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Ricca, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * Decay Assessment of Stone-Built Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of the Cosenza Cathedral Fašade (South Calabria, Italy)

Riccardi, A. Co Author Listing * Cost-Sensitive AdaBoost Algorithm for Ordinal Regression Based on Extreme Learning Machine
* Increasing Tracking Robustness for Low-complexity Real-time Reconstructions With Handheld Optical Scanners

Riccardi, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Assessing Urban Landslide Dynamics through Multi-Temporal InSAR Techniques and Slope Numerical Modeling
* complex karst dynamics of the Lisan Peninsula revealed by 25 years of DInSAR observations. Dead Sea, Jordan, The
* Do We Need a Higher Resolution? Case Study: Sentinel-1-Based Change Detection of the 2018 Hokkaido Landslides, Japan
* Feature Extraction in the North Sinai Desert Using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar: Potential Archaeological Applications
* Unsupervised Method to Detect Rock Glacier Activity by Using Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometric Coherence: A Regional-Scale Study in the Eastern European Alps, An

Riccardi, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * Multi-Component and Multi-Source Approach for Studying Land Subsidence in Deltas
* Photogrammetric 3D Model via Smartphone GNSS Sensor: Workflow, Error Estimate, and Best Practices
* Strain Pattern and Kinematics of the Canary Islands from GNSS Time Series Analysis
* Studying a Subsiding Urbanized Area from a Multidisciplinary Perspective: The Inner Sector of the Sarno Plain (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Riccardo, F.[Fabbricatore] Co Author Listing * FIANCEE: Faster Inference of Adversarial Networks via Conditional Early Exits

Ricchetti, E.[Evaristo] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Satellite Image and Ancillary Data Integration for Geological Classification
* Visible-infrared and radar imagery fusion for geological application: A new approach using DEM and sun-illumination model
Includes: Ricchetti, E.[Evaristo] Ricchetti, E.

Ricchetti, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Music and Dance Performances
* Subject Interfaces: Measuring Bodily Activation During an Emotional Experience of Music

Ricci Tersenghi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * SpaRTA Tracking Across Occlusions via Partitioning of 3D Clouds of Points
Includes: Ricci Tersenghi, F.[Federico] Ricci-Tersenghi, F.[Federico]

Ricci, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * AdaGraph: Unifying Predictive and Continuous Domain Adaptation Through Graphs
* Adaptation Framework for Head-Pose Classification in Dynamic Multi-view Scenarios, An
* Adding New Tasks to a Single Network with Weight Transformations Using Binary Masks
* Animating Arbitrary Objects via Deep Motion Transfer
* Are we Missing Confidence in Pseudo-LiDAR Methods for Monocular 3D Object Detection?
* AutoDIAL: Automatic Domain Alignment Layers
* AutoLabel: CLIP-based framework for Open-Set Video Domain Adaptation
* Automated defect detection in uniform and structured fabrics using Gabor filters and PCA
* automatic image-to-DEM alignment approach for annotating mountains pictures on a smartphone, An
* Best Sources Forward: Domain Generalization through Source-Specific Nets
* Boosting binary masks for multi-domain learning through affine transformations
* Boosting Domain Adaptation by Discovering Latent Domains
* Budget-Aware Adapters for Multi-Domain Learning
* Class-Incremental Novel Class Discovery
* Click to Move: Controlling Video Generation with Sparse Motion
* Clustered Multi-task Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Color-Depth Action Recognition
* Compositional Semantic Mix for Domain Adaptation in Point Cloud Segmentation
* ConfMix: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection via Confidence-based Mixing
* Continual Attentive Fusion for Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
* Cooperative Self-Training for Multi-Target Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* CoSMix: Compositional Semantic Mix for Domain Adaptation in 3D LiDAR Segmentation
* Cross-Paced Representation Learning With Partial Curricula for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Curriculum Graph Co-Teaching for Multi-Target Domain Adaptation
* Deep Learning for Classification and Localization of COVID-19 Markers in Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound
* Detecting anomalous events in videos by learning deep representations of appearance and motion
* Dual-Head Contrastive Domain Adaptation for Video Action Recognition
* Dynamic Partitioned Sampling For Tracking With Discriminative Features
* Earth mover's prototypes: A convex learning approach for discovering activity patterns in dynamic scenes
* Egocentric Daily Activity Recognition via Multitask Clustering
* Enhanced semantic descriptors for functional scene categorization
* Enhancing Perceptual Attributes with Bayesian Style Generation
* Evaluating Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head-Pose Classification in Interactive Environments
* Every Smile is Unique: Landmark-Guided Diverse Smile Generation
* Exploiting Sparse Representations for Robust Analysis of Noisy Complex Video Scenes
* Exploring Transfer Learning Approaches for Head Pose Classification from Multi-view Surveillance Images
* GIPSO: Geometrically Informed Propagation for Online Adaptation in 3D LiDAR Segmentation
* Graph-Based Generative Face Anonymisation with Pose Preservation
* Inferring Latent Domains for Unsupervised Deep Domain Adaptation
* Interactive Neural Painting
* It's all about habits: Exploiting multi-task clustering for activities of daily living analysis
* Joint Estimation of Human Pose and Conversational Groups from Social Scenes
* Just DIAL: DomaIn Alignment Layers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Learning Cross-Modal Deep Representations for Robust Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Deep Representations of Appearance and Motion for Anomalous Event Detection
* Learning How to Smile: Expression Video Generation With Conditional Adversarial Recurrent Nets
* Learning large margin likelihoods for realtime head pose tracking
* Learning Pedestrian Trajectories with Kernels
* Learning Personalized Models for Facial Expression Analysis and Gesture Recognition
* Learning to Cluster Under Domain Shift
* Modeling the Background for Incremental and Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Modeling the Background for Incremental Learning in Semantic Segmentation
* Monocular Depth Estimation Using Multi-Scale Continuous CRFs as Sequential Deep Networks
* Motion-supervised Co-Part Segmentation
* Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation with Adaptive Inference Graph
* Multi-frame Motion Segmentation by Combining Two-Frame Results
* Multi-Paced Dictionary Learning for cross-domain retrieval and recognition
* Multi-scale Continuous CRFs as Sequential Deep Networks for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Multi-Task Learning Framework for Head Pose Estimation under Target Motion, A
* Multi-task linear discriminant analysis for multi-view action recognition
* MultiDIAL: Domain Alignment Layers for (Multisource) Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Multimodal Emotion Recognition with Modality-Pairwise Unsupervised Contrastive Loss
* Multiple Kernel Learning framework for detecting altered fingerprints, A
* Multitask Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Action Recognition
* Neighborhood Contrastive Learning for Novel Class Discovery
* No Matter Where You Are: Flexible Graph-Guided Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head Pose Classification under Target Motion
* Noise Estimation in Digital Images Using Fuzzy Processing
* Novel Class Discovery for 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Online Continual Learning Under Extreme Memory Constraints
* Online Depth Learning Against Forgetting in Monocular Videos
* Overlap-guided Gaussian Mixture Models for Point Cloud Registration
* Playable Environments: Video Manipulation in Space and Time
* Playable Video Generation
* Probabilistic Graph Attention Network With Conditional Kernels for Pixel-Wise Prediction
* Progressive Fusion for Unsupervised Binocular Depth Estimation Using Cycled Networks
* Prototype Learning Framework Using EMD: Application to Complex Scenes Analysis, A
* Quantum Motion Segmentation
* Quantum Multi-Model Fitting
* Recognizing Daily Activities from First-Person Videos with Multi-task Clustering
* Recognizing Emotions from Abstract Paintings Using Non-Linear Matrix Completion
* Refine and Distill: Exploiting Cycle-Inconsistency and Knowledge Distillation for Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Line Operators and Support Vector Classification
* SALSA: A Novel Dataset for Multimodal Group Behavior Analysis
* Self-Adaptive Matrix Completion for Heart Rate Estimation from Face Videos under Realistic Conditions
* Self-Supervised Models are Continual Learners
* Semantic-Guided Inpainting Network for Complex Urban Scenes Manipulation
* Semi-supervised learning made simple with self-supervised clustering
* SF-UDA3D: Source-Free Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for LiDAR-Based 3D Object Detection
* Shape Consistent 2D Keypoint Estimation under Domain Shift
* Simultaneous Ground Metric Learning and Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance
* Sorting Atomic Activities for Discovering Spatio-temporal Patterns in Dynamic Scenes
* Special Issue on Generating Realistic Visual Data of Human Behavior
* Structured Attention Guided Convolutional Neural Fields for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Structured Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation
* Towards Generalization Across Depth for Monocular 3d Object Detection
* Towards Recognizing Unseen Categories in Unseen Domains
* Tracking Multiple People with Illumination Maps
* Transformer-Based Attention Networks for Continuous Pixel-Wise Prediction
* Uncertainty-Aware Contrastive Distillation for Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Uncertainty-Guided Source-Free Domain Adaptation
* Uncovering Interactions and Interactors: Joint Estimation of Head, Body Orientation and F-Formations from Surveillance Videos
* Unified Objective for Novel Class Discovery, A
* Unsupervised Adversarial Depth Estimation Using Cycled Generative Networks
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Video Transformers in Action Recognition
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Feature-Whitening and Consensus Loss
* Viewing Graph Solvability via Cycle Consistency
* Viraliency: Pooling Local Virality
Includes: Ricci, E.[Elisa] Ricci, E.
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Ricci, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Data Compression and Local Metrics for Nearest Neighbor Classification
* FUR: Understanding FUnctional Reasoning
* Location-aware music recommendation
Includes: Ricci, F.[Francesco] Ricci, F.

Ricci, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Radar Detection of Dim Moving Targets in Presence of Range Migration
* Angle of Arrival-Based Cooperative Positioning for Smart Vehicles
* Bayesian Approach to Oil Slicks Edge Detection Based on SAR Data, A
* CFAR Detection of Extended and Multiple Point-Like Targets Without Assignment of Secondary Data
* CRLB for I/Q Imbalance Estimation in FMCW Radar Receivers
* KNN-Based Radar Detector for Coherent Targets in Non-Gaussian Noise, A
* Localization Algorithm Based on V2I Communications and AOA Estimation, A
* Novel Parameter Estimation and Radar Detection Approaches for Multiple Point-Like Targets: Designs and Comparisons
* Tunable W-ABORT-Like Detector with Improved Detection vs Rejection Capabilities Trade-Off, A
Includes: Ricci, G. Ricci, G.[Giuseppe]
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Ricci, G.F.[Giovanni Francesco] Co Author Listing * Influence of Different Satellite Imagery on the Analysis of Riparian Leaf Density in a Mountain Stream

Ricci, K. Co Author Listing * fast inter-component depth modeling technique for 3D high effiency video coding, A

Ricci, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A

Ricci, P. Co Author Listing * Review on research studies and monitoring system applied to cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian sea, Central-Eastern Mediterranean Sea)

Ricci, P.C. Co Author Listing * Critical Issues And Key Points From the Survey to the Creation of The Historical Building Information Model: the Case of Santo Stefano Basilica

Ricci, P.P.[Pier Paolo] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Dam Deformations by Terrestrial Interferometric Techiques

Ricci, S. Co Author Listing * Aspects of Biodeterioration of Lapideous Submerged Artefacts: 3D Methodologies Application
* Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation
* Documentation and Monitoring of Underwater Archaeological Sites Using 3d Imaging Techniques: the Case Study of the Nymphaeum of Punta Epitaffio (Baiae, Naples)
* Learning Advisor Networks for Noisy Image Classification
Includes: Ricci, S. Ricci, S.[Stefano] Ricci, S.[Simone]

Ricci, T.[Tullio] Co Author Listing * Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UASs) Reveal the Morphological Changes at Stromboli Volcano (Italy) before, between, and after the 3 July and 28 August 2019 Paroxysmal Eruptions

Ricciardelli, E.[Elisabetta] Co Author Listing * 3D-VAR Data Assimilation of SEVIRI Radiances for the Prediction of Solar Irradiance in Italy Using WRF Solar Mesoscale Model: Preliminary Results
* Analysis of Livorno Heavy Rainfall Event: Examples of Satellite-Based Observation Techniques in Support of Numerical Weather Prediction
* Cloud Detection Neural Network Approach for the Next Generation Microwave Sounder Aboard EPS MetOp-SG A1, A
* Convective Initiation Proxies for Nowcasting Precipitation Severity Using the MSG-SEVIRI Rapid Scan
* Downscaling of Satellite OPEMW Surface Rain Intensity Data
* Fog Detection Based on Meteosat Second Generation-Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager High Resolution Visible Channel
* Improvement in Surface Solar Irradiance Estimation Using HRV/MSG Data
* Improvement of Hourly Surface Solar Irradiance Estimation Using MSG Rapid Scanning Service
* MiRTaW: An Algorithm for Atmospheric Temperature and Water Vapor Profile Estimation from ATMS Measurements Using a Random Forests Technique
* Nowcasting Surface Solar Irradiance with AMESIS via Motion Vector Fields of MSG-SEVIRI Data
* Role of Emissivity in the Detection of Arctic Night Clouds, The
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Ricciardi, L. Co Author Listing * Monitoring Large Railways Infrastructures Using Hybrid Optical Fibers Sensor Systems

Ricciardi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Context awareness in biometric systems and methods: State of the art and future scenarios
* Dynamic Facial Features for Inherently Safer Face Recognition
* Ear Recognition by means of a Rotation Invariant Descriptor
* Editorial for the special issue on implicit biometric authentication and monitoring through Internet of Biometric Things (I-BIO)
* FASHE: A FrActal Based Strategy for Head Pose Estimation
* Fast 3D Face Alignment and Improved Recognition Through Pyramidal Normal map Metric
* Fast 3D Face Recognition Based On Normal Map
* GPU Accelerated 3D Face Registration/Recognition
* Gradient boosting regression for faster Partitioned Iterated Function Systems-based head pose estimation
* HP2IFS: Head Pose estimation exploiting Partitioned Iterated Function Systems
* I-Am: Implicitly Authenticate Me: Person Authentication on Mobile Devices Through Ear Shape and Arm Gesture
* Iris recognition through machine learning techniques: A survey
* method for user-customized compensation of metamorphopsia through video see-through enabled head mounted display, A
* Multi-Modal Face Recognition by Means of Augmented Normal Map and PCA
* TIFS: A hybrid scheme integrating partitioned iterated function system and linear transforms
* Ubiquitous iris recognition by means of mobile devices
* Ultra Fast GPU Assisted Face Recognition Based on 3D Geometry and Texture Data
* Visual question answering: Which investigated applications?
Includes: Ricciardi, S.[Stefano] Ricciardi, S.
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Ricciardulli, L.[Lucrezia] Co Author Listing * Assessment of CYGNSS Wind Speed Retrievals in Tropical Cyclones
* Assessment of Saildrone Extreme Wind Measurements in Hurricane Sam Using MW Satellite Sensors
* Improving the Accuracy of the Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) Ocean Vector Winds
* Intercalibration of ASCAT Scatterometer Winds from MetOp-A, -B, and -C, for a Stable Climate Data Record
* Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds from WindSat, AMSR and SMAP: Algorithm Development and Testing
* Tropical Cyclone Winds from WindSat, AMSR2, and SMAP: Comparison with the HWRF Model

Ricciato, F. Co Author Listing * Cellular Network as a Sensor: From Mobile Phone Data to Real-Time Road Traffic Monitoring, The

Riccio, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Environmental Time Series Prediction with Missing Data by Machine Learning and Dynamics Recostruction
* New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A

Riccio, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D face recognition: A survey
* 3D Face Recognition using Normal Sphere and General Fourier Descriptor
* ALOE: Augmented Local Operator for Edge Detection
* Analytical Models for the Electromagnetic Scattering From Isolated Targets in Bistatic Configuration: Geometrical Optics Solution
* Assessment of TerraSAR-X Products with a New Feature Extraction Application: Monitoring of Cylindrical Tanks
* Asymmetric 3D/2D Processing: A Novel Approach for Face Recognition
* Automatic Template Labeling in Extensible Multiagent Biometric Systems
* Benchmarking Framework for SAR Despeckling
* BIRD: Watershed Based IRis Detection for mobile devices
* Bistatic Scattering From Anisotropic Rough Surfaces via a Closed-Form Two-Scale Model
* canonical problem in electromagnetic backscattering from buildings, A
* Closed-Form Anisotropic Polarimetric Two-Scale Model for Fast Evaluation of Sea Surface Backscattering
* Defering range/domain comparisons in fractal image compression
* Direction-Based Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels
* Ear Recognition by means of a Rotation Invariant Descriptor
* Earth Environmental Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Critical Review of Selected Applications
* Efficient Simulation of Airborne SAR Raw Data of Extended Scenes
* Efficient spotlight SAR raw signal simulation of extended scenes
* Embedding Linear Transformations in Fractal Image Coding
* Embedding Quality Measures in PIFS Fractal Coding
* Entropy in Biometric Face Template Analysis
* Entropy-Based Automatic Segmentation and Extraction of Tumors from Brain MRI Images
* Entropy-based template analysis in face biometric identification systems
* Equivalent Number of Scatterers for SAR Speckle Modeling
* Exploring a Transformer Approach for Pigment Signs Segmentation in Fundus Images
* Eye movement analysis for human authentication: a critical survey
* Face and Ear: A Bimodal Identification System
* Face authentication using speed fractal technique
* Face authentication with undercontrolled pose and illumination
* Face, Ear and Fingerprint: Designing Multibiometric Architectures
* Face: face analysis for Commercial Entities
* FARO: FAce Recognition Against Occlusions and Expression Variations
* Fine: Fractal indexing based on neighborhood estimation
* FIRME: Face and Iris Recognition for Mobile Engagement
* Flooding Water Depth Estimation With High-Resolution SAR
* Fractal dimension images from SAR images
* Fractal-Based Local Range Slope Estimation from Single SAR Image with Applications to SAR Despeckling and Topographic Mapping
* Fusion of Multi-biometric Recognition Results by Representing Score and Reliability as a Complex Number
* GANT: Gaze analysis technique for human identification
* Geometric invariants for 2D/3D face recognition
* Height Retrieval of Isolated Buildings From Single High-Resolution SAR Images
* HERO: Human Ear Recognition against Occlusions
* IDEM: Iris DEtection on Mobile Devices
* IFS Based Approach for Face Recognition, An
* Imaging of Fractal Profiles
* Improving Face Recognition in Low Quality Video Sequences: Single Frame vs Multi-frame Super-Resolution
* insight on eye biometrics, An
* Introduction to the special issue on integrating biometrics and forensics
* IS_IS: Iris Segmentation for Identification Systems
* Link Budget Analysis for GNSS-R Sea Surface Return in Arbitrary Acquisition Geometries Using BA-PTSM
* M-VIVIE: A multi-thread video indexer via identity extraction
* Mapping small reservoirs in semi-arid regions using multitemporal SAR: Methods and applications
* MEG: Multi-Expert Gender Classification from Face Images in a Demographics-Balanced Dataset
* MEG: Texture operators for multi-expert gender classification
* Mobile Iris Challenge Evaluation (MICHE)-I, biometric iris dataset and protocols
* Multi-classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images by Using a Fine-Tuning Strategy
* Multibiometric People Identification: A Self-tuning Architecture
* Multitemporal Level-1-beta Products: Definitions, Interpretation, and Applications
* NABS: Novel Approaches for Biometric Systems
* New Data Normalization Function for Multibiometric Contexts: A Case Study, A
* New Framework for SAR Multitemporal Data RGB Representation: Rationale and Products, A
* Noisy Iris Recognition Integrated Scheme
* Novel Approach for Disaster Monitoring: Fractal Models and Tools, A
* Occluded Face Recognition by Means of the IFS
* Partial Matching of Finger Vein Patterns Based on Point Sets Alignment and Directional Information
* Pol-SARAS: A Fully Polarimetric SAR Raw Signal Simulator for Extended Soil Surfaces
* Polarimetric Two-Scale Two-Component Model for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture Under Moderate Vegetation via L-Band SAR Data
* Range/Domain Approximation Error-Based Approach for Fractal Image Compression, A
* Retinal Vessels Segmentation Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* RGB SAR product exploiting multitemporal: General processing and applications
* Robust Face Recognition after Plastic Surgery Using Local Region Analysis
* Robust Face Recognition After Plastic Surgery Using Region-Based Approaches
* Robust Face Recognition for Uncontrolled Pose and Illumination Changes
* Role of Resolution in the Estimation of Fractal Dimension Maps From SAR Data, The
* SAR Imaging of Fractal Surfaces
* SAR raw signal simulation for urban structures
* SAR Sensor Trajectory Deviations: Fourier Domain Formulation and Extended Scene Simulation of Raw Signal
* Scattering-Based Nonlocal Means SAR Despeckling
* Segmentation of Pigment Signs in Fundus Images for Retinitis Pigmentosa Analysis by Using Deep Learning
* Self-tuning People Identification System from Split Face Components, A
* Self-updating Multiexpert System for Face Identification, A
* Sentinel-1 for Monitoring Reservoirs: A Performance Analysis
* Severe: Segmenting vessels in retina images
* Smartphone Based Pupillometry: An Empirical Evaluation of Accuracy and Safety
* Synthesis of Fractal Surfaces for Remote-Sensing Applications
* Synthesis, Construction, and Validation of a Fractal Surface
* TIFS: A hybrid scheme integrating partitioned iterated function system and linear transforms
* Unified Formulation of SAR Raw Signals From Extended Scenes for All Acquisition Modes With Application to Simulation, A
* Unsupervised Approach for Eye Sclera Segmentation, An
* Unsupervised Rapid Flood Mapping Using Sentinel-1 GRD SAR Images
* Urban Area Mapping Using Multitemporal SAR Images in Combination with Self-Organizing Map Clustering and Object-Based Image Analysis
* Using the Watershed Transform for Iris Detection
* Virtual special issue on advances in digital security: Biometrics and forensics
* Weighty LBP: A New Selection Strategy of LBP Codes Depending on Their Information Content
* WIRE: Watershed based iris recognition
Includes: Riccio, D.[Daniel] Riccio, D. Riccio, D.[Daniele]
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Riccio, G. Co Author Listing * Radar Imaging Through a Building Corner

Riccio, P.[Piera] Co Author Listing * Racial Bias in the Beautyverse: Evaluation of Augmented-Reality Beauty Filters

Ricciuto, D.M.[Daniel M.] Co Author Listing * Estimating crop net primary production using national inventory data and MODIS-derived parameters

Ricco, S.[Susanna] Co Author Listing * Articulated motion discovery using pairs of trajectories
* AVA: A Video Dataset of Spatio-Temporally Localized Atomic Visual Actions
* Behavior Discovery and Alignment of Articulated Object Classes from Unstructured Video
* Dense Lagrangian motion estimation with occlusions
* Discovering the Physical Parts of an Articulated Object Class from Multiple Videos
* Fingerspelling Recognition through Classification of Letter-to-Letter Transitions
* Simultaneous Compaction and Factorization of Sparse Image Motion Matrices
* Video Motion for Every Visible Point
Includes: Ricco, S.[Susanna] Ricco, S.
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Riccobene, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Context for Privacy Preserving of First Person Vision Image Sequences

Riccomini, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * Geomorphometric pattern recognition of SRTM data applied to the tectonic interpretation of the Amazonian landscape

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