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Cava, J.K. Co Author Listing * Towards Generalizable Distance Estimation By Leveraging Graph Information

Cavaco, S.[Sofia] Co Author Listing * Classification of Similar Impact Sounds

Cavagna, A. Co Author Listing * GReTA-A Novel Global and Recursive Tracking Algorithm in Three Dimensions
* SpaRTA Tracking Across Occlusions via Partitioning of 3D Clouds of Points
Includes: Cavagna, A. Cavagna, A.[Andrea]

Cavagna, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 AFX compliant platform for 3D contents distribution in peer-to-peer, A
* Peer-to-Peer Visualization of Very Large 3D Landscape and City Models Using MPEG-4

Cavagnero, N.[Niccolo] Co Author Listing * Entropic Score metric: Decoupling Topology and Size in Training-free NAS
* FreeREA: Training-Free Evolution-based Architecture Search
Includes: Cavagnero, N.[Niccolo] Cavagnero, N.[Niccolò]

Cavagnino, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Delving in the loss landscape to embed robust watermarks into neural networks
* Global and local anomaly detectors for tumor segmentation in dynamic PET acquisitions
* Lung Nodules Segmentation with DeepHealth Toolkit
* Optimization techniques to transform fragile watermarking
* Use of IFS Codes for Learning 2D Isolated-Object Classification Systems
Includes: Cavagnino, D.[Davide] Cavagnino, D.

Cavaiuolo, M. Co Author Listing * Motion analysis using the neural accelerator board

Caval, S.[Sasa] Co Author Listing * Integrated Remote Sensing to Assess Disease Control: Evidence from Flat Island Quarantine Station, Mauritius
Includes: Caval, S.[Sasa] Caval, S.[Saša]

Cavalaris, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Assessing Durum Wheat Yield through Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Machine Learning Approach

Cavalcante Junior, N.D.[Neftali Dias] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil

Cavalcante Neto, J.B.[Joaquim Bento] Co Author Listing * method for clipping splats on sharp edges and corners, A
* Simple Feedforward Control for Responsive Motion Capture-Driven Simulations
Includes: Cavalcante Neto, J.B.[Joaquim Bento] Cavalcante-Neto, J.B.[Joaquim Bento] Cavalcante-Neto, J.B.[Joaquim B.]

Cavalcante Pinto, D.D.[David Duarte] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the First Optical Detection of a Meteoroidal Impact on the Lunar Surface Recorded from Brazil

Cavalcante, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Depth-of-Field Images Based on the Response of ICA Filters

Cavalcante, A.B.[Andre B.] Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Phylogenetic Diversity in Radiomics Context
Includes: Cavalcante, A.B.[Andre B.] Cavalcante, A.B.[André B.]

Cavalcante, C.C.[Charles C.] Co Author Listing * Rank-One Detector for Kronecker-Structured Constant Modulus Constellations

Cavalcante, D. Co Author Listing * Time-Frequency Feature and AMS-GMM Mask for Acoustic Emotion Classification

Cavalcante, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * UAV LiDAR Based Approach for the Detection and Interpretation of Archaeological Micro Topography under Canopy: The Rediscovery of Perticara (Basilicata, Italy)

Cavalcante, I.V. Co Author Listing * Joint Channel Estimation for Three-Hop MIMO Relaying Systems

Cavalcante, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * Implementation of the LandTrendr Algorithm on Google Earth Engine

Cavalcante, T.[Thiago] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Micro-Blog Authorship Attribution: Beyond Simple Feature Engineering
* Speckle Reduction Using Stochastic Distances
Includes: Cavalcante, T.[Thiago] Cavalcante, T.[Tamer]

Cavalcanti, G. Co Author Listing * Approach to Improve Accuracy Rate of On-line Signature Verification Systems of Different Sizes, An

Cavalcanti, G.D.C.[George D.C.] Co Author Listing * Combining diversity measures for ensemble pruning
* Dynamic ensemble selection VS K-NN: Why and when dynamic selection obtains higher classification performance?
* Efficient 2X2 block-based connected components labeling algorithms
* Eigenbands fusion for frontal face recognition
* Fast and robust skew estimation of scanned documents through background area information
* FIRE-DES++: Enhanced online pruning of base classifiers for dynamic ensemble selection
* Fractional Eigenfaces
* Handwritten connected digits detection: An approach using instance selection
* Heuristic Binarization Algorithm for Documents with Complex Background, A
* L2-Norm metric learning applied to unconstrained face pair-matching
* META-DES: A dynamic ensemble selection framework using meta-learning
* Meta-regression based pool size prediction scheme for dynamic selection of classifiers
* Multiple Line Skew Estimation of Handwritten Images of Documents Based on a Visual Perception Approach
* Nonlinear combination method of forecasters applied to PM time series
* On Meta-learning for Dynamic Ensemble Selection
* Online local pool generation for dynamic classifier selection
* Online pruning of base classifiers for Dynamic Ensemble Selection
* Prototype Selection for Handwritten Connected Digits Classification
* Retinal vessel segmentation using Average of Synthetic Exact Filters and Hessian matrix
* Supervised fractional eigenfaces
* Text Line Segmentation Based on Morphology and Histogram Projection
* Type-2 Fuzzy GMMs for Robust Text-Independent Speaker Verification in Noisy Environments
* Variational DNN embeddings for text-independent speaker verification
Includes: Cavalcanti, G.D.C.[George D.C.] Cavalcanti, G.D.C. Cavalcanti, G.D.C.[George D. C.]
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Cavalcanti, H.M. Co Author Listing * Fast and Efficient Feature Extraction Based on Bayesian Decision Boundaries

Cavalcanti, J.M.B.[Joao Marcos B.] Co Author Listing * signature-based bag of visual words method for image indexing and search, A
* Sorted dominant local color for searching large and heterogeneous image databases
Includes: Cavalcanti, J.M.B.[Joao Marcos B.] Cavalcanti, J.M.B.[João Marcos B.] Cavalcanti, J.M.B.[Joao M. B.]

Cavalcanti, L.H.[Luiz Henrique] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Iconography on Augmented Reality Interfaces

Cavalcanti, M.G.P. Co Author Listing * Spiral CT Image Deblurring for Cochlear Implantation

Cavalcanti, N.[Nathalee] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis between Wavelets for the Identification of Pathological Voices
Includes: Cavalcanti, N.[Nathalee] Cavalcanti, N.[Náthalee]

Cavalcanti, P.G.[Pablo G.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the head pose based on monocular images
* Pigmented skin lesion segmentation on macroscopic images
* Shading Attenuation in Human Skin Color Images
Includes: Cavalcanti, P.G.[Pablo G.] Cavalcanti, P.G.

Cavalcanti, Y.[Yanna] Co Author Listing * Coupled dictionary learning for unsupervised change detection between multimodal remote sensing images

Cavalcanti, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Factor Analysis of Dynamic PET Images: Beyond Gaussian Noise

Cavaleri, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * European Radiometry Buoy and Infrastructure (EURYBIA): A Contribution to the Design of the European Copernicus Infrastructure for Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration

Cavaliere, D. Co Author Listing * knowledge-based approach for video event detection using spatio-temporal sliding windows, A
* Semantically Enhanced UAVs to Increase the Aerial Scene Understanding
* Super-Resolving Ocean Dynamics from Space with Computer Vision Algorithms
* Towards semantic context-aware drones for aerial scenes understanding
Includes: Cavaliere, D. Cavaliere, D.[Davide]

Cavaliere, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Stock Control through Video Surveillance in Logistics

Cavaliere, S. Co Author Listing * Discrete Frequency Warped Wavelets: Theory and Applications

Cavalieri, D.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Snow Depth on Sea Ice Retrievals Using Airborne Altimeters and an AMSR-E Simulator, A
* NASA Team 2 Sea Ice Concentration Algorithm Retrieval Uncertainty

Cavalin, P.[Paulo] Co Author Listing * Forest Species Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Cavalin, P.R.[Paulo R.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of incremental learning algorithms for HMM in the recognition of alphanumeric characters
* Leave-One-Out-Training and Leave-One-Out-Testing Hidden Markov Models for a Handwritten Numeral Recognizer: The Implications of a Single Classifier and Multiple Classifications
* LoGID: An adaptive framework combining local and global incremental learning for dynamic selection of ensembles of HMMs
Includes: Cavalin, P.R.[Paulo R.] Cavalin, P.R.[Paulo Rodrigo]

Cavallari, S.[Sandro] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy commonsense reasoning for multimodal sentiment analysis

Cavallari, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Coordinate Encoding: Learning to Relocalize in Minutes Using RGB and Poses
* Beyond Controlled Environments: 3D Camera Re-Localization in Changing Indoor Scenes
* Fusion of Inertial and Visual Measurements for RGB-D SLAM on Mobile Devices
* Let's Take This Online: Adapting Scene Coordinate Regression Network Predictions for Online RGB-D Camera Relocalisation
* On-Line Large Scale Semantic Fusion
* On-the-Fly Adaptation of Regression Forests for Online Camera Relocalisation
* Real-Time RGB-D Camera Pose Estimation in Novel Scenes Using a Relocalisation Cascade
* SemanticFusion: Joint Labeling, Tracking and Mapping
* SkiMap++: Real-Time Mapping and Object Recognition for Robotics
* Through Hawks' Eyes: Synthetically Reconstructing the Visual Field of a Bird in Flight
* Volume-Based Semantic Labeling with Signed Distance Functions
Includes: Cavallari, T.[Tommaso] Cavallari, T.
11 for Cavallari, T.

Cavallarin, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Robust Figure Extraction on Textured Background: A Game-Theoretic Approach

Cavallaro, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * 3-D Face Detection, Landmark Localization, and Registration Using a Point Distribution Model
* Accurate and Efficient Method for Smoothly Space-Variant Gaussian Blurring
* Accurate appearance-based Bayesian tracking for maneuvering targets
* Accurate video object segmentation through change detection
* Active visual tracking in multi-agent scenarios
* Adaptive Appearance Modeling for Video Tracking: Survey and Evaluation
* Adaptive Multifeature Tracking in a Particle Filtering Framework
* Adaptive Online Performance Evaluation of Video Trackers
* Affordance segmentation of hand-occluded containers from exocentric images
* Assessing tracking assessment measures
* Audio-Visual Tracking of Concurrent Speakers
* Audiovisual Tracking Using STAC Sensors
* Automated 3D Ultrasound Biometry Planes Extraction for First Trimester Fetal Assessment
* Automated Localization of a Camera Network
* Automatic Analysis of Facial Affect: A Survey of Registration, Representation, and Recognition
* Background Light Estimation for Depth-Dependent Underwater Image Restoration
* batch asynchronous tracker for wireless smart-camera networks, A
* Biologically Inspired Motion Encoding for Robust Global Motion Estimation
* Black-Box Attacks on Image Activity Prediction and its Natural Language Explanations
* Camera Localization Using Trajectories and Maps
* Cast shadow segmentation using invariant color features
* Cast-GAN: Learning To Remove Colour Cast From Underwater Images
* Cluster-Based 3D Keypoint Detection for Category-Agnostic 6D Pose Tracking
* Coalition formation for distributed tracking in wireless camera networks
* ColorFool: Semantic Adversarial Colorization
* Combining Colour and Orientation for Adaptive Particle Filter-Based Tracking
* Compact Signatures for 3D Face Recognition under Varying Expressions
* Confidence Intervals for Tracking Performance Scores
* ConflictNET: End-to-End Learning for Speech-Based Conflict Intensity Estimation
* Constrained Optimization for Plane-Based Stereo
* Content-aware ranking of video segments
* Cooperative Robots to Observe Moving Targets: Review
* Cost-Effective Features for Reidentification in Camera Networks
* Cross-camera View-overlap Recognition
* Description and Recognition of Activity Patterns Using Sparse Vector Fields
* Design space exploration for adaptive privacy protection in airborne images
* Detecting tracking errors via forecasting
* Detection and tracking of groups in crowd
* Detection and Tracking of Humans and Faces
* Detection of fast incoming objects with a moving camera
* Detector-less ball localization using context and motion flow analysis
* Distributed and Decentralized Multicamera Tracking
* Distributed One-Class Learning
* Distributed visual sensing for virtual top-view trajectory generation in football videos
* Dynamic Bayesian Network modeling for self- and cross-correcting tracking
* Ear in the sky: Ego-noise reduction for auditory micro aerial vehicles
* Efficient depth blurring with occlusion handling
* Efficient estimation of target detection quality
* Efficient Multitarget Visual Tracking Using Random Finite Sets
* Energy Consumption Models for Smart Camera Networks
* Evaluation of on-line quality estimators for object tracking
* Event Detection in Underground Stations Using Multiple Heterogeneous Surveillance Cameras
* Exploiting Vulnerabilities of Deep Neural Networks for Privacy Protection
* Global trajectory reconstruction from distributed visual sensors
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Group and Crowd Behavior Analysis for Intelligent Multicamera Video Surveillance
* Guest Editorial Trustworthiness in Social Multimedia Analytics and Delivery
* Hierarchical rank-based veiling light estimation for underwater dehazing
* Human-interpretable and deep features for image privacy classification
* Image Analysis for Video Surveillance Based on Spatial Regularization of a Statistical Model-Based Change Detection
* Image Coding Using Depth Blurring for Aesthetically Acceptable Distortion
* Improving Filling Level Classification with Adversarial Training
* Inertial-Vision: Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer for Wearable Sensors
* Integrating Digital Pens in Breast Imaging for Instant Knowledge Acquisition
* Interaction recognition in wide areas using audiovisual sensors
* Learnable Masks for Pose-Guided View Synthesis
* Learning Bases of Activity for Facial Expression Recognition
* Learning Generalisable Omni-Scale Representations for Person Re-Identification
* Learning Scene Context for Multiple Object Tracking
* Local Abnormality Detection in Video Using Subspace Learning
* Long Short-Term Memory Convolutional Neural Network for First-Person Vision Activity Recognition, A
* Lymph node detection in 3-D chest CT using a spatial prior probability
* Macro-cuboïd based probabilistic matching for lip-reading digits
* Matching 3D Faces with Partial Data
* Measures of Effective Video Tracking
* Modeling and classification of trajectories based on a Gaussian process decomposition into discrete components
* MORB: A Multi-Scale Binary Descriptor
* Multi-Camera Scene Analysis using an Object-Centric Continuous Distribution Hidden Markov Model
* Multi-Modal Particle Filtering Tracking using Appearance, Motion and Audio Likelihoods
* Multi-Part Target Representation for Color Tracking
* Multi-Speaker Tracking From an Audio-Visual Sensing Device
* Multi-target tracking on confidence maps: An application to people tracking
* Multi-Tracker Partition Fusion
* Multicamera Information Processing: Acquisition, Collaboration, Interpretation, and Production
* Multifeature Object Trajectory Clustering for Video Analysis
* Multiview Matching of Articulated Objects
* Multiview Trajectory Mapping Using Homography with Lens Distortion Correction
* Networked Computer Vision: The Importance of a Holistic Simulator
* Novel-view Human Action Synthesis
* Object and Scene-Centric Activity Detection Using State Occupancy Duration Modeling
* Objective Evaluation of Pedestrian and Vehicle Tracking on the CLEAR Surveillance Dataset
* Objective evaluation of segmentation quality using spatio-temporal context
* Omni-Scale Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification
* On The Limits of Perceptual Quality Measures for Enhanced Underwater Images
* On the Reversibility of Adversarial Attacks
* Online Cross-Modal Adaptation for Audio-Visual Person Identification With Wearable Cameras
* Online Multi-target Tracking with Strong and Weak Detections
* Online Platform for Underwater Image Quality Evaluation, An
* People-background segmentation with unequal error cost
* Performance Evaluation of Event Detection Solutions: The CREDS Experience
* Person re-identification in crowd
* PFT: A protocol for evaluating video trackers
* Pop-up Modelling of Hazy Scenes
* Pose Guided Human Image Synthesis by View Disentanglement and Enhanced Weighting Loss
* Predicting and recognizing human interactions in public spaces
* Predictor of Moving Objects for First-Person Vision, A
* Prioritized target tracking with active collaborative cameras
* Privacy as a Feature for Body-Worn Cameras
* Privacy in video surveillance
* Privacy-Aware Human Activity Recognition From a Wearable Camera: Highlights From the IEEE Video And Image Processing Cup 2019 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* Probabilistic Model for Automatic Segmentation of the Esophagus in 3-D CT Scans, A
* Probabilistic Subpixel Temporal Registration for Facial Expression Analysis
* Protocol for Evaluating Video Trackers Under Real-World Conditions, A
* Region Segmentation and Feature Point Extraction on 3D Faces using a Point Distribution Model
* Residual Stacked RNNs for Action Recognition
* Resource Allocation for Personalized Video Summarization
* Robust Homography-Based Trajectory Transformation for Multi-Camera Scene Analysis
* Robust multi-dimensional motion features for first-person vision activity recognition
* Robust Registration of Dynamic Facial Sequences
* Segmentation-driven perceptual quality metrics
* Self-Reconfigurable Smart Camera Networks
* Semantic video analysis for adaptive content delivery and automatic description
* Semantically Adversarial Learnable Filters
* Sensor Capability and Atmospheric Correction in Ocean Colour Remote Sensing
* Shadow Identification and Classification Using Invariant Color Models
* Shadow-aware object-based video processing
* Single camera calibration for trajectory-based behavior analysis
* Spatio-Temporal Multi-Scale Binary Descriptor, A
* Special issue on 'Video analytics for audience measurement in retail and digital signage'
* Special Issue on Multi-Camera and Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion
* Special Issue on Multi-sensor object detection and tracking
* Special Issue on Video Analysis on Resource-Limited Systems
* Standalone evaluation of deterministic video tracking
* Support Vector Motion Clustering
* Task-dependent saliency estimation from trajectories of agents in video sequences
* Temporal validation of Particle Filters for video tracking
* Test-time adaptation for 6D pose tracking
* Toward Robust Sensing for Autonomous Vehicles: An Adversarial Perspective
* Tracker-Level Fusion for Robust Bayesian Visual Tracking
* Tracking Multiple High-Density Homogeneous Targets
* Trajectory Association and Fusion across Partially Overlapping Cameras
* Trajectory clustering for motion pattern extraction in aerial videos
* Underwater image and video dehazing with pure haze region segmentation
* Unsupervised Cross-Modal Deep-Model Adaptation for Audio-Visual Re-identification with Wearable Cameras
* Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering for Trajectory Analysis
* Unsupervised Trajectory Modeling Based on Discrete Descriptors for Classifying Moving Objects in Video Sequences
* Video Analytics for Surveillance: Theory and Practice
* Video Augmentation for Improving Audio Speech Recognition under Noise
* Video event segmentation and visualisation in non-linear subspace
* Video Object Extraction Based on Adaptive Background and Statistical Change Detection
* Video Tracking: Theory and Practice
* Video-Based Human Behavior Understanding: A Survey
* View-Action Representation Learning for Active First-Person Vision
* View-LSTM: Novel-View Video Synthesis Through View Decomposition
Includes: Cavallaro, A.[Andrea] Cavallaro, A. Cavallaro, A.[Angelo] Cavallaro, A.[Alexander]
153 for Cavallaro, A.

Cavallaro, A.P.[Andrea P.] Co Author Listing * Surveillance video for mobile devices
* Tracking Video Objects in Cluttered Background
Includes: Cavallaro, A.P.[Andrea P.] Cavallaro, A.P.

Cavallaro, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Automatic Attribute Profiles
* Automatic Threshold Selection for Profiles of Attribute Filters Based on Granulometric Characteristic Functions
* Cloud Deep Networks for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Deep-Learning-Based 3-D Surface Reconstruction: A Survey
* Remote Sensing Big Data Classification with High Performance Distributed Deep Learning
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Using Attribute Filters Defined Over the Tree of Shapes
Includes: Cavallaro, G.[Gabriele] Cavallaro, G.

Cavallaro, J.R.[Joseph R.] Co Author Listing * Scale- and orientation-invariant keypoints in higher-dimensional data

Cavallaro, R.H.[Rick H.] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Live Broadcast Sports with 3D Tracking Information
* Blending a graphic
* Enhancing a video of an event at a remote location using data acquired at the event
* Method and apparatus for adding a graphic indication of a first down to a live video of a football game
* Method and apparatus for enhancing the broadcast of a live event
* System for determining the end of a path for a moving object
* System for determining the position of an object
* System for displaying an object that is not visible to a camera
* System for enhancing a video presentation
* System for enhancing a video presentation of a live event
* System for enhancing the television presentation of an object at a sporting event
* System for enhancing video
* System for re-registering a sensor during a live event
* Video compositor
* Virtual strike zone
Includes: Cavallaro, R.H.[Rick H.] Cavallaro, R.H.[Richard H.]
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Cavallerano, A.P. Co Author Listing * Baseband video processing and the transmission of HDTV signals

Cavallerano, J. Co Author Listing * Retinal venous caliber abnormality: Detection and analysis using matrix edge fields-based simultaneous smoothing and segmentation

Cavalli, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Estimating Afforestation Area Using Landsat Time Series and Photointerpreted Datasets
* Reusing Remote Sensing-Based Validation Data: Comparing Direct and Indirect Approaches for Afforestation Monitoring

Cavalli, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Handcrafted Outlier Detection Revisited
* Learning to Find Good Models in RANSAC
* NeFSAC: Neurally Filtered Minimal Samples
* RLSAC: Reinforcement Learning enhanced Sample Consensus for End-to-End Robust Estimation

Cavalli, R.M.[Rosa Maria] Co Author Listing * Capability of Remote Sensing Images to Distinguish the Urban Surface Materials: A Case Study of Venice City
* Comparison of Split Window Algorithms for Retrieving Measurements of Sea Surface Temperature from MODIS Data in Near-Land Coastal Waters
* Local, Daily, and Total Bio-Optical Models of Coastal Waters of Manfredonia Gulf Applied to Simulated Data of CHRIS, Landsat TM, MIVIS, MODIS, and PRISMA Sensors for Evaluating the Error
* Objective Assessment of Hyperspectral Indicators for the Detection of Buried Archaeological Relics, An
* Remote Data for Mapping and Monitoring Coastal Phenomena and Parameters: A Systematic Review
* Spatial Validation of Spectral Unmixing Results: A Case Study of Venice City
* Spatial Validation of Spectral Unmixing Results: A Systematic Review
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Cavallini, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multiresolution-Based Fusion Strategies for a Dual Infrared System

Cavallo, A. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach to the 3D High Precision Position Measurement and Particle Tracking in Human Cell Nuclei, A
* Multiple Instance Learning for Emotion Recognition Using Physiological Signals
* Online Segmentation and Classification of Manipulation Actions From the Observation of Kinetostatic Data
* Predicting Intentions from Motion: The Subject-Adversarial Adaptation Approach
* Video Gesture Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection
* What Will I Do Next? The Intention from Motion Experiment
Includes: Cavallo, A. Cavallo, A.[Andrea]

Cavallo, C.[Carmela] Co Author Listing * Continuous Monitoring of the Flooding Dynamics in the Albufera Wetland (Spain) by Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Datasets

Cavallo, E.[Eugenio] Co Author Listing * Use of Remotely Sensed Data for the Evaluation of Inter-Row Cover Intensity in Vineyards

Cavallo, F.[Filippo] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Posture Approach for Activity Recognition Based on Depth Camera, A
* Two-person activity recognition using skeleton data

Cavallo, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * City of Tomorrow from the Data of Today, The
* Interactive Design Tool for Urban Planning Using The Size of The Living Space As Unit of Measurement, An
Includes: Cavallo, R.[Roberto] Cavallo, R.

Cavalvanti, C.S.V.C.[Claudio S.V.C.] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Classification of Photogenic Facial Expressions Based on Fiducial Points and Gabor Features

Cavan, D. Co Author Listing * Detection of Abnormalities in Retinal Images using Digital Image Analysis

Cavan, G.[Gina] Co Author Listing * Combined Approach to Classifying Land Surface Cover of Urban Domestic Gardens Using Citizen Science Data and High Resolution Image Analysis, A
* Land Cover Dynamics and Mangrove Degradation in the Niger Delta Region

Cavan, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * Autocalibration: Finding Infinity in a Projective Reconstruction

Cavanagh, P. Co Author Listing * Functional Size Invariant is not Provided by the Cortical Magnification Factor
* Perceiving Illumination Inconsistencies in Scenes
* Pictorial Depth Cues: A New Slant
* Reconstructing the Third Dimension: Interactions Between Color, Texture, Motion, Binocular Disparity, and Shape
* Shape from shadows
* Size and Position Invariance in the Visual System
* Size Invariance: Reply to Schwartz
* View dependence of 3D recovery from folded pictures and warped 3D faces
Includes: Cavanagh, P. Cavanagh, P.[Patrick]
8 for Cavanagh, P.

Cavanaugh, J. Co Author Listing * Deformable templates for feature extraction from medical images

Cavanaugh, J.E.[Joseph E.] Co Author Listing * Optic Flow Field Segmentation and Motion Estimation Using a Robust Genetic Partitioning Algorithm

Cavanaugh, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spaceborne, Airborne and In Situ Landslide Kinematic Measurements of the Slumgullion Landslide in Southwest Colorado
* Improving the Transferability of Suspended Solid Estimation in Wetland and Deltaic Waters with an Empirical Hyperspectral Approach

Cavanaugh, K.C. Co Author Listing * Imaging Spectroscopy BRDF Correction for Mapping Louisiana's Coastal Ecosystems
* Integrating Imaging Spectrometer and Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Estimating Wetland Vegetation Aboveground Biomass in Coastal Louisiana
* Mapping Coastal Wetland Biomass from High Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery
Includes: Cavanaugh, K.C. Cavanaugh, K.C.[Kyle C.]

Cavanini, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * comparative study of driver torque demand prediction methods, A

Cavaro Menard, C. Co Author Listing * Coupling anatomical and functional information for the computer-aided delineation of Phase-Contrast MRI images using active contours
* Diagnostic quality assessment of medical images: Challenges and trends
* Perceptually Relevant Channelized Joint Observer (PCJO) for the Detection-Localization of Parametric Signals, A
* Quality assessment of compressed cardiac MRI. Effect of lossy compression on computerized physiological parameters
* Selective diffusion for oriented pattern extraction: Application to tagged cardiac MRI enhancement
* study on the usability of opinion-unaware no-reference natural image quality metrics in the context of medical images, A
* Tagged Cardiac MRI: Detection of Myocardial Boundaries by Texture Analysis
Includes: Cavaro Menard, C. Cavaro-Menard, C.
7 for Cavaro Menard, C.

Cavarretta, E. Co Author Listing * Assisted Multi-view Stereo Reconstruction

Cavas Martinez, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction by Low Cost Software Based on Photogrammetry as a Reverse Engineering Process
Includes: Cavas Martinez, F.[Francisco] Cavas-Martínez, F.[Francisco]

Cavassilas, J.F. Co Author Listing * Image coding using an adaptive sampling technique

Cavayas, F. Co Author Listing * Acquisition And Processing of High Resolution Hyperspectral Imageries For the 3D Mapping of Urban Heat Islands And Microparticles of Montreal
* Automatic Comparison of a Topographic Map with Remotely-Sensed Images in a Map Updating Perspective: The Road Network Case
* comparative analysis of scanned maps and imagery for mapping applications, A
* Ground Reflectance Retrieval on Horizontal and Inclined Terrains Using the Software Package REFLECT
* Map-Image Matching Using A Multilayer Perceptron: The Case of the Road Network
* Use of Oblique RGB Imagery and Apparent Surface Area of Plants for Early Estimation of Above-Ground Corn Biomass
Includes: Cavayas, F. Cavayas, F.[François]

Cavazos, I. Co Author Listing * 3-Camera Multispectral Digital Video Imaging-System, A

Cavazza, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Are Multiple Cross-Correlation Identities better than just Two? Improving the Estimate of Time Differences-of-Arrivals from Blind Audio Signals
* Compact Kernel Approximation for 3D Action Recognition, A
* Curriculum Dropout
* Enhancing Visual Embeddings through Weakly Supervised Captioning for Zero-Shot Learning
* Kernelized covariance for action recognition
* Learning Unbiased Representations via Mutual Information Backpropagation
* No Adversaries to Zero-Shot Learning: Distilling an Ensemble of Gaussian Feature Generators
* Predicting Intentions from Motion: The Subject-Adversarial Adaptation Approach
* Revisiting Human Action Recognition: Personalization vs. Generalization
* Scalable and compact 3D action recognition with approximated RBF kernel machines
* Semantically Grounded Visual Embeddings for Zero-Shot Learning
* Subspace Clustering for Action Recognition with Covariance Representations and Temporal Pruning
* Towards Open Zero-Shot Learning
* Transductive Zero-Shot Learning by Decoupled Feature Generation
* What Will I Do Next? The Intention from Motion Experiment
* When Kernel Methods Meet Feature Learning: Log-Covariance Network for Action Recognition From Skeletal Data
Includes: Cavazza, J.[Jacopo] Cavazza, J.
16 for Cavazza, J.

Cavazza, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Decentralized Multi-Agent Path Finding for UAV Traffic Management
* Virtual Art Galleries: a New Kind of Cultural Objects?
Includes: Cavazza, M.[Marc] Cavazza, M.

Cavazzani, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Long-Time Trends in Night Sky Brightness and Ageing of SQM Radiometers

Cavazzi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Detailed Three-Dimensional Building Facade Reconstruction: A Review on Applications, Data and Technologies
* Multi-Criteria Framework for Routing on Access Land: A Case Study on Dartmoor National Park

Cavazzini, F. Co Author Listing * Condition Assessment of RC Bridges. Integrating Machine Learning, Photogrammetry and BIM

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