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Band, S.S.[Shahab. S.] Co Author Listing * Ensemble of Machine-Learning Methods for Predicting Gully Erosion Susceptibility
* Flash Flood Susceptibility Modeling Using New Approaches of Hybrid and Ensemble Tree-Based Machine Learning Algorithms
* Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Based Ensemble Models for Gully Erosion Susceptibility Assessment
* Modeling Spatial Flood using Novel Ensemble Artificial Intelligence Approaches in Northern Iran
Includes: Band, S.S.[Shahab. S.] Band, S.S.[Shahab S.]

Banda, D.[Dalitso] Co Author Listing * Deep video-to-video transformations for accessibility with an application to photosensitivity

Banda, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Development of a Bi-National Great Lakes Coastal Wetland and Land Use Map Using Three-Season PALSAR and Landsat Imagery

Banda, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * BIOMASS Level 2 Prototype Processor: Design and Experimental Results of Above-Ground Biomass Estimation, The
* Ground and Volume Decomposition as a Proxy for AGB from P-Band SAR Data
* Single and Multipolarimetric P-Band SAR Tomography of Subsurface Ice Structure
Includes: Banda, F.[Francesco] Banda, F.

Banda, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval on compressed images: Can we tell the difference?
* large-scale solar image dataset with labeled event regions, A
* On the surprisingly accurate transfer of image parameters between medical and solar images
* Selection of Image Parameters as the First Step towards Creating a CBIR System for the Solar Dynamics Observatory

Banda, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Edge-Oriented Shot Boundary Detection
* Dimensional affect recognition using Continuous Conditional Random Fields
* Real-time inference of mental states from facial expressions and upper body gestures
Includes: Banda, N. Banda, N.[Ntombikayise]

Banda, S.[Snikitha] Co Author Listing * Learning Domain-Agnostic Visual Representation for Computational Pathology Using Medically-Irrelevant Style Transfer Augmentation
* Unsupervised image transformation for long wave infrared and visual image matching using two channel convolutional autoencoder network
Includes: Banda, S.[Snikitha] Banda, S.[Sandhya]

Bandak, S.[Soraya] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Estimation of Soil Moisture Content in Croplands: A Case Study in Golestan Province, North of Iran

Bandapadhay, A. Co Author Listing * Searching parameter spaces with noisy linear constraints

Bandara, K. Co Author Listing * Automated Generation of Digital Terrain Model using Point Clouds of Digital Surface Model in Forest Area
* Global models for time series forecasting: A Simulation study
* Improving the accuracy of global forecasting models using time series data augmentation
Includes: Bandara, K. Bandara, K.[Kasun]

Bandara, U.[Udana] Co Author Listing * Protecting against screenshots: An image processing approach
* Source code author identification with unsupervised feature learning
Includes: Bandara, U.[Udana] Bandara, U.[Upul]

Bandara, W.G.C.[Wele Gedara Chaminda] Co Author Listing * AdaMAE: Adaptive Masking for Efficient Spatiotemporal Learning with Masked Autoencoders
* HyperTransformer: A Textural and Spectral Feature Fusion Transformer for Pansharpening
* Unite and Conquer: Plug and Play Multi-Modal Synthesis Using Diffusion Models

Bandarabadi, M. Co Author Listing * Angle constrained path for clustering of multiple manifolds
* Nonlinear subspace clustering using curvature constrained distances
Includes: Bandarabadi, M. Bandarabadi, M.[Mojtaba]

Bandaragoda, T. Co Author Listing * Online Incremental Machine Learning Platform for Big Data-Driven Smart Traffic Management

Bandari, E. Co Author Listing * Cooperative analysis of multiple frames by visual echoes
* Spatial-Quefrency Approach to Optical Echo Analysis
* Vision-based positioning and terrain mapping by global alignment for UAVs
* Visual Echo Analysis

Bandaru, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * PyPose: A Library for Robot Learning with Physics-based Optimization

Bandaru, V.[Varaprasad] Co Author Listing * Design of a GIS-Based Web Application for Simulating Biofuel Feedstock Yields
* Estimating crop net primary production using national inventory data and MODIS-derived parameters
* Evaluating Optical Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Leaf Area Index for Corn and Soybean
* Geo-CropSim: A Geo-spatial crop simulation modeling framework for regional scale crop yield and water use assessment

Banday, S.A. Co Author Listing * Ground glass opacity detection and segmentation using CT images: An image statistics framework

Bandegi, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Predicting Risky Driving in a Connected Vehicle Environment

Bandeira Diniz, J.O. Co Author Listing * Modified Quality Threshold Clustering for Temporal Analysis and Classification of Lung Lesions

Bandeira, A. Co Author Listing * Phase Retrieval with Polarization

Bandeira, L.[Lourenco] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Sand Dunes on Mars
* Combining Fuzzy Clustering and Morphological Methods for Old Documents Recovery
* Crater Detection in Multi-ring Basins of Mercury
* Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours
* Morphological recognition of the spatial patterns of olive trees
* multi-layer approach for the analysis of neighbourhood relations of polygons in remotely acquired images, A
* New Approach to Analyse Neighbourhood Relations in 2D Polygonal Networks, A
* Underline Removal on Old Documents
Includes: Bandeira, L.[Lourenco] Bandeira, L.[Lourenço]
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Bandeira, L.P.C.[Lourenco P. C.] Co Author Listing * Classifiers for Vegetation and Forest Mapping with Low Resolution Multiespectral Imagery
* Development of a Methodology for Automated Crater Detection on Planetary Images
* Impact Crater Recognition on Mars Based on a Probability Volume Created by Template Matching
Includes: Bandeira, L.P.C.[Lourenco P. C.] Bandeira, L.P.C.[Lourenço P. C.]

Bandeira, S.[Salomao] Co Author Listing * Impacts of the Tropical Cyclone Idai in Mozambique: A Multi-Temporal Landsat Satellite Imagery Analysis
* Mangroves of the Zambezi Delta: Increase in Extent Observed via Satellite from 1994 to 2013, The
Includes: Bandeira, S.[Salomao] Bandeira, S.[Salomão]

Bandekar, A.N.[Alok N.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Abdominal Fat from CT Data

Bandelli, S. Co Author Listing * Quantitative assessment of qualitative color perception in image database retrieval

Bandelow, N.C. Co Author Listing * Towards Innovative Participation-oriented Planning of Infrastructure Measures

Bandemer, H. Co Author Listing * Specifying Fuzzy Data from Grey-Tone Pictures for Pattern-Recognition

Bandera Rubio, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * 2D object recognition based on curvature functions obtained from local histograms of the contour chain code
* 3D Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid
* 3D object recognition based on curvature information of planar views
* Affine-invariant contours recognition using an incremental hybrid learning approach
* Bounded irregular pyramid: a new structure for color image segmentation
* Comparison of Perceptual Grouping Criteria within an Integrated Hierarchical Framework
* curvature-based multiresolution automatic karyotyping system, A
* Hidden Markov Model object recognition technique for incomplete and distorted corner sequences, A
* hierarchical context-based textured image segmentation algorithm for aerial images, A
* multiresolution spatiotemporal motion segmentation technique for video sequences based on pyramidal structures, A
* New Perception-Based Segmentation Approach Using Combinatorial Pyramids, A
* Non-parametric planar shape representation based on adaptive curvature functions
* Nonuniform video coding by means of multifoveal geometries
* Perception-Based Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid
* Planar shape indexing and retrieval based on Hidden Markov Models
* Pyramid segmentation algorithms revisited
* Scale-dependent hierarchical unsupervised segmentation of textured images
* Spatiotemporal video segmentation and motion estimation through irregular pyramids
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Bandera Rubio, A.J.[Antonio J.] Co Author Listing * Scene understanding and behaviour analysis

Bandera, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach for Affine-Invariant 2D Shape Description, An
* Algorithm for Fitting 2-D Data on the Circle: Applications to Mobile Robotics, An
* Combining boundary and region features inside the combinatorial pyramid for topology-preserving perceptual image segmentation
* Construction of Bounded Irregular Pyramids with a Union-Find Decimation Process, The
* Cooperative and Social Robots: Understanding Human Activities and Intentions
* Extending the Evaluation of Social Assistive Robots With Accessibility Indicators: The AUSUS Evaluation Framework
* Fast gesture recognition based on a two-level representation
* Incremental Hybrid Approach for Unsupervised Classification: Applications to Visual Landmarks Recognition
* Incremental Learning of Visual Landmarks for Mobile Robotics
* Mean shift based clustering of Hough domain for fast line segment detection
* novel approach for salient image regions detection and description, A
* Part-based object detection into a hierarchy of image segmentations combining color and topology
* Perceiving the person and their interactions with the others for social robotics: A review
* Segmentation and Classification of Geoenvironmental Zones of Interest in Aerial Images Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid
* Spatio-temporal feature-based keyframe detection from video shots using spectral clustering
Includes: Bandera, A. Bandera, A.[Antonio]
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Bandera, C. Co Author Listing * Foveal Automatic Target Recognition Using a Multiresolution Neural-Network
* Foveal Automatic Target Recognition Using a Neural Network
* Making Bertha Cooperate: Team AnnieWAY's Entry to the 2016 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* MIMD Computing Platform for a Hierarchical Foveal Machine Vision System, An
Includes: Bandera, C. Bandera, C.[Claudio] Bandera, C.[Cesar]

Bandera, J.P. Co Author Listing * Fast gesture recognition based on a two-level representation
* Mean shift based clustering of Hough domain for fast line segment detection
* new paradigm for autonomous human motion description and evaluation: Application to the Get Up & Go test use case, A
* Part-based object detection into a hierarchy of image segmentations combining color and topology
Includes: Bandera, J.P. Bandera, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Bandera, J.P.[Juan P.]

Bandettini, P.A.[Peter A.] Co Author Listing * Artifactual time-course correlations in echo-planar fMRI with implications for studies of brain function
* Differential transient MEG and fMRI responses to visual stimulation onset rate

Bandhakavi, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * Lexicon based feature extraction for emotion text classification
* Lexicon Generation for Emotion Detection from Text

Bandhari, A.[Ayush] Co Author Listing * Discovering the Structure of a Planar Mirror System from Multiple Observations of a Single Point

Bandi, C.[Chaitanya] Co Author Listing * Skeleton-based Action Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction using Self-Attention Mechanism

Bandi, K. Co Author Listing * statistical model for writer verification, A

Bandi, P. Co Author Listing * From Detection of Individual Metastases to Classification of Lymph Node Status at the Patient Level: The CAMELYON17 Challenge
Includes: Bandi, P. Bándi, P.

Bandiatmakuri, S.G.[Sai Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Canonical Correlation Kernels

Bandiera, A. Co Author Listing * Active and Passive 3D Imaging Technologies Applied to Waterlogged Wooden Artifacts from Shipwrecks

Bandiera, F. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Oil Slicks Edge Detection Based on SAR Data, A
* CFAR Detection of Extended and Multiple Point-Like Targets Without Assignment of Secondary Data
* CRLB for I/Q Imbalance Estimation in FMCW Radar Receivers

Bandillo, N.[Nonoy] Co Author Listing * Overview of Using Unmanned Aerial System Mounted Sensors to Measure Plant Above-Ground Biomass, An
* Predicting Dry Pea Maturity Using Machine Learning and Advanced Sensor Fusion with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)

Bandini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Hands in Egocentric Vision: A Survey
* Automatic Detection of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) from Video-Based Analysis of Facial Movements: Speech and Non-Speech Tasks
* Estimation of Orofacial Kinematics in Parkinson's Disease: Comparison of 2D and 3D Markerless Systems for Motion Tracking
Includes: Bandini, A.[Andrea] Bandini, A.

Bandini, F.[Filippo] Co Author Listing * Challenges with Regard to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) Measurement of River Surface Velocity Using Doppler Radar
* Unmanned Aerial System multispectral mapping for low and variable solar irradiance conditions: Potential of tensor decomposition
* Value of Distributed High-Resolution UAV-Borne Observations of Water Surface Elevation for River Management and Hydrodynamic Modeling, The

Bandini, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Mobility analysis of the aged pedestrians by experiment and simulation
* Pattern recognition and crowd analysis
* Studying Pedestrian and Crowd Dynamics through Integrated Analysis and Synthesis
* Towards an integrated approach to crowd analysis and crowd synthesis: A case study and first results
Includes: Bandini, S.[Stefania] Bandini, S.

Bandla, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Active Learning of an Action Detector from Untrimmed Videos
Includes: Bandla, S.I.[Sun Il] Bandla, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Bandmann, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Deconvolution of Wide Field Microscopy with Sparse Priors: Application to Zebrafish Imagery

Bando, T. Co Author Listing * Determining Utterance Timing of a Driving Agent With Double Articulation Analyzer
* Sequence Prediction of Driving Behavior Using Double Articulation Analyzer
* Switching particle filters for efficient real-time visual tracking
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Modeling of Driving Behavior and Prediction of Contextual Changing Points
* Visualization of Driving Behavior Based on Hidden Feature Extraction by Using Deep Learning

Bando, Y.[Yosuke] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Focus Sweep for Improved 2D Motion Invariance, An
* Flow-Based Independent Vector Analysis for Blind Source Separation
* Joint Separation and Localization of Moving Sound Sources Based on Neural Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis
* Neural Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis for Blind Source Separation
Includes: Bando, Y.[Yosuke] Bando, Y. Bando, Y.[Yoshiaki]

Bandoh, Y.[Yukihiro] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification via Hypergraph Neural Network
* address generator for a 3-dimensional pseudo-Hilbert scan in a cuboid region, An
* Address Generator for an N-dimensional Pseudo-Hilbert Scan in a Hyper-rectangular Parallelepiped Region, An
* Address Generator of a Pseudo-Hilbert Scan in a Rectangle Region, An
* Aerial Image Segmentation via Noise Dispelling and Content Distilling
* coding method for high bit-depth images based on optimized bit-depth transform, A
* Color Image Compression Using a Hilbert Scan
* Complexity Reduction of Graph Signal Denoising Based on Fast Graph Fourier Transform
* Complexity Reduction of Multi-Level DP Quantization Through Inter-Level Redundancy Elimination
* Encoder design for H.264/AVC based on contrast sensitivity considering spatio-temporal direction dependency
* Generalized Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate Considering Low Pass Filtering Induced by Shutter Opening
* Mathematical analysis of the energy compaction affected by the dimensionality of Karhunen-Lòeve transform
* Multimodadl Graph Signal Denoising With Simultaneous Graph Learning using Deep Algorithm Unrolling
* Recent advances in high dynamic range imaging technology
* Study on Video Generation Based on High-Density Temporal Sampling, A
* Temporal down-sampling algorithm of high frame-rate video for reducing inter-frame prediction error
* Temporal Filter Design for Encoder-Oriented Video Generation Based on Bayesian Optimization
* Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate Considering the Effect of the Integral Phenomenon
* Theoretical Model of Relationship Between Frame-Rate and Bit-Rate for Encoding High Frame-Rate Video Signal
* Video generation algorithm based on high temporal-resolution imaging
Includes: Bandoh, Y.[Yukihiro] Bandoh, Y.
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Bandopadhay, A. Co Author Listing * Shape From Line Drawings: Beyond Huffman-Clowes Labeling

Bandopadhy, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Active Navigation: Tracking an Environmental Point Considered Beneficial
* Egomotion Using Active Vision
* Interest Points, Disparities and Correspondence
Includes: Bandopadhy, A.[Amit] Bandopadhy, A.

Bandopadhyay, S.[Subhajit] Co Author Listing * Can Vegetation Indices Serve as Proxies for Potential Sun-Induced Fluorescence (SIF)? A Fuzzy Simulation Approach on Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy Data
* Hyplant-Derived Sun-Induced Fluorescence: A New Opportunity to Disentangle Complex Vegetation Signals from Diverse Vegetation Types

Bandos, T.V. Co Author Listing * Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis

Bandou, Y. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for N-Dimensional Hilbert Scanning, A

Bandouch, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Human Motion Capture Using an Ergonomics-Based Anthropometric Human Model
* Evaluation of Hierarchical Sampling Strategies in 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Self-Training Approach for Visual Tracking and Recognition of Complex Human Activity Patterns, A
* Tracking humans interacting with the environment using efficient hierarchical sampling and layered observation models
* TUM Kitchen Data Set of everyday manipulation activities for motion tracking and action recognition, The
Includes: Bandouch, J.[Jan] Bandouch, J.

Bandrabur, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Pain intensity estimation by a self-taught selection of histograms of topographical features

Bandrova, T. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Framework for Educational Disaster Centre Save the Children Life
* Three-dimensional Maps For Disaster Management

Bandukwala, F.[Farhana] Co Author Listing * Extracting spatially and spectrally coherent regions from multispectral images

Bandula, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Multi-Organ Segmentation on Abdominal CT With Dense V-Networks

Bandy, D. Co Author Listing * Generalized Linear Least Squares Method for Fast Generation of Myocardial Blood Flow Parametric Images with N-13 Ammonia PET

Bandyapadhyay, S.[Sayan] Co Author Listing * How to find a good explanation for clustering?

Bandyopadhyay, A. Co Author Listing * Active Vision
* Connectionist Model of Extrapersonal Space, A
* Multiple Channel Model for Perception of Optical Flow, A

Bandyopadhyay, B. Co Author Listing * Discrete-time integral sliding-mode flow control for connection-oriented communication networks
* Nonlinear Extension to a Moment Method Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Microwave Tomography
* Understanding Knowledge Gaps in Visual Question Answering: Implications for Gap Identification and Testing

Bandyopadhyay, H.[Hmrishav] Co Author Listing * Gated and Bifurcated Stacked U-Net Module for Document Image Dewarping, A
* Open-Set Domain Adaptation Under Few Source-Domain Labeled Samples
* RectiNet-v2: A stacked network architecture for document image dewarping

Bandyopadhyay, M.K.[Malay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Crowd Characterization in Surveillance Videos Using Deep-Graph Convolutional Neural Network
* Understanding crowd flow patterns using active-Langevin model

Bandyopadhyay, O.[Oishila] Co Author Listing * Automated Analysis of Orthopaedic X-ray Images based on Digital-Geometric Techniques
* Automated Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Severity Analysis from Brain MRI
* Automatic Segmentation of Bones in X-ray Images Based on Entropy Measure
* Does Rotation Influence the Estimated Contour Length of a Digital Object?
* Long-Bone Fracture Detection in Digital X-ray Images Based on Concavity Index
* Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation and Bifurcation Point Detection

Bandyopadhyay, S.[Soumya] Co Author Listing * Analysis of L-Band SAR Data for Soil Moisture Estimations over Agricultural Areas in the Tropics
* automatic shape independent clustering technique, An
* Axioms to characterize efficient incremental clustering
* CR-SSL: A closely related self-supervised learning based approach for improving breast ultrasound tumor segmentation
* DivGroup: A Diversified Approach to Divide Collection of Patterns into Uniform Groups
* Dynamic Range-Based Distance Measure for Microarray Expressions and a Fast Gene-Ordering Algorithm
* Efficient prototype reordering in nearest neighbor classification
* Event extraction from cancer genetics literature
* Fuzzy partitioning using a real-coded variable-length genetic algorithm for pixel classification
* GA Based Pattern Classification: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
* GAPS: A clustering method using a new point symmetry-based distance measure
* Gene Identification: Classical and Computational Intelligence Approaches
* Generic Axiomatic Characterization for Measuring Influence in Social Networks, A
* Genetic algorithm-based clustering technique
* genetic approach for efficient outlier detection in projected space, A
* Genetic clustering for automatic evolution of clusters and application to image classification
* Geospatial Modelling for Delineation of Crop Management Zones Using Local Terrain Attributes and Soil Properties
* Hidden Markov Model Based Named Entity Recognition System: Bengali and Hindi as Case Studies, A
* Holographic Implementation of a Binary Associative Memory for Improved Recognition
* Identifying Seasonal Groundwater-Irrigated Cropland Using Multi-Source NDVI Time-Series Images
* Improved Multi-objective Technique for Fuzzy Clustering with Application to IRS Image Segmentation, An
* Improving the Performance of a NER System by Post-processing and Voting
* Integration of dense subgraph finding with feature clustering for unsupervised feature selection
* Irrigation History Estimation Using Multitemporal Landsat Satellite Images: Application to an Intensive Groundwater Irrigated Agricultural Watershed in India
* MAPSM: A Spatio-Temporal Algorithm for Merging Soil Moisture from Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
* Mixed attention and regularized COVID-19 network: An approach to detection of COVID-19 with chest x-ray images
* Multiobjective Genetic Clustering for Pixel Classification in Remote Sensing Imagery
* multiobjective simulated annealing based fuzzy-clustering technique with symmetry for pixel classification in remote sensing imagery, A
* new multiobjective simulated annealing based clustering technique using stability and symmetry, A
* new multiobjective simulated annealing based clustering technique using symmetry, A
* New operators of genetic algorithms for traveling salesman problem
* Nonparametric genetic clustering: comparison of validity indices
* Novel Neural Heteroassociative Memory Model for Pattern-Recognition, A
* Pattern classification using genetic algorithms: Determination of H
* Pattern-Classification with Genetic Algorithms: Incorporation of Chromosome Differentiation
* Performance Evaluation of Some Clustering Algorithms and Validity Indices
* Pixel classification using variable string genetic algorithms with chromosome differentiation
* Retrieval and Multi-scale Validation of Soil Moisture from Multi-temporal SAR Data in a Semi-Arid Tropical Region
* Spatial Disaggregation of Latent Heat Flux Using Contextual Models over India
* Stable feature selection using copula based mutual information
* symmetry based multiobjective clustering technique for automatic evolution of clusters, A
* Utility Driven Post Disaster Emergency Resource Allocation System Using DTN, A
* Validity index for crisp and fuzzy clusters
Includes: Bandyopadhyay, S.[Soumya] Bandyopadhyay, S.[Sanghamitra] Bandyopadhyay, S. Bandyopadhyay, S.[Sivaji] Bandyopadhyay, S.[Sambaran] Bandyopadhyay, S.[Siladitya] Bandyopadhyay, S.[Somnath]
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Bandyopadhyay, S.K. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Optimization for Video Transmission Over Multirate GMC-CDMA Wireless Links
* Mammographic Density Estimation and Classification Using Segmentation and Progressive Elimination Method
* Optimal Bit Allocation for Joint Contour-Based Shape Coding and Shape Adaptive Texture Coding
* Optimal Bit Allocation for Joint Texture-Aware Contour-Based Shape Coding and Shape-Adaptive Texture Coding
* Optimal Power Allocation for Scalable Video Transmission over Multirate GMC-CDMA Wireless Links
Includes: Bandyopadhyay, S.K. Bandyopadhyay, S.K.[Samir K.]

Bandyopadhyay, T.[Tirthankar] Co Author Listing * How Rough Is the Path? Terrain Traversability Estimation for Local and Global Path Planning

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