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Srivanit, M.[Manat] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Association of Spatial Capital and Economic Diversity in the Tourist City of Surat Thani, Thailand

Srivaratharasan, T.[Tharmalingam] Co Author Listing * Application of Geospatial Techniques for Groundwater Quality and Availability Assessment: A Case Study in Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka

Srivastav, A. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Quantum Evolutionary Algorithms for Difficult Knapsack Problems
* Self-organization of sensor networks for detection of pervasive faults
* Symbolic dynamic filtering for image analysis: Theory and experimental validation
Includes: Srivastav, A. Srivastav, A.[Abhishek]

Srivastav, R.[Roshan] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Variability of Hydrological Responses in Urbanizing Watershed
* Uncertainties in Prediction of Streamflows Using SWAT Model: Role of Remote Sensing and Precipitation Sources

Srivastav, S.K. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Effect of Training Sampling Design on the Performance of Machine Learning Classifiers for Land Cover Mapping Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data and Google Earth Engine
* Estimation of Hydro-meteorological Extremes In Beas Basin Over Historic, Present and Future Scenario

Srivastav, V. Co Author Listing * Synergistic Use of Remote Sensing, GIS and Hydrological Models For Study of August 2018 Kerala Floods

Srivastava, A.[Anuj] Co Author Listing * email: Srivastava, A.[Anuj]: anuj AT stat fsu edu
* 2D Affine and Projective Shape Analysis
* 3D Curve Interpolation and Object Reconstruction
* 3D dynamic expression recognition based on a novel Deformation Vector Field and Random Forest
* 3D Face Recognition under Expressions, Occlusions, and Pose Variations
* 4-D Facial Expression Recognition by Learning Geometric Deformations
* 4D Atlas: Statistical Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Variability in Longitudinal 3D Shape Data
* Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation by the Integration of TLS and ALOS PALSAR Data Using Machine Learning
* Accurate 3D action recognition using learning on the Grassmann manifold
* Action Recognition Using Rate-Invariant Analysis of Skeletal Shape Trajectories
* Affine-invariant, elastic shape analysis of planar contours
* AGA-GAN: Attribute Guided Attention Generative Adversarial Network with U-Net for face hallucination
* Algorithmic and Architectural Optimizations for Computationally Efficient Particle Filtering
* Analysis of Planar Shapes Using Geodesic Paths on Shape Spaces
* Analytical Image Models and Their Applications
* Analytical Models for Reduced Spectral Representations of Images
* Analyzing Dynamical Brain Functional Connectivity as Trajectories on Space of Covariance Matrices
* Asymptotic performance analysis of Bayesian object recognition
* Bayesian Active Contours with Affine-Invariant, Elastic Shape Prior
* Bayesian MRF Framework for Labeling Terrain Using Hyperspectral Imaging, A
* Bayesian Tracking of Video Graphs Using Joint Kalman Smoothing and Registration
* Blurring-invariant Riemannian metrics for comparing signals and images
* Characterizing Cell Shape Distributions Using k-Mode Kernel Mixtures
* Compact Probability Model for Natural Clutter, A
* comparison between conceptual clustering and conventional clustering, A
* Contour Inferences for Image Understanding
* ConVol-E: Continuous Volumetric Embeddings for Human-Centric Dense Correspondence Estimation
* Cyclostationary Processes on Shape Spaces for Gait-Based Recognition
* Detection of Shapes in 2D Point Clouds Generated from Images
* Determination of Optimal Location for Setting Up Cell Phone Tower In City Environment Using Lidar Data
* Differential geometric representations and algorithms for some pattern recognition and computer vision problems
* Dynamic-Zone-Based Coordinated Ramp-Metering Algorithm With Queue Constraints for Minnesota's Freeways, A
* Elastic functional coding of human actions: From vector-fields to latent variables
* Elastic Functional Coding of Riemannian Trajectories
* elastic functional data analysis framework for preoperative evaluation of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An
* Elastic Geodesic Paths in Shape Space of Parameterized Surfaces
* Elastic Handling of Predictor Phase in Functional Regression Models
* Elastic radial curves to model 3D facial deformations
* Elastic Riemannian frameworks and statistical tools for shape analysis
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Cylindrical Surfaces for 3D/2D Registration in Endometrial Tissue Characterization
* Elastic Shape Analysis of Tree-Like 3D Objects Using Extended SRVF Representation
* Elastic Shape Matching of Parameterized Surfaces Using Square Root Normal Fields
* Elastic Shape Models for Face Analysis Using Curvilinear Coordinates
* Elastic shapes models for improving segmentation of object boundaries in synthetic aperture sonar images
* Elastic symmetry analysis of anatomical structures
* Elastic-string models for representation and analysis of planar shapes
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Face recognition using optimal linear components of range images
* Fast Content Aware Image Retargeting
* Fitting Curves on Riemannian Manifolds Using Energy Minimization
* Fitting smoothing splines to time-indexed, noisy points on nonlinear manifolds
* fully statistical framework for shape detection in image primitives, A
* Fusion of Global and Local Motion Estimation Using Foreground Objects for Distributed Video Coding
* Gauge Invariant Framework for Shape Analysis of Surfaces
* Gaussian Blurring-Invariant Comparison of Signals and Images
* Generation of 3D Canonical Anatomical Models: An Experience on Carpal Bones
* Geo-FARM: Geodesic Factor Regression Model for Misaligned Pre-shape Responses in Statistical Shape Analysis
* Geodesics Between 3D Closed Curves Using Path-Straightening
* Geometric Analysis of Axonal Tree Structures
* geometric analysis of ODFs as oriented surfaces for interpolation, averaging and denoising in HARDI data, A
* GIS Mapping of Short-Term Noisy Event of Diwali Night in Lucknow City
* Global Analysis of Atmospheric Transmissivity Using Cloud Cover, Aridity and Flux Network Datasets
* GMSRF-Net: An Improved generalizability with Global Multi-Scale Residual Fusion Network for Polyp Segmentation
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Shape Analysis and Its Applications in Image Understanding
* Handwritten Text Segmentation Using Elastic Shape Analysis
* Heterogeneous Visible Light and Radio Communication for Improving Safety Message Dissemination at Road Intersection
* Hierarchical Organization of Shapes for Efficient Retrieval
* Hilbert-Schmidt Lower Bounds for Estimators on Matrix Lie Groups for ATR
* Image Segmentation Using Local Spectral Histograms
* Impact of INSAT-3D/3DR Radiance Data Assimilation in Predicting Tropical Cyclone Titli Over the Bay of Bengal
* Intrinsic Bayesian Active Contours for Extraction of Object Boundaries in Images
* Intrinsic Framework for Analysis of Facial Surfaces, An
* Ionospheric Perturbations Due to Large Thunderstorms and the Resulting Mechanical and Acoustic Signatures
* Local 3D Shape Analysis for Facial Expression Recognition
* Looking for Shapes in Two-Dimensional Cluttered Point Clouds
* MASON: A Model AgnoStic ObjectNess Framework
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Biological Growth Variables
* Melody Generation from Lyrics Using Three Branch Conditional LSTM-GAN
* Metric-Based Pairwise and Multiple Image Registration
* Modeling Shape Dynamics During Cell Motility in Microscopy Videos
* Modeling spatial patterns of shapes
* Multiple Target Direction of Arrival Tracking
* Multiscale Variability of Hydrological Responses in Urbanizing Watershed
* Nasal Region Contribution in 3D Face Biometrics Using Shape Analysis Framework
* Novel Framework for Metric-Based Image Registration, A
* Novel Representation for Riemannian Analysis of Elastic Curves in Rn, A
* novel riemannian framework for shape analysis of 3D objects, A
* Numerical Inversion of SRNF Maps for Elastic Shape Analysis of Genus-Zero Surfaces
* Numerical Inversion of SRNFs for Efficient Elastic Shape Analysis of Star-Shaped Objects
* On advances in differential-geometric approaches for 2D and 3D shape analyses and activity recognition
* On Advances in Statistical Modeling of Natural Images
* On Shape of Plane Elastic Curves
* On the choice of number of superstates in the aggregation of Markov chains
* Optimal linear representations of images for object recognition
* Parallel Transport of Deformations in Shape Space of Elastic Surfaces
* Parameterization-Invariant Shape Comparisons of Anatomical Surfaces
* Pattern theory for representation and inference of semantic structures in videos
* Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities
* Pattern-Theoretic Characterization of Biological Growth, A
* Pose and Expression-invariant 3d Face Recognition using Elastic Radial Curves
* Probability Models for Clutter in Natural Images
* ProxEdit: Improving Tuning-Free Real Image Editing with Proximal Guidance
* Rate-Invariant Analysis of Covariance Trajectories
* Rate-Invariant Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds with Application in Visual Speech Recognition
* Rate-invariant comparisons of covariance paths for visual speech recognition
* Removing Shape-Preserving Transformations in Square-Root Elastic (SRE) Framework for Shape Analysis of Curves
* Representations, Metrics and Statistics for Shape Analysis of Elastic Graphs
* Riemannian analysis of 3D nose shapes for partial human biometrics, A
* Riemannian Analysis of Probability Density Functions with Applications in Vision
* Riemannian Elastic Metric for Shape-Based Plant Leaf Classification, A
* Riemannian Optimization for Registration of Curves in Elastic Shape Analysis
* Robust 3D Garment Digitization from Monocular 2D Images for 3D Virtual Try-On Systems
* Selecting 3d Curves On The Nasal Surface Using Adaboost for Person Authentication
* Shadow Segmentation in SAS and SAR Using Bayesian Elastic Contours
* Shape Analysis of Elastic Curves in Euclidean Spaces
* Shape Analysis of Functional Data With Elastic Partial Matching
* Shape analysis of local facial patches for 3D facial expression recognition
* Shape Analysis of Open Curves in R3 with Applications to Study of Fiber Tracts in DT-MRI Data
* SHARP: Shape-Aware Reconstruction of People in Loose Clothing
* Silhouette-based gesture and action recognition via modeling trajectories on Riemannian shape manifolds
* Single Image Haze Removal With Haze Map Optimization for Various Haze Concentrations
* Spaces and subspaces of images for recognition
* Spatially Coherent Interpretations of Videos Using Pattern Theory
* Spectral Probability Models for IR Images With Applications to IR Face Recognition
* spectral representation for appearance-based classification and recognition, A
* SrvfRegNet: Elastic Function Registration Using Deep Neural Networks
* Statistical analysis of manual segmentations of structures in medical images
* Statistical analysis on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds with applications in computer vision
* Statistical Computations on Grassmann and Stiefel Manifolds for Image and Video-Based Recognition
* Statistical hypothesis pruning for identifying faces from infrared images
* Statistical Shape Analysis: Clustering, Learning, and Testing
* Statistical shape models of plant leaves
* Statistical Shape Models Using Elastic-String Representations
* SUPIR: Surface Uncertainty-Penalized, Non-rigid Image Registration for Pelvic CT Imaging
* Surface Shape Morphometry for Hippocampal Modeling in Alzheimer's Disease
* Temporal Alignment Improves Feature Quality: An Experiment on Activity Recognition with Accelerometer Data
* Temporally coherent interpretations for long videos using pattern theory
* Testing Stationarity of Brain Functional Connectivity Using Change-Point Detection in fMRI Data
* Three-Dimensional Face Recognition Using Shapes of Facial Curves
* two-sample test for statistical comparisons of shape populations, A
* Universal Analytical Forms for Modeling Image Probabilities
* Variational Information Bottleneck Based Method to Compress Sequential Networks for Human Action Recognition, A
Includes: Srivastava, A.[Anuj] Srivastava, A. Srivastava, A.[Ankur] Srivastava, A.[Abhishek] Srivastava, A.[Anurag] Srivastava, A.[Astitva] Srivastava, A.[Awadhesh] Srivastava, A.[Anubhava] Srivastava, A.[Anand] Srivastava, A.[Abhay] Srivastava, A.[Amit] Srivastava, A.[Amber] Srivastava, A.[Akash] Srivastava, A.[Ananya] Srivastava, A.[Ayush]
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Srivastava, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Carbon Productivity Trends and Their Resilience to Drought Disturbances in the Middle East Based on Multi-Decadal Space-Based Datasets
* Mapping Smallholder Wheat Yields and Sowing Dates Using Micro-Satellite Data
* Simulating the Leaf Area Index of Rice from Multispectral Images
* Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Planet Imagery to Map Crop Type of Smallholder Farms
Includes: Srivastava, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Srivastava, A.K.[Amit K.]

Srivastava, A.N. Co Author Listing * Data Mining for Features Using Scale-Sensitive Gated Experts
* Privacy-Preserving Outlier Detection Through Random Nonlinear Data Distortion
* Trajectory Clustering and an Application to Airspace Monitoring
* Virtual Sensors: Using Data Mining Techniques to Efficiently Estimate Remote Sensing Spectra

Srivastava, D.[Divyansh] Co Author Listing * Corrupting Neuron Explanations of Deep Visual Features
* How You Feelin'? Learning Emotions and Mental States in Movie Scenes
* Image coding using generalized optimal subband decomposition and vector quantization
* Multimodal Humor Dataset: Predicting Laughter tracks for Sitcoms
Includes: Srivastava, D.[Divyansh] Srivastava, D.[Dhruv] Srivastava, D.[Durgesh] Srivastava, D.[Deepankar]

Srivastava, D.K.[Devesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * Efficient image steganography using graph signal processing

Srivastava, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Lightweight and Secured V2V Communication in the Internet of Vehicles
* Cascade of Box (CABOX) Filters for Optimal Scale Space Approximation
* Colon tumor localization using three input variants to Faster Region-based Convolutional Neural Network and lazy snapping
* Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Trends, and Future Roadmap
* Data Freshness Optimization Under CAA in the UAV-Aided MECN: A Potential Game Perspective
* Deep Active Learning Intrusion Detection and Load Balancing in Software-Defined Vehicular Networks
* Deep Neural Networks for Detecting Real Emotions Using Biofeedback and Voice
* Deviation Point Curriculum Learning for Trajectory Outlier Detection in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
* Efficient Multimedia Frame-Skipping Architecture Using Deep Learning in Vehicular Networks
* Fake Review Classification Using Supervised Machine Learning
* Fast Encryption Scheme Suitable for Video Surveillance Applications Using SHA-256 Hash Function and 1D Sine-Sine Chaotic Map, A
* Fault-Tolerance Mechanisms for Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on AI-Empowered Trajectory Analytics in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Hybrid Group Anomaly Detection for Sequence Data: Application to Trajectory Data Analytics
* Hybrid RESNET and Regional Convolution Neural Network Framework for Accident Estimation in Smart Roads
* Hyper-graph-based attention curriculum learning using a lexical algorithm for mental health
* Intelligent Deep Fusion Network for Anomaly Identification in Maritime Transportation Systems
* Intelligent Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Road Crack Detection
* Large Visual Repository Search with Hash Collision Design Optimization
* Locality-constrained Low Rank Coding for face recognition
* Low-rank embedding for semisupervised face classification
* novel evidence accumulation framework for robust multi-camera person detection, A
* Optimized Security Algorithms for Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicular Transportation Systems
* Predictive model for battery life in IoT networks
* PSO-based Sanitization Process with Multi-thresholds Model, A
* Salient object detection using background subtraction, Gabor filters, objectness and minimum directional backgroundness
* Secure Intelligent System for Internet of Vehicles: Case Study on Traffic Forecasting, A
* Self-attention-based conditional random fields latent variables model for sequence labeling
* Speech Emotion Recognition Enhanced Traffic Efficiency Solution for Autonomous Vehicles in a 5G-Enabled Space-Air-Ground Integrated Intelligent Transportation System
* Two-Phase Anomaly Detection Model for Secure Intelligent Transportation Ride-Hailing Trajectories, A
* Uncertain-Driven Analytics of Sequence Data in IoCV Environments
* User-interactive salient object detection using YOLOv2, lazy snapping, and gabor filters
* Using objective ground-truth labels created by multiple annotators for improved video classification: A comparative study
* Vehicle detection using improved region convolution neural network for accident prevention in smart roads
* Vision Transformer Approach for Traffic Congestion Prediction in Urban Areas, A
Includes: Srivastava, G.[Gautam] Srivastava, G.[Gaurav] Srivastava, G.[Gargi] Srivastava, G.[Garima] Srivastava, G.
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Srivastava, H.S. Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Moisture Using C-Band Quad-Polarized RISAT1 Data

Srivastava, J.[Jaideep] Co Author Listing * Scalable clustering by aggregating representatives in hierarchical groups

Srivastava, J.B. Co Author Listing * Complete visual metrology using relative affine structure
* Framework for Reconstruction based Recognition of Partially Occluded Repeated Objects, A
* Novel view synthesis using a translating camera
* Object Category Detection by Statistical Test of Hypothesis
* On Exploiting Affine Repetitions for 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image
* On the view synthesis of man-made scenes using uncalibrated cameras
* Reconstruction Based Recognition of Scenes with Multiple Repeated Components
* Reconstruction-Based Recognition of Scenes with Translationally Repeated Quadrics
* Symmetry based 3D reconstruction of repeated cylinders
* View Synthesis of Scenes with Multiple Independently Translating Objects from Uncalibrated Views
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Srivastava, K.[Kushagra] Co Author Listing * UAV-based Visual Remote Sensing for Automated Building Inspection

Srivastava, M. Co Author Listing * Binarized Convolutional Neural Networks with Separable Filters for Efficient Hardware Acceleration
* Depth Estimation from Camera Image and mmWave Radar Point Cloud
* Enhancing Robustness in Federated Learning by Supervised Anomaly Detection
Includes: Srivastava, M. Srivastava, M.[Mani]

Srivastava, M.B. Co Author Listing * Exploring Tradeoffs in Accuracy, Energy and Latency of Scale Invariant Feature Transform in Wireless Camera Networks

Srivastava, M.M.[Muktabh Mayank] Co Author Listing * Bag of Tricks for Retail Product Image Classification
* Benchmark for Generic Product Detection: A Low Data Baseline for Dense Object Detection
* Boosted Cascaded Convnets for Multilabel Classification of Thoracic Diseases in Chest Radiographs
* Multi-domain Document Layout Understanding Using Few-shot Object Detection

Srivastava, M.P.[Mayur P.] Co Author Listing * Irregular, unknown light sources in dynamic global illumination

Srivastava, N.[Nitish] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Image-trained CNN Architectures for Unconstrained Video Classification
* On the generalization of learning-based 3D reconstruction
* Unconstrained Scene Generation with Locally Conditioned Radiance Fields

Srivastava, P.[Prashant] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using multiresolution speeded-up robust feature
* ConvGeN: A convex space learning approach for deep-generative oversampling and imbalanced classification of small tabular datasets
* Dynamic Cross-Feature Fusion for American Sign Language Translation
* Integration of wavelet transform, Local Binary Patterns and moments for content-based image retrieval
* Multimodal Image Segmentation Using a Modified Hopfield Neural Network
* PI-lambda-D-mu controller design for underactuated mechanical systems
Includes: Srivastava, P.[Prashant] Srivastava, P.[Priyanshu] Srivastava, P.[Pramod] Srivastava, P.

Srivastava, P.K.[Prashant K.] Co Author Listing * Appraisal of SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Product from a Global Perspective
* Assessment of a Dynamic Physically Based Slope Stability Model to Evaluate Timing and Distribution of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides
* Comments on Automated Determination of Snow Water Equivalent by Acoustic Reflectometry
* DEM Generation from High Resolution Multi-View Data product
* Development of High-Resolution Soil Hydraulic Parameters with Use of Earth Observations for Enhancing Root Zone Soil Moisture Product
* Direct Construction of Asymptotically Optimal Type-II ZCP for Every Possible Even Length, A
* Evaluating the Performance of PRISMA Shortwave Infrared Imaging Sensor for Mapping Hydrothermally Altered and Weathered Minerals Using the Machine Learning Paradigm
* Evaluation of Simulated AVIRIS-NG Imagery Using a Spectral Reconstruction Method for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content
* Identification of Painted Rock-Shelter Sites Using GIS Integrated with a Decision Support System and Fuzzy Logic
* In-flight Geometric Calibration: An experience with CARTOSAT-1 and CARTOSAT-2
* Integrated Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis Model to Assess and Predict the Degradation of Protected Forest Areas, An
* Integrating Multi-Sensors Data for Species Distribution Mapping Using Deep Learning and Envelope Models
* Integration of Microwave and Optical/Infrared Derived Datasets for a Drought Hazard Inventory in a Sub-Tropical Region of India
* Long Strip Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 with Minimum Control
* Objective color image quality assessment based on Sobel magnitude
* Operational Soil Moisture from ASCAT in Support of Water Resources Management
* Predicting the Forest Canopy Height from LiDAR and Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning over India
* Random Forests with Bagging and Genetic Algorithms Coupled with Least Trimmed Squares Regression for Soil Moisture Deficit Using SMOS Satellite Soil Moisture
* Rational Polynomial Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 data
* Robust Stereo Image Matching for Spaceborne Imagery
* Satellite Based Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Is Congruent with Plant Diversity in India
* Spaceborne Multifrequency PolInSAR-Based Inversion Modelling for Forest Height Retrieval
* Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using Earth Observation Sentinel 5P TROPOMI Data: Impact of Stubble Burning a Case Study
* Use of Hyperion for Mangrove Forest Carbon Stock Assessment in Bhitarkanika Forest Reserve: A Contribution Towards Blue Carbon Initiative
Includes: Srivastava, P.K.[Prashant K.] Srivastava, P.K. Srivastava, P.K.[Prashant Kumar]
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Srivastava, R.[Ruchir] Co Author Listing * Accumulated motion images for facial expression recognition in videos
* Accuracy assessment of a hand-held PPG based ECG acquisition device using 2-D CNN
* Automated digital mammogram segmentation using Dispersed Region Growing and Sliding Window Algorithm
* Colon tumor localization using three input variants to Faster Region-based Convolutional Neural Network and lazy snapping
* Content-based mammogram retrieval using k-means clustering and local binary pattern
* Edge Preserving Image Fusion Based on Contourlet Transform
* Effective image retrieval based on hybrid features with weighted similarity measure and query image classification
* Local energy-based multimodal medical image fusion in curvelet domain
* MAdVerse: A Hierarchical Dataset of Multi-Lingual Ads from Diverse Sources and Categories
* Novel Probabilistic Contrast-Based Complex Salient Object Detection, A
* Object sequences: encoding categorical and spatial information for a yes/no visual question answering task
* Restoration of Poisson noise corrupted digital images with nonlinear PDE based filters along with the choice of regularization parameter estimation
* Salient object detection using background subtraction, Gabor filters, objectness and minimum directional backgroundness
* Three stage deep network for 3D human pose reconstruction by exploiting spatial and temporal data via its 2D pose
* User-interactive salient object detection using YOLOv2, lazy snapping, and gabor filters
Includes: Srivastava, R.[Ruchir] Srivastava, R.[Rohini] Srivastava, R. Srivastava, R.[Rajeev] Srivastava, R.[Richa] Srivastava, R.[Rishabh]
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Srivastava, R.K.[Rajneesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * Combining Zernike moment and complex wavelet transform for human object classification
* ContextVP: Fully Context-Aware Video Prediction
* Curvelet transform based moving object segmentation
* From captions to visual concepts and back
* Moving object segmentation in Daubechies complex wavelet domain
* Moving shadow detection and removal: A wavelet transform based approach
* Single change detection-based moving object segmentation by using Daubechies complex wavelet transform
Includes: Srivastava, R.K.[Rajneesh Kumar] Srivastava, R.K.[Rupesh Kumar] Srivastava, R.K.[Rupesh K.]
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Srivastava, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Confocal Microendoscope Images for Automatic Detection of Ovarian Cancer
* Automatic Feeding Control for Dense Aquaculture Fish Tanks
* Beyond Image to Depth: Improving Depth Prediction using Echoes
* Beyond Mono to Binaural: Generating Binaural Audio from Mono Audio with Depth and Cross Modal Attention
* Brain tumor segmentation and classification from magnetic resonance images: Review of selected methods from 2014 to 2019
* CAFT: Class Aware Frequency Transform for Reducing Domain Gap
* Controllable 3D Generative Adversarial Face Model via Disentangling Shape and Appearance
* Crowd flow estimation using multiple visual features for scenes with changing crowd densities
* DeepPoint3D: Learning discriminative local descriptors using deep metric learning on 3D point clouds
* Development of an Indoor Space Semantic Model and Its Implementation as an IndoorGML Extension
* Domain Adaptation for Automatic OLED Panel Defect Detection Using Adaptive Support Vector Data Description
* Drought Stress Classification Using 3D Plant Models
* Gait based authentication using gait information image features
* Generating optimal look-up tables to achieve complex color space transformations
* GFM-Based Methods for Speaker Identification
* Handwritten Devanagari Similar Character Recognition by Fisher Linear Discriminant and Pairwise Classification
* Hierarchical Multi-task Learning via Task Affinity Groupings
* Human Gait Recognition Using Temporal Slices
* Image Forensics Based on Lighting Estimation
* Large Scale Novel Object Discovery in 3D
* Lifelong Learning of Task-Parameter Relationships for Knowledge Transfer
* Matching Disparate Image Pairs Using Shape-Aware ConvNets
* Model-based methods for developing color transformation between two display devices
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Multi-Modal Design of an Intelligent Transportation System
* OLED panel defect detection using local inlier-outlier ratios and modified LBP
* OmniVec: Learning robust representations with cross modal sharing
* Prior-Guided Metal Artifact Reduction for Iterative X-Ray Computed Tomography
* regressive encoder-decoder-based deep attention model for segmentation of fetal head in 2D-ultrasound images, A
* Restoration of Poisson noise corrupted digital images with nonlinear PDE based filters along with the choice of regularization parameter estimation
* Robust Authentication Using Dorsal Hand Vein Images
* Standoff video analysis for the detection of security anomalies in vehicles
* Stereo matching using hierarchical belief propagation along ambiguity gradient
* Using Scene Graphs for Detecting Visual Relationships
Includes: Srivastava, S. Srivastava, S.[Siddharth] Srivastava, S.[Shilpa] Srivastava, S.[Sarthak] Srivastava, S.[Shaunak] Srivastava, S.[Srishti] Srivastava, S.[Sumit] Srivastava, S.[Smriti] Srivastava, S.[Satyam] Srivastava, S.[Shruti] Srivastava, S.[Sangeet] Srivastava, S.[Shikhar] Srivastava, S.[Shefali] Srivastava, S.[Somya] Srivastava, S.[Subodh]
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Srivastava, S.K.[Sushil K.] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* New Approach to Estimate Fuel Budget and Wildfire Hazard Assessment in Commercial Plantations Using Drone-Based Photogrammetry and Image Analysis, A
* Octree Generation from Object Silhouettes in Perspective Views
Includes: Srivastava, S.K.[Sushil K.] Srivastava, S.K.[Sanjeev K.] Srivastava, S.K.[Sanjay K.]

Srivastava, T.[Tanuja] Co Author Listing * Local and global tomographic image reconstruction with discrete radon transform
* Unsupervised learning approach for abnormal event detection in surveillance video by revealing infrequent patterns
Includes: Srivastava, T.[Tanuja] Srivastava, T.

Srivastava, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * dynamic threshold-based local mesh ternary pattern technique for biomedical image retrieval, A
* Geometry-Aware Feature Matching for Structure from Motion Applications
* Graph Similarity Using Tree Edit Distance
Includes: Srivastava, V.[Varun] Srivastava, V.[Vanshika] Srivastava, V.[Vishal]

Srivastava, V.K.[Vijay K.] Co Author Listing * Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* SVD Based Scheme for Post Processing of DCT Coded Images, A
Includes: Srivastava, V.K.[Vijay K.] Srivastava, V.K.[Vinay Kumar]

Srivastava1, J.B. Co Author Listing * Bag-of-features kernel eigen spaces for classification

Srivastva, R.[Ranjeet] Co Author Listing * ECG analysis for human recognition using non-fiducial methods
* Statistical independence of ECG for biometric authentication

Srivatsa, M. Co Author Listing * Actor Conditioned Attention Maps for Video Action Detection
* Beyond Spatial Auto-Regressive Models: Predicting Housing Prices with Satellite Imagery
* Enhancing Robustness in Federated Learning by Supervised Anomaly Detection
* NeuralFP: Out-of-distribution Detection using Fingerprints of Neural Networks
Includes: Srivatsa, M. Srivatsa, M.[Mudhakar]

Srivatsa, R.S.[R. Sai] Co Author Listing * Salient object detection via objectness measure

Srivatsa, S. Co Author Listing * Dual Objective Feature Selection and Scaled Euclidean Classification for face recognition

Srivatsan, K.[Koushik] Co Author Listing * Evading Forensic Classifiers with Attribute-Conditioned Adversarial Faces
* FLIP: Cross-domain Face Anti-spoofing with Language Guidance

Srivatsan, R.A. Co Author Listing * Correspondence Matrices are Underrated
* MaskNet: A Fully-Convolutional Network to Estimate Inlier Points
* PointNetLK: Robust and Efficient Point Cloud Registration Using PointNet
Includes: Srivatsan, R.A. Srivatsan, R.A.[Rangaprasad Arun]

Srivatsav, D. Co Author Listing * Attentional Road Safety Networks

Srivatsav, V.[Venkatakrishnan] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge for Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-pixel Images: Methods and Results

Srividhya, S. Co Author Listing * Implementation of TiOISSS with meaningful shadows and with an additional authentication image

Srividya, P.[Ponnada] Co Author Listing * AI-Empowered Trajectory Anomaly Detection and Classification in 6G-V2X

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