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Dick, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Activity Topology Estimation for Large Networks of Cameras
* Adaptive earth movers distance-based Bayesian multi-target tracking
* Adaptive Multiple Object Tracking Using Colour and Segmentation Cues
* AFL Player Detection and Tracking
* Ask Me Anything: Free-Form Visual Question Answering Based on Knowledge from External Sources
* Automatic camera placement for large scale surveillance networks
* Boosting Object Retrieval With Group Queries
* Building Models of Regular Scenes from Structure and Motion
* Camera Network Topology Estimation by Lighting Variation
* Compass Rose: A Rotational Robust Signature for Optical Flow Computation
* Context Based Re-ranking for Object Retrieval
* Contextual Hypergraph Modeling for Salient Object Detection
* Contradiction and Correlation for Camera Overlap Estimation
* DeepSetNet: Predicting Sets with Deep Neural Networks
* Empirical evaluation of the exclusion approach to estimating camera overlap
* Estimating camera overlap in large and growing networks
* Estimating tree species composition from airborne laser scanning data using point-based deep learning models
* Finding Camera Overlap in Large Surveillance Networks
* Graph mode-based contextual kernels for robust SVM tracking
* Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering Based on Attributes and External Knowledge
* Image Retrieval with a Visual Thesaurus
* Improving Global Multi-target Tracking with Local Updates
* Incremental Learning of 3D-DCT Compact Representations for Robust Visual Tracking
* Infinite Variational Autoencoder for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Integrated Bayesian multi-cue tracker for objects observed from moving cameras
* Joint Probabilistic Data Association Revisited
* Joint Probabilistic Matching Using m-Best Solutions
* Large-Scale Camera Network Topology Estimation by Lighting Variation
* Learning Compact Binary Codes for Visual Tracking
* Local 3D structure recognition in range images
* Locally Oriented Optical Flow Computation
* Measuring Latency for Video Surveillance Systems
* Multi-Camera Tracking of Intelligent Targets with Hidden Reciprocal Chains
* Multiple target tracking with an efficient compact colour correlogram
* Multiresolution Stereo Image Matching Using Complex Wavelets
* new combination of local and global constraints for optical flow computation, A
* new inconsistency measure for linear systems and two applications in motion analysis, A
* Non-sparse linear representations for visual tracking with online reservoir metric learning
* Online Metric-Weighted Linear Representations for Robust Visual Tracking
* Part-based modelling of compound scenes from images
* Ranking consistency for image matching and object retrieval
* Real Time Target Tracking with Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
* Scalable Surveillance Software Architecture
* Spatially aware feature selection and weighting for object retrieval
* Study of the Region Covariance Descriptor: Impact of Feature Selection and Image Transformations, A
* TenniSet: A Dataset for Dense Fine-Grained Event Recognition, Localisation and Description
* Topology Estimation for Thousand-Camera Surveillance Networks
* Tracking hand-off in large surveillance networks
* VENmuS: Mission Characteristics, Final Evaluation of the First Phase and Data Production
* Visual Distance Measures for Object Retrieval
* Visual Question Answering with Memory-Augmented Networks
* Visual question answering: A survey of methods and datasets
* Visual Tracking With Spatio-Temporal Dempster-Shafer Information Fusion
* What Value Do Explicit High Level Concepts Have in Vision to Language Problems?
Includes: Dick, A.[Anthony] Dick, A. Dick, A.[Adam] Dick, A.[Arthur]
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Dick, A.J. Co Author Listing * Reproducible Classification of Infarct Heterogeneity Using Fuzzy Clustering on Multicontrast Delayed Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Images

Dick, A.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Modelling of Architecture
* Bayesian Estimation of Building Shape Using MCMC, A
* Combining Single View Recognition and Multiple View Stereo for Architectural Scenes
* Layer Extraction with a Bayesian Model of Shapes
* Model refinement from planar parallax
* Modelling and Interpretation of Architecture from Several Images
Includes: Dick, A.R. Dick, A.R.[Anthony R.]

Dick, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Efficient collision detection for composite finite element simulation of cuts in deformable bodies

Dick, C.H.[Christopher H.] Co Author Listing * 2-dimensional discrete cosine transform using a polynomial transform

Dick, D.A.[Dr Anthony] Co Author Listing * Automatic Assessment of Open Street Maps Database Quality using Aerial Imagery

Dick, G.[Galina] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Impact of Global Navigation Satellite System Horizontal Delay Gradients in Variational Data Assimilation
* Fast Observation Operator for Global Navigation Satellite System Tropospheric Gradients
* Impact of Tropospheric Mismodelling in GNSS Precise Point Positioning: A Simulation Study Utilizing Ray-Traced Tropospheric Delays from a High-Resolution NWM
* Improving GNSS Zenith Wet Delay Interpolation by Utilizing Tropospheric Gradients: Experiments with a Dense Station Network in Central Europe in the Warm Season
* Multi-GNSS Meteorology: Real-Time Retrieving of Atmospheric Water Vapor from BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, and GPS Observations
* Real-Time Retrieval of Precipitable Water Vapor From Galileo Observations by Using the MGEX Network
* Real-Time Tropospheric Delay Retrieval from Multi-GNSS PPP Ambiguity Resolution: Validation with Final Troposphere Products and a Numerical Weather Model
* Real-Time Tropospheric Delays Retrieved from Multi-GNSS Observations and IGS Real-Time Product Streams
* Water-Vapour Monitoring from Ground-Based GNSS Observations in Northwestern Argentina
Includes: Dick, G.[Galina] Dick, G.
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Dick, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Quality and Complexity Assessment of Learning-Based Image Compression Solutions
Includes: Dick, J.[Joao] Dick, J.[Joćo]

Dick, J.M.[Jeffrey M.] Co Author Listing * Research of Automatic Generation for Engineering Geological Survey Reports Based on a Four-Dimensional Dynamic Template

Dick, K. Co Author Listing * Gas Prices of America: The Machine-Augmented Crowd-Sourcing Era
* Inter- and Intra-City Image Geolocalization
* Systematic Street View Sampling: High Quality Annotation of Power Infrastructure in Rural Ontario
* To Keystone or Not to Keystone, that is the Correction
Includes: Dick, K. Dick, K.[Kevin]

Dick, L.B. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Localization

Dick, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transcoding Proxy Architecture for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks

Dick, O.B.[Oystein B.] Co Author Listing * Use of Remotely Sensed Data to Enhance Estimation of Aboveground Biomass for the Dry Afromontane Forest in South-Central Ethiopia
Includes: Dick, O.B.[Oystein B.] Dick, Ų.B.[Ųystein B.]

Dick, R. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Scene Caching to Improve Accuracy for Energy-Constrained Embedded Vision

Dick, R.P. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Multiple Atmospheric Pollutants Through Image Analysis
* Image-Based Air Quality Forecasting Through Multi-Level Attention
* Minimalistic Image Signal Processing for Deep Learning Applications
* Reinforcement-Learning-Based Energy-Efficient Framework for Multi-Task Video Analytics Pipeline, A
* Research Challenges for Energy-Efficient Computing in Automated Vehicles
* Spatial-Frequency Network for Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Dick, R.P. Dick, R.P.[Robert P.]

Dick, T.[Thorsten] Co Author Listing * Visual Hand Posture Recognition in Monocular Image Sequences

Dicken, V. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study With New Accuracy Metrics for Target Volume Contouring in PET Image Guided Radiation Therapy
* Morphological Segmentation and Partial Volume Analysis for Volumetry of Solid Pulmonary Lesions in Thoracic CT Scans

Dickens, L.[Luke] Co Author Listing * Associating locations from wearable cameras

Dickens, M.M. Co Author Listing * Volumetric segmentation via 3D active shape models

Dickens, M.P.[Matthew P.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Reflectance Functions Using a Cyberware 3030 Scanner
* Face Recognition Using Principal Geodesic Analysis and Manifold Learning
* Measuring skin reflectance parameters
Includes: Dickens, M.P.[Matthew P.] Dickens, M.P.

Dickenson, M. Co Author Listing * Rotated Rectangles for Symbolized Building Footprint Extraction

Dicker, A.[Anders] Co Author Listing * NEOCR: A Configurable Dataset for Natural Image Text Recognition

Dickerson, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * 360 degrees video coding using region adaptive smoothing

Dickerson, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * Reaction Centric Layout for Metabolic Networks
* Visualization of Gene Regulatory Networks

Dickerson, J.A.[Julie A.] Co Author Listing * Visualizing Multivariate Hierarchic Data Using Enhanced Radial Space-Filling Layout

Dickerson, R.R.[Russell R.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Aerosol Vertical Characteristics over the North China Plain Based on Multi-Source Observation Data

Dickey, F.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Edge Detection Filter
* Optimal Frequency Domain Filter for Edge Detection in Digital Pictures, An

Dickey, H.[Hank] Co Author Listing * Land Surface Parameterization at Exposed Playa and Desert Region to Support Dust Emissions Estimates in Southern California, United States

Dickey, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Xi-Net: Transformer based Seismic Waveform Reconstructor

Dickie, D.A.[David Alexander] Co Author Listing * large margin algorithm for automated segmentation of white matter hyperintensity, A

Dickie, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Modelling Accessibility to Urban Green Areas Using Open Earth Observations Data: A Novel Approach to Support the Urban SDG in Four European Cities

Dickinson, B.[Bradley] Co Author Listing * Template-based image retrieval

Dickinson, B.W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Model-Driven Bit Allocation for MPEG Video Coding
* Hierarchical Video Indexing and Retrieval for Subband-Coded Video
* Joint Application of Overlapped Block Motion Compensation and Loop Filtering for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Joint optimization of frame type selection and bit allocation for MPEG video encoders
* Method and apparatus for video data compression using temporally adaptive motion interpolation
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Frame Type Selection for MPEG Encoding
* Rate-Quantization Model for MPEG Encoders, A
* Recognition and retrieval of textured images using gradient indexing
* Subband Video Coding with Scene-Adaptive Hierarchical Motion Estimation
* Temporally adaptive motion interpolation exploiting temporal masking in visual perception
* Texture Recognition and Image Retrieval Using Gradient Indexing
Includes: Dickinson, B.W. Dickinson, B.W.[Bradley W.]
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Dickinson, J.E.[Jesse E.] Co Author Listing * Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Measuring Post-Flood High-Water Marks and Streambed Elevations

Dickinson, K.[Keith] Co Author Listing * Use of ubiquitous real-time bus passenger information

Dickinson, M.E. Co Author Listing * 4D Reconstruction of the Beating Embryonic Heart From Two Orthogonal Sets of Parallel Optical Coherence Tomography Slice-Sequences

Dickinson, M.H. Co Author Listing * Reverse Engineering Animal Vision with Virtual Reality and Genetics

Dickinson, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Accelerated hardware video object segmentation: From foreground detection to connected components labelling
* Automatic classification of flying bird species using computer vision techniques
* Automatic nesting seabird detection based on boosted HOG-LBP descriptors
* Binary histogram based split/merge object detection using FPGAs
* Comparison of Two Different Prediction Schemes for the Analysis of Time Series of Graphs
* Computer Vision Approach to Classification of Birds in Flight from Video Sequences, A
* Cross Parallax Attention Network for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Efficient Suboptimal Graph Isomorphism
* FPGA implementation of Naive Bayes classifier for visual object recognition
* Implementation and Applications of Tri-State Self-Organizing Maps on FPGA
* Intra- and Inter-Reasoning Graph Convolutional Network for Saliency Prediction on 360° Images
* Pair-Activity Analysis From Video Using Qualitative Trajectory Calculus
* Recovery of missing information in graph sequences by means of reference pattern matching and decision tree learning
* Scene modelling using an adaptive mixture of Gaussians in colour and space
* Segmenting Video Foreground Using a Multi-Class MRF
* spatially distributed model for foreground segmentation, A
* Theoretical and Algorithmic Framework for Hypergraph Matching
* Using Inactivity to Detect Unusual behavior
Includes: Dickinson, P.[Patrick] Dickinson, P.[Peter] Dickinson, P.
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Dickinson, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Real-time stent and balloon simulation for stenosis treatment

Dickinson, R.E.[Robert E.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of CLM4 Solar Radiation Partitioning Scheme Using Remote Sensing and Site Level FPAR Datasets

Dickinson, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Grasp'D: Differentiable Contact-Rich Grasp Synthesis for Multi-Fingered Hands
* Shape-Based Measures Improve Scene Categorization
* Temporal Means and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Melt and Freeze Season Climate Indicators Using a Satellite Climate Data Record
Includes: Dickinson, S.[Sven] Dickinson, S.[Suzanne]

Dickinson, S.J.[Sven J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Dickinson, S.J.[Sven J.]: sven AT cs toronto edu
* 2017 ICCV Challenge: Detecting Symmetry in the Wild
* 3-D Shape Recovery Using Distributed Aspect Matching
* 3-D Volumetric Shape Abstraction from a Single 2-D Image
* Active Object Recognition Integrating Attention and Viewpoint Control
* AMAT: Medial Axis Transform for Natural Images
* Appearance Shock Grammar for Fast Medial Axis Extraction From Real Images
* Beyond one-to-one feature correspondence: The need for many-to-many matching and image abstraction
* Bone graphs: Medial shape parsing and abstraction
* Canonical Skeletons for Shape Matching
* Computational Model of View Degeneracy, A
* Contour Grouping and Abstraction Using Simple Part Models
* DeepFlux for Skeleton Detection in the Wild
* DeepFlux for Skeletons in the Wild
* Detecting Curved Symmetric Parts Using a Deformable Disc Model
* Discovering hierarchical object models from captioned images
* Discovering Multipart Appearance Models from Captioned Images
* Discrete Representation of Top Points via Scale Space Tessellation
* Disentangling Geometric Deformation Spaces in Generative Latent Shape Models
* Efficient Many-to-Many Feature Matching under the L1 Norm
* Expert Vision System for Autonomous Land Vehicle Road Following, An
* Flexible Tool for Prototyping ALV Road Following Algorithms, A
* From skeletons to bone graphs: Medial abstraction for object recognition
* From Volumes to Views: An Approach to 3-D Object Recognition
* generalized family of fixed-radius distribution-based distance measures for content-based fMRI image retrieval, A
* Generic Model Abstraction from Examples
* Geometric Disentanglement for Generative Latent Shape Models
* Improving the Scope of Deformable Model Shape and Motion Estimation
* Incremental Model-Based Estimation Using Geometric Consistency Constraints
* Incremental Model-Based Estimation Using Geometric Constraints
* Indexing Hierarchical Structures Using Graph Spectra
* Indexing Using a Spectral Encoding of Topological Structure
* Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Shape Recovery
* Integrating Region and Boundary Information for Improved Spatial Coherence in Object Tracking
* Integrating region and boundary information for spatially coherent object tracking
* Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques for Deformable Model Fitting from Orthographic, Perspective, and Stereo Projections
* Introduction to the Special Section on Graph Algorithms and Computer Vision
* Learning Categorical Shape from Captioned Images
* Learning Hierarchical Shape Models from Examples
* Learning Structured Appearance Models from Captioned Images of Cluttered Scenes
* Learning the abstract motion semantics of verbs from captioned videos
* Learning to Combine Mid-Level Cues for Object Proposal Generation
* Learning Visual Compound Models from Parallel Image-Text Datasets
* Many-to-Many Feature Matching in Object Recognition
* Many-to-many feature matching in object recognition: a review of three approaches
* Many-to-Many Feature Matching Using Spherical Coding of Directed Graphs
* Many-to-many graph matching via metric embedding
* Many-to-Many Matching of Scale-Space Feature Hierarchies Using Metric Embedding
* Many-to-Many Matching under the L1 Norm
* Model-based perceptual grouping and shape abstraction
* Multi-cue Mid-level Grouping
* Multiscale Symmetric Part Detection and Grouping
* Navigation Based on a Network of 2D Images
* New Approach to Tracking 3D Objects in 2D Image Sequences, A
* Object Categorization and the Need for Many-to-Many Matching
* Object categorization using bone graphs
* Object Recognition as Many-to-Many Feature Matching
* Object Recognition by Functional Parts
* On the Representation and Matching of Qualitative Shape at Multiple Scales
* Optimal Contour Closure by Superpixel Grouping
* Optimal Image and Video Closure by Superpixel Grouping
* Optimal inference for hierarchical skeleton abstraction
* Perceptual Grouping Using Superpixels
* Physics-Based Tracking of 3D Objects in 2D Image Sequences
* PLAYBOT: A Visually-Guided Robot for Physically Disabled Children
* Primitive-Based Shape Modeling and Recognition
* Qualitative 3-D Shape Reconstruction Using Distributed Aspect Graph Matching
* Qualitative Tracking of 3-D Objects using Active Contour Networks
* Quantitative Analysis of View Degeneracy and its Use for Active Focal Length Control, A
* Recognition by Functional Parts
* Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
* representation and matching of categorical shape, The
* Representation and Matching of Images Using Top Points, The
* Representing 3D Shapes with Probabilistic Directed Distance Fields
* Retrieving articulated 3-D models using medial surfaces
* Retrieving Articulated 3-D Models Using Medial Surfaces and Their Graph Spectra
* Role of Model-Based Segmentation in the Recovery of Volumetric Parts from Range Data, The
* Scene Categorization From Contours: Medial Axis Based Salience Measures
* Selecting canonical views for view-based 3-d object recognition
* Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
* Shock Graphs and Shape Matching
* Skeletal Shape Abstraction from Examples
* Spatiotemporal Closure
* Spatiotemporal Contour Grouping Using Abstract Part Models
* Superedge grouping for object localization by combining appearance and shape information
* TurboPixels: Fast Superpixels Using Geometric Flows
* Unified Approach to the Recognition of Expected and Unexpected Geon-Based Objects
* Unified Framework for Indexing and Matching Hierarchical Shape Structures, A
* Use of Geons for Generic 3-D Object Recognition, The
* Using Language to Drive the Perceptual Grouping of Local Image Features
* Using Language to Learn Structured Appearance Models for Image Annotation
* View-based 3-D object recognition using shock graphs
* View-Based Object Matching
* View-based object recognition using saliency maps
Includes: Dickinson, S.J.[Sven J.] Dickinson, S.J.
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Dickinson, Y.[Yvette] Co Author Listing * Fine-Scale Mapping of Natural Ecological Communities Using Machine Learning Approaches

Dickinsona, S.J.[Sven J.] Co Author Listing * Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition

Dickmann, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Effects of Virtual Reality Locomotion Techniques on Distance Estimations
* Reduction of Map Information Regulates Visual Attention without Affecting Route Recognition Performance
* Time, Spatial, and Descriptive Features of Pedestrian Tracks on Set of Visualizations

Dickmann, J. Co Author Listing * Results of a Precrash Application Based on Laser Scanner and Short-Range Radars
* Seeing Around Street Corners: Non-Line-of-Sight Detection and Tracking In-the-Wild Using Doppler Radar
* Tracking of Extended Objects with High-Resolution Doppler Radar

Dickmanns, D. Co Author Listing * All-Transputer Visual Autobahn-Autopilot/Copilot, An
* Multiple Object Recognition and Scene Interpretation for Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Revisiting Robust Visual Tracking Using Pixel-Wise Posteriors
* Seeing Passenger Car VaMoRs-P, The
* VaMoRs-P An Advanced Platform for Visual Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Vision-Based Multisensor Machine Perception System for Autonomous Aircraft Landing Approach
Includes: Dickmanns, D. Dickmanns, D.[Dirk]

Dickmanns, E.D.[Ernst Dieter] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Dickmanns, E.D.[Ernst Dieter]: edd AT dyna-vision de
* 4-D-Dynamic Scene Analysis with Integral Spatio-Temporal Models
* 4D-Szenenanalyse mit integralen raum-zeitlichen Modellen
* Active Bifocal Vision
* advanced control architecture for autonomous vehicles, An
* All-Transputer Visual Autobahn-Autopilot/Copilot, An
* Applications of computer vision to intelligent vehicles
* Applications of Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Autonomous Landing Of Airplanes By Dynamic Machine Vision
* Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance in Normal Traffic
* Camera Platform for Intelligent Vehicles, A
* color vision system for real-time analysis of road scenes, A
* Combining EMS-Vision and Horopter Stereo for Obstacle Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicle
* Compact Vision System for Road Vehicle Guidance, A
* Control of an Unstable Plant by Computer Vision
* Curvature-Based Scheme for Improving Road Vehicle Guidance by Computer Vision, A
* Design and Control of a Camera Platform for Machine Vision
* Developing the Sense of Vision for Autonomous Road Vehicles at UniBwM
* Distributed Scene Analysis for Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Dynamic Computer Vision for Mobile Robot Control
* Dynamic Monocular Machine Vision
* Dynamic Vision
* Dynamic Vision for Locomotion Control: An Evolutionary Path to Less-artificial Intelligence
* Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion
* Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion P
* EMS-Vision: A Perceptual System for Autonomous Vehicles
* EMS-Vision: Application to Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control
* EMS-Vision: Gaze Control in Autonomous Vehicles
* EMS-Vision: Mission Performance on Road Networks
* EMS-Vision: Recognition of Intersections on Unmarked Road Networks
* Expectation-Based Dynamic Scene Understanding
* General Dynamic Vision Architecture for UGV and UAV, A
* Guiding Land Vehicles along Roadways by Computer Vision
* Historical development of use of dynamical models for the representation of knowledge about real world processes in machine vision
* Improvements in Visual Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Integrated Approach to Feature Based Dynamic Vision, An
* Integrated Spatio-Temporal Approach to Automatic Visual Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles, An
* Intelligent Navigation for Autonomous Robots Using Dynamic Vision
* Moving Humans Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Models
* Multiple Object Recognition and Scene Interpretation for Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Performance Improvements for Autonomous Road Vehicles
* Progress in Machine Vision for Motion Control
* Radar and vision data fusion for hybrid adaptive cruise control on highways
* Radar and Vision Data Fusion for Hybrid Cruise Control on Highways
* Recursive 3-D Road and Relative Ego-State Recognition
* Relative 3-D-state Estimation for Autonomous Visual Guidance of Road Vehicles
* Road recognition with MarVEye
* Scene Recognition and Navigation Capabilities for Lane Changes and Turns in Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance
* Seeing Passenger Car VaMoRs-P, The
* Simultaneous Estimation of 3D Shape and Motion of Objects by Computer Vision
* Subject-Object Discrimination in 4D-Dynamic Scene Interpretation for Machine Vision
* Techniques for Autonomous, Off-Road Navigation
* VaMoRs-P An Advanced Platform for Visual Autonomous Road Vehicle Guidance
* Vehicles Capable of Dynamic Vision
* Vehicles capable of dynamic vision: A new breed of technical beings?
* vision based navigation system for autonomous aircraft, A
* Vision System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With a Wide Range of Maneuvering Capabilities, A
* Vision System with Active Gaze Control for real-time Interpretation of Well Structured Dynamic Scenes, A
* Vision-Based Multisensor Machine Perception System for Autonomous Aircraft Landing Approach
* Visual Dynamic Scene Understanding Exploiting High-Level Spatio-Temporal Models
Includes: Dickmanns, E.D.[Ernst Dieter] Dickmanns, E.D.[Ernst D.] Dickmanns, E.D.
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Dickscheid, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Automatic Bundle Adjustment Results
* Coding Images with Local Features
* Detecting interpretable and accurate scale-invariant keypoints
* Evaluating the Suitability of Feature Detectors for Automatic Image Orientation Systems
* On the completeness of coding with image features
* On the Quality of Automatic Relative Orientation Procedures
* Trainable Markov Random Field for Low-Level Image Feature Matching with Spatial Relationships, A
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Dickson, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Monocular Depth Estimation Models for VR Content Creation from a User Perspective

Dickson, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Similarity Based Object Retrieval Of Composite Neuronal Structures

Dickson, B.G.[Brett G.] Co Author Listing * Chimera: A Multi-Task Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Forest Classification and Structural Estimation

Dickson, B.J. Co Author Listing * 3D object retrieval in an atlas of neuronal structures

Dickson, C.N.[Christopher N.] Co Author Listing * Long-wave infrared polarimetric cluster-based vehicle detection

Dickson, G. Co Author Listing * Zerotree Coding of DCT Coefficients

Dickson, G.J. Co Author Listing * Orthonormal wavelets with balanced uncertainty

Dickson, J. Co Author Listing * Attenuation Correction Synthesis for Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application to Brain Studies

Dickson, J.W. Co Author Listing * Step Towards Efficient Bayesian Signal Reconstruction, A

Dickson, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Methodology for National Scale Coastal Landcover Mapping in New Zealand, A

Dickson, P. Co Author Listing * Mosaic generation for under vehicle inspection
* Real-Time Vision Module for Interactive Perceptual Agents, A
Includes: Dickson, P. Dickson, P.[Paul]

Dickson, S. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Applied to the Detection and Localization of Acoustic Neuromas from Head NIR Images
* Poppet: A Robust Road Boundary Detection and Tracking Algorithm

Dickson, W.[Will] Co Author Listing * Feature Grouping in a Hierarchical Probabilistic Network
* Hierarchical Probabilistic Image Segmentation

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