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Quan, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Measuring and Predicting Urban Expansion in the Angkor Region of Cambodia

Quan, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Ordered-Transmission Based Distributed Detection Under Data Falsification Attacks
* Homotopic Gradients of Generative Density Priors for MR Image Reconstruction
* Unsupervised Online Learning for Fine-Grained Hand Segmentation in Egocentric Video
Includes: Quan, C.[Chen] Quan, C.[Cong] Quan, C.

Quan, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Co Author Listing * CORE: Consistent Representation Learning for Face Forgery Detection
Includes: Quan, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Quan, C.B.[Cheng-Bin]

Quan, C.G.[Cheng Gen] Co Author Listing * Double-random-phase encryption with photon counting for image authentication using only the amplitude of the encrypted image
Includes: Quan, C.G.[Cheng Gen] Quan, C.G.[Cheng-Gen]

Quan, C.Q.[Chang Qin] Co Author Listing * Cluster-wise learning network for multi-person pose estimation
* Lite Hourglass Network for Multi-person Pose Estimation
Includes: Quan, C.Q.[Chang Qin] Quan, C.Q.[Chang-Qin]

Quan, D.[Dou] Co Author Listing * AFD-Net: Aggregated Feature Difference Learning for Cross-Spectral Image Patch Matching
* Better and Faster: Exponential Loss for Image Patch Matching
* Cross-Spectral Image Patch Matching by Learning Features of the Spatially Connected Patches in a Shared Space
* deep learning framework for remote sensing image registration, A
* effective approach for wavelet lifting based on filter optimization and median operator, An
* Fast Intra Prediction Mode Decision for H.264/AVC
* Learning Pseudo-Relations for Cross-domain Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Relation Attention Network for Image Patch Matching
* Optimized Median Lifting Scheme for Lossy Image Compression
* Towards Better Stability and Adaptability: Improve Online Self-Training for Model Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Outlier Detection Using Memory and Contrastive Learning
Includes: Quan, D.[Dou] Quan, D. Quan, D.[Do]
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Quan, D.T.[Dang Tran] Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Influence on the FTIR Spectrum of Salt-Affected Soils

Quan, D.Y.[Da Ying] Co Author Listing * Novel Double Ensemble Algorithm for the Classification of Multi-Class Imbalanced Hyperspectral Data, A
Includes: Quan, D.Y.[Da Ying] Quan, D.Y.[Da-Ying]

Quan, E.M. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Imaging Properties of Rotation-Free Square and Hexagonal Micro-CT Systems

Quan, F.[Fengnan] Co Author Listing * ARRPNGAN: Text-to-image GAN with attention regularization and region proposal networks

Quan, F.N.[Feng Nan] Co Author Listing * GIGAN: Self-supervised GAN for generating the invisible using cycle transformation and conditional normalization
Includes: Quan, F.N.[Feng Nan] Quan, F.N.[Feng-Nan]

Quan, G. Co Author Listing * Domain Progressive 3D Residual Convolution Network to Improve Low-Dose CT Imaging
* TT U-Net: Temporal Transformer U-Net for Motion Artifact Reduction Using PAD (Pseudo All-Phase Clinical-Dataset) in Cardiac CT
* Unsharp Structure Guided Filtering for Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Imaging
Includes: Quan, G. Quan, G.[Guotao]

Quan, G.R.[Guang Ri] Co Author Listing * Visual Object Tracking with Pyramid, Random Subspace Features
Includes: Quan, G.R.[Guang Ri] Quan, G.R.[Guang-Ri]

Quan, G.T.[Guo Tao] Co Author Listing * CLEAR: Comprehensive Learning Enabled Adversarial Reconstruction for Subtle Structure Enhanced Low-Dose CT Imaging
Includes: Quan, G.T.[Guo Tao] Quan, G.T.[Guo-Tao]

Quan, H.J.[Hao Jun] Co Author Listing * High Efficient Implementation of Image Matching Algorithm
Includes: Quan, H.J.[Hao Jun] Quan, H.J.[Hao-Jun]

Quan, H.L.[Hong Lei] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Microwave Frequency Transfer over 300-km Fiber Link with Instability at the 10-18 Level
Includes: Quan, H.L.[Hong Lei] Quan, H.L.[Hong-Lei]

Quan, H.T.[Huynh Thu] Co Author Listing * Asymmetrical temporal masking near video scene change
* Modelling of spatio-temporal interaction for video quality assessment
* No-reference temporal quality metric for video impaired by frame freezing artefacts
* Sparse shift-DCT spatial prediction
Includes: Quan, H.T.[Huynh Thu] Quan, H.T.[Huynh-Thu]

Quan, H.Y.[Han Yu] Co Author Listing * Detecting Multiple Steganography Methods in Speech Streams Using Multi-Encoder Network
* Fluid re-simulation based on physically driven model from video
Includes: Quan, H.Y.[Han Yu] Quan, H.Y.[Han-Yu] Quan, H.Y.[Hong-Yan]

Quan, J.[Jia] Co Author Listing * Instrument Development: Chinese Radiometric Benchmark of Reflected Solar Band Based on Space Cryogenic Absolute Radiometer
* Localization or Globalization? Determination of the Optimal Regression Window for Disaggregation of Land Surface Temperature
Includes: Quan, J.[Jia] Quan, J.

Quan, J.C.[Jin Cheng] Co Author Listing * Low Illumination Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on HSV-RNET
Includes: Quan, J.C.[Jin Cheng] Quan, J.C.[Jin-Cheng]

Quan, J.J.[Jun Jian] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric spatial scalability in stereoscopic video coding
Includes: Quan, J.J.[Jun Jian] Quan, J.J.[Jun-Jian]

Quan, J.L.[Jin Ling] Co Author Listing * Balancing prediction accuracy and generalization ability: A hybrid framework for modelling the annual dynamics of satellite-derived land surface temperatures
* Disaggregation of Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature: A Generalized Paradigm
* Does quality control matter? Surface urban heat island intensity variations estimated by satellite-derived land surface temperature products
* Enhanced Statistical Estimation of Air Temperature Incorporating Nighttime Light Data
* Generating 60-100 m, hourly, all-weather land surface temperatures based on the Landsat, ECOSTRESS, and reanalysis temperature combination (LERC)
* Identifying Major Diurnal Patterns and Drivers of Surface Urban Heat Island Intensities across Local Climate Zones
* Local Climate Zone Classification by Seasonal and Diurnal Satellite Observations: An Integration of Daytime Thermal Infrared Multispectral Imageries and High-Resolution Night-Time Light Data
* New Neighboring Pixels Method for Reducing Aerosol Effects on the NDVI Images, A
* Object-Based Window Strategy in Thermal Sharpening
* Statistical estimation of next-day nighttime surface urban heat islands
Includes: Quan, J.L.[Jin Ling] Quan, J.L.[Jin-Ling] Quan, J.L.[Jing-Ling]
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Quan, J.N.[Jia Ni] Co Author Listing * Global Sensing and Measurements Reuse for Image Compressed Sensing
Includes: Quan, J.N.[Jia Ni] Quan, J.N.[Jia-Ni]

Quan, J.X.[Jia Xuan] Co Author Listing * MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGB+TOF Depth Completion: Dataset and Report
Includes: Quan, J.X.[Jia Xuan] Quan, J.X.[Jia-Xuan]

Quan, K.A.C.[Khanh An C.] Co Author Listing * CDC: Color-Based Diffusion Model with Caption Embedding in VBS 2022
Includes: Quan, K.A.C.[Khanh An C.] Quan, K.A.C.[Khanh-An C.]

Quan, L.[Long] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Quan, L.[Long]: quan AT cs ust hk
* 3D Projective Invariants from Two Images
* Accurate and Scalable Surface Representation and Reconstruction from Images
* Affine Shape Representation from Motion Through Reference Points
* Affine stereo calibration
* Affine Stereo Calibration for Relative Affine Shape Reconstruction
* Affine Structure from Line Correspondences with Uncalibrated Affine Cameras
* Algebraic and Geometric Invariant of a Pair of Non-Coplanar Conics in Space
* ASLFeat: Learning Local Features of Accurate Shape and Localization
* ASpanFormer: Detector-Free Image Matching with Adaptive Span Transformer
* Asymmetrical Occlusion Handling Using Graph Cut for Multi-View Stereo
* Automatic 3D Face Recognition Combining Global Geometric Features with Local Shape Variation Information
* Automatic 3D face recognition from depth and intensity Gabor features
* BlendedMVS: A Large-Scale Dataset for Generalized Multi-View Stereo Networks
* Blurred/Non-Blurred Image Alignment using Sparseness Prior
* Camera Calibration and Relative Pose Estimation from Gravity
* Camera calibration using identical objects
* Camera Calibration Using Lengths of Corresponding Line Segments
* Circular motion geometry by minimal 2 points in 4 images
* Circular Motion Geometry Using Minimal Data
* Color Correction for Image-Based Modeling in the Large
* Combining local features for robust nose location in 3D facial data
* Concentric Mosaic(s), Planar Motion and 1D Cameras
* Conic Reconstruction and Correspondence from Two Views
* Constrained planar motion analysis by decomposition
* ContextDesc: Local Descriptor Augmentation With Cross-Modality Context
* Critical Regularizations for Neural Surface Reconstruction in the Wild
* Cross-Atlas Convolution for Parameterization Invariant Learning on Textured Mesh Surface
* D3Feat: Joint Learning of Dense Detection and Description of 3D Local Features
* Depth vs. intensity: which is more important for face recognition?
* Detection of Concentric Circles for Camera Calibration
* Determining Perspective Structures using Hierarchical Hough Transform
* Distributed Very Large Scale Bundle Adjustment by Global Camera Consensus
* Dual-Feature Warping-Based Motion Model Estimation
* Edge-Constrained Joint View Triangulation for Image Interpolation
* Efficient Multi-view Surface Refinement with Adaptive Resolution Control
* Evolution and Driving Forces of Ecological Service Value in Anhui Based on Landsat Land Use and Land Cover Change
* Factorization Method for Shape and Motion from Line Correspondences, A
* Fast Descriptors and Correspondence Propagation for Robust Global Point Cloud Registration
* Generating the initial hypothesis using perspective invariants for a 2D image and 3D model matching
* GeoDesc: Learning Local Descriptors by Integrating Geometry Constraints
* Geometrical Learning from Multiple Stereo Views Through Monocular Based Feature Grouping
* Geometry of Multiple Affine Views
* Geometry of Reflectance Symmetries, The
* Geometry of single axis motions using conic fitting
* Global Surface Reconstruction Through Regularized B-Spline Patches
* Graph-Based Consistent Matching for Structure-from-Motion
* Higher-Order CRF Structural Segmentation of 3D Reconstructed Surfaces
* Highlight removal by illumination-constrained inpainting
* How Fashion Talks: Clothing-Region-Based Gender Recognition
* How Useful is Projective Geometry?
* Hyperchaotic Synchronization Secure Communication Based on State Observer
* Image Interpolation by Joint View Triangulation
* Image-Based Modeling
* Image-Based Modeling by Joint Segmentation
* Image-based rendering by joint view triangulation
* Inherent Two-Way Ambiguity in 2D Projective Reconstruction from Three Uncalibrated 1D Images
* Interactive Shape from Shading
* Invariant of a Pair of Non-Coplanar Conics in Space: Definition, Geometric Interpretation and Computation
* Invariants of 6 Points and Projective Reconstruction from 3 Uncalibrated Images
* Invariants of 6 Points from 3 Uncalibrated Images
* Invariants of a Pair of Conics Revisited
* Isotropy, Reciprocity and the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity
* Joint Affinity Propagation for Multiple View Segmentation
* Joint Camera Clustering and Surface Segmentation for Large-Scale Multi-view Stereo
* Joint Invariants of a Triplet of Coplanar Conics: Stability and Discriminating Power for Object Recognition
* Joint Segmentation of Images and Scanned Point Cloud in Large-Scale Street Scenes With Low-Annotation Cost
* Joint Semantic Segmentation and Boundary Detection Using Iterative Pyramid Contexts
* KFNet: Learning Temporal Camera Relocalization Using Kalman Filtering
* Learning and Matching Multi-View Descriptors for Registration of Point Clouds
* Learning CRFs for Image Parsing with Adaptive Subgradient Descent
* Learning Discriminative Feature with CRF for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Learning Signed Distance Field for Multi-view Surface Reconstruction
* Learning Stereo Matchability in Disparity Regression Networks
* Learning to Match Features with Seeded Graph Matching Network
* Learning Two-View Correspondences and Geometry Using Order-Aware Network
* Learning Two-View Stereo Matching
* Linear N >=4-Point Pose Determination
* Linear N-Point Camera Pose Determination
* Linear Neighborhood Propagation and Its Applications
* Local Readjustment for High-Resolution 3D Reconstruction
* Loss Rescaling by Uncertainty Inference For Single-Stage Object Detection
* Low-rank SIFT: An affine invariant feature for place recognition
* Match Propagation for Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
* Matchable Image Retrieval by Learning from Surface Reconstruction
* Matching Perspective Images Using Geometric Constraints and Perceptual Grouping
* Minimal Projective Reconstruction Including Missing Data
* Minimal Projective Reconstruction with Missing Data
* Multi-scale Tetrahedral Fusion of a Similarity Reconstruction and Noisy Positional Measurements
* Multi-view Geometry Compression
* Multiple view semantic segmentation for street view images
* MVSNet: Depth Inference for Unstructured Multi-view Stereo
* NeILF++: Inter-Reflectable Light Fields for Geometry and Material Estimation
* NeILF: Neural Incident Light Field for Physically-based Material Estimation
* New Linear Method for Euclidean Motion/structure from Three Calibrated Affine Views, A
* Normalized tree partitioning for image segmentation
* OANet: Learning Two-View Correspondences and Geometry Using Order-Aware Network
* Optimizing neighborhood projection with relaxation factor for inextensible cloth simulation
* Outward-Looking Circular Motion Analysis of Large Image Sequences
* Parsing Façade with rank-one approximation
* Partial similarity based nonparametric scene parsing in certain environment
* Per-pixel translational symmetry detection, optimization, and segmentation
* Performance of BDS B1 Frequency Standard Point Positioning during the Main Phase of Different Classified Geomagnetic Storms in China and the Surrounding Area
* Picture Collage
* Progressive Large Scale-Invariant Image Matching in Scale Space
* Progressive Surface Reconstruction from Images Using a Local Prior
* Quasi-Dense Approach to Surface Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Images, A
* Quasi-Dense Reconstruction from Image Sequence
* Quasi-regular Facade Structure Extraction
* Real-Time Object Tracking with Generalized Part-Based Appearance Model and Structure-Constrained Motion Model
* Reconstructing Thin Structures of Manifold Surfaces by Integrating Spatial Curves
* Recovering the Geometry of Single Axis Motions by Conic Fitting
* Rectilinear parsing of architecture in urban environment
* Recurrent MVSNet for High-Resolution Multi-View Stereo Depth Inference
* Region-based progressive stereo matching
* Regularized Tree Partitioning and Its Application to Unsupervised Image Segmentation
* Relative 3D Reconstruction Using Multiple Uncalibrated Images
* Relief Mosaics by Joint View Triangulation
* Resampling Structure from Motion
* Resolution-Enhanced Photometric Stereo
* Robot Stereo-hand Coordination for Grasping Curved Parts
* robust algorithm to estimate the fundamental matrix, A
* Robust carving for non-Lambertian objects
* Robust Dense Matching Using Local and Global Geometric Constraints
* Robust dual motion deblurring
* Robust nose detection in 3d facial data using local characteristics
* Self-Calibration of a 1D Projective Camera and Its Application to the Self-Calibration of a 2D Projective Camera
* Self-calibration of an affine camera
* Self-Calibration of an Affine Camera from Multiple Views
* Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Motion Under Photometric Inconsistency
* Self-supervised Monocular 3D Face Reconstruction by Occlusion-aware Multi-view Geometry Consistency
* Separation of Highlight Reflections on Textured Surfaces
* Single Axis Geometry by Fitting Conics
* Some Results on Minimal Euclidean Reconstruction from Four Points
* Special Issue on Large-Scale 3D Modeling of Urban Indoor or Outdoor Scenes from Images and Range Scans
* Stochastic Bundle Adjustment for Efficient and Scalable 3d Reconstruction
* Structure from motion from three affine views
* Structuring Visual Words in 3D for Arbitrary-View Object Localization
* Subpixel Photometric Stereo
* Supervised Label Transfer for Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes
* Surface reconstruction by integrating 3d and 2d data of multiple views
* Surface Reconstruction by Propagating 3D Stereo Data in Multiple 2D Images
* Surface Reconstruction Method Using Global Graph Cut Optimization, A
* Towards Structure from Motion for Linear Features Through Reference Points
* Translation symmetry detection in a fronto-parallel view
* Two-Way Ambiguity in 2D Projective Reconstruction from Three Uncalibrated 1D Images
* Uncalibrated 1D Camera and 3D Affine Reconstruction of Lines
* Uniqueness of 3D affine reconstruction of lines with affine cameras
* Very Large-Scale Global SfM by Distributed Motion Averaging
* Volumetric Reconstruction Method from Multiple Calibrated Views using Global Graph Cut Optimization, A
Includes: Quan, L.[Long] Quan, L. Quan, L.[Li'ao] Quan, L.[Lin]
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Quan, L.Z.[Long Zhe] Co Author Listing * Two-Stream Dense Feature Fusion Network Based on RGB-D Data for the Real-Time Prediction of Weed Aboveground Fresh Weight in a Field Environment
Includes: Quan, L.Z.[Long Zhe] Quan, L.Z.[Long-Zhe]

Quan, M.[Meixuan] Co Author Listing * Novel Rain Identification and Rain Intensity Classification Method for the CFOSAT Scatterometer, A

Quan, N.H.[Nguyen Hong] Co Author Listing * Gap-Free Monitoring of Annual Mangrove Forest Dynamics in Ca Mau Province, Vietnamese Mekong Delta, Using the Landsat-7-8 Archives and Post-Classification Temporal Optimization

Quan, P.[Pei] Co Author Listing * Document-level relation extraction via graph transformer networks and temporal convolutional networks
* Enhancing Robustness in Federated Learning by Supervised Anomaly Detection
* Robust Obstacle Detection and Recognition for Driver Assistance Systems
* SKNet: Detecting Rotated Ships as Keypoints in Optical Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Quan, P.[Pei] Quan, P.[Pengrui] Quan, P.

Quan, Q.[Quan] Co Author Listing * Calibration of multiple fish-eye cameras using a wand
* Effect of Vegetation Carryover and Climate Variability on the Seasonal Growth of Vegetation in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yellow River Basin
* How Far Two UAVs Should be Subject to Communication Uncertainties
* Practical Control for Multicopters to Avoid Non-Cooperative Moving Obstacles
* Practical Distributed Control for Cooperative Multicopters in Structured Free Flight Concepts
* Which images to label for few-shot medical landmark detection?

Quan, Q.M.[Qi Meng] Co Author Listing * Conductivity Imaging from Internal Measurements with Mixed Least-Squares Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Quan, Q.M.[Qi Meng] Quan, Q.M.[Qi-Meng]

Quan, R. Co Author Listing * Auto-ReID: Searching for a Part-Aware ConvNet for Person Re-Identification
* Holistic LSTM for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Object Co-segmentation via Graph Optimized-Flexible Manifold Ranking
* Progressive Transfer Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Removing Raindrops and Rain Streaks in One Go
* Robust Object Co-Segmentation Using Background Prior
* Unsupervised Salient Object Detection via Inferring from Imperfect Saliency Models
Includes: Quan, R. Quan, R.[Ruijie] Quan, R.[Rong]
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Quan, R.J.[Rui Jie] Co Author Listing * Action Sensitivity Learning for Temporal Action Localization
* Context-Aware Pretraining for Efficient Blind Image Decomposition
* Efficient Multimodal Fusion via Interactive Prompting
* Scale Space Based Deformable Template Matching Algorithm, A
* Semantic Hierarchy-Aware Segmentation
* Zero-Shot Video Grounding With Pseudo Query Lookup and Verification
Includes: Quan, R.J.[Rui Jie] Quan, R.J.[Rui-Jie] Quan, R.J.

Quan, S. Co Author Listing * Compatibility-Guided Sampling Consensus for 3-D Point Cloud Registration
* Derivation of the Orientation Parameters in Built-Up Areas: With Application to Model-Based Decomposition
* Dual Aperture Photography: Image and Depth from a Mobile Camera
* ESC-Net: Alleviating Triple Sparsity on 3D LiDAR Point Clouds for Extreme Sparse Scene Completion
* Evaluating Local Geometric Feature Representations for 3D Rigid Data Matching
* Fast motion deblurring using gyroscopes and strong edge prediction
* Leveraging Self-Paced Semi-Supervised Learning with Prior Knowledge for 3D Object Detection on a LiDAR-Camera System
* Local voxelized structure for 3D local shape description: A binary representation
* PoP-Net: Pose over Parts Network for Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation from a Depth Image
* Real-Time Globally Consistent Dense 3D Reconstruction With Online Texturing
* Representing local shape geometry from multi-view silhouette perspective: A distinctive and robust binary 3D feature
* RobustFusion: Robust Volumetric Performance Reconstruction Under Human-Object Interactions from Monocular RGBD Stream
* SAC-COT: Sample Consensus by Sampling Compatibility Triangles in Graphs for 3-D Point Cloud Registration
* Toward Efficient and Robust Metrics for RANSAC Hypotheses and 3D Rigid Registration
Includes: Quan, S. Quan, S.[Shuxue] Quan, S.[Siwen]
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Quan, S.H.[Shu Hai] Co Author Listing * Fast License Plate Segmentation and Recognition Method Based on the Modified Template Matching, A
* Robust Position Estimation Method in the Integrated Navigation System via Factor Graph, A
Includes: Quan, S.H.[Shu Hai] Quan, S.H.[Shu-Hai] Quan, S.H.[Si-Hang]

Quan, S.J.[Sheng Jiang] Co Author Listing * Semantic Information in Contrastive Learning
Includes: Quan, S.J.[Sheng Jiang] Quan, S.J.[Sheng-Jiang]

Quan, S.N.[Si Nong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Statistical Superpixel Merging With Edge Penalty for PolSAR Image Segmentation
* Detection and Type Recognition of SAR Artificial Modulation Targets Based on Multi-Scale Amplitude-Phase Features
* Five-Component Decomposition Method with General Rotated Dihedral Scattering Model and Cross-Pol Power Assignment, A
* Hierarchical Extension of General Four-Component Scattering Power Decomposition, A
* Hierarchical Superpixel Segmentation for PolSAR Images Based on the Boruvka Algorithm
* Near-Field 3D Sparse SAR Direct Imaging with Irregular Samples
* Nearshore Ship Detection in PolSAR Images by Integrating Superpixel-Level GP-PNF and Refined Polarimetric Decomposition
* Polarimetric Decomposition-Based Unified Manmade Target Scattering Characterization With Mathematical Programming Strategies
* Refined Model-Based and Feature-Driven Extraction of Buildings from PolSAR Images
* SAR Target Recognition via Joint Sparse and Dense Representation of Monogenic Signal
* Scattering Characterization of Obliquely Oriented Buildings from PolSAR Data Using Eigenvalue-Related Model
* Seven-Component Model-Based Decomposition for PolSAR Data with Sophisticated Scattering Models
* Shadow-Based False Target Identification for SAR Images
* Ship Recognition from Chaff Clouds with Sophisticated Polarimetric Decomposition
Includes: Quan, S.N.[Si Nong] Quan, S.N.[Si-Nong]
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Quan, T.[Taifan] Co Author Listing * Joint Analysis and Morphological Characterization of HFSWR Echo Properties during Severe Typhoon Muifa

Quan, T.F.[Tai Fan] Co Author Listing * Hole-based traffic sign detection method for traffic signs with red rim
Includes: Quan, T.F.[Tai Fan] Quan, T.F.[Tai-Fan]

Quan, T.M.[Tran Minh] Co Author Listing * ColorRL: Reinforced Coloring for End-to-End Instance Segmentation
* Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction Using a Generative Adversarial Network With a Cyclic Loss
* fast mixed-band lifting wavelet transform on the GPU, A
* Removing Imaging Artifacts in Electron Microscopy using an Asymmetrically Cyclic Adversarial Network without Paired Training Data
Includes: Quan, T.M.[Tran Minh] Quan, T.M.

Quan, T.T.[Tho T.] Co Author Listing * Combination of domain knowledge and deep learning for sentiment analysis of short and informal messages on social media

Quan, V.H.[Vu Hai] Co Author Listing * robust method for the Vietnamese handwritten and speech recognition, A
* system for recognizing Vietnamese document images based on HMM and linguistics, A

Quan, W.[Weize] Co Author Listing * Dense Modality Interaction Network for Audio-Visual Event Localization
* DPE: Disentanglement of Pose and Expression for General Video Portrait Editing
* Dynamic Visualization of Spatially Referenced Information
* Efficient Center Voting for Object Detection and 6D Pose Estimation in 3D Point Cloud
* GrIMS: Green Information-Centric Multimedia Streaming Framework in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Hi4D-ADSIP 3-D dynamic facial articulation database
* High-resolution comprehensive 3-D dynamic database for facial articulation analysis
* Improved 3-D facial representation through statistical shape model
* Joint Flying Relay Location and Routing Optimization for 6G UAV-IoT Networks: A Graph Neural Network-Based Approach
* Neural texture transfer assisted video coding with adaptive up-sampling
* Non-rigid structure from motion with incremental shape prior
* Recursive non-rigid structure from motion with online learned shape prior
* Robust object tracking using enhanced random ferns
* Robust object tracking with active context learning
* Segmentation-Based Multitask Learning Approach for Isolating Switch State Recognition in High-Speed Railway Traction Substation, A
* Smart Road Stud-Empowered Vehicle Magnetic Field Distribution and Vehicle Detection
* Visual tracking with multiple Hough detectors
* W-Net: Structure and Texture Interaction for Image Inpainting
Includes: Quan, W.[Weize] Quan, W.[Wu] Quan, W. Quan, W.[Wei]
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Quan, W.T.[Wen Ting] Co Author Listing * Algal Biological Features Viewed in Satellite Observations: A Case Study of the Bohai Sea
* Determining pseudo-invariant calibration sites for comparing inter-mission ocean color data
* Using Triple Collocation Observations to Estimate Satellite Measurement Noise
Includes: Quan, W.T.[Wen Ting] Quan, W.T.[Wen-Ting]

Quan, W.Z.[Wei Ze] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Image and Video Inpainting: A Survey
* Image Inpainting With Local and Global Refinement
* Learning 3D Keypoint Descriptors for Non-rigid Shape Matching
Includes: Quan, W.Z.[Wei Ze] Quan, W.Z.[Wei-Ze]

Quan, X.[Xingwen] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Network-Based Method to Alleviate the Ill-Posed Inverse Problem: A Case Study on Leaf Area Index and Canopy Water Content Retrieval, A
* Chunk incremental learning for cost-sensitive hinge loss support vector machine
* Improving Forest Height Retrieval by Reducing the Ambiguity of Volume-Only Coherence Using Multi-Baseline PolInSAR Data
* Multimodal Imaging Based on Digital Holography
Includes: Quan, X.[Xingwen] Quan, X.[Xin] Quan, X.

Quan, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * Compound Aspect Extraction by Augmentation and Constituency Lattice
* Term Weighting Schemes for Question Categorization
Includes: Quan, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Quan, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]

Quan, X.M.[Xiao Mei] Co Author Listing * Data Hiding in MPEG Compressed Audio Using Wet Paper Codes
* JPEG Steganalysis Based on Local Dimension Estimation
* Perceptual criterion based fragile audio watermarking using adaptive wavelet packets
Includes: Quan, X.M.[Xiao Mei] Quan, X.M.[Xiao-Mei]

Quan, X.W.[Xing Wen] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Dual Polarimetric Sentinel-1A Data for Forest Fuel Moisture Content Estimation
* Extended Fourier Approach to Improve the Retrieved Leaf Area Index (LAI) in a Time Series from an Alpine Wetland, An
* Forest Fuel Loads Estimation from Landsat ETM+ and ALOS PALSAR Data
* Global Grassland Drought Index (GDI) Product: Algorithm and Validation, A
* Near Real-Time Extracting Wildfire Spread Rate from Himawari-8 Satellite Data
* Remote Sensing of Burn Severity Using Coupled Radiative Transfer Model: A Case Study on Chinese Qinyuan Pine Fires
* Use of the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) to Characterize the Drying Trend in Southwest China from 1982-2012
Includes: Quan, X.W.[Xing Wen] Quan, X.W.[Xing-Wen]
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Quan, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Centralized Feature Pyramid for Object Detection
* Comparison and Evaluation of Different Pit-Filling Methods for Generating High Resolution Canopy Height Model Using UAV Laser Scanning Data
* Deep Learning for Seeing Through Window With Raindrops
* Dynamic Texture Recognition via Orthogonal Tensor Dictionary Learning
* Estimating Defocus Blur via Rank of Local Patches
* Fast structural ensemble for One-Class Classification
* Image Denoising via Sequential Ensemble Learning
* Individual Tree Diameter Estimation in Small-Scale Forest Inventory Using UAV Laser Scanning
* LAP-Net: Level-Aware Progressive Network for Image Dehazing
* Object Detection Model Based on Scene-Level Region Proposal Self-Attention
* Pose-Guided Attention Learning for Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification
* Region-Based Hierarchical Cross-Section Analysis for Individual Tree Crown Delineation Using ALS Data, A
* Speckle Reduction in 3D Optical Coherence Tomography of Retina by A-Scan Reconstruction
* Using Artificial Intelligence to Estimate the Probability of Forest Fires in Heilongjiang, Northeast China
* Variational-EM-Based Deep Learning for Noise-Blind Image Deblurring
* Weakly-Supervised Sparse Coding With Geometric Prior for Interactive Texture Segmentation
Includes: Quan, Y.[Yu] Quan, Y.[Ying] Quan, Y. Quan, Y.[Yining]
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Quan, Y.H.[Ying Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Parameter Estimation for Compound Interrupted Sampling and Repeating Jamming
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Attention with structure regularization for action recognition
* Attentive deep network for blind motion deblurring on dynamic scenes
* Barzilai-Borwein-based adaptive learning rate for deep learning
* Cartoon-Texture Image Decomposition using Orientation Characteristics in Patch Recurrence
* Classifying dynamic textures via spatiotemporal fractal analysis
* Contour-based recognition
* Convergent Incoherent Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Sparse Coding, A
* Deep Texture Recognition via Exploiting Cross-Layer Statistical Self-Similarity
* Deep Video Demoiréing via Compact Invertible Dyadic Decomposition
* Design of a Digital Array Signal Processing System with Full Array Element
* Dictionary Learning for Sparse Coding: Algorithms and Convergence Analysis
* Diffuse3D: Wide-Angle 3D Photography via Bilateral Diffusion
* Discriminative structured dictionary learning with hierarchical group sparsity
* distinct and compact texture descriptor, A
* Dual-Domain Self-supervised Learning and Model Adaption for Deep Compressive Imaging
* Dynamic Spatial-Spectral Feature Optimization-Based Point Cloud Classification
* Dynamic texture classification using dynamic fractal analysis
* Enhancing texture representation with deep tracing pattern encoding
* Equiangular Kernel Dictionary Learning with Applications to Dynamic Texture Analysis
* Factorized Tensor Dictionary Learning for Visual Tensor Data Completion
* Fingerprinting Deep Image Restoration Models
* Frequency-Domain Imaging Algorithm for Translational Variant Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR, A
* Ground-Truth Free Meta-Learning for Deep Compressive Sampling
* High Speed Maneuvering Platform Squint TOPS SAR Imaging Based on Local Polar Coordinate and Angular Division
* High-Precision Joint TDOA and FDOA Location System
* Image denoising using complex-valued deep CNN
* Image Desnowing via Deep Invertible Separation
* Image Quality Assessment Using Kernel Sparse Coding
* Image Smoothing via Multiscale Global Perception
* L0 Norm Based Dictionary Learning by Proximal Methods with Global Convergence
* Lacunarity Analysis on Image Patterns for Texture Classification
* Learning Deep Non-blind Image Deconvolution Without Ground Truths
* Microwave Correlation Forward-Looking Super-Resolution Imaging Based on Compressed Sensing
* Multi-View 3D Shape Recognition via Correspondence-Aware Deep Learning
* Neumann Network with Recursive Kernels for Single Image Defocus Deblurring
* Non-Uniform Interrupted-Sampling Repeater Jamming Method for Intra-Pulse Frequency Agile Radar, A
* Nonblind Image Deconvolution via Leveraging Model Uncertainty in An Untrained Deep Neural Network
* Novel Feature Extension Method for the Forest Disaster Monitoring Using Multispectral Data, A
* Novel Image Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral and SAR Images for Land Cover Classification, A
* Parametric Azimuth-Variant Motion Compensation for Forward-Looking Multichannel SAR Imagery
* Radar-Infrared Sensor Fusion Based on Hierarchical Features Mining
* Recorrupted-to-Recorrupted: Unsupervised Deep Learning for Image Denoising
* Recurrent Exposure Generation for Low-Light Face Detection
* Reduced reference image quality assessment using regularity of phase congruency
* Relative Total Variation Structure Analysis-Based Fusion Method for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Classification
* Rotation XGBoost Based Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification with Limited Training Samples
* Self-supervised Bayesian Deep Learning for Image Recovery with Applications to Compressive Sensing
* Self-Supervised Blind Image Deconvolution via Deep Generative Ensemble Learning
* Self-Supervised Low-Light Image Enhancement Using Discrepant Untrained Network Priors
* Self2Self With Dropout: Learning Self-Supervised Denoising From Single Image
* Siamese Cooperative Learning for Unsupervised Image Reconstruction From Incomplete Measurements
* Signal Subspace Reconstruction for DOA Detection Using Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Single Image Defocus Deblurring via Implicit Neural Inverse Kernels
* SMOTE-Based Weighted Deep Rotation Forest for the Imbalanced Hyperspectral Data Classification
* Sparse Coding for Classification via Discrimination Ensemble
* Spatiotemporal lacunarity spectrum for dynamic texture classification
* Structure-Texture Image Decomposition Using Discriminative Patch Recurrence
* Super-Resolution Range and Velocity Estimations for SFA-OFDM Radar
* Supervised dictionary learning with multiple classifier integration
* Supervised Sparse Coding With Decision Forest
* Unsupervised Deep Background Matting Using Deep Matte Prior
* Unsupervised knowledge transfer for nonblind image deconvolution
Includes: Quan, Y.H.[Ying Hui] Quan, Y.H.[Ying-Hui] Quan, Y.H.[Yu-Hui]
64 for Quan, Y.H.

Quan, Y.J.[Yu Jun] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Methods for Semantic Segmentation in Remote Sensing with Small Data: A Survey
* Learning SAR-Optical Cross Modal Features for Land Cover Classification
Includes: Quan, Y.J.[Yu Jun] Quan, Y.J.[Yu-Jun]

Quan, Y.L.[Ying Ling] Co Author Listing * ECDNet: A bilateral lightweight cloud detection network for remote sensing images
Includes: Quan, Y.L.[Ying Ling] Quan, Y.L.[Ying-Ling]

Quan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Ultra-Wide Band-Based Attitude and Position Determination Technique for Indoor Mobile Laser Scanning, An
* Convolutional Neural Network Based Multipath Detection Method for Static and Kinematic GPS High Precision Positioning
* Validating Ionospheric Scintillation Indices Extracted from 30s-Sampling-Interval GNSS Geodetic Receivers with Long-Term Ground and In-Situ Observations in High-Latitude Regions
Includes: Quan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Quan, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Quan, Y.S.[Ying Shuai] Co Author Listing * Linear Parameter Varying Models-Based Gain-Scheduling Control for Lane Keeping System With Parameter Reduction
* Safety Tunnel-Based Model Predictive Path-Planning Controller With Potential Functions for Emergency Navigation

Quan, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Co Author Listing * 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
Includes: Quan, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Quan, Y.T.[Yi-Tong]

Quan, Y.Z.[Yi Zhuo] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Light Image Sequence Enhancement in SLAM
* Hierarchy-Aware Geocoding Model Based on Cross-Attention within the Seq2Seq Framework, A
* Novel Address-Matching Framework Based on Region Proposal, A
Includes: Quan, Y.Z.[Yi Zhuo] Quan, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhuo]

Quan, Z. Co Author Listing * Lifting construction based on Bernstein bases and application in image compression
* Lifting Scheme for Wavelet Bi-Frames: Theory, Structure, and Algorithm, The

Quan, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Co Author Listing * Detecting and grouping keypoints for multi-person pose estimation using instance-aware attention
* Pyramid Geometric Consistency Learning For Semantic Segmentation
* SED: Searching Enhanced Decoder with switchable skip connection for semantic segmentation
* Spatial information enhancement network for 3D object detection from point cloud
* TransPose: Keypoint Localization via Transformer
Includes: Quan, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Quan, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]

Quan, Z.H. Co Author Listing * Combining a binary input encoding scheme with RBFNN for globulin protein inter-residue contact map prediction
* multidimensional fusion image stereo matching algorithm, A
* Spectrum Analysis Based on Windows with Variable Widths for Online Signature Verification
Includes: Quan, Z.H. Quan, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Quan, Z.H.[Zhong-Hua]

Quan, Z.Q.[Zhen Qiang] Co Author Listing * DYC Design for Autonomous Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle Considering Tire Nonlinear Mechanical Characteristics in the PWA Form
Includes: Quan, Z.Q.[Zhen Qiang] Quan, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qiang]

Quan, Z.X.[Zhen Xian] Co Author Listing * GPR-Based Automatic Identification of Root Zones of Influence Using HDBSCAN
* Root-Soil Water Relationship Is Spatially Anisotropic in Shrub-Encroached Grassland in North China: Evidence from GPR Investigation, The
Includes: Quan, Z.X.[Zhen Xian] Quan, Z.X.[Zhen-Xian]

Quan, Z.Y.[Zen Yu] Co Author Listing * privilege-based visual secret sharing model, A
* Progressive Visual Cryptography With Unexpanded Shares
Includes: Quan, Z.Y.[Zen Yu] Quan, Z.Y.[Zen-Yu] Quan, Z.Y.

Quan, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Co Author Listing * ARCTIC: A knowledge distillation approach via attention-based relation matching and activation region constraint for RGB-to-Infrared videos action recognition
* MAWKDN: A Multimodal Fusion Wavelet Knowledge Distillation Approach Based on Cross-View Attention for Action Recognition
Includes: Quan, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Quan, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen]

Quanbo, Y.[Yuan] Co Author Listing * Starting from the structure: A review of small object detection based on deep learning

Quandt, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * versatile EEG spike detector with multivariate matrix of features based on the linear discriminant analysis, combined wavelets, and descriptors, A

Quang, L.B.[Lam Bui] Co Author Listing * Auto-focusing technique in a projector-camera system

Quang, L.P.[Long P.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Purpose Realistic Haze Benchmark With Quantifiable Haze Levels and Ground Truth, A

Quang, M.H.[Minh Ha] Co Author Listing * Image and Video Colorization Using Vector-Valued Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

Quang, N.H.[Nguyen Hong] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Human-Induced Effects on Sea/Brackish Water Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Ha Long Bay of Vietnam with Google Earth Engine
* Multi-Decadal Changes in Mangrove Extent, Age and Species in the Red River Estuaries of Viet Nam

Quang, P.N.[Pham Ngoc] Co Author Listing * Spatial Prediction of Fluvial Flood in High-Frequency Tropical Cyclone Area Using TensorFlow 1D-Convolution Neural Networks and Geospatial Data

Quang, S.N.[Sang Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Learning adaptive motion search for fast versatile video coding in visual surveillance systems

Quansah, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * County-Level Assessment of Vulnerability to COVID-19 in Alabama
* Mapping the Leaf Economic Spectrum across West African Tropical Forests Using UAV-Acquired Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Quansah, J.[Joseph] Quansah, J.[John]

Quant, H.[Hunter] Co Author Listing * Multi-camera Microenvironment to Capture Multi-view Time-Lapse Videos for 3D Analysis of Aging Objects
* Spatiotemporal 3D Models of Aging Fruit from Multi-view Time-Lapse Videos
* Virtual Reality Interface for Interactions with Spatiotemporal 3D Data, A

Quantin, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Precipitation Inferred from Soil Moisture (PrISM) Near Real-Time Rainfall Product: Evaluation and Comparison, The

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