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Agra, J.M.L.[Jose Miguel Lago] Co Author Listing * In-Orbit Measurements and Analysis of Radio Interference in the UHF Amateur Radio Band from the LUME-1 Satellite
Includes: Agra, J.M.L.[Jose Miguel Lago] Agra, J.M.L.[Josť Miguel Lago]

Agrafioti, F.[Foteini] Co Author Listing * ECG biometric analysis in cardiac irregularity conditions
* ECG Pattern Analysis for Emotion Detection
* Medical biometrics: The perils of ignoring time dependency
Includes: Agrafioti, F.[Foteini] Agrafioti, F.

Agrafiotis, D. Co Author Listing * adaptive QP offset determination method for HEVC, An
* Blind High Dynamic Range Image Quality Assessment Using Deep Learning
* concealment based approach to distributed video coding, A
* End to end video distortion estimation with advanced error concealment considerations
* Enhanced Error Concealment With Mode Selection
* Error Concealment For Slice Group Based Multiple Description Video Coding
* Exploiting MPEG-7 texture descriptors for fast H.264 mode decision
* Flexible Adaptive Multiple Description Coding for Video Transmission
* Fusion Methods for Side Information Generation in Multi-View Distributed Video Coding Systems
* Gaze Location Prediction for Broadcast Football Video
* Gaze location prediction for broadcast football video using Bayesian integration of low level features and top-down cues
* gaze prediction technique for open signed video content using a track before detect algorithm, A
* High dynamic range content calibration for accurate acquisition and display
* High Dynamic Range Video Compression Exploiting Luminance Masking
* Low complexity video coding based on spatial resolution adaptation
* multi-metric approach for block-level video quality assessment, A
* Multicue Bayesian State Estimator for Gaze Prediction in Open Signed Video, A
* Multiple Priority Region of Interest Coding with H.264
* Novel H.264/AVC Based Multi-View Video Coding Scheme, A
* On the performance of modern video coding standards with textured sequences
* perceptually optimised video coding system for sign language communication at low bit rates, A
* Performance evaluation of objective video quality metrics on mixed spatiotemporal resolution content
* Rate controlled redundancy-adaptive multiple description video coding
* Rate-controlled redundancy-adaptive multiple description coding for video transmission over MIMO systems
* Rate-efficient error robustness for IDR frames through edge-based redundancy maps
* Region of interest coding of volumetric medical images
* Spatial error concealment with edge related perceptual considerations
* very low complexity reduced reference video quality metric based on spatio-temporal information selection, A
* video coding system for sign language communication at low bit rates, A
* video error resilience redundant slices algorithm and its performance relative to other fixed redundancy schemes, A
* Video quality enhancement via QP adaptation based on perceptual coding maps
* video texture database for perceptual compression and quality assessment, A
* Virtual Liver Biopsy: Image Processing and 3d Visualization
* Visual masking phenomena with high dynamic range content
Includes: Agrafiotis, D. Agrafiotis, D.[Dimitris]
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Agrafiotis, P. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling And Mapping for Virtual Exploration of Underwater Archaeology Assets
* 3d Modelling the Invisible Using Ground Penetrating Radar
* Accurate 3D Scanning of Damaged Ancient Greek Inscriptions for Revealing Weathered Letters
* Camera Constant in the Case of Two Media Photogrammetry
* Comparative Assessment of Very High Resolution Satellite and Aerial Orthoimagery
* Correcting Image Refraction: Towards Accurate Aerial Image-Based Bathymetry Mapping in Shallow Waters
* DepthLearn: Learning to Correct the Refraction on Point Clouds Derived from Aerial Imagery for Accurate Dense Shallow Water Bathymetry Based on SVMs-Fusion with LiDAR Point Clouds
* Effect Of Pansharpening Algorithms On The Resulting Orthoimagery, The
* Effect of Underwater Imagery Radiometry On 3D Reconstruction And Orthoimagery, The
* Guidelines for Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Benchmarking of Different Methods
* Image-based 3D Reconstruction Data As An Analysis And Documentation Tool for Architects: the Case of Plaka Bridge in Greece
* Merging Geometric Documentation with Materials Characterization And Analysis of the History of the Holy Aedicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
* Precise 3D Measurements for Tracked Objects from Synchronized Stereo-Video Sequences
* Precision Potential of Underwater Networks for Archaeological Excavation Through Trilateration and Photogrammetry
* Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, iMmersive Serious Games and Augmented REality as Tools to Raise Awareness and Access to European Underwater CULTURal heritagE
* Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping from Uav Imagery Based On Machine Learning
* Software Comparison for Underwater Archaeological Photogrammetric Applications
Includes: Agrafiotis, P. Agrafiotis, P.[Panagiotis]
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Agrahari, A.[Ashutosh] Co Author Listing * Prognosticating the effect on Unemployment rate in the post-pandemic India via Time-Series Forecasting and Least Squares Approximation

Agrali, M.[Mahmut] Co Author Listing * DeepChestNet: Artificial intelligence approach for COVID-19 detection on computed tomography images

Agram, P.[Piyush] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Repeat Image Feature Tracking (autoRIFT) and Its Application for Tracking Ice Displacement
* Geodetic Imaging of Time-Dependent Three-Component Surface Deformation: Application to Tidal-Timescale Ice Flow of Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica
* InSAR Time-Series Estimation of the Ionospheric Phase Delay: An Extension of the Split Range-Spectrum Technique
* Ionospheric Correction of InSAR Time Series Analysis of C-band Sentinel-1 TOPS Data
* L-Band Temporal Coherence Assessment and Modeling Using Amplitude and Snow Depth over Interior Alaska
* Nasadem Global Elevation Model: Methods And Progress
* Network-Based Enhanced Spectral Diversity Approach for TOPS Time-Series Analysis, A
Includes: Agram, P.[Piyush] Agram, P.
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Agram, P.S.[Piyush S.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Small Baseline Interferometric SAR Processors for Estimating Ground Deformation
* Efficient Global Scale Sentinel-1 Radar Backscatter and Interferometric Processing System, An
* Radiometric Terrain Flattening of Geocoded Stacks of SAR Imagery

Agranovsky, A.[Alexy] Co Author Listing * Framework for the Visualization of Finite-Time Continuum Mechanics Effects in Time-Varying Flow, A

Agravante, D.J. Co Author Listing * Focusing on What is Relevant: Time-Series Learning and Understanding using Attention

Agrawal, A.[Aishwarya] Co Author Listing * email: Agrawal, A.[Aishwarya]: aish AT vt edu
* 3D pose estimation and segmentation using specular cues
* Analytical Forward Projection for Axial Non-central Dioptric and Catadioptric Cameras
* Automated segmentation of epiphysis and metaphysis for computerized bone age analysis
* Axial light field for curved mirrors: Reflect your perspective, widen your view
* Beyond Alhazen's problem: Analytical projection model for non-central catadioptric cameras with quadric mirrors
* Box2seg: Attention Weighted Loss and Discriminative Feature Learning for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* Can 3D Pose Be Learned from 2D Projections Alone?
* Coded exposure deblurring: Optimized codes for PSF estimation and invertibility
* Context Encoding for Semantic Segmentation
* CRAFT: Complementary Recommendation by Adversarial Feature Transform
* Decomposing Global Light Transport Using Time of Flight Imaging
* Detecting and Segmenting Un-occluded Items by Actively Casting Shadows
* Don't Just Assume; Look and Answer: Overcoming Priors for Visual Question Answering
* Edge Suppression by Gradient Field Transformation Using Cross-Projection Tensors
* Enforcing integrability by error correction using L1-minimization
* Extrinsic Camera Calibration without a Direct View Using Spherical Mirror
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Labeling Connected Components, A
* Flexible Voxels for Motion-Aware Videography
* FlexNeRF: Photorealistic Free-viewpoint Rendering of Moving Humans from Sparse Views
* Framework for human action recognition using spatial temporal based cuboids
* GPU-Accelerated Interactive Visualization of 3D Volumetric Data Using CUDA
* Hand Gesture Recognition Towards Vocabulary and Application Independency
* Heterogeneous Feature Fusion Based Machine Learning on Shallow-wide and Heterogeneous-sparse Industrial Datasets
* Image Invariants for Smooth Reflective Surfaces
* Improving the Performance of Sentiment Analysis Using Enhanced Preprocessing Technique and Artificial Neural Network
* Large-scale 3D scene modeling by registration of laser range data with Google Maps images
* Learning to Generate Synthetic Data via Compositing
* Making the V in VQA Matter: Elevating the Role of Image Understanding in Visual Question Answering
* Mining Insights From Visual Assets
* Motion-Aware Structured Light Using Spatio-Temporal Decodable Patterns
* Multi-Instance Pose Networks: Rethinking Top-Down Pose Estimation
* Multi-task driven explainable diagnosis of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images
* Non-refractive modulators for encoding and capturing scene appearance and depth
* Nonparametric Neural Network Model Based on Rough-Fuzzy Membership Function for Classification of Remotely Sensed Images
* NovelADS: A Novel Anomaly Detection System for Intra-Vehicular Networks
* Operational Large-Area Land-Cover Mapping: An Ethiopia Case Study
* Optimal coded sampling for temporal super-resolution
* Optimal single image capture for motion deblurring
* Parallel O(Log N) Algorithm for Finding Connected Components in Planar Images, A
* PoseNet3D: Learning Temporally Consistent 3D Human Pose via Knowledge Distillation
* Practical Approach to 3D Scanning in the Presence of Interreflections, Subsurface Scattering and Defocus, A
* Preface
* Rating Image Aesthetics Using a Crowd Sourcing Approach
* Removing Photography Artifacts using Gradient Projection and Flash-Exposure Sampling
* Resolving Objects at Higher Resolution from a Single Motion-blurred Image
* Resolving vision and language ambiguities together: Joint segmentation & prepositional attachment resolution in captioned scenes
* Role of Preprocessing for Word Representation Learning in Affective Tasks, The
* Signal processing for computational photography and displays
* Single Image Calibration of Multi-axial Imaging Systems
* Smart Public Transit System Using an Energy Storage System and Its Coordination With a Distribution Grid
* Specular surface reconstruction from sparse reflection correspondences
* Structured light 3D scanning in the presence of global illumination
* survey on activity recognition and behavior understanding in video surveillance, A
* theory of multi-layer flat refractive geometry, A
* Towards Accurate 3D Human Body Reconstruction from Silhouettes
* Towards Motion Aware Light Field Video for Dynamic Scenes
* Unsupervised 3D Pose Estimation With Geometric Self-Supervision
* Using CNN for facial expression recognition: a study of the effects of kernel size and number of filters on accuracy
* Variable focus video: Reconstructing depth and video for dynamic scenes
* VQA: Visual Question Answering
* VQA: Visual Question Answering
* Why I Want a Gradient Camera
Includes: Agrawal, A.[Aishwarya] Agrawal, A.[Amit] Agrawal, A.[Arpit] Agrawal, A. Agrawal, A.[Anupam] Agrawal, A.[Ankit] Agrawal, A.[Anjali] Agrawal, A.[Anuraag] Agrawal, A.[Ayush] Agrawal, A.[Arun] Agrawal, A.[Abhishek] Agrawal, A.[Ameeta] Agrawal, A.[Abhinav]
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Agrawal, A.K.[Amit K.] Co Author Listing * Algebraic Approach to Surface Reconstruction from Gradient Fields, An
* Ego-Motion Estimation and 3D Model Refinement in Scenes with Varying Illumination
* experimental evaluation of linear and kernel-based methods for face recognition, An
* LADAR-based collision warning sensor to prevent over-height vehicle bridge hits
* Robust Ego-Motion Estimation and 3-D Model Refinement Using Surface Parallax
* Robust ego-motion estimation and 3d model refinement using depth based parallax model
* What Is the Range of Surface Reconstructions from a Gradient Field?
Includes: Agrawal, A.K.[Amit K.] Agrawal, A.K. Agrawal, A.K.[Anil Kumar]
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Agrawal, B.[Brij] Co Author Listing * Signal-to-noise ratio limitations for intensity correlation imaging

Agrawal, D.[Divyakant] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction for Similarity Searching in Dynamic Databases
* Efficient Retrieval for Browsing Large Image Databases
* GAN-Tree: An Incrementally Learned Hierarchical Generative Framework for Multi-Modal Data Distributions
* Identifying Occurrences of Abnormal and Drunk Driving Using Smartphones
* Multifocus image fusion using modified pulse coupled neural network for improved image quality
* NOVA: NOvel View Augmentation for Neural Composition of Dynamic Objects
Includes: Agrawal, D.[Divyakant] Agrawal, D. Agrawal, D.[Deeksha] Agrawal, D.[Dakshit]

Agrawal, D.D.[Dev Drume] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition from facial expressions based on multi-level classification
* robust semi fragile lossless image data hiding approach, A

Agrawal, D.K.[Dheeraj Kumar] Co Author Listing * Automated glaucoma detection using quasi-bivariate variational mode decomposition from fundus images
* Automatic Classification of Glaucoma Stages Using Two-Dimensional Tensor Empirical Wavelet Transform
* Computer aided diagnosis of glaucoma using discrete and empirical wavelet transform from fundus images
Includes: Agrawal, D.K.[Dheeraj Kumar] Agrawal, D.K.

Agrawal, D.M.[Dharmesh M.] Co Author Listing * Novel Phase Encoded Mel Filterbank Energies for Environmental Sound Classification

Agrawal, D.P.[Dharma P.] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Intelligent and Sustainable Traffic and Vehicle Management (VANETs)
* Performance Analysis of FFT Algorithms on Multiprocessor Systems
Includes: Agrawal, D.P.[Dharma P.] Agrawal, D.P.

Agrawal, H.[Harsh] Co Author Listing * Contrast and Classify: Training Robust VQA Models
* Housekeep: Tidying Virtual Households Using Commonsense Reasoning
* Human Attention in Visual Question Answering: Do Humans and Deep Networks Look at the Same Regions?
* nocaps: novel object captioning at scale
* Object-Proposal Evaluation Protocol is Gameable
* Sequential Latent Spaces for Modeling the Intention During Diverse Image Captioning
* Shape Reconstruction from Single Relief Image
* Spatially Aware Multimodal Transformers for TextVQA
* Surprising Effectiveness of Visual Odometry Techniques for Embodied PointGoal Navigation, The
Includes: Agrawal, H.[Harsh] Agrawal, H.
9 for Agrawal, H.

Agrawal, K.[Kshitij] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Batch Incremental Road Object Detection via Detector Fusion
* NovelADS: A Novel Anomaly Detection System for Intra-Vehicular Networks
Includes: Agrawal, K.[Kshitij] Agrawal, K.[Kushagra]

Agrawal, K.K.[Kumar Krishna] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Streaming Perception in Dynamic Environments
* Recurrent Memory Addressing for Describing Videos
Includes: Agrawal, K.K.[Kumar Krishna] Agrawal, K.K.

Agrawal, M.[Motilal] Co Author Listing * Accurate content-based video copy detection with efficient feature indexing
* AdaMAE: Adaptive Masking for Efficient Spatiotemporal Learning with Masked Autoencoders
* Automatic Extraction Of Mangrove Vegetation From Optical Satellite Data
* Camera calibration using spheres: a semi-definite programming approach
* CenSurE: Center Surround Extremas for Realtime Feature Detection and Matching
* Clutter noise removal in binary document images
* Context Aware On-line Diagramming Recognition
* Document-zone classification using partial least squares and hybrid classifiers
* Efficient pattern synthesis for nearest neighbour classifier
* Ensemble learning-based COVID-19 detection by feature boosting in chest X-ray images
* Localization and Mapping for Autonomous Navigation in Outdoor Terrains: A Stereo Vision Approach
* On automatic determination of varying focal lengths using semidefinite programming
* Performance Evaluation Tools for Zone Segmentation and Classification (PETS)
* Practical Camera Auto Calibration using Semidefinite Programming
* Probabilistic Framework for Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Images, A
* Real-Time Detection of Independent Motion using Stereo
* Real-time Localization in Outdoor Environments using Stereo Vision and Inexpensive GPS
* Stroke-Like Pattern Noise Removal in Binary Document Images
* Trinocular Stereo Using Shortest Paths and the Ordering Constraint
* Unsupervised multiscale retinal blood vessel segmentation using fundus images
* UPX: a new XML representation for annotated datasets of online handwriting data
* Voronoi++: A Dynamic Page Segmentation Approach Based on Voronoi and Docstrum Features
* Window-based, discontinuity preserving stereo
Includes: Agrawal, M.[Motilal] Agrawal, M.[Mayank] Agrawal, M. Agrawal, M.[Mudit] Agrawal, M.[Monu] Agrawal, M.[Monika]
23 for Agrawal, M.

Agrawal, M.K.[Manish Kumar] Co Author Listing * Development of Autonomous UVC Disinfectant Robot

Agrawal, N.[Neha] Co Author Listing * Biometric data hiding: A 3 factor authentication approach to verify identity with a single image using steganography, encryption and matching
* Evaluating the Performance of PRISMA Shortwave Infrared Imaging Sensor for Mapping Hydrothermally Altered and Weathered Minerals Using the Machine Learning Paradigm
* Iris recognition based on sparse representation and k-nearest subspace with genetic algorithm
* Learning from Narrated Instruction Videos
* Non-invasive technique of diabetes detection using iris images
* Novel Approach for Predicting Large Wildfires Using Machine Learning towards Environmental Justice via Environmental Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Reanalysis Data across the United States, A
* Performance Evaluation of RIS-Assisted UAV-Enabled Vehicular Communication System With Multiple Non-Identical Interferers
* Polinsar Based Scattering Information Retrieval for Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation
* Unsupervised Learning from Narrated Instruction Videos
Includes: Agrawal, N.[Neha] Agrawal, N.[Neelam] Agrawal, N.[Nitin] Agrawal, N.[Nishant] Agrawal, N.[Nikita] Agrawal, N.[Neelima] Agrawal, N.
9 for Agrawal, N.

Agrawal, P.[Pulkit] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Performance of Multilayer Neural Networks for Object Recognition
* Curiosity-Driven Exploration by Self-Supervised Prediction
* Fuzzy rule based unsupervised approach for salient gene extraction
* Generic 3D Representation via Pose Estimation and Matching
* Human Pose Estimation with Iterative Error Feedback
* Integration of Diverse Data Sources for Spatial PM2.5 Data Interpolation
* Learning Instance Segmentation by Interaction
* Learning to See by Moving
* Monitored Distillation for Positive Congruent Depth Completion
* MRI brain image segmentation for spotting tumors using improved mountain clustering approach
* Optimal, Generative Model for Estimating Multi-Label Probabilistic Maps, An
* Person De-Identification in Videos
* Real-time video streaming with interactive region-of-interest
* Restoration of Non-Rigidly Distorted Underwater Images Using a Combination of Compressive Sensing and Local Polynomial Image Representations
* ROI Search Method for Still Images Based on Set Descriptions, An
* Stereoscopic Universal Perturbations across Different Architectures and Datasets
* What will Happen Next? Forecasting Player Moves in Sports Videos
* Zero-Shot Visual Imitation
Includes: Agrawal, P.[Pulkit] Agrawal, P. Agrawal, P.[Pranav] Agrawal, P.[Parth] Agrawal, P.[Prachi] Agrawal, P.[Piyush]
18 for Agrawal, P.

Agrawal, R.[Rishabh] Co Author Listing * Color Me Good: Branding in the Coloring Style of Movie Posters
* Convolutional-Attentional Neural Framework for Structure-Aware Performance-Score Synchronization, A
* CSIS: Compressed sensing-based enhanced-embedding capacity image steganography scheme
* enhanced framework for identifying brain tumor using discrete wavelet transform, deep convolutional network, and feature fusion-based machine learning techniques, An
* large margin approach for writer independent online handwriting classification, A
* Method for high-dimensionality indexing in a multi-media database
* Myron Dale Flickner
* Psychovisual saliency in color images
* Rehabilitation Exercise Repetition Segmentation and Counting Using Skeletal Body Joints
* Segmentation and classification of tuberculosis bacilli from ZN-stained sputum smear images
* Utilization Potential of High Resolution Stereo Data for Extracting DEM and Terrain Parameters
Includes: Agrawal, R.[Rishabh] Agrawal, R.[Ruchit] Agrawal, R.[Rohit] Agrawal, R.[Rajeev] Agrawal, R.[Rahul] Agrawal, R.[Rakesh] Agrawal, R. Agrawal, R.[Rachit] Agrawal, R.[Ravindra] Agrawal, R.[Ritesh]
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Agrawal, R.C. Co Author Listing * Fresh Look At the Hough Transform, A
* Preservation of Topological Properties of a Simple Closed Curve under Digitalization

Agrawal, R.K. Co Author Listing * 3d discrete wavelet transform for computer aided diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using t1-weighted brain MRI
* Combination of Kullback-Leibler divergence and Manhattan distance measures to detect salient objects
* Computer Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease from MRI Brain Images
* Discriminant Function Revisited for Incremental Learning
* enhanced texture-based image retrieval approach with features selected from integration of feature extraction techniques, An
* Evaluation of Feature Selection Measures for Steganalysis
* Graph-theory-based spectral feature selection for computer aided diagnosis of Parkinson's disease using T1-weighted MRI
* Hybrid of Principal Component Analysis and Partial Least Squares for Face Recognition across Pose, A
* Improved fuzzy entropy clustering algorithm for MRI brain image segmentation
* Incremental Bayesian classification for multivariate normal distribution data
* novel approach to combine features for salient object detection using constrained particle swarm optimization, A
* Perturbation scheme for online learning of features: Incremental principal component analysis
* Selection of Relevant Electrodes Based on Temporal Similarity for Classification of Motor Imagery Tasks
Includes: Agrawal, R.K. Agrawal, R.K.[Ramesh K.]
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Agrawal, S.[Shashank] Co Author Listing * accurate and noninvasive skin cancer screening based on imaging technique, An
* CoralStyleCLIP: Co-optimized Region and Layer Selection for Image Editing
* Dataset for Interactive Vision-Language Navigation with Unknown Command Feasibility, A
* Early breast cancer diagnosis using cogent activation function-based deep learning implementation on screened mammograms
* efficient multiclass classifier for classification of Alzheimer's disease/mild cognitive impairment/Normal subjects, An
* Hierarchical Semantic Regularization of Latent Spaces in StyleGANs
* High Accuracy Face Geometry Capture using a Smartphone Video
* High Fidelity Semantic Shape Completion for Point Clouds Using Latent Optimization
* Individualized Mutual Adaptation in Human-Agent Teams
* Labeled from Unlabeled: Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Few-shot Deep HDR Deghosting
* LEAD: Self-Supervised Landmark Estimation by Aligning Distributions of Feature Similarity
* Method to Improve UI Rendering using Predictive Sequence Modelling
* modified Coye algorithm for retinal vessel segmentation, A
* Novel fuzzy clustering-based bias field correction technique for brain magnetic resonance images
* novel region-based multimodal image fusion technique using improved dictionary learning, A
* Novel Segmentation Error Minimization-Based Method for Multilevel Optimal Threshold Selection Using Opposition Equilibrium Optimizer, A
* Novel Type-2 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Brain MR Image Segmentation, A
* optimal statistical feature-based transformation function for enhancement of retinal images using adaptive enhanced leader particle swarm optimization, An
* Overlapping pixel value ordering predictor for high-capacity reversible data hiding
* Pareto-Optimal Quantized ResNet Is Mostly 4-bit
* Prior Guided GAN Based Semantic Inpainting
* Queuing Analysis for Multiple-Antenna Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks With Beamforming
* Relevant edge probability-based adaptively weighted active contour for medical image segmentation
* School Mapping And Geospatial Analysis Of The Schools In Jasra Development Block Of India
* Simultaneous Denoising and Localization Network for Photoacoustic Target Localization
* SISL:Self-Supervised Image Signature Learning for Splicing Detection & Localization
* Towards Practical and Efficient High-resolution HDR Deghosting with CNN
* Validation of the Global Land Cover 2000 Map
Includes: Agrawal, S.[Shashank] Agrawal, S.[Shradha] Agrawal, S.[Sanjna] Agrawal, S.[Sanjay] Agrawal, S.[Susmit] Agrawal, S. Agrawal, S.[Siddharth] Agrawal, S.[Sumeen] Agrawal, S.[Somya] Agrawal, S.[Shivani] Agrawal, S.[Sumit]
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Agrawal, S.C.[Subhash Chand] Co Author Listing * Dense Haze Removal by Nonlinear Transformation
* joint cumulative distribution function and gradient fusion based method for dehazing of long shot hazy images, A
* Redundancy removal for isolated gesture in Indian sign language and recognition using multi-class support vector machine

Agrawal, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Dual Way Residue Noise Thresholding along with feature preservation
* Efficient fusion of osseous and vascular details in wavelet domain
* From pyramids to state-of-the-art: a study and comprehensive comparison of visible-infrared image fusion techniques
* Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Based on Sparse Representation and Spatial Frequency in DTCWT Domain
Includes: Agrawal, S.I.[Sun Il] Agrawal, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Agrawal, S.K. Co Author Listing * Emotion Rendering in Plantar Vibro-Tactile Simulations of Imagined Walking Styles
* Motion Guidance for a Passive Robot Walking Helper via User's Applied Hand Forces
* PWD-3DNet: A Deep Learning-Based Fully-Automated Segmentation of Multiple Structures on Temporal Bone CT Scans

Agrawal, T. Co Author Listing * Gesture recognition using position and appearance features
* MultiFeNet: Multi-scale feature scaling in deep neural network for the brain tumour classification in MRI images
* Multimodal Vision Transformers with Forced Attention for Behavior Analysis
* Simultaneous Tracking of Both Hands by Estimation of Erroneous Observations
Includes: Agrawal, T. Agrawal, T.[Tarun] Agrawal, T.[Tanay]

Agrawal, U. Co Author Listing * Identifying Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving Styles in the United Kingdom

Agrawal, V.[Vasu] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Speech Codecs: Rethinking Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement by Re-Synthesis
* Increasing Reliability of Fault Detection Systems for Industrial Applications
* RDQS: A Geospatial Data Analysis System for Improving Roads Directionality Quality
* TextureGAN: Controlling Deep Image Synthesis with Texture Patches
Includes: Agrawal, V.[Vasu] Agrawal, V. Agrawal, V.[Vashutosh]

Agrawal, V.K. Co Author Listing * Classification of run-length encoded binary data

Agrawal, Y.[Yudhik] Co Author Listing * GlocalNet: Class-aware Long-term Human Motion Synthesis
* HumanMeshNet: Polygonal Mesh Recovery of Humans
Includes: Agrawal, Y.[Yudhik] Agrawal, Y.

Agrawala, A.K. Co Author Listing * Equivalence of Hough Curve Detection to Template Matching
* On Models for Line Detection
* On Pattern Classification Algorithms: Introduction and Survey
* Sequential Approach to the Extraction of Shape Features, A
* System for extracting shape features from an image
Includes: Agrawala, A.K. Agrawala, A.K.[Ashok K.]

Agrawala, M.[Maneesh] Co Author Listing * Adding Conditional Control to Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* AGQA: A Benchmark for Compositional Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
* De-Emphasis of Distracting Image Regions Using Texture Power Maps
* Detecting Deep-Fake Videos from Phoneme-Viseme Mismatches
* Disentangled3D: Learning a 3D Generative Model with Disentangled Geometry and Appearance from Monocular Images
* Edge-based image coarsening
* Editing Self-Image
* Illustrating How Mechanical Assemblies Work
* Ink normalization and beautification
* Interactive Digital Photomontage
* Measuring Compositional Consistency for Video Question Answering
* Model-Based Compression for Synthetic Animations
* Multiscale shape and detail enhancement from multi-light image collections
* Office of the Past: Document Discovery and Tracking from Video, The
* Panoramic Video Textures
* Piecewise Image Registration in the Presence of Multiple Large Motions
* Tree-Structured Shading Decomposition
Includes: Agrawala, M.[Maneesh] Agrawala, M.
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Agrawalla, B.[Bhavya] Co Author Listing * DISeR: Designing Imaging Systems with Reinforcement Learning

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