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Koba, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Rate Estimation Techniques for Encoder Parallelization

Kobal, M.[Milan] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of UAV-Photogrammetric-Derived Products Using PPK and GCPs in Challenging Terrains: In Search of Optimized Rockfall Mapping
* Automatic Individual Tree 3D Change Detection Method for Allometric Parameters Estimation in Mixed Uneven-Aged Forest Stands from ALS Data, An
* Lidar Processing for Defining Sinkhole Characteristics under Dense Forest Cover: A Case Study in the Dinaric Mountains
* New Methodology for Mapping Past Rockfall Events: From Mobile Crowdsourcing to Rockfall Simulation Validation, A
* Tree Height Growth Modelling Using LiDAR-Derived Topography Information
Includes: Kobal, M.[Milan] Kobal, M.

Kobald, M. Co Author Listing * Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry

Koban, T.[Tamer] Co Author Listing * Development of Operational Applications for TerraSAR-X

Kobashi, H.[Hiromichi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Neural Network Search Method for Open Set Recognition
* NAS-EOD: an end-to-end Neural Architecture Search method for Efficient Object Detection

Kobashi, M. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Matching for 3D Radiotherapy Planning
* Knowledge-Based Organ Identification from CT Images

Kobashi, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of Human Brain MR Images Aided by Fuzzy Information Granulation and Fuzzy Inference
* Automatic Robust Threshold Finding Aided by Fuzzy Information Granulation
* Data-Driven Analysis of Hemodynamic Response Delay in Event-Related fMRI Using Wavelet Transform
* Fuzzy Medical Image Processing for Segmenting the Lateral Ventricles from MR Images
* Interactive Segmentation of the Cerebral Lobes With Fuzzy Inference in 3T MR Images
* Robust Estimation of Knee Kinematics After Total Knee Arthroplasty with Evolutional Computing Approach
* Target image enhancement using representative line in MR cholangiography images
* Transcranial Ultrasonography System for Visualizing Skull and Brain Surface Aided by Fuzzy Expert System
* Volume-Quantization-Based Neural Network Approach to 3D MR Angiography Image Segmentation
Includes: Kobashi, S. Kobashi, S.[Syoji]
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Kobashi, Y.[Yasuyuki] Co Author Listing * Reflectance and Fluorescent Spectra Recovery Based on Fluorescent Chromaticity Invariance under Varying Illumination

Kobat, M.A.[Mehmet Ali] Co Author Listing * Hybrid-Patch-Alex: A new patch division and deep feature extraction-based image classification model to detect COVID-19, heart failure, and other lung conditions using medical images

Kobatake, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filter to Detect Rounded Convex Regions: Iris Filter
* Automated Segmentation of 3D CT Images Based on Statistical Atlas and Graph Cuts
* Automatic detection of malignant tumors on mammogram
* Classification-based face detection using Gabor filter features
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Computerized detection of malignant tumors on digital mammograms
* Convergence Index Filter for Vector Fields
* Detection and Feature Extraction Method of Curvilinear Convex Regions with Weak Contrast Using a Gradient Vector Distribution Model, The
* Detection of Cancerous Tumors on Chest X-ray Images: Candidate Detection Filter and Its Evaluation
* Detection of rounded opacities on chest radiographs using convergence index filter
* Detection of spicules on mammogram based on skeleton analysis
* Ensemble Learning Based Segmentation of Metastatic Liver Tumours in Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography
* Extraction of Facial Sketch Image Based on Morphological Processing
* Extraction of facial sketch images and expression transformation based on FACS
* Face Detection from Cluttered Images Using a Polynomial Neural Network
* Face detection using a modified radial basis function neural network
* Gradient feature extraction for classification-based face detection
* multi-expert approach for robust face detection, A
* Nonlinear Adaptive Convergence Index Filters and Their Characteristics
* Robust face detection using Gabor filter features
* Segmentation of Kidney by Using a Deformable Model
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using a Modified Exoskeleton and Extended Hausdorff Distance Matching Algorithm
Includes: Kobatake, H. Kobatake, H.[Hidefumi]
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Kobayakwa, M. Co Author Listing * Robust Texture Image Retrieval Using Hierarchical Correlations of Wavelet Coefficients

Kobayasaki, K. Co Author Listing * Basic Study on Human Face Recognition, A

Kobayash, T. Co Author Listing * Fine-grained Video Retrieval using Query Phrases: Waseda_Meisei TRECVID 2017 AVS System

Kobayashi, A.[Akio] Co Author Listing * Electronic picture stabilizer with movable detection areas nd video camera utilizing the same
* Image information retrieval using rough set theory
* Person-independent face tracking based on dynamic AAM selection
* Video camera with electronic picture stabilizer
* Video camera with electronic picture stabilizer 2
Includes: Kobayashi, A.[Akio] Kobayashi, A. Kobayashi, A.[Akihiro]

Kobayashi, D.[Daiji] Co Author Listing * Construction of Experimental System SPIDAR-HS for Designing VR Guidelines Based on Physiological Behavior Measurement
* Domain Adaptation using Self-Training with Mixup for One-Stage Object Detection
* Low-Latency 4K HEVC Multi-Channel Encoding System with Content-Aware Bitrate Control for Live Streaming, A
* Self-supervised Prototype Conditional Few-Shot Object Detection
Includes: Kobayashi, D.[Daiji] Kobayashi, D.[Daisuke]

Kobayashi, F.[Fumitoshi] Co Author Listing * Remote Detection of the Fluorescence Spectrum of Natural Pollens Floating in the Atmosphere Using a Laser-Induced-Fluorescence Spectrum (LIFS) Lidar
* Shape Reconstruction System Integrating Stereo Vision and Shape from Shading with Evolutionary Programming
Includes: Kobayashi, F.[Fumitoshi] Kobayashi, F.

Kobayashi, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * development of a global LAI and FAPAR product using GCOM-C/SGLI data, The
* Efficient Text Capture Method for Moving Robots Using DCT Feature and Text Tracking, An
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* GPU implementation of phase-based stereo correspondence and its application
* Image data compression by predictive coding. I. Prediction algorithms
* Image data compression by predictive coding. II. Encoding algorithms
* In Situ Observations Reveal How Spectral Reflectance Responds to Growing Season Phenology of an Open Evergreen Forest in Alaska
* Information and communication technology-based tele-monitoring for elderly care houses
* Key Derivation Scheme for Hierarchical Access Control to JPEG 2000 Coded Images, A
* Method for detecting a moving object in motion video and apparatus therefor
* Method of Inserting Binary Data into MPEG Bitstreams for Video Index Labeling, A
* Modulo Arithmetic-Based Image Watermarking and its Theoretical Analysis of Image-Quality
* Multi-Algorithm Indices and Look-Up Table for Chlorophyll-a Retrieval in Highly Turbid Water Bodies Using Multispectral Data
* Nano-level 3-D shape measurement system using 3-wavelength LED light interference fringes
* Narrow-to-Broadband Conversion for Albedo Estimation on Urban Surfaces by UAV-Based Multispectral Camera
* Normal Image Generation-Based Defect Detection by Generative Adversarial Network with Chaotic Random Images
* On Complete Model-Based Decomposition of Polarimetric SAR Coherency Matrix Data
* On Semiparametric Clutter Estimation for Ship Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Panorama image producing method and apparatus
* Panorama image producing method and appartus
* Re-staining Pathology Images by FCNN
* Recent Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Productivity in Asia from 1982 to 2011
* Robust Identification Scheme for JPEG XR Images with Various Compression Ratios, A
* Rotation Invariant Iris Recognition Method Adaptive to Ambient Lighting Variation
* Simple Method for Retrieving Understory NDVI in Sparse Needleleaf Forests in Alaska Using MODIS BRDF Data, A
* Simulation of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in a heterogeneous forest using 3-D radiative transfer modelling and airborne LiDAR
* Spotting Recognition of Head Gestures from Color Image Series
* Text detection in color scene images based on unsupervised clustering of multi-channel wavelet features
* Three-Component Power Decomposition for Polarimetric SAR Data Based on Adaptive Volume Scatter Modeling
* Two-Layer Near-Lossless HDR Coding with Backward Compatibility to JPEG
Includes: Kobayashi, H.[Hideki] Kobayashi, H.[Hiroaki] Kobayashi, H. Kobayashi, H.[Hiroyuki] Kobayashi, H.[Hiroshi] Kobayashi, H.[Hiroki] Kobayashi, H.[Hirotomo]
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Kobayashi, H.H. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Defect Detection Method Based on Shape Measurement and Feature Extraction for Complex Patterns

Kobayashi, I. Co Author Listing * Framework of Cow Calving Monitoring System Using a Single Depth Camera
* Hybrid Rolling Skew Histogram-Neural Network Approach to Dairy Cow Identification System, A

Kobayashi, J.[Junya] Co Author Listing * Detection of Abnormal Objects in a Scene Based on Local Features
* Sophisticated Construction and Search of 2D Motion Graphs for Synthesizing Videos
Includes: Kobayashi, J.[Junya] Kobayashi, J.

Kobayashi, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition Using Passive Stereo Vision
* Advances in FAX
* Automatic Neural Network Search Method for Open Set Recognition
* Character recognition method and system capable of recognizing slant characters
* Combinatorial Transparent Surface Modeling from Polarization Images, A
* Effective Approach for Iris Recognition Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Efficient Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Face Recognition Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching
* Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and Its Application to Residential Access Controller
* Fast image inpainting using similarity of subspace method
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Combining Phase-Based Image Matching and Feature-Based Matching, A
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching for Low-Quality Fingerprints, A
* High-Accuracy Rotation Estimation Algorithm Based on 1D Phase-Only Correlation, A
* Improvements of Voice Timbre Control Based on Perceived Age in Singing Voice Conversion
* Iris Recognition System Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Multi-Step Test-Time Adaptation with Entropy Minimization and Pseudo-Labeling
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm using Phase-Based Image Matching, A
* Phase-Based Iris Recognition Algorithm, A
* practical method to reducing metal artifact for dental CT scanners, A
* Relations Between the Coefficients in the Projective Transformation Equations and the Orientation Elements of a Photograph
* Restoring occluded regions using FW-PCA for face recognition
* SpatialViewer: A Remote Work Sharing Tool that Considers Intimacy Among Workers
* Sub-Pixel Stereo Correspondence Technique Based on 1D Phase-only Correlation, A
* Text Recognition System for Japanese Documents
* Voice Instruction Learning System Using PL-T-SOM, A
Includes: Kobayashi, K. Kobayashi, K.[Ken] Kobayashi, K.[Kiyohiko] Kobayashi, K.[Kiichi] Kobayashi, K.[Koji] Kobayashi, K.[Kazuhiro] Kobayashi, K.[Kenichi] Kobayashi, K.[Kyousuke]
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Kobayashi, K.I.[Ken Ichi] Co Author Listing * In Situ Detection and Identification of Microorganisms at Single Colony Resolution Using Spectral Imaging Technique
Includes: Kobayashi, K.I.[Ken Ichi] Kobayashi, K.I.[Ken-Ichi]

Kobayashi, M.[Masakazu] Co Author Listing * 3D image analysis for evaluating internal deformation/fracture characteristics of materials
* Composite Illumination Invariant Color Feature and Its Application to Partial Image Matching, A
* Detecting Video Forgeries Based on Noise Characteristics
* Geometrical effects of positional errors in integral photography
* Inter frame coding with template matching spatio-temporal prediction
* Interactive Estimation of Light Source Position and Reflectance of Real Objects for Mixed-Reality Application
* Method and equipment for processing gray scale facsimile signal
* Multimedia Data Embedding and Watermarking Technologies
* On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition Algorithm RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations), An
* Proposal of a method to analyze 3D deformation/fracture characteristics inside materials based on a stratified matching approach
* RAV (Reparameterized Angle Variations) Algorithm for Online Handwriting Recognition
* Real-life Test of Face Recognition System for Dialogue Interface Robot in Ubiquitous Environments, A
* Reliable Application Layer Multicast Over Combined Wired and Wireless Networks
* Surface Reconstruction in Photometric Stereo with Calibration Error
Includes: Kobayashi, M.[Masakazu] Kobayashi, M.[Masaki] Kobayashi, M.[Michihiro] Kobayashi, M. Kobayashi, M.[Makoto]
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Kobayashi, M.A.[Masa Aki] Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression for RGB Color Still Images
Includes: Kobayashi, M.A.[Masa Aki] Kobayashi, M.A.[Masa-Aki]

Kobayashi, N. Co Author Listing * Constructing a Uniform Color Space for Visually Lossless Color Representation and Image Coding
* Could you guess an interesting movie from the posters?: An evaluation of vision-based features on movie poster database
* Demosaicking Method for Multispectral Images Based on Spatial Gradient and Inter-channel Correlation
* Edge Preserving Pre-post Filtering for Low Bitrate Video Coding
* MPEG-2 One-pass Variable Bit Rate Control Algorithm and Its LSI Implementation
* nonlinear spatio-temporal diffusion and its application to prefiltering in MPEG-4 video coding, A
* Practical extension to CIELUV color space to improve uniformity
* Separating reflection components in images under multispectral and multidirectional light sources
* Three-DoF pose estimation of asteroids by appearance-based linear regression with divided parameter space
Includes: Kobayashi, N. Kobayashi, N.[Naoki]
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Kobayashi, R.[Ryotaro] Co Author Listing * Safe Route Carpooling to Avoid Accident Locations and Small-Scale Proof of Concept in Japan
* Uncertainty Estimates in Deep Generative Models Using Gaussian Processes
Includes: Kobayashi, R.[Ryotaro] Kobayashi, R.[Ryoga]

Kobayashi, S. Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Decomposition Powers of L-Band Multi-Polarimetric SAR in Assessing Tree Growth of Industrial Plantation Forests in the Tropics
* Estimating CO2 Sequestration by Forests in Oita Prefecture, Japan, by Combining LANDSAT ETM+ and ALOS Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Evaluating Threatened Bird Occurrence in the Tropics by Using L-Band SAR Remote Sensing Data
* Intersection Recognition Using Results of Semantic Segmentation for Visual Navigation
* Learning Local Languages and Their Application to DNA Sequence Analysis
* Locked to Stimulation: Significance Level of the Phase-Locking Factor
* Multiplayer VR Live Concert With Information Exchange Through Feedback Modulated by EEG Signals, A
* Multiple View Geometry of Projector-Camera Systems from Virtual Mutual Projection
* Object Detection Based on Image Blur Using Spatial-Domain Filtering with Haar-Like Features
* Quantification of Changes in Rice Production for 2003-2019 with MODIS LAI Data in Pursat Province, Cambodia
* Rice Crop Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data: A Case Study in Saku, Japan
* Scanning recording type printing method and apparatus for increasing image quality by controlling tone dot locations within image pixels
* Sphere-Filled Organ Model for Virtual Surgery System
* Train Sparsely, Generate Densely: Memory-Efficient Unsupervised Training of High-Resolution Temporal GAN
* Two-layer light field imaging using an organic photoelectric conversion film
* Video Anomaly Detection Using Encoder-Decoder Networks with Video Vision Transformer and Channel Attention Blocks
* Wheel Defect Detection With Machine Learning
Includes: Kobayashi, S. Kobayashi, S.[Shoko] Kobayashi, S.[Shingo] Kobayashi, S.[Shohei] Kobayashi, S.[Shuhei] Kobayashi, S.[Satoru] Kobayashi, S.[Shin'ya] Kobayashi, S.[Sosuke] Kobayashi, S.[Shimpei]
17 for Kobayashi, S.

Kobayashi, S.J.[Shin Ji] Co Author Listing * Image area discriminating device
Includes: Kobayashi, S.J.[Shin Ji] Kobayashi, S.J.[Shin-Ji]

Kobayashi, T.[Tomoya] Co Author Listing * 2-D non-separable GenLOT with trend vanishing moments
* 3D-Ferns: Viewpoint-based keypoint classifier for robust 3D object pose detection
* Action and simultaneous multiple-person identification using cubic higher-order local auto-correlation
* Analyzing Filters Toward Efficient ConvNet
* Anytime Algorithm for Camera-Based Character Recognition, An
* Apparatus and method for searching motion vector
* ASM fitting method based on machine learning that provides a robust parameter initialization for AAM fitting, An
* Bag of Hierarchical Co-occurrence Features for Image Classification
* BFO Meets HOG: Feature Extraction Based on Histograms of Oriented p.d.f. Gradients for Image Classification
* Boundary Operation of 2-D Nonseparable Linear-Phase Paraunitary Filter Banks
* Cancer detection from biopsy images using probabilistic and discriminative features
* Class Distance Weighted Locality Preserving Projection for Automatic Age Estimation
* Class-Distance-Based Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Supervised Automatic Age Estimation
* Cone-restricted kernel subspace methods
* Cone-restricted subspace methods
* Content-Adaptive Automatic Image Sharpening
* Deblurring depth blur and motion blur simultaneously by using space-time coding
* Depth and Arbitrary Motion Deblurring Using Integrated PSF
* Developing a 3D Waveform Lidar Simulator FOR Forest
* development of a global LAI and FAPAR product using GCOM-C/SGLI data, The
* Directional Lapped Orthogonal Transform: Theory and Design
* Dirichlet-Based Histogram Feature Transform for Image Classification
* Discriminant Feature Extraction by Generalized Difference Subspace
* Discriminative local binary pattern
* Discriminative Local Binary Pattern for Image Feature Extraction
* Disentangled convolution for optimizing receptive field
* Document Input According to Recognition Accuracy of Handwritten Characters
* Efficient In-Situ Debris Flow Monitoring System over a Wireless Accelerometer Network, An
* Efficient Optimization for Low-Rank Integrated Bilinear Classifiers
* Efficient reduction of support vectors in kernel-based methods
* Efficient Similarity Derived from Kernel-Based Transition Probability
* End-to-End Trainable Weakly Non-Negative Factorization
* Explanation of Signal Changes in DW-fMRI: Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Restricted Diffusion of Water Molecules Using 3D and Two-Compartment Cortical Cell Models, An
* Exploring and Exploiting the Hierarchical Structure of a Scene for Scene Graph Generation
* Expression learning and recognition system for a family robot
* Extension of Hidden Markov Models for Multiple Candidates and Its Application to Gesture Recognition
* Extension of hidden markov models to deal with multiple candidates of observations and its application to mobile-robot-oriented gesture recognition
* Extraction and height estimation of artificial vertical structures based on the wrapped interferometric phase difference within their layovers
* Extractive Knowledge Distillation
* Fast Density Estimation for Approximated k Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Flip-Invariant Motion Representation
* Generalized Mutual Subspace Based Methods for Image Set Classification
* Geofencing-based Localization For 3d Data Acquisition Navigation
* Global Feature Guided Local Pooling
* Group Softmax Loss with Discriminative Feature Grouping
* Handwritten numeral recognition using flexible matching based on learning of stroke statistics
* HF (5 MHz) Imaging of the Moon by Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder Off Nadir Echo Data
* Higher-order Co-occurrence Features based on Discriminative Co-clusters for Image Classification
* Human Area Refinement for Human Detection
* Image Feature Extraction Using Gradient Local Auto-Correlations
* Image matting based on local color discrimination by SVM
* Image Matting in the Framework of Quantification IV
* Image stabilizing device
* Implantable Microimaging Device for Observing Brain Activities of Rodents
* Impression transformation of a face based on discriminant analysis on separately coded representations of facial shape and texture
* Improvement of matching and evaluation in handwritten numeral recognition using flexible standard patterns
* Interface between Grassmann manifolds and vector spaces, An
* Kernel-based transition probability toward similarity measure for semi-supervised learning
* Latent Representation in Human-Robot Interaction With Explicit Consideration of Periodic Dynamics
* Learning Additive Kernel For Feature Transformation and Its Application to CNN Features
* Learning data-driven image similarity measure
* Learning system of human facial expression for a family robot
* Logistic label propagation
* Low-Rank Bilinear Classification: Efficient Convex Optimization and Extensions
* Media-integrated biometric person recognition based on the Dempster-Shafer theory
* Memory Reduction of CGH Calculation Based On Integrating Point Light Sources
* Method and apparatus for measuring distance by laser beam
* method of gender classification by integrating facial, hairstyle, and clothing images, A
* Motion image segmentation using global criteria and DP
* Motion Recognition Using Local Auto-Correlation of Space-Time Gradients
* Movement-Imagery Brain-Computer Interface: EEG Classification of Beta Rhythm Synchronization Based on Cumulative Distribution Function
* Multi-layer feature extractions for image classification: Knowledge from deep CNNs
* Multiplexed illumination for scene recovery in the presence of global illumination
* Nadir Detection of Lunar Lava Tube by Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder
* New Tree Cover Percentage Map in Eurasia at 500 m Resolution Using MODIS Data, A
* Novel Keypoint Registration for Fast and Robust Pose Detection on Mobile Phones
* One-class label propagation using local cone based similarity
* Phase-wise Parameter Aggregation For Improving SGD Optimization
* Planar Markerless Augmented Reality Using Online Orientation Estimation
* Pyramidal segmentation using higher-order local auto-correlations and its applications to Landsat forestry data
* Recognition of Layout-Free Characters on Complex Background
* Recognition of Multiple Characters in a Scene Image Using Arrangement of Local Features
* Regularized Adversarial Training for Single-Shot Virtual Try-On
* Remote Sensing of Fractional Green Vegetation Cover Using Spatially-Interpolated Endmembers
* Robust pruning for efficient CNNs
* Rotation Regularization Without Rotation
* S3CCA: Smoothly Structured Sparse CCA for Partial Pattern Matching
* SCW-SGD: Stochastically Confidence-Weighted SGD
* Sequential Fish Catch Forecasting Using Bayesian State Space Models
* Spatio-temporal Filter Analysis Improves 3D-CNN For Action Classification
* Spiral-Net with F1-Based Optimization for Image-Based Crack Detection
* Structured Feature Similarity with Explicit Feature Map
* Subspace-based Age-group Classification Using Facial Images under Various Lighting Conditions
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder Data for Lunar Subsurface Imaging
* t-vMF Similarity For Regularizing Intra-Class Feature Distribution
* Theoretical Characterization of X-Band Multiincidence Angle and Multipolarimetric SAR Data From Rice Paddies at Late Vegetative Stage
* Three viewpoints toward exemplar SVM
* Three-way auto-correlation approach to motion recognition
* Two-dimensional Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis for Age-group Classification
* Two-Way Multi-Label Loss
* Upper-Body Contour Extraction Using Face and Body Shape Variance Information
* Virtual Restoration of Ancient Wooden Ships Through Non-rigid 3D Shape Assembly with Ruled-Surface FFD
* Von Mises-Fisher Mean Shift for Clustering on a Hypersphere
Includes: Kobayashi, T.[Tomoya] Kobayashi, T.[Tatsuya] Kobayashi, T.[Takumi] Kobayashi, T. Kobayashi, T.[Takayuki] Kobayashi, T.[Tetsunori] Kobayashi, T.[Takeyuki] Kobayashi, T.[Toshiyuki] Kobayashi, T.[Takeshi] Kobayashi, T.[Tetsuo] Kobayashi, T.[Tatsuharu] Kobayashi, T.[Takao] Kobayashi, T.[Takashi] Kobayashi, T.[Taisuke] Kobayashi, T.[Toshihiro] Kobayashi, T.[Takuya] Kobayashi, T.[Tetsuya]
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Kobayashi, Y. Co Author Listing * 3D Head Tracking using the Particle Filter with Cascaded Classifiers
* Autonomous Bus Boarding Robotic Wheelchair Using Bidirectional Sensing Systems
* BRDF Estimation of Structural Color Object by Using Hyper Spectral Image
* Clustering of image features based on contact and occlusion among robot body and objects
* Designing robot eyes for gaze communication
* Detection of Objects Including Persons Using Image Processing
* Determination of the Gain for a Walking Speed Amplifying Belt Using Brain Activity
* Efficient Hypothesis Generation through Sub-categorization for Multiple Object Detection
* EM-in-M: Analyze and Synthesize Emotion in Motion
* Empirical Framework to Control Human Attention by Robot, An
* Evaluation of the JPL TOPSAR for Extracting Tree Heights, An
* Fast Tracking of Hands and Fingertips in Infrared Images for Augmented Desk Interface
* From Focal Stack to Tensor Light-Field Display
* Hierarchical Disentanglement of Discriminative Latent Features for Zero-Shot Learning
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features of PARCOR Images for Gesture Recognition
* Hybrid Model for Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization, A
* Image processing LSI ISP-IV based on local parallel architecture and its applications
* Incorporating Long-Term Observations of Human Actions for Stable 3D People Tracking
* Integrated Method for Multiple Object Detection and Localization, An
* Interactive Trunk Extraction from Forest Point Cloud
* Learning to Capture Light Fields Through a Coded Aperture Camera
* Material Information Acquisition Using a ToF Range Sensor for Interactive Object Recognition
* Meal support system with spoon using laser range finder and manipulator
* Mobile care robot accepting requests through nonverbal interaction
* MSCC: Multi-Scale Transformers for Camera Calibration
* Multi Contrast Based Texture Model for Understanding Human Subjectivity
* Multi-view Head Detection and Tracking with Long Range Capability for Social Navigation Planning
* Multiple Object Category Detection and Localization Using Generative and Discriminative Models
* Multiple Robotic Wheelchair System Considering Group Communication
* Object Detection and Localization in Clutter Range Images Using Edge Features
* Object Material Classification by Surface Reflection Analysis with a Time-of-Flight Range Sensor
* Object pose estimation using category information from a single image
* Object Recognition for Service Robots through Verbal Interaction about Multiple Attribute Information
* Object Recognition for Service Robots through Verbal Interaction Based on Ontology
* Object recognition in service robots: Conducting verbal interaction on color and spatial relationship
* Object recognition system and abnormality detection system using image processing
* Oxygen Saturation Estimation Based on Optimal Band Selection from Multi-band Video
* Particle Filter Design Based on Reinforcement Learning and Its Application to Mobile Robot Localization
* Physically-Correct Light-Field Factorization for Perspective Images
* Prediction of Vibrations as a Measure of Terrain Traversability in Outdoor Structured and Natural Environments
* Reconstructing Shape and Appearance of Thin Film Objects with Hyper Spectral Sensor
* Reconstructing Shapes and Appearances of Thin Film Objects Using RGB Images
* Reconstruction of Geometric and Optical Parameters of Non-Planar Objects with Thin Film
* segmentation method for handwritten Japanese character lines based on transitional information, A
* Separated Medial Surface Extraction from CT Data of Machine Parts
* Situation-driven control of a robotic wheelchair to follow a caregiver
* Spatial-based Approach for Groups of Objects, A
* Speech Intelligibility Estimation Method Using a Non-reference Feature Set, A
* Sub-Category Optimization for Multi-view Multi-pose Object Detection
* Sub-Category Optimization through Cluster Performance Analysis for Multi-View Multi-Pose Object Detection
* Supporting Human-Robot Interaction Based on the Level of Visual Focus of Attention
* Tracking a robot and visitors in a museum using sensor poles
* Wide Field of View Kinect Undistortion for Social Navigation Implementation
Includes: Kobayashi, Y. Kobayashi, Y.[Yoshinori] Kobayashi, Y.[Yuichi] Kobayashi, Y.[Yoshiyuki] Kobayashi, Y.[Yuto] Kobayashi, Y.[Yoshie] Kobayashi, Y.[Yoshiki] Kobayashi, Y.[Yasuo] Kobayashi, Y.[Yusuke] Kobayashi, Y.[Yohei] Kobayashi, Y.[Yosuke]
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Kobayashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Co Author Listing * Modification of Spatial Distribution in Primitive and Point Configuration Texture Model
Includes: Kobayashi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Kobayashi, Y.S.[Yasu-Shi]

Kobayasi, M.[Mituo] Co Author Listing * Classification of color combinations based on distance between color distributions
* spatial wave-length analysis of coarseness or fineness of color variation in painting arts, A

Kobaysahi, K. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Handprinted Kanji Characters by the Stroke Matching Method

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