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Ito, A.[Akihiko] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Anthropogenic Methane Emissions over Large Regions Based on GOSAT Observations and High Resolution Transport Modeling
* Cauchy Aperture and Perfect Reconstruction Filters for Extending Depth-of-Field from Focal Stack
* Country-Scale Analysis of Methane Emissions with a High-Resolution Inverse Model Using GOSAT and Surface Observations
* Decomposition Principle for Analyzing Region Quadtrees
* Inverse quantization of digital binary images for resolution conversion
* Lensless Imaging with Focusing Sparse Ura Masks in Long-wave Infrared and Its Application for Human Detection
* Machine-learning-based Quality-level-estimation System for Inspecting Steel Microstructures
* Mapping Paddy Fields in Japan by Using a Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series Supplemented by Sentinel-2 Images on Google Earth Engine
* Methane Emission Estimates by the Global High-Resolution Inverse Model Using National Inventories
* Simulation of Two-Dimensional One-Marker Automata by Three-Way Turing Machines, The
* Skin-Based Identification From Multispectral Image Data Using CNNs
* Space Hierarchies of Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines, Pushdown Automata and Counter Automata
* Spatiotemporal Analysis On Co2 Emissions From Households in Japan
Includes: Ito, A.[Akihiko] Ito, A.[Asami] Ito, A. Ito, A.[Atsushi] Ito, A.[Akira]
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Ito, C.[Chiaki] Co Author Listing * Character recognition equipment

Ito, E. Co Author Listing * Is Correspondence Necessary for the Perception of Structure from Motion?
* Mean Polynomial Kernel and Its Application to Vector Sequence Recognition
* Self-Calibration-Based Approach to Critical Motion Sequences of Rolling-Shutter Structure from Motion
Includes: Ito, E. Ito, E.[Eisuke]

Ito, G.[Gen] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Survey of Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex Rocks and Minerals for Planetary Analog Use

Ito, H. Co Author Listing * Age and gender estimation based on wrinkle texture and color of facial images
* Efficient Computational Architecture for a Collision Early-Warning System for Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists, An
* Multi-Class Cell Detection Using Modified Self-Attention
* Permutation-Based Signature Generation for Spread-Spectrum Video Watermarking
* Watermarking for JPEG Image Authentication Surviving Integer Rounding in Decompression
* Watermarking robust against analog vcr recording
* wavelet video coder using entropy-constrained trellis coded quantization, A
Includes: Ito, H. Ito, H.[Hiroaki] Ito, H.[Hiroshi]
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Ito, I.[Izumi] Co Author Listing * new class of image registration for guaranteeing secure data management, A

Ito, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Method with Color Reproduction from Multi-band and Multi-view Images, A
* 3D reconstruction of urban environments using in-vehicle fisheye camera
* Accurate and Robust Image Correspondence for Structure-From-Motion and its Application to Multi-View Stereo
* AdaFilter: Adaptive Filter Design with Local Image Basis Decomposition for Optimizing Image Recognition Preprocessing
* Automatic running work vehicle
* Bits Truncation Adaptive Pyramid Algorithm for Motion Estimation of MPEG2
* Character information separating apparatus for printed character reading systems
* Contactless Palm Recognition System Using Simple Active 3D Measurement with Diffraction Grating Laser, A
* Effective Approach for Iris Recognition Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Effects of Weight and Balance of Head Mounted Display on Physical Load
* Efficient Image Matching Method for Multi-View Stereo, An
* Efficient Iris Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Efficient Metropolis-Hasting Image Analysis for the Location of Vascular Entity
* Efficient Monte Carlo Image Analysis for the Location of Vascular Entity
* Extraction of Surface Orientation Using Gray Level Difference Statistics
* Face Recognition Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching
* Fast and Robust 3D Correspondence Matching and Its Application to Volume Registration
* Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and Its Application to Residential Access Controller
* Fast image inpainting using similarity of subspace method
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Combining Phase-Based Image Matching and Feature-Based Matching, A
* Fingerprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Image Matching for Low-Quality Fingerprints, A
* FPGA accelerator for PatchMatch multi-view stereo using OpenCL, An
* Generating Robust and Stable Disparity Map Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching from Stereo Video Sequence
* GPU implementation of phase-based stereo correspondence and its application
* HandSegNet: Hand segmentation using convolutional neural network for contactless palmprint recognition
* High-Accuracy Rotation Estimation Algorithm Based on 1D Phase-Only Correlation, A
* Image-based magnification calibration for electron microscope
* Interactive region segmentation for manga
* Iris Recognition System Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* Learning Dense Correspondences for Video Objects
* Medical image registration using Phase-Only Correlation for distorted dental radiographs
* non-rigid registration method for medical volume data using 3D Phase-Only Correlation, A
* Outlier and Artifact Removal Filters for Multi-View Stereo
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching, A
* Palmprint Recognition Algorithm using Phase-Based Image Matching, A
* Performance evaluation of a geometric correction method for multi-projector display using SIFT and Phase-Only Correlation
* Performance Improvement of Phase-Based Correspondence Matching for Palmprint Recognition
* Phase-Based Image Registration Algorithm for Dental Radiograph Identification, A
* Phase-Based Iris Recognition Algorithm, A
* Phase-Based Window Matching with Geometric Correction for Multi-View Stereo
* practical method to reducing metal artifact for dental CT scanners, A
* practical palmprint recognition algorithm using phase information, A
* Reconstructing occluded regions using fast weighted PCA
* Restoring occluded regions using FW-PCA for face recognition
* Scale Estimation Algorithm Using Phase-Based Correspondence Matching for Electron Microscope Images, A
* score calculation method using positional information of feature points for biometric authentication, A
* Segmenting Lung Fields in Serial Chest Radiographs Using Both Population-Based and Patient-Specific Shape Statistics
* Sequential Online 3D Reconstruction System Using Dense Stereo Matching, A
* Similarity Measure Using Local Phase Features and Its Application to Biometric Recognition
* Stereo radargrammetry using airborne SAR images without GCP
* Wide-baseline stereo matching using ASIFT and POC
Includes: Ito, K.[Koichi] Ito, K.[Keiichi] Ito, K.[Katsumi] Ito, K. Ito, K.[Koji] Ito, K.[Kodai]
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Ito, M. Co Author Listing * Book Recognition from Color Images of Book Shelves
* Gamut mapping method and apparatus
* Location-Based Infrastructure Inspection for Sabo Facilities
* Noniterative Procedure for Rapid and Precise Camera Calibration, A
* On the Properties of Morphological Skeletons of Discrete Binary Image Using Double Structuring Elements
* Range and Shape Measurement Using Three-View Stereo Analysis
* Real-Time Human Pose Estimation via Cascaded Neural Networks Embedded with Multi-task Learning
* Recovering structures and motions from mutual projection of cameras
* Rotated face recognition by manifold learning with auto-associative neural network
* three-level checkerboard pattern (TCP) projection method for curved surface measurement, A
* Water Budget Closure in the Upper Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand Using Multisource Data
Includes: Ito, M. Ito, M.[Masahiko] Ito, M.[Minoru] Ito, M.[Makiko] Ito, M.[Megumi]
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Ito, M.R. Co Author Listing * Flatness and Orientation Signature for Modeling and Matching 3D Objects
* On-line computer recognition of proposed standard ANSI(USASI) handprinted characters
* Surface Signature-Based Method for Modeling and Recognizing Free-Form Objects

Ito, M.S.[Maria Silvia] Co Author Listing * Deep Homography-Based Video Stabilization

Ito, N.[Nobuki] Co Author Listing * Effect of spatial structure on colorfulness adaptation for natural images
* Kanji recognition in scene images without detection of text fields: robust against variation of viewpoint, contrast, and background texture
* Method and apparatus for DP matching using multiple templates
* Multi-Target Track-Before-Detect Particle Filter Using Superpositional Data in Non-Gaussian Noise, A
* Object Wavelet Transform for Coding of Arbitrarily-Shaped Image Segments
* Temporal-Scalable Coding Based on Image Content
Includes: Ito, N.[Nobuki] Ito, N. Ito, N.[Nobuyasu]

Ito, R. Co Author Listing * Damage detection from aerial images via convolutional neural networks
* Method for Estimating the Number of Households In A Region From The Number of Buildings Estimated By Deep Learning with the Adjustment Of Its Number Using Ancillary Datasets: Case Study In Djakarta, A
* Newly Built Construction Detection in SAR Images Using Deep Learning
Includes: Ito, R. Ito, R.[Riho]

Ito, S. Co Author Listing * basic method for classifying humans based on an EEG analysis, A
* Bi-directional Recurrent MVSNet for High-resolution Multi-view Stereo
* Cat face detection with two heterogeneous features
* Co-occurrence Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Pedestrian Detection
* Deep Modular Network Architecture for Depth Estimation from Single Indoor Images
* Detection and Recognition of Moving Objects by Using Motion Invariants
* Image denoising using fresnel multi-resolution image analysis
* Improvement of CT Reconstruction Using Scattered X-Rays
* Improvement of spatial resolution in magnetic resonance imaging using quadratic phase modulation
* Large Margin Discriminant Hashing for Fast k-Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Learning and Transforming General Representations to Break Down Stability-plasticity Dilemma
* MR image reconstruction of a regularly undersampled signal using quadratic phase scrambling
* Multiresolution image analysis using dual fresnel transform pairs and application to medical image denoising
* Object Classification Using Heterogeneous Co-Occurrence Features
* On-line holographic reconstruction of NMR images by means of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
* Parallel image reconstruction using a single signal in magnetic resonance imaging
* Point Proposal Based Instance Segmentation with Rectangular Masks for Robot Picking Task
* Random ensemble metrics for object recognition
* Reconstructing Fukushima: A Case Study
* Seeing Farther Than Supervision: Self-supervised Depth Completion in Challenging Environments
* Sub-Daily Natural CO2 Flux Simulation Based on Satellite Data: Diurnal and Seasonal Pattern Comparisons to Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions in the Greater Tokyo Area
* Super-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Segmented Signals in Phase-Scrambling Fourier Transform Imaging and Deep Learning
* Two Co-occurrence Histogram Features Using Gradient Orientations and Local Binary Patterns for Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Ito, S. Ito, S.[Seiya] Ito, S.[Satoshi] Ito, S.[Shota]
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Ito, S.Y.[Shu Ya] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Method with Color Reproduction from Multi-band and Multi-view Images, A
Includes: Ito, S.Y.[Shu Ya] Ito, S.Y.[Shu-Ya]

Ito, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic signature verification based on the dynamic feature of pressure
* CASSOD-Net: Cascaded and Separable Structures of Dilated Convolution for Embedded Vision Systems and Applications
* Clickable real world information retrieval application based on geo-visual clustering
* coding method for high bit-depth images based on optimized bit-depth transform, A
* Color from black-and-white surveillance cameras
* Color Picture Processing by Computer
* Combination of Signature Verification Techniques by SVM
* Dense Pixel-wise Micro-motion Estimation of Object Surface by Using Low Dimensional Embedding of Laser Speckle Pattern
* Design and Performance Analysis of a Skin-Stretcher Device for Urging Head Rotation
* Direct Representation and Detection of Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Fields Using Local Differentiation Filters
* Effectiveness of a Driver Assistance System With Deceleration Control and Brake Hold Functions in Stop Sign Intersection Scenarios
* Evaluation of the Effects of a Personal Mobility Vehicle on Multiple Pedestrians Using Personal Space
* Improvement on depth resolution and reduction of Poisson noise in coded aperture emission CT
* Omnidirectional Vision Sensor for In-vehicle Image Processing Applications, The
* Predicting driver operations inside vehicles
* Random phase-free computer holography
* Similarity Measure Between Patterns with Nonindependent Attributes, A
* Super-resolved 3D reconstruction for parking assistance using projective transformation
* Towards Color Picture Processing
* Unified Approach to Video Face Detection, Tracking and Recognition, A
* Vehicles detection using sensor fusion
Includes: Ito, T. Ito, T.[Tadayuki] Ito, T.[Takashi] Ito, T.[Takeshi] Ito, T.[Tadashi] Ito, T.[Takahiro] Ito, T.[Takahide] Ito, T.[Takuma] Ito, T.[Toshio] Ito, T.[Takafumi] Ito, T.[Tomoyoshi] Ito, T.[Takayuki]
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Ito, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Data-Dependent Higher-Order Clique Selection for Artery-Vein Segmentation by Energy Minimization
* Intruding object monitoring method and intruding object monitoring system
* Method and apparatus for automatically detecting intrusion object into view of image pickup device
* Method and system monitoring video image by updating template image
* Method for tracking entering object and apparatus for tracking and monitoring entering object
* Method of distinguishing a moving object and apparatus of tracking and monitoring a moving object
* Psoas Major Muscle Segmentation Using Higher-Order Shape Prior
* Robust Active Shape Model Using AdaBoosted Histogram Classifiers and Shape Parameter Optimization
* Shape Parameter Optimization for AdaBoosted Active Shape Model
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Ito, Y.[Yoshiki] Co Author Listing * Accurate Estimation of Personalized Video Preference Using Multiple Users' Viewing Behavior
* Coordination of Connected Vehicles on Merging Roads Using Pseudo-Perturbation-Based Broadcast Control
* Data Updating Methods for Spatial Data Infrastructure That Maintain Infrastructure Quality and Enable Its Sustainable Operation
* Delivery method for viewer-specific privacy protected video using discrete wavelet transform
* Depth-Estimation-Free Condition for Projective Factorization and Its Application to 3D Reconstruction
* Detecting Interesting Events Using Unsupervised Density Ratio Estimation
* Detection of eyes by circular Hough transform and histogram of gradient
* Development And Evaluation Of Science And Technology Education Program Using Interferometric SAR
* Development and Evaluation of Technology Education Using Earth Observation Technique
* discrete wavelet transform based recoverable image processing for privacy protection, A
* Discussion About Effective Ways Of Basic Resident Register on GIS, A
* Efficient and Accurate Skeleton-Based Two-Person Interaction Recognition Using Inter-and Intra-Body Graphs
* Event-based Bispectral Photometry using Temporally Modulated Illumination
* Face Shape Reconstruction from Image Sequence Taken with Monocular Camera using Shape Database
* Free-Viewpoint Image Synthesis from Multiple-View Images Taken with Uncalibrated Moving Cameras
* Optimal Implementation of the Approximate String Matching on the Hierarchical Memory Machine, with Performance Evaluation on the GPU, An
* Privacy protecting visual processing for secure video surveillance
* Rabin-Karp Implementation for Handling Multiple Pattern-Matching on the GPU, A
* Tablet owner authentication based on behavioral characteristics of multi-touch actions
Includes: Ito, Y.[Yoshiki] Ito, Y. Ito, Y.[Yoshimichi] Ito, Y.[Yuichi] Ito, Y.[Yasutaka] Ito, Y.[Yutaka] Ito, Y.[Yuzuha] Ito, Y.[Yosuke] Ito, Y.[Yasuaki]
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Ito, Y.C.[Yui Chi] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
Includes: Ito, Y.C.[Yui Chi] Ito, Y.C.[Yui-Chi]

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