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Theobald, B.J. Co Author Listing * 2.5D Visual Speech Synthesis Using Appearance Models
* Evaluating Error Functions for Robust Active Appearance Models
* Expressive Modulation of Neutral Visual Speech
* REALM: Robust Entropy Adaptive Loss Minimization for Improved Single-Sample Test-Time Adaptation
* Resolution limits on visual speech recognition
* Robust Facial Feature Tracking Using Selected Multi-resolution Linear Predictors
* Towards a low bandwidth talking face using appearance models
* Visual units and confusion modelling for automatic lip-reading
* Which Phoneme-to-Viseme Maps Best Improve Visual-Only Computer Lip-Reading?
Includes: Theobald, B.J. Theobald, B.J.[Barry-John]
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Theobald, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * General-Purpose Spatial Survey Design for Collaborative Science and Monitoring of Global Environmental Change: The Global Grid, A
* Mapping essential urban land use categories with open big data: Results for five metropolitan areas in the United States of America

Theobald, E.J.[Elli J.] Co Author Listing * Detecting Montane Flowering Phenology with CubeSat Imagery

Theobald, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Match Graph Construction for Large Image Databases

Theobald, M.R.[Mark R.] Co Author Listing * Study of the Effect of Different Atmospheric Conditions on the Temporal Evolution of the Mixing Layer over Madrid during the Year 2020 by Means of Two Different Methods: Ceilometer Signals and the ECMWF-IFS Meteorological Model

Theobalt, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Theobalt, C.[Christian]: theobalt AT mpi-inf mpg de
* 3-D Time-Varying Scene Capture Technologies: A Survey
* 3D Semantic Parameterization for Human Shape Modeling: Application to 3D Animation
* 3D shape scanning with a time-of-flight camera
* Accelerated Gravitational Point Set Alignment With Altered Physical Laws
* Adaptive Surface Normal Constraint for Depth Estimation
* Adiabatic Quantum Graph Matching with Permutation Matrix Constraints
* Algorithms for 3D Shape Scanning with a Depth Camera
* Automatic Face Reenactment
* Automatic Learning of Articulated Skeletons from 3D Marker Trajectories
* Background Inpainting for Videos with Dynamic Objects and a Free-Moving Camera
* Batch-based Model Registration for Fast 3D Sherd Reconstruction
* BEHAVE: Dataset and Method for Tracking Human Object Interactions
* Building statistical shape spaces for 3D human modeling
* BungeeNeRF: Progressive Neural Radiance Field for Extreme Multi-scale Scene Rendering
* CCuantuMM: Cycle-Consistent Quantum-Hybrid Matching of Multiple Shapes
* Combining 2d Feature Tracking And Volume Reconstruction For Online Video-based Human Motion Capture
* Combining Implicit Function Learning and Parametric Models for 3d Human Reconstruction
* Context-Guided Diffusion for Label Propagation on Graphs
* Contrast-Use Metrics for Tone Mapping Images
* Convex Optimisation for Inverse Kinematics
* Convex Relaxation for Multi-Graph Matching, A
* Curvature-Aware Regularization on Riemannian Submanifolds
* data-driven approach for real-time full body pose reconstruction from a depth camera, A
* Deep Physics-aware Inference of Cloth Deformation for Monocular Human Performance Capture
* DeepCap: Monocular Human Performance Capture Using Weak Supervision
* DeepDeform: Learning Non-Rigid RGB-D Reconstruction With Semi-Supervised Data
* Deeper Analysis of Volumetric Relightable Faces, A
* Deeper Look into DeepCap, A
* Demea: Deep Mesh Autoencoders for Non-rigidly Deforming Objects
* Dense correspondence finding for parametrization-free animation reconstruction from video
* Dense Wide-Baseline Scene Flow from Two Handheld Video Cameras
* Design and calibration of a multi-view TOF sensor fusion system
* Detailed Human Avatars from Monocular Video
* Differentiable Event Stream Simulator for Non-Rigid 3D Tracking
* Direct Dense Pose Estimation
* Disentangled3D: Learning a 3D Generative Model with Disentangled Geometry and Appearance from Monocular Images
* DispVoxNets: Non-Rigid Point Set Alignment with Supervised Learning Proxies
* DS*: Tighter Lifting-Free Convex Relaxations for Quadratic Matching Problems
* Editorial for the Special Issue on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission
* Efficient and Differentiable Shadow Computation for Inverse Problems
* Efficient ConvNet-based marker-less motion capture in general scenes with a low number of cameras
* Efficient Learning of Image Super-Resolution and Compression Artifact Removal with Semi-Local Gaussian Processes
* Efficient Learning-based Image Enhancement: Application to Super-resolution and Compression Artifact Removal
* Efficient Multi-view Performance Capture of Fine-Scale Surface Detail
* EgoRenderer: Rendering Human Avatars from Egocentric Camera Images
* Estimating Egocentric 3D Human Pose in Global Space
* Estimating Egocentric 3D Human Pose in the Wild with External Weak Supervision
* EventCap: Monocular 3D Capture of High-Speed Human Motions Using an Event Camera
* EventHands: Real-Time Neural 3D Hand Pose Estimation from an Event Stream
* EventNeRF: Neural Radiance Fields from a Single Colour Event Camera
* F2-NeRF: Fast Neural Radiance Field Training with Free Camera Trajectories
* Face2Face: Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos
* Fast and robust hand tracking using detection-guided optimization
* Fast articulated motion tracking using a sums of Gaussians body model
* Fast Simultaneous Gravitational Alignment of Multiple Point Sets
* Feature-based Multi-video Synchronization with Subframe Accuracy
* FIRe: Fast Inverse Rendering using Directional and Signed Distance Functions
* FML: Face Model Learning From Videos
* Free-Viewpoint Video of Human Actors Using Multiple Handheld Kinects
* Full Body Performance Capture under Uncontrolled and Varying Illumination: A Shading-Based Approach
* GANerated Hands for Real-Time 3D Hand Tracking from Monocular RGB
* General Automatic Human Shape and Motion Capture Using Volumetric Contour Cues
* Generative Model-Based Loss to the Rescue: A Method to Overcome Annotation Errors for Depth-Based Hand Pose Estimation
* Generic Framework for Efficient 2-D and 3-D Facial Expression Analogy, A
* GlowGAN: Unsupervised Learning of HDR Images from LDR Images in the Wild
* Gravity-Aware Monocular 3D Human-Object Reconstruction
* Grid-guided Neural Radiance Fields for Large Urban Scenes
* HandSeg: An Automatically Labeled Dataset for Hand Segmentation from Depth Images
* HandVoxNet++: 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation Using Voxel-Based Neural Networks
* HandVoxNet: Deep Voxel-Based Network for 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Map
* High-Fidelity Monocular Face Reconstruction Based on an Unsupervised Model-Based Face Autoencoder
* High-Fidelity Neural Human Motion Transfer from Monocular Video
* High-quality scanning using time-of-flight depth superresolution
* High-quality shape from multi-view stereo and shading under general illumination
* HiPPI: Higher-Order Projected Power Iterations for Scalable Multi-Matching
* Html: A Parametric Hand Texture Model for 3d Hand Reconstruction and Personalization
* HULC: 3D HUman Motion Capture with Pose Manifold SampLing and Dense Contact Guidance
* HumanGAN: A Generative Model of Human Images
* Hybrid Model for Identity Obfuscation by Face Replacement, A
* i3DMM: Deep Implicit 3D Morphable Model of Human Heads
* Illumination-Invariant Robust Multiview 3D Human Motion Capture
* Imitator: Personalized Speech-driven 3D Facial Animation
* In the Wild Human Pose Estimation Using Explicit 2D Features and Intermediate 3D Representations
* Interactive Markerless Articulated Hand Motion Tracking Using RGB and Depth Data
* Intrinsic Dynamic Shape Prior for Dense Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* InverseFaceNet: Deep Monocular Inverse Face Rendering
* Joint Estimation of Motion, Structure and Geometry from Stereo Sequences
* Learning Complete 3D Morphable Face Models from Images and Videos
* Learning to Reconstruct People in Clothing From a Single RGB Camera
* LidarBoost: Depth superresolution for ToF 3D shape scanning
* LIME: Live Intrinsic Material Estimation
* LiveHand: Real-time and Photorealistic Neural Hand Rendering
* Local high-order regularization on data manifolds
* MARCOnI: ConvNet-Based MARker-Less Motion Capture in Outdoor and Indoor Scenes
* Marker-Less 3D Feature Tracking for Mesh-Based Human Motion Capture
* Marker-less Deformable Mesh Tracking for Human Shape and Motion Capture
* Markerless motion capture of interacting characters using multi-view image segmentation
* Markerless Motion Capture of Multiple Characters Using Multiview Image Segmentation
* Match Graph Construction for Large Image Databases
* MINA: Convex Mixed-Integer Programming for Non-Rigid Shape Alignment
* Model-based analysis of multi-video data
* Model-Based Outdoor Performance Capture
* MoFA: Model-Based Deep Convolutional Face Autoencoder for Unsupervised Monocular Reconstruction
* MoFusion: A Framework for Denoising-Diffusion-Based Motion Synthesis
* Monocular Pose Capture with a Depth Camera Using a Sums-of-Gaussians Body Model
* Monocular Real-time Full Body Capture with Inter-part Correlations
* Monocular Real-Time Hand Shape and Motion Capture Using Multi-Modal Data
* Monocular Reconstruction of Neural Face Reflectance Fields
* Motion capture using joint skeleton tracking and surface estimation
* Multi-Garment Net: Learning to Dress 3D People From Images
* Multi-view Depth Estimation using Epipolar Spatio-Temporal Networks
* Multi-view image and ToF sensor fusion for dense 3D reconstruction
* Multi-view Performance Capture of Surface Details
* Multimodal Image Synthesis and Editing: The Generative AI Era
* NeRF for Outdoor Scene Relighting
* Neural Dense Non-rigid Structure from Motion with Latent Space Constraints
* Neural Radiance Transfer Fields for Relightable Novel-View Synthesis with Global Illumination
* Neural Rays for Occlusion-aware Image-based Rendering
* Neural Re-rendering of Humans from a Single Image
* Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment
* NeuralUDF: Learning Unsigned Distance Fields for Multi-View Reconstruction of Surfaces with Arbitrary Topologies
* NeuRIS: Neural Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes Using Normal Priors
* NeuS2: Fast Learning of Neural Implicit Surfaces for Multi-view Reconstruction
* Noise-Aware Filter for Real-Time Depth Upsampling, A
* Non-Rigid Neural Radiance Fields: Reconstruction and Novel View Synthesis of a Dynamic Scene From Monocular Video
* NRST: Non-rigid Surface Tracking from Monocular Video
* Occlusion-aware Depth Estimation with Adaptive Normal Constraints
* On Implicit Filter Level Sparsity in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Optimal HDR reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* Optimising for Scale in Globally Multiply-Linked Gravitational Point Set Registration Leads to Singularities
* Patchnets: Patch-based Generalizable Deep Implicit 3d Shape Representations
* Performance Capture of Interacting Characters with Handheld Kinects
* Personalization and Evaluation of a Real-Time Depth-Based Full Body Tracker
* phi-SfT: Shape-from-Template with a Physics-Based Deformation Model
* Physical Inertial Poser (PIP): Physics-aware Real-time Human Motion Tracking from Sparse Inertial Sensors
* Playable Environments: Video Manipulation in Space and Time
* Pose-Guided Human Animation from a Single Image in the Wild
* Q-Match: Iterative Shape Matching via Quantum Annealing
* Quantum Computational Approach to Correspondence Problems on Point Sets, A
* Quantum Permutation Synchronization
* Real-Time Body Tracking with One Depth Camera and Inertial Sensors
* Real-Time Halfway Domain Reconstruction of Motion and Geometry
* Real-Time Hand Tracking under Occlusion from an Egocentric RGB-D Sensor
* Real-Time Hand Tracking Using a Sum of Anisotropic Gaussians Model
* Real-Time Joint Tracking of a Hand Manipulating an Object from RGB-D Input
* Real-Time Reshaping of Humans
* Regularized Vector Quantization for Tokenized Image Synthesis
* Robust fusion of dynamic shape and normal capture for high-quality reconstruction of time-varying geometry
* Scene-Aware Egocentric 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Self-Supervised Multi-level Face Model Learning for Monocular Reconstruction at Over 250 Hz
* Self-supervised Outdoor Scene Relighting
* Semi-supervised learning with explicit relationship regularization
* Shading-Based Dynamic Shape Refinement from Multi-View Video under General Illumination
* Single-Shot Multi-person 3D Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB
* Space-time visual effects as a post-production process
* Spatio-temporal motion tracking with unsynchronized cameras
* Spatio-temporal Reflectance Sharing for Relightable 3D Video
* Spatio-Temporal Registration Techniques for Relightable 3D Video
* Structured Low-Rank Matrix Factorization for Point-Cloud Denoising
* StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D Control Over Portrait Images
* Synchronisation of partial multi-matchings via non-negative factorisations
* Synthesis of Compositional Animations from Textual Descriptions
* Tex2Shape: Detailed Full Human Body Geometry From a Single Image
* Towards High Fidelity Monocular Face Reconstruction with Rich Reflectance using Self-supervised Learning and Ray Tracing
* Unbiased 4D: Monocular 4D Reconstruction with a Neural Deformation Model
* UnrealEgo: A New Dataset for Robust Egocentric 3D Human Motion Capture
* Unsupervised Event-Based Video Reconstruction
* Versatile Scene Model with Differentiable Visibility Applied to Generative Pose Estimation, A
* Video Based Reconstruction of 3D People Models
* Video Depth-from-Defocus
* Video-Driven Animation of Human Body Scans
* VolumeDeform: Real-Time Volumetric Non-rigid Reconstruction
* WaveNeRF: Wavelet-based Generalizable Neural Radiance Fields
Includes: Theobalt, C.[Christian] Theobalt, C.
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Theocharakis, P. Co Author Listing * Development of the probabilistic neural network-cubic least squares mapping (PNN-LSM3) classifier to assess carotid plaque's risk

Theocharides, T.[Theocharis] Co Author Listing * AirCamRTM: Enhancing Vehicle Detection for Efficient Aerial Camera-based Road Traffic Monitoring
* Distributed Search Planning in 3-D Environments With a Dynamically Varying Number of Agents
* DriveGuard: Robustification of Automated Driving Systems with Deep Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Autoencoder
* Operation and Topology Aware Fast Differentiable Architecture Search
* Optimizing the Detection Performance of Smart Camera Networks Through a Probabilistic Image-Based Model
* True Rank Guided Efficient Neural Architecture Search for End to End Low-complexity Network Discovery
Includes: Theocharides, T.[Theocharis] Theocharides, T.

Theocharidis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Forest Habitat Mapping in Natura2000 Regions in Cyprus Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Topographical Features
* Selection of Experiments for Understanding the Strengths of Time Series SAR Data Analysis for Finding the Drivers Causing Phenological Changes in Paphos Forest, Cyprus, A

Theocharis, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Employing a Multi-Input Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Derive Soil Clay Content from a Synergy of Multi-Temporal Optical and Radar Imagery Data

Theocharis, J.B. Co Author Listing * Boosted Genetic Fuzzy Classifier for land cover classification of remote sensing imagery, A
* Burned Area Mapping Using Support Vector Machines and the FuzCoC Feature Selection Method on VHR IKONOS Imagery
* Classification of Remotely Sensed Images Using the GeneSIS Fuzzy Segmentation Algorithm
* Decision Fusion of GA Self-Organizing Neuro-Fuzzy Multilayered Classifiers for Land Cover Classification Using Textural and Spectral Features
* Genetic Fuzzy-Rule-Based Classifier for Land Cover Classification From Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Pipelined Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Networks for Nonlinear Adaptive Speech Prediction
* Region-Based GeneSIS Segmentation Algorithm for the Classification of Remotely Sensed Images, A
* SVM-Based Fuzzy Decision Trees for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* SVM-FuzCoC: A novel SVM-based feature selection method using a fuzzy complementary criterion
Includes: Theocharis, J.B. Theocharis, J.B.[John B.]
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Theocharous, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Automated facial affect analysis for one-on-one tutoring applications

Theodon, L. Co Author Listing * stochastic model based on Gaussian random fields to characterize the morphology of granular objects, A
Includes: Theodon, L. Théodon, L.

Theodor Rudorff, B.F.[Bernardo Friedrich] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Networks for Raster Data (BayNeRD): Plausible Reasoning from Observations

Theodora, M.O.[Megawati Oktaviani] Co Author Listing * Spatial Prioritization for Wildfire Mitigation by Integrating Heterogeneous Spatial Data: A New Multi-Dimensional Approach for Tropical Rainforests

Theodoracatos, V.E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Vision System Model for Automatic Object Surface Sensing, A
* Apparatus and method for three-dimensional perspective imaging of objects
Includes: Theodoracatos, V.E. Theodoracatos, V.E.[Vassilios E.]

Theodorakis, L. Co Author Listing * PET Counting Response Variability Depending on Tumor Location, Activity, and Patient Obesity: A Feasibility Study of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Using Monte Carlo

Theodorakis, S.[Stavros] Co Author Listing * Advances in phonetics-based sub-unit modeling for transcription alignment and sign language recognition
* Affine-invariant modeling of shape-appearance images applied on sign language handshape classification
* Dynamic-static unsupervised sequentiality, statistical subunits and lexicon for sign language recognition
* Kinect-based multimodal gesture recognition using a two-pass fusion scheme
* Recognitionwith raw canonical phonetic movement and handshape subunits on videos of continuous Sign Language

Theodorakopoulos, I.[Ilias] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Sparse Representation in Dissimilarity Space for Classification of Visual Information
* Face recognition via local sparse coding
* framework for gait-based recognition using Kinect, A
* Gait based recognition via fusing information from Euclidean and Riemannian manifolds
* Handwritten Signature Verification via Deep Sparse Coding Architecture
* HEp-2 cell classification with Vector of Hierarchically Aggregated Residuals
* HEp-2 cells classification via sparse representation of textural features fused into dissimilarity space
* Local manifold distance based on neighborhood graph reordering
* Offline Handwritten Signature Modeling and Verification Based on Archetypal Analysis
* Parsimonious Coding and Verification of Offline Handwritten Signatures
* Pose-based human action recognition via sparse representation in dissimilarity space
Includes: Theodorakopoulos, I.[Ilias] Theodorakopoulos, I.
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Theodore, B.[Bertrand] Co Author Listing * Mitigation of Calibration Ringing in the Context of the MTG-S IRS Instrument

Theodore, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Vision-Based Navigation and Landing on a Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Theodoridi, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * Spatial Regression Model for Predicting Prices of Short-Term Rentals in Athens, Greece, A

Theodoridis, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Trapped in Texture Bias? A Large Scale Comparison of Deep Instance Segmentation

Theodoridis, S.[Sergios] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography
* Adaptive Kernel-Based Image Denoising Employing Semi-Parametric Regularization
* Edge Preserving Image Denoising in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
* Hierarchical Feature Fusion for Visual Tracking
* hierarchical feature fusion framework for adaptive visual tracking, A
* Keyword-guided word spotting in historical printed documents using synthetic data and user feedback
* Multimodal Approach to Violence Detection in Video Sharing Sites, A
* novel efficient approach for audio segmentation, A
* novel SVM Geometric Algorithm based on Reduced Convex Hulls, A
* Optical character recognition of the Orthodox Hellenic Byzantine Music notation
* Optical Music Recognition System for the Notation of the Orthodox Hellenic Byzantine Music, An
* Pattern Recognition, 3rd Edition
* Stochastic Analysis of Hyperslab-Based Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method Under Bounded Noise
* Variational Conditional Dependence Hidden Markov Models for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
Includes: Theodoridis, S.[Sergios] Theodoridis, S.
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Theodoridis, T. Co Author Listing * Behavior Analysis through Multimodal Sensing for Care of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Patients
* Cross-modal Variational Alignment of Latent Spaces
* Cross-Modal Variational Framework For Food Image Analysis, A
* ICT4Life open source libraries supporting multimodal analysis of different diseases
* Object motion analysis description in stereo video content
* Object motion description in stereoscopic videos
* Person tracking association using multi-modal systems
Includes: Theodoridis, T. Theodoridis, T.[Thomas] Theodoridis, T.[Theodoris]
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Theodoridis, Y.[Yannis] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor Search on Moving Object Trajectories
* Efficient LSTM Neural Network-Based Framework for Vessel Location Forecasting, An
* Multi-Way Distance Join Queries in Spatial Databases
* Online event recognition from moving vessel trajectories
* Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis

Theodoridou, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * Spatially-Constrained Semantic Segmentation with Topological Maps and Visual Embeddings

Theodoridou, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition by Multiple Contactless Sensors: A Survey

Theodoridou, S. Co Author Listing * Direct Orthophoto Generation from Color Point Clouds of Complex Scenes
* Method of Evaluating the Internal Precision of Multi-View Stereo Dense Reconstruction, Applied on Parthenon Frieze, A
Includes: Theodoridou, S. Theodoridou, S.[Sofia]

Theodoropoulos, D. Co Author Listing * Multi-Core Platforms for Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis

Theodoropoulos, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * General Methodology for the Determination of 2D Bodies Elastic Deformation Invariants: Application to the Automatic Identification of Parasites, A

Theodoropoulos, K.C. Co Author Listing * Aortic Valve Tract Segmentation From 3D-TEE Using Shape-Based B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces

Theodorou, E.I.[Eleni Ino] Co Author Listing * Cosmos. Cultural Osmosis: Mythology and Art
Includes: Theodorou, E.I.[Eleni Ino] Theodorou, E.I.[Eleni-Ino]

Theodorou, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Use of CT Scans and 3D Modeling as a Powerful Tool to Assist Fossil Vertebrate Taxonomy, The

Theodorou, I.E.[Ino Eleni] Co Author Listing * DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment
Includes: Theodorou, I.E.[Ino Eleni] Theodorou, I.E.[Ino-Eleni]

Theodorou, L.[Lida] Co Author Listing * ORBIT: A Real-World Few-Shot Dataset for Teachable Object Recognition

Theodose, R.[Ruddy] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach for LiDAR Resolution-Agnostic Object Detection, A
Includes: Theodose, R.[Ruddy] Théodose, R.[Ruddy]

Theodosiou, Z. Co Author Listing * Artwork Identification in a Museum Environment: A Quantitative Evaluation of Factors Affecting Identification Accuracy
* Image annotation: the effects of content, lexicon and annotation method
* Image Retrieval: Modelling Keywords via Low-level Features
* Performance Assessment of Fine-tuned Barrier Recognition Models in Varying Conditions
* Spatial histogram of keypoints (SHIK)
Includes: Theodosiou, Z. Theodosiou, Z.[Zenonas]

Theodossi, A.D. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using feature extraction and statistical pattern recognition techniques for environmental applications

Theodossiou, N.[Nicolaos] Co Author Listing * Early Flood Monitoring and Forecasting System Using a Hybrid Machine Learning-Based Approach

Theofanos, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis, Comparison, and Assessment of Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing

Theofanos, M.F.[Mary F.] Co Author Listing * Biometric Systematic Uncertainty and the User
* New Metric for Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing, A
* Usability testing of an overlay to improve face capture
* Usability Testing of Face Image Capture for US Ports of Entry
Includes: Theofanos, M.F.[Mary F.] Theofanos, M.F.[Mary Frances]

Theofanous, N. Co Author Listing * Performance Considerations for a Real-Time Integral Image Camera in Ray Tracing Environments

Theofilatos, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network to Address the Imbalanced Data Problem in Real-Time Crash Risk Prediction

Theoharatos, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Sparse Representation in Dissimilarity Space for Classification of Visual Information
* Color edge detection using the minimal spanning tree
* Color image segmentation using multiscale fuzzy C-means and graph theoretic merging
* Color-based Image Retrieval using Vector Quantization and Multivariate Graph Matching
* Combining self-organizing neural nets with multivariate statistics for efficient color image retrieval
* FPGA-Based Hardware Implementation of Configurable Pixel-Level Color Image Fusion, An
* framework for gait-based recognition using Kinect, A
* Local manifold distance based on neighborhood graph reordering
* local spectral distribution approach to face recognition, A
* Multivariate image similarity in the compressed domain using statistical graph matching
* Muscle Type Classification on Ultrasound Imaging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Texture retrieval based on a non-parametric measure for multivariate distributions
Includes: Theoharatos, C.[Christos] Theoharatos, C.
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Theoharis, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition
* 3D Facial Landmark Detection under Large Yaw and Expression Variations
* 3D mesh video retrieval: A survey
* 3d Object Retrieval Using An Efficient And Compact Hybrid Shape Descriptor
* 3d Object Retrieval Via Range Image Queries Based On SIFT Descriptors On Panoramic Views
* 3D object retrieval via range image queries in a bag-of-visual-words context
* 3D-2D face recognition with pose and illumination normalization
* 8D-THERMO CAM: Combination of Geometry with Physiological Information for Face Recognition
* Automatic 3d Facial Region Retrieval From Multi-Pose Facial Datasets
* Bidirectional relighting for 3D-aided 2D face recognition
* comprehensive overview of methodologies and performance evaluation frameworks in 3D mesh segmentation, A
* Contopo: Non-Rigid 3d Object Retrieval Using Topological Information Guided By Conformal Factors
* Effective Descriptors for Human Action Retrieval from 3D Mesh Sequences
* effective methodology for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval, An
* Efficient 3D shape matching and retrieval using a concrete radialized spherical projection representation
* Ethnicity- and Gender-based Subject Retrieval Using 3-D Face-Recognition Techniques
* Evaluation of 3D Face Recognition in the presence of facial expressions: an Annotated Deformable Model approach
* Feature fusion for facial landmark detection
* Fractal Active Shape Models
* IJCV Special Issue on 3D Object Retrieval: Foreword by the Guest Editors
* Intraclass Retrieval of Nonrigid 3D Objects: Application to Face Recognition
* Looking beyond appearances: Synthetic training data for deep CNNs in re-identification
* Multimodal Face Recognition: Combination of Geometry with Physiological Information
* Near Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from InIm Video Stream
* Non-rigid 3D object retrieval using topological information guided by conformal factors
* On the use of fingernail images as transient biometric identifiers
* PANORAMA: A 3D Shape Descriptor Based on Panoramic Views for Unsupervised 3D Object Retrieval
* Parameter Identification of 1D Recurrent Fractal Interpolation Functions with Applications to Imaging and Signal Processing
* Part-based 3D object retrieval via multi-label optimization
* Partial matching of interpose 3D facial data for face recognition
* Pose normalization of 3D models via reflective symmetry on panoramic views
* Preface to special issue on 3DOR 2010
* Preface: Special Issue on 3D Object Retrieval 2009
* Profile-based face recognition
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Objects through Matching of Their Parts
* robust spatio-temporal scheme for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval, A
* ROSy+: 3D Object Pose Normalization Based on PCA and Reflective Object Symmetry with Application in 3D Object Retrieval
* Segmentation and Surface Characterization of Arbitrary 3d Meshes for Object Reconstruction and Recognition
* Spatially sensitive statistical shape analysis for pedestrian recognition from LIDAR data
* spatio-temporal wavelet-based descriptor for dynamic 3D facial expression retrieval and recognition, A
* Stereo Matching Using Optic Flow
* Three-Dimensional Face Recognition in the Presence of Facial Expressions: An Annotated Deformable Model Approach
* Towards fast 3D ear recognition for real-life biometric applications
* UHDB11 Database for 3D-2D Face Recognition
* Unified 3D face and ear recognition using wavelets on geometry images
* Unsupervised Spectral Mesh Segmentation Driven by Heterogeneous Graphs
* Using Facial Symmetry to Handle Pose Variations in Real-World 3D Face Recognition
Includes: Theoharis, T. Theoharis, T.[Theoharis]
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Theologou, M. Co Author Listing * Machine-learning methodology for energy efficient routing

Theologou, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * comprehensive overview of methodologies and performance evaluation frameworks in 3D mesh segmentation, A
* Part-based 3D object retrieval via multi-label optimization
* Unsupervised Spectral Mesh Segmentation Driven by Heterogeneous Graphs

Theophilo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Exposing computer generated images by using deep convolutional neural networks
Includes: Theophilo, A.[Antonio] Theóphilo, A.[Antônio]

Theophilus, O.[Oluwatosin] Co Author Listing * Vessel Schedule Recovery in Liner Shipping: Modeling Alternative Recovery Options

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