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El Saadani, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Radar-Rainfall Products over Coastal Louisiana

El Saadany, E.F. Co Author Listing * Artificial Life Feature Selection Techniques for Prostrate Cancer Diagnosis Using TRUS Images
* Dynamic Optimal Battery Swapping Mechanism for Electric Vehicles Using an LSTM-Based Rolling Horizon Approach, A
* Prostate Tissue Characterization Using TRUS Image Spectral Features
Includes: El Saadany, E.F. El-Saadany, E.F. El-Saadany, E.F.[Ehab F.]

El Saadany, O.S.[Omnia S.] Co Author Listing * Real-Time 2DHoG-2DPCA Algorithm for Hand Gesture Recognition

El Saadawy, O.[Omnia] Co Author Listing * Examining the Impact of Different DEM Sources and Geomorphology on Flash Flood Analysis in Hyper-Arid Deserts

El Saban, M.[Motaz] Co Author Listing * Activity Analysis in Microtubule Videos by Mixture of Hidden Markov Models
* AutoCaption: Automatic caption generation for personal photos
* Car Make and Model recognition combining global and local cues
* Face authentication using graph-based low-rank representation of facial local structures for mobile vision applications
* Facial expression recognition in the wild using rich deep features
* Fast stitching of videos captured from freely moving devices by exploiting temporal redundancy
* FRPCA: Fast Robust Principal Component Analysis for online observations
* Higher order potentials with superpixel neighbourhood (HSN) for semantic image segmentation
* Human age estimation using enhanced bio-inspired features (EBIF)
* Improved optimal seam selection blending for fast video stitching of videos captured from freely moving devices
* Multi-view human action recognition system employing 2DPCA
* Object matching using feature aggregation over a frame sequence
* Real-Time Multi-scale Action Detection from 3D Skeleton Data
* Semantic segmentation as image representation for scene recognition
* Soccer video summarization using enhanced logo detection
* Synthetic training in object detection
Includes: El Saban, M.[Motaz] El-Saban, M.[Motaz]
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El Saban, M.A. Co Author Listing * Interactive segmentation using curve evolution and relevance feedback
* Video region segmentation by spatio-temporal watersheds

El Saddik, A.[Abdulmotaleb] Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Segmentation in the Wild: Learning Generalized Models for Adverse-Condition Point Clouds
* Context-aware and part alignment for visible-infrared person re-identification
* Deep Scene Flow Learning: From 2D Images to 3D Point Clouds
* Dual-Branch Hybrid Learning Network for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
* Edge Caching and Computing in 5G for Mobile AR/VR and Tactile Internet
* EMHIFormer: An Enhanced Multi-Hypothesis Interaction Transformer for 3D human pose estimation in video
* Estimating two-dimensional blood flow velocities from videos
* Exploring Latent Preferences for Context-Aware Personalized Recommendation Systems
* Folksonomy-boosted social media search and ranking
* Global-aware and local-aware enhancement network for person search
* How to Cache Important Contents for Multi-Modal Service in Dynamic Networks: A DRL-Based Caching Scheme
* InvFlow: Involution and multi-scale interaction for unsupervised learning of optical flow
* Learning feature contexts by transformer and CNN hybrid deep network for weakly supervised person search
* Multimedia analysis with collective intelligence
* Object Context Integrated Network for Joint Learning of Depth and Optical Flow, An
* Optical Flow Estimation Using Dual Self-Attention Pyramid Networks
* Optical Flow Estimation Using Spatial-Channel Combinational Attention-Based Pyramid Networks
* Pavement crack detection network based on pyramid structure and attention mechanism
* Proxemic Multimedia Interaction over the Internet of Things, A
* RST-invariant digital image watermarking based on log-polar mapping and phase correlation
* Sentiment Analysis on Multi-View Social Data
* Simple Primitives With Feasibility- and Contextuality-Dependence for Open-World Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* StyleRF: Zero-Shot 3D Style Transfer of Neural Radiance Fields
* survey of RST invariant image watermarking algorithms, A
* Transpointflow: Learning Scene Flow from Point Clouds with Transformer
* Unsupervised cross-domain person re-identification with self-attention and joint-flexible optimization
* Urban Multimedia Computing: Emerging Methods in Multimedia Computing for Urban Data Analysis and Applications
* Web-Scale Near-Duplicate Search: Techniques and Applications
Includes: El Saddik, A.[Abdulmotaleb] El Saddik, A.
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El Saden, S.[Suzie] Co Author Listing * Efficient Multilevel Brain Tumor Segmentation With Integrated Bayesian Model Classification
* Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Ischemic Stroke Onset Time From Imaging, A
* temporal deep learning approach for MR perfusion parameter estimation in stroke, A
Includes: El Saden, S.[Suzie] El-Saden, S.[Suzie] El-Saden, S.

El Saer, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction and Mesh Optimization of Underwater Spaces For Virtual Reality
* Developing A Strategy for Precise 3d Modelling of Large-scale Scenes For VR
* Modular Mobile Mapping Platform for Complex Indoor and Outdoor Environments, A

El Saili, C. Co Author Listing * Semantic Oriented Text Clustering Based on RDF

El Sakka, M.R.[Mahmoud R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image compression based on segmentation and block classification
* Adaptive Weighted Neighbors Lossless Image Coding
* Blood flow generation in b-mode ultrasound images of the carotidartery
* Carotid Artery Ultrasound Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Growing
* Carotid Ultrasound Segmentation Using DP Active Contours
* Coefficient-Tracking Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
* Denoising Multi-view Images Using Non-local Means with Different Similarity Measures
* Diffusion-Based Detection of Carotid Artery Lumen from Ultrasound Images
* Ejection Fraction Estimation Using a Wide Convolutional Neural Network
* Estimating Ejection Fraction and Left Ventricle Volume Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Segmenting Carotid Artery Ultrasound Images
* Grayscale true two-dimensional dictionary-based image compression
* Grayscale Two-Dimensional Lempel-Ziv Encoding
* Image Data Mining from Financial Documents Based on Wavelet Features
* Improved Non-Local Means Algorithm Based on Dimensionality Reduction
* Improved Weighted Average Reprojection Image Denoising Method, An
* Localization and Security Enhancement of Block-based Image Authentication
* new wavelet-based method for contrast-edge enhancement, A
* Non-local Means for Stereo Image Denoising Using Structural Similarity
* Novel Adaptive Filtering for Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal from Binary Document Images
* Object Detection and Localization Using Deep Convolutional Networks with Softmax Activation and Multi-class Log Loss
* Practical Version of Wong's Watermarking Technique, A
* Secure and Localizing Watermarking Technique for Image Authentication, A
* SRAD and optical flow based external energy for echocardiograms with primitive shape priors
* SRAD with Weighted Diffusion Function
* Step Towards Practical Steganography Systems, A
* Structural Similarity Optimized Wiener Filter: A Way to Fight Image Noise
Includes: El Sakka, M.R.[Mahmoud R.] El-Sakka, M.R.[Mahmoud R.] El-Sakka, M.R.
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El Saleous, N.[Nazmi] Co Author Listing * Kronos: A Software System for the Processing and Retrieval of Large-Scale AVHRR Data Sets

El Sallab, A. Co Author Listing * FuseMODNet: Real-Time Camera and LiDAR Based Moving Object Detection for Robust Low-Light Autonomous Driving
* Generalized Object Detection on Fisheye Cameras for Autonomous Driving: Dataset, Representations and Baseline
* YOLO3D: End-to-End Real-Time 3D Oriented Object Bounding Box Detection from LiDAR Point Cloud
Includes: El Sallab, A. El-Sallab, A.[Ahmad] El Sallab, A.[Ahmad]

El Sallam, A. Co Author Listing * low cost 3D markerless system for the reconstruction of athletic techniques, A
Includes: El Sallam, A. El-Sallam, A.

El Sallam, A.A.[Amar A.] Co Author Listing * 3-D Face Recognition Using Curvelet Local Features
* 3D-Div: A novel local surface descriptor for feature matching and pairwise range image registration
* Clustering of video-patches on Grassmannian manifold for facial expression recognition from 3D videos
* Correlation based speech-video synchronization
* Curvelet-based approach for textured 3D face recognition, A
* efficient 3D face recognition approach based on the fusion of novel local low-level features, An
* Fully automatic face recognition from 3D videos
* Human Body Pose Estimation from Still Images and Video Frames
* Novel Local Surface Description for Automatic 3D Object Recognition in Low Resolution Cluttered Scenes, A
* Novel low level local features for 3D expression invariant face recognition
* Speech-Video Synchronization Using Lips Movements and Speech Envelope Correlation
Includes: El Sallam, A.A.[Amar A.] El-Sallam, A.A.[Amar A.]
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El Samie, F.E.A.[Fathi E. Abd] Co Author Listing * Chaotic encryption of images in the fractional Fourier transform domain using different modes of operation
* Combining Superresolution and Fusion Methods for Sharpening Misrsat-1 Data
* Compressive sensing applied to radar systems: An overview
* Detection of landmines and underground utilities from acoustic and GPR images with a cepstral approach
* Dual link distributed source coding scheme for the transmission of satellite hyperspectral imagery
* HyperCast: Hyperspectral satellite image broadcasting with band ordering optimization
* Image deconvolution using homomorphic technique
* Multispectral image compression with band ordering and wavelet transforms
* Optimal multi-scale geometric fusion based on non-subsampled contourlet transform and modified central force optimization
* Proposed adaptive joint error-resilience concealment algorithms for efficient colour-plus-depth 3D video transmission
* Robust and secure fractional wavelet image watermarking
* Satellite image fusion based on principal component analysis and high-pass filtering
* Speeded up robust features for efficient iris recognition
Includes: El Samie, F.E.A.[Fathi E. Abd] El-Samie, F.E.A.[Fathi E. Abd] El-Samie, F.E.A.[F.E. Abd]
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El Sana, J.[Jihad] Co Author Listing * Aligning transcript of historical documents using energy minimization
* Carving Framework for Topology Simplification of Polygonal Meshes, A
* Case Study in Hebrew Character Searching
* Displacement patches for view-dependent rendering
* Dual Adaptive Paths For Multiresolution Hierarchies
* Efficient Generation of Comprehensive Database for Online Arabic Script Recognition
* Evolution Maps for Connected Components in Text Documents
* GPU persistent grid mapping for terrain rendering, A
* Hierarchical On-line Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Language-Independent Text Lines Extraction Using Seam Carving
* Layout Analysis for Arabic Historical Document Images Using Machine Learning
* Occluded Character Restoration Using Active Contour with Shape Priors
* On writer identification for Arabic historical manuscripts
* Seamless patches for GPU-based terrain rendering
* Segmentation-Free Keyword Retrieval in Historical Document Images
* Simplifying the reading of historical manuscripts
* Text Line Detection in Corrupted and Damaged Historical Manuscripts
* Text line extraction for historical document images
* Text Line Extraction Using Fully Convolutional Network and Energy Minimization
* Unsupervised deep learning for text line segmentation
* Using Scale-Space Anisotropic Smoothing for Text Line Extraction in Historical Documents
* View-dependent Rendering For Large Polygonal Models Over Networks
* WebGT: An Interactive Web-Based System for Historical Document Ground Truth Generation
* Word of blobs
* Writer Identification for Historical Arabic Documents
Includes: El Sana, J.[Jihad] El-Sana, J.[Jihad]
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El Sana, J.A.[Jihad A.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive synthetic Arabic database for on/off-line script recognition research
Includes: El Sana, J.A.[Jihad A.] El-Sana, J.A.[Jihad A.]

El Sankary, K. Co Author Listing * Energy-Aware Encryption for Securing Video Transmission in Internet of Multimedia Things
Includes: El Sankary, K. El-Sankary, K.

El Sattar, H.K.H.A.[Hussein Karam Hussein Abd] Co Author Listing * New Plot/character-based Interactive System For Story-based Virtual Reality Applications, A
Includes: El Sattar, H.K.H.A.[Hussein Karam Hussein Abd] El-Sattar, H.K.H.A.[Hussein Karam Hussein Abd]

El Sawah, A.[Ayman] Co Author Listing * Framework for 3D Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition using Elements of Genetic Programming, A
Includes: El Sawah, A.[Ayman] El-Sawah, A.[Ayman]

El Sawy, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * deep audio-visual model for efficient dynamic video summarization, A
Includes: El Sawy, A.[Ahmed] El-Sawy, A.[Ahmed]

El Sayed, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised face recognition in the wild using high-dimensional features under super-resolution and 3D alignment effect
* Unsupervised Sub-graph Selection and Its Application in Face Recognition Techniques

El Sayed, A.R.[Abdul Rahman] Co Author Listing * Efficient 3D mesh salient region detection using local homogeneity measure

El Sayed, E.[Emad] Co Author Listing * boundary-based approach to shape orientability using particle swarm optimization, A
* Plane detection in 3D point cloud using octree-balanced density down-sampling and iterative adaptive plane extraction
Includes: El Sayed, E.[Emad] El-Sayed, E.[Emad]

El Sayed, G.[Gamal] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Literal Amounts Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: El Sayed, G.[Gamal] El-Sayed, G.[Gamal]

El Sayed, H.[Hesham] Co Author Listing * Augmenting CCAM Infrastructure for Creating Smart Roads and Enabling Autonomous Driving
* Charging Support Communication System Based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication for Electric Vehicles
* Efficient Data Dissemination for Urban Vehicular Environments
* Enhancing the Efficiency of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Based on Novel Fuzzy Integer Linear Programming
* Novel Multifaceted Trust Management Framework for Vehicular Networks, A
* Smart Campus Mobility: From Concept to Realization
Includes: El Sayed, H.[Hesham] El-Sayed, H.[Hesham]

El sayed, H.S.[Hala S.] Co Author Listing * Robust and secure fractional wavelet image watermarking
Includes: El sayed, H.S.[Hala S.] El-sayed, H.S.[Hala S.]

El Sayed, I.[Islam] Co Author Listing * Electrical Railway Dynamical Versus Static Models for Infrastructure Planning and Operation
Includes: El Sayed, I.[Islam] El-Sayed, I.[Islam]

El Sayed, K. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Detection in Spatial Domain using Background Removal Techniques: State-of-Art
Includes: El Sayed, K. El-Sayed, K.

El Sayed, M. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Biohybrid Materials for Therapeutic and Imaging Agent Delivery
Includes: El Sayed, M. El-Sayed, M.

El Seoud, T.A.[Tarek Abou] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Statistical Study on Daytime Surface Urban Heat Island during Summer in Urban Areas, Case Study: Cairo and Its New Towns, A

El Serafy, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Use of Sentinel-2 Data for Spatio-Temporal Upscaling of Flux Tower Gross Primary Productivity Measurements

El Serafy, G.Y.H.[Ghada Y.H.] Co Author Listing * Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge

El Serougy, L.[Lamiaa] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Non-invasive System for Early Grading of Gliomas, A

El Shabrawi, Y.[Yosuf] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Generalization Performance of Instrument Classification in Cataract Surgery Videos
* Frame-Based Classification of Operation Phases in Cataract Surgery Videos
Includes: El Shabrawi, Y.[Yosuf] El-Shabrawi, Y.[Yosuf]

El Shabrawy, R.R.M.[Radwa R. M.] Co Author Listing * Discovering Potential Settlement Areas around Archaeological Tells Using the Integration between Historic Topographic Maps, Optical, and Radar Data in the Northern Nile Delta, Egypt

El Shafai, W.[Walid] Co Author Listing * Joint space-time-view error concealment algorithms for 3D multi-view video
* Optimal multi-scale geometric fusion based on non-subsampled contourlet transform and modified central force optimization
* Proposed adaptive joint error-resilience concealment algorithms for efficient colour-plus-depth 3D video transmission
Includes: El Shafai, W.[Walid] El-Shafai, W.[Walid]

El Shafey, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Bi-modal authentication in mobile environments using session variability modelling
* Bi-modal biometric authentication on mobile phones in challenging conditions
* Impact of eye detection error on face recognition performance
* Scalable Formulation of Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis: Applied to Face Recognition, A
Includes: El Shafey, L.[Laurent] El Shafey, L.

El Shafie, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Human Posture Classification Using a Simplified Shock Graph
Includes: El Shafie, A.[Ahmed] El-Shafie, A.[Ahmed]

El Shafie, A.H.A.[Al Hussein A.] Co Author Listing * Survey on hardware implementations of visual object trackers
Includes: El Shafie, A.H.A.[Al Hussein A.] El-Shafie, A.H.A.[Al-Hussein A.]

El Shair, Z.[Zaid] Co Author Listing * Distilling Facial Knowledge with Teacher-Tasks: Semantic-Segmentation-Features For Pose-Invariant Face-Recognition

El Sharkawi, M.A. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Methods for MPEG Repair
* Recovery of Image Blocks Using the Method of Alternating Projections
Includes: El Sharkawi, M.A. El-Sharkawi, M.A.

El Sharkawy, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Efficient fast multiplication-free integer transformation for the 2-D DCT H.265 standard
* Joint space-time-view error concealment algorithms for 3D multi-view video
Includes: El Sharkawy, M.[Mohamed] El-Sharkawy, M.[Mohamed]

El Shawi, R.[Radwa] Co Author Listing * efficient algorithm for image retrieval through fusion of two clustering approaches based on combined features, An
* Empirical Analysis of Integrating Feature Extraction to Automated Machine Learning Pipeline, An

El Shehaby, I.A.[Iman A.] Co Author Listing * Implementation and application of local computation of wavelet coefficients in the dual-tree complex wavelets
Includes: El Shehaby, I.A.[Iman A.] El-Shehaby, I.A.[Iman A.]

El Sheikh, T.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Isolated Arabic Characters
* Average Classification Accuracy over Collections of Gaussian Problems: Common Covariance Matrix Case
* Computer Recognition of Arabic Cursive Scripts
* Effect of dimensionality and estimation on the performance of gaussian classifiers
* Real-time arabic handwritten character recognition
Includes: El Sheikh, T.S. El-Sheikh, T.S.

El Sheimy, N.[Naser] Co Author Listing * Addingham Bundle Adjustment
* Assessment of new building recognition technique based on Monte Carlo simulation from LiDAR data
* Automatic classification and 3D modeling of lidar data
* Automatic Classification of coarse density LiDAR data in urban area
* Automatic Road Vector Extraction for Mobile Mapping Systems
* Common Adjustment of Land-Based and Airborne Mobile Mapping System Data
* Crop Row Detection Procedure Using Low-cost UAV Imagery System
* Crowdsourcing-based indoor mapping using smartphones: A survey
* Descriptor-less Well-Distributed Feature Matching Method Using Geometrical Constraints and Template Matching, A
* Design And Implementation Of A Low-cost UAV-based Multi-sensor Payload For Rapid-response Mapping Applications
* Detection of Road Curb from Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud
* Direct Georeferencing Application and Performance Analysis of UAV Helicopter in GCP-Free Area, The
* Enhanced Drone Navigation in GNSS Denied Environment Using VDM and Hall Effect Sensor
* Enhancing Object Detection in Remote Sensing: A Hybrid YOLOv7 and Transformer Approach with Automatic Model Selection
* Fast Approach For Stitching Of Aerial Images, A
* Feasibility Of 3d Point Cloud Generation from Smartphones, The
* High-Accuracy Absolute-Position-Aided Code Phase Tracking Based on RTK/INS Deep Integration in Challenging Static Scenarios
* Improved Real-time Scan Matching Using Corner Features
* IMU/Magnetometer/Barometer/Mass-Flow Sensor Integrated Indoor Quadrotor UAV Localization with Robust Velocity Updates
* Inertial Sensing Meets Machine Learning: Opportunity or Challenge?
* INS-aided 3D Lidar Seamless Mapping in Challenging Environment For Future High Definition Map
* Integration of Photodiode and Camera for Visible Light Positioning by Using Fixed-Lag Ensemble Kalman Smoother, The
* Intelligent sensor positioning and orientation using a SGN embedded fusion algorithm for a MEMS INS/GPS integrated system
* ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Theme Issue 'Integrated Imaging and Sensor Fusion for Rapid Response and Monitoring Applications'
* Man-made object classification from satellite/aerial imagery using neural networks
* Navigation Engine Design for Automated Driving Using INS/GNSS/3D LiDAR-SLAM and Integrity Assessment
* New Approach for Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Planar Surfaces from Laser Scanning Data and Imagery Collected Onboard Modern Low-Cost Aerial Mapping Systems, A
* New Automatic System Calibration Of Multi-cameras And Lidar Sensors, A
* New Combined Pixel/object-based Technique For Efficient Urban Classsification Using Worldview-2 Data
* New Object Based Method for Automated Extraction of Urban Objects From Airborne Sensors Data, A
* New strategies for integrating photogrammetric and GNSS data
* Object Extraction from Lidar Data using an Artificial Swarm Bee Colony Clustering Algorithm
* ontology based context modeling approach for mobile touring and navigation system, An
* Performance Analysis of an Indoor Mobile Mapping System with RGB-D Sensor, The
* Performance Analysis of Integrated Sensor Orientation
* Performance Assessment of Sub-Daily and Daily Precipitation Estimates Derived from GPM and GSMaP Products over an Arid Environment
* Performance Characteristic Mems-Based IMUs for UAVs Navigation
* Performance of Gnss Carrier-tracking Loop Based On Kalman Filter in A Challenging Environment
* Pixel-Based Geometric Assessment of Channel Networks/Orders Derived from Global Spaceborne Digital Elevation Models
* Progress On Isprs Benchmark On Multisensory Indoor Mapping And Positioning
* Quality Analysis Of 3d Surface Reconstruction Using Multi-platform Photogrammetric Systems
* Real-Time Efficient Exploration in Unknown Dynamic Environments Using MAVs
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Registration of time of flight terrestrial laser scanner data for stop-and-go mode
* Research on Time-Correlated Errors Using Allan Variance in a Kalman Filter Applicable to Vector-Tracking-Based GNSS Software-Defined Receiver for Autonomous Ground Vehicle Navigation
* RGB-D Indoor Plane-based 3D-Modeling using Autonomous Robot
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Segmentation of Image Pairs for 3d Reconstruction
* Smartphones Based Mobile Mapping Systems
* System Considerations and Challenges in 3D Mapping and Modeling Using Low-Cost UAV Systems
* Terrestrial Method for Airborne Lidar Quality Control and Assessment
* Tight Fusion of a Monocular Camera, MEMS-IMU, and Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK for Precise Navigation in GNSS-Challenged Environments
* Uavs Enhanced Navigation in Outdoor Gnss Denied Environment Using Uwb And Monocular Camera Systems
* Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp Recognition
* Using land-vehicle steering constraint to improve the heading estimation of MEMS GPS/INS georeferencing systems
* Video-based Mobile Mapping System Using Smartphones
* Vision-aided Context-aware Framework for Personal Navigation Services
Includes: El Sheimy, N.[Naser] El-Sheimy, N.[Naser] El-Sheimy, N. El-sheimy, N.
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El Shekheby, S.[Shereen] Co Author Listing * Spatially varying blur estimation from a single image
Includes: El Shekheby, S.[Shereen] El-Shekheby, S.[Shereen]

El Shenawee, M. Co Author Listing * Level Set Algorithm for Shape Reconstruction of Non-Overlapping Three-Dimensional Penetrable Targets
* Monte carlo simulations for clutter statistics in minefields: AP-mine-like-target buried near a dielectric object beneath 2-D random rough ground surfaces
* multiple interaction model for nonshallow scatterers buried beneath 2-D random rough surfaces, The
* Spherical Harmonics Microwave Algorithm for Shape and Location Reconstruction of Breast Cancer Tumor
* TE Versus TM for the Shape Reconstruction of 2-D PEC Targets Using the Level-Set Algorithm
Includes: El Shenawee, M. El-Shenawee, M.

El Sherif, E.[Ezzat] Co Author Listing * Arabic handwritten digit recognition
* Automatic generation of optimum classification cascades
Includes: El Sherif, E.[Ezzat] El-Sherif, E.[Ezzat]

El Shishini, H. Co Author Listing * Multistage Algorithm for Fast Classification of Patterns, A
Includes: El Shishini, H. El-Shishini, H.

El Shishiny, H. Co Author Listing * Scanning and processing 3D objects for web display
Includes: El Shishiny, H. El-Shishiny, H.

El Shlomo, B.[Bat] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection from a Single Fisheye Image Without a Single Fisheye Training Image

El Sonbaty, Y. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Arabic Words from Complex Color Image
* Graph-Decomposition Algorithm for Graph Optimal Monomorphism, A
* Matching Occluded Objects Invariant to Rotations, Translations, Reflections, and Scale Changes
* New Algorithm for Subgraph Optimal Isomorphism, A
* On-line hierarchical clustering
* VHDL-Based Simulation of a Parallel Implementation of a Phase-Based Algorithm for Optical Flow
Includes: El Sonbaty, Y. El-Sonbaty, Y.[Yasser] El-Sonbaty, Y.

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