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Chiem, Q.T.[Quang Tri] Co Author Listing * Investigating Keypoint Repeatability for 3D Correspondence Estimation in Cluttered Scenes

Chien, A.[Aichi] Co Author Listing * Accurate Vessel Segmentation with Progressive Contrast Enhancement and Canny Refinement
* Automatic cutting plane identification for computer-aided analysis of intracranial aneurysms
* BERTHop: An Effective Vision-and-Language Model for Chest X-ray Disease Diagnosis
* Geodesic Active Contours with Adaptive Configuration for Cerebral Vessel and Aneurysm Segmentation
* L1-based variational model for Retinex theory and its application to medical images, An
* New Multiscale Representation for Shapes and Its Application to Blood Vessel Recovery, A
* Registration for 3D Morphological Comparison of Brain Aneurysm Growth
* Topology Preserving Linear Filtering Applied To Medical Imaging
Includes: Chien, A.[Aichi] Chien, A.
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Chien, A.A.[Andrew A.] Co Author Listing * Lifetime and Deployment Limits for Mobile, 3D-Perceptual Applications

Chien, B.C.[Been Chian] Co Author Listing * Designing a classifier by a layered multi-population genetic programming approach
* Learning effective classifiers with Z-value measure based on genetic programming
Includes: Chien, B.C.[Been Chian] Chien, B.C.[Been-Chian]

Chien, B.S.[Bing Shan] Co Author Listing * Automated Entry System for Chinese Printed Documents
Includes: Chien, B.S.[Bing Shan] Chien, B.S.[Bing-Shan]

Chien, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * TransTIC: Transferring Transformer-based Image Compression from Human Perception to Machine Perception

Chien, C.A.[Cheng An] Co Author Listing * 3D depth map generation for embedded stereo applications
* Verification-Aware Design Methodology for Thread Pipelining Parallelization, A
Includes: Chien, C.A.[Cheng An] Chien, C.A.[Cheng-An]

Chien, C.B.[Chi Bin] Co Author Listing * New Linear Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polygons, A
Includes: Chien, C.B.[Chi Bin] Chien, C.B.[Chi-Bin]

Chien, C.D. Co Author Listing * Area-Efficient Variable Length Decoder IP Core Design for MPEG-1/2/4 Video Coding Applications, An

Chien, C.F.[Chung Fang] Co Author Listing * Robust ellipse detection based on hierarchical image pyramid and Hough transform
Includes: Chien, C.F.[Chung Fang] Chien, C.F.[Chung-Fang]

Chien, C.H. Co Author Listing * Computation of Volume/Surface Octrees from Contours and Silhouettes of Multiple Views
* Computer Vision System for Extravehicular Activity Helper Retriever, A
* Experiments in Intensity Guided Range Sensing Recognition of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Generation of Volume/Surface Octree from Range Data
* GPU-Based Homotopy Continuation for Minimal Problems in Computer Vision
* Identification of 3D Objects from Multiple Silhouettes Using Quadtrees/Octrees
* Minimal Solutions to Generalized Three-View Relative Pose Problem
* Model Construction and Shape Recognition from Occluding Contours
* Normalized Quadtree Representation, A
* Object Motion And Structure Recovery for Robotic Vision Using Scanning Laser Range Sensors
* PARADIGM: an architecture for distributed vision processing
* Random Decomposition Forests
* Reconstruction and Matching of 3-D Objects using Quadtrees/Octrees
* Reconstruction and Recognition of 3-D Objects from Occluding Contours and Silhouettes
* Shape Recognition from Single Silhouettes
* Volume/Surface Octree Representation, A
* Volume/Surface Octrees for the Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects
Includes: Chien, C.H. Chien, C.H.[Chiang-Heng] Chien, C.H.[Chun-Han]
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Chien, C.J.[Chiang Ju] Co Author Listing * FNN-Based adaptive iterative learning control for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems, An
* Observer based adaptive control of nonlinear systems using filtered-FNN design
Includes: Chien, C.J.[Chiang Ju] Chien, C.J.[Chiang-Ju]

Chien, C.L.[Chun Liang] Co Author Listing * Image Fusion With No Gamut Problem by Improved Nonlinear IHS Transforms for Remote Sensing
* Virtual view synthesis quality refinement
* Virtual view synthesis using RGB-D cameras
Includes: Chien, C.L.[Chun Liang] Chien, C.L.[Chun-Liang] Chien, C.L.

Chien, C.Y.[Ching Yen] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* Extraction of Ruler Markings For Estimating Physical Size of Oral Lesions
Includes: Chien, C.Y.[Ching Yen] Chien, C.Y.[Ching-Yen] Chien, C.Y.[Chih-Yen]

Chien, H. Co Author Listing * Normalized Difference Latent Heat Index for Remote Sensing of Land Surface Energy Fluxes
* On Improving Bounding Box Regression Towards Accurate Object Detection and Tracking
* Road surface distress detection in disparity space
* Ship Echo Identification Based on Norm-Constrained Adaptive Beamforming for an Arrayed High-Frequency Coastal Radar
* Stixel optimization: Representing challenging on-road scenes
* Surface reconstruction of 3D objects using local moving least squares and K-D trees

Chien, H.C.[Hung Chang] Co Author Listing * Progressive Sample Processing of Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Transmission
* Unsupervised Band Selection Based on Group-Based Sparse Representation
Includes: Chien, H.C.[Hung Chang] Chien, H.C.[Hung-Chang]

Chien, H.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D Reconstruction system with improved recovery of miscoded region to automatically adjust projected light patterns
* Adaptive pixel classifier for binary structured light: A probabilistic kernel approach
* Bundle Adjustment with Implicit Structure Modeling Using a Direct Linear Transform
* Calibration of LiDAR device using infrared images
* Effects of Ground Manifold Modeling on the Accuracy of Stixel Calculations
* Egomotion Estimation and Reconstruction with Kalman Filters and GPS Integration
* Egomotion Estimation by Point-Cloud Back-Mapping
* Geometric calibration of a multi-layer LiDAR system and image sensors using plane-based implicit laser parameters for textured 3-D depth reconstruction
* Improved Stixel Estimation Based on Transitivity Analysis in Disparity Space
* Multi-frame Feature Integration for Multi-camera Visual Odometry
* Multi-objective Visual Odometry
* Multi-Run: An Approach for Filling in Missing Information of 3D Roadside Reconstruction
* Substantial improvement of stereo visual odometry by multi-path feature tracking
* target-adapted geometric calibration method for camera-projector system, A
* Visual odometry driven online calibration for monocular LiDAR-camera systems
* When to use what feature? SIFT, SURF, ORB, or A-KAZE features for monocular visual odometry
Includes: Chien, H.J. Chien, H.J.[Hsiang-Jen]
16 for Chien, H.J.

Chien, J.C.[Jong Chih] Co Author Listing * Close range vehicle detection and tracking by vehicle lights
* frame-level FSBM motion estimation architecture with large search range, A
* Skin color detection in low bit-rate 3-D multiwavelet-based videos
Includes: Chien, J.C.[Jong Chih] Chien, J.C.[Jong-Chih]

Chien, J.H.[Jen Hsien] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural network approach to authentication of coins by vision-based minimization
* FATAUVA-Net: An Integrated Deep Learning Framework for Facial Attribute Recognition, Action Unit Detection, and Valence-Arousal Estimation
Includes: Chien, J.H.[Jen Hsien] Chien, J.H.[Jen-Hsien] Chien, J.H.

Chien, J.T.[Jen Tzung] Co Author Listing * Bayesian asymmetric quantized neural networks
* Deep Unfolding for Topic Models
* Deep Unfolding for Topic Models
* Detecting Nonexistent Pedestrians
* Discriminant Waveletfaces and Nearest Feature Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Extracting Driving Behavior: Global Metric Localization from Dashcam Videos in the Wild
* Frame-synchronous noise compensation for hands-free speech recognition in car environments
* Hierarchical and Self-Attended Sequence Autoencoder
* Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Systems: A Look at Some Recent Advances
* Learning Continuous-Time Dynamics With Attention
* Maximum Confidence Hidden Markov Modeling for Face Recognition
Includes: Chien, J.T.[Jen Tzung] Chien, J.T.[Jen-Tzung] Chien, J.T. Chien, J.T.[Jui-Ting]
11 for Chien, J.T.

Chien, L. Co Author Listing * VACL: Variance-Aware Cross-Layer Regularization for Pruning Deep Residual Networks

Chien, L.F.[Lee Feng] Co Author Listing * Framework for Handling Spatiotemporal Variations in Video Copy Detection, A
* Image Copy Detection via Grouping in Feature Space Based on Virtual Prior Attacks
* New Approach to Image Copy Detection Based on Extended Feature Sets, A
* Time Warping Based Approach for Video Copy Detection, A
Includes: Chien, L.F.[Lee Feng] Chien, L.F.[Lee-Feng]

Chien, L.J.[Li Jen] Co Author Listing * novel framework for multi-class classification via ternary smooth support vector machine, A
Includes: Chien, L.J.[Li Jen] Chien, L.J.[Li-Jen]

Chien, M. Co Author Listing * MPEG Coding Performance Improvement by Jointly Optimizing Coding Mode Decisions and Rate Control

Chien, M.C.[Ming Chen] Co Author Listing * Coding-gain-based complexity control for H.264 video encoder
* Optimal model-based complexity control for H.264 video encoding
Includes: Chien, M.C.[Ming Chen] Chien, M.C.[Ming-Chen]

Chien, P.C.[Pei Chun] Co Author Listing * Classifying Cable Tendency with Semantic Segmentation by Utilizing Real and Simulated RGB Data
Includes: Chien, P.C.[Pei Chun] Chien, P.C.[Pei-Chun]

Chien, R. Co Author Listing * Motion Detection and Analysis of Matching Graphs of Intermediate Level Primitives

Chien, R.T. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Moving Objects and Hand-Eye Coordination
* Hardware for Visual Image Processing
* Interference Detection and Collision Avoidance Among Three Dimensional Objects
* Intermediate-Level Vision: Building Vertex-String-Surface (V-S-S) Graphs
* Recognition of Curved Objects and Object Assemblies
* System for Stereo Computer Vision with Geometric Models, A
* Two New Edge Detectors
7 for Chien, R.T.

Chien, S. Co Author Listing * Algorithm and Architecture Design of High-Quality Video Upscaling Using Database-Free Texture Synthesis
* Automatic detection of dust devils and clouds on Mars
* Autonomous Detection of Dust Devils and Clouds on Mars
* Certainty and Critical Speed for Decision Making in Tests of Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking Systems
* Constraint-Aware Importance Estimation for Global Filter Pruning under Multiple Resource Constraints
* Increasing Compactness of Deep Learning Based Speech Enhancement Models With Parameter Pruning and Quantization Techniques
* Influence of Culture, Transparency, Trust, and Degree of Automation on Automation Use
* Learning Superpixels with Segmentation-Aware Affinity Loss
* Novel Gaming Video Encoding Process Using In-Game Motion Vectors, A
* On the Efficient Allocation of Resources for Hypothesis Evaluation: A Statistical Approach
* Pedestrian Detection from Lidar Data via Cooperative Deep and Hand-Crafted Features
* Rapid Spectral Cloud Screening Onboard Aircraft and Spacecraft
* SAR image processing using artificial intelligence planning
* Vehicle Re-identification with the Space-Time Prior
* Viewpoint-aware Channel-wise Attentive Network for Vehicle Re-identification
Includes: Chien, S. Chien, S.[Steve]
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Chien, S.A.[Steve A.] Co Author Listing * email: Chien, S.A.[Steve A.]: steve chien AT jpl nasa gov
* Automated synthesis of image processing procedures for a large-scale image database
* Automating Image-Processing for Scientific-Data Analysis of a Large Image Database
* Autonomous Spectral Discovery and Mapping Onboard the EO-1 Spacecraft
Includes: Chien, S.A.[Steve A.] Chien, S.A.

Chien, S.I.[Sung Il] Co Author Listing * Adaptive window method with sizing vectors for reliable correlation-based target tracking
* Detecting fingerprint minutiae by run length encoding scheme
* Exact corner location using attentional generalized symmetry transform
* Fast Black Run Rotation Algorithm for Binary Images, A
* Generalized Symmetry Transform With Selective Attention Capability for Specific Corner Angles, A
* Hierarchical block matching method for fast rotation of binary images
* Hough transform in log-polar image including foveal and peripheral information
* improved binarization algorithm based on a water flow model for document image with inhomogeneous backgrounds, An
* Neural Network Based Feature Space Generation for Multiple Databases of Handwritten Numerals
* Skin Color Detection through Estimation and Conversion of Illuminant Color using Sclera Region of Eye under Varying Illumination
* Stereo System for Tracking Moving Object Using Log-Polar Transformation and Zero Disparity Filtering
Includes: Chien, S.I.[Sung Il] Chien, S.I.[Sung-Il] Chien, S.I.
11 for Chien, S.I.

Chien, S.T.[Shuo Ting] Co Author Listing * Deformation simulation based on model reduction with rigidity-guided sampling
Includes: Chien, S.T.[Shuo Ting] Chien, S.T.[Shuo-Ting]

Chien, S.W. Co Author Listing * study on fire spreading model for the safety distance between the neighborhood occupancies and historical buildings in Taiwan, A

Chien, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Algorithm and Architecture Design of Image Inpainting Engine for Video Error Concealment Applications
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of Multirate Frame Rate Up-conversion for Ultra-HD LCD Systems
* Algorithm and Architecture Design of Perception Engine for Video Coding Applications
* Analysis and Architecture Design of an HDTV720p 30 Frames/s H.264/AVC Encoder
* Analysis and Complexity Reduction of Multiple Reference Frames Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC
* Back-Projection Lightweight Network for Accurate Image Super Resolution
* Brain-Inspired Framework for Fusion of Multiple Depth Cues
* Combination of SSIM and JND with content-transition classification for image quality assessment
* Communication-efficient multi-view keyframe extraction in distributed video sensors
* Computation-Free Motion Estimation with Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Constant time bilateral filtering for color images
* Content-adaptive inverse tone mapping
* Content-Aware Prediction Algorithm With Inter-View Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Cooperative Surveillance System with Fixed Camera Object Localization and Mobile Robot Target Tracking
* CRISP: Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Image Stream Processor for Digital Still Cameras and Camcorders
* Direct 3D pose estimation of a planar target
* Direct pose estimation for planar objects
* Distributed video coding: A promising solution for distributed wireless video sensors or not?
* DPDM: Feature-Based Pose Refinement with Deep Pose and Deep Match for Monocular Visual Odometry
* Edge-adaptive image segmentation based on seam processing and K-Means clustering
* Edge-aware depth completion for point-cloud 3D scene visualization on an RGB-D camera
* Efficient Architecture Design of Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering/Motion Compensated Prediction Engine
* Efficient Content Analysis Engine for Visual Surveillance Network
* Efficient moving object segmentation algorithm using background registration technique
* Efficient natural color image denoising based on guided filter
* Efficient Spatial-Temporal Error Concealment Algorithm and Hardware Architecture Design for H.264/AVC
* Efficient Stereo Video Coding System for Immersive Teleconference with Two-Stage Hybrid Disparity Estimation Algorithm
* Fast Algorithm and Architecture Design of Low-Power Integer Motion Estimation for H.264/AVC
* fast and high subjective quality sprite generation algorithm with frame skipping and multiple sprites techniques, A
* Fast image segmentation and texture feature extraction for image retrieval
* Fast video super-resolution via approximate nearest neighbor search
* Feasible and Robust Optimization Framework for Auxiliary Information Refinement in Spatially-Varying Image Enhancement
* Global Elimination Algorithm and Architecture Design for Fast Block Matching Motion Estimation
* Hard Samples Rectification for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* How to Exploit the Transferability of Learned Image Compression to Conventional Codecs
* Hybrid Distributed Video Coding with Frame Level Coding Mode Selection
* Interactive Object Segmentation With Dynamic Click Transform
* Joint Prediction Algorithm and Architecture for Stereo Video Hybrid Coding Systems
* Learning Discriminative Shrinkage Deep Networks for Image Deconvolution
* Lighting-driven voxels for memory-efficient computation of indirect illumination
* Low-Decoding-Latency Buffer Compression for Graphics Processing Units
* New optimization scheme for L2-norm total variation semi-supervised image soft labeling
* Online-trained Upsampler for Deep Low Complexity Video Compression
* Optimized Regressor Forest for Image Super-Resolution
* Orientation-aware Vehicle Re-identification with Semantics-guided Part Attention Network
* Partial-Result-Reuse Architecture and Its Design Technique for Morphological Operations With Flat Structuring Elements
* Perceptual Quality-Regulable Video Coding System With Region-Based Rate Control Scheme
* Predictive watershed: a fast watershed algorithm for video segmentation
* Preference-Aware View Recommendation System for Scenic Photos Based on Bag-of-Aesthetics-Preserving Features
* Real-time eye localization, blink detection, and gaze estimation system without infrared illumination
* Real-Time Salient Object Detection with a Minimum Spanning Tree
* Region-Based perceptual quality regulable bit allocation and rate control for video coding applications
* Single iteration view interpolation for multiview video applications
* Space-Time Guided Association Learning For Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* SRIANN: Sphere Ring Intersection for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search in Videos
* Tennis Real Play
* Tennis Video 2.0: A new presentation of sports videos with content separation and rendering
* Track-Clustering Error Evaluation for Track-Based Multi-camera Tracking System Employing Human Re-identification
* Tracklet-refined Multi-Camera Tracking based on Balanced Cross-Domain Re-Identification for Vehicles
* Two-Way Recursive Filtering
* Unrolled Memory Inner-Products: An Abstract GPU Operator for Efficient Vision-Related Computations
* Utilising Low Complexity CNNs to Lift Non-Local Redundancies in Video Coding
* Video Object Segmentation and Tracking Framework with Improved Threshold Decision and Diffusion Distance
* Video-based Person Re-identification without Bells and Whistles
* VLSI Architecture Design of Guided Filter for 30 Frames/s Full-HD Video
Includes: Chien, S.Y. Chien, S.Y.[Shao-Yi]
65 for Chien, S.Y.

Chien, S.Y.P. Co Author Listing * Surrogate Bicycle Design for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar Pre-Collision Testing

Chien, T.A.[Ting An] Co Author Listing * Anticipating Daily Intention Using On-wrist Motion Triggered Sensing
Includes: Chien, T.A.[Ting An] Chien, T.A.[Ting-An]

Chien, T.V.[Trinh Van] Co Author Listing * Block compressive sensing of image and video with nonlocal Lagrangian multiplier and patch-based sparse representation

Chien, W. Co Author Listing * Effective Gradient Descent-Based Chroma Subsampling Method for Bayer CFA Images in HEVC
* Hybrid Video Codec Based on Flexible Block Partitioning With Extensions to the Joint Exploration Model
* Improved Framework of Affine Motion Compensation in Video Coding, An

Chien, W.D.[Wei Da] Co Author Listing * Enhanced AMVP mechanism based adaptive motion search range decision algorithm for fast HEVC coding
* homography-based inpainting algorithm for effective depth-image-based rendering, A
Includes: Chien, W.D.[Wei Da] Chien, W.D.[Wei-Da]

Chien, W.J.[Wei Jung] Co Author Listing * AQT-DVC: Adaptive Quantization for transform-domain distributed video coding
* Constrast based color segmentation with adaptive thresholds
* Contrast-Based Color Image Segmentation
* Hybrid Video Coder Based on Extended Macroblock Sizes, Improved Interpolation, and Flexible Motion Representation, A
* Motion Vector Coding and Block Merging in the Versatile Video Coding Standard
* Multiple direct mode for intra coding
* Rate-distortion based selective decoding for pixel-domain distributed video coding
* Transform-domain distributed video coding with rate-distortion-based adaptive quantisation
Includes: Chien, W.J.[Wei Jung] Chien, W.J.[Wei-Jung] Chien, W.J.
8 for Chien, W.J.

Chien, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * Texture classification using non-separable two-dimensional wavelets
Includes: Chien, W.M.[Wei Ming] Chien, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Chien, W.T.[Wei Ting] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction for a partially immersed imperfectly conducting cylinder by genetic algorithm
Includes: Chien, W.T.[Wei Ting] Chien, W.T.[Wei-Ting]

Chien, Y.C.[Yu Chieh] Co Author Listing * Automatic Multi-Layer Red-Eye Detection
Includes: Chien, Y.C.[Yu Chieh] Chien, Y.C.[Yu-Chieh]

Chien, Y.F.[Yin Fang] Co Author Listing * Scalable user-friendly image sharing
Includes: Chien, Y.F.[Yin Fang] Chien, Y.F.[Yin-Fang]

Chien, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Decision Function Method for Boundary Detection, A
* On the Optimal Extraction of Boundary Curves
* Recognition of X-Ray Picture Patterns

Chien, Y.R.[Yu Ren] Co Author Listing * Learning the Stylistic Similarity Between Human Motions
* Wavelet-packet-transform-based adaptive predictor to mitigate GNSS jammers
Includes: Chien, Y.R.[Yu Ren] Chien, Y.R.[Yu-Ren] Chien, Y.R.[Ying-Ren]

Chien, Y.T. Co Author Listing * email: Chien, Y.T.: ytchien AT nsf gov
* Analysis of Time-Varying Imagery Through the Representation of Position and Shape Changes
* Dynamic Programming Approach to Sequential Pattern Recognition, A
* Occlusion Analysis in Time-Varying Imagery
* Switching components and the ambiguity problem in the reconstruction of pictures from their projections

Chieng, W. Co Author Listing * Estimating Speed Using a Side-Looking Single-Radar Vehicle Detector

Chierchia, G. Co Author Listing * CGO: Multiband Astronomical Source Detection With Component-Graphs
* Contrastive Learning for Online Semi-Supervised General Continual Learning
* Deep Convolutional K-Means Clustering
* Epigraphical projection and proximal tools for solving constrained convex optimization problems
* Multitemporal SAR Image Despeckling Based on Block-Matching and Collaborative Filtering
* Nonlocal Structure Tensor-Based Approach for Multicomponent Image Recovery Problems, A
* Parallel implementations of a disparity estimation algorithm based on a Proximal splitting method
* Rate Allocation in Predictive Video Coding Using a Convex Optimization Framework
* Semi-supervised Deep Convolutional Transform Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Supervised Learning of Hierarchical Image Segmentation
Includes: Chierchia, G. Chierchia, G.[Giovanni]
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Chiesa, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Urban Air Pollutant Monitoring through a Low-Cost Mobile Device Connected to a Smart Road

Chiesa, V.[Valeria] Co Author Listing * PROTECT: Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT: A Case Study

Chiesi, M. Co Author Listing * Daily GPP estimates in Mediterranean ecosystems by combining remote sensing and meteorological data
* Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Changes on the Gross Primary Production of Italian Forests
* Evaluation of Statistical Methods to Estimate Forest Volume in a Mediterranean Region
* Integration of Ground and Multi-Resolution Satellite Data for Predicting the Water Balance of a Mediterranean Two-Layer Agro-Ecosystem
* Integration of High- and Low-Resolution Satellite Data to Estimate Pine Forest Productivity in a Mediterranean Coastal Area
* Mapping Woody Volume of Mediterranean Forests by Using SAR and Machine Learning: A Case Study in Central Italy
* New Method to Enhance the Spatial Features of Multitemporal NDVI Image Series, A
* Remote Sensing and Bio-Geochemical Modeling of Forest Carbon Storage in Spain
* Use of ETM+ images to extend stem volume estimates obtained from LiDAR data
* Use of Remote Sensing and Biogeochemical Modeling to Simulate the Impact of Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors on Forest Carbon Fluxes
Includes: Chiesi, M. Chiesi, M.[Marta]
10 for Chiesi, M.

Chieu, B.C.[Bin Chang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fractal Image Sequence Coding by Variable Shape Decomposition
* DCT color image sequence coding
* fully adaptive DCT based color image sequence coder, A
* Handwritten digits recognition system via OCON neural network by pruning selective update
* Image coding from wavelet transform maxima and projection onto convex sets
* Lossless medical image watermarking method based on significant difference of cellular automata transform coefficient
* Minimax design of two-channel low-delay perfect-reconstruction FIR filter banks
* portable medical system using real-time streaming transport over 3G wireless networks, A
Includes: Chieu, B.C.[Bin Chang] Chieu, B.C.[Bin-Chang] Chieu, B.C.
8 for Chieu, B.C.

Chiew, K. Co Author Listing * Scheduling and Routing of AMOs in an Intelligent Transport System

Chiew, M. Co Author Listing * BOLD Contrast and Noise Characteristics of Densely Sampled Multi-Echo fMRI Data

Chiew, T.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding Technique for the Detection of All-Zeros Blocks in H. 264, An
* Interpolation Free Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation for H.264
* Interpolation Free Subpixel Accuracy Motion Estimation
* Recognition of Complex Human Behaviors in Pool Environment Using Foreground Silhouette
Includes: Chiew, T.K. Chiew, T.K.[Tuan-Kiang]

Chiew, Y.S.[Yeong Shiong] Co Author Listing * Outlier percentage estimation for shape- and parameter-independent outlier detection

Chiewchanwattana, S.[Sirapat] Co Author Listing * Imputing incomplete time-series data based on varied-window similarity measure of data sequences

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