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Chua, B.C. Co Author Listing * Virtual Space Editing of Tagged MRI Heart Data

Chua, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Hand Pose Retrieval from a Single 2d Image

Chua, C.S.[Chin Seng] Co Author Listing * email: Chua, C.S.[Chin Seng]: cschua AT trantor dso gov sg
* 3D Free-Form Surface Registration and Object Recognition
* 3D human face recognition using point signature
* Bilateral learning for color-based tracking
* Cost effective window arrangement for spatial pyramid matching
* extension of min/max flow framework, An
* Face Recognition From 2D And 3D Images
* Face recognition from 2D and 3D images using 3D Gabor filters
* Facial feature detection and face recognition from 2D and 3D images
* GVF-Based Anisotropic Diffusion Models
* Hand posture estimation from 2D monocular image
* Image Anisotropic Diffusion Based on Gradient Vector Flow Fields
* Image Level Fusion Method for Multimodal 2D + 3D Face Recognition
* Image representation for object recognition: Utilizing overlapping windows in Spatial Pyramid Matching
* Integrated 2D and 3D images for face recognition
* Model-based 3D hand posture estimation from a single 2D image
* Motion Detection From Time-varied Background
* Motion detection with nonstationary background
* Multi-Agent Activity Recognition Using Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Model
* Multi-Agent Activity Recognition Using Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Models
* PCA-based image recombination for multimodal 2D + 3D face recognition
* Point Signatures: A New Representation for 3D Object Recognition
* Real-Time Object Tracking from Corners
* Recombination of 2D and 3D Images for Multimodal 2D + 3D Face Recognition
* Rejection of mismatched correspondences along the affine epipolar line
* Rejection of Non-meaningful Activities
* Rejection of non-meaningful activities for HMM-based activity recognition system
* Robust face recognition from 2D and 3D images using structural Hausdorff distance
* Statistical background modeling for non-stationary camera
* Transductive inference for color-based particle filter tracking
* Transductive local exploration particle filter for object tracking
Includes: Chua, C.S.[Chin Seng] Chua, C.S. Chua, C.S.[Chin-Seng]
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Chua, F.F.[Fang Fang] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Hybrid Recommender System for Internet Protocol Television, An
Includes: Chua, F.F.[Fang Fang] Chua, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Chua, G.G.[Gim Guan] Co Author Listing * Immersive VR System for Sports Education, An
* Robust hand tracking using a skin tone and depth joint probability model
Includes: Chua, G.G.[Gim Guan] Chua, G.G.

Chua, H.C.[Hock Chuan] Co Author Listing * BER Formulation for the Blind Retrieval of MPEG Video Watermark
* Detection and Removal of Rainbow Effect Artifacts
* Improved bit rate control for real-time mpeg watermarking
* New Collusion Attack and Its Performance Evaluation, A
Includes: Chua, H.C.[Hock Chuan] Chua, H.C.[Hock-Chuan]

Chua, J.[Jeroen] Co Author Listing * Learning structural element patch models with hierarchical palettes

Chua, J.J.[Joselito J.] Co Author Listing * Blood Vessel Segmentation from Color Retinal Images using Unsupervised Texture Classification
* Focusing the Normalised Information Distance on the Relevant Information Content for Image Similarity

Chua, J.L.[Jia Luen] Co Author Listing * simple vision-based fall detection technique for indoor video surveillance, A
Includes: Chua, J.L.[Jia Luen] Chua, J.L.[Jia-Luen]

Chua, K.B. Co Author Listing * fast and stable approach for restoration of warped document images, A

Chua, K.K.[Kah Keong] Co Author Listing * High Dimensional Origin Destination Calibration Using Metamodel Assisted Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation

Chua, K.S. Co Author Listing * DSP-based system for real-time video communications
* Efficient computations for large least square support vector machine classifiers
Includes: Chua, K.S. Chua, K.S.[Kok Seng]

Chua, L.O. Co Author Listing * New Results and Measurements Related to Some Tasks in Object-Oriented Dynamic Image-Coding Using GNN Universal Chips

Chua, M.C.H.[Matthew Chin Heng] Co Author Listing * BiRA-Net: Bilinear Attention Net for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading

Chua, M.Y.[Ming Yam] Co Author Listing * Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Assessment for Urban Areas Using Post-Event PolSAR Data

Chua, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Image Multi-Thresholding to Characterise the Mechanical Stability of Rubber Latex Concentrate

Chua, T. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Attention Network for Visually-Aware Food Recommendation
* Hyperbolic Visual Embedding Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
* More is Better: Precise and Detailed Image Captioning Using Online Positive Recall and Missing Concepts Mining
* Predicting Personalized Image Emotion Perceptions in Social Networks
* SESS: Self-Ensembling Semi-Supervised 3D Object Detection

Chua, T.S.[Tat Seng] Co Author Listing * Active learning approach to interactive spatio-temporal news video retrieval
* Adaptive Image Content Representation and Segmentation Approach to Automatic Image Annotation, An
* Adaptive multiple feedback strategies for interactive video search
* Affective Image Content Analysis: Two Decades Review and New Perspectives
* aMM: Towards adaptive ranking of multi-modal documents
* Are Binary Annotations Sufficient? Video Moment Retrieval via Hierarchical Uncertainty-based Active Learning
* Automatic image annotation via local multi-label classification
* Automatic Person Annotation of Family Photo Album
* Bayesian Learning of Hierarchical Multinomial Mixture Models of Concepts for Automatic Image Annotation
* Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information
* Camera Constraint-Free View-Based 3-D Object Retrieval
* Conditional Hyper-Network for Blind Super-Resolution With Multiple Degradations
* Contrastive Video Question Answering via Video Graph Transformer
* Crowd Knowledge Enhanced Multimodal Conversational Assistant in Travel Domain
* Deep Fusion of Multiple Semantic Cues for Complex Event Recognition
* Deep Learning Generic Features for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Detecting Group Activities With Multi-Camera Context
* Discovering Latent Discriminative Patterns for Multi-Mode Event Representation
* Efficient Mining of Multiple Partial Near-Duplicate Alignments by Temporal Network
* Enhancing Video Event Recognition Using Automatically Constructed Semantic-Visual Knowledge Base
* Entity Slot Filling for Visual Captioning
* Event Driven Web Video Summarization by Tag Localization and Key-Shot Identification
* Exploiting Web Images for Semantic Video Indexing Via Robust Sample-Specific Loss
* Exploring large scale data for multimedia QA: an initial study
* Eye Fixation Database for Saliency Detection in Images, An
* Face Alignment with Unified Subspace Optimization of Active Statistical Models
* Few-shot 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Filtering of Brand-Related Microblogs Using Social-Smooth Multiview Embedding
* Fine-Grained Scene Graph Generation with Data Transfer
* Food Photo Recognition for Dietary Tracking: System and Experiment
* Fractional scaling of image and video in DCT domain
* Hierarchical spatio-temporal context modeling for action recognition
* Hierarchical User Intent Graph Network for Multimedia Recommendation
* Hybrid Approach for Detecting Prerequisite Relations in Multi-Modal Food Recipes, A
* Image Annotation by Graph-Based Inference With Integrated Multiple/Single Instance Representations
* Interactive Video Indexing With Statistical Active Learning
* Invariant Grounding for Video Question Answering
* Joint Content Replication and Request Routing for Social Video Distribution Over Cloud CDN: A Community Clustering Method
* Learning content-social influential features for influence analysis
* Learning Image and User Features for Recommendation in Social Networks
* Learning reconfigurable hashing for diverse semantics
* Leveraging Multiple Relations for Fashion Trend Forecasting Based on Social Media
* Localized Multiple Kernel Learning for Realistic Human Action Recognition in Videos
* Locally regressive G-optimal design for image retrieval
* Markovian mixture face recognition with discriminative face alignment
* Matryoshka Peek: Toward Learning Fine-Grained, Robust, Discriminative Features for Product Search
* Mental Visual Browsing
* Meta-Transfer Learning for Few-Shot Learning
* Meta-Transfer Learning Through Hard Tasks
* Mixed Dish Recognition With Contextual Relation and Domain Alignment
* Modeling Instant User Intent and Content-Level Transition for Sequential Fashion Recommendation
* Morphable Face Reconstruction with Multiple Images
* Movie2Comics: Towards a Lively Video Content Presentation
* Multi-label visual classification with label exclusive context
* Multi-view Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks for Compositional 3D-Aware Image Synthesis
* Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
* Multimedia Summarization for Social Events in Microblog Stream
* NExT-QA: Next Phase of Question-Answering to Explaining Temporal Actions
* NUS-WIDE: a real-world web image database from National University of Singapore
* On Video Recommendation over Social Network
* Online Collaborative Learning for Open-Vocabulary Visual Classifiers
* Personalized Latent Structure Learning for Recommendation
* Probabilistic optimized ranking for multimedia semantic concept detection via RVM
* PS2-Net: A Locally and Globally Aware Network for Point-Based Semantic Segmentation
* Question Answering over Community-Contributed Web Videos
* Real-Time Multimedia Social Event Detection in Microblog
* Reinforced Causal Explainer for Graph Neural Networks
* Rethinking Summarization and Storytelling for Modern Social Multimedia
* revisit of Generative Model for Automatic Image Annotation using Markov Random Fields, A
* Robust (Semi) Nonnegative Graph Embedding
* Robust Non-negative Graph Embedding: Towards noisy data, unreliable graphs, and noisy labels
* SCA-CNN: Spatial and Channel-Wise Attention in Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning
* Self-Supervised Learning for Multimedia Recommendation
* Semantic context modeling with maximal margin Conditional Random Fields for automatic image annotation
* Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics
* Semantic-Gap-Oriented Active Learning for Multilabel Image Annotation
* ShotTagger: tag location for internet videos
* Smart Ambient Sound Analysis via Structured Statistical Modeling
* Sparse Ensemble Learning for Concept Detection
* Special issue on deep learning in image and video retrieval
* State Graph Reasoning for Multimodal Conversational Recommendation
* Study of Multi-Task and Region-Wise Deep Learning for Food Ingredient Recognition, A
* Tour the world: Building a web-scale landmark recognition engine
* Toward a higher-level visual representation for object-based image retrieval
* Toward Multiscreen Social TV with Geolocation-Aware Social Sense
* Unsupervised Video Action Clustering via Motion-Scene Interaction Constraint
* use of temporal, semantic and visual partitioning model for efficient near-duplicate keyframe detection in large scale news corpus, The
* Utilizing Related Samples to Enhance Interactive Concept-Based Video Search
* Utilizing related samples to learn complex queries in interactive concept-based video search
* Variational Cross-Graph Reasoning and Adaptive Structured Semantics Learning for Compositional Temporal Grounding
* Venue Prediction for Social Images by Exploiting Rich Temporal Patterns in LBSNs
* Video Browser Showdown by NUS
* Video Graph Transformer for Video Question Answering
* Video Moment Retrieval With Cross-Modal Neural Architecture Search
* Video Retrieval Using High Level Features: Exploiting Query Matching and Confidence-Based Weighting
* VideoWhisper: Toward Discriminative Unsupervised Video Feature Learning With Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks
* VisionGo: bridging users and multimedia video retrieval
* VisionGo: towards true interactivity
* Visual Relation Grounding in Videos
* Visual Synset: Towards a higher-level visual representation
* Visual Translation Embedding Network for Visual Relation Detection
Includes: Chua, T.S.[Tat Seng] Chua, T.S.[Tat-Seng] Chua, T.S.
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Chua, T.W.[Teck Wee] Co Author Listing * Adaptive texture-color based background subtraction for video surveillance
* Hierarchical Audio-Visual Surveillance for Passenger Elevators
* Near-Duplicate keyframe identification based on color and affine invariant features
* Novel Human Action Representation via Convolution of Shape-Motion Histograms, A
* Real-time smoke detection using texture and color features
* Shadow optimization from structured deep edge detection
* Video stabilization based on high degree B-spline smoothing
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Chua, X.L.[Xing Lun] Co Author Listing * Effects of facial alignment for age estimation

Chua, Z. Co Author Listing * Geographic Information System for Drought Risk Mapping In Australia - Drought Risk Analyser Web App

Chua, Z.K. Co Author Listing * Effects of Multivantage Point Systems on the Teleoperation of Spacecraft Docking

Chua, Z.W.[Zhi Weng] Co Author Listing * Building Capacity for a User-Centred Integrated Early Warning System for Drought in Papua New Guinea
* Comparison of Various Correction and Blending Techniques for Creating an Improved Satellite-Gauge Rainfall Dataset over Australia, A
* Drought Detection over Papua New Guinea Using Satellite-Derived Products
* Evaluating Satellite Soil Moisture Datasets for Drought Monitoring in Australia and the South-West Pacific
* Evaluation of Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Australia
* Evaluation of Satellite Precipitation Estimates over the South West Pacific Region
* Triple Collocation Analysis of Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Australia
* Two-Step Approach to Blending GSMaP Satellite Rainfall Estimates with Gauge Observations over Australia, A
Includes: Chua, Z.W.[Zhi Weng] Chua, Z.W.[Zhi-Weng]
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Chuah, C.N.[Chen Nee] Co Author Listing * Deterministic structured network coding for WWAN video broadcast with cooperative peer-to-peer repair
* Joint Semi-supervised and Active Learning for Segmentation of Gigapixel Pathology Images with Cost-Effective Labeling
* Joint server/peer receiver-driven rate-distortion optimized video streaming using asynchronous clocks
* Predicting ASD diagnosis in children with synthetic and image-based eye gaze data
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Joint Source/Channel Coding of WWAN Multicast Video for a Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Collective
* SaR: Self-adaptive Refinement on Pseudo Labels for Multiclass-Imbalanced Semi-supervised Learning
* Security Vulnerabilities and Protection Algorithms for Backpressure-Based Traffic Signal Control at an Isolated Intersection
Includes: Chuah, C.N.[Chen Nee] Chuah, C.N.[Chen-Nee] Chuah, C.N.
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Chuah, C.S.[Cheng Soon] Co Author Listing * adaptive image interpolation algorithm for image/video processing, An
Includes: Chuah, C.S.[Cheng Soon] Chuah, C.S.[Cheng-Soon]

Chuah, H.T.[Hean Teik] Co Author Listing * Dense Medium Microwave Backscattering Model for the Remote Sensing of Oil Palm, A

Chuah, J.H. Co Author Listing * COMIC: Toward A Compact Image Captioning Model With Attention
* End-to-End Supermask Pruning: Learning to Prune Image Captioning Models
* High-density impulse noise detection and removal using deep convolutional neural network with particle swarm optimisation
* Hyper-parameters optimisation of deep CNN architecture for vehicle logo recognition
* Image noise types recognition using convolutional neural network with principal components analysis
* PCANet-Based Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for a Vehicle Model Recognition System
* Research on Road Environmental Sense Method of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Tracking Check
* Spatial-Temporal Neural Network for Rice Field Classification from SAR Images
* Vehicle logo recognition using whitening transformation and deep learning
* YOLO-RTUAV: Towards Real-Time Vehicle Detection through Aerial Images with Low-Cost Edge Devices
Includes: Chuah, J.H. Chuah, J.H.[Joon Huang]
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Chuah, K.M.[Kee Man] Co Author Listing * ViSTREET: An Educational Virtual Environment for the Teaching of Road Safety Skills to School Students

Chuah, M.C.[Mooi Choo] Co Author Listing * Category-Blind Human Action Recognition: A Practical Recognition System
* DAC: Data-Free Automatic Acceleration of Convolutional Networks
* Online Visual Tracking Using Temporally Coherent Part Cluster
* ReHAR: Robust and Efficient Human Activity Recognition
* Robustness of Trajectory Prediction Models Under Map-Based Attacks
* SBGAR: Semantics Based Group Activity Recognition
* UCTNet: Uncertainty-Aware Cross-Modal Transformer Network for Indoor RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
* Weakly-Supervised Object Representation Learning for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Chuah, M.C.[Mooi Choo] Chuah, M.C.
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Chuah, S. Co Author Listing * L_2 Optimized Predictive Image Coding With L_inf Bound

Chuah, S.P.[Seong Ping] Co Author Listing * Bandwidth efficient mobile cloud gaming with layered coding and scalable phong lighting
* Channel Access Allocation for Scalable Video Transmission Over Contention-Based Wireless Networks
* Complexity-scalable video coding and power-rate-distortion modeling forwireless video chat applications
* efficient multicast algorithm for the scalable extension of H.264/AVC over IEEE 802.11 WLANs, An
* Energy Minimization for Wireless Video Transmissions With Deadline and Reliability Constraints
* Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Multicast of Scalable Video Over Wireless Networks
* Energy-minimized wireless video transmissions via sharing of retransmission limits
* Information-theoretic analysis of Blinn-Phong lighting with applicationto mobile cloud gaming
* Layered Coding for Mobile Cloud Gaming Using Scalable Blinn-Phong Lighting
* Rate and Power Allocation for Joint Coding and Transmission in Wireless Video Chat Applications
Includes: Chuah, S.P.[Seong Ping] Chuah, S.P.[Seong-Ping]
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Chuah, T.C.[Teong Chee] Co Author Listing * Robust Quality-Scalable Transmission of JPEG2000 Images over Wireless Channels Using LDPC Codes
* Turbo equalisation in non-Gaussian impulsive noise
Includes: Chuah, T.C.[Teong Chee] Chuah, T.C.

Chuah, T.K.[Tong Kuan] Co Author Listing * Bone Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images by Gradient Vector Flow Active Contour with Atlas Based Centroid Forces
* Differentiating Healthy Cartilage and Damaged Cartilage Using Magnetic Resonance Images in a Quantitative Manner

Chuah, W.Q.[Wei Qin] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Incorporation of Planar Constraints for Robust Stereo Depth Estimation in Autonomous Vehicle Applications
* Information-Theoretic Method to Automatic Shortcut Avoidance and Domain Generalization for Dense Prediction Tasks, An
* ITSA: An Information-Theoretic Approach to Automatic Shortcut Avoidance and Domain Generalization in Stereo Matching Networks
* Semantic Guided Long Range Stereo Depth Estimation for Safer Autonomous Vehicle Applications
Includes: Chuah, W.Q.[Wei Qin] Chuah, W.Q.[Wei-Qin]

Chuai, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Cellular QoE Prediction for Video Service Based on Causal Structure Learning
* DIC-ST: A Hybrid Prediction Framework Based on Causal Structure Learning for Cellular Traffic and Its Application in Urban Computing
* Urban Area Characterization and Structure Analysis: A Combined Data-Driven Approach by Remote Sensing Information and Spatial-Temporal Wireless Data

Chuai, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Trends of Atmospheric CH4 Concentration across China from 2002 to 2016
Includes: Chuai, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Chuai, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Chuan, C. Co Author Listing * Effective Color Image Segmentation Method for Handling Images under Uneven Illumination, An

Chuan, C.H.[Ching Hua] Co Author Listing * Audio Properties of Perceived Boundaries in Music
* Harmonic style-based song retrieval using N-gram
Includes: Chuan, C.H.[Ching Hua] Chuan, C.H.[Ching-Hua]

Chuan, Y.Y.[Yeo Ye] Co Author Listing * Scene Parsing and Fusion-Based Continuous Traversable Region Formation

Chuang, B.I.[Bo I] Co Author Listing * Framework Design for Multiplayer Motion Sensing Game in Mixture Reality
Includes: Chuang, B.I.[Bo I] Chuang, B.I.[Bo-I]

Chuang, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Photorealistic Training Data for Detection of Industrial Components
* Particle filter with occlusion handling for visual tracking

Chuang, C.C. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Weighted Support Vector Regression With a Fuzzy Partition
* Generalized Face Anti-Spoofing via Multi-Task Learning and One-Side Meta Triplet Loss
* New interleaved hierarchical interpolation with median-based interpolators for progressive image transmission
* Noise Suppression by Minima Controlled Recursive Averaging for SSVEP-Based BCIs With Single Channel
* Resolving Copycat Problems in Visual Imitation Learning via Residual Action Prediction
* Video Compression by Mean-Corrected Motion Compensation of Partial Quadtrees
* Weighted Threshold Secret Image Sharing
* When to use what feature? SIFT, SURF, ORB, or A-KAZE features for monocular visual odometry
Includes: Chuang, C.C. Chuang, C.C.[Chu-Chun] Chuang, C.C.[Chun Cheong] Chuang, C.C.[Chia-Chi] Chuang, C.C.[Chun-Chieh]
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Chuang, C.F.[Chao Fa] Co Author Listing * Automatic extraction of head and face boundaries and facial features
* modified regulated morphological corner detector, A
* Recognizing facial action units using independent component analysis and support vector machine
Includes: Chuang, C.F.[Chao Fa] Chuang, C.F.[Chao-Fa]

Chuang, C.H.[Chi Hung] Co Author Listing * Aircraft type recognition in satellite images
* Carried Object Detection Using Ratio Histogram and its Application to Suspicious Event Analysis
* Cartoon animation and morphing by using the wavelet curve descriptor
* Computation-aware fast motion estimation for H.264/AVC using image indexing
* Downstream Algorithm Based on Extended Gradient Vector Flow Field for Object Segmentation, A
* Driving Performance Forecasting System Based on Brain Dynamic State Analysis Using 4-D Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Dynamic Subspace Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Handheld object detection and its related event analysis using ratio histogram and mixture of HMMs
* Human movement analysis around a view circle using time-order similarity distributions
* MDPrePost-Net: A Spatial-Spectral-Temporal Fully Convolutional Network for Mapping of Mangrove Degradation Affected by Hurricane Irma 2017 Using Sentinel-2 Data
* Model-based approach to spatial-temporal sampling of video clips for video object detection by classification
* Modeling and recognizing action contexts in persons using sparse representation
* Monocular multi-human detection using Augmented Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Novel aircraft type recognition with learning capabilities in satellite images
* Occluded human action analysis using dynamic manifold model
* Optical Video Cryptosystem with Adaptive Steganography, An
* Radar High-Resolution Range Profile Ship Recognition Using Two-Channel Convolutional Neural Networks Concatenated with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory
* Region Growing Based on Extended Gradient Vector Flow Field Model for Multiple Objects Segmentation
* Road sign detection using eigen colour
* Segmentation of Human Body Parts Using Deformable Triangulation
* Vehicle licence plate recognition using super-resolution technique
Includes: Chuang, C.H.[Chi Hung] Chuang, C.H.[Chi-Hung] Chuang, C.H. Chuang, C.H.[Chun-Hsiung] Chuang, C.H.[Chi-Han] Chuang, C.H.[Chun-Hsiang] Chuang, C.H.[Cheng-Hsiung] Chuang, C.H.[Cheng-Hung]
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Chuang, C.L. Co Author Listing * Mathematical-morphology-based edge detectors for detection of thin edges in low-contrast regions
* Robust multiple objects tracking using image segmentation and trajectory estimation scheme in video frames
Includes: Chuang, C.L. Chuang, C.L.[Cheng-Long]

Chuang, C.P. Co Author Listing * Two-Stage Dynamic Deformation for Construction of 3D Models

Chuang, C.T. Co Author Listing * efficient knowledge-based stroke extraction method for multi-font chinese characters, An
* Heuristic Algorithm for the Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters, A
* High Voltage Driving Chiplet in Standard 0.18-Ám CMOS for Micro-Pixelated LED Displays Integrated With LTPS TFTs, A
* Reversible Shared Data Hiding Based on Modified Signed Digit EMD
Includes: Chuang, C.T. Chuang, C.T.[Chin-Tang] Chuang, C.T.[Chen-Tsun]

Chuang, C.W.[Chih Wei] Co Author Listing * Application of High-Resolution Radar Rain Data to the Predictive Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility under Climate Change in the Laonong Watershed, Taiwan
Includes: Chuang, C.W.[Chih Wei] Chuang, C.W.[Chih-Wei]

Chuang, C.Y.[Chen Yu] Co Author Listing * Design optimization of a global/local tone mapping processor on arm SOC platform for real-time high dynamic range video
* HDR Deghosting Using Motion-Registration-Free Fusion in the Luminance Gradient Domain
* integrated temporal error concealment for H.264/AVC based on spatial evaluation criteria, An
* Learning to Act Properly: Predicting and Explaining Affordances from Images
* Robust Contrastive Learning against Noisy Views
* Show, Adapt and Tell: Adversarial Training of Cross-Domain Image Captioner
Includes: Chuang, C.Y.[Chen Yu] Chuang, C.Y.[Chen-Yu] Chuang, C.Y. Chuang, C.Y.[Chih-Yao] Chuang, C.Y.[Ching-Yao]

Chuang, D.B. Co Author Listing * Regularity-Preserving Image Interpolation

Chuang, E.R.[E Ren] Co Author Listing * X(2) Test for Feature Detection
Includes: Chuang, E.R.[E Ren] Chuang, E.R.[E-Ren]

Chuang, G.[Galen] Co Author Listing * Jointly Discovering Visual Objects and Spoken Words from Raw Sensory Input

Chuang, G.C.H. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Descriptor of Planar Curves: Theory and Applications

Chuang, H.C. Co Author Listing * Two-Pass Bi-Directional Optical Flow Via Motion Vector Refinement

Chuang, H.C.A.[Hsiao Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * automated segmentation for nickel-based superalloy, An
* Objective evaluation for segmentation of microscope images of materials
* Rate Estimation Techniques for Encoder Parallelization
* Texture Classification in Microstructure Images of Advanced Materials
Includes: Chuang, H.C.A.[Hsiao Chi Ang] Chuang, H.C.A.[Hsiao-Chi-Ang]

Chuang, H.J.[Hui Ju] Co Author Listing * Learning spatial weighting for facial expression analysis via constrained quadratic programming
* Learning spatial weighting via quadratic programming for facial expression analysis
Includes: Chuang, H.J.[Hui Ju] Chuang, H.J.[Hui-Ju]

Chuang, H.M.[Huan Ming] Co Author Listing * Closing the Skill Gap of Cloud CRM Application Services in Cloud Computing for Evaluating Big Data Solutions
* Design and Implementation of Efficient Video Stabilization Engine Using Maximum a Posteriori Estimation and Motion Energy Smoothing Approach
Includes: Chuang, H.M.[Huan Ming] Chuang, H.M.[Huan-Ming] Chuang, H.M.

Chuang, H.Y.H. Co Author Listing * frame-level FSBM motion estimation architecture with large search range, A

Chuang, I.[Ironhead] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2023 Quality Assessment of Video Enhancement Challenge

Chuang, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Epipolar Curves
* Deep Learning-Based Obstacle Detection and Depth Estimation
* Fully Automatic Camera Calibration for Principal Point Using Flat Monitors
* Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Images Using Vanishing Point Transformation and Deep Learning
* Topological Planning with Transformers for Vision-and-Language Navigation
Includes: Chuang, J. Chuang, J.[Jo]

Chuang, J.C.[Jun Chou] Co Author Listing * adaptive image authentication scheme for vector quantization compressed image, An
* Hiding data in multitone images for data communications
* image intellectual property protection scheme for gray-level images using visual secret sharing strategy, An
* Retrieving digital images from a JPEG compressed image database
* Video transcoding for resilience in wireless channels
Includes: Chuang, J.C.[Jun Chou] Chuang, J.C.[Jun-Chou] Chuang, J.C.

Chuang, J.C.I.[Justin C.I.] Co Author Listing * Mobile image transmission using combined source and channel coding with low complexity concealment

Chuang, J.H.[Jen Hui] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Vanishing Point-Based Line Sampling Scheme for Real-Time People Localization
* Automatic Chromosome Classification Using Medial Axis Approximation and Band Profile Similarity
* Camera self-calibration from tracking of moving persons
* Chromosome classification based on the band profile similarity along approximate medial axis
* Determination of Feature Correspondences in Stereo Images Using a Calibration Polygon
* Direct Energy Minimization for Super-Resolution on Nonlinear Manifolds
* Efficient calibration for multi-plane homography using a laser level
* efficient probabilistic occupancy map-based people localization approach, An
* Fire synthesis using basis fires and design
* Geometry-Based Camera Calibration Using Closed-Form Solution of Principal Line
* geometry-based error estimation for cross-ratios, A
* Human activity analysis based on a torso-less representation
* Identity verification by relative 3-D structure using multiple facial images
* Improving local learning for object categorization by exploring the effects of ranking
* Incorporating texture information into region-based unsupervised image segmentation using textural superpixels
* Investigating Size Personalization for More Accurate Eye Tracking Glasses
* MI3: Multi-intensity infrared illumination video database
* New application of MV- and 3D-HEVC for multi-intensity illuminated infrared video coding
* novel egocentric pointing system based on smart glasses, A
* Obtaining Base Edge Correspondence in Stereo Images via Quantitative Measures Along C-Diagonals
* Pattern-Based Inter-/Extra-Polation Approach for Image Scaling, A
* Point MixSwap: Attentional Point Cloud Mixing via Swapping Matched Structural Divisions
* Potential Based Modeling of 2-D Regions Using Nonuniform Source Distributions
* Potential-Based Approach for Shape-Matching and Recognition, A
* Practical Error Analysis of Cross-Ratio-Based Planar Localization
* Probabilistic Modeling of Dynamic Traffic Flow across Non-overlapping Camera Views
* probabilistic SVM approach for background scene initialization, A
* Real-time Monocular Depth Estimation with Extremely Light-Weight Neural Network
* Recognizing jump patterns with physics-based validation in human moving trajectory
* Regularized Background Adaptation: A Novel Learning Rate Control Scheme for Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Self-calibration with varying focal length from two images obtained by a camera with small rotation and general translation
* Self-calibration with varying focal length from two images obtained by a stereo head
* Shape Representation Using a Generalized Potential-Field Model
* Skeletonization of Three-Dimensional Object Using Generalized Potential Field
* Using Fisheye Camera for Cost-Effective Multi-View People Localization
* Vanishing Point-Based Image Transforms for Enhancement of Probabilistic Occupancy Map-Based People Localization
* Vanishing point-based line sampling for efficient axis-based people localization
* Vanishing Point-based Line Sampling for Real-time People Localization
* View-invariant measure of line correspondence and its application in people localization
Includes: Chuang, J.H.[Jen Hui] Chuang, J.H.[Jen-Hui] Chuang, J.H. Chuang, J.H.[Jung-Hong]
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Chuang, K. Co Author Listing * Binary Descriptor Based Nonparametric Background Modeling for Foreground Extraction by Using Detection Theory
* Heuristic Approach to Handwritten Numeral Recognition

Chuang, K.C.A.[Kuo Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * Image compression using finite-state vector quantization with derailment compensation
Includes: Chuang, K.C.A.[Kuo Chi Ang] Chuang, K.C.A.[Kuo-Chi-Ang]

Chuang, K.H.[Kai Hsiang] Co Author Listing * Model-free functional MRI analysis using Kohonen clustering neural network and fuzzy C-means
* Robust Automatic Rodent Brain Extraction Using 3-D Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks (PCNN)
Includes: Chuang, K.H.[Kai Hsiang] Chuang, K.H.[Kai-Hsiang] Chuang, K.H.

Chuang, K.S. Co Author Listing * Novel Two-Compartment Model for Calculating Bone Volume Fractions and Bone Mineral Densities From Computed Tomography Images, A
* three-dimensional registration method for automated fusion of micro PET-CT-SPECT whole-body images, A
Includes: Chuang, K.S. Chuang, K.S.[Keh-Shih]

Chuang, K.T.[Kun Ta] Co Author Listing * Lane detection in surveillance videos using vector-based hierarchy clustering and density verification
* Modeling and recognizing action contexts in persons using sparse representation
Includes: Chuang, K.T.[Kun Ta] Chuang, K.T.[Kun-Ta] Chuang, K.T.[Kai-Ting]

Chuang, K.W.[Kai Wen] Co Author Listing * outdoor time scenes simulation scheme based on support vector regression with radial basis function on DCT domain, An
Includes: Chuang, K.W.[Kai Wen] Chuang, K.W.[Kai-Wen]

Chuang, L.A.[Li An] Co Author Listing * Integrating Appearance and Edge Features for Sedan Vehicle Detection in the Blind-Spot Area
Includes: Chuang, L.A.[Li An] Chuang, L.A.[Li-An]

Chuang, L.C.[Li Chung] Co Author Listing * VR Sickness Assessment with Perception Prior and Hybrid Temporal Features
Includes: Chuang, L.C.[Li Chung] Chuang, L.C.[Li-Chung]

Chuang, L.L.[Lewis L.] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Cues Increase Situational Awareness in Accident Situations: A VR Car-Driving Study
* How do image complexity, task demands and looking biases influence human gaze behavior?
Includes: Chuang, L.L.[Lewis L.] Chuang, L.L.

Chuang, L.Z.H.[Laurence Zsu Hsin] Co Author Listing * Applying an Adaptive Signal Identification Method to Improve Vessel Echo Detection and Tracking for SeaSonde HF Radar
* Bathymetry Determination Based on Abundant Wavenumbers Estimated from the Local Phase Gradient of X-Band Radar Images
* Observations of Surface Currents and Tidal Variability Off of Northeastern Taiwan from Shore-Based High Frequency Radar
Includes: Chuang, L.Z.H.[Laurence Zsu Hsin] Chuang, L.Z.H.[Laurence Zsu-Hsin]

Chuang, M.C.[Meng Che] Co Author Listing * Automatic fish segmentation via double local thresholding for trawl-based underwater camera systems
* Estimating Gaze Direction of Vehicle Drivers Using a Smartphone Camera
* Feature Learning and Object Recognition Framework for Underwater Fish Images, A
* Point Pattern Representation Using Imprecise, Incomplete, Nonmetric Information
* Recognizing live fish species by hierarchical partial classification based on the exponential benefit
* Supervised and Unsupervised Feature Extraction Methods for Underwater Fish Species Recognition
* Tracking Live Fish From Low-Contrast and Low-Frame-Rate Stereo Videos
* Underwater Fish Tracking for Moving Cameras Based on Deformable Multiple Kernels
Includes: Chuang, M.C.[Meng Che] Chuang, M.C.[Meng-Che] Chuang, M.C.
8 for Chuang, M.C.

Chuang, M.T.[Ming Tung] Co Author Listing * Potential Approach for Single-Peak Extinction Fitting of Aerosol Profiles Based on In Situ Measurements for the Improvement of Surface PM2.5 Retrieval from Satellite AOD Product
Includes: Chuang, M.T.[Ming Tung] Chuang, M.T.[Ming-Tung]

Chuang, R.Y.[Ray Y.] Co Author Listing * Coherence Difference Analysis of Sentinel-1 SAR Interferogram to Identify Earthquake-Induced Disasters in Urban Areas
* Morphological Analysis of Landslides In Extreme Topography By UAS-SFM: Data Acquisition, 3d Models and Change Detection
Includes: Chuang, R.Y.[Ray Y.] Chuang, R.Y.

Chuang, S.C.[Shu Cheng] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Front-Vehicle Detection in Large Vehicle Fleet Management
* Image Classification and Indexing by EM Based Multiple-Instance Learning
* Memory Efficient Hierarchical Lookup Tables for Mass Arbitrary-Side Growing Huffman Trees Decoding
* Unseen Visible Watermarking
Includes: Chuang, S.C.[Shu Cheng] Chuang, S.C.[Shu-Cheng] Chuang, S.C.[Shun C.] Chuang, S.C. Chuang, S.C.[Shang-Chih]

Chuang, S.J.[Shang Ju] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Window-Based Constrained Energy Minimization for Detection of Newly Grown Tree Leaves
* Power Load Forecasting Using Neural Canonical Correlates
* Unequal Priority Arrangement for Delivering Streaming Videos over Differentiated Service Networks
* Vein recognition based on minutiae features in the dorsal venous network of the hand
* Weighted Background Suppression Target Detection Using Sparse Image Enhancement Technique for Newly Grown Tree Leaves
Includes: Chuang, S.J.[Shang Ju] Chuang, S.J.[Shang-Ju] Chuang, S.J. Chuang, S.J.[Shih-Jung] Chuang, S.J.[Shang-Jen]

Chuang, S.T.[Su Ta] Co Author Listing * 1D-based defect detection in patterned TFT-LCD panels using characteristic fractal dimension and correlations
Includes: Chuang, S.T.[Su Ta] Chuang, S.T.[Su-Ta]

Chuang, S.Y.[Shiue Yuan] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
Includes: Chuang, S.Y.[Shiue Yuan] Chuang, S.Y.[Shiue-Yuan]

Chuang, T. Co Author Listing * VVC Proposal With Quaternary Tree Plus Binary-Ternary Tree Coding Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques, A

Chuang, T.C.[Thomas C.] Co Author Listing * Efficient multi-resolution histogram matching for fast image/video retrieval
* Palmprint verification using hierarchical decomposition

Chuang, T.D.[Tzu Der] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* Efficient Architecture Design of Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering/Motion Compensated Prediction Engine
* Improved palette index map coding on HEVC SCC
* Palette mode: A new coding tool in screen content coding extensions of HEVC
* Quantization and Entropy Coding in the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard
Includes: Chuang, T.D.[Tzu Der] Chuang, T.D.[Tzu-Der] Chuang, T.D.

Chuang, T.H.[Tieh Hung] Co Author Listing * SB-VQA: A Stack-Based Video Quality Assessment Framework for Video Enhancement
Includes: Chuang, T.H.[Tieh Hung] Chuang, T.H.[Tieh-Hung]

Chuang, T.J. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm for Lossless Still Image Compression, A
* New Approach to Image Encryption

Chuang, T.R.[Tyng Ruey] Co Author Listing * Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
Includes: Chuang, T.R.[Tyng Ruey] Chuang, T.R.[Tyng-Ruey]

Chuang, T.Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Feature-based Matching by RSTG Approach
* Feature-Based Registration of Ground-Based LIDAR Point Clouds
* Fully Automated Image Orientation in the Absence of Targets
* Geometric Recognition of Moving Objects in Monocular Rotating Imagery Using Faster R-CNN
* Hybrid-based Dense Stereo Matching
* Learning and SLAM based Decision Support Platform for Sewer Inspection
* Multi-Feature Registration of Point Clouds
* On the effectiveness of feature-based lidar point cloud registration
* Relative Pose Estimation Using Image Feature Triplets
Includes: Chuang, T.Y. Chuang, T.Y.[Tzu-Yi]
9 for Chuang, T.Y.

Chuang, W.H. Co Author Listing * Effective Palette Indexing for Image Compression Using Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
* Evaluating the quality of individual SIFT features
* Exploring compression effects for improved source camera identification using strongly compressed video
* low-complexity palette re-indexing technique based on sampling-swapping, A
* Performance impact of ordinal ranking on content fingerprinting
Includes: Chuang, W.H. Chuang, W.H.[Wei-Hong]

Chuang, Y. Co Author Listing * 2.5D Approach to 360 Panorama Video Stabilization, A
* Deep Co-Saliency Detection via Stacked Autoencoder-Enabled Fusion and Self-Trained CNNs
* Deep Photo Enhancer: Unpaired Learning for Image Enhancement from Photographs with GANs
* Generating a Perspective Image from a Panoramic Image by the Swung-to-Cylinder Projection
* Learning to See Through Obstructions
* Low-Cost Portable Polycamera for Stereoscopic 360░ Imaging, A
* Single-Image HDR Reconstruction by Learning to Reverse the Camera Pipeline
* Tool for Stereoscopic Parameter Setting Based on Geometric Perceived Depth Percentage, A
* Toward Crowdsourcing-Based Road Pavement Monitoring by Mobile Sensing Technologies
* Weakly Supervised Salient Object Detection by Learning A Classifier-Driven Map Generator
10 for Chuang, Y.

Chuang, Y.C.[Yung Chung] Co Author Listing * Interoperability Study of Data Preprocessing for Deep Learning and High-Resolution Aerial Photographs for Forest and Vegetation Type Identification
* Yield Estimation of Paddy Rice Based on Satellite Imagery: Comparison of Global and Local Regression Models
Includes: Chuang, Y.C.[Yung Chung] Chuang, Y.C.[Yung-Chung]

Chuang, Y.C.A.[Yu Chi Ang] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of Mura defect in TFT-LCD based on regression diagnostics
Includes: Chuang, Y.C.A.[Yu Chi Ang] Chuang, Y.C.A.[Yu-Chi-Ang]

Chuang, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Matrix-Based DCT Splitter/Merger for MPEG-2-to-AVC/H.264 Transform Kernel Conversion, An

Chuang, Y.L.[Yue Long] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based panoptic segmentation: Recent advances and perspectives
* Hierarchical bag-of-features for hand posture recognition
* Isophote Based Center-Surround Contrast Computation for Image Saliency Detection
Includes: Chuang, Y.L.[Yue Long] Chuang, Y.L.[Yue-Long]

Chuang, Y.S.[Yung Sung] Co Author Listing * Visual Language Pretrained Multiple Instance Zero-Shot Transfer for Histopathology Images
Includes: Chuang, Y.S.[Yung Sung] Chuang, Y.S.[Yung-Sung]

Chuang, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Autofocus of Iris Patterns Using a Triangle Aperture
* Effective Palette Indexing for Image Compression Using Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
* Efficient and Accurate Method for the Relaxation of Multiview Registration Error, An

Chuang, Y.Y.[Yung Yu] Co Author Listing * 360MVSNet: Deep Multi-view Stereo Network with 360░ Images for Indoor Scene Reconstruction
* Accumulated Stability Voting: A Robust Descriptor from Descriptors of Multiple Scales
* Affinity aggregation for spectral clustering
* Animating pictures with stochastic motion textures
* Association and Temporal Rule Mining for Post-Filtering of Semantic Concept Detection in Video
* Augmented Multiple Instance Regression for Inferring Object Contours in Bounding Boxes
* Bayesian Approach to Digital Matting, A
* BEDSR-Net: A Deep Shadow Removal Network From a Single Document Image
* Blur kernel estimation using normalized color-line priors
* collaborative benchmark for region of interest detection algorithms, A
* Content-Aware Display Adaptation and Interactive Editing for Stereoscopic Images
* Cross-Domain Multicue Fusion for Concept-Based Video Indexing
* Deep Co-occurrence Feature Learning for Visual Object Recognition
* DeepCD: Learning Deep Complementary Descriptors for Patch Representations
* DeepCO3: Deep Instance Co-Segmentation by Co-Peak Search and Co-Saliency Detection
* Domain-specific Mappings for Generative Adversarial Style Transfer
* Exploring the power of lightweight YOLOv4
* FSA-Net: Learning Fine-Grained Structure Aggregation for Head Pose Estimation From a Single Image
* High dynamic range image reconstruction from hand-held cameras
* Hybrid Neural Fusion for Full-frame Video Stabilization
* Illumination-Adaptive Person Re-Identification
* Learning to Reduce Dual-Level Discrepancy for Infrared-Visible Person Re-Identification
* Learning to See Through Obstructions With Layered Decomposition
* line-structure-preserving approach to image resizing, A
* MIL-Derived Transformer for Weakly Supervised Point Cloud Segmentation, An
* Natural Image Stitching with the Global Similarity Prior
* NeighborTrack: Single Object Tracking by Bipartite Matching with Neighbor Tracklets and Its Applications to Sports
* Non-local Sparse Model for Intrinsic Images, A
* Physically Plausible Animation of Human Upper Body from a Single Image
* Point MixSwap: Attentional Point Cloud Mixing via Swapping Matched Structural Divisions
* Polarimetric Camera Calibration Using an LCD Monitor
* Rectangling Stereographic Projection for Wide-Angle Image Visualization
* Robust Dynamic Radiance Fields
* Robust image alignment with multiple feature descriptors and matching-guided neighborhoods
* Scene warping: Layer-based stereoscopic image resizing
* Semantic Analysis for Automatic Event Recognition and Segmentation of Wedding Ceremony Videos
* Shape-Preserving Half-Projective Warps for Image Stitching
* Soft Ranking Threshold Losses for Image Retrieval
* Spatially-Varying Image Warps for Scene Alignment
* Target-Driven Moire Pattern Synthesis by Phase Modulation
* Unsupervised CNN-Based Co-saliency Detection with Graphical Optimization
* Unsupervised Point Cloud Object Co-segmentation by Co-contrastive Learning and Mutual Attention Sampling
* Video Stabilization Using Robust Feature Trajectories
Includes: Chuang, Y.Y.[Yung Yu] Chuang, Y.Y.[Yung-Yu] Chuang, Y.Y.
43 for Chuang, Y.Y.

Chuang, Y.Z. Co Author Listing * Hardware Implementation of a Fast and Efficient Haze Removal Method

Chuang, Z.J. Co Author Listing * Movement Epenthesis Generation Using NURBS-Based Spatial Interpolation

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