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Demi, L.[Libertario] Co Author Listing * B-line Detection and Localization by Means of Deep Learning: Preliminary In-vitro Results
* Deep Learning for Classification and Localization of COVID-19 Markers in Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound
* Entropy of Ultrasound-Contrast-Agent Velocity Fields for Angiogenesis Imaging in Prostate Cancer
* Integrating Domain Knowledge Into Deep Networks for Lung Ultrasound With Applications to COVID-19
Includes: Demi, L.[Libertario] Demi, L.

Demi, M. Co Author Listing * artificial vision system for X-ray images of human coronary trees, An
* Contour Tracking by Enhancing Corners and Junctions
* Contour Tracking When Two Gray-Level Discontinuities Are Close to Each Other
* Contour Tracking with a Spatio-Temporal Intensity Moment
* DSP-based real time contour tracking system, A
* First Absolute Central Moment in Low-Level Image Processing, The
* On the gray-level central and absolute central moments and the mass center of the gray-level variability in low-level image processing
* Pair of On-Center and Off-Center Filters Derived from the First Absolute Central Moment, A
* Real time contour tracking with a new edge detector
* System for Real-Time Measurement of the Brachial Artery Diameter in B-Mode Ultrasound Images, A
Includes: Demi, M. Demi, M.[Marcello]
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Demicco, E.D.[Erik D.] Co Author Listing * New IR polarimeter for improved detection of oil on water

Demidenko, E. Co Author Listing * Confidence maps and confidence intervals for near infrared images in breast cancer
* On Counting Metamers
* Statistical Estimation of Resistance/Conductance by Electrical Impedance Tomography Measurements
* Statistical Hypothesis Testing For Postreconstructed And Postregistered Medical Images
Includes: Demidenko, E. Demidenko, E.[Eugene]

Demidenko, S.[Serge] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for hand gesture interpretation in Sign Language
* Multivariate alternating decision trees
* Sign language analysis and recognition: A preliminary investigation
Includes: Demidenko, S.[Serge] Demidenko, S.

Demidionov, M.[Mihail] Co Author Listing * Fifty Years of Tidewater Glacier Surface Elevation and Retreat Dynamics along the South-East Coast of Spitsbergen (Svalbard Archipelago)

Demidov, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Globally Scalable Approach to Estimate Net Ecosystem Exchange Based on Remote Sensing, Meteorological Data, and Direct Measurements of Eddy Covariance Sites

Demidova, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Crosstown traffic: supervised prediction of impact of planned special events on urban traffic
* Information extraction from multimedia web documents: An open-source platform and testbed
* Mining Topological Dependencies of Recurrent Congestion in Road Networks

Demidovskij, A. Co Author Listing * OpenVINO Deep Learning Workbench: Comprehensive Analysis and Tuning of Neural Networks Inference

Demigny, D.[Didier] Co Author Listing * email: Demigny, D.[Didier]: demignu AT ensea fr
* Design flexibility using FPGA dynamical reconfiguration
* Discrete Expression of Canny's Criteria for Step Edge Detector Performances Evaluation, A
* effective resolution definition or how to choose an edge detector, its scale parameter and the threshold?, An
* Efficient ASIC and FPGA Implementations of IIR Filters for Real Time Edge Detection
* Evaluation of edge detectors performances with a discrete expression of Canny's criteria
* Extension of Canny's discrete criteria to second derivative filters, towards a unified approach
* On optimal linear filtering for edge detection
* Real-time image processing with dynamically reconfigurable architecture
* Reconfigurable computing: design methodology and hardware tasks scheduling for real-time image processing
* Reconfigurable Hardware for Real Time Image Processing
Includes: Demigny, D.[Didier] Demigny, D.
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Demilew, S.S.[Selameab S.] Co Author Listing * FA3D: Fast and Accurate 3d Object Detection
* RAD: Realtime and Accurate 3D Object Detection on Embedded Systems

Demilly, D.[Didier] Co Author Listing * 3D Multimodal Simulation of Image Acquisition by X-Ray and MRI for Validation of Seedling Measurements with Segmentation Algorithms
* On the value of the Kullback-Leibler divergence for cost-effective spectral imaging of plants by optimal selection of wavebands

Demin, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * High-performance Algorithms Application for Retinal Image Segmentation Based on Texture Features

Deming, R.W.[Ross W.] Co Author Listing * Phase retrieval from intensity-only data by relative entropy minimization

Demir, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Anatomical Landmark Based Registration of Contrast Enhanced T1-Weighted MR Images
* Vessel Tractography Using an Intensity Based Tensor Model With Branch Detection
Includes: Demir, A.[Ali] Demir, A.

Demir, B.[Begum] Co Author Listing * Active-learning based cascade classification of multitemporal images for updating land-cover maps
* Batch-Mode Active-Learning Methods for the Interactive Classification of Remote Sensing Images
* Block motion estimation using adaptive modified two-bit transform
* Capsule Networks for Object Detection in UAV Imagery
* Classification of Time Series of Multispectral Images with Limited Training Data
* Consensual Collaborative Learning Method for Remote Sensing Image Classification Under Noisy Multi-Labels, A
* Deep Metric Learning-Based Semi-Supervised Regression with Alternate Learning
* Definition of Effective Training Sets for Supervised Classification of Remote Sensing Images by a Novel Cost-Sensitive Active Learning Method
* Detection of Land-Cover Transitions in Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images With Active-Learning-Based Compound Classification
* Empirical Mode Decomposition of Hyperspectral Images for Support Vector Machine Classification
* Generative Reasoning Integrated Label Noise Robust Deep Image Representation Learning
* Hashing-Based Scalable Remote Sensing Image Search and Retrieval in Large Archives
* Histogram-Based Attribute Profiles for Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Improved quality multiple description 3D mesh coding with optimal filtering
* Improving SVM classification accuracy using a hierarchical approach for hyperspectral images
* Low-Complexity Approach for the Color Display of Hyperspectral Remote-Sensing Images Using One-Bit-Transform-Based Band Selection, A
* Multilabel Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Using a Semisupervised Graph-Theoretic Method
* multiple criteria active learning method for support vector regression, A
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Novel Active Learning Method in Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, A
* Novel Hybrid Method for the Correction of the Theoretical Model Inversion in Bio/Geophysical Parameter Estimation, A
* Novel Self-Supervised Cross-Modal Image Retrieval Method in Remote Sensing, A
* Progressive Content-Based Image Retrieval in JPEG 2000 Compressed Remote Sensing Archives, A
* Remote-Sensing Image Scene Classification With Deep Neural Networks in JPEG 2000 Compressed Domain
* SD-RSIC: Summarization-Driven Deep Remote Sensing Image Captioning
* Semantic-Fusion GANs for Semi-Supervised Satellite Image Classification
* Unsupervised Cross-Modal Hashing Method Robust to Noisy Training Image-Text Correspondences in Remote Sensing, An
* Updating Land-Cover Maps by Classification of Image Time Series: A Novel Change-Detection-Driven Transfer Learning Approach
* Weighted SVM-Based Approach to Tree Species Classification at Individual Tree Crown Level Using LiDAR Data, A
Includes: Demir, B.[Begum] Demir, B. Demir, B.[Begüm] Demir, B.[Begm]
29 for Demir, B.

Demir, C.[Cigdem] Co Author Listing * Cost-conscious classifier ensembles

Demir, D. Co Author Listing * Histogram Based Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network for Image Segmentation

Demir, G.K. Co Author Listing * Online local learning algorithms for linear discriminant analysis

Demir, H.S.[H. Seckin] Co Author Listing * Co-difference based object tracking algorithm for infrared videos
* visual object tracking benchmark for cell motility in time-lapse imaging, A

Demir, I. Co Author Listing * DeepGlobe 2018: A Challenge to Parse the Earth through Satellite Images
* Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* Holistic Framework for Addressing the World Using Machine Learning, A
* My Face My Choice: Privacy Enhancing Deepfakes for Social Media Anonymization
* Procedural Editing of 3D Building Point Clouds
* Proceduralization for Editing 3D Architectural Models
* Proceduralization of Buildings at City Scale
* Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery
* WiCV 2018: The Fourth Women in Computer Vision Workshop
Includes: Demir, I. Demir, I.[Ilke]
9 for Demir, I.

Demir, M. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Intelligent Agents for Team Training
* Exploration of Teammate Trust and Interaction Dynamics in Human-Autonomy Teaming
* Video Summarization via Segments Summary Graphs
Includes: Demir, M. Demir, M.[Mustafa]

Demir, M.A. Co Author Listing * Study of the Fourth-Order Small Perturbation Method for Scattering From Two-Layer Rough Surfaces, A
* Through-Wall Sensing With Multifrequency Microwave Radiometry: A Proof-of-Concept Demonstration

Demir, N. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the Weary Herakles statue with a coded structured light system
* Automated Detection of Collapsed Buildings with Use of Optical and Sar Images, Case Study: Izmir Earthquake on October 30th, 2020
* Automated Modeling Of 3d Building Roofs Using Image And Lidar Data
* Building Detection From Sar Images Using Unet Deep Learning Method
* Combination of image and lidar data for building and tree extraction
* Editorial for Special Issue: Remote Sensing Based Building Extraction II
* Extraction of Buildings using Images and Lidar Data and a Combination of Various Methods
* Extraction Of Coastlines With Fuzzy Approach Using Sentinel-1 Sar Image
* Object Extraction at Airport Sites Using DTMs/DSMs and Multipectral Image Analysis
* Post-hurricane Damage Assessment On Greenhouse Fields With Use Of Sar Data
Includes: Demir, N. Demir, N.[Nusret]
10 for Demir, N.

Demir, O.[Oguzhan] Co Author Listing * Highly efficient nonlinear regression for big data with lexicographical splitting
* Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Thickness and Salinity With 0.5-2 GHz Microwave Radiometry
Includes: Demir, O.[Oguzhan] Demir, O.

Demir, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Documentation of a Historical Monument Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Case Study: Byzantine Water Cistern, Istanbul

Demir, U.[Ugur] Co Author Listing * Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
* TinyVIRAT: Low-resolution Video Action Recognition
* Transformer Based Generative Adversarial Network for Liver Segmentation

Demir, Y.[Yakup] Co Author Listing * Chaotic dynamics of the fractional order nonlinear system with time delay

Demir, Z.[Zafer] Co Author Listing * Alternative Approaches and Algorithms for Classification
* Estimation of Target Density Functions by a New Algorithm

Demiral, E. Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Detect the Retinal Region of Interest, An
* Application of Exploratory Spatial Techniques In the Identification Of Tourism Hotspots In the Aegean Region of Turkey
* Design of Indoor Robot Prototype Guided by RFID Based Positioning and Navigation System
* Mobile-web-base Volunteered Geographic Information Application And Geometric Accuracy Analysis for Traffic Accidents
* SmartEscape: A Mobile Smart Individual Fire Evacuation System Based on 3D Spatial Model
Includes: Demiral, E. Demiral, E.[Emrullah]

Demiralp, C. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

Demiralp, M.[Metin] Co Author Listing * Iterative Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation for Effective Compression of Hyperspectral Images

DeMiranda, E.E. Co Author Listing * Validation of the Global Land Cover 2000 Map

Demirbilek, M.[Mehmet] Co Author Listing * quasi-static analysis for a class of induced-current EIT systems using discrete coils, A

Demircan Tureyen, E.[Ezgi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive direction-guided structure tensor total variation
* Directional Total Variation Based Image Deconvolution with Unknown Boundaries
* On the Direction Guidance in Structure Tensor Total Variation Based Denoising
Includes: Demircan Tureyen, E.[Ezgi] Demircan-Tureyen, E.[Ezgi]

Demirci, M.F.[M. Fatih] Co Author Listing * Class Representative Computation Using Graph Embedding
* Discrete Representation of Top Points via Scale Space Tessellation
* Distinctive interest point selection for efficient near-duplicate image retrieval
* Efficient Many-to-Many Feature Matching under the L1 Norm
* Efficient Shape Retrieval Under Partial Matching
* Graph-based shape indexing
* Image classification by Distortion-Free Graph Embedding and KNN-Random forest
* Improving skeletal shape abstraction using multiple optimal solutions
* Indexing through Laplacian spectra
* Indexing Tree Structures through Caterpillar Decomposition
* Layout indexing of trademark images
* Many-to-Many Feature Matching in Object Recognition
* Many-to-many feature matching in object recognition: a review of three approaches
* Many-to-Many Feature Matching Using Spherical Coding of Directed Graphs
* Many-to-many graph matching via metric embedding
* Many-to-Many Matching of Scale-Space Feature Hierarchies Using Metric Embedding
* Many-to-Many Matching under the L1 Norm
* Object Categorization and the Need for Many-to-Many Matching
* Object Recognition as Many-to-Many Feature Matching
* Reducing Triangle Inequality Violations with Deep Learning and Its Application to Image Retrieval
* representation and matching of categorical shape, The
* Representation and Matching of Images Using Top Points, The
* Retrieving 2D shapes using caterpillar decomposition
* Selecting canonical views for view-based 3-d object recognition
* Shape Abstraction through Multiple Optimal Solutions
* Skeletal Shape Abstraction from Examples
* Skeleton Filling Rate for Shape Recognition
Includes: Demirci, M.F.[M. Fatih] Demirci, M.F.
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Demirci, O. Co Author Listing * Parallel Independent Component Analysis Approach to Investigate Genomic Influence on Brain Function, A

Demirci, S. Co Author Listing * AggNet: Deep Learning From Crowds for Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histology Images
* Augmentation of virtual agents in real crowd videos
* Fourier-Based Approach to the Angiographic Assessment of Flow Diverter Efficacy in the Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms, A
Includes: Demirci, S. Demirci, S.[Serkan]

Demirci, U.[Utkan] Co Author Listing * Use of commercial off-the-shelf digital cameras for scientific data acquisition and scene-specific color calibration

Demirciler, K. Co Author Listing * Image coding based on multiple projections and multi stage vector quantization

Demircin, M.U. Co Author Listing * Delay-Constrained and R-D Optimized Transrating for High-Definition Video Streaming Over WLANs
* DSP-based solution to increase the energy efficiency of real-time video encoders, A
Includes: Demircin, M.U. Demircin, M.U.[Mehmet U.]

Demirdjian, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Demirdjian, D.[David]: demirdji AT ai mit edu
* Activity maps for location-aware computing
* Autocalibration in the Presence of Critical Motions
* Automatic measurement of ad preferences from facial responses gathered over the Internet
* Avoiding the Streetlight Effect: Tracking by Exploring Likelihood Modes
* Closed-form solutions for the Euclidean calibration of a stereo rig
* Combining Geometric- and View-Based Approaches for Articulated Pose Estimation
* Conditional Random People: Tracking Humans with CRFs and Grid Filters
* Constraining human body tracking
* Finding the Collineation between Two Projective Reconstructions
* Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Gesture Recognition
* Motion Estimation from Disparity Images
* Motion-Egomotion Discrimination and Motion Segmentation from Image-Pair Streams
* Multi-signal gesture recognition using temporal smoothing hidden conditional random fields
* Patch-Based Pose Inference with a Mixture of Density Estimators
* Plan-View Trajectory Estimation with Dense Stereo Background Models
* Predicting online media effectiveness based on smile responses gathered over the Internet
* Projective Framework for Scene Segmentation in the Presence of Moving Objects, A
* Recognizing Gestures for Virtual and Real World Interaction
* Stereo Autocalibration From One Plane
* Stereo Calibration from Rigid Motions
* Tracking body and hands for gesture recognition: NATOPS aircraft handling signals database
* Using Multiple-Hypothesis Disparity Maps and Image Velocity for 3-D Motion Estimation
Includes: Demirdjian, D.[David] Demirdjian, D.
24 for Demirdjian, D.

Demire, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Hidden Sadness Detection Using Micro-Expressions

Demirekler, M. Co Author Listing * Fusing length and voicing information, and HMM decision using a Bayesian causal tree against insufficient training data
* Minimization of Monotonically Levelable Higher Order MRF Energies via Graph Cuts
* On output independence and complementariness in rank-based multiple classifier decision systems
* statistical unified framework for rank-based multiple classifier decision combination, A
* Undesirable effects of output normalization in multiple classifier systems
* Unified View of Rank-based Decision Combination, A
* Visual Tracking With Group Motion Approach
* Why does output normalization create problems in multiple classifier systems?
Includes: Demirekler, M. Demirekler, M.[Mübeccel]
8 for Demirekler, M.

Demirel, B. Co Author Listing * Attributes2Classname: A Discriminative Model for Attribute-Based Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
* Caption generation on scenes with seen and unseen object categories
* Learning Visually Consistent Label Embeddings for Zero-Shot Learning
Includes: Demirel, B. Demirel, B.[Berkan]

Demirel, D.[Doga] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Approach to Assess a Virtual Reality-based Surgical Training Platform
* User Movement for Safety Training in a Virtual Chemistry Lab

Demirel, H.[Hasan] Co Author Listing * 3D discrete wavelet transform-based feature extraction for hyperspectral face recognition
* 4D facial expression recognition using multimodal time series analysis of geometric landmark-based deformations
* Adaptive automatic facial feature segmentation
* Deep emotion recognition based on audio-visual correlation
* Deep facial emotion recognition in video using eigenframes
* Discrete Wavelet Transform-Based Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement
* dynamic multi-dimensional conceptual data model for transportation applications, A
* Efficient Face and Facial Feature Tracking Using Search Region Estimation
* Enhanced Facial Feature Extraction Using Region-Based Super-Resolution Aided Video Sequences
* Entropy-based feature selection for improved 3D facial expression recognition
* Face Modeling and Adaptive Texture Mapping for Model Based Video Coding
* Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Facial Feature Distances
* Facial feature extraction using complex dual-tree wavelet transform
* Feature extractor selection for face-iris multimodal recognition
* Feature selection for improved 3D facial expression recognition
* Fire detection using statistical color model in video sequences
* Hyperspectral face recognition using 3D discrete wavelet transform
* Image Resolution Enhancement by Using Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition
* Improved SAR target recognition by selecting moment methods based on Fisher score
* Improved SIFT matching for pose robust facial expression recognition
* Integration of Building Information Modeling and Agent-based Modeling For Evacuation Simulation
* Interpolation-based impulse noise removal
* Joint Challenge on Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition Using Micro Emotion Features and Head-Pose Estimation: Databases
* Location-Based Analyses for Electronic Monitoring of Parolees
* Low-rank sparse coding and region of interest pooling for dynamic 3D facial expression recognition
* Noise removal from MR images via iterative regularization based on higher-order singular value decomposition
* Pose Invariant Face Recognition Using Probability Distribution Functions in Different Color Channels
* Target recognition in SAR images using radial Chebyshev moments
* Unequal Error Protection Using Convolutional Codes for PCA-Coded Images
* Video resolution enhancement by using complex wavelet transform
* Video resolution enhancement by using discrete and stationary wavelet transforms with illumination compensation
* Wavelet-based deep learning for skin lesion classification
Includes: Demirel, H.[Hasan] Demirel, H. Demirel, H.[Hande]
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Demirel, H.O.[H. Onan] Co Author Listing * Digital Human-in-the-Loop Methodology for Early Design Computational Human Factors

Demirel, M.C.[Mehmet Cuneyd] Co Author Listing * Climate Normalized Spatial Patterns of Evapotranspiration Enhance the Calibration of a Hydrological Model
Includes: Demirel, M.C.[Mehmet Cuneyd] Demirel, M.C.[Mehmet Cüneyd]

Demirel, O.[Onan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Types of Prototyping in Human-Centered Product Design

Demirel, O.B. Co Author Listing * Calibration-Free Relaxation-Based Multi-Color Magnetic Particle Imaging

Demirez, D.Z.[Duygu Zeynep] Co Author Listing * Consensus rule for wheat cultivar classification on VL, VNIR and SWIR imaging

Demirhan, A.[Ayse] Co Author Listing * Neuroimage-based clinical prediction using machine learning tools

Demirhan, I.H.[Ismail Hakki] Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The GÖktÜrk-2 Satellite Sensor Using Tuz GÖlÜ (landnet Site) From Ndvi Perspective
* Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The

Demiris, A.M.[Athanasios M.] Co Author Listing * intGuide: A platform for context-aware services featuring augmented-reality, based on the outcome of European Research Projects

Demiris, Y.[Yiannis] Co Author Listing * D2D: Keypoint Extraction with Describe to Detect Approach
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Robot Learning by Observation, Demonstration, and Imitation
* Highly Articulated Kinematic Structure Estimation Combining Motion and Skeleton Information
* Inferring Human Knowledgeability from Eye Gaze in Mobile Learning Environments
* Kinematic Structure Correspondences via Hypergraph Matching
* Learning action symbols for hierarchical grammar induction
* Learning Kinematic Structure Correspondences Using Multi-Order Similarities
* Multi-task and multi-kernel Gaussian process dynamical systems
* Real-Time Multi-Person Pose Tracking using Data Assimilation
* Rotational Adjoint Methods for Learning-Free 3D Human Pose Estimation from IMU Data
* RT-BENE: A Dataset and Baselines for Real-Time Blink Estimation in Natural Environments
* RT-GENE: Real-Time Eye Gaze Estimation in Natural Environments
* STARE: Spatio-Temporal Attention Relocation for Multiple Structured Activities Detection
* Unsupervised learning of complex articulated kinematic structures combining motion and skeleton information
* Variational Autoencoded Regression: High Dimensional Regression of Visual Data on Complex Manifold
Includes: Demiris, Y.[Yiannis] Demiris, Y.
15 for Demiris, Y.

Demiris, Y.F.[Yi Fannis] Co Author Listing * Attentional Correlation Filter Network for Adaptive Visual Tracking
* Context-Aware Deep Feature Compression for High-Speed Visual Tracking
* copula echo state network, The
* Dual-branch spatio-temporal graph neural networks for pedestrian trajectory prediction
* Entropy Minimisation Framework for Event-based Vision Model Estimation
* HammerDrive: A Task-Aware Driving Visual Attention Model
* Infinite-Order Conditional Random Field Model for Sequential Data Modeling, The
* Live Demonstration: Incremental Motion Estimation for Event-based Cameras by Dispersion Minimisation
* Monocular Visual Traffic Surveillance: A Review
* Online Unsupervised Learning of the 3D Kinematic Structure of Arbitrary Rigid Bodies
* reservoir-driven non-stationary hidden Markov model, A
* Risk-aware controller for autonomous vehicles using model-based collision prediction and reinforcement learning
* Robust Event-Based Vision Model Estimation by Dispersion Minimisation
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* ST CrossingPose: A Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Pedestrian Crossing Intention Prediction
* Visible and Infrared Image Fusion Using Deep Learning
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Tracking Using Attention-Modulated Disintegration and Integration
Includes: Demiris, Y.F.[Yi Fannis] Demiris, Y.F.[Yi-Fannis]
18 for Demiris, Y.F.

Demirkaya, O.[Omer] Co Author Listing * Determination of image bimodality thresholds for different intensity distributions
* Image Processing with MATLAB: Applications in Medicine and Biology

Demirkesen, C.[Can] Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The GÖktÜrk-2 Satellite Sensor Using Tuz GÖlÜ (landnet Site) From Ndvi Perspective
* Benefits And Challenges Of Having An Open And Free Basis Satellite Data Sharing Platform In Turkey: Gezgin, The
* Comparison of Multiclass SVM Methods for Real World Natural Scenes, A
* Fusing image representations for classification using support vector machines
Includes: Demirkesen, C.[Can] Demirkesen, C.

Demirkir, C.[Cem] Co Author Listing * Face Detection Using Look-Up Table Based Gentle AdaBoost

Demirkol, A.[Askin] Co Author Listing * Alternative Approaches and Algorithms for Classification
* Estimation of Target Density Functions by a New Algorithm

Demirkol, I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sensing and Optimal Power Allocation for Wireless Video Sensors With Sigma-Delta Imager

Demirkus, M.[Meltem] Co Author Listing * Gender classification from unconstrained video sequences
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Probabilistic Graphical Model with Multiple Feature Fusion for Binary Facial Attribute Classification in Real-World Face Videos
* Hierarchical temporal graphical model for head pose estimation and subsequent attribute classification in real-world videos
* Multi-layer temporal graphical model for head pose estimation in real-world videos
* Pores and Ridges: Fingerprint Matching Using Level 3 Features
* Pores and Ridges: High-Resolution Fingerprint Matching Using Level 3 Features
* Probabilistic Temporal Head Pose Estimation Using a Hierarchical Graphical Model
* Soft biometric trait classification from real-world face videos conditioned on head pose estimation
* Spatial and probabilistic codebook template based head pose estimation from unconstrained environments
9 for Demirkus, M.

Demiroluk, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * Mapping of truck traffic in New Jersey using weigh-in-motion data

Demirovic, D.[Damir] Co Author Listing * Implementation of the Mean Shift Algorithm, An

Demiroz, B.E.[Baris Evrim] Co Author Listing * Affordable person detection in omnidirectional cameras using radial integral channel features
* Coupling Fall Detection and Tracking in Omnidirectional Cameras
Includes: Demiroz, B.E.[Baris Evrim] Demiröz, B.E.[Baris Evrim] (Maybe also Demiroez, B.E.)

Demirtas, A.M.[A. Murat] Co Author Listing * Full reference video quality estimation for videos with different spatial resolutions
* Full-Reference Quality Estimation for Images With Different Spatial Resolutions
* Full-Reference Video Quality Estimation for Videos With Different Spatial Resolutions
* Image quality estimation for different spatial resolutions
* Performance of H.264 with isolated bit error: Packet decode or discard?

Demirtas, M.A.[Mehmet Arif] Co Author Listing * Semantic Parsing of Interpage Relations

Demirtas, S. Co Author Listing * Joint Voltage and Phase Unbalance Detector for Three Phase Power Systems

Demiryurek, U.[Ugur] Co Author Listing * Task selection in spatial crowdsourcing from worker's perspective

Demisse, G.[Getachew] Co Author Listing * Building A High-Resolution Vegetation Outlook Model to Monitor Agricultural Drought for the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
* Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates and Application to Monitor Meteorological Drought for the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
* Facial Expression Recognition via Joint Deep Learning of RGB-Depth Map Latent Representations
* Fast Adaptive Reparametrization (FAR) With Application to Human Action Recognition
* Visual and Human-Interpretable Feedback for Assisting Physical Activity
Includes: Demisse, G.[Getachew] Demisse, G. Demisse, G.[Girum]

Demisse, G.G.[Girum G.] Co Author Listing * Deformation Based Curved Shape Representation
* Pose Encoding for Robust Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Similarity Metric for Curved Shapes in Euclidean Space
* Template-based statistical shape modelling on deformation space
Includes: Demisse, G.G.[Girum G.] Demisse, G.G.

Demissie, G.[Getachew] Co Author Listing * Forest Drought Response Index (ForDRI): A New Combined Model to Monitor Forest Drought in the Eastern United States

Demissie, M.G.[Merkebe Getachew] Co Author Listing * Applications of Passive GPS Data to Characterize the Movement of Freight Trucks: A Case Study in the Calgary Region of Canada
* Inferring Passenger Travel Demand to Improve Urban Mobility in Developing Countries Using Cell Phone Data: A Case Study of Senegal
* Predicting Spatiotemporal Demand of Dockless E-Scooter Sharing Services with a Masked Fully Convolutional Network
* Trip Distribution Modeling Using Mobile Phone Data: Emphasis on Intra-Zonal Trips
Includes: Demissie, M.G.[Merkebe Getachew] Demissie, M.G.

Demissie, S.S.[Solomon S.] Co Author Listing * Relationship of Attributes of Soil and Topography with Land Cover Change in the Rift Valley Basin of Ethiopia

Demissie, Z.S.[Zelalem S.] Co Author Listing * Surface Displacements Mechanism of the Dobi Graben from ASAR Time-Series Analysis of InSAR: Implications for the Tectonic Setting in the Central Afar Depression, Ethiopia

Demitriadou, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Impact of a Virtual Reality Application in Raising Awareness Toward the Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites

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