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Fore, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Potential and Challenges of Using Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Sea Surface Salinity to Monitor Arctic Ocean Freshwater Changes, The
* Potential of Space-Based Sea Surface Salinity on Monitoring the Hudson Bay Freshwater Cycle, The

Fore, A.G. Co Author Listing * Aquarius Wind Speed Products: Algorithms and Validation
* Combined Active/Passive Retrievals of Ocean Vector Wind and Sea Surface Salinity With SMAP
* Cross-Calibration Between QuikSCAT and Oceansat-2
* L-Band Passive and Active Microwave Geophysical Model Functions of Ocean Surface Winds and Applications to Aquarius Retrieval
* On Extreme Winds at L-Band with the SMAP Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Optimized Tropical Cyclone Winds From QuikSCAT: A Neural Network Approach
* Point-Wise Wind Retrieval and Ambiguity Removal Improvements for the QuikSCAT Climatological Data Set
* QuikSCAT Climatological Data Record: Land Contamination Flagging and Correction
* SMAP L-Band Passive Microwave Observations of Ocean Surface Wind During Severe Storms
* UAVSAR Polarimetric Calibration
Includes: Fore, A.G. Fore, A.G.[Alexander G.]
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Foreman Mackey, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Direct Methods for Gaussian Processes
Includes: Foreman Mackey, D. Foreman-Mackey, D.

Forero Vargas, M. Co Author Listing * Diatom Screening and Classification by Shape Analysis
Includes: Forero Vargas, M. Forero-Vargas, M.

Forero, C.F.[Cristian Fabian] Co Author Listing * Zero Deforestation Agreement Assessment at Farm Level in Colombia Using ALOS PALSAR
Includes: Forero, C.F.[Cristian Fabian] Forero, C.F.[Cristian Fabián]

Forero, M.G.[Manuel G.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Zingiberales from RGB Images
* Automatic Detection of Injection Attacks by Machine Learning in NoSQL Databases
* Automatic Fault Detection in a Cascaded Transformer Multilevel Inverter Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
* Automatic Vision Based Calibration System for Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
* Classification of Cattleya Trianae and Its Varieties by Using Colorimetry
* Comparative Study of 3D Plant Modeling Systems Based on Low-Cost 2D LiDAR and Kinect, A
* Development of a Method for Identifying People by Processing Digital Images from Handprint
* Identification of tuberculosis bacteria based on shape and color
* Image Feature Detection Based on Phase Congruency by Monogenic Filters with New Noise Estimation
* Image Processing Method for Epidermal Cells Detection and Measurement in Arabidopsis Thaliana Leaves
* Improvement of the Turajlic Method for the Estimation of Gaussian Noise in Images
* New Automatic Cancer Colony Forming Units Counting Method, A
* New Method for Extreme Color Detection in Images
* Note on Gradient-Based Intensity Normalization, A
Includes: Forero, M.G.[Manuel G.] Forero, M.G.[Manuel Guillermo]
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Forest, A. Co Author Listing * 3D geospatial modelling and visualization for marine environment: Study of the marine pelagic ecosystem of the south-eastern Beaufort Sea, Canadian Arctic

Forest, C.R. Co Author Listing * Cell Membrane Tracking in Living Brain Tissue Using Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy

Forest, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Invariance-guided Stability Criterion for Time Series Clustering Validation, An

Forest, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Laser stripe peak detector for 3D scanners. A FIR filter approach
* new optimised de_Bruijn coding strategy for structured light patterns, A
* Optimised De Bruijn patterns for one-shot shape acquisition
* Registration of Moving Surfaces by Means of One-Shot Laser Projection
* review of recent range image registration methods with accuracy evaluation, A
* study on the robustness of shape descriptors to common scanning artifacts, A
Includes: Forest, J.[Jeremy] Forest, J. Forest, J.[Josep]
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Foresta, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * openEO API-Harmonising the Use of Earth Observation Cloud Services Using Virtual Data Cube Functionalities, The

Forester, B. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Template and Model Matching

Forester, B.C. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of radar imagery using the Gaussian Markov random field model

Foresti, C.[Celina] Co Author Listing * Application of the Photogrammetric and the Geographic Information Systems in the Urban Environment: A Case of Study

Foresti, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Attention for Cloth-changing ReId in Videos
* Ultrasound Medical Imaging Techniques: A Survey

Foresti, G.L. Co Author Listing * 2-D Skeleton-Based Action Recognition via Two-Branch Stacked LSTM-RNNs
* 2D into 3D Hough-Space Mapping for Planar Object Pose Estimation
* 3D hand pose and shape estimation from RGB images for keypoint-based hand gesture recognition
* 3D Object Recognition by Integration of Associative and Symbolic Techniques
* 3D Object Recognition by Neural Trees
* 3D pose estimation and shape coding of moving objects based on statistical morphological skeleton
* Accurate glottal model parametrization by integrating audio and high-speed endoscopic video data
* Acoustic Source Localization Using a Geometrically Sampled Grid SRP-PHAT Algorithm With Max-Pooling Operation
* Acoustic Target Tracking Through a Cluster of Mobile Agents
* Activity Analysis for Video Security Systems
* Adaptive bootstrapping management by keypoint clustering for background initialization
* Adaptive Camera Regulation for Investigation of Real Scenes
* Adaptive high order neural trees for pattern recognition
* Adaptive High-Order Neural Tree for Pattern Recognition, An
* Adaptive video communication for an intelligent distributed system: Tuning sensors parameters for surveillance purposes
* Aerial video surveillance system for small-scale UAV environment monitoring
* Analyzing EEG Data with Machine and Deep Learning: A Benchmark
* Anomalous trajectory detection using support vector machines
* Anomalous trajectory patterns detection
* Automatic camera selection and fusion for outdoor surveillance under changing weather conditions
* Automatic Visual Recognition of Deformable Objects for Grasping and Manipulation
* Autonomous Surveillance Vehicle for People Tracking, An
* Autonomous underwater vehicle guidance by integrating neural networks and geometric reasoning
* Bringing Attention to Image Anomaly Detection
* Camera Selection for Adaptive Human-Computer Interface
* Cascaded online boosting
* Cloth-Changing Person Re-identification with Self-Attention
* clustering fuzzy approach for image segmentation, A
* Computer vision methods for ambient intelligence
* CVGAN: Image Generation with Capsule Vector-VAE
* Deep Generative Adversarial Residual Convolutional Networks for Real-World Super-Resolution
* Deep Iterative Residual Convolutional Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Pyramidal Pooling With Attention for Person Re-Identification
* Deep Temporal Analysis for Non-Acted Body Affect Recognition
* Detecting moving people in video streams
* Detecting multiple objects under partial occlusion by integrating classification and tracking approaches
* Discriminant Context Information Analysis for Post-Ranking Person Re-Identification
* Distributed and Unsupervised Cost-Driven Person Re-Identification
* Distributed architectures and logical-task decomposition in multimedia surveillance systems
* Distributed person re-identification through network-wise rank fusion consensus
* Distributed Probabilistic System for Adaptive Regulation of Image-Processing Parameters, A
* distributed sensor network for video surveillace of outdoor enviroments, A
* Drone swarm patrolling with uneven coverage requirements
* Dynamic ensemble for target tracking
* Dynamic Models for People Detection and Tracking
* Dynamic Reconfiguration in Camera Networks: A Short Survey
* Editorial for the special issue on the DAFNE project (DigitalAnastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE)
* Efficient few-shot learning for pixel-precise handwritten document layout analysis
* Event classification for automatic visual-based surveillance of parking lots
* Exploiting Neural Trees in Range Image Understanding
* Exploiting Recurrent Neural Networks and Leap Motion Controller for the Recognition of Sign Language and Semaphoric Hand Gestures
* Exploiting Temporal Statistics for Events Analysis and Understanding
* Face detection for visual surveillance
* Fast good features selection for wide area monitoring
* Feature-Based SLAM Algorithm for Small Scale UAV with Nadir View
* Fixed simplex coordinates for angular margin loss in CapsNet
* Focusing on Target's Features while Tracking
* From person to group re-identification via unsupervised transfer of sparse features
* Generalized Neural Trees for Outdoor Scene Understanding
* Group Re-identification via Unsupervised Transfer of Sparse Features Encoding
* Grouping as a Searching Process for Minimum-Energy Configurations of Labeled Random-Fields
* Grouping of Rectilinear Segments by the Labeled Hough Transform
* Guest Editorial: Video Processing and Communications in Real-Time Surveillance Systems
* Hand Gesture Recognition Exploiting Handcrafted Features and LSTM
* Hierarchical Approach to Feature Extraction and Grouping, A
* Human Action Recognition using a Hybrid NTLD Classifier
* Image acquisition enhancement for active video surveillance
* Image Anomaly Detection by Aggregating Deep Pyramidal Representations
* Image Anomaly Detection with Capsule Networks and Imbalanced Datasets
* Impairments in decoding facial and vocal emotional expressions in high functioning autistic adults and adolescents
* Improved Statistical Techniques for Multi-part Face Detection and Recognition
* Incoherent Frequency Fusion for Broadband Steered Response Power Algorithms in Noisy Environments
* integrated surveillance system for outdoor security, An
* Integration of optical and acoustical imaging sensors for underwater applications
* Interactive Reception Desk with Face Recognition-Based Access Control
* Invariant feature extraction and neural trees for range surface classification
* Kernel-based unsupervised trajectory clusters discovery
* Kernelized Saliency-Based Person Re-Identification Through Multiple Metric Learning
* keypoint-based method for background modeling and foreground detection using a PTZ camera, A
* Lietome: An LSTM-based Method for Deception Detection by Hand Movements
* LieToMe: Preliminary study on hand gestures for deception detection via Fisher-LSTM
* Line Segment Based Approach for 3D Motion Estimation and Tracking of Multiple Objects
* Machine Learning Approach for the Online Separation of Handwriting from Freehand Drawing, A
* Master and Rookie Networks for Person Re-identification
* Medicinal Boxes Recognition on a Deep Transfer Learning Augmented Reality Mobile Application
* MoBio-LivDet: Mobile biometric liveness detection
* Modeling feature distances by orientation driven classifiers for person re-identification
* Modelling and Managing Domain Context for Automatic Surveillance Systems
* modified fuzzy ART for image segmentation, A
* Monitoring motorway infrastructures for detection of dangerous events
* MS-Faster R-CNN: Multi-Stream Backbone for Improved Faster R-CNN Object Detection and Aerial Tracking from UAV Images
* Multi-Camera Approach to Sensor Evaluation in Video Surveillance, A
* Multi-sensor Multi-cue Fusion for Object Detection in Video Surveillance
* Multi-sensor registration for objects motion detection
* Multilevel Fusion Approach to Object Identification in Outdoor Road Scenes, A
* Multimedia Video-Based Surveillance Systems
* Multiple acoustic sources localization using incident Signal Power comparison
* Multisensor Surveillance Systems: The Fusion Perspective
* network of co-operative cameras for visual surveillance, A
* neural tree for classification using convex objective function, A
* New Descriptor for Keypoint-Based Background Modeling, A
* new feature clustering method for object detection with an active camera, A
* Noise-Robust and Invariant Object Classification by the High-Order Statistical Pattern Spectrum
* Novel concepts and challenges for the next generation of video surveillance systems
* Novel GAN-Based Anomaly Detection and Localization Method for Aerial Video Surveillance at Low Altitude, A
* Object Pose Estimation in Underwater Acoustic Images
* Object Recognition and Tracking for Remote Video Surveillance
* On-line boosted cascade for object detection
* On-line trajectory clustering for anomalous events detection
* Outdoor Scene Classification by a Neural Tree-Based Approach
* Person Orientation and Feature Distances Boost Re-identification
* Person Re-Identification Ranking Optimisation by Discriminant Context Information Analysis
* Person Reidentification in a Distributed Camera Network Framework
* pool of multiple person re-identification experts, A
* Power Method for Robust Diagonal Unloading Localization Beamforming
* Pre-emptive Camera Activation for Video-Surveillance HCI
* Pro-CCaps: Progressively Teaching Colourisation to Capsules
* Probabilistic Approach to Object Classification by Neural Trees, A
* Properties of Binary Statistical Morphology
* PTZ network configuration for optimal 3D coverage
* Quality-Based Fusion of Multiple Video Sensors for Video Surveillance
* Reactive Learning Strategy for AsymBoost Based Face Detectors
* Real-time detection of multiple moving objects in complex image sequences
* Real-time GAN-based Model for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Real-Time Hough-Based Method for Segment Detection in Complex Multisensor Images, A
* Real-time image processing for active monitoring of wide areas
* Real-Time Incremental and Geo-Referenced Mosaicking by Small-Scale UAVs
* Real-Time Model-Based Method for 3-D Object Orientation Estimation in Outdoor Scenes, A
* Real-Time System for Video Surveillance of Unattended Outdoor Environments
* Real-time thresholding with Euler numbers
* Representing and recognizing complex events in surveillance applications
* robust face detection system for real environments, A
* robust feature tracker for active surveillance of outdoor scenes, A
* Robust Painting Recognition and Registration for Mobile Augmented Reality
* Saliency Weighted Features for Person Re-identification
* Selection of Temporal Features for Event Detection in Smart Security
* Self-Reconfigurable Smart Camera Networks
* Sensor Bandwidth Assignment through Video Annotation
* Shadow Removal in Outdoor Video Sequences by Automatic Thresholding of Division Images
* Shape representation from image sequences by using binary statistical morphology
* Sound Source and Microphone Localization From Acoustic Impulse Responses
* Statistical morphological skeleton for representing and coding noisy shapes
* Stereo Localization Based on Network's Uncalibrated Camera Pairs
* Stereo rectification of uncalibrated and heterogeneous images
* Structured Committee for Food Recognition, A
* Supervised Learning Based Stereo Matching Using Neural Tree
* Support vector machines for robust trajectory clustering
* Surveillance-Oriented Event Detection in Video Streams
* Time-varying delay measurement of video capture-to-display components with application to visual servoing
* Tracking Human Motion From Monocular Sequences
* Trajectory clustering and its applications for video surveillance
* Trajectory-Based Anomalous Event Detection
* Tuning Asymboost Cascades Improves Face Detection
* UAV Video Dataset for Mosaicking and Change Detection From Low-Altitude Flights, A
* Use of Neural Networks for Behaviour Understanding in Railway Transport Monitoring Applications
* Vehicle Detection and Tracking for Traffic Monitoring
* Video Analysis in Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Networks
* Video-Based Convolutional Attention for Person Re-Identification
* vision system for flexible objects analysis, A
* Visual inspection of sea bottom structures by an autonomous underwater vehicle
* Visual Tracking by Means of Deep Reinforcement Learning and an Expert Demonstrator
* weighted MVDR beamformer based on SVM learning for sound source localization, A
* Where Did I See It? Object Instance Re-Identification with Attention
* Wide-Slice Residual Networks for Food Recognition
* Zoom on Target While Tracking
Includes: Foresti, G.L. Foresti, G.L.[Gian Luca] Foresti, G.L.[G. Luca]
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Foresti, L.[Loris] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Rainfall Retrieval: From Generalized Linear Models to Artificial Neural Networks

Forestier, E.[Edouard] Co Author Listing * Remote Monitoring of Mediterranean Hurricanes Using Infrasound

Forestier, G. Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing of Histological Image Labeling and Object Delineation by Medical Students
* Evolutionary Approach for Ontology Driven Image Interpretation, An
* Multimodal and Multitemporal Land Use/Land Cover Semantic Segmentation on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery: An Application on a MultiSenGE Dataset
* Stain unmixing in brightfield multiplexed immunohistochemistry
* Supervised image segmentation using watershed transform, fuzzy classification and evolutionary computation
* Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A
Includes: Forestier, G. Forestier, G.[Germain]

Foret, G. Co Author Listing * Moving object extraction with a localized pyramid
* Partition projection in videos by global and local block-matching

Foret, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Empirical distribution of k-word matches in biological sequences
* Final steps towards real time trinocular stereovision
Includes: Foret, S.[Sylvain] Foret, S.[Serge]

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