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Veer, A.[Ankur] Co Author Listing * Prognosticating the effect on Unemployment rate in the post-pandemic India via Time-Series Forecasting and Least Squares Approximation

Veer, D.[Dharm] Co Author Listing * User adaptive transcoding for video teleconferencing

Veerabadran, V. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Distortion for Learned Video Compression

Veerabhadra, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive hierarchical classification networks

Veerakachen, W.[Watcharee] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Drought Impact Assessment on Rice Yield in Thailand with SIMRIW-RS

Veerakumar, T. Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Feature-Based Real-Time Traffic Surveillance System Using Data Association in the Probabilistic Framework, A
* hybrid BPSO-SVM for feature selection and classification of ocular health, A
* Kernelized Fuzzy Modal Variation for Local Change Detection From Video Scenes
* Mixed Poisson Gaussian noise reduction in fluorescence microscopy images using modified structure of wavelet transform
* Recursive cubic spline interpolation filter approach for the removal of high density salt-and-pepper noise
* Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise Through Modified Decision Based Unsymmetric Trimmed Median Filter
Includes: Veerakumar, T. Veerakumar, T.[Thangaraj]

Veeralakshmi, S. Co Author Listing * RVM-Based Human Action Classification in Crowd through Projection and Star Skeletonization

Veeramachaneni, H.[Harsha] Co Author Listing * Reports of the DAS02 working groups

Veeramachaneni, K. Co Author Listing * adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm, An
* Decision-level fusion strategies for correlated biometric classifiers
* Evolutionary Algorithm Based Approach for Dynamic Thresholding in Multimodal Biometrics, An
Includes: Veeramachaneni, K. Veeramachaneni, K.[Kalyan]

Veeramachaneni, S.[Sriharsha] Co Author Listing * Adaptive classifiers for multisource OCR
* Analytical Results on Style-Constrained Bayesian Classification of Pattern Fields
* Bayesian hypothesis testing for pattern discrimination in brain decoding
* Classifier Adaptation with Non-representative Training Data
* Classifying isogenous fields
* Handwriting recognition using position sensitive letter N-gram matching
* Style Constrained Quadratic Field Classifiers
* Style Context with Second-Order Statistics
* Style-conscious quadratic field classifier
* Towards a Ptolemaic Model for OCR
* Word discrimination based on bigram co-occurrences
Includes: Veeramachaneni, S.[Sriharsha] Veeramachaneni, S.
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Veeramani, T.[Thangamani] Co Author Listing * Restoration of foggy and motion-blurred road scenes

Veeramuthu, L.[Loga] Co Author Listing * Spatial Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Integrated Planning for Public Transport and Land Use Development Study in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Veeranna, V. Co Author Listing * New Computational Technique for Complementary Sensor Integration in Detection Localization Systems

Veerapaneni, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Active Contour Parameters Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Texture Analysis

Veerappa, M.[Manjunatha] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Interpretable Association Rule Mining Methods on Time-series in the Maritime Domain

Veeraraghavan, A.[Ashok] Co Author Listing * 3PointTM: Faster Measurement of High-dimensional Transmission Matrices
* Analyzing computational imaging systems
* ASP Vision: Optically Computing the First Layer of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Angle Sensitive Pixels
* Axial light field for curved mirrors: Reflect your perspective, widen your view
* Benefit of Distraction: Denoising Camera-Based Physiological Measurements using Inverse Attention, The
* Can we beat Hadamard multiplexing? Data driven design and analysis for computational imaging systems
* Coded Strobing Photography: Compressive Sensing of High Speed Periodic Videos
* CodedStereo: Learned Phase Masks for Large Depth-of-field Stereo
* Combining Magnification and Measurement for Non-Contact Cardiac Monitoring
* Compressive Video Sensing: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
* Contact-free camera measurements of vital signs
* Convolutional Approximations to the General Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Operator
* Depth Selective Camera: A Direct, On-Chip, Programmable Technique for Depth Selectivity in Photography
* Direct face detection and video reconstruction from event cameras
* Direct-Global Separation for Improved Imaging Photoplethysmography
* FaceEngage: Robust Estimation of Gameplay Engagement from User-Contributed (YouTube) Videos
* Fast Bilinear SfM with Side Information
* Fast Bilinear Structure from Motion Algorithm Using a Video Sequence and Inertial Sensors, A
* Fast directional chamfer matching
* FlatCam: Replacing Lenses with Masks and Computation
* FlatNet: Towards Photorealistic Scene Reconstruction From Lensless Measurements
* Flexible Voxels for Motion-Aware Videography
* Flutter Shutter Video Camera for compressive sensing of videos
* Focal-sweep for large aperture time-of-flight cameras
* FPA-CS: Focal plane array-based compressive imaging in short-wave infrared
* Framework for Analysis of Computational Imaging Systems: Role of Signal Prior, Sensor Noise and Multiplexing, A
* Freecam3d: Snapshot Structured Light 3d with Freely-moving Cameras
* From Videos to Verbs: Mining Videos for Activities using a Cascade of Dynamical Systems
* Function Space of an Activity, The
* High Resolution, Deep Imaging Using Confocal Time-of-Flight Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Homography based distributed video coding for a network of cameras
* How to Train Neural Networks for Flare Removal
* Image classification in natural scenes: Are a few selective spectral channels sufficient?
* Image Invariants for Smooth Reflective Surfaces
* Improving resolution and depth-of-field of light field cameras using a hybrid imaging system
* Increasing depth resolution of electron microscopy of neural circuits using sparse tomographic reconstruction
* Learning from Noisy Web Data with Category-Level Supervision
* Learning Phase Mask for Privacy-Preserving Passive Depth Estimation
* Lensless Imaging: A computational renaissance
* Light field denoising, light field superresolution and stereo camera based refocussing using a GMM light field patch prior
* Matching Shape Sequences in Video with Applications in Human Movement Analysis
* Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Skin Type and Gender on Non-contact Photoplethysmography Measurements, A
* MINER: Multiscale Implicit Neural Representation
* Near-Infrared Imaging Photoplethysmography During Driving
* NeRT: Implicit Neural Representations for Unsupervised Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation
* Non-refractive modulators for encoding and capturing scene appearance and depth
* Object Detection, Tracking and Recognition for Multiple Smart Cameras
* Optimal coded sampling for temporal super-resolution
* ORCa: Glossy Objects as Radiance-Field Cameras
* P2C2: Programmable pixel compressive camera for high speed imaging
* PANDORA: Polarization-Aided Neural Decomposition of Radiance
* PhlatCam: Designed Phase-Mask Based Thin Lensless Camera
* PPGSecure: Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Using Photopletysmograms
* Practical Approach to 3D Scanning in the Presence of Interreflections, Subsurface Scattering and Defocus, A
* radon image as plenoptic function, The
* Rate-Invariant Recognition of Humans and Their Activities
* Recovering three-dimensional shape around a corner using ultrafast time-of-flight imaging
* Robust RVM regression using sparse outlier model
* Role of shape and kinematics in human movement analysis
* Role of Transients in Two-Bounce Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
* SACoD: Sensor Algorithm Co-Design Towards Efficient CNN-powered Intelligent PhlatCam
* SASSI: Super-Pixelated Adaptive Spatio-Spectral Imaging
* Seeing Beneath the Skin with Computational Photography
* Shape-and-Behavior Encoded Tracking of Bee Dances
* Signal processing for computational photography and displays
* SocialSync: Sub-Frame Synchronization in a Smartphone Camera Network
* Spatial Phase-Sweep: Increasing temporal resolution of transient imaging using a light source array
* Specular surface reconstruction from sparse reflection correspondences
* Statistical analysis on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds with applications in computer vision
* Statistical Computations on Grassmann and Stiefel Manifolds for Image and Video-Based Recognition
* Streaming Compressive Sensing for high-speed periodic videos
* Structured light 3D scanning in the presence of global illumination
* Survey on Smart Homes for Aging in Place: Toward Solutions to the Specific Needs of the Elderly, A
* TabletGaze: dataset and analysis for unconstrained appearance-based gaze estimation in mobile tablets
* Thermal Image Processing via Physics-Inspired Deep Networks
* Thermal Spread Functions (TSF): Physics-Guided Material Classification
* Toward Compressive Camera Networks
* Towards Motion Aware Light Field Video for Dynamic Scenes
* Towards Photorealistic Reconstruction of Highly Multiplexed Lensless Images
* Unsupervised view and rate invariant clustering of video sequences
* Variable focus video: Reconstructing depth and video for dynamic scenes
* Webly Supervised Learning Meets Zero-shot Learning: A Hybrid Approach for Fine-Grained Classification
* What does a single light-ray reveal about a transparent object?
* WIRE: Wavelet Implicit Neural Representations
* Zero-Shot Learning via Category-Specific Visual-Semantic Mapping and Label Refinement
Includes: Veeraraghavan, A.[Ashok] Veeraraghavan, A.
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Veeraraghavan, A.N. Co Author Listing * Generalized Assorted Camera Arrays: Robust Cross-Channel Registration and Applications

Veeraraghavan, H.[Harini] Co Author Listing * Automatic Bone and Marrow Extraction from Dual Energy CT through SVM Margin-Based Multi-Material Decomposition Model Selection
* Computer vision algorithms for intersection monitoring
* Learning Dynamic Event Descriptions in Image Sequences
* Learning to Recognize Video-Based Spatiotemporal Events
* Multiple Resolution Residually Connected Feature Streams for Automatic Lung Tumor Segmentation From CT Images
* One Shot PACS: Patient Specific Anatomic Context and Shape Prior Aware Recurrent Registration-Segmentation of Longitudinal Thoracic Cone Beam CTs
* PSIGAN: Joint Probabilistic Segmentation and Image Distribution Matching for Unpaired Cross-Modality Adaptation-Based MRI Segmentation
* Robust target detection and tracking through integration of motion, color, and geometry
* Unpaired Cross-Modality Educed Distillation (CMEDL) for Medical Image Segmentation
* Wasserstein HOG: Local Directionality Extraction via Optimal Transport
Includes: Veeraraghavan, H.[Harini] Veeraraghavan, H.
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Veeraraghavan, N. Co Author Listing * Lossless Image Compression Using Wavelet Decomposition

Veeraraghavany, A. Co Author Listing * SparsePPG: Towards Driver Monitoring Using Camera-Based Vital Signs Estimation in Near-Infrared

Veeravalli, B.[Bharadwaj] Co Author Listing * 2PCNet: Two-Phase Consistency Training for Day-to-Night Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* ACT-NET: Asymmetric Co-Teacher Network for Semi-Supervised Memory-Efficient Medical Image Segmentation
* Design and Implementation of Parallel Video Encoding Strategies Using Divisible Load Analysis
* Efficient Deep Video Model For Deepfake Detection, An
* MMGL: Multi-Scale Multi-View Global-Local Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Cardiac Image Segmentation
* Multiple-Server Movie-Retrieval Strategies for Distributed Multimedia Applications: A Play-While-Retrieve Approach
* Object-Aware Self-Supervised Multi-Label Learning
* Theoretical and experimental study on large size image processing applications using divisible load paradigm on distributed bus networks
Includes: Veeravalli, B.[Bharadwaj] Veeravalli, B.
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Veeravalli, V.V.[Venugopal V.] Co Author Listing * Information Flow Optimization for Estimation in Linear Models Using a Sensor Network

Veeravasarapu, S. Co Author Listing * Infoprint: Information Theoretic Digital Image Forensics

Veeravasarapu, V.[Vsr] Co Author Listing * Adversarially Tuned Scene Generation
* Model-Driven Simulations for Computer Vision
* ProAlignNet: Unsupervised Learning for Progressively Aligning Noisy Contours
Includes: Veeravasarapu, V.[Vsr] Veeravasarapu, V.

Veeravasarapu, V.S.R. Co Author Listing * Disentangling Factors of Variation with Cycle-Consistent Variational Auto-encoders
* Motion deblurring as optimisation
Includes: Veeravasarapu, V.S.R. Veeravasarapu, V.S.R.[V.S. Rao]

Veeriah, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Differential Recurrent Neural Networks for Action Recognition

Veerman, J.A.C. Co Author Listing * Application of computational anatomy methods to MRI data for the diagnosis of Alzheimer'S disease
* method for detecting interstructural atrophy correlation in MRI brain images, A
* new method for data-driven multi-brain atlas generation, A
Includes: Veerman, J.A.C. Veerman, J.A.C.[Jan A.C.]

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