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Toma, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Navigation Facility for Planetary Entry Descent Landing, A

Toma, A.I.[Alexandru Iosif] Co Author Listing * PathBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Classical and Learned Path Planning Algorithms
* Waypoint Planning Networks
Includes: Toma, A.I.[Alexandru Iosif] Toma, A.I.[Alexandru-Iosif]

Toma, A.M.[Ana M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Leishmania Infection Indexes on In Vitro Macrophage Cell Cultures
Includes: Toma, A.M.[Ana M.] Tomá, A.M.[Ana M.]

Toma, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Efficient Flow Computation on Massive Grid Terrain Datasets
* Forest Habitat Fragmentation in Mountain Protected Areas Using Historical Corona KH-9 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery
* Remote Sensing-Based Analysis of Urban Landscape Change in the City of Bucharest, Romania
Includes: Toma, L.[Laura] Toma, L.[Liviu]

Toma, S.A.[Stefan Adrian] Co Author Listing * Integrated Platform for Ground-Motion Mapping, Local to Regional Scale; Examples from SE Europe, An
Includes: Toma, S.A.[Stefan Adrian] Toma, S.A.[Stefan-Adrian]

Toma, T.[Takao] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Constellation Generation based on Autoencoder Communication System
* Scalability in Autoencoder-based OFDM Communication System
* Video Coding with Super-Resolution Post-Processing
Includes: Toma, T.[Takao] Toma, T.

Toma, T.R.[Tajkia Rahman] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Blocks for Face Verification

Tomabechi, M.[Masaru] Co Author Listing * Compressive multi-spectral imaging using self-correlations of images based on hierarchical joint sparsity models

Tomai, C. Co Author Listing * Recognition of handwritten foreign mail

Tomai, C.I. Co Author Listing * Combination of type III digit recognizers using the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence
* Discriminatory power of handwritten words for writer recognition
* Individuality of numerals
* Information Retrieval System for Handwritten Documents
* Transcript mapping for historic handwritten document images
Includes: Tomai, C.I. Tomai, C.I.[Catalin I.]

Tomai, E. Co Author Listing * Concepts-Locations-Emotions: Semantic Analysis and Visualization of Climate Change Texts
* From Onto-GeoNoesis to Onto-Genesis: The Design of Geographic Ontologies
* Ontological Standardization for Historical Map Collections: Studying The Greek Borderlines of 1881
Includes: Tomai, E. Tomai, E.[Eleni]

Tomal, M.[Mateusz] Co Author Listing * Modelling Housing Rents Using Spatial Autoregressive Geographically Weighted Regression: A Case Study in Cracow, Poland

Tomalini, A. Co Author Listing * Decay Classification Using Artificial Intelligence
* Parametric and Visual Programming BIM Applied to Museums, Linking Container and Content
* Parametric Heritage. The Digital Reconstruction of P.l. Nervi's Palazzo Del Lavoro in The 3dmodelling Age
Includes: Tomalini, A. Tomalini, A.[Andrea]

Toman, H. Co Author Listing * Composing ensembles by a stochastic approach under execution time constraint
* Efficient sampling-based energy function evaluation for ensemble optimization using simulated annealing
* Generalizing the Majority Voting Scheme to Spatially Constrained Voting
Includes: Toman, H. Tomán, H. Tomán, H.[Henrietta]

Toman, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Contribution to the Research of the Effects of Etna Volcano Activity on the Features of the Ionospheric Total Electron Content Behaviour

Tomaney, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Boreal Forest Growing Stock Volume in Russia from Sentinel-2 MSI and Land Cover Classification

Tomani, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Parameterized Temperature Scaling for Boosting the Expressive Power in Post-Hoc Uncertainty Calibration
* Post-hoc Uncertainty Calibration for Domain Drift Scenarios

Tomanin, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * Biometric Recognition of African Clawed Frogs

Tomao, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Object Oriented Classification for Mapping Mixed and Pure Forest Stands Using Very-High Resolution Imagery

Tomar, A.[Ayush] Co Author Listing * Enhancement and Retrieval of Historic Inscription Images

Tomar, A.S.[Anurag Singh] Co Author Listing * Attentive ExFeat based deep generative adversarial network for noise robust face super-resolution
* Complete DC Trolleybus Grid Model With Bilateral Connections, Feeder Cables, and Bus Auxiliaries, A
Includes: Tomar, A.S.[Anurag Singh] Tomar, A.S.[Abhishek Singh]

Tomar, D.[Devavrat] Co Author Listing * Distill-SODA: Distilling Self-Supervised Vision Transformer for Source-Free Open-Set Domain Adaptation in Computational Pathology
* Leaf Recognition for Plant Classification Using Direct Acyclic Graph Based Multi-Class Least Squares Twin Support Vector Machine
* Self-Attentive Spatial Adaptive Normalization for Cross-Modality Domain Adaptation
* Self-Supervised Generative Style Transfer for One-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
* TeSLA: Test-Time Self-Learning With Automatic Adversarial Augmentation
Includes: Tomar, D.[Devavrat] Tomar, D.[Divya]

Tomar, D.S.[Deepak Singh] Co Author Listing * Multiencoder-based federated intelligent deep learning model for brain tumor segmentation

Tomar, J.S.[Jagpal Singh] Co Author Listing * Forest Fire Hazards Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Sirmaur District Forest of Himachal Pradesh (India): A Geospatial Approach

Tomar, N.K.[Nikhil Kumar] Co Author Listing * Ddanet: Dual Decoder Attention Network for Automatic Polyp Segmentation
* DilatedSegNet: A Deep Dilated Segmentation Network for Polyp Segmentation

Tomar, S.S.[Snehal Singh] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Transformer Based Feature Fusion for Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation

Tomaras, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * UAV, GNSS, and InSAR Data Analyses for Landslide Monitoring in a Mountainous Village in Western Greece

Tomari, R.[Razali] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Head Detection and Tracking with Long Range Capability for Social Navigation Planning
* Wide Field of View Kinect Undistortion for Social Navigation Implementation

Tomas Balibrea, L.M.[Luis Manuel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification System of Marble Slabs in Production Line According to Texture and Color Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Automatic system for quality-based classification of marble textures
Includes: Tomas Balibrea, L.M.[Luis Manuel] Tomás-Balibrea, L.M.[Luis-Manuel] Tomas Balibrea, L.M.

Tomas Burguera, M.[Miquel] Co Author Listing * Drought Variability and Land Degradation in Semiarid Regions: Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data and Drought Indices (1982-2011)
Includes: Tomas Burguera, M.[Miquel] Tomás-Burguera, M.[Miquel]

Tomas Cruz, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Deep unfolding for hyper sharpening using a high-frequency injection module
Includes: Tomas Cruz, M.[Marc] Tomás-Cruz, M.[Marc]

Tomas Fernandez, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Labeling Based on Fisher Information for Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning
* Model of Population and Subject (MOPS) Intensities With Application to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation, A
Includes: Tomas Fernandez, X.[Xavier] Tomas-Fernandez, X.[Xavier] Tomas-Fernandez, X.

Tomas Gabarron, J.B. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Model for Chain Collisions of Vehicles Equipped With Vehicular Communications, A
* Vehicular Trajectory Optimization for Cooperative Collision Avoidance at High Speeds
Includes: Tomas Gabarron, J.B. Tomas-Gabarron, J.B.

Tomas, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Target Reconstruction Based on Attributed Scattering Centers with Application to Robust SAR ATR

Tomas, A.M.[Ana M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Spectral Unmixing of Leishmania Infection Macrophage Cell Cultures Image
Includes: Tomas, A.M.[Ana M.] Tomás, A.M.[Ana M.]

Tomas, H.[Henri] Co Author Listing * GOO: A Dataset for Gaze Object Prediction in Retail Environments

Tomas, I. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks for Chronological Age Estimation From OPG Images
* Ensemble-based Phenotype Classifier to Diagnose Crohn's Disease from 16s RRNA Gene Sequences, An
Includes: Tomas, I. Tomás, I. Tomás, I.[Inmaculada]

Tomas, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Phrase-Based Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
* Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation Using Approximate Matching
Includes: Tomas, J.[Jesus] Tomás, J.[Jesús]

Tomas, R. Co Author Listing * ADAtools: Automatic Detection and Classification of Active Deformation Areas from PSI Displacement Maps
* Automated Mapping of Ms 7.0 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake (China) Post-Disaster Landslides Based on High-Resolution UAV Imagery
* Combining SfM Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Assess Event-Scale Sediment Budgets along a Gravel-Bed Ephemeral Stream
* Earth Observations for Geohazards: Present and Future Challenges
* From Spatial Data Infrastructures to Data Spaces: A Technological Perspective on the Evolution of European SDIs
* Imaging Land Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Extraction in Beijing (China) Using Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Landslide-Induced Damage Probability Estimation Coupling InSAR and Field Survey Data by Fragility Curves
* Multi-Source Data Integration to Investigate a Deep-Seated Landslide Affecting a Bridge
* New Methodology for Bridge Inspections in Linear Infrastructures from Optical Images and HD Videos Obtained by UAV, A
* Observation of Surface Displacement Associated with Rapid Urbanization and Land Creation in Lanzhou, Loess Plateau of China with Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Retrieving the Kinematic Process of Repeated-Mining-Induced Landslides by Fusing SAR/InSAR Displacement, Logistic Model, and Probability Integral Method
* Rockfall Simulation Based on UAV Photogrammetry Data Obtained during an Emergency Declaration: Application at a Cultural Heritage Site
* Semi-Automatic Identification and Pre-Screening of Geological-Geotechnical Deformational Processes Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Datasets
* Spatial Analysis of Land Subsidence in the San Luis Potosi Valley Induced by Aquifer Overexploitation Using the Coherent Pixels Technique (CPT) and Sentinel-1 InSAR Observation
* Updating Active Deformation Inventory Maps in Mining Areas by Integrating InSAR and LiDAR Datasets
* Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: Tomas, R. Tomás, R. Tomás, R.[Roberto] Tomas, R.[Robert]
16 for Tomas, R.

Tomas, S. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Monitoring Using a Kalman Filter and Backscatter Lidar Returns
* Sensitivity of PAZ LEO Polarimetric GNSS Radio-Occultation Experiment to Precipitation Events
* Separability of Systematic Effects in Polarimetric GNSS Radio Occultations for Precipitation Sensing
Includes: Tomas, S. Tomás, S.

Tomas, V.[Voji?r] Co Author Listing * Calibrated Out-of-Distribution Detection with a Generic Representation
Includes: Tomas, V.[Voji?r] Tomáš, V.[Vojí?r]

Tomas, V.R. Co Author Listing * Agent-based test-bed for road information systems
* Forecasting Adverse Weather Situations in the Road Network
* Intelligent transport systems harmonisation assessment: Use case of some Spanish intelligent transport systems services
Includes: Tomas, V.R. Tomás, V.R. Tomás, V.R.[Vicente R.]

Tomaschitz, J.A. Co Author Listing * Skin Detection Applied to Multi-Racial Images

Tomasella, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Upcoming Satellite Altimeter Missions in Operational Flood Forecasting Systems

Tomaselli, V.[Valeria] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Low Cost Algorithm for Video Stabilization
* Anticipating Activity from Multimodal Signals
* Comparing the performance of flat and hierarchical Habitat/Land-Cover classification models in a NATURA 2000 site
* Complexity and Accuracy of Hand-Crafted Detection Methods Compared to Convolutional Neural Networks
* Fast Noise Level Estimation using a Convergent Multiframe Approach
* Instant Scene Recognition on Mobile Platform
* Intelligent Recognition of TCP Intrusions for Embedded Micro-controllers
* Intra-Annual Sentinel-2 Time-Series Supporting Grassland Habitat Discrimination
* Knowledge-Based Classification of Grassland Ecosystem Based on Multi-Temporal WorldView-2 Data and FAO-LCCS Taxonomy
* Learning to Rank Food Images
* Orlando Project: A 28 nm FD-SOI Low Memory Embedded Neural Network ASIC, The
* Personal Shopping Assistance and Navigator System for Visually Impaired People
* Real-time Thermal Face Identification System for Low Memory Vision Applications Using Cnn
* Recent Patents on Color Demosaicing
* Representing scenes for real-time context classification on mobile devices
* rule-based classification methodology to handle uncertainty in habitat mapping employing evidential reasoning and fuzzy logic, A
Includes: Tomaselli, V.[Valeria] Tomaselli, V.
16 for Tomaselli, V.

Tomasello, F. Co Author Listing * Challenges With Obstacle Data for Manned And Unmanned Aviation

Tomasi, A. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation by the Vector-Valued Allen-Cahn Phase-Field Model: A Multigrid Solution

Tomasi, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tomasi, C.[Carlo]: tomasi AT cs duke edu
* 3D head tracking based on recognition and interpolation using at ime-of-flight depth sensor
* 3D Tracking = Classification + Interpolation
* Alpha Estimation in Natural Images
* Bilateral Filtering for Gray and Color Images
* Branch and track
* Coalescing Texture Descriptors
* Color Edge Detection with the Compass Operator
* Comparing the EMD to other Dissimilarity Measures for Color Images
* Comparison of Approaches to Egomotion Computation
* Corner Detection in Textured Color Images
* Correspondence as energy-based segmentation
* Critical Nets and Beta-Stable Features for Image Matching
* Cross-attention Transformer for Video Interpolation
* Deformable Graph Model for Tracking Epithelial Cell Sheets in Fluorescence Microscopy
* Dense Lagrangian motion estimation with occlusions
* Depth Discontinuities by Pixel-to-Pixel Stereo
* Detailed reconstruction of 3D plant root shape
* Direction of Heading from Image Deformations
* Distinctiveness maps for image matching
* Earth Mover's Distance as a Metric for Image Retrieval, The
* Earth Mover's Distance, Multi-Dimensional Scaling, and Color-Based Image Retrieval, The
* Edge displacement field-based classification for improved detection of polyps in CT colonography
* Edge, Junction, and Corner Detection Using Color Distributions
* Editorial: CVPR 2005 Award Papers
* Efficient Visual Object Tracking with Online Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Empirical Evaluation of Dissimilarity Measures for Color and Texture
* Factoring Images Sequences into Shape and Motion
* Factorization Method for the Recovery of Shape and Motion from Image Streams, The
* Fast Tiered Labeling with Topological Priors
* Fast, Robust, and Consistent Camera Motion Estimation
* Features for Multi-target Multi-camera Tracking and Re-identification
* Fingerspelling Recognition through Classification of Letter-to-Letter Transitions
* Finite-Element Level-Set Curve Particles
* Good Features to Track
* Ground-Based Water Vapor Retrieval in Antarctica: An Assessment
* How to Dispatch Observers to Track an Evolving Boundary
* How to rotate a camera
* Image Browsing and Retrieval Research at Stanford
* Image Descriptions for Browsing and Retrieval
* Image Retrieval and Robot Vision Research at Stanford
* Image Similarity Using Mutual Information of Regions
* Linear and Incremental Acquisition of Invariant Shape Models from Image Sequences
* linear system form solution to compute the local space average color, A
* Linear time offline tracking and lower envelope algorithms
* Manuscript Bleed-through Removal via Hysteresis Thresholding
* Mean Shift Is a Bound Optimization
* Metric for Distributions with Applications to Image Databases, A
* Model-based face tracking for view-independent facial expression recognition
* Multiway Cut for Stereo and Motion with Slanted Surfaces
* Nested Pictorial Structures
* New 3-D Pattern Recognition Technique With Application to Computer Aided Colonoscopy, A
* Obstacle Avoidance via Depth from Focus
* On the Consistency of Instantaneous Rigid Motion Estimation
* Optical Flow Training Under Limited Label Budget via Active Learning
* Outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSD
* Perceptual Metrics for Image Database Navigation
* Performance Measures and a Data Set for Multi-target, Multi-camera Tracking
* Pictures and Trails: a New Framework for the Computation of Shape and Motion from Perspective Image Sequences
* Pixel Dissimilarity Measure That Is Insensitive to Image Sampling, A
* Representation Issues in the ML Estimation of Camera Motion
* Retinal Artery-Vein Classification via Topology Estimation
* Retrieving Color, Patterns, Texture, and Faces
* Robust shape normalization based on implicit representations
* Seasonal Variations of the Relative Optical Air Mass Function for Background Aerosol and Thin Cirrus Clouds at Arctic and Antarctic Sites
* SemARFlow: Injecting Semantics into Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation for Autonomous Driving
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams under Orthography: A Factorization Method
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method 2. Full Report on the Orthographic Case [Parts 2,8,10]
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method 2. Point Features in 3D Motion
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method 1. Planar Motion
* Shape and Motion from Image Streams: A Factorization Method Part 3 - Detection and Tracking of Point Features
* Shape and Motion without Depth
* Simultaneous Compaction and Factorization of Sparse Image Motion Matrices
* Single-Frame Indexing for 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* statistical 3-D pattern processing method for computer-aided detection of polyps in CT colonography, A
* Stereo Matching as a Nearest-Neighbor Problem
* Stereo without Search
* Surfaces with Occlusions from Layered Stereo
* Technical Perspective: Visual Reconstruction
* Texture-based Image Retrieval without Segmentation
* Tracking Multiple People Online and in Real Time
* Tracking Social Groups Within and Across Cameras
* Tree Topology Estimation
* Twisted window search for efficient shape localization
* Video Motion for Every Visible Point
* Water Vapour Assessment Using GNSS and Radiosondes over Polar Regions and Estimation of Climatological Trends from Long-Term Time Series Analysis
Includes: Tomasi, C.[Carlo] Tomasi, C. Tomasi, C.[Claudio]
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Tomasi, D. Co Author Listing * Can a Single Brain Region Predict a Disorder?
* Machine Learning for Clinical Diagnosis from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Tomasi, D. Tomasi, D.[Dardo]

Tomasi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Temporal Pattern Detection in Time-Varying Graphical Models

Tomasi, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Collision Detection for Visually Impaired from a Body-Mounted Camera
* FPGA-DSP co-processing for feature tracking in smart video sensors
* Hierarchical architecture for motion and depth estimations based on color cues
* High-Performance Optical-Flow Architecture Based on a Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Phase-Based Model
* Massive Parallel-Hardware Architecture for Multiscale Stereo, Optical Flow and Image-Structure Computation
Includes: Tomasi, M.[Matteo] Tomasi, M.

Tomasi, O.[Ottavio] Co Author Listing * Can SPHARM-Based Features from Automated or Manually Segmented Hippocampi Distinguish Between MCI and TLE?

Tomasi, R. Co Author Listing * Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry

Tomasiello, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Link Prediction in Social Networks by Variational Graph Autoencoder and Similarity-based Methods: A Brief Comparative Analysis

Tomasik, L.[Lukasz] Co Author Listing * Determining Ionospheric Drift and Anisotropy of Irregularities from LOFAR Core Measurements: Testing Hypotheses behind Estimation
* Space Weather Services for Civil Aviation: Challenges and Solutions

Tomasini, G.[Gisella] Co Author Listing * Solar Wireless Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring of Freight Trains

Tomasino, T. Co Author Listing * Performance of select color-difference formulas in the blue region

Tomaskova, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * UAV Laser Scans Allow Detection of Morphological Changes in Tree Canopy
Includes: Tomaskova, I.[Ivana] Tomášková, I.[Ivana]

Tomassetti, N. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Tomassi, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Generalized discriminant analysis via kernel exponential families
* Minimum classification error learning for sequential data in the wavelet domain
Includes: Tomassi, D.[Diego] Tomassi, D.

Tomassini, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Shape Recognition Via an a Contrario Model for Size Functions

Tomassini, S. Co Author Listing * Study of the Impact of Pre-processing Applied to Images Acquired by the Cygno Experiment

Tomasson, G.[Grimur] Co Author Listing * M3 + P3 + O3 = Multi-D Photo Browsing
* Multi-Dimensional Data Model for Personal Photo Browsing, A
* PhotoCube: effective and efficient multi-dimensional browsing of personal photo collections
Includes: Tomasson, G.[Grimur] Tómasson, G.[Grímur]

Tomasson, J.A.[Jon Arnar] Co Author Listing * AFSI: Adaptive Restart for Fast Semi-Iterative Schemes for Convex Optimisation
Includes: Tomasson, J.A.[Jon Arnar] Tómasson, J.A.[Jón Arnar]

Tomastik, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Stem Curve Accuracy Determined from Point Clouds Acquired by Different Terrestrial Remote Sensing Methods, The
* Terrestrial Structure from Motion Photogrammetry for Deriving Forest Inventory Data
* UAV RTK/PPK Method: An Optimal Solution for Mapping Inaccessible Forested Areas?
Includes: Tomastik, J.[Julian] Tomaštík, J.[Julián]

Tomaszeweski, J. Co Author Listing * Automated detection of prostatic adenocarcinoma from high-resolution ex vivo MRI

Tomaszewska, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Blind Noise Level Detection
* Dynamic Scenes HDRI Acquisition
* Real-time Algorithms Optimization Based on a Gaze-point Position
* Real-Time Spherical Harmonics Based Subsurface Scattering
* User Study in Non-static HDR Scenes Acquisition

Tomaszewska, A.L.[Anna Lewandowska] Co Author Listing * Perceptual Experiments Optimisation by Initial Database Reduction

Tomaszewska, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region

Tomaszewska, M.A.[Monika A.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Carbon Flux and Soil Moisture in Wetlands Applying Sentinel-1 Data
* Monitoring Wetlands Ecosystems Using ALOS PALSAR (L-Band, HV) Supplemented by Optical Data: A Case Study of Biebrza Wetlands in Northeast Poland
* Remote Sensing of Pasture Degradation in the Highlands of the Kyrgyz Republic: Finer-Scale Analysis Reveals Complicating Factors
* Urban-Rural Contrasts in Central-Eastern European Cities Using a MODIS 4 Micron Time Series

Tomaszewska, P.[Paulina] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Conditional Model Extrapolation for Streaming Data under Class-Prior Shift

Tomaszewski, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Supporting Disaster Resilience Spatial Thinking with Serious GeoGames: Project Lily Pad

Tomaszewski, J.E.[John E.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Ensembles of Learners: Detecting Prostate Cancer from High Resolution MRI
* Non-rigid registration between histological and MR images of the prostate: A joint segmentation and registration framework
* Supervised Multi-View Canonical Correlation Analysis (sMVCCA): Integrating Histologic and Proteomic Features for Predicting Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Includes: Tomaszewski, J.E.[John E.] Tomaszewski, J.E.

Tomaszewski, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Detection of power line insulators on digital images with the use of laser spots
* Epipolar Angular Factorisation of Essential Matrix for Camera Pose Calibration
* Webcam-based system for video-oculography

Tomaszewski, M.R. Co Author Listing * Towards Quantitative Evaluation of Tissue Absorption Coefficients Using Light Fluence Correction in Optoacoustic Tomography

Tomaszkiewicz, K.[Karolina] Co Author Listing * Using Open Vector-Based Spatial Data to Create Semantic Datasets for Building Segmentation for Raster Data

Tomatis, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Modular Registration Algorithm for Medical Images, A

Tomatis, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Database of Segmented MRI Images of the Wrist and the Hand in Patients with Rheumatic Diseases, A
* MRI Study of Bone Erosions Healing in the Wrist and Metacarpophalangeal Joints of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, An

Tomaz, F. Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate skin segmentation in color images

Tomazevic, D. Co Author Listing * 3-D/2-D Registration by Integrating 2-D Information in 3-D
* 3-D/2-D registration of CT and MR to X-ray images
* Automated visual inspection of imprint quality of pharmaceutical tablets
* Automated visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets in heavily cluttered dynamic environments
* Compact Convolutional Neural Network for Textured Surface Anomaly Detection, A
* Comparison of Retrospective Shading Correction Techniques, A
* In-line recognition of agglomerated pharmaceutical pellets with density-based clustering and convolutional neural network
* Model based visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets with photometric stereo
* Pose estimation of textureless objects in cluttered environments
* Print registration for automated visual inspection of transparent pharmaceutical capsules
* Real-Time automated visual inspection of color tablets in pharmaceutical blisters
* Real-time image segmentation for visual inspection of pharmaceutical tablets
* Real-time pose estimation of rigid objects in heavily cluttered environments
* Robust Gradient-Based 3-D/2-D Registration of CT and MR to X-Ray Images
* Standardized Evaluation Methodology for 2-D--3-D Registration
Includes: Tomazevic, D. Tomaževic, D.[Dejan] Tomazevic, D.[Dejan] Tomaževic, D.
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Tomazic, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Complete Environmental Intelligence System for LiDAR-Based Vegetation Management in Power-Line Corridors, A
Includes: Tomazic, R.[Roman] Tomažic, R.[Roman]

Tomazic, S. Co Author Listing * 3D audio in human-computer interfaces

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