation Campaign: Evidence from South Wollo, Ethiopia
* Remote Sensing for Property Valuation: A Data Source Comparison in Support of Fair Land Taxation in Rwanda

Lengu, R.[Roald] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition for Defect Detection in Uncontrolled Environment Railway Applications

Lengwehasarit, K. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic partial-distance fast matching algorithms for motion estimation

Lengwehasatit, K. Co Author Listing * Computationally Scalable Partial Distance Based Fast Search Motion Estimation
* DCT computation based on variable complexity fast approximations
* Rate-complexity-distortion Optimization for Quadtree-based DCT Coding
* Scalable Variable Complexity Approximate Forward DCT

Lengyel, A.[Attila] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Data Efficiency and Computational Efficiency of Temporal Action Localization Models
* Exploiting Learned Symmetries in Group Equivariant Convolutions
* Using and Abusing Equivariance
* Zero-Shot Day-Night Domain Adaptation with a Physics Prior

Lengyel, J.[Jed] Co Author Listing * Convergence of Graphics and Vision, The
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Volume Rendering of Intravascular Ultrasound Slices Imaged on a Curved Arterial Path
Includes: Lengyel, J.[Jed] Lengyel, J.

Lengyel, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Multi-view video super-resolution for hybrid cameras using modified NLM and adaptive thresholding

Lengyel, Z.[Zoltan] Co Author Listing * image-based method for animated stroke rendering, An
Includes: Lengyel, Z.[Zoltan] Lengyel, Z.[Zoltán]

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