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Orti, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Guided-Crop Image Augmentation for Small Defect Classification

Orti, M.V.[Miguel Vallejo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Algorithms for the Evaluation of TanDEM-X Data for Gully Detection in Krumhuk Farm (Namibia)

Orti, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: First Clinical Tests

Ortigosa Hernandez, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Measuring the class-imbalance extent of multi-class problems
Includes: Ortigosa Hernandez, J.[Jonathan] Ortigosa-Hernández, J.[Jonathan]

Ortigosa, E.M. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based real-time optical-flow system
* Subpixel motion computing architecture

Ortigosa, P.M. Co Author Listing * Image Registration in Electron Microscopy: A Stochastic Optimization Approach

Ortigueira, M.D.[Manuel D.] Co Author Listing * Comments on The fractional Laplace transform
* Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 1: Continuous-time case
* Introduction to fractional linear systems. Part 2: Discrete-time case
* real regularised fractional derivative, A
* Which differintegration?
Includes: Ortigueira, M.D.[Manuel D.] Ortigueira, M.D.

Ortin, D. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Aspects of Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from One or More Views

Ortinau, C.M. Co Author Listing * Deep Attentive Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Cortical Plate Segmentation in Fetal MRI, A

Orting, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Volumetric Images Using Multi-Instance Learning and Extreme Value Theorem
* Deep Multi-instance Volumetric Image Classification with Extreme Value Distributions
Includes: Orting, S. Ørting, S.

Ortis, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compression of Stereoscopic Images
* Benchmarking of Blind Video Deblurring Methods on Long Exposure and Resource Poor Settings
* Detection and Classification of Pollen Grain Microscope Images
* Early Detection of Hip Periprosthetic Joint Infections Through CNN on Computed Tomography Images
* Evaluation of Levenberg-Marquardt neural networks and stacked autoencoders clustering for skin lesion analysis, screening and follow-up
* Fine-Grained Image Classification for Pollen Grain Microscope Images
* Fooling a Face Recognition System with a Marker-Free Label-Consistent Backdoor Attack
* Generalised Gradient Vector Flow for Content-Aware Image Resizing
* GLR: Gradient-based Learning Rate Scheduler
* Impact of Padding on Image Classification by Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks, The
* Mixup Data Augmentation for COVID-19 Infection Percentage Estimation
* Organizing egocentric videos of daily living activities
* Pollen Grain Classification Challenge 2020
* POLLEN13K: A Large Scale Microscope Pollen Grain Image Dataset
* Prediction of Social Image Popularity Dynamics
* Real-time Thermal Face Identification System for Low Memory Vision Applications Using Cnn
* Recognition of Complex Gestures for Real-Time Emoji Assignment
* Survey on visual sentiment analysis
* System for Autonomous Landing of a UAV on a Moving Vehicle, A
* Towards an Efficient Facial Image Compression with Neural Networks
* User-Biased Food Recognition for Health Monitoring
Includes: Ortis, A.[Alessandro] Ortis, A.
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Ortiz Amezcua, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * First Ever Observations of Mineral Dust in Wintertime over Warsaw, Poland
* Wind and Turbulence Statistics in the Urban Boundary Layer over a Mountain-Valley System in Granada, Spain
Includes: Ortiz Amezcua, P.[Pablo] Ortiz-Amezcua, P.[Pablo]

Ortiz Arteaga, A. Co Author Listing * Initial Investigation of a Low-cost Automotive Lidar System

Ortiz Barrios, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Definition of Strategies for the Reduction of Operational Inefficiencies in a Stroke Unit
Includes: Ortiz Barrios, M.[Miguel] Ortiz-Barrios, M.[Miguel]

Ortiz Barrios, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Co Author Listing * Simulated Data to Estimate Real Sensor Events: A Poisson-Regression-Based Modelling
Includes: Ortiz Barrios, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Ortíz-Barrios, M.A.[Miguel Angel]

Ortiz Bayliss, J.C.[Jose Carlos] Co Author Listing * Experimental Study on Ant Colony Optimization Hyper-Heuristics for Solving the Knapsack Problem, An
* Learning vector quantization for variable ordering in constraint satisfaction problems
* Preliminary Study on Score-based Hyper-heuristics for Solving the Bin Packing Problem, A
* Straightforward Framework for Video Retrieval Using CLIP, A
Includes: Ortiz Bayliss, J.C.[Jose Carlos] Ortiz-Bayliss, J.C.[José Carlos] Ortiz-Bayliss, J.C.

Ortiz Boyer, D.[Domingo] Co Author Listing * cooperative constructive method for neural networks for pattern recognition, A
* Improving Multiclass Pattern Recognition by the Combination of Two Strategies
Includes: Ortiz Boyer, D.[Domingo] Ortiz-Boyer, D.[Domingo]

Ortiz Catalan, M. Co Author Listing * Estimates of Classification Complexity for Myoelectric Pattern Recognition
Includes: Ortiz Catalan, M. Ortiz-Catalan, M.

Ortiz Cayon, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Car Model Alignment for Mixed Image-Based Rendering
Includes: Ortiz Cayon, R. Ortiz-Cayon, R.

Ortiz Coder, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Integrated Solution for 3D Heritage Modeling Based on Videogrammetry and V-SLAM Technology, An
* New Imaging Mobile Mapping Device Based on High Resolution Videogrammetry for Large-scale Outdoor 3d Reconstruction
Includes: Ortiz Coder, P.[Pedro] Ortiz-Coder, P.[Pedro] Ortiz-Coder, P.

Ortiz de Lazcano Lobato, J.M. Co Author Listing * Deep Autoencoder Architectures For Foreground Object Detection In Video Sequences Based On Probabilistic Mixture Models
* Foreground detection by probabilistic modeling of the features discovered by stacked denoising autoencoders in noisy video sequences
* Moving Object Detection in Noisy Video Sequences Using Deep Convolutional Disentangled Representations
* Object Tracking in Video Sequences by Unsupervised Learning
* Soft clustering for nonparametric probability density function estimation
Includes: Ortiz de Lazcano Lobato, J.M. Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato, J.M. Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato, J.M.[Juan M.] Ortiz-de-Lazcano-Lobato, J.M.[Juan Miguel]

Ortiz de Solorzano, C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Quantification of Filopodia in Motile Cancer Cells
* Combination Strategies in Multi-Atlas Image Segmentation: Application to Brain MR Data
* Consistent and Elastic Registration of Histological Sections Using Vector-Spline Regularization
* Dynamic Atlas-Based Segmentation and Quantification of Neuromelanin-Rich Brainstem Structures in Parkinson Disease
* High-Throughput Analysis of Multispectral Images of Breast Cancer Tissue
* Quantification of the 3D collagen network geometry in confocal reflection microscopy
* Restoration of Biomedical Images using Locally Adaptive B-Spline Smoothing
* Segmentation and Shape Tracking of Whole Fluorescent Cells Based on the Chan-Vese Model
* Segmentation of Touching Cell Nuclei Using a Two-Stage Graph Cut Model
* Spatially Variant Convolution With Scaled B-Splines
* Synplex: In Silico Modeling of the Tumor Microenvironment From Multiplex Images
* Tool for the Quantitative Spatial Analysis of Complex Cellular Systems, A
* Toward a Morphodynamic Model of the Cell: Signal processing for cell modeling
* Two-Phase Segmentation of Cell Nuclei Using Fast Level Set-Like Algorithms, A
Includes: Ortiz de Solorzano, C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano, C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano, C.[Carlos] Ortiz-de-Solorzano, C.[Carlos] Ortiz-de-Solorzano, C. Ortiz-De-Solórzano, C.[Carlos]
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Ortiz Echeverri, C.J.[Cesar Javier] Co Author Listing * Image dehazing using morphological opening, dilation and Gaussian filtering
Includes: Ortiz Echeverri, C.J.[Cesar Javier] Ortiz Echeverri, C.J.[César Javier]

Ortiz Gomez, F.G.[Flor G.] Co Author Listing * Optimization in VHTS Satellite System Design with Irregular Beam Coverage for Non-Uniform Traffic Distribution
Includes: Ortiz Gomez, F.G.[Flor G.] Ortiz-Gomez, F.G.[Flor G.]

Ortiz Gonzalez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Optical Flow-Guided Cine MRI Segmentation With Learned Corrections
Includes: Ortiz Gonzalez, A.[Antonio] Ortiz-Gonzalez, A.[Antonio]

Ortiz Jaramillo, B. Co Author Listing * Content-aware contrast ratio measure for images
* Evaluation of color differences in natural scene color images
* iFAS: Image Fidelity Assessment
* Quantifying Appearance Retention in Carpets Using Geometrical Local Binary Patterns
* Surface Reconstruction of Wear in Carpets by Using a Wavelet Edge Detector
Includes: Ortiz Jaramillo, B. Ortiz-Jaramillo, B. Ortiz-Jaramillo, B.[Benhur]

Ortiz Jimenez, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Optimism in the Face of Adversity: Understanding and Improving Deep Learning Through Adversarial Robustness
* PRIME: A Few Primitives Can Boost Robustness to Common Corruptions
* Structured Dictionary Perspective on Implicit Neural Representations, A
Includes: Ortiz Jimenez, G.[Guillermo] Ortiz-Jiménez, G.[Guillermo]

Ortiz Lozano, J.A.[Jose Angel] Co Author Listing * Application of InSAR and Gravimetry for Land Subsidence Hazard Zoning in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Includes: Ortiz Lozano, J.A.[Jose Angel] Ortiz-Lozano, J.Á.[José Ángel]

Ortiz Martinez, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Minimum Error-Rate Training in Statistical Machine Translation Using Structural SVMs
* On the use of different loss functions in statistical pattern recognition applied to machine translation
* scaling problem in the pattern recognition approach to machine translation, The
Includes: Ortiz Martinez, D.[Daniel] Ortiz-Martinez, D.[Daniel] Ortiz-Martinez, D.

Ortiz Monasterio, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Optimal Sample Size and Composition for Crop Classification with Sen2-Agri's Random Forest Classifier
Includes: Ortiz Monasterio, I.[Ivan] Ortiz-Monasterio, I.[Ivan]

Ortiz Monasterio, J.I.[J. Ivan] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery for Assessing Yield, Biomass, Grain N Concentration, and N Output in Spring Wheat
* Multi-Temporal and Spectral Analysis of High-Resolution Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery for Precision Agriculture: Assessment of Wheat Grain Yield and Grain Protein Content
Includes: Ortiz Monasterio, J.I.[J. Ivan] Ortiz-Monasterio, J.I.[J. Ivan]

Ortiz Posadas, M.R.[Martha R.] Co Author Listing * Tipicity Concept for Data Analysis and Its Application to Cleft Lip and Palate, A
Includes: Ortiz Posadas, M.R.[Martha R.] Ortíz-Posadas, M.R.[Martha R.]

Ortiz Rosa, S.[Suhey] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Coastal Water Quality in Puerto Rico using Moderate Resolution Satellite Sensors
* Water Quality Anomalies following the 2017 Hurricanes in Southwestern Puerto Rico: Absorption of Colored Detrital and Dissolved Material
Includes: Ortiz Rosa, S.[Suhey] Ortiz-Rosa, S.[Suhey]

Ortiz Sanz, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * IR Thermography from UAVs to Monitor Thermal Anomalies in the Envelopes of Traditional Wine Cellars: Field Test
Includes: Ortiz Sanz, J.[Juan] Ortiz-Sanz, J.[Juan]

Ortiz Sanz, J.P. Co Author Listing * D3mobile Metrology World League: Training Secondary Students on Smartphone-based Photogrammetry
* Improving Quality and Inclusive Education on Photogrammetry: New Teaching Approaches and Multimedia Supporting Materials
Includes: Ortiz Sanz, J.P. Ortiz-Sanz, J.P.

Ortiz Segovia, M.V.[Maria V.] Co Author Listing * Semantically-based 2.5D texture printing
* Towards spectral prediction of 2.5D prints for soft-proofing applications
* Webly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Ortiz Segovia, M.V.[Maria V.] Ortiz-Segovia, M.V.[Maria V.]

Ortiz Villarejo, A.J.[Antonio J.] Co Author Listing * Low-Cost, Easy-Way Workflow for Multi-Scale Archaeological Features Detection Combining LiDAR and Aerial Orthophotography, A
Includes: Ortiz Villarejo, A.J.[Antonio J.] Ortiz-Villarejo, A.J.[Antonio J.]

Ortiz, A.[Amalia] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of Mesh Morphing Techniques for Avatars Used in Web Applications
* Analysis of colour channel coupling from a physics-based viewpoint: Application to colour edge detection
* Estimation of Directional and Ambient Illumination Parameters by Means of a Calibration Object
* Fast building segmentation from satellite imagery and few local labels
* Image Sequence Analysis for Real-Time Underwater Cable Tracking
* Integrated Learning and Feature Selection for Deep Neural Networks in Multispectral Images
* Local Context Normalization: Revisiting Local Normalization
* LVQ-SVM based CAD tool applied to structural MRI for the diagnosis of the Alzheimer's disease
* Mining Self-similarity: Label Super-resolution with Epitomic Representations
* MUSSOL: A Micro-UAS to Survey Ship Cargo hOLds
* Novel Segmentation Strategy Based on Colour Channels Coupling, A
* On the use of the overlapping area matrix for image segmentation evaluation: A survey and new performance measures
* particle filter-based approach for tracking undersea narrow telecommunication cables, A
* Probabilistic Appearance-Based Mapping and Localization Using Visual Features
* Radiometric calibration of vision cameras and intensity uncertainty estimation
* Rapid building damage assessment workflow: An implementation for the 2023 Rolling Fork, Mississippi tornado event
* Runtime-Scalable and Hardware-Accelerated Approach to On-Board Linear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Shape from Shading for Multiple Albedo Images
* Virtual Characters as Emotional Interaction Element in the User Interfaces
* vision system for an underwater cable tracker, A
Includes: Ortiz, A.[Amalia] Ortiz, A.[Alberto] Ortiz, A.[Anthony] Ortiz, A. Ortiz, A.[Andrés]
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Ortiz, A.B.[A. Bertran] Co Author Listing * Stripmap-ScanSAR SBAS Approach to Fill Gaps in Stripmap Deformation Time Series With ScanSAR Data, The

Ortiz, A.M. Co Author Listing * Focusing of General Bistatic SAR Configuration Data With 2-D Inverse Scaled FFT

Ortiz, B.V.[Brenda V.] Co Author Listing * Multispectral UAS Data Accuracy for Different Radiometric Calibration Methods
* Training Machine Learning Algorithms Using Remote Sensing and Topographic Indices for Corn Yield Prediction
Includes: Ortiz, B.V.[Brenda V.] Ortiz, B.V.[Brenda Valeska]

Ortiz, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Object identification by using orthonormal circus functions from the trace transform

Ortiz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Bilingual Corpora: A Comparison of Different Techniques
* General Framework to Deal with the Scaling Problem in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation, A

Ortiz, E.[Estefan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of diurnal changes in pupil dilation and eyelid aperture
* Critical examination of the IREX VI results
* Detecting Deepfake Videos using Attribution-Based Confidence Metric
* Dilation-aware enrolment for iris recognition
* Effective Image De-noising Alternative Approach Based on Third Generation Neural Networks, An
* Exploratory analysis of an operational iris recognition dataset from a CBSA border-crossing application
* Improved Bayesian image denoising based on wavelets with applications to electron microscopy
* Predicting Heart Rate Variations of Deepfake Videos using Neural ODE
Includes: Ortiz, E.[Estefan] Ortiz, E. Ortiz, E.[Estela]
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Ortiz, E.G.[Enrique G.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Open-Universe Face Identification on the Web
* Evaluation of face recognition techniques for application to facebook
* Face recognition for web-scale datasets
* Face Recognition in Movie Trailers via Mean Sequence Sparse Representation-Based Classification
* Who Do I Look Like? Determining Parent-Offspring Resemblance via Gated Autoencoders

Ortiz, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and elimination of specular reflectance in color images by means of MS diagram and vector connected filters
* Automatic Detection of Specular Reflectance in Colour Images Using the MS Diagram
* Colour Mathematical Morphology for Neural Image Analysis
* Comparative Study of Highlights Detection and Elimination by Color Morphology and Polar Color Models, A
* Gaussian noise elimination in colour images by vector-connected filters
* Gaussian Noise Removal by Color Morphology and Polar Color Models
* Hydrological Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR Rainfall over Upper Senegal River and Bani River Basins
* Real-Time Elimination of Brightness in Color Images by MS Diagram and Mathematical Morphology
* Vectorial morphological reconstruction for brightness elimination in colour images
Includes: Ortiz, F. Ortiz, F.[Francisco] Ortiz, F.[Febe]
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Ortiz, F.G. Co Author Listing * Graph models applied to specification, simulation, allocation, and scheduling of real-time computer vision applications
* Remote Robot Execution Through WWW Simulation

Ortiz, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Underwater Monitoring System for Detecting Life on the Seabed by Means of Computer Vision Cloud Services

Ortiz, F.M.[Fernando Molano] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of a Vehicular Safety Application in NS-3 and Veins

Ortiz, F.P. Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Wavelet Network

Ortiz, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Remote sensing monitoring of the impact of a major mining wastewater disaster on the turbidity of the Doce River plume off the eastern Brazilian coast

Ortiz, G.R.[Gustavo Rey] Co Author Listing * Conserving Ecosystem Diversity in the Tropical Andes
Includes: Ortiz, G.R.[Gustavo Rey] Ortíz, G.R.[Gustavo Rey]

Ortiz, H. Co Author Listing * Analytical Properties of Teager's Filter

Ortiz, J. Co Author Listing * Bundle Adjustment on a Graph Processor
* iMAP: Implicit Mapping and Positioning in Real-Time
* Minimizing hallucination in histogram of Oriented Gradients
Includes: Ortiz, J. Ortiz, J.[Joseph]

Ortiz, J.A.V.[Joaquin Andres Valencia] Co Author Listing * DInSAR Multi-Temporal Analysis for the Characterization of Ground Deformations Related to Tectonic Processes in the Region of Bucaramanga, Colombia
* Evaluation of Susceptibility by Mass Movements through Stochastic and Statistical Methods for a Region of Bucaramanga, Colombia
Includes: Ortiz, J.A.V.[Joaquin Andres Valencia] Ortiz, J.A.V.[Joaquín Andrés Valencia]

Ortiz, J.J.G.[Jose Javier Gonzalez] Co Author Listing * UniverSeg: Universal Medical Image Segmentation

Ortiz, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Light Emissions: Ground and Satellite Comparison
Includes: Ortiz, J.L.[Jose Luis] Ortiz, J.L.[Jose-Luis]

Ortiz, J.P.G. Co Author Listing * FSVC: A New Fully Scalable Video Codec
* Interactive Transmission of JPEG2000 Images Using Web Proxy Caching

Ortiz, L.E.[Luis Enrique] Co Author Listing * Depth Data Error Modeling of the ZED 3D Vision Sensor from Stereolabs
* Paper Doll Parsing: Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing Items
* Parsing clothing in fashion photographs
* Retrieving Similar Styles to Parse Clothing
* Who are you with and where are you going?
Includes: Ortiz, L.E.[Luis Enrique] Ortiz, L.E.[Luis E.]

Ortiz, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Stress of Desert Tamarugo Trees Using in situ Data and Very High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing
* Automated Image Registration for Knee Pain Prediction in Osteoarthritis: Data from the OAI
Includes: Ortiz, M.[Mauricio] Ortiz, M.[Manuel]

Ortiz, M.J. Co Author Listing * Classification of Croplands Through Integration of Remote-Sensing, GIS, and Historical Database

Ortiz, M.L. Co Author Listing * Unbounded Sparse Census Transform Using Genetic Algorithm

Ortiz, M.P.[Maria Perez] Co Author Listing * Ordinal Class Imbalance with Ranking
Includes: Ortiz, M.P.[Maria Perez] Ortiz, M.P.[María Pérez]

Ortiz, M.R.[M. Reina] Co Author Listing * Building Information Modeling for Cultural Heritage: The Management of Generative Process for Complex Historical Buildings

Ortiz, P. Co Author Listing * Experiences about fusioning 3D digitalization techniques for cultural heritage documentation
* Experiences about fusioning 3D digitalization techniques for Cultural heritage documentation in ceceres wall (Spain)

Ortiz, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * FREAK: Fast Retina Keypoint

Ortiz, S.[Sixto] Co Author Listing * Bringing 3D to the Small Screen
* Early Detection of Bark Beetle Green Attack Using TerraSAR-X and RapidEye Data
* Influence of DEM Quality on Mapping Accuracy of Coniferous- and Deciduous-Dominated Forest Using TerraSAR-X Images, The
Includes: Ortiz, S.[Sixto] Ortiz, Jr., S.[Sixto] Ortiz, S.

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