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Gran Jansen, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * HYPSO-1 CubeSat: First Images and In-Orbit Characterization
Includes: Gran Jansen, F.[Fredrik] Gran-Jansen, F.[Fredrik]

Grana Romay, M. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Analysis by Spectral: Spatial Processing and Anticipative Hybrid Extreme Rotation Forest Classification
Includes: Grana Romay, M. Graña Romay, M.

Grana, C.[Costantino] Co Author Listing * 2D images map warping for improved user interaction
* Affective level design for a role-playing videogame evaluated by a brain-computer interface and machine learning methods
* Aligning Text and Document Illustrations: Towards Visually Explainable Digital Humanities
* Annotating the Inferior Alveolar Canal: The Ultimate Tool
* Automatic Single-Image People Segmentation and Removal for Cultural Heritage Imaging
* Block-Based Union-Find Algorithm to Label Connected Components on GPUs, A
* Building the topological tree by recursive FCM color clustering
* Color calibration for a dermatological video camera system
* Color Features Performance Comparison for Image Retrieval
* complete system for garment segmentation and color classification, A
* Computer vision system for in-house video surveillance
* Confidence Calibration for Deep Renal Biopsy Immunofluorescence Image Classification
* Connected Component Labeling Techniques on Modern Architectures
* Connected Components Labeling on Bitonal Images
* Connected Components Labeling on DRAGs
* Decision Trees for Fast Thinning Algorithms
* deep analysis on high-resolution dermoscopic image classification, A
* DeepHealth Toolkit: A Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications, The
* Describing texture directions with Von Mises distributions
* Detecting Moving Objects and their Shadows: An Evaluation with the PETS2002 Dataset
* Detecting Moving Objects, Ghosts, and Shadows in Video Streams
* Detecting Objects, Shadows and Ghosts in Video Streams by Exploiting Color and Motion Information
* Dynamic Pictorially Enriched Ontologies for Digital Video Libraries
* Enhancing HSV histograms with achromatic points detection for video retrieval
* Fast block based connected components labeling
* Feature Space Warping Relevance Feedback with Transductive Learning
* GOLD: Gaussians of Local Descriptors for image representation
* Heuristic-Based Decision Tree for Connected Components Labeling of 3D Volumes, A
* Hierarchical Boundary-Aware Neural Encoder for Video Captioning
* Historical document digitization through layout analysis and deep content classification
* Historical Handwritten Text Images Word Spotting Through Sliding Window HOG Features
* hough transform-based method for radial lens distortion correction, A
* How Does Connected Components Labeling with Decision Trees Perform on GPUs?
* Human vs. Machine Challenge in Fashion Color Classification, A
* Image Classification with Multivariate Gaussian Descriptors
* Improving Segmentation of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve through Deep Label Propagation
* Improving the Performance of Thinning Algorithms with Directed Rooted Acyclic Graphs
* Learning Graph Cut Energy Functions for Image Segmentation
* Learning non-target items for interesting clothes segmentation in fashion images
* Learning superpixel relations for supervised image segmentation
* Line Detection and Texture Characterization of Network Patterns
* Linear Transition Detection as a Unified Shot Detection Approach
* Measuring Scene Detection Performance
* Multimedia for Cultural Heritage
* Multimedia for Cultural Heritage
* new algorithm for border description of polarized light surface microscopic images of pigmented skin lesions, A
* One DAG to Rule Them All
* Optimal decision trees for local image processing algorithms
* Optimal Decision Trees Generation from OR-Decision Tables
* Optimized Block-Based Connected Components Labeling With Decision Trees
* Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction
* Picture extraction from digitized historical manuscripts
* Pixel Classification Methods to Detect Skin Lesions on Dermoscopic Medical Images
* Posture Classification in a Multi-Camera Indoor Environment
* Probabilistic people tracking for occlusion handling
* Probabilistic people tracking with appearance models and occlusion classification: The AD-HOC system
* Probabilistic Posture Classification for Human-Behavior Analysis
* Quest for Speed: The Epic Saga of Record-Breaking on OpenCV Connected Components Extraction
* Recognizing and Presenting the Storytelling Video Structure With Deep Multimodal Networks
* Relevance feedback strategies for artistic image collections tagging
* Segmentation models diversity for object proposals
* Semantic Video Transcoding Using Classes Of Relevance
* Shot and Scene Detection via Hierarchical Clustering for Re-using Broadcast Video
* Shot Detection and Motion Analysis for Automatic MPEG-7 Annotation of Sports Videos
* Skin Lesion Segmentation Ensemble with Diverse Training Strategies
* Spaghetti Labeling: Directed Acyclic Graphs for Block-Based Connected Components Labeling
* Supporting Skin Lesion Diagnosis with Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Toward reliable experiments on the performance of Connected Components Labeling algorithms
* Truncated isotropic principal component classifier for image classification
* Two More Strategies to Speed Up Connected Components Labeling Algorithms
* YACCLAB: Yet Another Connected Components Labeling Benchmark
Includes: Grana, C.[Costantino] Grana, C.
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Grana, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks for Seismic Facies Classification
* Bayesian Inversion of Time-Lapse Seismic AVO Data for Multimodal Reservoir Properties
* Prediction of CO2 Saturation Spatial Distribution Using Geostatistical Inversion of Time-Lapse Geophysical Data

Grana, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Deep Reinforcement Learning for Event-Driven Multi-Agent Decision Processes

Grana, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Bridging challenges of clinical decision support systems with a semantic approach. A case study on breast cancer
* Comparison of Experimental Results with an Evolution Strategy and Competitive Neural Networks for Near Real-Time Color Quantization of Image Sequences, A
* Competitive Stochastic Neural Networks for Vector Quantization of Images
* Convergence Properties of High-Order Boltzmann Machines
* endmember-based distance for content based hyperspectral image retrieval, An
* Face Localization Based on the Morphological Multiscale Fingerprint
* Face localization based on the morphological multiscale fingerprints
* Further results on dissimilarity spaces for hyperspectral images RF-CBIR
* Grayscale Hit-or-miss Transform Based on Level Sets, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Morphological Neural Networks
* Hyperespectral image analysis with associative morphological memories
* Image segmentation on spherical coordinate representation of RGB colour space
* Kosko Subsethood Fuzzy Associative Memory (KS-FAM): Mathematical Background and Applications in Computer Vision, The
* lattice computing approach for on-line fMRI analysis, A
* Morphological Scale Spaces and Associative Morphological Memories: Results on Robustness and Practical Applications
* On the Application of Morphological Heteroassociative Neural Networks
* parametric gradient descent MRI intensity inhomogeneity correction algorithm, A
* Pruning Algorithm for Stable Voronoi Skeletons, A
* Real-time optical markerless tracking for augmented reality applications
* Solving Satisfiability via Boltzmann Machines
* Special Issue on Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems
* Special issue on Innovative knowledge based techniques in pattern recognition
* Spherical coordinates framed RGB color space dichromatic reflection model based image segmentation: Application to wildland fires' outlines extraction
* Statistical Tuning of Adaptive-Weight Depth Map Algorithm
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms
* Visual Servoing of Legged Robots
* VQ Based Bayesian Image Filtering
Includes: Grana, M.[Manuel] Graña, M.[Manuel] Grana, M. Graña, M.
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Grana, R.[Rocio] Co Author Listing * Describing Polyps Behavior of a Deep-Sea Gorgonian, Placogorgia sp., Using a Deep-Learning Approach
Includes: Grana, R.[Rocio] Graña, R.[Rocío]

Granada, F.[Francesc] Co Author Listing * Active Contour Algorithm: An Attractive Tool for Snow Avalanche Analysis

Granadeiro, J.P.[Jose Pedro] Co Author Listing * Combining Multispectral and Radar Imagery with Machine Learning Techniques to Map Intertidal Habitats for Migratory Shorebirds
* Using Sentinel-2 Images to Estimate Topography, Tidal-Stage Lags and Exposure Periods over Large Intertidal Areas
Includes: Granadeiro, J.P.[Jose Pedro] Granadeiro, J.P.[José Pedro] Granadeiro, J.P.[José P.]

Granado, B. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based real-time MFCC extraction for automatic audio indexing on FM broadcast data
* Joint Sparse Learning With Nonlocal and Local Image Priors for Image Error Concealment
* Sparse Recovery-Based Error Concealment

Granado, I. Co Author Listing * Segmenting at Higher Scales to Classify at Lower Scales: A Mathematical Morphology Based Methodology Applied to Forest Cover Remote Sensing Images

Granados Munoz, M.J. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Raman Lidar Water Vapor Mixing Ratio Measurements Using Zenithal Measurements of Diffuse Sunlight and a Radiative Transfer Model
* Evaluation of LIRIC Algorithm Performance Using Independent Sun-Sky Photometer Data at Two Altitude Levels
* Feasibility of Ceilometers Data to Estimate Radiative Forcing Values: Application to Different Conditions around the COVID-19 Lockdown Period
* Lidar and Radar Signal Simulation: Stability Assessment of the Aerosol-Cloud Interaction Index
* Synergy of Raman Lidar and Modeled Temperature for Relative Humidity Profiling: Assessment and Uncertainty Analysis
Includes: Granados Munoz, M.J. Granados-Muñoz, M.J. Granados-Muñoz, M.J.[María J.] Granados-Muñoz, M.J.[María José]

Granados, A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Learning and Feature Selection for Deep Neural Networks in Multispectral Images
* Results of the Dragon 4 Project on New Ocean Remote Sensing Data for Operational Applications
* SKiT: a Fast Key Information Video Transformer for Online Surgical Phase Recognition
Includes: Granados, A. Granados, A.[Alba] Granados, A.[Alejandro]

Granados, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Background Inpainting for Videos with Dynamic Objects and a Free-Moving Camera
* Contrast-Use Metrics for Tone Mapping Images
* Optimal HDR reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* Vision-Based Offline-Online Perception Paradigm for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Granados, M.[Miguel] Granados, M. Granados, M.[Manuel]

Granados, R. Co Author Listing * Multimedia Information Retrieval Based on Late Semantic Fusion Approaches: Experiments on a Wikipedia Image Collection

Granados, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical architecture for motion and depth estimations based on color cues
* On-chip semidense representation map for dense visual features driven by attention processes

Granai, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Compression for 3D face recognition applications
* Influence of compression on 3D face recognition
* Model-Based Coding of 3D Head Sequences
* New dictionary and fast atom searching method for matching pursuit representation of displaced frame difference
Includes: Granai, L.[Lorenzo] Granai, L.

Granapathy, S. Co Author Listing * New General Triangulation Method for Planar Contours, A

Granata, D.[Donatella] Co Author Listing * MRI denoising by nonlocal means on multi-GPU
* Noise Removal from Remote Sensed Images by NonLocal Means with OpenCL Algorithm

Granata, E.[Eliana] Co Author Listing * Information Theory Based WCE Video Summarization
* Sudden Changes Detection in WCE Video

Granata, J. Co Author Listing * Matrix representations of the multidimensional overlap and add technique

Granato, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Evaluation Framework of Video De-Identification Methods, A

Granatyr, J. Co Author Listing * Overcoming feature drifts via dynamic feature weighted k-nearest neighbor learning

Granberg, H. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Evaluation Of Nocturnal Cold Air Drainage Over A Simple Slope Using Thermal Infrared Imagery

Grancharov, V.[Volodya] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tracking-by-Detection in Broadcast Sports Videos

Granchi, S. Co Author Listing * Comments on Frequency Decomposition and Computing of Ultrasound Medical Images with Wavelet Packets

Grancho, E.[Emanuel] Co Author Listing * Fusing iris and periocular information for cross-sensor recognition
* Quis-Campi: Extending in the Wild Biometric Recognition to Surveillance Environments

Grand Brochier, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3-D Skeleton-Based Segmentation of Liver Vessels from MRI and CT for Couinaud Representation
* Method of Interest Points Characterization Based C-HOG Local Descriptor
* Tree Leaves Extraction in Natural Images: Comparative Study of Preprocessing Tools and Segmentation Methods
Includes: Grand Brochier, M. Grand-Brochier, M. Grand-Brochier, M.[Manuel]

Granda Gutierrez, E.E. Co Author Listing * Addressing the Big Data Multi-class Imbalance Problem with Oversampling and Deep Learning Neural Networks
Includes: Granda Gutierrez, E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez, E.E.

Granda, F. Co Author Listing * Optimization and Design of Wireless Systems for the Implementation of Context Aware Scenarios in Railway Passenger Vehicles
* Spatial V2X Traffic Density Channel Characterization for Urban Environments
Includes: Granda, F. Granda, F.[Fausto]

Granda, F.S.[Francisco Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Toward Real-Time Volcano Seismic Events' Classification: A New Approach Using Mathematical Morphology and Similarity Criteria

Grandchamp, E.[Enguerran] Co Author Listing * Matching two clusters of points extracted from satellite images
* Texture Features and Segmentation Based on Multifractal Approach
* Vector Transition Classes Generation from Fuzzy Overlapping Classes

Grande, D.A.[Donato A.] Co Author Listing * Localisation of Defects in Volumetric Computed Tomography Scans of Valuable Wood Logs

Grande, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * License Plate Recognition Using Weighted Finite-State Transducers and Different Evidence Combination Methods
* Quantitative measurement of manufactured diamond shape
Includes: Grande, J.[Jorge] Grande, J.[James]

Grande, L.C.[Lucilio Cordero] Co Author Listing * Multi-channel Registration for Diffusion MRI: Longitudinal Analysis for the Neonatal Brain

Grande, P. Co Author Listing * Advanced Image-Processing Technique for Real-Time Interpretation of Ground-Penetrating Radar Images

Grande, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Benthic Habitat Map of the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea) from Object-Based Image Analysis of Multi-Source Acoustic Backscatter Data

Granderson, J.[Jessica] Co Author Listing * Open Data and Deep Semantic Segmentation for Automated Extraction of Building Footprints

Grandhe, R.[Rushali] Co Author Listing * D3Former: Debiased Dual Distilled Transformer for Incremental Learning

Grandhi, B.S.[Bhagya Shrithi] Co Author Listing * estimation framework to quantify railway disruption parameters, An

Grandhi, S.[Srimannarayana] Co Author Listing * Systematic Literature Review on Crop Yield Prediction with Deep Learning and Remote Sensing, A

Grandi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * A3D: Studying Pretrained Representations with Programmable Datasets
* JoinABLe: Learning Bottom-up Assembly of Parametric CAD Joints

Grandi, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Computer Simulation of Altered Sodium Channel Gating in Rabbit and Human Ventricular Myocytes

Grandi, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Beyond Schema Versioning: A Flexible Model for Spatio-Temporal Schema Selection

Grandi, L. Co Author Listing * Optimal hierarchical partitions for fractal image compression

Grandidier, F. Co Author Listing * a priori indicator of the discrimination power of discrete hidden Markov models, An
* Integration of contextual information in handwriting recognition systems
* Pixel weighted average strategy for depth sensor data fusion
* Quantitative Evaluation of Salient Deep Neural Network Features Using Random Forests
* Two Phase Classification for Early Hand Gesture Recognition in 3D Top View Data
Includes: Grandidier, F. Grandidier, F.[Frederic]

Grandin, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * FLATSIM: The ForM@Ter LArge-Scale Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 InterferoMetry Service
* Phase Unwrapping using a Joint CNN and SQD-LSTM Network
Includes: Grandin, R.[Raphael] Grandin, R.[Raphaël]

Grandin, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Height and Basal Area at Individual Tree and Plot Levels in Canadian Subarctic Lichen Woodlands Using Stereo WorldView-3 Images

Grandine, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Hausdorff and Minimal Distances between Parametric Freeforms in R2 and R3

Grandio, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Automatic Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation of Complex Railway Environments
Includes: Grandio, J.[Javier] Grandío, J.[Javier]

Grandits, D. Co Author Listing * Developing a Monitoring Workflow for The Temples of Java
* Digital Workflows for Restoration And Management of the Museum Affandi - A Case Study in Challenging Circumstances

Grandits, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Learning Atrial Fiber Orientations and Conductivity Tensors from Intracardiac Maps Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks
* Optimizing Wavelet Bases for Sparser Representations

Grandjean, D.[Didier] Co Author Listing * Investigating the production of emotional facial expressions: A combined electroencephalographic (EEG) and electromyographic (EMG) approach
* Thermal Analysis of Facial Muscles Contractions
Includes: Grandjean, D.[Didier] Grandjean, D.

Grandjean, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Montmorillonite Estimation in Clay-Quartz-Calcite Samples from Laboratory SWIR Imaging Spectroscopy: A Comparative Study of Spectral Preprocessings and Unmixing Methods
* Relationship between profile length and roughness variables for natural surfaces
* Subsurface imaging in south-central Egypt using low-frequency radar: Bir Safsaf revisited
Includes: Grandjean, G.[Gilles] Grandjean, G.

Grandjean, O. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Web GIS Platform for Systematic Exploration of Lake Geneva

Grandjean, P.[Pierrick] Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling of Indoor Scenes by Fusion of Noisy Range and Stereo Data
* Assessing the Accuracy of High Resolution Digital Surface Models Computed by PhotoScan® and MicMac® in Sub-Optimal Survey Conditions
* Diachronic UAV Photogrammetry of a Sandy Beach in Brittany (France) for a Long-Term Coastal Observatory
* Direct Georeferencing of a Pushbroom, Lightweight Hyperspectral System for Mini-UAV Applications
* Easily Implemented Methods of Radiometric Corrections for Hyperspectral-UAV: Application to Guianese Equatorial Mudbanks Colonized by Pioneer Mangroves
* Perception Control for Obstacle Detection by a Cross Country Rover
* Perception Multisensorielle et Interpretation de Scenes
* Potential of UAVs for Monitoring Mudflat Morphodynamics (Application to the Seine Estuary, France)
* Stochastic Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Obstacle Detectability with Imaging Range Sensors
Includes: Grandjean, P.[Pierrick] Grandjean, P.[Philippe] Grandjean, P.
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Grandori, F.[Ferdinando] Co Author Listing * fast and reliable system for 3D surface acquisition and reconstruction, A

Grandpierre, T. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based architecture for hardware compression/decompression of wide format images
* GPU implementation of linear morphological openings with arbitrary angle
* Parallel Algorithm for Concurrent Computation of Connected Component Tree
* Real-time dynamic tone-mapping operator on GPU
* Real-time H.264/AVC baseline decoder implementation on TMS320C6416
* Real-time H264/AVC encoder based on enhanced frame level parallelism for smart multicore DSP camera
* Real-time H264/AVC high definition video encoder on a multicore DSP TMS320C6678
Includes: Grandpierre, T. Grandpierre, T.[Thierry]
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Grandvalet, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * baseline regularization scheme for transfer learning with convolutional neural networks, A
* Driving among Flatmobiles: Bird-Eye-View occupancy grids from a monocular camera for holistic trajectory planning
* Transfer learning in computer vision tasks: Remember where you come from

Granell, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Impact of Training Set Size in Cross-subject Human Activity Recognition
* Analytics Platform for Integrating and Computing Spatio-Temporal Metrics, An
* Conceptual Architecture and Service-Oriented Implementation of a Regional Geoportal for Rice Monitoring
* On Metrics for Location-Aware Games
* Opening up Smart Cities: Citizen-Centric Challenges and Opportunities from GIScience

Granell, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Combining handwriting and speech recognition for transcribing historical handwritten documents
* Image-speech combination for interactive computer assisted transcription of handwritten documents
* Information extraction in handwritten historical logbooks
* Multimodal Output Combination for Transcribing Historical Handwritten Documents
* Processing a large collection of historical tabular images

Granelli, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive anisotropic filtering (AAF) for real-time visual enhancement of MPEG-coded video sequences
* Adaptive Post-processing Error Concealment Based on Feedback from a Video-surveillance System
* Cross-Layer Approach for Energy Efficient Transmission of Progressively Coded Images over Wireless Channels, A
* Efficient labeling procedures for image partition encoding
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Intent-Based Networking for 5G-Envisioned Internet of Connected Vehicles
* Low-complexity motion estimation for VLBR video coders
* Real-Time Algorithm for Error Recovery in Remote Video-Based Surveillance Applications, A
* real-time visual postprocessor for MPEG-coded video sequences, A
Includes: Granelli, F. Granelli, F.[Fabrizio]
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Granero Belinchon, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Study of Thermal Unmixing Techniques over Madrid Urban Area: Case Study of TRISHNA Mission
* New Material-Oriented TES for Land Surface Temperature and SUHI Retrieval in Urban Areas: Case Study over Madrid in the Framework of the Future TRISHNA Mission, A
* Night Thermal Unmixing for the Study of Microscale Surface Urban Heat Islands with TRISHNA-Like Data
* Phenological Dynamics Characterization of Alignment Trees with Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Vegetation Indices Time Series Reconstruction Methodology Adapted to Urban Areas
* Spectral Unmixing for Thermal Infrared Multi-Spectral Airborne Imagery over Urban Environments: Day and Night Synergy
Includes: Granero Belinchon, C.[Carlos] Granero-Belinchon, C.[Carlos]

Granero, L. Co Author Listing * Documentation of the roman bronze hand found in the site of El Tossal in Lucentum

Grange, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Technical Overview of AV1, A

Grange, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * affective mobile robot educator with a full-time job, An
* Robust Method for Real-time, Continuous, 3D Detection of Obstructed Faces in Indoors Environments
Includes: Grange, S.[Sebastien] Grange, S.

Grangeat, P. Co Author Listing * Combined 3d object motion estimation in medical sequences
* Compensation of Some Time Dependent Deformations in Tomography
* Dynamic X-ray computed tomography
* Spatio-temporally regularized reconstruction of gated SPECT myocardial image sequences
* Tomography
Includes: Grangeat, P. Grangeat, P.[Pierre]

Granger Piche, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Mirrors in Interactive Reconstruction with Structured Light
* Interactive Hierarchical Space Carving with Projector-based Calibrations
Includes: Granger Piche, M.[Martin] Granger-Piché, M.[Martin]

Granger, C. Co Author Listing * Design of an Expert System for Object Classification Through an Application to the Classification of Galaxies
* Symbolic Scene Matching

Granger, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Active Learning from Video Streams in a Multi-camera Scenario
* Adaptation of Writer-Independent Systems for Offline Signature Verification
* Adaptive appearance model tracking for still-to-video face recognition
* adaptive ensemble-based system for face recognition in person re-identification, An
* Adaptive ROC-based ensembles of HMMs applied to anomaly detection
* Adaptive selection of ensembles for imbalanced class distributions
* Adaptive skew-sensitive ensembles for face recognition in video surveillance
* Applying Dissimilarity Representation to Off-Line Signature Verification
* Augmented Lagrangian Adversarial Attacks
* Boolean Combination of Classifiers in the ROC Space
* Camera Alignment and Weighted Contrastive Learning for Domain Adaptation in Video Person ReID
* Cascaded Zoom-in Detector for High Resolution Aerial Images
* CNNs with cross-correlation matching for face recognition in video surveillance using a single training sample per person
* Comparison of ARTMAP Neural Networks for Classification for Face Recognition from Video
* comparison of CNN-based face and head detectors for real-time video surveillance applications, A
* Contextual object tracker with structure encoding
* Contextual Weighting of Patches for Local Matching in Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* Convolutional STN for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Cross Attentional Audio-Visual Fusion for Dimensional Emotion Recognition
* Cross-Domain Face Synthesis using a Controllable GAN
* Cross-modal distillation for RGB-depth person re-identification
* Decoupling Direction and Norm for Efficient Gradient-Based L2 Adversarial Attacks and Defenses
* Deep Active Learning for Joint Classification Segmentation with Weak Annotator
* Deep domain adaptation with ordinal regression for pain assessment using weakly-labeled videos
* Deep Interpretable Classification and Weakly-Supervised Segmentation of Histology Images via Max-Min Uncertainty
* Deep Multiscale Spatiotemporal Network for Assessing Depression From Facial Dynamics, A
* Deep Weakly Supervised Domain Adaptation for Pain Localization in Videos
* Depression Detection Based on Deep Distribution Learning
* DiPS: Discriminative pseudo-label sampling with self-supervised transformers for weakly supervised object localization
* Discriminative Sampling of Proposals in Self-Supervised Transformers for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Dissimilarity-Based Approach for Biometric Fuzzy Vaults-Application to Handwritten Signature Images, A
* dual-staged classification-selection approach for automated update of biometric templates, A
* Dynamic ensembles of exemplar-SVMs for still-to-video face recognition
* Dynamic selection of generative-discriminative ensembles for off-line signature verification
* Emotion Recognition with Spatial Attention and Temporal Softmax Pooling
* Ensembles of exemplar-SVMs for video face recognition from a single sample per person
* Evolution of heterogeneous ensembles through dynamic particle swarm optimization for video-based face recognition
* Extended Sparse Classification Framework for Domain Adaptation in Video Surveillance, An
* F-CAM: Full Resolution Class Activation Maps via Guided Parametric Upscaling
* F-measure curves: A tool to visualize classifier performance under imbalance
* Feature Learning from Spectrograms for Assessment of Personality Traits
* Flow guided mutual attention for person re-identification
* Hybrid writer-independent writer-dependent offline signature verification system
* Improving performance of HMM-based off-line signature verification systems through a multi-hypothesis approach
* Incremental multi-target domain adaptation for object detection with efficient domain transfer
* Individual-specific management of reference data in adaptive ensembles for face re-identification
* Iterative Boolean combination of classifiers in the ROC space: An application to anomaly detection with HMMs
* Joint Cross-Attention Model for Audio-Visual Fusion in Dimensional Emotion Recognition, A
* Knowledge Distillation for Multi-Target Domain Adaptation in Real-Time Person Re-Identification
* Knowledge distillation methods for efficient unsupervised adaptation across multiple domains
* Loss factors for learning Boosting ensembles from imbalanced data
* MDN: A Deep Maximization-Differentiation Network for Spatio-Temporal Depression Detection
* Multi-feature extraction and selection in writer-independent off-line signature verification
* Multi-Hypothesis Approach for Off-Line Signature Verification with HMMs, A
* Multimodal Data Augmentation for Visual-Infrared Person ReID with Corrupted Data
* Multiple instance learning: A survey of problem characteristics and applications
* On the correlation between genotype and classifier diversity
* On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening
* On the memory complexity of the forward-backward algorithm
* paired sparse representation model for robust face recognition from a single sample, A
* pattern reordering approach based on ambiguity detection for online category learning, A
* Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification
* Privacy-preserving Person Detection Using Low-resolution Infrared Cameras
* Privileged Knowledge Distillation for Dimensional Emotion Recognition in the Wild
* Progressive Gradient Pruning for Classification, Detection and Domain Adaptation
* Rapid blockwise multi-resolution clustering of facial images for intelligent watermarking
* Re-basin via implicit Sinkhorn differentiation
* Recognizing People and Their Activities in Surveillance Video: Technology State of Readiness and Roadmap
* Robust face tracking using multiple appearance models and graph relational learning
* Robust multiple-instance learning ensembles using random subspace instance selection
* Robust watch-list screening using dynamic ensembles of SVMs based on multiple face representations
* Salient Skin Lesion Segmentation via Dilated Scale-Wise Feature Fusion Network
* Score thresholding for accurate instance classification in multiple instance learning
* Self-Updating with Facial Trajectories for Video-to-Video Face Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Fusion for Learning of Regions of Interests Over Multiple Video Streams
* Special section: Best papers of the international conference on pattern recognition and artificial intelligence (ICPRAI) 2022
* Synthetic face generation under various operational conditions in video surveillance
* TCAM: Temporal Class Activation Maps for Object Localization in Weakly-Labeled Unconstrained Videos
* Temporal Stochastic Softmax for 3D CNNs: An Application in Facial Expression Recognition
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Tracking using Numerous Anchor Points
* TransInpaint: Transformer-based Image Inpainting with Context Adaptation
* TransVLAD: Multi-Scale Attention-Based Global Descriptors for Visual Geo-Localization
* Unifying Mutual Information View of Metric Learning: Cross-entropy vs. Pairwise Losses, A
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in the Dissimilarity Space for Person Re-identification
* Unsupervised Multi-Target Domain Adaptation Through Knowledge Distillation
* Using deep autoencoders to learn robust domain-invariant representations for still-to-video face recognition
* Visible-infrared Person Re-identification Using Privileged Intermediate Information
* Watch-List Screening Using Ensembles Based on Multiple Face Representations
* Witness identification in multiple instance learning using random subspaces
Includes: Granger, E.[Eric] Granger, E. Granger, É.[Éric]
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Granger, E.M.[Edward M.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for addressing a font to suppress Moire patterns occurring thereby and a method for use therein
* Blue noise based technique for use in a halftone tile oriented screener for masking screener induced image artifacts
* Electronic graphic arts screener
* Electronic graphic arts screener that suppresses Moire patterns using pseudo-random font selection

Granger, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Comparing Solo Versus Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Wetland Classification Using Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery

Granger, J.E.[Jean Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Meta-Analysis of Wetland Classification Using Remote Sensing: A Systematic Review of a 40-Year Trend in North America

Granger, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Derived from Thalamocortical Circuitry Stores and Retrieves Temporal Sequences, An

Granger, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale EM-ICP: A Fast and Robust Approach for Surface Registration
* Rigid Point-Surface Registration using Oriented Points and an EM Variant of ICP for Computer Guided Oral Implantology
Includes: Granger, S. Granger, S.[Sebastien]

Grangetto, M. Co Author Listing * adaptive hybrid CDN/P2P solution for Content Delivery Networks, An
* Automatic method for tumor segmentation from 3-points dynamic PET acquisitions
* Band Codes for Energy-Efficient Network Coding With Application to P2P Mobile Streaming
* Blind depth quality assessment using histogram shape analysis
* Bridging the gap between debiasing and privacy for deep learning
* Characterization of Band Codes for Pollution-Resilient Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming
* Conditional Access to H.264/AVC Video by Means of Redundant Slices
* Convolutional Neural Network for Intermediate View Enhancement in Multiview Streaming
* Decoder-driven adaptive distributed arithmetic coding
* Deep Regression by Feature Regularization for COVID-19 Severity Prediction
* Delving in the loss landscape to embed robust watermarks into neural networks
* Detection and Tracking of Astral Microtubules in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Differentiable Entropy Model for Learned Image Compression, A
* Distributed joint source-channel arithmetic coding
* Edge enhancement of depth based rendered images
* EnD: Entangling and Disentangling deep representations for bias correction
* Ensuring quality of service for image transmission: Hybrid loss protection
* error concealment algorithm for streaming video, An
* Error Resilient MQ Coder and map JPEG 2000 Decoding
* Estimation of Speed and Distance of Surrounding Vehicles from a Single Camera
* Fast Superpixel-Based Hierarchical Approach to Image Segmentation
* Finite Precision Wavelets for Image Coding: Lossy and Lossless Compression Performance Evaluation
* Global and local anomaly detectors for tumor segmentation in dynamic PET acquisitions
* Graph Laplacian for image anomaly detection
* H.264 Multiple Description Coding Based on Redundant Picture Representation
* HTML5 player for a gstreamer based MPEG DASH client, An
* Image de-fencing framework with hybrid inpainting algorithm
* Improved Low-Complexity Intraband Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images by Means of Slepian-Wolf Coding
* Iterative Decoding of Serially Concatenated Arithmetic and Channel Codes With JPEG 2000 Applications
* Kinect-based gait analysis for automatic frailty syndrome assessment
* Kinect-Based Gait Analysis for People Recognition Over Time
* Multiple Description Coding with Error Correction Capabilities: An Application to Motion JPEG 2000
* Multiple Description Image Coding Based on Lagrangian Rate Allocation
* No-reference quality metric for HEVC compression distortion estimation in depth maps
* novel interpolation method for 3D view synthesis, A
* Objective quality metric for 3D virtual views
* On Modeling Mismatch Errors Induced by Different Quantizers
* On the Role of Structured Pruning for Neural Network Compression
* Optimization and implementation of the integer wavelet transform for image coding
* Panorama View With Spatiotemporal Occlusion Compensation for 3D Video Coding
* panoramic 3D video coding with directional depth aided inpainting, A
* Redundant Slice Optimal Allocation for H.264 Multiple Description Coding
* Shannon Strikes Again! Entropy-based Pruning in Deep Neural Networks for Transfer Learning under Extreme Memory and Computation Budgets
* Simple Countermeasures to Mitigate the Effect of Pollution Attack in Network Coding-Based Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming
* Sliding-Window Raptor Codes for Efficient Scalable Wireless Video Broadcasting With Unequal Loss Protection
* Spatiotemporal error concealment with optimized mode selection and application to H.264
* study of an hybrid CDN-P2P system over the PlanetLab network, A
* Superpixel-driven graph transform for image compression
* syntax-preserving error resilience tool for JPEG 2000 based on error correcting arithmetic coding, A
* Take a Ramble into Solution Spaces for Classification Problems in Neural Networks
* Towards Efficient Capsule Networks
* TURINstream: A Totally pUsh, Robust, and effIcieNt P2P Video Streaming Architecture
* Two is Better than One: Achieving High-quality 3d Scene Modeling with a NeRF Ensemble
* Two-Step Radiologist-Like Approach for Covid-19 Computer-Aided Diagnosis from Chest X-Ray Images, A
* UniToChest: A Lung Image Dataset for Segmentation of Cancerous Nodules on CT Scans
* Unitopatho, A Labeled Histopathological Dataset for Colorectal Polyps Classification and Adenoma Dysplasia Grading
Includes: Grangetto, M. Grangetto, M.[Marco]
56 for Grangetto, M.

Grangier, D.[David] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video With Temporal Convolutions and Semi-Supervised Training
* Discriminative Kernel-Based Approach to Rank Images from Text Queries, A
* Modeling Human Motion with Quaternion-Based Neural Networks

Granheit, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient representation and interactive streaming of high-resolution panoramic views

Granhus, A.[Aksel] Co Author Listing * Use of UAV Photogrammetric Data for Estimation of Biophysical Properties in Forest Stands Under Regeneration

Grani, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * digital Intonarumori, The

Grani, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Feature Fusion and Knowledge-Driven Learning via Experts Consult for Thyroid Nodule Classification

Granica, K. Co Author Listing * EUFODOS: European Forest Downstream Services: Improved Information on Forest Structure and Damage

Granichin, O.[Oleg] Co Author Listing * Patterning of writing style evolution by means of dynamic similarity

Graniczny, M.[Marek] Co Author Listing * Combination of Conventional and Advanced DInSAR to Monitor Very Fast Mining Subsidence with TerraSAR-X Data: Bytom City (Poland)
* Exploitation of Large Archives of ERS and ENVISAT C-Band SAR Data to Characterize Ground Deformations

Granieri, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Volcanic CO2 Fluxes at Solfatara (Italy): Direct Versus Inverse Bayesian Retrieval

Granieri, M.N. Co Author Listing * growing network classifier of 3D objects using multiple views, A
* Recognition by Constructive Neural Algorithms
* Recognition of Hand-Written Rotated Digits by Neural Networks

Graniero, P.A.[Phil A.] Co Author Listing * Sampling the Synthetic World: Creating a Link Between Landscape Simulation and the Sensor Web

Granitto, P.M.[Pablo M.] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of legumes using leaf vein image features
* Finding local leaf vein patterns for legume characterization and classification
* Hybrid Consensus Learning for Legume Species and Cultivars Classification
* Legume Identification by Leaf Vein Images Classification
* Simple Hybrid Method for Semi-supervised Learning, A

Granitzer, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Analysis of Social Media Data and Refugee Movement Statistics

Granjon, L.[Lionel] Co Author Listing * Modelling Spatio-Temporal Saliency to Predict Gaze Direction for Short Videos

Granlund, C. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Predictive Model for Clustering Data of Mixed Discrete and Continuous Type, A

Granlund, G.H.[Gosta H.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Granlund, G.H.[Gosta H.]: gosta AT isy liu se
* Anisotropic Channel Filtering
* Anisotropic Filtering Operations for Image Enhancement and Their Relation to the Visual System
* Anisotropic Nonstationary Image Estimation and its Applications Part I: Restoration of Noisy Images
* Anistoropic Nonstationary Image Estimation and its Applications, Part II
* Architecture of a Picture Processor Using a Parallel General Operator, An
* Autonomous Inspection System for Nuclear Power Plants
* Combining shadow detection and simulation for estimation of vehicle size and position
* Compact associative representation of visual information
* complexity of vision, The
* Description of Texture Using the General Operator Approach
* Detecting Rotational Symmetries Using Normalized Convolution
* Does Vision Inevitably Have to be Active?
* Equivariance and Invariance: An Approach Based on Lie Groups
* Estimation of Curvature in 3D Images Using Tensor Field Filtering
* Estimation of Velocity, Acceleration and Disparity in Time Sequences
* Exploratory learning structures in artificial cognitive systems
* Fast Selective Detection of Rotational Symmetries Using Normalized Inhibition
* Fourier Domain Design of Line and Edge Detectors
* Fourier Preprocessing for Hand Print Character Recognition
* Image Analysis and Reconstruction using a Wavelet Transform Constructed from a Reducible Representation of the Euclidean Motion Group
* In Search of a General Picture Processing Operator
* Invariant and Compact Representation for Unrestricted Pose Estimation, An
* Issues in Robot Vision
* Local multiscale frequency and bandwidth estimation
* Multidimensional Orientation Estimation with Applications to Texture Analysis and Optical Flow
* Optimal orientation detection of linear symmetry
* Organization of Architectures for Cognitive Vision Systems
* P-Channels: Robust Multivariate M-Estimation of Large Datasets
* POI Detection Using Channel Clustering and the 2D Energy Tensor
* Representation and learning of invariance
* Robust Multi-scale Extraction of Blob Features
* Signal Processing for Computer Vision
* Special issue on Perception, Action and Learning
* Statistical Analysis of Chromosome Characteristics
* Uncertainty Principle in Image Processing, The
Includes: Granlund, G.H.[Gosta H.] Granlund, G.H.[Gösta H.] Granlund, G.H. Granlund, G.H.[Goesta H.]
37 for Granlund, G.H.

Granlund, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Leaf Canopy Layers Affect Spectral Reflectance in Silver Birch
* Natural Vision Data File Format as a New Spectral Image Format for Biological Applications
* Spectral Reflectance in Silver Birch Genotypes from Three Provenances in Finland

Granmo, O.C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic object-oriented Bayesian Networks for Flexible Resource-aware content-based Indexing of Media Streams
* Novel Strategy for Solving the Stochastic Point Location Problem Using a Hierarchical Searching Scheme, A
* On the Convergence of Tsetlin Machines for the IDENTITY- and NOT Operators
* On the Convergence of Tsetlin Machines for the XOR Operator
* REDRESS: Generating Compressed Models for Edge Inference Using Tsetlin Machines
* Stochastic discretized learning-based weak estimation: A novel estimation method for non-stationary environments
* Techniques for Parallel Execution of the Particle Filter
Includes: Granmo, O.C. Granmo, O.C.[Ole-Christoffer]
7 for Granmo, O.C.

Granneman, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * approach for characterizing the distribution of shrubland ecosystem components as continuous fields as part of NLCD, An
* new generation of the United States National Land Cover Database: Requirements, research priorities, design, and implementation strategies, A
* Rangeland Fractional Components Across the Western United States from 1985 to 2018

Granot, N.[Niv] Co Author Listing * Diverse Generation from a Single Video Made Possible
* Drop the GAN: In Defense of Patches Nearest Neighbors as Single Image Generative Models
* Probabilistic Simplex Component Analysis by Importance Sampling
Includes: Granot, N.[Niv] Granot, N.[Nerya]

Granoviter, O.[Omer] Co Author Listing * Automatic Defect Segmentation by Unsupervised Anomaly Learning

Granovskaya, R.M. Co Author Listing * Experiments on human pattern recognition: A Hierarchical Sign-System Approach

Granrath, D. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Images on Affine Sampling Grids

Granskog, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Structure and Content-Guided Video Synthesis with Diffusion Models

Granstrom, K. Co Author Listing * Gamma Gaussian Inverse Wishart Probability Hypothesis Density for Extended Target Tracking Using X-Band Marine Radar Data
* Greedy Reduction Algorithms for Mixtures of Exponential Family
* Low-Level Active Vision Framework for Collaborative Unmanned Aircraft Systems, A
Includes: Granstrom, K. Granström, K.[Karl] (Maybe also Granstroem, K.)

Grant Muller, S.[Susan] Co Author Listing * Modelling the Mobility Changes Caused by Perceived Risk and Policy Efficiency
* Sustainability assessment approaches for intelligent transport systems: the state of the art
Includes: Grant Muller, S.[Susan] Grant-Muller, S.[Susan] Grant-Muller, S.

Grant Muller, S.M. Co Author Listing * Appraisal and Evaluation of Interurban ITS: A European Survey
* Enhancing transport data collection through social media sources: methods, challenges and opportunities for textual data
* Macroscopic Forecasting Framework for Estimating Socioeconomic and Environmental Performance of Intelligent Transport Highways, A
Includes: Grant Muller, S.M. Grant-Muller, S.M.

Grant, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of 16-Channel Asymmetric Sleeve Antenna and Dipole Antenna Transceiver Arrays at 10.5 Tesla MRI

Grant, A.M. Co Author Listing * MR Performance in the Presence of a Radio Frequency-Penetrable Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Insert for Simultaneous PET/MRI

Grant, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Getting Started with UAV Imaging Systems: A Radiometric Guide

Grant, D.[Darion] Co Author Listing * Point-to-plane registration of terrestrial laser scans
* Rigorous Point-to-plane Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scans

Grant, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Deep Disentangled Representations for Volumetric Reconstruction
* Predicting and visualizing psychological attributions with a deep neural network
Includes: Grant, E.[Edward] Grant, E.

Grant, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm for Boundary Tracing and Feature Extraction, An

Grant, G.E.[Glenn E.] Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Time-Centric Analysis of Massive Remotely-Sensed Datasets, A

Grant, I. Co Author Listing * Characterising Vegetated Surfaces Using Modis Multiangular Satellite Data
* Seasonal Comparisons of Himawari-8 AHI and MODIS Vegetation Indices over Latitudinal Australian Grassland Sites
Includes: Grant, I. Grant, I.[Ian]

Grant, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * Estimating Gravimetric Water Content of a Winter Wheat Field from L-Band Vegetation Optical Depth
* Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission
* Mapping Vegetation at Species Level with High-Resolution Multispectral and Lidar Data Over a Large Spatial Area: A Case Study with Kudzu
Includes: Grant, J.[Jennifer] Grant, J.[John] Grant, J.[Jerome]

Grant, L.[Liam] Co Author Listing * Biometric Systems Utilising Health Data from Wearable Devices: Applications and Future Challenges in Computer Security
* Specular, diffuse and polarized light scattered by two wheat canopies
Includes: Grant, L.[Liam] Grant, L.

Grant, L.D. Co Author Listing * Distributed Small Satellite Approach for Measuring Convective Transports in the Earth's Atmosphere, A

Grant, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the EUMETSAT Multi Decadal Land Surface Albedo Data Record from Meteosat Observations
* Correcting Calibration Drifts Using Solar and Lunar Intrusions for Miniaturized Microwave Radiometers
* Initial Radiance Validation of the Microsized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite-2A
* On the temporal consistency of chlorophyll products derived from three ocean-colour sensors
* Phase retrieval by propagation for localized images
* Spectral Characterization of the AisaOWL
Includes: Grant, M.[Michael] Grant, M. Grant, M.[Mike] Grant, M.[Martin]

Grant, M.G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a human extraction system for deploying gait biometrics
* Comparative Study about Data Structures Used for Efficient Management of Voxelised Full-Waveform Airborne LiDAR Data during 3D Polygonal Model Creation, A
* Extracting moving shapes by evidence gathering
* Finding Moving Shapes by Continuous-Model Evidence Gathering
* Parameterised Moving Shape Extraction
Includes: Grant, M.G. Grant, M.G.[Michael G.]

Grant, P.[Phil] Co Author Listing * Discriminant Feature Manifold for Facial Aging Estimation

Grant, P.E.[P. Ellen] Co Author Listing * Cortical Folding Development Study based on Over-Complete Spherical Wavelets
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelet Transformation
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelets
* Deep Relation Learning for Regression and Its Application to Brain Age Estimation
* Global-Local Transformer for Brain Age Estimation
* methodology for analyzing curvature in the developing brain from preterm to adult, A
* NeSVoR: Implicit Neural Representation for Slice-to-Volume Reconstruction in MRI
* Rapid head-pose detection for automated slice prescription of fetal-brain MRI
* Volumetric Parameterization of the Placenta to a Flattened Template
Includes: Grant, P.E.[P. Ellen] Grant, P.E. Grant, P.E.[Patricia Ellen]
9 for Grant, P.E.

Grant, P.M.[Peter M.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Automatic Frame Fitting for Semantic-Based Moving Image Coding Using a Facial Code-Book
* Comparison of Detailed Automatic Wire-Frame Fitting Methods, A
* Enhancing Selected Facial Features in Very Low Bit-rate Video Sequences
* Facial Motion Analysis for Content-based Video Coding
* new approach to wire-frame tracking for semantic model-based moving image coding, A
* Quality-Optimized MPEG2 Video Data Rate Control Using Fuzzy Logic Techniques
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Nonlinear Quantizers for MPEG Video Coders: Sigmoidal and Unimodal Quantizer Control Functions
* Reliable Tracking of Facial Features in Semantic-Based Video Coding
* Tracking of the Motion of Important Facial Features in Model-Based Coding
* Video rate control using a radial basis function estimator for constant bit-rate MPEG coders
Includes: Grant, P.M.[Peter M.] Grant, P.M.
10 for Grant, P.M.

Grant, P.W.[Philip W.] Co Author Listing * DP-k-modes: A self-tuning k-modes clustering algorithm
* Facial expression recognition in dynamic sequences: An integrated approach
* From clamped local shape models to global shape model
* Recognizing Conversational Interaction Based on 3D Human Pose
Includes: Grant, P.W.[Philip W.] Grant, P.W.[Phil W.]

Grant, R.N. Co Author Listing * HLS Distorted colour model for enhanced colour image segmentation
* Perspective correction for improved visual registration using natural features

Grant, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Saliency mapping enhanced by symmetry from local phase

Grant, T.[Trevor] Co Author Listing * Now Look Here! ? Mixed Reality Improves Robot Communication Without Cognitive Overload
* Wetland Hydroperiod Change Along the Upper Columbia River Floodplain, Canada, 1984 to 2019
Includes: Grant, T.[Trevor] Grant, T.[Travis]

Grantham, H.C.[H. Craig] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for providing perceived video viewing experiences using still images
* Method for eliminating temporal and spacial distortion from interlaced video signals

Grantner, J.L.[Janos L.] Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Performance Assessment for Laparoscopic Box Trainer using Cross-Stage Partial Network

Grants, R.[Roberts] Co Author Listing * Application of Digital Twin in Medium-Voltage Overhead Distribution Network Inspection

Grantz, H.[Helmut] Co Author Listing * System for monitoring the front or rear parking space of a motor vehicle

Granum, E. Co Author Listing * Automation of Chromosome Analysis
* Bootstrapping Sequential Monte Carlo Tracking
* Classifying the illumination condition from two light sources by color histogram assessment
* Comparative Study of Disparity Estimations with Multi-Camera Configurations in Relation to Descriptive Parameters of Complex Biological Objects
* Computing Distance Transformations in Convex and Non-Convex Domains
* Database Representations in Hierarchical Scene Analysis
* Dynamic Programming Inference of Markov Networks from Finite Sets of Sample Strings
* Estimation of the Illuminant Colour from Human Skin Colour
* Experiments in dynamic programming inference of Markov networks with strings representing speech data
* Finding Motion Primitives in Human Body Gestures
* Modelling and estimating the pose of a human arm
* Multiple Cues for Model-Based Human Motion Capture
* Pose Estimation of a Human Arm using Kinematic Constraints
* Procedure for Developing Intuitive and Ergonomic Gesture Interfaces for HCI, A
* Sequential Inference of Markov Networks by Dynamic Programming for Structural Pattern Recognition
* Sequential Monte Carlo tracking of body parameters in a sub-space
* Survey of Computer Vision-Based Human Motion Capture, A
* Tracking regions of human skin through illumination changes
Includes: Granum, E. Granum, E.[Erik]
18 for Granum, E.

Granville, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Removing Prior Information from Remotely Sensed Atmospheric Profiles by Wiener Deconvolution Based on the Complete Data Fusion Framework
Includes: Granville, J.[Jose] Granville, J.[José]

Granville, V. Co Author Listing * Simulated Annealing: A Proof of Convergence

Granzier, J.[Jeroen] Co Author Listing * Counterphase modulation photometry: comparison of two instruments

Granzier, J.J.M.[Jeroen J. M.] Co Author Listing * Role of eye movements in chromatic induction

Granziera, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Towards a diffusion image processing validation and accuracy prediction framework
* White Matter MS-Lesion Segmentation Using a Geometric Brain Model
Includes: Granziera, C.[Cristina] Granziera, C.

Granzig, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Challenges in UAS-Based TIR Imagery Processing: Image Alignment and Uncertainty Quantification
Includes: Granzig, T.[Tobias] Gränzig, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Graenzig, T.)

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