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Lo, B.[Benny] Co Author Listing * Assessing Individual Dietary Intake in Food Sharing Scenarios with Food and Human Pose Detection
* Intelligent Vision-Based Nutritional Assessment Method for Handheld Food Items, An
* mammography database and view system for the African American patients, A
* Modeling of Scanning Laser Polarimetry Images of the Human Retina for Progression Detection of Glaucoma
* PRISMATICA: Toward Ambient Intelligence in Public Transport Environments
* RACKET: Real-time autonomous computation of kinematic elements in tennis
* Tackling Long-Tailed Category Distribution Under Domain Shifts
Includes: Lo, B.[Benny] Lo, B.
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Lo, B.P.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Bayesian networks for video processing
* Dual Stream Meta Learning for Road Surface Classification and Riding Event Detection on Shared Bikes
* Neuro-Fuzzy Shadow Filter
Includes: Lo, B.P.L. Lo, B.P.L.[Benny P. L.] Lo, B.P.L.[Benny P.L.]

Lo, C. Co Author Listing * Weakly-Supervised Learning for Attention-Guided Skull Fracture Classification In Computed Tomography Imaging

Lo, C.C.[Chen Chou] Co Author Listing * Depth Estimation from Monocular Images and Sparse Radar Using Deep Ordinal Regression Network
* High-throughput low-cost VLSI architecture for AVC/H.264 CAVLC decoding
* histogram-based moment-preserving clustering algorithm for video segmentation, A
* Low-complexity multi-standard variable length coding decoder using tree-based partition and classification
* Low-power context-based adaptive binary arithmetic encoder using an embedded cache
* More Robust Subsampling-Based Image Watermarking, A
Includes: Lo, C.C.[Chen Chou] Lo, C.C.[Chen-Chou] Lo, C.C. Lo, C.C.[Chi-Chun] Lo, C.C.[Chih-Cheng]

Lo, C.F.[Cheng Fang] Co Author Listing * development of a direct georeferencing ready UAV based photogrammetry platform, The
* Direct Georeferencing Application and Performance Analysis of UAV Helicopter in GCP-Free Area, The
* Performance Analysis of a UAV Based Mobile Mapping System Platform, The
* Performance Analysis of a UAV Based Mobile Mapping System, The
Includes: Lo, C.F.[Cheng Fang] Lo, C.F.[Cheng-Fang] Lo, C.F.

Lo, C.H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Moment Forms: Their Construction and Application to Object Identification and Positioning
* H.264 video watermarking with secret image sharing
* Pattern Recognition Using 3-D Moments
* Selective rendering for efficient ray traced stereoscopic images
Includes: Lo, C.H. Lo, C.H.[Cheng-Hung]

Lo, C.K. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised image segmentation using defocus map and superpixel grouping

Lo, C.L. Co Author Listing * Representation and Recognition of 3-D Curves

Lo, C.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic Watershed

Lo, C.P. Co Author Listing * Relative Radiometric Normalization Performance for Change Detection from Multi-Date Satellite Images

Lo, C.S.[Chien Shun] Co Author Listing * 3-D localization of clustered microcalcifications using cranio-caudal and medio-lateral oblique view
* Growth-Competition-Based Stem Diameter and Volume Modeling for Tree-Level Forest Inventory Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Real-Time Simplex Growing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
Includes: Lo, C.S.[Chien Shun] Lo, C.S.[Chien-Shun] Lo, C.S.

Lo, C.W.[Chi Wen] Co Author Listing * Contribution-based peer selection for packet protection for P2P video streaming over mesh-based networks
* Contribution-Guided Peer Selection for Reliable Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Over Mesh Networks
* hybrid sender/receiver-driven error protection scheme for reliable P2P scalable video streaming, A
* unequal error protection scheme for reliable peer-to-peer scalable video streaming, An
Includes: Lo, C.W.[Chi Wen] Lo, C.W.[Chi-Wen]

Lo, C.y. Co Author Listing * Activities of Asian Students and Young Scientists on Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
* Canopy Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data in Forestry Areas
* Edge-based Registration for Airborne Imagery and Lidar Data
* Elevation-Controlled Block Adjustment for Weakly Convergent Satellite Images
* Optimizing camera positions for multi-view 3D reconstruction
* Structure Line Detection From Lidar Point Clouds Using Topological Elevation Analysis
* Surface Modelling for Road Networks using Multi-Source Geodata
Includes: Lo, C.y. Lo, C.Y. Lo, C.Y.[Chao-Yuan] Lo, C.Y.[Chao-Yang]
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Lo, E. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Digital Documentation and Preliminary Structural Assessment of Satunsat: a Unique Maya Architectural Labyrinth At Oxkintok, Yucatan, Mexico
* Digital Preservation of Ancient Maya Cave Architecture: Recent Field Efforts in Quintana Roo, Mexico
* Image Pre-processing Strategies for Enhancing Photogrammetric 3d Reconstruction of Underwater Shipwreck Datasets
* Internet of Things (IoT) Discovery Using Deep Neural Networks
* SAR image processing using artificial intelligence planning

Lo, E.H.S.[Edward H.S.] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation from scale and rotation invariant texture features from the double dyadic dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Query by example using invariant features from the double dyadic dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Scale and rotation invariant texture features from the dual-tree complex wavelet transform

Lo, E.W.B. Co Author Listing * H-inf filtering and physical modeling for robust kinematics estimation

Lo, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Novel Optimized Watermark Embedding Scheme for Digital Images, A

Lo, F.P.W.[Frank P. W.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Individual Dietary Intake in Food Sharing Scenarios with Food and Human Pose Detection
* Intelligent Vision-Based Nutritional Assessment Method for Handheld Food Items, An
Includes: Lo, F.P.W.[Frank P. W.] Lo, F.P.W.[Frank P.-W.] Lo, F.P.W.[Frank Po Wen]

Lo, H.[Hanson] Co Author Listing * MinMax Radon Barcodes for Medical Image Retrieval

Lo, H.J.[Hsien Jen] Co Author Listing * Local binary pattern encoding schemes for computed tomography image segmentation: An experimental and comparative study
Includes: Lo, H.J.[Hsien Jen] Lo, H.J.[Hsien-Jen]

Lo, H.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Vehicle Navigation With En Route Stochastic Traffic Information
* Guest Editorial: Big Data for Driver, Vehicle, and System Control in ITS
* Multiclass User Equilibrium Model Considering Overtaking Across Classes, A
* Reliability Framework for Traffic Signal Control, A
* Two-Stage Stochastic Program for Dynamic Coordinated Traffic Control Under Demand Uncertainty
Includes: Lo, H.K. Lo, H.K.[Hong K.]

Lo, H.R. Co Author Listing * Epipolar geometry for trinocular active range-sensors
* Trinocular Active Range-Sensing

Lo, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Cost-Sensitive Multi-Label Learning for Audio Tag Annotation and Retrieval

Lo, H.Z. Co Author Listing * Count-ception: Counting by Fully Convolutional Redundant Counting
* Prediction gradients for feature extraction and analysis from convolutionalat neural networks

Lo, I. Co Author Listing * 360° Video Stitching for Dual Fisheye Cameras
* Image Stitching for Dual Fisheye Cameras

Lo, I.C.[I Chan] Co Author Listing * Acquiring 360° Light Field by a Moving Dual-Fisheye Camera
* Efficient and Accurate Stitching for 360° Dual-Fisheye Images and Videos
* Face Recognition for Fisheye Images
* Photometric Consistency For Dual Fisheye Cameras
* Seamless Stitching Dual Fisheye Images For 360° Free View
Includes: Lo, I.C.[I Chan] Lo, I.C.[I-Chan] Lo, I.C.

Lo, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Development and Application of a Suite of 4-D Virtual Breast Phantoms for Optimization and Evaluation of Breast Imaging Systems
* Efficient Fourier-Wavelet Super-Resolution
* Efficient restoration and enhancement of super-resolved X-ray images
* Ipsilateral Lesion Detection Refinement for Tomosynthesis
Includes: Lo, J.Y. Lo, J.Y.[Joseph Y.]

Lo, K. Co Author Listing * Stereoview to Multiview Conversion Architecture for Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Displays

Lo, K.C. Co Author Listing * Colour quantization by three-dimensional frequency diffusion
* Contextual color quantization algorithm
* Laser Scanning Based Surface Flatness Measurement Using Flat Mirrors for Enhancing Scan Coverage Range
* Recognition of 3D planar objects in canonical frames
Includes: Lo, K.C. Lo, K.C.[King-Chi]

Lo, K.F.[Kia Fock] Co Author Listing * probabilistic method for foreground and shadow segmentation, A
Includes: Lo, K.F.[Kia Fock] Lo, K.F.[Kia-Fock]

Lo, K.H.[Kuo Hua] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Vanishing Point-Based Line Sampling Scheme for Real-Time People Localization
* Edge-Preserving Depth Map Upsampling by Joint Trilateral Filter
* Example-Based Image Textural Style Transfer
* Exploiting Spatial-temporal Coherence in the Construction of Multiple Perspective Videos
* Extended Guided Filtering for Depth Map Upsampling
* Human activity analysis based on a torso-less representation
* Incorporating texture information into region-based unsupervised image segmentation using textural superpixels
* Joint trilateral filtering for depth map super-resolution
* Moving cast shadow detection by exploiting multiple cues
* Shadow Detection by Integrating Multiple Features
* Shadow Removal for Foreground Segmentation
* Vanishing Point-Based Image Transforms for Enhancement of Probabilistic Occupancy Map-Based People Localization
* Vanishing point-based line sampling for efficient axis-based people localization
* Vanishing Point-based Line Sampling for Real-time People Localization
* View-invariant measure of line correspondence and its application in people localization
Includes: Lo, K.H.[Kuo Hua] Lo, K.H.[Kuo-Hua] Lo, K.H.[Kai-Han] Lo, K.H.
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Lo, K.R.[Kuen Rong] Co Author Listing * Applications of Internet of Things
* High-Efficiency Method of Mobile Positioning Based on Commercial Vehicle Operation Data, A
Includes: Lo, K.R.[Kuen Rong] Lo, K.R.[Kuen-Rong]

Lo, K.S. Co Author Listing * Visual-Quality Guided Global Backlight Dimming for Video Display on Mobile Devices

Lo, K.T.[Kwok Tung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block Matching Algorithm for Video Compression
* Adaptive block matching motion estimation algorithm using bit-plane matching
* Content analysis based smart macroblock rearrangement for error resilience in wireless video transmission
* Content-Adaptive Joint Image Compression and Encryption Scheme, A
* Cryptanalysis of an Image Scrambling Scheme Without Bandwidth Expansion
* Determination of efficient transmission scheme for video-on-demand (VoD) services
* Dynamic Addressing Scheme for Vector Quantization of Images
* Dynamic selection and effective compression of key frames for video abstraction
* Error Concealment for MPEG Video Transmissions
* Frame interpolation scheme using inertia motion prediction
* general quantitative cryptanalysis of permutation-only multimedia ciphers against plaintext attacks, A
* hierarchical video-on-demand system with double-rate batching, A
* Image watermarking using tree-based spatial-frequency feature of wavelet transform
* Inertia-based video cut detection and its integration with video coder
* Joint image compression and encryption based on alternating transforms with quality control
* Joint image compression and encryption based on order-8 alternating transforms
* Joint image encryption and compression schemes based on 16X16 DCT
* Multiscale error diffusion technique for digital halftoning with Dot Overlap Compensation, A
* New addressing scheme for vector quantization of images
* new cut detection algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio for video segmentation, A
* New fast Search Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation
* On the Design of Perceptual MPEG-Video Encryption Algorithms
* On the Security of an MPEG-Video Encryption Scheme Based on Secret Huffman Tables
* Providing VCR Functionality in Multicast Video-on-Demand Systems Using Adaptive Batching
* Scene Change Detection Algorithm for MPEG Video Sequence
* Shot reconstruction degree: a novel criterion for key frame selection
* Universal perceptual weighted zerotree coding for image and video compression
* Video-on-Demand Systems With Cooperative Clients in Multicast Environment
Includes: Lo, K.T.[Kwok Tung] Lo, K.T.[Kwok-Tung] Lo, K.T.
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Lo, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Attention-based Multiple Instance Learning for Classification of Multi-gigapixel Histology Images
Includes: Lo, K.W.[Kwok Wai] Lo, K.W.[Kwok-Wai]

Lo, K.Y.[Kuo Yen] Co Author Listing * Assessment of photo aesthetics with efficiency
* Intelligent Photographing Interface with On-Device Aesthetic Quality Assessment
Includes: Lo, K.Y.[Kuo Yen] Lo, K.Y.[Kuo-Yen]

Lo, L. Co Author Listing * Dressing for Attention: Outfit Based Fashion Popularity Prediction
* Facial Chirality: From Visual Self-Reflection to Robust Facial Feature Learning
* FashionMirror: Co-attention Feature-remapping Virtual Try-on with Sequential Template Poses
* Overview of Facial Micro-Expression Analysis: Data, Methodology and Challenge, An
Includes: Lo, L. Lo, L.[Ling]

Lo, L.J.[Lun Jou] Co Author Listing * cluster assessment of facial attractiveness using fuzzy neural network classifier based on 3D Moiré features, The
* quantitative method for the assessment of facial attractiveness based on transfer learning with fine-grained image classification, A
Includes: Lo, L.J.[Lun Jou] Lo, L.J.[Lun-Jou]

Lo, L.Y.[Long Yin] Co Author Listing * Auto-Diagnosis of Time-of-Flight for Ultrasonic Signal Based on Defect Peaks Tracking Model
Includes: Lo, L.Y.[Long Yin] Lo, L.Y.[Long-Yin]

Lo, M.C.[Mu Chieh] Co Author Listing * Pseudo-curved integral imaging pickup system with realtime view image generation
Includes: Lo, M.C.[Mu Chieh] Lo, M.C.[Mu-Chieh]

Lo, M.F.[Min Fang] Co Author Listing * Integrating Appearance and Edge Features for Sedan Vehicle Detection in the Blind-Spot Area
* Vehicle detection and tracking under various lighting conditions using a particle filter
Includes: Lo, M.F.[Min Fang] Lo, M.F.[Min-Fang] Lo, M.F.

Lo, M.H.[Min Hui] Co Author Listing * GRACE Satellites Enable Long-Lead Forecasts of Mountain Contributions to Streamflow in the Low-Flow Season
Includes: Lo, M.H.[Min Hui] Lo, M.H.[Min-Hui]

Lo, M.T.[Men Tzung] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence System for Large-Scale Arrhythmia Screening
* Multiphase B-spline level set and incremental shape priors with applications to segmentation and tracking of left ventricle in cardiac MR images
Includes: Lo, M.T.[Men Tzung] Lo, M.T.[Men-Tzung]

Lo, N.J. Co Author Listing * Application Of Spatial Modelling Approaches, Sampling Strategies And 3s Technology Within An Ecolgocial Framwork
* Evaluating The Novel Methods On Species Distribution Modeling In Complex Forest
* Modeling Spatial Distribution Of A Rare And Endangered Plant Species (brainea insignis) In Central Taiwan
* Two-way Spatial Extrapolation And Validation On Ecological Patterns Of Elaeocarpus Japonicus Between Main Watersheds In Huisun Of Central Taiwan

Lo, N.W.[Neng Wen] Co Author Listing * Caged mice mating behavior detection in surveillance videos
* Efficient Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for Vehicular Sensor Networks Without Pairings, An
Includes: Lo, N.W.[Neng Wen] Lo, N.W.[Neng-Wen] Lo, N.W.

Lo, P. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Airways From CT (EXACT'09)
* Geodesic Atlas-Based Labeling of Anatomical Trees: Application and Evaluation on Airways Extracted From CT
* Geometries on Spaces of Treelike Shapes
* Robustness-Driven Feature Selection in Classification of Fibrotic Interstitial Lung Disease Patterns in Computed Tomography Using 3D Texture Features
* Texture-Based Analysis of COPD: A Data-Driven Approach
* Toward a Theory of Statistical Tree-Shape Analysis
Includes: Lo, P. Lo, P.[Pechin]

Lo, P.C.[Pei Chen] Co Author Listing * Real-time implementation of the moving FFT algorithm
Includes: Lo, P.C.[Pei Chen] Lo, P.C.[Pei-Chen]

Lo, P.K. Co Author Listing * Illumination Compensated Segmentation of Microscopic Images of Activated Sludge Flocs
* Vignetting Correction Algorithm for Bright-Field Microscopic Images of Activated Sludge, A

Lo, P.Y.[Pei Yu] Co Author Listing * Automatically Detecting Protruding Objects When Shooting Environmental Portraits
Includes: Lo, P.Y.[Pei Yu] Lo, P.Y.[Pei-Yu]

Lo, R.C. Co Author Listing * Color Image Detection and Matching Using Modified Generalized Hough Transform
* Gray-Scale Hough Transform for Thick Line Detection in Gray-Scale Images
* Perspective-Transformation-Invariant Generalized Hough Transform for Perspective Planar Shape
Includes: Lo, R.C. Lo, R.C.[Rong-Chin]

Lo, S. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Luminance, Depth and Color Information by a Fusion-Based Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients in Medical Image Compression
* Motion information extraction system
* SmokeNet: Satellite Smoke Scene Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network with Spatial and Channel-Wise Attention
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Forest Fire Occurrence Based on Remote Sensing Data: An Analysis in Anhui, China
* Training a convolutional neural network for transportation sign detection using synthetic dataset
Includes: Lo, S. Lo, S.[Sheng] Lo, S.[Siuming] Lo, S.[Saide]

Lo, S.C.[Shih Chang] Co Author Listing * ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* ResSaNet: A Hybrid Backbone of Residual Block and Self-Attention Module for Masked Face Recognition
* Stochastic Model and Probabilistic Decision-Based Classifier for Mass Detection in Digital Mammography
Includes: Lo, S.C.[Shih Chang] Lo, S.C.[Shih-Chang] Lo, S.C.[Shih-Chieh] Lo, S.C.

Lo, S.C.B. Co Author Listing * Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Medical Image Pattern-Recognition: Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms and Lung-Cancer on Chest Radiographs
* Artificial Convolution Neural-Network for Medical Image Pattern-Recognition
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. I. Lesion site selection by morphological enhancement and contextual segmentation
* Computerized radiographic mass detection. II. Decision support by featured database visualization and modular neural networks
* contour coding and full-frame compression of discrete wavelet and cosine transforms, A
* Fractal Modeling and Segmentation for the Enhancement of Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* multiple circular path convolution neural network system for detection of mammographic masses, A
* Optimization of wavelet decomposition for image compression and feature preservation
* Reduction of false positives in lung nodule detection using a two-level neural classification
* Shift-Invariant Neural Network for the Lung Field Segmentation in Chest Radiography, A
Includes: Lo, S.C.B. Lo, S.C.B.[Shih-Chung B.]
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Lo, S.L.[Sio Long] Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition: A Dense Trajectory and Similarity Constrained Latent Support Vector Machine Approach
* Motion boundary emphasised optical flow method for human action recognition
* Motion Boundary Trajectory for Human Action Recognition
* Multi-Attention Network for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Multiple Object Detection by a Deformable Part-Based Model and an R-CNN
* Proposal-Driven Segmentation for Videos
Includes: Lo, S.L.[Sio Long] Lo, S.L.[Sio-Long] Lo, S.L.

Lo, S.M.[Siu Ming] Co Author Listing * Agent-Based Microscopic Pedestrian Flow Simulation Model for Pedestrian Traffic Problems, An
* Hybrid Neural Network Model for Noisy Data Regression, A
* Integration of Multiple Spectral Indices and a Neural Network for Burned Area Mapping Based on MODIS Data
* Intelligence-Based Optimization Model of Passenger Flow in a Transportation Station, An
* Investigating the Spatiotemporal Relationship between the Built Environment and COVID-19 Transmission
* Schedule-Based Model for Passenger-Oriented Train Planning With Operating Cost and Capacity Constraints, A
Includes: Lo, S.M.[Siu Ming] Lo, S.M.[Siu-Ming] Lo, S.M.

Lo, S.Y.[Shao Yuan] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Robust One-Class Novelty Detection
* Defending Against Multiple and Unforeseen Adversarial Videos
* Error Diffusion Halftoning Against Adversarial Examples
* Exploring Adversarially Robust Training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Overcomplete Representations Against Adversarial Videos
* Spatio-Temporal Pixel-Level Contrastive Learning-based Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Video Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Lo, S.Y.[Shao Yuan] Lo, S.Y.[Shao-Yuan]

Lo, T. Co Author Listing * Detection of Concealed Explosives at a Distance Using Terahertz Technology
* Efficient Decentralized Multiradar Multitarget Tracker for Air Surveillance, An

Lo, T.H.[Tzu Hsuan] Co Author Listing * bi-directional visual stereo interface for accessing stereo matching results from a human brain, A
Includes: Lo, T.H.[Tzu Hsuan] Lo, T.H.[Tzu-Hsuan]

Lo, T.K.[Thomas K.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for tracking a target
* Moving target detection method using two-frame subtraction and a two quadrant multiplier
* Segmentation method for use against moving objects
* Signal processing for autonomous acquisition of objects in cluttered background

Lo, T.M.[Tsung Ming] Co Author Listing * Dorsal hand vein recognition based on directional filter bank
Includes: Lo, T.M.[Tsung Ming] Lo, T.M.[Tsung-Ming]

Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz Wai Rachel] Co Author Listing * Local feature extraction and matching on range images: 2.5D SIFT
* SIFT Keypoint Descriptors for Range Image Analysis
Includes: Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz Wai Rachel] Lo, T.W.R.[Tsz-Wai Rachel]

Lo, V.L. Co Author Listing * Aspects of binary image reconstruction from Fourier amplitude data
* Reconstruction of compact binary images from limited Fourier amplitude data
* Reconstruction of Macromolecular Envelopes from Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Amplitudes

Lo, W.[Winston] Co Author Listing * Artifact reduction of JPEG coded images using mean-removed classified vector quantization
* Image restoration of compressed image using classified vector quantization

Lo, W.C.[Wen Chih] Co Author Listing * Survey on 360° Video Streaming: Acquisition, Transmission, and Display, A
Includes: Lo, W.C.[Wen Chih] Lo, W.C.[Wen-Chih]

Lo, W.H.[Wei Hong] Co Author Listing * Designing an Interactive Mural for Cultural Reflections
* From off-site to on-site: A Flexible Framework for XR Prototyping in Sports Spectating
* novel filtration method in biological sequence databases, A
* Robust estimation for sparse data
Includes: Lo, W.H.[Wei Hong] Lo, W.H.[Wen-Hsing] Lo, W.H.[Wen-Hui]

Lo, W.L.[Wai Lun] Co Author Listing * Precise Temporal Localization for Complete Actions with Quantified Temporal Structure
Includes: Lo, W.L.[Wai Lun] Lo, W.L.[Wai-Lun]

Lo, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Improved SIMD Architecture for High Performance Video Processors
* Method for Calibrating a Motorized Object Rig, A
* On Network Design Spaces for Visual Recognition
* Wavelet-Domain Soft-Thresholding for Non-Stationary Noise
Includes: Lo, W.Y. Lo, W.Y.[Wan-Yen] Lo, W.Y.[Wan Yee]

Lo, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * simulation on grass swaying with dynamic wind force, A

Lo, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks With Jaccard Distance
* CLCC: Contrastive Learning for Color Constancy
* Face Recognition for Fisheye Images
* Local Implicit Normalizing Flow for Arbitrary-Scale Image Super-Resolution
* novel form detection and removal scheme for document images, A
* See-Through-Text Grouping for Referring Image Segmentation
* Space-time template matching for human action detection using volume-based Generalized Hough transform
Includes: Lo, Y.C. Lo, Y.C.[Yi-Chen] Lo, Y.C.[Yi-Cheng] Lo, Y.C.[Yi-Chung] Lo, Y.C.[Yung-Chi]
7 for Lo, Y.C.

Lo, Y.H.[Yen Hung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive real-time reversible data hiding for JPEG images
Includes: Lo, Y.H.[Yen Hung] Lo, Y.H.[Yen-Hung]

Lo, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Optimal Use of Existing Distribution Feeders to Accommodate Transportation Electrification

Lo, Y.S.[You Shen] Co Author Listing * Color Image Compression and Limited Display Using Self-Organization Kohonen Map
* Color Image Segmentation using Local Histogram and Self-Organization of Kohonen Feature Map
Includes: Lo, Y.S.[You Shen] Lo, Y.S.[You-Shen]

Lo, Z. Co Author Listing * Speech/Gesture Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists

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