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Vida, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Best Papers from ICCV 2015
Includes: Vida, R.[Rene] Vida, R.[René]

Vidakis, D.G.[Dimitrios G.] Co Author Listing * Facilitation of air traffic control via optical character recognition-based aircraft registration number extraction

Vidakis, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * Detection and Classification of Multiple Objects using an RGB-D Sensor and Linear Spatial Pyramid Matching

Vidakovic, B. Co Author Listing * Image Denoising With 2D Scale-Mixing Complex Wavelet Transforms

Vidal Calleja, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Impact of Landmark Parametrization on Monocular EKF-SLAM with Points and Lines
Includes: Vidal Calleja, T.[Teresa] Vidal-Calleja, T.[Teresa]

Vidal Calleja, T.A. Co Author Listing * Action Selection for Single-Camera SLAM
Includes: Vidal Calleja, T.A. Vidal-Calleja, T.A.

Vidal Filho, J.N.[Jarbas Nunes] Co Author Listing * Towards the Semantic Enrichment of Trajectories Using Spatial Data Infrastructures
Includes: Vidal Filho, J.N.[Jarbas Nunes] Vidal-Filho, J.N.[Jarbas Nunes]

Vidal Madjar, D. Co Author Listing * Application of Dempster-Shafer Evidence Theory to Unsupervised Classification in Multisource Remote Sensing
* Introduction of neighborhood information in evidence theory and application to data fusion of radar and optical images with partial cloud cover
* Robust Method for Picture Segmentation Based on a Split-and-Merge Procedure, A
Includes: Vidal Madjar, D. Vidal-Madjar, D. Vidal-Madjar, D.[Daniel]

Vidal Mata, R.G.[Rosaura G.] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition
* Joint Visual-Temporal Embedding for Unsupervised Learning of Actions in Untrimmed Sequences
Includes: Vidal Mata, R.G.[Rosaura G.] Vidal-Mata, R.G.[Rosaura G.]

Vidal Naquet, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * effective resolution of correlation filters applied to natural scenes, The
* Fragment-Based Approach to Object Representation and Classification, A
* Object recognition with informative features and linear classification
* Visual features of intermdediate complexity and their use in classification
Includes: Vidal Naquet, M.[Michel] Vidal-Naquet, M.[Michel] Vidal-Naquet, M.

Vidal Nunez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Discrete Total Variation with Finite Elements and Applications to Imaging
* Total Generalized Variation for Piecewise Constant Functions on Triangular Meshes with Applications in Imaging
Includes: Vidal Nunez, J.[Jose] Vidal-Núñez, J.[José] Vidal-Nunez, J.[Jose]

Vidal Paez, P.[Paulina] Co Author Listing * Seasonality Analysis of Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Backscattered Power over Salar de Aguas Calientes Sur, Chile
* Time-Series of Vegetation Indices (VNIR/SWIR) Derived from Sentinel-2 (A/B) to Assess Turgor Pressure in Kiwifruit
Includes: Vidal Paez, P.[Paulina] Vidal-Páez, P.[Paulina]

Vidal Pino, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Introducing the structural bases of typicality effects in deep learning

Vidal Ruiz, E. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Finding Nearest Neighbors in (Approximately) Constant Time, An

Vidal Valladares, M.G.[Matias G.] Co Author Listing * Femto-Satellite Localization Method Based on TDOA and AOA Using Two CubeSats, A
Includes: Vidal Valladares, M.G.[Matias G.] Vidal-Valladares, M.G.[Matías G.]

Vidal, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Rank-Ordered Differences Statistic Based Switching Vector Filter

Vidal, A.C.[Andoni Cortes] Co Author Listing * Automated Annotation of Lane Markings Using LIDAR and Odometry
Includes: Vidal, A.C.[Andoni Cortes] Vidal, A.C.[Andoni Cortés]

Vidal, A.F. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Regularisation Parameters
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Regularization Parameters in High-Dimensional Inverse Problems: An Empirical Bayesian Approach Part I: Methodology and Experiments
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Regularization Parameters in High-Dimensional Inverse Problems: An Empirical Bayesian Approach. Part II: Theoretical Analysis
Includes: Vidal, A.F. Vidal, A.F.[Ana Fernandez]

Vidal, A.R.[Antoni Rosinol] Co Author Listing * Real-time Visual-Inertial Odometry for Event Cameras using Keyframe-based Nonlinear Optimization
* Ultimate SLAM? Combining Events, Images, and IMU for Robust Visual SLAM in HDR and High Speed Scenarios

Vidal, C.[Camille] Co Author Listing * Learning to Match: Deriving Optimal Template-Matching Algorithms from Probabilistic Image Models
* Multi-class SVM for forestry classification
Includes: Vidal, C.[Camille] Vidal, C.[Claude]

Vidal, C.A.[Creto A.] Co Author Listing * Latent motion spaces for full-body motion editing
* method for clipping splats on sharp edges and corners, A
* Simple Feedforward Control for Responsive Motion Capture-Driven Simulations
Includes: Vidal, C.A.[Creto A.] Vidal, C.A.[Creto Augusto]

Vidal, D.[David] Co Author Listing * First Polarimetric GNSS-R Measurements from a Stratospheric Flight over Boreal Forests

Vidal, E. Co Author Listing * algorithm for finding nearest neighbours in constant average time with a linear space complexity, An
* algorithm for the optimum piecewise linear approximation of digitized curves, An
* Automatic video to point cloud registration in a structure-from-motion framework
* Bernoulli mixture models for binary images
* Bi-modal Handwritten Text Corpus: Baseline Results, A
* Bilingual Text Classification
* Category-Based Language Models for Handwriting Recognition of Marriage License Books
* Character-Level Interaction in Computer-Assisted Transcription of Text Images
* Character-Level Interaction in Multimodal Computer-Assisted Transcription of Text Images
* class-dependent weighted dissimilarity measure for nearest neighbor classification problems, A
* Classification of Untranscribed Handwritten Notarial Documents by Textual Contents
* Cluster-based Merging Strategy for Nearest Prototype Classifiers, A
* Colour Image Segmentation and Labeling Through Multiedit-Condensing
* Computation of normalized edit distance and applications
* Computer Assisted Transcription for Ancient Text Images
* Computer Assisted Transcription of Handwritten Text Images
* Computer Assisted Transcription of Speech
* Computer Assisted Transcription of Text Images: Results on the GERMANA Corpus and Analysis of Improvements Needed for Practical Use
* Context-aware lattice based filler approach for key word spotting in handwritten documents
* Different Approaches to Bilingual Text Classification Based on Grammatical Inference Techniques
* Efficient Error-correcting Viterbi Parsing
* efficient prototype merging strategy for the condensed 1-NN rule through class-conditional hierarchical clustering, An
* Efficient use of the grammar scale factor to classify incorrect words in speech recognition verification
* End-to-End page-Level assessment of handwritten text recognition
* Escritoire: A Multi-touch Desk with e-Pen Input for Capture, Management and Multimodal Interactive Transcription of Handwritten Documents
* ESPOSALLES database: An ancient marriage license corpus for off-line handwriting recognition, The
* evaluation of the WPE algorithm using tangent distance, An
* experimental comparison between consistency-based and adaptive prototype replacement schemes, An
* Experimental Study of Pruning Techniques in Handwritten Text Recognition Systems, An
* Extended General Spacefilling Curves Heuristic, The
* Extracting Descriptive Words from Untranscribed Handwritten Images
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face verification on color images using local features
* Fast Computation of Normalized Edit Distances
* Fast HMM-Filler Approach for Key Word Spotting in Handwritten Documents
* Fast k-Nearest-Neighbours Searching Through Extended Versions of the Approximating and Eliminating Search Algorithm (AESA)
* Font-independent mixed-size digit recognition through error-correcting grammatical inference (ECGI)
* Handwritten Music Recognition for Mensural notation with convolutional recurrent neural networks
* Handwritten Text Recognition for Marriage Register Books
* High performance Query-by-Example keyword spotting using Query-by-String techniques
* Historical Document Handwriting Transcription End-to-end System, A
* ICDAR 2015 competition HTRtS: Handwritten Text Recognition on the tranScriptorium dataset
* ICDAR2015 Competition on Keyword Spotting for Handwritten Documents
* Improving sigma-lognormal parameter extraction
* Inference of finite-state transducers from regular languages
* Inference of K-Testable Languages in the Strict Sense and Application to Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Inference of Stochastic Finite-State Transducers Using N -Gram Mixtures
* Information extraction in handwritten historical logbooks
* Information Extraction in Handwritten Marriage Licenses Books Using the MGGI Methodology
* Interactive Layout Detection
* Interactive Off-Line Handwritten Text Transcription Using On-Line Handwritten Text as Feedback
* Interactive Structured Output Prediction: Application to Chromosome Classification
* JND-Guided Perceptual Pre-filtering for HEVC Compression of UHDTV Video Contents
* Learning prototypes and distances: A prototype reduction technique based on nearest neighbor error minimization
* Learning subsequential transducers for pattern recognition interpretation tasks
* Learning to Sort Handwritten Text Lines in Reading Order through Estimated Binary Order Relations
* Learning weighted distances for relevance feedback in image retrieval
* Learning Weighted Metrics to Minimize Nearest-Neighbor Classification Error
* Line Segmentation Free Probabilistic Keyword Spotting and Indexing
* Local Representations for Multi-object Recognition
* Modern vs Diplomatic Transcripts for Historical Handwritten Text Recognition
* Multi-task Layout Analysis of Handwritten Musical Scores
* Multimodal interactive transcription of text images
* New Smoothing Method for Lexicon-Based Handwritten Text Keyword Spotting, A
* On the Estimation of Error-correcting Parameters
* On the use of Bernoulli mixture models for text classification
* On the Use of JPEG 2000 to Achieve Minimum L-Infinity Error when Specifying a Compression Ratio
* On the Use of Normalized Edit Distances and an Efficient K-nn Search Technique (k-aesa) for Fast and Accurate String Classification
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition System for Tamil Handwritten Characters
* Open set classification of untranscribed handwritten text image documents
* Optical modelling and language modelling trade-off for Handwritten Text Recognition
* Optimum Polygonal-Approximation Of Digitized-Curves
* Pattern recognition techniques for provenance classification of archaeological ceramics using ultrasounds
* Probabilistic Finite-State Machines-Part I
* Probabilistic Finite-State Machines-Part II
* Probabilistic interpretation and improvements to the HMM-filler for handwritten keyword spotting
* Processing a large collection of historical tabular images
* Projection Profile Based Algorithm for Slant Removal
* proxy learning curve for the Bayes classifier, A
* Rate Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation Methods for Volumetric Data Using JPEG 2000
* Residual Coding of Images for L-Infinity Control under the JPEG 2000 Framework
* Segmentation of Large Historical Manuscript Bundles into Multi-page Deeds
* set of benchmarks for Handwritten Text Recognition on historical documents, A
* Simple and Effective Multi-word Query Spotting in Handwritten Text Images
* Small sample size effects in the use of editing techniques
* Spontaneous handwriting recognition and classification
* Spontaneous Handwriting Text Recognition and Classification Using Finite-State Models
* Statistical Text Line Analysis in Handwritten Documents
* Study of English Neologisms Through Large-Scale Probabilistic Indexing of Bentham's Manuscripts, A
* Textual-Content-Based Classification of Bundles of Untranscribed Manuscript Images
* Transducer learning in pattern recognition
* Using Mouse Feedback in Computer Assisted Transcription of Handwritten Text Images
* Weighting Prototypes: A New Editing Approach
* windowed weighted approach for approximate cyclic string matching, A
* Word-Graph Based Applications for Handwriting Documents: Impact of Word-Graph Size on Their Performances
* Word-Graph-Based Handwriting Keyword Spotting of Out-of-Vocabulary Queries
* Writer Identification Using Deep Neural Networks: Impact of Patch Size and Number of Patches
* Writing speed normalization for on-line handwritten text recognition
Includes: Vidal, E. Vidal, E.[Esteban] Vidal, E.[Enrique] Vidal, E.[Eloïse] Vidal, E.[Edward] Vidal, Jr., E.
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Vidal, E.V.[E. Vendrell] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Visualization Enhancements in Real-Time Game Engines
* From a Model of a City to an Urban Information System: The SIUR 3D of the Castle of Pietrabuona
Includes: Vidal, E.V.[E. Vendrell] Vidal, E.V.[Eduardo Vendrell]

Vidal, F. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Images for Endometriosis Detection

Vidal, H.S.[Hedwig Sophie] Co Author Listing * Detection of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants Using Satellite and Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

Vidal, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis and an Interior-Point Approach for TV Image Reconstruction Problems on Smooth Surfaces
* BOP: Benchmark for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Deep Learning Based Segmentation of Breast Lesions in DCE-MRI
* Optimum Watermark Detection in Color Images
* shape interpolation technique based on inclusion relationships and median sets, A
Includes: Vidal, J. Vidal, J.[Joel] Vidal, J.[Josep] Vidal, J.[Javier]

Vidal, J.A.[Joseph A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-institutional Collaboration in Delivery of Team-Project-Based Computer Graphics Studio Courses

Vidal, J.J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of real and computer-simulated clustered microcalcifications on digital mammograms. ROC study
* Embedded wavelet region-based coding methods applied to digital mammography
* Region-based wavelet coding methods for digital mammography

Vidal, L.[Luciano] Co Author Listing * Backward Adaptive Brightness Temperature Threshold Technique (BAB3T): A Methodology to Determine Extreme Convective Initiation Regions Using Satellite Infrared Imagery

Vidal, M. Co Author Listing * Barrier and Guardrail Extraction and Classification From Point Clouds
* Cost-Efficient Multi-GNSS Station with Real-Time Transmission for Geodynamics Applications
* Model-Assisted Bird Monitoring Based on Remotely Sensed Ecosystem Functioning and Atlas Data
* Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators
Includes: Vidal, M. Vidal, M.[Maurin] Vidal, M.[María]

Vidal, M.L.A.[Marcio Luiz A.] Co Author Listing * signature-based bag of visual words method for image indexing and search, A
* Sorted dominant local color for searching large and heterogeneous image databases
Includes: Vidal, M.L.A.[Marcio Luiz A.] Vidal, M.L.A.[Márcio Luiz A.]

Vidal, M.T.[Mireya Tovar] Co Author Listing * Inferential Rules for Identifying Answers in TOEFL Texts

Vidal, N.[Naiara] Co Author Listing * Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing an ELM-Based Driver Distraction Detection System

Vidal, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * FRCSyn Challenge at WACV 2024: Face Recognition Challenge in the Era of Synthetic Data
* Optimization Methods for In-Line Holography
Includes: Vidal, P.[Pedro] Vidal, P.

Vidal, P.L.[Placido L.] Co Author Listing * Pulmonary-Restricted COVID-19 Informative Visual Screening Using Chest X-ray Images from Portable Devices
Includes: Vidal, P.L.[Placido L.] Vidal, P.L.[Plácido L.]

Vidal, P.P.[Pierre Paul] Co Author Listing * Arm-CODA: A Data Set of Upper-limb Human Movement During Routine Examination
* Data Set for the Study of Human Locomotion with Inertial Measurements Units, A
* Local Assessment of Statokinesigram Dynamics in Time: An in-Depth Look at the Scoring Algorithm
Includes: Vidal, P.P.[Pierre Paul] Vidal, P.P.[Pierre-Paul]

Vidal, R.[Rene] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Vidal, R.[Rene]: rvidal AT cis jhu edu
* 3D Pose Regression Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Actor-Centric Tubelets for Real-Time Activity Detection in Extended Videos
* Adaptive Online k-Subspaces with Cooperative Re-Initialization
* Algebraic Clustering of Affine Subspaces
* Algebraic Methods for Direct and Feature Based Registration of Diffusion Tensor Images
* Analysis and Extensions of Adversarial Training for Video Classification
* ARCS: Accurate Rotation and Correspondence Search
* Benchmark for the Comparison of 3-D Motion Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Berkeley MHAD: A comprehensive Multimodal Human Action Database
* Binet-Cauchy Kernels on Dynamical Systems and its Application to the Analysis of Dynamic Scenes
* Bio-inspired Dynamic 3D Discriminative Skeletal Features for Human Action Recognition
* Bottom up Algebraic Approach to Motion Segmentation, A
* Categorizing Dynamic Textures Using a Bag of Dynamical Systems
* Classifying and Comparing Approaches to Subspace Clustering with Missing Data
* Closed Form Solution to Direct Motion Segmentation, A
* closed form solution to robust subspace estimation and clustering, A
* Clustering and dimensionality reduction on Riemannian manifolds
* Clustering-based Domain-Incremental Learning
* Coarse-to-Fine Semantic Video Segmentation Using Supervoxel Trees
* CompactNets: Compact Hierarchical Compositional Networks for Visual Recognition
* Convolutional Networks for Object Category and 3D Pose Estimation from 2D Images
* Curriculum Dropout
* Deep Moving Poselets for Video Based Action Recognition
* Detection-based Approach to Multiview Action Classification in Infants, A
* Direct Segmentation of Multiple 2-D Motion Models of Different Types
* Distributed Computer Vision Algorithms
* Distributed computer vision algorithms through distributed averaging
* Distributed Face Recognition via Consensus on SE(3)
* Distributed pose averaging in camera networks via consensus on SE(3)
* Dual Principal Component Pursuit
* Dynamic Template Tracking and Recognition
* DynamicBoost: Boosting Time Series Generated by Dynamical Systems
* Efficient Object Localization and Pose Estimation with 3D Wireframe Models
* End-to-End Fine-Grained Action Segmentation and Recognition Using Conditional Random Field Models and Discriminative Sparse Coding
* Estimation of Alpha Mattes for Multiple Image Layers
* Facial Tic Detection in Untrimmed Videos of Tourette Syndrome Patients
* Fastest L_1,inf Prox in the West, The
* Filtrated Algebraic Subspace Clustering
* Filtrated Spectral Algebraic Subspace Clustering
* Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA)
* Global Optimality in Neural Network Training
* Global Optimality in Separable Dictionary Learning with Applications to the Analysis of Diffusion MRI
* Group action induced distances for averaging and clustering Linear Dynamical Systems with applications to the analysis of dynamic scenes
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on CVPR 2014
* Hierarchical Joint Max-Margin Learning of Mid and Top Level Representations for Visual Recognition
* High angular resolution light field reconstruction with coded-aperture mask
* Histograms of oriented optical flow and Binet-Cauchy kernels on nonlinear dynamical systems for the recognition of human actions
* hypothesize-and-bound algorithm for simultaneous object classification, pose estimation and 3D reconstruction from a single 2D image, A
* Image Priors for Image Deblurring with Uncertain Blur
* Improved Model for Segmentation and Recognition of Fine-Grained Activities with Application to Surgical Training Tasks, An
* Infinitesimal motion estimation from multiple central panoramic views
* Interactive image matting for multiple layers
* Interactive image segmentation via minimization of quadratic energies on directed graphs
* Interpretable by Design: Learning Predictors by Composing Interpretable Queries
* Intrinsic mean shift for clustering on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds
* Is an Affine Constraint Needed for Affine Subspace Clustering?
* Joint Dictionary and Classifier Learning for Categorization of Images Using a Max-margin Framework
* Kernel sparse subspace clustering
* Kruppa Equation Revisited: its Renormalization and Degeneracy
* Latent Space Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Learning a Self-Expressive Network for Subspace Clustering
* Learning Graph Variational Autoencoders with Constraints and Structured Priors for Conditional Indoor 3D Scene Generation
* Learning Shared, Discriminative, and Compact Representations for Visual Recognition
* Low rank subspace clustering (LRSC)
* Minimum Effective Dimension for Mixtures of Subspaces: A Robust GPCA Algorithm and its Applications
* Motion Segmentation in the Presence of Outlying, Incomplete, or Corrupted Trajectories
* Motion segmentation via robust subspace separation in the presence of outlying, incomplete, or corrupted trajectories
* Motion segmentation with missing data using powerfactorization and GPCA
* Moving Poselets: A Discriminative and Interpretable Skeletal Motion Representation for Action Recognition
* Multi-cell Detection and Classification Using a Generative Convolutional Model
* Multibody Trifocal Tensor: Motion Segmentation from 3 Perspective Views, The
* Multiframe Motion Segmentation with Missing Data Using PowerFactorization and GPCA
* new GPCA algorithm for clustering subspaces by fitting, differentiating and dividing polynomials, A
* nonparametric Riemannian framework for processing high angular resolution diffusion images (HARDI), A
* Nonrigid Shape and Motion from Multiple Perspective Views
* On the Convergence of IRLS and Its Variants in Outlier-Robust Estimation
* On the Regularization Properties of Structured Dropout
* Optical Flow Estimation and Segmentation of Multiple Moving Dynamic Textures
* Optimal Motion Estimation from Multiview Normalized Epipolar Constraint
* Optimal segmentation of dynamic scenes from two perspective views
* Oracle Based Active Set Algorithm for Scalable Elastic Net Subspace Clustering
* P-brush: Continuous valued MRFs with normed pairwise distributions for image segmentation
* Perspective Nonrigid Shape and Motion Recovery
* Projective Factorization of Multiple Rigid-Body Motions
* Provable Self-Representation Based Outlier Detection in a Union of Subspaces
* ProVLA: Compositional Image Search with Progressive Vision-Language Alignment and Multimodal Fusion
* Rank Conditions on the Multiple-View Matrix
* Representation Learning on Visual-Symbolic Graphs for Video Understanding
* Robust classification using structured sparse representation
* Robust Homography Estimation via Dual Principal Component Pursuit
* Scalable Exemplar-Based Subspace Clustering Algorithm for Class-Imbalanced Data, A
* Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering by Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
* See all by looking at a few: Sparse modeling for finding representative objects
* Segmental Spatiotemporal CNNs for Fine-Grained Action Segmentation
* Segmentation of dynamic scenes from image intensities
* Segmentation of High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Using Sparse Riemannian Manifold Clustering
* Segmenting Dynamic Textures with Ising Descriptors, ARX Models and Level Sets
* Segmenting Fiber Bundles in Diffusion Tensor Images
* Segmenting Motions of Different Types by Unsupervised Manifold Clustering
* Self-Representation Based Unsupervised Exemplar Selection in a Union of Subspaces
* Semantic-aware Video Representation for Few-shot Action Recognition
* Semidefinite Relaxations of Truncated Least-Squares in Robust Rotation Search: Tight or Not
* Sequence of the most informative joints (SMIJ): A new representation for human skeletal action recognition
* Space of Multibody Fundamental Matrices: Rank, Geometry and Projection, The
* Sparse Dictionaries for Semantic Segmentation
* Sparse subspace clustering
* Sparse Subspace Clustering: Algorithm, Theory, and Applications
* Special Issue on the Mathematical Foundations of Deep Learning in Imaging Science
* Structure from Planar Motions with Small Baselines
* Structured Low-Rank Matrix Factorization: Global Optimality, Algorithms, and Applications
* Structured Sparse Subspace Clustering: A Joint Affinity Learning and Subspace Clustering Framework
* Structured Sparse Subspace Clustering: A unified optimization framework
* Temporal Convolutional Networks for Action Segmentation and Detection
* Temporal Convolutional Networks: A Unified Approach to Action Segmentation
* Three-View Multibody Structure from Motion
* Tracking of Points in a Calibrated and Noisy Image Sequence
* Two-View Multibody Structure from Motion
* Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation and Estimation, A
* Unified Algebraic Approach to 2-D and 3-D Motion Segmentation, A
* Unified Approach to Segmentation and Categorization of Dynamic Textures, A
* Using global bag of features models in random fields for joint categorization and segmentation of objects
* Video Registration Using Dynamic Textures
* View-invariant dynamic texture recognition using a bag of dynamical systems
* Visual Dictionary Learning for Joint Object Categorization and Segmentation
* Weakly-Supervised Generation and Grounding of Visual Descriptions with Conditional Generative Models
Includes: Vidal, R.[Rene] Vidal, R.[René] Vidal, R.
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Vidal, R.G.[Rosaura G.] Co Author Listing * UG^2: a Video Benchmark for Assessing the Impact of Image Restoration and Enhancement on Automatic Visual Recognition

Vidal, S.F.[Sara Fernandez] Co Author Listing * Object Representation and Comparison Inferred from Its Medial Axis

Vidal, T.[Thibaut] Co Author Listing * Assortative-Constrained Stochastic Block Models
* Community detection in the stochastic block model by mixed integer programming
* HG-means: A scalable hybrid genetic algorithm for minimum sum-of-squares clustering
* PILS: Exploring high-order neighborhoods by pattern mining and injection
* Regularization and optimization in model-based clustering

Vidal, T.H.G.[Thomas H. G.] Co Author Listing * DirecTES: A Direct Method for Land and Sea Surface Temperature and Emissivity Separation for Thermal Infrared Sensors: Application to TRISHNA and ECOSTRESS

Vidal, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial mesh optimization
* Joint Estimation of Local Variance and Local Regularity for Texture Segmentation. Application to Multiphase Flow Characterization
* Multiple reconstruction and dynamic modeling of 3D digital objects using a morphing approach
* Progressive Compression of Triangle Meshes
Includes: Vidal, V.[Vincent] Vidal, V.

Vidal, X.R.F. Co Author Listing * SID4VAM: A Benchmark Dataset With Synthetic Images for Visual Attention Modeling

Vidale, M. Co Author Listing * Pansharpening Techniques to Detect Mass Monument Damaging in Iraq

Vidales Basurto, C.A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Properties of Marine Surface Slopes From Its Glitter Patterns: The 1-D Case
* Statistical Properties of Marine Surface Slopes Using Glitter Patterns: The 2-D Case
Includes: Vidales Basurto, C.A. Vidales-Basurto, C.A.

VidalMata, R.G.[Rosaura G.] Co Author Listing * Report on UG2+ challenge Track 1: Assessing algorithms to improve video object detection and classification from unconstrained mobility platforms

Vidalon, J.E.Y.[Jose Elias Yauri] Co Author Listing * Brazilian Sign Language Recognition Using Kinect
Includes: Vidalon, J.E.Y.[Jose Elias Yauri] Vidalón, J.E.Y.[José Elías Yauri]

Vidanaarachchi, R. Co Author Listing * Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Performance and Robustness of Image Stitching Algorithms

Vidanapathirana, J.[Jayan] Co Author Listing * Tracking and frame-rate enhancement for real-time 2D human pose estimation

Vidanapathirana, M.[Madhawa] Co Author Listing * Plan2Scene: Converting Floorplans to 3D Scenes

Vidanpathirana, M.[Madhawa] Co Author Listing * Tracking and frame-rate enhancement for real-time 2D human pose estimation

Vidard, A. Co Author Listing * Dealing whith occultation when accounting for observation error correlation in a wavelet space
* Level-Set-Based Image Assimilation Method: Potential Applications for Predicting the Movement of Oil Spills, A

Vidarsson, L. Co Author Listing * T2- Selective Magnetization Preparation Pulses

Vidarte, J.D.T.[Jose D. T.] Co Author Listing * First Order Locally Orderless Registration
Includes: Vidarte, J.D.T.[Jose D. T.] Vidarte, J.D.T.[José D. T.]

Vidas, S. Co Author Listing * Ad Hoc Radiometric Calibration of a Thermal-Infrared Camera
* Exploration of Feature Detector Performance in the Thermal-Infrared Modality, An
* Forecasting Events Using an Augmented Hidden Conditional Random Field
* Hand-held monocular SLAM in thermal-infrared
* Practical Infrared Visual Odometry
Includes: Vidas, S. Vidas, S.[Stephen]

Vidaurre, C. Co Author Listing * Supervised penalty-based aggregation applied to motor-imagery based brain-computer-interface

Vidaurre, R. Co Author Listing * BRDF Estimation of Complex Materials with Nested Learning

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