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Boutaayamou, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Development and validation of a 3D kinematic-based method for determining gait events during overground walking
* Method for detecting interest points in images using angular signatures
* Segmentation of gait cycles using foot-mounted 3D accelerometers
* Validated extraction of gait events from 3D accelerometer recordings
Includes: Boutaayamou, M.[Mohamed] Boutaayamou, M.

Boutaba, R.[Raouf] Co Author Listing * Integrated Framework for Efficient Transport of Real-Time MPEG Video over ATM Best Effort Service, An

Boutagy, N. Co Author Listing * Direct List Mode Parametric Reconstruction for Dynamic Cardiac SPECT
* Segmentation-Free PVC for Cardiac SPECT Using a Densely-Connected Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Network
Includes: Boutagy, N. Boutagy, N.[Nabil]

Boutagy, N.E.[Nabil E.] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Regularization for Cardiac Strain Analysis via Domain Adaptation

Boutaleb, Y.[Yasser] Co Author Listing * MES-Loss: Mutually equidistant separation metric learning loss function
* Metric Learning-Based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Skeleton Hand Activities Categorization

Boutalis, Y. Co Author Listing * Composite Description Based on Salient Contours and Color Information for CBIR Tasks
* fast adaptive approach to the restoration of images degraded by noise, A
* Fuzzy Rank-Based Late Fusion Method for Image Retrieval, A
Includes: Boutalis, Y. Boutalis, Y.[Yiannis]

Boutalis, Y.F.S.[Yi Fannis S.] Co Author Listing * Parameterized real-time moment computation on gray images using block techniques
Includes: Boutalis, Y.F.S.[Yi Fannis S.] Boutalis, Y.F.S.[Yi-Fannis S.]

Boutalis, Y.S.[Yiannis S.] Co Author Listing * CEDD: Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor: A Compact Descriptor for Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Co.Vi.Wo.: Color Visual Words Based on Non-Predefined Size Codebooks
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Visual-Words Distribution Entropy
* Fast numerically stable computation of orthogonal Fourier-Mellin moments
* Implementation of morphological filters using coordinate logic operations
* Numerical error analysis in Zernike moments computation
Includes: Boutalis, Y.S.[Yiannis S.] Boutalis, Y.S.

Boutas, S. Co Author Listing * Real-time change detection for surveillance in public transportation
* template-guided approach to vehicle surveillance and access control, A
* Template-guided inspection of arbitrarily oriented targets

Boutchko, R. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 4-D Dynamic SPECT Images From Inconsistent Projections Using a Spline Initialized FADS Algorithm (SIFADS)

Boute, R. Co Author Listing * Geometry of Bandpass Sampling: A Simple and Safe Approach, The

Boute, R.T. Co Author Listing * Property Encoding: Application in Binary Picture Encoding and Boundary Following

Boutegrabet, W.[Warda] Co Author Listing * Robust graph representation of images with underlying structural networks. Application to the classification of vascular networks of mice's colon

Bouteiller, J. Co Author Listing * Neuroanatomical imaging: constrained 3D reconstruction using variational implicit techniques

Bouteiller, Y. Co Author Listing * Domain Generalization via Optical Flow: Training a CNN in a Low-Quality Simulation to Detect Obstacles in the Real World

Bouteldja, M.A. Co Author Listing * novel approach for image denoising based on evolutionary game theory, A
* study on differential evolution and cellular differential evolution for multilevel color image segmentation, A

Bouteldja, S. Co Author Listing * Multiscale texture features for the retrieval of high resolution satellite images
* Towards Adaptive High-resolution Images Retrieval Schemes

Boutelier, T. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Hemodynamic Parameter Estimation by Bolus Tracking Perfusion Weighted Imaging

Boutell, M.R.[Matthew R.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Orientation Detection via Confidence-Based Integration of Low-Level and Semantic Cues
* Bayesian fusion of camera metadata cues in semantic scene classification
* Beyond pixels: Exploiting camera metadata for photo classification
* Factor Graphs for Region-based Whole-scene Classification
* Generalized Temporal Context Model for Semantic Scene Classification, A
* Home Interior Classification using SIFT Keypoint Histograms
* Image Transform Bootstrapping and Its Applications to Semantic Scene Classification
* Incorporating temporal context with content for classifying image collections
* Learning multi-label scene classification
* Natural scene classification using overcomplete ICA
* Photo classification by integrating image content and camera metadata
* Probabilistic Approach to Image Orientation Detection via Confidence-Based Integration of Low-Level and Semantic Cues, A
* Scene Parsing Using Region-Based Generative Models
13 for Boutell, M.R.

Boutella, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Block ridgelet and SVM based fingerprint matching
* Iris features extraction using wave atoms
Includes: Boutella, L.[Leila] Boutella, L.

Boutellaa, E. Co Author Listing * Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Face Verification Based on Gabor Region Covariance Matrices
* Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Maximum A Posteriori Vector Quantization Model
* Fuzzy reasoning model to improve face illumination invariance
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Kinship verification from facial images and videos: human versus machine
* On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors
* On the use of Kinect depth data for identity, gender and ethnicity classification from facial images
Includes: Boutellaa, E. Boutellaa, E.[Elhocine]
9 for Boutellaa, E.

Boutellier, J.[Jani] Co Author Listing * Automated design of networks of transport-triggered architecture processors using dynamic dataflow programs
* BM3D image denoising using heterogeneous computing platforms
* Can You Trust Your Pose? Confidence Estimation in Visual Localization
* Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures
* Panoramas from Partially Blurred Video
* Programmable Low-Power Multicore Coprocessor Architecture for HEVC/H.265 In-Loop Filtering
* SS-TTA: Test-Time Adaption for Self-Supervised Denoising Methods
Includes: Boutellier, J.[Jani] Boutellier, J.
7 for Boutellier, J.

Boutemedjet, S.[Sabri] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Feature Extraction Selection Approach for High-Dimensional Non-Gaussian Data Clustering, A
* hybrid probabilistic framework for content-based image retrieval with feature weighting, A
* Image and Video Segmentation by Combining Unsupervised Generalized Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Feature Selection
* Long-term relevance feedback and feature selection for adaptive content based image suggestion
* Unsupervised Feature and Model Selection for Generalized Dirichlet Mixture Models
* Unsupervised Feature Selection and Learning for Image Segmentation
* Visual Aspect: A Unified Content-Based Collaborative Filtering Model for Visual Document Recommendation
7 for Boutemedjet, S.

Bouten, M.[Max] Co Author Listing * Dry Matter Yield and Nitrogen Content Estimation in Grassland Using Hyperspectral Sensor

Bouten, N. Co Author Listing * In-Network Quality Optimization for Adaptive Video Streaming Services

Bouten, W.[Willem] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spatial Distribution of Bird Movements Estimated from a Weather Radar Network
* Identification of Linear Vegetation Elements in a Rural Landscape Using LiDAR Point Clouds
* LiDAR and Orthophoto Synergy to optimize Object-Based Landscape Change: Analysis of an Active Landslide

Bouteraon, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere
* New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The
Includes: Bouteraon, T.[Thomas] Boutéraon, T.[Thomas]

Bouteruche, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Point of View Combination for Contextual Shape Recognition: Application to On-line Graphic Gesture Recognition
* Handwritten gesture recognition driven by the spatial context of strokes
Includes: Bouteruche, F.[Francois] Bouteruche, F.

Boutet, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * Assigning a new glioma grade label ground-truth for the BraTS dataset using radiologic criteria

Boutet, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Double-Bounce Interaction between a Random Volume and an Underlying Ground, Using a Controlled High-Resolution PolTomoSAR Experiment

Bouthemy, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * email: Bouthemy, P.[Patrick]: bouthemy AT irisa fr
* 2D Fluid Motion Analysis from a Single Image
* 2D Motion Description and Contextual Motion Analysis: Issues and New Models
* 2D-3D model-based approach to real-time visual tracking, A
* a contrario decision framework for motion detection, An
* a contrario Decision Framework for Region-Based Motion Detection, An
* Action Localization with Tubelets from Motion
* Active Camera Self-Orientation Using Dynamic Image Parameters
* Activity-based temporal segmentation for videos of interacting objects using invariant trajectory features
* Adaptive Detection of Moving Objects Using Multiscale Techniques
* Adaptive Spot Detection With Optimal Scale Selection in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Aggregation of local parametric candidates with exemplar-based occlusion handling for optical flow
* Atmospheric Disturbances Tracking in Satellite Images
* Background Fluorescence Estimation and Vesicle Segmentation in Live Cell Imaging With Conditional Random Fields
* Better Exploiting Motion for Better Action Recognition
* Building and Using Hypervideos
* CNN-based temporal detection of motion saliency in videos
* Complex Object Tracking by Visual Servoing Based on 2D Image Motion
* Computation and Analysis of Image Motion: A Synopsis of Current Problems and Methods
* Content-Based Video Segmentation using Statistical Motion Models
* Derivation of Qualitative Information in Motion Analysis, The
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects Based on a Statistical Regularization Method in Space and Time
* Detection of low clouds in METEOSAT IR night-time images based on a contextual spatio-temporal labeling approach
* Detection of meaningful events in videos based on a supervised classification approach
* Detection of multiple moving objects using multiscale MRF with camera motion compensation
* Determination of singular points in 2D deformable flow fields
* Determining a Structured Spatio-Temporal Representation of Video Content for Efficient Visualization and Indexing
* Determining Occlusions from Space and Time Image Reconstructions
* Direct Identification of Moving Objects and Background from 2D Motion Models
* Direct Incremental Model Based Image Motion Segmentation for Video Analysis
* Discovering motion hierarchies via tree-structured coding of trajectories
* EM-Driven Unsupervised Learning for Efficient Motion Segmentation
* Estimation of Dynamic Background for Fluorescence Video-Microscopy
* Estimation of Time-to-Collision Maps from First Order Motion Models and Normal Flows
* Exploiting Image Motion for Active Vision in a Visual Servoing Framework
* Exploiting the Temporal Coherence of Motion for Linking Partial Spatiotemporal Trajectories
* Extraction of Semantic Dynamic Content from Videos with Probabilistic Motion Models
* Frame-by-frame crowd motion classification from affine motion models
* From Video Shot Clustering to Sequence Segmentation
* general criterion for image similarity detection, A
* Geometrical Key-Frame Selection Method Exploiting Dominant Motion Estimation in Video, A
* Hierarchical Approach for Scene Segmentation Based on 2D Motion, A
* Hierarchical Likelihood Approach for Region Segmentation According to Motion-Based Criteria, A
* Hierarchical Markovian segmentation of multispectral images for the reconstruction of water depth maps
* Hierarchical motion decomposition for dynamic scene parsing
* Hierarchical MRF Modeling for Sonar Picture Segmentation
* Hierarchical Unsupervised Multispectral Model to Segment SPOT Images for Ocean Cartography, A
* HMM-Based Method for Recognizing Dynamic Video Contents from Trajectories, A
* Hybrid Genetic Optimization and Statistical Model-Based Approach for the Classification of Shadow Shapes in Sonar Imagery
* Kernel-Based Robust Tracking for Objects Undergoing Occlusion
* Learned probabilistic image motion models for event detection in videos
* Learning classes for video interpretation with a robust parallel clustering method
* Learning mixed-state Markov models for statistical motion texture tracking
* Local Method for Contour Matching and Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Markov Random Field and Fuzzy Logic Modeling in Sonar Imagery: Application to the Classification of Underwater Floor
* Maximality Principle Applied to a Contrario Motion Detection, A
* Maximum Likelihood Framework for Determining Moving Edges, A
* Method of Integrating Motion Information along Contours Including Segmentation, A
* Mixed-State Auto-Models and Motion Texture Modeling
* Mixed-state causal modeling for statistical KL-based motion texture tracking
* Mixed-State Markov Random Fields for Motion Texture Modeling and Segmentation
* Modeling of Atmospheric Disturbance in Meteorological Pictures
* Motion Characterization from Temporal Cooccurrences of Local Motion-Based Measures for Video Indexing
* Motion Detection Based on a Temporal Multiscale Approach
* Motion Detection Robust to Perturbations: A Statistical Regularization and Temporal Integration Framework
* Motion Estimation in X-Ray Image Sequences with Bi-Distributed Transparency
* Motion recognition using nonparametric image motion models estimated from temporal and multiscale co-occurrence statistics
* Motion Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Random Walks in Sequence of 2D Motion-related Measurements
* Motion Segmentation and Qualitative Dynamic Scene Analysis from an Image Sequence
* Motion Textures: Modeling, Classification, and Segmentation Using Mixed-State Markov Random Fields
* Motion-based obstacle detection and tracking for car driving assistance
* Moving Object Detection in Color Image Sequences using Region-Level Graph Labeling
* MRF-based motion segmentation exploiting a 2D motion model robust estimation
* MRF-based Moving Object Detection from MPEG Coded Video
* Multiframe-Based Identification of Mobile Components of a Scene with a Moving Camera
* Multimodal Estimation of Discontinuous Optical Flow Using Markov Random Fields
* Multimodal Motion Estimation and Segmentation Using Markov Random Fields
* Multiresolution Parametric Estimation of Transparent Motions
* Multiscale Minimization of Global Energy Functions in Some Visual Recovery Problems
* New Algorithm for Super-Resolution from Image Sequences, A
* Non Parametric Statistical Analysis of Scene Activity for Motion-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Non-Parametric Motion Activity Analysis for Statistical Retrieval with Partial Query
* Non-Parametric Motion Recognition Using Temporal Multiscale Gibbs Models
* Nonparametric motion characterization using causal probabilistic models for video indexing and retrieval
* Optical flow modeling and computation: A survey
* Optimal Estimation of 3D Structures Using Visual Servoing
* Parallel Visual Motion Analysis Using Multiscale Markov Random Fields
* Patch-Based Nonlocal Functional for Denoising Fluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences
* Probabilistic parameter-free motion detection
* Real-Time Contour Matching over Time in an Active Vision Context
* Real-Time Tracking of Moving Persons by Exploring Spatio-Temporal Image Slices
* Recognition of Dynamic Video Contents With Global Probabilistic Models of Visual Motion
* Recovery of motion patterns and dominant paths in videos of crowded scenes
* Recovery of the trajectories of multiple moving objects in an image sequence with a PMHT approach
* Region-Based Tracking in an Image Sequence
* Region-Based Tracking Using Affine Motion Models in Long Image Sequences
* Region-Level Graph Labeling Approach to Motion-Based Segmentation, A
* Region-Level Motion-Based Graph Representation and Labeling for Tracking a Spatial Image Partition, A
* Representation and Tracking of Point Structures Using Stereovision
* ROAM: A Rich Object Appearance Model with Application to Rotoscoping
* Robust and Automatic Face Tracker Dedicated to Broadcast Videos, A
* Robust Model Selection in 2D Parametric Motion Estimation
* Robust Multiresolution Estimation of Parametric Motion Models
* Robust Real-Time Visual Tracking using a 2D-3D Model-based Approach
* Robust selection of parametric motion models in image sequences
* Robust Tracking with Motion Estimation and Local Kernel-Based Color Modeling
* Robust Visual Tracking by Coupling 2D Motion and 3D Pose Estimation
* Segment-Based Detection of Moving Objects in a Sequence of Images
* Segmentation and estimation of image motion by a robust method
* Semi-local variational optical flow estimation
* Simultaneous Motion Detection and Background Reconstruction with a Conditional Mixed-State Markov Random Field
* Simultaneous Motion Detection and Background Reconstruction with a Mixed-State Conditional Markov Random Field
* Sonar Image Segmentation Using an Unsupervised Hierarchical MRF Model
* Space-Time Adaptation for Patch-Based Image Sequence Restoration
* Sparse Aggregation Framework for Optical Flow Estimation
* Spatio-temporal Wiener Filtering of Image Sequences Using a Parametric Motion Model
* Statistical Motion-based Object Indexing Using Optic Flow Field
* statistical regularization framework for estimating normal displacements along contours with subpixel accuracy, A
* Statistical Video Content Recognition Method Using Invariant Features on Object Trajectories, A
* Structure from Controlled Motion
* Subpixel estimation of normal displacements along contours using MRF-models
* Super-resolution from Noisy Image Sequences Exploiting a 2d Parametric Motion Model
* Three-Class Markovian Segmentation of High-Resolution Sonar Images
* Tracking and Characterization of Highly Deformable Cloud Structures
* Tracking Complex Primitives in an Image Sequence
* Tracking Modelled Objects Using Binocular Images
* Tracking of Articulated Structures Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Image Slices
* Trajectory Saliency Detection Using Consistency-Oriented Latent Codes From a Recurrent Auto-Encoder
* Trajectory-based handball video understanding
* Tubelets: Unsupervised Action Proposals from Spatiotemporal Super-Voxels
* Unified Approach to Shot Change Detection and Camera Motion Characterization, A
* Unsupervised Motion Saliency Map Estimation Based On Optical Flow Inpainting
* Unsupervised segmentation of low clouds from infrared METEOSAT images based on a contextual spatio-temporal labeling approach
* Unsupervised Space-Time Network for Temporally-Consistent Segmentation of Multiple Motions
* Variational Aggregation Framework for Patch-Based Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Video Partitioning and Camera Motion Characterization for Content-Based Video Indexing
Includes: Bouthemy, P.[Patrick] Bouthemy, P.
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Bouti, A. Co Author Listing * Road sign recognition with Convolutional Neural Network
* Robust system for road sign detection and recognition using template matching

Boutiche, Y.[Yamina] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithm for hybrid region-based active contours optimisation

Boutilier, C.[Craig] Co Author Listing * Automated handwashing assistance for persons with dementia using video and a partially observable Markov decision process

Boutillon, E. Co Author Listing * Demo: Localisation in a faulty digital GPS receiver
* Reducing the impact of internal upsets inside the correlation process in GPS Receivers
* Reliable NCO carrier generators for GPS receivers

Boutin, J.[Jacqueline] Co Author Listing * Correcting Sea Surface Temperature Spurious Effects in Salinity Retrieved From Spaceborne L-Band Radiometer Measurements
* Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Salinity: Comparison of Satellite and In Situ Observations and Impact of Retrieval Parameters
* Results of the Dragon 4 Project on New Ocean Remote Sensing Data for Operational Applications
* Satellite and In Situ Sampling Mismatches: Consequences for the Estimation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Uncertainties

Boutin, M.[Mireille] Co Author Listing * algorithm for automatic skin smoothing in digital portraits, An
* Angle Independent Bundle Adjustment Refinement
* Automatic text area segmentation in natural images
* Clusterability and Clustering of Images and Other Real High-Dimensional Data
* empirical method for comparing the shape of two Gaussian mixtures, An
* Estimating the Nutrient Content of Commercial Foods from their Label Using Numerical Optimization
* Faithful Shape Representation for 2D Gaussian Mixtures
* Fingerprint Matching Using the Distribution of the Pairwise Distances Between Minutiae
* Hardware-Friendly Descreening
* Hazardous material sign detection and recognition
* hidden structure of image datasets, The
* Low Complexity Sign Detection and Text Localization Method for Mobile Applications, A
* Numerically Invariant Signature Curves
* Pose-Free Structure From Motion Using Depth From Motion Constraints
* Robust Bundle Adjustment for Structure from Motion
* Simplifying the Reconstruction of 3D Models using Parameter Elimination
Includes: Boutin, M.[Mireille] Boutin, M.
16 for Boutin, M.

Bouton, C. Co Author Listing * Brain Implants and Wearables Reroute Signals to Restore Movement and Sensation

Bouton, E. Co Author Listing * new way to use hidden Markov models for object tracking in video sequences, A

Boutron, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Bathymetry and Benthic Habitat Composition from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data (BIODIVERSITY) Using a Semi-Analytical Approach

Boutros, F.[Fadi] Co Author Listing * Bias and Diversity in Synthetic-based Face Recognition
* CR-FIQA: Face Image Quality Assessment by Learning Sample Relative Classifiability
* Cross-database and cross-attack Iris presentation attack detection using micro stripes analyses
* D-ID-Net: Two-Stage Domain and Identity Learning for Identity-Preserving Image Generation From Semantic Segmentation
* Detecting Face Morphing Attacks by Analyzing the Directed Distances of Facial Landmarks Shifts
* ElasticFace: Elastic Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Extended evaluation of the effect of real and simulated masks on face recognition performance
* Eye-MMS: Miniature Multi-Scale Segmentation Network of Key Eye-Regions in Embedded Applications
* FocusFace: Multi-task Contrastive Learning for Masked Face Recognition
* FRCSyn Challenge at WACV 2024: Face Recognition Challenge in the Era of Synthetic Data
* Identity-driven Three-Player Generative Adversarial Network for Synthetic-based Face Recognition
* IDiff-Face: Synthetic-based Face Recognition through Fizzy Identity-Conditioned Diffusion Models
* Iris and periocular biometrics for head mounted displays: Segmentation, recognition, and synthetic data generation
* Mask-invariant Face Recognition through Template-level Knowledge Distillation
* Masked face recognition: Human versus machine
* Partial Attack Supervision and Regional Weighted Inference for Masked Face Presentation Attack Detection
* Privacy-friendly Synthetic Data for the Development of Face Morphing Attack Detectors
* PW-MAD: Pixel-Wise Supervision for Generalized Face Morphing Attack Detection
* QuantFace: Towards Lightweight Face Recognition by Synthetic Data Low-bit Quantization
* ReGenMorph: Visibly Realistic GAN Generated Face Morphing Attacks by Attack Re-generation
* Self-restrained triplet loss for accurate masked face recognition
* Synthetic data for face recognition: Current state and future prospects
* SyPer: Synthetic periocular data for quantized light-weight recognition in the NIR and visible domains
* Unsupervised Face Recognition using Unlabeled Synthetic Data
Includes: Boutros, F.[Fadi] Boutros, F.
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Boutroy, S. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy energy based active contours model for HR-PQCT cortical bone segmentation

Boutry, C. Co Author Listing * Image Capture With Synchronized Multiple-cameras For Extraction Of Accurate Geometries

Boutry, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * 4d Counter-example Showing that DWCNess Does Not Imply CWCness in nD, A
* Connected filters on generalized shape-Spaces
* Do not Treat Boundaries and Regions Differently: An Example on Heart Left Atrial Segmentation
* Euler Well-composedness
* FOANet: A Focus of Attention Network with Application to Myocardium Segmentation
* How to Make n-D Plain Maps Defined on Discrete Surfaces Alexandrov-Well-Composed in a Self-Dual Way
* How to Make nD Functions Digitally Well-Composed in a Self-dual Way
* How to make nD images well-composed without interpolation
* Introducing the Dahu Pseudo-Distance
* Local Intensity Order Transformation for Robust Curvilinear Object Segmentation
* minimum barrier distance for multivariate images with applications, A
* On Making nD Images Well-Composed by a Self-dual Local Interpolation
* One More Step Towards Well-Composedness of Cell Complexes over nD Pictures
* Tutorial on Well-Composedness, A
* Well-Composedness in Alexandrov Spaces Implies Digital Well-Composedness in Zn
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Bouts, E. Co Author Listing * Fast Analytical Medial-Axis Localization in Convex Polyhedra

Boutsi, A.M. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Mobile Augmented Reality: Web-like Concepts Applied to High Resolution 3d Overlays
* Integrated Approach to 3D Web Visualization of Cultural Heritage Heterogeneous Datasets, An
* Interactive Online Visualization of Complex 3D Geometries
* Laser and Multi-image Reverse Engineering Systems for Accurate 3d Modelling of Complex Cultural Artefacts
* Multi-purpose Cultural Heritage Data Platform for 4d Visualization And Interactive Information Services, A
* Multithreaded Rendering for Cross-platform 3d Visualization Based On Vulkan API
Includes: Boutsi, A.M. Boutsi, A.M.[Argyro-Maria]

Boutsidis, C. Co Author Listing * SVD based initialization: A head start for nonnegative matrix factorization

Boutsinas, B. Co Author Listing * On clustering tree structured data with categorical nature
* On distributing the clustering process

Boutsoukis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Estimation from Single Multispectral 2D Airborne Imagery Using Texture Analysis and Machine Learning in Structurally Rich Temperate Forests

Boutte, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Defect Detection on Inclined Textured Planes Using the Shape from Texture Method and the Delaunay Triangulation
* Shape from Texture Method Based on Local Scales Extraction: Precision and Results, A
* Shape From Texture: Local Scales And Vanishing Line Computation To Improve Results For Macrotextures
* Texel Extraction on Inclined Textures by Adaptive Thresholding of Local Scales
Includes: Boutte, L.[Laurent] Boutté, L.[Laurent] Boutté, L.

Boutteau, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Accurate scale estimation based on unsynchronized camera network
* Circular Laser/Camera-Based Attitude and Altitude Estimation: Minimal and Robust Solutions
* Dynamic Programming Algorithm Applied to Omnidirectional Vision for Dense 3D Reconstruction, A
* extension of kernel learning methods using a modified Log-Euclidean distance for fast and accurate skeleton-based Human Action Recognition, An
* fast and accurate motion descriptor for human action recognition applications, A
* Homography Based Egomotion Estimation with a Common Direction
* Homography Formulation to the 3pt Plus a Common Direction Relative Pose Problem, A
* Kinematic Spline Curves: A temporal invariant descriptor for fast action recognition
* Survey on Cooperative Perception in an Automotive Context
Includes: Boutteau, R.[Remi] Boutteau, R.[Rémi] Boutteau, R.
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Bouttefroy, P.L.M. Co Author Listing * Integrating the Projective Transform with Particle Filtering for Visual Tracking
* Markov random fields for abnormal behavior detection on highways
* Vehicle Tracking Using Projective Particle Filter

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