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Alva, R.E.[Rodrigo E.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Monitoring of a Mid-Rise Building by Real-Aperture Radar Interferometer: Advantages and Limitations

Alvala, R. Co Author Listing * Changes in Vegetation Cover in Reforested Areas in the State of Săo Paulo, Brazil and the Implication for Landslide Processes
Includes: Alvala, R. Alvalá, R.

Alvala, R.C.S.[Regina C. S.] Co Author Listing * Use of SMOS L3 Soil Moisture Data: Validation and Drought Assessment for Pernambuco State, Northeast Brazil
Includes: Alvala, R.C.S.[Regina C. S.] Alvalá, R.C.S.[Regina C. S.]

Alvanitopoulos, P.[Petros] Co Author Listing * Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks and Fast Adaptive Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition for Style Transfer

Alvar Beltran, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Testing Proximal Optical Sensors on Quinoa Growth and Development
Includes: Alvar Beltran, J.[Jorge] Alvar-Beltrán, J.[Jorge]

Alvar, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Abnormal behavior detection using dominant sets
* Mixture of Merged Gaussian Algorithm using RTDENN
* Multiresolution energy minimisation framework for stereo matching
Includes: Alvar, M.[Manuel] Alvar, M.

Alvar, N.S.[Nima Sedaghat] Co Author Listing * Sparsity Potentials for Detecting Objects with the Hough Transform

Alvar, S.R.[Saeed Ranjbar] Co Author Listing * Improvement of transform-skip mode in lossy intra coding with 3-tap filters
* Lossless intra coding in HEVC with adaptive 3-tap filters
* Multi-Task Learning with Compressible Features for Collaborative Intelligence
* On lossless intra coding in HEVC with 3-tap filters
* Pareto-Optimal Bit Allocation for Collaborative Intelligence
Includes: Alvar, S.R.[Saeed Ranjbar] Alvar, S.R.

Alvar, T.A.[Thamilvaani Arvaree] Co Author Listing * Mandarin Language Learning System for Nasal Voice User

Alvarado Cervantes, R.[Rodolfo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Similarity Function for Color Image Segmentation, An
* Color Image Segmentation by Means of a Similarity Function
* Improved HSI Color Space for Color Image Segmentation
Includes: Alvarado Cervantes, R.[Rodolfo] Alvarado-Cervantes, R.[Rodolfo]

Alvarado Gonzalez, A.M.[Alicia Montserrat] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Localization for Mobile Robots Using a Set of Known Views
Includes: Alvarado Gonzalez, A.M.[Alicia Montserrat] Alvarado-González, A.M.[Alicia Montserrat]

Alvarado Gonzalez, M.[Montserrat] Co Author Listing * Detection of rotational symmetry in curves represented by the slope chain code
* Mirror symmetry detection in curves represented by means of the Slope Chain Code
Includes: Alvarado Gonzalez, M.[Montserrat] Alvarado-Gonzalez, M.[Montserrat]

Alvarado Graef, P. Co Author Listing * Ocean Color Algorithm Based on Power Functions to Retrieve Inherent Optical Properties From Remotely Sensed Data Off the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, An
Includes: Alvarado Graef, P. Alvarado-Graef, P.

Alvarado Perez, J.C. Co Author Listing * Interactive Data Visualization Using Dimensionality Reduction and Similarity-Based Representations
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Spectral Dimensionality Reduction
Includes: Alvarado Perez, J.C. Alvarado-Pérez, J.C. Alvarado-Pérez, J.C.[Juan Carlos]

Alvarado Robles, G.[Gilberto] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Green Areas Using Bivariate Histograms Based in Hue-Saturation Type Color Spaces
Includes: Alvarado Robles, G.[Gilberto] Alvarado-Robles, G.[Gilberto]

Alvarado Velazco, P.B.[Paola B.] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Evolutionary Programming for Combinational Logic Circuits Design
Includes: Alvarado Velazco, P.B.[Paola B.] Alvarado-Velazco, P.B.[Paola B.]

Alvarado, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Filter Array Design by Optimal Sphere Packing

Alvarado, A.S. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Irregularly-Sampled Volumetric Data in Efficient Box Spline Spaces

Alvarado, A.T.[Alyssa Tello] Co Author Listing * Surface Deformation Analysis of the Houston Area Using Time Series Interferometry and Emerging Hot Spot Analysis

Alvarado, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Alvarado, C.[Christine]: alvarado AT cs hmc edu

Alvarado, G.J.[Gabriel Jarillo] Co Author Listing * Deterioration of visual information in face classification using Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces

Alvarado, M.[Maite] Co Author Listing * BAMS: A Tool for Supervised Burned Area Mapping Using Landsat Data
* Non-uniform sampling for improved appearance-based models
* Patterns of Go Gaming by Ising Model
Includes: Alvarado, M.[Maite] Alvarado, M.[Matías]

Alvarado, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Extracting Symbolic Descriptors for Interactive Object Retrieval

Alvarado, S.[Selene] Co Author Listing * Hardware Implementation of Image Recognition System Based on Morphological Associative Memories and Discrete Wavelet Transform

Alvarado, S.T.[Swanni T.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor, Active Fire-Supervised, One-Class Burned Area Mapping in the Brazilian Savanna

Alvarenga, F.A.P.[Flavio A.P.] Co Author Listing * Video-based cattle identification and action recognition

Alvarenga, T.A.[Tiago A.] Co Author Listing * Identification of Low Impedance Points Along Railway Tracks From a Railroad Inspection Vehicle

Alvares, A.J.[Alberto J.] Co Author Listing * general scheme for finding the static rate-distortion optimized ordering for the bits of the coefficients of all subbands of an N-level dyadic biorthogonal DWT, A
* Real-time rate distortion-optimized image compression with region of interest on the ARM architecture for underwater robotics applications
Includes: Alvares, A.J.[Alberto J.] Álvares, A.J.[Alberto J.]

Alvares, C.A.[Clayton Alcarde] Co Author Listing * Terrain Slope Effect on Forest Height and Wood Volume Estimation from GEDI Data

Alvares, L.O.[Luis O.] Co Author Listing * Semantic-based pruning of redundant and uninteresting frequent geographic patterns
* Toward Abnormal Trajectory and Event Detection in Video Surveillance
Includes: Alvares, L.O.[Luis O.] Alvares, L.O.

Alvarez Alonso, D.[David] Co Author Listing * On the Combination of Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for the Digitalization of the San Lázaro Middle Paleolithic Rock Shelter (Segovia, Central Iberia, Spain)
Includes: Alvarez Alonso, D.[David] Álvarez-Alonso, D.[David]

Alvarez Alvarez, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Application of the computational theory of perceptions to human gait pattern recognition
Includes: Alvarez Alvarez, A.[Alberto] Alvarez-Alvarez, A.[Alberto]

Alvarez Berrios, N.L.[Nora L.] Co Author Listing * Hurricane Maria in the U.S. Caribbean: Disturbance Forces, Variation of Effects, and Implications for Future Storms
Includes: Alvarez Berrios, N.L.[Nora L.] Álvarez-Berríos, N.L.[Nora L.]

Alvarez Borrego, J. Co Author Listing * Improved Model to Obtain Some Statistical Properties of Surface Slopes via Remote Sensing Using Variable Reflection Angle, An
* Improving the Discrimination Capability with an Adaptive Synthetic Discriminant Function Filter
* Invariant Optical Color Correlation for Recognition of Vibrio Cholerae O1
* Statistical Properties of Marine Surface Slopes From Its Glitter Patterns: The 1-D Case
* Statistical Properties of Marine Surface Slopes Using Glitter Patterns: The 2-D Case
Includes: Alvarez Borrego, J. Alvarez-Borrego, J. Álvarez-Borrego, J.[Josué] Álvarez-Borrego, J.

Alvarez Cascos, I. Co Author Listing * Least-squares mesh model for image compression

Alvarez Cedillo, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Implementation Strategy of NDVI Algorithm with Nvidia Thrust
Includes: Alvarez Cedillo, J.[Jesus] Alvarez-Cedillo, J.[Jesús]

Alvarez Cid, M.X.[Marcos X.] Co Author Listing * Goal-Driven Phenotyping Through Spectral Imaging for Grape Aromatic Ripeness Assessment
Includes: Alvarez Cid, M.X.[Marcos X.] Álvarez-Cid, M.X.[Marcos X.]

Alvarez Cortes, S. Co Author Listing * Regression Wavelet Analysis for Near-Lossless Remote Sensing Data Compression
Includes: Alvarez Cortes, S. Álvarez-Cortés, S.

Alvarez Diaz, N.[Nestor] Co Author Listing * Decision Support System Based on Indoor Location for Personnel Management
Includes: Alvarez Diaz, N.[Nestor] Álvarez-Díaz, N.[Néstor]

Alvarez Erviti, L.[Lydia] Co Author Listing * Microgliaj: An Automatic Tool for Microglial Cell Detection and Segmentation
Includes: Alvarez Erviti, L.[Lydia] Álvarez-Erviti, L.[Lydia]

Alvarez Fanjul, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Summer Upwelling and Downwelling Events in NW Spain: A Model-Observations Approach
* Extreme Wave Height Events in NW Spain: A Combined Multi-Sensor and Model Approach
* Quality Assessment and Practical Interpretation of the Wave Parameters Estimated by HF Radars in NW Spain
Includes: Alvarez Fanjul, E.[Enrique] Álvarez-Fanjul, E.[Enrique]

Alvarez Franco, F.J.[Fernando J.] Co Author Listing * Method for Interactive Shape Detection in Cattle Images Using Genetic Algorithms, A
Includes: Alvarez Franco, F.J.[Fernando J.] Álvarez-Franco, F.J.[Fernando J.]

Alvarez Garcia, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-target detection in CCTV footage for tracking applications using deep learning techniques
* Securing Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Location Information
Includes: Alvarez Garcia, F. Álvarez García, F. Alvarez-Garcia, F.

Alvarez Garcia, J.A.[Juan Antonio] Co Author Listing * Energy wasting at internet data centers due to fear
Includes: Alvarez Garcia, J.A.[Juan Antonio] Álvarez-García, J.A.[Juan Antonio]

Alvarez Gila, A. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Networks for Spatial Context-Aware Spectral Image Reconstruction from RGB
* Automatic Red-Channel underwater image restoration
* MVMO: A Multi-Object Dataset for Wide Baseline Multi-View Semantic Segmentation
* On the Duality Between Retinex and Image Dehazing
* Self-supervised blur detection from synthetically blurred scenes
Includes: Alvarez Gila, A. Alvarez-Gila, A. Alvarez-Gila, A.[Aitor]

Alvarez Gonzalez, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fuel Loads and Structural Characteristics of Shrub Communities by Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Estimating Stand and Fire-Related Surface and Canopy Fuel Variables in Pine Stands Using Low-Density Airborne and Single-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Evaluation of Radiometric and Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation Using Landsat 5 TM Data
* Exploring the Potential of Lidar and Sentinel-2 Data to Model the Post-Fire Structural Characteristics of Gorse Shrublands in NW Spain
* Horizontal Distribution of Branch Biomass in European Beech: A Model Based on Measurements and TLS Based Proxies, The
* Potential of Sentinel-2A Data to Model Surface and Canopy Fuel Characteristics in Relation to Crown Fire Hazard
Includes: Alvarez Gonzalez, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] Álvarez-González, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] Álvarez-González, J.G.[Juan G.] Alvarez-González, J.G.[Juan Gabriel]

Alvarez Illan, I. Co Author Listing * Projecting independent components of SPECT images for computer aided diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Alvarez Jarquin, N.[Nohemi] Co Author Listing * Automated Health Estimation of Capsicum annuum L. Crops by Means of Deep Learning and RGB Aerial Images
Includes: Alvarez Jarquin, N.[Nohemi] Alvarez-Jarquin, N.[Nohemi]

Alvarez Lacalle, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Geolocation Information through Mobile-Devices under Different COVID-19 Mobility Restriction Patterns in Spain
Includes: Alvarez Lacalle, E.[Enrique] Alvarez-Lacalle, E.[Enrique]

Alvarez Leon, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Regularizing a Set of Unstructured 3D Points from a Sequence of Stereo Images
* Texture Classification through Multiscale Orientation Histogram Analysis
* Texture-Oriented Anisotropic Filtering and Geodesic Active Contours in Breast Tumor Ultrasound Segmentation
* Video Segmentation Through Multiscale Texture Analysis
Includes: Alvarez Leon, L.[Luis] Álvarez-León, L.[Luis]

Alvarez Lopez, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Airborne 3D SAR Imaging System for Subsurface Sensing: UWB-GPR on Board a UAV for Landmine and IED Detection
* Bistatic Landmine and IED Detection Combining Vehicle and Drone Mounted GPR Sensors
* Improvements in GPR-SAR imaging focusing and detection capabilities of UAV-mounted GPR systems
Includes: Alvarez Lopez, Y.[Yuri] Alvarez-Lopez, Y.[Yuri] Álvarez López, Y.[Yuri]

Alvarez Martinez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Editorial for Special Issue: New Insights into Ecosystem Monitoring Using Geospatial Techniques
* From Forest Dynamics to Wetland Siltation in Mountainous Landscapes: A RS-Based Framework for Enhancing Erosion Control
Includes: Alvarez Martinez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Álvarez-Martínez, J.M.[Jose Manuel]

Alvarez Mendoza, C.I.[Cesar I.] Co Author Listing * Predictive Modeling of Above-Ground Biomass in Brachiaria Pastures from Satellite and UAV Imagery Using Machine Learning Approaches
Includes: Alvarez Mendoza, C.I.[Cesar I.] Alvarez-Mendoza, C.I.[Cesar I.]

Alvarez Mesa, A.M. Co Author Listing * Single-Channel Separation Between Stationary and Non-stationary Signals Using Relevant Information
Includes: Alvarez Mesa, A.M. Álvarez-Mesa, A.M.

Alvarez Mesa, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * Highly parallel HEVC decoding for heterogeneous systems with CPU and GPU
* Improving the parallelization efficiency of HEVC decoding
* Parallel H.264/AVC Motion Compensation for GPUs Using OpenCL
* parallel H.264/SVC encoder for high definition video conferencing, A
* Parallel Scalability and Efficiency of HEVC Parallelization Approaches
* Reducing HEVC encoding complexity using two-stage motion estimation
* SIMD Acceleration for HEVC Decoding
Includes: Alvarez Mesa, M.[Mauricio] Alvarez-Mesa, M.[Mauricio] Alvarez-Mesa, M. Álvarez-Mesa, M.[Mauricio]
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Alvarez Meza, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Automatic Choice of the Number of Nearest Neighbors in Locally Linear Embedding
* Emotion Assessment by Variability-Based Ranking of Coherence Features from EEG
* Emotion Assessment Using Adaptive Learning-Based Relevance Analysis
* Enhanced automatic twin support vector machine for imbalanced data classification
* Global and local choice of the number of nearest neighbors in locally linear embedding
* GMM Background Modeling Using Divergence-Based Weight Updating
* Hierarchical K-Nearest Neighbor Approach for Volume of Tissue Activated Estimation, A
* Kernel-Based Representation to Support 3D MRI Unsupervised Clustering, A
* Learning from multiple annotators using kernel alignment
* Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
* Sparse Hilbert Embedding-Based Statistical Inference of Stochastic Ecological Systems
Includes: Alvarez Meza, A.[Andres] Álvarez-Meza, A.[Andrés] Álvarez-Meza, A.[Andres] Alvarez-Meza, A. Alvarez-Meza, A.[Andres] Álvarez-Meza, A. Alvarez-Meza, A.[Andrés]
11 for Alvarez Meza, A.

Alvarez Meza, A.M.[Andres Marino] Co Author Listing * Automatic Graph Building Approach for Spectral Clustering
* Automatic graph pruning based on kernel alignment for spectral clustering
* Background modeling using Object-based Selective Updating and Correntropy adaptation
* Correntropy-Based Adaptive Learning to Support Video Surveillance Systems
* enhanced and interpretable feature representation approach to support shape classification from binary images, An
* Estimation of Cyclostationary Codebooks for Kernel Adaptive Filtering
* Feature Selection by Relevance Analysis for Abandoned Object Classification
* Human Activity Recognition by Class Label LLE
* Image Synthesis Based on Manifold Learning
* Kernel Spectral Clustering for Dynamic Data
* Kernel-Based Feature Relevance Analysis for ECG Beat Classification
* Kernel-Based Image Representation for Brain MRI Discrimination
* MoCap Data Segmentation and Classification Using Kernel Based Multi-channel Analysis
* Multiple Manifold Learning by Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Neural Decoding Using Kernel-Based Functional Representation of ECoG Recordings
* Recursive Separation of Stationary Components by Subspace Projection and Stochastic Constraints
* Similarity Indicator for Differentiating Kinematic Performance Between Qualified Tennis Players, A
* Spectral Clustering Using Compactly Supported Graph Building
* Time-Series Prediction Based on Kernel Adaptive Filtering with Cyclostationary Codebooks
* Unsupervised Kernel Function Building Using Maximization of Information Potential Variability
* Video-Based Human Action Recognition Using Kernel Relevance Analysis
* Video-Based Social Behavior Recognition Based on Kernel Relevance Analysis
* Volume Rendering by Stochastic Neighbor Embedding-Based 2D Transfer Function Building
Includes: Alvarez Meza, A.M.[Andres Marino] Álvarez-Meza, A.M.[Andrés Marino] Alvarez-Meza, A.M. Álvarez-Meza, A.M.[Andres M.] Álvarez-Meza, A.M. Álvarez-Meza, A.M.[Andrés M.]
23 for Alvarez Meza, A.M.

Alvarez Morales, E.M.[Estela Maria] Co Author Listing * Fast Method for Localization of Local Illumination Variations and Photometric Normalization in Face Images, A
Includes: Alvarez Morales, E.M.[Estela Maria] Álvarez-Morales, E.M.[Estela María]

Alvarez Mozos, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Added Value of Stratified Topographic Correction of Multispectral Images, The
* Automatic Detection of Uprooted Orchards Based on Orthophoto Texture Analysis
* Crop Classification Based on Temporal Signatures of Sentinel-1 Observations over Navarre Province, Spain
* Effects of Spatial Sampling Interval on Roughness Parameters and Microwave Backscatter over Agricultural Soil Surfaces
* Influence of Surface Roughness Measurement Scale on Radar Backscattering in Different Agricultural Soils
* Low Computational-Cost Method to Fuse IKONOS Images Using the Spectral Response Function of Its Sensors, A
* On the Added Value of Quad-Pol Data in a Multi-Temporal Crop Classification Framework Based on RADARSAT-2 Imagery
* Synthetic Images for Evaluating Topographic Correction Algorithms
* Validation of a Simplified Model to Generate Multispectral Synthetic Images
Includes: Alvarez Mozos, J.[Jesus] Álvarez-Mozos, J.[Jesús] Álvarez-Mozos, J. Alvarez-Mozos, J.
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Alvarez Nadiozhin, D.R.[Denis R.] Co Author Listing * incremental nested partition method for data clustering, An
Includes: Alvarez Nadiozhin, D.R.[Denis R.] Alvarez-Nadiozhin, D.R.[Denis R.]

Alvarez Napagao, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Geolocation Information through Mobile-Devices under Different COVID-19 Mobility Restriction Patterns in Spain
Includes: Alvarez Napagao, S.[Sergio] Alvarez-Napagao, S.[Sergio]

Alvarez Narciandi, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Validation of a Hybrid Forward-Looking Down-Looking Ground Penetrating Radar Architecture
* Improvements in GPR-SAR imaging focusing and detection capabilities of UAV-mounted GPR systems
* Portable and Easily-Deployable Air-Launched GPR Scanner
Includes: Alvarez Narciandi, G.[Guillermo] Álvarez-Narciandi, G.[Guillermo]

Alvarez Padilla, F.J. Co Author Listing * Matching Filtering by Region-Based Attributes on Hierachical Structures for Image Co-Segmentation
* Random walkers on morphological trees: A segmentation paradigm
Includes: Alvarez Padilla, F.J. Alvarez Padilla, F.J.[Francisco Javier]

Alvarez Paiva, J.C. Co Author Listing * Barycentric Representation and Metric Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* Metric Learning on the Manifold of Oriented Ellipses: Application to Facial Expression Recognition
* Novel Geometric Framework on Gram Matrix Trajectories for Human Behavior Understanding, A
* Novel Space-Time Representation on the Positive Semidefinite Cone for Facial Expression Recognition, A
Includes: Alvarez Paiva, J.C. Alvarez-Paiva, J.C. Álvarez-Paiva, J.C.[Juan-Carlos] Alvarez-Paiva, J.C.[Juan Carlos]

Alvarez Perez, J.L. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Extension of the Concept of Coherence in Polarimetric SAR Interferometry, A
Includes: Alvarez Perez, J.L. Alvarez-Perez, J.L.

Alvarez Perez, L.[Lorena] Co Author Listing * Boosting ensembles with controlled emphasis intensity
Includes: Alvarez Perez, L.[Lorena] Álvarez-Pérez, L.[Lorena]

Alvarez Portal, R. Co Author Listing * Cuba Surface Estimation From Shoreline Mapping, Generated By Sentinel-2 Image Processing
Includes: Alvarez Portal, R. Álvarez Portal, R.

Alvarez Rodriguez, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of pilot-based synchronization algorithms for watermarking of still images
Includes: Alvarez Rodriguez, M.[Manuel] Álvarez-Rodríguez, M.[Manuel]

Alvarez Sanchis, J.R.[Jesus R.] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Possibilities of Archaeological Sites Virtual Tours: The Ulaca Oppidum (Central Spain) as a Case Study
Includes: Alvarez Sanchis, J.R.[Jesus R.] Álvarez-Sanchís, J.R.[Jesús R.]

Alvarez Santos, V. Co Author Listing * Gesture-based interaction with voice feedback for a tour-guide robot
* Scene Recognition Invariant to Symmetrical Reflections and Illumination Conditions in Robotics
Includes: Alvarez Santos, V. Alvarez-Santos, V. Álvarez-Santos, V.

Alvarez Taboada, F.[Flor] Co Author Listing * Assessing MODIS GPP in Non-Forested Biomes in Water Limited Areas Using EC Tower Data
* Deep Learning Model for Automatic Plastic Mapping Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Data, A
* Mapping of the Invasive Species Hakea sericea Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and WorldView-2 Imagery and an Object-Oriented Approach
Includes: Alvarez Taboada, F.[Flor] Álvarez-Taboada, F.[Flor] Alvarez-Taboada, F.[Flor]

Alvarez Valado, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Digital Instrumentation Calibration Using Computer Vision
Includes: Alvarez Valado, V.[Victor] Álvarez-Valado, V.[Víctor]

Alvarez Valle, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Learning to Exploit Temporal Structure for Biomedical Vision-Language Processing
* Making the Most of Text Semantics to Improve Biomedical Vision-Language Processing
Includes: Alvarez Valle, J.[Javier] Alvarez-Valle, J.[Javier]

Alvarez Vanhard, E.[Emilien] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Hyperspectral Techniques for Urban Tree Diversity Classification
Includes: Alvarez Vanhard, E.[Emilien] Alvarez-Vanhard, E.[Emilien]

Alvarez Vanhard, E.G.[Emilien Gence] Co Author Listing * Sequence Image Interpolation via Separable Convolution Network
Includes: Alvarez Vanhard, E.G.[Emilien Gence] Alvarez-Vanhard, E.G.[Emilien Gence]

Alvarez Vargas, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Demand for Ecosystem Services Drive Large-Scale Shifts in Land-Use in Tropical Mountainous Watersheds Prone to Landslides
Includes: Alvarez Vargas, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Álvarez-Vargas, F.J.[Francisco Javier]

Alvarez Vargas, R.[Rogelio] Co Author Listing * Color uniformity descriptor: An efficient contextual color representation for image indexing and retrieval
Includes: Alvarez Vargas, R.[Rogelio] Alvarez-Vargas, R.[Rogelio]

Alvarez Xochihua, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Optimization-based methodology for training set selection to synthesize composite correlation filters for face recognition
Includes: Alvarez Xochihua, O.[Omar] Alvarez-Xochihua, O.[Omar]

Alvarez, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Current Source Density Imaging Using Regularized Inversion of Acoustoelectric Signals
* Face Detection Algorithm and Feature Performance on FRGC 2.0 Imagery
* High-Realistic and Flexible Virtual Presenters
* Interactive Multimodal Platform for Digital Signage
* Probabilistic Kernels for Improved Text-to-Speech Alignment in Long Audio Tracks
* Shape Classification Using Hilbert Space Embeddings and Kernel Adaptive Filtering
Includes: Alvarez, A.[Alexander] Alvarez, A. Álvarez, A.[Aitor]

Alvarez, A.M.[Andres M.] Co Author Listing * 3D Probabilistic Morphable Models for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Automatic Peripheral Nerve Segmentation in Presence of Multiple Annotators
* Clustering-Based Undersampling to Support Automatic Detection of Focal Cortical Dysplasias
* Kernel-Based Approach for DBS Parameter Estimation, A
* Kernelized Morphable Model for 3D Brain Tumor Analysis, A
* Nerve Structure Segmentation from Ultrasound Images Using Random Under-Sampling and an SVM Classifier
* Non-stationary Generalized Wishart Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Non-stationary Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
Includes: Alvarez, A.M.[Andres M.] Álvarez, A.M.[Andres M.] Álvarez, A.M.[Andrés M.] Álvarez, A.M. Alvarez, A.M.
8 for Alvarez, A.M.

Alvarez, A.V.[Alvaro Vaquez] Co Author Listing * Fast Ground Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Data Based on Iterative Scan-Line Spline Interpolation
Includes: Alvarez, A.V.[Alvaro Vaquez] Álvarez, Á.V.[Álvaro Váquez]

Alvarez, B. Co Author Listing * Insertion of Three-Dimensional Objects in Architectural Photos

Alvarez, D.[Damian] Co Author Listing * Driving Fatigue Detection Using Active Shape Models
* Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography: Estimating the Location of Cardiac Ischemia in a 3D Realistic Geometry
Includes: Alvarez, D.[Damian] Alvarez, D.[Damián] Álvarez, D.[Diego]

Alvarez, D.M.[Diana M.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Dynamics of NDVI, Soil Moisture and ENSO in Tropical South America
Includes: Alvarez, D.M.[Diana M.] Álvarez, D.M.[Diana M.]

Alvarez, F. Co Author Listing * Behavior Analysis through Multimodal Sensing for Care of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Patients
* Deep Lighting Environment Map Estimation from Spherical Panoramas
* Desensitisation of medical images restoration under crude estimates of mobile radio channels
* Detection of moving objects through turbulent media. Decomposition of Oscillatory vs Non-Oscillatory spatio-temporal vector fields
* Flow R-CNN: Flow-enhanced Object Detection
* ICT4Life open source libraries supporting multimodal analysis of different diseases
* Improving retail efficiency through sensing technologies: A survey
* LDS-Inspired Residual Networks
* Mobile TV Targeted Advertisement and Content Personalization
* Monocular spherical depth estimation with explicitly connected weak layout cues
* Multimodal monitoring of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients using the ICT4LIFE platform
* OmniDepth: Dense Depth Estimation for Indoors Spherical Panoramas
* Pano3D: A Holistic Benchmark and a Solid Baseline for 360° Depth Estimation
* Person tracking association using multi-modal systems
* Recommender System for Sport Videos Based on User Audiovisual Consumption
* Semantic filtering for video stabilization
* Single-shot cuboids: Geodesics-based end-to-end Manhattan aligned layout estimation from spherical panoramas
* Spherical View Synthesis for Self-Supervised 360° Depth Estimation
Includes: Alvarez, F. Alvarez, F.[Federico] Álvarez, F.
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Alvarez, F.A.[Fabian A.] Co Author Listing * Immersive Industrial Process Environment from a P&ID Diagram
Includes: Alvarez, F.A.[Fabian A.] Álvarez, F.A.[Fabián A.]

Alvarez, F.J. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Local Positioning With Encoded Emission Beacons
* Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways
* Low cost obstacle detection for smart railway infrastructures
* Smartphone-Based System for Outdoor Data Gathering Using a Wireless Beacon Network and GPS Data: From Cyber Spaces to Senseable Spaces, A
* Train wheel detection without electronic equipment near the rail line
* Ultrasonic sensor system for detecting falling objects on railways
Includes: Alvarez, F.J. Álvarez, F.J. Álvarez, F.J.[Fernando J.]

Alvarez, F.M.[Francisco Martinez] Co Author Listing * novel imputation methodology for time series based on pattern sequence forecasting, A
Includes: Alvarez, F.M.[Francisco Martinez] Álvarez, F.M.[Francisco Martínez]

Alvarez, G. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical classifiers based on neighbourhood criteria with adaptive computational cost
* On the security defects of an image encryption scheme
Includes: Alvarez, G. Álvarez, G. Alvarez, G.[Gonzalo]

Alvarez, G.A. Co Author Listing * Integrating CFD modelling, neural networks and remote sensing: controlled prediction of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Mejillones of South Bay

Alvarez, G.E.A.[Guillermo E. Avila] Co Author Listing * Study of Recent Deformations in the Bogota Savanna and the City of Bogota (Colombia) Using Multi-Temporal Satellite Radar Interferometry
Includes: Alvarez, G.E.A.[Guillermo E. Avila] Álvarez, G.E.Á.[Guillermo E. Ávila]

Alvarez, G.I.[Gloria Ines] Co Author Listing * Content Based Thermal Images Retrieval
Includes: Alvarez, G.I.[Gloria Ines] Alvarez, G.I.[Gloria Inés]

Alvarez, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * GFT: GPU Fast Triangulation of 3D Points
* Junction assisted 3D pose retrieval of untextured 3D models in monocular images
* Real time non-rigid 3D surface tracking using particle filter
Includes: Alvarez, H.[Hugo] Álvarez, H.[Hugo]

Alvarez, I. Co Author Listing * Face recognition using binary thresholding for features extraction
* International Survey on Automated and Electric Vehicles: Austria, Germany, South Korea, and USA, An
* NMF-SVM Based CAD Tool Applied to Functional Brain Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
* Skewness as feature for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using SPECT images
Includes: Alvarez, I. Alvarez, I.[Ignacio]

Alvarez, I.A.P.[Ivan A. Perez] Co Author Listing * Using a Deep Learning Algorithm to Improve the Results Obtained in the Recognition of Vessels Size and Trajectory Patterns in Shallow Areas Based on Magnetic Field Measurements Using Fluxgate Sensors
Includes: Alvarez, I.A.P.[Ivan A. Perez] Álvarez, I.A.P.[Iván A. Pérez]

Alvarez, I.J. Co Author Listing * Towards Understanding Emotional Reactions of Driver-Passenger Dyads in Automated Driving

Alvarez, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric 3D face model for Speech Language Pathologist applications
* Configuration And Specifications Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture
* Context Free Band Reduction Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Data-free Knowledge Distillation for Object Detection
* Learning Camera Pose from Optical Colonoscopy Frames Through Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
* Semantic labeling for prosthetic vision
* Soft Masking for Cost-Constrained Channel Pruning
Includes: Alvarez, J.[Julian] Alvarez, J.[Julián] Alvarez, J. Álvarez, J.[José] Alvarez, J.[Jose]
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Alvarez, J.A.[Jose Adolfo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Snow Water Equivalent at the AEMet-Formigal Field Laboratory (Spanish Pyrenees) During the 2019/2020 Winter Season Using a Stepped-Frequency Continuous Wave Radar (SFCW)
Includes: Alvarez, J.A.[Jose Adolfo] Álvarez, J.A.[José Adolfo]

Alvarez, J.C.G.[Julio C. Garcia] Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction of Wear in Carpets by Using a Wavelet Edge Detector

Alvarez, J.M. Co Author Listing * 2D-3D semantic segmentation using cardinality as higher-order loss
* 3D Scene priors for road detection
* A-ViT: Adaptive Tokens for Efficient Vision Transformer
* Active Learning for Deep Object Detection via Probabilistic Modeling
* Alignment of videos recorded from moving vehicles
* Augmenting Legacy Networks for Flexible Inference
* Bringing Background into the Foreground: Making All Classes Equal in Weakly-Supervised Video Semantic Segmentation
* Built-in Foreground/Background Prior for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Capitalizing on RGB-FIR Hybrid Imaging for Road Detection
* Class-Driven Color Transformation for Semantic Labeling
* Combining Priors, Appearance, and Context for Road Detection
* Context Based Emotion Recognition Using EMOTIC Dataset
* Cost Volume Pyramid Based Depth Inference for Multi-View Stereo
* Data-driven road detection
* Domain-Adaptive Deep Network Compression
* Dreaming to Distill: Data-Free Knowledge Transfer via DeepInversion
* Duplicate open page removal from video stream of book flipping
* Effective Use of Synthetic Data for Urban Scene Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient transductive semantic segmentation
* EMOTIC: Emotions in Context Dataset
* Emotion Recognition in Context
* ERFNet: Efficient Residual Factorized ConvNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
* Evaluating Color Representations for On-Line Road Detection
* Exploiting Large Image Sets for Road Scene Parsing
* Exploiting Sparsity for Real Time Video Labelling
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation
* Expression-Invariant Age Estimation Using Structured Learning
* FreeSOLO: Learning to Segment Objects without Annotations
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Robust and Efficient Vision Techniques for Intelligent Vehicles
* Hierarchical Aggregation Based Deep Aging Feature for Age Prediction
* How Much More Data Do I Need? Estimating Requirements for Downstream Tasks
* Incorporating Network Built-in Priors in Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Knowledge Distillation for 6D Pose Estimation by Aligning Distributions of Local Predictions
* Large-scale semantic co-labeling of image sets
* Latent structural SVM with marginal probabilities for weakly labeled structured learning
* Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video
* Learning Photometric Invariance for Object Detection
* Learning photometric invariance from diversified color model ensembles
* Less Is More: Towards Compact CNNs
* New Framework for Stereo Sensor Pose Through Road Segmentation and Registration, A
* Non-parametric Depth Distribution Modelling based Depth Inference for Multi-view Stereo
* Not All Labels Are Equal: Rationalizing The Labeling Costs for Training Object Detection
* OCR from Video Stream of Book Flipping
* Optimal Quantization using Scaled Codebook
* Panoptic SegFormer: Delving Deeper into Panoptic Segmentation with Transformers
* Quadtree Generating Networks: Efficient Hierarchical Scene Parsing with Sparse Convolutions
* Road Detection Based on Illuminant Invariance
* Road Geometry Classification by Adaptive Shape Models
* Road Scene Segmentation from a Single Image
* See through Gradients: Image Batch Recovery via GradInversion
* Self-supervised Learning of Depth Inference for Multi-view Stereo
* Semantic Road Segmentation via Multi-scale Ensembles of Learned Features
* Shadow Resistant Road Segmentation from a Mobile Monocular System
* Synchronization of Video Sequences from Free-Moving Cameras
* Training Data Subset Search With Ensemble Active Learning
* Understanding Road Scenes Using Visual Cues and GPS Information
* VACL: Variance-Aware Cross-Layer Regularization for Pruning Deep Residual Networks
* Vision Transformers are Good Mask Auto-Labelers
* Vision-based road detection using road models
* VoxFormer: Sparse Voxel Transformer for Camera-Based 3D Semantic Scene Completion
* When to Prune? A Policy towards Early Structural Pruning
Includes: Alvarez, J.M. Álvarez, J.M.[Jose M.] Alvarez, J.M.[Jose M.] Álvarez, J.M.[José Manuel] Álvarez, J.M.[José M.] Álvarez, J.M.
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Alvarez, J.O. Co Author Listing * Permittivity Spectrum of Low-Loss Liquid and Powder Geomaterials Using Multipoint Reentrant Cavities

Alvarez, J.R.S.[J.R. Serra] Co Author Listing * Texture frame curves and regions of attention using adaptive non-cartesian networks

Alvarez, K. Co Author Listing * social informatics approach to human-robot interaction with a service social robot, A

Alvarez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * email: Alvarez, L.[Luis]: luis AT amihp710 dis ulpgc es
* Accurate Depth Dependent Lens Distortion Models: An Application to Planar View Scenarios
* Affine Invariant Distance Using Multiscale Analysis
* Affine Morphological Multiscale Analysis of Corners and Multiple Junctions
* Algebraic Approach to Lens Distortion by Line Rectification, An
* Algebraic Lens Distortion Model Estimation
* Algorithm for 3D Curve Smoothing, An
* Aorta Centerline Smoothing and Registration Using Variational Models
* Automatic Camera Pose Recognition in Planar View Scenarios
* Automatic Corner Matching in Highly Distorted Images of Zhang's Calibration Pattern
* Automatic correction of perspective and optical distortions
* Automatic Lens Distortion Correction Using One-Parameter Division Models
* Axioms and fundamental equations in image processing
* Axioms and Fundamental Equations of Image Processing: Multiscale Analysis and P.D.E.
* Camera calibration in sport event scenarios
* Corner Detection Using the Affine Morphological Scale Space
* Daily Measure of the SARS-CoV-2 Effective Reproduction Number for all Countries, A
* DeepHealth Toolkit: A Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications, The
* Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach
* Ellipse Motion Estimation Using Parametric Snakes
* Exploring the Space of Abstract Textures by Principles and Random Sampling
* Fast and accurate circle tracking using active contour models
* Finding the Skeleton of 2D Shape and Contours: Implementation of Hamilton-Jacobi Skeleton
* Geometric Invariant Shape Representations Using Morphological Multiscale Analysis
* Homography estimation using one ellipse correspondence and minimal additional information
* Image Selective Smoothing and Edge Detection by Nonlinear Diffusion, II
* Invertibility and Estimation of Two-Parameter Polynomial and Division Lens Distortion Models
* Iterative Optimization Algorithm for Lens Distortion Correction Using Two-Parameter Models, An
* Level Set Regularization Using Geometric Flows
* Line detection in images showing significant lens distortion and application to distortion correction
* Mathematical Models for the Calibration of Cameras Mounted on a Tripod Using Primitive Tracking
* Morphological Approach to Curvature-Based Evolution of Curves and Surfaces, A
* Morphological Approach to Multiscale Analysis
* Morphological snakes
* Morphological Thick Line Center Detection
* new energy-based method for 3D motion estimation of incompressible PIV flows, A
* Real Time Morphological Snakes Algorithm, A
* Real-time camera motion tracking in planar view scenarios
* Recursivity and PDE's in Image Processing
* Reliable Estimation of Dense Optical Flow Fields with Large Displacements
* Scale-Space Approach to Nonlocal Optical Flow Calculations, A
* Scales in natural images and a consequence on their BV norm
* Signal and Image Restoration Using Shock Filters and Anisotropic Diffusion
* Special issue on computer vision applying pattern recognition techniques
* Special issue on real-time image and video processing for pattern recognition systems and applications
* Symmetrical Dense Optical Flow Estimation with Occlusions Detection
* Variational Approach for 3D Motion Estimation of Incompressible PIV Flows, A
* Variational Approach to 3D Cylindrical Geometry Reconstruction from Multiple Views, A
* Wide-Angle Lens Distortion Correction Using Division Models
* Zoom Dependent Lens Distortion Mathematical Models
Includes: Alvarez, L.[Luis] Alvarez, L. Álvarez, L.[Luis] Alvarez, L.[Lluc]
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Alvarez, L.B.[Lisandra Bravo] Co Author Listing * Recovery of Water Quality and Detection of Algal Blooms in Lake Villarrica through Landsat Satellite Images and Monitoring Data

Alvarez, L.D. Co Author Listing * High-resolution images from compressed low-resolution video: Motion estimation and observable pixels
* Motion estimation in high resolution image reconstruction from compressed video sequences

Alvarez, L.M. Co Author Listing * Integrating Recursive Bayesian Estimation with Support Vector Machine to Map Probability of Flooding from Multispectral Landsat Data

Alvarez, L.V.[Laura V.] Co Author Listing * Merging Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Imagery and Echo Soundings with an Adaptive Sampling Technique for Bathymetric Surveys
* Triple Collocation of Ground-, Satellite- and Land Surface Model-Based Surface Soil Moisture Products in Oklahoma Part II: New Multi-Sensor Soil Moisture (MSSM) Product
* Triple Collocation of Ground-, Satellite- and Land Surface Model-Based Surface Soil Moisture Products in Oklahoma: Part I: Individual Product Assessment

Alvarez, M. Co Author Listing * Emotional Model for a Guide Robot, An
* Mass Processing of Sentinel-1 Images for Maritime Surveillance
* Scanning Scallops in 3-D
* SUMO Ship Detector Algorithm for Satellite Radar Images, The
* Vectorization and Line Detection for Automatic Image Recognition
Includes: Alvarez, M. Alvarez, M.[Marlene] Álvarez, M.[Manuel] Alvarez, M.[Miguel]

Alvarez, M.A.[Mauricio A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Geometry and Electric Properties of Brain Tissue in Simulation Models for Deep Brain Stimulation
* Automatic Recognition of Microcalcifications in Mammography Images through Fractal Texture Analysis
* Bayesian Optimization for Fitting 3D Morphable Models of Brain Structures
* Bayesian Shape Models with Shape Priors for MRI Brain Segmentation
* Convolved Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Correlated Chained Gaussian Processes for Modelling Citizens Mobility Using a Zero-Inflated Poisson Likelihood
* Definition and Composition of Motor Primitives Using Latent Force Models and Hidden Markov Models
* Discriminative Training for Convolved Multiple-Output Gaussian Processes
* Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Generalized Time Warping and Deep Belief Networks
* Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Emotion Recognition
* Gaussian Process Emulator for Estimating the Volume of Tissue Activated During Deep Brain Stimulation, A
* Gaussian Processes for Slice-Based Super-Resolution MR Images
* Generalized Wishart Processes for Interpolation Over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Global and Local Gaussian Process for Multioutput and Treed Data
* Groupwise Shape Correspondences on 3D Brain Structures Using Probabilistic Latent Variable Models
* Hierarchical K-Nearest Neighbor Approach for Volume of Tissue Activated Estimation, A
* Improving Diffusion Tensor Estimation Using Adaptive and Optimized Filtering Based on Local Similarity
* Impulse Response Estimation of Linear Time-Invariant Systems Using Convolved Gaussian Processes and Laguerre Functions
* Indian Buffet Process for Model Selection in Latent Force Models
* Kernel Centered Alignment Supervised Metric for Multi-Atlas Segmentation
* Kernel-Based Approach for DBS Parameter Estimation, A
* Linear Latent Force Models Using Gaussian Processes
* Magnetic Resonance Image Selection for Multi-Atlas Segmentation Using Mixture Models
* NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease
* Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
* Non-stationary Generalized Wishart Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Non-stationary Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Parzen-Based Distance Between Probability Measures as an Alternative of Summary Statistics in Approximate Bayesian Computation, A
* Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models
* Peripheral Nerves Segmentation in Ultrasound Images Using Non-linear Wavelets and Gaussian Processes
* Shape Classification Using Hilbert Space Embeddings and Kernel Adaptive Filtering
* Sparse Linear Models Applied to Power Quality Disturbance Classification
* Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Ultrasound Images from Multiple Annotators Knowledge
* Spatial-Dependent Similarity Metric Supporting Multi-atlas MRI Segmentation
* SVM with Stochastic Parameter Selection for Bovine Leather Defect Classification
Includes: Alvarez, M.A.[Mauricio A.] Álvarez, M.A.[Mauricio A.] Álvarez, M.A. Alvarez, M.A. Alvarez, M.A.[Marco A.]
35 for Alvarez, M.A.

Alvarez, M.S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Online Interaction Classification, A
* Efficient framework for extended visual object tracking
* Extended feature-based object tracking in presence of data association uncertainty
* Online failure detection and correction for Bayesian sparse feature-based object tracking
Includes: Alvarez, M.S. Alvarez, M.S.[Mauricio Soto]

Alvarez, M.X.[Marcos X.] Co Author Listing * Texture Description Through Histograms of Equivalent Patterns
Includes: Alvarez, M.X.[Marcos X.] Álvarez, M.X.[Marcos X.]

Alvarez, N. Co Author Listing * Open Source Software Platform for Visualizing and Teaching Conservation Tasks in Architectural Heritage Environments, An

Alvarez, N.A.[Nancy A.] Co Author Listing * Contour-Based Image Registration Using Mutual Information
Includes: Alvarez, N.A.[Nancy A.] Álvarez, N.A.[Nancy A.]

Alvarez, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Approach to Automatic Target Recognition in Radar Images Using SVM, An
Includes: Alvarez, R.[Raul] Álvarez, R.[Raúl]

Alvarez, R.E. Co Author Listing * Efficient, Non-Iterative Estimator for Imaging Contrast Agents With Spectral X-Ray Detectors

Alvarez, S.[Susana] Co Author Listing * 3D Texton Spaces for Color-Texture Retrieval
* Augmented Reality to Preserve Hidden Vestiges in Historical Cities. A Case Study
* Experimental Study on Pitch Compensation in Pedestrian-Protection Systems for Collision Avoidance and Mitigation, An
* Learning Distances Between Graph Nodes and Edges
* Low-dimensional and comprehensive color texture description
* Novel Technique Using Planar Area and Ground Shadows Calculated from UAV RGB Imagery to Estimate Pistachio Tree (Pistacia vera L.) Canopy Volume, A
* On-line learning the graph edit distance costs
* Perceptual Color Texture Codebooks for Retrieving in Highly Diverse Texture Datasets
* Tarragona Graph Database for Machine Learning Based on Graphs
* Texton theory revisited: A bag-of-words approach to combine textons
* Zero-Error Digitisation and Contextualisation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Using Node Classification and Sub-graph Search
Includes: Alvarez, S.[Susana] Álvarez, S. Alvarez, S. Álvarez, S.[Susana] Álvarez, S.[Sara]
11 for Alvarez, S.

Alvarez, S.A.[Sergio A.] Co Author Listing * Gaussian RBF Centered Kernel Alignment (CKA) in the Large-Bandwidth Limit

Alvarez, S.D.J.[Socorro Del_Pilar Jimenez] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Survey, Density-Based Clustering, and Ancient Maya Settlement in the Upper Usumacinta River Region of Mexico and Guatemala
Includes: Alvarez, S.D.J.[Socorro Del_Pilar Jimenez] Álvarez, S.D.J.[Socorro Del_Pilar Jiménez]

Alvarez, T. Co Author Listing * Classification of Microorganisms Using Image Processing Techniques
* Detection of Phases in Sugar Crystallization Using Wavelets

Alvarez, X.[Xana] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Data Analysis for Smallholding Forest Cut Control
Includes: Alvarez, X.[Xana] Álvarez, X.[Xana]

Alvarezz, M.A.[Mauricio A.] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Behavioral Patterns Detection from Activity Records of Institutionalized Older Adults

Alvaro Tordesillas, A. Co Author Listing * Artalive: An Android Application for Augmented Reality Without Markers, Based On Anamorphic Images
* Shining 3d Einscan-pro, Application And Validation in The Field Of Cultural Heritage, From The Chillida-leku Museum to The Archaeological Museum of Sarno
Includes: Alvaro Tordesillas, A. Alvaro-Tordesillas, A. Álvaro-Tordesillas, A.

Alvaro, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Classification of On-Line Mathematical Symbols with Hybrid Features and Recurrent Neural Networks
* Comparing Several Techniques for Offline Recognition of Printed Mathematical Symbols
* Image-Based Measure for Evaluation of Mathematical Expression Recognition, An
* integrated grammar-based approach for mathematical expression recognition, An
* Offline Features for Classifying Handwritten Math Symbols with Recurrent Neural Networks
* Page Segmentation of Structured Documents Using 2D Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions using 2D stochastic context-free grammars and hidden Markov models
* Recognition of Printed Mathematical Expressions Using Two-Dimensional Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Unbiased Evaluation of Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
Includes: Alvaro, F.[Francisco] Álvaro, F.[Francisco]
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Alvaro, L.[Leticia] Co Author Listing * Assessing the effects of dynamic luminance contrast noise masking on a color discrimination task

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