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Khalaf, A.A.M.[Ashraf A. M.] Co Author Listing * TPUAR-Net: Two Parallel U-Net with Asymmetric Residual-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation

Khalaf, A.F.[Aya F.] Co Author Listing * Novel features for microcalcification detection in digital mammogram images based on wavelet and statistical analysis

Khalaf, E.T.[Emad Taha] Co Author Listing * Robust partitioning and indexing for iris biometric database based on local features

Khalaf, M. Co Author Listing * Advance flood detection and notification system based on sensor technology and machine learning algorithm
* utilisation of social media for bridging the gap between patients and pharmaceutical companies, The

Khalaf, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Biocultural Heritage Preservation in an African Semi-Arid Region: A Case Study of Indigenous Wells in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia

Khalaf, S. Co Author Listing * Parallel bit-level pipelined VLSI processing unit for the histogramming operation

Khalaf, Y.H.[Yousif Husain] Co Author Listing * Out of Plumb Assessment for Cylindrical-Like Minaret Structures Using Geometric Primitives Fitting
* Potential Use of Drone Ultra-High-Definition Videos for Detailed 3D City Modeling
Includes: Khalaf, Y.H.[Yousif Husain] Khalaf, Y.H.[Yousif Hussein]

Khalafalla, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Pentagram Arrays: A New Paradigm for DOA Estimation of Wideband Sources Based on Triangular Geometry
* Two-Dimensional Target Localization Approach via a Closed-Form Solution Using Range Difference Measurements Based on Pentagram Array

Khalaj, B.H. Co Author Listing * Automated direct patterned wafer inspection
* Estimation of Multiple 2-D Uniform Motions by SLIDE: Subspace-Based Line Detection
* Estimation of Skew Angle in Text-Image Analysis by SLIDE: Subspace-Based Line Detection
* Patterned Wafer Inspection By High-Resolution Spectral Estimation Techniques

Khalak, H.G. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Edge Detection and Feature Binding: An Integrated Approach

Khalatbarisoltani, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Energy Management in Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Preheating the Battery Packs in Low-Temperature Driving Scenarios
* Energy Management Strategies for Fuel Cell Vehicles: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Progress in Modeling, Strategies, and Future Prospects
* Integrating Model Predictive Control With Federated Reinforcement Learning for Decentralized Energy Management of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Khaldi, A.[Amine] Co Author Listing * lossless blind image data hiding scheme for semi-fragile image watermark, A

Khaldi, B.[Belal] Co Author Listing * Combining colour and grey-level co-occurrence matrix features: A comparative study

Khaldi, K.[Khadija] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Viewpoint-aware Shape Learning for Long-term Person Re-Identification
* HHT-based audio coding
* Unsupervised Person Re-identification Based on Skeleton Joints Using Graph Convolutional Networks
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification in Aerial Imagery
Includes: Khaldi, K.[Khadija] Khaldi, K.[Kais]

Khaled, A. Co Author Listing * Induced guided acoustic waves by the presence of a defective guide in one dimensional asymmetric loop phononic crystal

Khaled, K.B. Co Author Listing * African Geospatial Sciences Institute (AGSI): A New Approach To Geospatial Training In North Africa, The

Khaled, O.A. Co Author Listing * Democratizing 3D dynamic gestures recognition
* Extending the interaction area for view-invariant 3D gesture recognition
* Gesture recognition corpora and tools: A scripted ground truthing method
* Towards an Engaging Mobile Food Record for Teenagers
Includes: Khaled, O.A. Khaled, O.A.[Omar Abou]

Khaled, R.[Roa'a] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based Segmentation of Breast Lesions in DCE-MRI
* Thyroid Cancer Diagnostic System using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Khaled, R.[Roa'a] Khaled, R.

Khaled, S.M.[Shah Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Color Space Models for Skin Detection in Sub-continental Human Images
* Dynamic Blocks for Face Verification

Khaledian, S. Co Author Listing * power-efficient implementation of in-band full-duplex communication system (ReflectFX), A

Khaleel, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Training Strategy for Limited Labeled Data by Learning from Confusion

Khalefa, W.[Wael] Co Author Listing * Intelligent hybrid approaches for human ECG signals identification

Khaleghi Bizaki, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Reversible data hiding with automatic contrast enhancement using two-sided histogram expansion

Khaleghi, B. Co Author Listing * Attention Assist: A High-Level Information Fusion Framework for Situation and Threat Assessment in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Distributed Soft-Data-Constrained Multi-Model Particle Filter
* improved real-time miniaturized embedded stereo vision system (MESVS-II), An
* New Miniaturized Embedded Stereo-Vision System (MESVS-I), A
Includes: Khaleghi, B. Khaleghi, B.[Bahador]

Khaleghi, L.[Leyla] Co Author Listing * Learning Sequential Contexts using Transformer for 3D Hand Pose Estimation

Khaleghian, S.[Salman] Co Author Listing * Face recognition across large pose variations via Boosted Tied Factor Analysis
* Sea Ice Classification of SAR Imagery Based on Convolution Neural Networks

Khalek, A.A.[A. Abdel] Co Author Listing * Loss Visibility Optimized Real-Time Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems

Khalfallah, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Chaotic Cryptosystem for Color Image with Dynamic Look-Up Table, A
* Crypto-compression scheme based on the DWT for medical image security
* New scheme of digital watermarking using an adaptive embedding strength applied on multiresolution filed by 9/7 wavelet

Khalfaoui, S.[Souhaiel] Co Author Listing * DiffHPE: Robust, Coherent 3D Human Pose Lifting with Diffusion
* View Planning Approach for Automatic 3D Digitization of Unknown Objects

Khalfi, K. Co Author Listing * Weed Recognition by Color Image Processing

Khalgui, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Fairness concern-based coordinated vehicle route guidance using an asymmetrical congestion game
* Performance evaluation of vehicular platoons using Webots
* unified model for the fairness mechanism-based coordinated vehicle route guidance, A

Khalid, A.[Adnan] Co Author Listing * Control Schemes for Quadrotor UAV: Taxonomy and Survey
* Data Processing Issues in Cloud Computing
* Image transmission using unequal error protected multi-fold turbo codes over a two-user power-line binary adder channel
* Optimizing Video QoE for Mobile eMBMS Users in Cellular Networks
Includes: Khalid, A.[Adnan] Khalid, A.[Ammar] Khalid, A. Khalid, A.[Ahmed]

Khalid, A.R.[Abdul Rafay] Co Author Listing * Efficient 2D human pose estimation using mean-shift

Khalid, B.[Bushra] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Carbon Monoxide and Aerosol Optical Depth Simulations from CAM-Chem Using Satellite Observations
* Knowledge discovery in WSN using mobile agents
* Multistage Deep Neural Network Framework for People Detection and Localization Using Fusion of Visible and Thermal Images
Includes: Khalid, B.[Bushra] Khalid, B.

Khalid, C. Co Author Listing * Combination of R1-PCA and median LDA for anomaly network detection

Khalid, E.A. Co Author Listing * Using content-based image retrieval to automatically assess day similarity in visual lifelogs

Khalid, F.[Fatimah] Co Author Listing * Video abstraction using density-based clustering algorithm

Khalid, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process-based Feature-Enriched Blind Image Quality Assessment
* OC-FakeDect: Classifying Deepfakes Using One-class Variational Autoencoder
Includes: Khalid, H.[Hassan] Khalid, H.

Khalid, M. Co Author Listing * analytical handwritten word recognition system with word-level discriminant training, An
* Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks
* Fuzzy logic-based pre-classifier for tropical wood species recognition system
* Image de-fencing using histograms of oriented gradients
* Lexicon-Based Word Recognition Using Support Vector Machine and Hidden Markov Model
* simple tool for automatic extraction of the Moroccan coastal upwelling from sea surface chlorophyll images, A
* Tropical Wood Species Recognition Based on Gabor Filter
Includes: Khalid, M. Khalid, M.[Muhammad] Khalid, M.[Marzuki] Khalid, M.[Madiha]
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Khalid, M.A.[Muhammad Ali] Co Author Listing * Novel Robust Laser Tracking System with Automatic Environment Adaptation and Keystone Correction, A

Khalid, M.U. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 2DCCA Based Approach for Improving Spatial Specificity of Activation Detection in Functional MRI
* Multi-Modal Three-Stream Network for Action Recognition

Khalid, N. Co Author Listing * Developments in Distributed Video Coding
* Urban Overheating Assessment through Prediction of Surface Temperatures: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan
Includes: Khalid, N. Khalid, N.[Nauman]

Khalid, N.F. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Sea Level Rise over Malaysian Seas from Satellite Altimeter
* Open-Source Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) Evaluation with GPS and LiDAR Data

Khalid, N.M.[Nasir M.] Co Author Listing * Simulated Annealing in Early Layers Leads to Better Generalization

Khalid, O.[Obaidullah] Co Author Listing * Detecting tracking errors via forecasting
* Multi-Tracker Partition Fusion
Includes: Khalid, O.[Obaidullah] Khalid, O.

Khalid, S.[Shehzad] Co Author Listing * Accurate and efficient shape matching approach using vocabularies of multi-feature space representations
* Activity classification and anomaly detection using m-mediods based modelling of motion patterns
* Automated diagnosis system for age-related macular degeneration using hybrid features set from fundus images
* Automatic measurement of the traffic sign with digital segmentation and recognition
* Canopy-Level Photochemical Reflectance Index from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Leaf-Level Non-Photochemical Quenching as Early Indicators of Water Stress in Maize
* Classifying spatiotemporal object trajectories using unsupervised learning of basis function coefficients
* Deep learning based Glaucoma Network Classification (GNC) using retinal images
* Deepgender: real-time gender classification using deep learning for smartphones
* Evaluation of Matching Metrics for Trajectory-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Video Clips
* Frameworks for multivariate m-mediods based modeling and classification in Euclidean and general feature spaces
* Identification and classification of microaneurysms for early detection of diabetic retinopathy
* Improved automated detection of glaucoma by correlating fundus and SD-OCT image analysis
* Improved automated detection of glaucoma from fundus image using hybrid structural and textural features
* Motion Trajectory Learning in the DFT-Coefficient Feature Space
* Motion-based behaviour learning, profiling and classification in the presence of anomalies
* Proceedings of the Workshop on 3D Geometry Generation for Scientific Computing
* Real-time imaging-based assessment model for improving teaching performance and student experience in e-learning
* Recognition of Urdu ligatures - a holistic approach
* SensatUrban: Learning Semantics from Urban-Scale Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* study to identify limitations of existing automated systems to detect glaucoma at initial and curable stage, A
* Towards Semantic Segmentation of Urban-Scale 3D Point Clouds: A Dataset, Benchmarks and Challenges
Includes: Khalid, S.[Shehzad] Khalid, S.[Samina] Khalid, S.[Sara] Khalid, S.[Shoaib] Khalid, S.[Shuja] Khalid, S.[Sheikh]
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Khalid, S.S.[Syed Safwan] Co Author Listing * Novel Ground Metric for Optimal Transport-Based Chronological Age Estimation, A
* NPT-Loss: Demystifying Face Recognition Losses With Nearest Proxies Triplet
* RAgE: Robust Age Estimation Through Subject Anchoring With Consistency Regularisation

Khalid, U.[Umar] Co Author Listing * CNLL: A Semi-supervised Approach For Continual Noisy Label Learning
* RODD: A Self-Supervised Approach for Robust Out-of-Distribution Detection

Khalid, W.[Waqar] Co Author Listing * Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Khalid, Z.[Zainab] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Landslide Movements Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Case Study in Hunza-Nagar Valley, Pakistan
* Deep Unfolded Prior-Aided RPCA Network for Cloud Removal, A
* Gauss-Legendre Sampling on the Rotation Group
* Gray level image compression using a set of separable 2D discrete orthogonal moments based on Racah polynomials
* Joint SO(3)-Spectral Domain Filtering of Spherical Signals in the Presence of Anisotropic Noise
* Linear Transformations and Signal Estimation in the Joint Spatial-Slepian Domain
* Multiscale Optimal Filtering on the Sphere
* Optimal Dimensionality Sampling Scheme on the Sphere with Accurate and Efficient Spherical Harmonic Transform for Diffusion MRI, An
* Optimal-Dimensionality Sampling for Spin-s-Functions on the Sphere, An
* Signal analysis on the ball: Design of optimal basis functions with maximal multiplicative concentration in spatial and spectral domains
* Updating Inventory, Deformation, and Development Characteristics of Landslides in Hunza Valley, NW Karakoram, Pakistan by SBAS-InSAR
Includes: Khalid, Z.[Zainab] Khalid, Z.[Zubair] Khalid, Z.
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Khalidi Idrissi, M. Co Author Listing * Mobile Serious Game easy Html: Scenarios and Perspectives, The

Khalidov, I. Co Author Listing * BSLIM: Spectral Localization by Imaging With Explicit B{0} Field Inhomogeneity Compensation
* Dynamic PET Reconstruction Using Wavelet Regularization With Adapted Basis Functions

Khalidov, V. Co Author Listing * Transferring Dense Pose to Proximal Animal Classes

Khalifa, A. Co Author Listing * Greedy framework for optical flow tracking of myocardium contours
* Morpho-tectonic Assessment of the Abu-Dabbab Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt: Insights from Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis
* Paradigm of Geological Mapping of the Adiyaman Fault Zone of Eastern Turkey Using Landsat 8 Remotely Sensed Data Coupled with PCA, ICA, and MNFA Techniques
* Platooning of Car-Like Vehicles in Urban Environments: An Observer-Based Approach Considering Actuator Dynamics and Time Delays
Includes: Khalifa, A. Khalifa, A.[Abdelrahman] Khalifa, A.[Ahmed]

Khalifa, A.F.[Ali Farouk] Co Author Listing * survey on human detection surveillance systems for Raspberry Pi, A

Khalifa, E.[Elhadi] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the K-Means Algorithm through a Genetic Algorithm Based on Survey and Social Media Tourism Objectives for Tourism Path Recommendations
* Human gait recognition based on Haralick features
* Novel Urban Tourism Path Planning Approach Based on a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm, A
* Off-line writer identification using an ensemble of grapheme codebook features
* Post classification using Cellular Automata for Landsat images in developing countries
* Road extraction framework by using cellular neural network from remote sensing images
Includes: Khalifa, E.[Elhadi] Khalifa, E.[Emad] Khalifa, E. Khalifa, E.[Eraky]

Khalifa, F. Co Author Listing * 3D automatic approach for precise segmentation of the prostate from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* 3D shape analysis of the brain cortex with application to dyslexia
* Accurate Lungs Segmentation on CT Chest Images by Adaptive Appearance-Guided Shape Modeling
* Accurate modeling of tagged CMR 3D image appearance characteristics to improve cardiac cycle strain estimation
* Automated Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning-Based Whole Slide Image Analysis of Molecular Biomarkers
* comprehensive framework for early assessment of lung injury, A
* Deformable model guided by stochastic speed with application in cine images segmentation
* Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI-Based Early Detection of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection
* Image-based CAD system for accurate identification of lung injury
* integrated geometrical and stochastic approach for accurate infant brain extraction, An
* Kidney segmentation using graph cuts and pixel connectivity
* level set-based framework for 3D kidney segmentation from diffusion MR images, A
* Multi-Classification of Retinal Diseases Using a Pyramidal Ensemble Deep Framework
* new deformable model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the kidney from abdominal CT images, A
* new nonrigid registration approach for motion correction of cardiac first-pass perfusion MRI, A
* new validation approach for the growth rate measurement using elastic phantoms generated by state-of-the-art microfluidics technology, A
* novel 4D PDE-based approach for accurate assessment of myocardium function using cine cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* novel approach for accurate estimation of left ventricle global indexes from short-axis cine MRI, A
* novel CAD system for analyzing cardiac first-pass MR images, A
* novel image-based approach for early detection of prostate cancer, A
* Pyramidal CNN-Based Gleason Grading System Using Digitized Prostate Biopsy Specimens, A
* random forest-based framework for 3D kidney segmentation from dynamic contrast-enhanced CT images, A
* Segmentation of infant brain MR images based on adaptive shape prior and higher-order MGRF
* Segmentation of pathological lungs from CT chest images
* Shape-Appearance Guided Level-Set Deformable Model for Image Segmentation
* statistical framework for the classification of infant DT images, A
* Thyroid Cancer Diagnostic System using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Khalifa, F. Khalifa, F.[Fahmi]
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Khalifa, H. Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition using SVM classification on mic-macro patterns

Khalifa, I.[Inas] Co Author Listing * Range image segmentation using local approximation of scan lines with application to CAD model acquisition
* Range Image Segmentation with Application to CAD Model Acquisition
Includes: Khalifa, I.[Inas] Khalifa, I.

Khalifa, M. Co Author Listing * Route optimization for school bus scheduling problem based on a distributed ant colony system algorithm

Khalifa, N. Co Author Listing * Observer based discrete-time chaotic systems synchronization for secure image transmission

Khalifa, O.O. Co Author Listing * Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Parameter Estimation of Multiexponential Signals

Khalifa, S. Co Author Listing * EnTrans: Leveraging Kinetic Energy Harvesting Signal for Transportation Mode Detection
* Multi-Task Semi-Supervised Adversarial Autoencoding for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Multitask Learning From Augmented Auxiliary Data for Improving Speech Emotion Recognition
* Self Supervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Cross-Corpus and Cross-Language Speech Emotion Recognition
* Survey of Deep Representation Learning for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Time-coherent 3D animation reconstruction from RGB-D video
Includes: Khalifa, S. Khalifa, S.[Sara] Khalifa, S.[Salam]

Khalifa, T. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Fuel Cost and Emissions Using V2V Communications

Khalifa, W.B.[Wafa Belhadj] Co Author Listing * Toward Multiwavelet Haar-Schauder Entropy for Biomedical Signal Reconstruction
* Toward New Spherical Harmonic Shannon Entropy for Surface Modeling

Khalifa, Y.M.[Yousuf M.] Co Author Listing * computer vision-based approach to grade simulated cataract surgeries, A

Khalifa, Z.[Zeyad] Co Author Listing * Large Scale Multi-View RGBD Visual Affordance Learning Dataset, A

Khalife, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Aerial Vehicle Protection Level Reduction by Fusing GNSS and Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity
* Exploiting On-Demand 5G Downlink Signals for Opportunistic Navigation
* I Hear, Therefore I Know Where I Am: Compensating for GNSS Limitations with Cellular Signals
* Performance Analysis of Opportunistic ARAIM for Navigation With GNSS Signals Fused With Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity
Includes: Khalife, J.[Joe] Khalife, J.

Khalife, J.J.[Joe J.] Co Author Listing * Information Fusion Strategies for Collaborative Inertial Radio SLAM

Khalifeh Soltanian, F. Co Author Listing * Flood Monitoring Using Ndwi and Mndwi Spectral Indices: a Case Study Of Aghqala Flood-2019, Golestan Province, Iran

Khalifeh, H.A. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Framework For Accurate Classification of Pulmonary Nodules, A
* Deep Learning-Based CAD System For Renal Allograft Assessment: Diffusion, Bold, And Clinical Biomarkers, A
* Novel Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Early Assessment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, A
* Novel CT-Based Descriptors for Precise Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules, A
Includes: Khalifeh, H.A. Khalifeh, H.A.[Hadil Abu]

Khalifeh, I.[Issa] Co Author Listing * Efficient Convolution and Transformer-based Network for Video Frame Interpolation
* Multi-encoder Network for Parameter Reduction of a Kernel-based Interpolation Architecture

Khaligh, S.P.[Sepehr Pourrezaei] Co Author Listing * Hitch Angle Estimation of a Towing Vehicle With Arbitrary Configuration

Khalighi Sigaroodi, S. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of TRMM-3B42V7 and Persiann-CDR Daily-precipitation Products For The Southern Slopes of Alborz Mountains, Iran
Includes: Khalighi Sigaroodi, S. Khalighi-Sigaroodi, S.

Khalighi, A.H.[Amir H.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Framework for the Characterization of the Complete Mitral Valve Geometry for the Development of a Population-Averaged Model, A

Khalighi, M.M. Co Author Listing * Design Features and Mutual Compatibility Studies of the Time-of-Flight PET Capable GE SIGNA PET/MR System
* Real-Time Gain Control of PET Detectors and Evaluation With Challenging Radionuclides

Khalil Hani, M. Co Author Listing * real-time near infrared image acquisition system based on image quality assessment, A
Includes: Khalil Hani, M. Khalil-Hani, M.

Khalil, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Marine Glacier Calving Fronts Using the 2-D Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima Segmentation Method
* Comparative study to analyze the effect of aging on microvascular blood flow by processing laser speckle contrast images when Lorentzian and Gaussian velocity profiles are assumed for moving scatterers
* Deep Learning-Based CAD System For Renal Allograft Assessment: Diffusion, Bold, And Clinical Biomarkers, A
* Detecting and Localizing Prostate Cancer from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* H-BIM and The Domains of Data Investigations of Heritage Buildings Current State of The Art
* new deep-learning approach for early detection of shape variations in autism using structural mri, A
* Real Time Automatic Urban Traffic Management Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Network Under Limited Resources Constraint
* Role of Integrating Diffusion MR Image-Markers with Clinical-Biomarkers For Early Assessment of Renal Transplants
* Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results
Includes: Khalil, A.[Andre] Khalil, A. Khalil, A.[Alami]
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Khalil, D.[Douaa] Co Author Listing * OSPC: Online Sequential Photometric Calibration

Khalil, F.F.[Fouad F.] Co Author Listing * Deformable Object Segmentation and Contour Tracking in Image Sequences Using Unsupervised Networks

Khalil, H. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Closed-Loop Approach to Predictive Vector Quantizer Design with Application in Video Coding, The
* Asymptotic Closed-loop Design of Predictive Multi-stage Vector Quantizers
* DCT of Spatially Adaptive Subsampled Interframes for Image Sequence Coding
* Lowering Frame-Buffering Requirements of 3-D Wavelet Transform Coding of Interactive Video
* Multi-stage Vector Quantizer Design for Image Transmission Over Packet Networks
* Open-loop design of predictive vector quantizers for video coding
* Predictive multistage vector quantizer design using asymptotic closed-loop optimization
* Three-Dimensional Video Compression Using Subband/Wavelet Transform with Lower Buffering Requirements
Includes: Khalil, H. Khalil, H.[Hosam]
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Khalil, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * context-aware approach for long-term behavioural change detection and abnormality prediction in ambient assisted living, A
* Coral Reef Mapping of UAV: A Comparison of Sun Glint Correction Methods
* Online Algorithm for Opportunistic Handling of Received Packets in Vehicular Networks
* Security-Enhanced Certificateless Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, A
* Social Media Identity Deception Detection: A Survey
Includes: Khalil, I.[Ibrahim] Khalil, I.[Idham] Khalil, I.

Khalil, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Network Applications in Industry 4.0: A Review

Khalil, J.E.[J. El_Sayeh] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh coding with predefined region-of-interest
* Scalable Wavelet-Based Coding of Irregular Meshes With Interactive Region-of-Interest Support

Khalil, K. Co Author Listing * Representing plane closed curves with Hartley descriptors

Khalil, M.[Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Automatic analysis of human posture equilibrium using empirical mode decomposition
* Automotive radar system for multiple-vehicle detection and tracking in urban environments
* Building a multi-modal Arabic corpus (MMAC)
* Calibrated Multi-temporal Edge Images for City Infrastructure Growth Assessment And Prediction
* Database for Arabic Printed Character Recognition, A
* Dimension Reduction of Hyperspectral Image with Rare Event Preserving
* Fusing wavelet and short-term features for speaker identification in noisy environment
* Harris, SIFT and SURF features comparison for vehicle localization based on virtual 3D model and camera
* Improved Watermark Extraction Exploiting Undeterminated Source Separation Methods
* Incep-EEGNEt: A Convnet for Motor Imagery Decoding
* joint 3D image semantic segmentation and scalable coding scheme with ROI approach, A
* Light Field Image Compression Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Linear Approximation
* optimal elastic partial shape matching via shape geodesics, An
* Performance analysis of ECG signal denoising methods in transform domain
* Robust audio watermarking based on multi-carrier modulation
* Selection algorithm for parameters to characterize uterine EHG signals for the detection of preterm labor
* SimiNet: A Novel Method for Quantifying Brain Network Similarity
* Use of AHP Within GIS for Destructed Areas in Damascus, Syria, The
Includes: Khalil, M.[Mohamad] Khalil, M.[Mohammed] Khalil, M.[Mahmoud] Khalil, M.
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Khalil, M.A.[Mohamad Ali] Co Author Listing * Integration of Deep Learning and Transfer Learning for Earthquake-Risk Assessment in the Eurasian Region, An
* Potential Factors That Trigger the Suspension of Calcium Carbonate Sediments and Whiting in a Semi-Enclosed Gulf
* Sensors, Features, and Machine Learning for Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring: A Review
* Spatial and Temporal Inversion of Land Surface Temperature along Coastal Cities in Arid Regions

Khalil, M.E.[Mina E.] Co Author Listing * Correction of Left Ventricle Strain Signals Estimated from Tagged MR Images

Khalil, M.I.[Mahmoud I.] Co Author Listing * Affine invariants for object recognition using the wavelet transform
* BioSecure signature evaluation campaign (BSEC'2009): Evaluating online signature algorithms depending on the quality of signatures
* Dual Perspective Network for Audio-Visual Event Localization
* Dyadic Wavelet Affine Invariant Function for 2D Shape Recognition, A
* EERC-MAC: Energy efficient Receiver Centric MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor network
* Enhanced DTW based on-line signature verification
* Fast 3D tracking and quantization of small vascular structures in 3D medical images
* Illumination invariant face recognition in logarithm Discrete Cosine Transform domain
* Invariant 2D object recognition using the wavelet modulus maxima
* Time Efficient Receiver Oriented Sleep Scheduling for Underwater Sensor Network
Includes: Khalil, M.I.[Mahmoud I.] Khalil, M.I.[Mostafa I.] Khalil, M.I.[Md Ibrahim] Khalil, M.I.
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Khalil, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Verification Using the Texture of Fingerprint Image
* Pixel distribution-based features for offline Arabic handwritten word recognition
Includes: Khalil, M.S.[Mohammed S.] Khalil, M.S.[Mohammed Sayim]

Khalil, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * Synthetic training in object detection

Khalil, S.[Sundus] Co Author Listing * novel unsupervised ensemble framework using concept-based linguistic methods and machine learning for twitter sentiment analysis, A

Khalil, T.[Tehmina] Co Author Listing * Improved automated detection of glaucoma from fundus image using hybrid structural and textural features
* study to identify limitations of existing automated systems to detect glaucoma at initial and curable stage, A

Khalil, W. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Identification of Passenger Car Dynamics Using Robotics Formalism
* Modeling and Simulating a Narrow Tilting Car Using Robotics Formalism

Khalil, Y.M.[Yasser M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment Analysis of Flood Susceptibility in Tropical Desert Area: A Case Study of Yemen

Khalili Mahani, N.[Najmeh] Co Author Listing * Principles for Designing an mHealth App for Participatory Research and Management of Chronic Pain
Includes: Khalili Mahani, N.[Najmeh] Khalili-Mahani, N.[Najmeh]

Khalili, A.[Azam] Co Author Listing * Diffusion augmented complex adaptive IIR algorithm for training widely linear ARMA models
* Fast Parallel Model Estimation on the CELL Broadband Engine
* Incremental augmented complex adaptive IIR algorithm for training widely linear ARMA model
* incremental LMS network with reduced communication delay, An
* Steady-state analysis of quantized distributed incremental LMS algorithm without Gaussian restriction
Includes: Khalili, A.[Azam] Khalili, A.[Ali]

Khalili, A.H.[Amir Hossein] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical preference learning for light control from user feedback

Khalili, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * development and application of a multiple wavelength illumination technique for the vision-based process monitoring of aero-structure riveting, The

Khalili, M.A.[Mohammad Amin] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Mean Deformation Rates Based on APS-Corrected InSAR Data Using Unsupervised Clustering Algorithms

Khalili, M.H. Co Author Listing * Harmful Algal Blooms Monitoring Using Sentinel-2 Satellite Images

Khalili, N. Co Author Listing * email: Khalili, N.: N Khalili AT ee surrey ac uk
* Curvature and torsion feature extraction from free-form 3-D meshes at multiple scales
* Curvature Computation on Free-Form 3-D Meshes at Multiple Scales
* Curvature Estimation on Smoothed 3-D Meshes
* Deep Learning Analysis of Coronary Arteries in Cardiac CT Angiography for Detection of Patients Requiring Invasive Coronary Angiography
* Estimation of Error in Curvature Computation on Multi-Scale Free-Form Surfaces
* Free-Form 3-D Object Recognition at Multiple Scales
* Free-Form Surface Description in Multiple Scales: Extension to Incomplete Surfaces
* Multi-Scale 3-d Free-Form Surface Smoothing
* Multi-Scale 3-D Surface Description: Open and Closed Surfaces
* Multi-scale free-form 3D object recognition using 3D models
Includes: Khalili, N. Khalili, N.[Nasser]
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Khalili, S. Co Author Listing * Cloud Radio-Multistatic Radar: Joint Optimization of Code Vector and Backhaul Quantization
* Code-Aided Channel Tracking and Decoding Over Sparse Fast-Fading Multipath Channels With an Application to Train Backbone Networks

Khalilia, M.A.[Mohammed A.] Co Author Listing * Improvements to the relational fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm

Khalilian, H. Co Author Listing * Video Watermarking With Empirical PCA-Based Decoding

Khalilnia, M.H. Co Author Listing * Modeling of urban growth using cellular automata (CA) optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

Khalilpour, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Automatic selection and fusion of color spaces for image thresholding

Khaliluzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Stairways detection based on approach evaluation and vertical vanishing point

Khalin, A.[Anatolii] Co Author Listing * On Computer Mouse Pointing Model Online Identification and Endpoint Prediction

Khaliq, A.[Aleem] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Satellite and UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery for Vineyard Variability Assessment
* Domain-Adversarial Training of Self-Attention-Based Networks for Land Cover Classification Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
* Generic Framework for Assessing the Performance Bounds of Image Feature Detectors, A
* Multi-Image Super Resolution of Remotely Sensed Images Using Residual Attention Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Khaliq, A.[Aleem] Khaliq, A.[Ahmad]

Khaliq, A.A.[Amir A.] Co Author Listing * modified POCS-based reconstruction method for compressively sampled MR imaging, A
* Unmixing functional magnetic resonance imaging data using matrix factorization

Khaliq, T.[Tasneem] Co Author Listing * Changes in Snow Cover Dynamics over the Indus Basin: Evidences from 2008 to 2018 MODIS NDSI Trends Analysis
* Observed Changes in Crop Yield Associated with Droughts Propagation via Natural and Human-Disturbed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan

Khalitov, R.[Ruslan] Co Author Listing * Paramixer: Parameterizing Mixing Links in Sparse Factors Works Better than Dot-Product Self-Attention

Khalkhali, M.B.[Maryam Baradaran] Co Author Listing * Multi-Target State Estimation Using Interactive Kalman Filter for Multi-Vehicle Tracking
* Situation Assessment-Augmented Interactive Kalman Filter for Multi-Vehicle Tracking

Khallaghi, S. Co Author Listing * Biomechanically Constrained Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
* Statistical Biomechanical Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions

Khallil, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Local Histogram Analysis for Edge Detection

Khalloufi, H. Co Author Listing * V-Museum: A Virtual Museum Based on Augmented and Virtual Realities for Cultural Heritage Mediation

Khallouki, H. Co Author Listing * Multimedia documents adaptive platform using multi-agent system and mobile ubiquitous environment

Khalooei, M. Co Author Listing * Adversarially Learned One-Class Classifier for Novelty Detection
* Self-Supervised Representation Learning via Neighborhood-Relational Encoding

Khalsa, S.J. Co Author Listing * Visualisation Of Dependencies Between City Structure And Thermal Behaviour In Brno

Khalsa, S.J.S. Co Author Listing * Improved Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Sensors

Khalsi, R.[Rania] Co Author Listing * Novel System for Deep Contour Classifiers Certification Under Filtering Attacks, A

Khalvati, F. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Breast in 3-D MR Images Using a Robust Atlas
* Discovery Radiomics for Pathologically-Proven Computed Tomography Lung Cancer Prediction
* Discovery Radiomics via a Mixture of Deep ConvNet Sequencers for Multi-parametric MRI Prostate Cancer Classification
* efficient architecture for hardware implementations of image processing algorithms, An
* Fully Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Segmentation of the Prostate Gland in Diffusion-Weighted MR Images
* Increasing Computational Redundancy of Digital Images via Multiresolutional Matching
* Machine Learning-Driven Approach to Computational Physiological Modeling of Skin Cancer, A
* Noise-Compensated, Bias-Corrected Diffusion Weighted Endorectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging via a Stochastically Fully-Connected Joint Conditional Random Field Model
* Segmentation of Prostate in Diffusion MR Images via Clustering
* Statistical Textural Distinctiveness in Multi-Parametric Prostate MRI for Suspicious Region Detection
* Using Large Text To Image Models with Structured Prompts for Skin Disease Identification: A Case Study
* Window memoization: an efficient hardware architecture for high-performance image processing
* Window memoization: toward high-performance image processing software
Includes: Khalvati, F. Khalvati, F.[Farzad]
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Khalyasmaa, A.I.[Alexandra I.] Co Author Listing * Industry Experience of Developing Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Plant Forecasting System Based on Machine Learning

Khalyavka, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Library of Sample Image Instances for the Cutting Path Problem

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