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Hans, C.[Charu] Co Author Listing * Decision fusion for urine particle classification in multispectral images

Hans, I.[Imke] Co Author Listing * Onboard Radio Frequency Interference as the Origin of Inter-Satellite Biases for Microwave Humidity Sounders
* Uncertainty Quantified Fundamental Climate Data Record for Microwave Humidity Sounders, An

Hans, J. Co Author Listing * Part-Based Multi-Frame Registration for Estimation of the Growth Of Cellular Networks in Plant Roots

Hans, M.C.[Mat C.] Co Author Listing * Image-based photo hulls
* Image-based photo hulls for fast and photo-realistic new view synthesis
* Multi-resolution space carving using level set methods
Includes: Hans, M.C.[Mat C.] Hans, M.C.

Hans, M.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-video compression in texture space

Hans, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Biogeography-Based Optimization and Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection in Mammographic Breast Density Classification

Hansana, P.[Phonekham] Co Author Listing * Flood Analysis Using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Observations in Laos

Hansard, M.[Miles] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of calibration grids in time-of-flight images
* Binocular projection of a random scene
* Constrained Optimization for Plane-Based Stereo
* Cross-calibration of time-of-flight and colour cameras
* Cyclopean geometry of binocular vision
* Cyclorotation Models for Eyes and Cameras
* Fusion of Range and Stereo Data for High-Resolution Scene-Modeling
* Methods for reducing visual discomfort in stereoscopic 3D: A review
* overview of depth cameras and range scanners based on time-of-flight technologies, An
* Parametric View-Synthesis
* Patterns of Binocular Disparity for a Fixating Observer
* Pop-up Modelling of Hazy Scenes
* Projective alignment of range and parallax data
* Stochastic visibility in point-sampled scenes
* Time-of-Flight Cameras: Principles, Methods and Applications
Includes: Hansard, M.[Miles] Hansard, M.
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Hansberger, J.T.[Jeffrey T.] Co Author Listing * Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions
* Multimodal Interface for Virtual Information Environments, A

Hansch, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic registration of unordered point clouds acquired by Kinect sensors using an overlap heuristic
* Classification of Icon Type and Cooldown State in Video Game Replays
* Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data by Complex Valued Neural Networks
* Color Textons for Building Detection
* Exploiting SAR Tomography for Supervised Land-Cover Classification
* Integrated Matching and Geocoding of SAR and Optical Satellite Images
* Lightcam: Enlightening the Camera Obscura - Where Photogrammetry, Computer and Robotic Vision Meet
* Looking Outside the Box: The Role of Context in Random Forest Based Semantic Segmentation of PolSAR Images
* Match or No Match: Keypoint Filtering based on Matching Probability
* Skipping the real world: Classification of PolSAR images without explicit feature extraction
* Soil-Permittivity Estimation Under Grassland Using Machine-Learning and Polarimetric Decomposition Techniques
* SpaceNet 6: Multi-Sensor All Weather Mapping Dataset
* SpaceNet 8: The Detection of Flooded Roads and Buildings
* SyB3R: A Realistic Synthetic Benchmark for 3D Reconstruction from Images
* Urban Building Classification (UBC) - A Dataset for Individual Building Detection and Classification from Satellite Imagery
Includes: Hansch, R. Hnsch, R. (Maybe also Haensch, R.)Hnsch, R.[Ronny] (Maybe also Haensch, R.)Hansch, R.[Ronny]
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Hanschke, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Volume Reconstruction for Parallel-Beam Computed Laminography by Filtered Backprojection on Multi-Core Clusters

Hanschmann, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Impact of AVHRR Channel 3b Noise on Climate Data Records: Filtering Method Applied to the CM SAF CLARA-A2 Data Record

Hansegard, J.[Joger] Co Author Listing * Constrained Active Appearance Models for Segmentation of Triplane Echocardiograms
* Real-Time Active Shape Models for Segmentation of 3D Cardiac Ultrasound
Includes: Hansegard, J.[Joger] Hansegrd, J.[Jger]

Hansel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Model Driven 3D Image Interpretation System Applied to Person Detection in Video Images, A

Hansel, N.N.[Nadia N.] Co Author Listing * Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru

Hansel, R.[Ralph] Co Author Listing * Global motion guided adaptive temporal inter-/extrapolation for side information generation in Distributed Video Coding
* Simplifying the Rate Control Scheme for Distributed Video Coding by Flexible Slepian-Wolf Decoding
Includes: Hansel, R.[Ralph] Hnsel, R.[Ralph] (Maybe also Haensel, R.)

Hanselaar, C.A.J.[Caspar Antonius Jacobus] Co Author Listing * Safety Shell: An Architecture to Handle Functional Insufficiencies in Automated Driving, The

Hanselaer, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Overall gloss evaluation in the presence of multiple cues to surface glossiness

Hansell, D.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Visual Search Patterns With EMD Metric in Normalized Anatomical Space
* corner orientation detector, A
* CT Image-Enhancement with Wavelet Analysis for the Detection of Small Airways Disease
* ERS transform for the automated detection of bronchial abnormalities on CT of the lungs
* use of visual search for knowledge gathering in image decision support, The

Hanselmann, H. Co Author Listing * ELoPE: Fine-Grained Visual Classification with Efficient Localization, Pooling and Embedding
* Fine-Grained Visual Categorization with 2D-Warping
* Learning Local Convolutional Features for Face Recognition with 2D-Warping
* Optimizing Energies for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Pose-Invariant Face Recognition with a Two-Level Dynamic Programming Algorithm
* Speeding up 2D-warping for pose-invariant face recognition
* Surf-face: Face Recognition Under Viewpoint Consistency Constraints
Includes: Hanselmann, H. Hanselmann, H.[Harald]
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Hanselmann, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Watershed Segmentation of Compositional Data

Hanselmann, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Applying UAV-Based Remote Sensing Observation Products in High Arctic Catchments in SW Spitsbergen
* KING: Generating Safety-Critical Driving Scenarios for Robust Imitation via Kinematics Gradients
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection with Class Label Shift Weighted Local Features
Includes: Hanselmann, N.[Nicole] Hanselmann, N.[Niklas]

Hansen, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Measuring Understory Fire Effects from Space: Canopy Change in Response to Tropical Understory Fire and What This Means for Applications of GEDI to Tropical Forest Fire
* On Stable Reconstructions from Nonuniform Fourier Measurements
Includes: Hansen, A.[Andrew] Hansen, A.

Hansen, A.C. Co Author Listing * Note on Compressed Sensing of Structured Sparse Wavelet Coefficients From Subsampled Fourier Measurements, A
* On the Absence of Uniform Recovery in Many Real-World Applications of Compressed Sensing and the Restricted Isometry Property and Nullspace Property in Levels
Includes: Hansen, A.C. Hansen, A.C.[Anders C.]

Hansen, A.F.[Audun F.] Co Author Listing * Using bandwidth aggregation to improve the performance of quality-adaptive streaming

Hansen, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Using NDVI and EVI to Map Spatiotemporal Variation in the Biomass and Quality of Forage for Migratory Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Hansen, B.B.[Bruce B.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Image Registration Using Scale Trace Correlation

Hansen, B.C.[Bruce C.] Co Author Listing * Scene masking is affected by trial blank-screen luminance

Hansen, B.D.[Bolette Dybkjr] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Method for Intervertebral Kinematics Measurement in the Cervical Spine

Hansen, B.J. Co Author Listing * Minimum Perimeter Polygons of Digitized Silhouettes

Hansen, B.U.[Birger Ulf] Co Author Listing * Camera derived vegetation greenness index as proxy for gross primary production in a low Arctic wetland area
* phenology-based approach to the classification of Arctic tundra ecosystems in Greenland, A
Includes: Hansen, B.U.[Birger Ulf] Hansen, B.U.[Birger U.]

Hansen, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hansen, C.[Charles]: hansen AT cs utah edu
* CAD-Based Robotics
* CAGD Based Computer Vision
* CAGD-Based 3-D Visual Recognition
* Effects and Combination of Tailored Browser-Based and Mobile Cognitive Software Training
* Fast and Reliable Passive Trinocular Stereovision
* Multisensor Knowledge Systems: Interpreting 3D Structure
* Natural 3D Object Manipulation for Interactive Laparoscopic Augmented Reality Registration
* Rectification of Images for Binocular and Trinocular Stereovision
* Soft Shadow Maps: Efficient Sampling of Light Source Visibility
* Towards Real-Time Trinocular Stereo
* Towards the Automatic Generation of Recognition Strategies
* Trinocular Stereovision: Recent Results
* Triton: Topography and Geology of a Probable Ocean World with Comparison to Pluto and Charon
Includes: Hansen, C.[Charles] Hansen, C.[Chuck] Hansen, C.[Christian] Hansen, C. Hansen, C.[Candice]
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Hansen, C.D. Co Author Listing * Apparent Symmetries in Range Data

Hansen, C.H.[Carly Hyatt] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Variability of Lake Water Quality in the Context of Remote Sensing Models

Hansen, C.O.[Christian O.] Co Author Listing * Towards Deriving Freight Traffic Measures from Truck Movement Data for State Road Planning: A Proposed System Framework

Hansen, D. Co Author Listing * Framework for remote collaborative interaction in virtual environments based on proximity
* Registration-Based Reconstruction of Four-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography
* Using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles for Identifying the Extent of Invasive Phragmites australis in Treatment Areas Enrolled in an Adaptive Management Program
Includes: Hansen, D. Hansen, D.[Dana]

Hansen, D.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Humans in Surveillance Video
* Multi-view Video Analysis of Humans and Vehicles in an Unconstrained Environment

Hansen, D.W.[Dan Witzner] Co Author Listing * Depth Compensation Model for Gaze Estimation in Sport Analysis
* In the Eye of the Beholder: A Survey of Models for Eyes and Gaze
* Location-based Services using Image Search
* Screen-Light Decomposition Framework for Point-of-Gaze Estimation Using a Single Uncalibrated Camera and Multiple Light Sources
Includes: Hansen, D.W.[Dan Witzner] Hansen, D.W.[Dan W.]

Hansen, E.H.[Endre Hofstad] Co Author Listing * Effects of Pulse Density on Digital Terrain Models and Canopy Metrics Using Airborne Laser Scanning in a Tropical Rainforest
* Modeling Aboveground Biomass in Dense Tropical Submontane Rainforest Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Relative Efficiency of ALS and InSAR for Biomass Estimation in a Tanzanian Rainforest

Hansen, E.W. Co Author Listing * Fast Hankel Transform Algorithm

Hansen, F.R. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using Simple Markov Field Models

Hansen, G.L. Co Author Listing * Wound status evaluation using color image processing

Hansen, H.[Herbert] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Remote Sensing as a Tool to Support Organic Crop Certification: Assessment of the Discrimination Level between Organic and Conventional Maize

Hansen, H.H.G.[Hendrik H. G.] Co Author Listing * Cardiac Motion Estimation Using Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging Tested in a Finite Element Model of Cardiac Mechanics
* Noninvasive Carotid Strain Imaging Using Angular Compounding at Large Beam Steered Angles: Validation in Vessel Phantoms
* Quantitative Evaluation of an Automated Cone-Based Breast Ultrasound Scanner for MRI-3D US Image Fusion
Includes: Hansen, H.H.G.[Hendrik H. G.] Hansen, H.H.G.

Hansen, H.S.[Henning Sten] Co Author Listing * Operational Web-Based Indicator System for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, An
* Random Forest Variable Importance Measures for Spatial Dynamics: Case Studies from Urban Demography
* Spatial and Semantic Validation of Secondary Food Source Data

Hansen, J. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Sampling Using Heterogeneous Marine Robots Driven by Visual Cues
* Speaker Recognition by Machines and Humans: A tutorial review

Hansen, J.D.K.[Jacob Daniel Kirstejn] Co Author Listing * Local Mean Multiphase Segmentation with HMMF Models
* Multiphase Local Mean Geodesic Active Regions
* Segmentation of 2D and 3D Objects with Intrinsically Similarity Invariant Shape Regularisers
Includes: Hansen, J.D.K.[Jacob Daniel Kirstejn] Hansen, J.D.K.

Hansen, J.E.[Jeff E.] Co Author Listing * Interannual Response of Reef Islands to Climate-Driven Variations in Water Level and Wave Climate

Hansen, J.F.[Jean Frederic] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Human Orientation in Images Captured with a Range Camera
Includes: Hansen, J.F.[Jean Frederic] Hansen, J.F.[Jean-Frdric]

Hansen, J.H.L. Co Author Listing * Assessment and classification of singing quality based on audio-visual features
* Boundary-Constrained Morphological Skeleton Minimization and Skeleton Reconstruction
* Conversational In-Vehicle Dialog Systems: The past, present, and future
* DeepComboSAD: Spectro-Temporal Correlation Based Speech Activity Detection for Naturalistic Audio Streams
* Driver Modeling for Detection and Assessment of Driver Distraction: Examples from the UTDrive Test Bed
* Hybrid Coherence Model for Noise Reduction in Reverberant Environments, A
* International Large-Scale Vehicle Corpora for Research on Driver Behavior on the Road
* Microphone Array Processing Strategies for Distant-Based Automatic Speech Recognition
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies
* Signal Processing for Smart Vehicle Technologies: Part 2
* Speech Activity Detection in Naturalistic Audio Environments: Fearless Steps Apollo Corpus
* Unsupervised Speech Activity Detection Using Voicing Measures and Perceptual Spectral Flux
Includes: Hansen, J.H.L. Hansen, J.H.L.[John H. L]
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Hansen, J.M. Co Author Listing * Performance Characteristic Mems-Based IMUs for UAVs Navigation

Hansen, J.N.[Johannes N.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Forest/Non-Forest Separability Using Sentinel-1 C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Assessing Novel Lidar Modalities for Maximizing Coverage of a Spaceborne System through the Use of Diode Lasers

Hansen, J.P.[John Paulin] Co Author Listing * Eye typing using Markov and active appearance models
* Robustifying Eye Interaction

Hansen, J.V. Co Author Listing * General Bias/Variance Decomposition with Target Independent Variance of Error Functions Derived from the Exponential Family of Distributions
* Model checking for E-business control and assurance

Hansen, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Image Structure by Generalized Co-occurrence Matrices
* Estimating Mountain Glacier Flowlines by Local Linear Regression Gradient Descent
* Image Steganography using Spread Spectrum Techniques
* Solving jigsaw puzzles using image features
* Structured Light Scanner for Hyper Flexible Industrial Automation, A
* Understanding the Hough Transform: Hough Cell Support and Its Utilization
Includes: Hansen, K. Hansen, K.[Kristen] Hansen, K.[Klaus] Hansen, K.[Kent]

Hansen, K.E.[Kristian Evers] Co Author Listing * Boneless Pose Editing and Animation

Hansen, K.F.[Kjetil Falkenberg] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Genuine Scratch Performance

Hansen, K.H. Co Author Listing * Modeling the hemodynamic response in fMRI using smooth FIR filters

Hansen, K.L. Co Author Listing * Velocity Estimation in Medical Ultrasound [Life Sciences]

Hansen, K.V. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Successive Identification of Reflections, An
* Fast Curve Estimation Using Preconditioned Generalized Radon-Transform
* Region-of-Interest Based Finite Element Modelling of the Brain: An Approach to Brain-Surgery Simulation
Includes: Hansen, K.V. Hansen, K.V.[Kim V.]

Hansen, L.[Lasse] Co Author Listing * Chasing clouds: Differentiable volumetric rasterisation of point clouds as a highly efficient and accurate loss for large-scale deformable 3D registration
* GraphRegNet: Deep Graph Regularisation Networks on Sparse Keypoints for Dense Registration of 3D Lung CTs
* Learn2Reg: Comprehensive Multi-Task Medical Image Registration Challenge, Dataset and Evaluation in the Era of Deep Learning
* Multi-kernel Diffusion CNNs for Graph-Based Learning on Point Clouds
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Hansen, L.[Lasse] Hansen, L.

Hansen, L.B.[Lars Boye] Co Author Listing * Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological Sites

Hansen, L.C.[Lrke Christina] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Machine Learning: A Danish Case Study

Hansen, L.H. Co Author Listing * Addressing the Elephant In the Underground: An Argument for The Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources for Reconciliation Of Subsurface Utility Data
* Smartphone-based Reality Capture for Subsurface Utilities: Experiences From Water Utility Companies In Denmark

Hansen, L.K.[Lars Kai] Co Author Listing * Denoising by semi-supervised kernel PCA preimaging
* Effect of Spatial Alignment Transformations in PCA and ICA of Functional Neuroimages
* Emotional nodes among lines of lyrics
* Enhancing the multivariate signal of O15 water PET studies with a new nonlinear neuroanatomical registration algorithm
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Statistics of Shapes and Textures
* ICA algorithm for analyzing multiple data sets, An
* Model sparsity and brain pattern interpretation of classification models in neuroimaging
* Multimodal Data Fusion
* Neural network ensembles
* Pruning the vocabulary for better context recognition
* Robustness of Visual Explanations to Common Data Augmentation Methods
* Sparse non-linear denoising: Generalization performance and pattern reproducibility in functional MRI
* Variance inflation in high dimensional Support Vector Machines
Includes: Hansen, L.K.[Lars Kai] Hansen, L.K. Hansen, L.K.[Lars K.]
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Hansen, M. Co Author Listing * Active Depth Estimation with Gaze and Vergence Control Using Gabor Filters
* Aerial video surveillance and exploitation
* Biologically Inspired Calibration Free Adaptive Saccade Control of a Binocular Camera Head
* Dynamic Microclimate Boundaries across a Sharp Tropical Rainforest-Clearing Edge
* Embedded Imagers: Detecting, Localizing, and Recognizing Objects and Events in Natural Habitats
* Estimating Global Cropland Extent with Multi-year MODIS Data
* High spatial resolution satellite observations for validation of MODIS land products: IKONOS observations acquired under the NASA Scientific Data Purchase
* Image Alignment for Precise Camera Fixation and Aim
* Image enhancement using pattern-selective color image fusion
* Improving Disruption Management With Multimodal Collaborative Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash and Lessons Learned
* Monitoring Global Croplands with Coarse Resolution Earth Observations: The Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) Project
* Monitoring Water-Related Ecosystems with Earth Observation Data in Support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 Reporting
* Multimodal Impact Analysis of an Airside Catastrophic Event: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash
* Network Flow Approach to Battery Electric Bus Scheduling, A
* Non-intrusive automated measurement of dairy cow body condition using 3D video
* Optimization of stereo disparity estimation using the instantaneous frequency
* Pattern-selective color image fusion
* Photoface database, The
* Real Time Tracking of Moving Objects with an Active Camera
* Real-Time Video Georegistration
* Sample-Based Forest Monitoring Strategy Using Landsat, AVHRR and MODIS Data to Estimate Gross Forest Cover Loss in Malaysia between 1990 and 2005, A
* Wheat Yield Forecasting for Punjab Province from Vegetation Index Time Series and Historic Crop Statistics
Includes: Hansen, M. Hansen, M.[Mark] Hansen, M.[Matthew] Hansen, M.[Michael]
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Hansen, M.A.E.[Michael A.E.] Co Author Listing * State Estimation of the Performance of Gravity Tables Using Multispectral Image Analysis

Hansen, M.C.[Matthew C.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Global Forest Change Datasets for National Forest Monitoring and Reporting, An
* Demonstration of Percent Tree Cover Mapping Using Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and Sensitivity with Respect to Landsat ARD Processing Level
* Evaluating Landsat and RapidEye Data for Winter Wheat Mapping and Area Estimation in Punjab, Pakistan
* Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Global Land Cover and Land Cover Change Mapping
* Landsat ETM+ and SRTM Data Provide Near Real-Time Monitoring of Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) Habitats in Africa
* Using Multi-Resolution Satellite Data to Quantify Land Dynamics: Applications of PlanetScope Imagery for Cropland and Tree-Cover Loss Area Estimation

Hansen, M.E.[Michael Edberg] Co Author Listing * Color-Based Image Retrieval from High-Similarity Image Databases
* comparison of dimension reduction methods with application to multi-spectral images of sand used in concrete, A
* Density-based retrieval from high-similarity image databases
Includes: Hansen, M.E.[Michael Edberg] Hansen, M.E.[Michael E.]

Hansen, M.F.[Mark F.] Co Author Listing * 3D face reconstructions from photometric stereo using near infrared and visible light
* BRDF Estimation for Faces from a Sparse Dataset Using a Neural Network
* Coupled Shape Model Segmentation in Pig Carcasses
* Diffeomorphic Statistical Deformation Models
* Efficient Hyperelastic Regularization for Registration
* Elastic appearance models
* Performance Evaluation of Parametric Bias Field Correction
* Sparse Similarity-Based Fisherfaces
* Surface-to-Surface Registration Using Level Sets
Includes: Hansen, M.F.[Mark F.] Hansen, M.F.[Mads Fogtmann] Hansen, M.F.[Mads F.] Hansen, M.F.
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Hansen, M.S. Co Author Listing * Accelerating the Nonequispaced Fast Fourier Transform on Commodity Graphics Hardware
* Adaptive parametrization of multivariate B-splines for image registration
* Computing minimal deformations: application to construction of statistical shape models
* Detection of Connective Tissue Disorders from 3D Aortic MR Images Using Independent Component Analysis
* Diffeomorphic Statistical Deformation Models
* Efficient Hyperelastic Regularization for Registration
* On the regularization path of the support vector domain description
* Polyaffine parametrization of image registration based on geodesic flows
* Real-Time Reconstruction of Sensitivity Encoded Radial Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a Graphics Processing Unit
* Robust Pseudo-hierarchical Support Vector Clustering
* Sparse Statistical Deformation Model for the Analysis of Craniofacial Malformations in the Crouzon Mouse
Includes: Hansen, M.S. Hansen, M.S.[Michael Sass] Hansen, M.S.[Michael S.]
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Hansen, M.W.[Michael W.] Co Author Listing * email: Hansen, M.W.[Michael W.]: mhansen AT sarnoff com
* Apparatus and method for removing blank areas from real-time stabilized images by inserting background information
* Image enhancement using watershed-based maximum homogeneity filtering
* Method and apparatus for fixating a camera on a target point using image alignment
* Method and apparatus for performing mosaic based image compression
* Parallel-pipelined image processing system
* Real-time Fixation, Mosaic Construction, and Moving Object Detection from a Moving Camera
* Real-time Scene Stabilization and Mosaic Construction
* Real-time Stereo Processing, Obstacle Detection and Terrain Reconstruction from a Vehicle-mounted Moving Stereo Pair of Cameras
* Relaxation Methods for Supervised Image Segmentation
* Retrieval of Sea Surface Range Velocities From Envisat ASAR Doppler Centroid Measurements
* Super-fusion: a super-resolution method based on fusion
* System for automatically aligning images to form a mosaic image
* Video Mosaic Displays
* Watershed-Based Maximum-Homogeneity Filtering
* Watershed-driven relaxation labeling for image segmentation
Includes: Hansen, M.W.[Michael W.] Hansen, M.W.[Michael Wade] Hansen, M.W.
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Hansen, N. Co Author Listing * Infrared Thermometry to Estimate Crop Water Stress Index and Water Use of Irrigated Maize in Northeastern Colorado
* Integrated traffic management: Benefit analysis of three layered approach
* Multi-year hyperspectral remote sensing of a comprehensive set of crop foliar nutrients in cranberries
Includes: Hansen, N. Hansen, N.[Nicole]

Hansen, N.T. Co Author Listing * Amplitude test for input devices for system control in immersive virtual environment

Hansen, O. Co Author Listing * Local Symmetry Modeling in Multi-Dimensional Images

Hansen, P.[Preben] Co Author Listing * Design Eye-Tracking Augmented Reality Headset to Reduce Cognitive Load in Repetitive Parcel Scanning Task
* Fast and Accurate: Video Enhancement Using Sparse Depth
* Fuzzy J-Means: a new heuristic for fuzzy clustering
* How Was Your Day? Evaluating a Conversational Companion
* ISP4ML: The Role of Image Signal Processing in Efficient Deep Learning Vision Systems
* J-MEANS: A New Local Search Heuristic for Minimum Sum of Squares Clustering
* Online continuous stereo extrinsic parameter estimation
* Real-Time Estimation of Heart Rate in Situations Characterized by Dynamic Illumination using Remote Photoplethysmography
* Scale-Invariant Features on the Sphere
* Spherical Diffusion for Scale-Invariant Keypoint Detection in Wide-Angle Images
* Towards a Visual Perception System for Pipe Inspection: Monocular Visual Odometry
* VNS heuristic for escaping local extrema entrapment in normalized cut clustering, A
Includes: Hansen, P.[Preben] Hansen, P.[Patrick] Hansen, P.[Pierre] Hansen, P. Hansen, P.[Peter] Hansen, P.[Patrik]
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Hansen, P.C.[Per Christian] Co Author Listing * Convex Programming Approach to Anisotropic Smoothing, A
* Noise robustness of a combined phase retrieval and reconstruction method for phase-contrast tomography
* Reconstruction Of Single-Grain Orientation Distribution Functions for Crystalline Materials
* User-Friendly Simultaneous Tomographic Reconstruction and Segmentation with Class Priors

Hansen, P.W.[Per Waaben] Co Author Listing * Kernel Based Subspace Projection of Near Infrared Hyperspectral Images of Maize Kernels

Hansen, R.E. Co Author Listing * Challenges in Seafloor Imaging and Mapping With Synthetic Aperture Sonar
* Challenges of Labelling Unknown Seabed Munition Dumpsites from Acoustic and Optical Surveys: A Case Study at Skagerrak
* Radon-Transform-Based Image Noise Filter: With Applications to Multibeam Bathymetry, A
* Wideband Interferometry in Synthetic Aperture Sonar
Includes: Hansen, R.E. Hansen, R.E.[Roy Edgar]

Hansen, R.M.F.[Renee Mie Fredensborg] Co Author Listing * Classification of Sea Ice Types in the Arctic by Radar Echoes from SARAL/AltiKa
Includes: Hansen, R.M.F.[Renee Mie Fredensborg] Hansen, R.M.F.[Rene Mie Fredensborg]

Hansen, S.[Syska] Co Author Listing * Cluster tracking with Time-of-Flight cameras
* This looks More Like that: Enhancing Self-Explaining Models by Prototypical Relevance Propagation
* Urban granularities: A data structure for cognitively ergonomic route directions
* VLSI Implementation of Systolic and 3-D Cellular Architectures for Image Processing
Includes: Hansen, S.[Syska] Hansen, S.[Stine] Hansen, S.[Stefan] Hansen, S.

Hansen, S.S.[Signe Schilling] Co Author Listing * Classification of Boulders in Coastal Environments Using Random Forest Machine Learning on Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Data

Hansen, T.[Thorsten] Co Author Listing * Biologically Motivated Scheme for Robust Junction Detection, A
* Higher Order Color Mechanisms for Image Segmentation
* Multi-view Consensus CNN for 3D Facial Landmark Placement
* Reconstruction of Spectra Using Empirical Basis Functions
Includes: Hansen, T.[Thorsten] Hansen, T.[Thomas] Hansen, T.[Tina]

Hansen, T.C.[Taylor C.] Co Author Listing * Interpreting Volitional Movement Intent From Biological Signals: A Review

Hansen, T.J.[Toke Jansen] Co Author Listing * Denoising by semi-supervised kernel PCA preimaging

Hansen, T.M.[Thomas Mejer] Co Author Listing * 1D Stochastic Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data with Realistic Prior and Accounting for the Forward Modeling Error
* Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks for Seismic Facies Classification

Hanser, F. Co Author Listing * Model-based imaging of cardiac electrical excitation in humans

Hanser, K.[Karsten] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Parameter Sensitivity of 2D Time-Dependent Flow

Hansis, E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Iterative Sparse Object Reconstruction From Few Projections for 3-D Rotational Coronary Angiography

Hansley, E.E.[Earnest E.] Co Author Listing * Employing fusion of learned and handcrafted features for unconstrained ear recognition

Hanslovsky, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Conservation Tracking

Hanslow, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Automated Sensing of Wave Inundation across a Rocky Shore Platform Using a Low-Cost Camera System

Hansman, R.J. Co Author Listing * Identification, Characterization, and Prediction of Traffic Flow Patterns in Multi-Airport Systems

Hanson, A. Co Author Listing * automatic method for determining quaternion field boundaries for ball-and-socket joint limits, An
* Bidirectional Convolutional LSTM for the Detection of Violence in Videos
* HUD Training and Extended Reality Solutions
* Rethinking Common Assumptions to Mitigate Racial Bias in Face Recognition Datasets
* Wetland Mapping with Landsat 8 OLI, Sentinel-1, ALOS-1 PALSAR, and LiDAR Data in Southern New Brunswick, Canada
Includes: Hanson, A. Hanson, A.[Alex] Hanson, A.[Adrian] Hanson, A.[Alan]

Hanson, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Algebraically rigorous quaternion framework for the neural network pose estimation problem
* DARPA/DMA Image Understanding Testbed, The
* Design of a Prototype Interactive Cartographic Display and Analysis Environment
* Extracting Generic Shapes Using Model-Driven Optimization
* Framework for Exploring High-Dimensional Geometry, A
* Haptic Exploration of Mathematical Knots
* Hyperquadrics: Smoothly Deformable Shapes with Convex Polyhedral Bounds
* Locating Cultural Regions in Aerial Imagery using Geometric Cues
* Multitouching the Fourth Dimension
* Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination
* Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination: Applications to Semiautomated and Automated Feature Extraction
* Objective Functions for Feature Discrimination: Theory
* Optimization Framework for Feature Extraction, An
* Overview of the SRI Cartographic Modeling Environment
* PACE: An Environment for Intelligence Analysis
* Physically Interacting with Four Dimensions
* Resegmentation Using Generic Shape: Locating General Cultural Objects
* Some Computational Strategies for Object Recognition
* Using Generic Geometric Models for Intelligent Shape Extraction
* Virtual line segment-based Hough transform
Includes: Hanson, A.J.[Andrew J.] Hanson, A.J.
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Hanson, A.R.[Allen R.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hanson, A.R.[Allen R.]: hanson AT cs umass edu
* 3D LAMP: A New Layered Panoramic Representation
* 3D Localization of Multiple Moving People by a Omnidirectional Stereo System of Cooperative Mobile Robots
* 3D Model Acquisition from Monocular Image Sequences
* 3D Object Representation and Matching with B-Splines and Surface Patches
* 3D Reconstruction Based on Homography Mapping
* Affine Trackability Aids Obstacle Detection
* Analysis of an Algorithm for Detection of Translational Motion
* Analysis of Different Robust Methods for Pose Refinement
* Application of Pose Determination Techniques to Model Extension and Refinement
* Applying Multiframe Reconstruction to Pose Estimation
* Architecture for Reactive Behavior, An
* architecture for reactive behaviour, An
* Ascender II: A Framework for Reconstruction of Scenes from Aerial Images
* Ascender II: A Visual Framework for 3D Reconstruction
* Ascender System: Automated Site Modeling from Multiple Aerial Images, The
* AURA: An Architecture for Vision-Based Robot Navigation
* Authors' Reply
* Automatic Calibration and Visual Servoing for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Calibration for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Extraction of Buildings and Terrain from Aerial Images
* Automatic Geo-Correction of Video Mosaics for Environmental Monitoring
* Automatic In Situ Identification of Plankton
* Automatic resource allocation in a distributed camera network
* Automatic Sign Detection and Recognition in Natural Scenes
* Background modeling using adaptive pixelwise kernel variances in a hybrid feature space
* Background subtraction: separating the modeling and the inference
* Between Regions and Objects: Surfaces and Volumes
* Building Reconstruction from Optical and Range Images
* Coherent Motion Segmentation in Moving Camera Videos Using Optical Flow Orientations
* Comparative Results of Some Motion Algorithms on Real Image Sequences
* Compariative Studies of 3-D Textural Features and Their Reliability in Terrain Classification
* Comparing Pixel- and Object-Based Approaches for Classifying Multispectral Drone Imagery of a Salt Marsh Restoration and Reference Site
* Computer Vision Research at the University of Massachusetts: Themes and Progress
* Computer Vision Systems
* Context in word recognition
* Context-aware search using cooperative agents in a smart environment
* Contextual Postprocessing System for Error Correction Using Binary N-Grams, A
* Control in a 3D Reconstruction System using Selective Perception
* Cost and Information-Driven Algorithm Selection for Vision Systems
* Daedalus Battlefield Visualization System
* DARPA Image Understanding Benchmark for Parallel Computers, The
* Decision making and uncertainty management in a 3D reconstruction system
* Depth from Looming Structure
* Description and Interpretation of Rotational Motion from Image Trajectories
* Description and Reconstruction from Image Trajectories of Rotational Motion
* Design of a Semanitcally Directed Vision Processor
* Determining Correspondences and Rigid Motion of 3D Point Sets with Missing Data
* discriminative semi-Markov model for robust scene text recognition, A
* Dynamic mutual calibration and view planning for cooperative mobile robots with panoramic virtual stereo vision
* efficient method for geo-referenced video mosaicing for environmental monitoring, An
* Error characterization of Parallel Perspective Stereo Mosaics
* Example of Learning in Knowledge-directed Vision, An
* Executing Reactive Behavior for Autonomous Navigation
* Experiments in Autonomous Navigation
* Experiments in Schema-Driven Interpretation of a Natural Scene
* Extracting Salient Image Features for Reliable Matching Using Outlier Detection Techniques
* Extracting Salient Image Features Using Outlier Detection Techniques
* Extracting Straight Lines
* Extracting Surface Textures and Microstructures from Multiple Aerial Images
* Fast Construction of Dynamic and Multi-Resolution 360-degree Panorama
* Fast construction of dynamic and multi-resolution 360 panoramas from video sequences
* Fast Extraction of Ellipses
* Fast Lexicon-Based Scene Text Recognition with Sparse Belief Propagation
* From Image Measurements to Object Hypotheses
* Generalized parallel-perspective stereo mosaics from airborne video
* Geometric Grouping of Straight Lines
* Geometrical Modeling and Real-Time Vision Applications of a Panoramic Annular Lens (PAL) Camera System
* Goal-Directed Control of Low Level Processes for Image Interpretation
* Hierarchical Approach to Sign Recognition, A
* Hierarchical Knowledge-Directed Object Extraction using a Combined Region and Line Representation
* Iconic and Symbolic Processing Using a Content Addressable Array Parallel Processor
* Identification and 3D Description of Shallow Environmental Structure in a Sequence of Images
* Image Description and 3-D Reconstruction from Image Trajectories of Rotational Motion
* Image Interpretation by Distributed Cooperative Processes
* Image Understanding Architecture, The
* Image Understanding Architecture: Exploiting Potential Parallelism in Machine Vision
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Improvements in Joint Domain-Range Modeling for Background Subtraction
* Information Fusion Problem and Rule Based Hypothesis Applied to Complex Aggregations of Image Events, The
* Integrated Understanding Benchmark: Recognition of a 2 1/2 D MOBILE, An
* ISR2: User's Guide
* ISR3: A Token Database for Integration of Visual Modules
* ISR3: Communication and Data Storage for an Unmanned Ground Vehicle
* ISR: A Database for Symbolic Processing in Computer Vision
* IU Parallel Processing Benchmark
* Knowledge-Directed Vision: Control, Learning, and Integration
* LAMP: 3D layered, adaptive-resolution, and multi-perspective panorama: A new scene representation
* Landmark-Based Navigation and the Acquisition of Environmental Models
* Landmark-Based Navigation-Model Extension and Refinement
* Learning Blackboard-Based Scheduling Algorithms for Computer Vision
* Learning Knowledge-Directed Visual Strategies
* Model Building in the Visions System
* Model Extension and Refinement Using Landmarks
* Model Matching and Extension for Automated 3D Site Modeling
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Mosaic generation for under vehicle inspection
* Mosaic-Based 3D Scene Representation and Rendering
* Obstacle Detection Based on Partial 3D Reconstruction
* Obstacle Detection Based on Qualitative and Quantitative 3D Reconstruction
* Overview of Architecture Research for Image Understanding at the University of Massachusetts, An
* Panoramic Virtual Stereo Vision of Cooperative Mobile Robots for Localizing 3D Moving Objects
* Parallel-Perspective Stereo Mosaics
* Parking Lot Analysis/Visualization Using Multiple Aerial Images
* Perceptual Completion of Occluded Surfaces
* Persistent Data Management for Visual Applications
* Placing Observers to Cover a Polyhedral Terrain in Polynomial Time
* Pose Refinement: Application to Model Extension and Sensitivity to Camera Parameters
* Practical Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System, A
* Preface to Workshop on Image and Video Registration
* Progress in Computer Vision at the University of Massachusetts
* Progress in Computer Vision at the University of Massachusetts (1998)
* Progress in Computer Vision at the University of Massachusetts, 1997
* Qualitative Obstacle Detection
* Recent Advances in 3D Reconstruction Techniques Using Aerial Images
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Recovering Facade Texture and Microstructure from Real-World Images
* Recovery of Building Structure from SAR and IFSAR Images
* Recursive Recovery of Three-Dimensional Scenes
* Refinement of Environmental Depth Maps over Multiple Frames
* Refining 3D Reconstructions: A Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Effect of Cross-Correlations
* Region Extraction and Description Through Planning
* Region Growing in Textured Outdoor Scenes
* Report on the Results of the DARPA Integrated Image Understanding Benchmark Exercise, A
* Robust Estimation of Camera Location and Orientation from Noisy Data Having Outliers
* Robust Methods for Estimating Pose and a Sensitivity Analysis
* Rule Based Strategies for Image Interpretation
* Scaled Euclidean 3D Reconstruction Based on Externally Uncalibrated Cameras
* Scene Reconstruction Research: Towards an Automatic System
* Scene Text Recognition Using Similarity and a Lexicon with Sparse Belief Propagation
* Schema System, The
* Segmentation of Natural Scenes
* Segmentation Processes in the VISIONS System
* Segmentation, Evaluation, and Natural Scenes
* Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms and Region Merging
* Sensitivity of the Pose Refinement Problem to Accurate Estimation of Camera Parameters
* Sign Classification using Local and Meta-Features
* Site Model Acquisition and Extension from Aerial Images
* Site Model Acquisition under the UMass RADIUS Project
* Site Modeling Using IFSAR and Electro-Optical Images
* Stealth Navigation: Planning and Behaviors
* Studies in Global and Local Histogram Guided Relaxation Algorithms
* Surface Microstructure Extraction from Multiple Aerial Images
* Surface Representation for Computer Vision, A
* Surface Texture and Microstructure Extraction from Multiple Aerial Images
* System for Automated Site Model Acquisition
* system to place observers on a polyhedral terrain in polynomial time, A
* Terms of Error Convariance Matrices and Their Effect on MFSFM, The
* Theory and Practice in Making Seamless Stereo Mosaics from Airborne Video
* Three-Dimensional Grouping and Information Fusion for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* Three-Dimensional Grouping for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Points and Lines with Unknown Correspondence across Images
* Tools and Experiments in the Knowledge-Directed Interpretation of Road Scenes
* Towards Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation
* Trackability as a Cue for Potential Obstacle Identification and 3-D Description
* Tracking, Detection and 3D Representation of Potential Obstacles Using Affine Constraints
* Translating Optical Flow into Token Matches
* Translating Optical Flow into Token Matches and Depth from Looming
* Translational Motion Algorithm Using Hierarchial Search with Smoothing, A
* Translational Motion Algorithm with Global Feature Constraints
* Triangulation without Correspondences
* Trichromatic Model of Daylight Variation
* UMass Ascender System for 3D Site Model Construction, The
* UMass Image Understanding Architecture, The
* UMass Progress in 3D Building Model Acquisition
* Understanding Noise: The Critical Role of Motion Error in Scene Reconstruction
* Use of an Evidential Based Model for Representing Knowledge and Reasoning about Images in the VISIONS System, The
* Using 3D Features to Improve Terrain Classification
* Variations in Relaxation Labeling Techniques
* Vision, Brain, and Cooperative Computation
* VISIONS Image Operating System, The
* VISIONS Image-Understanding System, The
* VISIONS: A computer System for Interpreting Scenes
* Visual Strategies for Mobile Robot Navigation
Includes: Hanson, A.R.[Allen R.] Hanson, A.R. Hanson, A.R.[Alan R.]
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Hanson, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * OpenSpace: Bringing NASA Missions to the Public
* Seeing is Worse than Believing: Reading People's Minds Better than Computer-Vision Methods Recognize Actions
Includes: Hanson, C.[Charles] Hanson, C.[Catherine]

Hanson, C.W.[Charles W.] Co Author Listing * Satellite camera image navigation

Hanson, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* modular software system for computer-aided surgery and its first application in oral implantology, A

Hanson, E. Co Author Listing * Change Detection for Update of Topographic Databases Through Multi-Level Region-Based Classification of VHR Optical and SAR Data
* Cloning Your Own Face with a Desktop Camera
* Robust and Rapid Generation of Animated Faces from Video Images: A Model-Based Modeling Approach
Includes: Hanson, E. Hanson, E.[Erik]

Hanson, E.A. Co Author Listing * PCA-based thresholding strategy for group studies of brain connectivity: with applications to resting state fMRI, A
* Segmentation-Driven Image Registration-Application to 4D DCE-MRI Recordings of the Moving Kidneys

Hanson, G.[Gordon] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Boundaries of Urban Areas in India: A Dataset for Pixel-Based Image Classification in Google Earth Engine

Hanson, J.L. Co Author Listing * Persistent Homology in Sparse Regression and Its Application to Brain Morphometry

Hanson, K.M. Co Author Listing * Gradient-based iterative image reconstruction scheme for time-resolved optical tomography
* object-oriented optimization system, An
* Tomographic reconstruction based on flexible geometric models
* Uncertainties in Bayesian geometric models
* Uncertainty Assessment for Reconstructions Based on Deformable Geometry
Includes: Hanson, K.M. Hanson, K.M.[Kenneth M.]

Hanson, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Towards Sim-to-Real Industrial Parts Classification with Synthetic Dataset

Hanson, L.E.[Linda E.] Co Author Listing * On developing and enhancing plant-level disease rating systems in real fields

Hanson, M.A. Co Author Listing * Automated method for measuring the extent of selective logging damage with airborne LiDAR data

Hanson, S.J.[Stephen Jose] Co Author Listing * Seeing is Worse than Believing: Reading People's Minds Better than Computer-Vision Methods Recognize Actions
Includes: Hanson, S.J.[Stephen Jose] Hanson, S.J.[Stephen Jos]

Hanson, S.M.[Sonya M.] Co Author Listing * Algebraically rigorous quaternion framework for the neural network pose estimation problem

Hanson, T. Co Author Listing * massively parallel implementation of fractal image compression, A

Hanson, W. Co Author Listing * Image-Directed Robotic System For Precise Orthopedic-Surgery, An

Hanson, W.A.[William A.] Co Author Listing * Wire-mesh generation from image data

Hanson, W.S.[William S.] Co Author Listing * Discovering Archaeological Cropmarks: a Hyperspectral Approach

Hanspal, H.[Harleen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Verification of Neural Networks Against LVM-Based Specifications

Hanssen, A. Co Author Listing * Shape classification of partially occluded objects using subspace detectors

Hanssen, K.H. Co Author Listing * Using Airborne Small-Footprint Laser Scanner to Assess the Quantity of Seedlings in an Uneven-Aged Spruce Forest

Hanssen, L. Co Author Listing * Ultrawideband Gated Step Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar

Hanssen, N.[Nils] Co Author Listing * Fourier Volume Rendering on the GPU Using a Split-Stream-FFT

Hanssen, R. Co Author Listing * Merging GPS and Atmospherically Corrected InSAR Data to Map 3-D Terrain Displacement Velocity
* Radar Interferometry: 20 Years of Development in Time Series Techniques and Future Perspectives
* Semi-Automated Monitoring of a Mega-Scale Beach Nourishment Using High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Satellite Data
* Three- and Four-Dimensional Topographic Measurement and Validation
Includes: Hanssen, R. Hanssen, R.[Ramon]

Hanssen, R.F. Co Author Listing * 3-D Positioning and Target Association for Medium-Resolution SAR Sensors
* Deformation Parameter Estimation in Low Coherence Areas Using a Multisatellite InSAR Approach
* Environmental Strain on Beach Environments Retrieved and Monitored by Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Fast Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection for Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* Geodetic Network Design for InSAR
* Geodetic SAR Tomography
* Impact of DEM-Assisted Coregistration on High-Resolution SAR Interferometry
* Incorporating Temporary Coherent Scatterers in Multi-Temporal InSAR Using Adaptive Temporal Subsets
* Individual Scatterer Model Learning for Satellite Interferometry
* Linking Persistent Scatterers to the Built Environment Using Ray Tracing on Urban Models
* Mapping and Quantifying the Human-Environment Interactions in Middle Egypt Using Machine Learning and Satellite Data Fusion Techniques
* Monitoring Deformation along Railway Systems Combining Multi-Temporal InSAR and LiDAR Data
* New Method for Temporal Phase Unwrapping of Persistent Scatterers InSAR Time Series, A
* Nonlinear Model for InSAR Baseline Error
* On the influence of sub-pixel position correction for PS localization accuracy and time series quality
* On the Use of Transponders as Coherent Radar Targets for SAR Interferometry
* On the value of corner reflectors and surface models in InSAR precise point positioning
* Phase Estimation for Distributed Scatterers in InSAR Stacks Using Integer Least Squares Estimation
* Probabilistic Approach for InSAR Time-Series Postprocessing, A
* Sand Dune Dynamics Exploiting a Fully Automatic Method Using Satellite SAR Data
* Sensitivity of Near-Infrared Permanent Laser Scanning Intensity for Retrieving Soil Moisture on a Coastal Beach: Calibration Procedure Using In Situ Data
* Small Reflectors for Ground Motion Monitoring With InSAR
* Sugarcane Productivity Mapping through C-Band and L-Band SAR and Optical Satellite Imagery
* Temporal Decorrelation in L-, C-, and X-band Satellite Radar Interferometry for Pasture on Drained Peat Soils
* Temporal Filtering of InSAR Data Using Statistical Parameters From NWP Models
* Vegetation Characterization through the Use of Precipitation-Affected SAR Signals
Includes: Hanssen, R.F. Hanssen, R.F.[Ramon F.]
26 for Hanssen, R.F.

Hanssens, D. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic 1-D Inversion of Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic Data Using a Kalman Ensemble Generator

Hanssens, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Selective prediction error transmission using motion information

Hanssens, P. Co Author Listing * Close Range Photogrammetry Used for the Monitoring of Harbour Breakwaters

Hansson Sandsten, M. Co Author Listing * Scaled Reassigned Spectrogram with Perfect Localization for Estimation of Gaussian Functions, The
Includes: Hansson Sandsten, M. Hansson-Sandsten, M.

Hansson, A. Co Author Listing * Discontinuity Preserving Visual Reconstruction by Means of Potential Theory

Hansson, L.A. Co Author Listing * Calibration, positioning and tracking in a refractive and reflective scene

Hansson, M.[Mattias] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Cardiac Ultrasound Data by Bayesian Probability Maps
* Knot detection in X-ray images of wood planks using dictionary learning
* Rayleigh segmentation of the endocardium in ultrasound images

Hansson, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) for Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis: A New System Design in Medical Image Processing

Hansteen, T.H.[Thor H.] Co Author Listing * Radar Path Delay Effects in Volcanic Gas Plumes: The Case of Lscar Volcano, Northern Chile

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