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Vascon, S. Co Author Listing * Biclustering with dominant sets
* Characterization of Visual Object Representations in Rat Primary Visual Cortex
* Context aware nonnegative matrix factorization clustering
* Detecting conversational groups in images and sequences: A robust game-theoretic approach
* Encoding Brain Networks Through Geodesic Clustering of Functional Connectivity for Multiple Sclerosis Classification
* Game-Theoretic Probabilistic Approach for Detecting Conversational Groups, A
* Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
* Group Loss++: A Deeper Look Into Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
* Hypergraph isomorphism using association hypergraphs
* Locality-aware subgraphs for inductive link prediction in knowledge graphs
* On Association Graph Techniques for Hypergraph Matching
* Protein function prediction as a graph-transduction game
* Relaxation Labeling Meets GANs: Solving Jigsaw Puzzles with Missing Borders
* Semantic Motif Segmentation of Archaeological Fresco Fragments
* Speaker Clustering Using Dominant Sets
* stable graph-based representation for object recognition through high-order matching, A
* Transductive Label Augmentation for Improved Deep Network Learning
* Transductive Visual Verb Sense Disambiguation
* Two sides of the same coin: Improved ancient coin classification using Graph Transduction Games
* Using Dominant Sets for k-NN Prototype Selection
Includes: Vascon, S. Vascon, S.[Sebastiano]
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Vasconcellos, M.A.L.[Marcos A. Leiva] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Puzzle-Based Method for Separating the Venous and Arterial Vascular Networks in Retinal Images, A

Vasconcellos, N.C.M. Co Author Listing * Use of Coherence Measurements between EEG and EMG on Identification of the Myoclonus Locus

Vasconcelos Raposo, J. Co Author Listing * Delivering Critical Stimuli for Decision Making in VR Training: Evaluation Study of a Firefighter Training Scenario
Includes: Vasconcelos Raposo, J. Vasconcelos-Raposo, J.

Vasconcelos, B.N.[Barbara Nader] Co Author Listing * Experiments using deep learning for dermoscopy image analysis
Includes: Vasconcelos, B.N.[Barbara Nader] Vasconcelos, B.N.[Bárbara Nader]

Vasconcelos, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Impact of Aliasing on Generalization in Deep Convolutional Networks
* Proper Reuse of Image Classification Features Improves Object Detection
* Unsupervised cosegmentation based on global clustering and saliency

Vasconcelos, C.N.[Cristina Nader] Co Author Listing * analysis of ConformalLayers' robustness to corruptions in natural images, An
* Bipartite Graph Matching Computation on GPU
* CUF: Continuous Upsampling Filters
* Experiments using deep learning for dermoscopy image analysis
* Lloyd's Algorithm on GPU
* Real-Time Video Processing for Multi-Object Chromatic Tracking
Includes: Vasconcelos, C.N.[Cristina Nader] Vasconcelos, C.N.[Cristina N.] Vasconcelos, C.N.

Vasconcelos, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Automatic Camera Calibration Using Multiple Sets of Pairwise Correspondences
* Minimal Solution for Camera Calibration Using Independent Pairwise Correspondences, A
* Minimal Solution for the Extrinsic Calibration of a Camera and a Laser-Rangefinder, A
* MSDESIS: Multitask Stereo Disparity Estimation and Surgical Instrument Segmentation
* Person-following UAVs
* Refractive Structure-from-Motion Through a Flat Refractive Interface
* Refractive Two-View Reconstruction for Underwater 3D Vision
* Similarity Registration Problems for 2D/3D Ultrasound Calibration
* SSIS-Seg: Simulation-Supervised Image Synthesis for Surgical Instrument Segmentation
Includes: Vasconcelos, F.[Francisco] Vasconcelos, F.
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Vasconcelos, F.F.X.[Francisco F.X.] Co Author Listing * high-efficiency energy and storage approach for IoT applications of facial recognition, A

Vasconcelos, G.C. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks vs. Logistic Regression: A Comparative Study on a Large Data Set
* Object recognition under severe occlusions with a hidden Markov model approach
* systematic solution for the NN3 Forecasting Competition problem based on an ensemble of MLP neural networks, A

Vasconcelos, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * In-Reservoir Waveform Retrieval for Monitoring at Groningen: Seismic Interferometry with Active and Passive Deep Borehole Data
* Time-Domain Multidimensional Deconvolution: A Physically Reliable and Stable Preconditioned Implementation

Vasconcelos, L.[Luiz] Co Author Listing * new intelligent systems approach to 3D animation in television, A

Vasconcelos, L.O.[Levi O.] Co Author Listing * KVD: Scale invariant keypoints by combining visual and depth data
* Scale Invariant Keypoint Detector Based on Visual and Geometrical Cues, A
* Shape Consistent 2D Keypoint Estimation under Domain Shift
* Structured Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation
Includes: Vasconcelos, L.O.[Levi O.] Vasconcelos, L.O.

Vasconcelos, M. Co Author Listing * Estimating the Above-Ground Biomass in Miombo Savanna Woodlands (Mozambique, East Africa) Using L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Natural Image Statistics and Low-Complexity Feature Selection
* Scalable discriminant feature selection for image retrieval and recognition
* Weakly Supervised Top-down Image Segmentation
Includes: Vasconcelos, M. Vasconcelos, M.[Manuela]

Vasconcelos, M.J.[Maria J.] Co Author Listing * Burned area estimations derived from Landsat ETM+ and OLI data: Comparing Genetic Programming with Maximum Likelihood and Classification and Regression Trees

Vasconcelos, M.J.M.[Maria Joao M.] Co Author Listing * Cervical Cancer Detection and Classification in Cytology Images Using a Hybrid Approach
* Deep Learning Models for Segmentation of Mobile-acquired Dermatological Images
* No-reference Blur Assessment of Dermatological Images Acquired via Mobile Devices
* Principal Axes-Based Asymmetry Assessment Methodology for Skin Lesion Image Analysis
Includes: Vasconcelos, M.J.M.[Maria Joao M.] Vasconcelos, M.J.M.[Maria Joăo M.]

Vasconcelos, M.J.P.[Maria J. P.] Co Author Listing * Improving Land Cover Classification Using Genetic Programming for Feature Construction

Vasconcelos, N. Co Author Listing * Explainable Object-Induced Action Decision for Autonomous Vehicles
* Generic Promotion of Diffusion-Based Salient Object Detection
* Image Compression using Object-Based Regions of Interest
* Pre and Post-Filtering for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Rethinking Differentiable Search for Mixed-Precision Neural Networks
* Super Diffusion for Salient Object Detection

Vasconcelos, N.M.[Nuno M.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Vasconcelos, N.M.[Nuno M.]: nuno AT media mit edu
* A-SDF: Learning Disentangled Signed Distance Functions for Articulated Shape Representation
* ActorsNeRF: Animatable Few-shot Human Rendering with Generalizable NeRFs
* Adapted Gaussian models for image classification
* AGA: Attribute-Guided Augmentation
* Anomaly Detection and Localization in Crowded Scenes
* Anomaly detection in crowded scenes
* Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination with Cross-Modal Agreement
* Automatic initialization and tracking using attentional mechanisms
* Background Data Resampling for Outlier-Aware Classification
* Background subtraction in highly dynamic scenes
* Bayesian Framework for Semantic Content Characterization, A
* Bayesian Model Adaptation for Crowd Counts
* Bayesian modeling of video editing and structure: Semantic features for video summarization and browsing
* Bayesian Poisson regression for crowd counting
* Bayesian relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval
* Bayesian Video Modeling Framework for Shot Segmentation and Content Characterization, A
* BEV-Net: Assessing Social Distancing Compliance by Joint People Localization and Geometric Reasoning
* Bidirectional Learning for Domain Adaptation of Semantic Segmentation
* Biologically Inspired Object Tracking Using Center-Surround Saliency Mechanisms
* Biologically plausible detection of amorphous objects in the wild
* Black-Box Test-Time Shape REFINEment for Single View 3D Reconstruction
* Boosted Convolutional Neural Networks
* Boosting algorithms for simultaneous feature extraction and selection
* Bottom-up saliency is a discriminant process
* Breadcrumbs: Adversarial Class-Balanced Sampling for Long-Tailed Recognition
* Calibrating Deep Neural Networks by Pairwise Constraints
* Cascade R-CNN: Delving Into High Quality Object Detection
* Cascade R-CNN: High Quality Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
* Catastrophic Child's Play: Easy to Perform, Hard to Defend Adversarial Attacks
* Class-Incremental Learning with Strong Pre-trained Models
* Class-Specific Simplex-Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Image Classification
* Classifying Video with Kernel Dynamic Textures
* Complex Activity Recognition Via Attribute Dynamics
* Complex discriminant features for object classification
* Content-Based Pre-Indexed Video
* Content-based Retrieval from Image Databases: Current Solutions and Future Directions
* CoordGAN: Self-Supervised Dense Correspondences Emerge from GANs
* Cost-Sensitive Boosting
* Counting People With Low-Level Features and Bayesian Regression
* Cross-modal domain adaptation for text-based regularization of image semantics in image retrieval systems
* Deep Hashing with Hash-Consistent Large Margin Proxy Embeddings
* Deep Learning with Low Precision by Half-Wave Gaussian Quantization
* Deep Scene Image Classification with the MFAFVNet
* Dense Network Expansion for Class Incremental Learning
* Discriminant Interest Points are Stable
* Discriminant Saliency, the Detection of Suspicious Coincidences, and Applications to Visual Recognition
* Dynamic Pooling for Complex Event Recognition
* Dynamic Transfer for Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
* Efficient Multi-Domain Learning by Covariance Normalization
* Empirical Bayesian EM Based Motion Segmentation
* Empirical Bayesian Motion Segmentation
* Experimental Comparison of Three Guiding Principles for the Detection Salient Image Locations: Stability, Complexity, and Discrimination, An
* Exploit Clues From Views: Self-Supervised and Regularized Learning for Multiview Object Recognition
* Exploiting group structure to improve retrieval accuracy and speed in image databases
* family of information-theoretic algorithms for low-complexity discriminant feature selection in image retrieval, A
* Feature selection by maximum marginal diversity: Optimality and Implications for Visual Recognition
* Feature Space Transfer for Data Augmentation
* Few-Shot Open-Set Recognition Using Meta-Learning
* Formulating Semantic Image Annotation as a Supervised Learning Problem
* Frame-free video
* From Pixels to Semantic Spaces: Advances in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Generalized Explanation Framework for Visualization of Deep Learning Model Predictions, A
* Generalized Stauffer-Grimson background subtraction for dynamic scenes
* Geodesic Regression on the Grassmannian
* GistNet: a Geometric Structure Transfer Network for Long-Tailed Recognition
* Gradient-based Algorithms for Machine Teaching
* High Detection-rate Cascades for Real-Time Object Detection
* Holistic context modeling using semantic co-occurrences
* Holistic Context Models for Visual Recognition
* How many bits does it take for a stimulus to be salient?
* Image Indexing with Mixture Hierarchies
* IMAGINE: Image Synthesis by Image-Guided Model Inversion
* Improving Video Model Transfer with Dynamic Representation Learning
* Integrated Learning of Saliency, Complex Features, and Object Detectors from Cluttered Scenes
* Kullback-Leibler Kernel as a Framework for Discriminant and Localized Representations for Visual Recognition, The
* Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models for Image Classification
* Layered Dynamic Textures
* Learning Complexity-Aware Cascades for Deep Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Complexity-Aware Cascades for Pedestrian Detection
* Learning Deep Classifiers Consistent with Fine-Grained Novelty Detection
* Learning of Visual Relations: The Devil is in the Tails
* Learning Optimal Embedded Cascades
* Learning Optimal Seeds for Diffusion-Based Salient Object Detection
* Learning Over Multiple Temporal Scales in Image Databases
* Learning Receptive Fields for Pooling from Tensors of Feature Response
* Machine Teaching Framework for Scalable Recognition, A
* MicroNet: Improving Image Recognition with Extremely Low FLOPs
* Minimum Bayes error features for visual recognition
* Minimum Bayes Error Features for Visual Recognition by Sequential Feature Selection and Extraction
* Mixtures of Dynamic Textures
* Modeling, Clustering, and Segmenting Video with Mixtures of Dynamic Textures
* Multiple instance learning for soft bags via top instances
* Natural Image Statistics and Low-Complexity Feature Selection
* NetTailor: Tuning the Architecture, Not Just the Weights
* Novel Approach to FRUC Using Discriminant Saliency and Frame Segmentation, A
* Omni-DETR: Omni-Supervised Object Detection with Transformers
* On the Complexity of Probabilistic Image Retrieval
* On the design of robust classifiers for computer vision
* On the regularization of image semantics by modal expansion
* On the Role of Correlation and Abstraction in Cross-Modal Multimedia Retrieval
* Parametric Regression on the Grassmannian
* Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Person-following UAVs
* PIEs: Pose Invariant Embeddings
* Privacy preserving crowd monitoring: Counting people without people models or tracking
* Probabilistic Architecture for Content-based Image Retrieval, A
* Probabilistic Kernels for the Classification of Auto-Regressive Visual Processes
* Probabilistic Retrieval: New Insights and Experimental Results
* Query by Semantic Example
* Recognizing Activities via Bag of Words for Attribute Dynamics
* REPAIR: Removing Representation Bias by Dataset Resampling
* RESOUND: Towards Action Recognition Without Representation Bias
* Rethinking and Improving the Robustness of Image Style Transfer
* Robust Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination
* Robust Deformable and Occluded Object Tracking With Dynamic Graph
* Saliency-based discriminant tracking
* Scalable discriminant feature selection for image retrieval and recognition
* Scene classification with low-dimensional semantic spaces and weak supervision
* Scene classification with semantic Fisher vectors
* Scene Recognition on the Semantic Manifold
* SCOUT: Self-Aware Discriminant Counterfactual Explanations
* Semantic Clustering for Robust Fine-Grained Scene Recognition
* Semantic Fisher Scores for Task Transfer: Using Objects to Classify Scenes
* Semantically Consistent Regularization for Zero-Shot Recognition
* Should All Proposals Be Treated Equally in Object Detection?
* Solving Long-tailed Recognition with Deep Realistic Taxonomic Classifier
* Spatiotemporal model-based optic flow estimation
* Spatiotemporal Motion Model for Video Summarization, A
* Spatiotemporal Saliency in Dynamic Scenes
* Spot: Selective Point Cloud Voting for Better Proposal in Point Cloud Object Detection
* Statistical Models of Video Structure for Content Analysis and Characterization
* study of query by semantic example, A
* Supervised Learning of Semantic Classes for Image Annotation and Retrieval
* SViTT: Temporal Learning of Sparse Video-Text Transformers
* systematic study of the role of context on image classification, A
* TaylorBoost: First and second-order boosting algorithms with explicit margin control
* Toward Unsupervised Realistic Visual Question Answering
* Towards Professional Level Crowd Annotation of Expert Domain Data
* Towards Realistic Predictors
* Towards Semantically Meaningful Feature Spaces for the Characterization of Video Content
* Towards Universal Object Detection by Domain Attention
* Unified Multi-scale Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fast Object Detection, A
* Unifying View of Image Similarity, A
* VALHALLA: Visual Hallucination for Machine Translation
* Variational layered dynamic textures
* VLAD3: Encoding Dynamics of Deep Features for Action Recognition
* Weakly Supervised Top-down Image Segmentation
* What Is the Role of Independence for Visual Recognition?
* YORO - Lightweight End to End Visual Grounding
Includes: Vasconcelos, N.M.[Nuno M.] Vasconcelos, N.M.[Nuno Miguel] Vasconcelos, N.M.
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Vasconcelos, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine

Vasconcelos, R.C.S.[Raimundo C. S.] Co Author Listing * Identification of External Defects on Fruits Using Deep Learning

Vasconcelos, R.M.[Rosa M.] Co Author Listing * Determination of yarn production characteristics using image processing

Vasconcelos, R.N.[Rodrigo N.] Co Author Listing * Oil Spill Detection and Mapping: A 50-Year Bibliometric Analysis

Vasconez, F.[Freddy] Co Author Listing * VIGIA: A Thermal and Visible Imagery System to Track Volcanic Explosions
Includes: Vasconez, F.[Freddy] Vásconez, F.[Freddy]

Vasconez, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Near Real-Time and Free Tool for the Preliminary Mapping of Active Lava Flows during Volcanic Crises: The Case of Hotspot Subaerial Eruptions, A

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