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Leung Liu, Y.[Yusan] Co Author Listing * Parallelizable Global Conformal Parameterization of Simply-Connected Surfaces via Partial Welding
Includes: Leung Liu, Y.[Yusan] Leung-Liu, Y.[Yusan]

Leung, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Dilated Divergence Based Scale-Space Representation for Curve Analysis
* Motion-JPEG2000 Standardization and Target Market
* Object Tracking with a Moving Camera
Includes: Leung, A.[Andrew] Leung, A.

Leung, A.P. Co Author Listing * Coupling Face Registration and Super-Resolution
* Improved Dictionary Learning with Enriched Information for Biomedical Images
* Mean-Shift Tracking with Random Sampling
* Optimization Framework for Real-Time Appearance-Based Tracking under Weak Perspective, An
* Optimizing Distribution-based Matching by Random Subsampling
Includes: Leung, A.P. Leung, A.P.[Alex Po]

Leung, A.W.T.[Arthur Wing Tak] Co Author Listing * Enhanced three-dimensional model reconstruction based on local ternary pattern-guided fusion of multi-exposure images
Includes: Leung, A.W.T.[Arthur Wing Tak] Leung, A.W.T.[Arthur Wing-Tak]

Leung, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Black-Box Test-Time Shape REFINEment for Single View 3D Reconstruction
* Catastrophic Child's Play: Easy to Perform, Hard to Defend Adversarial Attacks
* Integrated Modular Neural Control for Versatile Locomotion and Object Transportation of a Dung Beetle-Like Robot
* Least-Squares Luma-Chroma Demultiplexing Algorithm for Bayer Demosaicking
Includes: Leung, B.[Brandon] Leung, B.[Binggwong] Leung, B.

Leung, B.W.[Bert W.] Co Author Listing * On the security of a visual cryptography scheme for color images

Leung, C. Co Author Listing * Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Bayes Classifier
* computational model of saliency depletion/recovery phenomena for the salient region extraction of videos, A
* Embedded Voxel Colouring with Adaptive Threshold Selection Using Globally Minimal Surfaces
* energy minimisation approach to stereo-temporal dense reconstruction, An
* Face Recognition by Combining Kernel Associative Memory and Gabor Transforms
* Hierarchical Skeleton Meta-Prototype Contrastive Learning with Hard Skeleton Mining for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
* Joint Auction-Coalition Formation Framework for Communication-Efficient Federated Learning in UAV-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* Robust Face Recognition by Multiscale Kernel Associative Memory Models Based on Hierarchical Spatial-Domain Gabor Transforms
* Survey of Computer Vision Technologies in Urban and Controlled-environment Agriculture, A
* Towards Federated Learning in UAV-Enabled Internet of Vehicles: A Multi-Dimensional Contract-Matching Approach
* Visual Information-Systems: Guest Editors Introduction
Includes: Leung, C. Leung, C.[Carlos] Leung, C.[Clement] Leung, C.[Cyril]
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Leung, C.C.[Cheung Chi] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Speaker Identification: The LIMSI CLEAR'07 System
* B-spline snakes in two stages
* Brain tumor boundary detection in MR image with generalized fuzzy operator
* Effect of Window Size and Shift Period in Mel-Warped Cepstral Feature Extraction on GMM-Based Speaker Verification
* new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document images, A
* Normalization of contrast in document images using generalized fuzzy operator with least square method
* Pruning Approach for GMM-Based Speaker Verification in Mobile Embedded Systems, A
* Shifted-Delta MLP Features for Spoken Language Recognition
* Thyroid Cancer Cells Boundary Location by a Fuzzy Edge Detection Method
Includes: Leung, C.C.[Cheung Chi] Leung, C.C.[Cheung-Chi] Leung, C.C. Leung, C.C.[Chung-Chu]
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Leung, C.H. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Recognition of Asian Scripts: The State of the Art
* Dynamic discriminant functions with missing feature values
* Fingerprint retrieval by spatial modelling and distorted sample generation
* Image compression based on energy clustering and zero-quadtree representation
* Knowledge-Based Stroke-Matching Method for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Matching of uncalibrated stereo images by elastic deformation
* Off-line signature verification by the tracking of feature and stroke positions
* Offline signature verification with generated training samples
* Practical Basis Set for Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Projective reconstruction from line-correspondences in multiple uncalibrated images
* Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Combining Regularization, Fisher's Discriminant and Distorted Sample Generation
* Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by critical region analysis
* Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by elastic matching
* Segmentation and recognition of Chinese bank check amounts
* system for matching moving vehicles across different camera sites in outdoor environments, A
* Wavelet image coding based on significance extraction using morphological operations
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Leung, C.H.C.[Clement H. C.] Co Author Listing * Architectural Paradigm for Collaborative Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Data Objects, An
* Automatic Semantic Annotation of Real-World Web Images
* Dynamic Time Warping for Music Retrieval Using Time Series Modeling of Musical Emotions
* Graph Indexes of 2D-Thinned Images for Rapid Content Based Image Retrieval
* Heuristic Search for Relevant Images on the Web, A
* Indexing and Retrieval of Binary Images for Visual Information Systems
* Introduction, Indexing
* Multimedia Data Mining and Searching Through Dynamic Index Evolution
Includes: Leung, C.H.C.[Clement H. C.] Leung, C.H.C.[Clement H.C.] Leung, C.H.C.
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Leung, C.K. Co Author Listing * Maximum A-Posteriori Spatial Probability Segmentation
* Maximum Segmented Image Information Thresholding
* Maximum Segmented-Scene Spatial Entropy Thresholding
* Performance Analysis for a Class of Iterative Image Thresholding Algorithms

Leung, C.S.[Chi Sing] Co Author Listing * Combining DEKF algorithm and trace rule for fast on-line invariance extraction and recognition
* Compressing image-based relighting data using eigenanalysis and wavelets
* Compressing the Illumination-Adjustable Images With Principal Component Analysis
* Compression Method for a Massive Image Data Set in Image-Based Rendering, A
* Compression of illumination-adjustable images
* Data compression on the illumination adjustable images by PCA and ICA
* Data compression with spherical wavelets and wavelets for the image-based relighting
* Discrete Wavelet Transform on Consumer-Level Graphics Hardware
* Eigen-image based compression for the image-based relighting with cascade recursive least squared networks
* Example-Based Color Transfer for Gradient Meshes
* GPU favor representation method for plenoptic-illumination function based on an efficient spherical partition scheme, A
* GPU-accelerated 2D OTSU and 2D entropy-based thresholding
* GPU-friendly rendering for illumination adjustable images
* Handwritten digit recognition using multi-layer feedforward neural networks with periodic and monotonic activation functions
* improved optimal bit allocation method for sub-band coding, An
* improved sequential method for principal component analysis, An
* Isocube-based spherical wavelet for image-based relighting
* Local Correspondence-Aware Hybrid CNN-GCN Model for Single-Image Human Body Reconstruction, A
* Maximum Correntropy Criterion With Variable Center for Robust Passive Multistatic Localization
* Noise-proofing the doubly SH-projected coefficients for synthesizing images under environment lighting
* Noise-resistant hemispherical basis for image-based relighting
* Parallelization of cellular neural networks on GPU
* RBF-Based Compression Method for Image-Based Relighting, An
* Rhombic Dodecahedron Map: An Efficient Scheme for Encoding Panoramic Video, The
* Uniformly sampling multi-resolution analysis for image-based relighting
* Yet Another Algorithm Which Can Generate Topography Map
Includes: Leung, C.S.[Chi Sing] Leung, C.S.[Chi-Sing] Leung, C.S.
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Leung, C.W.[Chin Wing] Co Author Listing * Self-Play or Group Practice: Learning to Play Alternating Markov Game in Multi-Agent System
Includes: Leung, C.W.[Chin Wing] Leung, C.W.[Chin-Wing]

Leung, C.Y.[Chun Yee] Co Author Listing * Minimization of Detail-preserving Regularization Functional by Newton's Method with Continuation
Includes: Leung, C.Y.[Chun Yee] Leung, C.Y.[Chun-Yee]

Leung, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Proximate sensing: Inferring what-is-where from georeferenced photo collections

Leung, D.N.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis On Quantizing The Hough Space, An
* Application of Elliptic Fourier Descriptors to Symmetry Detection under Parallel Projection
* Diagonal Quantization for the Hough Transform
* Fourier parameterization provide uniform bounded Hough Space
* Hough Transform Technique for the Detection of Rotational Symmetry, A
* Hough-like prediction/correction approach for ellipse detection, A
* Knowledge-Based Boundary Convergence Algorithm for Line Detection, A
* Modification of Hough Transform for Circles and Ellipses Detection Using a 2-Dimensional Array
* Modification of Hough Transform for Object Recognition Using a 2-Dimensional Array
Includes: Leung, D.N.K. Leung, D.N.K.[Dennis N.K.] Leung, D.N.K.[Dennis N. K.]
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Leung, E.[Edmond] Co Author Listing * Neural Networks for Exudate Detection in Retinal Images
* Parallel Processing Approaches To Edge Relaxation
Includes: Leung, E.[Edmond] Leung, E.[Eva]

Leung, E.T.H.[Erich T. H.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Enhancement of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Images
* Fast Scale-Space Feature Representations by Generalized Integral Images

Leung, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Mangrove Habitat and Coastal Land Cover Change in the Greater Bay Area, Southern China, from 1924 to 2020 Using Historical Aerial Photos and Multiple Sources of Satellite Data

Leung, F.H.F. Co Author Listing * Discriminative Collaborative Representation and Its Application to Audio Signal Classification
* Generalized Fisher Discriminant Analysis as A Dimensionality Reduction Technique
* Joint Spine Segmentation and Noise Removal From Ultrasound Volume Projection Images With Selective Feature Sharing
* LMI-Based Stability and Performance Conditions for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems in Takagi-Sugeno's Form
* Vector-Based Feature Representations for Speech Signals: From Supervector to Latent Vector
Includes: Leung, F.H.F. Leung, F.H.F.[Frank H. F.]

Leung, G.[Gilbert] Co Author Listing * Toward a Fundamental Understanding of Multiresolution SAR Signatures

Leung, H.[Howard] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Refinement Network for Human Motion Prediction
* Blind AM/PM Estimation Method for Power Amplifier Linearization, A
* Brush Writing Style Classification from Individual Chinese Characters
* Chaos UWB Radar for Through-the-Wall Imaging
* Chaotic Watermarking for Video Authentication in Surveillance Applications
* Colorizing single-band thermal night vision images
* Cross-task and cross-domain SAR target recognition: A meta-transfer learning approach
* Discriminative Partial Domain Adversarial Network
* Distributed Multi-Sensor Control for Multi-Target Tracking With a Sparsity-Promoting Objective Function
* Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An
* Enhancing Object Detection in Remote Sensing: A Hybrid YOLOv7 and Transformer Approach with Automatic Model Selection
* Ergodic chaotic parameter modulation with application to digital image watermarking
* Expectation-Maximization-Based Interacting Multiple Model Approach for Cooperative Driving Systems, An
* Extraction of Peak Feature Based on Synthetic Sinc Model in SAR images
* Feature-Level Fusion of Polarized SAR and Optical Images Based on Random Forest and Conditional Random Fields
* Few-Shot High-Resolution Range Profile Ship Target Recognition Based on Task-Specific Meta-Learning with Mixed Training and Meta Embedding
* Fitting Ellipses to a Region with Application in Calligraphic Stroke Reconstruction
* Fusion Method of Optical Image and SAR Image Based on Dense-UGAN and Gram-Schmidt Transformation, A
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Using a Restoration-Based Method
* Genetic Algorithm-Inspired UUV Path Planner Based on Dynamic Programming, A
* Graph-based approach for 3D human skeletal action recognition
* Hybrid k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Hyperspectral Image Fusion and Multitemporal Image Fusion by Joint Sparsity
* Incorporation of Efficient Second-Order Solvers Into Latent Factor Models for Accurate Prediction of Missing QoS Data
* Log-Euclidean Metrics for Contrast Preserving Decolorization
* Martial Arts, Dancing and Sports dataset: A challenging stereo and multi-view dataset for 3D human pose estimation
* Maximum Likelihood Approach for Image Registration Using Control Point And Intensity, A
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Joint Image Registration and Fusion, A
* Model-based analysis of Chinese calligraphy images
* Multisensor Hough Transform and Logic-Based Track Initiation Techniques
* Multispectral Image Super-Resolution Burned-Area Mapping Based on Space-Temperature Information
* Multiview Skeletal Interaction Recognition Using Active Joint Interaction Graph
* Neural-Network Data Association with Application to Multiple-Target Tracking
* NoiseFlow: Learning Optical Flow from Low SNR Cryo-EM Movie
* Novel Approach to Robust Blind Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Novel Deeplabv3+ Network for SAR Imagery Semantic Segmentation Based on the Potential Energy Loss Function of Gibbs Distribution, A
* Off-Grid DOA Estimation for Noncircular Signals via Block Sparse Representation Using Extended Transformed Nested Array
* Overview of Environment Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
* Pixel-Wise Spatial Pyramid-Based Hybrid Tracking
* Quadruple Diffusion Convolutional Recurrent Network for Human Motion Prediction, A
* Recognizing Dance Motions with Segmental SVD
* Registration of Mobile Sensors Using the Parallelized Extended Kalman Filter
* Retrieval of logically relevant 3D human motions by Adaptive Feature Selection with Graded Relevance Feedback
* Retrieval of spatial-temporal motion topics from 3D skeleton data
* Robust Classification of Blurred Imagery
* Robust Minimum Error Entropy Based Cubature Information Filter With Non-Gaussian Measurement Noise
* Self-similar texture modeling using FARIMA processes with applications to satellite images
* Semiparametric Decolorization With Laplacian-Based Perceptual Quality Metric
* Simultaneous Feature and Model Selection for Continuous Hidden Markov Models
* Simultaneous registration and fusion of multiple dissimilar sensors for cooperative driving
* Spatial temporal pyramid matching using temporal sparse representation for human motion retrieval
* Super-Resolution Mapping Based on Spatial-Spectral Correlation for Spectral Imagery
* Synthesis-analysis deconvolutional network for compressed sensing
* Temporal Approach for Improving Intra-Frame Concealment Performance in H.264/AVC, A
* Track-to-Track Association by Coherent Point Drift
* Two-Stream Recurrent Network for Skeleton-based Human Interaction Recognition, A
* Utilizing Pansharpening Technique to Produce Sub-Pixel Resolution Thematic Map from Coarse Remote Sensing Image
* Video2mesh: 3D human pose and shape recovery by a temporal convolutional transformer network
Includes: Leung, H.[Howard] Leung, H. Leung, H.[Henry]
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Leung, H.C. Co Author Listing * Can a Single Brain Region Predict a Disorder?
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
Includes: Leung, H.C. Leung, H.C.[Ho Chun]

Leung, H.F.[Ho Fung] Co Author Listing * Aspect-Opinion Correlation Aware and Knowledge-Expansion Few Shot Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
* Context-Aware Dynamic Word Embeddings for Aspect Term Extraction
* Image Difference Captioning With Instance-Level Fine-Grained Feature Representation
* Self-Play or Group Practice: Learning to Play Alternating Markov Game in Multi-Agent System
* Suppressing Biased Samples for Robust VQA
Includes: Leung, H.F.[Ho Fung] Leung, H.F.[Ho-Fung]

Leung, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Digital Watermarking Schemes Using Multi-resolution Curvelet and HVS Model
* FPGA implementation of facial feature extraction, A
* Robust Blind Watermarking Scheme Using Wave Atoms
Includes: Leung, H.Y. Leung, H.Y.[Hon-Yin]

Leung, J.C.[John C.] Co Author Listing * Vanishing Point Matching

Leung, K. Co Author Listing * Generating Compact Classifier Systems Using a Simple Artificial Immune System

Leung, K.C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic discriminant functions with missing feature values
* Fingerprint retrieval by spatial modelling and distorted sample generation
* Image hiding based on block difference
* Investigating large-scale feature matching using the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor
* Joint Optimal Power Flow Routing and Vehicle-to-Grid Scheduling: Theory and Algorithms
* Large-scale feature matching with distributed and heterogeneous computing
* Learn to abstract via concept graph for weakly-supervised few-shot learning
* multi-scale framework for the automated surveying of the Whangateau estuary using off-the-shelf equipment, A
* novel image-hiding scheme based on block difference, A
* Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters by Combining Regularization, Fisher's Discriminant and Distorted Sample Generation
* Recognition of handwritten Chinese characters by critical region analysis
Includes: Leung, K.C. Leung, K.C.[Kai-Chi] Leung, K.C.[Kai-Cheung] Leung, K.C.[Ka-Cheong]
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Leung, K.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Changes in Bone in Serial MR Images of Joints
* Cloud-Based Actor Identification With Batch-Orthogonal Local-Sensitive Hashing and Sparse Representation
* Exact Incremental and Decremental Learning for LS-SVM
* Overcoming Noisy and Irrelevant Data in Federated Learning
* Parallelization Methodology for Video Coding: An Implementation on the TMS320C80
* Spatial and Temporal Data Parallelization of the H.261 Video Coding Algorithm
* Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Lesions in Serial MR Images of Joints
Includes: Leung, K.K. Leung, K.K.[Kin K.] Leung, K.K.[Kelvin K.]
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Leung, K.L. Co Author Listing * 3-D Interpretation of Imperfect Line Drawings
* AI-Based Workflow for Fast Registration of UAV-Produced 3D Point Clouds, An
Includes: Leung, K.L. Leung, K.L.[Ka Lun]

Leung, K.M.[Ka Ming] Co Author Listing * Detection of vehicles from traffic scenes using fuzzy integrals
* Haptic Needle Manipulation Simulator For Chinese Acupuncture Learning And Training, A
* Multi-view DVC system based on iterative inter-view prediction
Includes: Leung, K.M.[Ka Ming] Leung, K.M.[Ka-Ming] Leung, K.M.[Ka-Man]

Leung, K.S. Co Author Listing * Compression of a Sequence of Satellite Images Based on Change Detection, The
* Object-Oriented Knowledge-Based System for Image Diagnosis
* Scalable model-based cluster analysis using clustering features
* Scalable Model-Based Clustering for Large Databases Based on Data Summarization
* Using Evolutionary Programming and Minimum Description Length Principle for Data Mining of Bayesian Networks
Includes: Leung, K.S. Leung, K.S.[Kwong-Sak] Leung, K.S.[Kwong Sak]

Leung, K.T.[King Tai] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy model-based clustering and its application in image segmentation

Leung, K.Y.E.[K. Y. Esther] Co Author Listing * Local Wall-Motion Classification in Echocardiograms Using Shape Models and Orthomax Rotations
* Sparse Registration for Three-Dimensional Stress Echocardiography
Includes: Leung, K.Y.E.[K. Y. Esther] Leung, K.Y.E.

Leung, K.Y.K. Co Author Listing * Markov-Based Lane Positioning Using Intervehicle Communication

Leung, M. Co Author Listing * Business Form Classification Using Strings
* Linear Layout Processing
Includes: Leung, M. Leung, M.[Maylor]

Leung, M.C.[Man Chuen] Co Author Listing * projector-based movable hand-held display system, A

Leung, M.K.[Mun K.] Co Author Listing * Detecting the wheel pattern of a vehicle using stereo images
* Detecting wheels of vehicle in stereo images
* Dynamic Strip Algorithm in Curve Fitting
* Dynamic Two-Strip Algorithm in Curve Fitting
* Estimating Three-Dimensional Vehicle Motion in an Outdoor Scene from Monocular and Stereo Image Sequences
* Experimental Results of 3D Motion Estimation Using Images of Outdoor Scenes
* Extended Kalman filtering approach to stereo video stabilization
* Integrated Approach to 3-D Motion Analysis and Object Recognition, An
* Noisy logo recognition using line segment Hausdorff distance
* Object recognition by discriminative combinations of line segments and ellipses
* Object Recognition by Discriminative Combinations of Line Segments, Ellipses, and Appearance Features
* User Interface Design For Acquiring Statistics From Video, A
Includes: Leung, M.K.[Mun K.] Leung, M.K.[Maylor K.] Leung, M.K. Leung, M.K.[Man Kin] Leung, M.K.[Maylor Karhang] Leung, M.K.[Man-Kang]
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Leung, M.K.H.[Maylor K.H.] Co Author Listing * ALSBIR: A local-structure-based image retrieval
* Automatic Texture Synthesis for Face Recognition from Single Views
* Cursive Word Reference Line Detection
* DEB: Definite Error Bounded Tangent Estimator for Digital Curves
* Edge curvature and convexity based ellipse detection method
* ELEVIEW An Active Elevator Video Surveillance System
* ElliFit: An unconstrained, non-iterative, least squares based geometric Ellipse Fitting method
* ellipse detection method for real images, An
* Ellipse Detection with Hough Transform in One Dimensional Parametric Space
* Error Analysis of Geometric Ellipse Detection Methods Due to Quantization
* error bounded tangent estimator for digital curves, An
* Error Bounded Tangent Estimator for Digitized Elliptic Curves, An
* Expression recognition using fuzzy spatio-temporal modeling
* Face Recognition Using Line Edge Map
* Facial expression recognition from line-based caricatures
* Fast face identification under varying pose from a single 2-D model view
* First Sight: A Human-Body Outline Labeling System
* Form recognition using linear structure
* general shape context framework for object identification, A
* Hierarchical Identification of Palmprint using Line-based Hough Transform
* Human Action Recognition by Extracting Features from Negative Space
* Human action recognition employing negative space features
* Human Body Motion Segmentation in a Complex Scene
* Human face profile recognition using attributed string
* Integrating intensity and texture differences for robust change detection
* Line segment Hausdorff distance on face matching
* Local Structure Matching Approach for Large Image Database Retrieval, A
* Non-heuristic Dominant Point Detection Based on Suppression of Break Points, A
* novel framework for making dominant point detection methods non-parametric, A
* Object Class Recognition using Quadrangles
* Palmprint Identification Using Pairwise Relative Angle and EMD
* Parallel implementation and evaluation of motion estimation system algorithms on a distributed memory multiprocessor using knowledge based mappings
* Part-Based Object Retrieval in Cluttered Environment
* Precise Ellipse Fitting Method for Noisy Data, A
* Recognising human actions by analysing negative spaces
* Region-Based Approach for Human Body Motion Analysis, A
* Reliability / precision uncertainity in shape fitting problems
* Robust Change Detection by Fusing Intensity and Texture Differences
* Shape Recognition using Curve Segment Hausdorff Distance
* SINVI: smart indoor navigation for the visually impaired
* Split and Merge Based Ellipse Detector With Self-Correcting Capability, A
* split and merge based ellipse detector, A
* Structural Descriptors for Category Level Object Detection
* Two-stage Approach for Palmprint Identification using Hough Transform and Hausdorff Distance
* Unsupervised learning of human perspective context using ME-DT for efficient human detection in surveillance
Includes: Leung, M.K.H.[Maylor K.H.] Leung, M.K.H. Leung, M.K.H.[Maylor K. H.]
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Leung, M.W.[Man Wai] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Hierarchical Shape Descriptor
Includes: Leung, M.W.[Man Wai] Leung, M.W.[Man-Wai]

Leung, N.K.D.[Nang Kwok D.] Co Author Listing * Connective Hough Transform

Leung, P.C.[Patrick C.] Co Author Listing * Matrix Character Reading System

Leung, R. Co Author Listing * Context modeling and accessibility for 3D scalable compression
* Impact of Motion on the Random Access Efficiency of Scalable Compressed Video
* Minimizing the Perceptual Impact of Visual Distortion in Scalable Wavelet Compressed Video
* Perceptual Optimization for Scalable Video Compression Based on Visual Masking Principles
* Scalable compression of volumetric images
* Scalable video compression and spatiotemporal scalability with lifted pyramid and antialiased DWT schemes
* Transform and embedded coding techniques for maximum efficiency and random accessibility in 3-D scalable compression
Includes: Leung, R. Leung, R.[Raymond]
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Leung, S. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection by Genetic Algorithm
* Privileged Modality Distillation for Vessel Border Detection in Intracoronary Imaging
* Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Morphology Uncovers Stromal Features Associated with Survival
* Unsupervised Deep Visual-Inertial Odometry with Online Error Correction for RGB-D Imagery
Includes: Leung, S. Leung, S.[Samuel] Leung, S.[Sarah]

Leung, S.C.[S. Carlos] Co Author Listing * Fast Stereo Matching by Iterated Dynamic Programming and Quadtree Subregioning
* Iterated dynamic programming and quadtree subregioning for fast stereo matching

Leung, S.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic lip contour extraction from color images
* Automatic Lipreading System for Spoken Digits With Limited Training Data, An
* Automatic Lipreading with Limited Training Data
* Fuzzy image clustering incorporating spatial continuity
* Lip contour extraction from color images using a deformable model
* Lip Contour Extraction Using a Deformable Model
* Lip Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering Incorporating an Elliptic Shape Function
* Person authentication using ASM based lip shape and intensity information
* Robust lip region segmentation for lip images with complex background
* Simplified Precoder Design for MIMO Systems With Receive Correlation in Ricean Channels
Includes: Leung, S.H. Leung, S.H.[Shu Hung] Leung, S.H.[Shu-Hung]
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Leung, S.K.L.[Steve Ka Lai] Co Author Listing * Intelligent document recognition and handling

Leung, S.L. Co Author Listing * Contextual vector quantization modeling of hand-printed Chinese character recognition

Leung, S.W. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Time-Frequency: Texture Compensation Technique for Image Coding

Leung, S.Y.[Shing Yu] Co Author Listing * Expectation-Maximization Algorithm With Local Adaptivity
* Expectation-maximization algorithm with total variation regularization for vector-valued image segmentation
* new continuous max-flow algorithm for multiphase image segmentation using super-level set functions, A
* Penalization-Regularization-Operator Splitting Method for Eikonal Based Traveltime Tomography, A
* Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Patterns from Fourier Descriptors
Includes: Leung, S.Y.[Shing Yu] Leung, S.Y.[Shing-Yu] Leung, S.Y.

Leung, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Leung, T.[Thomas]: leungt AT cs berkeley edu
* Classification of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Breast Lesions by Support Vector Machines
* Context-Aided Human Recognition: Clustering
* Contour and Texture Analysis for Image Segmentation
* Contour continuity in region-based image segmentation
* Detecting, Localizing and Grouping Repeated Scene Elements from an Image
* Finding Faces in Cluttered Scenes Using Labelled Random Graph Matching
* Finding Objects in Image Databases by Grouping
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* Geo-Aware Networks for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Handling Label Noise in Video Classification via Multiple Instance Learning
* Image and video segmentation: the normalized cut framework
* Improving the Robustness of Deep Neural Networks via Stability Training
* Large-Scale Video Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning Fine-Grained Image Similarity with Deep Ranking
* MatchNet: Unifying feature and metric learning for patch-based matching
* NewsStories: Illustrating Articles with Visual Summaries
* On Perpendicular Texture or: Why Do We See More Flowers in the Distance?
* Probabilistic Affine Invariants for Recognition
* Recognizing Surfaces using Three-Dimensional Textons
* Representing and Recognizing the Visual Appearance of Materials using Three-dimensional Textons
* Texton Correlation for Recognition
* Textons, Contours and Regions: Cue Integration in Image Segmentation
* Towards A Semantic Perceptual Image Metric
Includes: Leung, T.[Thomas] Leung, T.
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Leung, T.K. Co Author Listing * No Fuss Distance Metric Learning Using Proxies
* Statistics of Real-World Illumination
* Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling
Includes: Leung, T.K. Leung, T.K.[Thomas K.]

Leung, T.S. Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Quantitative Image Reconstruction in Ultrasound-Modulated Optical Tomography: First Harmonic Measurement Type in a Linearised Diffusion Formulation
* Real-time staircase detection from a wearable stereo system
* Visual Navigation Aid for the Blind in Dynamic Environments
Includes: Leung, T.S. Leung, T.S.[Tung-Sing]

Leung, T.W.[Tat Wan] Co Author Listing * ICA-FX features for classification of singing voice and instrumental sound
Includes: Leung, T.W.[Tat Wan] Leung, T.W.[Tat-Wan]

Leung, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * Flexible tracklet association for complex scenarios using a Markov Logic Network
* Modelling periodic scene elements for visual surveillance
* Performance evaluation of re-acquisition methods for public transport surveillance
* Performance Evaluation of Tracking for Public Transport Surveillance
* Robust abandoned object detection integrating wide area visual surveillance and social context
Includes: Leung, V.[Valerie] Leung, V.

Leung, V.C.M. Co Author Listing * AMES-Cloud: A Framework of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Sharing in the Clouds
* Cognitive Resource Optimization for the Decomposed Cloud Gaming Platform
* Digital Twin-Driven Vehicular Task Offloading and IRS Configuration in the Internet of Vehicles
* Efficient Resource Allocation for Multi-Beam Satellite-Terrestrial Vehicular Networks: A Multi-Agent Actor-Critic Method With Attention Mechanism
* Energy-Efficient Traffic Rate Adaptation for Wireless Streaming Media Transmission
* Joint Communication and Computation Resource Scheduling of a UAV-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing System for Platooning Vehicles
* Joint Communication and Trajectory Optimization for Multi-UAV Enabled Mobile Internet of Vehicles
* Joint Secure Offloading and Resource Allocation for Vehicular Edge Computing Network: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Mobility-Aware Vehicle-to-Grid Control Algorithm in Microgrids
* MPEG2-to-ATM Converter to Optimize Performance of VBR Video Broadcast Over ATM Networks, An
* Non-negative sparse coding for human action recognition
* Optimal Battery Charging Algorithm in Electric Vehicle-Assisted Battery Swapping Environments, An
* QoS-Guaranteed Adaptive Modulation and Coding for Wireless Scalable Video Multicast
* Quality-of-Experience Optimization for a Cloud Gaming System With Ad Hoc Cloudlet Assistance
* Reliability-Aware Joint Optimization for Cooperative Vehicular Communication and Computing
* Reliability-Oriented Optimization of Computation Offloading for Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems
* Resource Allocation of Video Streaming Over Vehicular Networks: A Survey, Some Research Issues and Challenges
* SDSS: Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Edge Enabled IoV Networks
* similarity measure for analyzing human activities using human-object interaction context, A
* Temporal Correlation Characteristics of Air-to-Ground Wireless Channel With UAV Wobble
* Time Efficient Tag Identification Algorithm Using Dual Prefix Probe Scheme (DPPS), A
* Time-Constrained Ensemble Sensing With Heterogeneous IoT Devices in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* World State Attack to Blockchain Based IoV and Efficient Protection With Hybrid RSUs Architecture
Includes: Leung, V.C.M. Leung, V.C.M.[Victor C. M.] Leung, V.C.M.[Victor C.M.] Leung, V.C.M.[Victor C. M]
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Leung, W.H.[Wing Hong] Co Author Listing * Novel Binarization System for Degraded Document Images, A
* Realistic Video Avatar
* Reference-free Machine Vision Inspection Of Semiconductor Die Images
* Retrieval of sketches based on spatial relation between strokes
Includes: Leung, W.H.[Wing Hong] Leung, W.H.[Wing-Hong] Leung, W.H.[Wing Ho] Leung, W.H.

Leung, W.K.[Wai Kin] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study of Thermal Infrared Imaging for Monitoring Natural Terrain: A Case Study in Hong Kong, A
Includes: Leung, W.K.[Wai Kin] Leung, W.K.[Wai-Kin]

Leung, W.Y.H. Co Author Listing * Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics

Leung, Y.[Yee] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Data Fusion Approach to Spatio-Temporal Fusion of Remotely Sensed Images, A
* Clustering by Scale-Space Filtering
* Compression of a Sequence of Satellite Images Based on Change Detection, The
* Continuous Multi-Angle Remote Sensing and Its Application in Urban Land Cover Classification
* Deep neural network compression through interpretability-based filter pruning
* highly robust estimator for regression models, A
* Improving geodesic distance estimation based on locally linear assumption
* New Method for Feature Mining in Remotely Sensed Images, A
* New Method for Mining Regression Classes in Large Data Sets, A
* Passage method for nonlinear dimensionality reduction of data on multi-cluster manifolds
* Point-in-Polygon Analysis Under Certainty and Uncertainty
* Sparsity-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion via Adaptive Multi-Band Constraints
* Unmixing-Based Bayesian Model for Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion in Heterogeneous Landscapes, An
Includes: Leung, Y.[Yee] Leung, Y.
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Leung, Y.W. Co Author Listing * Admission Control for Variable Bit-Rate Video in Banyan Switches
* Assignment of Movies to Heterogeneous Video Servers
* Autonomous-Vehicle Public Transportation System: Scheduling and Admission Control
* Congestion Control for Multipoint Videoconferencing
* Robust clustering by pruning outliers
Includes: Leung, Y.W. Leung, Y.W.[Yiu-Wing]

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