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Murphey, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * Formalizing and Guaranteeing Human-Robot Interaction
* Revitalizing Optimization for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation: A Sparse Constrained Formulation

Murphey, Y. Co Author Listing * Spatial Focal Loss for Pedestrian Detection in Fisheye Imagery

Murphey, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Feature Selection: A Hybrid Statistical Approach
* Driving Maneuver Detection via Sequence Learning from Vehicle Signals and Video Images
* Driving maneuver early detection via sequence learning from vehicle signals and video images
* Dyta: an intelligent system for moving target detection
* Feature extraction for a multiple pattern classification neural network system
* Graph matching for knowledge graph alignment using edge-coloring propagation
* intelligent real-time vision system for surface defect detection, An
* Intelligent Trip Modeling for the Prediction of an Origin: Destination Traveling Speed Profile
* Joint learning dictionary and discriminative features for high dimensional data
* Joint learning sparsifying linear transformation for low-resolution image synthesis and recognition
* Multi-class pattern classification using neural networks
* Pedestrian detection by modeling local convex shape features
* real-time vehicle detection and tracking system in outdoor traffic scenes, A
* Registering real and virtual imagery
* Registering Real-Scene to Virtual Imagery Using Robust Image Features
* Statistical modeling and signal selection in multivariate time series pattern classification
* Weather Recognition Based on Edge Deterioration and Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Murphey, Y.L. Murphey, Y.L.[Yi Lu] Murphey, Y.L.[Yi L.]
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Murphy Boesch, J. Co Author Listing * B_1 Homogenization in MRI by Multilayer Coupled Coils
Includes: Murphy Boesch, J. Murphy-Boesch, J.

Murphy Chutorian, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * 3D tracking and dynamic analysis of human head movements and attentional targets
* Head Pose Estimation and Augmented Reality Tracking: An Integrated System and Evaluation for Monitoring Driver Awareness
* Head Pose Estimation in Computer Vision: A Survey
* N-tree Disjoint-Set Forests for Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
* Particle filtering with rendered models: A two pass approach to multi-object 3D tracking with the GPU
* Semi-autonomous Learning of Objects
* Shared Features for Scalable Appearance-Based Object Recognition
* Toward a Unified Probabilistic Framework for Object Recognition and Segmentation
Includes: Murphy Chutorian, E.[Erik] Murphy-Chutorian, E.[Erik] Murphy-Chutorian, E.
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Murphy Walcott, A. Co Author Listing * Clinical Application of a Semiautomatic 3D Fusion Tool Where Automatic Fusion Techniques Are Difficult to Use
Includes: Murphy Walcott, A. Murphy-Walcott, A.

Murphy, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Expanding Accurate Person Recognition to New Altitudes and Ranges: The BRIAR Dataset
* Factors Influencing Movement of the Manila Dunes and Its Impact on Establishing Non-Native Species
* nonintrusive system for behavioral analysis of children using multiple RGB+depth sensors, A
Includes: Murphy, B.[Bart] Murphy, B.[Brian] Murphy, B.[Barbara]

Murphy, B.J. Co Author Listing * Open-Loop Tracking of Rising and Setting GPS Radio-Occultation Signals From an Airborne Platform: Signal Model and Error Analysis

Murphy, C.[Conor] Co Author Listing * Application of PERSIANN Family Datasets for Hydrological Modeling, The

Murphy, C.D. Co Author Listing * Real-Time MPEG-1 Audio Coding and Decoding on a DSP Chip

Murphy, C.E.[Christian E.] Co Author Listing * Visual Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Maps
* Visual Tools For Crowdsourcing Data Validation Within The Globeland30 Geoportal
Includes: Murphy, C.E.[Christian E.] Murphy, C.E.

Murphy, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Local Label Descriptor for Example Based Semantic Image Labeling
* multi-affine model for tensor decomposition, A
Includes: Murphy, C.J.[Christopher J.] Murphy, C.J.[Chris J.]

Murphy, C.P.[Conor P.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Sankey Diagram: Design and Evaluation

Murphy, D.[Declan] Co Author Listing * Conducting Audio Files via Computer Vision
* Evaluation of Direct Volume Rendering-Based Uncertainty Visualization Techniques for 3D Scalar Data, The
* Object-Based Image Analysis for Detection of Japanese Knotweed s.l. taxa (Polygonaceae) in Wales (UK)
Includes: Murphy, D.[Declan] Murphy, D.[David] Murphy, D.

Murphy, D.J.[Darren J.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Grass Quality under Different Soil Management Scenarios Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Murphy, E.[Emilie] Co Author Listing * 30+ Year AVHRR Land Surface Reflectance Climate Data Record and Its Application to Wheat Yield Monitoring, A
* Prior Season Crop Type Masks for Winter Wheat Yield Forecasting: A US Case Study

Murphy, E.F. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Directional Variations of Land Surface Reflectance From MODIS

Murphy, E.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Microendoscopic Electrical Impedance Tomography for Margin Assessment During Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy
* Absolute Reconstructions Using Rotational Electrical Impedance Tomography for Breast Cancer Imaging
* Effect of Domain Shape Modeling and Measurement Errors on the 2-D D-Bar Method for EIT
* Novel Regularization Technique for Microendoscopic Electrical Impedance Tomography, A
* Phantom Studies of Fused-Data TREIT Using Only Biopsy-Probe Electrodes
* Toward Electrical Impedance Tomography Coupled Ultrasound Imaging for Assessing Muscle Health

Murphy, F. Co Author Listing * End-to-End Autonomous Driving Risk Analysis: A Behavioural Anomaly Detection Approach

Murphy, F.P.[Frank P.] Co Author Listing * Skin Texture Modeling

Murphy, H.J. Co Author Listing * Feature Augmentation Improves Anomalous Change Detection for Human Activity Identification in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

Murphy, J. Co Author Listing * Altruistic Prediction-Based Congestion Control for Strict Beaconing Requirements in Urban VANETs, An
* Automated Algorithm for Analysis of 2D Echocardiographic Short-Axis Images, An
* Improving the barrier of communication between healthcare professionals and their patients using a Prescription Tracking System

Murphy, J.A. Co Author Listing * Estimating Velocity of Moving Images in Television Signals
* Measuring the Speed of Moving Objects from Television Signals

Murphy, J.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Intent Prediction in Object Tracking Using Bridging Distributions
* Intelligent Interactive Displays in Vehicles with Intent Prediction: A Bayesian framework
* Intent Inference for Hand Pointing Gesture-Based Interactions in Vehicles

Murphy, J.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Registration of Multimodal Remotely Sensed Data With Global Shearlet Features
* Hyperspectral Image Clustering with Spatially-Regularized Ultrametrics
* Spatially regularized active diffusion learning for high-dimensional images
* Unsupervised Clustering and Active Learning of Hyperspectral Images With Nonlinear Diffusion
* Unsupervised Diffusion and Volume Maximization-Based Clustering of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Murphy, J.M. Murphy, J.M.[James M.]

Murphy, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Actor-Centric Relation Network
* Composing Text and Image for Image Retrieval - an Empirical Odyssey
* Context-Aware Captions from Context-Agnostic Supervision
* Deep Metric Learning via Facility Location
* Diverse Generation for Multi-Agent Sports Games
* elastix: A Toolbox for Intensity-Based Medical Image Registration
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Figure-ground segmentation using a hierarchical conditional random field
* Floors are Flat: Leveraging Semantics for Real-Time Surface Normal Prediction
* FRODO: An In-Depth Analysis of a System to Reject Outlier Samples From a Trained Neural Network
* Garden of Forking Paths: Towards Multi-Future Trajectory Prediction, The
* Generation and Comprehension of Unambiguous Object Descriptions
* Im2Calories: Towards an Automated Mobile Vision Food Diary
* Improved Image Captioning via Policy Gradient optimization of SPIDEr
* Large-Scale Object Classification Using Label Relation Graphs
* Learn2Reg: Comprehensive Multi-Task Medical Image Registration Challenge, Dataset and Evaluation in the Era of Deep Learning
* Multiscale Conditional Random Fields for Semi-supervised Labeling and Classification
* PersonLab: Person Pose Estimation and Instance Segmentation with a Bottom-Up, Part-Based, Geometric Embedding Model
* Progressive Neural Architecture Search
* Relational Action Forecasting
* Rethinking Spatiotemporal Feature Learning: Speed-Accuracy Trade-offs in Video Classification
* Speed/Accuracy Trade-Offs for Modern Convolutional Object Detectors
* Structure learning in random fields for heart motion abnormality detection
* Towards Accurate Multi-person Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Tracking Emerges by Colorizing Videos
* truth is hard to make: Validation of medical image registration, The
* VideoBERT: A Joint Model for Video and Language Representation Learning
Includes: Murphy, K.[Kevin] Murphy, K. Murphy, K.[Keelin]
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Murphy, K.A.[Kieran A.] Co Author Listing * Learning ABCs: Approximate Bijective Correspondence for isolating factors of variation with weak supervision

Murphy, K.P.[Kevin P.] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Vision System for Place and Object Recognition
* Contextual models for object detection using boosted random fields
* DeepLab: Semantic Image Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Nets, Atrous Convolution, and Fully Connected CRFs
* Detecting Events and Key Actors in Multi-person Videos
* Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Hybrid Conditional Random Field for Estimating the Underlying Ground Surface From Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Identifying players in broadcast sports videos using conditional random fields
* LabelMe: A Database and Web-Based Tool for Image Annotation
* Learning to Track and Identify Players from Broadcast Sports Videos
* non-myopic approach to visual search, A
* Object Detection and Localization Using Local and Global Features
* Probabilistic Label Relation Graphs with Ising Models
* Semantic Image Segmentation with Task-Specific Edge Detection Using CNNs and a Discriminatively Trained Domain Transform
* Shared Features for Multiclass Object Detection
* Sharing Features: Efficient Boosting Procedures for Multiclass Object Detection
* Sharing Visual Features for Multiclass and Multiview Object Detection
* Vision-Based Speaker Detection Using Bayesian Networks
* Weakly-and Semi-Supervised Learning of a Deep Convolutional Network for Semantic Image Segmentation
Includes: Murphy, K.P.[Kevin P.] Murphy, K.P.
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Murphy, L. Co Author Listing * Self-Balancing Decentralized Distributed Platform for Urban Traffic Simulation

Murphy, L.M. Co Author Listing * Linear Feature Detection and Enhancement in Noisy Images via the Radon Transform

Murphy, M. Co Author Listing * Armagh Observatory: Historic Building Information Modelling For Virtual Learning In Building Conservation
* Current State of the Art Historic Building Information Modelling
* Developing Historic Building Information Modelling Guidelines And Procedures for Architectural Heritage in Ireland
* Efficient, High-quality Image Contour Detection
* Fast L_1-SPIRiT Compressed Sensing Parallel Imaging MRI: Scalable Parallel Implementation and Clinically Feasible Runtime
* Historic Building Information Modelling: Adding Intelligence to Laser and Image Based Surveys
* Historic Building Information Modelling: Adding intelligence to laser and image based surveys of European classical architecture
* Initial Design Framework for Virtual Historic Dublin, An
* Review of 3D GIS for Use in Creating Virtual Historic Dublin, A
* Semi-Automatic Modelling of Building Fašades with Shape Grammars Using Historic Building Information Modelling
* Spatiotemporal Denoising and Clustering of fMRI Data
* Structural Simulations and Conservation Analysis: Historic Building Information Model (HBIM)
* Virtual Heritage Learning Environments
Includes: Murphy, M. Murphy, M.[Mark] Murphy, M.[Maurice]
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Murphy, M.E.[Mary E.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Frost Stress in Wheat: A Controlled Environment Hyperspectral Study on Wheat Plant Components and Implications for Multispectral Field Sensing

Murphy, M.F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of microscopy and reconstructive images for applications in medicine and biology
* Confocal microscopy segmentation using active contour based on alpha(alpha)-divergence
* formulation of a non-linear hertzian model in order to assess the mechanical strength of human cells based on data from an atomic force microscope, The
* novel technique for the restoration of atomic force microscope images enabling an approximation of AFM impulse response, A
* Segmentation of cellular structures in actin tagged fluorescence confocal microscopy images
* Statistical region based active contour using a fractional entropy descriptor: Application to nuclei cell segmentation in confocal microscopy images

Murphy, M.J.[Martin J.] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid Image Registration with Equally Weighted Assimilated Surface Constraint
* Potential for Discriminating Microphysical Processes in Numerical Weather Forecasts Using Airborne Polarimetric Radio Occultations, The
* SUPIR: Surface Uncertainty-Penalized, Non-rigid Image Registration for Pelvic CT Imaging
Includes: Murphy, M.J.[Martin J.] Murphy, M.J.[Michael J.]

Murphy, M.P.[Meg P.] Co Author Listing * Homotopy Equivalence in Finite Digital Images

Murphy, M.S. Co Author Listing * Digital Restoration of Image Degraded by General Motion Blurs

Murphy, N.[Noel] Co Author Listing * Automatic TV advertisement detection from MPEG bitstream
* Background Modelling in Infrared and Visible Spectrum Video for People Tracking
* Context-Based Arithmetic Encoding of 2D Shape Sequences
* Dialogue Sequence Detection in Movies
* Enhancing CLIP with GPT-4: Harnessing Visual Descriptions as Prompts
* News Story Segmentation in the Fischlar Video Indexing System
Includes: Murphy, N.[Noel] Murphy, N.

Murphy, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements

Murphy, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Normalised Time of Increasing Vocal Fold Contact as a Discriminator of Emotional Voice Type
* People, Projects, Organizations, and Products: Designing a Knowledge Graph to Support Multi-Stakeholder Environmental Planning and Design
* Synthesizing Vulnerability, Risk, Resilience, and Sustainability into VRRSability for Improving Geoinformation Decision Support Evaluations
Includes: Murphy, P.J.[Peter J.] Murphy, P.J.[Philip J.]

Murphy, P.K. Co Author Listing * Detection and recognition of 3D targets in panchromatic gray scale imagery using a biologically-inspired algorithm

Murphy, R. Co Author Listing * Low-cost, Ultra-high Spatial And Temporal Resolution Mapping Of Intertidal Rock Platforms
* Motion Detection from Temporally Integrated Images
* Open Problems in Computer Vision for Wilderness SAR and The Search for Patricia Wu-Murad
Includes: Murphy, R. Murphy, R.[Robin]

Murphy, R.F.[Robert F.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Acquisition and Learning of Fluorescence Microscope Data Models
* Intelligent Acquisition and Learning of Fluorescence Microscope Data Models
* Learning Generative Models of Tissue Organization with Supervised GANs
* Object Type Recognition for Automated Analysis of Protein Subcellular Location
Includes: Murphy, R.F.[Robert F.] Murphy, R.F.

Murphy, R.J. Co Author Listing * Consistency of Measurements of Wavelength Position From Hyperspectral Imagery: Use of the Ferric Iron Crystal Field Absorption at sim900 nm as an Indicator of Mineralogy
* Deblurring subject to nonnegativity constraints when known functions are present with application to object-constrained computerized tomography
* Evaluating Classification Techniques for Mapping Vertical Geology Using Field-Based Hyperspectral Sensors
* Evaluating the performance of a new classifier: the GP-OAD: A comparison with existing methods for classifying rock type and mineralogy from hyperspectral imagery
* Gaussian Processes for Estimating Wavelength Position of the Ferric Iron Crystal Field Feature at 900nm From Hyperspectral Imagery Acquired in the Short-Wave Infrared (1002-1355 nm)
* Incorporating Spatial Information and Endmember Variability Into Unmixing Analyses to Improve Abundance Estimates
* Mapping Layers of Clay in a Vertical Geological Surface Using Hyperspectral Imagery: Variability in Parameters of SWIR Absorption Features under Different Conditions of Illumination
* Mapping the distribution of ferric iron minerals on a vertical mine face using derivative analysis of hyperspectral imagery (430-970 nm)
* Novel Endmember Bundle Extraction and Clustering Approach for Capturing Spectral Variability Within Endmember Classes, A
* Novel Spectral Unmixing Method Incorporating Spectral Variability Within Endmember Classes, A
* Physics-Based Deep Learning Approach to Shadow Invariant Representations of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Pose Estimation of Known Objects During Transmission Tomographic Image Reconstruction
* Pretraining for Hyperspectral Convolutional Neural Network Classification
* Unsupervised feature learning for illumination robustness
* Unsupervised Feature-Learning for Hyperspectral Data with Autoencoders
Includes: Murphy, R.J. Murphy, R.J.[Richard J.]
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Murphy, R.R.[Robin R.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Murphy, R.R.[Robin R.]: murphy AT csee usf edu
* Autonomous Navigation in a Manufacturing Environment
* Biological and Cognitive Foundations of Intelligent Sensor Fusion
* Dempster-Shafer Theory For Sensor Fusion In Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Emergency Informatics: Using Computing to Improve Disaster Management
* Evaluation of Head Gaze Loosely Synchronized With Real-Time Synthetic Speech for Social Robots
* Final report for the DARPA/NSF interdisciplinary study on human-robot interaction
* Human-robot interaction in rescue robotics
* Human-robot interactions during the robot-assisted urban search and rescue response at the World Trade Center
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Human-Robot Interaction
* Learning to Eliminate Background Effects in Object Recognition
* On the Human-Machine Interaction of Unmanned Aerial System Mission Specialists
* Reactive Combination of Belief Over Time Using Direct Perception
* Sensing Assessment in Unknown Environments: A Survey
* Sensor and Information Fusion for Improved Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance
* Sensor Scheduling in Mobile Robots Using Incomplete Information via Min-Conflict with Happiness
* Survey of Non-facial/Non-verbal Affective Expressions for Appearance-Constrained Robots
* Teaching Image Computation in an Upper Level Elective on Robotics
Includes: Murphy, R.R.[Robin R.] Murphy, R.R.
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Murphy, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Fast, Simple, Accurate Multi-Atlas Segmentation of the Brain
* Oculus Rift Versus HTC Vive: Usability Assessment from a Teleportation Task

Murphy, S.P.[Sean P.] Co Author Listing * Broadacre Crop Yield Estimation Using Imaging Spectroscopy from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS): A Field-Based Case Study with Snap Bean
* Forecasting Table Beet Root Yield Using Spectral and Textural Features from Hyperspectral UAS Imagery
* Growth Stage Classification and Harvest Scheduling of Snap Bean Using Hyperspectral Sensing: A Greenhouse Study

Murphy, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Automated camera handoff system for figure tracking in a multiple camera system

Murphy, T.M.[Thomas M.] Co Author Listing * Face detection with a Viola-Jones based hybrid network

Murphy, X. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach to Figure Tracking using Learned Dynamic Models, A

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