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Srinamasivayam, B.[Bharanitharan] Co Author Listing * Development of a UAV Based Framework for CH4 Monitoring in Sludge Treatment Centres

Srinark, T. Co Author Listing * 1265: An Approach for Spot Matching in 2-D Electrophoresis Gels
* Equivalent 3D Otsu's Thresholding Method, An
* framework for multiple snakes and its applications, A
* Framework for Multiple Snakes, A
* Hierarchical Method for 3D Rigid Motion Estimation, A
Includes: Srinark, T. Srinark, T.[Thitiwan]

Srinath, M. Co Author Listing * Orthogonal Moment Features for Use with Parametric and Nonparametric Classifiers
* vision system for inspection of ball bonds in integrated circuits, A

Srinath, M.D. Co Author Listing * Contour Sequence Moments For The Classification Of Closed Planar Shapes
* Corner Detection from Chain-Code
* efficient method for scene cut detection, An
* Invariant character recognition with Zernike and orthogonal Fourier-Mellin moments
* Invariant Planar Shape Recognition Using Dynamic Alignment
* Partial Shape Classification Using Contour Matching in Distance Transformation
* String Descriptor for Matching Partial Shapes, A
* Unsupervised learning in nongaussian pattern recognition
* Visually Weighted Quantization Scheme for Image Bandwidth Compression at Low Data Rates, A
Includes: Srinath, M.D. Srinath, M.D.[Mandyam D.]
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Srinath, N.K. Co Author Listing * Development of multiscale retinex algorithm for medical image enhancement based on multi-rate sampling

Srinath, R.[Rajagopalan] Co Author Listing * Detection and classification of electroencephalogram signals for epilepsy disease using machine learning methods
* Strata-NeRF : Neural Radiance Fields for Stratified Scenes
Includes: Srinath, R.[Rajagopalan] Srinath, R.

Srinath, S. Co Author Listing * Documentation Of Architectural Scenes Using A Hierarchical Method
* Learning Generalizable Perceptual Representations for Data-Efficient No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Nyquist Pulses for Sub-Nyquist Sampling: Application to Underwater Imaging
Includes: Srinath, S. Srinath, S.[Suhas]

Srinathan, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient Biometric Verification in Encrypted Domain
* Efficient privacy preserving video surveillance
* Fast and Secure Real-Time Video Encryption
* novel video encryption technique based on secret sharing, A
* Private Content Based Image Retrieval
Includes: Srinathan, K. Srinathan, K.[Kannan]

Srinet, K.[Kavya] Co Author Listing * Order-Aware Generative Modeling Using the 3D-Craft Dataset

Srini, V.P. Co Author Listing * Vision for Supporting Autonomous Navigation in Urban Environments, A

Srinidhi, A.[Akella] Co Author Listing * WaveMixSR: Resource-efficient Neural Network for Image Super-resolution

Srinidhi, C.L. Co Author Listing * Automated Method for Retinal Artery/Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic Approach
* Consistency driven Sequential Transformers Attention Model for Partially Observable Scenes
* Improving Self-supervised Learning with Hardness-aware Dynamic Curriculum Learning: An Application to Digital Pathology
Includes: Srinidhi, C.L. Srinidhi, C.L.[Chetan L.]

Srinidhi, K.G. Co Author Listing * Edge preserving image restoration using convex optimization

Srinija, V.[Venkatakrishnan] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge for Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-pixel Images: Methods and Results

Srinivas, A.[Aravind] Co Author Listing * Bottleneck Transformers for Visual Recognition
* Scaling Local Self-Attention for Parameter Efficient Visual Backbones
* SelfAugment: Automatic Augmentation Policies for Self-Supervised Learning
* Simple Copy-Paste is a Strong Data Augmentation Method for Instance Segmentation

Srinivas, B.[Badrinath] Co Author Listing * Palmprint based Verification System Robust to Occlusion using Low-order Zernike Moments of Sub-image

Srinivas, B.S. Co Author Listing * Progressive Transmission of Images Using MAP Detection over Channels with Memory
* Video Transmission with Error Concealment over Channels with Memory

Srinivas, C. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Algorithms for Tracking Multiple Objects in Video
* Motion-compensated CT image reconstruction
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Simultaneous Long Occlusions and Split-Merge Conditions
Includes: Srinivas, C. Srinivas, C.[Chukka]

Srinivas, D. Co Author Listing * Morphological operators to extract channel networks from digital elevation models

Srinivas, K.[Kankanala] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Image Contrast Enhancement Using Energy Equalization With Clipping Limit, A
* Exposure-Based Energy Curve Equalization for Enhancement of Contrast Distorted Images
* Learning to Guide a Saturation-Based Theorem Prover
* Low light image enhancement with adaptive sigmoid transfer function
* Underground Water Level Prediction in Remote Sensing Images Using Improved Hydro Index Value with Ensemble Classifier
Includes: Srinivas, K.[Kankanala] Srinivas, K. Srinivas, K.[Kavitha] Srinivas, K.[Kalyanapu]

Srinivas, K.S.[Kancheti Sai] Co Author Listing * Linguistically-aware attention for reducing the semantic gap in vision-language tasks

Srinivas, M. Co Author Listing * Deep dictionary learning for fine-grained image classification
* DenSplitnet: Classifier-invariant neural network method to detect COVID-19 in chest CT data
* Sparsity-inducing dictionaries for effective action classification

Srinivas, M.B. Co Author Listing * frequency domain beamspace adaptive receive beamformer for ultrasound imaging systems: phantom simulation results, A

Srinivas, N. Co Author Listing * Age, Gender, and Fine-Grained Ethnicity Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Networks for the East Asian Face Dataset
* Decision-level fusion strategies for correlated biometric classifiers
* Expanding Accurate Person Recognition to New Altitudes and Ranges: The BRIAR Dataset
* Exploring Automatic Face Recognition on Match Performance and Gender Bias for Children
* Facial marks as biometric signatures to distinguish between identical twins
Includes: Srinivas, N. Srinivas, N.[Nisha]

Srinivas, P.[Preetham] Co Author Listing * Entropy-cum-Hough-transform-based ear detection using ellipsoid particle swarm optimization

Srinivas, S.[Suraj] Co Author Listing * Controlled blurring for improving image reconstruction quality in flutter-shutter acquisition
* Cyclical Pruning for Sparse Neural Networks
* Data-free Parameter Pruning for Deep Neural Networks
* Learning Neural Network Architectures using Backpropagation
* Training Sparse Neural Networks
Includes: Srinivas, S.[Suraj] Srinivas, S.

Srinivas, U.[Umamahesh] Co Author Listing * Automatic target recognition using discriminative graphical models
* Group structured dirty dictionary learning for classification
* Multi-task image classification via collaborative, hierarchical spike-and-slab priors
* Simultaneous Sparsity Model for Histopathological Image Representation and Classification
* Structured Sparse Priors for Image Classification
Includes: Srinivas, U.[Umamahesh] Srinivas, U.

Srinivas, V.S. Co Author Listing * Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique

Srinivas, V.V. Co Author Listing * Regionalization of Watersheds: An Approach Based on Cluster Analysis

Srinivas, Y. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrievals based on generalised gamma distribution and relevance feedback mechanism
* Quantitative image quality analysis of a nonlinear spatio-temporal filter

Srinivasa Murthy, S. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Algorithm of Automated Ground Truth Generation and Validation for Lane Detection System by M^2 BMT

Srinivasa Perumal, R. Co Author Listing * efficient color image segmentation algorithm using hybrid approaches, An

Srinivasa Ravi Chandra, C.V. Co Author Listing * Diversion during unexpected congestion on toll roads: the role of traffic information displayed on dynamic message signs

Srinivasa, G.[Gowri] Co Author Listing * Active Mask Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images
* Novel Interest-Point-Based Background Subtraction Algorithm, A
* Voting-based active contour segmentation of fMRI images of the brain

Srinivasa, J.[Jayanth] Co Author Listing * Many-Task Federated Learning: A New Problem Setting and A Simple Baseline

Srinivasa, N.[Narayan] Co Author Listing * Classifier Swarms for Human Detection in Infrared Imagery
* Learning to Fixate on 3D Targets with Uncalibrated Active Cameras

Srinivasa, R.S.[Rakshith Sharma] Co Author Listing * Trading Beams for Bandwidth: Imaging with Randomized Beamforming

Srinivasa, S.[Siddhartha] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Passthrough Information for Multi-view Object Reconstruction with Sparse and Noisy Laser Data
* KL divergence based agglomerative clustering for automated Vitiligo grading
* Object Recognition Robust to Imperfect Depth Data
* Tactical Rewind: Self-Correction via Backtracking in Vision-And-Language Navigation
* Talking With Hands 16.2M: A Large-Scale Dataset of Synchronized Body-Finger Motion and Audio for Conversational Motion Analysis and Synthesis
Includes: Srinivasa, S.[Siddhartha] Srinivasa, S.[Srinidhi] Srinivasa, S.

Srinivasa, S.K.K. Co Author Listing * Deep Network Pruning for Object Detection

Srinivasa, S.S. Co Author Listing * Herb 2.0: Lessons Learned From Developing a Mobile Manipulator for the Home

Srinivasagan, K.G. Co Author Listing * Local Oppugnant Color Texture Pattern for image retrieval system

Srinivasan, A.[Ashwin] Co Author Listing * IKD+: Reliable Low Complexity Deep Models for Retinopathy Classification
* Information Extraction from Document Images via FCA based Template Detection and Knowledge Graph Rule Induction
* new framework for 3D face reconstruction for self-occluded images, A
* Online action recognition from RGB-D cameras based on reduced basis decomposition
Includes: Srinivasan, A.[Ashwin] Srinivasan, A. Srinivasan, A.[Andy]

Srinivasan, A.R.[Aravinda Ramakrishnan] Co Author Listing * Beyond RMSE: Do Machine-Learned Models of Road User Interaction Produce Human-Like Behavior?

Srinivasan, B.[Bala] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition with Evolving Data Streams: A Review
* General Inference Network Based Architecture for Multimedia Information Retrieval, A
* Partial Fingerprint Matching through Region-Based Similarity
* Visual Navigation System for Automonous Land Vehicles, A
Includes: Srinivasan, B.[Bala] Srinivasan, B.

Srinivasan, B.V.[Balaji Vasan] Co Author Listing * A-STAR: Test-time Attention Segregation and Retention for Text-to-image Synthesis
* Contrastive Learning of Semantic Concepts for Open-set Cross-domain Retrieval
* Efficient subset selection via the kernelized Rényi distance
* Iterative Multi-granular Image Editing using Diffusion Models
* Recipe2Video: Synthesizing Personalized Videos from Recipe Texts

Srinivasan, C. Co Author Listing * Detecting 3-D Motion Field from Range Image Sequences

Srinivasan, C.P.[Chithra Priya] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Constraint-Based Low Rank Matrix Completion Approaches for Road Traffic Networks

Srinivasan, D.[Dipti] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking a Reduced Multivariate Polynomial Pattern Classifier
* Bimodal Palmprint Verification System, A
* Charge Curve and Battery Management System Aware Optimal Charging Scheduling Framework for Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations With Heterogeneous Customer Mix, A
* Distributed Geometric Fuzzy Multiagent Urban Traffic Signal Control
* empirical comparison of nine pattern classifiers, An
* Evaluation of adaptive neural network models for freeway incident detection
* Guest Editorial: IEEE 5th international conference on intelligent transportation systems papers
* Layered video transmission over wireless multirate DS-CDMA links
* Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm With Adaptive Resource Allocation for Truck-Drone Collaborative Delivery and Pick-Up Services
* Neural Networks for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control
* Novel and efficient local coordinated freeway ramp metering strategy with simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation-based parameter learning
* On optimal freeway local ramp metering using fuzzy logic control with particle swarm optimisation
* Optimal Type-2 Fuzzy System For Arterial Traffic Signal Control
* Scalable Video Transmission Over Wireless DS-CDMA Channels Using Minimum TSC Spreading Codes
Includes: Srinivasan, D.[Dipti] Srinivasan, D.
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Srinivasan, G. Co Author Listing * RMP-SNN: Residual Membrane Potential Neuron for Enabling Deeper High-Accuracy and Low-Latency Spiking Neural Network
* Synthetic Discriminant Functions for Recognition of Images on the Boundary of the Convex-Hull of the Training Set

Srinivasan, H.[Harish] Co Author Listing * Automated Scoring of Handwritten Essays Based on Latent Semantic Analysis
* Automatic scoring of short handwritten essays in reading comprehension tests
* Document Image Retrieval using Signatures as Queries
* Handwritten Word Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields
* Machine Learning for Signature Verification
* On Computing Strength of Evidence for Writer Verification
* On the Use of Lexeme Features for Writer Verification
* Versatile Search of Scanned Arabic Handwriting
Includes: Srinivasan, H.[Harish] Srinivasan, H.
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Srinivasan, J.[Jayaraman] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation of Near-Real-Time and Research Products of IMERG Precipitation over India for the Southwest Monsoon Period, A

Srinivasan, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Measuring Winds and Currents with Ka-Band Doppler Scatterometry: An Airborne Implementation and Progress towards a Spaceborne Mission
* Near-Lossless Compression for Large Traffic Networks
* Robust RGB-D Hand Tracking Using Deep Learning Priors
Includes: Srinivasan, K.[Karthik] Srinivasan, K.

Srinivasan, K.S. Co Author Listing * New Fast and Efficient Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of High-Density Impulse Noises, A

Srinivasan, L. Co Author Listing * Application of Dynamic Programming to Sequential Boundary Estimation, An
* Combined Manifold Learning Analysis of Shape and Appearance to Characterize Neonatal Brain Development, A
* Quantification of Growth and Motion Using Non-rigid Registration

Srinivasan, M. Co Author Listing * Complete Panoramic Vision System, Incorporating Imaging, Ranging, and Three Dimensional Navigation, A
* Divide and Grow: Capturing Huge Diversity in Crowd Images with Incrementally Growing CNN
* Efficient Video Classification Using Fewer Frames
* Joint Source-channel Coding Techniques for Wireless Channels and Packet Networks
* Multiple description subband coding
* new technique for Face Recognition using 2D-Gabor Wavelet Transform with 2D-Hidden Markov Model approach, A
* Rate-Invariant Recognition of Humans and Their Activities
* Satellite Altimetry for Ocean and Coastal Applications: A Review
* Shape-and-Behavior Encoded Tracking of Bee Dances
* Using Bayesian statistics and Gabor Wavelets for recognition of human faces
Includes: Srinivasan, M. Srinivasan, M.[Mukundhan] Srinivasan, M.[Murari] Srinivasan, M.[Mandyam] Srinivasan, M.[Margaret]
10 for Srinivasan, M.

Srinivasan, M.V.[Mandyam V.] Co Author Listing * Bird Gets Caught by the WORM: Tracking Multiple Deformable Objects in Noisy Environments Using Weight ORdered Logic Maps, The
* Filtering and processing of panoramic images obtained using a camera and a wide-angle-imaging reflective surface
* Insect Inspired Behaviours for the Autonomous Control of Mobile Robots
* Insect-Based Approach to Robotic Homing, An
* Omnidirectional Vision with Frontal Stereo
* Optical System for Guidance of Terrain Following in UAVs, An
* Probabilistic Hypothesis for the Prediction of Visual Fixations, A
* Qualitative Estimation of Camera Motion Parameters from Video Sequences
* Range Estimation with a Panoramic Visual Sensor
* Structure-from-Motion: Determining the Range and Orientation of Surfaces by Image Interpolation
* Topological localization using optical flow descriptors
Includes: Srinivasan, M.V.[Mandyam V.] Srinivasan, M.V.
11 for Srinivasan, M.V.

Srinivasan, N. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Approach for 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes Using Architectural Symmetries, An
* Rao-Blackwellized MCMC algorithm for recovering piecewise planar 3D models from multiple view RGBD images, A
* Real Estate Image Classification
* Structural Symmetries from Motion for Scene Reconstruction and Understanding
Includes: Srinivasan, N. Srinivasan, N.[Natesh] Srinivasan, N.[Narayanan]

Srinivasan, P. Co Author Listing * 3DP: A Processor Architecture for Three-Dimensional Applications, The
* Block-NeRF: Scalable Large Scene Neural View Synthesis
* Bottom-Up Recognition and Parsing of the Human Body
* Computational Geometric Methods in Volumetric Intersection for 3D Reconstruction
* Discriminative image warping with attribute flow
* Hierarchical X-ray Report Generation via Pathology Tags and Multi Head Attention
* IBRNet: Learning Multi-View Image-Based Rendering
* Many-to-one contour matching for describing and discriminating object shape
* QuadroNet: Multi-Task Learning for Real-Time Semantic Depth Aware Instance Segmentation
* SCAPE: Shape Completion and Animation of People
* Understanding videos, constructing plots learning a visually grounded storyline model from annotated videos
* Urban Radiance Fields
* VQ3D: Learning a 3D-Aware Generative Model on ImageNet
Includes: Srinivasan, P. Srinivasan, P.[Pratul] Srinivasan, P.[Praveen] Srinivasan, P.[Partha] Srinivasan, P.[Preethi]
13 for Srinivasan, P.

Srinivasan, P.P. Co Author Listing * Aperture Supervision for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Baking Neural Radiance Fields for Real-Time View Synthesis
* Deep Multi Depth Panoramas for View Synthesis
* Defocus Map Estimation and Deblurring from a Single Dual-Pixel Image
* Dense Depth Priors for Neural Radiance Fields from Sparse Input Views
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Gravitationally Lensed Black Hole Emission Tomography
* HumanNeRF: Free-viewpoint Rendering of Moving People from Monocular Video
* Learned Initializations for Optimizing Coordinate-Based Neural Representations
* Learning to Synthesize a 4D RGBD Light Field from a Single Image
* Light Field Blind Motion Deblurring
* Lighthouse: Predicting Lighting Volumes for Spatially-Coherent Illumination
* Mip-NeRF 360: Unbounded Anti-Aliased Neural Radiance Fields
* Mip-NeRF: A Multiscale Representation for Anti-Aliasing Neural Radiance Fields
* NeRF in the Dark: High Dynamic Range View Synthesis from Noisy Raw Images
* NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
* NeRV: Neural Reflectance and Visibility Fields for Relighting and View Synthesis
* Oriented Light-Field Windows for Scene Flow
* PersonNeRF: Personalized Reconstruction from Photo Collections
* Pushing the Boundaries of View Extrapolation With Multiplane Images
* Ref-NeRF: Structured View-Dependent Appearance for Neural Radiance Fields
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence
* Zip-NeRF: Anti-Aliased Grid-Based Neural Radiance Fields
Includes: Srinivasan, P.P. Srinivasan, P.P.[Pratul P.]
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Srinivasan, R. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Penalized Weighted Least-Squares and Maximum Likelihood Algorithms for Reconstructing Transmission Images from PET Transmission Data
* CMT and Hybrid Coding of the Component Color TV Signal
* Computerized Face Recognition in Renaissance Portrait Art: A quantitative measure for identifying uncertain subjects in ancient portraits
* Contour Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Cross-Cultural and Cultural-Specific Production and Perception of Facial Expressions of Emotion in the Wild
* Developing Land Use Land Cover Maps for the Lower Mekong Basin to Aid Hydrologic Modeling and Basin Planning
* Discriminant Functional Learning of Color Features for the Recognition of Facial Action Units and Their Intensities
* EmotioNet: An Accurate, Real-Time Algorithm for the Automatic Annotation of a Million Facial Expressions in the Wild
* Evaluation of Grid-Based Rainfall Products and Water Balances over the Mekong River Basin
* Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates in the Lower Mekong River Basin (Southeast Asia)
* Features with Feelings: Incorporating User Preferences in Video Categorization
* Framework for Calculating Peak Discharge and Flood Inundation in Ungauged Urban Watersheds Using Remotely Sensed Precipitation Data: A Case Study in Freetown, Sierra Leone, A
* Improved Hydrological Decision Support System for the Lower Mekong River Basin Using Satellite-Based Earth Observations
* Pattern recognition system
* Predictive Coding Based on Efficient Motion Estimation
* Shape Determination from Intensity Images: A New Algorithm
* Video classification based on social attitudes
Includes: Srinivasan, R. Srinivasan, R.[Ramprakash] Srinivasan, R.[Raghavan] Srinivasan, R.[Ramya] Srinivasan, R.[Ramanujam]
17 for Srinivasan, R.

Srinivasan, R.R.[Ranga Ramanujam] Co Author Listing * Confidence indicators based pose estimation for high-quality 3D reconstruction using depth image

Srinivasan, R.S.[Ramakrishnan S.] Co Author Listing * Event Detection from Business News

Srinivasan, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptable Image Retrieval System With Relevance Feedback Using Kernel Machines and Selective Sampling, An
* Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based on-the-move terrain classification for autonomous wheeled mobile robots
* Automatic generation of conference video proceedings
* Climate-Change-Driven Droughts and Tree Mortality: Assessing the Potential of UAV-Derived Early Warning Metrics
* CueVideo: a system for cross-modal search and browse of video databases
* Design of Optimal Cascaded Multirate Filter Banks in the Presence of Quantization
* Efficient motion vector recovery algorithm for H.264 using directional interpolation
* Efficient Video Browsing
* Evaluation Of Catrosat 1pan Stereo And Resourcesat Liss 4 Mss Merged Data For Morphometric Analysis, Delineation Of Drainage Basins And Codification In Tamil Nadu, India And Australia
* Extracting Structure from Optical Flow Using the Fast Error Search Technique
* Extraction of motion strength and motor activity signals from video recordings of neonatal seizures
* Fast FOE Estimation with Applications to Depth Estimation and View Synthesis
* Fast Partial Search Solution to the 3D SFM Problem
* Generalized Method for Pruning an FFT Type of Transform
* Head pose estimation using view based eigenspaces
* Image Stabilization and Mosaicking Using the Overlapped Basis Optical Flow Field
* Integrated Approach to Image Stabilization, Mosaicking and Super-Resolution, An
* Machine Recognition of Indian Language Characters Using a Tree Structure Based on Primitives
* multi-modal system for the retrieval of semantic video events, A
* Noise-resilient estimation of optical flow by use of overlapped basis functions
* Object color propagation in an unregistered distributed video sensor network
* Optical Flow Using Overlapped Basis Functions for Solving Global Motion Problems
* Qualitative Landmark Recognition Using Visual Cues
* Query expansion for imperfect speech: applications in distributed learning
* Representation and linking mechanisms for audio in MPEG-7
* Robust Modeling and Estimation of Optical Flow with Overlapped Basis Functions
* Search the Audio, Browse the Video: A Generic Paradigm for Video Collections
* Skip macroblock coding
* Spatial extrapolation of pixel values in intraframe video coding and decoding
* Streaming-Media Knowledge Discovery
* Structure from motion: sparse versus dense correspondence methods
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning as an Effective Tool to Retrieve Tree Level Height, Crown Width, and Stem Diameter
* Windows Media Video 9: Overview and Applications
Includes: Srinivasan, S. Srinivasan, S.[Seshadhri] Srinivasan, S.[Savitha] Srinivasan, S.[Shruthi] Srinivasan, S.[Sridhar]
33 for Srinivasan, S.

Srinivasan, S.H. Co Author Listing * Compressed Domain Action Classification Using HMM
* multiple description method for wavelet based image coding, A
* Small-world approximations in spectral segmentation
* Video Object Segmentation: A Compressed Domain Approach
* Wavelet domain residual redundancy-based descriptions

Srinivasan, T.[Tejas] Co Author Listing * Curriculum Learning for Data-Efficient Vision-Language Alignment

Srinivasan, T.P. Co Author Listing * DEM Generation from High Resolution Multi-View Data product
* In-flight Geometric Calibration: An experience with CARTOSAT-1 and CARTOSAT-2
* Long Strip Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 with Minimum Control
* new approach for terrain analysis of lunar surface by Chandrayaan-1 data using open source libraries, A
* Rational Polynomial Modelling for CARTOSAT-1 data

Srinivasan, U. Co Author Listing * Edge-based semantic classification of sports video sequences
* survey of MPEG-1 audio, video and semantic analysis techniques, A

Srinivasan, V. Co Author Listing * Air Quality Monitoring and Data Management In Germany: Status Quo And Suggestions for Improvement
* Automatic Mesh Generation Using the Symmetric Axis Transformation of Polygonal Domains
* Detecting abnormal events in traffic video surveillance using superorientation optical flow feature
* Edge-Detection Using a Neural-Network
* Estimating Position Velocity in 3D Space from Monocular Video Sequences Using a Deep Neural Network
* Evaluation of Head Gaze Loosely Synchronized With Real-Time Synthetic Speech for Social Robots
* Full custom VLSI implementation of high-speed 2-D DCT/IDCT chip
* Fuzzy Pyramid-Based Invariant Object Recognition
* Image reconstruction by a Hopfield neural network
* Invariant Object Recognition Using a Neural Template Classifier
* Methods and apparatus to count people appearing in an image
* Multi-Kernel Prediction Networks for Denoising of Burst Images
* Pseudo-Interferometric Laser Range Finder for Robot Applications, A
Includes: Srinivasan, V. Srinivasan, V.[Vasuhi] Srinivasan, V.[Venugopal]
13 for Srinivasan, V.

Srinivasan, V.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Kasai Autocorrelation and Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Doppler Optical Coherence Tomography
* Maximum Likelihood Doppler Frequency Estimation Under Decorrelation Noise for Quantifying Flow in Optical Coherence Tomography

Srinivasan, V.K.[Venkatesh K.] Co Author Listing * Classification of color objects like fruits using probability density function (PDF)

Srinivasan, V.S. Co Author Listing * Detection of Singular Points in Fingerprint Images
* Shape Discrimination by Radial Sectoral Projection Signatures

Srinivasana, R.[Rajani] Co Author Listing * Foveating Fuzzy Scoring Target Recognition System, A

Srinivasarao, B.K.N. Co Author Listing * novel framework for compressed sensing based scalable video coding, A

Srinivasu, P.N.[Parvathaneni Naga] Co Author Listing * transfer learning-based system for grading breast invasive ductal carcinoma, A

Srinivasu, U.[Ulli] Co Author Listing * 3D Features for human action recognition with semi-supervised learning

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